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Friday, October 13, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/12 - Karen Ross Now!!!

Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/12 - Karen Ross Now!!!


2023/10/12 - Karen Ross Now!!!

[NEW EPISODE] Karen Ross Now!!!

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


The audience will learn from our conversation about here experiences that led to her coaching and her understanding of hypnotherapy as a possible for solution for those that are looking to explore hypnotherapy as a means to resolve personal stress and learn new ideas and manage perceptions to think, feel and believe with hope and positive thinking.

Karen Ross is a Hypnotherapist and Coach with a diverse history of advocating, coaching and helping others when she was an Executive Recruiter, Real Estate Project Manager, Guardian for Foster Children and host of a live radio show in Chicago.

With her professional advocacy, therapeutic and media background, Karen Ross demonstrates how she can become your partner in leading a high quality of life by making sure you feel heard, supported, encouraged, strong and confident. 

Karen uses Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which allows you to get to the root of your problems where standard talk therapy can take a longer time period to achieve the desired results.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode of Frank About Health, Frank Harrison is joined by hypnotherapist and coach, Karen Ross, as they discuss advocacy in hypnotherapy as a whole and what it is used for. To start the discussion, Frank and Karen discuss Karen’s background which includes working in advocacy in foster care and eventually pivoted to working more in mental health. Over the years, she has worked in many fields from sales and marketing to hosting her own radio show. Eventually, Karen hired a personal coach for her and she suggested that Karen should be a psychologist since her father was one and Karen was so fascinated with his practice, which involved hypnosis.

Segment 2

After the first break, Frank dives deeper into Karen’s radio show past and wonders if it helped to connect her down her path to work in coaching. They also discuss how hypnotherapy works and what a typical session would be like for Karen when working with a patient. Although smoking and losing weight are the first things we think of when the topic of hypnosis, however, there are many other uses for hypnosis and Karen shares the many other uses for it, like for relaxation, anxiety, stage fright, seasickness, etc. When going through hypnosis a person is tapping into their subconscious in order to help an individual better deal with what issues they are facing.

Segment 3

Moving along into the conversation, Karen shares an exercise that demonstrates the power of the subconscious. Frank participates in this exercise and he can certainly feel the effects of the exercise. Karen painted a vivid picture in the mind of cutting a lemon on a kitchen counter and the smell of the lemon smelled so good that saliva was starting to form in your mouth. A simple exercise, but does have a powerful effect. It is important to remember that each person is different when going through hypnosis, some people are easier to fall into the subconscious than others and each person may not have the same reaction to the effects.

Segment 4

To close out the episode, Frank shares that Karen will be returning to Frank About Health on his 100th episode special on November 16th, 2023. There will be more surprises on the same day, so stay tuned for this exciting celebratory episode next month. Frank also shares that he was able to meet another Talk Radio.NYC host, Matthew Asbell from Intangify, and do an episode on both of their shows together, So Frank asks Karen about her thoughts and feelings about doing a podcast episode in person but also about the blessings of technology and Zoom. As the show comes to an end, Frank shows a video about hypnosis and afterward Karen and Frank share their final thoughts.


00:00:48.770 --> 00:00:52.130 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody. It is Thursday, August.

00:00:52.150 --> 00:01:07.770 Frank R. Harrison: Excuse me. October twelfth, 2023, and I am here at the Nyu Grossman School of Medicine at the Nyu Langone Health Center with Karen Ross. And we're going to today's episode is called Karen Ross. Now.

00:01:07.780 --> 00:01:21.830 Frank R. Harrison: the reason why I say now is because it definitely is an advocacy platform today discussing about hypnotherapy and mental health. Now, if you remember, last week's episode was pretty much an awareness of what October's health

00:01:21.910 --> 00:01:33.129 Frank R. Harrison: months were about. There was breast cancer awareness, and, of course, mental health and neurological awareness. And I remember saying that hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to come back and talk about

00:01:33.130 --> 00:01:53.369 Frank R. Harrison: mental health with someone else at the same time, when we go over other kind of health care awareness, months that are in the calendar. And II asked the universe and I and I already got my wish, because I'm letting everyone know at this moment that Karen Ross will be joining me as a regular correspondent on Frank about health in the future.

00:01:53.420 --> 00:02:06.060 Frank R. Harrison: well, obviously focused on mental health issues. But we. She will be my Co. Anchor when I advocate for specific health moments whatever month of the year it is than whatever the issue is. But more importantly.

00:02:06.380 --> 00:02:32.750 Frank R. Harrison: I wanna thank Sam Leibowitz for introducing me to her. She is definitely very influential in her own part. We'll learn more about on today's show. She has done everything from Foster care and foster advocacy. She's done project management in real estate. She has done coaching, and she has also, obviously been involved in hypnotherapy, which we're gonna learn more about during the hour.

00:02:32.770 --> 00:03:01.469 Frank R. Harrison: I wanna give a disclaimer to everyone out there. These. This is just food for thought based on our conversation. This is not to be advocates for any kind of mental health, treatment, or therapy that you either don't agree with or are not interested in. Therefore please do not take this to be the thoughts or opinions of talk radio, dot Nyc. Or of Frank about health, but rather again food for thought for those interested in learning how to live a better quality of life.

00:03:01.600 --> 00:03:16.309 Frank R. Harrison: and that, all being, said, Karen, welcome to Frank about health I am. It is my pleasure to have you here. I know we've already had obviously numerous conversations beforehand, and I'm I'm really looking forward, not just for today's show, but definitely collaborating with you more in the future.

00:03:16.780 --> 00:03:21.620 Karen Ross - Oh, I am, too I, too, thank Sam for introducing us.

00:03:21.660 --> 00:03:37.230 Karen Ross - and I'm excited about what we can do together and excited about talking about hypnotherapy and coaching. Today I do want to just clarify something you said. I was involved in foster care. I was never a foster parent.

00:03:37.260 --> 00:03:55.050 Karen Ross - I was a guardian ad lightum, which is the child's voice in court. and so the reason I want to make that distinction is foster. Parents deserve. They deserve a star, they deserve

00:03:55.050 --> 00:04:14.550 Karen Ross - so much credit for what they do, and I worked with some foster parents that ended up adopting a large family of children that had been abused and neglected, and so I don't ever want to give the opinion that I was a foster parent, because that is a certain kind of person

00:04:15.150 --> 00:04:39.650 Frank R. Harrison: understood, I mean especially because they're involved in their development, in their and their and their discipline and their training and their raising them to be healthy individuals and adults getting older while you are during the foster care system, advocating for their voice when they're probably not in the position to defend themselves if need be. I understand so, and that regard. Would you? Would you say that you have a legal background as well.

00:04:39.840 --> 00:04:58.860 Karen Ross - no, I do not. In fact, I was the Guardian had Liedam in a county in Illinois that did not require to be an attorney now in Cook County, which is Chicago. You do have to be an attorney, and they have a huge guardian, Lydum

00:04:58.890 --> 00:05:16.960 Karen Ross - department, if you will, and I happened to at that time live in a suburb where I became. I didn't know it at the time when I went for the training that you did not need to be an attorney, but you were still considered an officer of the court, so it was a very

00:05:16.990 --> 00:05:29.960 Karen Ross - responsible position. But no, I did not. I spent a lot of time in in court with those kids, that's for sure. But no, I am not an attorney.

00:05:31.100 --> 00:05:46.119 Frank R. Harrison: So how did all of that finally bring you to the point of being very focused on mental health and improvement in everyone's stress levels. And I know I looked on your website. You were involved with people who suffered from diabetic neuropathy, and

00:05:46.130 --> 00:05:58.080 Frank R. Harrison: and you even got involved with senior executives in helping them achieve their confidence levels and esteem levels. How how did you, I wouldn't say fall into it. But how did you pivot into it?

00:05:58.700 --> 00:06:14.939 Karen Ross - Oh, gosh! There were a lot of pivots along the way. I have to say, I sometimes kind of joke when somebody asks me about my background, and I say that I have a portfolio career because it is a portfolio of a lot of different things over the years.

00:06:15.000 --> 00:06:16.470 Karen Ross - and

00:06:16.480 --> 00:06:38.769 Karen Ross - The Guardian at light of work was actually a volunteer situation, and but that was about the same time I was working with my husband as a headhunter. Some people know that term executive Senior level executive search, so I did that for a number of years with him. I had done some sales and marketing in the past.

00:06:38.770 --> 00:06:57.339 Karen Ross - and then I started a radio show and interviewed authors of nonfiction books, and I always looked for authors who were writing about a subject that would make someone's life better, and I always hoped that

00:06:57.440 --> 00:07:03.169 Karen Ross - when people tuned into my show they might hear something that they otherwise never would have learned or heard.

00:07:03.280 --> 00:07:33.249 Karen Ross - But I suppose my interest in really helping people goes way back. My father was a psychologist. Actually he was a minister first. So I grew up as a Pk. A preacher's kid. And then he went on to do his postgraduate work in psychology and philosophy, and he became a therapist, a psychologist. And interestingly, going back any number of years he used hypnosis in his practice.

00:07:33.290 --> 00:08:02.450 Karen Ross - So you know, and there's there's a long time span between being in that environment with my father and now doing this work myself. But that's why I say there were a lot of pivots along the way. But when my radio show came to an end I was kind of at a loss as to what I was going to do next, and so I hired a personal coach, and after working with her for a while.

00:08:02.460 --> 00:08:06.200 Karen Ross - she suggested, so I think you'd make a terrific coach.

00:08:06.270 --> 00:08:12.239 Karen Ross - and it was kind of interesting. II didn't have a real strong, positive reaction at the time.

00:08:12.290 --> 00:08:22.230 Karen Ross - but went on to. She said, you talk to some of your friends and see what they think. And they all said, Oh, that's a no-brainer, that's exactly what you should do.

00:08:22.250 --> 00:08:25.930 Karen Ross - So I got trained in coaching.

00:08:25.940 --> 00:08:40.580 Karen Ross - and did that for a while, and then, when I and I was always looking for new trainings, new approaches to working with people, and was introduced to rapid, transformational therapy.

00:08:40.659 --> 00:08:43.889 Karen Ross - and really liked that word rapid

00:08:43.960 --> 00:09:05.499 Karen Ross - and that was where the hypnosis fit, because Rtt is based on on hypnosis. So then I've gone on to. So I've been focusing more on the hypotherapy, just finding that it is so effective, so quickly, so rapidly, that that's really where I have wanted to focus.

00:09:06.490 --> 00:09:15.610 Frank R. Harrison: So it's interesting how, when you got involved in various areas of your life, one common thread through each of it is an understanding of another person's character.

00:09:15.670 --> 00:09:26.610 Frank R. Harrison: especially when you were ha! How did you refer to it, Foster? So, guardian?

00:09:27.070 --> 00:09:31.909 Karen Ross - I was an advocate. I was the the child's voice in court.

00:09:32.120 --> 00:09:38.400 Karen Ross - so the judge would look to, because II had to

00:09:38.640 --> 00:10:00.000 Karen Ross - keep in contact with the children, with the foster homes, where they replaced, and then go back to the court and tell the judge what I thought the next best steps would would be for these children. So yeah, I've I've always been geared toward wanting to be of service, wanting to help people.

00:10:00.910 --> 00:10:20.570 Frank R. Harrison: and I can see obviously the influence of your father. Would would you say some of your initial core training in hypno therapy was a direct lesson from your father, or did you actually get get licensed and go to school to become more involved in that, or get some training in that. Oh, yeah, no. I've done my own training, and that was many years after.

00:10:20.590 --> 00:10:24.540 Karen Ross - I mean, he's been he's been gone for a number of years.

00:10:24.660 --> 00:10:32.770 Karen Ross - but that was my first exposure to it, and I remember him talking about it. But I

00:10:32.930 --> 00:10:36.409 Karen Ross - I was not involved in any way at that time

00:10:37.450 --> 00:10:45.880 Frank R. Harrison: understood. Wow, so yeah, I think anyone who's involved in really understanding human behavior, understanding, the value of

00:10:46.060 --> 00:11:03.340 Frank R. Harrison: the brain, the mind, the fact that it's really in our control, and how we use and not take advantage of it, but how we be of service to others who need some help in activating their own mental resources. I don't know. Maybe it's it could be a destiny

00:11:03.340 --> 00:11:19.390 Frank R. Harrison: call in some ways. Or maybe it's just based on your own life circumstances. It's how you just naturally fall into it. I I'm always amazed at people who do that. I mean II consider myself one of those types, I mean, I always call it entrepreneurial.

00:11:19.400 --> 00:11:38.009 Frank R. Harrison: But I think sometimes when we're faced with certain situations beyond our control, we have no choice but to resort to that level of primal talent that we may have already been gifted with through family or just being born innately into the understanding of what kind of advocacy work you need to do.

00:11:38.020 --> 00:11:52.539 Frank R. Harrison: Listeners and viewers are frank about health are fully aware that over the last 2 years, not only were we dealing with the Covid pandemic, but I had been dealing with advocacy work for both my father as well as my cousin, who were both. Yes, she mentioned dealing with.

00:11:53.140 --> 00:12:03.389 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, thankfully. My father is on the mend but it's unfortunate when when you get a diagnosis of Alzheimer's we all know that it's about quality of life management at that point.

00:12:03.410 --> 00:12:09.999 Frank R. Harrison: And so, either way, I find myself on one level, relinquishing some of the sense of responsibility

00:12:10.350 --> 00:12:28.809 Frank R. Harrison: back to my father, and so forth and so on, but at another, getting more advocates involved to take care of the longer term things that I know that I won't be available to do at a later time, so that constant balance, juggling act that I do it definitely wears on me. So when I find myself talking to people like you

00:12:28.810 --> 00:12:40.560 Frank R. Harrison: it. It's a good reflection that I'm either doing the right thing, or I need to pivot in the next direction, or just regroup and and try to see how to better maximize what I've already provided. So

00:12:40.690 --> 00:12:51.500 Frank R. Harrison: I am definitely looking forward to learn more about the hypnotherapy piece of your work. I've never. I've never been hypnotized, and it's always been a curious subject matter for myself, but I'm sure that

00:12:51.740 --> 00:13:16.440 Frank R. Harrison: kinda probably scares some people I don't know. I mean, we've all will. We've all had people's concerns over things like the covid vaccine. So if you can't convince people of that legitimacy, the question always becomes how how sincere or how authentic is something like hypnotherapy is. And so we'll we'll talk about that more later in the show. I think we're gonna be headed towards a break soon.

00:13:16.770 --> 00:13:40.340 Frank R. Harrison: I look forward to learn more about you and your story and your background, and all about how, in the next segment. You pretty much discovered that I think you said the last 13 years of your life was focused purely on mental health work. Definitely, right? Right? And I'll I'll just say when you said a lot of people might be scared of hypnosis.

00:13:40.690 --> 00:13:43.909 Karen Ross - I think the only ones who are really scared of it

00:13:43.970 --> 00:13:58.379 Karen Ross - are the ones whose only contact with it is what they've seen in movies or on TV, which represents it as pretty scary. And that's not at all what we're talking about here.

00:13:58.630 --> 00:14:02.810 Karen Ross - We'll definitely get into clarification of that for sure.

00:14:03.540 --> 00:14:32.410 Frank R. Harrison: as they say. As I say, we're gonna be frank about it absolutely. Absolutely. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned for the next few for the next few minutes of commercial commercial break. And right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and on our social media platform, Facebook Page, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitch TV. If you have any questions, please email them along. And Logan behind the scenes. We'll forward them to us, and we'll go ahead and answer them on air. But we'll be back in a few. Stay tuned.

00:16:38.240 --> 00:17:00.029 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back. And as you've just seen during the commercial break, I gave you a profile shot of Karen Ross and her and all about her and Karen Ross. Now her website. I think let's just start with your radio show. I'd like to know exactly if that was the impetus to you to eventually get involved in coaching and hip of therapy.

00:17:01.300 --> 00:17:03.390 Karen Ross - II don't know that I would

00:17:03.510 --> 00:17:16.379 Karen Ross - say that, as I said, when the radio show came to an end. and that was more. I had a radio show here in Chicago for 10 years.

00:17:16.490 --> 00:17:39.089 Karen Ross - and they sold the station. So the the show came to an end. I later lived in South Carolina for a while, and had a daily show there, and the owners of the station just one day decided to change the whole format of the station. So if anybody knows anything about the entertainment industry, it's very fickle.

00:17:39.090 --> 00:17:47.530 Karen Ross - and you can be on the air one day and off the next. And so that's basically what happened. So I was at a real crossroads then.

00:17:47.800 --> 00:17:52.869 Karen Ross - and that's when I hired a coach to help me figure out. What do I do next?

00:17:52.890 --> 00:18:07.710 Karen Ross - So I guess I wouldn't say that the radio show was an impetus, but losing the radio show was an impetus to look for a new direction. And then that led me obviously to the to the coaching.

00:18:07.920 --> 00:18:13.600 Karen Ross - But yeah, I really want to talk about hypnosis and

00:18:13.890 --> 00:18:20.190 Karen Ross - some things that people may not understand about how impactful their minds are.

00:18:21.150 --> 00:18:35.510 Karen Ross - Oh, yes, so I know that you mentioned it was transformational therapy. Rapid, transformational therapy is that in conjunction with other practices that you've been involved in, or that you've learned or read about.

00:18:35.690 --> 00:18:50.390 Karen Ross - that's one of the modalities that I used, and that is where I was introduced to hypotherapy when I found that particular approach it was based on hypotherapy. So that's where it began, yes.

00:18:50.580 --> 00:18:51.350 Frank R. Harrison: right?

00:18:51.610 --> 00:19:07.140 Frank R. Harrison: Okay. So like, let's say, for example, like your website says that people can contact you for a zoom visit. I don't presume that during that zoom visit. You do any hypnotherapy? You? You just look learning about the person's problem.

00:19:07.140 --> 00:19:24.769 Karen Ross - and you're taking an assessment or an intake, as they would call it? Yeah. And what would be the next step in terms of either meeting with you or arranging an actual hypnotherapy session. How does your practice work? Yeah. Well, first, to kind of have a better understanding of what I do.

00:19:24.860 --> 00:19:28.150 Karen Ross - It's useful for people to understand

00:19:28.300 --> 00:19:47.099 Karen Ross - the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Now, a lot of people don't even give that any thought. They just know that they're thinking thoughts all the time, and don't don't consider necessarily that they have a conscious mind, and they have a subconscious mind, and the thing is, the conscious mind is, is.

00:19:47.180 --> 00:20:09.550 Karen Ross - can reject it, can accept, it, can argue with, reads between the lines is judgmental. It's noisy. Many of us may know our conscious mind because it talks to us all the time, and sometimes with a not very nice voice. It can be pretty harsh sometimes. Now. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, can only accept.

00:20:09.720 --> 00:20:20.449 Karen Ross - and in reality, if people only understood that our subconscious mind is the most powerful creative instrument in the universe.

