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Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/08 - Writing Tunes and Catching Fish in the Smokies

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/08 - Writing Tunes and Catching Fish in the Smokies


2022/03/08 - Writing Tunes and Catching Fish in the Smokies

[NEW EPISODE] Writing Tunes and Catching Fish in the Smokies

If you’re looking for music to harmonize to, or a guide for your next river adventure, this episode is for you because our guest this week is a musician and a fly-fishing expert.

You will find out more about songwriting, fly-fishing, and life in Asheville. Whether you are a musician yourself, or just a music lover, you will find this episode's insights fascinating.

Today, Joseph is joined by our special guest, Charles Humphrey III, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer and musician, and owner of Lucks Dumpy Toad Records. Currently leading his own group –the superb chart-topping, Songs from the Road Band – Humphrey was a charter member of the Steep Canyon Rangers for 15 years while also backing up other renowned artists such as Steve Martin and Edie Brickel among others.

Charles is also an expert fly-fishing guide and endurance runner and resides with his two children in Asheville. 

We will also mention here his two upcoming big events this year in Maggie Valley which are -Fly Fishing camp in April and the Songwriters camp in August.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph opens up tonight’s episode talking about the Meadowlark Motel and some upcoming events. One of these events deals with wilderness survival skills and it’s importance during times like natural disasters and more. There will also be a fly fishing camp weekend. To learn more, reach out at their website at He introduces his guest, Charles Humphrey III. Charles started fly fishing himself when he was a teen. Charles is a bluegrass musician and a Grammy award winning songwriter, musician and producer. Charles started fishing with his father when he was a kid and also got into music and playing bluegrass. He loves the “zen” feeling he gets when connecting with nature in this way. He talks more with Joseph about his passion as a musician and his passion for fishing. Charles loves that he is able to educate others about both topics, something that he will also be doing at the Meadowlark Motel!

Segment 2

Charles and Joseph talk more about fly fishing and Charles talks about some of the staff that will also be guiding in the events coming soon. Charles mentions tying flies and the interesting aspect of this. They both have an engaging conversation about how important this part is for anglers, or people who fish with a rod and line and interesting stories they’ve experienced themselves fly fishing. Joseph asks Charles about some of the best streams to fish in Haywood County and what locations he might take people participating in the fishing camp. He mentions Jonathan Creek that is close to the motel as well as the Pigeon river. He also says that in the camp, they'll also be teaching a technique called tight line fishing as well as how to set the hook, control the head, avoid letting go of the fish they catch and much more.

Segment 3

Joseph talks with Charles about his other passion, being a musician and writing music. Like fly fishing, Charles says that writing music takes a lot of luck. In this case, it’s because you never know if people will enjoy your music. He also mentions writing music that is on an album by Willie Nelson. He also talks about moving on from the Steep Canyon Rangers who he was a member of for 15 years. Now, he is part of Songs from the Road Band. You can listen to their music almost on any platform like SiriusXM, Pandora, etc. He says that he is excited to be able to play live music again like many other artists and musicians now that things are a bit more normal when it comes to gatherings. Charles also mentions the other event which is the writer’s camp where he along with other great musicians and singer-songwriter’s will teach and encourage all inclusive songwriting. They’ll also teach others about making music from the creative process to being behind the microphone. Charles also talks about his friendship with Darren Nicholson who was also a guest here on the show. They wrote a couple of songs together which you can hear on Man on a Mission, Darren’s new EP. Charles mentions more people he’d love to work with.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Charles talks about owning Lucks Dumpy Toad Records. He uses this to also release music from Songs from the Road Band. Charles and Joseph also speak about how music is released today compared to when there were no digital releases for music. They also mention different audio formats like mp3, vinyl, and cds and how they feel about the different quality of music when listened to in different ways. Charles speaks about being an endurance runner too and the rewarding feeling by taking care of himself and connecting with others through this activity. Also, Songs from the Road Band will be releasing music later this year. You can go to and also use the same name to search them on social media platforms. You can also find Charles and learn more about fishing visiting!


00:00:30.930 --> 00:00:36.960 Joseph McElroy: howdy thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateway to the smokies.

00:00:37.500 --> 00:00:49.590 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains National Park in the surrounding towns there's areas filled with ancient natural beauty and deep story history.

00:00:50.160 --> 00:00:59.430 Joseph McElroy: and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy a man of the world, but also a deep roots in these mountains.

00:01:00.030 --> 00:01:15.480 Joseph McElroy: My family is living the great smoky for over 200 years my businesses in travel, but my heart is in culture today's podcast will be talking about fly fishing and tune making but first sponsors which happened to be me.

00:01:18.360 --> 00:01:29.040 Joseph McElroy: So imagine a place evocative of motor courts of the past and modern and vibrant with a chic police and feel a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:01:29.730 --> 00:01:39.270 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish it a mountain heritage trout stream grill the catch on fire eat accompanied by fine wine or craft beers.

00:01:39.630 --> 00:01:56.370 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place of the old time music and world cultural sounds imagine and place the mountain heritage, food and underground speakeasy there is no other place like the metal art motel and Maggie valley your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

00:01:57.600 --> 00:02:05.490 Joseph McElroy: smokies adventure calm smokies poorly adventure singular information listings about the smokies hiking.

00:02:05.910 --> 00:02:14.340 Joseph McElroy: wedding venues books trail Max maps resources to make your adventures in the smokies more meaningful and enjoyable.

00:02:14.670 --> 00:02:23.520 Joseph McElroy: The emphasis of smokies adventure is outdoor recreation outdoor life events like weddings and adventures, along with providing information on logic.

00:02:23.940 --> 00:02:32.940 Joseph McElroy: Family entertainment events conventions honeymoons and more this goal of this site is to become the leading information portal of the most smoky mountains.

00:02:34.020 --> 00:02:47.370 Joseph McElroy: So I guess about upcoming events to talk about in today's world you might forget that, for all of history humankind has lived or journey into environments that require fundamental survival skills in order to flourish.

00:02:47.940 --> 00:02:59.370 Joseph McElroy: Wilderness survival, also known as push bushcraft his ability is the ability to utilize natural and limited materials and traditional ways to stay alive and escape danger.

00:03:00.540 --> 00:03:08.460 Joseph McElroy: and modern society learning wilderness survival skills is not only important for the occasional forays into dangerous environments.

00:03:08.850 --> 00:03:17.430 Joseph McElroy: But also helps in building confidence self esteem and instilling a sense of self knowledge, while we're reconnecting with nature and our human past.

