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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/04-How to Survive the Auto Industry

Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/04-How to Survive the Auto Industry


2024/06/04-How to Survive the Auto Industry

[NEW EPISODE] Quantum Tools

how to survive the auto industry 

Please join us this week as we are joined by Renee LaFiura. As we discuss How wellness in the auto industry has evolved over time and what we can do now to improve it.

 Biohacking, Strategic, Tactical, Wellness

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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode of The Happy Spot, Jack is joined by special guest Sarah Magee as they will be discussing quantum tools amongst other related topics. To start the episode, Jack shows a book Sara gave him called, “Innercise,” a book dedicated to exercising the conscious and subconscious and Sarah shares the main points to take away from the novel. They also discuss meditation practices, which is also recommended in the novel, Sarah gets the chance to share her personal story and how she got interested in quantum healing. 

Segment 2

After the first break, we return to Jack and Sarah discussing sounds and different tools and tactics to soothe the sounds for sensitive ears. From there, Jack demonstrates a yogi technique to help relieve anxiety and retake control of our hands along with a meditation demonstration called “Walking Meditation.” 

Segment 3

Moving along in the discussion, Jack checks up on Sarah, asks her what she has learned on the show, and provides her thoughts on that question. Afterward, Jack shares a video called, “Standards in 10 Minutes,” which is a video to help promote wellness and psychological health in the workplace, and shares a game called “The Happy Game,” which is about creating checkpoints for happiness over 52 weeks. Sarah and Jack play the game to show how it is done. 

Segment 4

As the episode comes to a close, Jack talks about the importance of quantum tools and their exact purpose. Jack also shares a tool designed for people with neurodivergence to help them focus and stay on task or overcome certain senses like taste and hearing. Sarah and Jack wrap up by discussing examples of generational change in the workforce, specifically in terms of what is and is not acceptable in receiving affirmation from a higher up. 


00:00:29.680 --> 00:00:31.930 JACK THOMAS: welcome to the happy spot. Everybody.

00:00:32.640 --> 00:00:34.340 JACK THOMAS: Jack Thomas, here

00:00:35.060 --> 00:00:46.489 JACK THOMAS: we're in Nutley, New Jersey, at Nutley, Kia and I have the good fortune and blessing to be sitting right here with Rene Lafure. She's the lady who controls the deal.

00:00:47.160 --> 00:01:09.410 JACK THOMAS: What's the happy spot about the happy spot? We're an international insurance company. We focus on large corporations to bring happiness. We target corporations from that 100 to 400 million revenue. You wanna know how you could have benefits in our industry. Our industry is across the country. We're in 7 states today. We have chosen to speak to the auto industry.

00:01:09.410 --> 00:01:22.669 JACK THOMAS: This is where changes happen, and I have the good fortune of speaking with Rene, the general manager at Nutley, Kia. What we're gonna talk about today is, how do you keep happy in the car business.

00:01:22.700 --> 00:01:36.019 JACK THOMAS: I have the good fortune of knowing Renee 20 years, and Rene, we were talking a little before, so please share with us a little bit about who you are and what keeps you happy every day coming into work. Please.

00:01:37.332 --> 00:01:47.907 Renee LaFiura: Well, my name is Renee Lafiora. I am now the past 5 years the general manager here at Nutley, Kia. I've been in this industry for 35 years.

00:01:49.054 --> 00:01:51.190 Renee LaFiura: What keeps me happy?

00:01:52.650 --> 00:01:55.769 Renee LaFiura: I love coming to work every day to help people

00:01:55.910 --> 00:01:57.559 Renee LaFiura: to solve problems.

00:01:58.427 --> 00:02:01.832 Renee LaFiura: Help customers and employees as well.

00:02:03.670 --> 00:02:15.350 Renee LaFiura: help people find what they're looking for. Give them a great deal, be honest and ethical, and do things differently here, and when I say differently. I just mean the right way.

00:02:16.760 --> 00:02:26.899 JACK THOMAS: So I wanna elaborate because people say things and I've been around this organization for 20 years. They don't just say it. They mean it. So this particular organization.

00:02:27.100 --> 00:02:34.039 JACK THOMAS: the Rusamano family, Jim and Ann, many years in the industry, I think Jim and I were talking earlier.

00:02:34.450 --> 00:02:51.960 JACK THOMAS: He's 50 years in the business, in the industry, and and is born into the business and still working here as a family organization. And you have 40 employees. That report to you. So I I always love when someone asks, Hey, do you know a guy in the business?

00:02:52.880 --> 00:03:00.330 JACK THOMAS: And I have the good fortune of knowing Renee. What are some of the secrets that

00:03:00.330 --> 00:03:24.229 JACK THOMAS: you see of happiness for your employees being part of this organization? What, for instance, you? You provide retirement plans. You provide health benefits, you provide opportunities for bonuses. So you do all the things that people would expect in business. But you and I were talking earlier, and when I come in here I feel like it's a family. I I know your husband rich.

00:03:24.430 --> 00:03:42.279 JACK THOMAS: you know your your husband rich is part of my family and is looked after, and we've done some work together, and you've shared the pictures with your sons. You know. Rich married to Alyssa and to Jared just engaged to.

00:03:43.290 --> 00:03:43.710 Renee LaFiura: Gianna.

00:03:43.710 --> 00:03:45.230 JACK THOMAS: G. Gianna

00:03:45.790 --> 00:03:58.549 JACK THOMAS: and our kids are the same. So it's that family atmosphere. What are some things? That create that family atmosphere in North Jersey, that Rene is part of what? What are some secrets that you could share with us?

00:03:59.420 --> 00:04:01.560 Renee LaFiura: As far as work or personal.

00:04:02.640 --> 00:04:05.120 JACK THOMAS: And the answer is, yes to both, please.

00:04:06.480 --> 00:04:08.440 Renee LaFiura: Well, as far we'll start with work.

00:04:10.070 --> 00:04:28.569 Renee LaFiura: we we are like one big family. There's days we all get along. There's days we don't. There's days, we may argue or have differences in opinion, but in the end we all come together for the good of the business, and we do what's right and respectful for everyone. I

00:04:28.600 --> 00:04:43.945 Renee LaFiura: love helping people here. I love watching them grow. I love watching them start out, maybe at an entry level position and then teaching them and showing them what they need to do, how to get here, how to get there,

00:04:44.890 --> 00:05:03.709 Renee LaFiura: just helping them become better better persons, and I think that probably holds true the same thing in in your personal life, you know. Richie and Gerard, my stepsons, although I love them like sons, and I always will, and I've always treated them like sons.

00:05:04.130 --> 00:05:13.806 Renee LaFiura: you! You teach them to just grow up to be good people, to be hard workers to, you, know, respect one another, respect life,

00:05:15.690 --> 00:05:17.239 Renee LaFiura: have a family.

00:05:17.790 --> 00:05:19.780 Renee LaFiura: provide for your family.

00:05:20.040 --> 00:05:21.850 Renee LaFiura: and be there.

00:05:22.750 --> 00:05:41.629 JACK THOMAS: So. So thank you. So what I like to do in these conversations is, go back to points of time. So within I go back 34 years ago when you started. It's the transition that is so hard. I watch for people today that you do effortlessly. So here's what I mean by transition

00:05:42.479 --> 00:05:49.470 JACK THOMAS: at some point in time. My measurement is I serviced over 90 auto dealerships, working for a large insurance company

00:05:49.680 --> 00:06:19.219 JACK THOMAS: in managing the personalities and relationships. And when I could say, There's nothing I've not seen, and representing over 90 auto dealers, and their liability and lawsuits, and what a consumer says, and what a business does. It was a full education, and the reason why I come to you is out of those 90. I don't. I think maybe I knew 2 women general managers, because it it WI don't even know I won't open that topic. The topic here, though.

00:06:19.220 --> 00:06:37.740 JACK THOMAS: is the transition. If I go back in time, and I love when you tell me you were 1819 years old, and this was your 1st job. And so what happened on your 1st job? And how'd your mom? How'd your mom handle you? So if you, if you kindly share your personal side? But going back to a history of time. At 18 or 19.

00:06:38.230 --> 00:06:50.550 Renee LaFiura: Sure graduated high school didn't really know what I wanted to do my life back then. And my mom says to me, Okay, you have 2 choices, get a job, go to college.

00:06:50.850 --> 00:06:52.370 Renee LaFiura: and I'm like, Well.

00:06:52.470 --> 00:07:00.040 Renee LaFiura: just got out of how many years of school really don't want to go back to that again. Wasn't really fond of school.

00:07:00.150 --> 00:07:07.269 Renee LaFiura: so they were looking for help back then this was a different dealership. It

00:07:07.360 --> 00:07:09.890 Renee LaFiura: am. I allowed to say the name of the dealership. Yeah.

00:07:09.890 --> 00:07:10.720 JACK THOMAS: Yeah, of course.

00:07:10.720 --> 00:07:24.509 Renee LaFiura: It was it was Book Buick. They had bought Crown Chevrolet, and they were making it book. Chevrolet Buick. So they were hiring, and it was an entry level position. It was a receptionist position.

00:07:24.820 --> 00:07:28.320 Renee LaFiura: and second day on the job I got yelled at.

00:07:28.680 --> 00:07:32.630 Renee LaFiura: I went home crying, and I told my mother I wasn't going back.

00:07:33.030 --> 00:07:37.469 Renee LaFiura: and she sat me down and said, Renee, that's just not how we do things.

00:07:37.760 --> 00:07:57.759 Renee LaFiura: she said. You will go back. She goes, and you will give it a chance, and you will stay there for a couple of weeks, and I'm not saying you have to stay, she told me, but you will give it your all, and if you don't like it, then you will find another job. But you don't just quit when it seems tough or something you don't want to do.

00:07:59.160 --> 00:08:02.210 Renee LaFiura: And here I am. 35 years later. Thanks, mom.

00:08:03.730 --> 00:08:06.000 JACK THOMAS: And and and I and I smile

00:08:06.210 --> 00:08:10.299 JACK THOMAS: right. And and I laugh because I ask certain questions.

00:08:10.710 --> 00:08:19.039 JACK THOMAS: You know what's the secret sauce, and sometimes the secret sauce was just old tough love, which I know that when we speak from a generational perspective.

00:08:19.870 --> 00:08:31.310 JACK THOMAS: we run into scenarios. Where I'm gonna tone, my statement back right now that my kids, which are the same age as as your children, and we've talked over time about that.

00:08:31.630 --> 00:08:55.320 JACK THOMAS: They just see things differently, and we all know that from a generational things are seen differently. The challenge that you and I have talked about is the speed that the technology brings for our family and our children, and how we can navigate that and and kinda guide them. Not really a question just kinda sharing the struggle that we see in our generation going back to that point of time.

00:08:55.320 --> 00:08:56.010 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:08:57.040 --> 00:09:14.490 JACK THOMAS: You, you transitioned it. And so that's 1 of the lessons is you had somebody, you know. Sit you down whose mom sit you down and go. Hey, you gotta do this. Give it a couple of weeks now. I I have witnessed in the different businesses and industries I I advise on is that there are people

00:09:14.490 --> 00:09:41.869 JACK THOMAS: in that communication skill set that help so many different people. Whether it's not mom and why I know that we didn't talk about this, but being believers of having people at work right where a lot of the generation is, oh, I wanna be hybrid, and I wanna be home 5 days a week, and never come in, and that's their version of hybrid, which I know. You're smiling and laughing with me. It it's the gift of the exchange of communication and having fun.

00:09:41.870 --> 00:10:10.340 JACK THOMAS: The transition into the job. The next part you you brought up book, Chevrolet, who you had worked for originally. And now you work for the Rusimano family. I again, a gift of you, Rene, is that transition to families. I have handled 34 different businesses that have been bought and sold, and I don't think ever outside of you where there was the person of the controller of the money that stayed went from one family to another.

00:10:10.340 --> 00:10:10.890 Renee LaFiura: The.

00:10:10.890 --> 00:10:28.450 JACK THOMAS: Transition is just really a gift. But then you did it again. When the new owners, a couple of years later, said, We're going to change our brand. So if I go back 15 years ago, and to have said to become a Kia dealer in lieu of being a Chevrolet dealer that would have been

00:10:28.850 --> 00:10:38.369 JACK THOMAS: wild craziness. But yet Jim and Ann foresaw the future. And not only that said, Please be our leader. We have faith.

00:10:38.520 --> 00:10:41.599 JACK THOMAS: Ethan, you, Rene, how does that make you feel.

00:10:44.150 --> 00:10:48.509 Renee LaFiura: It makes you feel really appreciated. It makes you feel like

00:10:48.570 --> 00:10:55.639 Renee LaFiura: all the years you've put in are worth it. Everything that you do every day doesn't go unnoticed.

00:10:55.790 --> 00:10:58.580 Renee LaFiura: and it makes you want to come to work.

00:11:00.380 --> 00:11:02.360 JACK THOMAS: And and that's great, and so

00:11:03.020 --> 00:11:06.630 JACK THOMAS: appreciated is is the key word that I heard in that conversation.

00:11:07.930 --> 00:11:18.792 JACK THOMAS: And so i i i listen carefully towards, because in in the happiness world, sometimes I'll go out and people will talk to me in a very

00:11:19.460 --> 00:11:44.189 JACK THOMAS: I'm not even sure the Woo boo language, and I'm like, Hmm! That's not gonna work in the 6 boroughs we speak to. We speak to. It's not gonna work, but trying to find the lingo, the language, or the correlation to bring that that happiness in that wellness. What is gone on being one of the top key dealers in your region, in in a very competitive market.

00:11:44.905 --> 00:11:45.319 Renee LaFiura: One.

00:11:45.320 --> 00:11:48.850 JACK THOMAS: One topic I want to touch upon is community.

00:11:48.970 --> 00:11:56.269 JACK THOMAS: And and we talked about that before. But we talked family community. We talked automotive community

00:11:56.270 --> 00:12:14.990 JACK THOMAS: in the wellness world. The next part is how you differentiate yourselves, I think, is just amazing that you only want to service your local community. So if you could just elaborate the areas that you're offering your services to and saying to other communities where not

00:12:14.990 --> 00:12:33.109 JACK THOMAS: offering our services. And that's gonna be the topic. We're gonna come up next. We're we're about to move to break in a moment. And that's kind of a big topic of communities because we broke down local community, a family within a business, and how to be happy. We talked about an industry, how you get to stand out different.

00:12:33.930 --> 00:12:40.429 JACK THOMAS: And now we're going to talk about the regional aspect of the different counties, because

00:12:40.470 --> 00:12:48.989 JACK THOMAS: we speak to then service the 6 boroughs. And so what I call the 6 boroughs we have Yvonne Dom, that will be coming in

00:12:49.311 --> 00:13:12.139 JACK THOMAS: we're gonna be sponsoring her to speak in New York City, July 8th to the So anybody listening to this. We're gonna be Yvonne Dom, bringing in European wellness and speaking to Ceos in New York City, on how we can navigate and match this up. And Rene, you and Rich obviously hopefully, will be guests that you can join and come into the city and be part of this.

00:13:12.880 --> 00:13:26.509 JACK THOMAS: We'll come back to our community. We're gonna move off to a break right now. I just want everyone to know that we focus on the 5 senses at the happy spot, and one of the senses are ears. I have sensitive ears, so by neural beats

00:13:26.620 --> 00:13:39.010 JACK THOMAS: are the music that we have chosen, so we could seamlessly. Go off to break, and we'll be back in just a moment, Jack Thomas at the happy spot with Rene from Nutlikia. Thank you, everybody, and we'll be back in a moment.

00:15:52.610 --> 00:15:56.440 JACK THOMAS: Thank you, everybody. I had to remind myself to unmute myself.

00:15:57.790 --> 00:16:12.680 JACK THOMAS: Coming back. We are with Rene Lafure. My name is Jack Thomas at the happy spot. What we like to look at is with businesses, on what changes are happening, different communities. What can we learn from other communities to bring wellness in and to find happiness.

00:16:13.107 --> 00:16:18.510 JACK THOMAS: I know that the happiness when I when I use that concept, people get so woo happiness.

00:16:18.630 --> 00:16:47.469 JACK THOMAS: But but the the reality is, you know, I'm 58, and I was raised in a family business and around family business, and they made you always feel like a family. And there's this discipline that is built in. Sometimes someone would say something really dumb and as a young professional in business. You may want to yell at them scream. But you're coached by managers, and we use that word discipline not to hurt somebody, but to control your behavior.

00:16:47.850 --> 00:17:03.420 JACK THOMAS: And so in the community you've differentiated yourselves by saying, Hey, our behavior is, we only wanna serve our local people. And so please, elaborate on how you came about deciding that in, you know, serving, you know.

00:17:03.450 --> 00:17:05.109 JACK THOMAS: but but because normally.

00:17:05.139 --> 00:17:05.689 Renee LaFiura: The.

00:17:05.690 --> 00:17:17.160 JACK THOMAS: Automotive world. They have a negative connotation and say, we'll sell to anybody at the cheapest price possible. But you guys really focus on service if you could elaborate on that in your community. Please.

00:17:17.700 --> 00:17:27.302 Renee LaFiura: Sure during Covid with the supply chain shortage and not really having any cars and the the chip shortage

00:17:27.950 --> 00:17:55.328 Renee LaFiura: we had decided to just sell to our local community meeting. I believe it was the 8 or 9 Co. Counties around us in in North Jersey. We're we're located in Essex County. So it was the counties that border us and go around us in in northern New Jersey, because that was where the bulk of our business came from. So the limited inventory we did have. We wanted to be able to help those who,

00:17:56.440 --> 00:18:07.189 Renee LaFiura: you know, bought many cars from us, and we were one of the only dealers that we're selling at Msrp during that time. So yeah, we became really popular.

00:18:08.370 --> 00:18:13.860 JACK THOMAS: So I went into Jack. So so there's lingo there that you use, and I understand your language.

00:18:13.860 --> 00:18:14.370 Renee LaFiura: M-hmm.

00:18:14.370 --> 00:18:43.049 JACK THOMAS: So what is? What are you making reference? What is Msrp, and what is the reference point of what other people were doing without naming dealers, but I think what you did was pretty special, and you deserve great pride in being the leader of this. So, please, how'd you bio hack the happiness of the supply chain. This is magic. You're sharing magic to the world, so please tell them your secret sauce, because no one else is able to do it.

00:18:43.420 --> 00:18:55.099 Renee LaFiura: Sure Msrp. Stands for manufactured, suggested retail Price. So all new cars come in with a sticker on the window that tell you what the manufacturer feels you should sell the car at

00:18:55.622 --> 00:19:06.499 Renee LaFiura: rather than charging anywhere from. We heard 2 to 15,000 above that price. We stuck at that price. That was the price.

00:19:06.500 --> 00:19:06.930 JACK THOMAS: Press.

00:19:06.930 --> 00:19:07.320 Renee LaFiura: R.

00:19:07.320 --> 00:19:09.120 JACK THOMAS: Why? Why?

00:19:09.120 --> 00:19:15.120 Renee LaFiura: Because my feeling was. It's the right thing to do in a bad time.

00:19:15.120 --> 00:19:16.070 JACK THOMAS: Wow!

00:19:16.530 --> 00:19:25.360 Renee LaFiura: And I don't. I'm 1 of those people. You don't kick somebody when they're down. I felt like that was kicking people when they're down

00:19:25.490 --> 00:19:34.470 Renee LaFiura: because there's a shortage. During Covid a lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of people couldn't afford things. How do you kick them when they're down

00:19:34.770 --> 00:19:38.829 Renee LaFiura: you you don't you? Profiting that way is

00:19:38.860 --> 00:19:40.479 Renee LaFiura: really not a way to profit.

00:19:41.550 --> 00:19:46.230 JACK THOMAS: So. So this is so delicious, and how you go about it. I want to elaborate a little more.

00:19:46.230 --> 00:19:46.710 Renee LaFiura: So.

00:19:46.710 --> 00:20:01.240 JACK THOMAS: So people can appreciate from around the world one of the books that I've been reading and promoting within the groups that I'm working with it's called global class. So global class. And what they make reference to

00:20:01.640 --> 00:20:04.429 JACK THOMAS: focus local. But to scale global.

00:20:05.350 --> 00:20:05.920 Renee LaFiura: So you.

00:20:05.920 --> 00:20:21.669 JACK THOMAS: You're the quintessential of the book, but everyone's like, Oh, well, this is how you go about it. And and I get to meet everyday people doing extraordinary things. So during the Covid, during pandemic 8 or 9 communities in this area, we're not gonna get hustled

00:20:21.810 --> 00:20:23.459 JACK THOMAS: by a car dealer.

00:20:24.110 --> 00:20:24.770 Renee LaFiura: Exactly.

00:20:24.770 --> 00:20:33.329 JACK THOMAS: I don't, even where do you even wow! And so you still operate on that platform today, and how you treat your customers.

00:20:33.840 --> 00:20:51.439 Renee LaFiura: We. We operate on that platform today. However, since there's inventory, we have opened it up to all of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. But we we still operate on the the same platform of honesty, integrity, and doing what's right for the customer.

00:20:51.650 --> 00:20:56.503 Renee LaFiura: That's always been our mantra. It always will be as long as I'm here.

00:20:57.320 --> 00:21:06.540 Renee LaFiura: I would have never accepted to the general manager position here if the dealership's values and principle was not based on

00:21:06.620 --> 00:21:08.299 Renee LaFiura: honesty and integrity.

00:21:09.220 --> 00:21:16.759 JACK THOMAS: And I love that, and it's beautiful, and and not only when you say it again, I have a good

00:21:16.940 --> 00:21:19.370 JACK THOMAS: fortune of knowing your husband rich.

00:21:19.460 --> 00:21:48.640 JACK THOMAS: And so I know his background and working within communities of these are the rules. And this is what's fair. And so for people in the world to know New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Rene is the woman in charge so great community. So let's talk about some of the surrounding areas, so people can have a flavor of what local is like. So when I hear 8 or 9 communities and I live in Essex County with you, I live about 2 miles from here. So then you have Bergen.

00:21:48.640 --> 00:21:49.150 Renee LaFiura: Oregon.

00:21:49.150 --> 00:21:50.320 JACK THOMAS: Union County.

00:21:50.956 --> 00:21:52.230 Renee LaFiura: Hudson, Hudson.

00:21:54.173 --> 00:21:55.700 Renee LaFiura: there was.

00:21:56.520 --> 00:22:07.800 Renee LaFiura: I think we went down as far as, during the pandemic middlesex county and then all the way up to it wasn't Sussex County. It's the one right below. It was our area.

00:22:08.680 --> 00:22:14.180 JACK THOMAS: Gotcha. And so all of this area sits right outside of New York City. So when I stand.

00:22:14.780 --> 00:22:25.799 JACK THOMAS: when I stand outside your building, I could see all the buildings of New York, and we're just sitting here, local and as far as the community goes. As I. As we talked earlier, you were born here, bred here, lived here.

00:22:25.800 --> 00:22:26.260 Renee LaFiura: Hmm.

00:22:26.653 --> 00:22:33.729 JACK THOMAS: What about the the employees and the people that you're serving? How diverse, which I know it's diverse.

00:22:34.588 --> 00:22:40.009 JACK THOMAS: How many people report to you? And are you responsible for their behavior and their happiness?

00:22:41.103 --> 00:22:56.386 Renee LaFiura: All 40 of them directly we we try to keep, I try to keep it simple. I have the managers basically report to me, and then their people report to them and under. But

00:22:57.270 --> 00:23:12.920 Renee LaFiura: we again staying. We're all like a family, most of the sales, consultants, and everything, you know they they will come to me if they just want to talk. If they have a personal problem or they just need advice. Most of them will say, I'm the mom at work.

00:23:16.940 --> 00:23:19.509 JACK THOMAS: I have walked by

00:23:19.590 --> 00:23:23.390 JACK THOMAS: numerous times in my 20 years, and seen your ear listening to people.

00:23:23.390 --> 00:23:23.860 Renee LaFiura: And.

00:23:23.860 --> 00:23:28.860 JACK THOMAS: And so those are senses that we talk about of the listening and

00:23:29.315 --> 00:23:34.549 JACK THOMAS: the skill set of how to listen. Now you used to work with a gentleman who has since retired.

00:23:35.440 --> 00:24:00.239 JACK THOMAS: and Anthony. And so I wanna give a shout out to Anthony retired, and his listening skill set if you could share with me some of the things that you learned from him, and how he listened, because we've laughed so hard that he could be sitting, out on the in the showroom, and there could be 20 people out there, but he has his ear in every deal, and he's been doing that for so long, but he's retired now.

00:24:00.240 --> 00:24:00.620 Renee LaFiura: But I.

00:24:00.620 --> 00:24:13.290 JACK THOMAS: I know you learned from him. So what is some tricks or something you could share with us just on the listening that you have to kind of listen yet. You you have 2 ears, and you could be listening to 4 stories or 4 deals going on at any time.

00:24:13.610 --> 00:24:31.052 Renee LaFiura: Yes, he he was our sales manager who did retire. But Tony. Yes, Tony could sit at one desk and listen to 8 conversations going on. And what he basically taught me is, you'll learn a lot more by listening than you do talking.

00:24:31.630 --> 00:24:32.900 Renee LaFiura: and

00:24:33.190 --> 00:24:39.899 Renee LaFiura: you have to listen to know what the customer wants, know what their needs are, what they don't like, what they do like.

00:24:40.110 --> 00:24:41.320 Renee LaFiura: and

00:24:42.230 --> 00:24:45.219 Renee LaFiura: that will help you to help them.

00:24:48.080 --> 00:24:59.529 JACK THOMAS: So if I was to transfer that listening one thing how do you use that same skill set that you learned at work to bring that listening ability into your home. Do you notice a difference?

00:24:59.890 --> 00:25:20.330 JACK THOMAS: With Rich, or I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll even go so far as we were talking earlier and being friends, you had asked me a question, and I I didn't respond to you, and I said up I was listening, but it didn't warrant a response, cause you're the boss here. I'm i i work and serve under your protocol.

00:25:20.350 --> 00:25:21.500 JACK THOMAS: So

00:25:23.710 --> 00:25:28.230 JACK THOMAS: you, if you want to elaborate on some of the listening things that use at home that you've learned in work.

00:25:29.360 --> 00:25:32.849 Renee LaFiura: I wish I could say I listen better at home, but I don't.

00:25:34.310 --> 00:25:38.840 Renee LaFiura: I'm probably more of the speaker. Talker

00:25:39.170 --> 00:25:42.170 Renee LaFiura: loud. My husband's more of the calm person.

00:25:43.230 --> 00:25:44.410 Renee LaFiura: I'm

00:25:45.710 --> 00:25:47.730 Renee LaFiura: probably much more

00:25:49.510 --> 00:25:52.039 Renee LaFiura: loud, probably at home.

00:25:52.580 --> 00:25:54.670 Renee LaFiura: Not that I can't be loud here.

00:25:56.150 --> 00:25:56.980 Renee LaFiura: Oh.

00:25:56.980 --> 00:26:10.189 JACK THOMAS: So. So i i i love your comfort zone in how you're so comfortable. You're you're just your essence of your physical beauty comes through. But your comfort, level as as you speak through here, is just so great to be part of.

00:26:10.240 --> 00:26:17.280 JACK THOMAS: and that's in essence that I have learned over time in my meditation of listening.

00:26:17.540 --> 00:26:19.849 JACK THOMAS: watching, and some of the things that

00:26:20.050 --> 00:26:26.220 JACK THOMAS: we're gonna talk about a little bit are what I do for myself to meditate is just breathing

00:26:26.570 --> 00:26:31.410 JACK THOMAS: and kind of going through some of those languages. That you and I talked about the other day

00:26:31.940 --> 00:26:43.459 JACK THOMAS: where sometimes in business I would be put in difficult situations and have to give really bad news. What lessons that I learned from the generations before me, and that's really at the

00:26:43.800 --> 00:26:50.199 JACK THOMAS: the the the synergy, or the theory behind this of keeping this local is

00:26:50.630 --> 00:27:01.700 JACK THOMAS: that I miss some of those people that are now in their seventies, eighties and nineties, and starting to pass away, and grateful for the things that they said for the future. But our future is now.

00:27:02.190 --> 00:27:20.939 JACK THOMAS: and so I struggle with the speed of how quickly technology, Instagram, Facebook, and all these marketing channels, and had to finally give over myself. And just say, this is how we have to do it to get it out there, but listening to the kids. And so at the happy spot, we focus on our 5 senses. What we could see right.

00:27:20.980 --> 00:27:26.679 JACK THOMAS: Can I see that contract? What I can listen? Did they really say what they said? Is it in the contract.

00:27:26.680 --> 00:27:27.280 Renee LaFiura: Right and.

00:27:27.280 --> 00:27:29.760 JACK THOMAS: Ultimately how that makes me feel

00:27:31.050 --> 00:27:56.759 JACK THOMAS: right, how the the flavor! But let's get into the flavor and talk about the flavor. So the flavor. When I come into your town I drive down the street. Sometimes I just go to Queen Marguerite. I just go get a pizza. I get some of the bakery. If you could build upon or elaborate a little bit on some of the flavors that are in the area that you that what's your favorite pizza place. And what's your favorite bakery within the area? And then we're gonna move to break.

00:27:57.880 --> 00:27:59.340 Renee LaFiura: Do I have to have one

00:28:05.030 --> 00:28:12.029 Renee LaFiura: so bakery I I love da Vinci's. I love Queen Margarita.

00:28:12.836 --> 00:28:20.199 Renee LaFiura: They're probably both one of my favorites. As far as pizza goes.

00:28:20.940 --> 00:28:22.890 Renee LaFiura: I have to say Ralph's.

00:28:23.780 --> 00:28:31.950 JACK THOMAS: Ralph's. So you're the second winner. I just want you to know we've had 5 or 6 shows so far, and we've been asking our pizza questions.

00:28:32.360 --> 00:28:42.219 JACK THOMAS: And a a a woman that is part of our group. Sarah. She's born and bred her husband, Jim. He's from Belleville. She's from Montclair, and she's like Ralph's.

00:28:43.230 --> 00:28:46.199 JACK THOMAS: So Ralph's is the winner going on here. But we're gonna

00:28:46.580 --> 00:28:47.880 JACK THOMAS: break when we come.

00:28:47.920 --> 00:28:50.949 JACK THOMAS: When we come back we're gonna talk about tools.

00:28:51.180 --> 00:29:12.240 JACK THOMAS: And so one of the tools is our our X card at the happy spot, and using the insurance, and how that's a benefit for you, for your family, but for it to trickle down into your organization, we'll be right back. We have binaural beats to settle your ears, and hopefully we're giving some information at the happy spot that you can use in your industry.

00:29:12.925 --> 00:29:15.850 JACK THOMAS: We'll be right back, Jack Thomas. Thank you.

00:31:24.290 --> 00:31:39.785 JACK THOMAS: Welcome back to the hot, happy spot. Everybody! This is Jack Thomas. We are with Rene Lafure. We are sitting in Nutly Kia, and if you want to feel right and treated fairly, this is the lady to talk to one of my favorite things.

00:31:40.470 --> 00:31:50.010 JACK THOMAS: in being in the dealership one day and walking in and out of businesses. But specifically here I remember seeing Anthony sitting talking to a customer, and I remember

00:31:50.030 --> 00:32:00.729 JACK THOMAS: a customer getting kind of loud, and Renee came out from her office, and again Renee is as cute as she is on camera. She's maybe all of 5 foot 4 in her heels.

00:32:00.730 --> 00:32:01.540 Renee LaFiura: Not even.

00:32:01.540 --> 00:32:16.530 JACK THOMAS: I'm I'm fo I'm 5 9. Anthony is about my size. 5, 9, and this customer screaming and hollering, and Anthony's trying to calm him down, and Anthony was one of the best, and Renee walks out and

00:32:17.026 --> 00:32:25.140 JACK THOMAS: in in in the customer goes. I want to see your boss. And Anthony, very calmly. Look, because she's right there.

00:32:25.510 --> 00:32:26.090 Renee LaFiura: It was.

00:32:26.090 --> 00:32:41.419 JACK THOMAS: This is the most disarming thing, even though that person was still hollering, and I looked at Anthony, and as he's winking at me, going. Yeah, let him yell. Yeah, let her. And Anthony was such a gentleman. Right? Because in the car business or in life there's a word ego

00:32:42.600 --> 00:32:53.449 JACK THOMAS: and I always appreciate when other professionals could put their ego on the side, because people always say to me, Larry, I'm looking to get a car. Do you know the per. Do you know the guy behind the table?

00:32:53.860 --> 00:33:11.079 JACK THOMAS: And traditionally it would be Anthony, the guy behind the table. So we're 2 layers back in talking with Rene and getting the real feel of the power behind the deal. And so we all know that ego extend. I'm gonna build upon that conversation cause the ego is a tool.

00:33:11.170 --> 00:33:36.790 JACK THOMAS: And so we're gonna touch upon tools. So so far, we've talked about family community biohacking. But ego. And so for me when I hear that word ego, I think, oh, someone's egotistical or full of themselves because we're working with everyday people. There's also another concept of ego that Jung, the psychiatrist who's famous, is talking about. We needed ego to live.

00:33:36.880 --> 00:33:37.460 Renee LaFiura: Got.

00:33:37.460 --> 00:33:52.789 JACK THOMAS: Built us with ego. It's our salvation on how we move forward. Oh, yes, I said, God, can you imagine in business I talk about the Lord the God, the higher being. And if someone has a problem, send it over to my legal department, we're at the happy spot.

00:33:53.440 --> 00:33:55.039 JACK THOMAS: Believe in a higher being.

00:33:55.530 --> 00:33:55.910 Renee LaFiura: People.

00:33:56.170 --> 00:33:57.210 JACK THOMAS: Afraid to say it.

00:33:57.910 --> 00:34:05.660 JACK THOMAS: My God is different from your God. No, there's 1 being. It's how we approach that. And God is a spirit and a tool

00:34:06.340 --> 00:34:23.449 JACK THOMAS: and a lord, and if someone is looking at Hindu Tibetan, I don't care. Bring it on down. We'll do a deal right here at Nutly. Kia, come on! That was funny. That was funny. I brought you right in. It's in the heart. Can't even help it. Sometimes it happens it's ingrained into the ego.

00:34:24.512 --> 00:34:40.909 JACK THOMAS: And so that balance in in Yoga right? And so that's how I go about keeping myself put together. My wellness, my health, my mind. We've talked about your wellness. Is you like to go on hikes or walks to clear your mind?

00:34:41.400 --> 00:35:09.249 JACK THOMAS: And so in my world that's a form of meditation. So, for instance, when I'm going out walking early in the morning, if I don't too lazy to go to Yoga, go to the gym, I'll go for a walk. And so I listen to Dr. Joe D. Pienza, and so I'm not here to pitch other people, but we provide the remedy. We give the information away for free, and we're going to have a protocol on our process. So right now you could go to the happy spot on Linkedin.

00:35:09.250 --> 00:35:38.639 JACK THOMAS: We had Dr. Donna. She's our chief medical officer, and she wrote the remedy wellness. Now we're not here promoting doctors, or medical if you wanna meet with Dr. Donna. She will do a whole work up on people. But the messages we're giving the remedy away for free and part of it is walking meditation. Dr. Joe Dpn does a great job of teaching for myself when I'm walking. What I try to do to improve my listening, and I got again. This from a podcast on Youtube

00:35:39.130 --> 00:35:45.040 JACK THOMAS: is if I can listen to the car that's driving down the street as a benchmark

00:35:46.100 --> 00:36:00.330 JACK THOMAS: and then try and listen to the planes that are heading to the airports that are flying above. Now. Sometimes they're so far away you can't listen, but it then becomes the exercise in the breathing, the walking, and it's the calming effect for me.

00:36:00.350 --> 00:36:09.385 JACK THOMAS: But I'd love to hear how you calm yourself on your free time, and to bring yourself so centered and so happy and hopefully others can learn

00:36:09.910 --> 00:36:12.329 JACK THOMAS: how professionals go about doing it.

00:36:14.040 --> 00:36:19.260 Renee LaFiura: I I like to go on walks just just around my neighborhood, because

00:36:19.850 --> 00:36:28.528 Renee LaFiura: it probably is part of the breathing you breathe in, and you breathe out, and then all of a sudden, you realize you're calmer. You feel better.

00:36:28.940 --> 00:36:32.379 Renee LaFiura: love playing with my dog. Another

00:36:32.720 --> 00:36:34.330 Renee LaFiura: relaxation

00:36:34.860 --> 00:36:35.890 Renee LaFiura: remedy.

00:36:36.970 --> 00:36:41.073 JACK THOMAS: Never what kind of dog we don't. We don't talk much about your dog, so what.

00:36:41.330 --> 00:36:44.280 Renee LaFiura: He's a rescue from the Bloomfield animal shelter.

00:36:44.964 --> 00:36:47.420 Renee LaFiura: She's habanese and Yorkie.

00:36:48.064 --> 00:36:55.750 Renee LaFiura: We got her when she was about one. Actually her 9th birthday was Sunday. Yup, 2 days ago.

00:36:56.380 --> 00:36:57.190 JACK THOMAS: What's her name?

00:36:57.440 --> 00:36:58.749 Renee LaFiura: Her name is Bailey.

00:37:00.140 --> 00:37:01.270 JACK THOMAS: It's beautiful.

00:37:01.910 --> 00:37:07.490 JACK THOMAS: So so for for me to go back at a point in time. Many years ago, when I started working

00:37:07.610 --> 00:37:09.560 JACK THOMAS: graduated college 21,

00:37:09.860 --> 00:37:14.459 JACK THOMAS: and driving all over New York. I brought a dog to work every day.

00:37:14.750 --> 00:37:31.820 JACK THOMAS: I brought my dog to work every day until they had passed away at 10 years old and so settling, so settling, some of my friends joked that I made my dog crazy cause he hung out with me for 10 h, 1010 years every day, and I'm like.

00:37:31.860 --> 00:37:35.059 JACK THOMAS: you know, I can't deny it. You know I'm working through my own stuff.

00:37:36.050 --> 00:37:47.899 JACK THOMAS: But have you ever thought of bringing the dog to work for your own comfort or right as a service dog? Right? That's the new thing now. So now now, I'm gonna shift into. So it's a service dog. Have you ever thought of doing that?

00:37:49.120 --> 00:37:58.420 Renee LaFiura: She stops here occasionally. When my husband picks her up from the groomer, or she has to go. She just had her a yearly vet check in her shots.

00:37:59.183 --> 00:38:19.140 Renee LaFiura: But I think because she came from A hoarding situation is what we were told. She's very timid and shy, and she doesn't like to be the the big spaces and all the people. She shakes a lot. She's happy home in her bed or

00:38:19.150 --> 00:38:21.069 Renee LaFiura: on our bed.

00:38:22.060 --> 00:38:24.189 Renee LaFiura: And that's her happy spot.

00:38:27.650 --> 00:38:34.940 JACK THOMAS: So so so that's a great point. I'm gonna dovetail into what I consider a happy spot. My happy spot is the Jersey shore.

00:38:35.550 --> 00:38:36.510 JACK THOMAS: My.

00:38:36.800 --> 00:38:40.879 JACK THOMAS: my, my happy, my happy spot could be the Long Island beaches!

00:38:40.930 --> 00:38:45.730 JACK THOMAS: My! My happy spot is definitely not going into Connecticut because they

00:38:46.230 --> 00:38:48.399 JACK THOMAS: got little rocks on all their beaches.

00:38:50.240 --> 00:39:13.226 JACK THOMAS: and I I, and right and so, being local, whether you go out on Long Island beaches, you go out to New York Beaches, New Jersey. I really love cause when I look up at the sun, and I see that yellow that's my happy spot, and that's when I know I could smell that salt there I could taste the pizza. I could taste the coors ice cream. I'm gonna give you a little tidbit, not tidbit

00:39:13.580 --> 00:39:25.280 JACK THOMAS: of information. This is how it works. So I read up on Core's ice cream because I love history as a junkie coming from the New York side, but living here longer.

00:39:26.400 --> 00:39:33.279 JACK THOMAS: Ice cream originally started down the Jersey shore, but there was a big event going on in Coney Island in the 18 eighties.

00:39:33.370 --> 00:39:39.079 JACK THOMAS: and so the Coors family wanted to get their ice cream over to the Coney Island event.

00:39:39.650 --> 00:39:41.230 JACK THOMAS: However, it was going to melt.

00:39:41.570 --> 00:39:58.000 JACK THOMAS: so they figured out picking egg whites and using that, making the custard. And that's what makes cores so delicious, like no other ice cream in the area. And a little bit of that Jersey flavor and taste, so.

00:39:58.000 --> 00:39:59.179 Renee LaFiura: I also have to throw.

00:39:59.180 --> 00:40:00.559 JACK THOMAS: Intends that you did talk.

00:40:00.790 --> 00:40:03.350 Renee LaFiura: With coors ice cream just just

00:40:03.460 --> 00:40:05.119 Renee LaFiura: the one in Point Pleasant.

00:40:05.150 --> 00:40:14.309 Renee LaFiura: I'm lactose, intolerant, and my mother has a dairy allergy. They have a standalone machine that does chocolate and vanilla with almond milk.

00:40:14.490 --> 00:40:15.970 Renee LaFiura: It's the best.

00:40:16.550 --> 00:40:21.910 Renee LaFiura: if you have any of those allergies, they actually cater to people like us.

00:40:22.650 --> 00:40:26.179 Renee LaFiura: When I thought I couldn't have coars, ice cream anymore. Again.

00:40:27.900 --> 00:40:30.500 JACK THOMAS: So that's so great. So to build upon it.

00:40:30.880 --> 00:40:37.860 JACK THOMAS: a young man who's a family member of mine who's in the car business works down at a major dealership lived down in brick

00:40:38.140 --> 00:40:48.999 JACK THOMAS: I used to love when we'd go visit him as a family. He worked at the pizza place, caddy to the cores, so we'd go up. He was family. We got free pizz at the Jersey shore, and then he sent this over.

00:40:49.220 --> 00:41:07.780 JACK THOMAS: Go to his friend. We got free cores cause the cores. Guy would send his family for pizza. And right now is that criminal? Is that criminal right now? The owners didn't make money on it, but you know we were just being we were just sharing the wealth of the knowledge which which brings us to a a serious tool, right? So

00:41:08.080 --> 00:41:13.280 JACK THOMAS: breathing, listening, having the wisdom of a Renee on the team.

00:41:14.300 --> 00:41:23.629 JACK THOMAS: So we talked about this Rx benefit card. So what we have done is we partnered up with Matt at his Matt Manaric. I hope I pronounce your name correctly, Matt.

00:41:24.100 --> 00:41:37.399 JACK THOMAS: Matt, in 2,018, had a vision. He is 67 years old. Nurse practitioner had it works in as a insurance broker, but had a vision of bringing wellness, and so we have been working with him for the past few months.

00:41:37.420 --> 00:41:38.090 Renee LaFiura: You.

00:41:38.090 --> 00:41:57.300 JACK THOMAS: In here. He has health advocate and telec and therapy built on this card. So you right. Your company is been doing business with my advisory firm. So we've ordered one of these cards for you, so you could have as a health advocate for your employees.

00:41:57.675 --> 00:41:58.050 Renee LaFiura: You.

00:41:58.050 --> 00:42:12.669 JACK THOMAS: The beauty is, it's not insurance. We do business on multiple levels. So we're able to build this in to part of the service for your company. So we're just so happy that we could give you benefits like large corporations.

00:42:12.880 --> 00:42:13.380 Renee LaFiura: That.

00:42:13.380 --> 00:42:25.539 JACK THOMAS: That's the goal of what we're doing here at the happy spot, and hopefully that we have implemented and expedited those benefits with you over these years.

00:42:26.330 --> 00:42:27.320 Renee LaFiura: People.

00:42:27.320 --> 00:42:29.060 JACK THOMAS: Because I listen to people here's

00:42:29.640 --> 00:42:31.180 JACK THOMAS: fake it till you make it.

00:42:32.150 --> 00:42:32.800 Renee LaFiura: Yeah. Okay.

00:42:33.460 --> 00:42:34.370 Renee LaFiura: for him.

00:42:34.610 --> 00:42:44.379 JACK THOMAS: So so how do you handle that with some of your young people that are now selling cars on the floor? Fake it till you make it like. What's the philosophy here cause that make? That makes me nuts

00:42:44.650 --> 00:42:48.669 JACK THOMAS: like I never had the luxury of faking until you make it. I know you didn't, either.

00:42:48.760 --> 00:42:56.330 JACK THOMAS: But but ha! How do you? How do you kind of navigate that vacuum make? It's like, forget about get at it, you know. Like, what are you kidding me.

00:42:56.710 --> 00:43:15.638 Renee LaFiura: We actually don't have that problem here on the floor, because they know that a again, our values values here are built on integrity, trust and honor, I think, please, and thank you still. Go a long way at the end of the night. I think

00:43:17.560 --> 00:43:32.840 Renee LaFiura: I do, I think, please, and thank you. Go a long way at at the end of every night. I tell them. Thank you. I appreciate the effort. I think people need to feel appreciated, and they should. It's you know, you have to take the good with the bad.

00:43:33.290 --> 00:43:48.470 Renee LaFiura: and at the end of the day you should thank them for a job well done, and and they they they do try their hardest, and we try to correct. You know little things here and there, but in the end. We don't have anybody

00:43:48.640 --> 00:43:52.520 Renee LaFiura: here actually on our team with that attitude, and I'm blessed for that.

00:43:53.520 --> 00:44:06.179 JACK THOMAS: We're gonna come back to that in a moment. We're gonna move to break. So that's where we're going to round out because you don't have that. What's the process and how you got there? Because that's building teams, and that's really

00:44:06.506 --> 00:44:20.080 JACK THOMAS: something. You've done a great job. So we're gonna go to break Jack Thomas at at the happy spot with Rene getting her wisdom of 35 years in the car business in North Jersey. And most importantly, we agree on the pizza. We'll be right back at the happy spot.

00:46:24.280 --> 00:46:35.969 JACK THOMAS: Thank you. Everybody coming back, Jack Thomas, at the happy spot, and welcoming Renee back and worldwide. I know, Rene, your family is listening in today and grateful that they're sharing their time with you.

00:46:37.180 --> 00:46:39.760 JACK THOMAS: I always appreciate being around your energy.

00:46:40.260 --> 00:46:46.409 JACK THOMAS: And so the goal we talked about here at the happy spot is, it's happiness, but it's the underling part of

00:46:46.450 --> 00:46:47.820 JACK THOMAS: the family.

00:46:48.360 --> 00:46:49.060 Renee LaFiura: The.

00:46:52.590 --> 00:46:55.630 JACK THOMAS: Coaching the commuting food.

00:46:55.790 --> 00:46:58.429 JACK THOMAS: So what I'm hearing is there really is no one thing?

00:47:03.000 --> 00:47:04.730 JACK THOMAS: No, there's no one thing.

00:47:07.610 --> 00:47:15.540 JACK THOMAS: So just recently a young lady, Sarah Mcgee, new to our team, gave me this book inner size.

00:47:17.100 --> 00:47:21.449 JACK THOMAS: And so what I found interesting about it. It's about mindset.

00:47:22.300 --> 00:47:23.000 JACK THOMAS: thank you.

00:47:23.330 --> 00:47:27.929 JACK THOMAS: And so my question to you is, I know how your people are here.

00:47:27.960 --> 00:47:34.780 JACK THOMAS: but I also know that you go through a process and a protocol to get the right people to have the right mindset.

00:47:34.910 --> 00:47:43.340 JACK THOMAS: Can you share one or 2 things on the hiring process? I know we've talked for years about the driving records, and that's always a struggle.

00:47:43.340 --> 00:47:43.850 Renee LaFiura: Right.

00:47:43.850 --> 00:47:54.320 JACK THOMAS: Is a representative in an industry of risk management, risk liability. It's just a struggle with people driving in anywhere North Jersey when it's a transportation business.

00:47:54.370 --> 00:47:55.710 JACK THOMAS: But the mindset.

00:47:56.100 --> 00:48:01.820 JACK THOMAS: So what's something that you guys do when you're hiring your protocol? For sales? So they

00:48:02.020 --> 00:48:05.400 JACK THOMAS: they have that mindset. So they fit the team, they complement the community.

00:48:06.850 --> 00:48:11.909 Renee LaFiura: One of the things that I think we do when we do well, especially with the sales staff is.

00:48:11.950 --> 00:48:18.910 Renee LaFiura: we do like to hire individuals that weren't previously in the automotive industry.

00:48:20.090 --> 00:48:21.680 JACK THOMAS: Wow!

00:48:21.680 --> 00:48:22.370 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:48:23.360 --> 00:48:25.050 JACK THOMAS: Elaborate on that, because this is

00:48:25.090 --> 00:48:28.449 JACK THOMAS: this is everybody. I hope everyone's listening. This is like.

00:48:28.450 --> 00:48:28.939 Renee LaFiura: So this.

00:48:29.246 --> 00:48:29.860 JACK THOMAS: This like

00:48:29.980 --> 00:48:34.740 JACK THOMAS: high. This is like powerful, please I more. Yes.

00:48:35.690 --> 00:48:41.209 Renee LaFiura: Oh, as you said before, a lot of dealerships are not like our dealership. They don't

00:48:41.220 --> 00:48:55.689 Renee LaFiura: do things the way we would do them. So when you take someone who's been doing something for so long one way and then try to make them do it another way. A lot of times it it it it doesn't work.

00:48:55.920 --> 00:49:00.609 Renee LaFiura: But if you take someone that's never been in this industry, and you

00:49:00.730 --> 00:49:02.989 Renee LaFiura: give them a clear set of

00:49:03.330 --> 00:49:06.950 Renee LaFiura: what we expect from you what we give you in return.

00:49:07.180 --> 00:49:20.094 Renee LaFiura: create goals, expectations, and a a training plan, and all you generally seem to get a better return of an employee

00:49:20.730 --> 00:49:24.640 Renee LaFiura: without all that ego, as you put it before

00:49:25.182 --> 00:49:37.170 Renee LaFiura: because they're new in the business, but you can. You can train them and set them up your way and teach them your goals and your values, then they don't already have a preemptive

00:49:37.610 --> 00:49:44.599 Renee LaFiura: in their mind of what they think or they feel they should do you teach them what you want them to do.

00:49:46.590 --> 00:49:50.850 JACK THOMAS: And and you know, earlier today I had the good fortune I bumped into Jim

00:49:50.980 --> 00:49:53.419 JACK THOMAS: and and the owners upstairs.

00:49:53.900 --> 00:50:01.134 JACK THOMAS: and so many moons ago I had worked at a corporation that Jim had done business with.

00:50:02.590 --> 00:50:22.469 JACK THOMAS: Jim, Jim Rusimano, you know, again, born and bred Jersey guy. But he worked the large corporation, 50 States with one of the largest insurance companies, now the largest insurance company in the world, representing the auto industry. And so he figured out that large corporate model

00:50:22.470 --> 00:50:35.169 JACK THOMAS: cause we were talking earlier, and I'm hearing those little pieces as they kind of just wash through and that's great. So hiring outside of what would be perceived doing the opposite of everybody else.

00:50:36.540 --> 00:50:37.270 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:50:37.450 --> 00:50:43.029 Renee LaFiura: that's that that our slogan here is. We are different in a good way.

00:50:43.290 --> 00:50:51.340 Renee LaFiura: and I always tell people when I speak with them on the floor or customers. I want you to come in here and be happy, and

00:50:51.680 --> 00:51:03.750 Renee LaFiura: by the end of of our our negotiations a lot of them realize. You know, I realize a lot of people feel like they'd rather go to the dentist than shop for a car, and that's that's terrible.

00:51:04.510 --> 00:51:07.690 Renee LaFiura: But I tell them we're a hometown dealer.

00:51:07.820 --> 00:51:10.649 Renee LaFiura: you're gonna you know, and if you read our reviews.

00:51:10.850 --> 00:51:21.330 Renee LaFiura: read what they say about how easy it was, what an easy process. We weren't there all day. There wasn't back and forth there wasn't this. No, it's very simple.

00:51:21.700 --> 00:51:27.149 Renee LaFiura: We don't have hidden fees, hidden charges. We don't turn around and say it's this. No, it's that. It's

00:51:27.360 --> 00:51:28.909 Renee LaFiura: it's just honest.

00:51:30.610 --> 00:51:32.870 JACK THOMAS: Can. Can I have some fun and smile with you?

00:51:32.870 --> 00:51:33.470 Renee LaFiura: Sure.

00:51:34.120 --> 00:51:41.159 JACK THOMAS: Thank you. So this is just been so great and so much fun. So, as you got really comfortable. And then the hands came out.

00:51:41.498 --> 00:51:44.280 Renee LaFiura: If I sit on my hands you won't hear me

00:51:45.665 --> 00:51:46.040 Renee LaFiura: right.

00:51:46.040 --> 00:52:05.909 JACK THOMAS: Right. So so one of one of the techniques when when I was taught sales training in the car, business was actually from an old school and watching some of my childhood friends and there's an office that I work at, where there's a picture of a father and a son walking down the street, and they have their hands behind their back, and there's a thoughtful walk going on.

00:52:06.470 --> 00:52:10.170 JACK THOMAS: So we were talking earlier today. If you have a very

00:52:10.903 --> 00:52:24.099 JACK THOMAS: stressful client yelling and screaming, and they gotta come into the office. You wanna share with the the hand thing we were talking about earlier, and it actually, surprisingly, was a little settling. So if you would elaborate for us on the hands, please.

00:52:24.250 --> 00:52:25.830 Renee LaFiura: Oh, sure, you just

00:52:25.840 --> 00:52:27.400 Renee LaFiura: take this hand.

00:52:27.680 --> 00:52:30.930 Renee LaFiura: these fingers, and just squeeze in here.

00:52:31.460 --> 00:52:32.450 Renee LaFiura: and it's just.

00:52:34.750 --> 00:52:39.130 JACK THOMAS: And and so the 1st you just did that. So I'll but really

00:52:39.310 --> 00:52:40.959 JACK THOMAS: it was so simple, right?

00:52:41.180 --> 00:52:41.850 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:52:44.330 --> 00:52:47.080 JACK THOMAS: And so that is the level of

00:52:47.100 --> 00:53:02.969 JACK THOMAS: the families of just handling down those oral pieces in the community. And having this time and sharing this with you has just been great. So what are you taking away from this time together? Cause I know that this is not your comfort zone.

00:53:03.820 --> 00:53:06.494 Renee LaFiura: It didn't start out that way.

00:53:08.960 --> 00:53:10.800 JACK THOMAS: You're feeling good. You're feeling good.

00:53:10.800 --> 00:53:12.179 Renee LaFiura: Yeah, it.

00:53:12.180 --> 00:53:38.979 JACK THOMAS: You you were. You were made for the camera, and and I I want everyone to know that when I got here th, there are people just running about hearing that Renee had a show, and being there to be supportive and making sure her office was right in the desk, and that I was right, and just really feeling that warmth it. It's just great to still come in cause I go into people's businesses, and I don't know about you, but everyone just seems so angry.

00:53:38.980 --> 00:53:39.520 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:53:40.185 --> 00:53:40.850 JACK THOMAS: Matt.

00:53:40.850 --> 00:53:41.690 Renee LaFiura: Yes.

00:53:42.790 --> 00:53:56.509 JACK THOMAS: A A, a a. And how do you go about handling that when you go into other communities, when you know how blessed you are in your business. Do you feel empathy for them? Or do you just kinda leave it alone, and just say, you know, count your blessings of where you are here.

00:53:56.680 --> 00:54:07.889 Renee LaFiura: I think I do. I just I I count my blessings. I thank God, for everything that he's given me the ability to learn and and be.

00:54:07.940 --> 00:54:12.399 Renee LaFiura: and I'm guess at times it just makes me happy that on me.

00:54:14.250 --> 00:54:21.370 JACK THOMAS: That's great. One thing we didn't touch upon. But I just wanna kind of layer it in because it's technology and the speed of tech technology.

00:54:21.641 --> 00:54:29.120 JACK THOMAS: Some of the things that I'm working with my team on where we have this event with Yvondom, where she's coming in from Spain. And we've learned so much from her.

00:54:29.776 --> 00:54:37.264 JACK THOMAS: How to just kind of maintain yourself with the speed of of how things move. So from technology.

00:54:38.510 --> 00:54:50.210 JACK THOMAS: how do you guys as an organization keep keep up with it from your marketing. And you know you're you're competing to make more sales. So how do you go. How do? How do you manage that process with your team? Please.

00:54:50.890 --> 00:54:58.052 Renee LaFiura: We actually have we have a marketing manager who does work with Jim, the owner.

00:54:58.965 --> 00:55:19.660 Renee LaFiura: And we have an outside company. That kind of helps keep everything safe behind the scenes as far as keeping customers information safe and keeping up on the as you put it, the technology that is ever so changing every day. But that's really what we do.

00:55:20.050 --> 00:55:20.840 Renee LaFiura: Pretty so.

00:55:20.840 --> 00:55:44.360 JACK THOMAS: It's funny that we have pretty simple. I've been. I've been around the security and the cyber security and the liability and protecting all that information. One area. We didn't touch upon it. Kind of shame on me. Cause. I was really focused on the front end. But the technicians, what are you doing? Because to me I did. I did a show 20 years ago about the future of technicians and working with schools.

00:55:45.140 --> 00:55:45.580 Renee LaFiura: But.

00:55:45.580 --> 00:55:54.980 JACK THOMAS: What do you do for technicians? I know you have a gentleman, a few gentlemen that have been with you for a long time, and who's gonna fix the cars of today? Not even the future of today.

00:55:54.980 --> 00:55:55.480 Renee LaFiura: Right.

00:55:55.480 --> 00:55:57.940 JACK THOMAS: How do you go about handling that and finding out?

00:55:58.110 --> 00:56:01.409 JACK THOMAS: If you get a happy technician, any technician that's capable.

00:56:02.100 --> 00:56:28.309 Renee LaFiura: Right? Well, we do have some technicians that have been with us forever. We do offer key training. We send our technicians to school. But you're right. The challenge is finding them. So we did, partner with the school, a a local school, and we train them. We we, you know, we send them to school? But on a happy note, when it's really hot out we do go by popsicles, ice cream water.

00:56:28.620 --> 00:56:29.890 Renee LaFiura: and

00:56:30.070 --> 00:56:32.100 Renee LaFiura: cause it's hot back there.

00:56:34.470 --> 00:56:46.190 JACK THOMAS: And and I've been back. Been back in your shop. I walked with you the other day, and the floors are always perfect. The doors are open. There's a good flow that that does move through there to keep everyone comfortable

00:56:46.850 --> 00:56:47.790 JACK THOMAS: and buying them.

00:56:47.790 --> 00:56:50.719 Renee LaFiura: Lunch on a Saturday doesn't hurt either.

00:56:52.367 --> 00:56:54.740 JACK THOMAS: So when you guys buy lunch, what do you do?

00:56:55.941 --> 00:57:01.959 Renee LaFiura: The shop usually gets pizza and sales. It's pizza or sandwiches. I let them decide.

00:57:03.170 --> 00:57:04.240 JACK THOMAS: Ralph's pizza.

00:57:05.880 --> 00:57:08.940 Renee LaFiura: Actually, no, because Ralph's doesn't deliver.

00:57:09.410 --> 00:57:09.990 JACK THOMAS: Right.

00:57:09.990 --> 00:57:11.670 Renee LaFiura: That's that's a problem.

00:57:12.600 --> 00:57:22.110 Renee LaFiura: But we we do use locally. We do use retacles right down the street. We pizza and and or sandwiches. We, we do use them. We support our local businesses.

00:57:23.010 --> 00:57:31.050 JACK THOMAS: Well, well, that is so great. So this, this is an international show catering to many people just trying to share the focus local

00:57:32.240 --> 00:57:43.520 JACK THOMAS: concept, but having everyone in alignment on the same scenario. And I know that how many different vendors do you have coming into your organization that you work with? How many outside.

00:57:43.930 --> 00:57:44.780 Renee LaFiura: A part.

00:57:44.780 --> 00:57:52.990 JACK THOMAS: Like. I know Mike Tuno has been with your organization for 20 years, so I'll defer to him as a partner, slash vendor in supporting a business. How many

00:57:53.030 --> 00:57:56.339 JACK THOMAS: types of Mike who knows? Do you have in your world.

00:57:56.853 --> 00:58:06.599 Renee LaFiura: Probably close vendors, maybe 5 or 6. We have many vendors for different things, but on your level.

00:58:07.130 --> 00:58:15.969 Renee LaFiura: the level of partnerships that we have that would be comparable with you or a Mike tuna, probably maybe 5, 6.

00:58:17.590 --> 00:58:34.089 JACK THOMAS: And thank you for being part of that family. And the question then, is, how many of those other vendors are coming through your 40, 50. How many different people do you ha! Have to take responsibility outside of the employees? But now all of these other companies call it 30 40. It's a large number.

00:58:34.960 --> 00:58:38.279 JACK THOMAS: How do they deal with you as the woman in charge and in power?

00:58:40.257 --> 00:58:48.070 Renee LaFiura: For the most part I don't have any issues, but every once in a while I get there. I want to speak to the man in charge, and I say, well, you're looking at him.

00:58:49.369 --> 00:59:01.440 JACK THOMAS: That's the line of the evening. That's the line of the evening. We're gonna be move. We're gonna be moving off our time. I I just wanna say, Renee.

00:59:01.900 --> 00:59:27.120 JACK THOMAS: thank you. And and Jim thank you. Kia should only know what a blessing of an organization in how you represent them and I just wanna thank everyone for being here at the happy spot. This is Jack Thomas wishing you a great week, and don't forget if you got a bad person. Just grab the hand, put it in your lap, and don't worry about it. Have a great day, everybody. Thank you so much for joining.

00:59:27.120 --> 00:59:27.850 Renee LaFiura: You.

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