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Monday, January 9, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/09 - The Edge of the Circle with Gloria Karpinski

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/09 - The Edge of the Circle with Gloria Karpinski


2023/01/09 - The Edge of the Circle with Gloria Karpinski

[NEW EPISODE] The Edge of the Circle with Gloria Karpinski

Mondays 7:00pm - 8:00pm (EDT).             


What is the importance of mentorship in these challenging times?

How can we live a life that acknowledges the great mystery and the grounded and practical mundane? In other words: the edge between Spirit and Human Embodiment?

What are some insights into what is unfolding this year?

All this... and so many stories from a life richly lived!


Gloria D. Karpinski is a holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher, author, and former journalist. Her seminars as well as her individual in-depth Life Attunements emphasize the relevancy of universal spiritual principles to everyday life and the inter-dynamics of mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Gloria has presented workshops, intensives and keynote lectures in seven foreign countries (Italy, Germany, England, Switzerland, Scotland, Iceland, Bali, Greece) and in 16 states in North America as well as in over 50 cities. She is the author of two books: Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage and Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship, both published by Ballantine Books.  Both books have been used as texts for interfaith seminaries and study groups, including the Center for Sacred Studies in California, where she is on the online teaching staff. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra is joined by Gloria D. Karpinski, holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher, author, and former journalist. Sandra reminds us to check out podcast platforms,, and her youtube channel Sandra Bargman on The Edge of Everyday to tune in to her past episodes with inspiring guests. Sandra shares how much she adores, loves and respects Gloria. Sandra talks about how she values her opinion and mentorship which was why Gloria was one of the first people she shared her solo show and cd with. Sandra mentions how glorias books are used in seminaries. In seminary, when Sandra was finishing her first year, she mentions how Gloria at the time was invited to be the keynote speaker for the new seminary for interfaith studies. Sandra recalls Gloria's speech. Sandra also asks Gloria about what identity she leads with today. Gloria says that she starts everyday with a prayer called “I am a being of light.” Sandra switches gears back to the topic of mentorship. She mentions how covid revealed mentorship and her calling to the community. Gloria shares her thoughts about mentorship and what it means. She talks about how there comes a time where one is aware that everything in the environment is potentially your mentor. Interestingly, she also mentions the law of attraction and how this is affected with what it is that one sees around them.

Segment 2

Sandra talks about Gloria’s book, Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage. After reaching out to Gloria to be her mentor, she was asked to be the voice narrator for this book. She mentions how it deals with the biggest edge that we all face which is the fear of change. Gloria mentions a phrase that sticks out to her; “beware the seduction of the familiar.” She likes this because it’s a warning to us that the past, habits and things that are conditioned are “seductive”. Even when we want to change, it's too comfortable and what we are used to. But it's about giving up what we've outgrown. When talking about being comfortable with change or inclined towards sticking with the familiar, Gloria talk about how spirit told her that it would take 4 different types of energies to make a turning or change; a visionary, the rebels, the bridge builders, and the conservatives (those who preserve the best of what we've learned this far). Gloria also talks about her inspiration for writing this book. She says that during the time, she had developed an “obedience” to the guidance she had from “the inside out and the outside in.” Over the years, she was aware of the patterns of change that were taking place. She was teaching and was seeing this in people attending her classes. Along with her guidance from spirit, she understood that it was time for her to put things in writing.

Segment 3

Gloria explains what is a life attunement. She talks about what it's like when working one on one with someone which you can learn about on her website. When a person comes, she says that they start with a prayer. As she has mentioned before, she works a lot with spirit and by this it can mean a variety of things whether it's a guide, an angel or the spirit of the person itself. The purpose of a life attunement is to support a person in becoming who they really are by addressing them from the spirit to outward. An attunement starts with a symbol that you work with and unravel to deal with challenges one is facing and discover their true selves. Gloria talks about when she started to question life and religion and this changes the conversation to Gloria’s video on her website and youtube channel about the difference between religion and spirituality. When talking about this video, Gloria says that she had a vision about water pouring everywhere and there was no limit to it. Containers came along. All of the containers had some of the water and none of the containers had all of it. As long as the cap was kept off the container, it was living water, but as soon as the cap was on it, it started to become toxic. She felt that the water is spirituality that is everywhere. They also discuss the divine feminine and glorias work with this and afflicting women as well as her understanding of it today. Sandra also asks Gloria about her thoughts on the “internalized misogyny of women”, or women who are upholding patriarchy. Gloria mentions that although it's very hard to see some women standing in their own way against their equality, we have to also be extremely tolerant because many of us are deeply programmed to see things as normal. She believes that for a lot of women, it's important for women to love each other no matter who they are and she talks about embracing.

Segment 4

Sandra talks with Gloria about her upcoming new book called Blossoms of Fire. It's a memoir combined with teaching. In the book, she also talks about dealing with challenges and responsibilities she needed to embrace in the deepening relationship she has experienced with spirit. She also talks about this generally to Sandra that we all face. You can find more of Gloria at and learn about her programs, book, podcast and more. She is also on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.


00:00:15.010 --> 00:00:17.750 welcome everyone. I'm. Sandra Bardman.

00:00:18.080 --> 00:00:28.809 A few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the Edge of every day, which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions we all face and grapple with

00:00:29.230 --> 00:00:36.160 the shows hit a nerve, and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time more than I could have first seen.

00:00:36.310 --> 00:00:37.030 So

00:00:37.060 --> 00:00:46.429 here we are. It's real talk with real people, sharing stories and perspectives that spark provocative invitations to leap out of what's safe

00:00:46.440 --> 00:00:57.430 on the edge of every day. Thanks for listening down on you, no matter. Hello, everyone and Happy New Year again.

00:00:57.830 --> 00:01:04.180 Sandra Bargman: Thank you for joining me on the edge of every day. Here on talk, radio and Nyc.

00:01:04.410 --> 00:01:19.440 Sandra Bargman: Tonight we are live in the hive with internationally recognized author and teacher, Gloria Karpinski, for our fifty-second episode entitled the edge where 2 worlds touch

00:01:19.840 --> 00:01:29.919 Sandra Bargman: for those of you who have become loyal listeners here on the edge of every day. Thank you. Thank you so much for spending time with me and my guests.

00:01:30.100 --> 00:01:37.790 Sandra Bargman: I'm thrilled to tell you that our numbers are growing, and I have you to thank. I could not do it without you. Please

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00:01:49.020 --> 00:02:02.669 Sandra Bargman: and if you're tuning in for the first time, welcome to the edge, if you like, what you hear tonight, and you want to check out my past episodes with my inspiring guests. You can find them 3 places.

00:02:02.880 --> 00:02:05.220 Sandra Bargman: talk radio and Nyc.

00:02:05.420 --> 00:02:13.390 Sandra Bargman: On your favorite podcast platform and on my Youtube Channel again. That's Senator Barchman on the edge of every day

00:02:15.390 --> 00:02:26.160 Sandra Bargman: This show is about pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues. It is my hope

00:02:26.170 --> 00:02:35.969 Sandra Bargman: that we can begin to understand our edges, and what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:02:36.180 --> 00:02:50.770 Sandra Bargman: and those places where we are resistant to change, and those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings, both internally and in the world around us.

00:02:51.050 --> 00:02:55.359 Sandra Bargman: Listen. We live in edgy, tumultuous times.

00:02:55.400 --> 00:02:58.170 and people are complex.

00:02:58.400 --> 00:03:08.879 Sandra Bargman: The more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that, I fully believe can help to change the world.

00:03:09.150 --> 00:03:11.600 Sandra Bargman: So thanks again for tuning in.

00:03:12.950 --> 00:03:18.079 Sandra Bargman: and without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this week.

00:03:19.650 --> 00:03:27.369 Sandra Bargman: Gloria Karpinski is a holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher, and author

00:03:27.490 --> 00:03:44.930 Sandra Bargman: her seminars, as well as her individual in-depth life attunments, emphasize the relevancy of universal spiritual principles to everyday life and the inter dynamics of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

00:03:45.430 --> 00:03:49.670 Sandra Bargman: Gloria graduated from the University of North Carolina

00:03:49.870 --> 00:03:55.859 Sandra Bargman: prior to her ordination by the International Church of ageless wisdom.

00:03:55.880 --> 00:04:00.489 Sandra Bargman: an interface church without walls. She was a journalist.

00:04:01.160 --> 00:04:08.889 Sandra Bargman: Gloria has presented workshops, intensives, and keynotes across the country and around the globe.

00:04:08.900 --> 00:04:24.919 Sandra Bargman: and conducting seminars and giving lectures for such diverse groups as psychotherapists, actors, and doctors in venues, ranging from large conferences to colleges, churches, hospitals, and specialized groups.

00:04:25.390 --> 00:04:32.409 Sandra Bargman: She is the author of 2 books where 2 worlds touch spiritual rites of passage

00:04:32.480 --> 00:04:37.950 Sandra Bargman: and barefoot on holy ground. 12 lessons in spiritual craftsmanship.

00:04:38.280 --> 00:04:41.030 Sandra Bargman: both published by Valentine books.

00:04:41.890 --> 00:04:54.629 Sandra Bargman: Both books have been used as texts for interfaith seminaries and study groups, including the center for sacred studies in California, where she is on the online teaching staff.

00:04:55.200 --> 00:05:03.650 Sandra Bargman: Gloria has received a grant from the Lawrence D. Rockefeller Fund for the advancement of the human spirit.

00:05:03.720 --> 00:05:11.899 Sandra Bargman: and women and Wisdom Foundation inc honored Gloria at their service to spirit award banquet

00:05:12.410 --> 00:05:21.900 Sandra Bargman: Glory was presented the keys to her native city of Greensboro, North Carolina, for her Outstanding achievements and contributions.

00:05:22.010 --> 00:05:34.690 Sandra Bargman: She maintains a counseling practice in Winston-salem North Carolina she's on the National Advisory Board of the Sofia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina.

00:05:35.160 --> 00:05:38.200 Sandra Bargman: Welcome, Gloria Karpinski!

00:05:41.740 --> 00:05:54.690 Sandra Bargman: Thank you so much, Sandra. It's just an honor to be here. Oh, my goodness! My heart is overflowing to have you on this podcast as my guest. I cannot begin to tell my listeners how

00:05:54.880 --> 00:05:58.580 Sandra Bargman: I love and adore and respect this woman.

00:05:58.920 --> 00:06:13.700 Gloria Karpinski: So it's a great honor to have you on my show. Okay, thank you. It's indeed an honor to be here. Some, I appreciate it so much your invitation. And can I say, before I say anything else that I love? The title of this shows

00:06:14.110 --> 00:06:29.630 Gloria Karpinski: right. I already have. I always have, ever since first time out there at the edge of every day. Oh, I thought you might, that this episode Well, thank you. I love that. Thank you so much. The edge of every day isn't it the truth? Well, it just sums up so much. It doesn't

00:06:30.240 --> 00:06:39.080 Sandra Bargman: well, and you were one of the first people that I shared the actual solo show with and the with, and of course, because you are.

00:06:39.960 --> 00:06:41.780 Sandra Bargman: I so value your

00:06:41.930 --> 00:06:46.709 Gloria Karpinski: opinion and your your great mentorship.

00:06:47.180 --> 00:07:01.160 Sandra Bargman: Well, I'm speaking of and right back at you. I like to to tell my listeners where my guest guests come from, and of course, the way I've been gushing. I'm sure that that they've.

00:07:01.230 --> 00:07:12.750 Sandra Bargman: I already already realized that that I I know you well. But how I know, Gloria, how I met her is, as I mentioned in reading your delicious Cv.

00:07:13.610 --> 00:07:21.530 Sandra Bargman: Glorious texts are used in seminaries, as her books are used as texts, and in seminary.

00:07:21.930 --> 00:07:31.669 Sandra Bargman: not in the first year when I was at the new seminary. It was the second year students who were using barefoot on holy ground. So you

00:07:31.820 --> 00:07:34.150 Sandra Bargman: we're invited in

00:07:34.400 --> 00:07:39.939 Sandra Bargman: to be the keynote speaker for the new Seminary for interface studies

00:07:39.960 --> 00:07:42.329 Sandra Bargman: at the end of my first year.

00:07:42.460 --> 00:08:01.200 Sandra Bargman: So I hadn't used your book yet. But you know what I heard from the grapevine. And oh, my goodness, Gloria Karpinski is coming in for the keynote. Everyone was absolutely thrilled, and of course I attended the graduation. It was at St. John the divine, and

00:08:01.210 --> 00:08:03.970 Sandra Bargman: and you were divine as well.

00:08:05.270 --> 00:08:08.760 Sandra Bargman: and I I really so appreciated everything that

00:08:08.900 --> 00:08:13.009 you you spoke about, and was so looking forward to

00:08:13.120 --> 00:08:15.590 Sandra Bargman: Oh, and you also gave an intensive

00:08:15.650 --> 00:08:20.359 Sandra Bargman: that anyone that was a a student at the new seminary could attend.

00:08:20.950 --> 00:08:22.510 and that was very moving.

00:08:23.130 --> 00:08:26.410 Sandra Bargman: So then, fast forward.

00:08:26.560 --> 00:08:30.660 Sandra Bargman: Well, no, I'm going to wait for fast forwarding. I want to talk about mentorship.

00:08:31.100 --> 00:08:38.500 Sandra Bargman: so I I I said in my all of my social media about you that I really consider you a mentor.

00:08:39.100 --> 00:08:42.730 and I personally, do not use that word often.

00:08:43.130 --> 00:08:48.199 Sandra Bargman: and I know you'll get a kick out of this. I know you know this about me. It's my rebel spirit.

00:08:48.420 --> 00:08:56.979 Sandra Bargman: I there, Aren't, I I can count on one hand the number of people I consider mentors, and you are at the top of that list.

00:08:59.010 --> 00:09:00.210 Sandra Bargman: So again.

00:09:00.640 --> 00:09:07.300 Sandra Bargman: now that I've regaled you. Yes, we're going to swing back to mentorship, but

00:09:07.310 --> 00:09:22.310 Sandra Bargman: I love to ask all of my guests. This is a new, fabulous Well, it's fabulous to me. Question. And I will be interested. I have a sense of how you're going to answer this. But it really is in today's world where people are doing so many things

00:09:22.320 --> 00:09:32.709 Sandra Bargman: and exploring so many parts of themselves, and where identity and gender and so many things are becoming so more fluid

00:09:32.820 --> 00:09:39.249 Sandra Bargman: and more balanced, and at edge of every day coming together.

00:09:39.370 --> 00:09:46.349 Sandra Bargman: What identity do you, Gloria Karpinski, lead with in your life?

00:09:47.180 --> 00:09:57.740 Gloria Karpinski: What identity, what identity

00:09:58.260 --> 00:10:04.620 Gloria Karpinski: the whole spiritual quest is about finding. It is about remembering

00:10:04.680 --> 00:10:10.010 Gloria Karpinski: a true identity, we just son and daughter of the mother Father card.

00:10:10.110 --> 00:10:12.479 Gloria Karpinski: Yeah, I mean, that's true identity.

00:10:12.540 --> 00:10:13.290 Gloria Karpinski: Right?

00:10:13.400 --> 00:10:18.200 Gloria Karpinski: Yes. So right now i'm experiencing being Gloria, you know.

00:10:18.790 --> 00:10:26.719 Gloria Karpinski: But the real identity. Yes, I start with that. I have a prayer that I start every day with. I'm a being of like

00:10:30.250 --> 00:10:37.610 Gloria Karpinski: this day, only that which is my highest good. She'll come to me only that which is light. She'll leave for me

00:10:37.920 --> 00:10:40.010 Gloria Karpinski: every day of my life starts up there.

00:10:41.090 --> 00:10:48.889 Gloria Karpinski: so it said that I am, as you will know, is the strongest that we ever practice anything with. As I am.

