Friday, October 27, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/27 - Generative AI Risks and Opportunities

Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/27 - Generative AI Risks and Opportunities


2023/10/27 - Generative AI Risks and Opportunities

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An understanding of risks and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses arising from generative AI

In this episode of Intangify, my guest Maurice Bretzfield will discuss the exciting prospects and opportunities in generative AI

 for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, and some of the associated risks in using it and in not using it!

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Show Notes

Segment  1

On this episode of Intangify, Matthew Asbell is joined by Maurice Bretzfield as they will be having a conversation about the risks and opportunities in generative artificial intelligence (AI). To start the conversation, Maurice shares his background and how he started his career. Maurice is a former digital marketing consultant and primarily does freelance work as well as work with a company called Score as a mentor. The clients Maurice has worked with include major corporation like Disney and Sony, but he also works with are very niche companies, a small population of a particular message or topic. Maurice goes further into detail about how he works with his clients, what the process looks like, the content they create, and the overall goals for his clients.

Segment 2

After the break, Matthew and Maurice pick up where they left off in the last segment, which was discussing how Maurice address a business to reach a target audience. From there, Maurice dives into the use of technology, analytics, and other tools that help for businesses to grow. An example Maurice shares is the purpose of cookies when using your computer. Though every other person may not like them, they are useful for marketers to understand what platforms work better, what customers are really interested in, and what types of ads work for the end goal in order to develop comapigns for target audiences. 

Segment 3

Moving forward in the conversation, Matthew brings up a previous point Maurice made from earlier in the show, which was the importance of digital assets, or intangible assets. So Matthew asks Maurice to define his version of intangible assets. Even though every person has a different version on what they view as intangible assets, the one thing that each definition has in common is the underlying point of obtaining knowledge. Though with the rise of technology, there are still old principles and methods people use simply because it works and does what it needs to do. 


00:00:41.540 --> 00:00:45.380 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Good afternoon and welcome to intangify

00:00:45.570 --> 00:00:52.690 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: intangify is a podcast where we talk about the intangible aspects of business.

00:00:52.820 --> 00:01:06.749 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I'm your host, Matthew as well. I'm an intellectual property attorney, which is one aspect, one intangible aspect that businesses deal with. but my guests, as you'll see today, and as we've seen in many other weeks

00:01:06.870 --> 00:01:14.359 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: really run from a lots of lots of different walks of life and address intangibles from very different perspectives.

00:01:14.490 --> 00:01:28.350 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: My guest today is Maurice Brett and Maurice and I have very different views of the world. So we we have a good time bumping heads against each other, and hopefully, we'll do that for you today.

00:01:28.580 --> 00:01:40.760 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But, Maurice, please, please, you know. Say hello to everyone and maybe tell. Tell everybody a little bit about your background. You know where you got started. I know that you're a digital marketing consultant.

00:01:40.970 --> 00:01:46.869 and you help people strategy on marketing. And we're gonna talk about that in detail. But tell us a little bit about

00:01:47.120 --> 00:01:48.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: who's Maurice?

00:01:48.540 --> 00:01:55.480 Maurice Bretzfield: Oh, thank you for having me, Matthew. It's a real pleasure to be here, and as you said, you and I come from different perspectives.

00:01:55.990 --> 00:02:09.809 Maurice Bretzfield: I've been a I started my my career as a young man went out to Asia 1971, and began importing garments apparel. I found people who wanted to sell me

00:02:10.050 --> 00:02:16.309 Maurice Bretzfield: low cost very low cost acrylic sweaters for 25 and 30 cents a piece, and I did that for

00:02:16.550 --> 00:02:18.190 Maurice Bretzfield: prices. Went up, of course.

00:02:18.420 --> 00:02:23.400 Maurice Bretzfield: over the years. But I did that for 20 years or so

00:02:23.830 --> 00:02:25.580 Maurice Bretzfield: was time to.

00:02:25.590 --> 00:02:37.810 Maurice Bretzfield: My father had a great expression, is it was every now and then every man needs to reap himself mean. take this plant, put it in a bigger pot so it can grow larger.

00:02:38.200 --> 00:02:43.769 Maurice Bretzfield: And I saw the Internet come along in 93 94,

00:02:44.010 --> 00:02:51.129 Maurice Bretzfield: and Dovan has been doing Internet marketing projects ever since I retired some years ago.

00:02:52.000 --> 00:02:56.720 Maurice Bretzfield: I freelance. Today, I keep a couple of clients at all times

00:02:56.750 --> 00:03:07.240 Maurice Bretzfield: paying clients. And of course, as you know, I'm a mentor with an organization called Score

00:03:07.820 --> 00:03:19.760 Maurice Bretzfield: that offers free and unlimited. Small business mentoring advice to businesses all over the United States. We're part of the small business administration

00:03:19.970 --> 00:03:26.929 Maurice Bretzfield: funded by Congress. And it's something I really love to do. It's every client's a new challenge, and

00:03:27.150 --> 00:03:31.179 Maurice Bretzfield: I learned something from every client. So

00:03:31.350 --> 00:03:38.140 Maurice Bretzfield: that's pretty much what I do. I, keep a website called Digication dot I/O,

00:03:38.350 --> 00:03:49.739 Maurice Bretzfield: which is a platform for me to do a lot of writing as a lot of articles there spanning from international intellectual property law

00:03:49.800 --> 00:03:57.980 Maurice Bretzfield: to and how AI is affecting it, or to how you can use AI and your business to

00:03:58.520 --> 00:04:07.060 Maurice Bretzfield: compete against bigger rivals. Because you're acquiring more knowledge than they are. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

00:04:08.160 --> 00:04:14.770 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: How do you? How do your clients? The paying clients that find you? How do they find you through dig equation?

00:04:14.870 --> 00:04:25.350 Maurice Bretzfield: You know I do a lot of blogging on Linkedin. And frankly, at this point I'm relying on word of mouth. So I have the luxury

00:04:25.550 --> 00:04:30.300 Maurice Bretzfield: of being able to work with clients that I wanna work with. And

00:04:30.580 --> 00:04:38.259 Maurice Bretzfield: you know, I've I've been fighting business battles all my life with people, and I no longer need to nor wish to.

00:04:38.370 --> 00:04:40.839 Maurice Bretzfield: and it's word of mouth.

00:04:41.300 --> 00:04:44.590 Maurice Bretzfield: you know, one client to the next, which is the best

00:04:45.170 --> 00:04:48.310 Maurice Bretzfield: way to acquire clients. Word of mouth. There's nothing better.

00:04:48.550 --> 00:05:03.049 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: How would you describe or characterize your clients? Are they the are they big businesses? Are they entrepreneurs? Are they from particular places or industries? You know the answer. Are they particular industries? No.

00:05:03.430 --> 00:05:13.190 Maurice Bretzfield: I seem to have fallen into a niche at this point. I represent, a client that harvices

00:05:13.500 --> 00:05:16.570 Maurice Bretzfield:  live

00:05:16.870 --> 00:05:28.279 Maurice Bretzfield: willow steaks and wild seeds that are used in the State of Washington for river bank restoration projects.

00:05:28.580 --> 00:05:43.609 Maurice Bretzfield: It's fascinating, I'm learning, you know. All of sudden. I'm learning stuff that I never imagined that would be learning about. That's a fascinating. It's a big industry here our waterways in Washington State are vital to our economy and ecology?

00:05:43.720 --> 00:05:52.080 Maurice Bretzfield: Salmon is a huge industry, and opening up riverways for salmon to migrate and spawn is

00:05:52.230 --> 00:06:00.049 Maurice Bretzfield: is our projects that are taken on by the Federal Government through the US. Army Corps of Engineers.

00:06:00.160 --> 00:06:03.390 Maurice Bretzfield: Washington, State Department of Transportation

00:06:03.540 --> 00:06:14.490 Maurice Bretzfield: All of the counties have their restoration projects. So it's it's working with government. Which is kind of a pleasure because they pay real well very easily

00:06:14.580 --> 00:06:21.150 Maurice Bretzfield: another client of mine is an attorney in Northern California specializes in

00:06:22.110 --> 00:06:32.610 Maurice Bretzfield: disputes amongst property owners, because trees that were planted 40 50 years ago have grown to the point where they're where they're blocking the neighbor's view.

00:06:32.990 --> 00:06:38.910 Maurice Bretzfield: and how to resolve those disputes without litigation, which is Richard's

00:06:40.630 --> 00:06:47.230 Maurice Bretzfield: selling point. You know. It doesn't want to go to trial with these things. So those are the kinds of things I'm currently working on.

00:06:47.680 --> 00:06:52.500 Maurice Bretzfield: I've had clients ranging from Disney to Sony to

00:06:52.620 --> 00:06:58.970 Maurice Bretzfield: you name it over my career. And right now I'm very comfortable in what I'm doing.

00:06:59.810 --> 00:07:15.740 Maurice Bretzfield: I'm learning a lot about trees. How this is done is very. The river Back Restoration is very interesting stuff.

00:07:16.100 --> 00:07:26.040 Maurice Bretzfield: That's not stuff that I that I've been exposed too much. So it's it's I wasn't either until about a year ago. No, I never knew it existed. So

00:07:26.430 --> 00:07:28.180 Maurice Bretzfield: we're having a lot of fun with that.

00:07:29.270 --> 00:07:30.150 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So

00:07:30.960 --> 00:07:40.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: if people are coming to you for digital marketing help. Right? I mean, you've talked about clients who are governmental clients. Talk about an attorney.

00:07:40.640 --> 00:07:49.940 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know you I mean, these are very different types of clients with very different kinds of needs. So how do you? How do you approach?

00:07:51.150 --> 00:08:02.149 Maurice Bretzfield: You know what is your approach to the various different types of clients who come to and why they should come to you. My approach is to sit closely with the new client

00:08:02.830 --> 00:08:14.989 Maurice Bretzfield: of discover what they're currently doing what their objectives are. Digital marketing is digital marketing. And I don't care if it's trees or shoes

00:08:15.470 --> 00:08:34.360 Maurice Bretzfield: some niches are more competitive than others, obviously. But it really doesn't matter to me. There's so much electronic help out there. And we're gonna get into that today to discover niches, and who's competing where and how?

00:08:34.559 --> 00:08:39.810 Maurice Bretzfield: And finding the right social networks that apply to

00:08:39.880 --> 00:08:49.770 Maurice Bretzfield: a particular customer base and customizing a a solution that's unique to the client.

00:08:50.530 --> 00:09:06.129 Maurice Bretzfield: And as I've said, I've I've dealt with a wide variety of clients during my marketing career digital marketing career and you know, very, you know, very focused on numbers and analytics.

00:09:06.350 --> 00:09:18.309 Maurice Bretzfield: and finding those niches where the action is that I've particular client can used to their advantage. I prefer to train

00:09:18.430 --> 00:09:20.360 Maurice Bretzfield: in-house personnel

00:09:20.900 --> 00:09:26.510 Maurice Bretzfield: rather than outsourcing to agencies

00:09:26.840 --> 00:09:34.680 Maurice Bretzfield: and teaching people how to acquire their own digital assets, which is something we're also gonna talk about here today.

00:09:35.970 --> 00:09:49.059 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah. So you've definitely queued up a few, a few of the topics that that I wanna delve into a little bit more, I think, before we before I get into any of those specifics, I want to ask one more question.

00:09:49.100 --> 00:09:54.050 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: which, you know is about about you and your approach, and

00:09:54.070 --> 00:10:07.520 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and I guess let me see if I can frame it in in a way that's clear  when I've spoken to people who do marketing, who do, who do marketing for others, for for clients.

00:10:07.660 --> 00:10:12.880 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  And and I think you even alluded to this when you talk to your

00:10:13.280 --> 00:10:18.259 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  Oh, and you got it, you got a greeting from Kenny Soto saying, Hello.

00:10:18.290 --> 00:10:20.150 Maurice Bretzfield: Hello, Kenny.

00:10:20.320 --> 00:10:25.080 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but what? When I talk to. When I talk to people who do marketing.

00:10:25.450 --> 00:10:38.720 many of them talk about, you know I gotta listen to my client. Listen to wh, where they are, what they're trying to do. We need focus. There's very much focus on the target audience and the right, the right place to be or places to be

00:10:38.890 --> 00:10:42.200 to to, you know, to reach that target market.

00:10:42.630 --> 00:10:46.130 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And at the same time you're doing that for

00:10:46.180 --> 00:10:47.930 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: for these clientele.

00:10:48.040 --> 00:10:52.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: There, there is you who has to do it for you.

00:10:52.240 --> 00:11:01.200 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And so you mentioned right? How does Maurice get found by his clients? But you've talked about? I have this very broad range of clientele.

00:11:01.410 --> 00:11:03.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So

00:11:03.620 --> 00:11:05.180 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: when people don't

00:11:05.260 --> 00:11:11.149 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: necessarily have a particular industry, or they have a wide reach

00:11:11.260 --> 00:11:14.269 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: like you do. and like I do.

