The Hard Skills

Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/02-Ringing in the New Year with Towerscope Leadership Academy Founding Member Insights

Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/02-Ringing in the New Year with Towerscope Leadership Academy Founding Member Insights


2024/01/02-Ringing in the New Year with Towerscope Leadership Academy Founding Member Insights

[NEW EPISODE] Ringing in the New Year with Towerscope Leadership Academy Founding Member Insights

Tuesdays: 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EST)                              


Listeners will celebrate closing out 2023 and starting out 2024 thinking about how to set goals related to their leadership development.

As a way to celebrate wins from 2023 and ring in 2024, we will be inviting some founding members of our Towerscope Leadership Academy to share their personal insights about what they took away from last year that they plan to apply this coming year. We are in open application season for the next few weeks and this will be a chance for listeners to get a sneak peak into the current members' experiences, outcomes, and importantly, hear from multiple leaders about how they think about setting and accomplishing goals that are often intangible "hard skills."

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Show Notes

Segment  1

On this episode of The Hard Skills, Dr. Mira Brancu is joined by her other founding members of the Towerscope Leadership Academy, Terri Wedge, Dr. Monique Johnson, and Sara Rabinovitch, as they will be discussing their personal insights from the Academy, what they have taken away from 2023, and what they will look forward to in the new year. To start the conversation, they all start by sharing what small pleasure they have received from 2023 and what to continue into the new year. From there, Dr. Brancu gives a proper introduction to all of her guests and what they do outside being a founder of the Towerscope Leadership Academy. 

Segment 2

 After the first break, we return to Dr. Brancu asking her guests about their journey and how they got into their field. All three guests have very different backgrounds in their education and what inspired them to dream big. Monique has traveled from multiple states with her family in the early 2000s working as an assistant professor eventually switching jobs forms time to time. In 2014, she became a businesswoman specializing in coaching services and is so happy working at her own pace in her unique role. Terri early on had worked with helping small companies, but then started her own company for years and it expanded into something more. Terri’s business got to a point where she was getting recognized for her work leading her to where she is now. For Sara most of her journey has been reaching out to Dr. Brancu and building her career within the coming years.

Segment 3

As the discussion continues, the group discusses different challenges women in the workplace currently face. They discuss different myths, such as women aren’t as ambitious as men since the pandemic, stereotypes, and comments people can say and the view of it from the perspective of men and women as well as navigating those comments. 

Segment 4

As the episode comes to an end, everyone shares what they hope to contribute to 2024, specifically with Towerscope. Different answers include empowering others, vulnerability in engagement, and continuing to work with amazing people from different fields. Dr. Brancu highlights that the work they do and defying stereotypes have made them stronger with the research to back them up. They are all proud of the work they have put into Towerscope as well as the Leadership Academy. They look forward to the work they will bring into the new year.


00:00:17.000 --> 00:00:22.989 Mira Brancu: Welcome. Welcome to the hard skills. Podcast and show with me. Dr. Mirabranku.

00:00:23.140 --> 00:00:50.360 Mira Brancu: This is a brand. New year, January second, 2024, and already we are starting on a funny note because we got mixed up on the location. We ended up in different rooms. Some of us have crazy things going on in the background, but we're here. We all somehow made it. And that's what makes all the difference sometimes. That is exactly what leadership is all about is just like

00:00:50.620 --> 00:01:05.119 Mira Brancu: trying to glide on the water like it looks like it's all easy, but you're just paddling like crazy underneath. And you have no idea what's happening behind the scenes. So that's us today. But welcome everybody on this show.

00:01:05.230 --> 00:01:06.690 Mira Brancu: We discuss

00:01:06.750 --> 00:01:28.989 Mira Brancu: how to develop the nuanced art skills needed to lead in a large complex system in order to make real impact. Now, leaders in healthcare and research stem and other technical field will find this show especially compelling because of that. But we're also going beyond that to other industries as well, because these leadership skills cross industry boundaries

00:01:29.300 --> 00:01:30.629 Mira Brancu: as a reminder.

00:01:30.830 --> 00:01:38.089 Mira Brancu: We're focusing on the second stage of my strategic leadership pathway model developing leadership identity.

00:01:38.130 --> 00:01:44.539 Mira Brancu: And we're ringing in the New Year to day with 3 very special guests.

00:01:44.610 --> 00:02:00.609 Mira Brancu: Doctor Monique C. Johnson, Terry Wedge, and Doctor Sarah Rabinovich. Now, why are they so special? Well, besides the fact that each of them are uniquely gifted leaders in 3 different industries which I'll describe in a moment

00:02:00.830 --> 00:02:11.100 Mira Brancu: when I do formal intros. They also represent some of the members in our Towerscope Leadership Academy. They'll be sharing what they've learned on their leadership journey.

00:02:11.130 --> 00:02:19.899 Mira Brancu: how they think about selling setting accomplishing goals and requiring intangible hard skills for those goals.

00:02:20.500 --> 00:02:29.360 Mira Brancu: They're also going to be talking about the challenges that they see being faced by leaders to day, especially for women and what they see as the future for our community and beyond.

00:02:29.590 --> 00:02:32.490 Mira Brancu: Now, before we get into the intros, let's just

00:02:32.660 --> 00:02:44.780 Mira Brancu: get us warmed up with sharing some lesser known facts about us that aren't necessarily found on our bios, on Linkedin. Are you all ready?

00:02:46.380 --> 00:02:57.550 Mira Brancu: Alright. So let me ask you this. Y'all. what is one small pleasure you've discovered this past year 2023

00:02:58.270 --> 00:03:07.530 Mira Brancu: that you like to continue into 2024, and ideally one that others might not necessarily see

00:03:07.810 --> 00:03:13.140 Mira Brancu: as a small pleasure. I'll start with me so I can break the ice. Okay?

00:03:13.410 --> 00:03:21.990 Mira Brancu: When I went on vacation we went to Hawaii something that we've wanted to do for a really really long time.

00:03:22.280 --> 00:03:35.059 Mira Brancu: and I knew that I get motion sickness. So I was all prepared with the dramamamine and the ginger pills and ginger chews and and ginger chews are something that I discovered over there.

00:03:35.700 --> 00:03:39.729 Mira Brancu: I have him next to me right now. Let me just show you here.

00:03:39.910 --> 00:03:46.690 Mira Brancu: Can't even see on the camera here. ginger shoes are something that

00:03:46.890 --> 00:03:49.650 Mira Brancu: is just for motion sickness on boats.

00:03:49.660 --> 00:03:58.730 Mira Brancu: supposedly, and I got obsessed with them. And now I can't stop eating them, and nobody else enjoys these things. And now I'm like popping them like pills.

00:03:59.100 --> 00:04:06.120 Mira Brancu: And I'm not gonna stop in 2024. So that's me. Sarah Terry Monique. How about you?

00:04:07.860 --> 00:04:10.169 Mira Brancu: Any small pleasures, Terry? How about you?

00:04:11.060 --> 00:04:21.760 Terri Wedge: I think. For me, it's about traveling also. And by the way I lived in Hawaii, and I know all about those ginger choose

00:04:21.800 --> 00:04:45.859 Terri Wedge: But if for us I used to always plan or traveling, and this last year we've done a lot of let's just stop here, and without making a reservation, we decide when we're getting tired, or you know, whatever it is. And I use the apps and find different places. And so we have ended up staying, and

00:04:45.880 --> 00:04:59.290 Terri Wedge: little towns and different places. We never would have gone otherwise, because we used to always go the same route everywhere. And so that's really been the adventure of the air. And I intend to continue that

00:04:59.540 --> 00:05:13.940 Mira Brancu: I love it also. By the way, youtuber someone on Youtube, Camille White says, Hi, Terry, I found you excited to be here. So you already have a fan listening and watching. Camille.

00:05:14.090 --> 00:05:15.490 Mira Brancu: Sarah, how about you?

00:05:15.760 --> 00:05:35.880 Sara Rabinovitch: Let's see, I say I have. I have a lot of small pleasures that I'd like to do, I would say, well, being a mom who works from home and has kids and doesn't exactly get out there and get a ton of excitement. Well, excitement, but it's all relative. I would say. One thing that I've loved is going to Trader Joe's on my

00:05:36.020 --> 00:05:58.900 Sara Rabinovitch: kind of crappy 2,002 red vespa and it really like appeals to my hunter. Gather instincts, I think, cause it's like, how much can I fit? How many groceries can I fit like in this little compartment? And then in the back one and and I guess, as a tangent, my newest trader, Joe's guilty pleasure are called gingerbread people.

00:05:58.900 --> 00:06:08.699 Sara Rabinovitch: So which is really cool. That Trader Joe's has become you know, a little more politically correct and expensive. Yeah, very nice. Love it.

00:06:09.210 --> 00:06:11.149 Mira Brancu: Awesome, Monique. How about you?

00:06:11.700 --> 00:06:23.700 Monique Johnson: I would say. I've done a fair amount of traveling, but in the last few months, by the way, but I have become obsessed with getting my steps in

00:06:24.210 --> 00:06:37.669 Monique Johnson: with movement and getting my steps in. I've always sort of worked out, you know, fallen off the wagon and gotten back on over and over again. but I consistently try to make sure that I get my steps in

00:06:37.910 --> 00:06:42.010 Monique Johnson: almost every day if I can. A minimum of at least 10,000.

00:06:42.320 --> 00:06:49.509 Monique Johnson: So I try to stay moving as much as I can. I walk around a little lake that I like to go to when the weather's decent.

00:06:50.160 --> 00:06:53.200 Mira Brancu: impressive, and fun.

00:06:53.280 --> 00:06:55.450 Mira Brancu: I love it. Yes.

00:06:55.660 --> 00:06:57.759 Monique Johnson: it's kind of me time, too, you know.

00:06:58.180 --> 00:06:59.320 Mira Brancu: Absolutely

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:15.529 Mira Brancu: alright. So now you know, a little lesser known fact about them. Let me introduce more formal facts about them. And then we're gonna go into an ad break. These 3 women are absolutely just phenomenal. Let me start with Monique Johnson.

00:07:15.700 --> 00:07:43.070 Mira Brancu: Doctor Johnson is the founder, and CEO of Doctor MCJ. Consulting and coaching her expertise is in career and leadership, development and diversity and inclusion, with several national certifications in counseling and career services over the past 25 years she's held a variety of Academic and Leadership roles, including as an Assistant Professor, assistant Dean, Assistant Director of Career Services Program Director, and now chair elect

00:07:43.110 --> 00:07:47.489 Mira Brancu: of the Credentialing Commission for the National Career Development Association.

00:07:47.680 --> 00:07:52.700 Mira Brancu: Now Monique coauthored the best-selling book micro Shift.

00:07:52.890 --> 00:08:00.460 Mira Brancu: small mindset changes for the big results. and outside her work she enjoys DIY projects, and travelling with her family.

00:08:01.160 --> 00:08:11.009 Mira Brancu: she served as an Advisory Board member for a 2023 Towerscope Leadership Academy year, and as the education, Industry pod facilitation lead.

00:08:11.980 --> 00:08:20.089 Mira Brancu: Terry Wedge is a dynamic executive known for building high performing innovative services in in organizations

00:08:20.130 --> 00:08:26.359 Mira Brancu: who've served in senior leadership and executive roles within global tech companies. And beyond.

00:08:26.500 --> 00:08:35.899 Mira Brancu: she's known for having built multi 1 million dollar professional services for 2 fortune, 500 companies and for her customer success work.

00:08:36.580 --> 00:08:39.859 Mira Brancu: while clearly results. Driven and successful at it.

00:08:39.960 --> 00:08:48.939 Mira Brancu: She is equally passionate about fostering happy and productive teams and enabling effective communication, and that translation between business and tech.

00:08:49.210 --> 00:08:51.959 Mira Brancu: So she is no typical, and Mba

00:08:52.100 --> 00:09:01.810 Mira Brancu: outside of her work she's an avid Rv. Glamper. We heard a little bit about her adventures just now, so you might see her on the road adventuring through America.

00:09:02.080 --> 00:09:21.689 Mira Brancu: Terry is a founding member of our towerscope Leadership Academy, and represents the tech and stem domain of our community. And finally, Dr. Sarah Rabinovich is a clinical psychologist and adjunct assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences. At Kec medicine of Usc.

00:09:22.060 --> 00:09:29.899 Mira Brancu: She speaks teaches trains and provides psychotherapy at the intersection of mindfulness. diversity. and mental health.

00:09:29.930 --> 00:09:46.110 Mira Brancu: In addition, she's leveraged this experience as co-founder of equiskill by minmind a skills-based training app for inclusive and progressive companies that addresses employee mental health and Dei issues with on-demand research-based skills from behavioral science.

00:09:46.130 --> 00:10:03.899 Mira Brancu: I have had a chance to test it out. It's super interesting, super fun, super thoughtful and as a former and Nyu basketball player she has cultivated an interest and passion for mental skills, for success well being and inclusion into all she does.

00:10:03.980 --> 00:10:12.779 Mira Brancu: Sarah was a founding member of our telescope Leadership Academy as well, and represents both the healthcare and tech domains of our community.

00:10:13.080 --> 00:10:27.859 Mira Brancu: So with all of that, these are 3 stellar people that you need to hear more about, we are entering our ad break. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Branku, and we'll be right back in just a moment.

00:12:40.840 --> 00:12:51.639 Mira Brancu: Welcome! Welcome back to the hard skills with me and my guests today Dr. Sarah Rabinovich, Terry Wedge, and Dr. Monique Johnson. Now.

00:12:52.050 --> 00:12:57.830 Mira Brancu: I did kind of a mouthful of introduction about them because they're so impressive.

00:12:58.100 --> 00:13:08.580 Mira Brancu: and these 3 folks embody so well what we look for in our leadership Academy members. They're clearly driven.

00:13:08.730 --> 00:13:20.240 Mira Brancu: They're highly accomplished. They bring multi dimensionality in terms of diversity, not just demographically, but across multiple experiences and backgrounds.

00:13:21.220 --> 00:13:34.729 Mira Brancu: And they want to make an impact. And importantly. they are serious about continuous improvement and continuously improving themselves despite already having accomplished so much.

00:13:34.910 --> 00:13:37.359 Mira Brancu: And that is a really unique

00:13:37.940 --> 00:13:43.740 Mira Brancu: kind of characteristic. We love those people. We love them right? So

00:13:43.900 --> 00:13:46.100 Mira Brancu: welcome back

00:13:46.470 --> 00:14:00.420 Mira Brancu: before we dive in just a reminder that we are open for applications for a 2024 leadership Academy. The application process is open now through the 20 s.

00:14:01.260 --> 00:14:02.310 Mira Brancu: but

00:14:03.500 --> 00:14:09.759 Mira Brancu: we are providing some extra bonuses, if you apply by the fifth.

00:14:10.430 --> 00:14:15.240 Mira Brancu: so make sure you look that up. And

00:14:17.150 --> 00:14:27.979 Mira Brancu: we're going to talk a little bit about our experiences through our nine-week beta test and talk about our own leadership journeys and things like that.

00:14:28.010 --> 00:14:31.710 Mira Brancu: but I just want to make sure that I share

00:14:31.980 --> 00:14:42.389 Mira Brancu: that we're still testing out next year because we're turning what we tested out for short term into a long term. And so we're capping it at 30 people

00:14:42.540 --> 00:14:51.290 Mira Brancu: for an inaugural first year cohort. And we're keeping the cost really low. Comparatively, to most programs like this.

00:14:51.620 --> 00:15:07.460 Mira Brancu: we only admitted 60% of applicants for founding members last year. It's likely the same thing will happen this year. So do not wait. Okay, that's my ad for today I get to sponsor myself because it's my show. Let's get into learning more about

00:15:07.480 --> 00:15:10.569 Mira Brancu: each of these amazing people.

00:15:11.050 --> 00:15:12.700 Mira Brancu: So

00:15:12.750 --> 00:15:14.600 Mira Brancu: serotarian and Monique

00:15:14.890 --> 00:15:27.380 Mira Brancu: shares a little bit about your leadership journey, including where you are now, and what you might envision for yourself in 2024. How did you get here.

00:15:28.000 --> 00:15:35.830 Mira Brancu: sort of very kind of briefly. So people know your background. Let's start with let's start with Monique.

00:15:37.880 --> 00:15:45.900 Monique Johnson: Okay, hello, everyone. So briefly. I

00:15:46.310 --> 00:16:13.300 Monique Johnson: have my my journey is sort of just related to my life circumstances, my life situation, as most people. I've since 2,000, I guess. First relocation was 2,000. So I've lived in 5 States from 2,000 to now. And so you know, the working mom, young system, professor starting out in in on that journey I had 3 kids.

00:16:13.560 --> 00:16:24.260 Monique Johnson: and so I relocated with my spouse, who work for a large international company, and it just got to be a lot for me to sort of

00:16:24.710 --> 00:16:33.560 Monique Johnson: manage, you know the relocations and then find getting your kids settled, and then finding my getting my groove back and so forth. So

00:16:33.570 --> 00:16:56.610 Monique Johnson: I again. II primarily worked in higher education, you know, and administrative roles assistant professor role as well. And then I did adjunct work, and then I did contract work for a little while, and so finally, 2,014. That was my last move. I decided that I could do my own thing, you know. So I created my Llc. And

00:16:56.610 --> 00:17:08.690 Monique Johnson: started. You got some certifications and things of that nature. And so now I am consulting and coaching. I'm off, certified coach I contract with several

00:17:08.880 --> 00:17:36.099 Monique Johnson: organizations. I also contract with another leadership company as well where I provide the consulting and facilitation and coaching services. So that's kind of where I'm at now. I kind of beat to my own drum. I like it. Because of all the transition I went through, I felt like that was the best route for me. So I'm not in a specific organization on a track to be in a certain type of role. I kinda let go of that.

00:17:38.560 --> 00:17:58.539 Monique Johnson: I'm I'm leading in my own way, and it feels good. I enjoy it. I'm not opposed to working in a traditional organization, but based on my life circumstances. This is what works for me. I also have another side business. It's not related to education where my husband and I,

00:17:58.560 --> 00:18:05.149 Monique Johnson: have a small business and real estate. So we're real estate investors. So I have that that's my other gig that I have going on.

00:18:06.070 --> 00:18:21.160 Mira Brancu: That's that's yeah. Yeah. You know. This is what comes of multi-talented people who have multiple interests is you. You get to realize that you can piece together what makes most sense for you. And I really like what you said about

00:18:21.430 --> 00:18:25.970 Mira Brancu: the fact that you have found a way

00:18:26.280 --> 00:18:34.030 Mira Brancu: where you can lead in the way that makes the most sense to you. We talk a lot about that in our leadership. Academy is what makes sense to you?

00:18:34.050 --> 00:18:48.009 Mira Brancu: And that you can lead in lots of ways. And it doesn't have to be in that sort of like traditional way that you sort of hear from other people. There's lots of ways. Thank you for sharing that. Terry, how about you

00:18:50.790 --> 00:18:58.470 Terri Wedge: think my journey has been over the last many years? I've been in Fortune 500

00:18:58.490 --> 00:19:01.410 Terri Wedge: and recently

00:19:01.750 --> 00:19:15.699 Terri Wedge: have started exploring other opportunities, and I've helped a couple of smaller companies with some of their professional services work. And so I'm really just growing that. But I've always been in that space

00:19:15.780 --> 00:19:36.429 Terri Wedge: of leading and e. Even early in my career I had my own company for 10 years, and one of my clients I became an employee there. And so then I did the employee thing for a while, and and that just really grew and took me into, you know, corporate executive and things like that, and

00:19:36.440 --> 00:19:41.760 Terri Wedge: and it just it's just continued to grow from there.

00:19:41.770 --> 00:19:54.789 Terri Wedge: To where I'm getting known for these things. And people are reaching out about, you know, different advice on all things, professional services and customer success.

00:19:55.930 --> 00:19:59.979 Mira Brancu: I love that. There's a couple of things I'm pulling out already as

00:20:00.420 --> 00:20:14.299 Mira Brancu: sort of consistent themes here, which is number one. If you're somebody who thinks with continuous improvement, continuous development. You're very unlikely to get stuck

00:20:14.380 --> 00:20:35.779 Mira Brancu: in your career. You're just likely to find other avenues to apply. Your skill sets in lots of ways, and then also pick up new skill sets which make you an even stronger leader and viable candidate for all kinds of expertise that other people don't have because you have picked up so many skills along the way. The other

00:20:35.890 --> 00:20:40.329 Mira Brancu: thing that I'm hearing is that you know your

00:20:40.370 --> 00:20:48.770 Mira Brancu: recognizing that as you have clarified for yourself, and then become visible in in a space.

00:20:48.900 --> 00:21:16.960 Mira Brancu: Your own leadership identity becomes more clarified, and other people are able to see your worth as well along the way. So just absolutely love that. Okay, Sarah. Last 2 min or less away from a commercial my leadership journey. Well, I would say personally started when I was a college athlete, basketball player. You need to learn a crap load of leadership skills. You have to learn how to lose, how to not quit.

00:21:16.960 --> 00:21:36.959 Sara Rabinovitch: You have to learn grit and discipline and relying on yourself. So that was my initial taste. As a psychologist I opened up a mindfulness meditation studio downtown la 4 years ago. And actually, Mira, you've been a huge part of my leadership journey. I actually reached out to Mira about 3 years ago

00:21:36.960 --> 00:21:58.819 Sara Rabinovitch: and was very visionless. My, my studio was doing really well. We moved into Covid. I had started doing a lot of organizational trainings, consultation and but was feeling kind of aimless, and Mira has been an integral part of my journey. I. Since that meditation studio. It has now become a

00:21:58.930 --> 00:22:11.409 Sara Rabinovitch: Consultation training company, and I work with lots and lots of different organizations and for profit, nonprofit across sectors doing trainings and Dei and mindfulness and mental health.

00:22:11.640 --> 00:22:15.819 Sara Rabinovitch: I have a little private practice. II work with the athletes, too, with Ncaa.

00:22:15.860 --> 00:22:30.840 Sara Rabinovitch: And recently Mira has been a huge, huge support of mine, we've we I, a lot of the companies I was doing trainings for were requesting more resources, applied behavior, science resources and

00:22:30.840 --> 00:22:48.419 Sara Rabinovitch: you know II was like, you know, I should make an app and I ended up bootstrapping an app and got a ton of feedback and inspiration from working with Mira and integrating it and being open to the process. And we are now beta testing that app eco skills and midmines, which is

00:22:48.570 --> 00:23:15.560 Sara Rabinovitch: I'm biased pre pretty cool app and then I also teach at Usc and love teaching the residents. I do the trauma rotation and supervision. And I it's very fun for me. So that's what I'm up to now, and we'll see where it takes me. Yeah, thanks, Mary. Another multi-talented person. Folks. Okay, and I did not plant Sarah here just to compliment me, although, thank you, Sarah, that's very nice of you? No, she did.

00:23:16.950 --> 00:23:42.840 Mira Brancu: Okay, so we are nearing an add break when we come back. I want us to really think about the challenges that are being faced by leaders today, especially women in leadership. What do you all see? Let's let's speak freely here about this. It could be from personal experiences. And from your expertise and I'd love for all of us to share what we've seen.

00:23:43.160 --> 00:23:52.769 Mira Brancu: That are kind of the needs that that we see as coming up more than ever. And what we see for 2,024. So

00:23:52.960 --> 00:24:18.319 Mira Brancu: we will come back shortly after our ad break again. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Branku. We air live on Tuesdays at 5 Pm. If you are watching right now, like we know that Camille White is watching. If you're also watching, and you have questions that you want us to answer in real time, please. Leave a comment, and we will answer in real time. We'll be right back.