00:10:48.910 --> 00:11:04.839 Gloria Karpinski: It's like a create, so I am. I always want to start with that, because, you know, if the temptation is very great to get caught up in every other identity, the

00:11:05.300 --> 00:11:15.529 Sandra Bargman: that's why it's such a fun question, you know it's all. And there's so many tendrils that you could go out on in of how you're going to answer that.

00:11:16.040 --> 00:11:16.830 Yeah.

00:11:16.850 --> 00:11:28.329 Sandra Bargman: Well, a beautiful, beautiful answer. And you know, mother, father, God, I love the the Yin and the young, the male, and the female portion of creation.

00:11:30.330 --> 00:11:38.080 Sandra Bargman: the edge of every day just as beautiful. Well, I want to swing back to thank you for that luscious answer.

00:11:38.100 --> 00:11:39.670 and for the prayer

00:11:42.490 --> 00:11:43.780 mentoring

00:11:44.580 --> 00:11:52.440 I you, as I mentioned. I consider you a a great mentor, but you and I have talked about how.

00:11:53.910 --> 00:11:55.410 Sandra Bargman: during Covid

00:11:55.490 --> 00:12:04.630 Sandra Bargman: there's been. I've really felt a call to community in a way that I had never been called to it before. Covid really

00:12:04.730 --> 00:12:10.370 Sandra Bargman: revealed that to me, and I feel as though it also has revealed mentorship.

00:12:10.390 --> 00:12:24.589 Sandra Bargman: Would you agree? Would you do you feel that there is an increased call? I know you feel this about community. We've talked about this, but I haven't asked you about mentorship. What are your feelings around mentorship and and

00:12:24.650 --> 00:12:27.210 Sandra Bargman: and the increase of mentorship?

00:12:28.560 --> 00:12:35.649 Gloria Karpinski: Well, I think for one thing, we we we need to be clear on our definition of what we consider a mental shoot to this.

00:12:35.920 --> 00:12:41.780 Gloria Karpinski: because, you know, there comes a time when you really are aware that everything in the environment

00:12:41.870 --> 00:12:43.939 Gloria Karpinski: is potentially your mentor.

00:12:44.060 --> 00:12:52.689 Gloria Karpinski: If you're paying attention, and when you start looking for specifics, the law of attraction kicks in.

00:12:53.100 --> 00:12:56.230 Gloria Karpinski: If the If the quest is sincere.

00:12:56.820 --> 00:13:01.760 Gloria Karpinski: you know. Then you magnetize out of millions of possibilities

00:13:02.060 --> 00:13:14.940 Gloria Karpinski: the people to you that will maybe give you answers or inspiration or direction. They may also mirror for you exactly what's the opposite of it.

00:13:14.980 --> 00:13:27.439 Gloria Karpinski: which is part of the mentorship. Not always the fun part of it very strong leadership, but it's definitely part of the that, you know.

00:13:27.960 --> 00:13:35.600 Gloria Karpinski: So I I think mentorship is very complicated, because because you find it in books you fund it in classes.

00:13:35.750 --> 00:13:43.369 Gloria Karpinski: you know there is a concept in in Hinduism of the Guru that sits next to you.

00:13:43.430 --> 00:13:44.140 Yeah.

00:13:44.770 --> 00:14:00.179 Gloria Karpinski: the I think it's called, and and that and that is a state of consciousness in which you recognize that that the person next to you may be saying may be your mental for that moment.

00:14:00.190 --> 00:14:05.970 Gloria Karpinski: Yes, and this you know it can be even variations of out of the mouth of

00:14:06.070 --> 00:14:14.899 Gloria Karpinski: Well, if we believe that every person is our teacher. Slash, of course, in each.

00:14:15.630 --> 00:14:29.999 Sandra Bargman: But I I do. I have felt a sense of of wanting particularly young women, to be reaching out and me reaching back to younger women and mentorship, and and really wanting.

00:14:30.410 --> 00:14:35.060 Sandra Bargman: you know, to to share in in a way that

00:14:35.140 --> 00:14:42.910 and i'm sure it's it's the age it's. It's a the perfect combination of Covid and my age, and and

00:14:42.930 --> 00:14:47.999 Gloria Karpinski: where I am in life.

00:14:48.170 --> 00:14:53.690 Gloria Karpinski: that one out, that that is also the fact that you plugged into what's really happening on planet Earth.

00:14:54.080 --> 00:14:59.570 Gloria Karpinski: Because then, from the very beginning of my work, which has been several decades ago.

00:15:00.110 --> 00:15:07.880 Gloria Karpinski: one of the major things that I was taught in spirit, and it has never changed in all of his years

00:15:07.910 --> 00:15:21.280 Gloria Karpinski: is that the centerpiece, not an also ran the centerpiece of this evolutionary spiral that we are in is the restoration of the divine, feminine and human consciousness.

00:15:21.760 --> 00:15:25.930 Gloria Karpinski: And and I think it's actually the hope of this planet.

00:15:26.470 --> 00:15:28.510 Oh, and I think

00:15:28.880 --> 00:15:36.500 Sandra Bargman: I know for certain that there would be a a cheer around the globe in agreement with that. Yeah.

00:15:36.590 --> 00:15:39.529 Sandra Bargman: listen. We need to go to break.

00:15:40.070 --> 00:15:49.020 Sandra Bargman: and when we come back we will pick up where we left off on the divine feminine, and we're going to move into

00:15:49.470 --> 00:16:02.830 Sandra Bargman: where 2 worlds touch and and change, and the difference between spirituality and religion. I want Gloria to share her beautiful, beautiful metaphor for that.

00:16:03.080 --> 00:16:09.400 Sandra Bargman: When we come back on the edge of every day with Gloria Karpinski stay tuned.

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00:18:12.430 --> 00:18:16.460 These are the days it never!

00:18:17.820 --> 00:18:19.310 Oh.

00:18:20.500 --> 00:18:21.890 Sandra Bargman: on the

00:18:21.950 --> 00:18:26.059 Sandra Bargman: every day, and we are back with Gloria Karpinski.

00:18:26.090 --> 00:18:30.970 Sandra Bargman: Gloria, we have. We have a shout out to Feral Silvest.

00:18:31.300 --> 00:18:36.910 Sandra Bargman: who says, Delighted to be here. Gloria has meant a great deal to me.

00:18:38.250 --> 00:18:44.439 Gloria Karpinski: That is very nice. Thank you so much. Barrel just wonderful. Hello, Ferrell! Thank you, for

00:18:44.620 --> 00:18:48.240 she means a great deal to me, too, and many, many others.

00:18:49.280 --> 00:18:54.310 Sandra Bargman: So let's move into where 2 worlds touch. We're gonna

00:18:54.410 --> 00:19:04.549 Sandra Bargman: and touch on on all your books. And hopefully, all the stories will spiral out from from your books. I'm thrilled to say that

00:19:04.750 --> 00:19:12.830 Sandra Bargman: after I had reached out and met Gloria and and pursued her, stalked her to be my mentor.

00:19:14.330 --> 00:19:28.300 Sandra Bargman: She wonderfully asked me to be the narrator, the voice Narrator: for for the audio, the abridged audio version of where 2 worlds touch

00:19:28.410 --> 00:19:30.460 which I have right here I have

00:19:31.620 --> 00:19:33.060 Sandra Bargman: gloriously

00:19:33.910 --> 00:19:41.080 Sandra Bargman: and I'm going to re Listen to it now that we've had a talk. I've listened to it over and over, but it's been a a bit of time. But

00:19:42.010 --> 00:19:43.709 Sandra Bargman: what I love

00:19:43.880 --> 00:19:49.360 Sandra Bargman: about this book, and in retrospect in doing my research is is

00:19:49.440 --> 00:19:53.300 Sandra Bargman: the the where 2 worlds touch. It's the end of every day, Gloria.

00:19:54.170 --> 00:19:57.420 Sandra Bargman: we're 2 worlds touch it's it's the same.

00:19:57.710 --> 00:20:06.360 Sandra Bargman: It's the and and it speaks about. It deals with the greatest. In my opinion, the biggest

00:20:06.690 --> 00:20:10.620 Sandra Bargman: that we human beings face is our fear of change.

00:20:10.990 --> 00:20:12.680 absolutely

00:20:12.800 --> 00:20:14.690 Gloria Karpinski: and absolutely.

00:20:14.940 --> 00:20:16.010 Oh, yeah.

00:20:16.450 --> 00:20:23.490 Gloria Karpinski: yeah. And if we're not really careful, we can be lured right back into

00:20:23.520 --> 00:20:24.480 Gloria Karpinski: habits

00:20:24.740 --> 00:20:31.959 Gloria Karpinski: of thinking and justify them, and so forth. I i'll tell you something interesting in the spirit.

00:20:32.600 --> 00:20:36.739 Gloria Karpinski: said that it's an expression that I've really liked. It speaks to that.

00:20:36.860 --> 00:20:43.650 Gloria Karpinski: and the and the phrase was, Beware the seduction of the familiar.

00:20:44.560 --> 00:20:57.740 Gloria Karpinski: and I I like that so much because of the fact it didn't say, beware! The trap of the familiar are being where, falling back into habits. It was a seduction

00:20:57.750 --> 00:21:07.350 Gloria Karpinski: of the familiar, and I think that's a a a warning to us that the past and and habits

00:21:07.670 --> 00:21:13.799 Gloria Karpinski: can do, and things that are condition that are at a cellular level are very seductive.

00:21:14.230 --> 00:21:16.629 Gloria Karpinski: and and we might not like them.

00:21:16.730 --> 00:21:21.359 Gloria Karpinski: and we may say I want to change them. But the thing is, the truth is

00:21:21.370 --> 00:21:40.869 Gloria Karpinski: is that they are comfortable. We know what we do. We know what the rules are? They do know what I mean, whereas we go to the edge of every day we go to that edge. It's like. Wait a minute. I don't. I gotta figure out how to function here, you know, and it's a lot about giving up that which we've got grown

00:21:41.110 --> 00:21:56.700 Gloria Karpinski: and moving into the what a computer would be the unknown, but starts to be very familiar once you've done it once you've lived it, you know. Well, you know it's funny. I as somebody who.

00:21:56.710 --> 00:22:07.150 Sandra Bargman: as an Edge Walker myself, and somebody who I I personally thrive on change, I believe. Do you think that some people are are

00:22:07.520 --> 00:22:09.330 Sandra Bargman: cellularly

00:22:10.560 --> 00:22:15.000 more comfortable with change, and more inclined towards

00:22:15.360 --> 00:22:19.389 Sandra Bargman: sticking with the familiar being seduced by the familiar.

00:22:19.470 --> 00:22:21.050 Gloria Karpinski: Well, I think

00:22:21.210 --> 00:22:23.610 Gloria Karpinski: that we're all human.

00:22:23.710 --> 00:22:27.519 Gloria Karpinski: But we all come with the unique intentionality.

00:22:28.260 --> 00:22:32.870 Gloria Karpinski: And so I think, to generalize about that. It would be risky

00:22:33.400 --> 00:22:40.079 Gloria Karpinski: indeed, you know, because what I'm reminded of actually is.

00:22:40.340 --> 00:22:44.939 Gloria Karpinski: So if they haven't thought about in a while. But one time spirit told me that it would take

00:22:45.090 --> 00:22:47.059 4 different types

00:22:47.530 --> 00:22:54.420 Gloria Karpinski: of the energies to make this turning that we're in, and the first are the visionaries.

00:22:54.610 --> 00:23:01.439 Gloria Karpinski: and of course they welcome change. They're very happy to leap into the unknown, and

00:23:01.750 --> 00:23:06.809 Gloria Karpinski: you know. And then yes, of course, there we are, right.

00:23:07.010 --> 00:23:23.200 Gloria Karpinski: And then, you know. Then come the rebels, who really raised sand with the with the known realities. Yes, you know, and they are protesting all all of the way, and they are challenging systems and doing so forth and so on. Then there are the bridge builders

00:23:23.620 --> 00:23:26.500 Gloria Karpinski: who come along, and they say, Wait a minute.

00:23:26.720 --> 00:23:45.960 Gloria Karpinski: Let's let's understand each other. Let's understand where we've been our history. Let's understand all of that as well, and where we're going, where we're dreaming what the vision is that's that's by enough of us that it's a collective vision, you know. And then come.

00:23:45.970 --> 00:23:50.420 Gloria Karpinski: What really surprised me was the term use was the Conservatives.

00:23:50.480 --> 00:23:58.559 Gloria Karpinski: and it did not mean Conservative as in political political, it meant those that preserve the best of what we've learned thus far

00:23:59.350 --> 00:24:15.599 Gloria Karpinski: that kind of energy is also required. Oh, indeed! So you know I can't. So when I try to answer that question. It's like. It depends on what a person's intentionality is when they incarnate. If they've come in to serve any one of those.

00:24:15.640 --> 00:24:32.840 Gloria Karpinski: and as a dominant theme in their life. Indeed, because they they can't, you can cross over and become one in one situation, and exactly exactly, however, one would be strongest, absolutely absolutely. So. I mean.

00:24:32.850 --> 00:24:40.469 Sandra Bargman: you wrote where 2 worlds touch in 1,992 feeling, you know, and it just the prescient

00:24:40.570 --> 00:24:49.280 Sandra Bargman: quality of this book, where we are in at the crossroads, and the quickening where we are in the world today is unbelievable.

00:24:49.620 --> 00:24:50.769 Sandra Bargman: And so

00:24:52.440 --> 00:24:56.739 Sandra Bargman: how did you? What? What was the inspiration for writing this book?

00:24:56.920 --> 00:25:03.089 Sandra Bargman: I I think I've heard. I I remember this story. I want my listeners to hear it.

00:25:04.170 --> 00:25:06.160 Gloria Karpinski: Well.

00:25:07.100 --> 00:25:16.490 Gloria Karpinski: i'm gonna answer that kind of all the way around all the way around to get to the point, maybe, and and i'm not sure. I can get to the a very long time.

00:25:16.640 --> 00:25:19.320 Gloria Karpinski: but I would say

00:25:19.700 --> 00:25:22.309 Gloria Karpinski: that at that point I had been.

00:25:22.600 --> 00:25:25.410 Gloria Karpinski: My work had opened.

00:25:25.470 --> 00:25:28.439 Gloria Karpinski: and I had

00:25:28.630 --> 00:25:32.439 Gloria Karpinski: develop an obedience, for, like a better word

00:25:32.580 --> 00:25:39.320 Gloria Karpinski: to the guidance that I had from the inside out and from the outside in

00:25:39.610 --> 00:25:41.950 Gloria Karpinski: where they met.

00:25:42.400 --> 00:25:47.530 Gloria Karpinski: and my guidance was, I had taken me from

00:25:47.810 --> 00:25:50.440 Gloria Karpinski: the healing work which started everything.

00:25:50.860 --> 00:25:55.070 Gloria Karpinski: and that's not a way I earn a living, but it is the ground

00:25:55.800 --> 00:26:00.680 Gloria Karpinski: from for everything else that follows. But then that, following with ratings.

00:26:00.700 --> 00:26:04.369 Gloria Karpinski: the attunments, the attendants exactly.

00:26:04.590 --> 00:26:06.610 Gloria Karpinski: and and so.

00:26:06.820 --> 00:26:10.400 Gloria Karpinski: over a period of the viewers that followed.

00:26:10.790 --> 00:26:13.750 Gloria Karpinski: I was aware of the patterns

00:26:14.490 --> 00:26:24.220 Gloria Karpinski: that I was seeing emerged in change, and how it was taking place, and the ones that I was seeing, and at this time I was teaching.

