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Thursday, March 17, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/17 - Chi Gong - The Natural Menopause Solution

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/17 - Chi Gong - The Natural Menopause Solution


2022/03/17 - Chi Gong - The Natural Menopause Solution

[New Episode] Chi Gong - The Natural Menopause Solution

An understanding of what Chi Gong is and how it can support you at menopause.

Tips for how to set up a 20 minute Chi Gong practice to alleviate menopause symptoms

Menopause is a complex phase of life that requires a holistic approach that addresses your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual lives. Your body is going through changes and it can be supported by developing daily practices that reduce the experience of symptoms.

My guest, Master Teresa Yeung, is an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and three-time #1 international bestselling award winning author.  She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong, a certified private institution. She will be sharing with us how to develop a 20-minute daily customized Qi Gong practice to reduce the intensity of any uncomfortable feelings, flush out the bad energies of the body, and bring in the good so you can feel energized, relaxed,  and feel the joy of life again!

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today, Pat starts the show by saying what it has been in the newspapers about women and menopause this week. One of the UK's most popular magazines caught Pat's attention as the headline lacked information on menopausal symptoms. Another of the articles that she mentions is that the athlete Ashley Wallace says that she has found herself in a vicious circle in the perimenopausal phase. This vicious cycle has happened to her by trying to counteract weight gain with starvation. Pat mentions that we need to nourish our bodies properly instead of starving ourselves such as high quality protein, omega 3's and vegetables as well as sufficient sources of calcium. As Pat states ‘it's not about trying to starve yourself is getting a really educated answer’. Another news that has been relevant for her is found in a news talk podcast. It is about 25% single women in menopause are not attending cervical screening appointment. Pat mentions that women should go to this type of appointments since some of the symptoms around menopause, like heavy bleeding, can actually be the star of cervical cancer. One of the funny news she read about menopause is that in the United Kingdom, Channel 4 wants to produce a comedy show related to menopause. Pat adds that she is writing a comic novel about menopause at the moment. There is some more news that Pat reads about a journalist called Wendy Wolf that says women have to be aware that the major killer of women is cardiovascular disease as many die from not from breast cancer. Pat says after reading these news, we are more play to die from cardiovascular disease after menopause. Her guest named Teresa adds that people can actually do some breathing when they listen to any of the things they uncomfortable and that's why she teach to empathize the stress because we know that high stress levels can affect our experience with menopause.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Pat introduces Teresa Yeung, an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and three-time #1 international bestselling award winning author. Pat adds that the main purpose of Master Yeung is about how to achieve our physical, emotional and spiritual balance. She took up doing one of Teresa’s T’ai Chi classes during lockdown. So Pat asks her  what she got into T’ai Chi. Teresa answers that started in 1995. She adds that this type of technique has been a bond for covid. Pat asks Teresa what made her take the stage of doing Chi Gong since this activity refers to a variety of techniques usually related to traditional Chinese medicine, which includes some health benefits like breathing and physical exercise. She answers that absolutely, some of these benefits reduce uncomfortable feelings, like irritation. She gives an example of her own experience since she is a single mum and has to take care of her three children. Then Teresa talks about how her children manage this therapy with her. She mentions they used to go to her Chi Gong classes and today they still practice it. Pat wants to know about how Chi Gong can help menopause as it is a natural technique. Teresa mentions that menopause is a wake up call that we need to take care of our own health, so we can be there for other people and ourselves too. From her personal experience with the menopause, she did not really have many problems but she experienced some changes: speech, temperature change and irritation among others. She advises that menopausal women should sign up for her classes because with her help they can reduce upset feelings and increase good energies in them, both physically and emotionally.

Segment 3

In this third segment, Pat asks Teresa what Chi Gong is. She mentions that Chi is energy. She tells us that actually energy is love. She defines Chi Gong as a way to nurture ourselves with more love in which there are many movements to manifest that love like meditation, etc. Teresa mentions that Chi Gong burns calories too. Pat highlights that this natural technique is focused on breathing. Teresa adds that it's like a start. You are creating a very strong vibration. She mentions that five minutes of Chi Gong could be like an hour of healing meditation. She says that Chi is the life force of our bodies. The Chi Gong exercise lasts approximately 20 minutes. Teresa tells us that you can see the difference of feeling more relaxed and with better energy within 5 minutes of starting. Pat says to Teresa that she guesses there are not a lot of women Chi Gong Masters. Teresa agrees with her because this type of technique takes a lot of time to practice and women in some countries are not even allowed to go out of their houses.

Segment 4

Coming towards the end of the show,  Pat wants to know more about the 20-minute Chi Gong practice would do for women on with menopause symptoms. Teresa answers that in this 20 min programm, women with menopause will flush out the bad energies, bring in the good, they will feel energized as well as relaxed and finally they will feel the joy of life again. Chi Gong will refresh women with menopause because they are getting new energy into their body, so they clear their body healing the body naturally. Pat asks Teresa if there is something in particular that women cannot practice this technique. She answers no. Any woman can practice Chi Gong. They only have to follow Teresa when she does the exercise. Pat asks her if she can give the audience her best tip. Teresa highlights the importance of being relaxed and breathing properly at the end of the day. 

This is the cheapest circulation option down. Keep doing that even a couple minutes as you can at the thought of centering your energy. Pat agrees with her thoughts and adds that it is important to take care of our health.


00:00:55.440 --> 00:01:02.460 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause good morning America.

00:01:03.030 --> 00:01:16.050 Pat Duckworth: Good afternoon UK good evening, if you are in India or in the Far East it's a little bit different timing, this week, because you crazy North Americans, you have sprung into spring by putting your clocks forward.

00:01:16.500 --> 00:01:27.840 Pat Duckworth: And we, in the UK don't do that for another couple of weekends, so I have been pressing my brain trying to work out what time it would be in America when it's my showtime there in.

00:01:28.770 --> 00:01:41.340 Pat Duckworth: Here in the UK So yes, we've got a bit complicated happy St patrick's day and in honor of St patrick's day I even have oh there we go my son patrick's day has.

00:01:42.510 --> 00:01:48.930 Pat Duckworth: My son had to drink a lot of Guinness to earn that hat, so I like to honor him every year by putting it on at least once.

00:01:49.500 --> 00:01:56.820 Pat Duckworth: But wherever you are, I hope you have a very happy St patrick's day, I feel that I can claim some patrick's day because.

00:01:57.240 --> 00:02:05.760 Pat Duckworth: A lot of my family on my mother's side are Irish, and in fact I qualify for an Irish passport, which, I might just do one of these days.

00:02:06.420 --> 00:02:12.810 Pat Duckworth: I hope it is springing for you, wherever you are there's lots of lovely flowers in the gardens here now.

00:02:13.170 --> 00:02:24.210 Pat Duckworth: And it does feel a lot more like spring it's just so wonderful when the days are getting longer of course you're if you're in the southern hemisphere and you're heading towards autumn I hope you've had a lovely summer.

00:02:24.870 --> 00:02:39.510 Pat Duckworth: So what is in the media, before we go I should say muscle trees, is in the studio the virtual studio she is sitting there waiting to come on but we're going to go to the media first and see what has been in the newspapers this week.

00:02:40.560 --> 00:02:48.210 Pat Duckworth: So the first one attracted my attention because it just goes to show how many aspects, there are too many couples.

00:02:48.810 --> 00:02:57.450 Pat Duckworth: And this article appeared in the horse and hound magazine, which is a very popular magazine for horse riders here in the UK.

00:02:58.020 --> 00:03:06.000 Pat Duckworth: And the headline was lack of information on menopausal symptoms directly affecting riders women speak out to empower others.

00:03:06.810 --> 00:03:16.410 Pat Duckworth: So horse enhances spoken to numerous riders who found their enjoyment of life and writing and been seriously affected by symptoms, such as severe anxiety.

00:03:16.710 --> 00:03:25.080 Pat Duckworth: mood swings weight gain and physical pain, but I had no idea at the time that these were linked perimenopause or menopause.

00:03:25.620 --> 00:03:32.820 Pat Duckworth: Some reacted some reach the verge of giving up horses for many their lifelong passion and source of exercise.

00:03:33.240 --> 00:03:38.340 Pat Duckworth: and others have stopped writing, all together, it shows how it can affect you, you know you've if.

00:03:38.700 --> 00:03:45.270 Pat Duckworth: I mean a lot of women get into horse riding a very early age young girls just love going to stables and whole society.

00:03:45.660 --> 00:03:51.390 Pat Duckworth: and to give it up without realizing that you're just going through menopause anyway, the article goes on.

00:03:51.900 --> 00:04:00.780 Pat Duckworth: so few people talk about it pretty sure questions human physio and athlete head health lead Ashley wallace told health and hills.

00:04:01.140 --> 00:04:08.700 Pat Duckworth: This is a phase you're going through this isn't a medical illness or something to be avoided and knowledge is power i'm always saying that knowledge is power.

00:04:09.330 --> 00:04:22.350 Pat Duckworth: People often just think you go straight into it like your period stopping but perimenopause can be a couple of years leading up to that it can be more than a couple of years, it can be several years leading up.

00:04:23.430 --> 00:04:30.030 Pat Duckworth: She said she sees riders into a vicious cycle, by trying to counteract weight gain by eating less.

00:04:30.450 --> 00:04:37.380 Pat Duckworth: That coupled with other symptoms, such as reduction strength and sleep disturbances which mean people are not recovering properly.

00:04:37.680 --> 00:04:51.690 Pat Duckworth: means it's no wonder summer exhausted, it seems frightening but there's a lot we can do and riders being writers have a good attitude to getting out and getting on with things she said she advises looking at diet, yes, not going on a diet.

00:04:52.350 --> 00:05:07.320 Pat Duckworth: we've got to be nourishing our bodies properly fueling the body what it needs, rather than starving and eating plenty of leafy Greens red berries high quality protein and omega threes plus enough sources of calcium.

00:05:07.890 --> 00:05:17.850 Pat Duckworth: So lots of things we can do we're always talking about that, on the show it's not about trying to starve yourself it's about getting really educated about it.

00:05:18.840 --> 00:05:28.680 Pat Duckworth: Then next i'd so I picked up from the podcast actually called news talk, which is an Irish podcast or certainly it was an Irish presenter.

00:05:29.190 --> 00:05:38.280 Pat Duckworth: And what caught my attention was the headline 25% of women in menopause are not attending cervical cervical screening appointments.

00:05:38.700 --> 00:05:46.920 Pat Duckworth: it's really important to go for cervical screening appointments because some of the symptoms around menopause like heavy bleeding.

00:05:47.820 --> 00:05:56.970 Pat Duckworth: can actually be the star of cervical cancer so it's really important to go for screening, but I understand why women don't and that's what this came up with.

00:05:57.240 --> 00:06:06.150 Pat Duckworth: sort of course you have women have multiples age and not attending cervical screening appointments, the founder of the menopause health clinic and monopoles health experts.

00:06:07.200 --> 00:06:16.350 Pat Duckworth: And some of that is because women found smears painful so they went one year, you know as they were in menopause and because of changes in East region.

00:06:16.920 --> 00:06:25.290 Pat Duckworth: they've been changes in the skin of the cervix and it was painful and then they think okay i'm not going back that's not the right response.

00:06:25.890 --> 00:06:31.710 Pat Duckworth: 18% of women didn't think they needed screening once they've gone through menopause they couldn't get pregnant anymore.

00:06:32.100 --> 00:06:40.740 Pat Duckworth: Wrong you still have to keep going and having your smeared on and what they're saying was talk with your doctor if you've had a painful experience.

00:06:41.040 --> 00:06:50.700 Pat Duckworth: Talk to the doctor or to the practice nurse who does it there are things they can do they have different sizes of the speculum that they put inside you they can use the.

00:06:51.030 --> 00:07:02.370 Pat Duckworth: Smaller one they can use lubricants it might be that you need estrogen pessary's that can help so don't stop going because it's really important to have those checks done.

00:07:04.080 --> 00:07:15.810 Pat Duckworth: This is a more lighthearted thing I picked up Bridget Christie lands channel for menopause comedy the change the channel for is a TV station here in the UK.

00:07:16.290 --> 00:07:28.920 Pat Duckworth: And Bridget Christie has been in its assault comic actress she plays Linda a 50 year old working class married mother of two having an existential crisis well that's what menopause can do for you.

00:07:29.430 --> 00:07:38.160 Pat Duckworth: Convinced that she's got early onset dementia after forgetting what a shoe is called linda's GP influencer is in fact the multiples.

00:07:38.610 --> 00:07:47.400 Pat Duckworth: feeling invigorated and empowered by this information, Linda decides to claw back some of the time she spent doing invisible work over the years.

00:07:47.850 --> 00:07:59.970 Pat Duckworth: Not all 3.5 million minutes just 130 1500 of them to do something for herself, for a change, and I think a lot of women get to that point that medicals where they think.

00:08:00.510 --> 00:08:05.160 Pat Duckworth: What do I want to do, rather than what does everybody else want me to do.

00:08:06.150 --> 00:08:15.720 Pat Duckworth: dusting of her old triumph motorbike that she hasn't written in 30 years Linda sets off alone to this spectacular wilderness of the Forest of Dean that's.

00:08:16.680 --> 00:08:29.220 Pat Duckworth: Beautiful area here in the UK in such an identity, a purpose and a tree she climbed as a child along the way she meets an array of eccentric locals, including the infamous eel sisters.

00:08:30.480 --> 00:08:39.120 Pat Duckworth: and angry local radio presenter and the mysterious man who lives in the woods, with the ball ball what could possibly go wrong there's a question I have lost my so.

00:08:39.390 --> 00:08:50.760 Pat Duckworth: I don't know when this program is coming out I don't know if it's just been commissioned but we'll be watching out for that coming I am myself writing a comic novel about menopause at the moment.

00:08:51.870 --> 00:09:09.990 Pat Duckworth: I started writing it life last year, and if it makes me laugh I just need to write more of it and i'll let you know when that's coming out and in honor of my guest today as master trees that lives in Toronto, or should I say trauma I don't know too many consonants anyway.

00:09:11.010 --> 00:09:17.340 Pat Duckworth: This is an item for the Toronto star why female executives are reluctant to talk about menopause.

00:09:18.660 --> 00:09:24.060 Pat Duckworth: And this is a much longer article but i've just tried to extract some important parts from it.

00:09:25.140 --> 00:09:34.410 Pat Duckworth: In 1994 more than 20% of Canadian and more than half of women and French menopausal women but taking hormone replacement therapy.

00:09:35.220 --> 00:09:45.840 Pat Duckworth: When a 1997 American Medical Association report assertive that hrt extended life expectancy by three years, it became accepted treatment.

00:09:46.470 --> 00:09:58.020 Pat Duckworth: Two thirds of 30 retired Canadian professional women informally polled by email this article took hrt in the 1990s so hormone replacement therapy.

00:09:58.560 --> 00:10:09.870 Pat Duckworth: But then things got scary a rushed 2000 to study by the US women's health initiative announced hrt increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

00:10:10.230 --> 00:10:21.060 Pat Duckworth: Women and their doctors were told that hormone replacement therapy risk outweighed its benefits, this is something that was a major event back in 2000 a month 2000 or two.

00:10:21.900 --> 00:10:33.600 Pat Duckworth: But there are lots of reasons why the data from that wasn't entirely correct, I mean the data was correct, but some Paul the women who were being surveyed.

00:10:34.410 --> 00:10:49.680 Pat Duckworth: didn't stand up to a lot of the analysis is going on since, but of course it scared a lot of women Center some physicians have been afraid to dis prescribe hrt because the WHO is methodology came under serious scrutiny.

00:10:51.090 --> 00:11:00.540 Pat Duckworth: My doctor refused to prescribe hrt said Lewis lois lois sweet, who was an associate professor at carleton university and also a.

00:11:00.840 --> 00:11:09.570 Pat Duckworth: sweet couldn't sleep because night sweats left or sheets soaking she said, but it was hot flushes while she was teaching that really affected her professional life.

00:11:10.020 --> 00:11:16.200 Pat Duckworth: There I would be standing in front of a group of young people and suddenly my body would turn into a furnace.

00:11:16.590 --> 00:11:22.740 Pat Duckworth: Turning me a brilliant right bright red wild sweat pour down my face it was excruciating.

00:11:23.130 --> 00:11:33.750 Pat Duckworth: sweet said she baked her doctor three times for hormone replacement therapy before he would prescribed it, it was like a magic potion it made a huge difference in my life.

00:11:34.440 --> 00:11:44.130 Pat Duckworth: New research shows hormone replacement therapy is highly beneficial when given to symptomatic women within 10 years of menopause onset or under the age of 60.

00:11:44.490 --> 00:11:54.720 Pat Duckworth: Rather than harming health studies show hrt reduces mortality, on average, by almost 10% by protecting against cardiovascular and other diseases.

00:11:55.230 --> 00:12:03.420 Pat Duckworth: Dr Wendy Wolf and says, women have to be aware that the major killer of women after menopause is cardiovascular disease.

00:12:03.870 --> 00:12:14.550 Pat Duckworth: eight times as many die from that them from breast cancer, I really pulls them so that is such an important statistic, because women worry a lot about breast cancer.

00:12:15.000 --> 00:12:21.870 Pat Duckworth: And I think we'll get on to talk about that with master tree circles, we were talking about before we came on air but.

00:12:22.350 --> 00:12:36.180 Pat Duckworth: you're more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, after menopause so you know before minute pause it's more likely to be men dying of that after menopause more likely to be women, the statistics show that.

00:12:36.690 --> 00:12:46.830 Pat Duckworth: Teresa I just want to say hello to you before we go to the break anything from all of that that you found interesting I mean all of that information.

00:12:48.180 --> 00:12:50.160 Master Yeung: Information is scary.

00:12:52.260 --> 00:12:54.090 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely so.

00:12:55.110 --> 00:13:09.510 Pat Duckworth: On the show a couple of weeks ago I was talking to Dr Valerie shepherd and she said, we have to come to information with a blank slate mentality curiosity of like a flu that's interesting that's not going to be me.

00:13:09.840 --> 00:13:22.500 Pat Duckworth: But that's interesting so not to think Oh, if that happens that's going to happen to me, but to be aware of it, I think you know that's where education comes in yeah.

00:13:23.790 --> 00:13:31.530 Master Yeung: We can actually do some breathing when we listen to anything to you uncomfortable and that's what I teach him.

00:13:31.980 --> 00:13:51.420 Pat Duckworth: yeah managing the stress and we'll come back to the stress, because we know that stress levels can affect your experience of medical so effectual health generally, but one of the things about Chi gong as a breathing exercises lowering the stress.

00:13:52.530 --> 00:14:05.310 Pat Duckworth: No other stress so join us after the break when i'll be talking to master Tracy young about Chico and how it can help with our health at any stage of life, particularly at medicals see you after the break.

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00:16:18.420 --> 00:16:28.590 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women radio show and powering women leaders at multiples where my empowering women leader today is mustard trees, a young.

00:16:28.920 --> 00:16:41.370 Pat Duckworth: all the way from Toronto so master trees, there is an internationally recognized master of Chico she's a speaker healer and three times number one international best selling award winning author.

00:16:41.850 --> 00:16:48.180 Pat Duckworth: master chief speaks about how to achieve your physical, emotional and spiritual balance and we all need that.

00:16:49.290 --> 00:17:05.100 Pat Duckworth: she's the founder of pure land international Chico a certified private institution she's the leading successor of grandmaster why so was lineage I just completely messed up, but you can tell me trees, or how do I say that grandmaster.

00:17:06.720 --> 00:17:07.440 Master Yeung: You doing good.

00:17:07.830 --> 00:17:08.160 Okay.

00:17:09.300 --> 00:17:16.650 Pat Duckworth: It was the educator and creator of the highly successful moves it go, which has helped millions of people.

00:17:16.860 --> 00:17:34.680 Pat Duckworth: In addition, in addition, she is a continuing education and professional development activity provider of the USA national certification commission of acupuncturist and oriental medicine Theo That was a big mouthful master Teresa it is wonderful to see you today.

00:17:35.220 --> 00:17:35.430 or.

00:17:37.260 --> 00:17:37.470 Pat Duckworth: If.

00:17:38.700 --> 00:17:53.430 Pat Duckworth: it's so long since we've been together, but we have met up a few times and, yes, I took up doing TAI Chi when I was in my late 20s because I I just love doing TAI Chi and I.