00:11:14.720 --> 00:11:17.669 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  How do you

00:11:17.870 --> 00:11:30.419 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: counsel them and plan with them for their marketing? If it's not so easy for them to say, Oh, well, this is the target place where I should be the the. This is the right platform for the

00:11:30.520 --> 00:11:34.779 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: this kind of demographic that is the right client for me.

00:11:35.320 --> 00:11:39.430 Maurice Bretzfield: Did I did. I? Did. I say that clearly, yeah, I am.

00:11:40.980 --> 00:11:48.069 Maurice Bretzfield: we have a I have a an operation that as I as I mentioned.

00:11:48.120 --> 00:12:03.729 Maurice Bretzfield: I prefer to build internal teams for a company, because the domain knowledge becomes theirs rather than outsourcing it to an agency where the agency is learning from what they're doing for the client and the clients not learning, and they become dependent

00:12:03.810 --> 00:12:09.320 Maurice Bretzfield: on agencies for the rest of their their lives, whereas they should be building

00:12:09.530 --> 00:12:27.420 Maurice Bretzfield: internal knowledge what you call and tangifying what I call digital assets. Intangible assets a company used to be, you know, go back 30 years ago. Company was valued based on their plant and equipment inventory

00:12:27.580 --> 00:12:44.340 Maurice Bretzfield: and to some degree goodwill. The value of the trade name which you understand? And it II based on the available marketing technology software that's out there today. And more tech is really a bad

00:12:44.480 --> 00:12:48.750 Maurice Bretzfield: nomenclature Ford at this point because it

00:12:49.010 --> 00:13:01.389 Maurice Bretzfield: you can use these tools to build a nerve center where you're constantly learning about what your customers want, what they're looking for, what they don't want, what they don't like, what they do like.

00:13:01.450 --> 00:13:09.569 Maurice Bretzfield: and you can be doing that on a daily basis and building the knowledge base of your company. Because, if you've

00:13:10.420 --> 00:13:23.310 Maurice Bretzfield: learned how to acquire customers more efficiently and economically than your competitor you've got a digital asset there that very much

00:13:23.430 --> 00:13:36.749 Maurice Bretzfield: influences the value of your enterprise. And so we have. I have a an operation that began about 6 months ago. Employing

00:13:36.900 --> 00:13:40.699 Maurice Bretzfield: mark, graduates of marketing

00:13:40.780 --> 00:13:44.179 Maurice Bretzfield: universities in Central America. You speak

00:13:44.490 --> 00:13:45.799 Maurice Bretzfield: really good English

00:13:46.110 --> 00:13:58.710 Maurice Bretzfield: and who we're training on using tools like Chat G. Ppt, we write the scripts for them, and they produce the volume of content that the client requires.

00:13:59.270 --> 00:14:11.449 Maurice Bretzfield: This volume of content ends up being blog posts or articles that are keyword rich that are, search, engine, optimize SEO rich.

00:14:11.900 --> 00:14:22.859 Maurice Bretzfield: The pages are structured properly. So that they index in Google. So the one people, consumers or business people looking to answer business question.

00:14:23.100 --> 00:14:31.140 Maurice Bretzfield: Ask that question in Google or Chat? Gp, that it's my clients content. That's that's

00:14:32.140 --> 00:14:38.520 Maurice Bretzfield: being displayed high on the search engine, return page Serps, we call them.

00:14:39.660 --> 00:14:47.530 Maurice Bretzfield: And that's the most effective way today is to find new clients and to to build a clientele in your niche

00:14:48.620 --> 00:14:59.660 Maurice Bretzfield: where you exist and who you're looking for, because that's very much the ability to today, too, is to find good clients, not every client is a good client.

00:15:00.100 --> 00:15:05.619 Maurice Bretzfield: and you're looking for ones that are are good for your business.

00:15:06.870 --> 00:15:08.109 Maurice Bretzfield: Does that explain it?

00:15:09.250 --> 00:15:18.399 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think so we're gonna we're gonna go to break. So if I need to drill down to a couple, come back. But you've been listening to endangered. Buy on talk radio, Dot, Nyc. And we'll be right back.

00:17:24.079 --> 00:17:29.579 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: welcome back to. And if I'm your host, Matthew as well, my guest is Maurice Brett field

00:17:29.620 --> 00:17:50.289 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so just before the the break, Maurice, we we were talking a little bit, and I think III struggled a little bit with my wording of my question, and you gave you gave an answer. That partially addressed what I what I was trying to get at. But I let me see if I can, if I can say a little bit more clearly, and see how. See what your response will be there.

00:17:50.670 --> 00:17:52.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: When

00:17:52.350 --> 00:17:56.569 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: when the business that you're helping doesn't have

00:17:56.900 --> 00:18:03.939 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: an obvious, clear targeted target market? How do you

00:18:04.690 --> 00:18:14.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: address that and help them find the right avenues to reach the varied targets that they might have, that they're wide, ranging services might serve.

00:18:14.940 --> 00:18:20.829 Maurice Bretzfield: Yeah, there is very powerful software out there today. I am.

00:18:21.190 --> 00:18:30.110 Maurice Bretzfield: have been advocating for the idea that a marketing department is much more than a marketing department today it should be the nerve center of the business

00:18:30.220 --> 00:18:34.710 Maurice Bretzfield: because of the the software tools out there, like sem rush

00:18:35.230 --> 00:18:44.279 Maurice Bretzfield: hrefs to allow us to deep research, either by domain name, because we can search a competitor

00:18:44.290 --> 00:18:45.620 Maurice Bretzfield: or by keyword.

00:18:46.170 --> 00:18:54.230 Maurice Bretzfield: And if we start with a keyword, we can see who's competing in that

00:18:54.330 --> 00:18:56.779 Maurice Bretzfield: particular niche that area

00:18:57.240 --> 00:19:11.490 Maurice Bretzfield: drill down to see what kind of advertising promotion? What kind of content that they're producing where it's ranking, where that represents opportunities for us to be better than the competition?

00:19:11.960 --> 00:19:16.490 Maurice Bretzfield: This is very powerful software that's existed

00:19:16.600 --> 00:19:21.959 Maurice Bretzfield: before the AI rush. AI rush that started about a year ago. Now.

00:19:22.300 --> 00:19:26.820 Maurice Bretzfield: With Chat Gpt being released

00:19:27.120 --> 00:19:42.179 Maurice Bretzfield: and there is the ability to do deep research into any niche, any customer base, any keyword and identifying opportunities for an individual client to

00:19:42.320 --> 00:19:43.750 Maurice Bretzfield: promote themselves

00:19:45.160 --> 00:19:52.759 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so that that that'll be a great segue into one of the talks you brought up earlier, which was the topic of analytics.