00:20:20.480 --> 00:20:50.350 Karen Ross - And if once we really understand just how powerful the subconscious mind is and how we can use it. That's when it becomes life-changing. If we could. Now, as you said, when I have a thirty-minute initial zoom session with somebody, we talk about what they're dealing with? Is it anxiety? Is it chronic pain? Is it insomnia? Maybe they want to become a non-smoker, or they are

00:20:50.400 --> 00:21:12.490 Karen Ross - wanting to shed some extra pounds, you know, weight and smoking are 2 areas that people kind of naturally link the hypnosis. And we can certainly do that. But there are so many other areas where it's just so so valuable. And one of the interesting things that I just recently did a little bit of research, I thought.

00:21:12.490 --> 00:21:29.199 Karen Ross - who has used hypnosis because I had a couple of people say, like like you said they're scared. Oh, I don't want to get, you know. I'm scared of hypnosis. And so I can explain what happens that you just go into it

00:21:29.200 --> 00:21:40.169 Karen Ross - and let's talk about that for a minute. You go into a deep state of relaxation. I think every time I do a session with somebody at the end. They say

00:21:40.170 --> 00:22:00.580 Karen Ross - I don't know when I have ever been that relaxed. So that's number one. And and the thing is what we do is we quiet that noisy, conscious mind. We just kind of bypass it and let it rest. And sometimes, you know, it's kind of happy to shut up for a while and just rest.

00:22:00.750 --> 00:22:15.240 Karen Ross - and we go into the subconscious mind and allow it to do its work. And what most people don't understand about hypnosis is that they are in total control every minute.

00:22:15.380 --> 00:22:38.689 Karen Ross - There is nothing about hypotherapy that can make them do something they wouldn't normally do. That's where that stage hypnosis that's a different approach that I don't fully understand and don't want to. I don't like it. I just, you know, kind of makes people look silly. But anyway, one of the things I was curious about was, who are some of the well-known

00:22:38.690 --> 00:22:47.259 Karen Ross - celebrities who have used hypnosis. I was blown away with some of the names I came up with. Can I share a few of those?

00:22:47.430 --> 00:22:54.589 Karen Ross - Sure, by all means, and interesting what they used it for a lot of actors.

00:22:54.710 --> 00:23:05.890 Karen Ross - Let's see, we've got Matt Damon, Jube Barrymore, Ellen Degeneres. I guess she's not really an actress, Ashton Cooper, Charlie Tharone. They all used it to quit smoking.

00:23:06.260 --> 00:23:12.760 Karen Ross - Some, I think I read someplace that Kevin Costner used it, for

00:23:13.470 --> 00:23:19.100 Karen Ross - I don't want to attribute it to a certain person, but I know there was another actor that used it for stage fright.

00:23:19.290 --> 00:23:41.369 Karen Ross - So you know, we don't often think of our actors and actresses as suffering from stage fright, but they do, and so many have used it for use. Hypnosis for stage fright. Here. Here's what I knew that Kevin Costner was attributed to. He flew his personal hypnotist to Hawaii to cure his. The sickness

00:23:42.030 --> 00:23:50.240 Karen Ross - so kind of interesting it is, it is credible, incredible tiger woods. Jack Nicholas have used hypnosis.

00:23:50.260 --> 00:23:52.160 Karen Ross - Jackie Kennedy.

00:23:52.310 --> 00:23:57.980 Karen Ross -  Bill Clinton used. I think Bill Clinton used it for smoking cessation.

00:23:58.060 --> 00:24:17.030 Karen Ross - Oprah Winfrey just and I mean, the list goes on and on, and as I was reading the list I thought, Oh, my goodness, really! So, you know, for those who do doubt that it is that mainstream. I think that's evidence that it indeed is.

00:24:17.280 --> 00:24:20.400 Karen Ross - and it's it's widely directly.

00:24:20.470 --> 00:24:22.059 Frank R. Harrison: No, I'm sorry. Say that again.

00:24:22.320 --> 00:24:27.479 Karen Ross - Well, I was just going to say it's it's widely accepted. Now in in the medical field.

00:24:27.520 --> 00:24:39.170 Karen Ross - I mean medical institutions like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic. You can go online and look for information about hypnosis that is put out by Cleveland clinic Mail Clinic.

00:24:39.440 --> 00:24:52.750 Karen Ross - You know those kind of institutions are not going to use it if it isn't working, and you know, if they don't see the validity of it. But what were you going to ask me? I was, gonna say, it also sounds like a direct correlation to meditation.

00:24:53.220 --> 00:24:54.300 Karen Ross - It's different.

00:24:54.340 --> 00:25:12.150 Karen Ross - It's different. Because in meditation you are quieting the entire mind. You said the goal there is to just silent kind of silent everything, and just have a completely quiet mind with hypnosis.

00:25:12.470 --> 00:25:28.040 Karen Ross - The subconscious mind is working. I mean, it's accepting new information. Sometimes we're getting rid of old information that no longer serves us. That's one of the most interesting things that comes up with hypnosis is we uncover

00:25:28.050 --> 00:25:32.410 Karen Ross - beliefs that we have held for years sometimes.

00:25:32.440 --> 00:25:50.130 Karen Ross - and when people realize that they held this belief and where it came from, and they look at it and say, Well, I don't need to believe that that's ridiculous. And yet it has been guiding their conscious actions for many, many years.

00:25:50.180 --> 00:25:59.479 Karen Ross - Sometimes people remember something from their childhood. I've actually worked with people that have had a memory from when they were a baby.

00:25:59.640 --> 00:26:07.509 Karen Ross -  I haven't had this experience, but I just recently read about an experience where somebody's in hypnosis.

00:26:07.610 --> 00:26:18.269 Karen Ross - and they are experiencing the sounds and sights of being in the womb. And something occurs that causes a belief.

00:26:18.420 --> 00:26:29.570 Karen Ross - You know, that sounds a little crazy to some people, but you know it's been documented. But the point is that we find those beliefs that have not served us well.

00:26:29.600 --> 00:26:35.650 Karen Ross - and when it's a longstanding issue that someone's been dealing with, and they discover

00:26:35.690 --> 00:26:38.319 Karen Ross - that it goes back to this

00:26:38.360 --> 00:26:39.450 Karen Ross - relief

00:26:39.520 --> 00:26:41.400 Karen Ross - that just

00:26:41.670 --> 00:26:46.790 Karen Ross - no longer makes any sense that in itself can be a huge change.

00:26:46.890 --> 00:26:50.660 Karen Ross - But as far as stress and anxiety. we.

00:26:50.810 --> 00:27:06.150 Karen Ross - we recruit the subconscious mind to help the individual better handle stress and anxiety. We can't take away the stressors, you know. If if I'm working with a senior executive in a major corporation.

00:27:06.270 --> 00:27:21.399 Karen Ross - we can't remove the things that that create his stress or her stress, but we can help them use the subconscious mind to better handle it, to see it differently, change their perspective on it.

00:27:21.510 --> 00:27:30.479 Karen Ross - and many, many senior executives and business owners use hypnosis for for that specifically.

00:27:31.690 --> 00:27:46.249 Frank R. Harrison: But I know when I think back to to my old days in my psych program where we looked about this conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind, we always knew or learned that the subconscious mind was the middle of the road, those things that were pretty much

00:27:46.300 --> 00:28:09.160 Frank R. Harrison: either about to be put into the surface or kept on reserved to be used in the moment when necessary, and the stress and anxiety triggers that we received were the messages that something is about to come out or be aware of something, and people who didn't know how to manage that stress or anxiety would resort to being depressed, or or just frozen in time, and not being able to be as

00:28:09.450 --> 00:28:26.439 Frank R. Harrison: independent in how to resolve the crisis that they were dealing with, whether it was internally or around them. But I can now see from what you've just said, that the whole hypnosis treatment that you're using is really making our subconscious mind

00:28:27.080 --> 00:28:55.990 Karen Ross - more in our control, more in the driver's seat to help keep the balance between the conscious and unconscious mind. Is that fair to say? Sure, yeah, I think there are different different ways to put it into words. But yeah, that that's certainly one way to look at it. Another interesting idea about the subconscious and the conscious mind is that, as powerful as the subconscious mind is, it takes its direction from the conscious mind.

00:28:56.360 --> 00:29:06.600 Karen Ross - So in hypnosis. we're feeding new information to the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind is hearing it also. And

00:29:06.980 --> 00:29:16.449 Karen Ross - those instructions if you will go to the subconscious mind if they come through the conscious mind. So it's it's kind of interesting. Yeah, yeah.

00:29:17.210 --> 00:29:43.929 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we're about to take our second break. But I but I have some questions based on what you just said. So forgive me if I'm making a brief exit from our conversation. But we gotta just spend the next 2 min promoting our other shows in the network. So please stay tuned as we're with Karen Ross now to really look, learn more about the subconscious mind and and hypnotherapy. And I'm getting ready to ask you a lot more questions when we return. We'll be right back in a few.

00:31:44.220 --> 00:31:48.380 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody and welcome back. During the commercial break

00:31:48.440 --> 00:32:08.410 Frank R. Harrison: Karen and I were chatting a little bit about a brief exercise she's gonna show us now, which is gonna actually probably an answer. The questions that I was about to ask. So let's go right to the exercise, because then it'll minimize how many questions to ask. Cause. I definitely am looking forward to show a video on what she does towards the end of this segment.

00:32:08.430 --> 00:32:37.859 Karen Ross - So Karen mentioned, you have a brief exercise that shows the power of the subconscious. Yeah. Now, the only thing the only caveat here is, if anybody's listening and they're driving a car, do not do this, but for anybody who can just close their eyes and relax a little bit. I think that everybody will find this interesting if they haven't experienced it, and I'm thinking that maybe many of our listeners have not

00:32:37.860 --> 00:32:48.559 Karen Ross - have much exposure to hypnotherapy. But, anyway, what I would ask you to do, and, Frank, do this, please, if you don't mind, just take a deep breath and close your eyes and

00:32:48.810 --> 00:32:56.600 Karen Ross - just really relax. Just take a couple of deep breaths and just let your whole body go.

00:32:56.700 --> 00:33:03.840 Karen Ross - Just relax. and I want you to picture that you're standing at your kitchen counter.

00:33:04.880 --> 00:33:11.170 Karen Ross - and on the counter is a large, plump. right yellow

00:33:11.410 --> 00:33:12.140 Karen Ross - that makes sense.

00:33:13.420 --> 00:33:19.630 Karen Ross - Sitting next to it is the cutting board and a very, very sharp knife.

00:33:21.060 --> 00:33:25.129 Karen Ross - Now pick up the lemon with your non dominant hand.

00:33:25.880 --> 00:33:28.200 Karen Ross - and place it on the cutting board.

00:33:29.540 --> 00:33:34.109 Karen Ross - and when you pick up the lemon and squeeze it ever so slightly.

00:33:35.130 --> 00:33:41.000 Karen Ross - you notice that it has some give which tells you it's full of juice.

00:33:42.430 --> 00:33:45.390 Karen Ross - So now lay that lemon on the cutting board.

00:33:46.140 --> 00:33:48.550 Karen Ross - and with that very sharp knife

00:33:49.270 --> 00:33:50.930 Karen Ross - cut the lemon in half.

00:33:52.240 --> 00:33:53.719 Karen Ross - and as you cut

00:33:53.900 --> 00:33:58.059 Karen Ross - juice from the lemon oozes out onto the cutting board.

00:33:59.610 --> 00:34:04.590 Karen Ross - Now pick up one half of the lemon. hold it to your nose.

00:34:05.070 --> 00:34:09.489 Karen Ross - and breathe in the fresh, pure scent of lemon.

00:34:11.230 --> 00:34:13.419 Karen Ross - Now, most, if not all of us.

00:34:13.800 --> 00:34:20.729 Frank R. Harrison: we'll notice saliva starting to form in the back of our mouth. And even if you don't.

00:34:21.949 --> 00:34:30.830 Karen Ross - even if you don't particularly like smell of lemon. So now just set the lemon down on the cutting board.

00:34:31.409 --> 00:34:32.979 Karen Ross - Step back.

00:34:33.270 --> 00:34:34.350 Karen Ross - swallow.

00:34:35.070 --> 00:34:38.119 Karen Ross - take a deep breath and open your eyes.

00:34:39.520 --> 00:34:45.880 Karen Ross - Now we all know that there was no lemon. no cutting board. no knife.

00:34:46.440 --> 00:35:01.110 Karen Ross - And yet I'm going to ask you, did you notice saliva starting to form in your mouth. Yes, I did so. What that tells us. Who do you think did that? It was your subconscious mind.

00:35:01.400 --> 00:35:12.059 Karen Ross - and it was the power of the suggestion, and as long as you just stayed with me and did exactly what I instructed you to do.

00:35:12.180 --> 00:35:24.840 Karen Ross - your body reacted, your subconscious mind reacted, and you had a physical reaction. So I think people find that kind of amazing to know just how powerful their subconscious mind is.

00:35:26.320 --> 00:35:43.759 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and we had a comment from from cerebral wind. What in the world was that? That was wild? It's funny. On previous shows. I've talked about the Vegas nerve.

