Friday, March 17, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/17 - "Score" yourself a business mentor

Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/17 - "Score" yourself a business mentor


2023/03/17 - "Score" yourself a business mentor

[PREMIERE] "Score" yourself a business mentor

Fridays 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EDT)                              


The audience will learn about free mentoring from experienced professionals available for entrepreneurs and small businesses through SCORE and intangible aspects of business that mentors regularly address.


In this episode of INTANGIFY, guest Jack Cohn and Meredith Adler will discuss their roles as volunteers in SCORE, a national mentoring program available at no charge to entrepreneurs and small businesses.  My guests will address their roles and the kinds of issues they regularly work on with their mentees.  They will also touch on how mentorship and entrepreneurship has become more diverse and inclusive.

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00:00:38.410 --> 00:00:41.740 and welcome to the

00:00:41.990 --> 00:00:46.790 tangible, is a podcast about the intangible aspects of business.

00:00:46.810 --> 00:00:53.390 Matthew Asbell: where we explore all different aspects of business, whether it's personnel, experience, digital assets and data.

00:00:53.480 --> 00:01:01.220 Matthew Asbell: formulations and pros and art and content, music, designs and processes, all these things that are in tangible aspects of business.

00:01:01.340 --> 00:01:05.780 Matthew Asbell: and we have guests, and we talk about how those how those aspects play out.

00:01:06.360 --> 00:01:15.330 Matthew Asbell: My name is Matthew as well. I'm your host and I'm. An intellectual property lawyer. This is really talking. I I do really really deal with the law of creation.

00:01:16.690 --> 00:01:21.670 Matthew Asbell: but i'm also a professor at Fordham Law School and Cardoso Law School.

00:01:21.760 --> 00:01:34.420 Matthew Asbell: a a lover of language and culture, married to a foreign national from Brazil. and and the some person who loves to Mentor. I mentor law students and young lawyers

00:01:35.320 --> 00:01:39.200 Matthew Asbell: is a and guide a lot of my clients. Of course, in these types of matters

00:01:39.630 --> 00:01:45.710 Matthew Asbell: today's topic is is a organization called Score.

00:01:45.790 --> 00:01:53.140 Matthew Asbell: and we have 2 2 guests. We have Meredith, Adler, and Jack Cone.

00:01:53.200 --> 00:02:02.310 Matthew Asbell: Meredith, Adler, and Jack Con are both leaders within the organization called Score, where they provide free mentorship to businesses.

00:02:02.390 --> 00:02:09.820 Matthew Asbell: So i'd like to start out by asking Meredith to tell us a little bit about your your background.

00:02:12.110 --> 00:02:13.620 Matthew Asbell: You gotta unmute yourself.

00:02:16.400 --> 00:02:17.530 Meredith Adler: Thanks, Matthew.

00:02:19.280 --> 00:02:23.960 Meredith Adler: I've been with score about 4 years, and

00:02:24.120 --> 00:02:26.680 Meredith Adler: I retired about 7 years ago.

00:02:28.400 --> 00:02:34.810 Meredith Adler: I spend my entire career in the world of finance. The last 30 years I was on Wall Street.

00:02:34.910 --> 00:02:39.860 Meredith Adler: and I was an analyst, and I followed both

00:02:39.960 --> 00:02:45.190 Meredith Adler: on companies. You would issue bonds and companies who were had public stock.

00:02:46.750 --> 00:02:47.860 Meredith Adler: and

00:02:48.030 --> 00:03:01.490 Meredith Adler: my job as an analyst was kind of know everything there was to know about these companies, and then also have an opinion about whether they would, in the case of the bonds, whether they would be able to pay back their debt or go bankrupt.

00:03:01.820 --> 00:03:05.510 Meredith Adler: and in the case of stocks, whether they were a good investment

00:03:05.670 --> 00:03:10.580 Meredith Adler: and not to blow my own horn. I was known supposedly.

00:03:10.600 --> 00:03:14.490 Meredith Adler: when I was in bonds as the Bankruptcy Queen.

00:03:15.450 --> 00:03:20.100 Meredith Adler: although I won't really take credit for that. If you

00:03:20.730 --> 00:03:24.510 Meredith Adler: follow retailers, and you put a lot of debt on them.

00:03:25.230 --> 00:03:33.090 Meredith Adler: and then this, and then the economic cycle goes down, there's a good chance to go bankrupt. So I was just

00:03:33.230 --> 00:03:34.290 Meredith Adler: paying attention.

00:03:35.890 --> 00:03:45.520 Meredith Adler: What? What? What's your role within within the organization called score. Well, prime. There I I have 2 major roles.

00:03:45.660 --> 00:03:56.420 Meredith Adler: The first is that I mentor people, and because when I was an analyst I was mostly looking at companies who either distributed or retailed

00:03:56.470 --> 00:04:02.260 Meredith Adler: food and other consumables. I decided. Well, I figured out there were a lot of people

00:04:02.470 --> 00:04:08.130 Meredith Adler: s at score clients who were making food or beverages, so I decided

00:04:08.300 --> 00:04:12.020 Meredith Adler: I would concentrate on that. The truth was, I knew nothing about production.

00:04:12.530 --> 00:04:24.660 Meredith Adler: but I think a lot about retail and distribution, and I thought that 2 of those 3 was better than nothing. And then, after I've been doing it for about a year, maybe.

00:04:25.010 --> 00:04:28.090 Meredith Adler: I decided that there was

00:04:28.410 --> 00:04:36.750 Meredith Adler: well Originally I thought there just be a lot for people to teach each other. because people were all working on very similar issues.

00:04:37.170 --> 00:04:40.840 Meredith Adler: and I started a group. It's called the Food Producer's Form.

00:04:42.140 --> 00:04:49.820 Meredith Adler: and we meet every couple of months. It was originally going to be a sharing of best practices, but so far I haven't figured out how to make that happen.

00:04:49.990 --> 00:04:53.480 Meredith Adler: So instead, what we do is have guest speakers.

00:04:53.520 --> 00:05:06.300 Meredith Adler: and we've had some really really interesting guest speakers. I even got somebody from New York State Department of Agriculture, and markets to talk to us, and since they are the ones who regulate

00:05:06.620 --> 00:05:16.060 Meredith Adler: products made for wholesale. It was useful to have her come and talk so, and then I've done some other things I I

00:05:17.170 --> 00:05:22.820 Meredith Adler: have gotten involved in some of the things we're trying to do, I think, to since since Covid

00:05:25.090 --> 00:05:29.780 Meredith Adler: it's been very hard to create a community amongst the mentors.

00:05:29.870 --> 00:05:35.450 Meredith Adler: And so I've been involved in helping us do some of the things that we think might

00:05:36.170 --> 00:05:37.340 Meredith Adler: might help.

00:05:39.280 --> 00:05:42.990 Meredith Adler: and we'll see. And I think we're actually gonna start

00:05:45.190 --> 00:05:47.840 Meredith Adler: having our monthly chapter in person

00:05:47.950 --> 00:05:51.810 Meredith Adler: in a couple of weeks, and that'll be interesting.

00:05:54.020 --> 00:06:09.940 Matthew Asbell: We'll be getting a little bit more to to different aspects of score and and and what it is. But i'd like to introduce our our our other guests, Jack Cone and Jack. Could you? Could you please tell us a little bit about your your background, and what your role is within the score.

00:06:10.120 --> 00:06:20.350 Jack Cohn: Sure I did my my career trying to eventually. What I did is not was not. I took many, many roads to get there.

00:06:20.510 --> 00:06:28.190 Jack Cohn: I graduate in Economics University of Minnesota, came to New York. interviewed at

00:06:28.220 --> 00:06:38.260 Jack Cohn: companies like general Foods and Procter and Gamble and new. I would hate working in that area and made a call to Basin Company and got the head of research.

00:06:38.490 --> 00:06:45.110 Jack Cohn: And I said that I really be interested in working on Wall Street, he said, you know. Come on up and let's meet.

00:06:45.420 --> 00:06:57.880 Jack Cohn: And that was then I mean, that was in the seventies, where you can get a head of research at a product at a brokerage firm, and they would say, come on up!

00:06:58.110 --> 00:07:06.900 Jack Cohn: And I had a great meeting with him, and I told him that it was going off to the Coast Guard, and he said, come on back, and you've got a job here.

00:07:07.120 --> 00:07:14.880 Jack Cohn: I came back and they put you into a program. I think it's. I don't know if the Mba program, or whatever it was.

00:07:14.910 --> 00:07:32.980 Jack Cohn: and the first part of it was a portfolio analysis which basically is churning stocks into those stocks that beaching company recommended. Which kind of bothered me a bit. Because, you know, why are we doing this when everything is really good in this portfolio. But you had to do that.

00:07:32.980 --> 00:07:38.880 Jack Cohn: And then I started working with one of the top analysts at Beige's name is Dennis Lebowitz.

00:07:38.920 --> 00:07:44.190 Jack Cohn: who went on to fame and glory, and he was just an absolutely great mentor.

00:07:44.390 --> 00:07:59.040 Jack Cohn: and got me prepared to go out and meet companies and trust me from Minnesota. I didn't I didn't travel anywhere other to New York, and now i'm going to Atlanta, and I'm going to

00:07:59.420 --> 00:08:08.970 Jack Cohn: Denver Colorado because I had cable companies, and I had cable companies and in broadcasting companies.

00:08:09.150 --> 00:08:24.160 Jack Cohn: and it was great. It was absolutely great, because everybody would take you to dinner, and I've never had a pot to P. And when I got to New York, and there they were trying to convince me that their company was great, and the stock was great, and go back and recommend it.

00:08:24.410 --> 00:08:29.140 Jack Cohn: And I did. The stock would go down, and i'd feel really terrible.

00:08:29.360 --> 00:08:39.220 Jack Cohn: So I just decided. This is just not something that I can do. So I left Base, and I went into advertising another program to be an account exec.

00:08:39.440 --> 00:08:49.530 Jack Cohn: and I thought advertising was really cool. But it's not so cool when you're an account executive, because you have to deal with clients that come from all over.

00:08:49.660 --> 00:08:53.630 Jack Cohn: and I didn't like entertaining and doing all that stuff.

00:08:53.680 --> 00:09:00.700 Jack Cohn: So I moved on into dealing with television production. Photography became a sales rep.

00:09:01.130 --> 00:09:02.800 Jack Cohn: and it was wonderful

00:09:03.020 --> 00:09:13.370 Jack Cohn: because what I sold I believed in. And these guys, whoever I sold men are women. The photography of the commercials were great, so it was easy to sell.

00:09:13.450 --> 00:09:18.150 Jack Cohn: and along the way I found a director that I really believed in.

00:09:18.260 --> 00:09:24.390 Jack Cohn: We went into business together. It evolved to 2 offices, New York and La.

00:09:24.430 --> 00:09:33.450 Jack Cohn: We ended up with 7 directors, and we got the American express account as one of the early accounts

00:09:33.510 --> 00:09:39.110 Jack Cohn: and Americans Press was spending a ton of money. and we were shooting commercials all over the world.

00:09:39.390 --> 00:09:50.180 Jack Cohn: So it was absolutely a wonderful time at the time. Obviously this has changed, and it all evolved. We're now a lot of these videos around Facebook.

00:09:50.230 --> 00:09:58.670 Jack Cohn: So, and also the reality is, it's a young business, and I wasn't getting younger. So writing was on the wall to move on.

00:09:58.950 --> 00:10:00.790 Jack Cohn: I took a pottery.

00:10:01.100 --> 00:10:05.730 Jack Cohn: loved it, but just kind of no simulation in terms of

00:10:06.390 --> 00:10:13.440 Jack Cohn: any kind of you know anything that was going on other than my hands and glazing and phone score.

00:10:13.700 --> 00:10:23.980 Jack Cohn: And I love score, you know. I've been there now, going on 7 years. I get great satisfaction out of it. I've been meeting some wonderful people

00:10:24.220 --> 00:10:37.060 Jack Cohn: and forming relationships that as you get older it's harder to form relationships, and I love dealing with the clients because giving back is really terrific.

00:10:37.400 --> 00:10:40.910 Jack Cohn: and I get clients and my specialty.

00:10:42.100 --> 00:10:48.430 Jack Cohn: and over the 6 years it's kind of like you really learn about a lot of industries.

00:10:48.560 --> 00:10:54.040 Jack Cohn: and I didn't know a lot about digital marketing. I didn't know a lot about consulting.

00:10:55.130 --> 00:11:02.210 Jack Cohn: So when you call, enter or just commenting with Meredith. I've learned a lot.

00:11:02.400 --> 00:11:07.420 Jack Cohn: and and also you trust the everybody that

00:11:07.450 --> 00:11:09.070 Jack Cohn: comes to score

00:11:09.190 --> 00:11:15.110 Jack Cohn: that are successful entrepreneurs. They've been successful in their business.

00:11:15.150 --> 00:11:27.480 Jack Cohn: and when I join score. There may been half a dozen women now that it's very close to 60, 40, and women. All the women are successful also, and it's just really a pleasure

00:11:27.710 --> 00:11:31.920 Jack Cohn: so, and and i'll give an example where

00:11:32.190 --> 00:11:45.940 Jack Cohn: you know now that you know you have a team of 90 people. There's you. Can. You can promise anything, because there's always somebody who's gonna help you. And I had dinner at a restaurant not too long ago.

00:11:45.970 --> 00:11:52.430 Jack Cohn: and the restaurant tour Pizza restaurant, pu, and he would. So he sold

00:11:52.550 --> 00:12:01.580 Jack Cohn: desserts in a jar. and I, as I left the restaurant, and we had these desserts, and they were absolutely wonderful. I said to him.

00:12:01.610 --> 00:12:07.400 Jack Cohn: i'm gonna help you. I'm gonna make you successful. I know people at score that i'm gonna put together.

00:12:07.430 --> 00:12:15.410 Jack Cohn: and i'll be calling you. And now Meredith and I have been working with that client now going on a year, and we absolutely love them.

00:12:15.550 --> 00:12:19.320 Jack Cohn: you know. So that's kind of what happens at score.

00:12:20.800 --> 00:12:29.430 Matthew Asbell: So just maybe briefly, Jack, if you can answer, what is your role in in score? What what do you do for school?

00:12:29.830 --> 00:12:30.650 Jack Cohn: Well.

00:12:31.250 --> 00:12:38.750 Jack Cohn: a lot, I mean. I just can't help myself. So I started mentoring, like everybody else.

00:12:39.120 --> 00:12:41.100 Jack Cohn: and then

00:12:41.660 --> 00:12:55.080 Jack Cohn: the volunteers we would get request on score website or our national organization would send in requests from people who want to be mentors.

00:12:55.320 --> 00:13:17.980 Jack Cohn: and it wasn't being handled very well to my way, I thought it should be handled. So I just revamp the whole volunteer program at score where somebody would want to be a volunteer. They would send in their bios and telephone number and whips of their email addresses.

00:13:18.020 --> 00:13:19.550 Jack Cohn: and I would call them.

00:13:19.870 --> 00:13:34.680 Jack Cohn: and if I felt that they very well could be committed and understood why they reached out to score. And if and had they, if they had the time, or we're working 9 to 5, I would bring them in, and I being

00:13:34.980 --> 00:13:37.220 Jack Cohn: the chair of the on boarding

00:13:37.350 --> 00:13:39.670 Meredith Adler: I put together a committee

00:13:39.680 --> 00:13:42.480 Jack Cohn: of 3 or 4 that would interview them.

00:13:42.710 --> 00:13:51.880 Jack Cohn: and then from interviewing them, and we like them, I'd put them into a program where they would meet with another mentor who's their guide.

00:13:52.150 --> 00:14:01.070 Jack Cohn: and they then would work with that guide to observe that guide, Session, Mentor session.

00:14:01.110 --> 00:14:06.620 Jack Cohn: and maybe 8 or 9 other mentor sessions. So they really understood

00:14:06.920 --> 00:14:26.550 Jack Cohn: how to mentor clients, because it doesn't come natural to a lot of people. And I think, seeing different mentors to do, the roles being different, and how they approach Ben clients was really a a learning process for them. And then what we would we do now is we give them 4 new clients. They've never been to score.

00:14:27.480 --> 00:14:34.360 Jack Cohn: and they meant to them, and we observe them. and there's a checklist in terms of what they should cover.

00:14:34.530 --> 00:14:43.500 Jack Cohn: and we just deal with, you know, deal with the mentors and training in terms of where they relax. Did they? Did they engage the client?

00:14:43.550 --> 00:14:48.020 Jack Cohn: Did they, the client of their client? If you knew that client

00:14:48.520 --> 00:14:51.070 Jack Cohn: could very well not be successful.

00:14:51.280 --> 00:14:58.260 Jack Cohn: You look to that client like they will be successful, and do everything you can to support them. But

00:14:58.300 --> 00:15:00.410 Jack Cohn: you give them enough homework.

00:15:00.470 --> 00:15:07.110 Jack Cohn: Whether who's your competition? Who's going to be your client. Do you have enough money to be in this business? That business?

00:15:08.060 --> 00:15:12.720 Jack Cohn: They may not return because they realize it can happen.

00:15:13.310 --> 00:15:15.550 Jack Cohn: or they come back.

00:15:15.660 --> 00:15:20.490 Jack Cohn: and all of a sudden you have a client, a return client that you work with them.

00:15:20.510 --> 00:15:30.940 Jack Cohn: and I've had a lot, a lot of successful clients, and it's really terrific. and you may say, Well, how do you see them? And in the beginning i'll see them, maybe every 3 weeks.

00:15:30.960 --> 00:15:42.340 Jack Cohn: and then you don't see them for a while. and I get in touch with them, and they come back. And now I have clients that come back to me after years of being at score.

00:15:42.720 --> 00:15:44.850 Jack Cohn: and it's really a pleasure

00:15:45.140 --> 00:15:51.910 Jack Cohn: because it's it's really seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a long time.

00:15:52.270 --> 00:15:55.570 Jack Cohn: and you take great pride when they're successful.

00:15:56.110 --> 00:16:01.070 Jack Cohn: or when we worked at 26 Federal plaza.

00:16:01.430 --> 00:16:03.880 Jack Cohn: they would get up and give you a hug

00:16:04.020 --> 00:16:09.080 Jack Cohn: and say, thank you, and that's the thanks. We get it working at score.

00:16:10.010 --> 00:16:21.030 Matthew Asbell: Thanks, Jack. You're listening to in tang. If I on talk radio, dot nyc, it's time for a break. But coming up, we're going to talk a little bit more about what score is and how it all works?

00:16:21.040 --> 00:16:22.910 Matthew Asbell: So stay tuned.

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00:18:01.610 --> 00:18:07.080 you're listening to talk radio, Nyc: uplift, educate and power

00:18:08.260 --> 00:18:09.450 the

00:18:26.640 --> 00:18:27.280 you

00:18:29.690 --> 00:18:30.310 to

00:18:33.850 --> 00:18:35.140 the

00:18:36.020 --> 00:18:42.920 Matthew Asbell: welcome back to in Tang, if I this is Matthew as well. My guests are Meredith, Adler, and Jack Cohn.

00:18:42.950 --> 00:18:47.150 Matthew Asbell: mentors and leaders within an organization called Score.

00:18:47.380 --> 00:18:58.700 Matthew Asbell: When I first heard of score. It was when I was invited to give a Webinar by a sponsor of You know that that that you know works with the organization.

00:18:58.840 --> 00:19:05.100 Matthew Asbell: and and it intrigued me this concept that that people were.

00:19:05.160 --> 00:19:09.900 Matthew Asbell: We're providing free mentorship to businesses. the

00:19:10.850 --> 00:19:18.890 Matthew Asbell: you know. And who who were these people and who were the people who were getting the mentorship was was really interesting to me.

00:19:19.050 --> 00:19:23.520 Matthew Asbell: I reached out through the score of New York

00:19:23.760 --> 00:19:24.870 Matthew Asbell: website.

00:19:25.570 --> 00:19:35.560 Matthew Asbell: and and I was fortunate enough to connect with with my guest Jack. and learned about the process of volunteering within score.

00:19:36.100 --> 00:19:46.850 Matthew Asbell: would love to hear from from both of you or either of you. Really your view of score, Who who utilizes the services of score?

00:19:48.040 --> 00:19:50.920 Meredith Adler: Meredith, do you want to pick them up?

00:19:51.870 --> 00:19:56.320 Meredith Adler: I would say lots and lots of different kinds of people.

00:19:56.380 --> 00:20:01.380 Meredith Adler: Because my focus is on low tech.

00:20:01.440 --> 00:20:04.160 Meredith Adler: I get a I get a lot of women.

00:20:04.440 --> 00:20:08.470 Meredith Adler: I I would say the majority of my clients are women.

00:20:08.500 --> 00:20:13.690 Meredith Adler: and a lot of them are people of color. and

00:20:13.890 --> 00:20:30.200 Meredith Adler: they're so enthusiastic. I mean it's. It's so much fun to be around these people, and I and you know we went through the pandemic. Some of these people got laid off, but they focused on something they loved doing and

00:20:31.560 --> 00:20:42.140 Meredith Adler: could focus, can, could really get into that, and not not really think about having lost their jobs. Not that they didn't need the money in many cases, but it was like something

00:20:43.110 --> 00:20:52.950 Meredith Adler: it really gave them energy, and that was wonderful to see. I've met just so many wonderful people.

00:20:53.030 --> 00:20:56.680 Meredith Adler: I was gonna add to something that Jack said earlier.

00:20:57.880 --> 00:21:01.650 Meredith Adler: You know it's really exciting when somebody succeeds.

00:21:02.050 --> 00:21:06.260 Meredith Adler: But it's also exciting. When somebody tells you they're giving up.

00:21:07.490 --> 00:21:13.340 Meredith Adler: and it's exciting. If what they had been saying to you all along was

00:21:13.390 --> 00:21:20.740 Meredith Adler: well, I just retired, and you know I love this business. I've always I mean, I love this product. I've always wanted to make it.

00:21:21.070 --> 00:21:28.680 Meredith Adler: but I don't want to come tired, and you know, and you say to them, it's starting. A business is a lot of work.

00:21:28.870 --> 00:21:34.850 Meredith Adler: and they'll say, Well, it's okay. I can do it. And then, you know, a couple months later

00:21:35.360 --> 00:21:39.800 Meredith Adler: they say, just want to let you know this is not the time for me to do this.

00:21:40.100 --> 00:21:44.280 Meredith Adler: and all I can do is applaud because you have to know yourself.

00:21:44.540 --> 00:21:45.390 Meredith Adler: And

00:21:45.530 --> 00:21:52.210 Meredith Adler: frankly, if you don't have some passion and some excitement and some energy. You don't want to start a business because it's

00:21:52.540 --> 00:21:53.850 Meredith Adler: tons of work.

00:21:56.930 --> 00:21:57.830 Matthew Asbell: So

00:21:57.870 --> 00:22:04.240 Matthew Asbell: no, no, I think that what's what's great about score is that

00:22:04.370 --> 00:22:05.500 Jack Cohn: we

00:22:05.950 --> 00:22:19.090 Jack Cohn: are are not we? We, we, we, we get clients, but we're not alone in working with these clients. I mean, we. We always know that there is another mentor.

00:22:19.480 --> 00:22:34.460 Jack Cohn: I but I don't reach out to areas that I don't know There's always somebody at score that knows more than I do in an area. and I will always bring them in to commenter, which gives a client

00:22:34.610 --> 00:22:38.220 Jack Cohn: one a great feeling

00:22:38.320 --> 00:22:45.640 Jack Cohn: that the Mentor. Their key mentor, is bringing in other people, and acknowledging that they don't know everything.

00:22:45.850 --> 00:22:47.240 Jack Cohn: And

00:22:47.900 --> 00:22:55.160 Jack Cohn: when when I observe people going through our program before they become mentors.

00:22:55.370 --> 00:23:05.690 Jack Cohn: and they go into areas that they shouldn't be going into because they don't know what they're talking about. I can't pass them because we're very strict

00:23:05.930 --> 00:23:24.660 Jack Cohn: and making sure that who comes to score and goes to the program. And now then, they go off, and they meant to on their own, and we don't, we don't really moderate. We don't really observe them how they're doing, and but I think now you know what what what's happening now is Meredith is

00:23:24.660 --> 00:23:26.500 Jack Cohn: putting together a program

00:23:26.640 --> 00:23:41.050 Jack Cohn: that we reach out to all the new mentors, letting them know they're not alone, Co. Mentoring with them to see how they're doing and commenting on their sessions, because we we have an obligation. Now

00:23:41.100 --> 00:23:47.560 Jack Cohn: that when clients come to us, we want to give them the best experience and knowledge that we can give them.

00:23:47.700 --> 00:23:59.270 Jack Cohn: So you know you have a lot of people. and I agree with Meredith, is it? Most of my clients are women and I There's something about it that's just wonderful.

00:23:59.320 --> 00:24:02.440 Jack Cohn: When I see women who are liberated.

00:24:02.610 --> 00:24:07.620 Jack Cohn: They know that they want to start a business, and they come to score.

00:24:07.770 --> 00:24:13.890 Jack Cohn: and after the first or second session they know they're in good hands, and I love that.

00:24:13.920 --> 00:24:23.020 Jack Cohn: you know when they say thank you. I never expected to find all these things out from the score mentor. I think you accomplish a lot with them.

00:24:23.160 --> 00:24:24.820 Jack Cohn: and you feel good about it.

00:24:25.630 --> 00:24:39.610 Matthew Asbell: So I want to get into a little bit about the volunteers. But before I do that I want to make sure, I understand. Are the people who are coming to score for for business mentorship.

00:24:39.740 --> 00:24:46.210 Matthew Asbell: all brand new entrepreneurs, thinking about starting, starting a new venture

00:24:47.320 --> 00:24:49.340 Matthew Asbell: or or and it and

00:24:49.530 --> 00:25:03.180 Matthew Asbell: you know, and they hear about score, and they go. Okay. Your score is going to help me get like and I get started, or are there people who are more established? And and you know who who can get these services? Can Can anybody go to score and say, I like some free mentorship.

00:25:04.240 --> 00:25:05.060 Jack Cohn: Meredith.

00:25:05.370 --> 00:25:11.700 Meredith Adler: Yeah. it it. I think it does depend on kind of

00:25:12.760 --> 00:25:17.750 Meredith Adler: your group what you're focused on most of my clients, but not all of them.

00:25:17.790 --> 00:25:20.520 Meredith Adler: Our startups.

00:25:21.720 --> 00:25:27.110 Meredith Adler: And I would say my experiences that the ones who are not startups

00:25:27.440 --> 00:25:34.110 Meredith Adler: have an issue that they need help with. Sometimes, very often it's. I want to expand.

00:25:34.140 --> 00:25:43.200 Meredith Adler: and I don't quite know how to do it. I don't know who to reach out to. I don't know whether I have the money to do the expansion.

00:25:44.280 --> 00:25:54.020 Meredith Adler: so it it it varies. Anybody anybody can come to score and say I need help.

00:25:54.140 --> 00:26:05.610 Meredith Adler: and we have a group that only handles established businesses, and I think there's maybe 2 groups, and there's there's different cut offs

00:26:05.650 --> 00:26:12.690 Meredith Adler: because somebody who's got a 2, a 20 million dollar business, probably doesn't want to talk to somebody

00:26:12.780 --> 00:26:17.330 Meredith Adler: who's making a $100,000 at most.

00:26:18.670 --> 00:26:20.330 Meredith Adler: so we do try to

00:26:20.600 --> 00:26:29.560 Meredith Adler: reach out to all kinds of people, and I I was gonna say before, but when I were tired I didn't miss

00:26:30.310 --> 00:26:35.320 Meredith Adler: the stock market. I didn't miss the stock market at all. and I didn't

00:26:35.850 --> 00:26:38.130 Meredith Adler: I didn't really miss.

00:26:38.320 --> 00:26:41.700 Meredith Adler: you know, getting on Cnbc. Or any of that.

00:26:43.480 --> 00:26:46.810 Meredith Adler: But I was lonely. I was very lonely.

00:26:46.940 --> 00:26:58.160 Meredith Adler: because what I did all day was talk to people and connect to people, and being an analyst is similar to being a mental, and that you're helping people make decisions and giving them information.

00:26:58.570 --> 00:27:03.520 Meredith Adler: So score has been like medicine for me like

00:27:04.910 --> 00:27:10.050 Meredith Adler: it just makes me really happy, and I know I'm helping people. Oh.

00:27:10.060 --> 00:27:15.560 Meredith Adler: the vast majority of people I talk to will say thank you so much

00:27:15.640 --> 00:27:17.380 Meredith Adler: that was so helpful.

00:27:18.390 --> 00:27:28.120 Meredith Adler: I that just that feels great, and I can tell you my clients, when I was working on Wall Street. or less likely to tell me that what I told them was really helpful.

00:27:29.790 --> 00:27:31.160 So it's gratifying.

00:27:32.150 --> 00:27:35.010 Jack Cohn: Let me say a couple of things before you go to break

00:27:35.100 --> 00:27:41.730 Jack Cohn: one an answer to your question. We have a score round table

00:27:41.830 --> 00:27:51.590 Jack Cohn: where different mentors, 2 mentors will meet with 10. I don't know how many clients come in and each session.

00:27:51.670 --> 00:27:55.280 Jack Cohn: but entrepreneurs that are in business.

00:27:55.550 --> 00:28:01.920 Jack Cohn: and they're talking openly about their issues to other entrepreneurs.

00:28:01.980 --> 00:28:14.950 Jack Cohn: which is such a a breath of fresh air to hear other mentors. Other clients who are having also having trouble. You're sitting in a room, and you're saying, God, I've got the same problem.

00:28:15.510 --> 00:28:23.610 Jack Cohn: How are you handling it. you know. And when I, when I had my company no about who you ask, they are all successful.

00:28:24.060 --> 00:28:28.730 Jack Cohn: even though if they were going out of business, they were all successful. God forbid

00:28:29.090 --> 00:28:33.670 Jack Cohn: we should have a conversation about. I have I'm having issues.

00:28:33.680 --> 00:28:50.690 Jack Cohn: Oh, Jack, having issues, you know, so score would have been great when I was in business. The second thing is, we have an advisory board where 2, 3 mentors will work with a company that has 3, 4, 5 milliondollars in business.

00:28:51.080 --> 00:28:56.290 Jack Cohn: and all of a sudden there you really get challenge to helping this company.

00:28:56.460 --> 00:28:59.080 Jack Cohn: So we deal with different levels.

00:29:00.560 --> 00:29:14.170 Matthew Asbell: Great? Well, thanks so much. You're listening to and tangify on talk radio, dot Nyc: it's time for another break. But coming up, we're going to dig into a little bit about the volunteers of score and what they go through. Thanks so much.

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00:30:54.520 --> 00:30:55.500 You

00:31:05.230 --> 00:31:05.870 me

00:31:14.800 --> 00:31:18.350 Matthew Asbell: welcome back to in tangify on talk radio that Nyc.

00:31:18.940 --> 00:31:28.780 Matthew Asbell: we've been discussing score which provides free business mentoring. and our guests are Meredith, Adler, and Jack Cone.

00:31:28.820 --> 00:31:33.290 Matthew Asbell: who are 2 of the mentors and leaders within the organization.

00:31:34.080 --> 00:31:44.180 Matthew Asbell: So we were talking a little bit about who gets the mentoring services. But a little earlier. We were talking about

00:31:44.580 --> 00:31:51.640 Matthew Asbell: who are the volunteers, and in both of your cases you really, you know you had long careers.

00:31:51.670 --> 00:31:58.370 Matthew Asbell: you know, prior to all, ultimately volunteering with the organization as a as a mentor.

00:32:00.180 --> 00:32:09.590 Matthew Asbell: But but, Meredith, you also talked a little bit about your score clientele largely being women or people of color.

00:32:10.770 --> 00:32:17.500 Matthew Asbell: yourself being a a female leader and someone who who succeeded in business for a long time

00:32:18.380 --> 00:32:28.510 Matthew Asbell: it. I I wonder, about the changing face of the volunteers that that are in score. Is everybody retired or semi-retired?

00:32:28.550 --> 00:32:31.300 Matthew Asbell: Who who are the mentors.

00:32:31.650 --> 00:32:34.410 Meredith Adler: Well. there has been a change.

00:32:34.540 --> 00:32:43.450 Meredith Adler: I'll start by saying, and I don't know exactly how this happened, but when I got there 4 years ago, there didn't seem to be a lot of women.

00:32:43.720 --> 00:32:44.760 Meredith Adler: and

00:32:46.000 --> 00:32:53.590 Meredith Adler: that certainly didn't make me entirely happy. I mean you. You spend 30 plus years on Wall Street. You kind of

00:32:54.420 --> 00:32:56.330 Meredith Adler: have had enough of men.

00:32:56.480 --> 00:33:01.470 Meredith Adler: And so yeah, I walked into scored. It was more men.

00:33:01.830 --> 00:33:18.540 Meredith Adler: but I met some other people, and I would say it is changing, and it's also changing because we're getting a lot more younger people. It's harder for them because many of them are still working, and Many of them have families, and they have to.

00:33:18.540 --> 00:33:22.100 Meredith Adler: you know, do some juggling to be able to

00:33:22.350 --> 00:33:26.200 Meredith Adler: to make themselves available? I would say.

00:33:26.730 --> 00:33:36.550 Meredith Adler: in my opinion, the greatest thing about that is that many of us older people do not really understand

00:33:36.950 --> 00:33:41.500 Meredith Adler: digital marketing. We don't understand

00:33:42.090 --> 00:33:43.950 how to reach people

00:33:44.360 --> 00:33:51.490 Meredith Adler: using digital. We, you know it's just another world to us, and we need those people

00:33:51.520 --> 00:33:53.150 Meredith Adler: to explain it

00:33:53.570 --> 00:34:00.760 Meredith Adler: to us. And I think we need more. And I think we need to focus on it more because I don't have a single client who doesn't have a website

00:34:00.860 --> 00:34:09.580 Meredith Adler: who isn't trying to figure out how to do marketing. and I can only help them up to a point.

00:34:11.590 --> 00:34:12.960 Meredith Adler: So I I mean.

00:34:15.139 --> 00:34:16.730 Meredith Adler: we have great people.

00:34:16.870 --> 00:34:18.420 Meredith Adler: We have great people.

00:34:19.730 --> 00:34:21.000 Meredith Adler: and they're all different.

00:34:22.050 --> 00:34:23.300 Meredith Adler: and it's

00:34:23.790 --> 00:34:26.159 Meredith Adler: It's amazing to see

00:34:27.179 --> 00:34:33.560 Meredith Adler: how many different people you have to be careful not to judge a book by its cover.

00:34:33.989 --> 00:34:48.969 Meredith Adler: There's another. He's actually there. There's a group called subject matter experts, and I think Matthew was one of them, so he wouldn't mentor a client without a certified mentor with him.

00:34:50.030 --> 00:34:52.880 Meredith Adler: But there's another Guy, who is also a lawyer.

00:34:52.929 --> 00:34:58.110 Meredith Adler: but I think he's a certified mentor as well, and when I first met him

00:34:58.750 --> 00:35:03.640 Meredith Adler: I was scared of him. It was very serious.

00:35:04.320 --> 00:35:07.520 I'm not young, but he seemed old to me.

00:35:07.570 --> 00:35:12.440 Meredith Adler: and I was uncomfortable about asking advice from him.

00:35:12.470 --> 00:35:17.910 Meredith Adler: And now I've gotten to know him better. He's. Really, Not only is he a lovely person

00:35:18.140 --> 00:35:19.690 Meredith Adler: and

00:35:19.700 --> 00:35:24.400 Meredith Adler: serious, but has a sense of humor. He's helped some of my clients

00:35:24.640 --> 00:35:33.460 Meredith Adler: just immensely, immensely, because he can think outside the box, and it's it's really it's really exciting.

00:35:36.120 --> 00:35:37.140 Jack Cohn: Yeah.

00:35:37.220 --> 00:35:39.330 Matthew Asbell: Okay, yeah, no.

00:35:39.480 --> 00:35:51.770 Jack Cohn: When we when we meet, you know, we as we say, we I said before, is the volunteers fill out a form that they would like to give back and be at score.

00:35:51.910 --> 00:36:07.040 Jack Cohn: and you know the key questions I asked him on the phone before I even bring him into the volunteer committee is one. There's special day and 2. What can they contribute and 3 do they have the time.

00:36:07.530 --> 00:36:09.250 Jack Cohn: And when I meet

00:36:09.280 --> 00:36:16.390 Jack Cohn: social media digital marketing people, IP lawyers, or anything

00:36:16.490 --> 00:36:20.360 Jack Cohn: that we don't have a especially we don't. Have.

00:36:20.460 --> 00:36:26.850 Jack Cohn: I make every effort to bring him into score through being a subject matter. Experts.

00:36:27.010 --> 00:36:31.680 Jack Cohn: And there are a lot of subject matter. Experts that have come in that have been really disappointed.

00:36:32.440 --> 00:36:38.560 Jack Cohn: because there's always 2 or 3 mentors that are 2 or 3 volunteers that are mentors

00:36:39.360 --> 00:36:45.010 Jack Cohn: that get clients, and don't need to reach out to a subject matter expert.

00:36:45.040 --> 00:36:50.740 Jack Cohn: because they know that subject. So all of a sudden the Smes of kind of dwindled.

00:36:50.940 --> 00:36:55.110 Jack Cohn: But it's a just another way of bringing in

00:36:55.170 --> 00:37:02.530 Jack Cohn: volunteers who have a broader range of areas like marketing that we need

00:37:04.480 --> 00:37:09.800 Jack Cohn: that. Yeah, I think you're dealing with another question that I don't know, resize subject matter experts

00:37:11.530 --> 00:37:17.400 Jack Cohn: as we I I'm. I'm lost here. Now, what what else did you guys were talking about that I missed.

00:37:17.620 --> 00:37:21.760 Matthew Asbell: We were talking a little bit about the changing face of the volunteers. Right?

00:37:21.860 --> 00:37:25.210 Jack Cohn: Okay, the changing face.

00:37:25.610 --> 00:37:27.170 Jack Cohn: A lot more women

00:37:29.570 --> 00:37:34.220 Jack Cohn: who are just doing dynamite at score and

00:37:34.270 --> 00:37:35.950 Jack Cohn: they are

00:37:36.500 --> 00:37:47.850 Jack Cohn: successful entrepreneurs that know their business, and have done extremely well in terms of

00:37:48.290 --> 00:37:54.790 Jack Cohn: the reputation that has helped score and the changing face is.

00:37:54.880 --> 00:37:57.140 Jack Cohn: it's getting younger.

00:37:57.480 --> 00:38:00.220 Jack Cohn: I mean, I do everything I can

00:38:00.510 --> 00:38:05.680 Jack Cohn: to bring in volunteers that are younger now younger is like 55

00:38:05.860 --> 00:38:17.750 Jack Cohn: younger is early sixties. These are these are volunteers that have sold their business that are extremely successful.

00:38:18.030 --> 00:38:27.090 Jack Cohn: and they want new challenges versus finding another company. But they don't need to find another company. They're independently wealthy now.

00:38:27.510 --> 00:38:29.520 Jack Cohn: and they love

00:38:29.540 --> 00:38:36.520 Jack Cohn: the idea of getting clients being able to help them, and also being a part

00:38:36.730 --> 00:38:38.370 Jack Cohn: of the committees

00:38:38.780 --> 00:38:48.960 Jack Cohn: that can help and strengthen score. I mean, we've got a marketing committee. We got a de I committee. We've got.

00:38:49.420 --> 00:38:52.450 Jack Cohn: What other committees do we have. Meredith?

00:38:54.710 --> 00:38:56.940 Meredith Adler: Well, there are the 2

00:38:58.730 --> 00:39:11.580 Meredith Adler: the ones who do the roundtables. There's a committee that that comes up with ideas for webinars and training programs.

00:39:11.690 --> 00:39:20.980 Jack Cohn: but we only found out because score National gives an award for the best chapter.

00:39:21.210 --> 00:39:31.030 Jack Cohn: and this chapter is from Florida, and the Florida chapter does 3 times as many workshops as we do.

00:39:31.240 --> 00:39:33.110 Jack Cohn: You know they do him in Spanish.

00:39:33.180 --> 00:39:44.910 Jack Cohn: They do. They give them free. They reach out to communities, and we're learning from other chapters what we're not doing to improve our visibility in the community.

00:39:47.000 --> 00:39:53.080 Matthew Asbell: So I remember when when I first reached out to about about volunteering

00:39:53.090 --> 00:40:05.920 Matthew Asbell: Jack and and one of the one of the aspects of that very first conversation was really like, do you really have the time? Do you really have a time? I remember that was a big, a big issue, and

00:40:05.940 --> 00:40:10.050 Matthew Asbell: and it was hard to understand at the time, really, what like

00:40:10.110 --> 00:40:13.930 Matthew Asbell: what you were talking about. But I learned over time.

00:40:14.030 --> 00:40:19.050 Matthew Asbell: You know, the difference between the Mentors and the Smes, the subject matter experts

00:40:19.080 --> 00:40:34.960 Matthew Asbell: where you know the mentors undergo additional training, and you know and have additional requirements and ongoing requirements that people like me, who come in as a subject matter expert don't have as much of.

00:40:36.410 --> 00:40:40.650 Matthew Asbell: and so so we've had conversations in the past about, you know.

00:40:41.060 --> 00:41:03.430 Matthew Asbell: Should I be a mentor? Right? There's a lot involved with doing that. And I think you're right in terms of the younger faces or the newer faces who are who are coming in. They may be established people, but unless they're independently wealthy, unless they're in a position where they don't need to work at all. It's hard to commit. The

00:41:03.510 --> 00:41:09.100 Matthew Asbell: you know, could commit the amount of effort and time into mentoring. But as a subject matter expert.

00:41:10.860 --> 00:41:15.830 Matthew Asbell: you know, I get asked, maybe once or twice a week to be on a call.

00:41:16.280 --> 00:41:33.960 Matthew Asbell: It doesn't end up being highly burdensome, and the benefits I think of connecting with the score mentor, community as well as with the score clientele, or, you know, continue to be great. You you get to give back still.

00:41:35.330 --> 00:41:38.590 Matthew Asbell: you know, but you can still have your career.

00:41:40.140 --> 00:41:49.680 Jack Cohn: Well see part part of also what you miss out on is doing session notes like a doctor, or whatever you have to do notes on the meeting

00:41:49.850 --> 00:42:01.070 Jack Cohn: that you have, and then we can always go back and refer to those notes. If another mentor takes one the same client, but

00:42:01.440 --> 00:42:08.870 Jack Cohn: a subject matter expert, you know, and the the lawyer that married this was was talking about has a calendar.

00:42:08.970 --> 00:42:17.570 Jack Cohn: So you go up in his calendar. You see, when he's available, you click on that time, and the session really is ready to go

00:42:17.580 --> 00:42:31.540 Jack Cohn: with with Matthew is, I've got to coordinate the clients availability, and matthews's availability. So I become the go between between putting these kind of merger together.

00:42:31.540 --> 00:42:38.070 Jack Cohn: So that's what we do, and it works out, you know. I mean it's it's lovely. So that all is great.

00:42:39.430 --> 00:42:51.150 Matthew Asbell: Yeah, I think probably it's it's worth trying to figure out, you know, using a clemly or something like that, like the better ways to, you know, to do that. So much administrative stuff.

00:42:52.210 --> 00:43:01.100 Matthew Asbell: Great? Well, you've been listening to in tangify on talk radio dot nyc it's time for another break. But we will keep talking with Jack and Meredith

00:43:01.120 --> 00:43:03.760 Matthew Asbell: from score when we come back

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00:45:08.280 --> 00:45:22.140 Matthew Asbell: Welcome back to in tang if I, on talk radio and Nyc. This is Matthew as well, and my guests are Jack Cohn and Meredith Adler, who are 2 mentors and leaders within the organization called Score in New York City.

00:45:22.800 --> 00:45:33.760 Matthew Asbell: So Jack and Meredith. you know one of the things that I think might be helpful for our listeners is to understand the kinds of things that you discuss with

00:45:33.950 --> 00:45:44.380 Matthew Asbell: Mentees, and what they should expect to get out of these mentorship sessions. How long are they and

00:45:45.100 --> 00:45:49.250 what are they gonna get when they when they when they sign up for a free mentorship?

00:45:52.190 --> 00:45:53.400 Matthew Asbell: You're both on mute.

00:45:55.090 --> 00:45:55.840 Meredith Adler: All right.

00:46:00.050 --> 00:46:07.330 Meredith Adler: I I I start out wanting to know. I want to know something about the people where they're coming from.

00:46:07.520 --> 00:46:15.010 Meredith Adler: although I had to learn that from another mentor, because I didn't always do that. And now i'm glad that I I do do it regularly.

00:46:15.090 --> 00:46:19.720 and I want to understand what they're trying to accomplish as a business.

00:46:21.460 --> 00:46:22.360 Meredith Adler: and

00:46:23.430 --> 00:46:31.360 Meredith Adler: one of the things i'd run into as a problem is not only our people clueless, I mean, i'm i'm

00:46:33.050 --> 00:46:38.410 Meredith Adler: working with people who are making food and beverages, and it's highly regulated.

00:46:38.780 --> 00:46:45.560 Meredith Adler: And so part of what i'm doing is just explaining to them what the rules are, and sending them materials

00:46:45.880 --> 00:46:47.300 that spell out

00:46:47.570 --> 00:46:51.270 Meredith Adler: and reasonably readable form what some of the rules are.

00:46:51.500 --> 00:47:05.660 Meredith Adler: But there are people who want you to do all their work for them, and you have to try to say, Well, you you gonna have to try to find a way to figure this out yourself. And there are some people who just

00:47:06.920 --> 00:47:10.010 Meredith Adler: they expect you kind of

00:47:10.700 --> 00:47:12.110 Meredith Adler: to do it for you.

00:47:12.260 --> 00:47:19.240 Meredith Adler: and it's hard to you know you. You certainly never want to insult people, but but and and the truth is, if they're never

00:47:20.490 --> 00:47:27.620 Meredith Adler: gonna really be able to run this business unless they do a lot of this work themselves.

00:47:27.650 --> 00:47:31.710 Meredith Adler: and important things like, who's your customer?

00:47:31.800 --> 00:47:34.380 Meredith Adler: And

00:47:36.170 --> 00:47:43.460 Meredith Adler: I just have to tell a story about a client fairly recent client who told me that he wanted to make peanut butter.

00:47:45.160 --> 00:47:46.700 Meredith Adler: and

00:47:47.920 --> 00:47:55.130 Meredith Adler: you know you have to be very polite, but I did point out the peanut butter is an old category, and it's got a lot of competition.

00:47:56.400 --> 00:47:57.510 Meredith Adler: And then

00:47:57.880 --> 00:48:01.910 Meredith Adler: he told me that the really the purpose of starting the business was to

00:48:02.000 --> 00:48:04.990 Meredith Adler: help open people up to their emotions.

00:48:05.470 --> 00:48:15.030 Meredith Adler: So i'm still struggling to figure out how he's going to have me success in this old category against all these big competitors, and also, how is he gonna

00:48:15.160 --> 00:48:16.930 Meredith Adler: what he calls crack open

00:48:17.020 --> 00:48:18.190 Meredith Adler: people

00:48:18.690 --> 00:48:21.820 Meredith Adler: and what I. He was very

00:48:21.910 --> 00:48:24.100 Meredith Adler: experience, marketing person

00:48:24.220 --> 00:48:31.670 Meredith Adler: and very creative. And I said, what seems to me what you should be selling is that marketing skill?

00:48:33.600 --> 00:48:35.830 Meredith Adler: And he heard me.

00:48:36.650 --> 00:48:49.370 Meredith Adler: and then he said. But I I really want to do Peter. But so then, after a lot of talking, we agreed that he would use peanut butter as a test case.

00:48:50.080 --> 00:49:01.320 Meredith Adler: because if you can line that up a really stodgy old food category and you can make people hear the message and get excited.

00:49:01.440 --> 00:49:05.420 Meredith Adler: Then you're going to be able to sell whatever marketing skills you have.

00:49:05.470 --> 00:49:16.250 Meredith Adler: and I still haven't quite figured out how he is going to succeed with correct open. because, in my opinion, people are pretty resistant to opening up. But

00:49:17.260 --> 00:49:22.060 Meredith Adler: at least we came to, and and it was a lot of talking right. I started out.

00:49:22.170 --> 00:49:28.590 Meredith Adler: I wanted to be nice, but I started out, being kind of negative, and which he appreciated.

00:49:29.060 --> 00:49:34.030 Meredith Adler: and then it was only that by talking it through, that I felt that I could understand

00:49:34.470 --> 00:49:44.110 Meredith Adler: what he could do and how he could grow a business. I should add, he's, not your tick, typical client, because he doesn't want to make any money.

00:49:44.390 --> 00:49:48.110 and usually that's a reason not to do

00:49:48.350 --> 00:49:51.240 Meredith Adler: to mender people. But in this case

00:49:51.360 --> 00:49:55.560 Meredith Adler: I felt he was serious. It just wasn't his highest priority.

00:49:56.880 --> 00:50:00.690 Jack Cohn: I have some questions that you asked. I think one of the

00:50:00.740 --> 00:50:13.930 Jack Cohn: most successful committees we have is the New York women and business. and the New York women in business has grown in terms of women in business, and they're mentoring that that they're mentoring.

00:50:13.980 --> 00:50:27.270 Jack Cohn: But women are meeting women in business and hearing the issues that go along with beyond score is the issues to start a company. Also, New York women in business has a list

00:50:27.540 --> 00:50:39.350 Jack Cohn: of whether it's accountants or lawyers, because it's score a lawyer, or just like an IP lawyer can just go so far. They don't do the work, and they can't be hired

00:50:39.380 --> 00:50:47.210 Jack Cohn: to help them. So we refer at least 3 outside sources, because Matthew gives me lists

00:50:47.290 --> 00:50:51.330 Jack Cohn: of other IP lawyers other than his firm

00:50:51.400 --> 00:51:06.490 Jack Cohn: that we recommend to clients to get a competitive bid or talk to those others, and Mary Tan, who runs this New York one in business has put together a fabulous list of outside sources.

00:51:06.560 --> 00:51:10.790 Jack Cohn: Let's see, Mentees. Ask

00:51:11.250 --> 00:51:25.480 Jack Cohn: the the mentee that we meet are always the first time nervous. It's like going to therapy for the first time, and also when a mentee meets with you, and they start talking and they don't stop

00:51:25.530 --> 00:51:32.160 Jack Cohn: at some point you got to stop and say, okay, I can't help you if you talk through the whole session, or

00:51:32.170 --> 00:51:40.260 Jack Cohn: it's the first time that a mentee that comes to score somebody is actually listening to them.

00:51:40.960 --> 00:51:53.980 Jack Cohn: It's the whether it's family or friends. They don't listen to them, and they don't. Ask them, you know, when they ask you. What do you think of my product, or what do you think? My idea? It's kind of like

00:51:54.210 --> 00:52:08.200 Jack Cohn: I can't answer that You've got to go out there and test it to find out what other people think of it, and then come back and let me know, and if they like it, then let's move on if they don't like it.

00:52:08.250 --> 00:52:15.690 Jack Cohn: You now have some inkling that this may not be the right thing that you're doing.

00:52:15.960 --> 00:52:20.450 Jack Cohn: And the other question I get is, I get a new mentee

00:52:20.750 --> 00:52:30.910 Jack Cohn: who has to start a business and says, should I set up an Llc. An S. Corp or sole proprietorship, and it's just like Wait a minute.

00:52:31.310 --> 00:52:33.400 Jack Cohn: You know you're already a third base.

00:52:33.430 --> 00:52:44.680 Jack Cohn: Let's start off talking about what your business is. So there's always these questions. You get that, Aren't. Really the questions that they end up working on.

00:52:44.800 --> 00:52:52.620 Jack Cohn: And once you're in score, and you know you get these requests, and you say I can't answer that i'm not a lawyer.

00:52:52.830 --> 00:52:59.560 Jack Cohn: Well, but that's not really what they're they're asking. There's that's what they heard. They should be doing.

00:52:59.850 --> 00:53:11.220 Jack Cohn: because no one really knows, and I have to say, if I' to known about score when I started my company years ago, i'd have been so much further ahead

00:53:11.310 --> 00:53:18.900 Jack Cohn: in terms of the learning I could have gotten from those mentors then. So I think this organization is absolutely wonderful.

00:53:20.440 --> 00:53:23.890 Matthew Asbell: Yeah, I think it's a it's a really great resource, and

00:53:23.920 --> 00:53:37.600 Matthew Asbell: you know, from my perception as a as an Sme, you know, being brought in on your Mentor sessions really to just address intellectual property matters for these businesses I get to see you know

00:53:37.740 --> 00:53:45.510 Matthew Asbell: their overall thinking. I I answer the specific address questions that relate to intellectual property, but often on those sessions

00:53:45.880 --> 00:53:57.860 Matthew Asbell: we hear about the hey? What form of corporations should I Should I do? Or Gee! Do you have a marketing? You have a business plan. Do you have a marketing plan, or what you know? How are you going to do this stuff?

00:53:57.890 --> 00:54:02.960 Matthew Asbell: And so we get into some of those conversations which I think really

00:54:03.170 --> 00:54:10.550 Matthew Asbell: it it it makes it more rich, right? It's not just about. Hey, Can you please tackle this this minutia problem.

00:54:10.850 --> 00:54:19.410 Matthew Asbell: and sometimes it's about correcting misperceptions. Right they have, they? They come on saying, hey.

00:54:19.640 --> 00:54:26.750 Matthew Asbell: I know I need to get a trademark registered right. And then in our conversation it's like, well.

00:54:27.180 --> 00:54:38.070 Matthew Asbell: maybe, and maybe you need that, and maybe you need it now, or maybe we can wait. But it it's pretty clear that you need x, y or z other things.

00:54:38.070 --> 00:54:54.600 Jack Cohn: and then those are priorities also. You know what what we here and what we know stays with us. You know what goes on in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. That's for score it doesn't go any further. There's we don't sign Nba and the the ndas, but

00:54:55.520 --> 00:55:09.420 Jack Cohn: we we don't discuss it with other mentors, you know we don't discuss with other clients, so it's safe. and I think once clients understand that it makes it much easier for them to meet with us.

00:55:11.630 --> 00:55:31.000 Matthew Asbell: Yeah, definitely, I mean. And we obviously have that in the in the legal profession automatically. So it's it's always always an issue. But even so, you know, when we talk to prospective clients, you know about representing them, they still some of whom do have a fear about what the disclosing certain things

00:55:31.020 --> 00:55:33.990 before they've established the relationship.

00:55:34.130 --> 00:55:35.740 Matthew Asbell: So it you know

00:55:35.970 --> 00:55:41.690 Matthew Asbell: people do need to be comforted as to the you know what happens with the information that they're sharing.

00:55:41.850 --> 00:55:43.210 Matthew Asbell: so

00:55:43.340 --> 00:55:45.120 you know it's it's highly relevant.

00:55:45.220 --> 00:55:48.910 Jack Cohn: But one other thing, too, is that we score has been like

00:55:48.920 --> 00:56:01.590 Jack Cohn: a secret, and we are now promoting what we do, and our marketing committee is going way beyond what we've ever done before

00:56:01.650 --> 00:56:06.260 Jack Cohn: to improve the visibility of what we do. So I hope

00:56:06.460 --> 00:56:08.300 Jack Cohn: this podcast helps.

00:56:09.390 --> 00:56:16.190 Matthew Asbell: Yeah, I'm: I really do appreciate that. And I was glad to be able to have you both, you know, on this episode

00:56:16.330 --> 00:56:29.520 Matthew Asbell: I i'd love to, maybe ask if you can. Briefly, each of you maybe share a message that you have, whatever your final messages for our listeners, the entrepreneurs and small business owners

00:56:29.610 --> 00:56:33.020 Matthew Asbell: or potential volunteers that are in our audience.

00:56:33.140 --> 00:56:36.000 Matthew Asbell: Meredith, you have a a message you'd like to share.

00:56:37.350 --> 00:56:42.190 Meredith Adler: Yes, I mean, I guess I would say, we don't judge.

00:56:42.850 --> 00:56:47.510 Meredith Adler: That's not what we're there to do. We're there to

00:56:49.090 --> 00:56:58.300 Meredith Adler: I. You see a path that you can see to. Maybe you nudge you a little bit in a direction, but it's not our job to tell you that you're

00:56:58.740 --> 00:57:01.030 Meredith Adler: a fool and

00:57:02.300 --> 00:57:10.800 Meredith Adler: just like the story about the peanut butter. I didn't say that they were idiots, although in their case I was fairly honest, that it was going to be tough.

00:57:10.860 --> 00:57:12.940 Meredith Adler: So

00:57:12.970 --> 00:57:23.930 Meredith Adler: I and I just have to add that I love being a mentor. I love it, and 99 of the people I meet, I think, are wonderful.

00:57:24.090 --> 00:57:27.710 Meredith Adler: and you don't. You don't get that in life very often.

00:57:29.510 --> 00:57:35.720 Jack Cohn: No, they don't you really don't. I feel the same way. I mean ditto to what Meredith has said.

00:57:35.920 --> 00:57:39.460 Jack Cohn: and I also love the younger people

00:57:39.790 --> 00:57:45.690 Jack Cohn: that come to us that want to start companies, and they're really bright.

00:57:45.800 --> 00:57:56.360 Jack Cohn: and they want to know more about the business. How do I do this. How do I? Or you know it's it's the ones that come to me that want to start

00:57:56.420 --> 00:58:08.610 Jack Cohn: a a production company, a film company. And I say, Well, do you like films? Kinda Have you ever picked up a camera and shot anything? No, so

00:58:08.620 --> 00:58:20.400 Jack Cohn: I don't know where to go from there, I mean, you know, let's start somewhere if you want to be a film director, or you know. But I love watching television. I love going to movies. Okay, there's a start.

00:58:20.500 --> 00:58:27.420 Jack Cohn: So these are the kind of Cl. But you work with them because they came to score.

00:58:27.830 --> 00:58:39.370 Jack Cohn: They heard about it, and what they've heard are positive things. So that's what they want. That's what I want them to experience when they come to score.

00:58:41.140 --> 00:58:52.370 Matthew Asbell: Well, I really appreciate you both being with us today. Thank you for listening to in tang. If I tune in weekly to talk radio dot Nyc on Fridays at 12 Pm. Eastern time

00:58:52.610 --> 00:58:56.630 Matthew Asbell: for our next live in tang if I podcasts, thanks so much

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