00:03:18.270 --> 00:03:27.510 Joseph McElroy: While we might not think we need what wilderness survival skills, if we avoid nature, there are still instance instances where we might need to call upon them.

00:03:27.870 --> 00:03:35.970 Joseph McElroy: Including natural disasters wars getting lost in the woods extreme shifts and weather accidents caused.

00:03:36.540 --> 00:03:43.050 Joseph McElroy: causing some former can can protect incapacitation and many other unforeseen circumstances.

00:03:43.500 --> 00:03:54.900 Joseph McElroy: Therefore it is prudent and wise for every human to have at least a rudimentary capability in the basic skills of survival, to ensure their continued existence.

00:03:55.170 --> 00:04:11.910 Joseph McElroy: These include the ability to build a fire build a shelter tie certain knots navigate without a GPS apply first aid evaluate the appropriate gears and supplies and carry what you need and master the essentials of hiking and camping.

00:04:12.750 --> 00:04:18.630 Joseph McElroy: The Middle Arc smoky mountain heritage Center is proud to announce the addition of acclaimed author.

00:04:19.140 --> 00:04:34.530 Joseph McElroy: outdoor survival expert record setting hiker and elite wilderness search and rescue team Member Nancy East who is here just a couple weeks ago on our podcast to our roster of expert artists for 2022 programs.

00:04:35.040 --> 00:04:40.740 Joseph McElroy: Nancy will launch the spring hiking season, with a presentation on Friday night march 18.

00:04:41.190 --> 00:04:48.090 Joseph McElroy: Describing her adventures as a search and rescue Member and there's been some exciting things over the last couple years where they rescued.

00:04:48.330 --> 00:04:56.460 Joseph McElroy: Some people in some pretty interesting situations and then on Saturday march 19 Nancy will devote an entire day.

00:04:56.850 --> 00:05:08.280 Joseph McElroy: To a variety of the above mentioned wilderness survival topics to ensure your safety comfort enjoyment, as you create memorable experiences hiking in the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:05:08.970 --> 00:05:16.470 Joseph McElroy: So space is limited to 10 students and and and met Nancy provides all the materials, you might need for the event.

00:05:16.890 --> 00:05:25.680 Joseph McElroy: The price is 275 that includes two nights of lodging breakfast and dinner on Saturday night, along with entertainment, so please.

00:05:26.070 --> 00:05:38.700 Joseph McElroy: reach out to the middle or motel eight to eight to 89261717 to reserve your spot also coming up it's relevant to our guest tonight is a fishing fly fishing camp.

00:05:40.140 --> 00:05:48.840 Joseph McElroy: What better what's better than for the soul been throwing a live stream watching it pass doing it again and again, and perhaps getting about it.

00:05:49.950 --> 00:05:54.600 Joseph McElroy: All anglers know that fly fishing isn't only about reeling in the big one.

00:05:55.140 --> 00:06:06.240 Joseph McElroy: Although that's always gets our hearts jumping fly fishing is about being one with a river and his magnificence presence, while witnessing a very valuable ecosystem.

00:06:06.990 --> 00:06:11.490 Joseph McElroy: metal or motel is offering a try a trap camp weekends in the smoky mountains.

00:06:11.970 --> 00:06:21.870 Joseph McElroy: What began as a way to get a group of friends together on a river is going into way of bringing like minded people together through fly fishing food and drink and campfire.

00:06:22.170 --> 00:06:28.320 Joseph McElroy: And our recreation area to have a memorable experience and learn about fly fishing in the smokies.

00:06:28.860 --> 00:06:34.350 Joseph McElroy: camp weekends are perfect for those new to fly fishing and those looking for some extra instruction.

00:06:34.860 --> 00:06:44.850 Joseph McElroy: Anyone with experience, who enjoys fishing and a small group and making new friends it's trip is built around those attending and we will all share in the experience.

00:06:45.150 --> 00:07:03.690 Joseph McElroy: You can expect quality time in the river and nights around the campfire or in the speakeasy with a drink in hand truth that tall tales are all out of the camp and camps are very limited only to 2020 anglers allowed So the first one is April 15 to the 16th and 2022.

00:07:05.220 --> 00:07:09.690 Joseph McElroy: that's 870 $5 per person that includes the light stays as well as.

00:07:11.220 --> 00:07:13.530 Joseph McElroy: The you're gonna be you're gonna be doing.

00:07:14.820 --> 00:07:22.410 Joseph McElroy: there's gonna be a presentation on Friday night with videos about how tall tales and revolver behavior of.

00:07:24.150 --> 00:07:34.950 Joseph McElroy: trip trip to reminisce trial people have your and then a Saturday there'll be instruction hands on instruction on Saturday morning, and then the out.

00:07:35.190 --> 00:07:44.910 Joseph McElroy: In the afternoon there'll be intense fishing on elite streams all over the area, as well as we have a mountain heritage trout stream in the backyard, which are also able to use.

00:07:46.890 --> 00:07:57.930 Joseph McElroy: And then you will be able to check out on Sunday morning so call eight to 8961717 to make your reservations so.

00:07:58.650 --> 00:08:10.470 Joseph McElroy: Our our podcast today I mentioned is about fishing and fly fishing in tunes and we're also talking about the fly fishing camping our guest today is Charles monthly third and those a little bit about this.

00:08:10.830 --> 00:08:20.190 Joseph McElroy: Is the founder of East coast anglers he started fly fishing as a teenager many, many years ago, maybe not that many I have many, many years ago he.

00:08:23.340 --> 00:08:37.020 Joseph McElroy: is called waters of Western North Carolina home since 1999 as a touring bluegrass musician he has had the opportunity fly fishing Colorado Montana Idaho wyoming Nevada Oregon Alaskan Canada.

00:08:37.740 --> 00:08:43.890 Joseph McElroy: And addition to being a season fly fisherman he is also a grammy award winning songwriter producer.

00:08:44.310 --> 00:08:56.100 Joseph McElroy: A Western states 100 and during during ultra run finisher a Kentucky Colonel a New York North Carolina New York North Carolina hall of fame.

00:08:56.640 --> 00:09:09.240 Joseph McElroy: Music hall of fame Member touring musician and songs from the road band, and the father of two turtles to form to for most passions in life are spreading joy through music and fly fishing, how are you doing Charles.

00:09:09.450 --> 00:09:12.510 Charles Humphrey III: Thanks i'm doing great Joseph thanks for having me on the show.

00:09:13.740 --> 00:09:14.340 Charles Humphrey III: me here.