00:26:24.480 --> 00:26:29.860 Gloria Karpinski: and so I was being able, you know, to see that also in people

00:26:30.140 --> 00:26:44.909 Gloria Karpinski: I'm. Reporting in class, not just, you know, the one on one right, and so put that together with then the guidance from spirit that it was time to write. I always knew that that writing would be part of my

00:26:45.320 --> 00:26:49.679 Gloria Karpinski: Oh, sure you. You started out as a journalist, I did, you know?

00:26:49.760 --> 00:26:52.780 Gloria Karpinski: Yes, and

00:26:52.830 --> 00:27:02.119 Gloria Karpinski: yeah, so that that's a long way around about that question much. You're doing an answer. But so the inspiration was what people

00:27:02.380 --> 00:27:09.759 Gloria Karpinski: it was. It was people attending my classes. It was individuals that that with me gave me the privilege

00:27:09.950 --> 00:27:13.859 Gloria Karpinski: of entering into their interference, their lives.

00:27:13.890 --> 00:27:24.520 Sandra Bargman: And and it was. And yeah, well, as I recall also some to an editor or a publisher reached out to you

00:27:24.540 --> 00:27:25.900 which I loved.

00:27:27.620 --> 00:27:32.150 Sandra Bargman: You know what word about you had gotten out, and that

00:27:32.480 --> 00:27:37.139 Sandra Bargman: you needed to write this book. Well, I want to. We we've got 2 min to break.

00:27:37.180 --> 00:27:41.440 Sandra Bargman: Okay, so. But life attunments

00:27:41.770 --> 00:27:46.119 Sandra Bargman: You've got 2 min share with us a little bit more about.

00:27:46.230 --> 00:28:02.460 Sandra Bargman: and we can, You know we can take a break and pick it up when we get back. But but I think 2 min in in general a life attunement is Gloria, beautifully part of the payment that I received for doing the audio was

00:28:02.490 --> 00:28:10.660 Sandra Bargman: this fantastic life attunement. And and interestingly, you told me that I was to write a book

00:28:10.790 --> 00:28:13.160 Sandra Bargman: in my life and tune in from you.

00:28:13.330 --> 00:28:15.149 Sandra Bargman: and I remember thinking

00:28:15.730 --> 00:28:16.910 that's

00:28:18.230 --> 00:28:29.969 Sandra Bargman: ridiculous. I have no aspiration in the world to write a book, and i'm on the precipice of writing my own, and I've contributed a chapter to someone else's book. That's doing very well.

00:28:31.200 --> 00:28:46.380 Sandra Bargman: I'm not at all surprised about anything right exactly. Not at all surprised me. Well, you know what I'm going to hold that question, and we'll go to break, so i'll let you speak more relaxed about what a life attunement is, and then we will move

00:28:46.590 --> 00:28:47.920 Sandra Bargman: into

00:28:48.320 --> 00:29:00.840 Sandra Bargman: your other books and some other stories. And what a pragmatic visionary is when we come back with Gloria Karpinski on the edge of every day. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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00:30:45.810 --> 00:30:47.570 Chipping around.

00:30:47.860 --> 00:30:49.880 Keep my brain to the ground.

00:30:49.960 --> 00:30:51.180 These are the

00:30:51.220 --> 00:30:54.020 is it?

00:30:55.000 --> 00:30:56.840 But oh.

00:30:58.050 --> 00:31:04.409 Sandra Bargman: i'm on the edge of it every day, and we are back with Gloria Karpinski and

00:31:05.760 --> 00:31:15.739 Sandra Bargman: I. You don't need to go d in in in depth, because that this is something that people can can read about when they

00:31:15.940 --> 00:31:23.529 Sandra Bargman: run to your website. But I do want people to have a sense of what it's like to work with you, one on one.

00:31:23.600 --> 00:31:26.330 So what is a life achievement?

00:31:29.030 --> 00:31:35.729 Gloria Karpinski: Well, short version it's. When a person comes, we start with prayer

00:31:35.850 --> 00:31:43.860 Gloria Karpinski: because i'm. I'm. Only interested in entertaining that which is going to be for the highest good person.

00:31:44.440 --> 00:31:52.709 Gloria Karpinski: and that and that would under my energy I do work about the spirit, and I use that word spirit

00:31:53.170 --> 00:32:00.820 Gloria Karpinski: to cover that. Maybe a a lot of territory, but not that involved in a lot of

00:32:00.950 --> 00:32:05.350 Gloria Karpinski: yes, and sometimes it is a guide. Sometimes it's an angel.

00:32:05.420 --> 00:32:13.110 Gloria Karpinski: Hmm, you know, and sometimes it's. A spirit is simply the spirit of the person itself.

00:32:13.310 --> 00:32:22.410 Gloria Karpinski: So the life attorney. The purpose of it is to support a person and becoming who they really are.

00:32:22.690 --> 00:32:27.189 Gloria Karpinski: by addressing them from the spirit

00:32:27.390 --> 00:32:29.790 Gloria Karpinski: for a outward

00:32:29.910 --> 00:32:38.170 Gloria Karpinski: into how it's manifesting professionally personally, and the challenges that they've brought in to work with their karma. We could say

00:32:38.260 --> 00:32:42.409 Gloria Karpinski: in the contributions that come to

00:32:42.690 --> 00:32:48.810 Gloria Karpinski: where they are when they're stopped. We look at those things, generally speaking.

00:32:49.320 --> 00:32:55.420 Gloria Karpinski: because we all manifest, and at least several frequencies. At one time.

00:32:56.060 --> 00:32:59.209 Gloria Karpinski: There is information on each one of those levels.

00:32:59.530 --> 00:33:07.110 Gloria Karpinski: Okay. And so very often an attendant or a live meeting starts with a symbol.

00:33:07.230 --> 00:33:09.879 Gloria Karpinski: a symbol that your starts

00:33:10.120 --> 00:33:11.250 Gloria Karpinski: all 7,

00:33:11.550 --> 00:33:13.700 Gloria Karpinski: and then we work with that symbol

00:33:14.440 --> 00:33:22.690 Gloria Karpinski: for a long period of time, unraveling. It's, seeing where it's what it's. Implications might be, and so forth.

00:33:23.020 --> 00:33:41.790 Gloria Karpinski: And of course the point is to support them, and becoming more and more who they are, and and dealing with the challenges that they're facing and helping them to, maybe discover talents like any of the head, or if they did, to encourage them in it.

00:33:41.820 --> 00:33:42.490 Yeah.

00:33:42.580 --> 00:33:52.939 Gloria Karpinski: and so forth. And that's just the tip of it, of course. Indeed, it's difficult difficult to get into in in this format, but I but I

00:33:53.790 --> 00:34:13.019 Sandra Bargman: it was so profound for me, and that I I did want to give our listeners a taste of it. Tell me, Gloria, did you always as a young person, I I and you got into journalism as he, as a young person, Were you aware of these skills that you had

00:34:13.030 --> 00:34:16.379 Sandra Bargman: vision clairvoyance

00:34:16.900 --> 00:34:19.319 information coming through.

00:34:19.630 --> 00:34:23.819 Was that something that you were very plugged into from the get-go?

00:34:24.810 --> 00:34:32.640 Gloria Karpinski: Yes, and no. In fact, I've been just written about that in this new book that i'm working on.

00:34:34.370 --> 00:34:38.459 Gloria Karpinski: I cannot remember a time that I wasn't saying, Why are we here

00:34:38.500 --> 00:34:47.049 Gloria Karpinski: that I didn't see pictures in my head, and I thought everybody did, because I was a perfectly normal child.

00:34:47.080 --> 00:34:58.510 Gloria Karpinski: You know I wasn't running around with psychic doubt all the time, you know, but I always saw pictures in my head. I always questioned.

00:34:58.610 --> 00:35:05.130 Gloria Karpinski: Let me back that up. I started questioning seriously around 8 or 9.

00:35:05.360 --> 00:35:14.819 Gloria Karpinski: You know my parents were not interested in religion, and I couldn't stay away. I so I toodled down to the church by myself

00:35:14.960 --> 00:35:17.810 Gloria Karpinski: and fell in love with Jesus.