00:35:43.860 --> 00:35:57.899 Frank R. Harrison: which probably had a piece to do with in creating the saliva reaction, the pituitary gland, the amygdala, other aspects of the brain that would probably have indulged in that, but it's only going to do what

00:35:58.180 --> 00:36:02.680 Frank R. Harrison: information you feed it exactly, and what you were able to do with your voice.

00:36:02.970 --> 00:36:05.200 Frank R. Harrison: which was very calming, by the way.

00:36:05.900 --> 00:36:28.690 Frank R. Harrison: is create the scenario of my kitchen cupboard. That lemon, that knife I saw myself. My! I'm actually left handed, but my non dominant hand is my right. So I put the lemon down. I sliced it. III actually saw the lemon as I'm breathing it in, and that's when the saliva reaction. So what the subconscious is is what you don't see.

00:36:28.750 --> 00:36:31.450 Frank R. Harrison: It's like the part that you use when you're dreaming.

00:36:31.550 --> 00:36:48.799 Karen Ross - Pretty much right. Sure. Sure. In fact, when I work with people, I give them a customized recording. So it's geared to exactly what they're experiencing and what what they need to change. It's not a pre-recorded thing that everybody gets.

00:36:49.080 --> 00:36:55.629 Karen Ross -  Most people listen to that recording as they're going to sleep at night.

00:36:56.050 --> 00:37:05.629 Karen Ross - And at first, and I try to make this clear to them, but at first they say, well, I started listening when I went to, but then I fell asleep, and I tell them that's perfect.

00:37:05.640 --> 00:37:13.310 Karen Ross - because your your conscious mind is finally resting and your subconscious mind is hearing the message.

00:37:13.320 --> 00:37:23.600 Karen Ross - And so it's a perfect time when the sub right between that being awake and and being in deep sleep is a perfect time to

00:37:23.620 --> 00:37:26.960 Karen Ross - to use the subconscious.

00:37:28.030 --> 00:37:36.550 Frank R. Harrison: In. In that example I can see why hypnotherapy is not considered spooky for lack of a better word, because

00:37:36.680 --> 00:37:53.130 Frank R. Harrison: I was in control. I wasn't like sent into another zone somewhere where I had no control of my thoughts or actions, or whatever which I guess probably comes from the movies as you indicated. So there's a difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

00:37:53.230 --> 00:38:02.609 Karen Ross - Correct? Well. no, not necessarily. There are different types of hypnosis like we were talking about stage hypnosis.

00:38:02.630 --> 00:38:09.049 Karen Ross - That is a I mean it. It's kind of the same concepts. But some

00:38:09.130 --> 00:38:12.759 Karen Ross - people learn to do something a little bit different.

00:38:12.770 --> 00:38:28.239 Karen Ross - And like I said, I don't care for it, so I haven't studied it. I can't fully explain what happens differently. I do think that people who do that kind of hypnosis become very

00:38:28.290 --> 00:38:41.050 Karen Ross - aware of who is going to be conducive to that kind of reaction. and some people are going to be more susceptible than others.

00:38:41.100 --> 00:38:54.389 Karen Ross - I worked with one woman. This was very early on when I was just starting to do hypnosis, and I was working with a friend that I had asked her to be kind of one of my my trial people.

00:38:54.400 --> 00:38:58.749 Karen Ross - and she's a very, very spiritual person, very

00:38:59.080 --> 00:39:09.290 Karen Ross - into a lot of different things, meditation, and so on. And she she warned me, she said, now I have to tell you. I go in. I go down very, very fast.

00:39:09.390 --> 00:39:30.190 Karen Ross - And she I mean it was like I. It was unbelievable, and I sat here, and I thought to myself, well, what do I do now, you know, because she she went in so fast, and some people do some people just immediately just kind of really fall into that state, but they still have total control.

00:39:30.290 --> 00:39:36.970 Karen Ross - II tell people, if something happens that requires your attention in your environment.

00:39:37.370 --> 00:39:39.879 Karen Ross - you. So you take care of that.

00:39:39.990 --> 00:39:43.130 Karen Ross - and then you come back and

00:39:43.330 --> 00:39:53.410 Karen Ross - we pick up right where we left off a really good experience. I've got a funny experience. I do tell people. It's best not to have your pets in your room.

00:39:53.450 --> 00:39:58.489 Karen Ross - because the pets actually picks up a different energy.

00:39:58.590 --> 00:40:11.210 Karen Ross - and generally they want to be very close to you. And this one woman commented that she had 2 cats, that she put them outside of the room. She closed the door.

00:40:11.240 --> 00:40:28.930 Karen Ross - and we're right in the middle of the session, and pretty soon one of her cats climbed up on her chest. Of course she was startled. I was startled. Well, that cat happened to know how to open that door. You know, cats can do some pretty wild things.

00:40:29.010 --> 00:40:35.170 Karen Ross - but anyway, she just obviously it startled her, and so she was

00:40:35.510 --> 00:40:48.599 Karen Ross - aware very quickly, and just put the cat outside the door and closed it more securely, and came back. And you know just that. Take a few deep breaths and just go right back to where we were. So

00:40:48.620 --> 00:40:58.529 Karen Ross - it's it's that easy. It's that effortless. It's that comfortable. It's it's really a wonderful thing with people

00:40:58.870 --> 00:41:05.429 Karen Ross - come through. I've talked to any number of people now who say they see. They see a hypnotherapist where

00:41:05.700 --> 00:41:08.140 Karen Ross - most many people see a therapist

00:41:08.530 --> 00:41:12.799 Karen Ross - that they see a therapist every month are like

00:41:12.890 --> 00:41:39.899 Frank R. Harrison: Kevin Costner flights his personal. I wouldn't mind being Kevin Costner's personal hypnotherapist, and he can find me to Hawaii any time? Absolutely well. No, I mean you, as I suspected you did ask. Answer all my questions, because just in the exercise of it, I saw the power of my subconscious mind. A lot of people are aware that I've spent the last 2 years advocating for a lot of mental and neurological

00:41:39.900 --> 00:41:49.080 Frank R. Harrison: health issues, but particularly epilepsy, which I have been living my life with, and luckily enough for the last 15 years. It's been seizure controlled.