00:09:14.550 --> 00:09:27.810 Joseph McElroy: Well you're one of our most popular guest last year, as one of my favorite people to interview, so we wanted to get you back to cover some of the things we miss lap time, as well as talking about this fly fishing camp and.

00:09:28.200 --> 00:09:29.040 so far.

00:09:30.420 --> 00:09:34.800 Joseph McElroy: And even further than one we got that you guys have a songwriting camp in August.

00:09:35.220 --> 00:09:40.260 Charles Humphrey III: A lot of cool things going on, you know the metal locks the perfect location for it it's such a great place.

00:09:40.830 --> 00:09:46.020 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah so let's get to it, so I will talk about music a little bit, but let's start with the fly fishing.

00:09:46.710 --> 00:09:51.570 Joseph McElroy: So yeah evidently even fly fishing over 20 years right, how did you get started.

00:09:52.380 --> 00:09:53.220 Charles Humphrey III: I started.

00:09:54.510 --> 00:10:04.770 Charles Humphrey III: I grew up well i'll start fishing with my dad before I mean on the outer banks during thanksgiving salt water grew up freshwater fishing that's where I started using the fly rod.

00:10:05.940 --> 00:10:19.110 Charles Humphrey III: started touring playing bluegrass music and moved to Western North Carolina in 1999 and during the mid 90s and late 90s, I started fly fishing all over the country with bandmates and i've been doing it ever since it's just a.

00:10:20.400 --> 00:10:24.930 Charles Humphrey III: it's kind of like music it's a passion and it's just so rewarding on so many levels.

00:10:25.620 --> 00:10:37.110 Charles Humphrey III: it's not all about catching fish, you know enjoy the education side of it, I love the Zen part of it just being out in nature, and I really love the camaraderie and the people that you meet who share the passion for the sport.

00:10:37.770 --> 00:10:39.870 Joseph McElroy: Now How long have you been guiding people.

00:10:40.890 --> 00:10:51.240 Charles Humphrey III: i've been guiding a little over two years professionally and just absolutely love it, you know we work in North Carolina Tennessee and Georgia and.

00:10:51.690 --> 00:11:04.170 Charles Humphrey III: Do both Wade and float trips so there's a variety of different styles, you know you can go out and fish private water or public water go for wild trout or stocks trout big trout little trial, we do it all.

00:11:04.920 --> 00:11:09.210 Joseph McElroy: And why did you call your company be east coast thurs.

00:11:09.570 --> 00:11:19.650 Charles Humphrey III: You know that's a good question I as we discussed last time I have a running past the ultra running past and that running company that I.

00:11:20.190 --> 00:11:29.580 Charles Humphrey III: created there was beast coast runners and it kind of represents the whole east coast and I was like well, we already got the runners might as well get the anglers in there's two.

00:11:30.090 --> 00:11:32.940 Charles Humphrey III: there's just a lot of fun things you can do with the beast you know.

00:11:34.680 --> 00:11:39.090 Charles Humphrey III: You can tell i've got a lot of hair, so it was a natural fit and we are on the east coast so.

00:11:41.850 --> 00:11:42.300 Charles Humphrey III: So, like.

00:11:48.270 --> 00:11:52.380 Joseph McElroy: yeah go ahead so, is it is your internal nickname for yourself beast.

00:11:53.400 --> 00:11:56.010 Charles Humphrey III: um yeah my girlfriend calls me beast but.

00:11:57.360 --> 00:11:58.680 Charles Humphrey III: that's tmr not.

00:11:58.980 --> 00:12:01.620 Joseph McElroy: Well, that can be really good or that can be really bad.

00:12:05.190 --> 00:12:09.540 Joseph McElroy: I would take it, I would take it with the best the best out of Asia, you can imagine.

00:12:12.330 --> 00:12:12.840 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:12:14.610 --> 00:12:15.210 Joseph McElroy: Imagine.

00:12:16.530 --> 00:12:26.700 Joseph McElroy: You know that there's that you mentioned that you know there's a passion there what other similarities between your two careers as a musician and fly fisherman do you find.

00:12:28.860 --> 00:12:30.660 Charles Humphrey III: They both take up a lot of time honestly.

00:12:34.170 --> 00:12:41.880 Charles Humphrey III: yeah you know you're fishing all day every day to prepare for the next trip and always gaining more knowledge or you're out on the road touring and.

00:12:42.330 --> 00:12:51.210 Charles Humphrey III: Also at home, you know we do a lot of co writing virtually through songwriting sessions and whatnot but it's just such a blessing to be able to.

00:12:51.990 --> 00:13:05.700 Charles Humphrey III: to educate people on both and do it right here in Western North Carolina at the meadowlark, it is an absolutely wonderful location, I spent a lot of time there this winter chaperoning kids on a ski trips, as they go to cat lucci every week so.

00:13:05.700 --> 00:13:13.920 Charles Humphrey III: So i'm just driving by everyday couldn't wait to to get in there for these events, and I hope we have a great crowd of people that will come and join us.

00:13:14.160 --> 00:13:16.020 Joseph McElroy: Oh it'll be great I think so.

00:13:17.040 --> 00:13:25.350 Joseph McElroy: So you have we're gonna you know, right now, we got to take a break, but we'll talk more about your guide guide sentence service when we get back alright.

00:13:25.860 --> 00:13:27.570 Charles Humphrey III: sounds good, Joseph Thank you cool.

00:15:44.160 --> 00:15:51.930 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast Am I guess Charles i'm pretty the third.

00:15:52.530 --> 00:16:04.140 Joseph McElroy: So Charles you know I am I had one heck of a day, I have to tell you that hey some construction crew knocked out the Internet here then some reason to sell your service muscle Turkey.

00:16:05.130 --> 00:16:11.250 Joseph McElroy: So i've just actually just got back in the saddle this about a half hour before we come on the show so.

00:16:11.520 --> 00:16:13.170 Charles Humphrey III: that's a small miracle that we're even.

00:16:13.170 --> 00:16:13.740 Charles Humphrey III: Talking right.

00:16:13.800 --> 00:16:17.100 Joseph McElroy: it's a small miracle, and I grabbed myself a beer and it turns out it's a.

00:16:17.310 --> 00:16:20.340 Joseph McElroy: 10% beer, I was trying to show you so if I.

00:16:23.940 --> 00:16:24.960 Charles Humphrey III: Get pretty interesting.

00:16:27.150 --> 00:16:29.070 Joseph McElroy: At the end here, you guys will know why.

00:16:30.540 --> 00:16:32.700 Charles Humphrey III: i've got some coffee here.

00:16:33.090 --> 00:16:33.420 Charles Humphrey III: All right.

00:16:34.800 --> 00:16:35.790 Joseph McElroy: Good over there.

00:16:37.170 --> 00:16:40.740 Charles Humphrey III: datsun fishing company there that's my red drum coffee mug.

00:16:41.160 --> 00:16:42.240 Charles Humphrey III: Alright cool.

00:16:42.720 --> 00:16:47.610 Joseph McElroy: You gotta get yourself or the new metal or coffee mugs have you seen him.

00:16:48.570 --> 00:16:52.860 Charles Humphrey III: Up i'll come down pick one up i'd love to have a metal art coffee mug.

00:16:53.010 --> 00:16:56.790 Joseph McElroy: it's a tin cup and on the outside it says, this could be moonshot.

00:16:58.380 --> 00:16:59.040 Charles Humphrey III: that's perfect.

00:17:03.000 --> 00:17:12.960 Joseph McElroy: that's a perfect one, so so you create this new guide service you've been guided for a couple years but so you created this new one, what was the impetus for that.

00:17:13.560 --> 00:17:18.840 Charles Humphrey III: yeah well it's just it's so time consuming I know it's something i'm going to do for the rest of my life, and I just wanted.

00:17:19.320 --> 00:17:28.350 Charles Humphrey III: To be putting all my effort into a brand that I knew was going to last and, just like the music stuff and then running stuff I like to be able to express myself creatively and.

00:17:29.310 --> 00:17:40.680 Charles Humphrey III: It just made sense and i've got a i'm lucky and blessed have a lot of good friends and a great team of of anglers that i'm working with and everything kind of fell into place but it's a lot of work, just like anything else you know.

00:17:41.460 --> 00:17:54.570 Charles Humphrey III: Music or anything like that you can be talented artistic but you've also got to know how to run the business side of it and luckily I had some experience with that, as well as you know, I hear you are now on social media promoting events it's a lot of work.

00:17:55.320 --> 00:18:09.840 Joseph McElroy: Oh it's a it's a constant thing you know i'm a yeah there you have to get yourself one of these programs that lets you aggregate all your social media and then you start playing the deck you know where i'm going to throw things out all the time it's.

00:18:10.710 --> 00:18:14.280 Joseph McElroy: The whole social promotion is incredibly important.

00:18:14.790 --> 00:18:16.650 Charles Humphrey III: we're really we're really fired up about this.

00:18:16.890 --> 00:18:22.620 Charles Humphrey III: Fishing event, though some of the guys that will have on staff or Doug mchale the for mountain fly anglers.

00:18:23.220 --> 00:18:31.290 Charles Humphrey III: miles Perry who works with the East coast anglers exact Phillips is interesting gentleman he owned a flower shop for a long time in Atlanta Georgia.

00:18:31.680 --> 00:18:43.950 Charles Humphrey III: And is is located in hot springs North Carolina but he's flown all around the country to tie flies miles Perry is also a master master tie flyer flat tire, and so I think i've got those.

00:18:44.370 --> 00:18:52.410 Charles Humphrey III: guys talked into it well at least one out of two of them know about it, but I think we're going to incorporate some fly tying events as well, while they're there we'll put them to work.

00:18:52.980 --> 00:18:54.780 Charles Humphrey III: On Friday night or Saturday, they.

00:18:55.770 --> 00:19:05.280 Charles Humphrey III: demonstrations and we can get the people that are there involved and let them have some their own flaws, who knows, they may even be able to tie their own fly and then go out and catch a fish on that day.

00:19:05.340 --> 00:19:06.480 Joseph McElroy: Well there's a whole.

00:19:07.500 --> 00:19:10.170 Joseph McElroy: there's a whole mythology about flying time is it there.

00:19:11.430 --> 00:19:13.620 Charles Humphrey III: it's like me tell me.

00:19:14.100 --> 00:19:24.090 Joseph McElroy: yeah I mean it's like no it's like what is the appropriate tie fly for their appropriate time of year, and you know what is the.

00:19:24.270 --> 00:19:25.170 Charles Humphrey III: yeah well yeah.

00:19:25.230 --> 00:19:28.530 Joseph McElroy: really wants and what is it for you know.

00:19:28.620 --> 00:19:40.710 Charles Humphrey III: Action the hatch matching the hatch that's a big thing to me there's two kinds of flies and two kinds of people that are time flies there's flies that catch fish and there's flies that catch fish and fishermen.

00:19:41.310 --> 00:19:41.790 yeah.

00:19:43.110 --> 00:19:48.870 Charles Humphrey III: These two guys here, they can catch the fly as a top catch fish and fishermen, because they're.

00:19:48.960 --> 00:19:59.910 Charles Humphrey III: So good and look so cool like little pieces of art, I tie flies mind just catch fish they don't catch fisherman, as well as these other two guys these guys are top notch in the industry.

00:20:00.420 --> 00:20:13.140 Joseph McElroy: I know some guys that I know you know I went to a couple things and I know at least one guy that he actually doesn't fish anymore, he just ties flies his whole passion became about the flies.

00:20:13.380 --> 00:20:18.450 Charles Humphrey III: Man there i'm just watching the stuff that's out there on social media and these people.

00:20:19.110 --> 00:20:32.580 Charles Humphrey III: i've got these cameras that capture all the intricacies of it and just the time and the thought and the pieces of natural feathers, and for that go into making these things is unbelievable it truly is an art.

00:20:33.330 --> 00:20:39.600 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah I mean I you know I I you know it's like Well, first of all my fingers are so big guys like I yeah.

00:20:41.250 --> 00:20:44.670 Joseph McElroy: I will let you guys do it, I tried I couldn't even time my girls my.

00:20:44.790 --> 00:20:47.820 Joseph McElroy: daughter's my daughter's ballet shoes.

00:20:49.740 --> 00:20:51.150 Charles Humphrey III: Barely get the worm on the hook.

00:20:54.060 --> 00:21:00.750 Joseph McElroy: Yes, I mean I need somebody to do all that for me and i'll throw it in catch it, I know I imagine you've had some great.

00:21:02.640 --> 00:21:10.200 Joseph McElroy: memorable experiences guiding what is something that is a really experiential learning experience that you've had.

00:21:10.500 --> 00:21:11.760 Charles Humphrey III: I love.