00:35:17.970 --> 00:35:25.129 Gloria Karpinski: you know, and I love the whole thing, and then start seeing a lot of things that I thought

00:35:25.200 --> 00:35:29.160 Gloria Karpinski: we're what I would today say. We're not congruent.

00:35:29.300 --> 00:35:34.900 Gloria Karpinski: Yes, teachings and it and it challenged me. But with the time I got to college

00:35:34.970 --> 00:35:44.650 Gloria Karpinski: I was exposed to, of course, rural religions, and and what what grew from me was looking for the commonality.

00:35:44.760 --> 00:35:48.360 Gloria Karpinski: Where is the mystical teachings behind it all.

00:35:48.470 --> 00:35:52.259 Gloria Karpinski: you know, and that's continued to fascinate me.

00:35:52.510 --> 00:36:05.089 Sandra Bargman: and I have followed in those footsteps as well. Well, this is would be a great place to. I ask about your beautiful on Gloria's Youtube Channel. She's a

00:36:05.170 --> 00:36:21.729 Sandra Bargman: beautiful video that speaks about the difference between spirituality and religion, You know. I get asked this a lot. I'm sure you get? Asked this a lot, which is why you created this the and I remember reading it in your books, and just loving your description

00:36:21.740 --> 00:36:33.910 Gloria Karpinski: of the difference, so could you share with our listeners? Well, i'm not sure which book you're referring to, or exactly how I've said it at the time I would have to go back, but not the the the

00:36:33.960 --> 00:36:35.380 Sandra Bargman: about water.

00:36:36.310 --> 00:36:40.779 Gloria Karpinski: Oh, yeah, of course you mean that illustration. Yeah.

00:36:40.950 --> 00:36:43.949 Gloria Karpinski: now, because that's been on my website for some time.

00:36:45.350 --> 00:36:56.340 Gloria Karpinski: It was a vision I had that was about water pouring everywhere, and there was no limit to it.

00:36:56.530 --> 00:37:07.529 Gloria Karpinski: and there were containers that came along, and all of the containers had some of the water, and none of the containers have all the water, and as long as they have the cap

00:37:07.940 --> 00:37:11.339 Gloria Karpinski: i'll out of the container

00:37:11.390 --> 00:37:12.910 Gloria Karpinski: it was living water.

00:37:12.930 --> 00:37:16.289 Gloria Karpinski: but as soon as I put the cap all in the container

00:37:16.530 --> 00:37:18.589 Gloria Karpinski: and said, this is it. We've got it.

00:37:18.870 --> 00:37:21.780 Gloria Karpinski: you know. It started to become toxic.

00:37:22.400 --> 00:37:27.779 Gloria Karpinski: Yes, and so I felt that the water is spirituality.

00:37:28.630 --> 00:37:31.610 Gloria Karpinski: The water is the the spirit that separate where

00:37:32.310 --> 00:37:34.760 Gloria Karpinski: you know. And what's interesting to me

00:37:34.920 --> 00:37:43.729 Gloria Karpinski: is how much the sciences of today have found languages that underlying the same connected in it

00:37:43.910 --> 00:37:46.149 Gloria Karpinski: connected field of energy

00:37:46.560 --> 00:37:54.329 Gloria Karpinski: that all mystical traditions have. I've I've talked about from the beginning. Yes, you know that it all

00:37:54.410 --> 00:37:55.600 Gloria Karpinski: all life.

00:37:56.020 --> 00:37:57.359 Gloria Karpinski: I'll send you.

00:37:57.940 --> 00:38:00.630 Oh, yes, all connected.

00:38:00.970 --> 00:38:01.649 Yeah.

00:38:01.970 --> 00:38:05.310 Sandra Bargman: Oh, well, so let's move.

00:38:07.300 --> 00:38:09.779 Let's move into

00:38:09.870 --> 00:38:19.230 Sandra Bargman: your You mentioned this book that you're beginning. I do want to quickly mention again the second book, Barefoot on Holy Ground.

00:38:21.930 --> 00:38:25.509 Sandra Bargman: a spectacular book, and I

00:38:25.630 --> 00:38:28.470 what I picked up from your website.

00:38:28.730 --> 00:38:31.190 Sandra Bargman: I loved it in in

00:38:31.300 --> 00:38:35.039 where 2 worlds touch You talked about the rhythm of change

00:38:35.280 --> 00:38:49.479 Sandra Bargman: in 7 years I loved that, and then, and you used 12 in barefoot on holy ground, and you talked about endurance in these troubling times.

00:38:49.630 --> 00:38:51.200 the endurance.

00:38:51.480 --> 00:38:53.799 Sandra Bargman: the power of endurance.

00:38:53.860 --> 00:38:55.000 And

00:38:57.030 --> 00:39:08.549 Sandra Bargman: so let's before we get to your last book, your your next book, your third book. Let's let's talk about the divine feminine and your connection to always

00:39:08.670 --> 00:39:16.450 Sandra Bargman: working towards that in, and and your uplifting of women and your understanding in today's world.

00:39:16.510 --> 00:39:21.830 Sandra Bargman: It is the women. It is the rise of the divine feminine it that is the

00:39:21.900 --> 00:39:25.230 Sandra Bargman: the crossroads in which we find ourselves.

00:39:25.480 --> 00:39:26.339 Gloria Karpinski: Oh.

00:39:26.420 --> 00:39:40.090 Gloria Karpinski: it's essential! And I would say that women are leading the way on that. But you know i'd really like us to expand it. To think of youngness, because that's where we're fundamentally out of balance.

00:39:40.700 --> 00:39:48.189 Gloria Karpinski: It's where we have worshipped at the altar of youngness. Yes, and and and

00:39:49.080 --> 00:39:57.710 Gloria Karpinski: you, you know I I have been told from the beginning, as I said earlier, that the day

00:39:58.290 --> 00:40:04.869 Gloria Karpinski: the center of this evolution or change, and that's the way spirit refers to it, not just as another turning.

00:40:05.010 --> 00:40:07.170 Gloria Karpinski: but but

00:40:07.320 --> 00:40:15.549 Gloria Karpinski: we're in the early generations of a major evolutionary change, and the seeds that we lay down now

00:40:15.610 --> 00:40:17.159 Gloria Karpinski: are are going to grow.

00:40:17.270 --> 00:40:31.180 Gloria Karpinski: Yeah. And so it's important that we water them. And so you know, the thing is, we've abused the feminine, and there's very there. There is a similarity between the abuse of nature.

00:40:31.510 --> 00:40:35.590 Gloria Karpinski: Oh, my goodness!

00:40:35.700 --> 00:40:38.640 Gloria Karpinski: Male and female.

00:40:39.120 --> 00:40:41.070 Gloria Karpinski: and the abuse of women!

00:40:41.260 --> 00:40:46.330 Gloria Karpinski: And so we've got. We've had an awful lot of work to do

00:40:46.420 --> 00:40:52.010 Gloria Karpinski: to bring women into an equal balance on the manifestation level.

00:40:52.260 --> 00:41:00.800 Gloria Karpinski: but on a deeper level. We are also talking about with storing that awareness of balance

00:41:01.020 --> 00:41:05.429 Gloria Karpinski: that is required with Ian and Yang

00:41:05.770 --> 00:41:16.029 Gloria Karpinski: with just one we are out of balance. Yes, indeed, you know. So we have a lot of distortions about what in this in this.

00:41:16.380 --> 00:41:17.330 you know.

00:41:17.530 --> 00:41:22.929 Gloria Karpinski: So I think that there will be a lot of teaching about this

00:41:23.280 --> 00:41:32.569 Gloria Karpinski: with men as well as women. I've been thinking about development workshops, and then only call, what are they talking about?

00:41:32.800 --> 00:41:34.779 Sandra Bargman: Well, yeah, it's it.

00:41:36.390 --> 00:41:40.259 Sandra Bargman: It's it's I I don't I You know I I

00:41:40.300 --> 00:41:46.789 Gloria Karpinski: I I it's a challenge to be a man right now

00:41:46.980 --> 00:41:58.680 Gloria Karpinski: that's what I meant. Let me excuse me, that's what I meant was, what are they talking about? Would be the title of the workshop.