00:41:49.080 --> 00:42:10.849 Frank R. Harrison: However, I am a firm believer that even as I'm speaking to you right now, my brain waves are misfiring, because that's what an epileptic individual does have the condition of. But they're misfiring in a productive way, because I'm aware, based on how I'm feeling internally, or even based on the level of my intuition, which has increased over time

00:42:10.850 --> 00:42:31.839 Frank R. Harrison: I'm able to use my epilepsy in the same way. We just use the subconscious mind to reduce stress. So I was gonna ask you about the power of the subconscious, similar to the power of living with epilepsy. But I went through the exercise with you. So you answered pretty much all of those questions.

00:42:32.120 --> 00:42:41.629 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and and I thought for a second we had another comment from cerebral wind. But actually it was just another alert that we are 2 min until break. Well, ladies and gentlemen.

00:42:41.800 --> 00:42:56.469 Frank R. Harrison: I'm gonna tell you right now, after you have finished watching this show, please contact her and get involved. I'm gonna contact you and get involved in this session, because I really do think like, wait before we started the show tonight.

00:42:56.920 --> 00:43:14.039 Frank R. Harrison: And I say this to all of my guests be. I always have, for some reason, not stage fright, but a little bit of tension like, Oh, is there going to be technical difficulties, or whatever? And as I'm in the conversation, it all resonates, and and I calm down, I think in itself the show is a form

00:43:14.040 --> 00:43:37.659 Frank R. Harrison: of therapy or not hypnote therapy, but it's definitely a relaxing thing for me to do. I was going to show your video, but I think it's probably in the best that we close the show with your video. Because after what I just went through and cerebral wind went through, this is something that everyone should participate in with you. And so that being said, when we return right here on this episode of Frank about health.

00:43:37.700 --> 00:43:58.029 Frank R. Harrison: we are going to cover other activities that myself and Karen will be engaged in right here on the network as well as in our our related endeavors. So please stay tuned right here on talk radio dot Nyc. On on Linkedin Facebook and on our Twitter Page. We'll be back in a few

00:46:01.660 --> 00:46:30.560 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back. Well again, Sam, you've done it for me again, introducing me to Karen. Just like you've introduced me to Phyllis. Just like you've introduced me to Maury just like you introduced me to so many individuals that have definitely added value coming onto this show, showing what they do, and at the same time helping me personally like with these bone conduction headphones, or, as I will with you, Karen, get involved in some hypnotherapy sessions when we can coordinate.

00:46:30.560 --> 00:46:43.400 Frank R. Harrison: I wanted to say that I'm letting everyone know the audience know that you and I are going to be doing our my one hundredth episode together, which I'm proud to announce, which will be on November sixteenth, 2023,

00:46:43.400 --> 00:47:08.630 Frank R. Harrison: and there's a special surprise for everyone out there, but I'm letting the surprise happen on the sixteenth. So you have to stay tuned to watch what happens. But what I really wanted to discuss with you in terms of why, the hundredth episode. It's a conversation that we had in relation to understanding the value of being in the same environment together as we are communicating about mental health

00:47:08.630 --> 00:47:24.749 Frank R. Harrison: situations. I think I mentioned to you that I had appeared on intangify with Matthew Asbell, which is one of our shows it's on Fridays and vice versa. He appeared on Frank about health, and what we did was we actually did both shows in his office.

00:47:24.750 --> 00:47:54.370 Frank R. Harrison: and we were able to really see the impact that just being in the same room created another dynamic in the conversation, and showing that possibly one of the conditions that has affected all of us mentally has been in the quarantine, or has been the distance that we all had to take, especially during the time of Covid. And even though we do live in a world today, that zoom is definitely, very much a part of it, there is still some limitations in how that works. And so I'm looking forward that on the one hundredth show we will be in the same room together.

00:47:54.370 --> 00:48:05.529 Frank R. Harrison: and I wanted to know from your perspective. What excited you about that prospect? I think there was much more of a therapeutic thing that you were tuned on to, and I wanted you to share that with the audience.

00:48:05.940 --> 00:48:09.899 Karen Ross - About being together in person.

00:48:10.230 --> 00:48:18.619 Karen Ross - Yeah, I think there's there's definitely a different energy, a stronger energy when we can. I think zoom

00:48:18.990 --> 00:48:31.600 Karen Ross - is is a gift we have all received over the last 3 years, and I am thrilled to have met so many people I never would have met otherwise. But

00:48:31.680 --> 00:48:40.819 Karen Ross - there is. There's that wall, it just. It's just, very, very different to be with someone, and

00:48:41.240 --> 00:48:41.920 Karen Ross - just

00:48:42.340 --> 00:49:09.250 Karen Ross - creates a different, stronger, more positive energy. So I'm I'm thrilled to anticipate doing that show with you and congratulate you on 100 episodes. That's that's quite something. A lot of podcasts come and go pretty quickly. So you're obviously providing a terrific service, and people are getting a lot out of what you bring

00:49:09.810 --> 00:49:13.810 Karen Ross - to the to the airways. So congratulations to you.

00:49:14.500 --> 00:49:34.419 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you. And and again, I have to thank Sam because as I think, event I mentioned on previous episodes, I originally came on to talk radio dot Nyc. When it was known as talking alternative broadcasting, it was literally in studio with speakers, microphones, hanging calls coming in. There was no zoom situation. But

00:49:34.420 --> 00:49:50.049 Frank R. Harrison: now that he has set it up that way, definitely, starting with Covid and beyond it, it just made it more interactive and more opportunities from that perspective plus, it is still a radio network. So our show what the audio version of our show will be rerunning

00:49:50.090 --> 00:50:16.880 Frank R. Harrison: over the next several weeks, whether it's on weekends overnight. I know there's always a repeat before next week's show a couple hours beforehand, so it's like where we left off type of situation. But then, of course, the beauty of social media. So that our video stream, once it's archived on our talk radio, Nyc Youtube channel and Facebook feed and Linkedin feed. We're able to share it with everyone, especially if they didn't see it live.

00:50:16.880 --> 00:50:31.949 Frank R. Harrison: But there's still something missing, and that's why the one hundredth episode will be a kick off to doing many more shows together, you know, and I'm looking forward to start that off with you. We're at the 10 min, Mark, or I think the 7 min mark.

00:50:32.490 --> 00:50:44.570 Frank R. Harrison: What I'm gonna do is show that 3 min video and then come back and then wrap up the show with how people can get a hold of you and stuff like that, and also announce what is on slate for tomorrow.

00:50:44.640 --> 00:50:51.979 Frank R. Harrison: And so I'm going to do this right now. Hopefully, all the sound effects will be working. So bear with me and

00:50:52.980 --> 00:50:54.789 Frank R. Harrison: we'll get right to

00:51:08.710 --> 00:51:22.139 So what's this rapid, transformational therapy all about. Well, you'll be relieved to know it's not woo. It's actually science.