00:21:12.120 --> 00:21:25.500 Charles Humphrey III: I love seeing a beginner really dial in their skills and the first time that they catch a fish on the fly that's that's a big deal, you know they just are related they're just so happy to see that enjoyment on their faces really, really warms your heart.

00:21:25.860 --> 00:21:30.030 Charles Humphrey III: And we do work with a lot of again there's a lot of first timers or when you see somebody out there.

00:21:30.330 --> 00:21:43.830 Charles Humphrey III: And then maybe they're an accomplished angler but then they catch a personal best PV, as they say, the biggest rainbow brown are broke they've ever caught and they reach a new a new goal in their fishing career and you've helped them get there that's rewarding as well.

00:21:44.190 --> 00:21:44.580 Charles Humphrey III: and

00:21:45.150 --> 00:21:56.520 Charles Humphrey III: we've had some crazy stuff happened just last week, I was with the client and the fish broke them off and he was like oh man, that was a big big fishes big fish ever seen, and then the next cast.

00:21:57.750 --> 00:22:00.300 Charles Humphrey III: I was giving them a demonstration and I hooked.

00:22:01.380 --> 00:22:17.100 Charles Humphrey III: A fish but actually when it happened as hook, the hook, one of the hooks that was on his fish that he broke off, so this fish had a fly in its mouth barbarous granted another fly that was barbarous and with my bar let's fly I took his barbarous fly.

00:22:17.580 --> 00:22:27.510 Charles Humphrey III: pull the rig the fish and just just to barbarous flies holding on, and then we actually sell the myth his fish was not that big I mean it was pretty big.

00:22:29.160 --> 00:22:29.520 Charles Humphrey III: Maybe.

00:22:29.550 --> 00:22:31.590 Charles Humphrey III: 18 inches but it wasn't 30.

00:22:31.950 --> 00:22:34.710 Charles Humphrey III: The fact that we were able to get that fish in.

00:22:35.040 --> 00:22:43.170 Charles Humphrey III: Get the hook out of his mouth and the fact we got it i'm just crazy stuff you never know what's gonna happen that was just a recent example of something totally weird that happened.

00:22:43.590 --> 00:22:51.390 Joseph McElroy: Oh man, you know I grew up not too far from Maggie part of my you know my youth and I, you know, end up in the middle school in Maggie.

00:22:51.810 --> 00:23:07.260 Joseph McElroy: But before that it was a box run and we had a we had a pond out there right, and I would go fishing pond because I was like 678 years old, I didn't have to do, river fishing, yet I go that pond and I, you know i'd take one of those wire things to hold the fish on right.

00:23:07.800 --> 00:23:18.030 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah a little hook, so I caught a fish and put it on my hat on that wire thing, but I didn't hook it up well and the fish got off and took that wire thing with it right.

00:23:18.240 --> 00:23:18.840 Charles Humphrey III: Oh no.

00:23:19.200 --> 00:23:25.020 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah but couple months later, I was back fishing there and I caught that fish again and he still had the wire thing.

00:23:27.360 --> 00:23:29.820 Charles Humphrey III: wow he's still live that whole time that's.

00:23:30.540 --> 00:23:34.560 Joseph McElroy: All the time oh yeah I don't know how much longer you live, but he was still there.

00:23:35.190 --> 00:23:43.410 Joseph McElroy: So you know I I think it's great that you love teaching beginners because you know the middle are.

00:23:44.010 --> 00:23:57.360 Joseph McElroy: Now that mountain mountain trout that mountain heritage streaming the back is perfect for beginners and it's for people that are readers will be experience, because I mean we've had some great fishnet there you know I caught a 28 inch or one South back there when I was growing up.

00:23:57.900 --> 00:24:06.720 Charles Humphrey III: Johnson creek it's a great creaky you know and it's managed just select the rest of in North Carolina we have great great great fisheries thousands of miles.

00:24:07.200 --> 00:24:13.020 Charles Humphrey III: Of managed rivers and it's a testament to the to the north Carolina you know.

00:24:13.590 --> 00:24:30.030 Charles Humphrey III: wildlife people that do that provide those fisheries and maintain those fisheries and trout unlimited and organizations like that it truly is a destination world class destination for people to come and visit and take in the smokies and fish it's a great fishery really is.

00:24:30.570 --> 00:24:39.480 Joseph McElroy: So what are some of the, what are the some some of the best streams deficient to haywood county in the area and we're might you take some people i'm going to officially can.

00:24:40.620 --> 00:24:49.380 Charles Humphrey III: See well you like you said you've got Jonathan creak creak right there on the hotel we're close both close to the east and the west fork of the.

00:24:49.950 --> 00:24:58.500 Charles Humphrey III: pigeon river, you know cherokee is not too far away they've got several rivers there that are maintained by their own fishery.

00:24:59.010 --> 00:25:08.910 Charles Humphrey III: it'll it'll depend on the weather conditions, honestly and what's what's fishing the best because we want to take our clients to an area.

00:25:09.330 --> 00:25:19.980 Charles Humphrey III: Where they can reach their goals and so we'll see what the water temperatures are the water clarity and things like that and kind of tailor it for that week that we can and put them in a place with think will be most productive.

00:25:20.460 --> 00:25:26.760 Joseph McElroy: cool that's a good idea, so what is a typical trip like to one of these dreams.

00:25:27.840 --> 00:25:41.520 Charles Humphrey III: Well, we do have day and full day trips, either on boat or about Wade I think we'll be doing some Wade fishing with our groups here in the camp and will be teaching a technique called tight line fishing where you're basically.

00:25:44.130 --> 00:25:51.510 Charles Humphrey III: Putting the poll out and keeping the line tight and waiting for the fish to hit and but will also be doing some dry fly techniques dreamer and indicator fishing.

00:25:51.810 --> 00:26:02.010 Charles Humphrey III: And you go out and you, you do a little preparation, you know get your boots and waiters on tell them how everything set up tell them how to set the hook, how to.

00:26:02.490 --> 00:26:09.810 Charles Humphrey III: Set the hook on swing out to keep pressure on the Rod and the line wants the fish hits how to get head control and.

00:26:10.230 --> 00:26:19.530 Charles Humphrey III: Keep that fish from getting away from me and then ultimately how to position the Rod, in order to get that fish to the Net and then we'll teach him how to handle the fish and do a healthy release.

00:26:20.040 --> 00:26:33.060 Charles Humphrey III: And let them put all that into practice to where it becomes second nature for them, because they need that experience a lot of times you can tell somebody how to do something, but in the moment when that fish gets all in there, so excited everything you've told him it's gone.

00:26:34.140 --> 00:26:35.100 Charles Humphrey III: window there like.

00:26:36.420 --> 00:26:50.820 Charles Humphrey III: I said we're going to get past that point, give them some actual hands on experience in coaching so they'll have some skills to go forward and we like to teach people enough educated enough to where they can go out have all the skills they need to go out and do it on their own.

00:26:51.540 --> 00:26:54.510 Joseph McElroy: Now, will they need to bring their own waiters and boots or whatever, will you.

00:26:54.750 --> 00:26:55.170 Charles Humphrey III: will be.

00:26:55.440 --> 00:27:03.210 Charles Humphrey III: will be providing all the gear all the waiters the boots the rods the flies and everything so they just need to show up and smile on the face.

00:27:03.630 --> 00:27:06.450 Joseph McElroy: All right, that's all we need alright cool sounds good.

00:27:07.860 --> 00:27:14.970 Joseph McElroy: And then, then come back afterwards and either do a little bit more efficient in the Jonathan creek which i'm sure you'll be around the.

00:27:16.200 --> 00:27:16.950 Joseph McElroy: advice and.

00:27:17.700 --> 00:27:20.460 Charles Humphrey III: The hangout will have all the boys hanging out, we got a good crew half the.

00:27:20.460 --> 00:27:31.020 Charles Humphrey III: People on that I fished with are all musicians to so maybe we can get them over to the speakeasy around the campfire to get out their guitars and who knows what's gonna happen it's gonna be fun.

00:27:31.560 --> 00:27:45.480 Joseph McElroy: yeah we got we got several options, now we got to speak easy encasing it's not whether it's not that Nice and then, if it's Nice we got the pavilion with a fireplace in the stage, and then we got fire fire fire pits all over the place, so that that'll be a.

00:27:45.510 --> 00:27:45.900 Joseph McElroy: blast.

00:27:45.930 --> 00:27:46.380 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah.

00:27:46.710 --> 00:27:56.730 Charles Humphrey III: I got members of red clay revival and caribou collective and songs from the road band, and I mean you know and Maggie valley you can't throw a rock without hitting a banjo picker one will probably show up.

00:27:58.560 --> 00:28:04.170 Joseph McElroy: Well, that sounds like a blast man so we're going to take a break here and then we'll come back talk a little bit more about your music.

00:28:04.290 --> 00:28:05.790 Charles Humphrey III: Alright sounds good, Joseph Thank you.

00:28:10.740 --> 00:28:11.340 Charles Humphrey III: Did you find a.

00:30:11.910 --> 00:30:30.840 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Charles Humphrey the thirds and Charles you know you, besides being one of the one of the top fisherman and wet and North Carolina you also happened to be something of a musician.

00:30:32.340 --> 00:30:38.700 Joseph McElroy: And you know you actually well known for writing music So is there a is there.

00:30:39.900 --> 00:30:49.740 Joseph McElroy: Is there something about fishing and writing music that has a similarity patients or something that that that you find.

00:30:50.520 --> 00:30:51.060 Charles Humphrey III: Oh yeah.

00:30:52.170 --> 00:30:56.070 Charles Humphrey III: Oh yeah, I think, at least in my case, they both take a lot of luck.

00:30:57.240 --> 00:30:57.690 Oh, really.

00:31:01.800 --> 00:31:06.690 Charles Humphrey III: he's kind of he's kind of throw it out there into the world and you're hoping hoping to finish go to come up.

00:31:09.870 --> 00:31:20.190 Joseph McElroy: With a great entrepreneur doors or anything it's like you gotta be prepared you gotta have the skills, but then you really waiting for that moment of luck and you're ready for it.

00:31:20.250 --> 00:31:23.730 Charles Humphrey III: Right it's a it's a lot better to be lucky than good i'll tell you that.

00:31:25.230 --> 00:31:25.320 Joseph McElroy: I.

00:31:25.740 --> 00:31:27.240 Charles Humphrey III: just found out recently.

00:31:28.560 --> 00:31:35.910 Charles Humphrey III: Willie nelson's gonna be having a birthday on April 28 and a song that I wrote it's going to be on this new album was released a new album oh fabulous.

00:31:36.480 --> 00:31:50.370 Charles Humphrey III: And you know that was pretty lucky, as I was, as a co write with the great Sean camp and about two years ago, I was over at his his house in nashville and he and he said, you know anything about gambling, I said oh man you're talking to the right guy.

00:31:51.750 --> 00:31:54.390 Charles Humphrey III: i've got a lot of experience at losing money.

00:31:55.530 --> 00:31:55.980 Joseph McElroy: he's like.

00:31:56.370 --> 00:32:02.700 Charles Humphrey III: I don't gamble I don't know anything about it, but we gotta write this song about gambling Willie nelson's got an album coming out and I get.

00:32:02.970 --> 00:32:08.160 Charles Humphrey III: So we sat there and we wrote that song and he sent it over to the producer that night I was over, at my friend's house girl out.

00:32:08.580 --> 00:32:19.170 Charles Humphrey III: Shannon can't come back soon oh man you're not gonna believe this producer loves the song he's going to send it Willie calls you back when he heard it he loves it and then two years later it's on a record so.

00:32:19.230 --> 00:32:20.670 Joseph McElroy: Oh that's fabulous well.

00:32:20.670 --> 00:32:25.230 Joseph McElroy: done you're done archie archie done now can't you just sit back and collect.

00:32:27.000 --> 00:32:34.080 Charles Humphrey III: I don't think it works that way anymore, with all the streaming, but it is you know he's always been a hero of mine so it's.

00:32:34.350 --> 00:32:36.540 Charles Humphrey III: Not I don't know what to say it's it's cute.

00:32:37.830 --> 00:32:39.660 Charles Humphrey III: and very, very lucky but.

00:32:40.230 --> 00:32:42.750 Joseph McElroy: Have you been to one of his backstage parties you.

00:32:43.590 --> 00:32:52.380 Charles Humphrey III: know I haven't I haven't Sean Sean I spent a lot of time with him played on his records that was kind of the basis of this song he had been in Hawaii at a poker game.

00:32:52.920 --> 00:32:58.830 Charles Humphrey III: Willie nelson's house and he's got a little place back there called django django django is orchid lounge and.

00:32:59.430 --> 00:33:10.890 Charles Humphrey III: I think Sean was sitting there with Willie Nelson and there's some other fellows there woody harrelson and some people and they're shooting tequila and telling jokes and lies and Sean I just kind of wrote about that whole night and put it in a song.

00:33:12.180 --> 00:33:14.400 Charles Humphrey III: ended up liking it all right, I guess.

00:33:14.580 --> 00:33:24.840 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know my wife is a, besides being a great mother and wife and she also happens to be Brazilian percussionist that has had some success, she was.

00:33:25.410 --> 00:33:33.180 Joseph McElroy: She was a travel agency actually does travel for that what's that harmonica player that's pretty famous that works with Willie I forget his name i'm sorry.

00:33:33.240 --> 00:33:34.920 Charles Humphrey III: Oh yeah.

00:33:35.160 --> 00:33:47.550 Joseph McElroy: yeah so she does his travel and and she's gotten invited to backstage to couple willie's concerts and those parties sound like something to behold man.

00:33:48.630 --> 00:33:50.610 Charles Humphrey III: Man that is so cool.

00:33:52.920 --> 00:33:54.810 Joseph McElroy: it's like I want to go to those parties.

00:33:56.070 --> 00:33:57.750 Joseph McElroy: what's cool so um.

00:33:58.230 --> 00:34:01.170 Charles Humphrey III: So you Mickey rafi llc you're thinking about.

00:34:01.230 --> 00:34:15.390 Joseph McElroy: that's right yeah so you had a successful career, you with the steep Canyon Rangers and then you decided to follow your own path, which I think is really stimulates your creativity, was that a difficult decision for you to move on.

00:34:16.560 --> 00:34:27.270 Charles Humphrey III: It was, it was a natural progression and we're we're working on our six album now getting ready to head down to Florida this month for a couple big festivals got the swanee Springer Union.

00:34:27.600 --> 00:34:37.200 Charles Humphrey III: And the Ms spring bluegrass festival, and that the whole year starting to fill up it's it's Nice because the last two years before that we're all affected with.

00:34:37.680 --> 00:34:44.190 Charles Humphrey III: pandemic concerns and seems like things are getting back to a little bit more normal, which is great to be making music with my buddies.

00:34:44.580 --> 00:34:47.190 Joseph McElroy: cool, this is the songs from Rhode band right.

00:34:47.580 --> 00:35:03.210 Charles Humphrey III: Yes, Sir songs on the road man all the guys are based here, out of asheville North Carolina and we were very grateful to be able to do what we do we've had some songs on the charts we've got one that's number two on the blue grass grass ikhana chart this week and.

00:35:04.290 --> 00:35:18.000 Charles Humphrey III: You can you can hear some sirius xm bluegrass junction or your favorite local radio station, or would like to tell people on spotify if you're about to go to sleep just put on songs from the road band and just let it spin while you sleep let's rack up those place.

00:35:18.450 --> 00:35:19.860 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah oh yeah.

00:35:21.750 --> 00:35:33.870 Joseph McElroy: Well, I hope to get a hope to besides just the songwriting camp, we can get you out there, doing playing at the park, you know we have a nice old style dance Hall, you know really sort of place to do a little bit of music.

00:35:34.440 --> 00:35:36.690 Charles Humphrey III: I would absolutely love to do that just a.

00:35:36.690 --> 00:35:45.480 Joseph McElroy: Fair so so let's talk about you guys are wanting to do you were talking about doing a songwriter cramping an August, like.

00:35:46.080 --> 00:35:46.260 it's.

00:35:47.460 --> 00:36:05.250 Charles Humphrey III: it's going to happen it's going to be a world class event again it's just such an honor to work with you and Bob and your love of the heritage of the area and traditions we've got a great event lined up I think we're going to announce it soon it will be there with Jim lauderdale.

00:36:05.940 --> 00:36:06.900 Joseph McElroy: Oh, my God yeah it's.

00:36:06.960 --> 00:36:14.370 Charles Humphrey III: Art just a legend he's almost like a national treasure absolutely love is picking his writing and singing.

00:36:15.120 --> 00:36:22.080 Charles Humphrey III: we're going to have clay mills who's written number one country songs he works with song town USA based out of nashville Tennessee.

00:36:22.470 --> 00:36:30.990 Charles Humphrey III: He knows the industry inside and out from creating the pitching to demoing so he's going to be a huge asset to have on board.

00:36:31.770 --> 00:36:36.870 Charles Humphrey III: we're going to have their Nicholson from awesome range who's an amazing singer and songwriter he's had.

00:36:37.350 --> 00:36:47.640 Charles Humphrey III: A lot of success throughout the years we co wrote one last year that went up to number one entitled lonesome is the price up flat pay on on all bluegrass charts.

00:36:47.970 --> 00:36:59.820 Charles Humphrey III: And then we're gonna have Charlie Chan Chamberlain who's a musician and a producer in nashville and he's gonna be bringing a portable studio so the people at the camp, not only are they going to get to learn about how to create and how to pitch.

00:37:00.930 --> 00:37:10.200 Charles Humphrey III: they're going to hopefully get to go away with a work tape or a DEMO of something they've created and see what it's like to be in front of the microphones and and pitched artists as well, so it's really.

00:37:10.650 --> 00:37:22.050 Charles Humphrey III: going to be an all inclusive writers camp, not only are we going to talk about different ways to create music and arrange songs and write songs but we're going to talk about the industry, how do you get songs to other people.

00:37:22.380 --> 00:37:36.420 Charles Humphrey III: And then kind of give you a process of how to record, something that could go on to land and another artist, or perhaps your artists, but it's going to be a great event and we've got a world class lineup so something really.

00:37:36.420 --> 00:37:41.040 Joseph McElroy: Low and it's also awesome I mean I don't know if you know that.

00:37:41.940 --> 00:37:52.560 Joseph McElroy: I know, besides being a businessman, and having a technical background I started I started doing art in the 90s, and I have a real passion for artists all right and.

00:37:53.220 --> 00:38:03.630 Joseph McElroy: You know the metal art is about allowing artists and especially heritage artists to you know sign and evolve.

00:38:04.260 --> 00:38:14.610 Joseph McElroy: Their mediums right to really you know you know, I believe that you know a lot of people try to you know petrified things and sort of like the past.

00:38:15.120 --> 00:38:30.210 Joseph McElroy: And I think that blue grass and all the the art forms that we have in this mountain heritage are able to blossom even further and bigger than what they are, and I really think that you're one of those guys just doing that.

00:38:31.170 --> 00:38:38.610 Charles Humphrey III: Well, you know it's it's people that support the arts and make it possible, and there's no better place to do it then meadowlark I agree it's a special spot.