00:19:53.280 --> 00:19:54.360 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And

00:19:54.890 --> 00:20:13.440 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know II don't know from my perspective, and I don't know about you know our listeners, but from my perspective, like on the one hand the amount of information you can get and how specific it can be is is fascinating right to understand. Who is it that's

00:20:13.630 --> 00:20:22.970 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: visiting what site? And and you know where they come from in the world, and a and all different aspects of them that you can learn from analytics.

00:20:23.500 --> 00:20:25.070 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and at the same time that

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:30.400 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: like as a human trying to process that data and and get

00:20:30.730 --> 00:20:36.440 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: valuable action items to take from the data

00:20:36.920 --> 00:20:39.920 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: is overwhelming. I I'm like, yeah.

00:20:40.210 --> 00:20:54.009 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: sure, very interesting, that so and so came to the site. What do I do with that? So how do you? How do you counsel? How do you advise your clients in relation to the analytics you're using these tools that are useful.

00:20:54.320 --> 00:20:59.630 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: How do you help them turn that data into what should I do

00:21:00.790 --> 00:21:09.010 Maurice Bretzfield: you know, there was a famous Philadelphia retailer back in the late 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds

00:21:09.390 --> 00:21:14.260 Maurice Bretzfield: by the name of John Wanamaker, and he pioneered daily

00:21:14.480 --> 00:21:17.930 Maurice Bretzfield: newspaper advertising for a department store.

00:21:18.300 --> 00:21:21.960 Maurice Bretzfield: and he was once asked

00:21:22.490 --> 00:21:27.660 Maurice Bretzfield: by a reporter about his newspaper advertising.

00:21:27.680 --> 00:21:34.550 Maurice Bretzfield: and he says, I know that 50% of my advertising works I just don't know which 50.

00:21:36.020 --> 00:21:49.529 Maurice Bretzfield: And that was the case, you know. Basis would run an ad in the New York Times, and you know, maybe they saw an uptick in sales of that particular item. But they knew something was working, but not exactly what.

00:21:49.610 --> 00:21:55.830 Maurice Bretzfield: with to day's tools. We know exactly what's working now. I'm

00:21:55.840 --> 00:22:02.570 Maurice Bretzfield: sure that amongst some of your listeners the word cookies has a negative connotation.

00:22:03.030 --> 00:22:16.820 Maurice Bretzfield: but cookies allow us as marketers to understand what our visitors or customers are doing and allow us to improve our service customer by customer.

00:22:16.890 --> 00:22:26.610 Maurice Bretzfield: So, you know, it's no mistake that Google shows you ads that are pertinent to things that you're interested in as opposed to sitting on the sofa

00:22:27.050 --> 00:22:36.270 Maurice Bretzfield: watching TV in the evening, and there's a pampers ad. Well, you know, pampers is no longer a a concern of mine.

00:22:36.640 --> 00:22:48.329 Maurice Bretzfield: and it's costing the manufacturer of pampers just as much money to advertise to me as it is to a woman who's just given birth, for instance, or a young family.

00:22:48.410 --> 00:23:02.740 Maurice Bretzfield: And so today, we're able to through these electronic tools, what we call mark tech marketing technology tools to understand precisely what's going on with the customers, what's working. What's not working

00:23:02.790 --> 00:23:05.579 Maurice Bretzfield: where it works, where it doesn't work.

00:23:05.730 --> 00:23:18.600 Maurice Bretzfield: Maybe. We're good on Instagram, but not Facebook. And maybe pinterest works for us, but not Instagram. It depends on the on the client what they sell

00:23:18.840 --> 00:23:21.870 Maurice Bretzfield: what niche they're in

00:23:22.000 --> 00:23:24.070 Maurice Bretzfield: and where their customers are.

00:23:24.620 --> 00:23:28.900 Maurice Bretzfield: and we're able to discover all of this today and and and create

00:23:29.300 --> 00:23:35.259 Maurice Bretzfield: really pinpointed marketing campaigns that reach our target audience.

00:23:36.230 --> 00:23:43.599 Maurice Bretzfield: It's all done through analytics. It's all done through the numbers, you know, what we call key performance indicators, kpis

00:23:43.730 --> 00:23:58.630 Maurice Bretzfield: choosing which kpis are appropriate for our business and then following them to see where our efforts are working or where they're not. There's a concept that came out of the software development industry called agile development.

00:23:59.180 --> 00:24:01.069 Maurice Bretzfield: And

00:24:01.630 --> 00:24:11.509 Maurice Bretzfield: that that's a fascinating wonderful application for marketing, because we're able to adapt every day

00:24:12.320 --> 00:24:14.459 Maurice Bretzfield: based on what the numbers tell us.

00:24:15.880 --> 00:24:22.590 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So something you said in your response. I think even twice. Is looking at

00:24:23.080 --> 00:24:24.890 those analytics.

00:24:25.270 --> 00:24:28.189 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We can see what is working and what is not.

00:24:29.520 --> 00:24:30.630 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and

00:24:30.650 --> 00:24:52.339 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  And and I guess what that led me going back to my. My previous question is, I'm trying to find the action items to do, and maybe I'm over complicating things it sounds like, and I'd love to hear. But your response, that's my job. No, it sounds like

00:24:52.470 --> 00:25:03.909 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, you get this data on what's working and on what's not working and based on that. You're just saying, well, the thing that's working do more of that do more things like that. And the thing that's not working.

00:25:04.060 --> 00:25:10.450 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Let's not do that platform, or let's do less of that, is it? That is it. Just using those guide posts as

00:25:10.600 --> 00:25:16.169 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: what I should do more of and what I should do less of rather than just sort of doing everything.

00:25:16.220 --> 00:25:25.599 Maurice Bretzfield: Absolutely analytics are telling me absolutely. I mean, if a radio advertises is working for you or not, you either do it or you don't.

00:25:25.680 --> 00:25:37.320 Maurice Bretzfield: If Facebook is working for you, Facebook advertising is working for you. You do more of it. If it's not working, you do less of it and find those places where you have engagement with.

00:25:37.570 --> 00:25:48.309 Maurice Bretzfield: with these potential customers. It's all about engagement. It's not a matter of blasting it out there. It's how people respond to it that we need to understand.

00:25:50.270 --> 00:25:57.650 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Do you get analytics on the ways they respond to social media posts.

00:25:59.160 --> 00:26:02.579 Maurice Bretzfield: Alright. You gotta remember a couple of things about

00:26:02.700 --> 00:26:08.100 Maurice Bretzfield: social media, about Facebook, for instance, Facebook has a very powerful

00:26:08.180 --> 00:26:09.560 Maurice Bretzfield: search function.