00:41:58.890 --> 00:42:09.209 Sandra Bargman: and and and where, to begin with, the the the men that genuinely want to be. You know it's a much the same

00:42:10.280 --> 00:42:15.499 Sandra Bargman: with white supremacy. I mean the willingness you've got to be willing to say.

00:42:15.980 --> 00:42:29.790 Sandra Bargman: I help me to take my blinders off to show me where I am blind. Show me what I am not seeing it. Help me, but I you know i'm fascinated.

00:42:30.140 --> 00:42:32.529 Sandra Bargman: I'm also fascinated by.

00:42:35.370 --> 00:42:44.139 Sandra Bargman: And I talk about this in reaching back and mentorship, and you know i'm fascinated with the with the internalized misogyny of women

00:42:44.430 --> 00:42:46.989 that is a fascinating

00:42:48.760 --> 00:42:51.970 Sandra Bargman: observance. Do you have any thoughts on that?

00:42:52.660 --> 00:43:10.510 Sandra Bargman: Would you clarify the question? Well, no, I just. I just understanding women who are upholding patriarchy who have internalized the misogyny, and that that that are more in alignment. It you know it's all part of this large story, I understand. But but I,

00:43:10.630 --> 00:43:11.889 as women are

00:43:12.640 --> 00:43:32.290 Gloria Karpinski: working to gain their equality, to see women standing in the way of that is heartbreaking

00:43:33.430 --> 00:43:43.650 Gloria Karpinski: hundreds of years in me. I can say what I have seen in doing life readings of what I've seen in classes.

00:43:43.670 --> 00:43:50.170 Gloria Karpinski: because I teach one of the things I teach, of course, call renewable

00:43:50.550 --> 00:43:55.510 Gloria Karpinski: about the divine feminine.

00:43:55.770 --> 00:43:57.259 Gloria Karpinski: and

00:43:58.070 --> 00:44:02.040 Gloria Karpinski: the damage that's been done down through the centuries

00:44:02.060 --> 00:44:07.770 Gloria Karpinski: is carried by a lot of women today, and the fears are great.

00:44:08.370 --> 00:44:15.489 Gloria Karpinski: You know. I mean we could start with something as fundamental as thinking If I, if I speak up and speak out and break out.

00:44:15.930 --> 00:44:27.900 Gloria Karpinski: Am I going to be hanged again, right? It's not going to be the epigenetics. How that lives in the cells of women, you know absolutely, and you know

00:44:28.990 --> 00:44:35.770 Gloria Karpinski: it's a very complicated subject, but I think we have to like. We do with everything

00:44:36.100 --> 00:44:38.509 Gloria Karpinski: we we have to embrace it.

00:44:39.030 --> 00:44:39.850 I know

00:44:40.210 --> 00:44:43.239 Gloria Karpinski: I had a wonderful experience with the

00:44:43.380 --> 00:44:44.739 Gloria Karpinski: with a

00:44:45.050 --> 00:44:51.219 Gloria Karpinski: monk who had been imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese for 21 years.

00:44:51.660 --> 00:44:57.500 Gloria Karpinski: and I had the privilege of meeting with them, and was told I could ask him anything I wanted to.

00:44:57.790 --> 00:45:03.790 Gloria Karpinski: and I I only ask him to ask anybody who's been through intolerable things.

00:45:04.640 --> 00:45:09.640 Gloria Karpinski: and that was what got we got you through it, you know, and I loved his

00:45:10.020 --> 00:45:19.090 Gloria Karpinski: because he didn't hesitate for a moment. He said it was my karma, and I embraced it, and because I did, I could practice what I knew.

00:45:19.180 --> 00:45:21.279 Gloria Karpinski: and therein is the key.

00:45:21.910 --> 00:45:31.700 Gloria Karpinski: as is the minute that we embrace. But it is what we know, but if we Don't embrace it. We can't even get to what we know.

00:45:32.090 --> 00:45:33.870 Gloria Karpinski: Okay. So I think

00:45:33.980 --> 00:45:44.470 Gloria Karpinski: that for a lot of women, for example, that you're speaking. That's very hard to get to that first mountain of the pricing.

00:45:44.810 --> 00:45:51.419 Gloria Karpinski: One may be maybe it has to do with their Karmic history. Maybe it has to do with their family patterns.

00:45:51.820 --> 00:45:58.469 Gloria Karpinski: We've we've.

00:45:58.580 --> 00:46:06.020 Gloria Karpinski: you know. So I think there are so many reasons why. But I think that

00:46:06.520 --> 00:46:09.309 Gloria Karpinski: it's it's imperative that we love our sisters.

00:46:09.450 --> 00:46:19.299 Gloria Karpinski: Wherever, however, they are and drop seeds. You never know when it is going to be finding fertile. So you really don't.

00:46:19.560 --> 00:46:24.319 Gloria Karpinski: I learned that a long time ago. Amen. Well, hey, i'm writing a play.

00:46:24.710 --> 00:46:26.140 but I

00:46:26.240 --> 00:46:31.979 I about Wilts not about Lilith Lilith as the central

00:46:32.730 --> 00:46:35.689 person, a character in the play.

00:46:35.760 --> 00:46:37.879 Sandra Bargman: But it is my hope that it

00:46:38.320 --> 00:46:53.910 Sandra Bargman: that this played sends these scenes to a spectrum of women who are willing to look into the shadows and allow all of that to rise and to be recognized and embraced.

00:46:54.170 --> 00:47:00.279 Sandra Bargman: and where we can really get real about our edges.

00:47:00.610 --> 00:47:05.129 Gloria Karpinski: us totally support you in doing that. That's wonderful.

00:47:05.230 --> 00:47:08.609 Gloria Karpinski: Connect. And in here and now, we.

00:47:08.680 --> 00:47:10.749 Gloria Karpinski: in in addition to

00:47:10.880 --> 00:47:15.519 Gloria Karpinski: the divine feminine being, what was stressed from the very beginning

00:47:15.810 --> 00:47:18.019 Gloria Karpinski: that has to has to be

00:47:18.610 --> 00:47:20.089 Gloria Karpinski: remembered again

00:47:20.260 --> 00:47:32.010 Gloria Karpinski: and manifest it again on this planet. The other thing that's really really significant is that I've been taught from the very beginning. That's that's part of this it's inseparable from all of them

00:47:32.400 --> 00:47:35.500 Gloria Karpinski: is that everything hidden has to come to light. Now.

00:47:35.970 --> 00:47:55.889 Gloria Karpinski: everything hidden in now that sounds very romantic when you say it, and in a certain circumstance. And when we talk about looking at, for example, racism, or ageism, or sexism, or any of that, and we're looking at institutions. That's one thing, but it's also taking place individually.

00:47:55.900 --> 00:48:03.820 Gloria Karpinski: So it means that whatever fears these women to speak to public, to to that

00:48:04.090 --> 00:48:07.190 Gloria Karpinski: women that are feeling that way.

00:48:07.380 --> 00:48:10.099 Gloria Karpinski: It's bringing to the surface. Yeah.

00:48:10.170 --> 00:48:14.820 Gloria Karpinski: what effort is down there? There's no way out of this because it's going to bring everything

00:48:15.040 --> 00:48:20.190 Gloria Karpinski: up front and center for us to deal with this new way out of this. I love that

00:48:20.270 --> 00:48:34.520 Sandra Bargman: buckle up. We've got to take a break. We've got to take a break and yes, buckle up, indeed. Okay? Oh, my goodness, Gloria Karpinski, it is so. I I wish we had 3 h for this conversation.

00:48:34.550 --> 00:48:38.330 Sandra Bargman: but we are going to continue with our last

00:48:38.380 --> 00:48:44.170 Sandra Bargman: when we come back with Gloria Karpinski on the edge of every day. Stay tuned

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00:50:33.820 --> 00:50:35.560 chipping around

00:50:35.870 --> 00:50:37.860 kick my brain to the ground.

