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Thursday, March 24, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/24 - Say 'Yes' To The Mess

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/24 - Say 'Yes' To The Mess


2022/03/24 - Say 'Yes' To The Mess

[New Episode] Say 'Yes' To The Mess

7 Steps to Feminine Freedom

The midlife years can be a bit of a mess. Menopause can bring with it a re-evaluation of your life, where you have got to, and where you want to go. It can be a powerful opportunity to set the agenda for the next stage of your life. Monica Rodgers is a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women, inspiring women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal liberation and awakening. She believes that women can take action towards realizing their true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be. She will be sharing with me her top tips to disrupt the trance of unworthiness.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off today’s episode, Pat mentions the women in the Ukraine and shows her support for them and what they’re going through. Also, she reads us some posts/news about menopause today. One of them is from Hello Magazine, Kourtney Kardashian talks about IVF and how it brought on menopause. But the idea that IVF causes menopause is false. Pat says that one step of IVF treatment causes a temporary change. So IVF doesn’t cause menopause but it can create menopause like symptoms. Another article is about why venture capitalists funding more startups focusing on menopause. She also talks about endometriosis and how it affects 1 in 10 women yet it is ignored in the workplace. Shift work may also delay the onset of natural menopause. Previous studies linked shift work related to things like peptic ulcers and breast cancer. The common shift work includes late night shifts. On a good note, she mentions that employers are finding strategies to helping employees when it comes to menopause and awareness. Pat shifts into talking with her guest, Monica Rodgers.

Segment 2

Pat welcomes Monica, a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women, inspiring women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal liberation. She also offers consultation and coaching through her “The Revelation Project” and has the Revelation Project Podcast. Monica says that like many of us, has had a challenging upbringing and eventually started to discover her calling. Monica struggled finding balance in her life. She says that now women are tapping into their intuition much more deeply and more. Everyone is doing their own revelation project. Monica says that there was a point in her life where she had to learn to say “yes to the mess” as everything felt like it was falling apart. Around 2008-09, she says that her marriage, business, and health was falling apart and battled depression. But she says that within every shadow we face in our life is also a gift. We have to embrace the shadows and bring in the light. You can be both messy and magnificent, you don’t have to be perfect and “hold it all together”. Monica discusses with Pat about reaching within and what that means.

Segment 3

Monica talks with Pat about the 7 steps to freedom. She started recognizing certain things that were helpful when going through a mess. The first step she entions is to reveal, to offer transparency to yourself and your loved ones. She says to allow yourself to know that no one needs to fix you, rather we all go through messes and we should allow space for it. The second step is the reckoning, which is allowing yourself the time and space to contemplate what this mess is. It's not going to be comfortable but it's about softening your heart, getting curious, and reflecting about what you're thinking, feeling, and what is unreleased. Monica also mentions that it’s also about self forgiveness. Another step is about recovering and looking at what happens to us does not define us. She also talks about the step to create a better “story” for yourself. Monica and Pat talk about being worthy and enough just as you are.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Monica talks about the 7th step which is revolution. She says that for women, their journey is more cyclical. She also talks about the meaning of menopause, and celebrating the milestones one has gone through in their lives. In this step, she says this is about understanding that you have the right to not know it all and recognize that it’s never too late to rebuild your relationship with the world around you as well as feel passionate and curious. Monica also talks about where you can download a “bill of rights”. She says that this activity is to write your own and share it with her. Before closing the show, Pat asks Monica what is one thing women can do to improve their lives. She says that recognizing what resonates with you and what is calling you forward. If there's a retreat for instance that you've been contemplating on going to, do it for yourself. Pat and Monica talk about the positivity that comes with the journey through menopause and the importance of “reauthoring” your story.


00:00:52.350 --> 00:01:07.230 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at Miller polls good morning if you're in America good afternoon if you're in the UK and Europe, good evening, if you are in India and the Far East, you are all very welcome.

00:01:07.770 --> 00:01:17.940 Pat Duckworth: I hope that you are seeing some lovely signs of spring wherever you are in the world, it is a beautiful day here in the south of UK today the sun is shining.

00:01:18.450 --> 00:01:31.590 Pat Duckworth: All the bulbs of flowers the trees are in blossom it's absolutely beautiful out there, so today, I just want to remember all of those women at the moment, who are.

00:01:33.480 --> 00:01:46.110 Pat Duckworth: In the Ukraine, because we hear about all the men and the fighters and behind all of those are the women trying to keep life together, who are looking after their children, their parents who are.

00:01:46.770 --> 00:01:58.620 Pat Duckworth: traveling across country with baggies and packs of staff and my heart goes out to all of those women who are just trying to keep it all together for their children so.

00:01:59.340 --> 00:02:11.850 Pat Duckworth: Wherever you are ladies just really thinking about you today, and so grateful to be where I am living in peace and be able to think about you and and hoping that you're Okay, and that you're safe.

00:02:12.990 --> 00:02:28.050 Pat Duckworth: So my guest in the studio today, who I will be introducing shortly is the amazing Monica Rogers we will get back to her shortly, for the time being, and just looking at what's been in the media, this week about monopoles.

00:02:29.460 --> 00:02:39.510 Pat Duckworth: And for once i'm actually going to a celebrity post every week, there are celebrities talking about their metaphors and great because they're raising awareness of what's going on.

00:02:40.710 --> 00:02:50.190 Pat Duckworth: And I find very, very rarely mentioned them but I thought I would go with this one, this week, which was reported in any number of news outlets.

00:02:50.520 --> 00:02:57.780 Pat Duckworth: This one i've taken from Hello magazine, can I, the F bring on early menopause adopter explains.

00:02:58.290 --> 00:03:12.270 Pat Duckworth: This week kourtney kardashian said that going through IPF treatment has brought on multiples telling her mom KRIS Jenner the medication that they've given me they put me into menopause literally intimate apples.

00:03:13.590 --> 00:03:23.820 Pat Duckworth: The idea that if medications can cause the onset of early menopause is false reassures embryologist Raj Joshi of fertility specialist life sciences.

00:03:24.300 --> 00:03:34.740 Pat Duckworth: One IDF step now, this is what's important is it's part of the process of ideas one IDF step involves a treatment called down regulation.

00:03:35.130 --> 00:03:47.310 Pat Duckworth: Which shuts down your natural menstrual cycles stopping the periods, he says he goes on to explain that this is temporary and it's done in order to allow for the stimulation of the ovaries.

00:03:47.730 --> 00:04:01.080 Pat Duckworth: Doctors are very clear that if does not trigger menopause, but it can create menopause like symptoms, that the point is it's like being in multiples because you've been down regulated but it's not menopause.

00:04:01.980 --> 00:04:13.200 Pat Duckworth: Some of the medications needed during IPF can be difficult for some people to tolerate and can cause cramping and bloating plus there is a range of emotions to deal with so Dr tanya a deep.

00:04:13.500 --> 00:04:26.670 Pat Duckworth: consultant gynecologist or women's health clinic luminosity many of the hormones needed for IPF men, women report brain fog and mood swings, and these are similar to many menopausal symptoms.

00:04:27.750 --> 00:04:38.160 Pat Duckworth: that's a josh he goes on to explain the IDF can have an impact on periods and caused them to stop temporarily, which could be why Courtney said that she'd been pulled into menopause.

00:04:38.610 --> 00:04:49.770 Pat Duckworth: So it's the kind of headline that scares women, and I think it's just really important to say that part of the process is like men are polls, but it isn't multiples.

00:04:50.910 --> 00:05:02.970 Pat Duckworth: Now we've cleared that up, we can go on to another report that says why aren't venture capitalists funding more startups focused on menopause and this comes from the tech crunch website.

00:05:03.840 --> 00:05:13.380 Pat Duckworth: In recent years, femme tech has attracted increasing attention and venture funding, with dozens of startups bringing into existence from digital health Apps.

00:05:13.830 --> 00:05:18.930 Pat Duckworth: To more newly regenerative medicine companies, most of the deals.

00:05:19.470 --> 00:05:30.930 Pat Duckworth: are tied to infertility and it's easy to appreciate why among us women ages 15 to 49 with no prior births 26% have difficulty getting pregnant.

00:05:31.290 --> 00:05:37.140 Pat Duckworth: or carrying a pregnancy to term according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

00:05:37.710 --> 00:05:47.580 Pat Duckworth: Yet menopause, which is clearly an enormous market we've talked about this before they're seeing a very big market so watch out for more targeting of women at multiples.

00:05:48.060 --> 00:05:58.890 Pat Duckworth: continues to attract a trickling of investment dollars according to crunch base data and it doesn't start up so dress menopause have attracted funding of the last 12 months.

00:05:59.370 --> 00:06:07.050 Pat Duckworth: it's even more shocking, given that women who are pre menopausal menopausal or postmenopausal tend to be at the height of their spending power.

00:06:07.590 --> 00:06:17.580 Pat Duckworth: that's why it's shocking because we've got money and I haven't found a way to get it off of us there are plenty of reasons investors might be hesitant, including that many are male.

00:06:18.300 --> 00:06:27.360 Pat Duckworth: And will themselves never experienced menopause indeed most of the companies funded today have received checks from women vote for venture capitalist.

00:06:28.110 --> 00:06:39.690 Pat Duckworth: No big shocker Bourbon OK next one endometriosis affects one in 10 women but it's largely ignored in the workplace, this comes from the HR

00:06:40.710 --> 00:06:50.160 Pat Duckworth: It is endometriosis month a global awareness month to raise awareness of a disease which affects and estimated 200 million women worldwide.

00:06:50.610 --> 00:07:03.750 Pat Duckworth: And Adrian Lewis commercial director active people H R is calling on employers do more to break the taboo around women's health issues in the workplace and offer better support a subject that is close to my heart.

00:07:04.320 --> 00:07:15.480 Pat Duckworth: According to the charity endometriosis UK endometriosis is a common sometimes debilitating but often ignored gynecological disease affecting morning 10 women.

00:07:16.710 --> 00:07:34.530 Pat Duckworth: The charity recently revealed 60% of women aged 16 to 24 and 50% 56% of those aged 25 to 34 would be concerned discussing the condition with their employer if they were taking time off duty painful periods and chronic pelvic pain.

00:07:34.980 --> 00:07:48.390 Pat Duckworth: that's something we've talked about you know, we need to be training, as I do, training managers to be able to talk about this, not to solve the problems, but to be able to listen.

00:07:49.710 --> 00:07:56.580 Pat Duckworth: Others research around the impact of menopause on women's working lives by the Social Research Institute at University College London.

00:07:56.940 --> 00:08:01.560 Pat Duckworth: highlights, women are missing out on promotions and pay rises due to menopause.

00:08:01.980 --> 00:08:13.950 Pat Duckworth: careers are disrupted or even cut short as some women reach the peak of their worth working life because of symptoms, such as hot flushes insomnia anxiety and heart palpitations.

00:08:14.640 --> 00:08:32.700 Pat Duckworth: endometriosis, for example, is something that affects a lot of women, but which male managers may not even have heard of so educating staff training managers and encouraging a culture where women feel able to speak up if they are suffering is key absolutely let's train our managers.

00:08:34.380 --> 00:08:43.260 Pat Duckworth: Then next one comes from news shift work link to delayed onset of menopause I thought this was really interesting.

00:08:43.890 --> 00:08:54.270 Pat Duckworth: it's no secret that working with non traditional shifts can wreak havoc on my style and sleep habits shift work has also been known to have a negative effect on workers health.

00:08:54.750 --> 00:09:07.650 Pat Duckworth: A new study suggests it may also delay the onset of natural medicals possibly because of disruptions in circadian rhythms so our natural daily rhythms of our hormones.

00:09:08.820 --> 00:09:17.070 Pat Duckworth: Study results are published online in multiples the journal of the North American medical society and a Ms which you can look up online.

00:09:17.760 --> 00:09:25.500 Pat Duckworth: Although shift work has become an economic necessity to keep up with the increased demand for goods and services, it is not without health risks.

00:09:25.920 --> 00:09:33.240 Pat Duckworth: Previous studies have linked shift work with an increased risk of coronary events with the highest risk being associated with night shifts.

00:09:33.570 --> 00:09:54.300 Pat Duckworth: Other related health problems include peptic ulcers type two diabetes and cancer, such as prostate colorectal and breast cancer my husband worked night shifts for a couple of years, and he ended up with, and the word is just gone straight out of my head.

00:09:55.770 --> 00:10:04.560 Pat Duckworth: I will have to come back to it anyway, it was painful he's over it now, but yeah it shift work can really affect your health.

00:10:05.070 --> 00:10:24.360 Pat Duckworth: This new study based on secondary data analysis of nearly 3700 premenopausal women aim to investigate association between shiftwork exposure and variations in agent night natural menopause in adult Canadian workers so really important part of what happened.

00:10:26.490 --> 00:10:33.270 Pat Duckworth: I know you're hanging on there today what we're all with it okay my next item is from the nursing

00:10:33.720 --> 00:10:41.100 Pat Duckworth: and experience NHS manager and registered nurses told an influential group of MPs so Members of Parliament in the UK.

00:10:41.490 --> 00:10:47.280 Pat Duckworth: Of the gap in workplace support and awareness, for health professionals managing symptoms of the multiples.

00:10:47.910 --> 00:10:58.410 Pat Duckworth: essential points in there were about exhaustion not being seen not being recognized not able to maximize your well being even if you wanted to retain.

00:10:58.770 --> 00:11:11.040 Pat Duckworth: Your position of work, let alone extend that positions or coaching or mentoring role or in fact explore more senior and leadership roles noted miss but Bernie, who is a registered nurse by background.

00:11:11.430 --> 00:11:21.840 Pat Duckworth: So her work with the group she chairs like Bernie told in peace that she found that people have struggled with awareness in the workplace around medicals I work so hard at this.

00:11:22.170 --> 00:11:31.680 Pat Duckworth: i've given to talk to organizations this week about it it's been reported to me, she says that line managers that haven't received training in awareness of menopause.

00:11:32.070 --> 00:11:37.230 Pat Duckworth: can effectively gatekeeper their access to, for instance, occupational health.

00:11:37.680 --> 00:11:47.040 Pat Duckworth: Where that might offer some menopause discussion, she said she added one of my colleagues that was Muslim did not want to share the details of our sensitive symptoms.

00:11:47.340 --> 00:12:00.480 Pat Duckworth: But I had to do that in order to access support in the workplace, both in terms of flexible working on would occupational health another reason why we need to educate manners managers to have this sensitive conversation.

00:12:00.900 --> 00:12:16.710 Pat Duckworth: and the last thing which I picked up today was that boots the chemist who are the equivalent of like walgreens In fact I think walgreens have fought boots the chemist have offered to pay for their women staff.

00:12:17.910 --> 00:12:31.860 Pat Duckworth: To have hormone replacement therapy if they want it so because prescriptions are free, here in the UK they've offered to pay their prescription charges, which is worth over 200 pounds or about $300 a year so that's really helpful.

00:12:32.940 --> 00:12:43.920 Pat Duckworth: Good i'm really loving seeing employers having different approaches and strategies to helping employees Monica before we go to the break it is lovely to see you today.

00:12:44.370 --> 00:12:47.640 Monica Rodgers: Oh it's so great to be here pat Thank you so much.

00:12:48.510 --> 00:12:52.860 Pat Duckworth: And before we came on air we were chatting and we don't see.

00:12:54.060 --> 00:12:54.810 Pat Duckworth: Any bressler.

00:12:57.030 --> 00:12:58.140 Monica Rodgers: I loved that.

00:12:59.940 --> 00:13:13.860 Pat Duckworth: Energy going does that having a bit of adults and you were telling me that the energy at the moment is the energy of the coyote and that can be trixie county coyote is a bit of a tricky animal, what does it mean for us day to day.

00:13:14.910 --> 00:13:20.730 Monica Rodgers: Well day to day it's it's really all about teaching us to have more levity you know and Laughter

00:13:21.120 --> 00:13:34.950 Monica Rodgers: And, really, especially as women right we're so used to holding it all apart and or sorry holding it all together and and like kind of just laughing at the folly, you know when we're when we're kind of taking ourselves too seriously.

00:13:36.000 --> 00:13:45.540 Pat Duckworth: Well we've been doing a bit of that already so it's good the name of what my husband suffered is finally like diverticulitis.

00:13:46.680 --> 00:13:57.840 Pat Duckworth: He got back and yeah poor man and he got it around our 25th wedding anniversary which I subsequently named our anniversary.

00:13:59.970 --> 00:14:18.330 Pat Duckworth: Because, although plans for that weekend disappeared, but not his fault I forgiven him we're still married 44 years have passed we're all good so join us after the break when i'll be talking to Monica about how we saying yes to them mess see you after the break.

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00:16:32.430 --> 00:16:37.200 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and pairing women leaders at menopause.

00:16:37.500 --> 00:16:45.780 Pat Duckworth: I like to think that the listeners are rocking along with the music as well because it's just such a great way to keep lifting and mood and moving the energy around.

00:16:46.560 --> 00:16:53.670 Pat Duckworth: So big welcome to my guest today, who is the gorgeous Monica Rogers she's a tireless advocate.

00:16:53.940 --> 00:17:04.710 Pat Duckworth: For the full actualization of women inspiring women everywhere that saying yes to the mess is the missing link to self love and personal liberation and awakening.

00:17:05.400 --> 00:17:14.100 Pat Duckworth: Through the revelation project podcast and group coaching programs Monica guides women through their inner rough evolution or.

00:17:14.730 --> 00:17:24.780 Pat Duckworth: revolution from trance to transcendence revealing the toxic myths of social conditioning and self doubt in order to illuminate the magic and magnificence.

00:17:25.260 --> 00:17:36.210 Pat Duckworth: of our imperfect cells, she believes that women can take action towards realizing our true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be.

00:17:36.600 --> 00:17:41.100 Pat Duckworth: And that is the theme of menopause I think that's when we really get to grips with that.

00:17:41.520 --> 00:17:48.150 Pat Duckworth: When we reveal the truth of who we are, we return to our original design and with the practice of self love and compassion.

00:17:48.450 --> 00:17:54.240 Pat Duckworth: We become aligned opening the portal to our divine purpose, where true prosperity law dwells.

00:17:54.570 --> 00:18:08.820 Pat Duckworth: there's never been a more important time for women to reveal the truth of who they are, as a catalyst for positive change in the world, as the divine feminine returns in the saffir century wow Monica.

00:18:10.110 --> 00:18:10.920 Pat Duckworth: I love it.

00:18:11.730 --> 00:18:16.590 Monica Rodgers: Thank you, thank you so much for having man so great to be here on hot women rock I.

00:18:17.190 --> 00:18:18.870 Monica Rodgers: love the name of your show.

00:18:20.400 --> 00:18:30.960 Pat Duckworth: Thank you so much, and it's great to see you here, and anybody listening, I hope you already get the idea, but we will be dancing between the profound than the profane the softer name.

00:18:31.470 --> 00:18:38.760 Pat Duckworth: As we get into well I think spirit dances in that way too, and certainly coyote does in terms of.

00:18:39.240 --> 00:19:00.120 Pat Duckworth: Like we we know this deep stuff to be done, we know how important our purpose and our our spirits are and we can have a laugh and enjoy it and dance with it anyway enough for me Monica tell me about your journey, how did you get to be the one that you are.

00:19:01.200 --> 00:19:02.970 Monica Rodgers: The wonder that I am Thank you.

00:19:04.170 --> 00:19:26.160 Monica Rodgers: So, really, I would say, you know, having had a challenging upbringing, like many of us, you know and just really having to get to that point in my life, where it was time to start answering my soul's call you know and to really know myself, and I think that we can tend to.

00:19:27.510 --> 00:19:39.960 Monica Rodgers: live on the surface of life until we're kind of called to go more deeply and that usually actually happens through some kind of messy initiation or through a crisis.

00:19:40.860 --> 00:19:48.150 Monica Rodgers: which really can be a disguised gift and has us really I think start to pay attention.

00:19:48.690 --> 00:20:04.110 Monica Rodgers: In a much deeper way, and so I got to a point in my life, where I had probably heard the nudges the gentle nudges from the universe, you know, to stop to pause to slow down, I was very kind of.

00:20:04.590 --> 00:20:15.780 Monica Rodgers: in touch with that very kind of strong aggressive get her done masculine energy, but I really had suppressed, like so many women.

00:20:16.830 --> 00:20:25.710 Monica Rodgers: The the balance to that which is the feminine, and so I got to a point in my life, where I say I was building an empire on quicksand.

00:20:26.250 --> 00:20:46.470 Monica Rodgers: And I didn't know how to ask for help, I didn't know how to create balance in my life, and so I had the universal smack down, you know, once the universe was done nudging gently, you know she really came at me with a two by four and I was down for the count, you know.

00:20:47.460 --> 00:20:57.660 Pat Duckworth: How did she do it did she start with the gentle you should be back in there or did you get a bit of a slap what what happened, what What was your Epiphany.

00:20:58.470 --> 00:21:07.320 Monica Rodgers: Well, I think I think for so many of us it's like we're pretending not to know that we're we're unhappy or repair tending not to know that we're.

00:21:07.770 --> 00:21:16.470 Monica Rodgers: unfulfilled in some way, and yet, women are socially conditioned to do it all and to hold it all.

00:21:16.980 --> 00:21:27.450 Monica Rodgers: And I think we're we're in this period, now where we're just we're really starting to learn how to bring feminine values back into our lives.

00:21:27.840 --> 00:21:41.160 Monica Rodgers: we're learning how to access our power centers, which is exactly where we're taught not to go during that social conditioning phase and so many of us are using our voices finally we're saying.

00:21:41.640 --> 00:21:48.450 Monica Rodgers: That beautiful word enough, you know with feeling enough, you know we're tapping into our.

00:21:49.170 --> 00:22:00.240 Monica Rodgers: intuition much more deeply we're tapping into our sensuality much more deeply and this is, you know such a beautiful part for me of the revelation project it's.

00:22:00.630 --> 00:22:13.320 Monica Rodgers: I say that everybody's doing their own revelation project and that if we're in relationship with the universe, as if it's continually in co partnership with us revealing as we.

00:22:14.160 --> 00:22:25.140 Monica Rodgers: journey through you know our own individual lives that that's really kind of that reciprocal flow that allows us to kind of not need to control everything.

00:22:26.160 --> 00:22:35.310 Pat Duckworth: yeah because what we're really good is where it's what we think we're good is controlling everything and then realizing we actually control very little and.

00:22:35.880 --> 00:22:55.230 Pat Duckworth: I think that was one of the revelations of lockdown and the past two years, is actually there's very little we can control outside of ourselves, or we can control is what is inside of US So why did you call it the revelation project what what was the inspiration for it.

00:22:56.460 --> 00:23:02.160 Monica Rodgers: Well, I often say that the revelation project found me versus the other way around, but.

00:23:02.610 --> 00:23:14.670 Monica Rodgers: To me at the time that's exactly what I was experiencing was this allowing for the first time in my life, you know to and you had asked earlier, you know how did it happen well.

00:23:15.600 --> 00:23:25.440 Monica Rodgers: It happened literally by everything needing to fall apart and by me having to learn to say yes to the mess that had become my life, you know and so.

00:23:25.770 --> 00:23:40.140 Monica Rodgers: When I talk about that I talked about the fact that it was right during the financial crisis in 2008 2009 I lost my business, you know my marriage was falling apart.

00:23:41.220 --> 00:23:46.470 Monica Rodgers: I was being sued right, like everything was just a mess and.

00:23:47.700 --> 00:23:58.650 Monica Rodgers: You know, and on top of that, I had a pretty severe health crisis, and so I kind of went into this deep depression ended up in bed for nine months, believe it or not.

00:23:59.250 --> 00:24:17.730 Monica Rodgers: And really just had to learn how to love myself through that and I never knew what that really meant until I was just forced to be with myself, day after day, and you know when you're in that kind of a mess people think it's contagious.

00:24:19.830 --> 00:24:22.500 Monica Rodgers: or not necessarily invited to all the dinner parties.

00:24:27.090 --> 00:24:30.630 Pat Duckworth: Just gonna stop you for a moment i'm sorry to be rude but i'm just going to say.

00:24:30.870 --> 00:24:40.290 Pat Duckworth: You know, one of my jobs when I was in the civil service was that I was the advisor and the specialist on sewage treatment works.

00:24:42.120 --> 00:24:51.900 Pat Duckworth: So I didn't it people put their hand out to me and go hi Pat, how are you, what do you do i'm especially salsa street whoa oh.

00:24:53.040 --> 00:24:53.400 Pat Duckworth: boy.

00:24:55.980 --> 00:25:03.090 Monica Rodgers: Is hysterical yeah it was kind of like that pat really and you know, and that that is.

00:25:03.720 --> 00:25:11.880 Monica Rodgers: I want to say what I want to say about the mess is that what i've come to learn about the mess is that it's where the most fertile.

00:25:12.420 --> 00:25:24.360 Monica Rodgers: moments are where you know we really I think of an I know it might be, you know trade but it's always that idea of like ah, when I finally got that term no mud know Lotus.

00:25:24.750 --> 00:25:34.890 Monica Rodgers: It was it was so it was such a revelation to me it was like that actually true enlightenment happens through the grit of life, you know that actually if we.

00:25:35.220 --> 00:25:48.300 Monica Rodgers: can learn to say yes to those gritty moments in our lives and just understand that something else is being revealed to us that within every single shadow that we have to face in our lives is also a gift.

00:25:48.810 --> 00:25:54.450 Monica Rodgers: That you know that, in order to illuminate you know our lives it's about.

00:25:55.110 --> 00:26:08.850 Monica Rodgers: Actually, embracing the shadows and bringing light into those shadows and kind of eliminating the gift that's within them and then integrating those, and so I had really been denying you know all of the truth that was.

00:26:09.540 --> 00:26:18.750 Monica Rodgers: That was also an end right, it was like I was messy and magnificent and we can forget that we can be both and at the same time.

00:26:19.050 --> 00:26:37.320 Monica Rodgers: And I didn't even know how to also claim my own brilliance my own innateness my own magnificence, and so it was like learning that I didn't have to be perfect, that I didn't have to hold it all together that I could actually be human imagine that.

00:26:38.460 --> 00:26:52.470 Pat Duckworth: I know it's such a gift isn't it the human and so I think, from what you were saying earlier about women becoming more aware, I think there's a whole generation of women coming through now.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:27:03.030 Pat Duckworth: who have thought more about this, who perhaps have had more work opportunities they've had careers, and then they get men and pause and.

00:27:03.960 --> 00:27:14.910 Pat Duckworth: And then what's going on here what's this about, nobody told us about this, and it is the mess that has so much to offer, so I don't know what kind of.

00:27:15.450 --> 00:27:26.250 Pat Duckworth: Is there, like a central age group of women that come to you or do you think is this younger group are now seeing menopause and thinking i'm going to do something different.

00:27:27.690 --> 00:27:34.530 Monica Rodgers: Well, I think we're seeing a shift in multiple generations, at the same time, because this time period that we're in.

00:27:35.040 --> 00:27:46.830 Monica Rodgers: Is you know many people call it the great awakening right very many people call it the time of transition, or you know we're having this moment where we're really taking an evolutionary leap.

00:27:47.310 --> 00:27:55.080 Monica Rodgers: And that means that you know, in order for us to really embrace any kind of new world that we're creating.

00:27:55.350 --> 00:28:03.000 Monica Rodgers: We have to first allow the old world to fall apart and what I find is that a lot of women have been conditioned again to hold that all together.

00:28:03.330 --> 00:28:08.700 Monica Rodgers: We don't necessarily want to do that, right now, we don't want to hold it all together because.

00:28:09.180 --> 00:28:24.090 Monica Rodgers: You know they're there can be grace in things falling apart, you know, and so, to answer your question different women at different phases of their lives, I think, are starting to recognize the messaging.

00:28:24.600 --> 00:28:32.280 Monica Rodgers: And they're at different phases of awakening but the messaging that tells us that we're not enough that we're broken, that we need to be fixed.

00:28:32.730 --> 00:28:38.550 Monica Rodgers: That you know, in order to be happy, we need to have an acquire and you know.

00:28:39.000 --> 00:28:52.560 Monica Rodgers: collect right and and I don't know about you, but i've never heard anybody who you know, has all this stuff and is like just super happy with their lives, you know, there comes a point where you're like is this it.

00:28:53.100 --> 00:28:53.850 Monica Rodgers: Is this it.

00:28:54.480 --> 00:29:03.780 Monica Rodgers: And it's like no it's not and so that's when I think women start to understand like it's not out here it's in here.

00:29:04.140 --> 00:29:06.570 Monica Rodgers: And it's about learning how to go within and so.

00:29:06.900 --> 00:29:19.470 Monica Rodgers: I would say a lot of women who have started to experience those crisis moments, are the ones that are in pain come first, you know those are the people, those are the women that that reach out first.

00:29:20.220 --> 00:29:23.880 Pat Duckworth: I think that's interesting of light the happening.

00:29:25.050 --> 00:29:34.110 Pat Duckworth: because sometimes years ago I I first trained as a therapist 12 years ago and probably I don't know about 10 years ago.

00:29:34.560 --> 00:29:43.470 Pat Duckworth: I had another therapist say you can either have an acquisition mindset, as in I want to have friends, I want to have stuff.

00:29:43.950 --> 00:29:56.160 Pat Duckworth: Or you can have a creative mindset of I want to create friendships I want to create a life and there's a huge difference between the having and the creating.

00:29:56.790 --> 00:30:09.240 Pat Duckworth: And the creation is just a very positive and I would say, a feminine way of looking at it doesn't mean that men can't do it it's just a different side of their natures.

00:30:09.930 --> 00:30:20.340 Pat Duckworth: Oh, my goodness we're going to the second break we'll be coming back to learn from you, your top tips for women to find their feminine freedom see you after the break.

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00:32:23.790 --> 00:32:43.620 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is Monica Rogers and we're going to be talking about saying yes to the mess and finding out the seven steps to feminine freedom tell me about the seven steps Monica.

00:32:49.860 --> 00:32:53.190 Monica Rodgers: You gotta unmute so I was saying.

00:32:54.450 --> 00:33:07.500 Monica Rodgers: My goodness the seven steps were actually created in a mass you know, and I started recognizing that there were certain things that were helpful.

00:33:08.310 --> 00:33:22.680 Monica Rodgers: You know when you're in a mess or you're going through a mess, and so the first one is actually really simple, and these are all steps that you can use over and over again in your revelation project.

00:33:23.160 --> 00:33:34.020 Monica Rodgers: And so the first one really is to reveal is to is to offer transparency to yourself and to those that love you right and it's to say.

00:33:34.350 --> 00:33:44.580 Monica Rodgers: it's to invite you know, in the intimacy and say you know i'm in a mess right now i'm feeling vulnerable i'm feeling confused things are changing right.

00:33:44.910 --> 00:33:51.570 Monica Rodgers: Things are falling apart, I don't know what's happening and allow yourself to just you know know.

00:33:52.050 --> 00:34:08.940 Monica Rodgers: that nobody needs to fix you that it's actually a normal, we need to normalize that we have these phases of life, these initiations into a different phase of our lives and this gets to happen as many times as it needs to.

00:34:09.480 --> 00:34:18.330 Monica Rodgers: And so that's that first step, which is really to reveal like what's really here in this moment, you know what's really here to say.

00:34:19.590 --> 00:34:33.420 Monica Rodgers: And, and to to stop pretending not to know you know, like if you're unhappy it's like that gets to belong here and it doesn't have to be fixed just let it be in the space right so that's.

00:34:34.200 --> 00:34:35.460 Pat Duckworth: yeah and even if we.

00:34:35.490 --> 00:34:38.610 Pat Duckworth: don't say anything other people know.

00:34:40.140 --> 00:34:50.160 Pat Duckworth: You can't hide that much you might not say the words but people pick things up just from looking at you, I sent my friend K in New York.

00:34:51.450 --> 00:34:56.670 Pat Duckworth: A set of Li cards that were called universe has got your back.

00:34:56.850 --> 00:34:59.160 Pat Duckworth: Which i'm because I just love the name of them.

00:34:59.520 --> 00:35:11.400 Pat Duckworth: And I was talking to her today and I said to her all pick a card for me because I hadn't seen these cards and the card she picked was your five is more important than your works.

00:35:12.810 --> 00:35:25.890 Pat Duckworth: And it is you know as soon as somebody meets you they know a lot about you before you've even opened your mouth, but you're trying to hide stuff even from yourself anyway, I could go on, but i'm not going to step two.

00:35:26.610 --> 00:35:34.680 Monica Rodgers: I love that yeah and so step two is the say yes to the mess part is what I call the reckoning you'll notice that all these words are rewards.

00:35:35.160 --> 00:35:45.000 Monica Rodgers: And the reckoning right is like what is that messy truth that you have to face and so it's it's allowing yourself the time and the space.

00:35:45.330 --> 00:35:53.100 Monica Rodgers: To kind of contemplate what that is and and again to normalize that it's not going to feel comfortable you know what I mean and that.

00:35:54.000 --> 00:36:05.730 Monica Rodgers: there's something here about leaning into that versus running away from it, because you know that great saying what you resist persists, is just so true and so.

00:36:06.090 --> 00:36:14.370 Monica Rodgers: it's about actually softening your heart and getting curious and tender toward yourself and just starting to notice right like.

00:36:14.700 --> 00:36:34.740 Monica Rodgers: what's really here what is there some grief is there some unreleased emotion and that's what I mean when it's like when it's time to really face change in our lives, it can be messy and it can be filled with all of these gifts of grace and wisdom and.

00:36:35.880 --> 00:36:42.120 Monica Rodgers: revelation really I mean when we start getting out of the comfort zone that's when we start to have these revelations.

00:36:42.540 --> 00:36:54.630 Pat Duckworth: yeah and don't judge yourself, you know it's office a mess it's okay there's no judgment just notice it right, so you we've revealed it we've recommended.

00:36:55.350 --> 00:36:55.800 Monica Rodgers: But yeah.

00:36:56.160 --> 00:37:05.730 Monica Rodgers: Correct exactly and then it's it's all really about reflecting, and so this is where you know you really get to.

00:37:06.180 --> 00:37:18.480 Monica Rodgers: notice, where you might have been having expectations about yourself or projecting things upon other people, this is kind of where we start to get in right relationship.

00:37:18.870 --> 00:37:31.350 Monica Rodgers: Right, where we start to admit that maybe we're maybe we have made some mistakes right that maybe we have like in this reflection period again it's not about beating ourselves up it's about.

00:37:31.740 --> 00:37:42.720 Monica Rodgers: kind of taking an inventory a soul battle on our lives and taking a break from like kind of the chaos if we can do that to just kind of.

00:37:43.170 --> 00:37:54.000 Monica Rodgers: have an evaluation and look and and again with hands on our own hearts because it's true that we are only able to do the best we can do.

00:37:54.450 --> 00:38:06.960 Monica Rodgers: With what we're given with at any given time, and even if we've stepped over doing our best because we you know have fallen short in some way, this part is about forgiveness this reflection part.

00:38:07.320 --> 00:38:08.400 Monica Rodgers: So, thank goodness.

00:38:08.550 --> 00:38:18.660 Pat Duckworth: So much of the pressure that we experience is pressure we put on ourselves, and so that time of reflection is, I think, is so important.

00:38:20.640 --> 00:38:21.360 Pat Duckworth: step for.

00:38:21.750 --> 00:38:32.880 Monica Rodgers: Step right she's ready to go on Okay, so this part is recover, and so this is, you know once we've kind of really done this inventory it's looking at.

00:38:34.500 --> 00:38:44.970 Monica Rodgers: What has happened to us does not define us and so it's really getting clear about what is the story that we've been living in about our lives.

00:38:45.330 --> 00:38:52.770 Monica Rodgers: What is the story we've been living in about who we are and is that an empowering story that you're living in.

00:38:53.130 --> 00:39:02.160 Monica Rodgers: Because if it's not an empowering story The next step is re author, you are the author of your life so it's actually about.

00:39:02.610 --> 00:39:17.100 Monica Rodgers: You know, starting to recognize as women, we often forget that part of our part of our magic is our ability to create and you said that beautiful word earlier right it's like we have a choice.

00:39:17.610 --> 00:39:24.600 Monica Rodgers: And we can tend to like kind of hang out in these archetypes that are not helpful murder victim.

00:39:24.990 --> 00:39:35.790 Monica Rodgers: And when we can see ourselves again in that story of our lives and we start to realize like that is not actually an empowering story that is not a story, I want to be telling myself, day after day.

00:39:36.300 --> 00:39:47.160 Monica Rodgers: You we get to start to dare to dream about the LIFE we're creating in this moment and, from this moment and start to reorder that story and so that's where we.

00:39:47.580 --> 00:39:48.030 Pat Duckworth: I think.

00:39:48.180 --> 00:40:01.050 Pat Duckworth: I think that's that's beautiful, because we can tell ourselves all the miserable stories and and become that victim or he said, but you know what whatever got thrown at me i'm still here, so it.

00:40:01.800 --> 00:40:11.220 Pat Duckworth: kind of been kind of in that bad because I got through it and i'm still here and I often get asked on podcast What would you say to your 18 year old self.

00:40:12.210 --> 00:40:18.270 Pat Duckworth: And, rather than something deeply profound I say i'd say keep going girl Chris you're doing brilliantly.

00:40:18.720 --> 00:40:24.840 Pat Duckworth: So you know there were mistakes along the way, you know that probably guys you shouldn't have spent time with.

00:40:25.320 --> 00:40:42.090 Pat Duckworth: But guess what you know you've got past that you built a life and you set the foundation for the future, so yeah if you're thinking about your younger selves send them lots of love and compassion and think well I think what they went through and how they succeeded excellent next step.

00:40:43.140 --> 00:40:50.430 Monica Rodgers: The next step is the reclamation and what I love about what you just said is that's that inner child work that.

00:40:50.880 --> 00:40:59.160 Monica Rodgers: You know a lot of people will be like Oh, I was one of them, so i'm saying you know it's like I remember somebody telling me to do mirror work and I was like Oh, I am not doing that.

00:40:59.250 --> 00:41:10.320 Monica Rodgers: You know, like that moment, where I get like really you know, like lovey w to my you have to find your own style right, but for me like when I finally got the inner child thing was when I.

00:41:10.740 --> 00:41:17.340 Monica Rodgers: Looked at my daughter, and I got like would I ever speak to my daughter, the same way i'm speaking to myself.

00:41:17.940 --> 00:41:25.470 Monica Rodgers: And that that we all have an inner child that actually usually, when we're triggered, it is our inner child.

00:41:26.010 --> 00:41:35.550 Monica Rodgers: And so the reclamation is about remembering all of the parts of ourselves, we had abandoned along the way, and remembering ourselves.

00:41:36.030 --> 00:41:50.310 Monica Rodgers: And what you know when we remember ourselves, we have to remember when we go out there that's the whole out like H O le, but when we go in what we're doing is the whole w h.

00:41:50.340 --> 00:41:51.690 Monica Rodgers: O l thing right.

00:41:52.260 --> 00:42:00.240 Monica Rodgers: And that's that part where the hole is where it all gets to belong that's the reclamation it's where the sacred and shows up.

00:42:00.660 --> 00:42:10.770 Monica Rodgers: You know where we can be all of it right and we don't have to just because we're you know have add it doesn't mean that we're.

00:42:11.160 --> 00:42:29.790 Monica Rodgers: Just a hot mess everywhere right there's also brilliance in that is it's it's really allowing ourselves to hold the tension of these opposites, the paradox, and to reclaim these parts of ourselves, we had abandoned and to step into our own sufficiency our own enough notice because.

00:42:30.090 --> 00:42:32.310 Monica Rodgers: We are enough just the way we are.

00:42:32.400 --> 00:42:32.730 As.

00:42:33.990 --> 00:42:34.200 Pat Duckworth: well.

00:42:34.410 --> 00:42:35.160 Monica Rodgers: we're worthy.

00:42:35.190 --> 00:42:42.210 Pat Duckworth: to embrace your worthiness I have a picture of myself and old black and white picture because that's how old I.

00:42:43.350 --> 00:42:49.740 Pat Duckworth: Have myself on a beach and i'm a toddler and i'm wearing one of those little dresses with the smoking across the top of it.

00:42:50.220 --> 00:42:57.870 Pat Duckworth: And this is before people were always taking photographs of children with phones, you know because kids now I just pose all the time.

00:42:58.230 --> 00:43:04.020 Pat Duckworth: But I am like i'm on a beach i'm having a good day get out my way i'm just doing my beach thing.

00:43:04.770 --> 00:43:20.400 Pat Duckworth: And I just love that two year old I think she is fantastic and every day i'm kind of going back to her or reclaiming her and my husband makes me laugh because he said, well, I look at that picture I understand why your parents worried about.

00:43:22.140 --> 00:43:24.150 Pat Duckworth: Why your mother wasn't that keen on you.

00:43:25.320 --> 00:43:37.650 Pat Duckworth: because she would look at that picture and then here comes trouble because that's what I look like you know I looked like nobody's getting in my way i'm having a good time i'm not stopping you can buy me an ice cream but that's as far as the way.

00:43:38.490 --> 00:43:39.420 Pat Duckworth: I love.

00:43:39.450 --> 00:43:54.300 Pat Duckworth: The seven steps Monica will be coming back shortly, just to take a little bit deeper into what's that how do women get started, and what should they do first join us after the break from all wit and wisdom from Monica and myself.

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00:45:53.550 --> 00:46:11.340 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is Monica Rogers the creator of the revelation revelation project so Monica i'm thinking of all sorts of words about being with me as.

00:46:12.570 --> 00:46:21.780 Pat Duckworth: We create and we treat rather than retreat let's really treat ourselves anyway, moving on.

00:46:22.500 --> 00:46:29.040 Pat Duckworth: To the seventh step we've got there what's what's The next thing we should be doing.

00:46:29.820 --> 00:46:39.180 Monica Rodgers: So the seven step is revolution, and the reason you know I called it revolution and I had kind of you know, put the quotations around the art because it's.

00:46:39.570 --> 00:46:51.570 Monica Rodgers: it's kind of that re evolution right it's that it's that part of women that I love so much, which is you know our journey is more circular it's more cyclical.

00:46:52.080 --> 00:46:57.600 Monica Rodgers: And you know when we think again about the masculine and the feminine these are energies that live within all of us.

00:46:57.930 --> 00:47:06.570 Monica Rodgers: And so there's times for the linear there's times for laying the bricks right, but then there's another time to actually kind of circle.

00:47:07.050 --> 00:47:20.010 Monica Rodgers: A period of our life in a contemplative way that allows us to have more space, and I think we call that we call it meant to pause for a reason you know, and I like to look at the pause part of it, because.

00:47:20.490 --> 00:47:33.300 Monica Rodgers: It gives us the opportunity you know in it is truly an opportunity to be in relationship with ourselves in an empowered way in a way that celebrates.

00:47:33.720 --> 00:47:42.690 Monica Rodgers: All of these milestones that we've lived and again in this society, we can tend to define success in a very upside down way.

00:47:43.140 --> 00:47:54.630 Monica Rodgers: But true success is when we've learned, you know when we've allowed ourselves to learn so many amazing lessons and to have that insight.

00:47:55.080 --> 00:48:07.590 Monica Rodgers: That you know and to integrate that insight because it's the insight, you know that that creates the invitation, we can focus on the evolution right but there's also the invitation.

00:48:08.160 --> 00:48:19.290 Monica Rodgers: And that's where we truly kind of come into this new awareness at this new consciousness about our lives and our place in our lives and our place in the world.

00:48:19.740 --> 00:48:30.990 Monica Rodgers: And I think we're in a in a tremendous time period, right now, you know that Lynn twist calls the Sophia century, which is the century of wisdom.

00:48:31.410 --> 00:48:41.310 Monica Rodgers: And you know we can take a look at the world and say like well doesn't look like wisdom has arrived yet, but we're we're the wisdom, you know it's it's a time where.

00:48:41.700 --> 00:48:51.000 Monica Rodgers: You know the the feminine and and women step into you know it's where we stopped suppressing all of this and we step into.

00:48:51.390 --> 00:49:04.740 Monica Rodgers: Co E equal partnership with men and if we're not here to ask for that to happen we're here to step up and into it, because this is about giving ourselves permission actually.

00:49:05.100 --> 00:49:11.280 Monica Rodgers: This is about understanding that we have the right to not have to know it all to sit at the table.

00:49:11.940 --> 00:49:25.410 Monica Rodgers: We have we have the right to fire ourselves from the job that's just the job if we want a more meaningful life we got to believe that we can have a more meaningful life right and so it's starting to recognize.

00:49:25.830 --> 00:49:37.680 Monica Rodgers: That we have birth rights as human beings that we've never really taken advantage of, and this is a powerful time and also that there it's never too late, you know that.

00:49:38.130 --> 00:49:59.520 Monica Rodgers: What i've started to really recognize is that, as I get into these crone years of my life, I am just like I feel more filled with wonder it's literally like i'm coming back around the circle into this place of awe and wonder and innocence all over again.

00:49:59.880 --> 00:50:10.470 Monica Rodgers: Because it's inspired my curiosity i'm i'm in a relationship with the world that's like what's gonna happen today, you know and and also like again like.

00:50:11.280 --> 00:50:26.880 Monica Rodgers: playing with all of these things that I know to be true about myself, now that i'm speaking to myself differently and offering myself space and grace to create from a place of desire and passion versus should.

