Sometimes we get knocked off our center.

Something happens in our work or personal life we didn't expect.

It throws us for a loop and we lose our inner poise.

These are the times that self-care is so important.

When we find ourselves caught in this situation, it can be hard to find relief.

Our minds swirl with all the possibilities.

All of the ideas about what the other did to us can flood our minds.

How life brought this situation to us can make us feel like victims.

We examine our mistakes with a huge magnifying glass, looking at every imperfection.

It not only overwhelms us, it drains our energy and our spirit.

It is so easy to fall into this trap where our emotions take over and we are at their mercy.

This is the most important time to break that pattern.

Not that we are to avoid our feelings, far from it.

To move forward we must feel what we are feeling.

And then we can take a pause.

Breathe some deep breaths.

Take a moment out of the situation.

If we can get into nature, even better.

Now we can take some time to reframe the whole situation.

Are we really a victim or are we just feeling like one?

Is the situation one that is working against us or working for us?

If we can make the assumption that life is happening for us and not to us, how can this be serving us?

We may not be seeing it in the moment, yet perhaps there is some way in which it is helping us.

Perhaps the difficult situation leads to an uncomfortable conversation that leads to a deeper connection.

Maybe the challenge is our career or business is to push us in a new direction?

And could it be that the challenge we are facing is to prevent an even bigger challenge in the future?

We tend to look at our life with a very narrow perspective.

What if we widen it to look at things over the course of 10 years or 20 years?

Do things now look different that they did before?

Maybe we can learn to find our center when we have lost it by widening our field of view so far that we can see we never left our center to begin with?

It is a practice and not something we master overnight.

Breaking the pattern takes time and effort, yet the results are well worth it.

Are there challenges in your life that a wider perspective can serve you?

Can you create a away for you to find your center once again?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant