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Thursday, March 2, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/02 -What Made Me Who I Am

Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/02 -What Made Me Who I Am


2023/03/02 -What Made Me Who I Am

[NEW EPISODE] What Made Me Who I Am

Thursdays 11:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)


​​Listeners will be inspired to reflect on their own stories and what calls them to the work of social justice.


Most of us don't just wake up one day and say "I'm going to fight for social justice." Likely, the notion to stand up for others, to empower one another, and to be concerned for humanity has been a spark or flame within us for years. At times, it can feel like we were born with this drive. Perhaps, it is innate. Perhaps, it is something that has been nurtured by others. Join Rev. Dr. TLC this week as she reflects on what made her who she is and what calls her to the work of racial equity. As we enter Women's History month, she will share some of the lessons that she learned from her biggest hero, her mother, Elmira Curry.

Rev. Dr. TLC invites you to share your response to the question "What made me who I am?" Write into the show or listen live to comment.  Your response might be read on the air.

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00:00:46.480 --> 00:01:02.570 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health on talk, radio and Nyc. On our Youtube Channel, talking alternative on our Facebook live channel. We have finally returned on our Twitter feed as well as on our linkedin page.

00:01:02.960 --> 00:01:18.050 Frank R. Harrison: Great, to meet all of you for the first time, or great to all of you. Returning back to this episode with our guest, who has been here twice before, who is now going to expand upon our last conversation, which had to do with the power of language. Allison Petty.

00:01:18.050 --> 00:01:37.940 Frank R. Harrison: her website right there, Allison, is where you can actually learn more about what she does as a mindset coach in the United Kingdom. But at the same time she is catering to a global audience, thanks to social media, and thanks to this show, in fact, I decided to have Alison come back, not just to expand on the power of language.

00:01:37.940 --> 00:01:42.000 Frank R. Harrison: but to discuss 2 particular questions that help with our mindset.

00:01:42.000 --> 00:02:06.520 Frank R. Harrison: and the reason why we ended up discussing about this being an organic conversation is stemming from a recent Webinar that she hosted, and I was invited to, and we had a chance to follow up on some of what we talked about on Frank about health, where she was then able to engage with a lot of people in her local area to help and deal with them on their various issues, where mindset training and the usage of their language is helping them.

00:02:06.520 --> 00:02:22.880 Frank R. Harrison: as you'll probably discuss throughout the show, Ellison. But at the same time the 2 questions which we are going to talk about. We're going to do it in dedicated segments, and i'm going to leave them silent, for now, because I have to first issue my disclaimer. Please remember that these

00:02:22.940 --> 00:02:43.950 Frank R. Harrison: this conversation you will be hearing within the next hour are not the views of talk, Radio and Nyc. Or of Frank about health, but rather they are the views of conversational pieces that Alison and I will be engaging in to provide food for thought and different Aha! Moments for the listeners out there looking for ways to improve on their quality of life.

00:02:43.950 --> 00:03:01.000 Frank R. Harrison: Now, if for any reason, you decide that whatever treatment you are currently going through needs to be changed. Please do not make changes based on our conversation, make changes based on consultation with your primary care, Physician or other specialists depending on what your ailment is one.

00:03:01.000 --> 00:03:08.550 Frank R. Harrison: Otherwise we hope that you enjoy the next hour and all on that note, Allison, Thank you for coming back to Frank about health.

00:03:09.220 --> 00:03:15.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ hey? Oh, you're very welcome, and thank you for inviting me times 3. It's very exciting to you back

00:03:15.620 --> 00:03:36.760 Frank R. Harrison: so. Yes, yes, now for everyone out there who may or may not remember. Allison was here initially last May. I believe it was where we talked about nlp neuro-linguistic programming, and At that time both Phyllis Quinlan and I were able to understand the techniques of how Nlp. Took

00:03:36.760 --> 00:03:51.640 Frank R. Harrison: Allison from at the time a wheelchair on bound individual to someone that became a rock climber, and that in itself had fostered education and training into becoming a mindset coach. She came back before the Thanksgiving holiday. Here in the Us.

00:03:51.640 --> 00:04:10.360 Frank R. Harrison: And discuss the power of language, obviously using and Lp. Techniques. But how the power of the words that you choose as you are having a conversation either with yourself or with your friends, loved ones acquaintances, and how it can actually impact the way your thinking is moving you. Now.

00:04:10.360 --> 00:04:25.610 Frank R. Harrison: this is where the special sauce comes in, because all of us are prone to being in a negative mindset, especially after the last 3 years of being in a Covid pandemic, or possibly having other kinds of issues impacting your personal professional life.

00:04:25.610 --> 00:04:43.510 Frank R. Harrison: But Allison is going to talk about how we can use not just the power of our language, but the power of 2 particular questions to shift your mindset from the negative to the positive, because the ultimate goal is to have as much of as a healthy and high quality of life as much as possible.

00:04:43.530 --> 00:04:54.430 Frank R. Harrison: So I think, Allison, would you like me to start the first question, or would you like to first explain how you came up with those 2 questions? So are we doing the first question in the second segment or the second.

00:04:55.400 --> 00:05:15.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ This segment is the overview and welcoming you guys. Okay. So okay? Well, I'll, I'll talk about how I came up with it. And also, do you want me to give a very quick overview of my journey or people knowing about that? Yeah, I can for those of you who don't know about her journey by all means. Yet this will be like a refresher.

00:05:15.230 --> 00:05:43.640 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, I could but the 2 min version. So basically when I was this, my reason and my Why? Why, i'm here and talking to you my reason for being a coach. So I specialize in transformational coaching. I'm an Nlp Mus. Well, master advanced practitioner of Nlp. Coaching hypotherapy. But my wise, when I was 17 years old, very long time ago. Now I was diagnosed with Emmy Cfs known as in the States and fibromyalgia. When I was 17 I spent the following 24 years predominantly. They founded in a wheelchair, as you just said.

00:05:43.700 --> 00:05:57.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ living a very grim existence over those years. But my own transformation was in 2,016 when I attended an Nlp neural, linguistic programming training program, and from being on that course, I was never in a wheelchair again, and, more importantly for me, I never relapsed again.

00:05:57.780 --> 00:06:06.950 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and, as you just said, I've spent the last almost 7 years now Rock climbing mountain, biking, travelling hill, walking, living in a ban in the heart of the mountains in North Wales.

00:06:06.960 --> 00:06:21.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I don't know I have a home and a lovely 5 right now. Have my own business as a coach, so I have to make sure I got good Wi-fi, and you know someone to coach from. But yeah, it's been a for a couple of years in the mountains by choice, which is amazing.

00:06:21.010 --> 00:06:36.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah. So for me now coaching is purpose, and what the lovely the lovely thing is that I get to pay it forward. So I get to use my stream, my experience to help other people now dissolve whatever it is, it's holding them back in their life in whatever way that is. So, whether that's.

00:06:36.270 --> 00:06:44.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, sleep, issues, or phobia, or a stress over one burnout. I hear a lot of people talking about how they feel like they've lost their confidence with self-worth.

00:06:44.800 --> 00:06:56.040 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And I'm like you, haven't. You just can't see it. It's still there. I can't give it to you. It's. It's already with you. Some disappears behind the clouds. It doesn't go anywhere. It just gets bit covered up for a while. So

00:06:56.160 --> 00:07:03.490 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ yeah, for me, that's just really exciting and open people to just really create those transformations in their life. And, as you said, like.

00:07:03.590 --> 00:07:08.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know what my one of my big things that i'm always bringing on about is the power of language, and that's what we talked about

00:07:08.910 --> 00:07:21.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ on the last thing. So, because it is so powerful, not just that impact of the language, we that when we speak to other people, and they speak to us the impact that can have. But it's that internal narrative, and how impacting that is. So

00:07:21.970 --> 00:07:29.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ that really impacts our life, create what I call a roadmap for our brain and start to really shift our life in the direction.

00:07:29.790 --> 00:07:30.510 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:07:30.690 --> 00:07:35.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ coming off autopilot, essentially, and harnessing that mindset. So

00:07:35.530 --> 00:07:45.680 Frank R. Harrison: yeah, no, absolutely I I I am relieved to know, as I have experienced in conversations with you, how my mindset tends to shift, but to know that

00:07:45.680 --> 00:08:15.680 Frank R. Harrison: once it's in the negative zone I can get back to the positive, and whatever has been fuelling me continuously is not gone. It's just as you said, hidden, and I know I've done shows on Frank about health, about narcissism and gas lighting, and I can say that I've probably been exposed to those individuals, and therefore the wool is pulled over my eyes. So i'm not aware of the strengths that I need reminders on. And even just doing this show helps to harness that, including having you wanted I mean this conversation.

00:08:15.680 --> 00:08:20.520 Frank R. Harrison: I've been looking forward to all day because I can honestly say that

00:08:20.520 --> 00:08:37.320 Frank R. Harrison: I know we've had bad weather patterns here in in New York over the last few days, and sometimes i'm probably one of those that gets affected by cloud and rain and cold and stuff like that. But I've also been dealing with a lot of issues surrounding family health care issues, and they do play on my

00:08:37.320 --> 00:08:55.300 Frank R. Harrison: my level of motivation and focus. So the thing is is that I knew that tonight we were going to be exploring what it is that you doing best right now with your clients as well as with yourself, and just in our conversation. I feel like i'm having the not the wool lifted from my eyes, but i'm able to see clearer.

00:08:55.300 --> 00:09:08.380 Frank R. Harrison: and i'm trying to then take mental photographs of our conversation, so that whenever I continue to see those same circumstances again. I can just bring myself back to this place, and just refresh my mind to think where it needs to think

00:09:08.530 --> 00:09:25.410 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ nice. No, I love it, and I always love our conversations, and how that it helps you to create ships as well. And and yeah, you know where I am as well. You can always give me a shout. But well, the the 2 questions thing as well. I can sort of explain where that came from, and then

00:09:25.840 --> 00:09:30.120 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ in the next segment. If you want to, we can then go into what they are

00:09:30.420 --> 00:09:39.030 Frank R. Harrison: sure. Let me let me share the screen to show people which questions I am looking into, or that we've been discussing.

00:09:39.050 --> 00:09:40.360 Frank R. Harrison: And

00:09:40.520 --> 00:09:53.330 Frank R. Harrison: actually, that's your website. And here is question 10, you've got my okay. So for those listening. Oh, that's cool. I was gonna say that. Did you want me to share it? But you?

00:09:53.340 --> 00:10:12.700 Frank R. Harrison: I'm only sharing question one because we want everybody to be, you know right there on baited breath, waiting for the second life enhancing question. But the thing is that the name of this episode is 2 questions to create change. I've always said here on Frank about health. I want to help people

00:10:12.700 --> 00:10:26.680 Frank R. Harrison: become aware of whatever is ailing them emotionally or physically, and advocate for themselves to create positive change. But I think today what I'm interested in your technique and how you came about it. And and basically question one is.

00:10:26.780 --> 00:10:36.400 Frank R. Harrison: is this thought, enhancing my life in any way, shape or form whatsoever. I can listen to your voice saying that at the same time.

00:10:36.400 --> 00:10:50.180 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Okay, well, that's great. So again for those listing as well. I I know you're gonna talk about this later. But that thing you've just shown there is a download that's free on my website. So you just go to Alison

00:10:50.180 --> 00:11:04.080 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ menu goods free downloads. And you yeah, you can. There's a few other downloads there as well. But that sheet it's just enabled. Pdf. And it will have these 2 questions, and exactly what the format you just show. So

00:11:04.130 --> 00:11:22.560 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ this was maybe for me like. 3. 2 years ago I was just starting my trainings. This is very early on. I've just done a year of clinical training and an up coaching hypotherapy, and actually with the guy who created the the course that got me out of the wheelchair. He's one of the leading Nlp practitions in the field. His name is Dr. Bill Parker.

00:11:22.620 --> 00:11:37.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So I've just done my year of training with him, which has really been amazing, and, you know, absolutely priceless. It was very early on in that time, and you know I was really starting to immerse myself, and really understanding how you actually worked and how we can harness it.

00:11:37.910 --> 00:11:39.090 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:11:39.100 --> 00:11:50.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I was having a particularly difficult time for a few personal reasons. There was a big bereavement at the time, which I know I mentioned before on previous shows, and my father passing away in the early lockdown of 2,020,

00:11:51.020 --> 00:12:09.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and it was around that time, and you know my mindset wasn't good. Obviously, you know he was my best friend in the world. My my mom is also that we, you know very wonderfully still have her with us. But yeah, that was. That was a really difficult time, and obviously the pandemic on top, maybe even harder.

00:12:09.650 --> 00:12:16.920 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And I was going through difficult challenges at the time, you know, sort of life, things, relationship, stuff and things, and a pandemic.

00:12:16.920 --> 00:12:32.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So my mindset wasn't great, and I just remember one day I was. I was in a car park in North Wales in the mountains, and I could just like my my brain was just going around in those spirals of the same negative thoughts over and over again. You know we all know that and experience that you know that's that's a

00:12:32.240 --> 00:12:40.460 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ part of you know the human experience. and I just found myself standing there and asking this question of myself.

00:12:40.660 --> 00:12:46.720 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and it was very clear it was like, is this thought helping me in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

00:12:46.760 --> 00:12:52.980 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And I was kind of like this I was like. Is this helping me in any way, shape or what whatsoever?

00:12:53.180 --> 00:12:56.850 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And the answer to that was immediately. No.

00:12:57.020 --> 00:13:05.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ because it's like, you know. I wouldn't be asking that question. And again it says on that sheet there. The answer is going to be. No, because if it was yes, you wouldn't be

00:13:05.690 --> 00:13:21.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ asking the question because you'd be having a great time and life. It will be good, and that made me laugh, and I remember the stand there just laughing, and that's really great. The brain loves humor. It kind of, you know, wakes up your your little sparkling neurology bits and pieces inside of your brain, and just waits it all up again.

00:13:21.580 --> 00:13:33.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And so that was the first question, and what it did essentially was. It just stopped everything in its tracks, and that's really powerful. Obviously, to cut the cut. The point of that negative thought.

