Many things affect our energy.

Shifts in the seasons or in the year can have an impact.

We often do not even notice the change.

Yet others around us can see the difference in us.

Every change in the environment has an influence on how we feel.

And how we show up in the world is affected by these influences.

That is why astrology and numerology can so insightful.

For even when we are unaware of the impact of numbers or the planets in the sky, the subtle energies still show up in our daily lives.

We can harness the power of these subtle energies to support what we are doing if we do not ignore them.

Learning what is energetically supported by the current month or current year gives us clues.

They help us to consider what to focus on if we want to have an easier time of developing that aspect.

Even nature gives us clues on how to use our energy wisely.

For in the Winter time, rest is supported.

Spring is about planting the seeds of the future and the renewal of life.

Summer is about growth and activity.

And Fall is about harvesting and reaping the rewards of what we planted earlier in the year.

There are so many ways to look at what is influencing our energy.

Even now, as the Lunar New Year has begun, we enter into the Year of the Dragon.

So for this year we have the energy of prosperity, luck, expansion and power being supported.

All of these traditions did not develop out of the blue.

They were formulated over many generations through observation and calculation.

We do not even know how old astrology truly is.

So in this Age of Aquarius, in this season of Winter (in the northern hemisphere), in this Year of the Dragon, perhaps we can feel into what energies are at play in our own lives.

To be conscious of what might be affecting us and what influences are around us only helps.

If we are to engage in an activity we can look to see if is supported by the current energies or if there might be some resistance.

This does not mean that we just stop what we are doing if it is not fully aligned with the energies of the time.

Yet it can be a call to notice what is being supported, and perhaps find a different way to go about achieving what we are looking to do.

Learning to dance with all the influences of the environment around us only helps us to find what we are looking for.

They do not have to dictate our lives, yet we can take advantage of them to help make our endeavors more graceful.

So what energies do you feel are influencing you?

How can you learn to dance with them in a way that supports your desires?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour