We all deal with change.

Change happens on a daily basis.

How we choose to deal with change is different.

Sometimes we are better at it than others.

We find different ways to cope with change.

Yet how we deal with change is less about the outside and more about the internal.

It can be frightening for some.

Annoying to others.

And curious to those who are open to it.

To be flexible, truly flexible in the face of change is a practice.

As we learn to be open to the changes that are all around, we find an inner peace.

For as we let go of our attachments to things staying the same, the meaning of change changes for us.

It is no longer a scary prospect that is forced upon us.

Change can become an opportunity to embrace the unknown.

To discover something new.

And go on an unexpected journey.

Change means we get to enjoy more of the variety of life.

To be exposed to something new and different.

We can even learn to look forward to change.

Anticipating the excitement and the adventure of embarking on a different way of being.

Or living.

Change can be a place where we learn to thrive.

Not an inconvenience or a tragedy.

Perhaps as we learn to honor change, we learn to accept it.

That change has an important place in our lives.

To help us to grow and become more.

And to keep us from becoming stale and bored.

Change can keep us sharp.

If we allow it to teach and inform us instead of being a source of stress.

It is all in how we approach change.

For when we know that there is an eternal, unchangeable place within us, no external change can rattle us.

So where in your own life can you learn to embrace change a little more?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant