Friday, May 5, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/05 - Ideation and Creative Problem Solving

Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/05 - Ideation and Creative Problem Solving


2023/05/05 - Ideation and Creative Problem Solving

[NEW EPISODE] Ideation and Creative Problem Solving

Fridays 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)                              


Attendees will learn about useful techniques to find inspiration, unleash creativity, think beyond tbe box, and solve their business problems in innovative ways. 


This episode of Intangify features my guest, Camila Kaul of Just a Scribble, who uses her neuropsychological training to consult with businesses on issues of creative problem solving and ideation.

Tune in for this enlightening conversation at

Show Notes

Segment  1

Today, Camila is here to discuss how she uses her neuropsychological training to consult businesses on issues of creative problem solving and ideation. Camila Kaul is the founder of Just a Scribble. It is about business creativity coaching where she helps businesses apply this to make sure they are having a competitive advantage and use creativity to think about problems in a different way as well as to make better decisions. Camila debunks the myth that creative people are all about the arts, music and other things similar to these topics. In fact, we are all creative and have this power. You just have to activate this power. As we grow through life, we gain a lot of skills and experiences. But sometimes creativity is one that can get lost. For Camila, she spent the last 12 years working at Google where she had helped teams innovate their processes, marketing campaigns, products and more. She has worked with clients all around the world. Her expertise comes from doing this work within Google and clients of the company. Camila talks with Matthew about her passion for this and wanting everyone to know about being able to access their power of creativity no matter who you are.

Segment 2

Before getting into the world of Google and creative thinking, Camila was in the world of Finance doing trading and consulting clients on financial decisions. But she moved into marketing and technology as a better outlet for her passion for wanting to help change the world. Matthew discusses with Camila about how he does her work by using his podcast as an example which is relatively new. He speaks about his reasons for wanting to do this podcast aside from his practice. One problem that he brings up is wanting to reach attorneys that work in larger companies whether its clients or people he has networked with, and other in house attorneys through this podcast. He says that he doesn't feel like he is reaching this goal. Camila introduces an exercise called the revolution thinking. One aspect of this includes breaking your rules and assumptions (eg: the regular habits in Matthews process in bringing in a guest) through provocative questions like what if we do the opposite of these rules? Camila walks Matthew through breaking his rules, exaggerating, and doing the opposite.

Segment 3

What if we do something weird? What if we exaggerate one of the rules? What if we do the opposite of these rules? In this segment, Mathew tackles these questions in relation to his problem. Usually, he says that he uses linkedin to talk to others about his podcast. If he wanted to do something weird or the opposite, he brings up the weird idea of letting people know to not come to listen to his podcast. The exaggeration part he comes up with is that he can put out a survey and ask specifically to whoever is an attorney to give their thoughts on what they'd like to hear. He brings up maybe offering a valuable incentive by listening to his podcast. These thoughts come from working with Camila here on exercising his brain to channel his creativity. Camila and Matthew talk about how this process can happen in a team environment. She brings up being expansive in nature and a safe space to “feed your brain a snack”. Camila says that creating a criteria to organize our ideas can be one way of moving on to the second step.

Segment 4

The best part of all of this Camila says is that you are provoking your brain to think differently and you can apply this to a similar challenge or almost any other. She introduces another exercise called force connections. This is all about helping your brian put things together that shouldn't be. She gives an example of when she was challenging herself to make her company something that everyone would want to be interested in. she chose a random object to start; a broccoli. Then she stated to list all of the attribute and things you can think about a broccoli. Ideas started flowing such as this can be what helps your brain get stronger for instance. She does this with Matthew where she gives him an object to think about, a megaphone, and think about how this object helps bring more people to his podcast. Matthew first lists the attributes of this object. He connect these attributes to how he can reach his target audience. Matthew starts to fuel ideas, connecting both exercises together. You can learn more by signing up for Camila’s newsletter where she sends tips, hacks, and more at and on social media by searching for Justasquiggle.


00:00:30.180 --> 00:00:38.090 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Oh, there I'm Matthew, as on welcome to in tangify where we discuss the intangible aspects of business.

00:00:38.190 --> 00:00:48.930 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I'm an intellectual property attorney by trade, and you know largely that's about intangibles. But we recognize that in tangible go well beyond the things that

00:00:48.950 --> 00:00:58.900 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: people create and what they own. And there's all sorts of aspects that businesses need to survive and thrive into these world today's economy.

00:00:59.120 --> 00:01:02.130 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: My guest today is Camille a call.

00:01:02.400 --> 00:01:06.630 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Camila owns her own business call Justice Square.

00:01:07.000 --> 00:01:14.200 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and as we'll learn, she is a consultant who helps businesses with creativity.

00:01:14.360 --> 00:01:29.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: something that we really all could use and need to use. And we're gonna. We're gonna look into that today with with a demonstration, you know, in in effect, so it may be very helpful for you.

00:01:29.660 --> 00:01:36.540 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I I know just a few minutes of talking to her. I already learned some things, and I'm really excited to have her as my guest today

00:01:36.790 --> 00:01:43.100 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: before we jump in. I did want to say that

00:01:43.260 --> 00:02:01.100 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know today is single day, Mayo so, felicity that this to our Mexican friends who are listening to us today, and and you know I can tie that in really doesn't work for Camila, although she's a Latin next leader, she's not a Mexican. She's actually originally from Columbia.

00:02:01.350 --> 00:02:05.090 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but but she lived in Mexico, so that I can tie that in.

00:02:05.310 --> 00:02:14.550 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But in. But with that, said I, i'd love to introduce you to Camille, and have her tell you a little bit about just the squiggle, Camila. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

00:02:15.350 --> 00:02:26.690 Camila Kaul: Hi, how are you, Matthew? Thank you so much for having me is a pleasure to be here in in 10 to 5, and yes, I would love to share a little bit more about what what we do and how important it is

00:02:26.770 --> 00:02:39.030 Camila Kaul: in a nutshell. Justice Quigl is business creativity coaching. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and helping teams at large corporations to come up with fresh ideas.

00:02:39.130 --> 00:02:59.020 Camila Kaul: think about problems in a different way, and make better decisions all of that through the power of creativity. How do we apply business creativity to impact your bottom line to make sure that you are having a competitive advantage, and then you are activated. That super power that we all have, but we can just forgot to how to use it on demand.

00:03:00.710 --> 00:03:16.560 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: That's perfect. I you know I love to believe that i'm. I'm creative, and you know I I you you call the superpower. I I feel like i'm a superhero, but I I I think I think that's going to be tested a little bit today, so we're gonna see.

00:03:16.560 --> 00:03:31.650 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But you know I I I happen to know a bunch of people who who who don't think of themselves as creative, and you know, and you know I wouldn't want them to, you know, to turn off, you know. Turn off the podcast at this point going Well.

00:03:31.730 --> 00:03:40.010 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: yeah, i'm going to unleash my creativity. I already know I I i'm not a creative. So I shouldn't bother. You know what what's the message for for for those people.

00:03:40.320 --> 00:03:48.180 Camila Kaul: Great point with you. You're absolutely right. We all. Sometimes we think it's like, oh, i'm a right brain type of person, or I'm. A left type brain person.