00:17:53.760 --> 00:18:04.230 Pat Duckworth: i've done it a lot during lockdown it's one of the things that kept my head together out was yeah I can do those movements if you're not watching us on Facebook you're missing all the movement.

00:18:05.460 --> 00:18:08.460 Pat Duckworth: What got you into doing she going Theresa.

00:18:09.780 --> 00:18:18.180 Master Yeung: Oh, that when the students ready the teacher appears right, so I started at.

00:18:19.410 --> 00:18:33.390 Master Yeung: 9995 actually and so is 26 years now, so the teacher has come to Canada and I just started to learn and I had we really more health at the time.

00:18:34.110 --> 00:18:36.240 Pat Duckworth: Okay, what was going on with you.

00:18:38.340 --> 00:18:42.210 Master Yeung: I always thought I have been a bond for cold.

00:18:45.630 --> 00:18:48.000 Master Yeung: Because when I was 20 years old.

00:18:51.060 --> 00:18:53.790 Master Yeung: I had tuberculosis, the lung DC.

00:18:53.850 --> 00:19:09.360 Master Yeung: Oh, so one night is about block a few times and and then, of course, you went to the hospital you don't come out and all the medicine injections for the next year I.

00:19:09.870 --> 00:19:28.530 Master Yeung: yeah and let me to humongous amount of help our moms because you know when you got sick really one time very bad it's very hard to come back so for the next, I would say, for the next 18 years, I could not get my health back and I.

00:19:29.730 --> 00:19:37.110 Master Yeung: was so difficult and so much health problems is almost anything you thought of besides kansai.

00:19:38.010 --> 00:19:48.960 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah so, then the teacher turned up in in Canada and you decided to start how did you start out I how did you start learning.

00:19:49.980 --> 00:19:56.400 Master Yeung: Well, I got a call from a friend and then he said oh my father's coming to Canada.

00:19:57.570 --> 00:20:08.970 Master Yeung: And he might might have nothing to do really can you find something for him to do, and he knows how to do to go oh okay I haven't learned you got right.

00:20:09.810 --> 00:20:31.770 Master Yeung: Now I thought, maybe I can bring a few friends and relatives together and and then next week, he arrived and a family friend just started at the home, my home and then later on, I brought it to the park the friends comes and and I just keep doing for the next year and then.

00:20:33.810 --> 00:20:41.160 Master Yeung: And then there's something else happen again, but, but then at that time I got some health benefits already because I have a.

00:20:42.540 --> 00:20:43.860 Master Yeung: lot of allergies.

00:20:45.570 --> 00:20:46.800 Master Yeung: Of hay fever.

00:20:48.000 --> 00:21:03.660 Master Yeung: headaches migraines xm pain digestive problems menstrual pain constipation diarrhea and the same month like paid I can walk a few hours, and I have three young children to take care right.

00:21:04.230 --> 00:21:14.790 Master Yeung: So my heartbeat was terrible i'm even my black out playing I just tell you is really horrible well thanks to that the seeds right.

00:21:15.240 --> 00:21:25.470 Master Yeung: yeah at that time, because it was you know it's almost like I am I say I am is almost feel I still feel it now, but at that time.

00:21:26.670 --> 00:21:27.630 Master Yeung: It was like.

00:21:29.460 --> 00:21:37.260 Master Yeung: i'm sick again I got a cold again already, I have a temperature again and then after a month or so okay you sick against.

00:21:38.130 --> 00:21:53.700 Master Yeung: Another I pass the germs to my children, I have three young children at the time they are, they are they at that time, they are form, maybe four or five pan saw and then we just passing germs in the family, all the time.

00:21:54.240 --> 00:21:55.350 Pat Duckworth: And that's the.

00:21:55.350 --> 00:22:01.110 Master Yeung: joy of a new thing oh that's a joy so everyone practice you all in, together with my kids.

00:22:02.400 --> 00:22:11.190 Pat Duckworth: And what made you take it a stage further to becoming a Chico milestone was it like seeing the health benefits, you were getting from it.

00:22:14.310 --> 00:22:24.960 Master Yeung: I actually never wanted to be achieved our master is actually as a bottom of my list is almost horrifying because every title carrying a responsibility.

00:22:26.400 --> 00:22:34.590 Master Yeung: So I just want to support my teachers, so we actually created a school already, and then the journey actually started is.

00:22:35.790 --> 00:22:47.520 Master Yeung: A while that she gone brought me the benefit that I can be with the paths for a few hours of first is, I would have to run to the drugstore often five minutes.

00:22:48.540 --> 00:22:59.940 Master Yeung: I was with a cat because I have very crazy allergies it's like I can't believe when i'm with the cast the hair suffocating my eyes wells up the throat, and all that.

00:23:01.350 --> 00:23:17.880 Master Yeung: So the little surprise was huge surprise went to a friend's home and they have pets and it just felt terrible to just leave right So what are you stay there and then while one of our past by wow i'm still okay.

00:23:18.960 --> 00:23:26.370 Master Yeung: And then another our past but really I could still stay here, and since then I just realized that.

00:23:27.510 --> 00:23:34.620 Master Yeung: After about four hours, I started a few of the irritations, but they were still minor right so what's going on with me.

00:23:35.640 --> 00:23:38.250 Master Yeung: This is this is this is crazy really.

00:23:38.970 --> 00:23:49.980 Master Yeung: No allergies like is it that the na what's it doing for me right, and then because of that we say when my i'm a single mother.

00:23:51.300 --> 00:24:08.460 Master Yeung: Okay, so since I become a single mother and then with three young children to take care and then my teacher said she can walk for what you want to do it like a Korea, so we can do it, you gotten together and he said I come out from retirement.

00:24:10.170 --> 00:24:25.380 Master Yeung: I have an offer, I had an offer from it Oh, this is a good offer i'm a single mother had no money I don't have a chart yet i've got young children to take care, the only 5556 confident oh.

00:24:26.520 --> 00:24:30.750 Master Yeung: that's interesting and I thought through it and then that's Okay, I do.

00:24:32.130 --> 00:24:33.240 Master Yeung: Yes, hi Scott.

00:24:33.750 --> 00:24:40.620 Pat Duckworth: and take your children carry on with it did they find it was good for your health or I mean sometimes children like.

00:24:42.720 --> 00:24:43.290 Master Yeung: Oh.

00:24:44.430 --> 00:24:54.240 Master Yeung: Oh yeah my my line has been always with the children, because you know when they're small you have them spend money on babysitting because I don't have any money.

00:24:54.540 --> 00:25:06.600 Master Yeung: So I brought them with me anywhere, so they basically took all the classes for 12 years all the time I was with my teacher, since he passed away and then my.

00:25:07.350 --> 00:25:16.860 Master Yeung: My youngest daughter she she's teaching chica a second hospital she oh she's teaching at the mindful society but conferences.

00:25:17.730 --> 00:25:31.710 Master Yeung: So, so my children also recovered from their own health problems and then Oh, I should mention this, have you thought about not spending money on eyeglasses for your children.

00:25:32.460 --> 00:25:36.690 Master Yeung: Oh, I didn't have money that's why at the time, I said.

00:25:38.880 --> 00:25:45.510 Master Yeung: You can see farewell my daughter That said, oh, that means you may have spend money on.

00:25:48.480 --> 00:25:52.230 Master Yeung: Then I said to my teacher didn't you say this, I Chicago.

00:25:54.360 --> 00:26:05.100 Master Yeung: And that's how it got started and then my eldest daughter Rebecca also wow in the eyes getting so much worse change eyeglasses wow and then the my son.

00:26:05.640 --> 00:26:20.250 Master Yeung: And and that's how it got started because of saving money, then I got all the children on it, so my second daughter, and my last son, they have never spend $1 on I guess and.

00:26:20.340 --> 00:26:21.990 Master Yeung: They actually graduated.

00:26:22.170 --> 00:26:23.700 Master Yeung: uh you know my.

00:26:24.750 --> 00:26:28.380 Master Yeung: My second daughter, she is taking her second master's degree.

00:26:29.640 --> 00:26:42.960 Master Yeung: In spiritual development psychotherapy and right now still without eyeglasses with perfect fishing my son also has perfect fission and I also used to wear eyeglasses and I don't wear now it's.

00:26:43.080 --> 00:26:44.040 Pat Duckworth: too late for me.

00:26:45.510 --> 00:26:46.800 Master Yeung: it's too good to be true.

00:26:47.310 --> 00:26:49.290 Pat Duckworth: too late for me not to worry.

00:26:50.370 --> 00:27:01.740 Master Yeung: Well, when you think about eyeglasses when you're older you think about what about coma What about matches he ran he ran duration, what about this, what about that.

00:27:02.040 --> 00:27:02.460 yeah.

00:27:03.480 --> 00:27:05.310 Master Yeung: Good man MRI and all that.

00:27:05.730 --> 00:27:06.420 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:27:06.510 --> 00:27:08.820 Master Yeung: yeah it's all it's too good to be true.

00:27:09.750 --> 00:27:20.010 Pat Duckworth: and, more recently, you started talking about menopause, which of course is very dear to my heart what's brought you to talking about how G gong can help with menopause yes.

00:27:20.760 --> 00:27:23.400 Master Yeung: Thank you, you know I I am now.

00:27:24.450 --> 00:27:26.970 Master Yeung: In a few more mom's 65.

00:27:27.870 --> 00:27:32.850 Pat Duckworth: And then, when I will always look so amazing let's just stop and go you look amazing.

00:27:33.270 --> 00:27:46.140 Master Yeung: Much you guys anti aging, so my my my experience also when I was going through you know the menopause to you know Dallas and I have my menstruation to 50s right.

00:27:46.830 --> 00:27:51.420 Master Yeung: I was really she can really help my menstruation regular to my 50s.

00:27:51.960 --> 00:28:02.730 Master Yeung: So wow and then I actually don't know what problem is about menopause because I don't have a lot of problems, but I did experience a little bit changes, you know is talk about dryness.

00:28:03.180 --> 00:28:14.610 Master Yeung: Talking talking about some temperature changing and also fell irritated and event more than usual, and all of that, but then the people come to me.

00:28:16.020 --> 00:28:27.090 Master Yeung: Because I do healing work right, so people come on one on one people john classes, I heal them remotely and all that other people have a lot of problems right.

00:28:27.570 --> 00:28:28.860 Master Yeung: So much more than me.

00:28:28.860 --> 00:28:45.000 Master Yeung: And I thought oh it's a it's an interesting if you practice you all, you have so much left, right and then the journey, let me to do this because it's like the last few years, I just happened to hear more and more woman.

00:28:47.220 --> 00:28:49.950 Master Yeung: Had breast cancer.

00:28:50.400 --> 00:28:56.520 Master Yeung: hmm so breast is about nurturing nurturing the breast energy.

00:28:57.810 --> 00:29:14.520 Master Yeung: Because I think if I was if I if I don't mind and I just wrapped or something a woman, these days, is not just very simple take care of children or homemaker the children, want to be.

00:29:16.590 --> 00:29:23.880 Master Yeung: Special have a Korea has a business woman need to come out to do more things and the woman.

00:29:25.050 --> 00:29:33.060 Master Yeung: is getting more and more or less putting attention on their own body emotional body right, do you agree.

00:29:33.450 --> 00:29:47.460 Pat Duckworth: yeah absolutely true that is such a good point we're going through the break now but we'll come back to this because self care is so important for women and it's something that we tend to put on the backburner while we're taking care of everybody else.

00:29:47.790 --> 00:30:03.810 Pat Duckworth: And sometimes menopause is the wake up call to, we need to take care of our own health, so that we can be there for other people and for ourselves as well, so join us after the break we'll be talking about how Chico can help us at medical see you after the break.

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00:32:06.960 --> 00:32:23.370 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is master trees, a yoga is a Chi gong master so tell us very basically beginners version what is Chico.

00:32:26.100 --> 00:32:35.730 Master Yeung: yeah she is energy right if you don't use the word cheese called energy, so the whole world is made with energy right.

00:32:36.090 --> 00:32:52.320 Master Yeung: So you are energy the flowers of energy, you know the food half allergy, the air, water of energy, the universe is energy right so everywhere is energy but we forgot that energy actually she is actually love.

00:32:53.820 --> 00:33:14.040 Master Yeung: it's a love for the creation of humanity, we are love right, we are key and she is actually a la so she is a way to how to nurturing ourselves with more love and that different movement meditation and things thinking connecting.

00:33:16.290 --> 00:33:30.060 Master Yeung: Expanding consciousness raising vibrations, so if I woman likes this do you want to feel better yes just follow me do I feel breath.

00:33:31.110 --> 00:33:34.710 Master Yeung: right away you'll be banner do you have one minute with me.

00:33:35.370 --> 00:33:37.740 Master Yeung: yeah that for the audience right.

00:33:37.830 --> 00:33:45.480 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah so could people experience it over the radio yes.

00:33:46.140 --> 00:33:52.230 Master Yeung: So I will ask the people if you're driving maybe maybe open your eyes right.

00:33:52.560 --> 00:33:52.980 Master Yeung: But if you.

00:33:55.350 --> 00:34:15.900 Master Yeung: don't know open your eyes, you can listen, you can relax but if the people are not driving, then you can meditative and more leaving and go more into yourself right, so you have to be careful okay Thank you so that you can come is about breathing training yourself.

00:34:17.310 --> 00:34:18.870 Master Yeung: Relaxing yourself.

00:34:20.490 --> 00:34:27.780 Master Yeung: And then we have intention, so we can have movement so so the way we can be doing is so simple.

00:34:29.850 --> 00:34:36.660 Master Yeung: nose breathing you think about say your head breathe in relax.

00:34:39.120 --> 00:34:42.270 Master Yeung: relax ahead and then you're not really in.

00:34:43.320 --> 00:34:44.370 Master Yeung: relax your.

00:34:46.440 --> 00:34:48.420 Master Yeung: shoulders breathe in.

00:34:50.610 --> 00:34:52.020 Master Yeung: relax your shoulders.

00:34:53.850 --> 00:34:55.470 Master Yeung: chest breathe in.

00:34:57.750 --> 00:34:59.820 Master Yeung: relax your press.

00:35:01.500 --> 00:35:02.370 Master Yeung: release in.

00:35:03.690 --> 00:35:05.760 Master Yeung: Say me laughs your whole body.

00:35:07.740 --> 00:35:10.080 Master Yeung: Really wave in Laughter

00:35:11.880 --> 00:35:13.410 Master Yeung: laughs your legs.

00:35:16.350 --> 00:35:28.500 Master Yeung: relax your whole body so and you can actually think about relaxing what you don't want to relax the hot flash.

00:35:30.270 --> 00:35:31.620 Master Yeung: relax the pain.

00:35:33.000 --> 00:35:35.430 Master Yeung: relax the difficult feelings.

00:35:35.970 --> 00:35:37.470 Pat Duckworth: relax the anxiety.

00:35:38.310 --> 00:35:45.090 Master Yeung: relax and and then we have movement to help us to get into that flow of energy easier.

00:35:45.840 --> 00:35:53.970 Master Yeung: And that's what I showing in this program how a woman can do achieve are a little bit different so it's not so masculine we can be softer.

00:35:54.330 --> 00:36:06.600 Master Yeung: We can be lighter and then we can do things for our breasts we can do things for our uterus we can do things for our blend you know and all the things right.

00:36:07.830 --> 00:36:13.710 Pat Duckworth: yeah and I think I think what's really important what you just said about like not such masculine.

00:36:13.770 --> 00:36:21.360 Pat Duckworth: Exercise because a bit like when I was reading from that article by wholesome hands some women thing that they've got to.

00:36:21.630 --> 00:36:31.590 Pat Duckworth: diet to stay SLIM and we've already said that's a bad idea, other women think they've got to exercise more and they think of it as knowing running or going to the gym and do.

00:36:31.710 --> 00:36:32.070 Pat Duckworth: All.

00:36:32.130 --> 00:36:49.080 Pat Duckworth: Actually, that raises your cortisol levels and it's not good for your body at this stage of life that type of prolonged cardiovascular exercise is not good, so this is very different isn't it you're still exercising and getting your lungs working.

00:36:49.710 --> 00:36:54.150 Master Yeung: And I also want to add one thing is she's gone burn COPs.

00:36:54.960 --> 00:36:55.500 Oh.

00:36:56.730 --> 00:37:17.160 Master Yeung: yeah you see you see i'm just about hundred 20 pounds really not and you're always because the cheap, improving the flow of the body it's like you become young again right, so the energy go to the organs that's why delay in aging is the organs get younger So if you flat to the outside.

00:37:18.510 --> 00:37:22.050 Pat Duckworth: is a big focus on the breath isn't there in.

00:37:22.080 --> 00:37:24.210 Pat Duckworth: In Chico and getting the breath.

00:37:25.260 --> 00:37:31.830 Master Yeung: The breath is just like a starting yazoo creating a very strong vibration, that you can actually really.

00:37:32.550 --> 00:37:39.270 Master Yeung: So I practice of chicken say five minutes of jogging could be like one hour of the feeling of a meditation.

00:37:39.660 --> 00:37:50.160 Master Yeung: So, then, we have stuff that's a vibration frequency that actually rises up when you do them, so you learn if you learn it properly, then you're actually wising up.

00:37:50.610 --> 00:38:01.260 Master Yeung: it's almost that you rising out are rising, out of the stress of life, you know there's a stress that you are raising raising your vibration.

00:38:01.920 --> 00:38:12.660 Master Yeung: or frequency become while magnetic energy that great life right to choose, in the light light is key there together really.

00:38:13.020 --> 00:38:22.230 Master Yeung: So the key actually is, in our body our body naturally have cheap it's just part of life right, we are just made up to you it's because we are older.

00:38:22.710 --> 00:38:35.670 Master Yeung: Or the circulation slow down because there's not enough of the life force right that she is the life force inside you, and then you connect with the life force of the universe, which is science already when you think.

00:38:36.210 --> 00:38:51.000 Master Yeung: When you think to connect your pineal gland creates like a wave of the brain wave and then you actually can attract the vibration, so this is sciences, say, this is not crazy is science right.

00:38:52.470 --> 00:38:58.680 Pat Duckworth: So we're talking about breathing moving getting the energy going yeah.

00:38:58.800 --> 00:39:06.300 Master Yeung: healing yourself, you can heal yourself right unless you're creating a very high vibration and that vibration.

00:39:07.080 --> 00:39:18.540 Master Yeung: People might call it BIOME and that take some people start the card she quantum it, you know it's just energy right you quite well error or biofeedback they all energy right.

00:39:19.320 --> 00:39:31.620 Master Yeung: But then when you practice that you gone properly, then you start to feel the vibration is changing and then, when it's changing it's like it rises up because it's the energy operation.

00:39:32.430 --> 00:39:40.470 Master Yeung: And then, when you are like this done you just want you will just naturally drop a satin is you drop the end you and drop.

00:39:41.580 --> 00:39:52.980 Master Yeung: Other things you don't want because you actually going into a higher consciousness and it's like a gradual process and you gradually become doing that, and then you just fine.

00:39:55.170 --> 00:40:00.810 Master Yeung: that's no problem, just like Patton you I must be doing shovel ready that become patent right.

00:40:01.890 --> 00:40:02.700 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:40:05.850 --> 00:40:21.210 Pat Duckworth: So, women often say I just don't have the time I haven't got the time for another thing, and I can see, you know, on your screen, it says 20 minute practice is that when you start with a 20 minute practices is that going to make a difference.

00:40:22.200 --> 00:40:24.510 Master Yeung: It will make a difference when even five minutes.

00:40:25.170 --> 00:40:46.230 Master Yeung: hmm I have a lot of YouTube people can follow to all mine on the website, you can link to the YouTube channel, so we are trying to offer people that experience or what you can do for you it's almost that we cannot, we cannot actually anticipate how it feels like it's almost that you.

00:40:47.580 --> 00:40:58.020 Master Yeung: know the ice cream is nice you want to eat the ice cream them you say just eat the ice cream that right so it's that feeling I can't eat the ice cream going to gain a few pounds it's more just eat the ice cream.

00:40:58.290 --> 00:41:05.430 Master Yeung: Then you practice that you go and they want to improve the circulation and you won't get the same effect of off.

00:41:05.850 --> 00:41:06.360 Master Yeung: enjoy.

00:41:06.390 --> 00:41:07.620 Master Yeung: Life a little bit better right.

00:41:07.830 --> 00:41:08.640 Master Yeung: that's all it is about.