00:13:34.250 --> 00:13:51.810 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Really, the next part is the second question, which I know you want to say to the next one, and we've got a minute left. This is perfect timing, so. So I would really encourage 2 people to stay and listen to the second part of the You know the 2 questions, because the first question on it sounds great

00:13:51.810 --> 00:14:05.250 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ erez agmoni, and you know a lot of my clients have talked about how they, When they catch negative thoughts they'll just stop them, and then they'll, you know. Stop them, and that's it. And it's like great. No, that's brilliant, that you're doing that, and you have that awareness to do that. But if you don't put something else in its place 150,

00:14:05.370 --> 00:14:10.660 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ your brain's going to start it again, and we know this. It's like, yeah, you can stop it to the cows. Come home.

00:14:10.810 --> 00:14:26.920 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And so anything in its place. Your brain is gonna for you know it a minute, 30 s, 5 min. Say that thought it's going to be there again and again and again. You're just going to keep going. Stop! No stop. Oh, no. So the question is the

00:14:27.610 --> 00:14:43.120 Frank R. Harrison: yeah, the motivation is to even come up with the question, because it stops your train of thought, whatever direction it's in negative or positive, so that you can have some control over the moment and really pivot to where you need to go. Now we're going to pivot to our first commercial break. That being said.

00:14:43.120 --> 00:14:56.050 Frank R. Harrison: Hold on for 2 min, and we'll be back right here on talk radio and Nyc. And our 4 big social media platforms that are reaching all of you out there, both in the United States and in the Uk. 5 h ahead of time right now.

00:14:56.050 --> 00:15:10.590 Frank R. Harrison: I got 5, 15 over here. It's probably 1015 over there. Daylight savings. Time is coming up soon here in the Us. But either way i'm just glad you're You're all here tonight to hear this wonderful conversation with Allison and myself, and we'll be back in a few.

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00:16:47.800 --> 00:16:48.940 the

00:16:49.110 --> 00:16:56.950 you're listening to talk radio, Nyc: uplift, educate in power. The.

00:17:12.849 --> 00:17:15.140 I don't know.

00:17:17.740 --> 00:17:19.960 Okay, I

00:17:24.089 --> 00:17:39.100 Frank R. Harrison: Okay. I was a little bit lost there for a second. But i'm glad I'm I'm. Here for the second segment of this episode of Frank about health, as we all discussed the first question is this thought helping me in any way whatsoever?

00:17:39.340 --> 00:17:47.960 Frank R. Harrison: What would be the impetus, Allison? For how that question can help shift your mindset to the direction it needs to be.

00:17:49.040 --> 00:17:56.160 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ How how do you mean, my sorry? Especially if it's in the negative perception, and you realize it's not.

00:17:56.230 --> 00:18:07.140 Frank R. Harrison: It's not helping you. What does it do to the brain, or what is it in the way you ask the question, whether it's in your head or verbally, that enables the individual to start shifting their mindset.

00:18:07.180 --> 00:18:13.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Well, that for me is really the second question. So the shift comes with the second question. The first question is really

00:18:13.300 --> 00:18:25.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ it's also having the awareness, you know, which can take practice. And you know again, i'm speaking for myself here, you know i'm a practition of all this stuff, and I this is my life, and I cook people this up all the time. But you know i'm

00:18:25.280 --> 00:18:32.550 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ constantly. I' you know it's part of being human. I'm constantly aware, you know, that, my mind said.

00:18:32.660 --> 00:18:33.360 and

00:18:33.760 --> 00:18:35.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ those 2 different.

00:18:35.780 --> 00:18:43.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know phases through the day, and life challenges happen, and things are hard to deal with so. But it's just having that awareness.

00:18:44.290 --> 00:18:59.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And then when you it's, you know, having that motivation that something you know, just to stop it, and you know, wanting to change it, wanting your life to be different and knowing that it can. And then, when you do this kind of thing and you realize how it does shift you.

00:18:59.000 --> 00:19:04.400 That's when it becomes easier to do it the next time, because you know it's like Well, that's going to give me.

00:19:05.040 --> 00:19:14.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know a freedom that's gonna that's gonna make me feel good. So then, the next time it's going to be easy to do it. But when You're new to this kind of thing the first few times it can feel a bit like.

00:19:15.380 --> 00:19:19.310 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, unfamiliar, if you like, it's it's a new thing.

00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:36.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, having that awareness when you can. And then when you do notice a negative chapter, just you know that is this thought helping me in any way, shape or form whatsoever very simple question. And then, as I say, the answer is only going to be No, because you wouldn't be asking it if the answer was, Yes.

00:19:36.130 --> 00:19:41.480 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So all right. So either way it's uses to stop a stop mechanism. So you can push back.

00:19:41.530 --> 00:19:43.890 Frank R. Harrison: reflect. and reframe.

00:19:44.250 --> 00:19:59.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, it wouldn't even be. Reflect, so it's taken the reflection out of it, and but reframing it by asking the second question, because if you start to reflect on it, then you're going to fuel, whatever that thing was. So what we want to do here is whatever negative thought was.

00:19:59.300 --> 00:20:17.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ chances are, I would say, speaking personally, 9 times out of 10. Whatever that negative thought was is, i'm helpful. It's not useful. It's not feeling good from it, and most likely it's not true. It's just my brain catastrophizing, or you know I sometimes call it like

00:20:17.990 --> 00:20:26.130 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ whatever it is. I'm imagining the future. It's a picking me in my imagination. You know it's like that thing, that thing of it just being not true.

00:20:26.440 --> 00:20:29.340 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So if I was to start reflecting on it.

00:20:29.550 --> 00:20:39.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I would just be fuelling it. I would just be giving it power. I would be giving it life essentially. And again, we know this: If we think about the times when our thought patterns are negative.

00:20:39.140 --> 00:20:41.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ We start to analyze them.

00:20:41.250 --> 00:20:57.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and that spiral goes even faster and even deeper. And suddenly you're in the real depth of it because you're fueling it. You're giving that thing energy, and you're firing up those neural pathways. And you know that's that's a really key thing. And then we've talked about in the last. I think the last episode.

00:20:57.540 --> 00:21:06.190 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ the the how the you know the neural pathways work. But you're essentially feeding those. and they are firing away and creating even stronger.

00:21:06.240 --> 00:21:11.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ darker thought patterns in your brain. And you're thinking so.

00:21:11.450 --> 00:21:17.020 Frank R. Harrison: So in this particular case. Would it be fair to say that a 100%

00:21:17.100 --> 00:21:18.400 Frank R. Harrison: of your

00:21:18.420 --> 00:21:26.620 Frank R. Harrison: reason for asking question. One is stemming from the fact that they are negative thoughts. Maybe because symptomatically, you're feeling like

00:21:26.620 --> 00:21:43.280 Frank R. Harrison: a headache, or or even some some negative reaction to what you're thinking almost like a wave of paranoia? Or are you also saying that there are people that have positive thoughts that they start to question. Is this helping me in some way?

00:21:43.440 --> 00:21:59.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I'm not. I mean, i'm not so considered it. If someone's having positive thoughts, because if you have in positive thoughts. Then that's a good thing. But this is yeah, I mean, you know it's it's anything negative, you know. And then we we just talk about, you know. Is it useful? Is it? Is it.

00:21:59.400 --> 00:22:11.580 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, is this thing useful? And this is what I mean when I want. My question is is this helping me in any way, shape or form whatsoever? Is this thought useful to my life? And you know you could also ask question, is this true?

00:22:11.940 --> 00:22:15.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I just

00:22:15.060 --> 00:22:23.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know you know you know very rarely. You might know something is true, because it's a it's a factual thing that's happened. I don't know you.

00:22:24.380 --> 00:22:42.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know it's been served papers or something, and it's like there's something in your hand. It's like, yeah, Well, this is true. This isn't great, that's a fact. But you know it's the thoughts that go around it and the catastrophizing around it that we start to make things up, and our brain just goes and negative, and it all gets like very d and glue.

00:22:42.520 --> 00:22:53.560 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So it's those moments where it's like. Is this helping me? You know I still got to go through this situation. If it's a situation that's difficult to deal with that thing. But is this way of thinking gonna make that?

00:22:55.340 --> 00:22:58.410 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Is it going to help me navigate that better?

00:22:58.790 --> 00:23:04.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Or is it going to make me feel even worse while I've still got to navigate that thing? Because either way I've got to navigate whatever that thing is.

00:23:04.810 --> 00:23:08.760 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yes, there's 2 ways of doing things, you know.

00:23:08.790 --> 00:23:09.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and

00:23:10.350 --> 00:23:26.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ to my mind, going out the thing with as much a positive mindset as you can, even if that's you know, a bit challenging to get there is only going to enable you to come from a better place and deal with any glitches that life might throw at you on the way. Because we're not pretending here.

00:23:26.120 --> 00:23:33.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Life is, if you have a positive mindset. Everything in your life is suddenly brilliant and rosy and sunny when that's not what we're saying.

00:23:33.660 --> 00:23:41.920 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ It's just that i'm still going to throw kernels. I was a really positive, you know, one of the most positive, happiest 17 year olds ever, and then I

00:23:42.070 --> 00:23:47.870 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ became ill, and 24 years of chronic illness, and bedbound and wheelchair, and all that kind of stuff, so

00:23:48.250 --> 00:23:59.150 Frank R. Harrison: that that created a pattern for you to derive negative thinking as a result of being in that condition for 24 years I gathered in learned habit of sorts.

00:23:59.200 --> 00:24:07.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You I mean you're absolutely going to have very not great thinking when you know. I mean. Obviously, we're not going into here, but my story, and how I got ill.

00:24:07.700 --> 00:24:08.950 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Pretty dramatic

00:24:09.120 --> 00:24:18.950 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ in the way and traumatic. It was very hard, very fast. So yeah, you know my my thinking. But I just mean in terms of like, you know.

00:24:19.220 --> 00:24:34.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I went from a very, very positive mindset to still having life throw things at me that were very difficult. So with these questions, I'm not suggesting that if you ask these questions, life is going to be free for the rest of your life. I wish it was, but that's not like, you know we're human.

00:24:34.380 --> 00:24:46.260 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know. I can say it's like well for me, I had plans for life, but, like I have the plans for me, and you have to then deal with it. But when you do that that thing with the more positive, constructed mindset.

00:24:46.970 --> 00:24:54.430 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You're going to be in a much better place to deal with the difficult things that come. So this is where the second question comes in: do you want me to?

00:24:54.430 --> 00:25:08.680 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, let's keep everybody waiting because they're otherwise. The the show will have nothing but more musical ensembles for us to dance to. No, but but either way. What I really wanted to say was that

00:25:08.680 --> 00:25:33.420 Frank R. Harrison: I was looking at your website earlier, and about how you love the power of our brain, and how it reaches into depths of trying to live our life with passion and real motivation for helping others and stuff like that. In fact, if you don't mind, I want to show that that quote, because it it moved me, especially when preparing this episode. So let me do that right now.

00:25:33.450 --> 00:25:51.050 Frank R. Harrison: I am passionate about the power we hold within our brain to create powerful change in our lives as a coach. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping my clients harness this power so that they can enable positive change within their own lives, and lead others with passion and purpose.

00:25:51.050 --> 00:26:08.140 Frank R. Harrison: And I just I just thought that that's you in a nutshell. Basically, and I've I've already I've already known that. But I wanted everyone to be firmly aware of it, especially at this point, because I see that from the 3 shows we've done together, which is almost a year in the making. If you think about it.

00:26:08.190 --> 00:26:22.340 Frank R. Harrison: It's like I I can see how you've been able to use your understanding of language, your and Nlp techniques, and even i'm sure asking yourself those those questions when you've had to, has been able to

00:26:22.340 --> 00:26:37.680 Frank R. Harrison: put yourself in the position you need to be in, especially when you're helping other clients that have similar stories that you want to help and improve upon. But I think what I've noticed like in my own life being an epileptic patient, I think I have loose associations

00:26:37.680 --> 00:26:51.970 Frank R. Harrison: that I continue to engage, and maybe it's out of habit. Maybe it's the medication, I take. Maybe it's just always trying to be vigilant and being focused in the moment when i'm doing something productive versus being distracted endlessly by a lot of

00:26:51.970 --> 00:27:06.480 Frank R. Harrison: burden. Some situations that I've been involved in Covid itself was a burden. Don't, get me wrong. I think we all dealt with that. But even now, as the the world is kind of migrating away from the pandemic mindset. I have residue left over around.

00:27:06.480 --> 00:27:25.620 Frank R. Harrison: still seeing the neediness from friends and family that you know. I think that they would be able to handle on their own, but there becomes a pattern of being in a bubble for 3 years, where people learn to rely on me, and when i'm trying to fly. I'm being pulled in. So I notice my thinking goes negative.

00:27:25.620 --> 00:27:41.140 Frank R. Harrison: but not so much into the realm of those people who have suffered real traumas where that is their normal pattern, but to the realm where I could be focused on something productive. And then, all of a sudden, maybe I forgot I locked the door at home.

00:27:41.140 --> 00:27:58.890 Frank R. Harrison: or the oven is still on, and I forgot to shut it off. It's an erroneous thought, because I know it's off. but I have it stuck in my mind. you know, and it takes some other distraction to get rid of it. I haven't used. The technique of asking myself, is this thought helping me Whatsoever

00:27:58.930 --> 00:28:10.310 Frank R. Harrison: I think i'll start doing that. But the thing is is that granted it's also not a positive thought, but it's not really so much a negative thought, either. It's a distraction.

00:28:10.350 --> 00:28:11.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and I think

00:28:12.250 --> 00:28:14.690 Frank R. Harrison: i'm sorry.

00:28:14.900 --> 00:28:28.670 Frank R. Harrison: you know, and as a distraction it can become a negative thought, because if you're feeling this, this air of imbalance, or oh no, i'm disturbed. I don't have any way of confirming. If my my fear is not true or not.

00:28:28.860 --> 00:28:40.840 Frank R. Harrison: you have to find a way to just get rid of it, and I guess maybe that's just something for me to learn. But i'm learning from your technique that it's possibly in the category predominantly of negative thoughts.