00:50:27.630 --> 00:50:39.810 Pat Duckworth: Right yeah let's let go the shirts first major thing let go of the shorts Monica we're going to run out of time, so I need to know I think you've got a giveaway for our listeners what what we offering them.

00:50:40.290 --> 00:50:50.310 Monica Rodgers: A to okay so it's actually a bill of rights, and you can go to join the and you can download your free bill of rights.

00:50:50.850 --> 00:50:58.470 Monica Rodgers: And with that you know, the idea is to just do your own right but use mine, as your.

00:50:58.860 --> 00:51:14.460 Monica Rodgers: You know template if you if you'd like and it's really about sitting down with your pen and your Journal and just writing your own Bill of Rights, and hopefully mine will give you an idea of what I mean to kind of do that and i'd love to hear what you've come up with.

00:51:14.790 --> 00:51:21.150 Pat Duckworth: and share with me I think it's always good to have an example, I find it so much easier when somebody said, this is my.

00:51:21.750 --> 00:51:26.880 Pat Duckworth: I wouldn't have thought i'd have this I found it so much more helpful, thank you very much for that so.

00:51:27.270 --> 00:51:41.460 Pat Duckworth: What is the first thing what's one thing that women could do to improve their lives what's that first step is it the first step of the seven steps, or is it just like recognizing there's something to be done.

00:51:42.360 --> 00:51:47.370 Monica Rodgers: Well, I think that's it, you know it's recognizing you know no not this.

00:51:47.940 --> 00:51:51.060 Monica Rodgers: You know and and starting to figure out well then, if.

00:51:51.120 --> 00:52:08.280 Monica Rodgers: If no not this if you know kind of that you may not know yet what that is that you want, but start to really pay attention what resonates as something that's calling you forward, you know, and maybe it's a retreat maybe it's a.

00:52:09.180 --> 00:52:25.710 Monica Rodgers: You know, a doing a class that just like Oh, but you've been shooting on yourself and why shouldn't you know, but what really is calling to you and then invest in yourself do that thing for yourself that will start to open, you know everything up.

00:52:26.640 --> 00:52:36.270 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely, if this is a time for self care it's a time for self care for your body, because you're building your foundations for the next 30 4050 years.

00:52:36.780 --> 00:52:48.570 Pat Duckworth: So your body's waking you up and saying take care of me, because you know I want to be around for a while it's time for self care for your emotions it's time for self care for your spirit.

00:52:49.560 --> 00:53:05.190 Pat Duckworth: Your spirit is calling you to to pay attention to it and to do something wonderful, and this is such an amazing time for that to happen, I love all the steps i'm going to think of loads more reward.

00:53:08.160 --> 00:53:25.620 Pat Duckworth: Because the reality is like that coming back and having another go at this and you know regular listeners will know that i've talked about when I spoke to a homeopath who's a man and he said to me, I really envy women there menopause because they get to press the reset button.

00:53:25.800 --> 00:53:26.580 Monica Rodgers: mm hmm.

00:53:27.210 --> 00:53:43.980 Pat Duckworth: And I said, really, and he said yeah men don't get fat but women get the wake up call that it's time now to be paying attention with its attention to your health or what's going on in your life your relationships, you get to press the button men just around this kind of ritual well.

00:53:45.330 --> 00:53:51.060 Monica Rodgers: it's so interesting right pat like it's like we've again we've been conditioned to think of this time as.

00:53:51.390 --> 00:54:05.790 Monica Rodgers: or even this being female as like the curse you know so it's so not it's so the opposite, you know I I feel so blessed you know to to be in this body in this lifetime and to have this opportunity.

00:54:06.120 --> 00:54:16.440 Pat Duckworth: yeah absolutely it's just so important that we take that opportunity and and we really offer the story about multiples.

00:54:17.040 --> 00:54:30.390 Pat Duckworth: You know, rather as a disaster, a disappearing are becoming invisible as an ending that this is a chance to have a second beginning but with all the wisdom of the years that you've had before.

00:54:31.110 --> 00:54:40.230 Pat Duckworth: it's kind of part of what I need to do is the real thing of the story of menopause because often when i'm talking about it i'm going to talk about symptoms and stuff.

00:54:40.590 --> 00:54:48.270 Pat Duckworth: What I really want to say is I like God you're gonna love it, the other side, let me give you my hand and and help you over.

00:54:49.650 --> 00:54:58.500 Pat Duckworth: we're getting to the end of our time, so thank you so much, Monica, thank you for sharing your seven steps, thank you for your gift will be posting up the link to it.

00:54:59.100 --> 00:55:13.770 Pat Duckworth: So stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc where the next show is dismantle racism, with the wonderful Reverend Dr tlc where her guests today are devin berry and Tara millay.

00:55:14.190 --> 00:55:19.950 Pat Duckworth: And they're talking about empower ourselves this empower racism which is really important.

00:55:20.340 --> 00:55:34.140 Pat Duckworth: If you need more help with your mentor pause or even understanding how to press that reset button go to pack up where you can find blogs, of all the previous shows people that i've talked to and all of their amazing.

00:55:34.680 --> 00:55:46.710 Pat Duckworth: tips, and if you need more help you can contact me via that and, of course, you can get my book hot women call solutions because we want to cool down these hot women.

00:55:47.010 --> 00:55:59.520 Pat Duckworth: Well, we don't call them down too much we want them to stay hot really because that is really important, and if you've missed any of the previous shows you can find them on talk radio dot nyc forward slash hot women rock.

00:55:59.970 --> 00:56:06.990 Pat Duckworth: And yet, you can enjoy again some amazing interviews with some of my wonderful guests.

00:56:08.130 --> 00:56:18.630 Pat Duckworth: join me again next week when i'm talking too fast here, who is is a yoga teacher but it's not right, I mean she does yoga but she's all about body alignment.

00:56:19.020 --> 00:56:26.100 Pat Duckworth: And really dealing with that myofascial release that's really important if you don't know what that is definitely join me next week.

00:56:26.430 --> 00:56:37.470 Pat Duckworth: To find out about your fafsa and how to release it so you can realign your body and be really healthy so let's say yes to the mess this week and.

00:56:37.920 --> 00:56:55.680 Pat Duckworth: Just embrace it and re author our stories are real so many couples to be really powerful, thank you to my producer this week, thank you dylan for doing a brilliant job will have a wonderful week i'll see you next week when we'll be talking about realigning re aligning your body.

00:56:56.850 --> 00:56:57.180 Monica Rodgers: takes.

00:56:57.600 --> 00:56:58.500 Pat Duckworth: You through.

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