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Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/07/02-Seeing Sound

Facebook Live Video from 2024/07/02-Seeing Sound


2024/07/02-Seeing Sound

[NEW EPISODE] Seeing Sound


An interesting discussion about Synesthesia
Tune in this week as Jack Thomas is joined by George  Buccino. A musician with Synesthesia  as we discuss his Unique way of looking at the world

instagram: @george.buccino

Biohacking, Strategic, Tactical, Wellness

Tune in for this empowering conversation at

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jack Thomas starts the show by introducing his guests, Sarah Magee and musician George Buccino. He talks about the importance of music and how it can be used to soothe.  George gives the audience a brief overview of his background and music and how he creates scores for films and video games. He also shares how he has Sound-color synesthesia and how it inspires him during his process. Jack, Sarah, and George talk about a private event George performed at called The Sound Bath. Sarah shares a little of her background and knowledge in music. Sarah doesn’t have the same educational background as George, but she has purchased books on her own that have been informative. George shared when he noticed he had the condition. It wasn’t until George’s second year at Berkeley, when he took a music course, that he realized his condition. Jack and his guest discuss generational differences and how younger generations explore fantasy in their creative spaces. 

Segment 2

George performs for Jack and Sarah. He briefly overviews the music he decided to perform and explains why he chose it. Jack and Sarah share their experience with the performance and how Sarah was able to visualize the music and truly feel it. George breaks down his performance and even goes into music theory and how that plays a factor. Jack mentions how music has become a tool for healing for him. 

Segment 3

After the break, Sarah shows Jack and George her tuning forks. She explains how the frequencies she uses align with the heart chakras and describes the different chakras and their meanings. George shares why he prefers to keep the audience from knowing what colors to look for before a performance. He wants the audience to react authentically to the music instead of being told how to feel. George performs for Sarah and Jack again. Sarah shares the colors she saw throughout the performance. George talks about his inspiration from other artists. 

Segment 4

In the last segment, Jack asks George what modern artists he listens to that give off positive vibrations. George shares a couple of bands you might’ve heard on TikTok if you’re into electric sound. Jack asks George what is to come after he graduates and how the Happy Spot can help! Jack, Sarah, and George discuss genres and how they evolved. Sarah ends the show by giving her thoughts on today’s discussion and George’s unique way of listening to music.


00:00:31.390 --> 00:00:45.769 JACK THOMAS: Welcome everyone. Welcome to the happy spot. This is Jack Thomas, New York City,, and we have the good fortune of my guest with me today, Sarah Mcgee working with us all day at the happy spot. And, George.

00:00:45.960 --> 00:00:51.589 JACK THOMAS: how do I pronounce your last name, George? And you're going to have to unmute yourself if we didn't advise before.

00:00:52.940 --> 00:00:53.590 George Buccino: Buccio.

00:00:54.580 --> 00:00:59.069 JACK THOMAS: George Puccino. So, George, you sound like a very tasty pasta.

00:00:59.350 --> 00:01:01.500 JACK THOMAS: I love pukka, Tony

00:01:01.680 --> 00:01:19.020 JACK THOMAS: right? But today today is meant to be a little fun, but also serious, because it's a happy spot. Our job is to educate people on our 5 senses in business. And bio hacking. What do we mean by bio hacking. Our biological body has senses.

00:01:19.230 --> 00:01:23.650 JACK THOMAS: People don't realize our largest organ of our body is our skin.

00:01:24.630 --> 00:01:25.730 JACK THOMAS: Yep.

00:01:26.040 --> 00:01:30.189 JACK THOMAS: our skin, our entire body, is considered an organ.

00:01:31.080 --> 00:01:38.259 JACK THOMAS: our ears, our eyes, we see, we listen. And today we're going to have the good fortune of learning from George.

00:01:38.990 --> 00:01:40.390 JACK THOMAS: How do I pronounce your name, George?

00:01:41.320 --> 00:01:42.240 George Buccino: Buchino.

00:01:42.740 --> 00:01:44.450 JACK THOMAS: Beautiful. Thank you.

00:01:44.840 --> 00:01:47.679 JACK THOMAS: So I have a good fortune of

00:01:48.250 --> 00:01:57.730 JACK THOMAS: going to an event was a private event, Jackie, we will not talk about it, and George played for 20 people in a private event of music that I can say

00:01:57.950 --> 00:02:11.909 JACK THOMAS: I don't know. I'm 58 this month. I've been going to concerts, you know. For over 45 years I've listened to all different music. We, even at the happy spot, lead our show with music of binaural beats.

00:02:12.730 --> 00:02:19.159 JACK THOMAS: I listen to binaural beats all the time before I get on a call. It settles me down.

00:02:20.260 --> 00:02:29.670 JACK THOMAS: being neurodiverse in your generation, and Sarah's generation has taught my generation that our bodies are changing

00:02:29.790 --> 00:02:32.019 JACK THOMAS: and we need different tools.

00:02:32.090 --> 00:02:38.850 JACK THOMAS: So, George, I want to welcome you here and give you a minute or 2. Share with us about

00:02:38.930 --> 00:02:51.300 JACK THOMAS: who you are, and your your personal element that has brought you to being this music leader. That is just delicious, George. The floor is yours.

00:02:51.770 --> 00:02:54.220 George Buccino: Well, thank you for having me on here

00:02:54.500 --> 00:03:09.659 George Buccino: to give a little bit of background information of myself. I am a film scorer and composer as well as for video games and visual media. I'm currently studying at Berkeley College of Music. I'm going into my senior year.

00:03:09.810 --> 00:03:16.520 George Buccino: And so one of the biggest factors of what influences my

00:03:16.810 --> 00:03:29.310 George Buccino: composing and thought process for music is something called synesthesia, and what that, specifically is is that music and sounds will appear as colors and images within my head.

00:03:29.340 --> 00:03:39.930 George Buccino: and this is very useful when it becomes when it comes to applying it for film and video game scoring. Because means that I automatically, I see something I have.

00:03:39.940 --> 00:03:48.610 George Buccino: There's music ideas in my head, or when I play music, I can tell whether or not oh, is this going to match up with the film or not? And so

00:03:49.283 --> 00:03:54.140 George Buccino: the event that Jack had spoken about, which was called a sound bath.

00:03:54.250 --> 00:04:01.850 George Buccino: was a guided meditation about, and it was the idea of it was to

00:04:01.860 --> 00:04:09.380 George Buccino: allow my experience with synesthesia and connecting the visual with the auditory and sharing that with the participants.

00:04:10.460 --> 00:04:25.970 JACK THOMAS: That is so great. So at the ha happy spot you use certain language that sometimes I have to defer to Sarah Sarah, also a graduate of the Montclair area of high school, and some of the language that your generation speaks of. I'm like going.

00:04:26.060 --> 00:04:28.290 JACK THOMAS: I don't get it. I don't understand.

00:04:28.320 --> 00:04:37.780 JACK THOMAS: And that's because we work with everyday people, but living extraordinary lives and and just being around you at being 21,

00:04:37.950 --> 00:04:44.669 JACK THOMAS: the maturity level. And how you carry yourself. It's just you're guaranteed success in life.