00:03:48.370 --> 00:04:07.010 Camila Kaul: I am not creative, and we always associate creativity to arts and music and things like that. Well, i'm here to tell you that is, that is absolutely false. We are all creative by nature. Humans are creative beings. We just forgot that we actually have that power. So in my remember, when you were a kid

00:04:07.010 --> 00:04:17.269 Camila Kaul: and you had endless possibilities with your imagination, you were able to convert a empty box into an airplane, into a building into a cave.

00:04:17.269 --> 00:04:35.400 Camila Kaul: You were able to activate that in your brain and possibilities were absolutely endless. So imagine the power of having that back into your life. But now, applying that endless possibilities to your business, it's exactly what we do here. It's figuring out. How do you activate

00:04:35.400 --> 00:04:53.850 Camila Kaul: that power that you have you just forgot it? And the reason we forgot it is because of experience. As we go through life we start getting a lot of experience, a lot of things that we know how to do, and that keeps us safe, which is great. That's how we learn, and how that's how we evolve, and that's how we maintain our statues in in the world.

00:04:53.850 --> 00:04:58.700 Camila Kaul: and that's great, because, for example, you have to learn how to use a knife and a fork every time you meet.

00:04:59.140 --> 00:05:18.090 Camila Kaul: That's really bad when we have to come up with new ideas, because we always go to our bolt of experiences, our brains always going to short codes mode, and they always try to get us to things known things that we've done in the past. But the problem is that we were faced with challenge or an opportunity to to create something.

00:05:18.090 --> 00:05:29.810 Camila Kaul: We just don't know how to do this, and that is the creative part that I am here to help with is it's absolutely at your disposal. You can be creative, more creative on demand, and it's only it only takes

00:05:29.810 --> 00:05:46.920 Camila Kaul: certain triggers or provocations. I call them, to get your brain thinking differently. So first of all, I want to dismissify that you are, or you're born or not creative. We are all creative in nature and 2. There's no such thing as right brain left, right. It's just one thing. It's just one brain.

00:05:46.920 --> 00:05:53.650 Camila Kaul: and it's all interconnected. So you have the ability to turn those powers on demand based on your needs

00:05:53.740 --> 00:05:55.750 Camila Kaul: and what you, what you have in front of you.

00:05:56.890 --> 00:06:12.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So if I if i'm a a listener today, or someone watching this this podcast, and i'm a particularly. I don't know cautious person or doubtful person. I'm not sure what the right word is, you know

00:06:12.280 --> 00:06:14.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the thing. I would be wondering as well.

00:06:15.230 --> 00:06:22.140 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Why is there a person that is a consultant that does that? And and what makes you qualified to

00:06:22.480 --> 00:06:27.800 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: tell people how to be creative. So what you know. Where? Where does, what does your expertise come from?

00:06:28.150 --> 00:06:47.990 Camila Kaul: Yeah, it's a really good point. Well, I've spent the last 12 years of my career working at Google, one of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, doing exactly this innovating, helping teams innovate their processes, their marketing campaigns, their sales, strategies, their products. And I have done this for hundreds of clients

00:06:47.990 --> 00:07:02.540 Camila Kaul: all around the world. Different countries, different languages, different challenges. And I've always seen the potential and the the the magic that comes when you allow yourself and your teams to think differently, to think thoughts. They've never thought before.

00:07:02.880 --> 00:07:19.880 Camila Kaul: At Google we specialize that actually having a lot of techniques and methods to innovate. We are one of the most innovative companies in the history, and that comes not only because we have great products, but also because we have great people, great teams. There are actually a

00:07:19.960 --> 00:07:27.480 Camila Kaul: pushing themselves to think 10. X. To put themselves in their spot to be creative. So

00:07:27.480 --> 00:07:55.680 Camila Kaul: my expertise comes with, figured out how to do that for clients internally and externally out of Google. We challenges that are big or small, with companies that are one person or 10,000 people. And i'm here to tell you that it works for every single one of them, because those challenges are are applicable to everyone you have to challenge. You have to solve a challenge. You have to think differently about an opportunity that you have in front of you, and you have to make better decisions based on the information that you have.

00:07:55.710 --> 00:07:59.450 Camila Kaul: All of those things are things that creative thinking help you with

00:07:59.560 --> 00:08:09.300 Camila Kaul: problem, solving better decision, making and absolutely empathy. So all of those things will help you and your teams get better. My expertise goes exactly there.

00:08:09.570 --> 00:08:26.340 Camila Kaul: and I would say for everyone, that's a little bit skeptical. There is a method behind this. There is a science behind this at creativity is not. Just. Let me paint something nice, or let me be an artistic part of me. It's not only that that's one outlet of creativity.

00:08:26.340 --> 00:08:38.230 Camila Kaul: But another type of outlet of the creativity is how to use problems so better. How do you empathize better? How do you come up with fresh ideas on demand, and for all of that there's methods.

00:08:38.530 --> 00:08:44.310 Camila Kaul: tips for a hacks, everything that you can think of, that you can activate, learn.

00:08:44.370 --> 00:08:46.000 Camila Kaul: and become a master at

00:08:47.300 --> 00:09:04.380 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: That's great. Thank you so much. So I don't know if it was intentional or or not, but but the the the trademark attorney in me is is all of a sudden noticing as you're speaking, that squiggle kind of looks and sounds like Google. Not that anybody

00:09:04.410 --> 00:09:11.270 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you should maybe like hint at your Google background from in your name. Don't know don't have to say anything here.

00:09:11.290 --> 00:09:13.280 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But

00:09:13.350 --> 00:09:22.580 Camila Kaul: you've been saying eagle words and Google words for so long. It's everything's got to be able to.

00:09:22.890 --> 00:09:35.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but but you know, like it, it it really strikes a chord with me, because you know it. My practice is largely about creativity in different in different contexts. You know, I deal with

00:09:35.060 --> 00:09:44.510 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: with scientists who are trying to find creative solutions to medical problems and and and and business problems.

00:09:44.530 --> 00:10:03.910 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I, I deal with with artists who are who are creatively producing expressive works, music they write, or or books or things of that nature, and I deal with businesses that brand and and and are trying to protect themselves and and innovate in that in that context.

00:10:03.910 --> 00:10:06.110 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And so you know.

00:10:06.550 --> 00:10:20.100 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, hearing that there is a person that can help people with creativity. It's sort of like it. It's just the line so well with kind of why I do what I do. But I guess I want to understand from you. You know, in the few minutes we have before break.

00:10:21.190 --> 00:10:24.000 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Why you do what you do, and how you got into it.

00:10:24.590 --> 00:10:26.720 Camila Kaul: Oh, that's a great question. I love that question.

00:10:27.110 --> 00:10:43.910 Camila Kaul: I did it for 2 different reasons. One is. I am passionate about the subject, and I quickly became a master of it. Within Google I saw the potential, and I saw how easy it was to do it, and how amazing results you can get. And the first thought, the thing that I thought is

00:10:43.930 --> 00:10:45.910 Camila Kaul: I want people to know about this.

00:10:46.200 --> 00:11:03.270 Camila Kaul: I want to be able to democratize the access to this information because it is so powerful that everyone that is friendly trying to tackle a challenge can can have access to it, and think about it differently, and come up with very better and good ideas. But more more than that, the reason behind it is like.

00:11:03.340 --> 00:11:15.620 Camila Kaul: Imagine the potential of having this in front of people that are solving the biggest problems in the world. How can we change the way that we do that if we have the right tools to to be creative, to innovate in the way that we think

00:11:15.710 --> 00:11:27.240 Camila Kaul: so. I want to leave a better world for my kids, and I want to make sure that whatever we're creating whatever we're building either product services, solutions for the biggest problems on earth, we're doing it

00:11:27.260 --> 00:11:41.290 Camila Kaul: from a perspective of innovating, from our perspective, of of different thinking, and not just going back to what we've always done that has proven useful. But it's not going to get us anywhere else. So that's the reason why it what I do.

00:11:41.530 --> 00:11:49.030 Camila Kaul: and that's what motivates me every morning is being able to share this with more people and helping them in their endeavor to change the world.

00:11:50.690 --> 00:12:08.730 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Thanks so much, Camilla. So we're. We're gonna go to a break. But before we do, you know, I I wanted to say, you know, like you know, news flash, you know we don't expect in this podcast to solve the political, environmental. You know, religious crises that are going on

00:12:08.730 --> 00:12:27.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in the in the world today. Just in this, in the short time that we have together, we'll, we'll tackle some things, maybe a little bit closer to home, a little bit smaller just by example. But we hope that the people out there who are who are listening, you know, are gonna apply it to to to some of those things. So our kids can grow up in a better world.

00:12:27.760 --> 00:12:28.830 Camila Kaul: With that.

00:12:28.970 --> 00:12:36.480 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: With that I will say, we're gonna go to a break. You've been listening to in tangify on talk radio, dot Nyc. And we'll be right back.

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00:14:13.940 --> 00:14:15.030 the

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00:14:21.850 --> 00:14:23.030 the

00:14:40.220 --> 00:14:40.870 you

00:14:47.460 --> 00:14:48.700 the

00:14:49.970 --> 00:14:55.520 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: welcome back to in Tang. If i'm your host, Matthew, as though my guest today is Camille a call

00:14:55.540 --> 00:14:59.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: from Justice Squiggle, and we're talking about business creativity

00:15:00.960 --> 00:15:04.510 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: before the break, Camila, we were talking a little bit about your

00:15:04.580 --> 00:15:11.640 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: your your life prior to just the swiggle in Google, the other Eagle. and

00:15:11.710 --> 00:15:19.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and you know, I want, You know I I have to imagine that that there was a Camilla before Google, so I wanted to ask.

00:15:19.380 --> 00:15:27.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know what you were doing before you got into the world of Google and create creative thinking.

00:15:28.150 --> 00:15:38.750 Camila Kaul: Yeah, Well, that's kind of one of those results of my creative thing, and I ended up in Google. But yes, before that I was in the finance world. I was a cell straighter, actually.

00:15:39.150 --> 00:15:51.830 Camila Kaul: like trading stocks and bonds and things like that has absolutely nothing to do with this a very creative endeavor in another way, and and consulting clients on financial decisions

00:15:51.900 --> 00:16:03.890 Camila Kaul: which she was great at that time. It was not my outlet. It was not the way that I think I was going to change the world so very happy that I ended up switching my career and going more into marketing and technology

00:16:04.250 --> 00:16:05.080 Camila Kaul: with Google.

00:16:05.170 --> 00:16:21.090 Camila Kaul: And it's been a fantastic experience. And with that I, when I decided to go to to work at Google, and I decided to pursue things like innovation creativity. I was very aware that I needed to get more experience in terms of

00:16:22.400 --> 00:16:42.190 Camila Kaul: not only real time, real experience with clients, but also knowledge. And and I became an expert innovation, and I did a lot of executive education on your science on Martin. I did courses in Kellogg. I also am a graduate from Harvard Business School as well. So all of those

00:16:42.630 --> 00:16:59.340 Camila Kaul: experiences, and both of knowledge, and started putting it all together for me, and it culminated just in a way of helping clients and helping people just get to better solutions through the power that we all have that innate power that we will have.

00:17:00.050 --> 00:17:02.610 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So you were. You were studying

00:17:02.940 --> 00:17:07.510 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Wharton Harvard on Kellogg. You were studying while you were at Google.

00:17:08.030 --> 00:17:08.780 Camila Kaul: Yes.

00:17:09.250 --> 00:17:11.810 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: wow. and you are a mom.

00:17:12.380 --> 00:17:15.300 Camila Kaul: and I am all of 3,

00:17:15.700 --> 00:17:18.109 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: all right. Well, that's impressive.

00:17:18.339 --> 00:17:20.079 Camila Kaul: Thank you.

00:17:20.910 --> 00:17:34.150 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So I I think now, you know, we should transition a little bit and an and actually demonstrate a little bit about what it is you you do. and I shared with you this example.

00:17:34.170 --> 00:17:44.160 Camila Kaul: you know I I I to do something very close to home, and very easy. Which is this podcast? Why not? You're on the podcast. Let's talk about the podcasts.

00:17:44.520 --> 00:17:50.490 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So so you know, I I guess i'll pose the problem. And then you can tell me what to do from there.

00:17:50.990 --> 00:17:52.380 Camila Kaul: Yeah, I love that.

00:17:52.410 --> 00:18:00.160 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Okay, great. So So you know, this podcast is relatively new. We we started back in March in the beginning of March.

00:18:00.620 --> 00:18:02.970 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and you know

00:18:03.360 --> 00:18:18.040 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: my goals. In doing this podcast podcast. We're in part to reach entrepreneurs and start ups. You know particularly, you know, in this part of the United States where where I'm. Based, but but it really anywhere in the country, or even the world.

00:18:18.980 --> 00:18:26.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But I had a secondary goal, which is to to reach an interest

00:18:26.430 --> 00:18:30.660 attorneys that work within larger companies.

00:18:30.750 --> 00:18:43.710 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know I have several of those that are that are clients of mine, and and I have great relationships with. and you know, and that's an area that you know that I also want to develop in terms of my practice. So I want to connect with

00:18:43.770 --> 00:18:56.220 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in house attorneys, whether they be guests on this podcast, or or whether they they just take interest in in what we talk about, and and and who we have on on the on the podcast, so

00:18:56.520 --> 00:19:02.240 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I don't think i'm reaching them, and I don't know how to reach them, and that's sort of what I think, is my problem.

00:19:03.140 --> 00:19:21.960 Camila Kaul: I love it. It's a great example of a great problem, and everything in creative thinking starts with a well defined challenge, and that's key component. It's the first component of everything that we're going to do is having a very clear goal to. Software so in this case your problem how to get more of those in-house

00:19:22.000 --> 00:19:26.690 Camila Kaul: and tournament, to listen to the podcast. So what we're gonna do is One of my favorite

00:19:26.830 --> 00:19:42.940 Camila Kaul: exercises that it's called the Revolution technique. It's one of those exercises that has been around forever. We actually don't know that some of the geniuses in those world like you narrow La Vinci use this type of of techniques, and it's all about revolutionizing your way of thinking.

00:19:42.940 --> 00:19:49.960 Camila Kaul: So what we're gonna do is give it. Give your brain a little bit of a publication and ask it to think thoughts. They it generally doesn't think of.

00:19:50.040 --> 00:19:51.060 Camila Kaul: So

00:19:51.740 --> 00:20:00.430 Camila Kaul: in this case the Revolution technique talks about. How do we break rules and assumptions that we have around our own problems.

00:20:00.760 --> 00:20:07.220 Camila Kaul: So in this case, maybe i'm going to ask you, for example, what are some rules and assumptions that you have about. How do you bring

00:20:07.250 --> 00:20:17.170 Camila Kaul: attorneys or people to listen to this podcast, or participate in the podcast? Can you give me a couple of them. What are some rules and assumptions that you have to do to get these people in?

00:20:17.320 --> 00:20:24.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah. But maybe before before I do, maybe you could sort of tell me what you mean by rules and assumptions, because that's kind of confusing to me.

00:20:24.980 --> 00:20:42.000 Camila Kaul: No worries. That's fair enough. Rules and assumptions is, for example, every time that you bring a cost to a do you want to bring someone to your podcast? You sent a linkedin invitation that could be a roles and assumptions, or another rule could be, I always invite them through worth of mouth. Someone introduced me to them.

00:20:42.180 --> 00:20:44.220 Camila Kaul: Those are kind of rules and assumptions.

00:20:44.260 --> 00:20:58.450 Camila Kaul: and what we want to do here is to actually break those rules and assumptions. I'll give you an example with a client of mine. I in New York City. Actually, we were talking about. How do we revolutionize and create a very different type of barrack bar?

00:20:58.720 --> 00:21:05.160 Camila Kaul: Our experience in New York City? We all know that all the bars have been invented in New York City there are so many, and there

00:21:05.180 --> 00:21:23.380 Camila Kaul: it's very hard to think of a new type of concept for a bar in New York City. So we started there, he said. Okay, what are the rules and assumptions for bars? Okay. They open at night they have a bouncer at the door. They are allowed they so they serve alcohol right? Those are rules and assumptions of our problem.

00:21:23.680 --> 00:21:34.140 Camila Kaul: Now I want you to break those rules and assumptions, and we're going to use provocative questions. We're going to challenge the rules and assumptions with 3 questions. What if we do something weird.

00:21:34.180 --> 00:21:38.400 Camila Kaul: What if we exaggerate the rule? And what if we do the opposite of the rule?

00:21:38.790 --> 00:21:54.900 Camila Kaul: By doing this? We're asking your brain to think thoughts it has never thought about. About. Generally you're not thinking about how to break a rule, or how do we exaggerate it, but something that your brain doesn't consciously do so. That's how you start activating and provoking your bring to think differently. You give it a provocation.

00:21:54.900 --> 00:22:00.410 Camila Kaul: The locations is anything that takes you out of your normal way of thinking. It's brainful

00:22:00.600 --> 00:22:04.080 Camila Kaul: pretty much. You're feeding your brain with something powerful.

00:22:04.120 --> 00:22:20.820 Camila Kaul: So in this case, when I was talking to my client. I mentioned this, and it's like, okay, Great. How do you? What do we do? Something? We're okay, let's say something weird. What if we don't open. What if we do it in a public library? That was the first thing it's like. Okay, let's let's do that public library in a place that you

00:22:20.910 --> 00:22:27.810 Camila Kaul: generally don't have a part. Okay? What if we exaggerate the rule instead of being open only at night? We're going to be open 24, 7,

00:22:28.050 --> 00:22:38.630 Camila Kaul: And then what happens if we do the opposite of the role? Well, instead of having a bouncer at the door, we're gonna have a librarian at the door, and the only way to get it to the bar is if you quote a book at the entrance.

00:22:38.690 --> 00:22:54.160 Camila Kaul: So, by doing all of this, we started creating this concept. It wasn't the final idea. But we started creating the concept of okay. The the next concept bar in New York City is going to be the public library open 24 7 only. If you can quote a book at the entrance.

00:22:54.230 --> 00:23:08.210 Camila Kaul: and that on its own it. Started a revolution of ideas for this person that ended up putting a super cool bar that it is around books. So my point of it is, we have to provoke your brain to think differently. So

00:23:08.480 --> 00:23:20.260 Camila Kaul: we're gonna do that with you. We are gonna have to think about. What are those rules and assumptions about? How do you invite guests to your podcast, and then we're gonna break those rules with this proper kind of question. How do you feel about that?

00:23:21.080 --> 00:23:35.710 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I feel great about it? But before I before I even even try, though I I I definitely want to say, You know you have to tell us where is this bar? I mean a lot of us are in New York City, I mean. I I gotta go find this this library

00:23:35.850 --> 00:23:44.290 Camila Kaul: step and and read and read and set, I think is the name of the bar.

00:23:44.360 --> 00:24:09.050 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Cool? Well, you know. See. Get Get her a little prom, or or him a little promo, while it will have to say, hey, you were you were in this talk radio. You see, you're going to get some customers going into ribbon. Seek I I I I should have. I should have negotiated some sort of discount if they mentioned in tangible. If I don't, all friends of of mine will have a discount operated sip. Okay, so so. So mentioned Camille's name.

00:24:09.860 --> 00:24:26.840 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So so, so, so further, more before we jump in, I guess I add a at sort of 2 other comments I want to make. Well, one is, I don't know if if it's intention, or even use it, but it sort of occurred to me that if we're going to focus on rules, assumptions, and provocation. We're going to wrap

00:24:26.860 --> 00:24:39.280 Camila Kaul: our Ap. It's. Oh, my God! You just blew on my mind. I am still in that with pride. Thank you so much, and i'm saying that I haven't I haven't I the trademark. So you're you're saying.

00:24:39.480 --> 00:24:56.610 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Thank you. Thank you. I love that let's do that. So before we wrap, I asked you the question before as to well, what do you mean by rules and assumptions, and the answer you get you gave me was, I, I think, very clear the thing that

00:24:56.610 --> 00:25:02.780 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the way I interpret it, I sort of thought about it in like the way computers work computer model in the sense of

00:25:02.790 --> 00:25:04.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: it's like it. If then state.

00:25:04.530 --> 00:25:07.540 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I believe that if I do X,

00:25:07.570 --> 00:25:10.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: then I will get the the result i'm trying to achieve

00:25:10.720 --> 00:25:11.680 Camila Kaul: correct.

00:25:11.790 --> 00:25:22.840 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So so in trying to solve this problem of how we get in-house attorneys to to listen to and participate in this podcast.

00:25:22.860 --> 00:25:27.620 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: The thoughts I would have are well, I mean

00:25:27.950 --> 00:25:36.840 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I posted on Linkedin, and there are there are in house attorneys that i'm connected with on Linkedin Don't know through here, but sure that's that's one

00:25:38.530 --> 00:25:50.420 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I I don't do this, but I have direct relationships with with with with many of them, and could specifically send them an email or a or a message through Linkedin or elsewhere.

00:25:51.620 --> 00:25:54.620 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And maybe a third one is.

00:25:54.880 --> 00:25:56.880 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think of.

00:25:57.160 --> 00:26:09.940 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think, of maybe a a particular industry, or or or company that i'm interested in knowing more about, and I and I reach out to try to get them as a guest.

00:26:10.010 --> 00:26:26.800 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and and they may. They may listen to the program in the course of doing that. I have actually had, you know, at least at at least one or 2 in house people on on this program before, not with sort of that intention, but really as information sources.

00:26:26.800 --> 00:26:33.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But but I but I wonder about, hey? Will that get more in house attorneys to pay attention to my podcast?

00:26:33.440 --> 00:26:50.040 Camila Kaul: There we go. Okay, I love those 3 rules and assumptions that you already identify. So email the linkedin posted or industry outreach. Let's call it whole calling for that. Okay, loving. Just so. You have your rules and assumptions. So i'm gonna help you trigger your brain

00:26:50.040 --> 00:27:05.630 Camila Kaul: by provoking it with some provocative questions. So you never know what's gonna come out when you trigger my brain never know and let it be. Let it be not. This is not the end result. This is not going to be the solution. We're just triggering your break to think differently. That's it. We're just giving it food. It's just this neck.

00:27:05.680 --> 00:27:15.040 Camila Kaul: This is the introduction. Okay. So I want you to take that roll and assumption any of those, and I want you to do something weird with it.

00:27:15.140 --> 00:27:17.320 Camila Kaul: What if you do something weird?

00:27:17.430 --> 00:27:22.220 Camila Kaul: What if we exaggerate the rule? And what if we the opposite of the room.

00:27:22.510 --> 00:27:29.690 Camila Kaul: Okay, so make weird one of those rules make it weird. One of those rules exaggerated, and one of those rules

00:27:29.830 --> 00:27:32.530 Camila Kaul: just do the opposite. Okay.

00:27:32.870 --> 00:27:51.040 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: very good. So because i'm very, very nervous that i'm not going to be able to come up with anything on the fly. And we're we're at the right time. We're going to go to a break, and i'm going to think during that break. So tang if I on talk radio, Dot Nyc: and when we come back we will

00:27:51.040 --> 00:27:58.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: we will look at the look at weird version, the exaggerated version and the opposite version. But we're gonna go to a break right now. We'll be back shortly.

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00:29:38.800 --> 00:29:40.210 You

00:29:57.200 --> 00:29:58.460 the

00:29:59.620 --> 00:30:09.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: welcome back to in Tang. If I on talk radio dot Nyc: i'm your host, Matthew as well. My guest is Camila. Call from just the squiggle, and we're talking about business creativity.

00:30:09.850 --> 00:30:14.220 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We're in the process of going through this hack called Revolution.

00:30:14.350 --> 00:30:27.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: where I posed a problem regarding my podcast. I would like to get more in house attorneys to pay attention and listen to my podcast with regularity, and to, you know, participate as guests, etc.

00:30:27.990 --> 00:30:34.520 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And Camilla is challenging me, and the assumptions and rules the rules and assumptions that that I make

00:30:34.540 --> 00:30:36.500 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in relation to that.

00:30:36.610 --> 00:30:40.150 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And and we're in the process of trying to figure out.

00:30:40.480 --> 00:30:45.100 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know how I can flex my my brain to be a little bit more creative.

00:30:45.380 --> 00:30:48.710 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So so you told me before the break.

00:30:48.720 --> 00:30:58.810 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Camila, I need to. I need to challenge with 3 questions. So. So you you want to just recite those back for us again that you have on the screen. But

00:30:58.930 --> 00:31:03.810 Camila Kaul: absolutely so. The provocation would be. What if we do something weird.

00:31:03.990 --> 00:31:09.450 Camila Kaul: What if we exaggerate the rules and what we? What if we do the opposite of the rule?

00:31:09.970 --> 00:31:13.070 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Do I do those in order, or does it

00:31:13.480 --> 00:31:23.150 Camila Kaul: doesn't even matter whatever you feel comfortable with whatever came out. You can do 3 of them, 2 of one like doesn't matter what the point is, we want to make sure that

00:31:23.220 --> 00:31:41.800 Camila Kaul: there we're thinking differently from what we usually do. We usually invite to us through a linkedin post or through outreach or through an email. What if and that's the important thing? What if we dare to do something different? Let's think about that. Something weird, something saturated something opposite, because your brain is not wired to think this way.

00:31:41.800 --> 00:31:52.670 Camila Kaul: Your brain is where to go to the world of experiences taking that shortcut and say, oh, I've done it in the past. It works. Let's just if it's not broken it's not let's not fix that. So in this case we're

00:31:53.080 --> 00:31:55.400 Camila Kaul: purposely trying to make you think differently.

00:31:56.080 --> 00:31:57.780 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Okay. So

00:31:57.890 --> 00:32:12.810 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, I'm going to first evaluate the questions that you're asking me to to answer. because I I just want to. I want to get my thought process out there. I love it. Let's do it. And and so my my first thought process process was: okay.

00:32:12.970 --> 00:32:24.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: do something weird. Oh, what can I do? That's weird. I don't feel comfortable if I do something weird like people are gonna to think i'm crazy. People are gonna people are gonna.

00:32:24.060 --> 00:32:24.830 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know.

00:32:25.020 --> 00:32:42.140 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: They're not going to be interested in in this, and and and even I don't even know what direction to go in. So I kind of struggle with that one. I said, Well, what about the other ones here? And and I went to? I kind of what I actually what I kind of answered, for Weird ended up being more like the opposite.

00:32:42.400 --> 00:32:43.820 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So

00:32:44.430 --> 00:32:54.720 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So so I did come up with a couple of things, but I don't know if there if there anything worth talking about. But we'll find out.

00:32:54.830 --> 00:32:56.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Okay. So

00:32:56.140 --> 00:33:07.070 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: one the the the first thought I really had is, you know, i'm using Linkedin and and i'm telling people about this the the podcast.

00:33:08.160 --> 00:33:15.740 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know. But I I mean I haven't really specifically called out who i'm who i'm talking to here.

00:33:15.780 --> 00:33:21.070 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and if I wanted to do something, and and I think that's still part of a rule of assumption if I did that

00:33:21.280 --> 00:33:29.140 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: if I wanted to do something weird or kind of the opposite. I could actually like. Call them out and tell them not to come.

00:33:29.680 --> 00:33:33.600 Camila Kaul: Yep, that's the opposite of it good I like that

00:33:34.080 --> 00:33:45.040 Camila Kaul: and anti- campaign. Do not come to my contest. You are not welcome here that we're not talking about anything interesting that you wanna that you're gonna You're gonna have any interest in.

00:33:46.130 --> 00:33:53.460 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But that that was that was the the initial thought. Don't. Come, you know this is not going to be valuable to you.

00:33:53.710 --> 00:33:55.950 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Oh, the

00:33:56.660 --> 00:34:04.760 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the the the exaggeration part I you know where I came up with was oh, well, I could.

00:34:04.810 --> 00:34:07.640 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I could post it kind of targeted ads.

00:34:07.660 --> 00:34:24.409 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I I mean I could I I could put out a survey and ask an an and ask specifically if you are a an attorney operating, you know, working inside of a company, you know. What would you want

00:34:24.409 --> 00:34:28.199 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: to hear about on a podcast about intangible aspects of business

00:34:28.429 --> 00:34:31.080 Camila Kaul: of it. Okay, love it.

00:34:32.460 --> 00:34:42.850 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and my and my last one was the bribe. I could offer them something valuable. Give them lunch, give them free legal advice.

00:34:42.870 --> 00:34:45.520 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know anything of that nature?

00:34:46.120 --> 00:34:59.100 Camila Kaul: There's nothing there's nothing like a like a good price to get people in. I love your throat there, your sort of thought, and that some of those things are very natural, and

00:34:59.100 --> 00:35:14.150 Camila Kaul: I don't wanna do something weird. Weird sounds weird like I don't know what. If I am comfortable with that. That's totally fine, because your brain again is super W to. You know what I don't like weird. I like what I know. It's. Okay. Let me just get back to just like linkedin outreach. It's fine.

00:35:14.150 --> 00:35:22.680 Camila Kaul: As I was hearing you, I started thinking of my own ideas as like, oh, my God, what happens if he, instead of sending an email, he would send personalize

00:35:22.760 --> 00:35:24.620 Camila Kaul: a 100 and carts

00:35:25.080 --> 00:35:33.240 Camila Kaul: to a bunch of people and let's. That's the opposite of the email. Let's do. Let's go back to all style and let's do a campaign. All style.

00:35:33.240 --> 00:35:52.930 Camila Kaul: What about when we, when I was thinking, we're like, okay, we are. What could be weird? Okay, what if you use content creators in linkedin or social media to help like to make a campaign around content creation about how you use law, how you some examples of how they've been

00:35:53.050 --> 00:36:02.300 Camila Kaul: so in the past. I don't know things like that, but using content creators to get more people in. That's weird. That's not something that you'd typically see of a a

00:36:02.490 --> 00:36:11.470 Camila Kaul: an influencer talking about law. So all all of this is with the intention of there is possibilities. There is auctions

00:36:11.760 --> 00:36:25.380 Camila Kaul: we just need to be brave enough to embrace them. And this is the power that we're when we're actually doing in teams when you do it on your own. It's awesome you. You know how to activate it for yourself. But now think about the possibilities when you have a room of people doing this at the same time

00:36:25.600 --> 00:36:43.580 Camila Kaul: it's exponential. The ideas go wild, and at this moment, in time that we're just provoking your brain. We just want to be expansive. We want quantity, not quality. We'll take care of this still in the best ideas later. But for now, I just want to make sure that we think about

00:36:43.580 --> 00:36:49.470 Camila Kaul: all the possible angles that we can go this way. So I think you did a really good job. How did you feel with this?

00:36:50.860 --> 00:36:58.900 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I feel okay. I feel like I could have done better. Your Your your answers were we were probably better than mine. But

00:36:59.320 --> 00:37:07.680 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but you know, I guess that's not the point right, you know, to to your point when when you're brainstorming and you're in brainstorming mode.

00:37:07.730 --> 00:37:26.840 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: There are no negative answers. There should be no criticism. It should be a safe space, and and and and that that needs to be noted for people, I would think, in a team environment, you know, before you start with this, you know, you need to be like Look, this is a safe space. Say something stupid. It's fine.

00:37:28.250 --> 00:37:33.640 Camila Kaul: and you bring a really good point there, and especially when a team dynamic. I called in my B agreements

00:37:33.650 --> 00:37:43.130 Camila Kaul: here that brings that we're gonna have right now to make this a safe space one. We're in that green housing mode means everything goes. Let's nurture those ideas.

00:37:43.220 --> 00:37:48.490 Camila Kaul: Let's take the word No, and but out of the vocabulary it's all Yes, and

00:37:48.600 --> 00:38:03.250 Camila Kaul: because we want to be expansive in in nature, we want to make sure that we are bringing ideas along, and we're giving them enough love and nurture them and see where they go. We don't have to have the perfect answer right now. We just want to get

00:38:03.280 --> 00:38:08.080 Camila Kaul: your brain to think differently and just provoke it. It's just like. Imagine that you're having a snack.

00:38:08.240 --> 00:38:09.910 Camila Kaul: That's exactly what we're doing right now.

00:38:10.350 --> 00:38:19.710 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So the the there's some interesting associations I'm making with some of the things you're saying that I think are worth pointing out. You know

00:38:19.880 --> 00:38:25.260 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: one is. is in the context of improvisation and comedy.

00:38:25.370 --> 00:38:44.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that concept of what you said, which is, you cannot say no or but you must always say yes, and is a concept of of comedy improvisation, which you know people do. That's how they do that, and they're and they're funny on the fly by. They always accept the premise that's presented to the

00:38:45.010 --> 00:38:51.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So I thought that was interesting. And the other thing that I know from personal experience a. As a musician.

00:38:51.460 --> 00:38:59.150 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: which is when you go into a recording studio, and you, you and you try to record, You know.

00:38:59.410 --> 00:39:05.170 music and the you know, a melody on a particular instrument or something. You you know a little part you're going to play in that instrument

00:39:05.470 --> 00:39:20.080 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you you have to take that same mentality, and the more you talk to, let's say your studio, musician, and create and critique the the what they're doing, and and it the less likely you are to get something beautiful or innovative.

00:39:20.220 --> 00:39:26.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So you have to strain yourself and be positive and and and and and let it come out. Let it go down.

00:39:26.700 --> 00:39:35.090 Camila Kaul: Let us you bring such a good point, and this is such a good reminder for everyone. Listening constraints breeds creativity.

00:39:35.130 --> 00:39:38.890 Camila Kaul: Sometimes we just need a constraint to help our brain think

00:39:39.030 --> 00:39:49.250 Camila Kaul: extensively. So, for example, a constraint could be time. I could straight could be a question. And when you have those type of constraints your brain starts working harder to find a good answer.

00:39:49.410 --> 00:40:01.720 Camila Kaul: And if you add on top of that the right provocations, then your brain just goes into explosion. Node. It's like, okay, I have 2 things to think about it, and i'm just going to get more synapses and connect with the thoughts. So

00:40:01.880 --> 00:40:18.260 Camila Kaul: it's. It's exactly right. It's figure out what the right provocation, what's the right constraints to give it, and of course, letting it slow to your point. As a musician, it's a great example, you just have to let it flow at Don't. Try to judge your ideas, or if the music was right or the sound was okay.

00:40:18.260 --> 00:40:22.290 it will eventually come together at this point with just being expensive.

00:40:22.850 --> 00:40:30.690 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, and even the best songs that I've ever written in my in my history as a you know songwriter Well, before I was ever a lawyer.

00:40:30.990 --> 00:40:32.870 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We're we're the ones that

00:40:32.880 --> 00:40:49.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: we just sort of came out and and inspired rather than the ones that were sort of formulaic and okay. Well, if I do it this way, I'm going to like I'm going to orchestrate the whole thing and set it up this way and follow this kind of formula in order to you know, with the words or with the music, that, like the way it would come up.

00:40:49.960 --> 00:40:55.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So where Where do we go From here? You know you you you've You've provoked my brain.

00:40:56.080 --> 00:41:02.160 Camila Kaul: Yes, that's a great point. So the second stage of this is okay. We have enough ideas. Let's say we ended up with

00:41:02.490 --> 00:41:11.080 Camila Kaul: Oh, minely 10 ideas. Let's say that's the case great. Now the next question is, what do I do with 10 ideas for you to have ideas? But here's the thing.

00:41:11.630 --> 00:41:21.480 Camila Kaul: Productivity is all about value, creation. It's about doing something with it other. Otherwise. You're just being imaginative, and being imagined it's great, but that's not going to change anything. So you have to

00:41:21.680 --> 00:41:22.820 Camila Kaul: generate value.

00:41:23.100 --> 00:41:37.260 Camila Kaul: and to do that you have to start thinking about distilling the right ideas. So how do you start thinking about? What are some elements that can help you identify, which ideas make more sense to you which ideas are the best ideas to pursue.

00:41:37.770 --> 00:41:53.520 Camila Kaul: There's many methods to do that, but a simple one should be, for example, just creating some criteria that you organize your ideas based on okay for this to work. It has to be broad. It has to be in New York City. It has to be

00:41:53.520 --> 00:42:09.810 Camila Kaul: you. You get a set of criteria that required this to make it to the real world, and then you start thinking about If your ideas hit those criteria. So that's an example of how we make a lot of ideas, this still it into 2 or 3, and then we start thinking about a plan of action.

00:42:10.850 --> 00:42:15.900 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So do do I need to do that now, or or do we? Are we going somewhere else with this?

00:42:15.900 --> 00:42:32.580 Camila Kaul: We'll definitely do another session to figure out what is the best idea for you. I'll get you another exercise next time that you invite me to the focus. Well, we're gonna we're gonna go to break and we'll we'll be back shortly. You've been listening to in tang if I on talk radio, dot Nyc.

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00:44:26.830 --> 00:44:27.490 you

00:44:29.890 --> 00:44:30.510 to.

00:44:39.750 --> 00:44:43.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Sorry I couldn't get to that mute button quickly enough. I was too busy typing.

00:44:43.830 --> 00:45:00.830 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so welcome back to in Tang. If I on talk radio, dot Nyc: i'm your host, Matthew as well. My guest is Camille a call from Justice Squiggle, and she is a business creativity consultant. We were doing an exercise before the break

00:45:00.830 --> 00:45:11.160 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: where she challenged me to think creatively in relation to this podcast. and you know we sort of adopted this sort of acronym called Rap.

00:45:11.220 --> 00:45:29.040 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: where we were going to look at the rules of assumptions, and then we were going to provoke the brain to think of something weird, to think of something the opposite, to think of something exaggerated as a way to come up with creativity. It's a lot of fun. I thought we came up with some great ideas, but you know

00:45:29.040 --> 00:45:38.650 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I I I guess I have to ask. You know you know I I. Is that all there is to to to to business creativity? Because then I don't need to to, to to hire just as quick.

00:45:39.020 --> 00:45:49.800 Camila Kaul: Oh, my God, No, there's any universe of things that you can do. This is just a little taste. This is a chocolate that i'm living on top of the pillow. There's so much more things to do here.

00:45:49.800 --> 00:46:17.690 Camila Kaul: Once you have a set of ideas for you or you're doing it with a team, and you're going to let this steal them. Let's figure out what those ideas look like. Then we kind of like massage them and think about which ones become a real, a real plan of action, and then we put a kind of action in place that it's creative enough that it's going to move you towards innovating. So all those things happen through different type of exercises, techniques that I will help you coach you and take you through journey through it.

00:46:17.710 --> 00:46:28.520 Camila Kaul: But what I would say is the best part of all of this, and I think it's the coolest part of all. This is actually triggering your brain to think differently. So I would invite you to actually do another exercise with me. What do you think?

00:46:29.820 --> 00:46:46.410 Camila Kaul: Oh, sure, it's another creative thinking Hack it's another small thing that you can do to trigger your brain to think differently on demand, and you can apply it to this challenge. Any other challenge that any of our our listeners are are actually facing right now, and it's super fine and easy to go.

00:46:46.470 --> 00:46:47.350 Camila Kaul: So

00:46:47.590 --> 00:46:52.200 Camila Kaul: this next exercise it's called force connections

00:46:52.410 --> 00:47:12.260 Camila Kaul: and force connections. It's all about helping your brain. Put things together that shouldn't be together. To be honest, you see examples of this, and like, for second example, sofa pets, or the iphone watch, or the Swiss army knife, like they put stuff together. That in general terms or historically, should not be together.

00:47:12.260 --> 00:47:21.000 Camila Kaul: all of that done through force connections. So it helps you activate your brain, and for new concepts out of things that you're not supposed to have concepts around.

00:47:21.070 --> 00:47:21.930 Camila Kaul: So

00:47:22.350 --> 00:47:38.230 Camila Kaul: the way it works is you're gonna give me a problem. Let's say, for example, how do I make my business plan radically innovative for next year something we always think I was like, okay, next year i'll do something different than I did this year. Yes, right. How do you do that? And then what i'm going to do is i'm going to give you an object

00:47:38.270 --> 00:47:48.930 Camila Kaul: and a random object. You can pick an object that you can that saw in your night stand, or you open a book, and you just point to a word or whatever you feel comfortable an object.

00:47:49.050 --> 00:47:55.500 Camila Kaul: And then we're going to connect the 2. We're going to think about. How does this object Help me solve that problem?

00:47:55.540 --> 00:48:12.130 Camila Kaul: Okay. So i'll give you an idea. When I was building my own, my own company and I was thinking about how to position just the I was having a really hard time like, how do you make this so important that everyone wants to do it? So I said, i'm gonna go my to my force connection, exercise and see what it does.

00:48:12.130 --> 00:48:18.010 Camila Kaul: So I I picked a random object, and in this case it was a broccoli. So for them.

00:48:18.310 --> 00:48:33.390 Camila Kaul: And then I started listening lists, listing all the things that the broccoli does like all its attributes. Okay, so it's green. It's a it gives you vitamins. It's good for your health. Kids hated like all the things that you can think about a broccoli.

00:48:33.400 --> 00:48:40.580 Camila Kaul: And then I ask myself, how do I connect both? How do I make this thing work? So how does it, Broccoli? Help me solve

00:48:40.980 --> 00:48:43.850 Camila Kaul: To do my a position of justice. We go

00:48:43.930 --> 00:48:52.090 Camila Kaul: radically different, and ideas started for flooring like, for example, it could be the daily dose of vitamins for your brain.

00:48:52.090 --> 00:49:04.270 Camila Kaul: It could be what helps you get your brain stronger. All of these things started just coming out because I was forcing my brain. Think about the attributes of a broccoli to solve my business challenge.

00:49:04.400 --> 00:49:10.990 Camila Kaul: So that's the beauty of it. You can actually do this on demand. So i'm going to post that back to you. So how do you feel with that

00:49:12.560 --> 00:49:13.690 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Great?

00:49:13.870 --> 00:49:27.300 Camila Kaul: Okay, Good. So we're gonna take the last ex? The last challenge you had in mind is, how do I get more alternative into my podcast. That's the challenge right now. I'm gonna give you an object, and i'll just gonna be a mega phone.

00:49:27.900 --> 00:49:33.820 Camila Kaul: Okay, and megaphone. So I what you think about the attributes of a megaphone. Okay.

00:49:33.870 --> 00:49:43.960 Camila Kaul: what is it? How is it? And I would like you to connect it with your challenge? How does the megaphone help you bring more people into your podcast.

00:49:44.970 --> 00:49:50.040 Camila Kaul: just putting it out there, just putting it out there. Just a couple of ideas.

00:49:50.080 --> 00:49:54.050 Camila Kaul: So we don't have to have a problem solve right now, but I can help you if you want.

00:49:54.390 --> 00:50:00.020 Camila Kaul: So what should I start listing attributes of Mega a megaphone that I can.

00:50:00.260 --> 00:50:06.500 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: All right. Well, it's, it's, it's a physical object. It's electronic.

00:50:06.610 --> 00:50:13.570 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and it it it it takes it takes sound, and greatly amplifies it.

00:50:16.120 --> 00:50:18.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: It blocks your it blocks your mouth.

00:50:19.100 --> 00:50:25.090 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I love it.

00:50:25.430 --> 00:50:31.080 Camila Kaul: I love it. Yes, Great. Okay. So with those things in Mount I'll add it's loud.

00:50:32.240 --> 00:50:37.020 Camila Kaul: How do you connect that to your problem. How do we get more people into your podcast using

00:50:37.330 --> 00:50:38.250 Camila Kaul: and make it fun?

00:50:39.980 --> 00:50:49.180 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Well, I think the the the obvious one, you know. Answer with which i'll go first is is, you know you. You have to. You have to Yup.

00:50:49.270 --> 00:51:01.810 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: speak more loudly, and you know to be heard. And so, you know I I've got a I've got to make a broader, louder reach to the to the target audience.

00:51:01.820 --> 00:51:02.860 Camila Kaul: But

00:51:02.980 --> 00:51:05.930 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so that would be. That's I think that's the obvious connection.

00:51:06.010 --> 00:51:10.720 Camila Kaul: That's I love. What you said about sound amplified.

00:51:10.990 --> 00:51:14.790 Camila Kaul: So it amplifies the sound. So what happens If.

00:51:14.800 --> 00:51:25.690 Camila Kaul: for example, you can bring, you can amplify their voices so for every person that you invite to the podcast, you can help make their message

00:51:25.790 --> 00:51:39.970 Camila Kaul: bigger into the world. Maybe they stand for something else. That is not maybe not just the the law. But maybe they're doing something else. So thinking about those angles start getting your ideas. Flow is like, okay, amplify the sound. So how do I amplify them?

00:51:40.190 --> 00:51:44.790 Camila Kaul: How do I make them loud, or how I make myself more loud

00:51:44.800 --> 00:51:47.050 Camila Kaul: to make this a podcast

00:51:47.350 --> 00:51:57.730 Camila Kaul: so visible, so so visible, or you can hear it everywhere. Maybe it's about of like being in different outlets, not just at one outlet that might be it.

00:51:58.420 --> 00:52:05.220 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So that that that's that's great. But I I gotta say i'm i'm not satisfied, because you know.

00:52:05.380 --> 00:52:07.680 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, like I I I don't I don't

00:52:07.700 --> 00:52:20.500 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I I mean to me that was just too too easy, you know. I want to take a different attribute of the megaphone and see if I can, I can, you know, do something with it like the the one I said about how it covers your mouth.

00:52:20.500 --> 00:52:30.040 Camila Kaul: It is a we I like talking about the where, when so breaking the rules like, mix it up with this thing. Okay, how do we do that?

00:52:30.260 --> 00:52:32.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah. So so you know, like

00:52:33.430 --> 00:52:40.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: what what came to mind, and I guess I am kind of mixing it with the first exercise. But what came to mind is the the

00:52:40.430 --> 00:52:49.880 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: kind of like, you know, on Zoom, and and I can't even think of the name of of the of the other app you can You can have.

00:52:50.210 --> 00:52:59.440 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You can have digital masks like I could get myself a goate, or something like that, you know, and sort of the way in which you can. You? You know you.

00:52:59.570 --> 00:53:04.340 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, and and even the modern world like okay, with Covid. We all wearing masks.

00:53:04.490 --> 00:53:20.380 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know. And then we're all on zoom and teams and whatever, and a lot of us were initially joking on with with with with taking making faith. They mustaches not not in court, although there's a there's a funny story about a lawyer, a a a lawyer in court, who

00:53:20.390 --> 00:53:23.570 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: who who was a dog.

00:53:25.310 --> 00:53:38.970 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But yeah, but I but I don't know. How do I, how do I use that to solve the problem? It's sort of the the piece of forced connections that you're suggesting? I'm not because you just mentioned that it's like. Maybe there's something around how you marketed about

00:53:39.150 --> 00:53:42.660 Camila Kaul: like putting a tape on your mouth and like. Then you just speak.

00:53:42.850 --> 00:53:53.070 Camila Kaul: There's so many ways that you can go around this. Maybe it could be your marketing. Maybe it could be your logo. There's so many other ways, and we can. We could actually explore that.

00:53:54.020 --> 00:54:00.800 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah. So that we only have. We only have a minute left. But the the the other stuff thought I started to have with with a megaphone is that

00:54:00.900 --> 00:54:09.850 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: it? It doesn't only just amplify the sound some. It distorts the voice right. It's so loud that it's distorted, and and and and that I think, happens like

00:54:09.980 --> 00:54:20.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that, you know, in in my field, right where people people's words are are distorted, and in front, particularly in disputes or or Mis pursuit, mis misconstrued.

00:54:20.720 --> 00:54:21.810 Camila Kaul: Yeah.

00:54:22.090 --> 00:54:24.050 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So yeah, maybe there's something with that.

00:54:24.140 --> 00:54:25.780 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We we are.

00:54:26.240 --> 00:54:34.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We we are out of time, unfortunately, but but I really do appreciate your your. You're putting me through this torture

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:39.000 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: on this butt.

00:54:39.040 --> 00:54:50.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and and I feel like I should sign up for for more torture, and and and that you know that that the listeners here may may be interested in the same, because we all need a little torture in our lives.

00:54:50.560 --> 00:54:53.970 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: No, i'm kidding about the torture.

00:54:54.190 --> 00:55:02.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But but we but you know, like for people who are interested right you you've got You've got your website here and your your your is that your Twitter

00:55:03.350 --> 00:55:08.210 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and I believe you have a list right on that you can that people can sign up on on your website.

00:55:08.380 --> 00:55:26.620 Camila Kaul: Yes, my invitation is for anyone that wants to get into my creative genius. Least. It's just that this letter that I sent tips and hacks and things to help you. I do a lot of coaching for teams so happy to help with that. Just send me a message. Happy to do that. You can connect with me at just as Google to come, or any social media just to squiggle away.

00:55:26.620 --> 00:55:31.450 Camila Kaul: And i'm more than happy to help you and your endeavor and happy to help you and your teams.

00:55:31.610 --> 00:55:38.380 Camila Kaul: Thanks so much, Camila. I I I signed up in the wee hours last night, as as you may have seen, so I so i'm all set.

00:55:38.530 --> 00:55:46.120 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But I really appreciate your being here, and and thank you for and thank you for the the exercises and the experience for having you again.

00:55:46.350 --> 00:56:04.160 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Absolutely. Thank you so much for the invitation. Have a great great day.

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