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Monday, January 2, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/02 - Penis Politics with Karen Hinton

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/02 - Penis Politics with Karen Hinton


2023/01/02 - Penis Politics with Karen Hinton

[NEW EPISODE] Penis Politics with Karen Hinton

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- Karen addresses how the dynamic of how men’s internal struggle becomes an outward abuse of women, and how this is exacerbated in the case of men who hold power in any manifestation. With great respect for what #metoo accomplished, Karen saw there was no attention being given to the middle class and low-income women.

- Through her powerful stories, Karen inspires women - and men - to speak up, not shut up about sexual abuse and misconduct.

- Karen offers strategic actions to confront sexual abuse.


Mississippi native Karen Hinton is a nationally-recognized media professional in Washington and New York. Best known for her role as press secretary to both former Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Hinton played what Politico dubbed the “Helen of Troy role” in the clash between Cuomo, now the former Governor of New York, and Mayor de Blasio. The New York Times called the clash “one of America’s ugliest political feuds.”

Hinton cut her teeth as the press secretary for the first Black Congressman from Mississippi since Reconstruction in 1986. The Democratic National Committee hired her in 1989, serving a similar role for Ron Brown, who was the first Black Chairman of the DNC and a key political strategist to elect Bill Clinton as President. In 1995, Hinton joined the Clinton Administration as press secretary for Cuomo at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. During that time, President Clinton began to face charges of womanizing (and worse). Hinton later relocated to New York and became Mayor de Blasio’s press secretary. She found herself at the center of the crossfire between longtime frenemies Cuomo and de Blasio, often becoming the subject of news coverage herself.

Hinton was at the peak of her career when a catastrophic brain injury from a freak accident confronted her with the battle of her life. Emerging from a coma, learning to walk and talk again, Hinton was determined to “speak up not shut up” on issues involving women, men and power in politics. She is the author of the best selling book, Penis Politics. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

We start the new year with Sandra Bargman and her guest, Karen Hinton on the 51st episode of The Edge of Everyday. If you want to tune in to this and past episodes with inspiring guests, you can visit and “Sandra Bargman on The Edge of Everyday” at Karen is the author of the best selling book, Penis Politics: A Memoir of Women, Men and Power. Hinton is also best known for her role as press secretary to both former Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Hinton is determined to “speak up not shut up” on issues involving women, men and power in politics as well. Sandra met Karen through another friend, Leslie Michaels, author of On the Shoulders of Mighty Women. She was also a guest on episode 30. Karen talks with Sandra about her book and the importance of drawing attention to a problem that all women know of or experienced; sexual harassment. Karen emphasizes how this problem is everywhere from high school to different industries. Hinton is asked about what identity she leads with in her life. She talks about not being able to get pregnant and how she adopted her daughter, Tally. She adopted her daughter from Russia at the time and expresses her love for her. Hinton says that every morning she looks at her calendar and sees everything she wants to do for Tally. Hinton also talks about one of her reasons for starting to write her book which was after finding her old diaries and at times questioning her decisions or stories in general from her past.

Segment 2

Hinton discusses the title of her book. She says that a few years ago, she was having a debate with her husband about the #metoo movement and the dynamic of women and men in the workplace. She was getting aggravated that she said, “this is nothing but penis politics. It's all about the penis.” She says that it's about power and authority by some men in all walks of our life. Karen also mentions a part of her life where she fell off a treadmill in a gym; she had hit her head on concrete floor. Karen had a brain injury and needed to have immediate surgery. When she finally became conscious, she had to accept that she is now a different person, having to practice writing, reading and talking. On the road to recovery, one of the things that helped her was reading her stories from her old diaries. Her husband encouraged her to rewrite these stories down to get better at putting down her thoughts and bringing them together. Hinton mentions taking 3 years to write her book. If it wasn't for her injury, she most likely wouldn't have written her book. Karen tells a story of her time in highschool with 3 of her close friends. One of them was raped by a school official. When that friend told the rest of the group, they did not know how to process it. At the time, Karen says that they didn't know what to do and unfortunately decided to not talk about it. This had a huge impact in Hinton’s life, career and the way she felt and responded to certain people. She says that women have to stand up and tell their story when they can even though it is hard to do.

Segment 3

Sandra mentions the major importance of the book and that's for men and women to be inspired to find the courage to speak out on this topic. In her book, Hinton sheds light on this and how it is in every level of the economy. They dove into another topic about former governor, Andrew Cuomo. Sandra mentions some of the good work he had done but how we all eventually learned what was happening behind closed doors. Karen, who has known Cuomo since the mid 90s, says that she has seen herself how he would be inappropriate with a number of women who worked for him. Though like many women, she was afraid to say something because she wanted to keep her job. Karen shares a point that you can't excuse someone's behavior and justify it only because of the good they have done in their job like Cuomo. She says that she was shocked after hearing several of the women come out about what went on in the workplace with him. She questions as to why he would “throw it all away” and how he could have allowed it to happen when he could have changed things and stopped his decisions. Sandra expressed how important her book is and how she believes that everyone is paying full attention to the change that is happening. Karen also says that men need to be part of the solution; when they see situations like this happening, they need to go to their boss or other higher ups and let them know the repercussions.

Segment 4

Karen shares her thoughts and advice for women who need support. She says that its important to understand how to avoid situations like Cuomo’s where they allowed themselves to fall into this problem. It's also important for women to be supportive of women who have claims and allegations, especially when the majority of the time men will have the same responses or excuses. Sandra mentions a couple of statistics; 83 percent of women face sexual misconduct in their lives. 3 out of 4 victims of sexual harassment do not speak up. Karemn mentions that we have to start talking to our children about the conduct between boys and girls at school and men and women at work as well as what's happening when an inappropriate situation happens. She also says that if these situations do happen to someone, they have to tell someone. Today, there is so much out there to hear and learn about that will help you make your decision on moving through it and be supported. Karen also mentions that we need stronger laws in many states and other changes are needed like the wording in the constitution. You can find Karen Hinton on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok and Karen leaves us sharing that she wants to encourage women to all tell their stories. If we all come together and show loyalty to each other and problems, she says that it will go a long way to solving our problems.


00:00:11.450 --> 00:00:14.199 welcome everyone. I'm Sandra Bardman.

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00:01:00.350 --> 00:01:04.709 Sandra Bargman: Tonight we are live in the hive with Karen Hinton.

00:01:04.739 --> 00:01:11.679 Sandra Bargman: author of the best-selling book, Penis politics, a Memoir of Women, men, and power.

00:01:11.720 --> 00:01:17.449 Sandra Bargman: for our 50 first episode, entitled the Edge of

00:01:17.480 --> 00:01:31.470 Sandra Bargman: As Karen, so deftly and courageously explores, and all the stories she shares in her unapologetic and powerful book. When it comes to the broad spectrum of sexual abuse and misconduct.

00:01:31.570 --> 00:01:33.680 Sandra Bargman: what is the price of silence

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00:02:43.610 --> 00:02:57.259 Sandra Bargman: those places where we are resistant to change, where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings, both internally and about the world around us.

00:02:57.950 --> 00:03:01.870 Sandra Bargman: Listen. We live in edgy, tumultuous times, and

00:03:01.960 --> 00:03:04.070 people are complex.