00:51:22.630 --> 00:51:28.930 The brain is amazing and complex. So for the sake of simplicity, we'll break it into its 3 main parts.

00:51:30.160 --> 00:51:44.980 The conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Hypnosis itself is a natural state that happens to you on a daily basis. It's a transl like State, in which the subconscious is outwardly active. I like to call it the autopilot.

00:51:46.080 --> 00:52:11.920 for example, have you ever been driving, and you arrive at your destination. Having no idea how you got there. Your conscious mind was focusing on what you were going to cook for dinner. The argument you had with your partner last night the text message you read when you stopped at the lights, and, oh, my goodness! I need to collect the dry cleaning, etc. This is a form of hypnosis. When the subconscious mind actively takes over to help you out. It took care of the whole driving thing for you. While you were busy thinking about other things.

00:52:12.570 --> 00:52:38.460 Your subconscious mind holds way. More information than your conscious mind and hypnosis enhances our access to it. The unconscious mind is the vault in which everything we've ever learned or experienced is kept. This is the programming that creates our reality. We don't usually have access to our unconscious mind given its unconscious, yet in it lies every memory and every belief we hold that we are now unaware of.

00:52:38.460 --> 00:52:51.439 The good news is that sometimes our unconscious mind will share information with the subconscious, giving us access to it. And the really exciting part is that in hypnosis the gateway between them is more open

00:52:52.410 --> 00:53:06.199 to understand it more easily. Let's imagine the mind like a computer. Your conscious thoughts are right there on the desktop. They sit there on the main screen. Your subconscious thoughts you can get to, but you'll have to dig into the files a little to find what you need.

00:53:07.680 --> 00:53:25.790 Your unconscious mind, however, is the programming way beneath the surface. It's the deepest part of the operating system, not accessible without the help of an expert who knows the shortcuts and how to get you into the system, and once you gain access, you'll again need the experts help to make beneficial changes.

00:53:25.800 --> 00:53:38.690 The thing is, we update reboot and upgrade the operating systems on our computers and devices all the time. But we don't do this with the most important operating system we'll ever use our minds.

00:53:39.040 --> 00:53:52.759 Most of us are running our lives on inadequate, outdated, poorly functioning operating systems. Usually this system is created and hardwired in our childhood. The life we experience now is direct output from that old programming.

00:53:52.820 --> 00:54:08.130 And even if we want to believe something else now, the outcomes are set and they become our reality. When our computers and devices start to give us issues and stop offering us our desired results, we immediately look for ways to upgrade their systems.

00:54:08.270 --> 00:54:24.719 It's crazy that we don't do this with our minds. How old are you today? How old and outdated might your programming be? Do you need some help to find the blocks and bugs in your old programming. You deserve the freedom you'll find.

00:54:24.820 --> 00:54:29.379 and I'd love to help you discover it in a rapid, transformational therapy session.

00:54:38.670 --> 00:55:04.840 Frank R. Harrison: Yes. And so now, as I suspected, we're at 3 min to ending, Mark. Well, first of all, ladies and gentlemen, please remember the website is Www. Dot Karen Ross., you'll find that video on there. You'll find her phone number to contact her for a zoom session

00:55:04.840 --> 00:55:17.770 Frank R. Harrison: to be able to get involved in hypnosis. If it's going to help you reduce reduce stress, reduce your smoking habit. Probably, like in the cases you've talked about on your website, you helped a person live

00:55:17.770 --> 00:55:34.330 Frank R. Harrison: life even with neuropathy, or rather improved on the neuropathy and senior executives who were losing confidence, who are in their a game. Again, you know, it's just a behavior modification approach, or, as the video indicated, a chance to reboot

00:55:34.330 --> 00:55:51.070 Frank R. Harrison: your computer in case it's a little bit out of date. I'm a firm believer in that. Being an epileptic patient, I do realize the power of the brain, the brain waves, the neurons, the instincts, not to mention, of course, the conscious, subconscious, and conscious level mind. But

00:55:51.180 --> 00:55:52.849 Frank R. Harrison: it's in how we adapt

00:55:52.930 --> 00:56:06.180 Frank R. Harrison: to what we were given and how we use it effectively. And I think working with you will help people have a new perspective going forward. So I want to thank you for being on this episode of Frank about health, to definitely start the launch of a lot of different

00:56:06.200 --> 00:56:16.500 Frank R. Harrison: projects that we're both going to be working on together. And in addition, hopefully from this episode, you'll have a lot more participants, you know, coming to see you, you know.

00:56:16.770 --> 00:56:27.340 Karen Ross - Well, some of the things that we can talk about in the future are self-hypnosis. I teach people you don't have to have me around all the time you can learn self-hypnosis.

00:56:27.380 --> 00:56:47.089 Karen Ross - There's also we'll talk about how we're hypnotized out in the world. We walk into a store, we pull into a parking lot. There are some very strong hypnotic suggestions that we're faced with every day, and we don't think of them as

00:56:47.130 --> 00:56:52.030 Karen Ross - hypnosis that that they are. So there! There's a lot of things we can talk about

00:56:52.860 --> 00:57:20.479 Frank R. Harrison: absolutely. And so, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned for tomorrow's slate of shows on talk radio dot Nyc. Starting at 100'clock with Tommy D. And philanthropy and focus at 110'clock with Stephen Fry, and always Friday, 120'clock, with Matthew as Bellan, and tangify, closing out the week at 10'clock with Dr. Miraba Branku and the hard skills. I'll be back next week on an episode of Frank about health again, with Jeff Demetrik on the stages of epilepsy.

00:57:20.550 --> 00:57:24.159 Frank R. Harrison: Podcast and then I'll be coming back in 2 weeks

00:57:24.180 --> 00:57:39.989 Frank R. Harrison: with a nutritionist who's gonna talk about how to lose weight while using your mind again. I'm sticking with October mental health and and neurological health awareness month. And again, Karen, thank you for being here. I will see you in about

00:57:40.430 --> 00:57:57.530 Frank R. Harrison: 5 or 6 weeks. I think it is. And when when we celebrate Frank about health's one hundredth episode. Thanks again. Dylan, for Matt Dillon Logan for for helping engineer this show, as well as for reaching out with cerebral wind and

00:57:57.570 --> 00:58:14.279 Frank R. Harrison: Well, all for signing off. Now I will. I will definitely call you in a you know, at about an hour and you know. See you next week. Alrighty, take care.

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