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Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/15 - Journalist Garret Woodward talks about Music in the Smokies and the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/15 - Journalist Garret Woodward talks about Music in the Smokies and the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild


2022/03/15 - Journalist Garret Woodward talks about Music in the Smokies and the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild

[NEW EPISODE] Journalist Garret Woodward talks about Music in the Smokies and the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild

Join us for a podcast episode with Garret Woodward. Tune in to hear about his coverage of the local music scene and his conversation with the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild.

Garret Woodward is an award-winning journalist, author, events promoter, and musician now living in Waynesville, N.C. A native of upstate New York, he was a college track star. After graduating with a degree in Journalism and working across the country in a variety of Journalism jobs, he became a weekly Columnist for Smoky Mountain News in 2012, and later also a columnist for Smoky Mountain Living. Best known for his interviews with musicians and compelling human-interest stories, Garret is also the author of two books and is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone magazine while also promoting live music events with his own newly formed company. 

A popular past guest on our show, Garret returns today to discuss his books, his music, and the Legendary Musician Raymond Fairchild. He will also mention some new exciting projects and catch up on post-pandemic event plans.

Don't miss this fun interview!

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off today’s episode, Joseph mentions his very own Meadowlark Motel, which is the sponsor for the show and some upcoming events. On March 26th, renowned author and General Manager at the motel for the Meadowlark Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, Bob Plott, wil be doing a seminar about the history of hunting in the Smokies along with a barbeque dinner and live music! He also mentions a fly fishing camp weekend on April 15-17. Joseph introduces today’s guest, Garret Woodward, an award-winning journalist, author, events promoter, and musician now living in Waynesville, N.C. Garret is also the author of two books and is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone magazine while also promoting live music events with his own newly formed company. He is also a native of Upstate New York. Garret still works for the Rolling Stone magazine. He is currently working on writing about the state of bluegrass music. Garret and Joseph share their love for interacting with people. Garret says that even if this wasn’t his job, he would still be talking to everyone and asking questions.

Segment 2

Garret speaks about having an older father and because of this, he was able to learn about much older music that his father listened to as well as what it was like for his father to grow up during WWII. he also talks with Joseph about coming to live in the Smokies which he thought would only be temporary. Garret speaks about running a company where he is looking to give more attention to quality live music in West Asheville, North Carolina. He also talks about meeting Darren Nicholson from Balsam Range to interview him while just arriving in North Carolina literally minutes ago without having moved in yet into his apartment. They discuss more about the music scene in the Smoky Mountains. Garret also says that going to breweries, restaurants and other locations are where the music comes alive.

Segment 3

Garret talks about his books. He is also currently working on a book about bluegrass legend Raymond Fairchild who was an American banjo player. Garret was able to receive a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council to write the book. Joseph and Garret both knew Raymond and reminisced about the kind of person he was. Garret recalls interviewing Raymond early in his career. Garret’s experience was great considering that Raymond didn’t take a liking to any media. Raymond enjoyed talking to Garret. They had a connection that was special, especially with their passion for bluegrass music. Garret says that Raymond was a sweet man when you really got the chance to know him. For the title of the book, Garret says that he doesn’t know the exact title yet but it will most likely be called Lord I’m Coming Home: The legend and Lore of Raymond Fairchild.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Garret speaks about recently learning to play the guitar. He really loves it and started learning during the early part of the pandemic. Joseph mentions his speakeasy and the motel where people also come together for music and tells Garret that he can come by anytime to play music. Garret also talks about collecting vintage guitars. Every guitar he says has a different vibe and feeling. On the Facebook live video, he shows us one of his guitars, a 1940s Rotary Deluxe Parlor Guitar. It is beautifully decorated and Joseph was very excited to see it. Garret is also excited to hear that Joseph will have Jim Lauderdale, Darren Nicholson, and Charles Humphrey III to run the fly fishing camp. During this weekend long event, they’ll also play some tunes around a campfire. It’s all about being connected with the outdoors and more! You can learn more about it by visiting To learn more about Garret Woodward, you can go to and follow him @garretkwoodward on Instagram.


00:00:31.020 --> 00:00:34.710 Joseph McElroy: howdy welcome to the gateway to the smokies podcast.

00:00:35.100 --> 00:00:45.690 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains national park and surrounding towns, this area is filled with ancient natural beauty.

00:00:46.320 --> 00:00:51.600 Joseph McElroy: A deep storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:00:52.260 --> 00:01:11.220 Joseph McElroy: I Joseph regular mcilroy man of the world, but also a deep roots in these mountains my family's lived in the great smoky for over 200 years my businesses and travel, but my heart is in culture today we're going to talk about some legendary mountain use the first message from our sponsors.

00:01:12.360 --> 00:01:13.380 Joseph McElroy: which happens to be me.

00:01:14.910 --> 00:01:26.190 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place evocative of both of course of the past at modern and vibrant with a Sikh appalachian feel a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:01:26.820 --> 00:01:34.920 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain heritage trout stream girl the catch on fire and eat a company, but fine wine and craft beers.

00:01:35.430 --> 00:01:47.130 Joseph McElroy: Imagine, in place of the old time music world cultural sales, there is no other place like the middle art motel Maggie valley North Carolina your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

00:01:48.570 --> 00:01:54.870 Joseph McElroy: Another spoke sponsor is smokey the that smokies plural adventure

00:01:55.260 --> 00:02:08.580 Joseph McElroy: The smoky mountains and surrounding areas vacation destination for all seasons, some of the nation's best hiking trails waterfalls outdoor adventures and family entertainment entertainment can be found, right here.

00:02:09.360 --> 00:02:16.650 Joseph McElroy: start your venture by using smokies adventure calm to explore all the wonderful features of the great smoky mountains natural park.

00:02:17.190 --> 00:02:27.210 Joseph McElroy: That the trails the waterfalls cage code and more than check out all the awesome family attractions and entertainment, you and your entire family can enjoy the area.

00:02:27.930 --> 00:02:34.530 Joseph McElroy: The goal is smokies adventures to become the leading information portal for adventures and experiences in the great smoky mountains.

00:02:35.670 --> 00:02:51.390 Joseph McElroy: So venture coming up at the metal Arc on march 26 Saturday at 4pm renowned author Bob plot, and also the general manager of the middle Arc smoky mountains heritage Center will lead a seminar.

00:02:51.870 --> 00:02:56.160 Joseph McElroy: On the history of hunting in the great smoky mountains, based upon his book of the same name.

00:02:56.700 --> 00:03:11.430 Joseph McElroy: followed by this will be followed by a Barbecue dinner and music with Michael guthrie the former drummer for simple minds and some of his guests call eight to 89261717 for a very, very fun and informative.

00:03:13.230 --> 00:03:25.590 Joseph McElroy: evening in the mountains and Maggie out now what's better for the soul than throwing a line upstream watching it past doing it again and again, and perhaps getting a bite.

00:03:26.040 --> 00:03:35.730 Joseph McElroy: All anglers know that fly fishing isn't only about really in the big one all that's that all that all that always gets the heart jumping.

00:03:36.150 --> 00:03:44.730 Joseph McElroy: fly fishing is about being one with the river and his magnificence presence by witnessing value equals ecosystem.

00:03:45.420 --> 00:04:04.860 Joseph McElroy: the middle of motel is an offering a fly fishing camp on April a whole weekend on April 15 through the 17th 2022 hopefully every year thereafter in the smoky mountains, our goal is to bring like minded people together to fly fishing fishing food, drink stories of the campfires.

00:04:06.300 --> 00:04:06.990 Joseph McElroy: We.

00:04:08.010 --> 00:04:12.510 Joseph McElroy: Will our place in the mountains, has a mountain heritage trout stream on it.

00:04:12.840 --> 00:04:24.750 Joseph McElroy: Close we're in the middle of a lot of wonderful trout streams so there's going to be a couple days of different kinds of events, for example on Friday night there's gonna be a fishing tales of the smoke and present a video presentation.

00:04:25.200 --> 00:04:34.890 Joseph McElroy: there'll be beverages of your choice and the speakeasy every charcuterie board for small bites including some trout delicacies like smoked trout.

00:04:35.220 --> 00:04:41.730 Joseph McElroy: And then you get included will have logic at the Benelux hotel for two nights and then Saturday, will be a breakfast.

00:04:42.060 --> 00:04:52.290 Joseph McElroy: And then, a half day of hands on instruction and several hours of intense fishing on elite regional trout streams and there's an additional help.

00:04:53.220 --> 00:04:57.240 Joseph McElroy: Fishing right to the property here the mountain there is traveling we have in the backyard.

00:04:57.600 --> 00:05:13.740 Joseph McElroy: there'll be a Barbecue dinner there'll be live musical entertainment every campfires they'll be a speakeasy and there'll be lots of fun call eight to 892617177 to find out the details, but the whole weekend, including lodging of meals is 875.

00:05:15.180 --> 00:05:28.770 Joseph McElroy: So today we have a wonderful guest his name is Garrett Woodward he's an award winning journalist author events promoter and musician now living in waynesville North Carolina he's a native of upstate New York.

00:05:29.880 --> 00:05:45.240 Joseph McElroy: where he was also a college track star he has been a weekly call this for smoky mountain news since 2012 and he's also a columnist for smoky mountain living magazine, and he has a couple books out that are pretty important reading so Hello Gary how are you doing.

00:05:45.690 --> 00:05:47.460 Garret Woodward: On on Joseph good to see you again.

00:05:47.940 --> 00:05:53.250 Joseph McElroy: Oh it's really good to good to see you it's a it's been it's a your.

00:05:55.200 --> 00:06:04.170 Joseph McElroy: was a pretty popular one and in the in the rankings and we get all those statistics so and I enjoy talking to a bit well as well, so.

00:06:05.280 --> 00:06:06.960 Garret Woodward: upstate New York beer I brought on.

00:06:08.730 --> 00:06:11.310 Garret Woodward: got a nice lake placid craft beer.

00:06:12.120 --> 00:06:18.810 Joseph McElroy: I have, I have a I have a king of the mountain whoops you can't see it it's it well it's in the.

00:06:19.140 --> 00:06:20.280 Joseph McElroy: blog I put it above.

00:06:20.730 --> 00:06:33.480 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah I was telling Garrett earlier, I am I supposed to fly into into Maggie on Saturday, but because it's sweetened windstorm I got cancelled and I hadn't come in on.

00:06:33.870 --> 00:06:41.790 Joseph McElroy: On am in the morning it's like you know, like, I had to get up at four o'clock or something like that so i'm like i'm feeling the.

00:06:42.180 --> 00:06:52.200 Joseph McElroy: feeling the result of not having that sleep I usually gets I said, I have a couple beers just as if I can't be if I can't be interactive and witty at least be tips.

00:06:53.430 --> 00:06:59.220 Garret Woodward: You know, we spent all day putting out the newspaper i'm also in the same boat needing a beer after that.

00:07:01.110 --> 00:07:10.800 Joseph McElroy: So you know, last time we talked about you were born in upstate and then and then worked all over the country before moving to Western North Carolina and taking the job with smoky mountain news.

00:07:11.160 --> 00:07:22.470 Joseph McElroy: And I recommend everybody go listen to that podcast was a really, really great podcast but, and you know, he also talks about being a freelancer for Rolling Stones are you still working for the rolling so.

00:07:22.770 --> 00:07:31.410 Garret Woodward: yeah I will be on the road for Rolling Stone probably starting next month again i'm actually working on an article from right now.

00:07:33.360 --> 00:07:42.360 Garret Woodward: Technically, on assignment so actually now that I think about it, I on the road with them this weekend i'm doing a story right now about the state of bluegrass music.

00:07:43.350 --> 00:07:54.570 Garret Woodward: About what's going on as a lot of big things going on with billy strings obviously selling out, you know, a reno's as a four piece bluegrass band so there's a big seismic shift in the high lonesome sound.

00:07:54.900 --> 00:08:11.280 Garret Woodward: come in mainstream again and i'm heading down the Florida Thursday to go do some more interviews in the field for Rolling Stone about the state of bluegrass music going down to the swanee spring reunion down there and live up to beautiful place in the pan, near the panhandle.

00:08:12.240 --> 00:08:17.700 Joseph McElroy: wow that's fabulous so that's so that's gonna be a wonderful series of articles or.

00:08:17.910 --> 00:08:35.820 Garret Woodward: it's one big article i've been working chipping away at it on the side, since January i've interviewed about 20 musicians for it all people from all over bluegrass and all over the music industry billy strings if you're familiar, a lot of bluegrass down mccurry Bobby osbourne Sam Bush.

00:08:37.530 --> 00:08:44.310 Garret Woodward: Who else was in there, oh Dan our back from the black keys because he's a big bluegrass guy so I was chatting with him the other day about it and.

00:08:44.970 --> 00:09:01.080 Garret Woodward: Sierra whole molly tuttle rhonda Vincent whole slew of people so i've been kind of slowly chipping away at it and trying to get it done for April, but i'm going to tie the bow on it by going down to that festival this weekend and getting the last the interviews that I need.

00:09:02.010 --> 00:09:08.730 Joseph McElroy: cool that must be a real blast it's it sounds like a job that's both a lot of work, and also a lot of fun.

00:09:09.270 --> 00:09:11.070 Garret Woodward: Organized chaos, but I love it.

00:09:11.970 --> 00:09:17.070 Garret Woodward: it's not you know it's a lot of work, but you get to hang out with musicians and go see shows no.

00:09:18.480 --> 00:09:27.150 Joseph McElroy: way no I doing this podcast and then running a hospitality business I sort of get a taste of it, you know i've been a big marketer and a technology guy for a long time.

00:09:27.630 --> 00:09:39.630 Joseph McElroy: And i'm transitioning into this life, you know, and you know getting to talk to people, and you know and having conversations and making it into some content this case video content.

00:09:40.080 --> 00:09:51.150 Joseph McElroy: But also then taking that and trying to apply it to the other things in life, like you know, like of hospitality and bringing you know some of that interesting people here to.

00:09:51.510 --> 00:09:52.200 Garret Woodward: la, and I mean.

00:09:52.290 --> 00:09:56.250 Garret Woodward: I would talk to people, even if I was if it wasn't my job, I would still do this.

00:09:56.310 --> 00:10:08.760 Garret Woodward: it's just i've always even since I was a little kid i've always been fascinated with what people do with their lives, you know, I was that little kid that was talking to adults, I grew up in an older family, so you know my parents.

00:10:09.900 --> 00:10:14.370 Garret Woodward: Were my dad was 43 when I was born and i'm the oldest and.

00:10:14.520 --> 00:10:15.180 Joseph McElroy: Oh wow.

00:10:18.000 --> 00:10:18.960 Joseph McElroy: Oh, the youngest in the.

00:10:19.440 --> 00:10:20.490 Garret Woodward: Two years behind me.

00:10:21.330 --> 00:10:21.660 But.

00:10:22.950 --> 00:10:33.690 Garret Woodward: yeah so we were always just raised around adults or older people, so I was always fascinated by asking people questions actually one of my first jobs was working in hospitality my uncle.

00:10:34.290 --> 00:10:48.780 Garret Woodward: At the time when I got out of high school as well when i'm senior year in high school yeah at a motel in Lake placid so I worked front desk there every summer I was out of college, so I lived in the motel all summer as front desk and maintenance guy.

00:10:48.870 --> 00:10:50.790 Garret Woodward: and pool boy so.

00:10:51.120 --> 00:10:56.940 Joseph McElroy: If you want to relive those those years for a few weeks or a few months to do just give us a call.

00:10:57.600 --> 00:11:02.670 Garret Woodward: I really work in front desk really kind of hone my skills and how to talk to people because.

00:11:03.030 --> 00:11:03.480 Garret Woodward: People from.

00:11:03.510 --> 00:11:07.530 Garret Woodward: all walks of life will roll into lake placid just what they do and Maggie valley and.

00:11:08.670 --> 00:11:08.880 Garret Woodward: You.

00:11:09.270 --> 00:11:10.350 Joseph McElroy: know, I was reading.

00:11:10.530 --> 00:11:13.470 Joseph McElroy: I was reading rooms at 13 years old.

00:11:14.670 --> 00:11:18.630 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah it definitely teaches you how to have a conversation for.

00:11:18.630 --> 00:11:19.110 Joseph McElroy: sure.

00:11:19.140 --> 00:11:23.850 Garret Woodward: You can be shy work in front desk especially people advice on where to go and what to do.

00:11:24.180 --> 00:11:28.440 Joseph McElroy: yeah so any other big projects or articles plan for this year.

00:11:29.040 --> 00:11:39.030 Garret Woodward: um well you know, every week i'm writing stuff for the arts entertainment section for the newspaper and then bi monthly with smoky mountain living but.

00:11:40.140 --> 00:11:43.260 Garret Woodward: I will be back on the road for merle fast and floyd fast.

00:11:44.370 --> 00:11:49.680 Garret Woodward: Real fast being like the bluegrass bastion that it is, and then.

00:11:51.510 --> 00:12:00.810 Garret Woodward: floyd fess up in Virginia big jam band Americana festival and then hoping to get up to Dell fest may in the panhandle of Maryland.

00:12:01.590 --> 00:12:04.800 Garret Woodward: But other than that i'm just kind of hitting the road a lot.

00:12:06.240 --> 00:12:18.540 Garret Woodward: got some big trips planned but i'm also working on chipping away at a book right now and Raymond fairchild is you know bluegrass that passed away a couple years ago well let's say.

00:12:20.220 --> 00:12:23.940 Garret Woodward: October of 2019 so tune in about two and a half years.

00:12:25.650 --> 00:12:30.900 Joseph McElroy: yeah I want to get more I want to get into that a little bit, because I, you know I knew Raven fairchild so we'll talk about that.

00:12:32.370 --> 00:12:34.920 Garret Woodward: there's always something I mean i'm writing articles all the time.

00:12:34.920 --> 00:12:40.890 Garret Woodward: Like it so second nature is I mean I enjoy doing it and i'm literally writing an article a day at this point.

00:12:42.330 --> 00:12:44.070 Joseph McElroy: As you do it, it gets easier right it's like.

00:12:44.100 --> 00:12:46.080 Joseph McElroy: podcasting and it was really.

00:12:46.170 --> 00:12:46.770 Garret Woodward: painful.

00:12:46.800 --> 00:12:54.660 Joseph McElroy: For me, at first, and then you know, once you start getting used to it and keep doing it and keep doing it just seems to get easier, though, the workers, so there yeah.

00:12:56.520 --> 00:12:57.000 Joseph McElroy: pain.

00:12:57.930 --> 00:12:58.620 Garret Woodward: was like.

00:12:59.910 --> 00:13:04.920 Garret Woodward: I don't know it's weird is that i'm so used to the productivity of it.

00:13:06.180 --> 00:13:13.050 Garret Woodward: That now that things get offered I can't really turn them down i'm trying to learn to say no to projects but it's hard because.

00:13:14.100 --> 00:13:14.640 Garret Woodward: The word.

00:13:15.990 --> 00:13:21.840 Garret Woodward: Say no when people say, do you want to go over to this place and interview this person and i'm like yeah I do want to talk to that person.

00:13:22.860 --> 00:13:23.280 Garret Woodward: So.

00:13:23.910 --> 00:13:25.020 Garret Woodward: it's organized chaos.

00:13:26.400 --> 00:13:35.580 Joseph McElroy: So we're gonna take a break, I was a little bit long winded the beginning of this segment so we'll get more into what you're doing now and then we'll start talking about your books all right.

00:13:36.150 --> 00:13:36.480 Garret Woodward: All right.

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00:15:54.090 --> 00:16:09.810 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph draco malfoy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and my guests here, it would work so care when you were mentioning that you had an older Father it popped into my head, you know I am actually 60 year old down, and I have three year old twins.

00:16:10.500 --> 00:16:13.110 Joseph McElroy: So I had 57 when I had my.

00:16:13.350 --> 00:16:15.150 Joseph McElroy: chin I now, I also have a 30 year old.

00:16:15.180 --> 00:16:17.970 Garret Woodward: But, and my dad turns at tomorrow.

00:16:19.530 --> 00:16:31.890 Joseph McElroy: So the The thing that I was going to tell you, is, I did research right and it turns out the research has found that that children have older fathers have a longer life.

00:16:34.080 --> 00:16:36.450 Garret Woodward: And nobody that go knock on wood I.

00:16:39.510 --> 00:16:42.630 Garret Woodward: was a I had I love.

00:16:44.010 --> 00:17:02.220 Garret Woodward: Love having an older father, because I was exposed to so many different things that I might not have with the younger father, in terms of music and culture, you know my dad was a child of the 30s and a teenager in the 50s and so you know, and my mom was a fire child in the 60s so.

00:17:03.900 --> 00:17:15.930 Garret Woodward: hanging out with my dad he's telling me, you know about being a kid during World War Two and then telling me about growing up my grandfather was a minor up in New York, he was an iron or minor and growing up in a row house.

00:17:18.030 --> 00:17:20.100 Joseph McElroy: get married and have a kid at 43 that's.

00:17:20.100 --> 00:17:21.270 Garret Woodward: Pretty yeah they were.

00:17:23.040 --> 00:17:24.060 Garret Woodward: 13 years.

00:17:24.240 --> 00:17:27.510 Garret Woodward: wow when they had kids yeah no they.

00:17:28.590 --> 00:17:38.700 Garret Woodward: Be in the car with my dad and he'd be playing hank Williams and web peers and kitty wells and nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan and then i'd be with my mom she's playing the Beatles the Rolling Stones.

00:17:38.730 --> 00:17:40.710 Joseph McElroy: You gotta get a full life of.

00:17:41.070 --> 00:17:42.210 Joseph McElroy: Music grow it up.

00:17:42.630 --> 00:17:45.390 Joseph McElroy: I mean it's pretty great now you know yeah.

00:17:46.110 --> 00:17:47.070 Garret Woodward: But but.

00:17:47.430 --> 00:18:01.110 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know we're still you know that you know so you're you're still a young guy but we've established that you're live a long life, but you know also your children and go live a long life because that sort of turns out that it's passed down through generations increase like so.

00:18:02.130 --> 00:18:05.910 Joseph McElroy: You live you live in waves all the smoky mountains you think here every year for that long life.

00:18:06.570 --> 00:18:19.590 Garret Woodward: yeah I mean I, I want to travel and I do travel quite often but there's one place, I want to be, I was very transients for many years in my 20s I didn't really want to stay anywhere, I wanted to bounce around.

00:18:21.540 --> 00:18:31.020 Garret Woodward: And then I came here, I was only going to stay one year and save money and try to get back out West he's lived out in the tetons Jackson hole wyoming and Eastern Idaho area.

00:18:31.410 --> 00:18:45.780 Garret Woodward: Still, my favorite place in the world is that region in terms of just the aesthetics, but this is where I want to live and it's just funny that I thought it was going to be a year stint and it's coming on 10 years right now so.

00:18:46.230 --> 00:18:56.850 Joseph McElroy: Well, you really established yourself, you got all this writing things but you've also got a couple companies right, you have a musical promotions company yeah company that promotes craft beers, can you tell us about those.

00:18:57.150 --> 00:19:10.200 Garret Woodward: Well um there's a side project slash company that i'm running right now i'm the Vice President of it co partner, but with my partner, Patrick snyder it's called the diamonds entertainment.

00:19:10.620 --> 00:19:19.830 Garret Woodward: What we're looking to do is trying to put more quality live music west of asheville there's so much potential right now in terms of.

00:19:20.700 --> 00:19:27.990 Garret Woodward: Where we live and what we do asheville is such a bastion right now for live music, I mean it's one of the best music cities in the country.

00:19:28.530 --> 00:19:37.290 Garret Woodward: By far and we want to try to put you know large scale shows larger scale shows west of the city towards the smokies.

00:19:37.860 --> 00:19:52.800 Garret Woodward: I mean we're equidistant from the National Park, as we are asheville so we've been thinking about putting on medium medium to large scale shows we did a few tests run shows we actually launched the company two weeks before the shutdown.

00:19:54.510 --> 00:20:05.970 Garret Woodward: yeah it was like February 28 2020 it was when we had our launch, but we did four or five tester shows last year just to see what the appetite was in the area and.

00:20:06.390 --> 00:20:18.090 Garret Woodward: We had some success with that and now we're partnering up with some larger scale spaces and haywood county to put on medium level shows in terms of like you know 500 to 1000 people.

00:20:18.510 --> 00:20:21.000 Garret Woodward: And the full scale production side of things.

00:20:21.270 --> 00:20:24.210 Joseph McElroy: We do that in the festival grounds are begging now it's easy to.

00:20:24.270 --> 00:20:27.540 Garret Woodward: yeah I miss having the drive and shows, I mean, I know that.

00:20:27.540 --> 00:20:30.630 Garret Woodward: We somewhat returned back to normalcy in terms of.

00:20:31.710 --> 00:20:41.220 Garret Woodward: indoor venues, but for me personally, I really liked those driving shows you got to catch it even last year, but it was really cool just to.

00:20:41.910 --> 00:20:54.120 Garret Woodward: Have like a byob hanging on your tailgate and watch a band, I mean instead of being in some even before the shutdown I hated crowded venues it couldn't move around takes forever to get anywhere inside.

00:20:55.200 --> 00:20:57.810 Garret Woodward: But I know so, our goal is to bring more.

00:20:59.040 --> 00:21:01.950 Garret Woodward: prolific acts west of the city tours and mountains.

00:21:02.490 --> 00:21:10.650 Joseph McElroy: But we're trying to get we're trying to be involved in that, too, I mean we can't do 500 or thousand people, but we were going to do you know 100 people to 200 people things I mean.

00:21:11.430 --> 00:21:14.640 Joseph McElroy: yeah which is awesome which is you know intimate and we've done.

00:21:15.990 --> 00:21:23.370 Joseph McElroy: we've done some stuff with that dare Nicholson, who I know you just recently worked with on the phone recently the bluegrass boogie how did that go.

00:21:23.490 --> 00:21:34.680 Garret Woodward: yeah well Darren was actually the first friend I ever made in haywood county no joke, I had moved here sight unseen i'd been to asheville and the smokies before but.

00:21:36.060 --> 00:21:45.960 Garret Woodward: i've never been in waynesville and I took the job it's a long story with that, but short of it is I ended up driving with everything I owned in my truck from New York.

00:21:46.590 --> 00:21:53.850 Garret Woodward: And I rolled into the newspaper on Friday afternoon, it was the balsam range paper town release party which Darren is a member of and.

00:21:55.980 --> 00:22:07.200 Garret Woodward: My publisher handed me a pad of paper a pen and a camera and said go to the balsam range release party at the colonial theater and can I said who's balsam range where's can you know and.

00:22:08.730 --> 00:22:16.860 Garret Woodward: rolled in there and the front doors locked the side door was locked at all my stuff in the back of my truck and I still hadn't moved into my apartment yet.

00:22:17.610 --> 00:22:30.300 Garret Woodward: And there I am and I walk into the back door, and I hear a mandolin on the stage I walk in there's Darren and told him who I was with the newspaper here to interview him we started talking I started interviewing them and.

00:22:31.740 --> 00:22:37.920 Garret Woodward: He goes man you don't have an accent on new Where are you from, and I said New York, how long you been in haywood county I said about 45 minutes.

00:22:40.230 --> 00:22:45.570 Garret Woodward: It was the truth they're interviewing them I literally been in town 45 minutes from.

00:22:45.570 --> 00:22:45.960 Garret Woodward: New York.

00:22:46.920 --> 00:22:51.300 Joseph McElroy: So those like oh yeah you do, you also told me about a lot of research.

00:22:52.050 --> 00:22:53.370 Garret Woodward: He still wanted, my dear.

00:22:53.370 --> 00:22:56.010 Garret Woodward: Friends this weekend actually is.

00:22:57.480 --> 00:23:15.420 Garret Woodward: That the boogeyman real well where did, that the folk mood Center at the Queen auditorium there and hazelwood neighborhood of waynesville but this weekend is it Saturday, is the Steve Sutton memorial concert at full moon at the Queen auditorium that darren's hosting.

00:23:15.630 --> 00:23:17.880 Garret Woodward: His best friend was Steve Sutton who was.

00:23:18.180 --> 00:23:30.870 Garret Woodward: regarded as one of the best banjo players that ever played in bluegrass music, he was also really good friend of mine, I knew Steve really well and he sadly passed away unexpectedly about five years ago now.

00:23:31.260 --> 00:23:33.030 Garret Woodward: Well yeah when he's 2017.

00:23:34.710 --> 00:23:43.740 Garret Woodward: yeah he passed away unexpectedly, and he was only 61 and so darren's had this, this is a third annual Steve some memorial concert.

00:23:44.700 --> 00:23:59.280 Garret Woodward: The proceeds half of the procedure, a portion of the proceeds go to the international bluegrass music association scholarship fund and then another portion of the proceeds goes to a student at testicle a high school in waynesville that's pursuing music as a career.

00:24:01.020 --> 00:24:05.790 Garret Woodward: it's really cool so that's this Saturday at the pokemon Center if you want to go check it out what.

00:24:06.240 --> 00:24:07.050 Joseph McElroy: Are you hearing.

00:24:07.230 --> 00:24:15.900 Joseph McElroy: impaired likes to do those things, we had a band camp here last year, where there was one young young person they're still doing things now with the.

00:24:17.310 --> 00:24:21.990 Joseph McElroy: learn how to play in a band he's still got the them is he still got there, and as a.

00:24:21.990 --> 00:24:22.920 Garret Woodward: mentor yeah.

00:24:23.130 --> 00:24:29.190 Joseph McElroy: Right and then you know he's really excelling at it, so you know darren's really got a.

00:24:30.360 --> 00:24:32.970 Joseph McElroy: You know, a real charitable heart, you know.

00:24:33.030 --> 00:24:39.090 Garret Woodward: Well, and that's all balsam range, I mean all of those guys will do anything for the Community they're all.

00:24:39.960 --> 00:24:54.510 Garret Woodward: Some of the most generous folks that are met Darren you know, do you want to talk about Ambassadors of hospitality and culture and haywood county in western North Carolina you don't look much further than they are Nicholson and the guys in balsam range, I mean.

00:24:55.680 --> 00:25:09.780 Garret Woodward: You know anytime anywhere if there's a cause they're always there to play music to raise money for something I mean we had that I think, since the last time we talked we had the big concert in canton for the flood victims in Crusoe in Bethel.

00:25:10.500 --> 00:25:14.760 Garret Woodward: I think the final total is somewhere around $40,000 we raised.

00:25:15.090 --> 00:25:15.690 well.

00:25:16.860 --> 00:25:24.300 Garret Woodward: Which is a drop in the bucket but you know the the plus side, though, was it was a free concert and we wanted just to get people's minds.

00:25:24.780 --> 00:25:34.680 Garret Woodward: off of the devastation I know it's been you know six six or seven months since the floods so it's kind of out of people's minds, sadly, but if you drive through Crusoe.

00:25:36.420 --> 00:25:38.220 Garret Woodward: I mean there's still cars and trees there's.

00:25:38.220 --> 00:25:43.620 Garret Woodward: Still houses in the river, you know there's still arby's in the river.

00:25:44.910 --> 00:25:54.630 Garret Woodward: it's like a ghost town in some aspects, but you know, I was there I was there that the morning after the floods on the ground reporting putting my heart news hat on.

00:25:55.740 --> 00:25:58.800 Joseph McElroy: me I was here at the time, and I was putting people up and some.

00:25:58.800 --> 00:26:01.110 Garret Woodward: motown yeah it was doing.

00:26:01.830 --> 00:26:10.680 Garret Woodward: Terrible but what was so crazy was when we had that show it was you know, a month and a half after the floods, but it was in searles park and downtown canton where.

00:26:12.000 --> 00:26:18.030 Garret Woodward: During the floods, the exact place to stage was during the floods there is, you know eight feet of water.

00:26:19.410 --> 00:26:20.730 Garret Woodward: Above the River bank.

00:26:20.790 --> 00:26:28.290 Garret Woodward: And, and it was just crazy to be there and it was the same weekend that bear waters brewing reopened after they got flooded out.

00:26:28.560 --> 00:26:29.460 Garret Woodward: So it was a really.

00:26:29.850 --> 00:26:38.340 Garret Woodward: crazy joyous occasion you know, we had a I would say, God two or 3000 people showed up, and it was a free show and we raise that much money and.

00:26:38.940 --> 00:26:39.930 Garret Woodward: It was unbelievable.

00:26:40.830 --> 00:26:42.000 Garret Woodward: That county for you.

00:26:42.720 --> 00:26:48.840 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know you really have you really have your pulse on the scene, you know music scene here in the smoky mountains, you know.

00:26:49.140 --> 00:27:02.430 Joseph McElroy: This show is for your visitors that might be coming here where what would you say is is yes, places to go in the smoky mountains, where they can really get in touch with that authentic us.

00:27:03.540 --> 00:27:04.710 Garret Woodward: In terms of music.

00:27:06.240 --> 00:27:06.600 Garret Woodward: yeah.

00:27:07.080 --> 00:27:08.160 Garret Woodward: yeah in terms of music.

00:27:08.550 --> 00:27:09.750 Garret Woodward: um I mean.

00:27:11.430 --> 00:27:20.550 Garret Woodward: there's not what's interesting is there's not necessarily a specific place that is known as a music venue in western North Carolina most of it is.

00:27:21.150 --> 00:27:35.670 Garret Woodward: breweries restaurants, cafes small venues that have regular music and you can't really, especially with the breweries that's really brought the live music scene up a couple notches you know you got a boo jump in.

00:27:36.870 --> 00:27:50.820 Garret Woodward: waynesville you got innovation and so lazy hiker and Silva and in Franklin Nana HALO brewing and Silva mountain layers brewing and bryson city and all those spots have live music every weekend.

00:27:52.110 --> 00:27:56.190 Garret Woodward: If not, multiple times a week in terms of bluegrass Americana and roots.

00:27:57.660 --> 00:28:03.330 Garret Woodward: Which that's a good, you know that's a good kind of representation of where we're at.

00:28:05.280 --> 00:28:13.590 Garret Woodward: Ever since the Maggie valley Opera House closed that kind of lost a lot when Raymond passed away but i've been told, through the grapevine that it's going to reopen.

00:28:14.700 --> 00:28:22.710 Garret Woodward: I don't know when, but I have had people reach out and say that they were interested in kind of kickstarter another one is elevated mountain distilling right in the heart of.

00:28:23.220 --> 00:28:34.050 Garret Woodward: Maggie valley have weekly music Dave angel does such a great job bringing local bands in there that's always a fun spot you get to drink some legal moonshine.

00:28:35.520 --> 00:28:48.450 Garret Woodward: You get to drink some legal moonshine yeah and enjoy music right in the heart of Maggie valley and what's cool is one of their main flagship products is Raven fairchild's root beer moonshine it's actually his recipe and.

00:28:50.340 --> 00:28:54.750 Garret Woodward: It doesn't get more real in terms of appalachian moonshine and Raymond sure child.

00:28:56.010 --> 00:28:57.900 Garret Woodward: God rest his soul man, what a good dude.

00:28:58.890 --> 00:29:00.420 Joseph McElroy: Man, you know I knew him very.

00:29:00.420 --> 00:29:08.400 Joseph McElroy: Well, we will we will be talking about him and just a couple minutes to take a break now but I look forward to Reminiscing and.

00:29:08.430 --> 00:29:09.000 Garret Woodward: Finally, yeah.

00:29:09.720 --> 00:29:10.230 Joseph McElroy: All right.

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00:31:17.040 --> 00:31:30.240 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and my guest here, it would work so Garrett i've understand you you've written two books, you mentioned them right is that right.

00:31:30.870 --> 00:31:39.600 Garret Woodward: Well, I wrote a novella years ago but uh I wrote a bluegrass book about five years ago called if you can't play get off the stage.

00:31:41.520 --> 00:31:43.800 Garret Woodward: In western North Carolina and beyond.

00:31:45.060 --> 00:31:58.950 Garret Woodward: which was great I interviewed all these bluegrass legends in western North Carolina and southern appalachian did like a book tour on it it's still available in bookstores and asheville and haywood county and other areas around the region.

00:31:59.370 --> 00:32:01.950 Joseph McElroy: And we did we did talk about that one in our.

00:32:01.950 --> 00:32:07.890 Joseph McElroy: podcast before and I think people should go back to that because it was a really good interesting conversation but.

00:32:09.060 --> 00:32:09.480 Joseph McElroy: Go ahead.

00:32:09.810 --> 00:32:14.700 Garret Woodward: Oh, I was gonna say so, like i've been itching to kind of do a project and.

00:32:15.960 --> 00:32:20.700 Garret Woodward: You know they're the reason that this Raymond fairchild book came about was.

00:32:21.810 --> 00:32:27.960 Garret Woodward: There was an art grant that was you know I worked for the paper so every week I get all these emails.

00:32:28.350 --> 00:32:36.180 Garret Woodward: And we turn them into press releases for things going on in the area art wise and then I put them I you know put them in our formula, and then we put them in the paper.

00:32:36.630 --> 00:32:41.910 Garret Woodward: And one of the emails was apply for art grant through the north Carolina arts Council.

00:32:42.780 --> 00:32:51.630 Garret Woodward: And I you know, every year, I put it in the paper and people, you know apply and then this year I was like you know heck i'm gonna i'm gonna apply.

00:32:52.170 --> 00:32:58.440 Garret Woodward: And I had an idea to do something about Raymond because i've been talking with some friends in the music industry about how.

00:32:58.860 --> 00:33:06.240 Garret Woodward: It bothered our minds that that a lot of people didn't realize who he was and I don't want them to be forgotten, he was an incredible person and.

00:33:07.140 --> 00:33:21.180 Garret Woodward: world class musician right from our backyard here, so I just kind of put out a proposal together, I was sitting in a coffee shop just going through emails and I just sat there and wrote out this long proposal and submitted it didn't think twice about it.

00:33:21.870 --> 00:33:23.940 Garret Woodward: Well, I don't think I was gonna get it, and then.

00:33:25.440 --> 00:33:32.970 Garret Woodward: This past January a couple months ago I got an email that I received a grant from the north Carolina arts Council to write this book.

00:33:34.230 --> 00:33:36.660 Garret Woodward: At least enough to get the project off and running.

00:33:38.370 --> 00:33:38.550 Garret Woodward: well.

00:33:39.300 --> 00:33:45.240 Joseph McElroy: He was a great guy you know, he was interesting character and you know you knew him personally right.

00:33:45.420 --> 00:33:46.560 Garret Woodward: Oh yeah I mean.

00:33:46.860 --> 00:33:51.000 Garret Woodward: yeah he told me he gave me he told me, I was the only journalists you ever like.

00:33:52.020 --> 00:33:53.940 Joseph McElroy: You know, he didn't take to everybody.

00:33:54.000 --> 00:33:54.450 Joseph McElroy: Oh.

00:33:55.140 --> 00:33:55.470 He was.

00:33:56.970 --> 00:33:58.080 Joseph McElroy: I knew of growing up.

00:33:58.110 --> 00:34:12.600 Joseph McElroy: You know, I was, I was took music lessons from him, but I, you know I didn't know anything that I went on do something else, my dad had arranged it but yeah he was famous for not being you know, some people were in, and some people were out.

00:34:12.840 --> 00:34:21.450 Garret Woodward: He was very rough around the edges guy but that comes from you know who he was he he lived a very hardscrabble life, he grew up.

00:34:21.930 --> 00:34:34.410 Garret Woodward: You know, he grew up dirt poor and became a world famous musician, and I mean he he he said uh you know he's had a gun on him, he was well known for pulling a gun on promoters who didn't pay him what what they told him that.

00:34:36.990 --> 00:34:39.030 Garret Woodward: i've heard a couple stories about him.

00:34:40.350 --> 00:34:42.390 Garret Woodward: With his with his gun one.

00:34:44.100 --> 00:34:50.850 Garret Woodward: i've been told it's verified i've been told by multiple people this story, and of which I think it actually happened was.

00:34:51.480 --> 00:35:01.560 Garret Woodward: He was trying to tune up his banjo backstage at at a at a at a show, and there was a bit stand up bass player that was going through his rhythm and rhyme and told him just.

00:35:01.890 --> 00:35:11.040 Garret Woodward: quit playing the banjo so he could tuna or quit playing bass, so you can turn up his banjo and the guide blew him off and cream and pulled out his gun and shot it right through the list okay.

00:35:12.660 --> 00:35:14.340 Garret Woodward: i've heard that from multiple people.

00:35:15.300 --> 00:35:19.800 Garret Woodward: But he was very rough around the edges, but that's what I liked about him, he was a real person.

00:35:20.880 --> 00:35:23.220 Garret Woodward: He could smell bs a mile away man, he was.

00:35:23.880 --> 00:35:33.450 Garret Woodward: You couldn't pull your you couldn't pull the wool over his eyes nah he'd been around the block several times, and the first week I worked at the paper and August of 2012.

00:35:34.590 --> 00:35:43.590 Garret Woodward: They wanted to do a story on the Opera House and nobody wanted to jump on it, because everyone was kind of intimidated by Raymond I just started at the paper.

00:35:43.950 --> 00:35:58.620 Garret Woodward: I didn't know any better, so I said yeah i'll take the story and I went over there, and you know, I was a 27 year old young journalist from upstate New York and he at the time, he was this guy in his early 70s.

00:35:59.640 --> 00:36:07.560 Garret Woodward: You know, half cherokee blood moon shiner mountain man gun holster banjo legend.

00:36:08.430 --> 00:36:15.240 Garret Woodward: Just really real deal appalachian mountain man, I mean the quintessential legitimate appalachian mountain man.

00:36:15.720 --> 00:36:25.380 Garret Woodward: And we could not be more different people, but at the same time, we also had a deep love for bluegrass and also nature and things like that, but um.

00:36:26.160 --> 00:36:31.800 Garret Woodward: yeah we ended he he first was reluctant to interview you kept blowing me off, he didn't want to talk.

00:36:32.550 --> 00:36:44.910 Garret Woodward: And then I sat there and watched the show, and I really enjoyed it and then he saw that I mean generally wanted to talk to him because I stayed for the show you know and we ended up doing a great interview and.

00:36:46.260 --> 00:36:50.190 Garret Woodward: He said he said you're only journals i've met that's not full of shit.

00:36:52.650 --> 00:37:03.780 Garret Woodward: He goes if you can do that if you can keep that then you'll go far in life, and it was funny was you know we did I did, probably for four or five cover stories on them in the newspaper over the.

00:37:05.880 --> 00:37:09.600 Garret Woodward: seven or eight years, we were friends before he passed away and.

00:37:10.710 --> 00:37:20.430 Garret Woodward: He would always it was weird because, like people are always like I can't believe that like he lets you interview him because he he wouldn't talk to anybody I swear to you like, he would not talk to journalists, he.

00:37:20.430 --> 00:37:20.580 didn't.

00:37:22.260 --> 00:37:30.960 Garret Woodward: He didn't like he didn't like media he didn't like newspapers you like anything but he would call me up at the paper and say I got a story for it come over to the Opera House and we'll talk and.

00:37:32.220 --> 00:37:46.050 Garret Woodward: And it was great read before he passed he had turned 80 and it was really cool we got I got to do a final interview was I didn't know he was gonna pass, obviously, but like I wanted to celebrate him turning 80 so we did a big interview and.

00:37:47.610 --> 00:37:54.180 Garret Woodward: It was fantastic just to sit with him, you know he had been in good spirits he had some health issues, because he got an a serious accident.

00:37:55.800 --> 00:38:05.820 Garret Woodward: A few a couple years before that he had flipped a tractor on himself, he got seriously hurt in a tractor accident and he was back touring again.

00:38:06.630 --> 00:38:16.830 Garret Woodward: And we had a great time just sitting there Reminiscing and we did this whole story on him and he passed away a couple months later and i'm just really glad that I had that time to spend with them.

00:38:18.030 --> 00:38:27.570 Garret Woodward: I think about probably the most fun interview I ever did with him was when he got inducted into the bluegrass hall of fame bill monroe's bluegrass hall of fame up and Dean blossom indiana.

00:38:28.080 --> 00:38:41.730 Garret Woodward: And 20 I think it was 2015 and I convinced my publisher to like let me go up there, you know, I was like you gotta let me go up there he's getting inducted into the bluegrass often so I convinced them to at least throw me some gas money I didn't care if I slept in my truck.

00:38:42.060 --> 00:38:52.980 Garret Woodward: yeah I was like just throw me some gas money I gotta go up there, and it was while just to be up there and see him surrounded by all these other bluegrass legends as they honored them to get inducted.

00:38:53.640 --> 00:39:05.670 Garret Woodward: And it was the one time, I think I ever one time, I think I ever saw him smile was when he got that award he always was he was a he was a very happy jovial person, but he also you never showed it.

00:39:06.720 --> 00:39:06.990 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:39:07.890 --> 00:39:10.830 Joseph McElroy: He is a grammy right did you win a grammy.

00:39:11.160 --> 00:39:18.840 Garret Woodward: Now he was nominated he he's he's got several gold and platinum records he sold probably two or 3 million records.

00:39:19.140 --> 00:39:21.120 Joseph McElroy: Was he was famous for what kind of music.

00:39:21.150 --> 00:39:25.110 Garret Woodward: What will mule was his most famous this is instrumental where he makes his.

00:39:25.110 --> 00:39:26.640 Garret Woodward: banjo sound like a mule.

00:39:27.660 --> 00:39:37.470 Garret Woodward: He Han but he he many of his songs are considered standards and bluegrass now especially will meal that that that was a 2 million records seller.

00:39:38.190 --> 00:39:53.100 Garret Woodward: Back in the day and then he was on the grand old opry numerous times, he was friends with Johnny cash, he was friends Jimmy Martin bill Monroe he had so many random friends, I mean Bobby brown like i've seen photos with him with all these random people.

00:39:53.370 --> 00:39:53.580 Joseph McElroy: That.

00:39:54.120 --> 00:39:58.860 Garret Woodward: He posted it was like I didn't realize he knew all these people merle haggard is close with merle haggard and.

00:40:00.660 --> 00:40:02.700 Garret Woodward: But, and it was just funny was.

00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:19.500 Garret Woodward: You think about you know, like how this he literally grew up and nothing and how just became this worldwide sensation you watch those videos like look up Raymond fairchild won't you'll have him out the opry my goodness, you know fingers like lightning.

00:40:19.590 --> 00:40:21.630 Garret Woodward: I swear to you unbelievable.

00:40:22.470 --> 00:40:34.080 Joseph McElroy: I mean I got to see him several times growing up, but you know my dad was a you know mayor and you know heavily involved in mad mad cow the grand Ole opry you know he knew, so they were they had a lot of working on and.

00:40:34.410 --> 00:40:41.730 Joseph McElroy: yeah you know we got a few we got a few a few jars of ravens moonshine over the years i've.

00:40:41.790 --> 00:40:42.720 Garret Woodward: been all costs or.

00:40:43.260 --> 00:40:44.730 Joseph McElroy: Did you ever get to taste, it even.

00:40:44.760 --> 00:40:45.450 Garret Woodward: moonshine.

00:40:45.960 --> 00:40:48.450 Garret Woodward: I think I saw absolutely hold on a second here wait.

00:40:53.880 --> 00:40:55.290 Garret Woodward: Actually, I think I still have.

00:40:55.410 --> 00:40:56.850 Joseph McElroy: It right here, you go.

00:41:00.360 --> 00:41:00.840 Garret Woodward: There you go.

00:41:02.790 --> 00:41:03.120 Joseph McElroy: here.

00:41:08.520 --> 00:41:11.610 Garret Woodward: It was really funny was I forgot that I was still in there.

00:41:13.470 --> 00:41:16.770 Garret Woodward: And what's great is you know the real stuff is.

00:41:18.330 --> 00:41:34.590 Garret Woodward: crazily enough, the real deal like quality made moonshine actually goes down pretty smooth and his stuff I mean you get in trouble with that, but he always denied that he he was still making it, but I highly doubt that he wasn't.

00:41:35.820 --> 00:41:37.890 Garret Woodward: He was too good at what he did.

00:41:39.150 --> 00:41:47.760 Garret Woodward: But he was such a sweet man, which is weird because some people might not agree with me, but that's their last because they didn't get to know but.

00:41:48.480 --> 00:41:58.770 Garret Woodward: he's just a he always had just amazing stories to tell about you know running moonshine in the middle of the night Holland barrels to the woods over the mountain ridges.

00:41:59.370 --> 00:42:02.130 Joseph McElroy: And those stories are priceless, then you know my.

00:42:02.130 --> 00:42:04.200 Garret Woodward: grandma was involved.

00:42:04.680 --> 00:42:05.340 involved.

00:42:06.480 --> 00:42:09.960 Garret Woodward: wow when you think about it, you know just one step ahead of the Lord.