00:28:40.960 --> 00:28:51.170 Frank R. Harrison: Then you can start to feel symptomatically that you feel uneasy or it's not. It's not really doing much for you. But there are those distractions that I think a lot of people are still faced with in general.

00:28:51.300 --> 00:28:56.060 Frank R. Harrison: and maybe maybe people need to learn how to manage those as well

00:28:56.120 --> 00:28:58.220 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ to. I mean, I think this

00:28:58.220 --> 00:29:19.940 Frank R. Harrison: running out time in the segment. But oh, yeah, I I do see it. Ladies and gentlemen, I think what I just did was create a a cliffhanger for all of you to come back into the third segment. So Allison can now address what I brought up about distraction. So stay tuned as we're talking about 2 questions for positive change right here on talk, radio and Nyc. And all of our socials.

00:29:19.940 --> 00:29:20.860 Frank R. Harrison: See you soon.

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00:31:01.000 --> 00:31:02.040 You

00:31:21.370 --> 00:31:36.480 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. Okay. So before we got into the break and thank you for monitoring the time, Allison, you were responding to my theory about distractions, helping to fuel negative thinking when the distraction itself is the negative thought

00:31:39.700 --> 00:31:40.690 Frank R. Harrison: unmute.

00:31:41.080 --> 00:31:52.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, I was just. I was just gonna say to that. You know these questions are really powerful, you know, if it's a distraction that's causing a negative. So it doesn't matter what it is, it's causing it.

00:31:52.140 --> 00:32:04.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I mean, that's it's the same thing. It's slightly different. But you know we we could be talking about paranoia. We could be talking about anxiety, just stress, just overwhelm catastrophizing. You know all these words.

00:32:04.210 --> 00:32:10.250 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Depression, you know. Obviously, depression is kind of a result of a lot of negative

00:32:10.430 --> 00:32:15.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ churning that's going on, and and other things as well. But you know chemically and all that kind of stuff as well.

00:32:15.980 --> 00:32:20.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ But you know it's a distraction that if somebody, you know.

00:32:20.420 --> 00:32:21.710 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ if if

00:32:22.180 --> 00:32:31.530 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ if we haven't really talked much about that, and perhaps that's another show, or we're we're talking about that. But you know, you know, end this topics here. But

00:32:31.750 --> 00:32:43.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ if it's a yeah like, I say, if it's a traction that's causing one to feel negative. Then it it still relates to me it's just as like I come back to that thing of like is whatever this thing that's going through my head helpful to me.

00:32:43.990 --> 00:32:47.430 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Is this helping me in any way? Shape what whatsoever? If the answer, that is no.

00:32:47.670 --> 00:32:53.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ then that's where you are. That's that's a place. That's that you want to shift out of

00:32:53.670 --> 00:33:01.120 Frank R. Harrison: right and and and more. I'm sorry. Say it it just doesn't matter. The you know the reason that you got

00:33:01.130 --> 00:33:10.500 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ so that asking the question is kind of irrelevant. And again, it's like not even wanting to really analyse what that is. It's just like if you find yourself in a place that isn't feeling good

00:33:11.070 --> 00:33:19.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ for whatever reason you're stuck, you're distracted or something, and it's not helping you. It's it's really that simple to me it's like.

00:33:20.040 --> 00:33:23.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Is this helping me in any way, shape or form? No.

00:33:24.260 --> 00:33:25.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I still

00:33:26.170 --> 00:33:40.060 Frank R. Harrison: And then the second question. Now for the second question. I'm going to share the screen and and say to everybody, Here we go. Let me get to it over here.

00:33:41.820 --> 00:33:53.650 Frank R. Harrison: What thought can I have instead that will enhance my life, shift me forward, make me smile, etc. And as you indicate, Aka.

00:33:53.650 --> 00:34:06.070 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ all of the good things.

00:34:07.880 --> 00:34:11.090 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ If people want to download it, just go to the website, they can download it.

00:34:17.610 --> 00:34:31.159 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So this is a really important bit, and this is where it starts to shift, and this is the powerful part of the you know the stopping it, and, as I say, not fueling it, not analyzing, just stopping that thought. But the second question is a very very quick follow up.

00:34:32.560 --> 00:34:38.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and the question is something along the lines of what thought can I have instead?

00:34:38.199 --> 00:34:40.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So what thought can I have instead to replace that thought.

00:34:42.190 --> 00:34:52.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ that will. And again, this is whatever versions right for the person asking questions. So we all have our own ways of speaking. So this is what I've written in the way I have. You know we like, have like

00:34:52.510 --> 00:34:55.739 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Oh, they called forward

00:34:56.010 --> 00:34:58.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ things, but what they call it slashes in between.

00:34:58.870 --> 00:35:06.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So what thought could I have instead? That would make me feel good. Shift me forwards, and you know, Lift me up.

00:35:06.410 --> 00:35:17.170 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Make me feel amazing. You know whatever that is, for that person that resonates with them that way of saying it. But essentially, what thought could I have Instead, that would make me feel good moving forward.

00:35:17.190 --> 00:35:18.470 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, shift me

00:35:18.810 --> 00:35:30.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So when we ask this question, this is where with the brain it's really important how we ask questions of ourselves. Now, again. This is potentially a whole other show, because this is something that's really really important

00:35:30.460 --> 00:35:34.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when we ask questions. So if you think about your brain

00:35:35.240 --> 00:35:51.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ well, so you know you go to the library. and so you might go to the library, and you might ask the librarian for probably the great Gatsby. So you know, if you go to library and ask them. Great Gatsby, they're going to come back a few minutes later, and they're going to hand you a copy of the great Gatsby. What they're not going to do is come back and hand you a copy of the Shining.

00:35:52.010 --> 00:35:53.430 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Because, you guys.

00:35:53.680 --> 00:36:08.980 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I mean, you know it's great, but for sure. But you've asked for the you. You're not looking to read dark horror, or even King novel, so they're not. They're gonna say there's a break at speed, so they're very good at what they do. Very good giving you what you ask for, and

00:36:08.990 --> 00:36:26.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ the brain is the same. So this is how I like to think of it. You know the brain is like that internal library that is full of like files of our past, of our history, of our memories, of our experiences, of our thinking about the future are catastrophizing or imagining the wonderful things. So it's just full of all these files.

00:36:26.200 --> 00:36:32.820 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And then there's this in a librarian that will go and collect what we ask for when we ask certain questions. So

00:36:33.270 --> 00:36:44.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when we ask ourselves the question, what could I? What thought could I have instead? And the very. you know very specifically, that will make me feel good. If I just said to myself, what what could I have? Instead.

00:36:45.020 --> 00:36:54.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ the brain's gonna come back with a, you know, like very, just something random, and it could be something negative. So it's really important to say. What thought could I have and said it made me feel good.

00:36:54.720 --> 00:36:59.880 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ because the brain will go and find me something from my inner library. That will make me feel good.

00:37:00.160 --> 00:37:01.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yes.

00:37:01.520 --> 00:37:12.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and yeah, this is. It's really important to be very, very specific with this. So. and this is one of the things I love about the brain. But this is why, when we're not specific with our questions, we can really get in trouble.

