In the rush of our daily lives it is easy to forget something.

Something very important.

That affects our lives in a very fundamental way.

Yet it is so easy to lose in the face of our responsibilities.

For our attention is often to externally focused, we can forget the internal.

And to ignore our own needs.

Even the most important need we have.

Which is to take time for ourselves.

To take a moment and pause.

And to breathe.

To take a few minutes and unwind from the tension of the day.

We usually do not realize how important it truly is to take a moment to sit and be still.

Stopping our activity for a few minutes.

Centering ourselves and being quiet.

Cutting out the input of screens, phones, and other people.

Making some space in out busy hectic lives to spend some time with ourselves.

This is no small thing.

For how can we know how we really feel if we do not give ourselves a moment to sit and feel?

Indeed, one of the most important things for us to do is to know how we truly feel about something.

About everything.

Even about our lives.

When we live our life just rushing from one thing to another without giving ourselves space to feel, we can miss what is important to us.

To feel the love we have.

And sink into that connection.

Or notice the pain we carry.

And how that pain affects us throughout the day.

There is a wide range of feels and emotions that are right there under the surface waiting to come out.

We need only to give it some space and time to bubble up from the unconscious.

Yet we rush around from work to home to friends to family to chores to responsibilities without taking a moment to just feel where we are at.

To notice the way we are carrying ourselves.

Both internally and externally.

Taking a few precious moments to just sit and do nothing can be the most fruitful thing we do all day.

So in the midst of all our doings in our busy days, perhaps we can strive to just be for a few moments and see how that feels?

Do you take time in your life to just be?

What can you do to create some space and have a practice of just being still?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour