It happens to all of us sometimes.

We can feel like vicitms to circumstance.

When something outside of our control happens to us.

Yet in that feeling we miss a great opportunity.

The opportunity to not be a victim.

The chance to learn from the situation and be empowered.

To grow and take responsibility for how we are showing up in the moment.

We may not be able to control our outside circumstances.

The situation may be way beyond our control

Yet we always have a choice.

We always have control over how we show up in the moment.

It is our work to make a that choice.

To respond instead of just reacting to what is going on around us.

We can respond to fear with hope.

It is a choice to respond to anger with understanding.

Our responsibility is to see our own power in our choices.

To choose not to be a victim.

And by doing so we not only help ourselves, we can inspire others as well.

We can affect the world around us.

By choosing how we show up in the moment.

By deciding what we are going to do.

And by taking responsibility for the meaning we make from the situation.

When we show up as creators in our life, we effect what happens next.

We also stand as a role model for others.

For when we liberate ourselves from the idea that we are a victim to what is happening, we liberate others as well.

It is our choice to see things a different way.

Our responsibility to move forward.

And when we do, life will meet us and support us.

So where in your life can you take responsibility for your responses?

Where can you turn around feeling like a victim to knowing that you are a creator?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant