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Thursday, January 25, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/25- Psychedelic Healing

Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/25- Psychedelic Healing


2024/01/25- Psychedelic Healing

[NEW EPISODE] Psychedelic Healing

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Clinical Psychologist and Author, Dr. Richard Louis Miller.

Dr. Miller is founder of The Health Sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs, a healing nature preserve. He is also a Founding Advisor to the Modern Family Institute, a Senior Advisor for the Changa Institute, and a Senior Advisor for the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute.

In 2017, his book Psychedelic Medicine was published which is a compilation of Miller's interviews on the medicinal uses of psychedelics. The interviewees include Rick Doblin, Stanislav Grof, James Fadiman, Julie Holland, and Dennis McKenna, each discussing various substances such as LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca. 

In 2022, Psychedelic Wisdom came out where Dr. Miller shares stories of psychedelic transformation, insight, and wisdom from his conversations with 19 scientists, doctors, therapists, and teachers, each of whom has been self-experimenting with psychedelic medicines, sub rosa, for decades. Revealing the psychedelic wisdom uncovered in spite of decades of the “War on Drugs,” Dr. Miller and his contributors show how LSD and other psychedelics offer a pathway to creativity, healing, innovation, and liberation.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

The show starts with Sam revisiting a blog post from a few years back. Explore additional writings at, with the spotlight on the post titled "True freedom lies within us." This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Dr. Richard Louis Miller, the founder of The Health Sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs, a transformative nature preserve.

Segment 2

Released in 2017, "Psychedelic Medicine" compiles Miller's interviews delving into the medicinal uses of psychedelics. Despite facing persecution during the war on drugs, Dr. Richard persevered as a proponent of alternative medicine. Concerned about potential backlash, he ingeniously continued introducing new modalities into drug treatment while also organizing fundraisers. 

Segment 3

Dr. Miller and Sam explore the prominent resurgence of psychedelics in recent years. With a five-decade commitment to the cause, Dr. Miller has significantly contributed to legitimizing this form of medicine. He is convinced that we are merely at the beginning stages, with much more potential to uncover.

Segment 4

Dr. Miller and Sam delve into the evolving landscape of spirituality, highlighting essential considerations for contemporary psychedelic users. Dr. Miller emphasizes the significance of having a guide to navigate the psychedelic experience and ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the journey. To learn more about Dr. Miller, go to MindBodyHealthPolitics.Org. 


00:00:39.810 --> 00:00:55.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Wherever you're tuning in from from welcome to that conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you are all here with me today.

00:00:55.120 --> 00:01:22.399 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Did you catch last week's show with Andrew Harvey? He was wonderful. It was a great show, very passionate. And I'm really looking forward to today's guest, who I'll introduce to you in just a moment. But first, of course, we have. I blog post from a couple of years ago that we're going through these days, the beginning of my show. And II wanna get started because I really wanna get to my guess. This is kind of a long blog post, and the title of this one is

00:01:22.800 --> 00:01:26.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: true. Freedom lies within us.

00:01:27.710 --> 00:01:32.759 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Freedom is something we like to strive for. to be free from work.

00:01:32.870 --> 00:01:38.770 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: free from obligations and freedom, and to have freedom to pursue our dreams.

00:01:38.890 --> 00:01:43.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet, in order to have the external freedom we desire.

00:01:43.490 --> 00:01:46.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There is internal work to be done.

00:01:47.420 --> 00:01:59.449 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for when we feel there is a lack of freedom, it usually comes from our own mental restrictions we feel we cannot leave a job because we have a family to support.

00:01:59.780 --> 00:02:03.759 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We cannot move to another town because it will cost too much.

00:02:04.140 --> 00:02:17.570 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and especially when it comes to relationships, we feel we cannot leave because it will hurt the other person. Yet none of these reasons are true external bonds.

00:02:17.670 --> 00:02:23.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: They merely show a lack of imagination or flexibility.

00:02:23.670 --> 00:02:28.530 Perhaps we can leave that job. We dislike and start a business instead.

00:02:28.690 --> 00:02:33.520 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Maybe we can move if we can find a way to make our work virtual.

00:02:33.940 --> 00:02:41.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and once we open a dialogue with our partner about how we feel, we might find they feel the same way.

00:02:42.060 --> 00:02:43.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or, better yet.

00:02:43.580 --> 00:02:48.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we actually worked through what created the desire to leave. In the first place.

00:02:50.020 --> 00:02:56.859 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we are more bound by our limited thinking than by actual chains.

00:02:58.020 --> 00:02:59.640 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Not that there is

00:02:59.730 --> 00:03:03.850 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: not that there is not slavery in the world. There is.

00:03:04.280 --> 00:03:18.600 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: however, for most of us the real bondage is how we perceive the situation. we feel stuck because we feel there is no way out. There seems to be only 2 choices, and neither of them are good.

00:03:18.880 --> 00:03:25.379 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Our view of our situation makes us feel that we can't move from where we are in our life.

00:03:26.390 --> 00:03:30.909 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet there are more possibilities than we recognize.

00:03:31.650 --> 00:03:37.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: More often than not there are choices that we haven't even considered.

00:03:37.230 --> 00:03:40.510 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: especially when other people are involved.

00:03:41.100 --> 00:03:43.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do we include them in the conversation?

00:03:44.030 --> 00:03:47.210 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Have we asked them what could be possible

00:03:48.370 --> 00:03:57.279 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when we open up internally to the possibilities. even the ones we can't see. More options appear to us.

00:03:57.720 --> 00:04:04.040 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The freedom we so desire may already be present in our lives.

00:04:04.380 --> 00:04:08.330 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We just have not found a way to see it yet

00:04:09.640 --> 00:04:15.630 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: true freedom comes when we believe that there is a path to it.

00:04:17.890 --> 00:04:29.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that the only obstacle from where we are to where we want to be is our limited imagination. So how do we find the freedom we are looking for.

00:04:30.100 --> 00:04:36.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: explore, more. fantasize, more. discuss it more.

00:04:36.470 --> 00:04:44.939 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: When we let others know what we desire and what we are looking for. They might open new perspectives to us.

00:04:45.370 --> 00:04:54.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Of course, we want to open up to those who are supportive of us, not those who are critical of, not those who are critical.

00:04:54.380 --> 00:05:03.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yet opening up about our desire for more freedom. In whatever aspect of life we seek, more of it

00:05:03.220 --> 00:05:09.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: can lead us to new solutions. to new collaborations.

00:05:10.250 --> 00:05:16.400 And suddenly we may find that there are others who are seeking the exact same kind of freedom that we are

00:05:17.030 --> 00:05:32.930 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when we open up to others with confidence. There is that there is a way they become inspired as well. Soon we have more, may have more ideas than we need to find. The freedom we so dearly seek

00:05:33.570 --> 00:05:44.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for true freedom lies within us. We just need to believe that there that there is. that there is.

00:05:44.410 --> 00:05:47.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it will eventually show itself to us.

00:05:48.700 --> 00:05:52.219 So where in your life are you seeking more freedom?

00:05:52.380 --> 00:05:57.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Have you expressed that desire to anyone around you?

00:05:58.320 --> 00:05:59.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So

00:06:00.510 --> 00:06:13.149 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: III wrote this a while ago, but it was actually inspired by something I learned many, many, many years ago. and and that was, I was add, a workshow, weekend workshop or something, and

00:06:14.200 --> 00:06:16.420 and the facilitator

00:06:16.590 --> 00:06:30.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in working with people. And they would say, like, where they're stuck and what's happening? And I'm like. Well, did you? And they said like, Well, have you considered this? Have you considered that? Have you considered this? Have you considered that?

00:06:30.620 --> 00:06:40.740 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And they immediately like presented, like half a dozen different options. whereas the person who was expressing the challenge only saw 2 options.

00:06:41.970 --> 00:06:59.159 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it just really stuck with me how often we think we see all these different choices, or we think that oh, it's only these 2 potential choices. And there's really so many more possibilities out there.

00:07:00.240 --> 00:07:10.669 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And what keeps us from really seeing these other choices is our own limitation, our own lack of creativity, our own lack of imagination.

00:07:11.820 --> 00:07:30.240 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then, I believe when I wrote this it was kind of inspired because I was working with someone, and they said, Oh, I don't know how to do this, and and and I'm stuck, and da da, da, and it was telling me all these things, and I'm like, Well, have you discussed it with your boss? Have you discussed it with your partner, da da, da. And and then, sure enough.

00:07:30.960 --> 00:07:48.970 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: after that session, they discussed it with whoever else they needed to discuss it with. And then they came back to me, and they're like, Oh, my God, Sam, you wouldn't believe it. I talked with them about this, and they said, Yeah, I could actually do this and that. And like all these things opened up. And because they opened their mouth about what it was they wanted.

00:07:49.130 --> 00:07:50.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Suddenly

00:07:50.670 --> 00:07:53.829 possibilities started to open up in front of them.

00:07:54.640 --> 00:07:59.089 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so I never really forgot that. And and it really

00:07:59.180 --> 00:08:04.110 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for myself. was a big lesson in

00:08:05.980 --> 00:08:10.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: communicating. being open

00:08:11.040 --> 00:08:16.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and striving to see the other possibilities that I don't usually see.

00:08:17.730 --> 00:08:29.930 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So whenever I'm stuck in a situation, and it looks like. you know, there's only one way or another to go. I try and remember to ask myself, well. is there anything else?

00:08:30.170 --> 00:08:32.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What am I not seeing?

00:08:33.850 --> 00:08:37.039 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Are there other possibilities I'm not open to.

00:08:39.169 --> 00:08:48.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and especially if I do it with my wife, or if I do it with a friend or a business partner. inevitably more ideas come up.

00:08:51.520 --> 00:08:56.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so, so this blog is really to help us to understand

00:08:59.150 --> 00:09:04.889 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that the freedom we so desire that we're really looking for in our lives.

00:09:05.780 --> 00:09:11.920 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Normally, it's already there. I mean, not always. Sometimes it's just not.

00:09:13.060 --> 00:09:27.140 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But for most of us, whatever it is, we're looking for the freedom to choose another choice. It's there we just have to open up and be vulnerable, vulnerable about it. We just have to ask.

00:09:27.460 --> 00:09:33.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We just have to be present to the fact that maybe just maybe we're not seeing everything.

00:09:34.910 --> 00:09:37.919 So that's my blog for this week.

00:09:38.150 --> 00:09:55.889 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Well, it's from a long time ago, but it's from this week's show. It's called true freedom lies within us. You can always find. My slash blog, or at my personal brand website, the

00:09:56.940 --> 00:10:07.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And now it is my extreme pleasure, extreme pleasure, to welcome to the show clinical psychologist, author, and healer extraordinaire. Doctor Richard Lewis Miller.

00:10:07.980 --> 00:10:28.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Doctor Miller is the founder of the Health sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs, a healing nature preserve. He's also a founding advisor to the modern Family Institute, a senior advisor to the Changa Institute, and a senior advisor for the Alexander Shulgin. Research into Institute

00:10:29.020 --> 00:10:47.319 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in 2017 his book, Psychedelic Medicine, was published, which is a compilation of his interviews on the medicinal uses of psychedelics featuring such luminaries in the Psychedelics Field as Rick Doblern, Senislav Groff, James Vaderman, Julie Holland, Denis Mckenna.

00:10:47.560 --> 00:10:53.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: each disgusting various substances, such as Lsd. MDMA. Psilocybin and Ayahuasca

00:10:54.110 --> 00:10:57.729 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in 22 his new book psychedelic Wisdom

00:10:57.780 --> 00:11:13.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: thank you to inner traditions for sending me the book came out where Doctor Miller shares stories of psychedelic transformation, insight, and wisdom from his comfort. Conversations with 19 scientists, doctors, therapists, and teachers, each of whom

00:11:13.490 --> 00:11:34.630 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: have been self experimenting with psychedelic medicines, subraza for decades, revealing the psychedelic wisdom uncovered in spite of decades of the war on Drugs. Dr. Miller and his contributors show how Lsd. And other psychedelics offer a pathway to creativity, healing, innovation, and liberation.

00:11:35.120 --> 00:11:37.779 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Dr. Miller. Welcome to the conscious consultant hour.

00:11:38.690 --> 00:11:40.009 Thank you, Sam.

00:11:40.600 --> 00:11:57.099 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It. It was a real treat to kinda get the book into. See who who you have in here, especially the forwards written by Rick Dobler, who I recently got to meet personally at the Psychedelic Sciences Conference in Denver last June.

00:11:57.360 --> 00:12:24.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and to meet someone who's really been involved in this movement. I'll call it for decades long before most people really realize how long and and how how much people have really put into this. And I'm just curious. What got you started on this path like what was sort of the germ or the seed? That sort of opens you up to the idea of looking at these substances, which

00:12:24.090 --> 00:12:28.110 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: especially, you know, in the 70 s. And 80 s. Were so vilified.

00:12:28.590 --> 00:12:42.279 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I was influenced by Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Albert. When they were teaching at Harvard. I was teaching at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

00:12:42.530 --> 00:12:45.779 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I knew of their work.

00:12:46.130 --> 00:12:48.179 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I knew they'd been fired.

00:12:48.250 --> 00:13:04.429 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I picked up one of their books, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, in the back of the book, it said. you can have an Lsd experience by eating morning glory seeds, heavenly blue or pearly gates.

00:13:04.520 --> 00:13:16.669 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So I went out and bought all the heavenly blue and pearly gates. Morning Glory sees I could get and got together with a friend. We had 2 people sit with us.

00:13:16.710 --> 00:13:24.190 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I ingested 400 Morning glory seeds and changed the changed the course of my life

00:13:24.230 --> 00:13:32.370 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: because I saw things that I'd never seen before. I realized there was a lot more out there than I ever had any idea of.

00:13:32.430 --> 00:13:52.929 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and, more importantly, there was a lot more in there than I had any idea of, and so from that time on I became what I call an inner Space Traveller. Some people go to outer space. I go to inner space, and I've been going to inner space ever since.

00:13:53.210 --> 00:13:57.220 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I continued my experimentation.

00:13:57.340 --> 00:14:00.900 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I was fortunate that

00:14:01.060 --> 00:14:04.959 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: one of my great therapists, Dr. Robert Canter.

00:14:05.010 --> 00:14:20.349 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller:  administered mdma to me while it was while it was still illegal. And excuse me about that. Get rid of that

00:14:20.380 --> 00:14:25.380 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: he administered L. Of mdma while it was still legal.

00:14:25.570 --> 00:14:30.000 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I had an amazing experience with the Mdma.

00:14:30.070 --> 00:14:41.059 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: As a clinical psychologist I recognized immediately the value that this would have for couples therapy, and

00:14:41.110 --> 00:14:43.429 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: it was a little bit after that

00:14:43.620 --> 00:14:51.630 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that Mdma got scheduled in 1985, I believe, but also in 1985,

00:14:51.680 --> 00:15:00.710 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I met Rick Doblin at the Esselin Institute, and we became friends, and very much agreed

00:15:00.780 --> 00:15:11.950 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that there would be a lot of work that would go on, that we would be necessary. Excuse me again. I don't know how to turn this darn thing off there. No worries.

00:15:12.490 --> 00:15:22.219 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So we that was the beginning, and Rick has been on the campaign, and I've been on the campaign ever since.

00:15:22.380 --> 00:15:27.730 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I've been 10, those people for 50 years now, I guess.

00:15:27.890 --> 00:15:29.420 to

00:15:30.140 --> 00:15:37.420 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: be classified as a drug warrior. But I'm not a drug warrior. I'm a people advocate

00:15:37.560 --> 00:15:41.139 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the complete

00:15:41.270 --> 00:15:47.779 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: war on drugs, as many of us know war on drugs, Sam. It was a war on people.

00:15:47.800 --> 00:16:01.309 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: It was it was a racist, motivated war against people of color and of pippies, and it was started by our paranoid alcoholic, President Richard Nixon.

00:16:01.350 --> 00:16:13.180 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: And it was really an attack on people of color. In any event. That's how I began way back. Then it all started with the ingestion of 400 morning glory seeds.

00:16:14.240 --> 00:16:20.509 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Wow, 400. That's a lot that's a lot must have been. So it was a lot to get it was a it.

00:16:20.560 --> 00:16:46.040 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It was a lot to get down. No question, a lot of seas. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely alright. Ii wanna get into sort of how things your journey, kinda how things shifted and changed over the years and and up to like what's happening today. And your views on that being sort of one of the elder statesmen of the psychedelic movement.

00:16:46.040 --> 00:17:10.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But we gotta take a quick break first. So Dr. Miller, please hold on for for just a moment. We're gonna take a quick break, and then we're gonna come back. And just to remind all our listeners you're listening to the conscious consult now awakening humanity. We're talking this hour with Dr. Richard Lewis Miller, author and editor of the book, Psychedelic Wisdom, and we will be right back in just a moment.

00:19:04.810 --> 00:19:07.400 Okay. you

00:19:25.470 --> 00:19:36.349 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with Dr. Richard Lewis Miller, author of the book Psychedelic Wisdom.

00:19:36.380 --> 00:19:49.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So, Dr. Miller, you had this experience many years ago. You you had a chance to try mdma before it was scheduled. But you know, after you got involved with this stuff.

00:19:49.640 --> 00:20:00.849 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, the quote unquote war on drugs was started and a lot of propaganda was put out there against these substances a lot of people were persecuted, I mean. Leary himself

00:20:00.940 --> 00:20:02.820 was put in jail.

00:20:02.830 --> 00:20:06.709 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What kind of kept you still?

00:20:07.090 --> 00:20:20.920 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Supporting it still involved with it. You know. Weren't. You were for afraid that they'd come after you for being a proponent of these at that time. Illegal substances.

00:20:21.620 --> 00:20:26.459 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I was so afraid that they would come after me

00:20:26.520 --> 00:20:30.010 that I went in a different direction.

00:20:30.020 --> 00:20:36.590 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Sub rosa. I supported the movement by having fundraisers

00:20:36.940 --> 00:20:41.730 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: at at my home above the table

00:20:41.880 --> 00:20:45.250 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I've specialized in chemical dependence.

00:20:45.320 --> 00:20:57.140 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I got, and a national reputation for a chemical dependence program that I founded and worked in called the kokenders, alcohol and drug program.

00:20:57.430 --> 00:21:18.269 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and we achieved the highest, the highest success rate in the United States. I was a pioneer in bringing many modalities into drug treatment that had never been done before. I brought aerobics exercise into drug treatment, meditation, nutrition, vocational training.

00:21:18.320 --> 00:21:21.040 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Yoga called it stretching.

00:21:21.410 --> 00:21:47.150 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: We I brought in meditation. I called it mind clearing. I taught them nutrition. I called it fuel learning. We had names that were palatable to the public rather than the names that are associated with India or with hippies. And so for 10 years I specialized in chemical dependence, all the while

00:21:47.300 --> 00:22:09.209 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: doing the underground work by doing fundraisers, while Nick Dobler was generating maps and moving forward with the Multidisciplinary Association for psychedelic Studies, and some other scientists were trying to do a little bit of work, but it was a long period, with very little going on. Then

00:22:09.900 --> 00:22:12.969 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: then, in about the early 2,000 s.

00:22:13.150 --> 00:22:23.079 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I came back with a vengeance, and I went on, national Public, a radio affiliate with a radio program called Mind, Body, health and Politics.

00:22:23.310 --> 00:22:30.310 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: And I started interviewing the few scientists around the United States and around the world.

00:22:30.330 --> 00:22:52.680 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: who had the courage and the persistence to keep knocking on the doors of the Government until they were allowed to do a little research. So I interviewed Charlie Grobe down at Ucla, and I interviewed Roland Griffiths when he first did his seminal work at Johns Hopkins, and I interviewed Stan Groff

00:22:52.760 --> 00:22:54.350 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and Rick Joplin.

00:22:54.480 --> 00:23:12.909 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and I did the longest series of interviews on psychedelics that had ever been done in the United States on the air. and out of that, though series of interviews came my book, Psychedelic Medicine, which contains interviews with many of these great scientists.

00:23:13.060 --> 00:23:28.729 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: so I took a detour in a certain way I kept doing the fundraising sabrosa. And then I came back with the radio program which I think was contributory to the President's psychedelic Renaissance.

00:23:28.870 --> 00:23:38.630 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  I'm curious. I mean, you were there during a time when when there were a lot of great people you mentioned some of the names.

00:23:38.650 --> 00:24:03.890 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I'm assuming. Did you meet Alexander Shulgin? Did you meet Sasha Shulgin? Sasha and his wife Anne were at my home many times. I knew them quite pretty well, and I've been at their home, of course, out in Arinda. I had the good fortune also. One of the biggest luminaries in the field. From my perspective. Dr. Leo Zeph.

00:24:04.050 --> 00:24:07.980 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: who's had books written about him, called the Secret Chief.

00:24:08.240 --> 00:24:25.040 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: He was my neighbor down the street, and he was also my mentor. So Leo tried all kinds of psychedelics out on me. It wouldn't, wasn't. It was very common for him to walk into the house on a weekend day

00:24:25.040 --> 00:24:40.909 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: with some latest something that he wanted to try on me, whether it was Ibagain, or maybe some Lsd. Or something, and everything. But the only thing, Leo, I think, never tried on me was ayahuasca.

00:24:41.040 --> 00:24:59.089 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller:  but pretty much everything else, and Leo was very close with Sasha. So as soon as Sasha came up with some new molecules that had not yet been made illegal, he would give them to Leo, and then Leo would administer em to me.

00:24:59.450 --> 00:25:00.510 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Hmm!

00:25:01.010 --> 00:25:15.380 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Though I had a lot of personal experience. But the important thing is not so much that I was a guinea pig for these experiences, but that I recognized right from that first experience with the Morning Glory seeds

00:25:15.500 --> 00:25:17.570 that these medicines

00:25:18.300 --> 00:25:30.269 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: had a tremendous potential for psychotherapy. And as a clinical psychologist, that's what grabbed my interest. Sam. Yeah. Then I came to realize

00:25:30.310 --> 00:25:31.910 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: later on

00:25:32.100 --> 00:25:38.820 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that these substances also had great potential for creativity.

00:25:39.030 --> 00:25:46.520 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: And of course we have found out since how some of the great inventors of our time.

00:25:46.690 --> 00:26:02.180 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the the discoverers of the DNA molecule, for example, used L Sd. Apple, Steve Jobs used L Sd. And even the great astrophysicist called Saigon.

00:26:02.340 --> 00:26:06.310 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: although he didn't talk about his L. Sd. When he was alive.

00:26:06.370 --> 00:26:20.540 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: His widow talked about it after he was gone, and she acknowledged, similar to your question about to me about whether I was afraid. Saigon, one of the world's greatest astrophysicists.

00:26:20.540 --> 00:26:37.840 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: was afraid of talking about his experiences with L. Sd. Because he thought it would injure his career. And that's an example of how draconian our Government has unfortunately been over the years with regard to these substances and their potential for healing.

00:26:38.020 --> 00:26:59.229 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: It's a sad situation, Sam, where? Who knows how many millions of people have been denied access to a medicine that could be so helpful to them right and not just denied access. But people put in jail lives ruined, I mean people. Persecuted for something that

00:26:59.230 --> 00:27:14.329 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: has such p tremendous potential to help humanity, not just on on a physical, mental level, but even on a spiritual level. Because almost everyone I talked to in this industry. If you've been working with these substances for a while.

00:27:14.510 --> 00:27:19.639 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you there always ends up being almost a spiritual component to it, doesn't it.

00:27:19.830 --> 00:27:35.240 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: There is a spiritual component. Spiritual is an awkward word, because it often sounds like you're talking about religion or something airy, fairy. But there is a feeling that one gets

00:27:35.590 --> 00:27:38.769 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: when one takes these substances

00:27:39.140 --> 00:27:41.270 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: of a connection

00:27:41.490 --> 00:27:47.250 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: with life itself. a connection with the planet. For example.

00:27:47.630 --> 00:27:50.060 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: in my experiences, Sam.

00:27:50.120 --> 00:27:59.950 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I've I've come to the realization that we human beings don't live on the planet as I always thought.

00:28:00.260 --> 00:28:02.769 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: We are part of the planet.

00:28:02.830 --> 00:28:13.199 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: It's all one big organism floating through space. And so when we pick things out of the earth

00:28:13.710 --> 00:28:34.499 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: like what's called mining, that's really almost the same as ripping something out of your own leg or your own arm, because we're picking something out of ourselves, and that is a spiritual feeling, a realisation of the unity of it all.

00:28:34.700 --> 00:28:37.099 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I came to recognize

00:28:37.260 --> 00:28:52.369 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that every person on the planet in some way is connected. We may not feel it all the time. We may not realize it, but we are a connected species, and we're connected to everything else.

00:28:52.400 --> 00:29:09.370 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: just as the mushrooms are all connected, and they're so important in the world, just as we've learned that trees actually talk to one another just as we've learned that animals communicate. Just as my colleague, John Lilly.

00:29:09.500 --> 00:29:11.430 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: became able to

00:29:11.510 --> 00:29:13.850 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: communicate with dolphins.

00:29:14.110 --> 00:29:31.590 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: just as just as when I went out to talk to Brownie, my 2,500 pound steer, who lives in my front yard, who my wife and I rescued, and when I go to talk to him about his little friend getting killed.

00:29:31.740 --> 00:29:35.430 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I see, he! He! Cries. Sam.

00:29:35.590 --> 00:29:56.649 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the cow cries, and I see tears coming down his face as I'm talking to him about his friend the little goat that got killed. These these are ways that we're all connected, and I learned a a great deal about this from my psychedelic experiences.

00:29:56.730 --> 00:29:59.010 and I don't think I would have learned

00:29:59.200 --> 00:30:03.939 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: any other way, because they bring us into a dimension

00:30:04.220 --> 00:30:18.529 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that we're not able to bring ourselves into yet. I say yet, because someday we may be able to bring ourselves into those dimensions. I think it's important for your listeners to know, Sam.

00:30:18.980 --> 00:30:21.500 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that one of our great scientists.

00:30:21.620 --> 00:30:25.000 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Amanda Fielding, in England.

00:30:25.300 --> 00:30:35.009 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: did original MRI research on the brain without any substances in it.

00:30:35.520 --> 00:30:48.310 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and the brain on Lsd. And she published these MRS. In the New York Times. and anybody looking at the 2 M. R's could see

00:30:48.480 --> 00:30:50.550 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the visual effect

00:30:50.580 --> 00:30:57.729 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the Lsd. On the mind, namely, the Lsd. Mine. Sam

00:30:57.880 --> 00:31:03.960 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: was full of orange lights like the whole brain was lit up.

00:31:04.480 --> 00:31:09.500 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: The normal mind had a small part of it lit up.

00:31:09.620 --> 00:31:34.530 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: It was almost a validation of that old slogan we've all heard as kids. Oh, we really only use about 10% of our minds. You've heard that I've heard that? Yeah, yeah, you know, maybe we use 5 or 10% of our minds. Well, when you look at these 2 M. R's, you can see that that appears to be the case, and the Lsd does something to the mind to activate it.

00:31:34.670 --> 00:31:37.009 And when the mind is activated.

00:31:37.080 --> 00:31:47.069 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: we have resources available to us that are almost unimaginable. And that's why I mentioned these scientists because

00:31:47.280 --> 00:31:53.560 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the other way that we can use. Lsd. For example, some of the other psychedelics

00:31:53.800 --> 00:31:56.500 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: in addition to use it for healing.

00:31:56.520 --> 00:32:00.609 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: for anxiety, depression, end of life.

00:32:00.740 --> 00:32:12.999 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: depression and anxiety. I'm writing. my next book is on that topic, by the way, end of life. With trans. With psychedelics. But in addition to using it for the healing.

00:32:13.550 --> 00:32:17.419 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: There is this whole avenue that is yet to be explored.

00:32:17.500 --> 00:32:24.560 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: using these medicines for creativity, and I think that is where the entire

00:32:25.150 --> 00:32:36.629 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: field of psychedelics is really going to explode. When people apply themselves to a particular task, take the substance, go inside.

00:32:36.700 --> 00:32:50.110 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and then do that inner work that you talked about in your blog. But instead of doing the inner work regular, which is really good, the way you prescribed doing the inner work with the added boost

00:32:50.340 --> 00:32:53.869 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: of these significant psychedelic substances.

00:32:53.930 --> 00:33:14.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yes, absolutely. And I've I've heard it even said that the people who created the the equipment for the backbone of the Internet, that the Cisco routers and these these complicated machines that they were able to do that only after using Lsd and that they were able to

00:33:14.020 --> 00:33:40.169 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: sort of hold in their mind these more complex models that they were then able to program for and and create the circuitry for that they couldn't have before before they're using the substances. That's a great story, Sam. Yeah. So I mean, it's all about right interconnectivity and communication. We we've got to take our next break, Doctor Miller. But when we come back I would love to talk a little bit more about

00:33:40.170 --> 00:33:50.180 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what you think about this, this sort of rebirth, the Renaissance, everyone's calling it of psychedelics. What sort of what do you think really started that?

00:33:50.180 --> 00:34:00.109 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then where we are today. And and if you have any sort of warnings about like wh, what's happening today and what to be aware of. Okay.

00:34:00.210 --> 00:34:29.009 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: be happy to do that. I'll also tell you that my my book, after the end of Life Book is called Psychedelics Adverse Effects. So I'm right on the same page with you. Wonderful, wonderful great. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with Dr. Richard Miller, author of the book, psychedelic Wisdom and psychedelic medicine. And we will be right back to continue our conversation in just a moment.

00:36:32.880 --> 00:36:37.899 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consult now are awakening humanity.

00:36:38.040 --> 00:37:06.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So, Dr. Miller, there's been this this Renaissance, starting a few years ago of interest in psychedelics, has been a lot of research. Rick Doblin has done an amazing work with maps according to Rick. When I heard him at the conference, they estimate that mdma will be legalized for therapeutic use next year or this year later this year, and psilocybin, probably in the next 2 or 3 years.

00:37:07.040 --> 00:37:22.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I'm I'm curious. I know people have been working behind the scenes scenes for many years. But what do you think has really sparked the the more public psychedelic Renaissance in recent years. What do you think is really

00:37:22.310 --> 00:37:28.890 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: open people up to the possibility that maybe all this propaganda that's against it hasn't really been true.

00:37:29.950 --> 00:37:30.970 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Well.

00:37:32.310 --> 00:37:39.790 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: we've been fighting this fight for 50 years. Ivan, at this now.

00:37:40.010 --> 00:37:43.199 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: since 1967.

00:37:43.410 --> 00:37:44.220 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Hmm!

00:37:44.650 --> 00:37:51.369 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: When even a small number of people keep banging at a door for 50 years.

00:37:51.430 --> 00:38:03.650 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: it opens up a crack. So I'd like to think that my radio program where I did that long running series on psychedelics in the early 2,000 S.

00:38:03.920 --> 00:38:13.259 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Contributed to what's going on. I know Rick's work since 1,985 with mda. A contributed.

00:38:13.340 --> 00:38:25.590 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: And then these scientists, like like Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins and and Charlie Grove at Ucla who did those studies in the early 2 thousands. You know the the few scientists

00:38:26.060 --> 00:38:31.450 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: working, plus our ability to get the word out to the public

00:38:32.080 --> 00:38:39.259 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: doing it for so such a lengthy period of time got the door open. But let's be clear about this.

00:38:39.560 --> 00:38:42.890 We are joyfully calling it a Renaissance.

00:38:44.110 --> 00:38:48.290 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: but we're stretching to call it that

00:38:48.480 --> 00:38:49.900 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: because

00:38:50.510 --> 00:39:15.370 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: everything is still illegal at the Federal level, even though California has led the way with medicinal marijuana, which has been very helpful to who knows how many millions of people, particularly with regard to certain kinds of pain that marijuana helps with. The fact is, marijuana is illegal at the Federal

00:39:15.560 --> 00:39:17.640 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: control level.

00:39:17.880 --> 00:39:20.090 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and that what that means is

00:39:20.190 --> 00:39:22.690 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that people are still

00:39:22.860 --> 00:39:33.910 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: outside the law federally. and that is a bad feeling. Psychologically. one of the things that's been most difficult for me in my career

00:39:34.030 --> 00:39:42.190 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: is that when I have self experimented with these various substances. which is part of hundreds of years.

00:39:42.340 --> 00:39:48.459 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: if not longer, history of scientists doing self experimentation.

00:39:48.490 --> 00:39:55.950 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Because, look, a hundred or 200 years ago, you couldn't go into a psych 101 class and get a bunch of subjects for you

00:39:56.010 --> 00:39:58.609 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: right? And you couldn't go to the public.

00:39:58.620 --> 00:40:08.409 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So scientists experimented on themselves all the time. So those of us who experiment on ourselves are part of a long tradition. However

00:40:08.840 --> 00:40:27.719 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: it was. I also had a feeling all the time of discomfort, because phenomenon. Honest man, I don't want to be doing things outside the law. And yet I had that feeling. I was doing something outside the law that's psychologically not a good feeling, and that feeling still exists

00:40:27.820 --> 00:40:46.540 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: with many people around the United States that those substances are illegal, and therefore they're bad, or therefore they're dangerous, and and the people take the attitude because marijuana is still illegal with the Government. There must be something wrong with it. Now there is movement. We've got 26 states

00:40:46.540 --> 00:41:00.920 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: so far that have passed laws for either recreational or medicinal marijuana. But that means there are still 24 States who are not in that category. So is there a Renaissance?

00:41:00.980 --> 00:41:02.410 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Hopefully.

00:41:03.040 --> 00:41:14.250 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: it appears like we're making movement. And it looks like the government. But until the Government actually, the Federal government actually changes the laws.

00:41:14.910 --> 00:41:17.620 We are just scratching the surface.

00:41:17.720 --> 00:41:32.260 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Yeah, that is the actual truth, because people's lives can still be ruined. The government can come in and use the laws and arrest people put people in jail, and who knows what's going to happen?

00:41:32.610 --> 00:41:50.300 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: If this Donald trump gets elected again, he's liable. Obviously he wants to be a dictator, and he's liable to do anything. With regard to psychedelic substances. We have absolutely no way whether he is going to bring the power of the Federal Government down on science again

00:41:50.350 --> 00:42:07.060 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and suppress research at the university levels. In the same way it has been suppressed for the past 50 years. So there's concern about that. There is concern. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You bring up a very good point, because I know I've spoken to people in the.

00:42:07.060 --> 00:42:31.090 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in, the, in the cannabis industry. And you know, one of the big problems is because it's not federally legalized. Banks actually can't accept deposits or the requirements are like astronomical for a bank to accept deposits from a cannabis business, and you can't. You can't do cross border transactions like with cannabis, you know you can't sell it across state lines. And so, even though

00:42:31.460 --> 00:42:50.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oregon and Colorado have legalized psilocybin for medical use, you know. Still, you can get in a lot of trouble, and I even read an article recently about a rabbi in Colorado who was doing a Psilocybin group sessions and got arrested for it.

00:42:50.110 --> 00:43:01.910 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: That's what I'm talking about, Sam. So in jail, exactly what I'm talking about, and this man and what you're talking about with regard to the people in the marijuana industry, not being able to use the banks

00:43:02.100 --> 00:43:06.179 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: is very important. What other business in the United States

00:43:06.440 --> 00:43:08.519 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: is not allowed to use a bank?

00:43:09.110 --> 00:43:14.579 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So it's it's a Draconian law used to punish. And it's it's archaic.

00:43:14.810 --> 00:43:31.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There's really. Then there's no science behind it, right? And that's and that's sort of one of the things I know people have been fighting about is that to to for something to be a schedule, one substance, one of the conditions is that it has no medical use.

00:43:31.460 --> 00:43:53.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But all these substances have some kind of medical use, and and and and and the addictiveness of it there. There were all these conditions that in order for some to be considered a schedule, one it has to meet. And the truth is that, like almost none of these substances, meet those conditions. So it it's it's not just

00:43:53.340 --> 00:44:03.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Draconian, it is, it is n illogical. It's not true, it it's it's this war on drugs is built on so many falsehoods

00:44:04.060 --> 00:44:14.609 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that people don't even realize that all these things people have been saying about psychedelics for for years are just not true.

00:44:14.780 --> 00:44:33.819 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: They're definitely not true, and we've proven it, you know. Recently I interviewed some of England's greatest psychedelic scientists, Robin Carhart Harris Ben Sessor. I've got David Nutt coming up. And you know what I think. It was Robin who said to me.

00:44:34.110 --> 00:44:38.279 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: You know, we don't really need more research

00:44:38.350 --> 00:44:43.970 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: to prove that these psychedelic substances have health benefits.

00:44:44.310 --> 00:44:54.360 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: What we need is the laws to change. So we can start administering and do even more research. and so that more people

00:44:54.520 --> 00:44:59.360 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: in the sciences will feel comfortable doing research.

00:44:59.470 --> 00:45:10.450 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: because there are still plenty of people out there who are afraid to even go into the field of psychedelics because it potentially could be a career killer.

00:45:10.560 --> 00:45:26.000 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Yes, it wouldn't take very much for a little switch in the government, and it's a career because we have certain fields. Fields within academia that are known career killers, hypnosis.

00:45:26.060 --> 00:45:34.360 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: You swan to study hypnosis. That's a career killer psychedelics can be a career killer. They have been

00:45:34.450 --> 00:45:49.010 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: human sexuality, a major career killer. If you want to study human sexuality in, in the, in the legacy of the great Alfred. Kinsey, you can kill your career?

00:45:49.060 --> 00:46:05.630 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Because yes, that's very true. And so that what that does is, it dissuades smart people from going into these very important specialties. By the way, my latest book is called Freeing Sexuality, and

00:46:05.760 --> 00:46:09.990 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I talk about the horrendous attitudes.

00:46:10.300 --> 00:46:23.709 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the most hypocritical attitudes that we have in this country, and how we have suppressed women. particularly in the field of sexuality. In fact, women have been suppressed

00:46:24.120 --> 00:46:49.889 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: so horrendously. They're sort of in line with the people who have been suppressed for using psychedelic substances. Yeah, they're, you know, they're they're in that same category of being the victims of enormous suppression. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And well, you know what. Maybe we'll have you back later in the year that just talked about about that. But because that's a whole huge topic in and of itself, yes.

00:46:50.050 --> 00:46:58.639 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: absolutely. So we gotta take our last break. So when we come back, I do, wanna talk about sort of today.

00:46:58.990 --> 00:47:10.359 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what if people are interested in this stuff, what to be careful of, what to think about and how psychedelic use is not necessarily for everyone, is it?

00:47:10.370 --> 00:47:30.320 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That's right. And we'll talk about adverse effects after the break. Wonderful. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. We've been speaking this hour with Dr. Richard Lewis Richard Miller. Author of the book, Psychedelic Wisdom, and we'll be right back in just a moment to wrap it all up.

00:49:32.300 --> 00:49:40.850 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. So, Dr. Miller,

00:49:42.080 --> 00:49:53.309 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Today we live in in a very different world than we did even 20 years ago, 10 years ago. Lot of people are seeking out the substance. A lot of people. II know many people who are

00:49:53.820 --> 00:50:08.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: doing. Ayahuasca. I've been down to Peru myself. A lot of people looking for that psilocybin, looking at all these different substances. What should people be aware of before they engage in these things for the first time.

00:50:09.500 --> 00:50:10.510 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Well.

00:50:12.860 --> 00:50:14.970 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: many of the psychedelics

00:50:16.570 --> 00:50:22.600 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: have an immediate effect on blood pressure and heart rate.

00:50:23.870 --> 00:50:25.820 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So people

00:50:26.020 --> 00:50:36.109 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: who have cardiovascular issues should really be very careful. and they really ought to talk to their cardiologist

00:50:36.720 --> 00:50:38.949 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and to the guide

00:50:39.150 --> 00:50:44.980 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: who is guiding them right prior to engaging in psychedelics.

00:50:45.440 --> 00:50:56.100 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: This I'm talking now about Lsd. And Psilocybin and Ayahuasca and MDMA.

00:50:57.000 --> 00:51:05.180 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Not so much with marijuana, although Marijuana can also increase the heart rate and the blood pressure.

00:51:05.270 --> 00:51:18.710 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: But people with cardiovasculars. the issues they definitely need to be checking themselves out beforehand. They don't want to go into an a fib

00:51:18.970 --> 00:51:25.570 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: during a psychedelic experience. So those people? You know for certain.

00:51:26.140 --> 00:51:27.160 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Now.

00:51:28.170 --> 00:51:32.339 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: people who have a lot of material

00:51:34.240 --> 00:51:47.260 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: trauma from the past material that they know they've stuffed. and they haven't dealt with. Those people

00:51:48.020 --> 00:52:03.310 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: have to have a really good guide. If you have any idea that you're dealing with old stuff that is influencing your life where you find yourself being overly emotional, or you find yourself

00:52:03.350 --> 00:52:13.509 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: being very Ocd. If you're noticing. And people notice that you have obvious symptoms of emotional trauma.

00:52:14.840 --> 00:52:23.750 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: You definitely, you've got to make sure that you have a very experienced guide. And here's what buys them.

00:52:27.150 --> 00:52:30.790 That material is very well dealt with

00:52:31.960 --> 00:52:44.460 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: using psychedelics. but only if you have some one to assist you through it. because if you don't. you can have what's called a bad trip.

00:52:44.710 --> 00:52:46.230 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So, for example.

00:52:46.440 --> 00:52:48.700 I take a psychedelic

00:52:49.050 --> 00:52:57.690 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and stuff comes out of a compartment in my consciousness that I've had trapped in there sealed in there for 30 years.

00:52:57.790 --> 00:53:12.209 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Let's say it was a sexual assault, or maybe a teacher made front of me in front of the class, and I was humiliated and went into a shell some material that I sealed off, that I never wanted to look at.

00:53:12.780 --> 00:53:17.319 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: That material is very liable to pop out

00:53:17.550 --> 00:53:20.939 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: during the psychedelic experience. Now.

00:53:21.030 --> 00:53:25.159 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: if you've got some one to work with you when it pops out.

00:53:25.290 --> 00:53:35.790 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: that's a wonderful thing. That's what you wanted to have happen. You want to get all that junk out of those little boxes, and the guide will help you clean them up.

00:53:36.080 --> 00:53:43.949 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: deal with them head-on, and then you come away with a feeling of mastery and confidence. However.

00:53:44.140 --> 00:53:51.040 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: if you don't have that person to help you with it. you could find yourself in a negative loop.

00:53:51.370 --> 00:54:02.939 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: wherein, instead of coming out positive, you go around negative and negative and negative and negative. and then it can be horrifying

00:54:03.150 --> 00:54:18.090 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: because the psychedelic is magnifying the material. It's pushing it right in your face. but it can be overwhelming to have them a negative, material demons right in your face alone.

00:54:18.200 --> 00:54:20.399 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: but with the help of a guide

00:54:20.850 --> 00:54:31.500 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: you're dealing with it together. The guide is helping you breathe, helping you look at it, assuring you, and working with the material. That's the best thing that can happen.

00:54:31.710 --> 00:54:50.799 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: So it's the difference between turning a bad trip into a really positive trip and coming away with confidence and a bad trip, continuing to be a bad trip, and you come away with oh, my God! Why did I ever do that? That was terrible! I never want to do that again the rest of my life.

00:54:50.880 --> 00:55:03.930 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, I've I've known people who've said that the the the challenging experiences they've had while on psychedelics. They actually learn so much more about themselves

00:55:04.050 --> 00:55:24.899 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: than they did on the good experiences that actually, they don't even call them bad trips. They just say it was challenging to get through. But that actually more growth happened during that time. More more vulnerability, more releasing of these old patterns happen during those kinds of experiences.

00:55:25.210 --> 00:55:37.090 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Yes, the other thing I wanna mention that II think most of the scientists, if not all the sciences in the country, are emphasizing nowadays, Sam, and that is

00:55:37.830 --> 00:55:40.770 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: where you take the psychedelic

00:55:40.830 --> 00:55:55.109 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: is a critical, variable. See? Many of us who came out of the sixties, you know, people took psychedelics everywhere. They took them on the street. They took them in the park. But we're now talking about a different era.

00:55:55.210 --> 00:56:08.969 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: I'm not talking about recreational use. Recreational use is a whole thing in and of itself. I'm not against it by any means. But that isn't my area. I'm a psychologist. I'm interested in therapeutic use

00:56:08.990 --> 00:56:12.479 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: for therapeutic use. Ye have to pick

00:56:12.580 --> 00:56:40.930 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: the environment that you take these psychedelics in very carefully. That isn't true for many medicines. So people aren't used to that. In fact, hardly any medicines. Do you have to pick the environment? You can take your medicine in a car, take your medicine at home. Take it in a hotel room. You take it out of the pill box. You take your medicine, but with these medicines you must pick your environment extremely carefully. You want safe.

00:56:40.930 --> 00:56:42.700 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: You want quiet

00:56:42.810 --> 00:57:07.669 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: out in nature is excellent in somebody's home, with all the technology turned off a friendly environment. Great. You don't want to be around industrial noise. Sam. Yeah, this is very important. You're you're in New York City. Yeah. I would not take a psychedelic in an apartment in New York City unless I was above

00:57:08.050 --> 00:57:24.829 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: maybe the twentieth or thirtieth floor. Why am I saying that? Because you have a great deal of ambient sound in New York City. I know that I lived in New York. I went to Stuyvesant High School. Oh, really, I went to broad science. Oh, my gosh, okay, so

00:57:25.260 --> 00:57:50.049 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: you you don't want to be under the influence of a psychedelic. And all of a sudden start hearing sirens, sirens, sirens, which you can hear I was talking to my daughter Evicesca. She lives on 50 Sixth Street in Manhattan yesterday, while we're talking. I can hear these sirens so loud in the background. That's the last thing you want to hear when you're under the influence of a psychedelic.

00:57:50.050 --> 00:57:58.059 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and you don't want to hear ambulances, and you don't want to hear traffic noise, because when we take a psychedelic

00:57:58.060 --> 00:58:04.030 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: we're very open. Everything is open, wide open. And those noise.

00:58:04.030 --> 00:58:21.230 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: those sounds, those sirens they can influence what's going on inside, and send you in a particular direction, or maybe frighten you that the ambulance is coming for you, or some other kind of mind trip that would go on like that. So

00:58:21.270 --> 00:58:23.560 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: extremely quiet

00:58:23.700 --> 00:58:28.179 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: is very important, and

00:58:28.460 --> 00:58:39.700 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: and being around nature is very helpful. So that's another thing I wanted to to comment about. Now. The other thing in terms of of warnings that you asked about Sam is.

00:58:40.020 --> 00:58:45.600 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: what is your mental attitude and set right before taking the psychedelic.

00:58:45.730 --> 00:58:49.330 If you're dealing with a lot of stuff in your life right then

00:58:49.430 --> 00:59:00.600 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: probably better to wait a few weeks. You don't want to go into the psychedelics already in what you might call a bad mood or a negative space.

00:59:01.190 --> 00:59:04.270 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: But you know, if you're dealing with a lot of extra stuff.

00:59:04.490 --> 00:59:21.460 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: give it a little time. Wait another week before doing that that we we refer to as what the mental set is right. Right? Better to better to go in with an intention, with a list of what you want to deal with, that you've looked over the list with your guide.

00:59:21.600 --> 00:59:25.070 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: What we're focusing on a lot more now, Sam.

00:59:25.630 --> 00:59:29.569 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: are the sessions with the subject or the person

00:59:29.620 --> 00:59:43.350 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: prior to the psychedelic experience. What we're calling the preparatory therapeutic sessions. And then the follow up the sessions after the the psychedelic experience.

00:59:43.470 --> 00:59:48.959 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: The way I'm describing it nowadays is when you take the psychedelic.

00:59:49.320 --> 00:59:56.640 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: you're going into your inner gold mine, and you're looking at all the precious gold in there.

00:59:56.850 --> 01:00:13.159 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Following the psychedelic experience in the sessions with your guide. Thereafter you get to polish the nuggets one at a time, and that's where the real benefit lies, because otherwise the experience itself

01:00:13.160 --> 01:00:40.230 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: could end up being like a ride at Coney Island. I had a lot of fun for the day, but I didn't get anything to take home with me that I can use for my day-to-day life. Right right. Well, Miss Dr. Miller. Unfortunately, we have to leave it there. We're out of time. But yes, just to recap. It's set setting and server 3 very important elements for an experience and the integrate the preparation and integration that goes into it.

01:00:40.230 --> 01:00:52.530 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Dr. Miller, thank you so much for taking the time to come on my show. If people wanna learn more about your work other than going and buying your book, psychedelic wisdom is, do you have a website where people can go to learn more.

01:00:52.550 --> 01:00:57.130 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: Mind, body,

01:00:57.330 --> 01:01:04.369 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: mind, body, is the name of my Internet radio broadcast, and

01:01:04.610 --> 01:01:06.430 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: it's open source.

01:01:06.450 --> 01:01:30.410 Dr. Richard Louis  Miller: all free. No charge. They can listen to the programs of the greatest scientists on the planet doing work in the area of psychedelics without any fee. They can listen in their car at their leisure and enjoy the different archives. Excellent! Excellent! Thank you so much, Doctor Miller. I really appreciate you.

01:01:30.410 --> 01:01:52.709 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It's it's been a pleasure having you on my show, and I look forward to having you come back to talk about your your newest book in the future. Okay, thank you so much, Sam. It's been a lot of fun being with you. Wonderful. Thank you so much. And of course, thank you, my loyal listeners. I see loyal listener, Sonia, checking in. Glad you're here, Patty. I'm sure you're out there somewhere. Thank you. To all my loyal listeners

01:01:52.800 --> 01:02:15.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a again. Thank you all so much stay tuned. Remember 5 pm. Today, Frank Harrison in the show, Frank, about health, and of course our Friday block of shows or Tuesday block to shows, and we have something new coming up for you next week. Just go to the website, talk radio, Nyc and sign up for a newsletter. So you can learn all about that. Thank you all so much. Take care we will talk to you all next week.

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