00:37:13.570 --> 00:37:23.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So yeah, it's, it's it's really that simple. And when I asked this question of myself in this car Park because that was my immediate follow-up question, because I knew enough at that time

00:37:23.890 --> 00:37:31.600 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ to know that while it was really good that i'd stopped that thought If I had just walked away, that thought would have kept coming back in the back and back.

00:37:32.130 --> 00:37:38.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and I knew enough about an Lp. And how the brain worked at that time to be like right. I have to replace this with something else.

00:37:39.230 --> 00:37:47.510 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ And so I I automatically just said, okay, what could I have it said? It's gonna make me feel good. I can't remember what the thought was at the time, but all I do remember is

00:37:48.030 --> 00:38:03.470 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ few minutes later. I couldn't remember what that original negative thought was, and I was standing in the car park going. What was what was that? Thought that I was having? What was that thought? And I stopped laughing. So to me it was like that's awesome. I I don't even know what that thought was, and I

00:38:03.470 --> 00:38:15.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ not think about it for too long. Bring it back. It's like, okay, let it go. That's gone. That's like a pathway that's kind of gone quieter. And the more I do this quiet to that negative pathway. Your pathway is going to get until

00:38:16.210 --> 00:38:29.480 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know it's it's dissolved, and i'm replacing it with all these amazing things which are true in my life. So it might well have been. I don't know. I can't remember, but it might well have been at the time. My answer might have been something like

00:38:29.510 --> 00:38:40.400 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ what's going to make me feel good and say what thought it's going to make me feel good. It might be not seeing my friends act later that yeah, that's great. Oh, my God! And it's the sun shining because it was shining, and I was in nature that day.

00:38:40.710 --> 00:38:48.690 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and before I knew it my frame was full of all these good things. and I was completely shifted in a different direction. So

00:38:48.850 --> 00:39:07.520 Frank R. Harrison: very interesting. My question to you is simply, how is it that the brain is able to create negative thinking that has no substance, in fact. and is just able to sit there and create negative reactions for you. And yet you have the positive feelings that replace them, make you even forget that they existed.

00:39:07.700 --> 00:39:20.420 Frank R. Harrison: But the positive ones are based, in fact and in reality and in the environment, especially if it's a shiny day. How is it that the brain is able to create erroneous negative thoughts like I mean, we know that

00:39:20.540 --> 00:39:35.080 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ a big part of it is that that the brain is trying to protect us. So I know again, speaking from my own experience, you know we go through life, as I said earlier, like throws curles, Things happen that aren't great, and we deal with them at the time in the best way we can.

00:39:35.080 --> 00:39:41.160 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ What happens is, the brain collects information and evidence about their thing, and then it becomes, You know, for instance.

00:39:41.650 --> 00:39:52.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know I can use the example. I I often have clients that are have fear of giving presentations because they once gave some kind of presentation. There's a guy in particular who we can 14,

00:39:52.670 --> 00:39:57.090 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and he dropped his drumsticks, doing a recital in front of friends, and they laughed.

00:39:57.300 --> 00:40:13.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and before that moment he was a really confident kid. But as soon as that happened for the rest of his days until we met, which was probably like 50 initially years later. He was really nervous every time he had to give a presentation, and he did them a lot because he was in higher education. You know about higher education.

00:40:13.490 --> 00:40:28.810 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and they always went fine. But he would have this like fear of it, and it's like the brains came. Well, you know that happened last time, so it might well happen again, and let's let's be ready for it, and let's like, you know, if we expect it, and we can't get hurt. We can't get burned because we're ready for it, you know.

00:40:28.820 --> 00:40:30.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So it is.

00:40:30.230 --> 00:40:33.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ It doesn't know, to leave that experience

00:40:33.470 --> 00:40:50.190 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ in the moment and just help you deal with it, and then just leave it there. It just becomes your neweration. That's what happens when you give presentations. We mess up. People laugh, and it hurts, and it's horrible, and it might well. But so let's be ready for it. So we collect all this evidence throughout our life.

00:40:50.740 --> 00:41:03.070 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and one of the things about Nlp. Is that we can go back to these times, and I it's a little cheesy. But I say you can't. They say you can't rewrite history, but I say you can rewire it

00:41:03.090 --> 00:41:10.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ because you I've done. I do it all time, I don't know. But you can go back, and there's a particular process that I do. Where?

00:41:10.770 --> 00:41:22.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, we basically recreate it rewire it, the thing still happens Different response, and the brain then takes that on as the new narrative. So you there are ways of changing this narrative.

00:41:22.250 --> 00:41:24.860 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and again the brain hang on a second.

00:41:24.990 --> 00:41:35.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Pretty sure we're really scared of giving presentations, because when we were 1430, 2015 years ago, we dropped our sticks and some kid laughed. Right the brain and just go. Okay, cool, new narrative.

00:41:35.230 --> 00:41:40.180 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ It would just take whatever you say. And this is why those questions that you ask are so important

00:41:40.210 --> 00:41:47.270 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ coming back to that, because if I was standing in that car park that day. and I wasn't specific about wanting to feel good.

00:41:48.000 --> 00:41:59.490 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Well, even if it was which I was specific, the brain didn't go. I got a second. I'm pretty sure. A minute ago we were having really negative thoughts, and you don't feel very good about yourself right now. And there's really

00:41:59.860 --> 00:42:02.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ bad stuff going on for you, and this feels horrible, right.

00:42:03.040 --> 00:42:21.080 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ The brain just went. All right, cool. Let's go and find something that's going to make you feel good, because that's the question you asked, and it comes back with that copy of the great Gatsby, the computer. Basically. Yeah. So you pro, and that's the that's the programming part of Nlp: so that's the P. Part is the programming. And you're programming with your language, which is the L. Which is your linguistics.

00:42:21.130 --> 00:42:25.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and in your programming with your language, your neural pathways, which is the end.

00:42:25.970 --> 00:42:34.250 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So this is why it's so specific to ask that, because it will just come back. What you ask for, you know. If I said, I want to feel bad. What what could I have to make me feel bad?

00:42:34.430 --> 00:42:39.460 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ My brain is not going to go. Wait! No, surely you want to feel good, right? It's gonna go. Okay.

00:42:39.610 --> 00:42:46.130 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Let's find all the bad things, and and that's what you'll get, and it will release chemicals as well. That will, you know, add to that

00:42:46.140 --> 00:42:48.460 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ same way they would do good.

00:42:49.210 --> 00:42:59.340 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You start to think happy thoughts. You start to be thinking about sunshine. I'm seeing my friend Zach, and immediately my shoulders go back even now, as i'm as i'm saying it.

00:42:59.540 --> 00:43:03.590 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know I move differently, and then chemicals get released. Happiness, chemicals, and

00:43:04.660 --> 00:43:05.820 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ so yes.

00:43:06.220 --> 00:43:21.720 Frank R. Harrison: Well, what that has taught me, and before we go to our next break I just want to leave for the audience viewers and listeners out there that I guess, aside from the 2 questions you have to ask yourself, you have to add some sayings to create affirmation, and one of them is, the past does not equal the future.

00:43:21.830 --> 00:43:33.580 Frank R. Harrison: So therefore maybe people can go ahead, especially when you know and realize that your brain is like a computer where you just have to issue. It commands to act in the way that is going to best accommodate

00:43:33.600 --> 00:43:43.020 Frank R. Harrison: your life or your moment, or whatever your pathway is going forward, and the thing is is to to not own it, but to manage it

00:43:43.020 --> 00:43:58.150 Frank R. Harrison: as like a computer. It's the it's the data you give yourself that you're able to reposition. So i'm also thinking, and I want to cover this in the final segment of the show that you know sometimes it's external situations

00:43:58.150 --> 00:44:15.890 Frank R. Harrison: mit

00:44:15.890 --> 00:44:24.610 Frank R. Harrison: right here on talk radio and Nyc and all of our streaming platforms. Youtube Facebook to Linkedin and Twitter stay tuned

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00:46:30.370 --> 00:46:48.620 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back everybody to our final segment of this special episode of Well, I always say special episode. Every every episode is special. But what i'm. What I'm really engaged with in this particular show is, Allison has been able over the last 3 episodes to bring the pieces and segments of her toolkit.

00:46:48.620 --> 00:47:08.030 Frank R. Harrison: to be able to really show the big picture which is the power of our brain in being able to utilize language with and Nlp. Techniques, as well as to somehow command rational thought while dealing with the ongoing hurdles that life does throw at you, whether it's real circumstances or paranoid thoughts, or possibly just

00:47:08.060 --> 00:47:22.100 Frank R. Harrison: mood, because of bad weather. But the thing is is what we've discussed over the last 45 min are 2 particular questions which we can use as guideposts in order to help accommodate our brain in being able to make sure we live the kind of life that we want.

00:47:22.100 --> 00:47:41.310 Frank R. Harrison: and as she illustrated in the last segment, the second question is the most pivotal, because it is the one that commands your brain to take the initial thoughts that you had, and hopefully just replace them with the new positive thoughts that are going to be more relevant to what your intentions are, or even what is going on in your life at the time that has to be dealt with.

00:47:41.310 --> 00:47:54.050 Frank R. Harrison: But what I find still interesting. What I, what I still find interesting to explore is that how a lot of people are probably have learned to be dependent, whether it's on their own thoughts

00:47:54.050 --> 00:48:12.990 Frank R. Harrison: or on the environment at large to determine how to feel about their day. I think we kind of lost a sense of how to master our own acclamation to having a balanced life, and I don't know. Maybe it was the pandemic that did it. Maybe it's a lot of world events that are going on that continue to

00:48:13.070 --> 00:48:28.270 Frank R. Harrison: pummel us through the media every day. A lot of it is, you know, sometimes interpretive, and sometimes it's. And a lot of it is factual. But instead of spending each day debating what's real and what's not, I think, what we all have to learn to do is to debate what

00:48:28.300 --> 00:48:37.790 Frank R. Harrison: our life is like right now, and how can we make it better? So that being, said Allison, can you address for me what I what I left the last segment with about

00:48:37.790 --> 00:48:54.510 Frank R. Harrison: external and situations or conversations being a matter of motivation for the brain to think more positively, and becoming more independent at being able to get your brain to do so, and not being reliant on just situations, but rather a combination of the 2.

00:48:54.990 --> 00:48:59.720 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Yeah, i'm just thinking how my fire is going out here, and how to not be.

00:48:59.720 --> 00:49:15.060 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ I'll be dependent on that to make me feel it's having a negative thought, i'm i'm just watching it. It's like oh, no, it's like you're talking about the external situations and dependent on other things. And

00:49:15.080 --> 00:49:32.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know my just always makes me think of my mom when the many, many wise things that she says over the years, and especially when I was growing up, as you know, that they have not been dependent on others to make us feel good what to make us happy particularly. And you know what I love about these 2 questions is that it enables us to

00:49:32.850 --> 00:49:33.730 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ to take.

00:49:33.740 --> 00:49:49.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know. Well, I like to use the word harness to really harness our mindset, and our beautiful brain is just so capable of creating powerful change for us, if if only we know how to do it. And these 2 questions are very, very simple, yet very powerful when they are used to get

00:49:50.100 --> 00:49:51.960 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So

00:49:52.240 --> 00:49:53.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ yeah, I mean

00:49:54.870 --> 00:50:12.850 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when you know, and it also. Yes, it's that thing as well when we start by looking after ourselves, and you know, working with ourselves, we can. Then, you know, we set the tone for others. We have that better impact on other people, and they will only want to. You know they can't help, but they want to, You know, if we come from a really good place that's going to affect

00:50:12.940 --> 00:50:19.530 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ the world around us and the people around us in our relationships and our dynamics. And you and I talked about that, I think, on the first episode, maybe

00:50:20.820 --> 00:50:30.430 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ yeah, about how we can change those relationships, because in the same way we, you know, don't want to be depending on other people to make us happy. You know we can't change other people. It is some of those

00:50:30.600 --> 00:50:33.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ sort of like things just the way they are. So

00:50:34.020 --> 00:50:42.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know it's it's it's really empowering when we realize how we can actually, you know, create what I call a you know, a roadmap for our brain.

00:50:43.150 --> 00:50:53.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and until we come over to that which is what, including myself, you know for many, many years, and I still drop into it. As I said earlier, like every day I have to like pull myself out of

00:50:53.920 --> 00:51:02.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know places where I feel stuck or things aren't great, and sometimes it's for good reasons, because you know things again when opportunity life isn't challenging.

00:51:02.830 --> 00:51:19.450 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ But again, rather than not. It's not. It's because suddenly you know it's all gone, really cloudy, and i'm definitely a sunshine person, and my mood drops, or I'm tired, or you know I've got loads of meetings, and I'm just, you know, feeling, you know, overwhelmed, and all those kinds of things, and it's like, come on, you know there's

00:51:19.880 --> 00:51:29.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ this is really that bad. And and you know there's a lot of drama there sometimes as well. So So we realize that we have that agency to

00:51:30.610 --> 00:51:32.360 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ to create a roadmap

00:51:32.370 --> 00:51:36.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when we come of autopilot. So the the roadmap you have when you're an autopilot

00:51:36.700 --> 00:51:40.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ is likely to be, and always

00:51:40.700 --> 00:51:45.570 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ for sure, you know, like we can be an autopilot and be a really good places. I'm not suggesting that.

00:51:45.650 --> 00:51:47.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, being able to call it is always negative.

00:51:48.530 --> 00:52:07.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ But if you're in a negative place, you know you're not. You're not really being aware of how you can shift that for yourself. So when we learn how to how to shift, that by using our language and other things as well, but particularly for me, it's about the language that internal narrative, then we can change that that roadmap

00:52:08.360 --> 00:52:11.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and set the course for our life

00:52:12.270 --> 00:52:20.660 Frank R. Harrison: Right? Right? So is this. Is this also what you've started to incorporate into your sessions with your clients

00:52:20.730 --> 00:52:27.880 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ absolutely. I mean any new client that I get every time you know i'm in. I always offer a free discovery call.

00:52:27.880 --> 00:52:45.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and in that I you know I'll always say something about language, and i'll make some joke about, you know, if you've ever seen any of my videos, or you don't hear about what I do was banging on about the power of language, because it's such a big part of what I do with clients, and sometimes we'll just have a whole session just talking about language and teaching them how to, you know.

00:52:45.010 --> 00:52:52.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ reframe the way they are saying things, or to understand how. if they say you know I,

00:52:52.410 --> 00:53:03.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you can say things in lots of different ways, obviously, but negative or positive metaphor of calories, you know, if you've got a we 1,800 calories a day. You can either

00:53:03.560 --> 00:53:18.590 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ get to those calories by eating rubbish, you know, like burgers and chips and chocolate, and you know, feel good, but you'll feel sick doing it anyway. or you get those 1,800 calories eating really healthy food, salads, and all the good stuff which will take longer.

00:53:18.810 --> 00:53:24.190 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and maybe not as fun. But you'll feel good. You'll feel healthy, and, you know, feel very virtuous as well.

00:53:24.200 --> 00:53:28.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So it's getting to that that same end result.

00:53:28.480 --> 00:53:37.350 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So again, it's the same with language. You can. You can say the same thing, but you can say it in 2 very different ways. It's like just as a very quick example.

00:53:37.520 --> 00:53:51.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ If I had a client came to me, and this has happened to, you know, variation on the theme of this, but it's just a confidence about going to an event. I might say. You know what what you want to be. One of the questions we ask is, what do you want to be instead of what you currently feel

00:53:51.580 --> 00:54:03.960 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ the strong chance they'll say, I don't want to feel bad about myself when I go to events. I don't want to feel uncomfortable when people watch me. When people look at me. i'm like, okay. I understand what it is you're saying.

00:54:04.200 --> 00:54:11.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ But let's try saying this in a whole different way, and I will explain some how active language works and passive language works, and i'll get them to

00:54:11.910 --> 00:54:14.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ say the same thing, using active language.

00:54:14.610 --> 00:54:17.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ and that version will be

00:54:17.040 --> 00:54:19.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when I go to an event. I want to feel confident

00:54:19.800 --> 00:54:30.620 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ when i'm standing in a room with this people looking at me. I want to feel really good about myself, so rather than I don't want to go bad about myself. I don't want to feel, you know, awkward, and people looking at me so don't, and

00:54:30.640 --> 00:54:32.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ bad, and you know awkward.

00:54:33.260 --> 00:54:43.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You're saying I want to feel confident. I want to feel, you know, grounded. I want to feel proud of myself. You know, all these different things. Basically, they're telling me exactly the same thing.

00:54:43.380 --> 00:54:59.090 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ but i'll get them to then say both versions, and they they can feel that difference within them. They're like, oh, okay, I get it. I get it. I want to feel confident. I want to feel good about myself, Robin. I don't want to feel like oh, God! Like all that stuff.

00:54:59.930 --> 00:55:04.750 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ So it's like You're creating that roadmap, and it's the same with these 2 questions.

00:55:04.940 --> 00:55:09.040 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ You know what I want to feel that will make me feel good. So what I want to think.

00:55:09.460 --> 00:55:20.740 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ What can I think? Instead, it will make me feel really good about myself, and you immediately start to be like oh, it's gonna make me feel good right? Oh, that this? And oh, yeah, no. And now you'll start smiling. She'll be thinking of things that make you

00:55:20.930 --> 00:55:27.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know, friends or people or situations that the braves come back and say, oh, this these things make you feel good.

00:55:28.090 --> 00:55:32.600 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ This is what you think, and you'll start thinking about them, and you will shift.

00:55:33.260 --> 00:55:39.930 Frank R. Harrison: You know it's been. It's been 3 episodes of Frank about health, what? You definitely have helped me shift in a lot of ways, but

00:55:39.930 --> 00:56:04.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ both personally and professionally. But I understand that professionally you're about to undertake your own podcast You want to share with the audience out there when it debuts where people can find you where I can find you, I definitely will be on the lookout, and you. I will be definitely sending you the link. So I think at the moment it's going to be called Harness your mindset, create your life, which is my tagline for my coaching work.

00:56:04.930 --> 00:56:17.090 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ But you know you can find it through my website, There will be a link on one of the drop downs, for under inspiration for the podcast. So yes, the first episode is going to be up to 200

00:56:17.090 --> 00:56:30.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ mit ctl, and and these kind of shows are going to be on their own guest appearances, but it's also going to be thing called conversation on, and then it's going to be the theme of being human. So lots of different themes of being human. So talking about topics for some, you know different people about 150,

00:56:30.330 --> 00:56:37.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ you know. Resilience, grief, what it is to know what your purpose is. You know those really big life things of being human. So yeah.

00:56:37.700 --> 00:56:40.240 Frank R. Harrison: yeah, all right.

00:56:40.400 --> 00:57:10.400 Frank R. Harrison: So, ladies and gentlemen, right here we have a minute left before we end for the evening. But Alison Petty has been very instrumental, but instrumental to me and Frank about health over the last year. I know that you have ongoing webinars as well on Linkedin beyond the be on the lookout to see some of those everyone should check out her website. Alison said. If you do want to consult with her and use the power of your language for your quality of life she's definitely worth talking to I'll. I'll be honest.

00:57:10.400 --> 00:57:26.080 Frank R. Harrison: I've talked with her privately about ongoing issues that I've been dealing with, and she's been able to help me be bounced back from them. It's a matter of perspective and sometimes perception, but it is in the power of how you manage your brain. Your brain's thoughts as well as way that you communicate

00:57:26.080 --> 00:57:42.490 Frank R. Harrison: while trying to help the neurotransmitters go in the pathways that you desire. Stay tuned for tomorrow's slate of shows on talk radio and Nyc. Which are always Friday with Stephen Fry, and then starting in the morning with philanthropy in focus with Tommy D.

00:57:42.490 --> 00:57:59.370 Frank R. Harrison: We'll be back right here next Thursday with another episode of Frank about health. Also be mindful that we are now on 4 social media platforms, and you can always find out archives of previous episodes of Frank about health on my personal website, Frank R. Harrison Com.

00:57:59.370 --> 00:58:17.260 Frank R. Harrison: If you have any questions for myself or Allison, you can forward them to my email address, Frank R. Harrison, Or reach us and make comments in the Youtube Channel. When you're retrieving this video and sharing it with your friends and family, and and Don't forget my disclaimer. If anything you heard today is worth

00:58:17.260 --> 00:58:23.280 Frank R. Harrison: changing your current mental health treatment, please consult with your physician before you make such a change. We

00:58:23.280 --> 00:58:39.520 Frank R. Harrison: we don't want to create liability. We just want to be providing advocacy. Thank you again, Allison, for being here on Frank, about how you will be back. I'll just tell you in one way, shape or form that'll be, but I am looking forward to. I'm sorry. You know where I am. You know what to find me

00:58:39.820 --> 00:58:54.490 Frank R. Harrison: exactly, and I will be looking for you in your new podcast. All right, everybody. We're signing off right now. Thanks for being here on Frank about health, on talk radio, Nyc: and we're signing off. We'll see you next week. Take Care

00:58:54.490 --> 00:59:03.060 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach ~ Alrighty. Same here. Bye, bye.

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