00:26:18.610 --> 00:26:41.110 Mira Brancu: Welcome back with the hard skills with me, Dr. Meira Branku, and with our guests Doctor Sarah Rabinovich, Terry Wedge, and Dr. Monique Johnson, and these are some folks who are on our founding member and Advisory Board membership group within the Towerscope Leadership Academy. And we're talking about

00:26:41.120 --> 00:26:46.190 Mira Brancu: challenges that women face and especially women in leadership

00:26:46.270 --> 00:26:50.229 Mira Brancu: within industries like higher Ed and Academia

00:26:50.390 --> 00:26:55.040 Mira Brancu: research, healthcare, tech and stem.

00:26:55.110 --> 00:26:59.420 Mira Brancu: you know, these are the areas that have been highly disrupted.

00:26:59.520 --> 00:27:08.080 Mira Brancu: And I'm sort of curious what you see, as challenges, and we can sort of open it up to whomever would like to share their thoughts.

00:27:14.320 --> 00:27:17.860 Sara Rabinovitch: I'm just shit. Oh, sorry, Sarah, you go.

00:27:17.980 --> 00:27:20.449 Monique Johnson: Okay, so

00:27:21.480 --> 00:27:31.470 Monique Johnson: I don't think it's different. But II think that despite some of the gains at the top, women are still under represented in.

00:27:32.220 --> 00:27:48.440 Monique Johnson: you know Vp roles and senior vice President roles on the C-suite. Basically so or I guess I don't know what that would be in higher Ed. But nonetheless, women, I feel like in in leadership, higher level leadership. Roles are still unrepresented.

00:27:48.670 --> 00:27:53.620 Mira Brancu: yeah, so you're right, it's in higher Ed, too, absolutely

00:27:53.750 --> 00:27:59.019 Monique Johnson: so there's there's work to be done to be done. I actually

00:27:59.800 --> 00:28:16.299 Monique Johnson: looked at the women in the workplace report like a few days ago, the Mackenzie, one the one that came out in October 2023, and has a lot of really good information in it for anyone who's interested in reading about that, but it talked about a lot of different myths.

00:28:16.640 --> 00:28:27.249 Monique Johnson: And so one of the myths that talked about was that women aren't as ambitious as men, you know, especially since the pandemic and the data says that that is completely and totally not true.

00:28:27.480 --> 00:28:30.120 Monique Johnson: In fact, they're even more ambitious.

00:28:30.270 --> 00:28:34.329 Monique Johnson: So so yeah, that's just a couple couple of thoughts.

00:28:35.130 --> 00:28:37.549 Mira Brancu: Great thanks, Monique. Sarah, you were. Gonna

00:28:37.620 --> 00:28:42.010 Sara Rabinovitch: add something to that. Yeah, I was. I love what you're saying, Monique, and I think a big

00:28:42.180 --> 00:29:05.030 Sara Rabinovitch: big issue that I've thought a lot about is like this barrier of intersecting identities. How like being a woman being woman of color, being a woman who identifies as Lgbtq. Whatever the intersecting identities are, it's like, not only are you fighting against one systemic barrier, but also another, and the interaction of them. Which can make it really challenging. Another barrier I was thinking of was like

00:29:05.050 --> 00:29:33.589 Sara Rabinovitch: temperamental qualities, like, you know, we traditionally think of a leader as being someone who's dressed up in a like a suit, and is holding themselves strongly and is dominant, and has that and alpha personality, and one of the things that I've learned a lot in Towership. It is like that leadership takes all sorts of temperaments, and that there's strengths to each and so it's been sort of a paradigm shift. And that's certainly a barrier stereotypically, too.

00:29:33.990 --> 00:29:40.549 Terri Wedge: Absolutely great insights, Terry. How about you? I think it's the perception, too. You know the things that we say

00:29:40.730 --> 00:29:49.339 Terri Wedge: as women. It comes across a certain way, and a man could say the same thing, and it comes across differently.

00:29:49.760 --> 00:29:54.340 Terri Wedge: And and I think that's a challenge. And even when I owned my company, for example.

00:29:54.430 --> 00:29:57.359 Terri Wedge: my lead developer was a very

00:29:57.400 --> 00:30:02.689 Terri Wedge: a tall male, and we were in with one client in this particular

00:30:02.750 --> 00:30:10.449 Terri Wedge: prospective client, wouldn't speak to me, would only speak to him, would ask him the questions, and I'm the owner of the company.

00:30:10.670 --> 00:30:18.850 Terri Wedge: you know, but and and then, even more recently, in my career, where I knew that there was some

00:30:19.370 --> 00:30:28.499 Terri Wedge: resistance to the things that I would say. A coworker and I kind of tested the theory and said, All right, here's the idea. You present it.

00:30:29.130 --> 00:30:32.690 Terri Wedge: and it was accepted without any issue.

00:30:32.930 --> 00:30:38.290 Terri Wedge: and of course, coming from a male. And so you have to learn how to navigate those situations, too.

00:30:38.430 --> 00:30:48.340 Terri Wedge: And I and I think that's part of the challenge, and also the people that are on your team. How do you make them feel safe? And how do you make them?

00:30:48.460 --> 00:30:54.000 Terri Wedge: Not feel like they have to manipulate a system right?

00:30:55.140 --> 00:30:57.530 Mira Brancu: Absolutely. All of these

00:30:58.280 --> 00:31:19.190 Mira Brancu: and those so many more are ongoing challenges. You know, we we think that we've addressed the problem right? Because we keep talking about it. And yet in fact, there have been many games. But then there's been some backsliding as well. Another thing, Monique, you mentioned the workplace.

00:31:19.230 --> 00:31:22.670 Mira Brancu: women in the workplace report from Mckinsey.

00:31:22.710 --> 00:31:43.810 Mira Brancu: The thing that I was most struck by in that report out of all of the things was that there used to be one quote unquote pipeline problem. So they used to call it a leadership pipeline, which means that you know, going from the one step to the next step within the quote, unquote leadership ladder.

00:31:43.980 --> 00:31:59.949 Mira Brancu: the the first latter is going into a management role, and they call that a broken rung, that for women. There was a broken rung, meaning they could not pass that first promotion. As quickly

00:31:59.990 --> 00:32:06.770 Mira Brancu: and as often as men. Now, in that Mckinsey report there's a second

00:32:06.990 --> 00:32:08.260 Mira Brancu: leadership

00:32:08.510 --> 00:32:14.369 Mira Brancu: pipeline problem, which is that. Let's say they've gotten past that first broken rung.

00:32:14.590 --> 00:32:18.279 Mira Brancu: many of them that have been promoted into director roles

00:32:18.480 --> 00:32:22.890 Mira Brancu: for everyone that's being promoted into a director role to women

00:32:23.020 --> 00:32:24.730 Mira Brancu: step out of leadership.

00:32:25.250 --> 00:32:48.119 Mira Brancu: And that is a major problem. And it's not because they're not ambitious. As you, said, Monique, it is not because they are not interested is because so many systemic barriers are causing them to throw their hands up and like what you, Terry said, and what Sarah, you shared about these barriers are some of the frustrations they experience

00:32:48.120 --> 00:33:07.730 Mira Brancu: as they go up into higher leadership roles within more hierarchical organizations. But that happens, you know, even when you don't have hierarchical organizations like Terry like you mentioned in your own business. You've got you and this lead business person right. And they're turning to this one guy

00:33:07.820 --> 00:33:16.469 Mira Brancu: cause he was a tall male, I mean like, is that really all it takes? So? That is incredibly frustrating in our own?

00:33:16.870 --> 00:33:29.039 Mira Brancu: we've done some research in our own beta test and I'm just gonna share here what we learned. When we break down the pods. What folks shared about

00:33:29.370 --> 00:33:50.390 Mira Brancu: Their experiences. And I'm gonna if you're watching, I'm gonna share my screen to share a little bit about, I'm gonna read it to you if you're just listening for the healthcare industry pod. They shared the following 3 challenges that they really wanted support with in the leadership community. One was feeling overwhelmed with time demands.

00:33:50.700 --> 00:34:13.080 Mira Brancu: 2 was imposter syndrome, and 3 was lack of guidance and mentorship. Now you don't this is not specific necessarily to gender except for the fact that it just happens more often for women, because they're you know, facing more things that they're managing right? They're they're juggling a lot more

00:34:13.370 --> 00:34:23.390 Mira Brancu: with the stem and tech industry they were looking for. Learning how to sort of flex into different kinds of situational leadership styles

00:34:23.429 --> 00:34:48.479 Mira Brancu: the stress from tending to other people's needs and they were curious about how to apply leadership development to various career change opportunities, and then, finally, within the education and academic industry pod. They were interested in navigating very complex organizational politics, not surprising in those industries. Also limited access to leadership opportunities and

00:34:48.480 --> 00:34:59.559 Mira Brancu: limited funding for professional development. These are not necessarily specific to industry, but those are their experiences. That they came to within

00:34:59.770 --> 00:35:13.750 Mira Brancu: their domains. When they joined. And there's there's obviously so much more that that experience. So I'm curious from each of you as you're thinking about that, you're listening to this.

00:35:13.850 --> 00:35:30.110 Mira Brancu: you know, we're talking this season in the you know, in the podcast around developing leadership identity. We're also that's exactly where we focus our efforts in our founding member, Beta test developing leadership identity. How do you see this

00:35:31.910 --> 00:35:40.969 Mira Brancu: As supporting people within leadership who identifies women or who want to support women with these

00:35:41.020 --> 00:35:46.340 Mira Brancu: challenges. Curious what you think about how to apply that

00:35:46.390 --> 00:35:49.580 Mira Brancu: to supporting people with these challenges.

00:35:51.280 --> 00:35:53.940 Mira Brancu: Oh, and Camille white ads.

00:35:54.000 --> 00:36:11.369 Mira Brancu: on Youtube, as she's watching. Hi, that women don't ask for promotion or raises. Yeah, which, thank you, Camille is not true. They do ask, and they're more often turned down when they do ask. So. Thank you. I'm glad that you brought that up, too.

00:36:14.150 --> 00:36:18.269 Mira Brancu: Let's start with. I'm curious. Terry.

00:36:18.300 --> 00:36:24.849 Mira Brancu: Curious what you think about where leadership identity

00:36:24.960 --> 00:36:26.340 Mira Brancu: fits in

00:36:26.400 --> 00:36:28.470 Mira Brancu: with

00:36:29.660 --> 00:36:32.929 Mira Brancu: these, some of these challenges. Why is it important?

00:36:33.610 --> 00:36:37.620 Terri Wedge: I think you have to be sensitive to

00:36:38.980 --> 00:36:41.929 Terri Wedge: You know the the teams you're leading.

00:36:42.070 --> 00:36:50.590 Terri Wedge: the situations that you're facing, you know, unless you're the chairman of the Board, you're also managing up

00:36:50.880 --> 00:36:59.169 Terri Wedge: right, and I guess the chairman of the Board is also managing up to shareholders, as the case may be, but

00:36:59.280 --> 00:37:15.649 Terri Wedge: as a leader I think it's a challenge. You know, you're managing up, down sideways and and the responsibilities that come with that. And taking into consideration all of the different types of people. That you're interacting with.

00:37:15.880 --> 00:37:23.369 Terri Wedge: It's it's Cha, and I think it's more challenging as a woman sometimes, because

00:37:24.130 --> 00:37:31.360 Terri Wedge: I do think you have to try a little harder, and you you may have to state your case

00:37:31.430 --> 00:37:33.460 Terri Wedge: a little more clearly.

00:37:33.540 --> 00:37:39.729 Terri Wedge: And so for me, I think that's it is just the the managing the whole

00:37:39.790 --> 00:37:42.660 Terri Wedge: cycle and and circle around you.

00:37:43.020 --> 00:37:45.460 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely.

00:37:45.920 --> 00:37:59.139 Mira Brancu: Danielle bloso who is actually on Youtube. Also, ads, us, women face so many barriers as we as we progress up the professional ladder, especially in tech.

00:37:59.150 --> 00:38:03.559 Mira Brancu: it's taxing. And the politics become more challenging compared to our male counterparts.

00:38:03.760 --> 00:38:15.690 Mira Brancu: And Camille agrees. So yes, absolutely and you know, leadership identity is  something that number one can be used

00:38:15.940 --> 00:38:24.359 Mira Brancu: to help. You know your worth, and recognize what your strengths are, and so that you can tease apart

00:38:24.540 --> 00:38:36.960 Mira Brancu: what part of this situation is about me and things I need to work on. And what part of this is actually not about me at all, but is about the organization, the culture, or the societal messages I'm receiving

00:38:37.290 --> 00:38:43.469 Mira Brancu: that is causing me to feel bad. because those are 2 different things, but they're very hard to tease apart when you've

00:38:43.530 --> 00:39:08.610 Mira Brancu: internalized a lot of the messaging right from a leadership position. Perspective. The higher you are in a leadership role, the more important it is to understand these concepts, not only in order to value the people who work for you, whether you're leading leaders or other employees, to know how to position them to succeed.

00:39:08.790 --> 00:39:34.719 Terri Wedge: but also how to create a healthier work environment so that everybody thrives and that means I thrive. But we all thrive too. Right? So it has a lot of implications. I think, as leaders, too. You need to find the right support systems. You know. I can't tell you what my mentors have done for me. And things like tower scope just to give a plug, but I mean just being able to find a cohort

00:39:35.020 --> 00:39:52.209 Terri Wedge: to be able to work through some of the situations that you know we analyzed during some of our work together. Ii think if you build the right support system. It. It really helps you manage the challenges better as well.

00:39:52.620 --> 00:40:16.989 Mira Brancu: absolutely, absolutely. Okay. We are nearing an ad break. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Maya Branku and our guests, Sara Terry and Monique, and thank you, Danielle and Camille, for adding your very thoughtful comments to our show today, you're you're making it even more rich and special today. So we'll be right back after this ad break.

00:42:16.100 --> 00:42:22.229 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me. Mira Branku and our guests, Monique Terry and Sarah

00:42:22.410 --> 00:42:38.840 Mira Brancu: And they represent some of the wonderful members we have in our tariscope Leadership Academy. Their founding and Advisory Board members.  I'm wondering in this last bit, coming, pull pulling it all together.

00:42:38.970 --> 00:42:45.899 Mira Brancu: What is it that you're looking forward to in 2024, and the impact that you would like to make

00:42:45.960 --> 00:42:50.169 Mira Brancu: for our community. And beyond. What is it that inspires

00:42:50.230 --> 00:42:57.310 Mira Brancu: each of you? To make a difference for other women in leadership. As we progress forward.

00:42:58.240 --> 00:42:59.970 Mira Brancu: I'm going to start with Sarah now

00:43:01.250 --> 00:43:05.840 Mira Brancu: put her on the spot. You caught me mid thought.

00:43:06.190 --> 00:43:19.359 Sara Rabinovitch: I think there's a lot I mean II one of the most powerful pieces that I would like to contribute to Towerscope, and that I also received is just this camaraderie and a sense of like deep, deep

00:43:19.390 --> 00:43:34.090 Sara Rabinovitch: expert informed, cheerleading, that I think it's so important to have folks around you, especially women around you and Terry talk a little bit about this who have your back like, you know, when you're thinking to yourself I'm an impostor. I can't do this. And you take that next step.

00:43:34.490 --> 00:43:57.920 Sara Rabinovitch: Women that are standing behind you to pick you up and to say like, Yes, you expletive can, and and taking that in and returning that to to them, I think that there's nothing more powerful than someone near court, and being the person who's in someone else's court. And I think that's a critical part of the work that I do. As a leader and a colleague, and hopefully I will continue it.

00:43:57.920 --> 00:44:15.620 Mira Brancu: I have every aspiration, too. So thank you. You're not just a player, you're a cheerleader and a leader. I love it. I love it. You you take you take on all roles on the court. Absolutely.

00:44:15.870 --> 00:44:17.670 Mira Brancu: Monique. How about you?

00:44:24.550 --> 00:44:28.259 Monique Johnson: Sorry about that? Okay, so I

00:44:30.340 --> 00:44:36.140 Monique Johnson: education, higher education, Pod leader, and I was just

00:44:36.780 --> 00:44:40.550 Monique Johnson: just in awe of how the women just came

00:44:40.630 --> 00:44:51.950 Monique Johnson: ready to listen. They came, you know. I said this in my my testimonial. They came ready to listen. They wanted to hear each other's stories. They wanted to engage and

00:44:52.270 --> 00:45:19.689 Monique Johnson: you know, share their experiences. I just think it was. It was just was very beautiful to me, and you know I even had an opportunity to share, because I'm just the facilitator, you know, like I'm one of them, as far as I'm concerned, right? But I was there to just sort of kind of guide the conversation in the discussion. But yeah, I just I think it was a beautiful representation of camaraderie, a vulnerability of

00:45:20.040 --> 00:45:23.409 Monique Johnson: just engagement. So I

00:45:23.590 --> 00:45:38.099 Monique Johnson: and that's what I love. That's what I do. I'm a career coach. I'm a, you know, consultant. So that's that. It's in me. And so I just really enjoyed being a part of that. So you know, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be a part of towerscope.

00:45:38.190 --> 00:45:42.330 Monique Johnson: because we're all just so amazing. But but any event.

00:45:42.750 --> 00:45:52.740 Monique Johnson: you know, it's just a part of who I am. You know I'm I have a degree in counseling, you know, so I'm all about expression support

00:45:53.030 --> 00:45:55.790 Monique Johnson: having your experiences validated.

00:45:55.830 --> 00:46:12.710 Monique Johnson: You know we it helps us to know that we're not alone, right when we hear from other people that oh, you know you're you're going through that, or how did you handle that? So it was great. They shared resources. So yeah, I can't say enough good things about it. But yeah, I just hope to do more of that. And

00:46:12.730 --> 00:46:20.709 Monique Johnson: whatever I do, you know, as I continue my work through 2024, I just want to be of service to other people.

00:46:20.920 --> 00:46:49.069 Mira Brancu: So yeah, yeah, II think we're met. Many of us are in that camp, it being a service to others, and Danielle White says, Go to our scope. Plant all of these comments. By the way. But I am appreciative. Terry, let's have you close us out? What are you looking forward to? How do you want to show up? You know, in our our community and and beyond as a leader and what do you want to see in 2024?

00:46:52.190 --> 00:46:54.339 Mira Brancu: And, Terry, you're on mute

00:46:56.630 --> 00:47:11.499 Terri Wedge: cause. We had to have one the entire show right? I think, for me, you know, having that cohort and being able to work with women from all different industries

00:47:11.680 --> 00:47:23.270 Terri Wedge: was really eye opening, you know, not just my tech side, but hearing from people in healthcare and hearing from people in education, and giving

00:47:23.330 --> 00:47:29.339 Terri Wedge: the things that I was trying to learn a different view, I thought was really really helpful.

00:47:29.610 --> 00:47:31.350 Terri Wedge: It just

00:47:32.270 --> 00:47:45.869 Terri Wedge: it helps you grow personally and professionally. I don't think it's just a professional cohort. I think that you know a lot of the analysis that we did, and a lot of the reflection that we did carries over

00:47:45.930 --> 00:47:56.169 Terri Wedge: and and you know the relationships that that have been created through this experience, as well, you know, carry on from here.

00:47:56.340 --> 00:47:59.749 Terri Wedge: So I think it's extremely valuable. And

00:47:59.790 --> 00:48:09.299 Terri Wedge: you know, being able to learn how to work with other people up, down, sideways, all around, like I was mentioning, this is the place that really helps you figure that out.

00:48:09.580 --> 00:48:10.510 Mira Brancu: Hmm.

00:48:10.660 --> 00:48:17.539 Mira Brancu: thank you. And yeah, I mean, wherever you do, that leadership development is personal development.

00:48:17.730 --> 00:48:23.699 Mira Brancu: Because every time you hit another challenge you are pushing yourself

00:48:23.890 --> 00:48:30.239 Mira Brancu: to try things you've never done before, and you're butting up against

00:48:30.310 --> 00:48:52.079 Mira Brancu: you know, whatever barriers are there, whether they're societal, external barriers as well as our own. And the the more you can lean into learning what that is and gaining lots of perspectives. The the things that that we need to learn are not just for leadership. Right? That's kind of where you are going with it is is this is life experience?

00:48:52.090 --> 00:48:59.770 Mira Brancu: You know us getting stronger as people regardless of where where we are going. Right?

00:48:59.990 --> 00:49:14.979 Mira Brancu: And Danielle both. So also said I would totally recommend Tla to any women in leadership. Thank you, Danielle. She is one of our founding members as well. An amazing founding member. So with that, said.

00:49:15.230 --> 00:49:33.939 Mira Brancu: we aren't just all talk. We do have research. That we will share. We share that online. And I will do that and through our newsletter, and I will do that but some of the things that that I just want to share with you that we found cause it's kind of like

00:49:34.050 --> 00:49:47.740 Mira Brancu: amazing. And I geeked out about I'm gonna share very quickly by first sharing my screen and then by also just describing what? What we're seeing here.

00:49:47.970 --> 00:49:55.940 Mira Brancu: First of all, we did a pre post survey before the 9 weeks, and then, after 9 weeks, and

00:49:55.970 --> 00:50:01.230 Mira Brancu: to our surprise, every outcome we surveyed increased

00:50:01.250 --> 00:50:16.489 Mira Brancu: everything we surveyed. Not only did they increase, but most of them increased by at least half a point which, on a 5 point scale is usually considered se statistically significant. If I was to do you know, a true rigorous research assessment?

00:50:16.710 --> 00:50:21.430 Mira Brancu: And what's really surprising is that

00:50:22.050 --> 00:50:23.980 Mira Brancu: half of these

00:50:24.070 --> 00:50:44.980 Mira Brancu: were not directly intentional in terms of the 9 weeks we are going to cover these in other sections of the full membership, but they were already starting to improve, including things that we don't even touch on, which is experiencing burnout and feeling like an imposter syndrome.

00:50:44.980 --> 00:50:56.159 Mira Brancu: All because when you target the root cause of these things, everything starts improving. And that's what we really focus on. So things like this,

00:50:56.220 --> 00:51:22.330 Mira Brancu: being able to develop a clear leadership style and a plan that guides your decision, making and staying authentic to yourself, and feeling supported and gaining confidence in your leadership, and being willing to ask for help or optimizing teamwork. All of these things improve, but especially the things that we specifically targeted. So I will stop there. I could go on and on and on and on

00:51:22.480 --> 00:51:37.029 Mira Brancu: but if you are interested in Leadership Academy, you could head on over to our website. click on Leadership Academy review the criteria and description. If it feels like a good fit

00:51:37.040 --> 00:51:46.609 Mira Brancu: I would apply. Don't question yourself. Don't be like, that statistic where women question ourselves, and we don't apply. Just apply, anyway.

00:51:46.640 --> 00:52:00.080 Mira Brancu: We will be making decisions as we interview. So do not wait. Thank you again to our community. We are on itunes and spotify. Thank you to Talkradio dot Nyc. For hosting.

00:52:00.190 --> 00:52:16.249 Mira Brancu: I'm Doctor Mira Branku, your host of the Hard skill show. Thank you for joining us today with our guests, Monique, Terry and Sarah. If you want to get to know them better, you know where to find them. In our community. They're amazing. There's more amazing people in our community. Please join us.

00:52:16.270 --> 00:52:17.420 Mira Brancu: Otherwise

00:52:17.750 --> 00:52:28.919 Mira Brancu: I hope that you got some interesting tidbit for yourselves moving forward, and we hope that you have a great rest of your day wherever you are tuning in from.

00:52:29.230 --> 00:52:31.069 Mira Brancu: Thank you all.

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