Any group, community, or system we join will have problems.

When humans are involved, nothing is perfect.

After a while those issues rise to the surface.

Then we can often find ourselves questioning our involvement.

Why did I join this group?

How come they do things this way?

It makes no sense to me!

We can start to question everything.

Soon we start to see only the challenges and can easily forget the good things that drew us in.

When we focus on all of those "problems" we may miss a real opportunity.

It is the opportunity for us to make a difference.

To voice our opinion and perspective.

To be a force to make a change and improve things.

For there is a reason why we were attracted to the group to begin with.

We saw something special or appealing to us.

That is something we should not let go to waste.

If it has many good characteristics, then why not try to improve it?

Why not put some effort in to move it in a better direction?

Perhaps that is why we were called to there in the first place.

Maybe we can take what we see and use it as a learning experience.

To learn to do better.

And to find a way to get the situation to serve us.

Or it might be a calling to start our own group.

To build something ourselves that is better than what exists.

And to be better in that situation.

If we can be present the things we experience that are not working for us, we can use it as a call to improve.

It can be a chance for a new start.

And we can take what we have experienced and seen and use it to create something even better.

Are you upset at how things are?


Now let's do something about and not just talk about it.

If we are involved then there is an opportunity specifically for us.

It could be about having our voice heard.

Or it could be about creating something new.

That is for us to decide for ourselves.

Do you find yourself complaining about a certain situation?


Now go and do something about it!

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant