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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/14 - Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership

Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/14 - Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership


2023/11/14 - Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership

[NEW EPISODE] Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership

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What does it take to truly transform your leadership and life? The authors share a new understanding to executive coaching and a framework for a coaching relationship.

What the world’s most influential leaders know is that the secret to achieving that effectiveness is becoming coachable. And in order to do so, one must be ready to engage in the process of betterment, starting with investing in yourself in order to give the most back to your organization, team, and the world. That’s where executive coaching comes in. Jacquelyn and Scott use decades of experience at the highest echelons of the executive coaching industry to unpack the intricacies and necessities of a typical coaching engagement. They demystify the coaching relationship and outline a framework that hinges on the openness integral to reaping the most from such an experience. Ultimately, coachability can propel a leader’s impact far beyond themselves. This conversation will inspire you to take steps toward becoming a better leader, collaborator, and human.

Scott Osman is the founder and CEO of the 100 Coaches Agency and codesigner of their proprietary curation process and the company’s relationship-first philosophy. In his role as CEO, he establishes the vision for the company, leads partnerships and business development, and serves as a leading light of the 100 Coaches Community, which he cofounded with Marshall in 2016. He is the cofounder of Methods by 100 Coaches, the online learning platform.

Jacquelyn Lane is the president of the 100 Coaches Agency and codesigner of their proprietary curation process and relationship-first philosophy. She has been with the agency since its founding and is a critical pillar of the 100 Coaches Community. Jacquelyn comes to the world of executive coaching through her previous roles in the energy industry and lifelong commitment to improving the lives of all people by elevating the quality of leadership.

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Show Notes

Segment  1

In this episode of The Hard Skills, Dr. Brancu is joined by Scott Osman and Jacquelyn Lane, CEO and president of 100 Coaches Agency. They will be having a discussion about executive coaching and a framework for a coaching relationship. To start the conversation, Jacquelyn and Scott share how they developed their company, how they are able to do the work they do, and the development of their book. From there, Dr. Brancu asks her guests what it means to be “coachable.” Scott highlights that being coachable is that that person has to be open to change and feedback. Jacquelyn adds the importance of accountability that leaders have to take in certain situations. 

Segment 2

After the first break, we return to Dr. Brancu, Scott, and Jacquelyn to discuss the four main things when it comes to being coachable, which are being open to change, feedback, taking action, and being held accountable. They also discuss some of the challenges when becoming coachable and how utilizing a coach is different from learning from a supervisor in the workplace. They all highlight the relationship between a coach and a client and why it is more beneficial in the long run. 

Segment 3

Moving forward into the discussion, Dr. Brancu asks Scott and Jacquelyn about how to develop a leadership identity that connects to what they have discussed so far. Dr. Brancu then highlights more about how leadership development is personal development, and that sometimes people have to reinvent themselves throughout their career. Scott makes an excellent point during their discussion, which is that elevating others is the nature of leadership and also elevates leadership coaches as well. 

Segment 4

As the episode comes to a close, Dr. Brancu brings up a couple of points that were previously discussed in other segments. That begs her to wonder about one point about flourishing when being open to coach. Jacquelyn makes a point about how in some cases rising leaders, see it as a point as competitive or zero-sum way, while flourishing is the opposite. Flourishing is a collaborative way of leading and unlocks the magic of being the best you can be. Out of the entire discussion, the one thing that Scott and Jacquelyn want the audience to take away is if you feel resistant to suspending it and attempt to try to be open to change. Also, self-limitations are our biggest limitations, so what you are thinking is holding you back. Attempt to be free of these thoughts and take the first steps to make good change. 


00:00:47.230 --> 00:01:05.640 Mira Brancu: Welcome. Welcome to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Branku. I work with leaders in healthcare research stem and other technical fields, who want to develop an authentic leadership identity and create a healthy, inclusive workplace environment to retain the best people, doing their best work.

00:01:05.650 --> 00:01:16.850 Mira Brancu: in other words, developing the hard skills needed to make a greater impact this season. We are focusing on developing identity leadership identity. That is

00:01:16.930 --> 00:01:20.110 Mira Brancu: the second stage of my strategic leadership pathway model.

00:01:20.350 --> 00:01:30.209 Mira Brancu: And today we're talking with Jaclyn Lane and Scott Osmond co-authors with Marshall Goldsmith of becoming coachable welcome both of you

00:01:31.090 --> 00:01:36.300 Mira Brancu: great to be here with you, Mara. Thank you so much for having us absolutely now.

00:01:36.410 --> 00:01:42.919 Mira Brancu: As a reminder to our audience, we value evidence based practical solutions. So be ready.

00:01:42.950 --> 00:01:45.129 Mira Brancu: Take notes. I always do

00:01:45.140 --> 00:01:51.640 Mira Brancu: reflect deeply, and identify at least one small step to further develop your hard skill's muscle.

00:01:52.430 --> 00:02:06.260 Mira Brancu: Let me introduce them a little bit more so you can learn about our guest today. So Scott Osman is the founder and CEO of 100 coaches, agency and co-designer of their proprietary curation process and the Company's relationship. First philosophy

00:02:06.330 --> 00:02:19.559 Mira Brancu: in his role as CEO, he establishes the vision, for the company leads partnerships in business development, and serves as a leading light of the 100 coaches community which he Co. Founded with Marshall Goldsmith in 2016.

00:02:19.650 --> 00:02:35.110 Mira Brancu: He is the co-founder of methods by 100 coaches. The Online Learning Platform. Now, Jacqueline Lane is the president of 100 coaches, agency, and co-designer of their proprietary curation process and relationship. First Philosophy.

00:02:35.230 --> 00:02:41.260 Mira Brancu: She has been with the agency since its founding, and is a critical pillar of the 100 coaches community

00:02:41.290 --> 00:02:52.380 Mira Brancu: Jacqueline comes to the world of executive coaching through her previous roles in the energy, industry, and lifelong commitment to improving the lives of all people by elevating the quality of leadership.

00:02:52.610 --> 00:03:10.110 Mira Brancu: Now I became aware of them because I was a founding member in their cohort of forefront, which is powered by 100 coaches agency. So that's kind of a little connection there. Welcome again, Jacqueline and Scott. I kind of like the fact that you're in the same room that is.

00:03:10.260 --> 00:03:13.679 Mira Brancu: I guess, unusual these days. Isn't that nice?

00:03:13.720 --> 00:03:22.119 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Oh, it's wonderful, in fact. Well, we actually started working together early in the pandemic. And so we had never even met in person.

00:03:22.120 --> 00:03:46.489 Mira Brancu: For over a year of working together. So we're we're one of those Covid companies. And when when the restrictions started lifting, I actually made the decision to move from Austin, Texas to New York City so that we could collaborate in person. It's been great to build so many relationships over Zoom. But even better, I love love that story. I still have people that I've connected with

00:03:46.510 --> 00:04:06.980 Mira Brancu: only over Zoom and Linkedin, and have not yet met in person, which is kind of shocking. It's been years, you know. So I love that you're in the same room. You're able to work together in real life now. By the way, if you're watching this right now or on the recording. I'm gonna warn you

00:04:07.190 --> 00:04:11.399 Mira Brancu: that I have a cough. I'm trying to manage it.

00:04:11.410 --> 00:04:23.219 Mira Brancu: I've taken all the medications. I have my, you know. Little lozenges. I have my my T here. So just like just a warning. That's what I'm dealing with right now.

00:04:23.960 --> 00:04:26.799 Mira Brancu: Okay, let's get into it. So

00:04:26.880 --> 00:04:33.220 Mira Brancu: let's start with just sharing a little bit about 100 coaches agency, and how you became interested in this work. In the first place.

00:04:34.230 --> 00:04:44.550 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Sure. I actually didn't know anything about coaching. 10 years ago I was introduced to Marshall Marshall Goldsmith

00:04:44.560 --> 00:05:00.289 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: number one, executive coach leadership thinker and and just it was. It was just interesting. We hit it off. And then he called me up one day and he said, I wanna teach 15 people everything I know about coaching, because my mentors, Peter Drucker and Francis Hesselbein.

00:05:00.370 --> 00:05:04.769 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: taught me everything they know. He had taken a workshop with ishaper cell.

00:05:04.860 --> 00:05:18.970 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: one of the members of our community, and asked me if I would help him set up that very first workshop. So he put up a video on Linkedin, and 12,000 people applied. It's now, I think, some over 20,000 people have applied to be part of this.

00:05:19.100 --> 00:05:25.699 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and we did the first workshop in December of 2016. Eventually we ended up picking 25 people

00:05:25.740 --> 00:05:36.420 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and it went really well. So we did it again and again, and by December of 2017 we had a hundred people in that we had sort of run through these workshops, but it turns out we were also building community.

00:05:36.520 --> 00:05:41.060 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: It's a combination of leadership thinkers and leadership coaches.

00:05:41.070 --> 00:05:51.750 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and unbeknownst to us. We hadn't really thought of at the time, but each of those are fairly lonely professions. Right? A leadership coach is working one on one with a handful of people and

00:05:51.810 --> 00:06:00.220 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: leadership experts typically write books and give keynote speeches. So while they're with a lot of people, they're not really connecting with them on an ongoing basis.

00:06:00.240 --> 00:06:04.129 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And gosh! Leadership is just one of the loneliest professions in the world.

00:06:04.180 --> 00:06:17.550 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And so we, we started to build a community of people who, felt like they had found a family and had created a home, and since then the community has grown to about 400 people.

00:06:17.910 --> 00:06:24.629 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: After about 3 years of building the community, we had been aggregating some of the best coaches in the world.

00:06:24.780 --> 00:06:54.230 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And so people start calling looking for coaches, and for a year I casually recommended coaches to executives who are looking for coaches, and then realized something bigger was happening, that it turns out that it's difficult to find top coaches in the world because they are all solo entrepreneurs. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jacqueline at that time, and together we developed what's now our curation process, which is our specialized approach to matching some of the best leaders in the world with the best coaches in the world.

00:06:54.620 --> 00:06:57.100 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And then, about a year ago

00:06:57.140 --> 00:07:22.739 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: we were. We were kind of thinking, you know. How do people prepare for coaching? How do they know if they're right? Cause? That's a question that we get quite frequently and we looked around for any kind of books or information about that and there wasn't any. So and this is this is super rapid, so literally in November of last year we decided to write the book which is now the book becoming coachable.

00:07:22.830 --> 00:07:40.800 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: We started working on it in January. We finished it in May. We had hard copies of it to share with our friends in June, and a big annual meeting that we had, and it was released on September nineteenth, and by October first it was a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

00:07:40.860 --> 00:07:50.619 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: so it's been quite a ride. But I think it's it's been quite a ride, because the idea of becoming coachable really resonates with people.

00:07:52.050 --> 00:07:52.880 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah.

00:07:53.060 --> 00:08:18.759 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And it's it's been an amazing journey over the last 3, and I guess almost and a half years, or now we've we've established the 100 coaches agency grown rapidly. Now placed over 300 executives with coaches and feel so blessed and privileged to get to work with so many of the top coaches and thinkers in the world. And of course, it's all this wonderful self reinforcing and and growing community.

00:08:18.960 --> 00:08:30.179 Mira Brancu: what! What a whirlwind! And such an amazing result! And clearly it's because the need was there. You saw the need, and you met the need?

00:08:30.300 --> 00:08:38.140 Mira Brancu: out of curiosity. So let's let's just share the basics here. Right? What's what does it mean

00:08:38.289 --> 00:08:39.839 Mira Brancu: to be coachable

00:08:40.210 --> 00:08:43.429 Mira Brancu: and well, let's start there. What does it mean to be coachable?

00:08:43.700 --> 00:08:48.419 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Sure. I guess I'll leave, and then you'll so

00:08:48.450 --> 00:08:54.489 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know. So in writing the book and coming up with the idea of becoming coachable we surveyed our community.

00:08:54.520 --> 00:08:59.229 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: who, you know, some of the top coaches in the world, and they came back with us

00:08:59.270 --> 00:09:13.399 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: to us with some answers which we distilled down to 4 key attributes, which we now call our openness framework. It's in the book, and the first attribute of the openness framework is being open to change.

00:09:14.030 --> 00:09:24.560 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Which you know. If you, when you hear it? It sounds obvious and simple. And yet how often is it that someone says, you know, I want to coach? But I'm not really willing to change

00:09:24.590 --> 00:09:35.159 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: like I want the coach to do the work for me, or I'm pretty happy with where I am right now, and you know quite frankly, if you're not open to change, our advice is, don't waste your time and money on coaching.

00:09:35.410 --> 00:09:41.789 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: because coaching is all about change. In fact, leadership really is all about change and change is hard.

00:09:42.490 --> 00:09:58.910 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah. And then the second step that we identified from again talking to so many people in our community is this idea of being open to feedback. In fact, that's very much embedded in the process of being coached. But it's not just in the process of being coached. It's also in the process of leadership.

00:09:58.910 --> 00:10:21.810 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right? You are going to be constantly hearing feedback. That's part of how we learn and grow and and be better especially in a complex thing like leadership, where there are a lot of different stakeholders and a lot of different people at play, we have to be open to hearing. What other people have to say or how we're being perceived? What are some of the strengths that are happening in our organization. What are we doing? Well, and what do we need to improve?

00:10:21.810 --> 00:10:30.429 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And so, being open to feedback? Is that right? And of course, with Marshall's guidance, being open to feedback naturally means receiving it without judgment.

00:10:31.320 --> 00:10:41.030 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Marshall's Marshall's guidance always is when someone gives you feedback, recognize that feedback is a gift when someone gives you a gift. The only appropriate answer is, Thank you.

00:10:41.770 --> 00:10:48.740 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And that has really been a man that is such a great piece of advice that we certainly use regularly.

00:10:49.010 --> 00:10:50.679 Mira Brancu: The third.

00:10:50.920 --> 00:10:58.179 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: the third attribute in the openness framework. Again, like III do feel like so many of these things are so obvious. And yet.

00:10:58.310 --> 00:11:01.970 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know, Marshall also often says, you know it's simple, but hard.

00:11:02.080 --> 00:11:05.439 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: So the third one is being open to taking action

00:11:05.840 --> 00:11:22.879 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: alright. So you can be open to change, and that's great, and you can listen to the feedback and say, Thank you. But if you're not willing to actually take action based on the change that you perceive is needed and the feedback you're receiving. Then, again, you're not really ready to become coachable

00:11:22.920 --> 00:11:33.870 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: because coaching and being coachable is really all about making those changes that create. You know, make you a better leader, and, you know, improve the lives of the people around you.

00:11:33.940 --> 00:11:46.839 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah. And then, of course, that last step in the openness framework is being open to being held accountable because there's there's change. And then there's lasting change. But lasting change really only happens when there's accountability. Now, that's not to say that's

00:11:46.840 --> 00:12:04.589 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: always the case. Sometimes we have these unlocked moments, these realizations where things are kind of forever different. We're forever changed. People, those that's for those are real for sure. But a lot of things, especially the consistency that's required of leadership. Requires accountability.

00:12:04.590 --> 00:12:26.350 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and oftentimes accountability is best done with another human being. We can, of course, have apps and systems and methods of tracking, and all of that's great. But we find that the people who most consistently stick with their goals and accomplish the things they set out to do are people who have some system of accountability, usually in the form of another person

00:12:26.350 --> 00:12:34.010 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: taking action and being held accountable and boom. There we go. Now, you're coachable. Yeah, I mean,

00:12:34.220 --> 00:12:38.220 Mira Brancu: yes. The fact is, it's absolutely true that these

00:12:38.270 --> 00:12:43.010 Mira Brancu: sounds simple and they are hard skills

00:12:43.050 --> 00:12:46.460 Mira Brancu: to actually enact. I you know,

00:12:46.930 --> 00:12:51.580 Mira Brancu: starting with the first I mean, we all say. yes, I want feedback

00:12:51.780 --> 00:12:58.079 Mira Brancu: or give me feedback. But most of the time. We just want the positive feedback. We just want you to say what we're doing. Well.

00:12:58.200 --> 00:13:05.879 Mira Brancu: we don't want to hear the negative. especially if we haven't already sort of assessed that in ourselves, and it's like brand new to us.

00:13:06.020 --> 00:13:08.080 Mira Brancu: And so

00:13:08.360 --> 00:13:10.610 Mira Brancu: And and being open to change.

00:13:10.920 --> 00:13:18.260 Mira Brancu: you know, so many of us start all kinds of things that we say we want to change, whether that's like.

00:13:18.530 --> 00:13:39.069 Mira Brancu: I want to build muscle. I want to lose some weight, or, you know, like those health goals that we have in the beginning of the year, that just like Peter off, it's not like we don't want the change. But to make it happen is the hard part about it. It's the sticking to it. It's the accountability piece. It's the taking action like you said, right. That's the hard part.

00:13:39.650 --> 00:13:52.279 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah. Couldn't agree more it. I do think that it gets harder if you go through that framework for sure. So I'm I'm totally aligned with you there, but it takes hard work. It takes effort. There's no denying

00:13:52.460 --> 00:13:55.010 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: marshall's fond of saying it doesn't work

00:13:55.030 --> 00:14:08.029 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: some of the time. It works all the time. If you if you really do it, if you you know, if you are open to change and feedback, and you take action are held accountable. You'll see that change. It's just unavoidable.

00:14:08.320 --> 00:14:19.550 Mira Brancu: absolutely. So we're nearing an add break when we come back. Let's talk about the challenges to this, and how it differs from you know other methods that we might use for change.

00:14:19.590 --> 00:14:42.919 Mira Brancu: You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabranku and our guests, Jacqueline Lane and Scott Osmond. We now air on Tuesdays at 5 Pm. Eastern. If you'd like to join our online audience and ask questions. We can answer them right now in real time. Find us on Linkedin or Youtube at talk radio, Nyc, and we'll be right back with our guests in just a moment.

00:16:48.820 --> 00:17:13.140 Mira Brancu: welcome. Welcome back with our guests. Jacqueline Lane and Scott Osmond of becoming coachable, which yes, I do have the book, and it's fully tagged up with so many underlines and comments all throughout. So I did enjoy it. It was really really good. So big fan here. For those of you tuning in live welcome in.

00:17:13.530 --> 00:17:17.109 Mira Brancu: So we were talking about what it means

00:17:17.119 --> 00:17:38.569 Mira Brancu: to becoming coachable, and you shared 4 things, the first being being open to change, then open to feedback, open to taking action, and open to being held accountable, which all sound easy, but they are not in real action. Real life. Right now. One question I had for you is, how do you? How do you distinguish

00:17:38.770 --> 00:17:39.730 Mira Brancu: this

00:17:40.260 --> 00:17:49.949 Mira Brancu: from, let's say, supervision, which sometimes we get lots of all of these. Through supervision. Mentorship

00:17:50.270 --> 00:17:54.520 Mira Brancu: right? Or a consultant each of these

00:17:54.590 --> 00:18:02.879 Mira Brancu: sort of groups of people do some of the same things as coaches right? And in in order to receive the feedback.

00:18:03.160 --> 00:18:14.259 Mira Brancu: be open to change it, kind of works? In lots of different kinds of relationships. Right? Are there ways that you distinguish being coachable for a coach coaching, engagement

00:18:14.330 --> 00:18:17.500 Mira Brancu: versus for a supervisory mentorship.

00:18:17.620 --> 00:18:20.240 Mira Brancu: consulting or other type of relationship.

00:18:20.900 --> 00:18:49.209 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: It's it's a really important question. And of course, there, well, I'd like to distinguish, of course, a little bit between the types of coaching that might be received. Certainly I've been a collegiate athlete, so the type of coaching that I received in an athletic sense is different than executive coaching and some of these other methodologies, however, learning to be coachable, is a great meta skill that allows us to engage with all of those different types of coaching, understanding that not everyone is a skilled or trained.

00:18:49.230 --> 00:19:15.149 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: or or talented coach. But nonetheless, the skill set of being coachable is something that applies to all different aspects of leadership in life, you know, learning to take feedback or engage with our spouses. Friends, family members, colleagues that can be a really important fulfilling thing. But I would, of course, like to go back to your point and and distinguish that. Of course not. Everyone is skilled

00:19:15.190 --> 00:19:36.140 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: at providing feedback or holding you accountable the same way that a coach will, because a coach that's I mean, that is part of their profession and what they do on a regular basis, and so that makes them a very skilled and safe place to practice the skills of becoming coachable and they, a coach, will naturally guide you through that process as well.

00:19:36.810 --> 00:19:46.089 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Anything you'd like to add. Scott. Yeah, the thing I'd add is, the coach relationship is a very unusual relationship. In the coaching relationship.

00:19:46.220 --> 00:19:52.729 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: The only the only person that matters to a coach is you right, that is, that is their sole

00:19:53.030 --> 00:20:07.069 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: care and objective in a mentor relationship. There's there's some notion that a mentor cares about you, but they also care about their own status within the organization, because often it's within the organization, they have some competing interests.

00:20:07.080 --> 00:20:15.269 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And so, while a mentor is good at helping elevate you, they're not going to give you the same kind of clear feedback that you might get from a coach

00:20:15.310 --> 00:20:19.980 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and then, of course, consultants are there to do the work. So they're not coaching at all.

00:20:22.040 --> 00:20:29.310 Mira Brancu: Yeah. And you. You're also making me think about like some mentors are

00:20:29.370 --> 00:20:36.110 Mira Brancu: what I would call narcissistic mentoring, which is like they see you as a narcissistic extension

00:20:36.120 --> 00:20:52.399 Mira Brancu: of them. And so the feedback that they give you is more about them wanting to see legacy through you rather than what might be best for you. So it's really important to assess the relationship and the purpose of the relationship. And what you're personally seeking in order to

00:20:52.850 --> 00:20:54.390 Mira Brancu: decide

00:20:54.590 --> 00:21:04.249 Mira Brancu: is a coach. What I'm looking for here instead of, you know, a different kind of relationship. And sometimes it is. And sometimes it's not. But that's a really important question to ask yourself.

00:21:04.540 --> 00:21:22.339 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: yeah, exactly so important to to really map out what are those incentives? Because I think that provides a lot of clarity about what their relationship is and drives human behavior in a lot of ways. I think, though, the one thing I think you make a great point the one thing you can be sure of with a coach.

00:21:22.430 --> 00:21:26.329 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Good coach is the coach has your interest at heart

00:21:27.050 --> 00:21:41.909 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right cause. That is really good coach. That's why that's why I put the caveat in, you know. All of our coaches are good coaches. But but yeah, I mean, you wanna be careful. In fact, I think as you kind of point out, a coach who doesn't have your interest first.

00:21:42.210 --> 00:21:49.609 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: is not. It's not really the coach that you want, because it's really important. This is such a precious relationship.

00:21:49.700 --> 00:21:53.789 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And if it's done properly, it creates incredible value and growth

00:21:53.920 --> 00:22:23.309 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and and and there's no reason to waste the time or money, if it to not have it done properly right. And that's also part of. Why, I think we're seeing a shift towards more external coaches. There are a number of companies that have internal coaches and that can be really helpful in some context. But I think, PA. Lot of people are seeing that having someone who's external, and a third party to what's going on is actually very helpful, and makes it very clear that their sole goal is the success of you, their client.

00:22:23.370 --> 00:22:25.689 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Yeah.

00:22:25.810 --> 00:22:26.840 Mira Brancu: You

00:22:27.300 --> 00:22:38.530 Mira Brancu: mentioned that you get a lot of questions from leaders about how to prepare themselves for coaching, which is interesting. Let's say I'm a leader. Who is.

00:22:38.820 --> 00:22:42.930 Mira Brancu: you know, really interested in

00:22:43.070 --> 00:22:47.529 Mira Brancu: coaching for my own personal professional leadership development to just.

00:22:47.760 --> 00:22:52.990 Mira Brancu: you know, just be the very best leader I can for my organization, for myself, for others.

00:22:53.300 --> 00:23:01.809 Mira Brancu: and make the highest level of impact right? and you know, I've I've sort of said I want change.

00:23:01.920 --> 00:23:05.249 Mira Brancu: I want the feedback. II this is important to me?

00:23:06.430 --> 00:23:13.950 Mira Brancu: Are there things that I that I could find myself doing that get in the way of that. that

00:23:14.290 --> 00:23:18.620 Mira Brancu:  sabotage, my own success in coaching.

00:23:19.420 --> 00:23:29.160 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah, absolutely. You want to take this everyone. Yeah, because something about my own experience with coaching

00:23:29.230 --> 00:23:30.480 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and

00:23:30.580 --> 00:23:35.539 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I. So I didn't know anything about coaching before I met Marshall.

00:23:35.780 --> 00:23:38.670 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And then I was around all these coaches.

00:23:39.380 --> 00:23:42.100 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And I thought, Yeah, I'm around all these coaches. I should get coached

00:23:42.300 --> 00:23:50.549 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and and started talking to them and saying, You know I'm looking for a coach, and they'd say, Great! I'd love to coach you and they'd say, well, what do you want to work on?

00:23:50.890 --> 00:23:53.479 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And and I would say.

00:23:53.620 --> 00:23:56.460 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I don't know. Like things are pretty good.

00:23:56.650 --> 00:23:59.219 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I don't. I don't really have anything I want to work on.

00:23:59.230 --> 00:24:04.450 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And and they would say, Well, we can't coach you if you don't know what you want to work on

00:24:04.740 --> 00:24:21.859 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: so in the first blush like not knowing like what I wanna like lean into. I guess I guess you could say I wasn't open to change, but I didn't look at it that way at the time. I, just not knowing what I wanted to lean into was getting my way. And then Jacqueline said, You know

00:24:22.500 --> 00:24:30.889 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you're really good. You have a lot of great answers. You're really good at coming up with solutions, but you don't have to have all the answers

00:24:31.280 --> 00:24:37.660 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and, in fact, having all the answers kind of blocks other people from contributing.

00:24:38.260 --> 00:24:41.580 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: So maybe so. That was sort of my little.

00:24:41.890 --> 00:24:51.919 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I guess you could call that coaching. But then, with that, with that it sort of unlocked this idea that you know Jack could be. I could be coached

00:24:52.140 --> 00:24:55.100 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: into that, and I found a coach and that coach

00:24:55.250 --> 00:25:13.040 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: said Great! Well, now that you know that let's let's get rid of the limiting belief. And this is really how he framed it. Right? Let's get rid of that limiting belief that you have to have all the answers, because that belief is constraining the possibility of you hearing answers beyond the ones you know.

00:25:13.040 --> 00:25:40.469 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right? It goes back to Marshall's classic book. What got you here won't get you there. So many leaders we hear this all the time they say to us, well, I've gotten all this way. I've been elevated to this position based upon my skills and you know how I've performed in the past. So I think I'm doing pretty well. But they what they don't realize is that at some point those things that may have even been skills or gifts to them throughout their career eventually become a limiting factor.

00:25:40.470 --> 00:26:02.580 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: You know. For example, let's say someone is really detail oriented. So they get recognized for the high quality work that they're doing. But at some point, being very detail, oriented as a leader of a certain level, starts looking a lot like micromanaging. And it's going to impact their ability to scale themselves. And so you know, it takes some level of willingness to really examine oneself

00:26:02.580 --> 00:26:18.170 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: to get rid of old ways of of seeing. Yeah, I'm just going back to your question like, what sabotages your own success? And I'm listening to Jacqueline, I'm thinking, yeah, like your own success. Sabotage is your own success.

00:26:18.390 --> 00:26:30.790 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: No, it's like your own, like. What what got you here gets you in the way gets in the way of getting where you want to go. And I think a lot of leadership, and this is where coaches come in so handy

00:26:30.980 --> 00:26:47.900 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: A lot of leadership is about letting go of the things that that have given you comfort and security all the way to here. Yeah, it's it's embracing the journey knowing that there is more growth ahead. And I would say. The other major challenges. When people are really negative.

00:26:48.150 --> 00:27:15.219 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know they're very quick to shoot down ideas. Oh, that won't work, or that won't work. They may not believe there is another way. So it you know, it's kind of this combination of, you know these the 2 main challenges, I would say, or this idea of a little bit of arrogance to say II got where I need to go. I don't know if I need to change anything, and the other side of that is this negativity that says, I don't know if I can change anything. I don't know if it'll make a difference. I don't know if anything will work. And if if someone can.

00:27:15.220 --> 00:27:35.669 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know, let go of those and hold this balance of humility. You know this openness, willingness to to really examine oneself, and they pair that with this level of confidence that says, I can make a change, and it is going to make an impact. I'm willing to try something new. That's a really beautiful combination that opens someone up to

00:27:35.890 --> 00:27:37.850 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: getting the benefits of coaching.

00:27:38.390 --> 00:27:40.299 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah.

00:27:40.540 --> 00:27:50.460 Mira Brancu: the combination of humility and confidence. It sounds like they're at opposite ends of the spectrum.

00:27:50.680 --> 00:27:55.200 Mira Brancu: And yet it's not that you

00:27:55.360 --> 00:27:59.919 Mira Brancu:  you know. It's not about confidence in yourself. It's confidence in

00:28:00.010 --> 00:28:04.569 Mira Brancu: just trusting the process just being open to trying

00:28:04.970 --> 00:28:10.760 Mira Brancu: and not fearful, and like you said about not letting go right

00:28:11.400 --> 00:28:15.929 Mira Brancu: and and the humility to recognize like you said, what

00:28:16.350 --> 00:28:28.990 Mira Brancu:  just because I got here on these skills doesn't mean I have what it takes to get to the next level. And what is that? What is that for me? Right? So we're reaching another, add break

00:28:29.320 --> 00:28:36.880 Mira Brancu: and what I'd like us to sort of talk about when we come back from the outbreak is how this ties into leadership identity

00:28:37.060 --> 00:28:38.799 Mira Brancu: development. Because.

00:28:39.240 --> 00:28:44.290 Mira Brancu:  you know, once you have some successes as a leader

00:28:44.680 --> 00:28:47.099 Mira Brancu: at an earlier stage in your career.

00:28:47.120 --> 00:28:58.209 Mira Brancu: you start connecting your identity to those skill sets. This is who I am. These are my skills. This is what I can do right. And if we believe in this idea

00:28:58.330 --> 00:29:07.369 Mira Brancu: right, Marshall Goldsmith, what got you here won't get you there. That means you have to shed something about your leadership identity in order to develop

00:29:07.470 --> 00:29:19.530 Mira Brancu: a broader leadership identity, that next level. So I'm sort of curious how can becoming coachable. Help us with this le, the flowing, changing leadership identity development in our lives. So

00:29:19.710 --> 00:29:26.169 Mira Brancu: I'm gonna drop that bomb. And then I'm gonna go into the ad break.

00:29:26.270 --> 00:29:37.280 Mira Brancu: We're you're watching the hard skilled with me, Dr. Mirabanku and our guest, Jaclyn Lane and Scott Osmond, and we're talking about becoming coachable. We'll be right back after the break.

00:31:38.910 --> 00:31:44.020 Mira Brancu: welcome welcome back to the hard skills with me. Mira Bronko, our guests.

00:31:44.070 --> 00:31:47.430 Mira Brancu: Jacqueline Lane and Scott Osman, who are

00:31:47.510 --> 00:31:55.120 Mira Brancu: with the 100 Coaches Agency and wrote the book becoming coachable.

00:31:55.140 --> 00:32:02.070 Mira Brancu: So where we left off before the break is trying to tie what it takes to become coachable

00:32:02.250 --> 00:32:14.139 Mira Brancu: with what it takes to develop your leadership identity over the course of your career. And I'm wondering what your thoughts are on. Sort of like the connection between those and the integration.

00:32:15.560 --> 00:32:26.059 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Yeah, the identity question is such an important one. I think that's at a the core of so many leadership questions and some of the so much of the work that we're doing

00:32:26.120 --> 00:32:36.289 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: But I find that you know the process of becoming coachable is really helpful in that. And I think the the key indicator of that is the word becoming

00:32:36.500 --> 00:32:40.720 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right that we are really in this process of becoming, not arriving.

00:32:40.790 --> 00:32:50.629 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: We're constantly reinventing. We're constantly improving we hear leaders come to us all the time and say things like, Oh, if I'm gonna be coach, do I need to change?

00:32:50.850 --> 00:33:16.959 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And yeah, we help people all the time, like, of course, you know that is a part of it. And then next question naturally is, is, does that make me less? Me? And the answer is, No, it doesn't make you less. You you are still you but we can all become better versions of ourselves all the time, and that's what the becoming coachable process is all about and so we wanna help people access that II love the leadership identity question. Because

00:33:17.040 --> 00:33:33.889 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: particularly when you're getting to leaders in the highest levels. You know, your identity is you're growing as a leader is often tied to a skill set. You know, you're the great technology leader, and you're working your way up into becoming a senior leader in technology.

00:33:34.050 --> 00:33:44.849 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And then all of a sudden, you're asked to take a role beyond that where you're no longer responsible for the functional part, but you're actually responsible for leading other people.

00:33:45.030 --> 00:34:04.120 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I and and I have to say my heart goes out for everybody who makes that transition, because leadership just feels like an unnatural act. Right? I mean your whole life. You get A's. You do. Well, you're successful. You have these skills that you're getting rewarded for all the time. And now you have to let all that go.

00:34:04.600 --> 00:34:13.370 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and worse, actually worse, you have to. You have to celebrate others for doing what you used to do. So well.

00:34:13.650 --> 00:34:23.070 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right? So they're getting all the accolades. And now you're stepping back and your identity has to go from being the person who is the focus of success

00:34:23.310 --> 00:34:26.219 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: to the person who creates success in others.

00:34:26.840 --> 00:34:29.920 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and that is a massive, difficult shift

00:34:30.210 --> 00:34:32.879 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: that only great leaders get to make.

00:34:33.219 --> 00:34:45.740 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Because I think that any leader who doesn't make that shift who stays connected with their skill set can never take the position of leading other peoples and helping them create their fullest self.

00:34:46.239 --> 00:34:57.020 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman:  and it's it's tough, yeah, really tough. I mean, the other thing we see, too, is with leaders who are making a transition out of an organization, so especially in the case of retirement.

00:34:57.040 --> 00:35:25.269 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: They become very used to an identity associated with a certain title or position or authority. And Marshall tells a lot of stories about executives who make that transition into retirement and lose a sense of self or a sense of meaning. Because, you know, so their jokes are no longer funny. They're no longer being wined and dined by some of the people that used to come around all the time that you know it, and the whole dynamic shifts

00:35:25.270 --> 00:35:46.750 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: but it does become this process of letting go of reinvention, and those people who can make that transition and find deep meaning in their life and can really find another way to contribute. And you know, attach to that purpose that they feel those are the people who go into retirement. Well, they recognize that their leadership journey is not over, even if they've retired from a major role.

00:35:47.520 --> 00:35:55.160 Mira Brancu: Yeah. And what you know. what I'm hearing is number one. These are hard skills folks

00:35:55.200 --> 00:36:03.630 Mira Brancu: hard. It's hard. It's not easy. And that said. It's incredibly fulfilling.

00:36:03.750 --> 00:36:07.190 Mira Brancu: you know, to to be able to get to that point where

00:36:07.590 --> 00:36:17.500 Mira Brancu: you can find ways to make that kind of impact as well as let go of old stuff that is

00:36:17.540 --> 00:36:19.879 Mira Brancu: no longer serving you or others.

00:36:20.160 --> 00:36:26.350 Mira Brancu: It's hard but incredibly fulfilling because that leadership is

00:36:26.650 --> 00:36:34.269 Mira Brancu: leadership. Development is personal development. I always say this. It's you learning how to develop yourself from the inside out.

00:36:34.520 --> 00:36:48.300 Mira Brancu: And the reason that II like this question a lot around like identity development is, I work mostly with women in leadership, and one of the most important, like cruxes of their

00:36:48.470 --> 00:36:53.850 Mira Brancu: work that they often see coaching for

00:36:53.870 --> 00:37:00.059 they don't realize they're seeking coaching exactly for this, but this is kind of the the challenge for them

00:37:00.270 --> 00:37:19.409 Mira Brancu: is that up until a certain point in your career, not only have you learned to be successful because of your technical expertise, but for women, for marginalized folks. They they learn how to be successful within a certain environment that tells them you're acceptable in this way

00:37:19.450 --> 00:37:23.839 Mira Brancu: because you are serving other people, and you're nurturing other people. And you're

00:37:23.920 --> 00:37:37.049 Mira Brancu: and so you develop this incredible skill, set to understand what other people need and be of service to others, for example, or look a certain way. Look, look the part.

00:37:37.190 --> 00:37:38.140 Mira Brancu: and

00:37:38.280 --> 00:37:45.190 Mira Brancu: then you get to this point in your career, where all of a sudden the same things that have worked really well. Now you're told

00:37:45.290 --> 00:38:01.419 Mira Brancu: you need to speak up. Wait a second, but I was told to not speak up, and that was a good thing. You need to be more confident and take more risks. Wait a second. You told me to hang back to, you know. Be small, not take up too much space, and now I have to do the opposite

00:38:01.610 --> 00:38:03.759 Mira Brancu: it. It's very jarring

00:38:04.030 --> 00:38:09.219 Mira Brancu: to switch like that. And you start wondering like is this about me?

00:38:09.250 --> 00:38:15.310 Mira Brancu: Is this about me not being successful in my role? What is this? So letting go of

00:38:15.520 --> 00:38:18.960 Mira Brancu: who am I? Versus?

00:38:19.070 --> 00:38:21.480 Mira Brancu: What is the

00:38:21.570 --> 00:38:24.720 Mira Brancu: societal message that I've incorporated

00:38:24.760 --> 00:38:44.440 Mira Brancu: that I need to let go of now, cause it no longer is of service to me. Right is like a big, deep thing to face. And in in order to be able to get through that so that you can sort of like, think about what kind of leader, do I actually want to be and show up as at this next level?

00:38:45.380 --> 00:38:48.080 Mira Brancu: It's all of this stuff that we're talking about, right?

00:38:49.370 --> 00:39:08.320 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right? And and I think what you're sharing is part of why leadership feels so lonely for people, because not only are they going through some of these questions, and in our dialogue, and you know it it. But it's also very lonely. There's not really a lot of people you can share this with. It wouldn't be appropriate, let's say, to share this with

00:39:08.320 --> 00:39:33.610 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know far and wide within your organization, and so, having the support system of a coach or some other person becomes such an important piece of being able to ask these questions, have a safe space to explore them. Because let's be honest. Reinvention is is somewhat scary. We have to let go of some of those deeply held beliefs and identities and really call them into question in order to grow and reach the next level.

00:39:33.800 --> 00:39:39.020 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely. So. Let's talk about this timing piece.

00:39:39.410 --> 00:39:41.940 Mira Brancu: When might

00:39:42.270 --> 00:39:51.649 Mira Brancu: it be time to get a coach? How do people know that? What's what's the right time? What? And and are there different time points

00:39:51.670 --> 00:39:53.710 Mira Brancu: that it makes sense?

00:39:54.400 --> 00:40:10.530 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right? So we there, there's a framework that we have now for describing the type of people that we want to work with, and who we think are best fit for coaching we could say that they're value creators. So people who are contributing a lot of value to their organizations

00:40:10.530 --> 00:40:32.969 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: that are at an inflection point, so that can that inflection point can be personal like a transition, or it can be a shift in a market condition. Whatever the case may be, there's some inflection point where they recognize that navigating this inflection point well, is going to create a lot of value for me and my organization, and navigating it poorly, could have some consequences

00:40:33.370 --> 00:40:38.829 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and so, and then the third piece of it is that we like to say is, are they in being open to flourishing?

00:40:38.880 --> 00:41:00.710 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And that's even going back to what you were sharing earlier, Mira, about leaders who have been told some of these tendencies about putting other people first, always we might call that people pleasing right? And people who are, you know, when. So we have this framework in our book, where we talk about the 4 different approaches that a person can have to, how they lead and how they approach their work.

00:41:00.710 --> 00:41:21.889 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And people pleasing is on that, of course. You know, perhaps laudable in the instinct that it's putting. It's cares deeply about other people. But you know, at this expense of self, and that's not really healthy either. And so what we encourage people to do is move away from that and shift into this idea of flourishing, which is to say, I can flourish.

00:41:21.920 --> 00:41:36.639 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I can succeed. I can create value for myself, value for my organization, balance for myself, my my teams. And you know, in doing that they're creating, flourishing and modeling, flourishing for everyone around them. And so.

00:41:36.780 --> 00:41:41.870 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: yeah, I think it's a it's a hard thing to hold on to. But when you get there feels so natural.

00:41:41.900 --> 00:41:48.709 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: This idea that and mathematically makes total sense. If you can create expansion for everybody.

00:41:49.010 --> 00:42:08.160 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right? So that so that the entire organization, or at least your group is creating more value. Then the very nature of that means you're gonna create more value for yourself. And if you're in the other positions. I think our our framework is striving is you know you're you're extracting value for yourself.

00:42:08.170 --> 00:42:17.329 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: People pleasing is you're extracting value for somebody else. You're still taking value 8 for somebody else, which seems like it's better. But it's still extractive.

00:42:17.360 --> 00:42:22.599 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Rising. A rising leader is creating more value, but really mostly for their own benefit.

00:42:22.820 --> 00:42:47.920 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Everybody benefits, but they benefit a little bit more. But the the one that we we think everybody should aspire to is the flourishing leader who recognizes that by creating, you know, the old metaphorical bigger pie everybody has a bigger slice, and even though it's and this is the hard part, even though percentage wise. Your slice ends up being smaller, right? It's still more and more for everybody.

00:42:47.970 --> 00:42:53.580 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And if you can get there. Then you know, the the possibilities really are limitless.

00:42:53.960 --> 00:42:57.460 Mira Brancu: Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I remember.

00:42:57.830 --> 00:43:02.399 Mira Brancu: you know my my own leadership journey. And you start wondering, like.

00:43:02.650 --> 00:43:07.220 Mira Brancu: How? How do you help other people recognize

00:43:07.420 --> 00:43:09.940 Mira Brancu: that it doesn't help

00:43:10.100 --> 00:43:17.650 Mira Brancu: to hoard, hoard all the leadership, you know. And and some people

00:43:17.930 --> 00:43:21.580 Mira Brancu: the stuck point there is that they

00:43:21.780 --> 00:43:24.170 Mira Brancu: feel bad

00:43:24.690 --> 00:43:36.269 Mira Brancu: delegating to others right like I don't want to put the burden on other people, and you know I often say that, like what I realized

00:43:36.790 --> 00:43:48.539 Mira Brancu: is that once I mastered something I didn't need to hold on to it forever. I got it. I mastered it. I can train somebody else up. They can have the opportunity. Now. I have more space and time to

00:43:48.710 --> 00:43:56.550 Mira Brancu: master other things, to have a greater impact, greater reach, and then pass that along and then pass that along. And the

00:43:56.610 --> 00:44:12.799 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: The reach from that perspective is so much greater. So there's no need to hang on, because there's more to be had.

00:44:12.920 --> 00:44:16.310 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And it actually elevates us, too. So true.

00:44:16.430 --> 00:44:36.300 Mira Brancu: yeah, absolutely. Well, we are reaching a another add break. I see that we have Emanuel adoro on Youtube. Hi, Emmanuel, from Ghana. Welcome today and thank you for listening. I'm glad that you're enjoying our our time here. We will be right back with the hard skills in just a moment.

00:46:40.330 --> 00:46:51.979 Mira Brancu: welcome. Welcome back to the hard skills with me. Dr. Maya Branku, and with our guests today Jacqueline Lane and Scott Osmond of becoming coachable

00:46:52.210 --> 00:47:03.539 Mira Brancu: and we are talking about the impact on becoming coachable with leadership, identity, development and what that means

00:47:03.740 --> 00:47:05.250 Mira Brancu: now?

00:47:06.840 --> 00:47:13.390 Mira Brancu: I'm thinking about what we were just talking about, the the timing of coaching.

00:47:13.890 --> 00:47:35.710 Mira Brancu: and you were starting to talk about there's an inflection point you have to be open to flourishing. And you gotta be a value Creator. And you started describing like, in what way can you be a value? Creator? One way is people pleasing? Right? But that is just value for others and not for you at all. Right.

00:47:35.780 --> 00:47:46.390 Mira Brancu: Then you also started sharing about striving and rising. Let's talk about those 2 areas. And how do you move from a striving

00:47:46.570 --> 00:47:51.869 Mira Brancu: or a rising leader to a flourishing? And why would you want to?

00:47:52.220 --> 00:48:14.329 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right. So if we think about this on the the classic 2 by 2 grid right with the X axis, that's the horizontal axis going from me on the left hand side to we on the right hand side and then on the vertical axis to the y-axis on the bottom. It's gonna be extractive. And on the top it's going to be expansive.

00:48:14.330 --> 00:48:32.779 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: So if we think about what's in that lower left-hand corner that would be striving. So the striver is really focused on trying to to do something for their own benefit. So this I would say, my early career. This was really a description of me.

00:48:32.780 --> 00:48:56.730 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I was someone who was really spinning my wheels. I was putting in all the hours. I was working really hard, trying to get recognition, but still couldn't quite figure out how to create real value in my organization. You know, still getting my feet under me and trying something new, didn't quite find the right fit within, you know, an initial role, and so still wouldn't go quite into that expansive category. It was still

00:48:56.730 --> 00:49:05.239 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: still somewhat extractive, and I was focused on myself. Let's be honest. Yeah. I mean, the risers are a lot of a lot of leaders that we would consider to be great leaders or risers.

00:49:05.410 --> 00:49:23.420 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know. They're they're creating more value for the company. Their their teams love them, you know. They're helping their team support. But you know. Fundamentally, their interest is their own personal success. And lots of people benefit around them from their own personal success. But but eventually

00:49:23.490 --> 00:49:30.680 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: putting yourself first feels like a huge limiting belief because you're never gonna expand beyond your beyond your

00:49:31.900 --> 00:49:33.660 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: your own user.

00:49:35.160 --> 00:49:54.069 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman:  other side, we start putting other people first not in a people pleasing way, but an expensive way. We're like, we're gonna all grow together. And like you were saying, like, I'm gonna let other people come up with the ideas. Even though I have this my hardest thing like, even though I have the best idea.

00:49:54.110 --> 00:50:06.029 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: it's still important to let other people have their best ideas, because very often their best ideas are better than mine, even more often, if their best idea

00:50:06.130 --> 00:50:15.680 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: is maybe not as good as mine sometimes as good. It's still important to let those ideas happen because they get nourishment and fulfillment from those ideas.

00:50:15.740 --> 00:50:26.430 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and you know you have to wonder like is my best idea so much better that it's worth diminishing this other person. and being open that way, creates the kind of expansion that we're really looking for.

00:50:27.320 --> 00:50:32.469 Mira Brancu: Yeah. And I would, rising later, go ahead.

00:50:32.720 --> 00:50:49.010 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: No, go ahead. Oh, another way to put this is the rising leader often views things as a competitive or 0 some way. And flourishing is really about this collaborative non 0 sum way of leading and that, I think, create is part of what unlock that magic?

00:50:49.310 --> 00:50:54.220 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Yeah. And I would guess that maybe the greatest

00:50:54.310 --> 00:50:59.579 Mira Brancu: trappings for ourselves. Is when we're a rising leader

00:50:59.700 --> 00:51:10.609 Mira Brancu: and others are rising with us, but as kind of like an ancillary. But like, we're not intentionally thinking about how to make that happen on a consistent basis.

00:51:10.660 --> 00:51:11.840 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Right.

00:51:11.930 --> 00:51:30.200 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: That is exactly how I would describe it as well. Yeah, I think I think to your point when you, when you're really focused on putting everybody else first. Not to the diminishment of yourself. But recognizing that we're we're trying to lift everybody. Lots of great expansive things happen.

00:51:30.630 --> 00:51:49.679 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And when you get used to doing that. Candidly, it feels great right if there's an ease to doing things, you have the support around you. People are are doing their things to the best of their ability, which I mean, let's face it. We we all know any team is going to outperform any individual

00:51:50.440 --> 00:52:10.640 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right? There's just there's just that much more capacity available. And that's, you know ultimately what leadership is all about. So you're famous leader with no followers is just a man taking a walk

00:52:10.960 --> 00:52:18.659 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: like followers are what it's all about, and engaging them and celebrating them and elevating them is the job of a leader.

00:52:18.910 --> 00:52:21.250 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: you know at the end of the day, I mean, what else is there?

00:52:21.490 --> 00:52:22.290 Mira Brancu: Yeah.

00:52:22.680 --> 00:52:32.089 Mira Brancu: absolutely absolutely. So. What is the one thing out of all of this good stuff here that you would like

00:52:32.120 --> 00:52:34.010 Mira Brancu: people to take away from today.

00:52:35.570 --> 00:52:36.340 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Hmm!

00:52:36.720 --> 00:52:57.970 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Guess I would encourage people to. If you are feeling a little bit resistant or disbelief is the feeling that rises up, maybe suspend that disbelief for a moment. Try. Just try taking the first step. Try being open to change which might lead you to being open to feedback and just seeing if you can engage in this process. And and if it doesn't.

00:52:58.020 --> 00:53:12.859 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: doesn't make at least a little bit of positive impact in your life. But I think that's that openness, that a little, that first step is part of what gets this flywheel turning and sets us all on our own journeys of growth and becoming.

00:53:13.140 --> 00:53:16.340 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: I think our biggest limitations are self limitations.

00:53:16.860 --> 00:53:26.349 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: right? The things that we think about ourselves. Even even the biggest things we think about ourselves are often the things that contain our our greatest growth and expansion.

00:53:26.500 --> 00:53:36.089 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And I think one of the great things that a coach can do. But you know, also, like good friends, is to let you know that what you're thinking is holding you back

00:53:36.890 --> 00:53:44.380 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: and help you. Let go of those things that you can really, you know, rise, rise into the expansion

00:53:44.610 --> 00:53:50.040 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: that is going to create a better world for all of us, you know. I mean, ultimately, each of us living our fullest self

00:53:50.200 --> 00:54:00.529 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: is the world we want to live in, and it sounds used to sound a little you know. Woo! Woo to me and now and now I've watched leaders experience it.

00:54:00.630 --> 00:54:10.419 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And I think this is the time that that leaders are going to lead us into the into the into the world we need to live in, and and I don't think we have a choice

00:54:10.660 --> 00:54:12.200 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: except to follow.

00:54:12.860 --> 00:54:21.029 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, we, I mean, these are the kinds of leaders that we need more than ever today as leaders who know how to create a

00:54:21.370 --> 00:54:29.079 Mira Brancu: an environment where everybody thrives and can think about that intentionally. And that takes a lot of

00:54:29.420 --> 00:54:30.479 Mira Brancu: personal work

00:54:31.200 --> 00:54:41.759 Mira Brancu: certainly does hard work people. Yeah, the hard skills. If people want to learn more about your work, where would they go?

00:54:42.910 --> 00:54:51.069 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: So you can find the 100 Coaches agency@agency.100 or 100 coaches

00:54:51.180 --> 00:54:59.209 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: There you go, or agency dot 100 coachescom. Both work you can also learn more about our book becoming coachable at becoming coachablecom.

00:54:59.400 --> 00:55:01.640 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: And it's also available on Amazon. Yeah.

00:55:01.860 --> 00:55:09.950 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: follow up on Linkedin, Jack and Lane. Scott. Osmond. Scott has a great weekly newsletter, full of awesome insights, if you like, some of that content.

00:55:10.460 --> 00:55:29.340 Mira Brancu: awesome, awesome, alright. So there are many insights we could pull out from today's conversation. They shared so much juicy stuff here. what did you take away from today? Audience? And, more importantly, what is one small change you can implement this week

00:55:29.470 --> 00:55:32.580 Mira Brancu: based on what you learned from Jaclyn and Scott.

00:55:32.870 --> 00:55:34.920 Mira Brancu: Share it with us on Linkedin.

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00:55:47.440 --> 00:55:54.879 Mira Brancu: is where I live. So I would like to see some information about what small change you're going to implement. Based on this there.

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00:56:13.630 --> 00:56:26.610 Mira Brancu: In this episode we discussed one of many aspects of developing the nuanced hard skills needed to make an exceptional leader who can drive significant systemic change to make real impact.

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00:56:52.300 --> 00:56:55.939 Mira Brancu: Thank you to talk radio. Nyc, I'm for hosting.

00:56:56.020 --> 00:57:10.660 Mira Brancu: I'm Dr. Mira Branku, your host of the hard skill show. I went all the way through this show without coughing. Go me. Thank you for joining us today. Jacqueline and Scott have a great rest of your day, wherever you're tuning in from.

00:57:10.970 --> 00:57:13.229 Jacquelyn Lane & Scott Osman: Great. Thank you so much.

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