There are special places on this Earth.

Places where our souls soar.

Where we feel a tingle in our spine.

And where it feels that anything is possible.

We call these places Sacred Spaces.

But what makes a place sacred?

Is it the location?

Or the design?

Can a place be sacred and in an ordinary or common way?

Why is it that the place we chose so long ago is now considered sacred?

There are so many things we can point to and say "that is what makes this place sacred".

Yet a space may feel sacred and not be any of those things.

Why is that?

Because it is about the feeling we get when enter the space.

That special feeling of safety and peace.

Our subtle senses tell us "this is a safe place, this is sacred".

For it is only in a sacred space that we can do our deep inner work and feel free enough to confront our darkest fears.

The fascinating thing is that a sacred space does not have to be a physical location.

It can be the space that forms between people who are open hearted and compassionate.

The space we think of as sacred is there feeling that is generated by the trust that forms between people.

This is why doing group work can be so powerful.

For when there is a deep trust between everyone in the group, the sacredness is enhanced and we feel safe enough to dive deep.

That special place may be only a moment in time.

Once the group disperses, the space dissolves.

And what was just a sacred space is now a regular space for anyone to use.

We can make sacred spaces in our lives that are both physical and non-physical.

As the sense of what is sacred to us is internal and intuitive.

So we can create a altar in our home, and it is sacred.

Or we can gather a group of trusted friends to do healing work together, and that is sacred too.

Do you have a sacred space in your life?

Can you create something sacred with your time and space?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour