We are all busier these days.

Life seems to be moving so quickly.

It can feel like it is hard to catch our breath.

Yet busyness is not the problem.

Busyness is merely the symptom.

A symptom of something deeper.

Because we often do not take the time to ask why we are so busy?

We basically take it for granted.

Everyone else seems so busy, why shouldn't we be busy too?

Which totally misses the point. Actually two.

The first point being that we are the ones who have the control over how busy we are or aren't.

Our busyness comes from our choices.

There might be some external factors that influence our time and how much we feel we have to do.

Yet ultimately we are the ones who make the decision each and every day as to whether we will engage in the activities at all.

We may not like the consequences, but there are always other choices.

The second point is to look a the underlying reasons why we choose to do so much in our lives.

Why would we choose to be so active and so busy all of the time?

Would it not make more sense for us to give ourselves more time to relax?

To enjoy life?

Of course it would.

So why don't we?

The simple answer is that we are afraid to just sit and be with ourselves.

That we are actually terrified to not be doing something all the time.

Because if we are not doing anything we have to just be with ourselves and feel what we have been avoiding feeling.

There in lies the true answer.

To just sit and do nothing is much harder than we imagine.

For us to turn off all the distractions, not look at our screens, and just sit down and breathe can be more challenging than any of us suspect.

We have been going, going, going for so long, that we have gotten used to not giving ourselves a break.

A break to just stop and feel for a change.

Perhaps there is some anxiety, depression, worry, fear, guilt, shame, or any one of a hundred other emotions that we are af1raid to feel.

If we take the time to stop and start to feel what is going on inside of us, the floodgates might open and the feelings could become overwhelming.

So how can we stop?

With such a fear driving us, how can we take a moment to just be?

The real question to ask is how can we not?

For those unfelt emotions are still there waiting for us.

Building up day after day.

Our busyness does not make them go away.

It only delays the inevitable.

Yet if we can just stop, even for a minute, and start to feel a little bit, then we have made progress.

A little at a time we can learn to be comfortable feeling again.

Even those uncomfortable feelings.

We do not have to do it all at once.

But if we want to be less busy in our lives then we have to get used to taking a moment to feel what it feels like to just be.

Looking for distractions when we feel uncomfortable is normal.

It is okay to not want to feel something right away.

The trick is to be conscious and aware of that decision and not let it rule our lives.

Learning to be comfortable to just sit and feel is a great way to be less busy.

So how are you using busyness to distract yourself from feeling?

Can you give yourself some space to just sit and feel?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour