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Thursday, January 11, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/11 - Your Life Operating Instructions

Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/11 - Your Life Operating Instructions


2024/01/11 - Your Life Operating Instructions

[NEW EPISODE] Your Life Operating Instructions

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Intuitive Empowerment, Life-Purpose Coach, Sage, Mystic, and Spiritual Channel, Roger Burnley.

Roger has dedicated his life to helping others uncover their true potential and purpose. His work is grounded in over 35 years of study and implementation of personal development, spiritual growth, and human potential principles.

Roger offers various services, including online programs, private coaching, and group sessions, and he is a popular speaker and author. He is deeply committed to helping individuals discover their unique and vital role in the world.

He has moved through every imaginable hardship and difficulty, turning that knowledge into a life-changing and transformational programs and books. Roger continues to make an impact by assisting entrepreneurs in building businesses aligned with their life's purpose.

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00:00:35.260 --> 00:00:56.379 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: good afternoon, my conscious co-creators. Good morning. Good evening. Wherever you're tuning in from. Welcome to that conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you are all here with me today. We have a wonderful, fascinating show in store for you this week.

00:00:56.430 --> 00:01:11.129 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: little bit different than our show last week. I hope you all tuned in and heard. My interview with Amana Guy! It was really quite a wonderful show and hearing him talk about. You know the the challenges that he went through in life and and where he ended up

00:01:11.190 --> 00:01:27.469 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: because of it. And if you. I thought it was a wonderful show for kicking off the New Year. So if you've not yet had a chance, make sure you, you know, go to the podcasting platforms and and and check out

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00:01:51.360 --> 00:02:08.579 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And it's talking, alternative, broadcasting is the name of the Channel, and please subscribe that would really help us a lot. We wanna get up to that 1,000 subscribers. Alright, we're gonna start off our show, as we usually do with a blog I wrote a couple of years ago.

00:02:09.070 --> 00:02:10.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and

00:02:10.820 --> 00:02:14.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: this one's a a very heartfelt one

00:02:15.220 --> 00:02:22.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and this one is entitled, and this is from a couple of years ago. It's entitled Grieving our Losses is how we move on

00:02:23.270 --> 00:02:27.060 during times of great change. We all learn to let go.

00:02:27.370 --> 00:02:35.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to let go of our expectations, to let go of the old ways. and to let go of that which no longer serves.

00:02:36.140 --> 00:02:40.470 Yet, even though we have to let go of many things.

00:02:40.670 --> 00:02:56.710 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we have not yet really learned how to let go. or how to grieve the loss. especially when it comes to people. Those are the hardest losses of all to accept.

00:02:57.830 --> 00:03:03.349 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sometimes there are subtle losses that we don't even realize we are grieving

00:03:07.500 --> 00:03:11.910 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like the loss of a career or business.

00:03:12.030 --> 00:03:28.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or the loss of an office, or the loss of a home. Whenever things change for us. we could feel a loss for the mere fact that things are now different means. We had to let go of something.

00:03:29.800 --> 00:03:39.540 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Even if it was our own choice. it can still feel like a loss such as when we decide to move out of a home we've lived in for years.

00:03:39.980 --> 00:03:47.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We may be moving to a better, newer home. Yet we can still feel nostalgia nostalgic about the old one.

00:03:48.570 --> 00:03:56.070 Many people to day have changed their business from an in person, one to a virtual one, and I'd add now, or a hybrid one.

00:03:56.720 --> 00:04:12.169 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So now they let go of an office. They no longer need. The lack of a physical space can feel like a loss. even something as little as a TV show. We always used to watch being cancelled can feel like a loss.

00:04:13.300 --> 00:04:18.159 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So what do we do with all these losses, big and small?

00:04:19.130 --> 00:04:23.360 How do we cope when things seem to be changing by the day?

00:04:24.210 --> 00:04:31.709 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The Buddhist principle of non attachment is a great way for those who have practised it over the years.

00:04:32.350 --> 00:04:34.609 For those of us who have not.

00:04:34.750 --> 00:04:49.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: perhaps, learning to acknowledge that we actually are feeling. Our loss is the first step. Instead of ignoring our feelings and stuffing them down, perhaps we should be present to them and give them space

00:04:50.720 --> 00:04:57.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to recognize that we do feel sad, that something that wasn't our lives before is now gone.

00:04:58.240 --> 00:05:03.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then, after we fully felt what we are feeling.

00:05:03.810 --> 00:05:11.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we can look to the future for something new. to see what life will bring us, to fill the space

00:05:11.310 --> 00:05:13.940 that the loss has left for us.

00:05:15.060 --> 00:05:18.110 for there is always something new on the horizon.

00:05:18.390 --> 00:05:29.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There is always another person or place coming into our lives. for life is not static. it is growing and flowering, and the cycles keep turning.

00:05:30.680 --> 00:05:38.229 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So let's keep our eyes on what is coming next while we grieve. What we lost to day.

00:05:39.590 --> 00:05:42.660 Is there some loss in your life that you have yet

00:05:42.690 --> 00:05:43.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to grieve?

00:05:44.200 --> 00:05:48.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Have you considered looking at what that space of loss

00:05:48.580 --> 00:05:50.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: can bring you anew?

00:05:52.320 --> 00:05:55.319 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So I wrote this a couple of years ago.

00:05:56.200 --> 00:06:04.700 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Not surprisingly, it was when we gave up our office space, you know, after about a year and a half of working virtually

00:06:05.220 --> 00:06:08.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  you know my wife and I decided

00:06:09.220 --> 00:06:18.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: no point in having an office. We're not going to it. We don't seem to be going back to it. It's costing us a ton of money. It's just an expensive closet at the moment.

00:06:19.350 --> 00:06:28.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and I had a conversation with the landlord, and he was like, Okay, you wanna buy out the lease. It's, you know, 6 months rent and surrender your security deposit

00:06:28.880 --> 00:06:39.569 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like Jesus. But you know, we thought. okay, it's going to be several months of just nothing. But then we'll actually be saving money.

00:06:40.240 --> 00:06:49.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so we let it go. We we cleaned it out. We we took what we wanted to keep. We gave away and sold off.

00:06:50.160 --> 00:06:53.360 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  What we

00:06:53.370 --> 00:06:58.099 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know what we could. and in the end of the month we

00:06:58.550 --> 00:07:03.169 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we surrendered the keys we got you know. We'd sign the

00:07:03.410 --> 00:07:05.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the release from the lease.

00:07:06.270 --> 00:07:09.590 and we were talking about it afterwards.

00:07:12.100 --> 00:07:13.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and

00:07:13.300 --> 00:07:20.710 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: II mentioned her. How you know I kind of miss not going into the office cause it made like a nice break in the day.

00:07:21.870 --> 00:07:30.760 I liked having a physical space that was separate from home that I could work at, cause. I've worked from home before, and I know how it can get. You feel like you're always working sometimes.

00:07:32.690 --> 00:07:47.540 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and my wife kind of pointed out how? Yeah, you know we it's a loss we should really grieve losing the office. I thought. Ha! And that kind of was the inspiration for this, because when I thought about it.

00:07:48.950 --> 00:07:58.059 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: there were a lot of losses during the pandemic, and I and and yes, people and and human life which is the most tragic loss of all.

00:07:58.280 --> 00:08:12.109 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But there was a loss of a lot of things. There was loss of lifestyle, a loss of the way we did things a loss of community. In a sense, we weren't coming together as much. And even though now we are.

00:08:12.270 --> 00:08:16.990 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, people do come together. It's not the way it was before the pandemic.

00:08:17.110 --> 00:08:28.090 It's still, you know, I do a lot of business networking. And still most of it is online and virtual, with an occasional in person meeting. I went to an in person meeting yesterday

00:08:28.100 --> 00:08:29.380 was wonderful.

00:08:31.010 --> 00:08:38.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but so much has changed. I know so many people who their entire business was an in person, speaking business.

00:08:38.850 --> 00:08:46.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: where they would go and and and and present and and facilitate change in people's lives

00:08:46.790 --> 00:08:51.389 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that still haven't come back to to doing that. And they're still doing everything virtually.

00:08:52.560 --> 00:08:57.509 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so not having that connection, not having that physical presence is a loss.

00:08:59.000 --> 00:09:01.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so sometimes I think we forget

00:09:03.470 --> 00:09:06.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to grieve the little losses.

00:09:07.140 --> 00:09:12.579 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We grieve big losses. But there's a lot of little losses in life that happen

00:09:12.900 --> 00:09:16.410 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: just because the world is constantly changing.

00:09:17.810 --> 00:09:22.110 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, I was down, was down to Mexico, over, over, break, and

00:09:22.310 --> 00:09:31.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: actually saw a payphone in this little town in Mexico, and I said to my wife, Wow, look at that. A payphone haven't seen one of those in years.

00:09:31.950 --> 00:09:35.659 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Ay, cause everyone has cellphones now, so there's no need for pay phones.

00:09:37.390 --> 00:09:39.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: even something little like that.

00:09:41.190 --> 00:09:46.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So this this blog post, grieving our losses is how we move on is just a reminder

00:09:47.800 --> 00:09:49.120 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to notice

00:09:50.080 --> 00:09:58.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when something changes and and we feel like there's some kind of loss in our lives, even if it's a small loss

00:09:59.120 --> 00:10:13.870 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to give some space to it to give ourselves some time to grieve. because grieving is how we release that energy of loss. And if we don't allow ourselves to grieve.

00:10:14.500 --> 00:10:21.920 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: then we're still holding on to that energy, and it's still present in our lives, and it's still taking up space.

00:10:23.160 --> 00:10:34.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But once we grieve it, and we're at peace with it. Then we have more internal space to allow something new to come in. So

00:10:35.040 --> 00:10:45.460 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that's my blog post. Of course you can always find slash blog, or on my personal website of the

00:10:46.390 --> 00:10:50.659 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And now it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to the show

00:10:50.700 --> 00:10:58.779 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: intuitive empowerment, life, purpose, coach, sage, mystic, and spiritual channel. Roger Burnley

00:10:58.900 --> 00:11:04.289 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Rajas dedicated his life to helping others uncover their true potential and purpose.

00:11:04.320 --> 00:11:28.049 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: His work is grounded in over 35 years of study and implementation of personal development, spiritual growth and human potential principles. Roger offers various services, including online programs, private coaching and group sessions. And he is a popular speaker and author. He is deeply committed to helping individuals discover their unique and vital role in the world.

00:11:28.310 --> 00:11:37.910 He has moved through every imaginable hardship and difficulty, turning that knowledge into a life-changing and transformational programs and books.

00:11:37.930 --> 00:11:49.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Roger continues to make an impact by assisting entrepreneurs in building businesses aligned with their life's purpose as well as individuals in their lives. Welcome to the conscious. Consult now, Roger

00:11:49.580 --> 00:11:53.350 Roger Burnley: Simon, thank you so much. And we're going to talk about synchronicity

00:11:53.520 --> 00:12:01.499 Roger Burnley: for you to read for you to read. That blog post is just too crazy, because that's what I was. I just finished

00:12:01.520 --> 00:12:06.229 Roger Burnley: a chat session just before coming on here. And this is what I was talking about.

00:12:06.300 --> 00:12:33.320 Roger Burnley: Loss, and we're all. Yes, cause this is the period of our lives and our world that we're in now that we're moving through. And when we can understand that, and we don't lose things, we just gain more when we can, as you said, and we can grieve them and understand them, because it's a part of our individual life journey, whatever that we each have one. And along that journey, yeah, we're gonna lose.

00:12:33.320 --> 00:12:45.920 Roger Burnley: And it's so funny because I keep talking about this because I started losing things from a very young age. When I was 19 years old we lost everything, our, our, our apartment building burned.

00:12:46.230 --> 00:12:51.169 Roger Burnley: And so, as this and I remember being with no physical things.

00:12:51.250 --> 00:12:59.750 Roger Burnley: you know. All I had left. All we had left were were the clothes on my back which smelled like smoke. Because that's what was the building that we were in.

00:12:59.840 --> 00:13:06.020 Roger Burnley: And so now it's about starting over. And I've done that so many times. But what I discovered

00:13:06.290 --> 00:13:07.310 Roger Burnley: was that

00:13:07.480 --> 00:13:22.920 Roger Burnley: our attachment to those physical things. Aren't that important? And then we never lose the attachments to the individual. See? Cause? I've you know, when I walk both of my parents through their deaths. For instance, we grieve that grief was was was so

00:13:23.140 --> 00:13:42.580 Roger Burnley: great. But I have once I'm gonna tell this story because I want people to have this because we have to understand we're in physical bodies for a while. And yes, we're going to lose people, as you said, as your blog said, and that's that's really difficult. My mother was probably the most difficult. But she she she helped me out, though.

00:13:42.680 --> 00:13:45.459 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so what she did was

00:13:47.510 --> 00:14:08.060 Roger Burnley: I, you know, we knew that it was going to be any time, and when it finally happened, the grease that you experienced is just so immense, especially if it's a parent or someone's close to you, and all of that. However, as I'm getting ready for the funeral, putting together the wake and all of that we had to. She wanted to have an open casket, and so

00:14:08.280 --> 00:14:26.810 Roger Burnley:  I said, we got a dresser. I have 3 brothers and my brothers. I said, I don't wanna make this decision by myself. Let's make a collective decision about what this is going to be, except I felt I knew what dress she want? I know she loved this blue dress. Let's do that.

00:14:27.010 --> 00:14:48.510 Roger Burnley: But I had. Let's all choose, and they all looked, and they all came up with the same thing. Then what would happen is, I'm getting ready to go to the wake. I was looking for cuff links that I didn't have. I wasn't at home. I was staying with my brother, and so I'm looking around the house, and then I go into my mother's room to see. Maybe she had cuff links, because women have that at times. And I opened up a cabinet

00:14:48.590 --> 00:14:59.690 Roger Burnley: in in her dresser, and there was a box standing up. Sign it. There was standing up, and it said, Tiffany on the front of it, and I opened the box and it said.

00:14:59.830 --> 00:15:01.999 Roger Burnley: Jewels for the blue dress.

00:15:03.190 --> 00:15:20.420 Roger Burnley: Could that have been accidental. I don't think sitting there, we have connections. We must understand. And it. Yeah, we're going to have human things that are really difficult and challenging. And will, you know, grieve.

00:15:20.420 --> 00:15:36.720 Roger Burnley: but that grief is meant to be? Is hep taking us to a different level of understanding, a consciousness of who we are? Why are we alive? Whether we're supposed to experience? Well, you know, it's really quite funny how.

00:15:36.940 --> 00:16:05.249 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know. But I started reading like a little section from my book, and I would just kind of did it like straight through, and after 2 years, you know, kind of done with it, but, like every guest would say the same thing like how that little section was perfect for them. And then, after I finished the book, I didn't know what to do, so I was like, well, I have all these blog posts. I'm sure people don't remember them or haven't read them from a couple of years ago. So I just picked a starting point. I'm just going straight through, so I'm not Cherry picking them. I didn't coordinate this with you, but it was just.

00:16:05.250 --> 00:16:19.469 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It's the next one in line, and somehow they just always end up being the perfect one for the guest. I see that loyal listeners, Patty and Catherine, are saying, Hi! On the live stream. Thank you, Patty and Kevin, for tuning in and staying with us.

00:16:19.470 --> 00:16:35.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Roger, we're gonna take a quick break, and when we come back, I'd like to, you know. Have you give a little background to the audience? And I have a couple of questions kinda like, you know, how'd you get from there to here? Just to sort of set this stage, and then we'll dive in deep

00:16:35.280 --> 00:17:00.229 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to the work that you do. And and what is your life? Operating instructions? Okay, perfect, wonderful. So everyone. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now, awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to one Pm, eastern time, right here on talk radio, dot, Nyc and all across social media and our Youtube and Facebook

00:17:00.230 --> 00:17:07.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: hooking Twitter and Linkedin and twitch, and we'll be right back with our guest. Roger Burnley, in just a moment.

00:19:02.310 --> 00:19:05.000 okay. you

00:19:23.770 --> 00:19:43.309 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consult now are awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with Roger Burn, the creator of the your life operating instructions program and system, and whatever you wanna call it. But II wanted to ask you, Roger. You know you, you

00:19:43.370 --> 00:20:00.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: your channel, you you're very much in the spiritual world. Was this something you were raised with? Is this something that was always part of your life like, how did this come about? And when did you like really feel like, Oh, yeah, like, this is

00:20:00.430 --> 00:20:26.829 Roger Burnley: something that's important to me. You asked just the best question ever, and I just want everyone understand this. No, it was never. I hit from the spiritual thing, for most of my life. I did every other career. And this is, let me just say II just realized this is the first day that I've ever done anything like this because coming out of a channeling section and coming right to a talk as I've never done that because I never don't have my brain back I

00:20:26.830 --> 00:20:33.690 Roger Burnley: right away. I don't even think I said your name wrong, or something. I mean, that's what happens to me. But anyway, no.

00:20:34.440 --> 00:20:44.330 Roger Burnley: my! The first part of my career, my life. I'm want people to understand, because I need to let go of the age thing. I'm 73 years old. I've done so many careers in my life.

00:20:44.550 --> 00:21:07.439 Roger Burnley: and it inf. I started work when I was 15. I never thought I was going to do anything like this ever. And so what happened was I had all these different jobs. I became a vocal coach in 1988. I built this huge career out of that worldwide globally, and I like that was wonderful. But then I thought, Oh, I've got to do something different.

00:21:07.470 --> 00:21:26.150 Roger Burnley: And in night. But what happened was in 1988. I started doing automatic writing simply because I need more guidance in my life. I had things that were going on. And I just heard about automatic writing, and I said, Well, maybe that could help me. I never knew anything about. I had studied certain other

00:21:26.150 --> 00:21:50.989 Roger Burnley: spiritual things. II did a course, in miracles. For instance, blood people know of that. I did that, and I, you know, and my family. When I was growing up. They were Christian scientists, at least my mother and grandmother and I did the religion, but it was never anything that I fully went into, you know, and then, later on in life. I started doing other. My UN mind consciousness things, you know, signs of mine.

00:21:50.990 --> 00:22:02.459 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: little things like that. And but in 1,988 when I started receiving information doing the automatic writing. It was weird to me. And I said, I'm not gonna tell anybody. So I hid it.

00:22:02.990 --> 00:22:18.019 Roger Burnley: I'm receiving information every single day that was helping me to change my life and understand things. I created a huge, huge business because it was about working through the limitations that existed in my consciousness, which is what we all do.

00:22:18.490 --> 00:22:31.649 Roger Burnley: That's the only, and that we just get it in different ways. But because this was so different and unique to what what I was doing. It was also a little uncomfortable, because I couldn't tell people, not even my family didn't understand it.

00:22:31.690 --> 00:22:42.649 Roger Burnley: But then, in 19 and 2020, I'm sorry. Let me go back and know. In 1920 19, I said, I gotta do more because I could feel this collective fear

00:22:42.700 --> 00:22:57.009 Roger Burnley: in the world that was going on. And so I wrote a book called Overcoming Fear, a Guide to Freedom. and it was uncomfortable. And I talk about it at the first part of the book. I said I really wanted to write this book, but there was one problem.

00:22:57.490 --> 00:23:03.539 Roger Burnley: fear because I but people are going to judge me. They're not going to understand this.

00:23:03.680 --> 00:23:25.279 Roger Burnley: And so I finally got it out there through the help of friend, and she edited and and Cam convinced. You people will see that they see the book because she helped me, and she edited it. That's how it got out many times we need help from others, which is why I'm glad you're doing what you're doing.

00:23:25.280 --> 00:23:36.279 Roger Burnley: And so that was, I said I got to start telling the story, and then in 2020, I said, Wait a minute. The world is really changing now. In the meantime, in 2,017. I sold my business

00:23:36.500 --> 00:23:53.809 Roger Burnley: because, like you were changing things. Were you talking about with your wife and changing? I realized, too, that what I had been doing was no longer really serving what I thought I was meant to do, so I got rid of my office. I did all that stuff.

00:23:53.910 --> 00:23:59.439 Roger Burnley: and then I sold my business to my former partner, but I did it for another reason. See, I wanted to go broke.

00:24:00.540 --> 00:24:02.510 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You wanted to go broke yeah.

00:24:02.920 --> 00:24:04.440 Roger Burnley: because I was stuck.

00:24:04.660 --> 00:24:10.229 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: If I did, I knew this on such a deep level. And I thought.

00:24:10.340 --> 00:24:25.449 Roger Burnley: the only way I'm gonna move. And sometimes we do this, we will allow ourselves to have these horrible situations, because then it causes us to take some action causes growth. Yes, but I just really want to highlight. Something like

00:24:25.450 --> 00:24:42.989 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you were successful business owner, you you worked in a field that was a very grounded field like this is not like you were some Yoga instructor, or you were a meditator. For like a million years like you were normal. Quote, unquote, normal, everyday person.

00:24:43.740 --> 00:24:45.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Until this.

00:24:45.890 --> 00:24:59.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you you you basically started to experiment with automatic writing as sort of as you're dipping your toe in the water, let's say, in these, in this new world of of spirit and the unknown.

00:24:59.130 --> 00:25:07.740 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then E, things get kind of kind of kept pushing you forward. And you and you saw the the.

00:25:08.030 --> 00:25:11.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the fear that was around the change that was happening with the pandemic.

00:25:11.910 --> 00:25:34.140 Roger Burnley: And and you just kind of felt this calling inside that like II gotta do a little bit more. I can't just hide this anymore. Exactly. And I'm always, I'm gonna say this, too, because sometimes we get pushed. It seems like the universe is pushing us. It's not us necessarily, because, like I said, I started in 1,988, but I didn't want anybody know what I was, what I was doing. But then, in 2,009

00:25:34.590 --> 00:25:42.379 Roger Burnley: I had one of the messages, cause I wrote them every morning, and I saved didn't know why I was doing. But that's like, 20 years. Yeah.

00:25:42.630 --> 00:25:55.749 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: wow! Before 2,009, though the writing the stuff was it helping you like, were you able to take what was coming through and apply it to your life. Some ridiculous save.

00:25:55.790 --> 00:25:58.150 Roger Burnley: I was teaching a performance class.

00:25:58.360 --> 00:26:10.509 Roger Burnley: Okay? But I was performing myself at that time I used to. I sang, I got it. I used to do shows all the time, and all of that. And so. But I said, something's not connecting with my performance. What is it?

00:26:10.510 --> 00:26:35.459 Roger Burnley: And so I got all the information. I would sit down, and they and I would write it down. They said, this is what you're doing. You're being too much into yourself. You're not considering your audience, you're not. I heard all of that and wrote it all out, and then, years later, I created a course out of it. I called it called it II mean, I created several courses, but this one was called performance made simple because I discovered, oh, wait a minute. People aren't performing well because they're not connected

00:26:35.460 --> 00:26:39.159 Roger Burnley: who they are. And so this could really help them to understand that

00:26:39.670 --> 00:27:00.099 Roger Burnley: that's what it was. But I received that information so no, I wasn't telling people about that, because but you were using it for yourself, and it was helpful. Th, th, this is the point one make is is, even though this is something unknown. You don't really know where it's come from, what's happening. But you're you're you're sticking with the practice.

00:27:00.230 --> 00:27:02.449 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then, when things come up

00:27:02.460 --> 00:27:23.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and you kind of ask yourself the question. And then the automatic writing kind of answered the questions that was actually useful like, it wasn't just some esoteric gobbledygook that was like, what do I do with this? But it was actually giving you guidance that you were able to apply in your day to day life that actually helped. And I was afraid of it.

00:27:24.970 --> 00:27:27.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: course. Because where is it coming from? Who knows?

00:27:27.850 --> 00:27:40.280 Roger Burnley: That is the thing we all have. We typically carry this fear of the unknown? Do you know? And I was doing some research the other day ago. What's the main problem that most humans have, that they we move through

00:27:40.510 --> 00:27:46.379 Roger Burnley: fear and doubt. self doubt. Those are the things that hold us back. Because see.

00:27:46.490 --> 00:27:57.979 Roger Burnley: as as humans, we're create, we come in as new beings. And so we're each given something to create. It's not gonna look like anybody else. So we're gonna have doubt.

00:27:58.090 --> 00:28:06.759 Roger Burnley: And then depending on whatever programming we might have accepted about ourselves, we can have a lot of fear, too, and I had tons of it.

00:28:06.840 --> 00:28:24.469 Roger Burnley: But when we come to understand, we each can give to others what we move through and uncover about ourselves. And so that's really what it was. And sometimes it takes a while. There was a message I received in 1989, the one the very first ones, and it said

00:28:24.600 --> 00:28:32.480 Roger Burnley: And it was telling me that I had this really benevolent spirit. But what I was afraid of this may make make no sense.

00:28:32.530 --> 00:28:35.499 Roger Burnley: I was afraid that I would use it in a bad way.

00:28:36.620 --> 00:28:45.560 Roger Burnley: that I would use it to in an ego oriented way, to the detriment of others, and my Wilhem said that you're not that person. You're exactly the opposite.

00:28:45.710 --> 00:29:02.369 Roger Burnley: But allowing me to move through whatever programming was within me to accept that took years and years and years, which is why I kept hiding it. And that reminds me of that famous Marion Williamson quote that says it is our light, not our doc that we're most afraid of.

00:29:02.720 --> 00:29:11.750 Roger Burnley: You wouldn't mention Maryanne. Yeah. Well, you mentioned miracles. It's all open. I met Maryanne in 1986.

00:29:11.820 --> 00:29:12.920 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oh, really.

00:29:13.740 --> 00:29:29.189 Roger Burnley: I was working at a job and it was called Life for Appreciation Training, which was really funny because it was, I just took this job because I needed a job. But I was doing. But anyway, I got very involved with the owner of the company, and they were doing really great work.

00:29:29.190 --> 00:29:48.050 Roger Burnley: and he was good friends with Mary Ann, and he suggested, I go and see her go hear her speak on the course in miracles, because that's what she was doing right now she's running for President of the United States. But then she was doing these lectures, and so I became friendly with her, and then I became best friends

00:29:48.050 --> 00:30:05.150 Roger Burnley: with her assistant at the time as well, so I knew I used to go through the I would go to the service I would sing for at the services sometimes and do all of that. So yeah, I knew that. And it was something so fascinating that Mary Ann did this. One time we were having a meeting after the

00:30:05.300 --> 00:30:06.630 Roger Burnley: main event.

00:30:06.820 --> 00:30:14.550 Roger Burnley: and Marianne always did something where people would come to the lectures. They were free, but they would say,

00:30:14.880 --> 00:30:26.100 Roger Burnley: you, they would have a thing, a suggested donation, you know, because she was renting a place she had to in all of that. So, but it got to the place where she wasn't actually

00:30:26.400 --> 00:30:38.530 Roger Burnley: covering the cost. And so she was. Now, Nu, let's think about this, Sam, the the amount that people were to pay was $5. Okay, that was all. It's just, or you know, you don't have to.

00:30:38.650 --> 00:30:41.780 Roger Burnley: But she said, maybe if we raised it to 7

00:30:41.870 --> 00:30:56.009 Roger Burnley: that would cover things. But she struggled with that. And I'm thinking, why are you worried about this? You already said you don't have. No, it's you know. It's just suggested. Nobody has to pay. You can still come in. But still

00:30:56.260 --> 00:31:01.330 Roger Burnley: I would. I saw her not understanding the value

00:31:01.640 --> 00:31:07.919 Roger Burnley: she had, and that she was putting out there, do you know? And then and then I saw it in myself.

00:31:08.440 --> 00:31:10.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: A.

00:31:10.590 --> 00:31:39.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yes. Well, it's right. We need to. We teach what we most need to learn, and we see in others what we most need to see in ourselves. Alright. But we're gonna take another break. I wanna circle back around to overcoming fear and and and also about Wilhelm. Since you mentioned the name, I wanna ask where that came from but we're gonna take a quick break, and so I wanna

00:31:39.280 --> 00:31:55.340 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: kind of go back and chronologically be bring people up to the present. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with Roger Burnley, author of the book, Overcoming Fear, and we will be right back

00:31:55.350 --> 00:31:56.679 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in just a moment.

00:32:47.120 --> 00:32:52.849 tune in. Live on talk radio, Nyc. Fridays at noon, Eastern and Intangi your business today.

00:34:01.240 --> 00:34:07.979 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consult now awakening humanity. So, Roger, you

00:34:08.070 --> 00:34:27.819 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it it. Th. This book, overcoming fear, came out in 2019 or (202) 020-2019 right right before the pandemic. All about fear. Very timely now it says, a Wilhelm book. And you mentioned Wilhelm before? Who is Wilhelm? What is Wilhelm

00:34:28.120 --> 00:34:38.739 Roger Burnley: okay, when I first started receiving the information, it was weird to me, and so and I, this conversation that I heard it was so frightening, I said, who's speaking to me.

00:34:38.909 --> 00:34:49.110 Roger Burnley: And then I heard very clearly, if this is another part of you is your higher self, but that makes you uncomfortable. You can call us whatever you like. And and I, blurted out Wilhelm.

00:34:49.170 --> 00:35:12.870 Roger Burnley: not having any conscious awareness of why that would have come through. And then it took 30 years before. It started to make sense, because they started revealing more of why that was and and and then I had clues along the way. So I'm not German, and I'm not. I don't understand any of that. And then the name was spelled, they said, and it's one l.

00:35:12.970 --> 00:35:23.669 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Because some people spell with 2. I go. No, I didn't know. And then I started being revealed to me. They said, Oh, remember, when you lived in Chicago, and you lived on the street called Goethe.

00:35:23.810 --> 00:35:32.420 Roger Burnley: but named after the you know. The philosopher Goethe, I go. Oh, yeah, I didn't know what that name meant, David.

00:35:32.470 --> 00:35:47.469 Roger Burnley: and so then I started looking. And then weird things started showing up. Later I did the Meyers Briggs personality test, and it came out to be I came out to be an advocate, I thought, that's fascinating. And then, when you look at the test, it gives you the

00:35:47.510 --> 00:35:52.729 Roger Burnley: imprint of some famous person who might have been that, and it was Goethe.

00:35:53.050 --> 00:36:08.950 Roger Burnley: Then I said, Well, why that? And then II still Sam. I still did not fit. I did not take the next step to investigate. It took me more years, and then I looked at Gertrude's philosophy. I mean his, his, his life story.

00:36:09.080 --> 00:36:13.040 Roger Burnley: he wrote. He wrote something called Wilhelm Meister

00:36:13.570 --> 00:36:16.489 Roger Burnley: a search for self actualization.

00:36:17.090 --> 00:36:23.740 Roger Burnley: Oh, yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing my entire life. But then they said, but that's not all of it.

00:36:24.170 --> 00:36:53.040 Roger Burnley: They said there was more. We connected you to someone else, too. And then they say, Look at Schopenhauer. Look at these different people, because some of them had the middle name of well, and what it was saying is that we all have intelligence that we will connect you in different ways, and the intelligence has come from those who have lived before. What we're meant to do in this life is to access that using in our lives and bring something new to the world.

00:36:53.640 --> 00:37:10.489 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: No, the world's not formed. We're doing it absolutely. We're creating it all the time. So so when you came out with this book. This was sort of your coming out. This was kind of like, people know. What? What kind of reaction did you get from your friends and family and people who knew you.

00:37:11.750 --> 00:37:13.230 Roger Burnley: They were surprised

00:37:13.290 --> 00:37:38.180 Roger Burnley: because there were things in there, and I didn't even I didn't. I was still reserving quite a bit because I didn't go into everything. But there were certain incidents and things in that book that they had not known because I kept it hidden. I kept a lot of my life very hidden. Being vulnerable. Is it really challenging for a lot of us? And so but then it was so well received, but I forgot about it until years like I mean

00:37:38.330 --> 00:37:56.110 Roger Burnley: year and later, where people would start telling me I had one of my clients. He says, I'm reading the book. I go, really, and it says it. This is helping me so much to understand this. So I started to see it later. You know that they were using it. And then

00:37:56.570 --> 00:38:04.850 Roger Burnley: things that I didn't even know. Just the other day one of my members said that she sent for Christmas that she sent the book to a friend.

00:38:05.140 --> 00:38:28.090 Roger Burnley: In. This is in Canada, and she says it was really weird, because there was so much snow, and they couldn't even get the delivery. But somehow the book got through, and then the woman who doesn't know me. She started reading it, but the one thing that stood out for her was any advice for today, when I talk about the messages in there, and she says now what she does is she uses that. So every morning she stops

00:38:28.580 --> 00:38:31.190 Roger Burnley: and she asked herself any advice for today?

00:38:31.560 --> 00:38:47.829 Roger Burnley: Okay. And I said, Oh, that's brilliant. And so to first to understand the impact that we can make, not only to ourselves but to others. When we start putting ourselves out there a little bit more wonderful, wonderful.

00:38:47.830 --> 00:39:04.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so when would you say you like fully committed yourself to this path? Because now you're you're you're you're doing sessions. You're working with individuals, you're doing things full time. Now, when did that happen?

00:39:04.570 --> 00:39:09.219 Roger Burnley: It's been. It's been an ongoing process. I first

00:39:09.340 --> 00:39:26.000 Roger Burnley: in 2021. I put on my online program. I said, I've gotta test this stuff to see what what's going on. And it worked really well. But I still had I wanted more proof things, Peer reviewed. I still want it work proof. And so that kept coming about. And then

00:39:26.240 --> 00:39:34.480 Roger Burnley: what made it more interesting was the things that I had been writing about for the last 4 years or more since 2020.

00:39:34.520 --> 00:39:41.430 Roger Burnley: I'm I was starting to see them show up in the world because I didn't know I was doubting what I was receiving.

00:39:41.500 --> 00:39:48.239 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I was saying. My said we might have wars from no, that's not possible. We haven't had wars in years we would

00:39:48.350 --> 00:39:57.500 Roger Burnley: now look at what we have, and then and then they said you might even bring back a leader like a Hitler, I said. I can't say that.

00:39:58.080 --> 00:40:01.399 Roger Burnley: And they said, they, we want you to understand. It's about energy.

00:40:01.660 --> 00:40:04.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you see, and these energies repeat

00:40:05.050 --> 00:40:10.379 Roger Burnley: over time and throughout our civilizations. And unless we're understanding that

00:40:10.430 --> 00:40:23.999 Roger Burnley: and deciding to change them. Then we keep repeating things that we don't need to, and we keep suffering. And that's what they said. This particular period in our world is now for more of us to

00:40:24.060 --> 00:40:29.100 Roger Burnley: awaken to who we can become and love who we are individually.

00:40:29.250 --> 00:40:37.339 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, you know what? What's that old expression? Those who did not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Oh, absolutely.

00:40:37.390 --> 00:40:38.510 Roger Burnley: Yeah.

00:40:40.720 --> 00:40:45.140 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  that's so many questions.

00:40:47.020 --> 00:40:50.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So when you work with people now to day

00:40:50.390 --> 00:41:16.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: well, actually wait. Forget that your life operating instructions. Where does that come from? That came from? Okay, now, this is the craziest thing ever. And I just want. I'm just gonna talk about 2021. I'm going out for a walk, you know. That's when we're still coming out of the pandemic. And so our big thing was to go out walking, gaining exercise. And I'm doing that. I'm listening to something, and I hear very clearly. We gave you everything you needed to know in 2,012

00:41:16.830 --> 00:41:19.079 Roger Burnley: go what? That doesn't make any sense.

00:41:19.290 --> 00:41:22.959 Roger Burnley: I come back into my house, and I go to my computer. And I look at a folder

00:41:23.190 --> 00:41:31.429 Roger Burnley: that I hadn't paid attention to before, and it said, Well, hell! And I go. That's odd. Why is that there separate from everything else? I open it up.

00:41:31.670 --> 00:41:49.560 Roger Burnley: And the message is from 2,012. Okay, crazy. And then I talking about that making fun of it. And then somebody said to me, I was in a group, a Facebook group, actually and a meeting. And they said, Roger, don't you know? 2,012 is. When the the Mayan calendar ended and people thought the world was going to end, I said.

00:41:49.560 --> 00:42:14.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oh, yeah. Now remember that I had no conscious memory, I mean at that time of why, that was significant. I even heard people mentioning 2,012 during the past year. You know, around this time it still didn't make any sense to me. You don't remember the really bad moving 2,012. I think I found it. I understand. I found it later. No, I found it later. I didn't know then.

00:42:14.160 --> 00:42:35.459 Roger Burnley: Yes, yes, that was exactly it. And so they said, this is a restructuring, they said. All the work that we gave you will help you move through this period with greater ease, because you're moving into the fifth dimension. You're moving closer to that age of Aquarius. You're moving through that. All of that. Yeah, gotcha gotcha.

00:42:35.750 --> 00:42:36.820 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So

00:42:36.980 --> 00:42:43.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  So with your life operating instructions.

00:42:44.350 --> 00:42:52.310 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: is it just? You know this is a better way to live. Is this like a spiritual practice like what is it

00:42:52.320 --> 00:43:19.620 Roger Burnley: it's about allowing each person to understand that they come into the world with purpose and meaning, and but they also come with baggage. We all do so. We have to understand that, and then decide that we can move through it and let go of it. So then others who come later don't have to do it. That's what our world is moving through. Now, this struggle. Who's going to be right? Who's going to be wrong? Who's going to be worth living? Who's going to be all of those things.

00:43:19.620 --> 00:43:25.049 Roger Burnley: Those are the choices that we will be making. But the first choice we have to make is within ourselves

00:43:25.080 --> 00:43:41.160 Roger Burnley: is to understand that we have purpose. And so all of this work was guiding the individual to uncover their true worth, and who they're meant to be in this world. The more people who come to understand that we start to see a very different world.

00:43:41.270 --> 00:43:43.310 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:43:43.850 --> 00:43:47.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know, it's it's it's so interesting. The world is such

00:43:48.510 --> 00:43:57.599 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: such a crazy place for those of us who've been around for a while. It! It's gone in directions we never would have imagined

00:43:58.470 --> 00:44:02.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and sometimes it's a little hard to

00:44:03.450 --> 00:44:05.540 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: be hopeful for the future

00:44:05.690 --> 00:44:10.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  how do you feel about tomorrow.

00:44:10.420 --> 00:44:26.579 Roger Burnley: I feel that we're gonna create a better future, and I'm on the mission to change the mind of so many others, and I had to change it first within myself and accepting it. And now in giving it to others. But now that I see that it's working, I'm thinking. Oh, well, we can create a ripple effect

00:44:26.660 --> 00:44:36.200 Roger Burnley: if more of us decide to. Oh, let's get rid of the anger. Let's get rid of the hate. Let's get rid of the things that the self judgment cause. That's what really many of us have had

00:44:36.410 --> 00:44:39.430 Roger Burnley: we could move through that we start to change things

00:44:39.530 --> 00:44:41.509 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: right? Right? Right? Right?

00:44:41.820 --> 00:44:45.829 Okay, I wanna take our last break. And then, when we come back.

00:44:45.950 --> 00:44:51.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I'm wondering if maybe you can give some kind of nugget or process or advice to our audience.

00:44:51.720 --> 00:45:04.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what can actually help them do that. I mean, it's it's easy to say, let go of our anger like over self judgment, but to actually do it and feel it in the body. You know that that takes a little bit more, doesn't it?

00:45:05.470 --> 00:45:24.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Alright? Okay, cool. So everyone. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now, awakening humanity. We do this live every Thursday 12 noon to one pm. Eastern time here on talk radio data. Nyc, and we'll be right back with our guest, Roger Burnley to wrap it all up in just a moment.

00:47:20.870 --> 00:47:24.640 the

00:47:26.830 --> 00:47:28.909 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back.

00:47:29.390 --> 00:47:38.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So, Roger, in this crazy world we live in to day, where things change by the minute, if not the second.

00:47:39.000 --> 00:47:48.840 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What can people do to move through the challenges and and really shift their internal landscape

00:47:48.970 --> 00:47:53.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to better be able to deal with with what we're going through. In the moment

00:47:55.120 --> 00:48:07.240 Roger Burnley: I was instructed to do it this way I give people assignments, and that assignment is a daily thing, because, see, we don't change our brains overnight. And this is the thing that people get. We get

00:48:07.240 --> 00:48:26.170 Roger Burnley: we give up. And so even at a certain point, they said, we want you to call the program your last development program. We want people to understand. Because I started with 4 weeks to your best like, I said, the entire year is going. Be your last development, because when you understand all you're doing ever is asking questions and deciding what you're going to accept.

00:48:26.200 --> 00:48:47.119 Roger Burnley: That's it, no matter what, no matter what course, pro, whatever you might be doing. And so the one question that people come up with the most is, say, well, there's few things, but for one is, how do I? How do I know self love? How do I get there? Because that's the thing we're always trying. And and my well hand would said, Okay, we'll just notice when you're judging yourself.

00:48:47.960 --> 00:48:56.890 Roger Burnley: That's all. Just start to notice yourself judgment and then decide you're going to move through that now and then, they said, but also give yourself a break.

00:48:57.330 --> 00:49:01.299 Roger Burnley: because sometimes your self judgment has been taught to you.

00:49:01.380 --> 00:49:27.500 Roger Burnley: It's a generational thing. It's something that you learn from your parents, or your grandparents, or ancestors, or those you don't know, or from society in general. So, Joe, don't give yourself a hard time to understand that you can move through it when you ask new questions. You see, why am I feeling this way? Why am I thinking I'm not quite enough? What brought me that information? And so we're using neuroscience

00:49:27.570 --> 00:49:53.520 Roger Burnley: to change our thinking cause. You have to do it over time. That's what Nlp, and all those different things about breaking patterns of thought, that's all. And so. But the other aspect of this, what I have my people do is to write. There's something that happens when you write what you say. You know this because you've done so much of it. You connect to so much other information. But most of us, especially today.

00:49:53.770 --> 00:50:09.459 Roger Burnley: No, we don't get it in a minute. We're gone, we're done. But now it's about no, take the time to discover who you are and to love, and that's how we move through this period. But also

00:50:09.460 --> 00:50:35.230 Roger Burnley: understanding. This is a period of collaboration meaning moving. When we think about the age of acquire about that means coming together. So, and I was told in my work. Let's have group calls where we come together and talk about things where we feel more supported because it's always challenging. When we're alone. We're isolated and I isolate a lot in my life. So I do understand that one

00:50:35.430 --> 00:50:37.210 Roger Burnley: coming out of that. Yeah.

00:50:37.560 --> 00:50:45.080 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: wonderful, wonderful.  So I'm wondering.

00:50:45.490 --> 00:51:01.439 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: one thing that I've heard from many people I'd considered tuned in. To to spirit is that we're going to have some big struggles in the future. But what's on the other side is going to be

00:51:01.550 --> 00:51:07.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: beautiful. Exactly. What can help us as we're going through those big challenges

00:51:07.980 --> 00:51:32.820 Roger Burnley: is to is to hold onto that faith and belief in what's coming. We manifest our lives and the world through our consciousness, through the thoughts we choose to hold in every moment. And we're doing that in in, in every mo. I mean my guide say, we only have 2 choices, and I love using this because Gerald Jeff Plosky, wonderful guy author you wrote, love is letting go of fear.

00:51:33.560 --> 00:52:02.500 Roger Burnley: And so what that means is that we only have these 2 choices. We're gonna choose love or fear. We choose love. When we decide to own and honor who we are. We choose fear when we don't go there, or we choose fear when we're judging ourselves or when we're judging others. And so these are the things that we're going to move through now. And that was probably the one of the most profound things that would come through in the channeling sessions. For the last 3 years they kept saying, You're going to see the others

00:52:02.990 --> 00:52:07.939 Roger Burnley: we go. What are you talking about? What are the others? Anyone who doesn't agree with you?

00:52:08.360 --> 00:52:12.519 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  And so, if you're going to hate them.

00:52:12.880 --> 00:52:15.450 Roger Burnley: you're going to have a more difficult time.

00:52:15.810 --> 00:52:21.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: If you decide to see beyond that and to love yourself, it'll be much easier.

00:52:22.070 --> 00:52:31.979 Roger Burnley: That's how we're going to get through this period. But it's going to come up because we're going to see things that are going to irc us that are going to bring up our memories that are going to make us angry

00:52:32.210 --> 00:52:43.779 Roger Burnley: because we have memories of things that existed before that are surfacing. Now it's going on globally. We're seeing it everywhere. And so when we come back into remembering. Oh.

00:52:43.970 --> 00:52:53.130 Roger Burnley: we accepted this role of being here now to help uplift the planet. And the way that we do that is by deciding to love ourselves and let go of what was old.

00:52:53.320 --> 00:52:54.530 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Hmm, hmm.

00:52:55.640 --> 00:52:59.310 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah. I remember hearing someone once, safe years ago.

00:53:00.250 --> 00:53:01.850 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There is no other.

00:53:01.930 --> 00:53:05.500 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There are no others. It's all us

00:53:06.270 --> 00:53:10.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  with all the work you've done and everything you've received.

00:53:11.760 --> 00:53:15.619 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do you still struggle with anything every day?

00:53:15.680 --> 00:53:19.940 Roger Burnley: No, you're still a human being. Yes, because we're never done.

00:53:20.110 --> 00:53:30.449 Roger Burnley: And so every day I get pushed. Okay. can I own a little bit more? Can I talk about it. Can I present? Can I do something? What is that? And I

00:53:30.460 --> 00:53:39.570 Roger Burnley: and III struggle with that. I was said in the call today. II don't remember what it completely, but one person said. I've struggled with anxiety my entire life.

00:53:39.920 --> 00:53:46.439 Roger Burnley: and I know that when we're struggling with anxiety it's because we're afraid of accepting something about us.

00:53:46.630 --> 00:54:03.000 Roger Burnley: but that takes a while to interpret, you know, and to understand something that we're now. I don't want to go there because that doesn't seem real until we start to experience anxiety that becomes our state of being. And then we think that's real because we created it.

00:54:03.660 --> 00:54:19.689 Roger Burnley: So it's about understanding the process of breaking those patterns, those neural pathways that we've each created or accepted. And then we start to live a different life. But yeah, this entire year I just will say, it's going to be a little challenging.

00:54:20.140 --> 00:54:24.549 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oh, this year. Yeah, 24. Yes, because we have to let

00:54:24.590 --> 00:54:48.840 Roger Burnley: and you'll see this. We and we've seen it already. We were going through what I call a reckoning, meaning that the things that we have not done in our lives or in our world. We're trying. We're attempting to correct those. And as we start to do that, we will see very different experience. We will have different experiences in our life, and then we start seeing it show up in the world. But it's going to take a while, because most of us

00:54:48.840 --> 00:54:58.729 Roger Burnley: don't like to look at ourselves. We like to hang. We don't even want to look at our past, because we will judge it as being all. We did these horrible things at my well, home says no.

00:54:58.750 --> 00:55:01.830 Roger Burnley: You accepted certain things to move through.

00:55:01.890 --> 00:55:12.689 Roger Burnley: and if you decide, if you understand the wisdom that you gain from those things that you judged is being terrible. Then you can give it to others, and you, head start to see a different world.

00:55:12.760 --> 00:55:14.240 Roger Burnley: That's where we're going.

00:55:14.420 --> 00:55:34.020 Roger Burnley: and but did. And but the frustration I was so frustrated this comes up so much, because when I first did this in December 2021, I'm like, oh, nobody's gonna understand what I'm talking about. But now more people are understanding because they're seeing what's been happening in the world. And so it's a time to.

00:55:34.160 --> 00:55:35.660 Roger Burnley: So we're gonna

00:55:35.870 --> 00:55:48.989 Roger Burnley: pull up our book straps and decide to. Which doesn't seem doesn't seem to make sense, is, I think this came through in the last session. Yes, the simple thing that you could do to change your world is decide to love yourself. What

00:55:49.070 --> 00:55:58.639 Roger Burnley: is it that simple, that easy. Yes, alright. Well, it wasn't a Gandhi, he said. Be the change you want to see in the world? Yes, exactly. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, absolutely

00:55:58.700 --> 00:56:05.159 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: well, Roger. I could talk to you for hours and hours and hours. Unfortunately, we only have the show for an hour.

00:56:05.330 --> 00:56:23.859 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: If people want to reach out to you, learn more about you. Where would they go? What's your website? How would they website? Yes, Roger Burdenley, Com. ROGE. RBUR. NLEY. Roger Burdenlecom. Wonderful! We'll have that in the show notes

00:56:23.960 --> 00:56:25.320 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: overcoming fear.

00:56:25.470 --> 00:56:48.510 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Fears been something. I actually went and and purchased the book, because fears been something coming up for me lately to look at. So it felt apropos, and and our audience just might see a little bit more of you on talk radio in the future. Yes, we'll have a conversation about that. But

00:56:48.630 --> 00:57:00.649 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: well, Roger, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to come on my show. It's been a pleasure having you. I really appreciate what you're up to and what you're doing in the world, and I look forward to many more conversations in the future.

00:57:00.740 --> 00:57:02.110 Roger Burnley: Thank you so much.

00:57:02.240 --> 00:57:26.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Alright, thank you. And of course, thank you. My loyal listeners, who tune in every week. Patty. Sinai, William! Catherine, thank you all for tuning in. It's always a pleasure having you please don't forget if if you missed any part of today's show, you can always catch the replay on talk, radio down Nyc or on all the major podcasting platforms. You can find us on Apple Google's

00:57:26.100 --> 00:57:32.639 spotify Pandora Iheart radio. Wherever you love to listen to podcasts, you'll find the conscious Consultant Hour.

00:57:32.640 --> 00:57:51.079 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Don't forget later. Today. 5 Pm. Eastern time. It's Frank Harrison in his show, Frank, about health, and tomorrow, of course, we have her old Fl Friday block of show starting off with philanthropy and focus always Fridays and intangify. Thank you all for tuning in today. We will talk to you all next week.

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