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00:03:19.220 --> 00:03:24.900 Sandra Bargman: and without further ado it is time to introduce our guest this week.

00:03:25.910 --> 00:03:35.369 Sandra Bargman: Mississippi, Native Karen, Hinton, is a nationally recognized media professional in Washington, DC. And New York.

00:03:35.570 --> 00:03:47.560 Sandra Bargman: best known for her role as press secretary to both former Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo and former New York city. Mayor Bill de Blasio

00:03:47.630 --> 00:03:57.150 Sandra Bargman: Hinton played a powerful role in the clash between Cuomo, now the former governor of New York and Mayor de Blasio.

00:03:57.740 --> 00:04:03.429 Sandra Bargman: the New York Times, called the Clash, One of America's ugliest political feuds.

00:04:04.170 --> 00:04:13.790 Sandra Bargman: Hinton Cutter Teeth is the Press Secretary for the first Black Congressman from Mississippi. Since Reconstruction in 1,986

00:04:13.880 --> 00:04:28.649 Sandra Bargman: the Democratic National Committee hired her in 1,989, serving a similar role for Ron Brown, who was the first black chairman of the Dnc. And a key political strategist

00:04:28.700 --> 00:04:31.729 Sandra Bargman: to elect Bill Clinton as president

00:04:32.040 --> 00:04:50.390 Sandra Bargman: in 1,900 and 95 Hinton joined the Clinton Administration as Press secretary for Cuomo at the Us. Department of housing and urban development. During that time President Clinton began to face charges of womanizing and worse.

00:04:50.800 --> 00:04:56.999 Sandra Bargman: Hinton later relocated to New York and became Mayor de Blasio's press secretary.

00:04:57.050 --> 00:05:09.300 Sandra Bargman: She found herself at the center of the crossfire between longtime frenemies, Cuomo and de Blasio, becoming often becoming the subject of news Coverage herself.

00:05:09.800 --> 00:05:19.090 Sandra Bargman: Hinton was at the peak of her career when a catastrophic brain injury from a freak accident confronted her with a battle of her life.

00:05:19.350 --> 00:05:33.179 Sandra Bargman: Emerging from a coma, learning to walk and talk again, Hinton was determined to speak up, not shut up on issues involving women, men, and power in politics.

00:05:33.410 --> 00:05:41.490 Sandra Bargman: She is the author of the best-selling book, Penis Politics, a Memoir of Women, Men and power.

00:05:42.200 --> 00:05:46.320 Sandra Bargman: Hello, Karen, and welcome to the edge of every day.

00:05:46.620 --> 00:06:01.260 Karen Hinton: Well, hello, back, and I am so happy to be on your show. I couldn't wait. So here we are, 2023 and on the 50 first show. Yeah, all right. I'm happy, happy, Happy New Year to you in New Year.

00:06:01.530 --> 00:06:04.559 Sandra Bargman: Yes, indeed.

00:06:04.940 --> 00:06:07.019 Sandra Bargman: Well, I i'm just

00:06:07.710 --> 00:06:09.519 Sandra Bargman: blown away by your book.

00:06:09.750 --> 00:06:16.140 Sandra Bargman: Folks blown away by this relentless, vulnerable, vulnerable book.

00:06:16.440 --> 00:06:23.539 Sandra Bargman: and I can't wait to dive into it. But we we're going to warm into it a little bit first. So what I like to do is.

00:06:23.610 --> 00:06:41.630 Sandra Bargman: tell my guests how I come to have or tell my listeners how I come to have my guests on the show, and I love the connection that you and I have. I've come to know Karen through a dear friend of mine, Leslie Michaels.

00:06:41.640 --> 00:06:45.349 Sandra Bargman: who has also become a good friend to you now. Correct?

00:06:45.410 --> 00:07:00.340 Karen Hinton: Yes, she has definitely, and I love her book. About the women who are really engaging in such powerful ways across the country across the globe. So, she's a terrific host as you are.

00:07:00.350 --> 00:07:07.980 Sandra Bargman: Oh, thank you. Yeah, she's got a fantastic podcast! Shout out to Leslie Michaels Women. We should know

00:07:08.030 --> 00:07:14.650 Sandra Bargman: the book that Karen just mentioned is on the shoulders of mighty women, and I

00:07:14.670 --> 00:07:17.069 Sandra Bargman: have a contribution in that book.

00:07:17.410 --> 00:07:26.070 Sandra Bargman: and if you want to check out anything about Leslie, you can listen to the episode Number 30 on my Youtube Channel.

00:07:26.480 --> 00:07:28.630 Sandra Bargman: but that's how we came to

00:07:28.650 --> 00:07:36.090 Sandra Bargman: to meet, and and you know, please, i'd heard about your book. I was thrilled that Leslie knew you, I mean, how can we not

00:07:36.160 --> 00:07:37.780 Sandra Bargman: get all excited about

00:07:37.860 --> 00:07:45.589 Sandra Bargman: Penis politics. It was so spot on and so provocative, and it just was like Bam.

00:07:45.690 --> 00:07:50.630 Sandra Bargman: There's no messing around here. There is no political

00:07:51.500 --> 00:07:57.130 Sandra Bargman: trying to be all sweet and nice about and savvy about sexual harassment. I love it

00:07:58.010 --> 00:08:19.369 Karen Hinton: Well, I couldn't agree more obviously. I came up with the title. but I did want a shocking name to draw attention to a problem that all women, and if they haven't experienced sexual harassment, abuse, violence, rape of some sort. Then they know a woman who has.

00:08:19.380 --> 00:08:32.400 Karen Hinton: and it's very important that we draw as much attention to this as possible, because part of our everyday life. you know it's part of Junior high School high school

00:08:32.440 --> 00:08:49.590 Karen Hinton: college sports, you know, and no matter your age whether you're a young soccer player or an older basketball player and women's sports. It's it's a it's a dynamic but it's also at home, in romance

00:08:49.640 --> 00:08:57.019 Karen Hinton: and in every industry that we have from the movie industry to your local grocery store.

00:08:57.300 --> 00:08:58.170 Sandra Bargman: Truly.

00:08:58.390 --> 00:09:10.909 Karen Hinton: Yes, and so we. That's why we really have to bring this discussion and make everyone have a wake up, call about the problem, and really start to deal with it.

00:09:11.320 --> 00:09:25.799 Sandra Bargman: you know, and it's it's it's such a great shocking name, and it really just makes every you know there's no as I said on my social media. Somebody said, I love the title, and I see you know, and I think Every single woman on the face of the planet loves that title and gets it.

00:09:25.910 --> 00:09:27.689 Sandra Bargman: But but it's not.

00:09:28.180 --> 00:09:30.169 Sandra Bargman: It's not just

00:09:30.660 --> 00:09:33.290 Sandra Bargman: the women who get it. It's the men who get it.

00:09:33.520 --> 00:09:35.109 Sandra Bargman: But listen.

00:09:35.290 --> 00:09:45.890 Sandra Bargman: I we're going to dive into all of that. I I really do want to answer, or want you to answer one question that I've really come to love asking my guests because it's

00:09:47.540 --> 00:09:58.450 Sandra Bargman: It's a fascinating way to hear how they distill every woman in that I have on the show, but generally I have more women on the show. that we wear so many hats.

00:09:58.970 --> 00:10:01.250 Karen Hinton: Yes, so many things.

00:10:01.560 --> 00:10:04.729 Sandra Bargman: And so I love to ask everyone

00:10:05.360 --> 00:10:13.510 Sandra Bargman: of all the hats and all the identities that are related to all of those hats. What identity do you, Karen Hinton.

00:10:13.760 --> 00:10:15.090 Sandra Bargman: lead with

00:10:15.410 --> 00:10:16.520 Sandra Bargman: in your life.

00:10:18.350 --> 00:10:37.239 Karen Hinton: Oh, that's a terrific question. and i'm glad I have an answer, because I yeah right? Because I adopted my daughter tally, and I had tried to get pregnant for several years.

00:10:37.250 --> 00:10:50.409 Karen Hinton: and I stuck myself with needles coming out of the infertility recipes that they have. You know science that's into that in the book, folks. It's

00:10:50.420 --> 00:11:08.490 Karen Hinton: I talk about that. But I am so glad that I didn't get pregnant, because as a result, I got tally, and we went to Russia to adopt her back. Then you could adopt from Russia you they won't. The Russians Won't let you adopt now

00:11:08.500 --> 00:11:20.539 Karen Hinton: and we went. We explored Russia a little bit, and and that was tremendous for me, you know, to have that experience, and then to meet her there.

00:11:20.550 --> 00:11:41.919 Karen Hinton: and you know, through the years she has grown and developed, and she is the smartest thing on the planet and the funniest thing on the planet and I love her dearly. So every morning I look at my my calendar on my phone, and I see all the things I want to do for Tally today.

00:11:42.090 --> 00:11:48.100 Karen Hinton: and she tells me to stop doing them. Mom, your helicopter mom, stop doing it.

00:11:48.290 --> 00:12:03.480 Sandra Bargman: but I feel love it so. There, I love that so you lead with your sense of I i'm motherhood. But I would also say, probably you, having read your book and the chats, that we've had

00:12:03.720 --> 00:12:07.090 Sandra Bargman: an upliftment and a nurturance

00:12:07.900 --> 00:12:11.470 Sandra Bargman: for women in general, particularly young women.

00:12:11.860 --> 00:12:24.869 Karen Hinton: Yes, yes, absolutely Well, I i'll make this short, and you tell me to hush it by go on too long. but the reason I started writing the book

00:12:25.120 --> 00:12:30.100 Karen Hinton: was. I found, a diary in my attic.

00:12:30.580 --> 00:12:47.469 Karen Hinton: and I was sort of cleaning up and organizing the addict, which you never really ever do right? what we say. We're gonna do it. We always say we're gonna and I didn't succeed because I found. But I did find the diaries, and I started raving them.

00:12:47.630 --> 00:12:58.199 Karen Hinton: and I found all of these stories about my life as a teenager from like 1,974 to 1,976.

00:12:58.390 --> 00:13:06.330 Karen Hinton: And I want Wow! I said that. Well, I thought that I can't believe that didn't happen, you know.

00:13:06.340 --> 00:13:26.710 Karen Hinton: and I just read and read, and I I started trying to, you know, call people and say, that is that right? That went down Really, when we were juniors, and we were playing basketball on the women's, basketball team and so all these memories really paying, flooding back. And that was just a

00:13:26.720 --> 00:13:31.390 Karen Hinton: a a great way for me to engage

00:13:31.440 --> 00:13:41.520 Karen Hinton: around the me, too. Movement that was under way at that time. And you know, I said, what can I do

00:13:41.700 --> 00:13:44.700 Karen Hinton: to help a young woman now that i'm

00:13:44.930 --> 00:13:50.449 Karen Hinton: 64 right? What can I do to help a young woman.

00:13:50.530 --> 00:13:53.730 Karen Hinton: not make the same mistakes that I made.

00:13:54.010 --> 00:13:55.800 Karen Hinton: and that is.

00:13:55.810 --> 00:14:14.249 Sandra Bargman: my book is full of my own to say a memoir without writing about my mistake. Well, hey, mistakes make great stories, and mistakes are very human, and you know we wouldn't have stage or film, or you know we wouldn't have human lives if we didn't.

00:14:14.290 --> 00:14:16.589 Sandra Bargman: and we wouldn't excel in life.

00:14:16.790 --> 00:14:18.740 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, we didn't make mistakes.

00:14:19.390 --> 00:14:25.819 Sandra Bargman: Well, that's a perfect seg, for when we come back of understanding

00:14:26.180 --> 00:14:33.039 Sandra Bargman: Penis Politics that you're uncovering those diaries is

00:14:33.080 --> 00:14:47.999 Sandra Bargman: what contributed to Penis politics, the book even coming into the world. But we're going to dive into that more fully after our break on the edge of every day with Karen Hinton. Stay tuned everyone.

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00:16:56.030 --> 00:16:57.869 but it

00:16:59.050 --> 00:17:01.659 on the

00:17:01.910 --> 00:17:03.490 Sandra Bargman: and we are back

00:17:03.520 --> 00:17:05.299 Sandra Bargman: with Karen Hinton.

00:17:05.780 --> 00:17:24.520 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my goodness! Well, before we dive in. I I I just want to. I want to read this from the back book cover for our listeners. Hinton's book. This is by part of a review by Mara Gay, New York Times Editorial Board, Member and Msnbc Political Analyst.

00:17:25.290 --> 00:17:27.019 Sandra Bargman: This was so spot on

00:17:27.359 --> 00:17:31.790 Sandra Bargman: I could so feel you this way Throughout the entire book.

00:17:32.060 --> 00:17:49.259 Sandra Bargman: Hinton's first book is brimming with the steady perseverance, relentless ambition, and maddening frustrations of a talented woman who found her way in a world dominated by men less talented than she.

00:17:49.560 --> 00:17:58.180 Sandra Bargman: Now it's her turn to tell her story, and Hinton, a long time keeper of secrets, spares no one.

00:17:58.590 --> 00:18:06.870 Sandra Bargman: I absolutely love that, and and I don't know. And you started to reference me, too. I don't know any woman on the planet

00:18:07.090 --> 00:18:12.669 Sandra Bargman: to get back to what we were finishing up in the last segment. They can't relate to that.

00:18:13.820 --> 00:18:17.769 Sandra Bargman: Be feeling as though if they are swimming.

00:18:18.590 --> 00:18:25.110 Sandra Bargman: doing circles, knowing, doing circles and not being able to push around some of this.

00:18:25.460 --> 00:18:26.160 But

00:18:27.890 --> 00:18:28.700 Sandra Bargman: anyway.

00:18:28.800 --> 00:18:30.340 Sandra Bargman: Penis politics.

00:18:30.430 --> 00:18:34.950 Sandra Bargman: how did you come up? How did you coin that brilliant, brilliant?

00:18:35.060 --> 00:18:38.390 Sandra Bargman: How do I? Do you remember when it first flew out of your mouth?

00:18:39.140 --> 00:18:40.540 Karen Hinton: I do.

00:18:40.580 --> 00:18:54.219 Karen Hinton: it was a a few years ago, and my husband and I were having a debate about the the me, too movement and the dynamic between men and women in the workplace.

00:18:54.250 --> 00:19:00.340 Karen Hinton: And you know we had our own little secrets to tell. And

00:19:00.350 --> 00:19:22.699 Karen Hinton: and at some point I just got aggravated, and I said, this is nothing but Penis politics. It's all about the penis. It's all about the penis, and I said, You know, I said we had something called the Donna Mon monologues. You know this is pain is politics right? And there's nothing wrong with using the word penis.

00:19:22.810 --> 00:19:39.299 Sandra Bargman: I I like to say that because it's a body part just like the arm, just like the ears. It's a body, but it it sends you right right immediately to send you right immediately. I I Somehow I have thought you that flew out of your mouth

00:19:39.490 --> 00:19:44.050 Sandra Bargman: years ago. But but I love that. It came then. Yes.

00:19:44.080 --> 00:19:53.730 Karen Hinton: so definitely inspired by that whole dynamic going along in in society, then talking about it much more openly than we ever had.

00:19:53.770 --> 00:19:57.549 Karen Hinton: and it just became clear, I think, to many women.

00:19:57.860 --> 00:20:08.909 Karen Hinton: that it's really about power control and authority, not by all men, but by some men in all walks of our lives.

00:20:08.920 --> 00:20:25.099 Karen Hinton: who who need that, who need that power need that control? Need that authority? And you men and women, really need to stand up and say, this is wrong. This is what we need to change. Let's figure out how to make that happen indeed.

00:20:25.680 --> 00:20:28.040 Sandra Bargman: And so those

00:20:29.250 --> 00:20:32.030 Sandra Bargman: those books that you found.

00:20:32.710 --> 00:20:37.980 Sandra Bargman: and those journals that you found, and you went back. They began

00:20:38.750 --> 00:20:40.030 helping you

00:20:40.090 --> 00:20:43.749 Sandra Bargman: to think about writing this book. Am I correct?

00:20:43.940 --> 00:20:51.939 Karen Hinton: Oh, yes, absolutely. As you mentioned in the opening, I had fallen off of a treadmill

00:20:52.170 --> 00:21:08.400 Karen Hinton: and a gym in Mount Cisco, New York. that I was a member of, and it's fallen off the treadmill and hit my head on very hard concrete floor. mysteriously covered by very thin

00:21:08.410 --> 00:21:22.290 Karen Hinton: piece of carpet, and I had no idea the floor was that hard. but I hit my head, busted my skull, and had a brain that was in flighting very quickly.

00:21:22.490 --> 00:21:25.789 Karen Hinton: and I had to have immediate surgery

00:21:25.910 --> 00:21:30.349 Karen Hinton: to Basically Take a part of my skull out

00:21:30.500 --> 00:21:45.749 Karen Hinton: to let give my my brain room to grow and then deflate. That's these are my this my language, not my doctors. but but I had to. I went through all of that

00:21:45.840 --> 00:21:58.740 Karen Hinton: and when I finally became conscious, and this was almost how long I have no memory of 2 months, this was back in 2,017. I lost

00:21:58.910 --> 00:22:02.699 Karen Hinton: 2 months of that year because I don't remember anything about it.

00:22:02.930 --> 00:22:06.350 Karen Hinton: But when I finally woke up

00:22:06.570 --> 00:22:16.349 Karen Hinton: and I knew it was very hard for me to accept that I was different. The old Karen. I thought I could get her back.

00:22:16.960 --> 00:22:21.040 Karen Hinton: and to this day I Haven't, really, for many reasons.

00:22:21.290 --> 00:22:29.390 Karen Hinton: But I was fighting very hard to get the old Karen back, and I needed to. I had to practice

00:22:29.520 --> 00:22:35.859 Karen Hinton: on writing reading and talking because I had lost words.

00:22:36.140 --> 00:22:42.509 Karen Hinton: I couldn't get my brain to organize thoughts so that I was writing even an email.

00:22:42.580 --> 00:22:50.540 Karen Hinton: It would take me much much longer than I needed before the accident. So, anyway. But it was just a very

00:22:50.570 --> 00:22:58.760 Karen Hinton: a road to recovery, and i'm still on that road for for many reasons. But one of them that helped me

00:22:59.220 --> 00:23:01.659 Karen Hinton: was taking that diary.

00:23:01.800 --> 00:23:18.720 Karen Hinton: and I read a lot of it to my husband, and he said. These are hilarious stories, and some of them are tearful, and some of them are are laughable. But why don't you write them down? It's a way for you to help bring back your writing skills. Yes.

00:23:18.730 --> 00:23:23.489 Karen Hinton: so that's what I did, and that was really the start of it. It didn't really lead to a book

00:23:23.540 --> 00:23:41.610 Karen Hinton: until I just started getting better at putting my thoughts altogether, but it took a long time. It it took me 3 years to ride it, and I had some editors who helped me get it to where it is now.

00:23:41.620 --> 00:23:50.250 Karen Hinton: But it was an important thing for me to do given my injury, because if I had not had

00:23:50.530 --> 00:23:51.900 Karen Hinton: the injury

00:23:52.110 --> 00:23:54.889 Karen Hinton: I would not have written this book. I don't think.

00:23:54.990 --> 00:24:02.919 Karen Hinton: because I wouldn't just. I would have just kept working in New York City right? And then all Karen would

00:24:02.930 --> 00:24:19.909 Karen Hinton: right exactly. The old Karen would never stop working right, never stopped trying to be involved in some kind of advocacy plan that a nonprofit had, and I still want to do that today. But I do it in different ways.

00:24:19.920 --> 00:24:26.219 Sandra Bargman: Then I did it before. It gives me such a chicken skin chicken skin like the boom like

00:24:26.300 --> 00:24:36.309 Sandra Bargman: horrible. But and yet you came out of that with a gift to women at a time when we need this

00:24:36.590 --> 00:24:40.760 Sandra Bargman: kind of book. So, anyway, your you

00:24:41.420 --> 00:24:46.709 Sandra Bargman: i'm so thrilled that you are on the road to recovery, and

00:24:47.250 --> 00:24:58.510 Sandra Bargman: and there's much to unpack there. But we only have an hour. So i'm going to keep moving forward and and and going into this story in that those

00:24:59.520 --> 00:25:11.089 Sandra Bargman: childhood journals that connects with the rest of these experiences that you have had in your political career and

00:25:11.110 --> 00:25:14.499 Sandra Bargman: made the connection for you what? Tell us that?

00:25:14.920 --> 00:25:26.109 Karen Hinton: Yeah, I mean, absolutely. I I didn't wasn't able to get it all together until probably about a year and a half into the book, and I realized, you know.

00:25:26.460 --> 00:25:33.909 Karen Hinton: before the accident I was who I was, because of the experiences I had had

00:25:34.120 --> 00:25:46.639 Karen Hinton: not in politics, not on Capitol Hill, but in so so Mississippi, where i'm from in my high school days, and especially as a basketball player

00:25:47.300 --> 00:25:53.570 Karen Hinton: because basketball sports for women is so important. It makes you tough. It makes you, Bill.

