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Thursday, November 9, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/09 - Money Manifestation Mindset

Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/09 - Money Manifestation Mindset


2023/11/09 - Money Manifestation Mindset

[NEW EPISODE] Money Manifestation Mindset


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bestselling International Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Hypnobirthing Instructor, Natasha Sharma. Natasha has adopted the nom de plume of N.S. Shakti in April of 2023, with the publication of her best-selling book - Brave Kids, and her next book is due to be launched in January 2024 entitled Love Initiation. Natasha’s passion is Money and Manifestation and the relationship to self-worth. Her mission is to have conversations about death, thereby normalizing it.

In Human Design, she is a 3/5 Mental Projector, created to be a vehicle of wisdom, a guide for the people who need her. Who are ready for her, who recognize her, and invite her into their lives simply for the words she has to share and the questions she will inevitably ask. For she perceives. Her given name ”Natasha” means resurrection, and true to form her spirit animal in this plane has manifested as the snake. Precious spirit of Eternal Earth and of Water. Divine, ancient, feminine powerful energy. Holding spaces to alter the Money & Manifestation Mindset and its connection to Self-Worth. Boldly embodying Shakti and stepping into that raw power – of the life force, kundalini energy and the ability to see and activate is her divine gift and purpose in the 3D world.

Tune in and join the conversation as Sam and Natasha discuss all about manifestation, life, and death!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam opens today's episode by reading a post from his blog titled, “Real freedom comes from listening to our heart.” With great excitement, Sam proceeds to introduce this week's guest; Clinical Hypnotherapist, Best Selling International Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Hypnobirthing Instructor, Natasha Sharma. She shares her views on alignment and her personal spiritual awakening, which was catalyzed by her mother’s untimely death. 

Segment 2

Following her spiritual awakening, she experienced a profound sense of isolation, as those around her failed to grasp the depth of spirituality. In this period of feeling lost and unmotivated, a transformative shift occurred when she became a published author. This significant achievement provided her with a newfound confidence, and to date, she has authored four books. During. She shares the pivotal moment when she officially started mentoring others. Discovering alignment has been instrumental in helping her articulate her thoughts. In her discussions, she delves into the intriguing realm of human design, explaining how she naturally gravitated towards this enlightening concept.

Segment 3

Natasha offers insights into the principles of manifestation and the profound influence of intention. The direction of your energy plays a pivotal role in determining your path. In conversation with Sam, Natasha explores the multifaceted aspects of Karma. Emphasizing the significance of nurturing the mind, body, and soul, they discuss the importance of operating from one's highest self. Natasha also touches upon the connection between death and work, shedding light on its impact on her professional journey.

Segment 4

Natasha is set to release her upcoming book, "Love and Initiation," a collaborative effort. During her presentation, she shares insights into the extensive process involved in crafting this work, particularly focusing on her chapter titled "Inner Wisdom Inner Critique." To delve deeper into Natasha's world, you can connect with her on Instagram at or @bodyspeak.n.


00:00:27.510 --> 00:00:48.659 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: good afternoon, my conscious pro Creator. Good morning. Good evening. Wherever you're tuning in from welcome to that conscious consult now, or awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you are all here with me today. We've got a wonderful show in store for you. I have a fascinating guest.

00:00:48.660 --> 00:01:01.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Who we'll bring on in a moment. I hope you had a chance to catch last week's show. it was. It was just a wonderful conversation. So III hope you caught it as well.

00:01:01.140 --> 00:01:17.949 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Next week just a reminder next week. Thursdays Thanksgiving. That means no new show next week, so we're gonna skip a week, and then the the December seventh, I believe, is the first Thursday in December. I'll I'll have a guest.

00:01:17.950 --> 00:01:37.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then I'll I'll or No. November thirtieth. No guest. Then I gave a guest, and then the last show with the year, December fourteenth. No guest unless someone amazing pops through and then, of course, as always, the last 2 weeks of the year, we go dark, cause I need a break.

00:01:38.050 --> 00:01:54.600 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So we've got a lot coming up all right. So let's get started. Before I bring my guest on. Of course, now you know I haven't been doing my quotes from my book every day awakening, so I'm just going back picking out in order from a couple of years ago.

00:01:55.010 --> 00:01:56.529 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: My blog posts

00:01:56.690 --> 00:01:59.850 and today's blog post is entitled.

00:02:00.050 --> 00:02:06.289 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The Other Side of the Heartbreak of loss is a new possibility.

00:02:07.210 --> 00:02:21.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Letting go can be hard. We get used to something or some one being in our life. their absence feels unnatural. as if there is now a hole in our life.

00:02:21.500 --> 00:02:32.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet when we focus on the absence we miss what is actually happening in our lives. which is making space for something or some one new to come in.

00:02:32.730 --> 00:02:37.719 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Life is a constant flow of beginnings and ending.

00:02:38.480 --> 00:02:49.720 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It is only when something has left that there is room for something new to come in. like a bookcase full of books. If there's no room for another book.

00:02:49.790 --> 00:02:52.109 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: how can we add it to our collection?

00:02:52.440 --> 00:02:58.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet if we give a book or 2 to a friend now we have room for another new book.

00:02:59.140 --> 00:03:02.030 It is the same with people in our lives.

00:03:02.170 --> 00:03:17.550 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We can only keep up a close friendship with so many people. It takes time and physical presence to create a strong connection. If our time is completely taken up with all of our existing friends.

00:03:17.560 --> 00:03:19.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: how can we make a new one.

00:03:19.860 --> 00:03:32.750 we will naturally spend less time with an old one. In order to make room for the new one who just entered our life. It is a necessary balancing of our internal and external resources.

00:03:32.960 --> 00:03:37.919 So, while we may feel the sting of some one's absence from our life.

00:03:38.320 --> 00:03:52.829 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it is also an opportunity. Now that we have some space, life can fill it up with something new and unexpected in that void is the potential of something greater to be born.

00:03:53.240 --> 00:04:01.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: such as leaving one's job to start a new business or moving out of one's home to change one's environment or town.

00:04:02.040 --> 00:04:05.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What possibilities await us

00:04:05.570 --> 00:04:09.210 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: in what we used to consider a whole

00:04:09.570 --> 00:04:23.889 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: life aboars a vacuum, and will eventually fill that void by keeping our hearts open to new possibilities. We leave more room for life to surprise us with something amazing.

00:04:24.530 --> 00:04:35.650 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Of course we will always grieve our losses. and when we feel our pain and we will feel our pain and our heartbreak.

00:04:36.410 --> 00:04:42.529 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet the other side of that heartbreak is something new and different.

00:04:43.220 --> 00:04:49.640 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Perhaps keeping our minds focused on that part will ease the feelings we are in.

00:04:50.550 --> 00:04:56.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do you have a loss in your life? That is an opportunity for something new to come in.

00:04:57.340 --> 00:05:02.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Can you move from the feeling of the loss to the feeling of new possibilities.

00:05:04.510 --> 00:05:16.180 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So actually, my wife inspired this blog post. because a very good friend of ours, who actually lives in our apartment building, or used to live in our apartment building just upstairs from us.

00:05:16.500 --> 00:05:21.449 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: had really become my wife's closest friend. She was also from China, like my wife.

00:05:22.410 --> 00:05:27.489 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but because of china closing up and her mum getting sick.

00:05:27.830 --> 00:05:40.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and she was concerned about not getting back to take care of her parents as soon as there was an opportunity she got. I don't know a letter. A special visa was able to go back to China, and has been there ever since.

00:05:42.650 --> 00:05:45.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it's been difficult for my wife, because

00:05:46.690 --> 00:05:52.569 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I know tons of people an extrovert. I collect people. I just love people.

00:05:52.950 --> 00:06:02.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: My wife is much more of an introvert. She doesn't have a lot of friends, but the friends she has are really close, really tight friendships for her.

00:06:04.050 --> 00:06:17.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So in a sense. She was kind of grieving the loss of her friend because her friend had been like her closest friend. And yes, they still keep in touch. They still talk on wechat and all kinds of things.

00:06:17.990 --> 00:06:20.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but it's just not quite the same

00:06:20.270 --> 00:06:35.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when someone's not close by. I mean, they used to bring food for each other. When one was sick, the other one would cook for them, you know, when when one would go out and see something she'd buy for the other one, and and we spent, you know, time together

00:06:36.500 --> 00:06:38.529 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so suddenly she's not there anymore.

00:06:40.010 --> 00:06:52.509 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And not only did she go back to China, but after a few months she rented out her apartment. which means she's not coming back anytime soon. So there was some grief there. There was some loss.

00:06:55.160 --> 00:06:58.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it stings it hurts.

00:06:59.860 --> 00:07:05.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But as my wife processed it, and we spoke about it and we reflected on it.

00:07:06.910 --> 00:07:09.259 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we kinda saw that.

00:07:11.260 --> 00:07:16.960 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And this is one of the things that she came up with was that. you know, when.

00:07:18.060 --> 00:07:20.239 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when everything is so full.

00:07:20.320 --> 00:07:33.109 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know my wife gets on my case all the time, because I'm more of a order than she is like. I love to keep things like I have T-shirts that are. I've had since college right, and they're like all falling apart stuff she's like, get rid of it, I'm like, no, it's an emotional attachment.

00:07:34.180 --> 00:07:48.129 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but she's very good at like letting go of stuff, you know. Look, you gotta make room for new things, you know. Why don't you let go of it so you can get something new. And and you know she she lovingly teases me about it, and we joke about it.

00:07:48.550 --> 00:07:59.099 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But really there's a lot of wisdom. And just that idea. We tend to want to keep every one and everything in our lives.

00:08:00.260 --> 00:08:07.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But when we do that our life gets filled up with the things we have, and then there's no room for something new to come in.

00:08:10.000 --> 00:08:23.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so when we let something go, when some one leaves our life. or if we leave a job, or we change our business, or we move, or whatever it is.

00:08:24.210 --> 00:08:31.829 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: whenever there's some kind of big change that suddenly something that was in our life before we were used to having in our lives

00:08:32.130 --> 00:08:37.409 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: is now no longer in our life. There's a sense of loss.

00:08:38.950 --> 00:08:46.939 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, for men. Our on so much of our identity is tied up in our job, what we do and and how we earn a living.

00:08:47.660 --> 00:08:52.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know I have a friend who his whole department got laid off

00:08:52.400 --> 00:09:05.339 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a few months ago. and and he still hasn't found a new gig. And and he he texted me the other day, saying he feels kind of lost, I mean, you know, not just lost cause of the job. Other things, too. But

00:09:06.070 --> 00:09:12.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, men, when we lose the way we earn a living, we feel loss

00:09:12.450 --> 00:09:23.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for women. It's more usually about that primary relationship. When when when a friend's husband dies, or or a long term partner passes or leaves.

00:09:24.150 --> 00:09:30.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: As a woman you feel uncertain. You don't know what to do. It's it's hard.

00:09:32.140 --> 00:09:33.859 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know. I get all that.

00:09:36.330 --> 00:09:48.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And look when when we lose someone or something. We grieve that loss. It's a natural part of the process. If we don't grieve, then we're not

00:09:49.730 --> 00:09:59.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: truly being present to our pain in our emotions. and that energy will get stuffed down. and it'll come out at a later time.

00:10:00.130 --> 00:10:05.660 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So yes, it is normal and natural to grieve the loss.

00:10:07.230 --> 00:10:09.840 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Once we finish grieving.

00:10:11.020 --> 00:10:14.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: then it's time to so move forward

00:10:15.270 --> 00:10:21.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: because that loss is an opportunity. It's a it's a hole in our lives.

00:10:22.720 --> 00:10:35.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and life will just not leave it there. Life will fill it up with something else. And who knows what that something else is? Maybe something better.

00:10:35.780 --> 00:10:41.640 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: maybe something closer. you know, if you've lost a dear friend.

00:10:41.860 --> 00:10:46.700 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: maybe there's a new friendship that you'll develop that'll last the rest of your life.

00:10:47.790 --> 00:10:49.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or if it's something that

00:10:49.750 --> 00:11:01.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, like a job, or a business or a place. Maybe you love your house or your apartment, and and you have to move because of something, and maybe you'll find the new place that you move to

00:11:01.270 --> 00:11:05.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: feeds your soul even more. And I know a lot of people

00:11:06.510 --> 00:11:14.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: who've left New York city during the last 3 years, and have moved to all kinds of places. I mean a ton down to Florida, but out to the West coast

00:11:15.750 --> 00:11:26.569 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to places like Colorado and Arizona. and you know, when I talk to people who leave, they all say the same thing like they miss New York. They miss the stuff they had here.

00:11:27.250 --> 00:11:34.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But they so appreciate the new place. They are the nature, the the beauty, the space.

00:11:37.400 --> 00:11:43.339 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So yeah, when we lose something, do we grieve? Do we feel it absolutely.

00:11:45.060 --> 00:11:47.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and when all is said and done.

00:11:48.530 --> 00:11:52.739 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: then we look around and we see what we see, what's still there.

00:11:53.020 --> 00:11:54.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what we have.

00:11:58.010 --> 00:12:06.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So I understand that loss is heart breaking. loss can feel devastating.

00:12:11.160 --> 00:12:15.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it's not the end. And it and it's not the.

00:12:16.990 --> 00:12:22.569 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And it's not the final thing. There's more to life. There's more coming our way.

00:12:23.640 --> 00:12:25.019 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: As a matter of fact.

00:12:25.250 --> 00:12:31.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: A former guest who I once had on my show a couple a few years ago, John D. Martini.

00:12:31.900 --> 00:12:38.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: He has a wonderful process called the breakthrough experience. That's a wonderful

00:12:40.230 --> 00:12:42.259 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: healing process, I guess.

00:12:43.450 --> 00:12:54.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for us to see when there's some loss, how the energy balances out with something else. So I highly recommend that if anyone is going through some loss.

00:12:56.140 --> 00:13:00.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but that's just a part of life. The more we live, the more things change.

00:13:00.950 --> 00:13:06.789 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and if anything, I see it more and more. Life is changing greater and faster

00:13:06.830 --> 00:13:08.230 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: than ever before.

00:13:10.180 --> 00:13:35.570 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that's my blog post entitled The Other Side of the Heartbreak of Loss, is a new possibility, and if you liked what I read and you'd like to read more my blogs. There's a ton of them on the talk radio website. Just go to talk radio, dot, NYC. Slash blog, or just, you know, go to talk radio, dot, NYC and click on the menu option that says Blog. And

00:13:35.570 --> 00:13:51.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know there's years literally years worth of my blog up there. So I hope you'll you'll take the time to explore and let me know. You know, if there's a particular blog post you like. Let me know what and why do you like it? It'll help me out

00:13:52.810 --> 00:14:11.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: alright. I don't have too much time before a break, but I definitely wanna introduce to you my guest, before we go to break. So this week it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to the show artistic development speaker, producer, coach, and trauma informed psychedelic integration specialist.

00:14:11.040 --> 00:14:12.889 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Emelina Petago

00:14:12.920 --> 00:14:38.669 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Emelina entered the New York City art scene, producing an international theatre festival working with artists from around the world hungry to get their art into theatre, into the theatre capital of the world. Emelina went on to work at the Tribeca International Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, the the CMJ. Music Festival, and even the World Science Festival

00:14:38.970 --> 00:15:01.129 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: as a tour and stage manager. Emilina toured theaters Arenas and schools across the Us. Working with artists from all different artistic disciplines. Emilina assisted a 5 time, Tony Award winning producer, Stuart F. Lane, on 4 Broadway productions, including the Broadway to off Broadway transfer of the 39 steps.

00:15:01.540 --> 00:15:18.529 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: After launching the show goes on in 2011 her work began to focus on emerging trends in entertainment. There she found herself stuck inside a self-perpetuating system of exploitation, exploitation, witnessing many artists losing the fight.

00:15:18.700 --> 00:15:37.389 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: She would have been lost, too, if it were not for an excursion to an Ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian mountains. Upon her return she found a solution, she feels belongs to the world, a paradigm shift that starts one artist at a time. She calls it the Sustainability Cycle

00:15:38.200 --> 00:15:56.739 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: she Co. Founded Arts Lab and Incubator program that cultivates arts, meets Biz, and served on the board of the Conscious Capitalism, New York City Chapter. Her work helped build arts programming within the Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Chelsea. Chamber of commerce.

00:15:56.950 --> 00:16:00.510 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It's a mouthful welcome to the conscious consulting hour, Emelina.

00:16:00.610 --> 00:16:26.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thank you so much, Sam. It's like it's lovely to be here, and I very much enjoyed your blog post on grief. I think it's very timely so thank you for sharing that. Oh, you're so welcome! You're so welcome, by the way, and looking at all this. It just made me realize I have a good friend of mine out in Salt Lake City who's creating a new business called No more starving artists about connecting artists with businesses. So after the show remind me, I have to connect you with him

00:16:27.080 --> 00:16:35.849 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so little bit over time. So let let's go to break, and when we come back I'd like to ask you like, how did you get into all of this?

00:16:35.870 --> 00:16:49.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know. What has your journey been like? What brought you down to to the Peruvian mountains for that retreat? Because I've had on a number of psychedelic therapists over the last few weeks, and and then we'll take it from there. Okay, Emily.

00:16:49.060 --> 00:17:08.740 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sounds good. Thanks, Sam awesome. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to that conscious, consultant hour awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to one Pm. Eastern time, right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and all over social media, and we will be right back with our guest. Emelina

00:17:08.740 --> 00:17:10.909 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Pedigo, in just a moment.

00:18:57.780 --> 00:19:01.210 and you

00:19:19.850 --> 00:19:43.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious, consulting our awakening humanity. So, Emelina, II have a million one questions for you. But but let's just start with your journey a little bit did you go to school for arts, or or like, how did you get into the just the whole art world? Was it something like you knew from the time you were little girl, you painting murals on your bedroom walls, or anything.

00:19:43.780 --> 00:19:58.050 Emileena Pedigo: You know I've been very passionate, and I think artists are very passionate about what they do. So in that regard. Yes, always, since a little girl I did with a friend in elementary school, we would re enact and movies we loved. So I guess

00:19:58.060 --> 00:20:13.040 Emileena Pedigo: there was always a little theatrical element to me. And I did go to school for theater. I was in theater conservatory, and then, of course, that brought me to New York, because I also have an entrepreneur in me. You know, I grew up in the Bay area during the dotcom boom

00:20:13.130 --> 00:20:34.929 Emileena Pedigo: Silicon Valley, the heart of Silicon Valley. So I watched Google, yeah, actually go. I was, I left before Google, launched actually. But you know, and Facebook. But boom was happening. Yeah, right around the time that I left. So yeah. And Apple was still there. Apple was still doing its thing and

00:20:35.430 --> 00:21:03.030 Emileena Pedigo: and Matt and Macintosh, not Macintosh. What was Ibm actually, Ibm back then? Yeah, I'm gonna date myself. But yeah, it was definitely, you know, I had friends who were in call, just, you know, 21 who were you know, creating some kind of dotcom and making a ton of money. So it kind of felt like this was like in the mid to late nineties where it kind of felt like, you know, the world was our oyster. So yeah, I think that definitely framed my kind of business mindset.

00:21:03.080 --> 00:21:25.400 Emileena Pedigo: which which I kind of just assumed, applied to the arts as well. I thought we could all do whatever we wanted, so you know, and then, when I by the time I got to New York after I got my degree. Yeah, it was a little bit of a rude awakening that it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I couldn't just start something and and make it happen overnight when it came to arts. You know, there was a lot more barriers like for artists.

00:21:26.000 --> 00:21:29.530 Emileena Pedigo: So yeah, I think that's kind of my early journey.

00:21:29.820 --> 00:21:32.640 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then you know,

00:21:32.680 --> 00:21:39.119 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and what's the show? The show goes on that you formed in 2011. What's that all about?

00:21:39.190 --> 00:21:46.989 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah. So that was really so. I had moved to New York to manage an international theater festival. And so I was still kind of

00:21:47.090 --> 00:22:06.280 Emileena Pedigo: you know, and in hindsight I probably did not realize how good I had it, because I basically, you know John shattered in. God bless him! It was his festival. And he basically would. We would sit around. We would go out to lunch and just talk ideas. He was very much an entrepreneur as well. He called himself a theatrical entrepreneur, and we would come up with ideas, and he would just fund it

00:22:06.290 --> 00:22:22.660 Emileena Pedigo: so I and then it was my job to implement it. So maybe a little disconnect from for me about like getting the money. That part was probably missing because he would just kind of fund everything, you know. We would obviously come up with budgets and figure out ways to make the money back.

00:22:22.750 --> 00:22:29.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But I was not the one coming up with the money, so so usually one of the hardest parts.

00:22:29.810 --> 00:22:53.230 Emileena Pedigo: Exactly. I kind of skipped over that part. So it was an interesting early beginning again, though I had this mindset of I could just do anything, you know, and I did grow the festival with alongside, John. You know we when I first moved to New York there was only 3 venues, and and maybe like 20 shows, and actually might have only been 2 venues, and I helped him grow it to 7 venues and over 60 shows. So

00:22:53.430 --> 00:23:01.010 we, you know, we that we really expanded that festival, and that was such an exciting time for me. It was very fruitful and very creative. And

00:23:01.180 --> 00:23:06.979 Emileena Pedigo: and then I left. Oh, yeah, the question that was about show goes on. So I left to kind of

00:23:07.080 --> 00:23:22.419 Emileena Pedigo: to to to to start my own journey right cause this was always under John, and and eventually, you know John kind of had his ideas of where he wanted to take things, and I had my own ideas. So I II reached I resigned mitf. You know II send out a press release.

00:23:22.770 --> 00:23:32.300 and then I launched the show goes on, which was really my own business to kind of to produce my own events and theater. I started with the show

00:23:32.320 --> 00:23:45.309 Emileena Pedigo: and the idea was to keep it going on. You know, the show goes on. And and actually that name is very appropriate, because, as I have changed, and as my pursuits have changed, I mean, I was still very

00:23:45.310 --> 00:24:10.140 Emileena Pedigo: well. Actually, whenever, on the time that I launched the show goes on I was specifically interested in marrying kind of the music and theater industries which, starting to happen, it was around the time of Rock of Ages, and I had seen the toxic adventure which was written by, You know, David Bryan, the Bassist of Bon Jovi and Memphis came out like a couple of years later. He wrote that, too, and I was just really inspired by these rock musicals and

00:24:10.140 --> 00:24:20.440 Emileena Pedigo: and and kind of my dream at the time was to really create a venue that was dedicated to development for these kind of non-traditional concepts.

00:24:20.520 --> 00:24:42.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Which you know now music and theater go together. Very well. So that's now. But at the time that's really where I was interested. But as I've kind of changed my passions and pursuits. The show goes on, has been very appropriate for that. So yeah, exactly

00:24:42.220 --> 00:25:07.089 Emileena Pedigo: so in your bio. It says you got stuck inside a self perpetuating system of exploitation. What do you mean by that? Wh? What do you mean by exploitation and a self perpetuating system? Yeah, well, you know, it's interesting, because actually, it ties in a little bit with this your blog and the concept of grief. Because I think there's just not in this system, especially in New York City.

00:25:07.090 --> 00:25:30.249 Emileena Pedigo: It's go, go, go, go, go! Go! You know which is what drew me there actually cause I was go! Go! Go, you know, and everyone has their side hustle, you know. For me it was like 5 side hustles, you know, and all businesses and everything was going. And so it's when you are. And then also there's living and surviving in New York City. Hustle in and of itself, you know. So there's you. You kind of. It's very

00:25:30.560 --> 00:25:33.430 Emileena Pedigo: quick to go into like survival mode.

00:25:33.520 --> 00:25:55.630 Emileena Pedigo: right? And I think nowadays that's a kind of a common we get that we get that means. But certainly when I was doing it I didn't know what that meant. I didn't know that I was. Think I wasn't thinking from a place of like like what your show is all about. From like a holistic, conscious place. I was thinking I was making business decisions and even artistic decisions from really this

00:25:55.630 --> 00:26:04.639 Emileena Pedigo: survival this place of survival. So it's when you're in that state. It's really easy to be exploited to get exploited right? Because you're kind of desktop

00:26:04.950 --> 00:26:23.700 Emileena Pedigo: like, you know, a lot of the artists I was around was like, you know, if you don't come to the show, I don't know when I'm gonna be able to do another one. So please, you have to make this show, you know, shows, like my. This is my opportunity to show the world what I have, you know, and that stakes are so high for artists, because we're also passionate, you know, and I think

00:26:23.880 --> 00:26:34.119 Emileena Pedigo: part of the artist mentality. Like as I define it in a book I'm writing about. Artist development is is, you have to. You know, we create from a place of vulnerability.

00:26:34.180 --> 00:27:02.650 Emileena Pedigo: So that makes artists particularly vulnerable because we're in this place of creativity. And so when these opportunities come to to produce your show or to, you know, to get your work seen again. We're very quick to take that opportunity, because it feels like it may be the only opportunity we ever get. And so these are the kinds of decisions that I could see. I mean, I was making these decisions. But what really hit me was when I could see other people making these decisions.

00:27:02.830 --> 00:27:23.700 Emileena Pedigo: you know, like I knew this musician once who who really he was like. He was also a personal trainer, which is, blows my mind. But he believed he was consciously like skipping meals so that he could save money to get into the studio, and I was like, but you know how bad that is for your body. And he's like, Yeah, but once I get the album made, you know, once the song comes out, then I can be healthy.

00:27:23.860 --> 00:27:25.870 Emileena Pedigo: you know. And so that was just

00:27:26.040 --> 00:27:51.800 Emileena Pedigo: really heartbreaking to see, you know. And also I'm definitely an empath which I've learned the hard way. So I'm taking on. You know this like exploitation. I mean, people are doing it to themselves, you know, let alone the fact that as soon as you get signed to a label, or as soon as you get into a contract with somebody, or you sign a lease for a theater for a show. You know you are basically at that person's will. So I definitely

00:27:51.910 --> 00:27:53.570 had some.

00:27:53.610 --> 00:28:14.239 Emileena Pedigo: You know, business deals go wrong where I kind of just got screwed over. And you know. And this happens in the theater, too, you know, and it's the artists. In fact, I know this one person who was like the theater owner said, well, if you wanna hire a lawyer to sue me to get your money back, you can do that, but I know that you can't afford that lawyer so

00:28:14.240 --> 00:28:25.550 Emileena Pedigo: sorry. You're just out of the money, you know. So there's constantly things like happening like that, where people are just getting screwed over and where it was just too much for my little heart. So yeah, that's kind of what just

00:28:25.550 --> 00:28:34.310 Emileena Pedigo: kept people, you know, and also seen people leave, you know, come to New York and leave and come and leave and make the same mistakes. And

00:28:34.700 --> 00:28:50.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you you ever hear the old joker? 2 people meet in line at the post office, and one gentleman says the other, oh, what do you do? And gentlemen says, Oh, I'm an actor, and he's like, Oh, what restaurant do you work at? Exactly which even that in some ways for me is like

00:28:50.870 --> 00:29:00.229 Emileena Pedigo: is is part of the problem, you know. Cause I think that's also free where I started to detach because it was like, it's not just the artists it's this mentality of well, you must be

00:29:00.490 --> 00:29:30.299 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: part of the show. So

00:29:31.010 --> 00:29:36.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: let's do this. I'll take that break. We'll come back. And then I want to hear all about that. Okay, Emily.

00:29:37.040 --> 00:29:48.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Awesome. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. Please stay with us. We'll be right back with our guest, Emily Pettigo, in just a moment.

00:30:48.030 --> 00:30:48.870 the

00:31:31.930 --> 00:31:32.600 Okay.

00:31:52.960 --> 00:31:54.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back.

00:31:55.010 --> 00:32:01.489 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  so, Emelina, I mean, it sounds like you were in a very intense situation.

00:32:02.180 --> 00:32:08.079 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How did you end up going down to do? Ayahuasca? What year was that, by the way?

00:32:08.140 --> 00:32:19.679 Emileena Pedigo: Oh, wow! That was quite a while ago lot of people discovered it. Yeah, I feel like, I mean, there was certainly some celebrities, I think, like Sting had done it.

00:32:19.820 --> 00:32:22.679 Emileena Pedigo: But yeah, it was definitely not commonplace.

00:32:23.310 --> 00:32:24.990 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So how'd you end up down there?

00:32:25.050 --> 00:32:40.389 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah. Well, you know I was II kind of feel like it is a little bit of the New York stereotype in some ways, like I just was so jaded. I felt like I'd seen everything, and I felt, you know, and I kind of just kept

00:32:40.690 --> 00:33:08.640 Emileena Pedigo: you know, trying. And I also big ideas. I'm a big ideas girl, so you know, like I wanted this venue that I was helping on building. I wanted to build in ideally Times Square. I just wanted to build this giant venue in Times Square, you know little all Emily from California, from the Bay Area, you know. So I had these really big ideas. And I was meeting with, you know, some really big people. I was getting in the rooms with these people and a pitch. I was making pitches, and to some big investors and

00:33:08.790 --> 00:33:14.479 Emileena Pedigo: and so you know, it just it just got to the point where I felt like I was just

00:33:14.790 --> 00:33:39.229 Emileena Pedigo: doing the same thing over and over again. I definitely got like I said, got kind of got screwed over on some small ventures I had, so I was running out of money. I was. I was not. I was probably not spending enough time raising money for those of you who are looking for the part of it. I was more my. My approach was more about like making like to lower my expenses so I could pay

00:33:39.230 --> 00:33:55.539 Emileena Pedigo: for my own. It was my art, my my business ventures were my art. So I was producing shows for artists spending all my own money. So I was slowly running out of money. I wasn't moving as fast as I would have liked to move. And you know, a lot of people were like.

00:33:55.540 --> 00:34:09.509 Emileena Pedigo: well, you have to. Let's you need a proof of concept before you. We can see your big thing. But the problem was is that I wanted to build from the ground up. And so I was like, how do you show a proof of concept without the funding to be able to do that. So anyways.

00:34:09.679 --> 00:34:21.439 Emileena Pedigo: Well, I will say, though actually, because I think this is interesting in terms of the business side of things is, I did take out a 10,000 loan. This was probably around 2,013. So was it 10,000? I think it was 10,000.

00:34:21.650 --> 00:34:32.929 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah, I think it was 10,000. So 10,000 back then went a little bit further than it does now. But I took out a loan to rent, a venue to shoot one night of basically what I wanted to do in my big venue.

00:34:32.949 --> 00:35:00.479 Emileena Pedigo: and what I found was I couldn't. I couldn't find a venue. That's the whole reason why I wanted to build right that I could afford to produce an event for $10,000. So one of the venues I found, said, in New York City. It's probably still there anymore. It was the Edison ballroom. They wanted me to. They wanted cater, they said, for the catering, and itself is $10,000 just to do the catering. And I said, Oh, I don't need any food, I and they said, That's fine, but you still have to pay for it. I was like.

00:35:00.630 --> 00:35:10.100 Emileena Pedigo: you know. So it's like things like that, you know, that is like these business. This is also what led me eventually to kind of start. Arts means business, too, because a lot of these like business ideas

00:35:10.100 --> 00:35:33.710 Emileena Pedigo: don't make sense. And so many people are just like, Okay, well, that's just how it is, you know. And and I'm like, Well, that's not how it should be. So. Anyways, I was just kinda I felt like I was getting bombarded by a lot of these things. That's just the way that it is that didn't make sense. And and honestly, I didn't really wanna be a part of that. You know. I didn't want to support that. So I just got really jaded and was running out of money, if not, probably was out

00:35:33.710 --> 00:35:58.879 Emileena Pedigo: and I remember at a at a friend's giving somewhere at a restaurant in New York. A friend's friends. Husband was sitting there, and he's like, you know, I've been reading about this thing called Ayahuasca cause I was talking about how jaded I wasn't, how detached I was from life. Really, you know, like I was, I was so numb I just really didn't like care about anything, and that was very apparent.

00:35:58.880 --> 00:36:08.550 Emileena Pedigo: So, anyway, see? So he mentioned ayahuasca, and he said he's been reading about it. He said it was his understanding was that it was like 20 years of therapy in 5 h, and I was like, Hmm!

00:36:09.350 --> 00:36:37.090 Emileena Pedigo: That sounds very efficient, you know. So that it drew me to it, and he was, you know he's talking of. He talked about. He said he would never. He himself wouldn't do it. He didn't feel like it was something he could do, but that for people who were really disillusioned like I was that it was kind of the perfect thing. So I went home. I did not do very much research, but I found I did. Honestly, I didn't really care. I was like something that, like.

00:36:37.750 --> 00:36:53.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, my whole family was like, Don't do, it's got. It's got Dmt. In it, you know. It's a drug, and you want to go to Peru to do that, you know by yourself. And I was like, Yeah, I said, Well, somebody come with me if they want, but nobody wanted to go do it. So

00:36:53.010 --> 00:37:11.559 Emileena Pedigo: So I was. I was okay with what happened, because I was like, first of all, in my jaded mind, bitter and jaded. That's New York, right? I was like it can't be worse than what I've all this exploitation that's already happening, you know, like I'd rather go be exploited in on the mountains of Peru than in a concrete jungle. So

00:37:11.570 --> 00:37:13.779 Emileena Pedigo: so yeah, I on the on the

00:37:14.050 --> 00:37:28.550 Emileena Pedigo: I just researched. II did find in my research. I found one person who had died from like a a what they call, and they call him like a street shaman. So I was like, Okay, I can't go to the street shamans. So I found a retreat that on the homepage was a picture of the Dalai Lama, and I was like great

00:37:28.650 --> 00:37:30.050 done. This is.

00:37:30.090 --> 00:37:33.930 Emileena Pedigo: Oh, my gosh, yeah, there goes my light

00:37:33.930 --> 00:38:00.570 Emileena Pedigo: interesting but anyway, so I was like, that's good. That's good enough for me. If it's good enough for the Dalai Lama. Then it's definitely good enough for me. So I I went down there, and it really did change my life. It was, you know, my mom, like there is no cure all. And it ended up being basically a cure. All I think II did die, the shaman said, right before we went into the ceremony, said, You know, be prepared. You gotta be prepared to die. Be okay with dying, you know

00:38:00.680 --> 00:38:25.359 Emileena Pedigo: we there was a nurse on hand, and so you let yourself die. And honestly, I was okay with that, because I didn't like the world I was living in, you know. So I was just in such the right place for. And I really do believe that I did die. You know big part of me died, and I was reborn. And yeah, it was you know, I could just see.

00:38:26.140 --> 00:38:38.530 Emileena Pedigo: I could see. You know, I definitely developed a relationship with the Earth in a way that I didn't have before, and and that felt very comforting because it's not like the earth doesn't exploit us, you know. We don't get exploited by the earth.

00:38:38.680 --> 00:38:44.830 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so felt it felt really, yeah, it was like a homecoming, I guess.

00:38:45.080 --> 00:38:50.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so oh, and how many ceremonies did you do when you were down there?

00:38:50.240 --> 00:38:52.820 Emileena Pedigo: Only 2, you know, and it was.

00:38:52.950 --> 00:39:15.570 Emileena Pedigo: It was really interesting, because one of the things was I wrote in my journal, you know, that I just felt so like blocked. I felt like there was a big these blocks in my life, and I didn't know how to move forward. And then, on the first day I arrived there was a tree they were driving us up to, you know. They picked me up at my hotel in Cusco and they drove us up to the retreat, and there was a tree that had fallen on the road, and the road was literally blocked, and this was

00:39:15.640 --> 00:39:43.100 Emileena Pedigo: in Peru, where they can't just bring up, you know, something to move the tree. So they had to drive me back to the hotel, and I was like, Oh, my God, I'm so blocked! I'm literally blocked, you know. So I actually missed out on a full day at the Retreat, which I was really bummed about. So I only got 2 ceremonies and and the first one nothing real, you know. They say that you you know you got you got to let go. You gotta let it happen. And I think I probably was still maybe fighting it a little bit.

00:39:43.160 --> 00:39:48.469 and that first one. So it wasn't really until the second one that I felt like I was able to let

00:39:48.550 --> 00:40:02.870 Emileena Pedigo: whether I was to hold me, you know, and and really give into that. So so really, you know, like, just to share my, that's all it took for me, you know. Some I would love to do it again, though I'm actually been thinking about maybe doing it again.

00:40:02.990 --> 00:40:10.580 Emileena Pedigo: but you know II kind of all that was all I could afford to at the time. You know it's twice as expensive now, and the whole thing I put on credit.

00:40:10.690 --> 00:40:15.239 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Hmm! What happened when he came back?

00:40:16.020 --> 00:40:40.870 Emileena Pedigo: Well, my first experience, because II never used the word concrete jungle before. So it was the first time that I literally felt that I felt the energy, you know, because again I'm an empath. So I felt the energy of the concrete in a way that I had not felt, and just getting on the subway from the host from the airport. On getting back from Peru all of a sudden. There are these angry people, you know. It's the survival mode of New York City.

00:40:40.870 --> 00:40:46.899 Emileena Pedigo: and there's people kind of yelling at each other and kind of doing their thing, and I was like I felt so.

00:40:46.900 --> 00:41:06.320 Emileena Pedigo: It was intense cause. I was also so open and so love my my biggest like. Take away! Was love, is always the answer, you know. So I was full of love. And then there's these people who are very kind of violent. So that was a little jarring, but but there was something about, and and a little disconnecting, because, pre Peru.

00:41:06.340 --> 00:41:18.559 Emileena Pedigo: I adm I kind of admired that cause. It was people kind of standing up. It was very New York, you know, and you kind of get respected when you yell at people. So you know, that's always something that I kind of resonated with. So you know I was

00:41:18.660 --> 00:41:31.490 Emileena Pedigo: that felt a little weird, and then walking down the street to get to my home, you know, and feeling the energy of the concrete, felt very weird. Luckily I lived near Central Park, so I walked over to Central Park, and I could get some nature

00:41:31.660 --> 00:41:35.999 Emileena Pedigo: but I actually ended up in the emergency room that first night because I had

00:41:36.000 --> 00:41:54.509 Emileena Pedigo: I had the first panic attack I'd ever had, and I didn't know what a panic attack was again. This was. I know it's like it's not even that long ago. But you know mental health has become a thing that we talk about now. People didn't talk about it, you know, in 2,015 at least not in my world, so I didn't know what a panic attack was. I couldn't breathe.

00:41:54.510 --> 00:42:07.539 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it was just I just freaked out, and all I, you know my family also did is very square. I guess you could say you were like you have to call call the you know, in hindsight. I probably shouldn't have called but I called

00:42:07.560 --> 00:42:36.680 Emileena Pedigo: 9 1 one. They they brought like an ambulance, and they cause I all I said was, I just did. Dmt, basically cause they didn't know what I lost was. So I said, it's basically Dmt, so II never really done drugs before this. So I was. You know my family was like, oh, there's it's probably something in the Dmt. You know. So they ended up taking me to the hospital, and you know, as soon as I could breathe I just couldn't breathe, that's all. So calmed down and could breathe. I was fine

00:42:38.900 --> 00:42:45.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah. And so that was an interesting experience

00:42:46.120 --> 00:43:00.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like, then how did you just show up like, what was life like for you once you were back and you're having to deal with some of the stuff that you dealt with before that you, you know. Maybe we're running away from before, but now you're back home, and you have to deal with it.

00:43:00.250 --> 00:43:10.080 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah, yeah, well, that's why I started doing integration. Because I think that's that's what I needed was integration. But integration wasn't the thing, you know. So

00:43:10.510 --> 00:43:28.910 Emileena Pedigo: My! My kind of approach was to just not do anything like I kind of let go of everything. I kind of stopped showing up. I just was attending to my body. My care, I was allowing that space like I was saying with when you were talking about grief. And I think right now, grief is so

00:43:28.940 --> 00:43:41.890 Emileena Pedigo: present in everyone's lives because of. And we don't tend to allow space for the grief we're like. How solution. You know, how do we get out of this instead of stopping and just allowing space to grieve?

00:43:41.920 --> 00:43:47.649 Emileena Pedigo: So I think that's what I did. I did basically absolutely nothing for a few months. And

00:43:47.770 --> 00:44:02.509 Emileena Pedigo: I mean, I must have been working. I don't even remember how I oh, I was actually, I think I was doing. Airbnb, that was how I was making money also, before Airbnb kind of became big crunch down on that. But yeah, so I mean, I somehow I was making money because I didn't have a lot of money, but

00:44:02.620 --> 00:44:17.020 Emileena Pedigo: but I was not trying to do anything big, you know that I was just like grieving. I think I was grieving and trying to find and listen to myself, because that's what I was bombarded by New York. You know I spent a lot of time in the park.

00:44:17.820 --> 00:44:25.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and was trying to listen to myself instead of everybody else around me, telling me what I should be doing right. Alright wonderful!

00:44:25.610 --> 00:44:34.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Well, I know there's a lot more on the integration side of that. I'd like to get into that, but we don't have that much more time. We gotta take our last break of the show. So when we come back.

00:44:35.320 --> 00:44:48.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: let's just kind of talk about like, like, briefly, just what you switched and change. Then coming back, having these new realizations. And then where are you today? And what's going on now? Okay.

00:44:49.280 --> 00:45:00.489 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: awesome. So everyone. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious, consultant hour weakening humanity, and we'll be right back to wrap it all up with our guest. Emmelina Pettigo. In just a moment

00:47:07.530 --> 00:47:16.410 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so, Emelina. how did this experience affect what you were doing and and and how you're doing things. Now.

00:47:16.790 --> 00:47:30.469 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah, okay. I also wanted to say, because this time went by so fast that you know, I really, if there were shows like yours happening at the time, you know, I maybe I wouldn't be needed to go in the first place. So I just want to thank you for what you do.

00:47:30.840 --> 00:47:53.490 Emileena Pedigo: and and kind of highlight. How important shows like yours are, and I think you really are contributing to kind of this great awakening. So thank you for that. And so, in terms of my work, I think II started to awaken. Actually, you know, that's exactly what's happening. So I started my work turned to more holistic things. You know, I started working with individual artists instead of producing shows. I was.

00:47:53.620 --> 00:48:03.269 Emileena Pedigo: II like was producing showcases, I guess you could say, but it was very. I would. They weren't like these elaborate productions that I was doing before I was just doing like

00:48:03.570 --> 00:48:24.250 Emileena Pedigo:  I just call them showcases like with musicians. Mostly. I also kind of did more kind of gave up theater and started just doing working with more singer songwriters and and then, you know, because I was II started studying artists development cause. I think that's what was happening with me, too. I was realizing that my art, what was happening in terms of my art, you know.

00:48:24.250 --> 00:48:35.470 Emileena Pedigo: and creativity. And so that's why I decided I would love to work with artists specifically who, you know, who like an integration. Because and it's not just for me. It's not just integration from these

00:48:35.470 --> 00:49:01.709 Emileena Pedigo: psychedelic experiences. It's also integration from maybe being exploited, you know. Maybe like having to survive New York City. Or you know, it's like exploit. You know, exploitation needs integration. You need to integrate that, you know, or just integrating your creativity into like a world that doesn't recognize it and wants to authorize you for your differences, you know. So that's the kind of integration work that I got really interested in.

00:49:01.950 --> 00:49:18.119 Emileena Pedigo: And you know, II moved to Hawaii. So I live in Hawaii now. Big change for me. II needed to kind of get away from New York for a while. I'm on a wahoo right now I'm trying to work my way over to the big island. I think I'm drawn to

00:49:18.580 --> 00:49:21.199 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the fire of Pele.

00:49:22.700 --> 00:49:49.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah. So I just I got more interested in artist development work. And so that's what I'm really writing that about how we how we tend to our creativity. Basic right? Right? Yeah, cause integration. It it it's, you know, we talk about it. And it's mostly these days you hear about it in terms of you know what to do after you have a psychedelic ceremony or something. But it's actually something that's very key to everything. I mean, any peak experience, whether you're

00:49:49.190 --> 00:50:13.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: walking on fire or running a marathon or doing anything. It's all about. W. Okay. Now, you've had this peak experience. How are you integrating that experience into your day to day life. What did you learn from it? How do you use it? Or even you know you fall in love with someone. There's a whole integration there, or the person you fell in love with just left you. How are you integrating that it? It's really something that

00:50:13.940 --> 00:50:17.199 can apply to almost anything in life?

00:50:17.480 --> 00:50:25.730 Emileena Pedigo: Exactly exactly. So, you know, that's kind of what I started doing. Co. In terms of coaching, but also in kind of my.

00:50:25.800 --> 00:50:37.900 Emileena Pedigo: I'm kind of back right now as we speak, I'm kind of back in this place of just allowing space new to come in as you talked about in your, you know. Blog

00:50:37.950 --> 00:50:47.770 Emileena Pedigo: I'm I'm letting what needs to come in. Come in. And I think that's still developing. I'm really interested in development, I think at the end of the day. And so

00:50:48.190 --> 00:51:13.220 Emileena Pedigo: and also what I found in terms of coaching was that people don't want to hear that you need time and space to develop, especially especially in New York. Right? They're like, yeah, yeah, yeah. But what can? How do I make money? Now, you know, get this my art scene now, and it's like, well, you know, take the time. So so I kind of backed off of coaching a little bit, and and I also write a blog. So I have written a blog. I'm I'm writing a book.

00:51:13.230 --> 00:51:23.840 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but I'm also just allowing myself to develop. So, you know, be the change. That's I can be so. Are you still involved with arts lab or not anymore?

00:51:24.110 --> 00:51:48.310 Emileena Pedigo: Well, actually interesting that you mentioned that because my partner, Matthew Hegum, he also has a fair. He'd be great for the show. By the way, he has fantastic, okay, great. So he was my co-founder. So we we've recently been talking about doing another cohort. So we just did one cohort, and then his life really well. And my life! It just took us away from being able to do it again. You know

00:51:48.310 --> 00:52:00.420 Emileena Pedigo: it takes a lot of time. It was a 6 month cohort, and we just he was just in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. And so we're talking about our creative juices are flowing. It's like what we do. So we might start another cohort.

00:52:00.590 --> 00:52:13.319 Emileena Pedigo: It is a lot of fun. He has his 10,000 creators business, which is basically another question of of arts lab. So if people are interested in in develop in an incubator program, I would actually send them to him.

00:52:13.340 --> 00:52:32.749 Emileena Pedigo: but I do like the idea of taking. But I think I what I love about Matthew is that we'll we'll have a very rigorous application process. So that, you know, we're only going to be taking on people who really want to develop in a holistic way for not just them, but their art and their creativity. So yeah, so that might be might be to come. But in the past we've only done one

00:52:32.970 --> 00:52:43.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: cool, cool gotcha gotcha gotcha. So I'm curious about that conscious capitalism that you were involved with. What was that like, and and

00:52:43.730 --> 00:52:45.460 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what happened with all that.

00:52:46.130 --> 00:53:01.359 Emileena Pedigo: Yeah. Well, let's see how to be political I was with. I will say that I was with them for a very short time. Actually, Matthew Hagam connected me with them, and he had all. He also served on the board for a short time.

00:53:01.360 --> 00:53:21.340 Emileena Pedigo: I love the concept of conscious capitalism. And there is a book written by the co-fou or the founder of whole foods. I believe that talks about these 4 tenants of capitalism. It's basically a way, it's like a conscious way to create a business. So it includes bringing in your community. It includes giving back to your community, you know, and

00:53:21.690 --> 00:53:28.439 Emileena Pedigo: and there's certain tenants. And so I really loved that idea. And I think what happened, though, unfortunately, was they needed money.

00:53:28.590 --> 00:53:37.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So so what ha! Cause we were doing these events, and we were getting people. I mean, I was really interested in the conversation around it. But I think

00:53:37.290 --> 00:54:01.000 Emileena Pedigo: and I think what happened was some of it for me. Some of the tenants got lost in the application of it, and I would argue, because people don't want to take the time and space to create it. And in an all fairness, capitalism doesn't really allow for that. Right? Like venture capitalists. They want the quick exit, you know. And if and what's interesting to me, speaking of capitalism is how A lot of these venture capitalists have started

00:54:01.000 --> 00:54:22.490 Emileena Pedigo: getting interested in the psychedelic space. And you know, mdma, and a lot of these things. So to me, there's this bit, and this is what I couldn't reconcile is, and also what the reason why. Another reason why I kind of left was that we we were no longer near. We got taken over. We were New York chapter, and we kind of got taken over by international chapter. So it felt less New York to me.

00:54:22.740 --> 00:54:48.750 Emileena Pedigo: But there, there's this disconnect to me about like the whole psychedelic phenomenon to me is about like slowing down and going within and being a little bit more holistic, and capitalism like, I said, rewards the fast pace and quick exits. So there's a disconnect there like you can't in my mind. You can't make ayahuasca like this, you know. You can't make profit.

00:54:48.900 --> 00:55:01.389 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know. I mean, you can make profit, probably. But you it can't be your focus, you know, and if there's like competitive ayahuasca ceremonies, it's like it loses the holistic component of it. So

00:55:01.390 --> 00:55:25.589 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I'm actually kind of watching them. Curious to see where that goes. Yeah, yeah, I was actually at the Psychedelic Sciences Conference in Denver in June, and it was massive. I mean, there was over 12,000 people there, actually the founder of Whole Foods. John Mackay was there, and he gave a talk and all kinds of people and and some really amazing folks. But you could feel like the energy around the industries

00:55:25.770 --> 00:55:29.679 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: about ready to explode but like

00:55:29.810 --> 00:55:34.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: someone made the comment, I thought it was very interesting. She said.

00:55:35.500 --> 00:55:53.220 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I just don't want to see psychedelics lose the weird component to it, cause it's the weird people who make it real. And and so it's like as the big money moves in. It's, you know, we gotta systematize and strategize and all this stuff.

00:55:53.870 --> 00:55:59.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then it becomes less organic, which is where it all came from, is from a very organic place.

00:55:59.220 --> 00:56:27.580 Emileena Pedigo: And also there's space for it to be individualized and in in in. When you put a system on something, I think. And this is part Western system, certainly. You lose the space for people to find their own system. And to me that's what it was all about, you know, was like breaking out of the systems that I didn't fit into. Yeah, it concerns me when I hear those things. But then again, you know, mother, I was gonna knows best. So

00:56:27.900 --> 00:56:34.819 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so so we just got about a minute to close up the show. If people want to learn more about you, get in touch with you, how would they find you

00:56:34.960 --> 00:56:39.999 Emileena Pedigo: in one of my website? Www, dot show goes on I

00:56:40.780 --> 00:56:46.770 I would recommend signing up for my mailing list actually cause that's probably the best way. And I just send out

00:56:46.810 --> 00:56:49.190 Emileena Pedigo: emails periodically.

00:56:49.730 --> 00:57:04.980 Emileena Pedigo: With like little insights that I've had, you know. And it is interesting living so close to the ocean and so close to the land in a way that I wasn't before. So you know, I think I've got some interesting tidbits on there. If you really want to email me, you're welcome to what the show goes on at Gmailcom.

00:57:05.120 --> 00:57:07.419 Emileena Pedigo: But otherwise I'd say, my website's the way to go

00:57:07.510 --> 00:57:16.599 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: cool, cool, and and what do do we have any idea what the future holds for Emelina? Or is it just totally up in the air at the moment.

00:57:17.040 --> 00:57:28.790 Emileena Pedigo:  I think it's totally up in the air, which is scary, but it feels honest, you know. I think when I was in New York is all about. What's next? What's next? And me that felt like a box

00:57:28.790 --> 00:57:52.540 Emileena Pedigo: so like, you know, like with the book I've been seeing for years when the book is giving a date of when the book is gonna come out, and II just finally have to say it will come out when it's ready. I can't put it into a box. I can't put my art into a box, which is why Arts meets business is such an interesting concept, you know. So so yeah, the future, I think staying, present, staying present to so many changes that's happening in the world right now

00:57:52.700 --> 00:58:12.450 Emileena Pedigo: affecting those that are most vulnerable like us artists. So I just kind of want to sit and watch and react and let space for what needs to come. Come, wonderful. Well, Emily, thank you so much for making time out of your day to come on my show. I truly appreciate it. I wish you lots of luck on your path. Thank you so much.

00:58:12.520 --> 00:58:27.509 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah. Then thank you again for the for the conscious consultant hour and everything you do as well. Thanks, Sam. Thank you. Thank you. And of course, thank you. My loyal listeners, for tuning. In week after week the show is pre recorded, so I didn't get a chance to see your comments online.

00:58:27.510 --> 00:58:53.419 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But I will be back next week. I'll be live again next week. So thank you all for tuning in. And don't forget if you missed any part of today's show, you can always watch the recording on talk radio dot Nyc, and we're on all the major podcasting platforms, apple Amazon, Google, Spotify Pandora Iheartradio. Wherever you listen to podcasts, you can find the conscious consultant hour. Thank you all for tuning in. We will talk to you all next week.

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