00:50:37.950 --> 00:50:42.000 These are the days it never

00:50:43.000 --> 00:50:44.100 but it

00:50:44.120 --> 00:50:44.810 Oh.

00:50:46.000 --> 00:50:47.399 on the edge

00:50:47.420 --> 00:50:48.650 of every day.

00:50:48.930 --> 00:50:52.129 Sandra Bargman: and we are back with Gloria Karpinski.

00:50:52.630 --> 00:50:54.279 Sandra Bargman: so

00:50:55.070 --> 00:51:04.370 Sandra Bargman: we can find you, Gloria, at. I want to make sure that we say this a few times. Gloria has a wonderful Youtube channel. All of

00:51:04.400 --> 00:51:11.549 are the places you can find her are going to be in the show notes, but you can find

00:51:12.490 --> 00:51:21.939 You can order books, read all about her wonderful programs where she's going to be teaching, etc., on her website.

00:51:22.250 --> 00:51:26.529 Sandra Bargman: So let's talk about your new book that is not on your website yet.

00:51:26.690 --> 00:51:33.459 Sandra Bargman: So so so what is this new book about

00:51:33.580 --> 00:51:36.690 Gloria Karpinski: the new book? And it's called Blossoms of Fire?

00:51:37.100 --> 00:51:43.159 Gloria Karpinski: Oh, yeah, that that's a line that comes actually from, and

00:51:43.210 --> 00:51:45.359 Gloria Karpinski: a common

00:51:45.860 --> 00:51:48.740 Gloria Karpinski: and the right point.

00:51:49.620 --> 00:51:53.110 Gloria Karpinski: Richard. Right form. Okay.

00:51:54.640 --> 00:51:58.909 Gloria Karpinski: And it's it's really what in the publishing world I would call a hybrid.

00:51:59.420 --> 00:52:03.609 Gloria Karpinski: Okay, which means that it's

00:52:03.730 --> 00:52:05.080 Gloria Karpinski: in this case

00:52:05.270 --> 00:52:10.399 Gloria Karpinski: it's a memoir. Of course

00:52:10.490 --> 00:52:12.809 Gloria Karpinski: I don't know with teaching. Yeah.

00:52:12.880 --> 00:52:14.519 Gloria Karpinski: Excellent. So

00:52:14.870 --> 00:52:16.330 Sandra Bargman: okay. So

00:52:17.470 --> 00:52:19.320 Sandra Bargman: are there. Do you

00:52:19.370 --> 00:52:21.589 Sandra Bargman: talk about it this question

00:52:22.720 --> 00:52:23.799 Sandra Bargman: in the book

00:52:24.050 --> 00:52:25.550 Sandra Bargman: are there?

00:52:26.400 --> 00:52:28.360 Sandra Bargman: Have there been in your life?

00:52:28.580 --> 00:52:31.949 Sandra Bargman: Have there been in your life

00:52:32.260 --> 00:52:39.049 Sandra Bargman: responsibilities you've needed to embrace or challenges you've needed to face

00:52:40.140 --> 00:52:44.180 Sandra Bargman: in the deepening relationship that you've

00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:46.940 Sandra Bargman: experienced with spirit.

00:52:48.910 --> 00:52:50.259 Gloria Karpinski: Well, of course.

00:52:50.890 --> 00:52:53.799 Gloria Karpinski: as long as we're him and we're challenged

00:52:54.490 --> 00:53:04.080 Gloria Karpinski: right unless we're walking the water, and I don't personally know anybody walking on water until that time comes.

00:53:04.240 --> 00:53:09.630 Gloria Karpinski: We're constantly seeking to

00:53:10.150 --> 00:53:18.840 Gloria Karpinski: to know ourselves. That was what was written over the downfall, or it is still one mandate is to know. Not in often. Yes.

00:53:18.890 --> 00:53:22.399 Gloria Karpinski: yeah. And and then to

00:53:22.450 --> 00:53:26.850 Gloria Karpinski: to acquire ways and means of

00:53:27.410 --> 00:53:37.109 Gloria Karpinski: of maintaining compassion and love and developing increased detachment from reacting to everything that comes along

00:53:37.390 --> 00:53:42.690 Gloria Karpinski: and so forth. There's a multitude of lessons that happen once we wake up

00:53:42.760 --> 00:53:57.950 Sandra Bargman: really starts, of course. Well, I suppose I'm i'm, I'm. I'm. Speaking more in terms of personal experiences, things that you didn't expect that that could model for people who are awakening.

00:53:57.970 --> 00:54:05.729 Sandra Bargman: you know, when when spirit calls there are certain. Oh, I need to

00:54:06.620 --> 00:54:16.180 Sandra Bargman: step into this and to realize that you know that that is a calling for a deepening up relationship with spirit.

00:54:16.270 --> 00:54:17.500 Gloria Karpinski: Absolutely.

00:54:17.700 --> 00:54:23.629 Gloria Karpinski: Well. I found myself on my own with 2 children to raise

00:54:24.000 --> 00:54:25.850 on my on.

00:54:26.020 --> 00:54:33.539 Gloria Karpinski: You know I have not worked under the auspices of a charge or a college

00:54:33.600 --> 00:54:37.370 Gloria Karpinski: our center, even though I've worked in lots of them

00:54:37.590 --> 00:54:46.830 Gloria Karpinski: that has meant that I've had to be willing to also be very pragmatic

00:54:47.190 --> 00:54:53.820 Gloria Karpinski: and pragmatical and visionary.

00:54:54.070 --> 00:54:58.159 Gloria Karpinski: That's that's that. That's the truth.

00:54:58.530 --> 00:55:08.210 Gloria Karpinski: So and then, of course, you know it would. We would be here all night if I started unraveling step by step. What I've had to learn, you know.

00:55:08.320 --> 00:55:20.410 Gloria Karpinski: But I I would say, balance the number One imperative in my personal life

00:55:20.510 --> 00:55:26.180 Gloria Karpinski: which does remind me of something I I I do want to say is that

00:55:26.590 --> 00:55:32.540 Gloria Karpinski: paradoxes I've been taught the spirit. It's not the same thing as then the once or contradiction

00:55:33.190 --> 00:55:40.229 Gloria Karpinski: a spirit one time said to me, a paradox exists when the mine has stretched far enough

00:55:40.420 --> 00:55:43.439 Gloria Karpinski: to embrace seeming options

00:55:43.530 --> 00:55:49.540 Gloria Karpinski: and the operative phrase there. This is.

00:55:49.620 --> 00:55:59.979 Gloria Karpinski: they're not really offices. But whereas i'm the ambivalence is either, or keeps of stuff, you know, contradiction is I've got to choose one or the other, you know.

00:56:00.190 --> 00:56:07.090 Gloria Karpinski: So so I would say that learning to handle paradox by whatever name we call it

00:56:07.340 --> 00:56:15.950 Gloria Karpinski: balance yes, and a a challenge, the balance between the spiritual world and and I'm a very practical person.

00:56:15.960 --> 00:56:30.449 Gloria Karpinski: Do you know what I mean? I do my mortgage. I do, and I like go on time, you know. Now I'm being a facetious, of course. Oh, well, we just some extent, but to some extent i'm not

00:56:30.500 --> 00:56:34.849 Sandra Bargman: understood. Well, we've got to. We've got a minute to we're finished.

00:56:35.070 --> 00:56:46.240 Sandra Bargman: I would I know it just flies by, and I I know it just every single episode. I'm like this. But quickly again, Gloria

00:56:46.270 --> 00:56:53.599 Sandra Bargman: The new book blossom by fire blossoms of fire.

00:56:54.000 --> 00:57:01.830 Sandra Bargman: and Gloria Karpinski. I can't thank you enough. For

00:57:02.430 --> 00:57:03.589 Gloria Karpinski: Oh, thank you.

00:57:03.900 --> 00:57:14.019 Sandra Bargman: and to our listeners. Thank you for spending this hour with us. Remember, you are always at the edge of the miraculous. See you next week.

00:57:14.370 --> 00:57:17.710 Many blessings

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