00:26:10.470 --> 00:26:16.939 Maurice Bretzfield: and it provides very powerful analytics to it's advertisers.

00:26:17.820 --> 00:26:21.599 Maurice Bretzfield: So we can see what's working which it. You know, we run a B tests

00:26:21.950 --> 00:26:25.879 Maurice Bretzfield: sometimes a a red

00:26:26.050 --> 00:26:32.849 Maurice Bretzfield: action call to action. Button now performs a green one. Well, sometimes it's a green one. The dial performs the red one.

00:26:33.020 --> 00:27:00.260 Maurice Bretzfield: and so we run parallel tests, and we find out which is working for us, which is inducing the clicks from our customers. But it sounds like that's for an advertisement as opposed to just the A. A post as well. A post will give you. Instagram, Facebook. All of them give you analytics based on your posts. And it's very easy to determine which ones are getting engagement from customers and which aren't.

00:27:00.560 --> 00:27:07.829 Maurice Bretzfield: And so we learned that though this is a topic, our customers are interested in, and we create more content. Or you know, in that, in that vein.

00:27:08.890 --> 00:27:12.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So it is more of this and less of that largely.

00:27:12.850 --> 00:27:17.400 Maurice Bretzfield: or all of this, and none of that depending.

00:27:18.090 --> 00:27:28.030 Maurice Bretzfield: Okay, well, great, we're gonna go to break. And when we come back I wanna talk a little bit more about digital assets. You can listen to intangify on talk radio, dot. Nyc, we'll be right back.

00:29:30.550 --> 00:29:36.010 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: welcome back to Intangi. I'm your host, Matthew Asbel. My guest is Maurice Brattsfield.

00:29:36.050 --> 00:29:52.789 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Maurice. We've been talking before the break about analytics. But that's something else you mentioned earlier in the in the podcast you know, a few times was digital assets or intangible assets, which, of course, what this is, what this program's about.

00:29:53.010 --> 00:30:01.019 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But you know, when you talk about those that term, I think different people have different understandings of of what it means.

00:30:01.050 --> 00:30:12.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: In in my line of work it's all about intellectual property law, which is definitely not what every intangible asset is. But certainly what I deal with all all day.

00:30:12.290 --> 00:30:24.790 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I suspect that's not what you mean, or at least not all of what you mean when we say digital assets or intangible assets. So maybe we could start with what it, what are intangible assets from your perspective.

00:30:24.830 --> 00:30:27.389 Maurice Bretzfield: Okay for II

00:30:27.940 --> 00:30:29.650 Maurice Bretzfield: what's on your balance sheet?

00:30:30.460 --> 00:30:35.800 Maurice Bretzfield: Alright. What? What determines the value of your company today?

00:30:36.560 --> 00:30:52.370 Maurice Bretzfield: Is what I'm talking about is something that is not on your balance sheet can be a huge asset, as I mentioned before. If you know how to acquire customers faster, better, and cheaper than your competition.

00:30:52.540 --> 00:31:03.480 Maurice Bretzfield: That's not an asset that goes on your balance sheet, but it certainly increases the value of your enterprise. If you know more about your customers than your competition does.

00:31:03.780 --> 00:31:13.569 Maurice Bretzfield: That doesn't go on your balance sheet. It's not a tangible asset, but it's an intangible asset that greatly increases the value of your enterprise.

00:31:13.770 --> 00:31:25.580 Maurice Bretzfield: So le, let's talk in terms of of an acquisition. Someone is out there looking for an acquisition in a certain niche certain business.

00:31:25.820 --> 00:31:37.360 Maurice Bretzfield: and it comes time to do due diligence on you and your competition, or another company. What distinguishes the value? How can you get

00:31:37.370 --> 00:31:47.680 Maurice Bretzfield: a higher value for your company. I maintain that it's through your ability to acquire those kinds of assets

00:31:47.970 --> 00:31:52.240 Maurice Bretzfield: that don't necessarily appear on your balance sheet.

00:31:52.590 --> 00:31:59.999 Maurice Bretzfield: but make you a far better company. And that's knowledge. It's about the acquisition of knowledge.

00:32:01.020 --> 00:32:05.839 Maurice Bretzfield: And your ability to acquire that knowledge

00:32:06.000 --> 00:32:22.200 Maurice Bretzfield: using modern technology, market tools. all kinds of other things that are out there today which are all being enhanced by artificial intelligence. You have the opportunity to build a much more valuable enterprise.

00:32:24.470 --> 00:32:41.450 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So you've you've queued up the Martic stack and the artificial intelligence components of that which which I think we'll we'll get into a little deeper in in a bit because I was listening to your response. I guess. I was in. I was thinking about

00:32:42.570 --> 00:32:52.429 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: diff what triggers the differences in meetings that different people have. and listening to your response. What you're calling intangible assets

00:32:53.200 --> 00:33:04.389 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: sounds to me like things that are very qualitative in nature that that like like, know how things and things that you can't necessarily

00:33:04.430 --> 00:33:17.179 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: put down convert in in some way into something that could be qualified as an asset. You could put on your balance sheet in my world an intellectual property right? I take these types of things

00:33:17.490 --> 00:33:27.440 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: often, which are seemingly intangible, but then I will register them or obtain rights which allows you to get something you can refer to on a balance

00:33:27.480 --> 00:33:42.500 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: becomes tangible because it's now there's a document with a number that refers to this patent, or you know, or this registration number for the trademark of the copyright, and that, and you can transact using those numbers, those that that information.

00:33:42.640 --> 00:33:44.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think, listening to you.

00:33:45.440 --> 00:33:54.650 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you're more focused on the underlying thing. Whether or not it could be converted into something that could be on a balance sheet or not.

00:33:54.690 --> 00:33:56.960 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: It's about the qualitative

00:33:57.090 --> 00:33:59.239 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: stuff that you

00:33:59.490 --> 00:34:02.349 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you you you need in order to

00:34:02.810 --> 00:34:07.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: be a better employee, be a better business

00:34:07.800 --> 00:34:19.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: compete with your, you know, compete with your competitors better because you have certain skills or or knowledge or experience that that is unquantifiable.

00:34:19.639 --> 00:34:21.619 Maurice Bretzfield: Correct knowledge.

00:34:22.219 --> 00:34:24.200 Maurice Bretzfield: How do you quantify knowledge?

00:34:24.969 --> 00:34:39.749 Maurice Bretzfield: II don't think modern accounting is, I don't think accounting is caught up with the changes that have taken place in business. I think we're still using all the accounting methods and and principals that that don't include

00:34:39.840 --> 00:34:50.450 Maurice Bretzfield: what what you call intangify what I call intangible assets that don't don't include knowledge. The knowledge that a company has about how

00:34:50.874 --> 00:35:10.380 Maurice Bretzfield: to how to operate more smoothly, how to operate more efficiently how to acquire customers cheaper and and quicker, and retain those customers because of the knowledge that you have about how to satisfy them and how to keep them happy.

00:35:10.900 --> 00:35:31.080 Maurice Bretzfield:  all the data is out there today. You can use marketing technology to tell us where to go, how to, how to acquire customers, how to, how to, how to learn about our customers, how to learn about our competitors, customers, how to learn about what people are actually seeking what they want

00:35:31.430 --> 00:35:42.059 Maurice Bretzfield: and delivering it to them, and that to me is a huge corporate asset that is not necessarily on the balance sheet.

00:35:42.760 --> 00:35:46.069 Maurice Bretzfield: I don't know how to put it on a balance sheet. Maybe you do.

00:35:47.340 --> 00:35:57.160 Maurice Bretzfield: I'll let you know to me unless I pay you

00:35:57.340 --> 00:36:04.790 Maurice Bretzfield: to me. It's a huge, it's a huge issue, it really is. And II think that's how you distinguish your company today. I mean, there's just

00:36:04.980 --> 00:36:12.649 Maurice Bretzfield: most companies don't have plant and equipment anymore. We have a few tests and some computers. You know, a computer cost by a

00:36:12.710 --> 00:36:15.070 Maurice Bretzfield: chromebook for 300 bucks. Today.

00:36:15.810 --> 00:36:24.900 Maurice Bretzfield: Pay Google, you know, 18 bucks a month to host your documents for you. We don't even have file cabinets anymore.

00:36:26.080 --> 00:36:30.319 Maurice Bretzfield: Right? You know. So where is the value in your enterprise.

00:36:32.240 --> 00:36:44.850 Maurice Bretzfield: Yeah, but I think I'm still on this kick about quantitative versus qualitative, as I was thinking, because, on one hand, the earlier part of the program. We were talking about

00:36:45.060 --> 00:36:57.540 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: analytics, quantitative data, right? And how that would fuel, what steps we might take and or or no longer. Take what actions, what direction? We might go in

00:36:57.550 --> 00:37:11.470 Maurice Bretzfield: alright for 190. I'm sorry. That's okay. I just say, for 119 a month you could acquire. You can subscribe to a a service like Samrush. Scm, ruscom.

00:37:12.460 --> 00:37:24.360 Maurice Bretzfield: It's available to anybody for $119 a month. Okay? But the value is in how you use it

00:37:24.580 --> 00:37:28.709 Maurice Bretzfield: and how you learn to use it, and how you learn to extract

00:37:28.820 --> 00:37:30.830 Maurice Bretzfield: pertinent information from it.

00:37:32.080 --> 00:37:34.340 Maurice Bretzfield: And that's a quantitative difference.

00:37:36.710 --> 00:37:44.720 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: That's a qualitative difference. The difference, yeah, cause the the quantitative stuff is is the data you get from that from that

00:37:45.010 --> 00:38:02.079 Maurice Bretzfield: sorry qualitative difference. So what distinguishes you from the guy sitting next to you at this conference you just went to, and you're in the same business is your ability to understand the data to acquire the data and apply the data to what you're doing better than he does.

00:38:02.690 --> 00:38:05.629 Maurice Bretzfield: and how you educate your workforce.

00:38:06.830 --> 00:38:10.970 Maurice Bretzfield: Alright. How do you know how you build a knowledge base within the company

00:38:11.620 --> 00:38:18.130 Maurice Bretzfield: to empower your employees, to, to to learn more and to apply more.

00:38:18.550 --> 00:38:35.909 Maurice Bretzfield:  well, that goes back to what you're saying in the very beginning about how you approach your your clientele. Correct?

00:38:35.970 --> 00:38:40.290 Maurice Bretzfield: More knowledgeable than your competition.

00:38:40.970 --> 00:38:43.449 Maurice Bretzfield: I wanna lay out a plan for you.

00:38:43.530 --> 00:38:54.649 Maurice Bretzfield: Educate your people, apply, you know. You can extend your workforce today very and inexpensively. There are bright young people all over the world today

00:38:55.040 --> 00:38:59.410 Maurice Bretzfield: who are willing to work remotely for far less than a cost to

00:38:59.430 --> 00:39:03.889 Maurice Bretzfield: employ people in the Us. They hate to say it, but it's true.

00:39:04.110 --> 00:39:13.219 Maurice Bretzfield: We're at maximum employment in this country right now. And so we need to supplement our workforces. And instead of paying, you know,

00:39:13.680 --> 00:39:17.419 Maurice Bretzfield: all the extra costs that that come with employment today.

00:39:17.720 --> 00:39:25.890 Maurice Bretzfield: There's ways to use remote talent to do a lot of the process work that contributes to your knowledge base.

00:39:27.320 --> 00:39:34.640 Maurice Bretzfield: Again, it's about being smarter than the competition. And I don't know how to quantify that on the balance.

00:39:35.750 --> 00:39:39.810 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, the only other reaction I have to to your comments.

00:39:40.080 --> 00:39:44.840 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Which which you know. Well, I you know I'll see. What you have to say is

00:39:45.030 --> 00:39:49.079 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that the people like me are worrying about

00:39:49.140 --> 00:40:02.220 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: what information you're going to pass from one border to another, right crossing, crossing from one country to another to take advantage of the the the labor force there, and will that

00:40:02.490 --> 00:40:08.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: will that put your rights and your your assets at risk

00:40:08.860 --> 00:40:30.999 Maurice Bretzfield: by the fact that you shared across borders without necessarily protecting yourself. There's plenty of ways to do that. Okay, you don't give remote workers access to your production servers. You only give them access to your staging servers which you can cut off anytime. This there's all kinds of methodologies to ensure that,

00:40:31.520 --> 00:40:37.289 Maurice Bretzfield: you know, and if somebody's gonna steal an article that they've written for your customer. They're gonna steal the article. And

00:40:37.590 --> 00:40:41.019 Maurice Bretzfield: what are they gonna do with it? You're out there first with it, anyway.

00:40:41.110 --> 00:40:50.830 Maurice Bretzfield: you know, and you've got a copyright notice on it, and we could get into whether that you could. You can inform me better whether that protects it or not. But

00:40:50.900 --> 00:40:52.790 Maurice Bretzfield: as an entrepreneur

00:40:52.980 --> 00:40:57.619 Maurice Bretzfield: my concern is getting to market before my competition.

00:40:57.870 --> 00:41:08.819 Maurice Bretzfield: I have never worried about competition. One of the most wonderful business books I've ever read is a book by a guy by the name of Edward the Bono.

00:41:09.070 --> 00:41:11.939 Maurice Bretzfield: He was very prolific, and he wrote a book called

00:41:11.980 --> 00:41:16.800 Maurice Bretzfield: Spur Petition, SURP. ETIT, ION,

00:41:17.270 --> 00:41:25.380 Maurice Bretzfield: and what he talks about surpassion is surpassing the competition, never looking back and staying a step ahead.

00:41:26.500 --> 00:41:32.890 Maurice Bretzfield: never looking over your shoulder. Don't worry about what your competition is doing. Just be better every day

00:41:33.000 --> 00:41:37.040 Maurice Bretzfield: than your competitor, and don't worry about it. Listen. I come from a

00:41:37.150 --> 00:41:43.840 Maurice Bretzfield: a background of business, the apparel business, where everybody is copying everybody all the time.

00:41:44.080 --> 00:41:54.659 Maurice Bretzfield: And it did matter what I did today or yesterday only was gonna matter what I did tomorrow stay ahead of my competition. And that's the background I can. That's the entrepreneurial background I come from.

00:41:55.740 --> 00:42:00.079 Maurice Bretzfield: If I had to wait to protect everything before I put it to market

00:42:00.090 --> 00:42:01.690 Maurice Bretzfield: I wouldn't be in business

00:42:03.420 --> 00:42:04.969 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that makes a lot of sense.

00:42:05.000 --> 00:42:16.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think we're gonna use that and transition into artificial intelligence when we come back. But let's go to break. You've been listening to intangify on top radio, Dot, Nyc, and we'll be right back.

00:44:06.270 --> 00:44:11.880 The A. I. And

00:44:15.050 --> 00:44:30.359 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: welcome back to intangify. I'm your host, Matthew as well. My guest is Maurice Spreadsfield. Maurice and I were talking before the break about you know, getting your content out there being, you know, going ahead, being first to market

00:44:30.520 --> 00:44:46.919 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and and he alluded earlier in conversation to to all sorts of tools that are available, you know, to help people with marketing through artificial intelligence which we're gonna talk about for this last portion of last segment of our show

00:44:47.250 --> 00:45:01.069 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but really to segue into that I wanted to refer to something, Maurice, that you said just before the break, which was, you know, hey? I want to be first to market. I gotta get the content out there. Why am I gonna worry about somebody who wants to copy my artic?

00:45:01.800 --> 00:45:04.989 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And and I think that that

00:45:05.150 --> 00:45:16.610 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: was the concern, much more free, much more than it is today in in the world of generative AI, in the sense that now, once you get your content out there.

00:45:16.850 --> 00:45:24.900 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: it's now going to be fodder for all of these crawlers and robots out there that are going to pick up and utilize it for something and

00:45:25.000 --> 00:45:30.039 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: create their own content from it. So you're not necessarily worried about the

00:45:31.010 --> 00:45:35.250 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the the article per se that you wrote as much as

00:45:35.550 --> 00:45:37.769 as much as its use.

00:45:37.830 --> 00:45:50.919 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: a. And it's interpretation by AI and sort of other ways. And it's like AI is like that ultimate copycat. It's grabbing all this information and just processing and then spitting out new stuff in. And people are using it willy nilly.

00:45:51.180 --> 00:45:55.079 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So wha you know. Wh. What are your thoughts about that?

00:45:55.120 --> 00:46:06.249 Maurice Bretzfield: Should you be a little bit more cautious before before putting something out there? Now, you can't afford to be cautious about it. You gotta put it out there, because if you're not putting it out there, your competition is.

00:46:06.730 --> 00:46:08.039 Maurice Bretzfield: I knew you were gonna save.

00:46:08.230 --> 00:46:14.439 Maurice Bretzfield: Well, I mean, I'm an entrepreneur. Listen, Matt, you come from an you you you work in an industry

00:46:14.660 --> 00:46:30.910 Maurice Bretzfield: that is all based on the work that has been done before you. Alright. So you do a pleading. and you cite case law. And that case law is based on the work of other attorneys who came before you.

00:46:31.090 --> 00:46:32.619 Maurice Bretzfield: So what's the difference?

00:46:34.590 --> 00:46:36.340 Maurice Bretzfield: I'm asking you?

00:46:38.340 --> 00:46:48.410 Maurice Bretzfield: I it's it's gonna be out there anyway. and you still need to be first to market with what you're doing and forget, you know. Damn the torpedoes!

00:46:49.310 --> 00:46:53.640 Maurice Bretzfield: Just you've got to ignore because there's no stopping AI,

00:46:54.010 --> 00:47:02.920 Maurice Bretzfield: it's not, you know. And as for for an intellectual property attorney. This is a guaranteed continuous lifetime employment.

00:47:02.980 --> 00:47:14.409 Maurice Bretzfield: You mean my job. I'm not gonna be replaced by a robot. No, you're gonna use those robots to make your job much more efficient, much better, much more knowledgeable.

00:47:14.520 --> 00:47:16.610 Maurice Bretzfield: and much more profitable.

00:47:17.670 --> 00:47:21.700 Maurice Bretzfield: Well, let's hope you're right about that. I don't think there's any doubt about it.

00:47:23.210 --> 00:47:30.819 Maurice Bretzfield: I really don't. You know. If if you can speed up the time it takes you to do the research you need to do?

00:47:31.090 --> 00:47:41.670 Maurice Bretzfield: I'm not pointing fingers at you, but as an attorney you're not going to lower your rates. You're just going to become much more efficient, more profitable. Right?

00:47:43.260 --> 00:47:54.849 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, it's about reliance on the tools, I think, and and you know, and what's safe to be utilized. But that's what you come in. You've got to be the editor. You gotta be the filter

00:47:54.940 --> 00:48:02.169 Maurice Bretzfield: all this, AI. There was a we all know about the case of the New York attorney who use chat. Gbt.

00:48:02.330 --> 00:48:10.359 Maurice Bretzfield: II can't find a derogatory term strong enough to that. I can say in public to describe what he did.

00:48:10.670 --> 00:48:22.779 Maurice Bretzfield: but it was complete idiocy. He didn't. He didn't become the editor or the filter, or even quantify one of the early experiments I did, using chat gpt.

00:48:22.960 --> 00:48:34.889 Maurice Bretzfield: My granddaughter is a budding gymnast. So I asked Chat, Gt. To find on Youtube the greatest female gymnastics performances of the last 20 years, whatever it was.

00:48:35.160 --> 00:48:40.689 Maurice Bretzfield: and it came back with the exact titles of the of the videos.

00:48:40.750 --> 00:48:47.730 Maurice Bretzfield: But the Urls were completely made up. They were completely wrong. Every one of the titles were correct.

00:48:47.910 --> 00:48:52.229 Maurice Bretzfield: so I was enabled to go back to Youtube and find the name of it and show it to Piper.

00:48:52.380 --> 00:48:56.179 Maurice Bretzfield: but not through the Urls. So, you know.

00:48:56.320 --> 00:49:07.110 Maurice Bretzfield: Had I not verified, not not checked it, and not filtered it, and not become a human editor. and used it properly, would have been a waste of time.

00:49:08.040 --> 00:49:09.869 Maurice Bretzfield: Well, that's what we have to become

00:49:09.940 --> 00:49:17.729 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that that I agree with that. Let's let's let's use the limited time we have to transition now to a actually

00:49:17.810 --> 00:49:21.739 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: how AI is useful for marketing.

00:49:21.950 --> 00:49:42.129 Maurice Bretzfield: I mean everybody. I'm sure everybody wants to hear about, you know attorneys, and how we do our work, because that is example, it's the same thing with marketing. It's AI is providing the ability to through chat gpus

00:49:42.230 --> 00:49:45.780 Maurice Bretzfield: to create all kinds of content.

00:49:45.930 --> 00:49:47.660 Maurice Bretzfield: M. Much more efficient way.

00:49:47.760 --> 00:49:56.920 Maurice Bretzfield: Take a topic and ask it to create an outline for us to write an article. We use that outline, then to write the article.

00:49:57.110 --> 00:50:04.310 Maurice Bretzfield: We then go back and edit the article we. We filter it based on our own knowledge.

00:50:04.440 --> 00:50:09.850 Maurice Bretzfield:  AI is also informing

00:50:10.060 --> 00:50:17.189 Maurice Bretzfield: every marketing technology tool worth it. Salt out there. Everybody's got an AI application today.

00:50:17.580 --> 00:50:27.400 Maurice Bretzfield: Grammarly is a great example, all right where grammarly is able to restructure sentences to make them more clear, ask grammarly to

00:50:27.740 --> 00:50:30.880 Maurice Bretzfield: modify, edit my articles so that

00:50:31.600 --> 00:50:38.190 Maurice Bretzfield: it reaches a twelfth grade reading, level, or a ninth grade reading level. Just what's most of it is out there.

00:50:38.970 --> 00:50:43.930 Maurice Bretzfield: And all of this AI is informing these tools now whether or not

00:50:44.230 --> 00:50:51.799 Maurice Bretzfield: we like it or not. These tools are out there. AI is out there. It's not going away.

00:50:52.340 --> 00:50:53.190 Maurice Bretzfield: They

00:50:53.320 --> 00:51:16.429 Maurice Bretzfield: come under some sort of regulation, but I doubt that as well based on our government's ability to understand these tools. I mean, this is been going on for 25 years now and been able to really regulate the Internet in a meaningful way. So you know, it's gonna be there. You might as well, you know, take advantage of. If you don't, your competition will.

00:51:18.110 --> 00:51:29.799 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So when you refer to the Martic stack, are you? Do you mean, a a set of a fixed set of tools that that

00:51:29.800 --> 00:51:56.730 Maurice Bretzfield: every company should use, or is it different by every by time and by company? It's different company by company, by company. And what expertise the company has, what abilities they have, what their budgets are. If there are free tools out there that you can put into a stack that, you know informs you all the way through the marketing effort you could use, you know, Google's

00:51:56.870 --> 00:52:07.610 Maurice Bretzfield: keyword advertising tool to find keywords, or you can pay standbrush 119 a month to find those keywords. There are

00:52:07.950 --> 00:52:09.070 Maurice Bretzfield: just a

00:52:09.430 --> 00:52:18.260 Maurice Bretzfield: when I first started following our tech. There's a thing called a marketing technology landscape. I suggest everybody. Look it up.

00:52:18.680 --> 00:52:28.699 Maurice Bretzfield: It goes back to, I think, 2011, where there were 1,100 different companies listed there today. It's closer to 15 or 20,000

00:52:28.960 --> 00:52:38.340 Maurice Bretzfield: companies that produce technology that enables various aspects of what our marketing effort is all about.

00:52:39.340 --> 00:52:51.729 Maurice Bretzfield: And like, I said, you know, you can do it on a budget of 100 bucks a month, or 20,000, or 50,000 depending on who you are and how big your company is. But there's a stack of these

00:52:51.980 --> 00:53:03.030 Maurice Bretzfield: tools that could be put together that inform you, and help you produce the content better. You know. Chat Gpt is 20 bucks a month. $20 a month.

00:53:03.930 --> 00:53:11.830 Maurice Bretzfield: so you can. You know I could. I could show you how to put together 100 a month marketing effort. That will help you out. Compete your competition.

00:53:12.370 --> 00:53:13.410 Maurice Bretzfield: Or was that

00:53:14.000 --> 00:53:24.949 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: sorry? Is that what you do? I mean? Your clients come to you and you're gonna go. Well, you need this tool, this tool, this tool based on what you want to do. We need this function, this function and this function.

00:53:25.620 --> 00:53:31.530 Maurice Bretzfield: What's your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Which? What kind of return on investment

00:53:31.920 --> 00:53:44.030 Maurice Bretzfield: are you looking for? Because at some point, if it's out produced? If we're producing more customers because of the use of the more tech tool, then the market tools become an investment rather than a cost.

00:53:44.860 --> 00:53:47.019 Maurice Bretzfield: And there's a return on that investment.

00:53:47.260 --> 00:53:53.950 Maurice Bretzfield: so we may need to seed it with, you know, a hundred, you know, $500 a thousand dollars a month

00:53:53.980 --> 00:53:55.650 Maurice Bretzfield: until it takes over

00:53:55.830 --> 00:54:00.649 Maurice Bretzfield: and starts returning on the investment, and then it's paying for itself

00:54:01.470 --> 00:54:02.970 Maurice Bretzfield: and producing a profit.

00:54:03.940 --> 00:54:12.609 Maurice Bretzfield: Well, thanks very much, Maurice. We we run out of time. But II really appreciate your being here in your comments today. This has gone by too quickly. This has been fun, Matthew. Thank you.

00:54:12.930 --> 00:54:33.739 Maurice Bretzfield: I look forward to. II know you and I will. W. We'll bat heads on some some some score stuff in the future. Thanks so much for being here. You. You've been listening to intangi on talkradio dot Nyc tune in on Fridays at noon, Eastern time for our next episode. Look forward to seeing you. Thanks so much.

00:54:33.890 --> 00:54:35.340 Thanks, Matthew.

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