00:41:08.670 --> 00:41:20.250 Master Yeung: nurturing ourselves I teach people how to love themselves in a tube and practice, the cost is all woman, so we want to support of like minded woman there to help woman.

00:41:20.820 --> 00:41:31.380 Master Yeung: So i'm giving a community for a woman right, so you can be in any time so and john john a practice right that's recordings and all of that.

00:41:31.590 --> 00:41:40.530 Pat Duckworth: yeah fantastic and i'm guessing there aren't that many women she gong masters, are you a pretty low percentage.

00:41:42.090 --> 00:41:43.920 Master Yeung: No she gone basically you know.

00:41:44.970 --> 00:41:50.790 Master Yeung: it's time to practice woman, you know, in the old days woman not allow.

00:41:52.350 --> 00:42:05.220 Master Yeung: me even now it's some somewhere in the world, women are not allowed to go out right so now that you've gone from China woman are not allowed to leave home ready, so you can basically is a guy thing.

00:42:05.490 --> 00:42:06.750 Master Yeung: it's very men Shiva.

00:42:07.260 --> 00:42:16.530 Master Yeung: So a lot of people are are fixed about you got move man, what does what that actually when we want to nurture that she would only need to be.

00:42:17.280 --> 00:42:26.100 Master Yeung: We don't need that to be step we don't want to relax and so some of the guys if they were looking for a healing.

00:42:26.460 --> 00:42:41.640 Master Yeung: Energy, they will come to me because they know I do healing on people, they want to understand how to heal the body, but if I find a woman, you know you want support with woman, so no guys in the room and providing you that community.

00:42:42.720 --> 00:42:43.290 Pat Duckworth: I think.

00:42:43.710 --> 00:42:51.840 Pat Duckworth: yeah I think is really important, and you know i've run a lot of menopause workshops and women, women it when it's just women.

00:42:52.470 --> 00:43:04.950 Pat Duckworth: They feel more open to be able to share their experiences because it's very panel and some of the symptoms are very personal and they don't want a guy telling them Oh, you should do this or you.

00:43:05.190 --> 00:43:05.820 Pat Duckworth: do that.

00:43:07.200 --> 00:43:20.490 Master Yeung: So my student could cry in the room, they can they can say they had a tough day or something they could even say whatever happened in their life, you know, because we are a woman with very nurturing we loving and we.

00:43:21.540 --> 00:43:31.350 Master Yeung: will not want to love the people want right, but then Sean off energy when you tie you have it's like you have no energy to love anymore.

00:43:31.740 --> 00:43:32.520 Pat Duckworth: yeah so.

00:43:32.580 --> 00:43:44.610 Master Yeung: When you recharge your energy with the too long practice, you will have more to give to the wall, you can build your career you're better intuition look bad you make smart decisions.

00:43:46.590 --> 00:43:48.000 Pat Duckworth: Who doesn't want all of that.

00:43:50.040 --> 00:44:02.640 Pat Duckworth: And I it always amazes me when i'm running workshops how vulnerable women can be in talking about what happened to them, I I i'm not a guy so I don't know what happens in guys groups.

00:44:03.030 --> 00:44:20.010 Pat Duckworth: But women once they're together and they open up to each other, they tell each other so much and share their experiences and it's so supportive it's amazing we're off to the break now we'll be coming back with more information about Chico we'll see you after the break.

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00:46:18.210 --> 00:46:26.640 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is the amazing.

00:46:26.910 --> 00:46:41.730 Pat Duckworth: master Tracy yo, who is a Chi gong master and I want to say a quick hello to mailing call, who is watching us on Facebook Malin it's it's lovely to see you there I hope you're enjoying this issue part of your program was.

00:46:42.690 --> 00:46:43.260 Master Yeung: Yes.

00:46:43.740 --> 00:46:56.400 Master Yeung: In fact, she is the founder of the nonprofit organization called kids Canada kids having kids and right now they're taking care of the African Uganda children.

00:46:56.910 --> 00:47:01.050 Pat Duckworth: Oh fantastic great work mainland, thank you for being here with us.

00:47:01.560 --> 00:47:14.370 Pat Duckworth: So we're coming towards the end of the show, so I want to ask so something that I should have asked you that I haven't about she going, because I know there's so much, we could say about it and and tell us more about.

00:47:14.790 --> 00:47:20.160 Pat Duckworth: Like what the 20 minute practice would do for women on with menopause symptoms.

00:47:21.540 --> 00:47:36.030 Master Yeung: Well, it was sent a negative energy away that you don't want, and it will refresh you because you are getting new energy into your body, so you circulate your body and as you're circling the body, it will just.

00:47:36.600 --> 00:47:50.790 Master Yeung: Start healing the body naturally right so it's like acupuncture without needles when you practice the parade so you relapse you having a good time and then you find the joy of life it's coming back.

00:47:51.600 --> 00:47:59.970 Pat Duckworth: And is it suitable for everyone will some women thing oh i'm not I you know i'm not very soft or you know.

00:48:00.600 --> 00:48:01.650 Pat Duckworth: any reason why you.

00:48:01.710 --> 00:48:02.460 Pat Duckworth: couldn't do it.

00:48:03.090 --> 00:48:19.290 Master Yeung: So anyone can do it it's not that you, you have to be menopause or post or whatever you any woman at you can enjoy this practices so i'll have woman just in the authority joining the program we just they just love following me so that's awesome there.

00:48:20.310 --> 00:48:23.130 Master Yeung: We also have some events for woman.

00:48:24.330 --> 00:48:40.140 Pat Duckworth: I know you've got some really strong fans who do everything every program that you come up with treason, because they just love you so much alright so what's The one thing that women could be doing now that's really going to help them what's your best tip for them.

00:48:41.070 --> 00:48:41.970 Master Yeung: um I think.

00:48:43.170 --> 00:48:58.470 Master Yeung: People are more emotional than ever right now and woman have so much more things to do, because a covert or take care of our families and maybe the children, maybe that's partners and that, so the thing is a lot of people are not sleeping well.

00:49:00.360 --> 00:49:10.050 Master Yeung: So I will ask them if they can is maybe in the evening, if they can slow down their breath let's read in.

00:49:11.160 --> 00:49:20.220 Master Yeung: and breathe out and slow down the speed of life and then, as you keep doing that even a couple minutes you can add the thought of.

00:49:20.760 --> 00:49:27.450 Master Yeung: centering your energy it's like it's like energy has the goal to the floor right, the floor is.

00:49:28.230 --> 00:49:44.160 Master Yeung: The mother earth right hey go to the mother, so we we think we think about energy, you can go down to the mother up, so we have movements to how to help bring the circulation that she down there, so you can try that.

00:49:45.270 --> 00:49:52.380 Pat Duckworth: Thank you yeah and it's that whole bit about really at this stage of life, your body is telling you.

00:49:52.800 --> 00:50:11.250 Pat Duckworth: That it's time to take care of yourself if you don't take care of yourself somebody else is going to have to take care of you or you're not going to be able to help the people you love so whether it's about you or it's about others, this is the wake up call to do something for yourself.