00:42:10.380 --> 00:42:13.590 Garret Woodward: And he and popcorn sudden we're real close and.

00:42:15.180 --> 00:42:19.620 Garret Woodward: it's just was when you think about that really wasn't that long ago, you know.

00:42:21.780 --> 00:42:32.280 Garret Woodward: One or two generations behind us, that was, I mean, to be honest with you, even though there's a lot of legal moonshine I I know as a journalist around these parts there's definitely a lot of moonshiners that.

00:42:32.280 --> 00:42:33.180 Joseph McElroy: are still.

00:42:33.240 --> 00:42:40.800 Joseph McElroy: On there, and you told me 100 years that you know everybody's got a relative grandfather and then and then there's the ones that can kept on with it.

00:42:40.890 --> 00:42:43.530 Garret Woodward: And if they don't if they say they don't they're lying.

00:42:43.770 --> 00:42:50.940 Joseph McElroy: Exactly yeah so I mean it was important, actually, it was important source of income in the mountains NASA and appalachian culture for long.

00:42:51.720 --> 00:43:05.220 Joseph McElroy: yeah it was all sorts of it was a source of problems as a source of you know, crime, a source of alcoholism, the sickness and things like that, but it was also incredibly important and bringing being important cash crop in the mountains.

00:43:05.280 --> 00:43:06.660 Garret Woodward: and his ass car.

00:43:07.470 --> 00:43:09.720 Joseph McElroy: yeah So do you have a working title for the book.

00:43:10.680 --> 00:43:19.380 Garret Woodward: it's going to be called a Lord i'm coming home the legend Lord i'm coming home the legend and lore of Raymond fairchild.

00:43:20.580 --> 00:43:24.090 Garret Woodward: musician moonshine or mountain man some something to that effect.

00:43:24.510 --> 00:43:28.170 Joseph McElroy: Well, I want to keep we you know we have a bookstore here, so we carry it when you get it out all right.

00:43:28.170 --> 00:43:34.830 Joseph McElroy: heavily and will, I want to host you for a book, you know presentation signing, because I think that'll be great yeah.

00:43:34.860 --> 00:43:39.330 Garret Woodward: you're a man i'd love to I really I really love what you and Bob are doing out there.

00:43:39.360 --> 00:43:40.650 Garret Woodward: it's it's so cool.

00:43:41.730 --> 00:43:52.410 Garret Woodward: I have really high helps, especially with things opening up again about y'all haven't some great events out there you already have had some phenomenal event but I can't even imagine how much bigger it's going to get.

00:43:52.950 --> 00:44:01.140 Joseph McElroy: yeah you know I saved we're on a three year plan, the first year is just to get the name out second year we started getting a little bit of audience and third year was start getting a decent audience so.

00:44:02.370 --> 00:44:08.850 Joseph McElroy: we're gonna take a break now and come back and finish up with just some you know rajan ends and shout out sorry.

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00:46:13.980 --> 00:46:25.950 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast with my guest Garrett Woodward Garrett i'm starting to feel i'm starting to feel the drinks now.

00:46:29.460 --> 00:46:34.770 Joseph McElroy: If you've made it all the way to end this listen to this podcast yes now here I start being silly, I think, but.

00:46:34.890 --> 00:46:35.400 yeah.

00:46:36.870 --> 00:46:37.680 Garret Woodward: it's good stuff.

00:46:37.920 --> 00:46:39.450 Joseph McElroy: it's good stuff man I.

00:46:39.990 --> 00:46:41.520 Garret Woodward: Live two blocks from the brewery.

00:46:42.630 --> 00:46:44.490 Joseph McElroy: And you know they're good food there, by the way.

00:46:45.150 --> 00:46:47.370 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah really great food there so.

00:46:47.940 --> 00:46:49.080 Joseph McElroy: I like boom.

00:46:50.190 --> 00:46:58.290 Joseph McElroy: I like bear water and Maggie valley to yeah so um yeah last time we talked you were started learning the guitar how's that go.

00:46:59.100 --> 00:47:05.970 Garret Woodward: Going great I play every day, I am no a proficient musician by any means, but.

00:47:07.560 --> 00:47:15.240 Garret Woodward: I guess I can consider myself a rhythm guitarist at this point, but I love it I wish I had picked it up years ago I picked it up during the shutdown.

00:47:15.780 --> 00:47:31.530 Garret Woodward: You know I live by myself and I figured what a what a time to finally do what i've been wanting to do for years, so I started to learn how to do it and I play you know, every day, I mean anytime I got free time I look forward to, I look forward to coming home and playing every day and.

00:47:31.800 --> 00:47:33.060 Joseph McElroy: We posted yet.

00:47:34.110 --> 00:47:36.390 Garret Woodward: i'm not as like an act.

00:47:36.420 --> 00:47:37.110 Joseph McElroy: But I had.

00:47:37.140 --> 00:47:38.910 Garret Woodward: jumped up to play with people.

00:47:40.200 --> 00:47:47.130 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know we have these weekly thing, especially the pavilion you should come by Mike would be glad to have you.

00:47:47.190 --> 00:47:48.480 Garret Woodward: On i'm definitely down.

00:47:48.720 --> 00:47:54.960 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah you know their their you know their for the guests and it's fun to have people just jam to you know.

00:47:55.200 --> 00:47:58.410 Garret Woodward: So Mike is the drummer from symbol mind is that, where you were saying.

00:47:58.620 --> 00:48:03.060 Joseph McElroy: yeah he was a drummer from simple minus he introduced sort of that the reggae beat to their sound.

00:48:03.090 --> 00:48:06.630 Garret Woodward: yeah how how did he ended up in Maggie Valley.

00:48:06.720 --> 00:48:17.340 Joseph McElroy: Well, it was a friend of mine in New York City and he you know he's exploring Scottish music roots of Scottish music where we're Scottish.

00:48:17.640 --> 00:48:29.400 Joseph McElroy: music is gone, you know and the appalachian has so much you know Scottish heritage that you know coming here, and you know he became basically these called the artist in residence right.

00:48:29.610 --> 00:48:30.420 Garret Woodward: Does he live here.

00:48:30.930 --> 00:48:32.010 Joseph McElroy: He lives here yeah.

00:48:32.220 --> 00:48:34.590 Garret Woodward: Oh man I gotta meet this guy sounds pretty awesome.

00:48:34.710 --> 00:48:48.600 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah he's awesome oh yeah definitely he's got and he's you know he really started listening to what people wanted and so he actually brings in a repertoire that sort of combines Scottish but also you know southern roots music.

00:48:49.200 --> 00:48:59.670 Joseph McElroy: Mountain music, but he brings his own sort of you know, he also has a West African heritage his father was African American from Birmingham, so I bring sort of that you know how we introduced reggae to.

00:48:59.940 --> 00:49:02.520 Joseph McElroy: Yes, if mines, he brings a little bit of a beat.

00:49:02.520 --> 00:49:10.860 Joseph McElroy: To bluegrass which is you know is heresy in terms of lupus purity but it's kind of cool yeah.

00:49:12.090 --> 00:49:14.880 Garret Woodward: Pretty awesome I wanna I want to come in to hang out and.

00:49:16.200 --> 00:49:17.400 Garret Woodward: ground and play rhythm guitar.

00:49:17.970 --> 00:49:21.930 Joseph McElroy: All right, yeah no you're welcome to do that so so.

00:49:23.160 --> 00:49:38.130 Joseph McElroy: yeah, so I think that would be absolutely fantastic you would love it if it's meant to be a place we're actually I mean i'm promoting yourself, but you know the music here is meant to be sort of a music musicians place.

00:49:38.190 --> 00:49:38.610 Garret Woodward: yeah right.

00:49:39.000 --> 00:49:47.940 Joseph McElroy: Where you know where musicians come to the jam and talk about music and guess just get the benefit of having that experience.

00:49:47.940 --> 00:50:01.920 Joseph McElroy: Right now, and that's you know that's what we're developing speakeasies also right it's like you know it's about the music and music people that are either musicians are really well versed in music.

00:50:02.400 --> 00:50:14.910 Joseph McElroy: get together and just create interesting atmosphere so many times we've just had, where they pull up videos on the screen, you know and everybody starts singing or listening or learn something new it's kind of cool right.

00:50:15.150 --> 00:50:21.660 Garret Woodward: yeah i'm down, I definitely want to i'm proud of y'all too, because it looks like you got a heck of a year plan already but.

00:50:21.810 --> 00:50:35.550 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah yeah Bob is doing well and plus you know we have a boy here who used to run a blues guitar up in Richmond blues bar and enrichment and he's bringing another aspect to it, and you know of course Mike has his own total thing.

00:50:37.140 --> 00:50:40.860 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah we're kicking it yeah but.

00:50:42.450 --> 00:50:47.910 Joseph McElroy: I heard you know I heard you know interesting thing I got a little birds tell me a little birds name is Bob.

00:50:49.770 --> 00:50:51.990 Joseph McElroy: And he tells me you're collecting vintage guitars.

00:50:52.740 --> 00:51:03.900 Garret Woodward: uh yeah kind of I have a, I guess, we think here, well, I had like I started buying guitar in the chatroom.

00:51:05.160 --> 00:51:05.640 Garret Woodward: If.

00:51:05.700 --> 00:51:13.320 Garret Woodward: It happens it happens, anyone who plays guitar knows what i'm talking about once you buy every guitar is a different vibe a different field.

00:51:15.180 --> 00:51:16.080 Garret Woodward: But I ended up.

00:51:17.160 --> 00:51:27.840 Garret Woodward: I have to vintage guitars right now but I own five total for for acoustic and electric but a here i'll actually show you one.

00:51:27.900 --> 00:51:29.220 Joseph McElroy: The vintage one's really cool.

00:51:32.520 --> 00:51:33.450 Garret Woodward: This is a.

00:51:35.490 --> 00:51:42.810 Garret Woodward: it's a 1940 1940s Rotary deluxe cowboy parlor guitar.

00:51:43.740 --> 00:51:48.540 Garret Woodward: what's cool about it is these guitars to chicken on out.

00:51:52.860 --> 00:51:54.750 Garret Woodward: And that's the original stencils.

00:51:54.900 --> 00:51:56.820 Garret Woodward: whoa crazy.

00:51:57.000 --> 00:51:58.500 Joseph McElroy: That is crazy what.

00:51:58.500 --> 00:52:00.990 Garret Woodward: I love is that is last so in the moon, right here.

00:52:01.110 --> 00:52:03.510 Joseph McElroy: You go bring that play in here come on.

00:52:05.040 --> 00:52:09.420 Garret Woodward: A 1940 we figure about a 42 or 43.

00:52:11.310 --> 00:52:14.670 Garret Woodward: But it's an old blues parlor you're tired, but what's crazy about it is.

00:52:16.170 --> 00:52:19.740 Garret Woodward: Most of those guitars weren't meant to last this long you know, these were.

00:52:20.580 --> 00:52:34.800 Garret Woodward: very inexpensive kind of like sears and roebuck guitars that you know back then people didn't think about preserving guitars you know you played them and they broke, and you got another one we're now like it's a whole thing about you know.

00:52:36.450 --> 00:52:39.420 Garret Woodward: collectors items and stuff like that, but I came across that.

00:52:41.100 --> 00:52:44.790 Garret Woodward: One night after a couple beers and I said oh man I gotta buy that that.

00:52:45.870 --> 00:52:48.150 Joseph McElroy: is right, oh yeah.

00:52:48.240 --> 00:52:54.870 Garret Woodward: I love it because it was really funny if it's a small parlor guitar but man it cranks like a cannon.

00:52:55.920 --> 00:52:57.180 Garret Woodward: it's extremely loud.

00:52:58.050 --> 00:53:03.780 Joseph McElroy: Well, when you come over and hang out with us here i'm going to tell you some stories about some things I bought all had a few drinks.

00:53:06.900 --> 00:53:19.380 Joseph McElroy: Things I sold at the same time, but you know it's been good, you know I wanted to let you know that yeah we're gonna have a couple things you're gonna be interesting, here we have a songwriters camp, with the dare Nicholson, Jim lauderdale.

00:53:19.650 --> 00:53:21.570 Garret Woodward: Oh man Jim lauderdale.

00:53:21.840 --> 00:53:23.160 Joseph McElroy: and August, so you got to.

00:53:23.160 --> 00:53:25.950 Joseph McElroy: Come at least got to cover it if you can't do anything.

00:53:25.950 --> 00:53:27.090 Garret Woodward: I told I told.

00:53:27.360 --> 00:53:36.660 Garret Woodward: Bob that I would definitely do that definitely cover it because Jim lauderdale I mean darren's a world class musician but like Jim lauderdale is world class songwriter.

00:53:36.900 --> 00:53:39.480 Garret Woodward: yeah you know he's he's one of my favorites I mean.

00:53:39.810 --> 00:53:41.430 Joseph McElroy: Charles oakley the third will be that.

00:53:41.430 --> 00:53:43.920 Garret Woodward: Too Oh, then you got a grammy award winning.

00:53:44.370 --> 00:53:46.710 Garret Woodward: You know you have a grammy award winning.

00:53:47.040 --> 00:53:50.550 Garret Woodward: charles's good friend of mine to actually just saw him recently.

00:53:51.480 --> 00:53:53.250 Joseph McElroy: What he's doing here in April.

00:53:53.280 --> 00:54:02.640 Garret Woodward: yeah oh wow so I mean if anyone's listening that's pretty amazing that you have Darren Jim and Charles and Charles is running the fishing camp good.

00:54:02.790 --> 00:54:10.380 Joseph McElroy: Good Lord man oh yeah cuz we're gonna have you know the fish he can't sell through iTunes or on the fire and Charles and his friends are going to do some fun stuff.

00:54:10.560 --> 00:54:15.780 Joseph McElroy: I mean you're talking you're welcome to queue up going to come out here to time podcasts or you're in special club.

00:54:17.490 --> 00:54:22.620 Joseph McElroy: Right, so what website social media, you want to shout out let everybody know who you.

00:54:22.620 --> 00:54:31.350 Garret Woodward: Are smoky mountain news COM sm okay why mountain news COM all of our articles, whether it's arts outdoors.

00:54:32.070 --> 00:54:42.330 Garret Woodward: Travel stuff that we do it's all free to read it's good to go smoky mountain news COM and then on instagram i'm Garrett K Woodward GA are at letter K Woodward.

00:54:43.290 --> 00:54:59.640 Garret Woodward: Other than that, go to the metal art, I mean you hope your listeners realize how cool, that is, that you have Jim lauderdale Charles and Darren there that's a pretty big deal you got grammy award winners and IBM a legends hanging out in a very intimate setting so.

00:55:00.840 --> 00:55:10.200 Joseph McElroy: that's the point it's it's a musician's musician place as well as other particular you know you know things we know we got the bottom, we have plot dogs so anyway.

00:55:11.400 --> 00:55:13.380 Garret Woodward: mob is a walking encyclopedia.

00:55:13.410 --> 00:55:23.460 Joseph McElroy: I know the water like movie well, thank you for coming, this is the gateway to the smokies podcast you can find out more about us and slash.

00:55:24.000 --> 00:55:29.160 Joseph McElroy: gateway to the smoke these podcasts we're also on the talk radio dot nyc network.

00:55:30.120 --> 00:55:38.820 Joseph McElroy: which has a lot of podcasts that are really interesting, ranging from help for small business to self help to travel to New York too.

00:55:39.600 --> 00:55:53.670 Joseph McElroy: Many issues, the spirituality things like that and they're all live broadcasts, the most podcasts are recorded there, these are all it's like the best of podcasting and live radio so and I really enjoy so I.

00:55:54.150 --> 00:56:05.130 Joseph McElroy: hope you will check this out, I also run a marketing podcast called Why is content creates well, I have a big marketing background, especially in seo and content marketing that's on Fridays from.

00:56:05.640 --> 00:56:15.210 Joseph McElroy: noon to noon to one and then, this one is always on Tuesday from six to seven is that half of it happy to be here Thank you again Garrett and.

00:56:15.570 --> 00:56:16.620 Garret Woodward: record to come back.

00:56:17.130 --> 00:56:17.580 Joseph McElroy: All right.

00:56:19.950 --> 00:56:20.910 Joseph McElroy: Talk to you later bye.

00:56:21.180 --> 00:56:21.780 Garret Woodward: Have a good one.

00:56:22.200 --> 00:56:22.590 Joseph McElroy: You too.

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