00:25:53.700 --> 00:26:02.840 Karen Hinton: Yeah, Exactly. Good for you. And even if you're not great at it, I wasn't. But I still played it, and I loved it. I, I said.

00:26:03.100 --> 00:26:13.950 Karen Hinton: find find a path like that doesn't have to be a sport. It can be an art it can be. You know, yoga, we have to find that thing that builds your confidence anyway.

00:26:14.220 --> 00:26:16.080 Karen Hinton: I think that

00:26:16.100 --> 00:26:18.389 Karen Hinton: that

00:26:18.600 --> 00:26:20.850 Karen Hinton: getting on that path

00:26:20.980 --> 00:26:23.669 Karen Hinton: was so important.

00:26:23.760 --> 00:26:32.609 Karen Hinton: see, I've lost my trying to i'm i'm i'm going back to the person. One thing that happens to me because of my injury.

00:26:32.860 --> 00:26:41.169 Karen Hinton: This happens to me all the time, and I just want to kick myself when it does. Could you help me go back and forth, and your vulnerability is powerful.

00:26:41.420 --> 00:26:58.869 Sandra Bargman: and everyone is in your corner. My goodness. So where I was leading this was to talk about your friend and the the yeah, No, no problem. So I realized that this was about my high school days

00:26:58.990 --> 00:27:00.050 Karen Hinton: and

00:27:00.270 --> 00:27:04.869 Karen Hinton: and a very. I had 3 close, close friends.

00:27:04.980 --> 00:27:22.340 Karen Hinton: and we were tight. The all 4 of us. We did everything at anything we decided to do. That was different. We got permission from the group, or we got by in of some sort right, and we were so close to each other and loved each other, and one of them

00:27:22.350 --> 00:27:27.710 Karen Hinton: was raped by a school official in the school book room.

00:27:27.750 --> 00:27:30.139 Karen Hinton: and she

00:27:30.200 --> 00:27:38.189 Karen Hinton: calls us one afternoon, calls me one afternoon and says we have to get together immediately. I have something I need to talk about.

00:27:38.200 --> 00:28:04.129 Karen Hinton: and of course you do. And i'm thinking it'll be Wh: who's gonna go out with now, or what dresses she gonna wear when we go to the the Po prom, or whatever you know right and but we we took our vehicles over there and went to her house and sat down with her, and she told us the story of what it happened earlier in the day.

00:28:04.470 --> 00:28:07.010 Karen Hinton: and we were.

00:28:07.030 --> 00:28:11.800 Karen Hinton: We didn't know how to process it, and she had been raped by

00:28:11.940 --> 00:28:12.640 Karen Hinton: yeah.

00:28:12.840 --> 00:28:17.530 Karen Hinton: someone who had been a coach.

00:28:17.640 --> 00:28:20.710 Karen Hinton: but had been promoted to an assistant principal.

00:28:21.020 --> 00:28:30.140 Karen Hinton: and he she had known him as a coach, and she had always looked up to him, and she thought a lot about him, and so

00:28:30.240 --> 00:28:32.360 Karen Hinton: he then approaches her.

00:28:32.530 --> 00:28:37.460 Karen Hinton: and she is not willing to do what he wanted to do in the locked

00:28:37.580 --> 00:28:42.540 Karen Hinton: book room of the school where she was happy. I was working that summer

00:28:42.990 --> 00:28:56.310 Karen Hinton: they had hired her to help organize the books, and he knew she was in there, and that's how he went in and locked the door, and and she, of course, was devastated by this her whole life changed as a result of it.

00:28:56.420 --> 00:28:59.900 Karen Hinton: She didn't finish high school

00:29:00.390 --> 00:29:19.720 Karen Hinton: She decides to marry someone in the military. She's she's 17 then, and she doesn't graduate, and we we are desperate to find ways to help her. But we don't know what to do right, and this is the tragedy of the power of silence

00:29:19.730 --> 00:29:28.519 Karen Hinton: right? And nobody did. Nobody was talking about it, and he wouldn't let us tell her parents

00:29:28.940 --> 00:29:35.479 Karen Hinton: or the principal or somebody right. She wouldn't let us do it, she said. If you

00:29:35.590 --> 00:29:45.920 Karen Hinton: talk about this, they will say that, you know I just have a crush on him, and that's why i'm making all this up. They'll say, i'm a liar

00:29:45.930 --> 00:29:59.850 Karen Hinton: that you know she she knew she was so incredibly smart She knew what was gonna happen. And so she said, No, do not talk about it. And so we were sworn in into silence the edge of silence, right?

00:29:59.960 --> 00:30:09.779 Karen Hinton: And we had to do what she was pleading with us to do, and that's what we did. But I took from that whole experience

00:30:10.030 --> 00:30:11.970 Karen Hinton: that

00:30:12.290 --> 00:30:19.380 Karen Hinton: it it becomes such a part of my life growing up, getting older, taking jobs in politics

00:30:19.490 --> 00:30:26.569 Karen Hinton: that it impacted the way I felt about certain things, and the way that I responded to certain people.

00:30:27.560 --> 00:30:39.279 Karen Hinton: because I no longer trusted that authority figure because the assistant principal was an authority figure, and he had control and power over Janice, my friend.

00:30:39.350 --> 00:30:42.250 Karen Hinton: and you know that that just it

00:30:42.340 --> 00:31:01.070 Karen Hinton: in any situation that you hear about now that just record keeps playing over and over and over and over control, authority, power control over, even if you own a grocery store right? And you've got someone one woman working for you.

00:31:01.140 --> 00:31:09.179 Karen Hinton: and you're a man, and you go after her. Well, man, that is tough for that woman because she's likely to have children.

00:31:09.690 --> 00:31:24.789 Karen Hinton: She can't just quit her job because she needs the job where she gonna find another job. What if she says something about it? Will she get fired, and no one will believe her blah blah blah! So you know. That's why I think

00:31:25.080 --> 00:31:32.610 Karen Hinton: it's very hard to do. But women have to stand up and tell their story when they can.

00:31:32.990 --> 00:31:46.090 Karen Hinton: so that this becomes a wake up call. As I've said, a clarion call to women. You empower them to to speak out. Well, we've got to take a break

00:31:46.180 --> 00:31:54.240 Sandra Bargman: when we come back we're going to continue with the edge of, and how that eats away.

00:31:54.250 --> 00:32:08.549 Sandra Bargman: It ate away at choices, made life paths. It ate away at all of your friends, and how they moved out into the world, and it eats away at at. I know some men

00:32:09.300 --> 00:32:14.210 Sandra Bargman: who are put off by that, and not speaking up, that just

00:32:14.330 --> 00:32:23.420 Sandra Bargman: devastates in the tendrils go on and on. But I also, when we come back, folks stay tuned, because, as New Yorkers

00:32:23.770 --> 00:32:26.540 Sandra Bargman: we're going to hear about Andrew Cuomo.

00:32:26.910 --> 00:32:35.560 Sandra Bargman: We're going to hear about a lot more in our third section when we come back with Karen Hinton on the edge of every day. Stay tuned.

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00:34:24.949 --> 00:34:26.189 These are the day.

00:34:26.210 --> 00:34:28.970 is it?

00:34:30.010 --> 00:34:31.830 But oh.

00:34:32.409 --> 00:34:32.969 this

00:34:33.050 --> 00:34:34.400 on the edge

00:34:34.840 --> 00:34:35.620 every day.

00:34:35.699 --> 00:34:37.329 Sandra Bargman: and we are back

00:34:37.730 --> 00:34:40.579 Sandra Bargman: with our wonderful guest, Karen Hinton.

00:34:40.699 --> 00:34:50.729 Sandra Bargman: So wow, yeah, the Clarion call. I mean, this is the the the major statement of the book

00:34:50.820 --> 00:34:53.089 Sandra Bargman: inspiring women

00:34:54.010 --> 00:34:55.189 Sandra Bargman: and men

00:34:55.670 --> 00:35:05.460 Sandra Bargman: to find the courage to speak out. Speak up, and and all of this is coming through with me, too. But what I what I love, that

00:35:05.660 --> 00:35:06.600 Sandra Bargman: your

00:35:06.940 --> 00:35:12.150 Sandra Bargman: have shown a light on is that it's also it. It's with every

00:35:12.350 --> 00:35:15.239 Sandra Bargman: level of of of

00:35:15.430 --> 00:35:24.799 Sandra Bargman: the economy. I mean. It's poor women! It's everywhere as you've said. It's everywhere. It's in the grocery store. It's in the diner. It's everywhere, and

00:35:26.130 --> 00:35:39.319 Sandra Bargman: women poor women often don't feel even wealthy women have been afraid to speak out. Yeah. So powerful women afraid to speak out if they're afraid.

00:35:39.390 --> 00:35:41.759 Sandra Bargman: Then how are these? You know

00:35:42.420 --> 00:35:56.059 Sandra Bargman: women who have, as you said, children at home. They they and they're afraid that they can't find another job, and that they, you know they they feel helpless, and it's in it. It.

00:35:56.230 --> 00:35:59.240 It's all about this power and dominance, power and dominance.

00:35:59.770 --> 00:36:00.500 Exactly.

00:36:00.570 --> 00:36:02.639 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my! Well, I have to

00:36:02.660 --> 00:36:06.490 Sandra Bargman: dive in with the Andrew Cuomo debacle.

00:36:06.820 --> 00:36:08.770 Sandra Bargman: You know we all here in

00:36:08.940 --> 00:36:12.119 Sandra Bargman: New York State. We all knew that he was

00:36:12.520 --> 00:36:18.460 Sandra Bargman: a a tuffy, a bully wrapped pretty tight, but you know

00:36:19.410 --> 00:36:23.479 Sandra Bargman: he he is doing some things that you know we all love like

00:36:23.770 --> 00:36:31.659 Sandra Bargman: Lgbtq. I. A rights and women's rights and glorious dynam is is commenting on them.

00:36:32.040 --> 00:36:34.410 Sandra Bargman: and then we learn.

00:36:36.930 --> 00:36:37.919 We learn

00:36:38.140 --> 00:36:40.209 that behind closed doors.

00:36:40.500 --> 00:36:43.379 It's just another example.

00:36:43.710 --> 00:36:45.950 Sandra Bargman: So please tell us that story.

00:36:47.420 --> 00:36:57.590 Karen Hinton: Well, let me start by saying my relationship with him began back in 1,995 right, and

00:36:58.420 --> 00:36:59.830 Karen Hinton: I saw

00:37:00.140 --> 00:37:02.519 Karen Hinton: him the

00:37:03.050 --> 00:37:07.530 Karen Hinton: inappropriate with a number of women who worked for him.

00:37:09.060 --> 00:37:12.160 Karen Hinton: And but at that point in my life

00:37:12.290 --> 00:37:13.609 Karen Hinton: I was

00:37:13.840 --> 00:37:17.759 Karen Hinton: like so many women today. I was very afraid

00:37:17.770 --> 00:37:35.979 Karen Hinton: that if I said anything it would get me in trouble. I would lose my job. I wanted to keep my job, and so I might moan and run about it to a friend, but I wasn't being public about it. But everyone who worked for him in Washington, DC.

00:37:36.090 --> 00:37:45.289 Karen Hinton: Thought the same thing. I mean. This was not like a well kept secret, but nobody took it seriously. I mean, look, they don't.

00:37:45.530 --> 00:37:49.529 Karen Hinton: I don't take it to look at what happened to Monica Lewinsky. Now.

00:37:49.610 --> 00:37:57.910 Karen Hinton: you know she yes, she had this love crush on the President United States.

00:37:58.020 --> 00:38:05.689 Karen Hinton: I'm sure there are a lot of young women who have crushes on Presidents right and then in power period.

00:38:05.700 --> 00:38:20.200 Karen Hinton: man in power period, right. But she put. She was put in the position where she was allowed to be close to him, and he brought her to that position. So he was responsible for all that has happened to her since.

00:38:20.210 --> 00:38:26.910 Karen Hinton: because what she has no definition of herself, except

00:38:27.000 --> 00:38:35.220 Karen Hinton: the young woman who was having sex with the President United States in the Oval Office, and it was up to him to say No?

00:38:35.330 --> 00:38:39.130 Sandra Bargman: Well and to understand the dynamic.

00:38:39.210 --> 00:38:46.690 Karen Hinton: That's the point. And yes, she was older. She was 21, but that is still young. Maybe

00:38:46.910 --> 00:38:50.649 Karen Hinton: and she he is the President of the United States.

00:38:50.810 --> 00:39:09.869 Karen Hinton: And why didn't he stop that? He should have didn't so? Yes, he went on, to do great things as President, I thought, but you can't excuse him for that behavior and justify it by calling her a bimbo

00:39:10.150 --> 00:39:24.329 Karen Hinton: you know, a dome blonde right right part trash all of that. So, anyway. But to get to get back to Andrew

00:39:24.340 --> 00:39:31.460 Karen Hinton: Andrew it right. oh, that guy right! But

00:39:31.510 --> 00:39:55.199 Karen Hinton: a anyway! So there was a lot of that kind of discussion in the office where people worked for him, and everybody knew what he was like. The bullying, yes, but also his flirtation with young women in his office. That went on the whole time I was there. So then fast forward, 20 years.

00:39:55.690 --> 00:40:10.709 Karen Hinton: and he then, around 11 women, I think right, came out and had something to say about his interaction with them, mostly in the office where they work and where he works.

00:40:10.840 --> 00:40:19.250 Karen Hinton: and I was shocked when I heard the story told by Charlotte Bennett, Lindsey, Boyland.

00:40:19.360 --> 00:40:32.079 Karen Hinton: the woman in Albany, the State. Super those were very serious. claims that they publicly brought forward and rightfully so.

00:40:32.210 --> 00:40:37.529 Karen Hinton: And I was shocked by that because I thought, okay. He's now 60,

00:40:37.550 --> 00:40:44.250 Karen Hinton: 2, 63. When all this is happening, he's a grown man. He knows better.

00:40:44.260 --> 00:41:08.000 Karen Hinton: Why would he put himself in this situation when he wants to win again. He wants another fourth term, so it can be longer than his father, Sir Mario Coma, right and and to in New York we were all like. Maybe he's going to run for for Presidency, I mean when Trump was in we were like, oh, he's got to go up against Trump. He will take him alive.

00:41:08.010 --> 00:41:10.979 Sandra Bargman: But anyway, in this, in this

00:41:11.100 --> 00:41:20.550 Karen Hinton: saying and doing these inappropriate things to young women in his office or at the mansion? when he has

00:41:20.750 --> 00:41:30.170 Karen Hinton: huge problems to solve, one being Covid. And you know he uses that whole Cnn Press Conference

00:41:30.220 --> 00:41:35.450 Karen Hinton: Series. She's, pulled himself up in the public eye.

00:41:35.840 --> 00:41:42.789 Karen Hinton: What? So what. So he throws it all the way by breaking the very law

00:41:42.820 --> 00:41:51.330 Karen Hinton: he sought to have passed, and then signed. So you know I just I could not.

00:41:51.610 --> 00:41:57.959 Karen Hinton: It was hard for me to believe this was happening because it was stupid. Just

00:41:58.100 --> 00:42:14.390 Karen Hinton: He's stupid that he allowed this to happen, and he himself could have stopped it. But he didn't. He continued it, knowing it was wrong, knowing he, you get it trouble. And this is why he needs a therapist to work all this

00:42:14.610 --> 00:42:19.100 Karen Hinton: because and he, you know. And even now he continues to try

00:42:19.330 --> 00:42:29.339 Karen Hinton: to revamp his reputation through advertising that he's done, and social media that he's done and whatnot

00:42:29.490 --> 00:42:42.829 Karen Hinton: with the hope of coming back one day, and I don't I personally don't see that happening, but not not with the hard nursing home stuff with the Covid and nursing, you know he can't get

00:42:43.540 --> 00:42:57.079 Sandra Bargman: with the momentum of books like yours. I mean that we could be just really sad and think Well, he could probably get this. This is the conundrum. Maybe he will get.

00:42:57.270 --> 00:43:08.140 Sandra Bargman: Just get around, and we won't. Move forward with this issue of women being sh on. But but I feel as though we are at a turning point.

00:43:08.560 --> 00:43:20.469 Sandra Bargman: I really genuinely, I as far behind as we are, Karen. I feel like your book is so important at this crossroads that we're in, and I think

00:43:21.120 --> 00:43:37.140 Sandra Bargman: I think men are are are paying attention, and I think maybe we finally teetered over this. You know, we, as I say in my opening, we're complex people. We do have paradoxes. All humans walk with paradox.

00:43:37.150 --> 00:43:41.279 Sandra Bargman: and these powerful men are no different. But, my God!

00:43:41.640 --> 00:43:44.090 Karen Hinton: Well, he, if he had

00:43:44.550 --> 00:43:56.880 Karen Hinton: apologize to those women by being honest honest about what happened, he could have recovered from it and gone on to to

00:43:56.890 --> 00:44:15.859 Karen Hinton: campaign and a fourth term, and when office, and maybe even run for President. But to this day. He has not apologized for what he he's done, and he continues to criticize and push around lies about about the women. that's one thing. The second thing is, I want to say real quickly is.

00:44:15.870 --> 00:44:22.680 Karen Hinton: men in the workplace need to be part of the solution. So when they see it happening

00:44:22.690 --> 00:44:39.990 Karen Hinton: they need to go up to the boss, or the chief of staff, or the the attorney, the attorney in the company, or the the office, and say, hey, this is not working for you. This is bad. This is gonna to hurt you.

00:44:40.000 --> 00:44:47.780 Karen Hinton: and it's gonna hurt me, and it's gonna hurt the company, and it's gonna hurt the company and so stop it

00:44:47.800 --> 00:44:56.950 Karen Hinton: because it's it, because you can't get away with it. Just stop it and me. But men do that, you know, and women don't often do it either.

00:44:56.960 --> 00:45:08.239 Sandra Bargman: and that's something we have to really build and work on to have it happen. Yeah, the the enablers that's the the the women with the internalized misogyny.

00:45:08.350 --> 00:45:10.490 That's that's just

00:45:11.950 --> 00:45:13.879 more heartbreaking, even.

00:45:14.430 --> 00:45:17.080 Sandra Bargman: and I mean it's understandable. But

00:45:17.240 --> 00:45:18.049 you know.

00:45:18.430 --> 00:45:20.190 Sandra Bargman: Hey, listen. We've got to go to break.

00:45:20.260 --> 00:45:39.850 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, and that enablers yeah, absolutely. And what what? We would, what you would give advice to you. What advice you would give to to young women, including the enablers. When we come back on the edge of every day with a fantastic Karen Hinton stay tuned

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00:47:29.520 --> 00:47:33.569 chip in around, kick my brain to the ground.

00:47:33.660 --> 00:47:37.689 These are the days it

00:47:38.720 --> 00:47:40.509 but it

00:47:41.730 --> 00:47:43.049 on the

00:47:43.310 --> 00:47:54.959 Sandra Bargman: of every day. Yes, it rains, and it pours in these days. Oh, my! The enablers, the enablers! And what can you share

00:47:55.950 --> 00:48:01.149 Sandra Bargman: Karen with about the enablers and about women who need some

00:48:02.100 --> 00:48:04.319 some advice in this category.

00:48:05.950 --> 00:48:08.449 Karen Hinton: I think it's so important.

00:48:08.720 --> 00:48:14.289 Karen Hinton: to really understand how to avoid the situations that.

00:48:14.310 --> 00:48:25.819 Karen Hinton: in Cuomo's case, both Melissa de Rosa and his chief of staff, and then Liz Smith, who was a leading political consultant

00:48:26.090 --> 00:48:29.169 Karen Hinton: They allowed themselves to just

00:48:29.630 --> 00:48:32.419 Karen Hinton: fall into this hole

00:48:32.470 --> 00:48:43.659 Karen Hinton: of of misconduct and harassment and abuse and discrimination, because I think they felt like, if I

00:48:43.670 --> 00:48:58.640 Karen Hinton: don't stay with him. If I don't manage this into nothingness, so we don't have to worry about it anymore. Then i'll be the hero of his of his problem. You know. I will solve this problem for him. And now I will get

00:48:58.870 --> 00:49:02.039 Karen Hinton: positioned better than I've ever been positioned.

00:49:02.060 --> 00:49:11.909 Karen Hinton: and I think both of them thought that that was why they were staying. I think if they learned more and more about what was happening.

00:49:11.990 --> 00:49:15.169 Karen Hinton: they began in some

00:49:15.640 --> 00:49:27.830 Karen Hinton: brain sales up there somewhere to think. Oh, maybe this was a mistake, but they never confronted it publicly. They never said anything about it, even when they were having their own doubts.

00:49:28.070 --> 00:49:37.010 Karen Hinton: and today they still remain a supportive, and that is just. That is not helpful for women at all.

00:49:37.020 --> 00:49:48.619 Karen Hinton: And now Liz Smith is backing what off of it because of this book she's got so she wants to kind of clean up her mess. But i'm sorry I I I don't believe her when she says

00:49:48.780 --> 00:49:59.220 Karen Hinton: I didn't know anything that's it's ridiculous, absolutely. Anybody who was in politics, knew about it so, or or knew about his behavior. So

00:49:59.250 --> 00:50:15.400 Karen Hinton: but having said that it's it's so important as women for us to be supportive of women who make claims or have allegations. Let let it play out and see if

00:50:15.440 --> 00:50:16.540 Karen Hinton: it is

00:50:16.840 --> 00:50:39.470 Karen Hinton: truthful that what has happened happened because men will deny it. Men come up with the same sort of of arguments about. She lied. She made it up. I I misinterpret what she meant to say she is what I thought this nonsense. It's nonsense. But you know, if if you have litigation

00:50:39.700 --> 00:50:53.429 Karen Hinton: and the the judge and the courts determine that there's no charge. Then there's no charge, and you move on, and you help the woman move on to but I don't it's it's just not

00:50:53.490 --> 00:51:13.269 Karen Hinton: acceptable for women to just immediately call woman a liar, because they because they believe in this man, because we know we don't know what really happened or didn't happen. We weren't there, we didn't witness it. It's rarely a witness, anyway.

00:51:13.280 --> 00:51:19.550 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, no, i'm always My my phrases is for the these types of women. They have the longest leash.

00:51:20.930 --> 00:51:32.520 Sandra Bargman: and I just you know it. It it's heartbreaking, and I I you know, for women out there, and the men who are listening in

00:51:32.980 --> 00:51:45.489 Sandra Bargman: Here's a couple of crazy statistics, 83% of women, 83% of women face sexual misconduct in their lives. First time I did 10 years old.

00:51:45.550 --> 00:51:46.630 Sandra Bargman: Thank you.

00:51:46.650 --> 00:51:53.899 Sandra Bargman: 3 out of 4 victims of sexual harassment do not speak.

00:51:53.940 --> 00:52:01.850 Sandra Bargman: I mean the fact that women, knowing full well what we've learned about how people are afraid women are afraid to speak up.

00:52:01.990 --> 00:52:10.620 Sandra Bargman: Please redirect your thought process about how to support women coming forward.

00:52:10.930 --> 00:52:14.960 Karen Hinton: Yeah, that's

00:52:16.860 --> 00:52:28.010 Karen Hinton: I mean one. I think that we have to start talking to our children about the conduct between boys and girls at school.

00:52:28.070 --> 00:52:47.949 Karen Hinton: men and women at work, and we have to basically have them understand what that dynamic is, and what's happening when something inappropriate happened, and we don't, we don't do that enough with our children. I didn't do it enough with my daughter. I do it now, but you know they understood. Well, we hey, our parents didn't do with us?

00:52:48.070 --> 00:53:03.920 Karen Hinton: Yes, right right? No, no, exactly. But we have to do it young and not wait for them to actually men and women, both men and women, boys and girls, but and both the adults all the adults have to weigh in together

00:53:04.070 --> 00:53:25.129 Karen Hinton: right, and it should be part of the family. It can also be part of the school, and it can also be part of the church. because I think all the elements have to come into play, so that they really understand why it is so detrimental to not only themselves, but to others around them.

00:53:25.140 --> 00:53:44.939 Karen Hinton: And then I think women, when it does happen They should talk to somebody, even though they may be very nervous about going to human resources, or going to a lawyer, or telling a reporter, even though they may be too frightened to do that, but find somebody they trust

00:53:44.950 --> 00:54:10.609 Karen Hinton: and start talking about it, because now there's so much out there that you can read and digest and hear about that will sort of help you. Then make a decision about how you want to move forward on on your client, your allegation, or whatever it is, or your fear how you might be able to to rid yourself of the fear which you'll move through it with courage to do being inspired by books like yours.

00:54:10.840 --> 00:54:13.639 Karen Hinton: We'll find the courage to step forward

00:54:13.720 --> 00:54:26.629 Karen Hinton: that. Thank you. But I also know that there are so many places they can go for help, and I also know that it is very fearful, especially when you're low income.

00:54:26.690 --> 00:54:36.950 Karen Hinton: because you have so little opportunities as a aside from the job you have so. And those are the women we really have to help the most.

00:54:36.990 --> 00:54:43.809 Karen Hinton: And then let me just say one thing about the legal issues here. we need stronger laws

00:54:44.120 --> 00:55:04.880 Karen Hinton: on the books about sex harassment in New York, but in many other State you know that New York probably has some of the strongest sexual harassment loss. But even the da's wouldn't file criminal charges against the Governor based on New York laws. They said they believe that women, but we Don't. Think we we in the case.

00:55:04.920 --> 00:55:14.450 Karen Hinton: Okay, that's an argument that I could have against that. But nonetheless, that's what they did, so that says we need stronger laws then and 2.

00:55:15.170 --> 00:55:21.720 Karen Hinton: There is the word woman does not show up in the Us. Constitution anywhere.

00:55:21.920 --> 00:55:31.040 Karen Hinton: so let's pass the equal Rights amendment, and put it in the Constitution. President Biden could do that today.

00:55:31.490 --> 00:55:39.040 Karen Hinton: Right? You could do it. You need to tell the archives to put it in. Yeah, you know. And

00:55:39.250 --> 00:55:44.279 Karen Hinton: he doesn't do it once again for fear of losing a legal argument.

00:55:44.450 --> 00:56:01.020 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, I I I try absolutely. The time has come. We are at the these crossroads, and it's not like it used to be. We we are in a different world, and we're moving forward quickly. Listen. You and I could go on forever and ever.

00:56:01.060 --> 00:56:12.139 Sandra Bargman: No, I have. Oh, what what before? I thank you! Well, you can find Karen Hinton! She's ubiquitous on social media. You can find her everywhere, which I love

00:56:12.630 --> 00:56:13.629 Sandra Bargman: Twitter

00:56:13.670 --> 00:56:14.779 Sandra Bargman: and to

00:56:14.890 --> 00:56:21.459 Sandra Bargman: Facebook and Linkedin and her website is Penis Politics Com.

00:56:22.020 --> 00:56:34.509 Sandra Bargman: It's penis, slash politics, right, Popcom, and that's going to be in all of our show notes, of course. but but but run, don't walk and get this book. It's.

00:56:34.710 --> 00:56:45.330 Sandra Bargman: and we just got about 30 s before we end. Karen. What? What? What last words you want to leave with our listeners?

00:56:45.760 --> 00:57:00.259 Karen Hinton: Well, I wanted my I wrote my book so I could tell my stories and the stories of girls and young women and women my age have experience. And now I want to encourage

00:57:00.270 --> 00:57:08.359 Karen Hinton: all women to do the same thing is to tell their stories, because I think if we all come together and show some

00:57:09.080 --> 00:57:22.939 Karen Hinton: loyalty to each other and our problems, it will go a long way to solving the problem. Upliftment, uplifting upliftment. Aaron Hinton, I can't thank you enough for being on my show.

00:57:23.010 --> 00:57:27.210 Karen Hinton: This is just been a joy and an honor and a privilege.

00:57:28.200 --> 00:57:30.340 Sandra Bargman: and to all of you listening in.

00:57:30.440 --> 00:57:35.349 Sandra Bargman: I thank you so much for spending this time with us. Remember.

00:57:35.970 --> 00:57:40.550 Sandra Bargman: you are always at the edge of the miraculous.

00:57:41.730 --> 00:57:42.809 See you, next time

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