00:50:12.480 --> 00:50:15.090 Pat Duckworth: So really important about that.

00:50:16.110 --> 00:50:23.580 Master Yeung: I am i'm also teaching the woman, how to not complain about themselves.

00:50:28.260 --> 00:50:30.090 Pat Duckworth: Come play, but I think one of the.

00:50:30.120 --> 00:50:31.650 Master Yeung: Other thing, did you.

00:50:33.000 --> 00:50:37.230 Master Yeung: feel the oh, I could have done a better oh I shouldn't have said that right.

00:50:37.890 --> 00:50:44.190 Master Yeung: Oh, what did they say that to me, and then we start analyzing ourselves and being a bit critical.

00:50:44.580 --> 00:50:54.840 Master Yeung: So I would say woman, I really very loving creature we refer nurturing others others, but we we don't spend enough time nurturing ourselves right.

00:50:55.170 --> 00:51:08.760 Master Yeung: So when we are in the practice of the chewbacca energy movement we actually in the movement, think about how to give love to ourselves, we nurture the grass, so that the breast can bounce better, so it will help.

00:51:09.600 --> 00:51:15.840 Master Yeung: I will say it will have a very good help on cod la festival diseases and give.

00:51:18.030 --> 00:51:32.550 Master Yeung: God help to the breath energy, you can take care of your bladder you know the movement is not that it's a lot it's not difficult today hey we say, do you deserve the chance.

00:51:34.440 --> 00:51:47.970 Pat Duckworth: We all deserve it just because we deserve it is so true so i'm really worried that we might run out of time there's a link behind you that change the N G keep the Is that how people sign up yes that's right.

00:51:48.750 --> 00:52:00.570 Master Yeung: that's the website, and right now we have a special offer you can join us, we are first class of six week program you can get the recording if you sign up to the website.

00:52:01.830 --> 00:52:16.500 Pat Duckworth: lovely So you can see there on the screen if you're not watching us live and you listen to the recording I will make sure all the links are there, the links are on the top radio dot nyc website anyway, so we really want you to.

00:52:17.310 --> 00:52:24.990 Pat Duckworth: be looking after yourself lowering your stress, I just want to quickly come back to that because stress.

00:52:25.800 --> 00:52:40.020 Pat Duckworth: in flames your body, the what the hormones connected with stress inflame your body and at menopause you don't need that so anything that you do that calms and reduces stress is really important.

00:52:40.440 --> 00:52:55.170 Pat Duckworth: And the the Chico and the breathing and the movements will help you to lower your stress feel relaxed and enjoying life again as Jesus so yeah really important about all of that.

00:52:56.550 --> 00:53:06.450 Pat Duckworth: excellent, and so I just want to say that I have for those of you who are in the UK, I am giving a workshop this Sunday.

00:53:06.990 --> 00:53:20.760 Pat Duckworth: called working with metaphors for coaches and therapists and it's local to me here in North hartford sure Cambridgeshire if you're interested you've got 24 hours to tell me because.

00:53:21.270 --> 00:53:31.830 Pat Duckworth: You know the orders are going in for the food and you get lunch as well, so let me know if you're interested, you can contact me pat at packed up

00:53:32.160 --> 00:53:40.740 Pat Duckworth: or send me a message via Facebook, but please if you're interested, let me know as soon as you can, because otherwise I can't get you into the Program.

00:53:41.160 --> 00:53:56.760 Pat Duckworth: i'm going to be talking about nutrition and exercise lifestyle managing stress getting better sleep because there's trees or says you're not getting good sleep it's very hard to stay well and stay, balanced and even control your weight.

00:53:57.780 --> 00:54:03.090 Pat Duckworth: i'm guessing that you sleep really well tree, so do you Oh, I have to practice you bound to.

00:54:03.480 --> 00:54:05.730 Master Yeung: yeah all right so.

00:54:07.230 --> 00:54:12.720 Master Yeung: We don't claim outsell perfect we just like you to join us, we can grow and improve the Gala.

00:54:13.740 --> 00:54:20.760 Pat Duckworth: yeah and when you've got a group of women together and just being able to talk about it releases some of that stress.

00:54:21.240 --> 00:54:31.800 Pat Duckworth: Because if you try and keep it a secret, this is one of the problems we may have like oh I don't talk about them in a pause and you know you're just keeping stress, which is not a good thing.

00:54:32.070 --> 00:54:38.070 Pat Duckworth: You can see tracer and I we've gone through our metaphors looking right you configure with us looking great.

00:54:39.690 --> 00:54:48.300 Master Yeung: Well, I will at one thing is, people are talking about law of attraction for years already, but then that she is the law of the.

00:54:48.990 --> 00:55:03.960 Master Yeung: traction energies about what energy you sending out right so with balance, how we think in July, and then we will attract good things to our life, and I look for people sign up for the April 1 program starting.

00:55:04.140 --> 00:55:16.200 Pat Duckworth: yeah so get on that link we're getting to the end of the show stay tuned to talk radio dot nyc where the next program is dismantle racism, with the wonderful Reverend Dr Tara Lynn.

00:55:16.650 --> 00:55:28.350 Pat Duckworth: and her subject this week is waking up in the racist matrix that's going to be fascinating her guest is Laura rubenstein love Laura so that is going to be brilliant.

00:55:28.740 --> 00:55:36.900 Pat Duckworth: they're going to delve into laura's personal experience of her role and how dismantling racism is important to her so.

00:55:37.170 --> 00:55:43.230 Pat Duckworth: Stay tuned for that if you've missed any of the programs, you can always go back to talk radio dot nyc.

00:55:43.590 --> 00:55:51.240 Pat Duckworth: Forward slash hot women rock and you will find the recordings for the other shows that i've done and you'll find the recording for this show that to.

00:55:51.600 --> 00:56:08.190 Pat Duckworth: Probably tomorrow by the time that gets there if you need some quick help with your menopause you can go to my book hot women cool solutions by Pat stuck with and I talked about all sorts of solutions in there it's not just.

00:56:09.510 --> 00:56:15.990 Pat Duckworth: Not just the mind body stuff but the mind body stuff is incredibly important as we've been talking with trees, because.

00:56:16.260 --> 00:56:27.930 Pat Duckworth: menopause isn't just a physical experience it's not just the hot flashes it's about the spiritual experience of your energy and what you're doing with your energy so it's really important.

00:56:28.530 --> 00:56:34.230 Pat Duckworth: So a big thank you to my guest today muster trees, a young, I hope, some of you will go and have a look at.

00:56:34.530 --> 00:56:44.910 Pat Duckworth: Change energy keep the and sign up, thank you very much to my producer today dylan Thank you to all of you who've been listening and watching.

00:56:45.210 --> 00:56:59.910 Pat Duckworth: And if any of you are interested in my workshop message me quickly packed packed packed up for calm see you next week for the next exciting edition when i'll be talking to Monica Rogers feeling take care.

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