00:04:44.780 --> 00:05:01.430 JACK THOMAS: and to be around you passes energy through us. I asked Sarah to join us today because I had the good fortune of hanging out with Sarah's husband. Jim, Jim, how you doing, Jim? You were the inspiration. We had a couple of drinks the other night. We laughed hard for a few hours.

00:05:01.989 --> 00:05:05.129 JACK THOMAS: And just kind of talking about what life is.

00:05:05.200 --> 00:05:18.689 JACK THOMAS: And that's my role within different relationships is to be an inspiration, a leader, a guide, and let you know life isn't always so easy. But at the happy spot we're gonna look for that. And, Sarah, if you could just kinda

00:05:18.830 --> 00:05:29.670 JACK THOMAS: delved into a little bit of your experience with music. And as we talked about George coming on your experience because you have far greater knowledge in this arena than I.

00:05:33.020 --> 00:05:35.470 JACK THOMAS: I'm sorry I should've you're still on mute. Yep.

00:05:35.950 --> 00:05:45.420 Sarah Magee: I don't have the same background as George in terms of education, but I've recently embarked on picking up a couple of books on

00:05:46.930 --> 00:05:50.190 Sarah Magee: binaural beats, quantum music.

00:05:52.440 --> 00:05:59.649 Sarah Magee: tuning, tuning the bio fields kind of like kind of out their subjects on alternative healing with sound and sound therapy.

00:06:00.199 --> 00:06:04.480 Sarah Magee: And I have a I have an appreciation. Appreciation for music as well.

00:06:05.240 --> 00:06:10.369 Sarah Magee: that really is brought me here and really interest interested me.

00:06:10.980 --> 00:06:11.990 JACK THOMAS: It's great.

00:06:12.080 --> 00:06:19.800 JACK THOMAS: So George, you're you're 21, you you carry yourself like you're a 40 year old. Wise gentleman.

00:06:20.389 --> 00:06:29.020 JACK THOMAS: When did you find out you had this this visual auditory crossover? What is synesthesia?

00:06:29.020 --> 00:06:30.810 George Buccino: Yes, then synesthesia.

00:06:31.815 --> 00:06:32.190 JACK THOMAS: So

00:06:32.380 --> 00:06:38.450 JACK THOMAS: are you born with that? Does Mom pick up on that at 5, at 10 or at 20?

00:06:38.520 --> 00:06:51.379 JACK THOMAS: Kind of how does a family identify that scenario, because this is all brand new to an everyday person. But yet it's still important for us to appreciate and understand where you're coming from.

00:06:51.980 --> 00:07:14.500 George Buccino: So when so, when I found out it was in my second year at Berkeley I took a music psychology class, and the professor was discussing and talking about what synesthesia is, and you know all the stuff that I had said earlier, and I just realized that all of

00:07:14.510 --> 00:07:30.639 George Buccino: what she was listing with the connection between colors and sound I have experienced throughout whenever I listen to music. And so that's sort of when I realized it. And then I started to try, and, you know, dive more into

00:07:30.770 --> 00:07:43.500 George Buccino: you know what are the more specifics of it, and how instruments relate to this and specific pitches. So it's it's something that's been I've discovered more recently. However, it's always

00:07:44.111 --> 00:07:46.550 George Buccino: it's always been there. I guess you could say.

00:07:47.220 --> 00:07:49.520 JACK THOMAS: That that is great. Thank you for that.

00:07:49.670 --> 00:07:51.900 JACK THOMAS: And so once you discover that

00:07:52.360 --> 00:07:55.370 JACK THOMAS: for myself, when I'm listening to binaural beats.

00:07:55.400 --> 00:07:58.589 JACK THOMAS: or I'll listen to different focusing

00:07:58.700 --> 00:08:12.389 JACK THOMAS: sounds. What are some of the sounds that you have out on your website out on the Internet, that our people right, our everyday people could start experiencing. What are some of the choices of sounds on your website that you have?

00:08:12.927 --> 00:08:13.760 JACK THOMAS: Put out there.

00:08:14.580 --> 00:08:28.680 George Buccino: So on my website, I do not have any of necessarily my sound bath stuff. But links to all of the film scores that I've done are on there as well as my orchestral works. So for that stuff

00:08:29.630 --> 00:08:36.499 George Buccino: rather than it being a super direct connection to synesthesia, it's more so like

00:08:36.549 --> 00:08:47.820 George Buccino: this is the whole picture, and what the synesthesia can be applied to. So it's it's almost, I guess you could say the music and the sounds that are on there are narrative based.

00:08:48.830 --> 00:08:49.610 JACK THOMAS: Gotcha.

00:08:49.710 --> 00:08:59.010 JACK THOMAS: And so we're gonna have a chance. Later, we've asked you to set up for your music. We we don't know how it's gonna come through. But we're gonna have you play that in a little bit?

00:09:00.240 --> 00:09:08.249 JACK THOMAS: what is some music that you're listening to? That is your inspiration for you to then create the sounds and the beauty that you create, that you're working on.

00:09:10.270 --> 00:09:21.009 George Buccino: So that's a lot of films going stuff if I was to name some of the artists who really influence me.

00:09:21.140 --> 00:09:23.390 George Buccino: they would include

00:09:23.822 --> 00:09:29.179 George Buccino: Michael Salvatore, who has done the the soundtrack for the video game destiny.

00:09:29.910 --> 00:09:36.670 George Buccino: It would also be Hiryuki Suwano who did the soundtrack for the anime attack on Titan.

00:09:36.980 --> 00:09:42.579 George Buccino: Another one would be daft punk. More specifically, the the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

00:09:43.240 --> 00:09:53.660 George Buccino: Another one would be Don Davis who did the matrix, and then, of course, it goes without saying. Han Zimmer, whose most recent thing was dune.

00:09:54.680 --> 00:10:00.060 JACK THOMAS: Great. Thank you. And the only thing that I recognized that of everything you said was Tron and doom

00:10:02.310 --> 00:10:08.559 JACK THOMAS: And at the happy spot we do focus on what are called, I'm gonna say, gamers

00:10:08.610 --> 00:10:19.950 JACK THOMAS: and people that are following in the fantasia world, my generation, we weren't following that. And and there's a lot of different reasonings behind that. I believe I don't want to get lost in that conversation.

00:10:20.870 --> 00:10:24.099 JACK THOMAS: but I want to be open to the conversation of

00:10:24.915 --> 00:10:32.170 JACK THOMAS: the fan, the the fantasy side of where some of these sounds take us, and how it opens up our mind.

00:10:32.200 --> 00:10:39.969 JACK THOMAS: and when our minds open, we can start exploring different scenarios and specifically on the conversation of healing

00:10:41.290 --> 00:10:47.300 JACK THOMAS: And so that's kind of where we're going to go into our next segment. We're going to talk about healing, loss and grief.

00:10:48.690 --> 00:10:55.699 JACK THOMAS: And so in our society, I found out about 4 years ago. I'm going to touch upon it a couple of times, and I shared it with you earlier.

00:10:55.710 --> 00:11:04.489 JACK THOMAS: was my son's best friend. There were 5 boys they used to hang out in my house, and Jack Nathan, may he rest in peace.

00:11:04.570 --> 00:11:06.439 JACK THOMAS: I created that artwork

00:11:06.830 --> 00:11:10.669 JACK THOMAS: and other artwork at 19 had a drug overdose.

00:11:11.830 --> 00:11:16.800 JACK THOMAS: and if I go back 4 years ago. We all kind of heard about Fentanyl, but we didn't know it.

00:11:16.950 --> 00:11:17.465 JACK THOMAS: and

00:11:18.650 --> 00:11:22.690 JACK THOMAS: Tomorrow is his is the 4th 4th year of that.

00:11:22.830 --> 00:11:26.919 JACK THOMAS: And so the goal here is to be learning. But we also

00:11:26.980 --> 00:11:29.669 JACK THOMAS: know that we've had people that we've lost.

00:11:29.790 --> 00:11:41.819 JACK THOMAS: and that grief part of how we go about it. So at the happy spot, Jack Thomas, we're about to move into break, and we're going to come back, and we're going to delve into some tough emotional topics

00:11:41.860 --> 00:11:49.530 JACK THOMAS: of loss and grief. But yet how music can soothe our way as we channel through our lives.

00:11:49.750 --> 00:11:50.720 JACK THOMAS: George.

00:11:50.940 --> 00:11:58.809 JACK THOMAS: so great to have you here, Sarah, always in your company appreciated. We'll be right back at the happy spot. This is Jack Thomas.

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00:14:09.460 --> 00:14:10.960 JACK THOMAS: Come back to the happy spot.

00:14:11.380 --> 00:14:12.840 JACK THOMAS: Jack Thomas. Here

00:14:12.860 --> 00:14:21.000 JACK THOMAS: we have George Buchano. We have Star Mcgee, and we're talking about music and wellness. Thank you for smiling George, as I butchered your name.

00:14:21.010 --> 00:14:25.110 JACK THOMAS: I hope your mom doesn't get mad. I respect your mom. I met her

00:14:25.470 --> 00:14:27.686 JACK THOMAS: right. She's a solid lady.

00:14:29.540 --> 00:14:35.499 JACK THOMAS: So we we touched upon life and grief, and how to kind of navigate life. And

00:14:35.580 --> 00:14:41.150 JACK THOMAS: so, in honor of Jack Nathan, who had passed away 4 years ago drug overdose.

00:14:41.630 --> 00:14:47.897 JACK THOMAS: Jack had a vision early on. He really saw sound and music and

00:14:48.530 --> 00:14:56.859 JACK THOMAS: style and clothing, and his father, Dave Nathan, who's out. There is the leader in that world, and Dave and I were texting earlier.

00:14:57.000 --> 00:14:57.920 JACK THOMAS: And

00:14:58.410 --> 00:15:05.610 JACK THOMAS: you know, when we're here in this moment of life, we're given the choice of. We can navigate in our grief.

00:15:05.770 --> 00:15:10.260 JACK THOMAS: or try and serve others. And there's that fine line of timing

00:15:10.380 --> 00:15:12.099 JACK THOMAS: of how to handle that and

00:15:12.160 --> 00:15:14.460 JACK THOMAS: what I found out a couple years ago

00:15:14.520 --> 00:15:16.989 JACK THOMAS: was when Jack had passed was

00:15:17.110 --> 00:15:22.970 JACK THOMAS: how to handle grief and how to do that with his friends. There were 4 boys

00:15:23.110 --> 00:15:25.179 JACK THOMAS: that were left, and

00:15:25.620 --> 00:15:30.030 JACK THOMAS: the only way I knew how to do it was, we got pizza and a beer. This is Jersey.

00:15:30.550 --> 00:15:32.859 JACK THOMAS: right? We focus local.

00:15:32.910 --> 00:15:38.399 JACK THOMAS: and we met every week, and we just had conversations. And that's a little bit of the impetus of today.

00:15:38.952 --> 00:15:45.140 JACK THOMAS: Of, we're just having conversations. We're not having any beer today, but we're celebrating life

00:15:45.310 --> 00:15:47.210 JACK THOMAS: in honor of Jack

00:15:47.450 --> 00:15:56.790 JACK THOMAS: and George. If you would be kind enough to just kind of share with us some of the music you're about to play, and why you chose it. For today. So

00:15:57.060 --> 00:15:59.184 JACK THOMAS: Laura's about your music and

00:16:00.340 --> 00:16:01.409 JACK THOMAS: what are you thinking.

00:16:02.500 --> 00:16:09.250 George Buccino: Sure thing. So the stuff that I have prepared is from my most recent sound bath.

00:16:09.780 --> 00:16:17.650 George Buccino: and it was trying to focus on the concept of journeys and moving through things

00:16:18.170 --> 00:16:20.119 George Buccino: and trying to.

00:16:20.788 --> 00:16:25.360 George Buccino: You know, at the end of the journey there is a destination. And sometimes, you know, there's

00:16:25.420 --> 00:16:31.560 George Buccino: there's 3 important aspects of the journey. There's the beginning, there's the middle and the end, and each of them in their own right

00:16:31.630 --> 00:16:34.820 George Buccino: have a purpose. And it was about understanding

00:16:34.830 --> 00:16:39.019 George Buccino: which each one meant, and just trying to

00:16:39.510 --> 00:16:44.809 George Buccino: lead up to hopefully the the end of the journey.

00:16:44.980 --> 00:16:49.060 George Buccino: Of course, also, sometimes, you know, we never know

00:16:49.290 --> 00:16:53.426 George Buccino: quite what is, what is the end, or what is

00:16:53.950 --> 00:16:57.499 George Buccino: when we have when we have finished, and so

00:16:58.258 --> 00:17:01.539 George Buccino: it also served as like, you know, it's it's okay. If

00:17:01.560 --> 00:17:21.869 George Buccino: that part you're not sure of, because oftentimes it's very hard to know until once you've sort of passed it. So a lot of the stuff that I have prepared today is tries to focus on sort of sounds that are shifting throughout continuously as well as

00:17:22.849 --> 00:17:26.640 George Buccino: always sort of coming back to the center focal point.

00:17:27.690 --> 00:17:44.460 JACK THOMAS: That is great. So what I'm going to do is, have you go for a minute or so because we're on a live podcast so I want people to get different flavors, and so please flow into it, and then I'll kind of chime in, and we'll pause. We'll chat up again, and then we'll jump back in. So George Floor is yours. Thank you.

00:17:44.764 --> 00:17:45.069 George Buccino: Thing!

00:20:14.139 --> 00:20:14.940 George Buccino: George!

00:20:16.100 --> 00:20:17.190 JACK THOMAS: That was awesome.

00:20:18.060 --> 00:20:18.670 George Buccino: Thank you.

00:20:18.670 --> 00:20:21.600 JACK THOMAS: i i i i don't know. Sarah. I

00:20:22.060 --> 00:20:24.299 JACK THOMAS: I experienced him live

00:20:24.350 --> 00:20:26.730 JACK THOMAS: and live is at a whole nother level.

00:20:26.800 --> 00:20:29.359 JACK THOMAS: But even through technology.

00:20:29.510 --> 00:20:33.449 JACK THOMAS: And again. I don't know about you, but I could feel it coming into my chest.

00:20:33.770 --> 00:20:35.300 JACK THOMAS: into my legs.

00:20:35.390 --> 00:20:41.520 JACK THOMAS: and then I can feel the energy, and as I'm watching you think through. And, Sarah, if you want to elaborate on

00:20:41.550 --> 00:20:45.060 JACK THOMAS: what that was like, cause it's I know, the 1st time you've had a really hear him.

00:20:47.640 --> 00:20:50.560 JACK THOMAS: I'm sorry, Sarah, you're on mute right. I always forget it.

00:20:50.880 --> 00:20:55.455 Sarah Magee: You see, I'm sorry about that. Yeah. So that was the 1st time I've

00:20:55.990 --> 00:20:58.699 Sarah Magee: really heard a piece from a sound bath.

00:20:58.790 --> 00:20:59.475 Sarah Magee: And

00:21:00.440 --> 00:21:08.269 Sarah Magee: you know, thinking about color and music. I'm a visual person, so I'm a lot of it. I saw

00:21:08.730 --> 00:21:21.609 Sarah Magee: color shifting in and out of each other, and then I heard like moments of theater, like a like a re like my imagination, a red dragon kind of taking over. And then there's like openings just like

00:21:21.730 --> 00:21:24.310 Sarah Magee: mass openings, and you can just

00:21:24.690 --> 00:21:25.650 Sarah Magee: feel it.

00:21:25.760 --> 00:21:29.630 Sarah Magee: And I can't imagine what the vibration is like in one of your sessions.

00:21:31.340 --> 00:21:33.350 Sarah Magee: And the impact that that makes.

00:21:34.120 --> 00:21:36.829 JACK THOMAS: I love how you add that color of red dragon.

00:21:37.210 --> 00:21:39.830 JACK THOMAS: Just so, you. So everybody knows

00:21:39.900 --> 00:21:42.150 JACK THOMAS: that this is the year of the Dragon.

00:21:44.410 --> 00:21:49.330 JACK THOMAS: I just learned this. And so for me, I like to go back a point of times and generation.

00:21:49.600 --> 00:22:03.009 JACK THOMAS: So for me, Bruce Lee in 1974, was a huge inspiration. I was being a young boy and just wanting to be like him. Bruce Lee, back in the early seventies, was like the coolest guy in the world.

00:22:03.150 --> 00:22:17.449 JACK THOMAS: He really set a tone different than anybody else. And so now I come 50 years later, and I hear Red Dragon, we're in that same year in the world of generation, 50 years is like a big benchmark.

00:22:17.470 --> 00:22:24.160 JACK THOMAS: And so I'm just curious as you're playing the sound. What colors are you visually. And what are you thinking of today.

00:22:25.800 --> 00:22:28.343 George Buccino: So for me that

00:22:29.130 --> 00:22:33.080 George Buccino: that whole sensation. So

00:22:34.940 --> 00:22:39.130 George Buccino: for me, that is a lot of blue and green specifically.

00:22:39.400 --> 00:22:45.380 George Buccino: And to go into the a little bit of a music theory side of it.

00:22:45.490 --> 00:22:56.289 George Buccino: So there's something called the Harmonic Series, which is sort of the they're called overtones. So whenever you hear a note or a pitch, you're actually hearing a bunch that are above that.

00:22:56.570 --> 00:23:04.090 George Buccino: And so what I was doing was taking the 1st couple of those and trying to condense them into

00:23:04.711 --> 00:23:08.218 George Buccino: a much smaller cord. And because of

00:23:09.180 --> 00:23:16.200 George Buccino: those overlapping like, they're a lot, they're a lot closer together. They're called sustained cords, because.

00:23:16.933 --> 00:23:31.479 George Buccino: they're not. They're not quite which is called a resolution where they hit on one note. So they're almost like leading into that. So for me, that causes there to be a lot of blend between colors. And so that's

00:23:31.700 --> 00:23:34.619 George Buccino: that's the idea. So that's sort of the intro part.

00:23:34.730 --> 00:23:40.180 George Buccino: And it's meant to sort of open up the mind to say, Hey.

00:23:40.320 --> 00:23:46.039 George Buccino: you know these possibilities here, these can actually lead to a bunch of different directions.

00:23:47.750 --> 00:23:55.900 JACK THOMAS: That is great. And so sarah was seeing red in her in in her conversation. And you're talking blue and green.

00:23:56.210 --> 00:23:58.737 JACK THOMAS: and so I think of. You know the pyramid, the

00:23:59.330 --> 00:24:02.070 JACK THOMAS: prism of Roy G. Biv.

00:24:02.370 --> 00:24:05.300 JACK THOMAS: And so if you were to blend blue in

00:24:05.800 --> 00:24:07.110 JACK THOMAS: blue and green

00:24:07.460 --> 00:24:09.480 JACK THOMAS: right that creates a purple

00:24:09.710 --> 00:24:13.480 JACK THOMAS: so which leads into that red family. So

00:24:14.150 --> 00:24:19.616 JACK THOMAS: you know, I could see where the color of the sounds. To me it almost sounded as if

00:24:20.170 --> 00:24:22.580 JACK THOMAS: it sounded like I was if I was in a church.

00:24:22.660 --> 00:24:26.069 JACK THOMAS: and there was like steeples of sounds going into the air.

00:24:26.393 --> 00:24:31.469 JACK THOMAS: And and I'm drawing a blank on what that instrument is called in a church where it has the pipes.

00:24:31.470 --> 00:24:32.050 Sarah Magee: Or, yeah.

00:24:32.050 --> 00:24:34.360 JACK THOMAS: So in Oregon. Thank you.

00:24:34.690 --> 00:24:37.459 JACK THOMAS: and it had a very in-depth

00:24:37.740 --> 00:24:39.270 JACK THOMAS: feel to it.

00:24:41.080 --> 00:25:02.900 JACK THOMAS: So for your everyday people, you know, when you meet other people. Does everybody have a positive experience, or like, sometimes I meet everyday people, and they're like, Forget it. You're a Yogi lair, right? And I get it I get it. I've been in Yoga a long time, and took me a long time to come out and talk about that

00:25:03.215 --> 00:25:11.220 JACK THOMAS: my generation. If you did, Yoga, there was something wrong with you. And I was like, Yeah, that's why I do, yoga. There was something wrong with me.

00:25:12.930 --> 00:25:17.770 JACK THOMAS: And music is also one of those things that has become a real healing thing.

00:25:18.668 --> 00:25:29.139 JACK THOMAS: So I just wanna say, thank you for sharing that we're gonna break in a moment or so, but before we break I'd love to hear another sound bit, and I wanna kinda

00:25:29.150 --> 00:25:46.030 JACK THOMAS: the part that really caught my attention was early on in your sound bath was when you had us kind of lifting off the ground, and then had my body dropping back into the ground. I literally could feel my knees kind of going up and going back down. And so kind of that

00:25:46.382 --> 00:25:59.060 JACK THOMAS: lighter movement. I would love to hear that. But we're gonna move to break worth a happy spot. This is Jack Thomas. I have George and Sarah. We're talking about music, healing, and the wellness of society.

00:25:59.320 --> 00:26:17.360 JACK THOMAS: you know. Go into business. You go into work people all day. They're listening to music. They're looking to listening to radio. But sometimes you could just listen to nice sound and have more productivity within the workplace. We'll be right back at the happy spot. Thank you so much, Jack. Thomas.

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00:28:13.730 --> 00:28:17.570 a.

00:28:24.490 --> 00:28:25.530 JACK THOMAS: Welcome back

00:28:25.720 --> 00:28:27.770 JACK THOMAS: to the happy spot. Jack Thomas.

00:28:28.190 --> 00:28:40.160 JACK THOMAS: George, I just sent you in a little chat note, and I'm not sure of how to pronounce that. But it is a sound effect that I listen to solfeo. Are you familiar with

00:28:40.440 --> 00:28:45.380 JACK THOMAS: the tuning forks and the perfect pitch? And the 4 32 Megahertz.

00:28:45.920 --> 00:28:51.269 JACK THOMAS: Oh, Sarah, what do you have here? Oh, Sarah! Oh, please share.

00:28:51.270 --> 00:28:53.180 Sarah Magee: I have the 5 28

00:28:53.760 --> 00:28:55.879 Sarah Magee: hurts tuning fork here.

00:28:56.390 --> 00:28:57.919 Sarah Magee: and I have a

00:28:58.150 --> 00:29:00.349 Sarah Magee: hockey puck to strike it with.

00:29:00.700 --> 00:29:05.160 Sarah Magee: and I think this one in the book I'm reading is

00:29:06.540 --> 00:29:15.389 Sarah Magee: in the same frequency as the heart, the heart. Chakra. I don't know if everyone's familiar with chakras, but it tunes and aligns and opens up the heart.

00:29:17.170 --> 00:29:20.800 JACK THOMAS: So do you want to elaborate on the Chakras? Just.

00:29:20.800 --> 00:29:21.830 Sarah Magee: Our circle.

00:29:21.870 --> 00:29:33.879 Sarah Magee: Sure, just really simply the chakras are an ancient Indian system of energies. There's 7 of them like 7 colors in the rainbow.

00:29:34.090 --> 00:29:36.630 Sarah Magee: and they run along your spine.

00:29:36.930 --> 00:29:42.389 Sarah Magee: and they each are associated with different physical, emotional, and spiritual attributes.

00:29:43.090 --> 00:29:44.539 JACK THOMAS: That is great. Thank you.

00:29:44.970 --> 00:29:51.309 JACK THOMAS: So, Chakras, if if we look at them, are Roy G. Viv, they start at the top

00:29:51.620 --> 00:30:05.820 JACK THOMAS: right, or they could start at the bottom. So, the bottom being our rump, what we sit on, and the top being the crown of our head and the chakras move through in colors of red, orange, yellow, green is at our heart.

00:30:06.640 --> 00:30:08.180 JACK THOMAS: and then we have

00:30:08.220 --> 00:30:10.050 JACK THOMAS: blue, indigo, and violet.

00:30:11.820 --> 00:30:28.819 JACK THOMAS: So our next round of color, George, what? What is going to be the color that we should maybe look for, that you could share with us. So we have chakras. We have colors, we have sound. And now the connection, what is a color that we should maybe be thinking of, that you could play for us in the next moment.

00:30:29.930 --> 00:30:30.710 George Buccino: So

00:30:32.010 --> 00:30:35.907 George Buccino: so there's there's 1 thing that I say about

00:30:36.470 --> 00:30:41.970 George Buccino: the colors that are associated, which is that I, generally speaking.

00:30:42.120 --> 00:30:44.344 George Buccino: I don't try and have

00:30:45.210 --> 00:31:00.099 George Buccino: like there to be the sense of somebody seeing one specific color. The reason for this is that everybody associates colors differently with different attributes like, for instance, you know.

00:31:00.270 --> 00:31:04.270 George Buccino: people have like a favourite colour. And so.

00:31:04.340 --> 00:31:13.219 George Buccino: if I was, you know, try to say like, Oh, you should see this color, but it's a color you dislike. It could potentially have a more of a negative impact.

00:31:13.500 --> 00:31:31.929 George Buccino: And so for this reason, I generally do not give a color in advance of of playing something, because I want the music to influence the person's perception of it rather than that's sort of imposing. My own.

00:31:34.490 --> 00:31:40.159 JACK THOMAS: Dude. You're 21. You speak like a man of 80 years old, with great wisdom.

00:31:40.200 --> 00:31:45.090 JACK THOMAS: I mean, it's an honor to be sitting in this conversation. So thank you.

00:31:45.190 --> 00:31:48.079 JACK THOMAS: Dara, like am I off base on any of these things? Right.

00:31:48.520 --> 00:31:50.280 Sarah Magee: You're right on point.

00:31:50.990 --> 00:31:51.710 Sarah Magee: absolutely.

00:31:51.710 --> 00:31:52.300 JACK THOMAS: So

00:31:52.460 --> 00:32:02.830 JACK THOMAS: thank you. So, George, if you wanna maybe just share a little more of your sounds. As we had talked about that kind of opening and closing that you did at the event that I was at that evening.

00:32:03.090 --> 00:32:03.820 George Buccino: Sure think.

00:32:04.560 --> 00:32:09.259 JACK THOMAS: And I'm just curious to see if I could get that same sensation via technology

00:32:09.430 --> 00:32:18.789 JACK THOMAS: right? And and and I don't expect it to. I think that live event is just unbelievable, but I have faith in you in passing that energy in a positive way.

00:32:19.030 --> 00:32:19.830 JACK THOMAS: All right.

00:33:59.120 --> 00:34:00.140 George Buccino: To

00:35:28.850 --> 00:35:29.590 George Buccino: you!

00:35:32.890 --> 00:35:33.859 JACK THOMAS: That was great.

00:35:37.740 --> 00:35:43.829 JACK THOMAS: That was great. I don't. I don't know, Sarah. Did you feel how he took you high and then brought you back down low.

00:35:44.000 --> 00:35:46.630 Sarah Magee: I definitely I felt this. The cycles.

00:35:48.710 --> 00:35:52.209 JACK THOMAS: So elaborate for how you felt. What was your what was your take on that.

00:35:52.500 --> 00:35:54.809 Sarah Magee: My my take, was

00:35:55.190 --> 00:35:58.509 Sarah Magee: I really 1st land in the color purple?

00:36:00.990 --> 00:36:10.639 Sarah Magee: almost like purple clouds, mist coming in darker colors, and then landing into some more neutral tones, and then lifting right back up into purple, and then maybe

00:36:10.890 --> 00:36:21.030 Sarah Magee: a really like vibrant, like electric violet at some point. And then, you know, making itself making its way back into that purple zone again.

00:36:21.370 --> 00:36:22.950 Sarah Magee: That was my experience.

00:36:23.520 --> 00:36:35.329 JACK THOMAS: That's great. Thank you. My experience was, I think, a little more. I felt a little more yellow and orange cause. As I went up. I felt like so for me personally, my happy spot

00:36:35.390 --> 00:36:37.969 JACK THOMAS: is that yellow sun, that jersey

00:36:38.040 --> 00:36:43.949 JACK THOMAS: just sitting there looking at that, and then, as you brought it back down. I settled into like a red orange.

00:36:43.960 --> 00:36:47.009 JACK THOMAS: and then, feeling that coming back up, and it was

00:36:47.180 --> 00:36:48.910 JACK THOMAS: really the elevation.

00:36:49.510 --> 00:36:52.109 JACK THOMAS: and so on a personal side we get to enjoy that.

00:36:52.653 --> 00:36:53.480 JACK THOMAS: Have you

00:36:53.530 --> 00:37:04.129 JACK THOMAS: studied or done anything in school? Are they looking at the work environment on how to bring that into a work culture. Because if we're experiencing this on our

00:37:04.230 --> 00:37:13.039 JACK THOMAS: personal side, I could see it as a benefit. But I'm just curious if the schools are focused or teaching any of that for business, and bringing

00:37:13.100 --> 00:37:14.260 JACK THOMAS: happiness or

00:37:14.640 --> 00:37:16.309 JACK THOMAS: ease into the work, environment.

00:37:18.255 --> 00:37:27.470 George Buccino: So I, personally do not. Haven't had much experience with that at Berkeley. However.

00:37:28.400 --> 00:37:31.820 George Buccino: Berkeley does have a music psychology

00:37:31.830 --> 00:37:34.199 George Buccino: and music therapy, Major.

00:37:34.210 --> 00:37:38.759 George Buccino: and so I have. I know a few people in

00:37:40.710 --> 00:37:46.018 George Buccino: who are in that Major, and it is sort of there's a lot of stuff about.

00:37:46.740 --> 00:37:53.630 George Buccino: how to have music interact with people in a more constructive way.

00:37:54.760 --> 00:37:59.209 JACK THOMAS: So that is great. So I'm I'm gonna share a couple of little insights with the 2 of you

00:37:59.780 --> 00:38:00.360 JACK THOMAS: is

00:38:02.150 --> 00:38:09.270 JACK THOMAS: I'm putting hospitals, directors and officers of hospitals of large corporations in New York and New Jersey.

00:38:09.993 --> 00:38:11.409 JACK THOMAS: Putting them on notice

00:38:11.490 --> 00:38:26.119 JACK THOMAS: that we know that wellness is needed. They know it. They're not doing anything. But there is an environment in New York and New Jersey of everyday people going. We're not feeling well. And when we're going to the hospitals just writing a prescription

00:38:26.270 --> 00:38:29.759 JACK THOMAS: may not be the first, st best choice.

00:38:30.180 --> 00:38:31.530 JACK THOMAS: So we

00:38:31.660 --> 00:38:42.000 JACK THOMAS: within the happy spot and in conjunction with New York City radio, we're look, talk, radio. We're looking for alternative ways to bring healing and wellness.

00:38:42.410 --> 00:38:55.120 JACK THOMAS: However, there is a large environment that is in power, and it is all the doctors. They're all very empowered, and if you want to know how fantastic a doctor is, just ask them about them, and they'll tell you

00:38:55.970 --> 00:38:58.619 JACK THOMAS: if you picked up on the sarcasm. It was intent.

00:39:00.010 --> 00:39:06.510 JACK THOMAS: but just trying to put them on. Notice that we're looking at this from a business structure perspective.

00:39:06.920 --> 00:39:10.499 JACK THOMAS: How do you help us in society today, doctors.

00:39:10.540 --> 00:39:13.159 JACK THOMAS: we have this music here. Right?

00:39:13.290 --> 00:39:16.580 JACK THOMAS: I've been around other people. We know there's wellness.

00:39:16.620 --> 00:39:27.960 JACK THOMAS: but yet they're not supporting our overall beings as humans in today's society. And your generation is bringing some of this insight to us. So I'm grateful for that.

00:39:29.910 --> 00:39:38.202 JACK THOMAS: George. You came on here today. What? What is something you would like to share about your personal life? That's important, that you'd want everybody to know.

00:39:38.580 --> 00:39:49.299 JACK THOMAS: are you dating? Are you single are you looking? What's driving George to bring this music and happiness? And how can we, at the happy spot, help you excel

00:39:49.370 --> 00:39:54.019 JACK THOMAS: so you can help us heal society. What's driving George today.

00:39:54.630 --> 00:39:55.840 George Buccino: So

00:39:56.540 --> 00:40:00.330 George Buccino: I can sort of say that when

00:40:01.230 --> 00:40:06.350 George Buccino: a lot my inspiration came from other people, other musicians.

00:40:06.440 --> 00:40:14.910 George Buccino: and not only their music, but their them as as people and their enthusiasm for music. And so

00:40:14.920 --> 00:40:18.630 George Buccino: one of my main goals with my music is to try and

00:40:19.656 --> 00:40:38.410 George Buccino: be that person for somebody else to inspire somebody else to pursue music, or just to be more involved or get a better understanding of it. So for me, it's always about trying to reciprocate what I've received from others, and give it to

00:40:39.131 --> 00:40:40.340 George Buccino: those in need of it.

00:40:41.320 --> 00:40:43.839 JACK THOMAS: That is great, cause I'm gonna come back to and say

00:40:43.860 --> 00:40:48.139 JACK THOMAS: right. So Jack Nathan was also about the music and the visuals.

00:40:48.560 --> 00:40:53.629 JACK THOMAS: And so here at the happy spot behind me. That's a picture of the Happy dog.

00:40:53.710 --> 00:40:57.520 JACK THOMAS: So that was the picture in my home that whenever Jack would walk in.

00:40:57.610 --> 00:41:00.499 JACK THOMAS: he would always see it, and he had his Ocd.

00:41:00.820 --> 00:41:06.619 JACK THOMAS: And he would always say to me, Jack, I just got to keep fixing it. I just got to keep fixing it right.

00:41:06.760 --> 00:41:11.954 JACK THOMAS: and we all know that we can't always just fix everything. We just want to kind of touch it a little bit and

00:41:13.520 --> 00:41:18.260 JACK THOMAS: Just say, you know, listen! Your generation teaches us so much.

00:41:18.340 --> 00:41:26.010 JACK THOMAS: At the same time our generation wants to teach your generation. So the happy spot we're looking to Meld.

00:41:26.060 --> 00:41:31.669 JACK THOMAS: right? We have 3 different generations in the age groups going on here today. We're about to move to break

00:41:31.800 --> 00:41:44.070 JACK THOMAS: George. You're just so settling and so easygoing. I'm just grateful that you're here. We'll be right back. This is Jack Thomas at the happy spot coming from Talkradio. NYC,

00:41:44.090 --> 00:41:45.430 JACK THOMAS: we'll be right back.

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00:43:25.370 --> 00:43:28.209 Now broadcasting 24 HA day.

00:43:51.930 --> 00:43:54.999 JACK THOMAS: Welcome back to the happy spot. This is Jack Thomas.

00:43:55.210 --> 00:43:59.910 JACK THOMAS: We have George and Sarah. We're going over music, down baths and healing.

00:44:01.600 --> 00:44:02.300 JACK THOMAS: So

00:44:07.060 --> 00:44:12.499 JACK THOMAS: if I was to ask the most popular music for you, for instance, for me, when I was 18, growing up.

00:44:12.510 --> 00:44:18.469 JACK THOMAS: going back 40 years ago, my friends, Bruce Springsteen, the grateful dead, led Zeppelin.

00:44:18.590 --> 00:44:23.529 JACK THOMAS: This was just all the music we knew. This is what we listened to and played the stones

00:44:23.980 --> 00:44:28.685 JACK THOMAS: before that. If I go back into the seventies I always joke around with Sarah and

00:44:29.070 --> 00:44:40.469 JACK THOMAS: Emily on our team, and I'll play seventies. So from the year of 1974 to 77, I think, is some of the happiest music. It's a little bit silly, right, but like

00:44:40.690 --> 00:44:42.310 JACK THOMAS: boogie uggy, uggy.

00:44:42.430 --> 00:44:48.399 JACK THOMAS: until you can't Boogie no more right like even the words. But the sounds are so uplifting.

00:44:48.550 --> 00:44:50.062 JACK THOMAS: What would be some

00:44:51.770 --> 00:44:58.650 JACK THOMAS: people in today's environment that you're looking at. That may not be, you know. That would be in that. I'll call Top 40 or the most played

00:44:58.680 --> 00:45:00.680 JACK THOMAS: songs with some of your top

00:45:00.810 --> 00:45:06.070 JACK THOMAS: 2 musicians. You're listening to that everyday, everyday people would recognize.

00:45:08.480 --> 00:45:09.490 George Buccino: So.

00:45:10.820 --> 00:45:27.289 George Buccino: I would definitely say that a lot of the music I listen to generally is not the most well-known. But I would say the 2 artists that people will probably recognize. One would be the alternative rock band gorillas.

00:45:28.129 --> 00:45:36.319 George Buccino: They're some of the more popular songs were feel good, and Clint Eastwood, which I think most people have heard.

00:45:36.330 --> 00:45:40.270 George Buccino: And then the other band that I listen to is this

00:45:40.340 --> 00:45:53.239 George Buccino: French electronic jazz band they're called Caravan palace, and a lot of their songs are very popular specifically with edits on social media, such as, like Tiktok.

00:45:55.480 --> 00:46:03.450 JACK THOMAS: So elaborate on that last part. So I'm always curious. Now, on some of this electronic music I know a what's I'm drawing a blank on the gentleman's name.

00:46:03.950 --> 00:46:20.349 JACK THOMAS: He's an architect in New Jersey. I walk into his office, and he is very nuanced and detailed. But as electronic music, and you walk in the room, you could feel the vibe you wanna like walk on the music as you walk into his room. I'm drawing a blank on his awesome.

00:46:20.440 --> 00:46:37.460 JACK THOMAS: But so what what's with this electronic music that all of a sudden has this vibe? It it replaces the 19 seventies. Oh, Boogie Yogi Yogi. So you can't dance no more to this dance music. What what's going on with that environment of today? So my generation, we can appreciate and understand.

00:46:38.060 --> 00:46:51.150 George Buccino: Yes, so a lot of that kind of and this even goes back to before that, like, if you go back to the the twenties that you have

00:46:51.680 --> 00:47:08.119 George Buccino: like big band swing. And so the thing is is that that was also dance music and sort of party music. And so the reason for this is my personal opinion. It's because a lot of music sometimes isn't necessarily heard, but rather it's felt.

00:47:08.250 --> 00:47:34.920 George Buccino: and all of those genres have very defining grooves and low end stuff so like big band. One of the major things is that the bass drum that the drummer has is always super heavy and super consistent. And then with more modern, like electronic dance music, it's always about the bass and the beat, because that's what people are not always

00:47:34.930 --> 00:47:43.319 George Buccino: hearing, but they're feeling it. And the vibrations they, you know, it's what the the body will move to.

00:47:44.720 --> 00:47:50.480 JACK THOMAS: So well stated. And so that was when I was at your event. I felt my body, and I was saying to Sarah.

00:47:50.580 --> 00:47:59.309 JACK THOMAS: I have a bad hip. I had heard it playing sports for many years, but I could almost feel my body like lifting off the ground as you played the music.

00:48:00.640 --> 00:48:05.360 JACK THOMAS: But the next part is really that we're gonna be kind of rounding out our show is.

00:48:05.590 --> 00:48:10.329 JACK THOMAS: how do we? As a community at the happy spot. And we're all over the world.

00:48:10.340 --> 00:48:17.020 JACK THOMAS: Ada. We personally serve you on your professional endeavors. You're about to graduate.

00:48:17.870 --> 00:48:20.390 JACK THOMAS: So what does your vision look like for

00:48:21.140 --> 00:48:31.779 JACK THOMAS: your career opportunities. And as my son, who is now 2425, your peer group has taught me, he said, hey, dad, they haven't created my job. Yet.

00:48:32.290 --> 00:48:53.470 JACK THOMAS: in in other words, technology and tick, tock, and everything's moving so quick that you gain this information based off of what the old people like me thought you would do. But you have a vision. So how do we help you in your journey, of your career? Your life, so we could be of support to you and your mom. What's your mom's name?

00:48:54.185 --> 00:48:54.640 George Buccino: Jill.

00:48:55.460 --> 00:49:04.780 JACK THOMAS: Jill, so appreciative to have your son here today. Thank you for sharing. How do we serve you, George? What's what's your next step in life. And how do we help you get there?

00:49:05.290 --> 00:49:14.900 George Buccino: So I guess. Well, I really do hope to go into either film or video game scoring.

00:49:15.400 --> 00:49:18.519 George Buccino: but of course I need to build up

00:49:19.070 --> 00:49:20.699 George Buccino: sort of more

00:49:21.495 --> 00:49:23.679 George Buccino: experience and repertoire. So

00:49:25.110 --> 00:49:29.459 George Buccino: and probably a little bit of a bigger following. So

00:49:30.075 --> 00:49:35.859 George Buccino: you can follow me on my Instagram, which is George Buchino.

00:49:36.150 --> 00:49:54.160 George Buccino: And then I also have a website, which is George And if you happen to be in the more local area around New Jersey or New York City. I actually have another upcoming sound bath which is going to be on July 31, st

00:49:54.490 --> 00:50:01.380 George Buccino: which is, it's going to be right in Montclair, the same address as the previous 1 60 Montclair Ave.

00:50:02.210 --> 00:50:12.660 George Buccino: And so yeah, it's just kind of as a musician. The biggest part is the audience, and so just simply the

00:50:12.830 --> 00:50:17.749 George Buccino: the the aspect of listening is incredibly important.

00:50:18.280 --> 00:50:20.519 Sarah Magee: You just gain the software. By the way.

00:50:25.920 --> 00:50:35.770 JACK THOMAS: So the the next part is for me, my my when I was about your age I was a Dj. In college many years ago. And so I have an appreciation

00:50:35.920 --> 00:50:39.729 JACK THOMAS: for all different genres. As you talk about big band music.

00:50:39.770 --> 00:50:45.160 JACK THOMAS: And I grew up in queens right around Run, Dmc, that timeline. BC, boys.

00:50:48.190 --> 00:50:58.239 JACK THOMAS: how do you feel about exploring into that side of the table where that rap more popular music, where there could be a mashup smash up

00:50:58.790 --> 00:51:18.199 JACK THOMAS: right? Right? Right? That's like a word we use so quite often, we're like, how do we mash up and smash up because we're looking at so many different things every day. My age, Sarah's age, right from a female perspective, a male perspective. We share interests, mash them up, smash them up, and let's see what it tastes like.

00:51:18.630 --> 00:51:26.990 JACK THOMAS: What? What are some of the music of rap music that's really kind of my thoughts of how this plays into. And do you see them crossing over.

00:51:27.891 --> 00:51:36.850 George Buccino: So truth be told, I I do not listen to a ton of rap. I I wish I did a little bit more, because I think there's there's presently a lot that I'm

00:51:36.930 --> 00:51:38.440 George Buccino: missing out.

00:51:39.070 --> 00:51:43.710 George Buccino: But I mean, nowadays, genres are

00:51:43.720 --> 00:51:47.960 George Buccino: the lines between genres are getting thinner and thinner, and this is

00:51:48.030 --> 00:52:07.010 George Buccino: due to one is just stuff being more accessible like a lot of times previously some genres of music were a little bit locked off by the technology or like access to that stuff. And in today's modern world, because all of it is much more readily available.

00:52:07.739 --> 00:52:16.720 George Buccino: The ideas of combining genres and sharing ideas between different worlds is become super common, and to the point where

00:52:17.180 --> 00:52:23.910 George Buccino: multi genre almost has no longer really has a meaning. And so it's just sort of

00:52:25.340 --> 00:52:26.280 George Buccino: music.

00:52:28.200 --> 00:52:29.099 Sarah Magee: Click, that.

00:52:30.910 --> 00:52:34.810 JACK THOMAS: Elaborate on that, Sarah. So that really that really meant something to you. So what do you hear.

00:52:34.810 --> 00:52:50.089 Sarah Magee: Funny way to put it, you know, multi genre it just, you know it's I don't know if you were. I don't know if your attention was to say it was. It's diluted into just music, or if that is magnified into music. I didn't understand that part about it, but I liked. I liked the

00:52:50.510 --> 00:52:51.760 Sarah Magee: how you ended there.

00:52:52.510 --> 00:53:05.950 George Buccino: Yes, so I by saying, multi genre doesn't mean much. I mean is that I think that we music has evolved beyond the term of multi genre that it's blended so well together that it's

00:53:06.050 --> 00:53:08.960 George Buccino: its own new thing in its entirety.

00:53:08.960 --> 00:53:09.590 Sarah Magee: Column.

00:53:11.360 --> 00:53:22.429 JACK THOMAS: So we're gonna be coming to an end in a moment. But before we come to an end, I just want to ask the 3 of us and others in the audience can, if we could, just close our eyes for 10 seconds

00:53:22.540 --> 00:53:24.060 JACK THOMAS: and give thanks

00:53:24.260 --> 00:53:27.260 JACK THOMAS: to the people that are alive and that are with us.

00:53:27.790 --> 00:53:31.150 JACK THOMAS: and that the ones that have passed Jack. Nathan.

00:53:31.670 --> 00:53:32.580 JACK THOMAS: your

00:53:32.870 --> 00:53:33.780 JACK THOMAS: being

00:53:33.920 --> 00:53:36.259 JACK THOMAS: is here with us today.

00:53:36.500 --> 00:53:37.740 JACK THOMAS: George.

00:53:37.800 --> 00:53:45.240 JACK THOMAS: just unleashed the mashup smash up of the music. We'll just take a moment here and give great thanks.

00:53:52.620 --> 00:53:53.370 JACK THOMAS: Okay.

00:53:54.390 --> 00:53:56.109 JACK THOMAS: here we are at the happy spot.

00:53:57.050 --> 00:54:11.789 JACK THOMAS: So we're about to come to our end. George, you hopped on here today at the last minute. What is something that you're taking away from your time with us here together? Because mine is a warm heart, Sarah, you'll come in a moment, George. What's something you're taking away from here today?

00:54:13.344 --> 00:54:14.706 George Buccino: I guess it's

00:54:15.586 --> 00:54:17.129 George Buccino: on the fly experience.

00:54:17.220 --> 00:54:29.650 George Buccino: No, it's I'm very thankful that this opportunity came my my way, and the spontaneous of it was great for me. Just sort of be like, alright. How do I jump right into it?

00:54:30.232 --> 00:54:35.079 George Buccino: And so just overall it's it's been an absolute pleasure, and being able to talk with

00:54:35.720 --> 00:54:41.800 George Buccino: about my music and my experience with it to such a large, large audience is, I'm truly grateful for.

00:54:42.560 --> 00:54:51.989 JACK THOMAS: Thank you so much for sharing and just being an open book. And, Sarah, you're gonna kind of end our day today at the happy spot. What is your takeaway? Because you're the music lady of the room.

00:54:52.310 --> 00:54:58.828 Sarah Magee: No, I mean, I'm just struck by George's unique experience, his ability to

00:54:59.380 --> 00:55:05.779 Sarah Magee: use his use, his gifts to compose music that

00:55:05.930 --> 00:55:07.190 Sarah Magee: has a

00:55:07.310 --> 00:55:14.779 Sarah Magee: emotional content that's related to color. Like to me that that triangulations really

00:55:14.850 --> 00:55:16.150 Sarah Magee: impressive.

00:55:17.065 --> 00:55:24.459 Sarah Magee: And to use that triangle in means as it means to heal is even more impressive.

00:55:24.930 --> 00:55:28.089 Sarah Magee: And if if I ever have a chance to

00:55:28.500 --> 00:55:34.330 Sarah Magee: joining in on one of your sound baths, that would be an absolute privilege, because

00:55:35.030 --> 00:55:36.380 Sarah Magee: you're awesome.

00:55:36.790 --> 00:55:39.940 George Buccino: Thank you. I hope you. You'll be able to make it to one of them.

00:55:39.940 --> 00:55:41.240 Sarah Magee: Thank you. Thank.

00:55:42.400 --> 00:55:55.270 JACK THOMAS: Well, well, I'm going to. I'm going to say I'm gonna make sure that her and Jim can. I'm just gonna ask Jackie permission, because it is her venue. And so with her blessing, I was texting her earlier. I know she's away.

00:55:55.669 --> 00:55:58.859 JACK THOMAS: But with that being said, this is the happy spot.

00:55:59.040 --> 00:56:05.320 JACK THOMAS: This is what we do. We engage in alternative ways of healing, and then make it happen.

00:56:05.420 --> 00:56:14.770 JACK THOMAS: George. Thank you so much for joining us, Sarah and Jim, your husband I look forward to when we're all going to be together on July

00:56:14.930 --> 00:56:18.570 JACK THOMAS: May everyone have a great evening and thank you for joining us today.

00:56:18.790 --> 00:56:21.100 JACK THOMAS: Jack Thomas, the happy spot!

00:56:21.240 --> 00:56:22.060 JACK THOMAS: Peace.

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