00:38:39.270 --> 00:38:40.920 Joseph McElroy: cool so.

00:38:42.240 --> 00:38:47.940 Joseph McElroy: So, how did you help you know darryl darren's been at our place a couple times, what do you know Darren.

00:38:48.990 --> 00:38:56.880 Charles Humphrey III: Darren and I met in the bluegrass world you know, the first time we really got to know each other, I believe we were up in yukon territory and Alaska.

00:38:57.690 --> 00:39:08.880 Charles Humphrey III: And we had to ride in the back of a van to cross the border together and he was playing with alicia nugent at the time, and we did some picking and then he got on with balsam range.

00:39:09.630 --> 00:39:19.320 Charles Humphrey III: And we've just always kind of known each other, and I said Darren I really, really like to write with you, I know you're a hell of a musician and I love your singing.

00:39:19.830 --> 00:39:34.890 Charles Humphrey III: And we wrote a song, I think the first song we wrote was one called any highway we both ended up recording it there Nicholson band and songs and road band, and then we went through the pandemic we wrote tons and tons of songs he's got a new EP out called man on a mission there Nicholson.

00:39:34.950 --> 00:39:43.080 Joseph McElroy: man on the moon oh I love that are you know that I just had that album recently, he was on the show and I love that out.

00:39:43.320 --> 00:39:45.720 Charles Humphrey III: All right, we wrote about four songs on that.

00:39:45.750 --> 00:39:54.000 Charles Humphrey III: we've got some that have made it to other bands as well, so you meet people sometimes where you you just mesh where each other's.

00:39:54.390 --> 00:40:04.080 Charles Humphrey III: talents or personalities complement each other and that's kind of what Darren and I found where we get together and it's just fun it's natural it's quick, we always get something.

00:40:04.440 --> 00:40:13.500 Charles Humphrey III: That we're proud of, we trust each other's opinions and so it's been a it's been an honor to work with him and he's a great great talent and so.

00:40:13.920 --> 00:40:25.170 Charles Humphrey III: it's really the songwriting that has brought our friendship closer than anything else, after knowing each other for 20 years in the past two years from getting together to write songs together is how we really become.

00:40:25.410 --> 00:40:27.720 Joseph McElroy: Close we, I mean you had songs on there that went.

00:40:27.720 --> 00:40:31.530 Joseph McElroy: flight from a bluegrass rift into a southern rock and roll song.

00:40:32.160 --> 00:40:33.060 Charles Humphrey III: I mean oh yeah.

00:40:33.330 --> 00:40:37.440 Charles Humphrey III: I think he was a man on a mission I think his mission was to rock that's.

00:40:38.520 --> 00:40:40.920 Charles Humphrey III: Pretty cool cool album oh yeah man he.

00:40:40.920 --> 00:40:41.730 Charles Humphrey III: doesn't either.

00:40:41.970 --> 00:40:52.680 Charles Humphrey III: It was so neat to see those songs come from an idea to a full on rockin EP he did a great job everybody's got to check it out man on a mission there and.

00:40:52.680 --> 00:40:57.900 Joseph McElroy: nickel, so this is going to be a great lineup for the songwriter can I can tell you that and new.

00:40:58.710 --> 00:41:03.480 Charles Humphrey III: I mean we've got a we've got we've got songs from the road band performing on Friday night.

00:41:03.840 --> 00:41:05.250 Joseph McElroy: All right, fabulous and then.

00:41:05.250 --> 00:41:05.760 Charles Humphrey III: You got.

00:41:06.210 --> 00:41:21.780 Charles Humphrey III: As the people check in and so actually that ban which which i'm in will be performing songs that have been co written with every single person that's there so we'll be able to discuss that and see how that works as well it's going to be a unique blend of musical ideas.

00:41:22.320 --> 00:41:30.330 Joseph McElroy: are no Jim lauderdale it's like we said 30 or more albums and yeah I think he's like the grandfather of this right yeah.

00:41:30.360 --> 00:41:32.970 Charles Humphrey III: it's close to 40 Jim is Jim is awesome and.

00:41:33.300 --> 00:41:34.830 Charles Humphrey III: we've been backing him up for.

00:41:34.830 --> 00:41:43.770 Charles Humphrey III: About two years now doing a lot of shows on this blue grass stuff we've had some great opportunities to perform at some festivals like merle fast and and things like that he's he's.

00:41:44.790 --> 00:41:46.410 Charles Humphrey III: What can you say he's Jim lauderdale.

00:41:48.210 --> 00:41:50.370 Joseph McElroy: What can you say you know there's not much.

00:41:52.020 --> 00:41:53.130 Joseph McElroy: So um.

00:41:54.540 --> 00:41:55.920 Joseph McElroy: So you've.

00:41:57.300 --> 00:42:01.260 Joseph McElroy: So let's we're we're we're about to.

00:42:03.090 --> 00:42:12.300 Joseph McElroy: launch on to a whole bunch of other things, who are some other folks famous folks you've worked with that that are who's on your bucket list that you would like to work with.

00:42:14.850 --> 00:42:22.590 Charles Humphrey III: let's see that's a good question see my brains work and i'm efficient all day well like I said, working with Sean camp and Jim lauderdale or pleasure Darren.

00:42:22.980 --> 00:42:33.750 Charles Humphrey III: Nicholson there's an interesting guy from Charlotte his name is josh Daniel and during the pandemic he played a two hour show every single day for 365 days.

00:42:35.100 --> 00:42:46.170 Charles Humphrey III: yeah it was amazing he plays kind of like grateful dead inspired jam band music, he must know 1000 songs I was like josh man you you've got a similar darren's like when we we've got a ride I love your plan I love your singing.

00:42:46.590 --> 00:42:53.910 Charles Humphrey III: And so we've written a lot together, and I say that's somebody that you need to check out if you haven't heard of him he's really going places name's josh Daniel.

00:42:55.260 --> 00:43:03.180 Charles Humphrey III: I just saw her coming up on a radio break but there's a long list of people becky worn in nashville Sarah siskin that lives in.

00:43:03.540 --> 00:43:09.570 Charles Humphrey III: North Carolina Britain has a lot of stuff with her Charlie Chamberlain and, of course, he will be at the songwriters camp.

00:43:10.560 --> 00:43:18.690 Charles Humphrey III: Marty dotson's another name he's the other half of song town USA in nashville Tennessee a great great writer he's written for everyone and he's written a lot of.

00:43:19.080 --> 00:43:27.330 Charles Humphrey III: My favorite songs that we've created and been able to record songs from the rodin mason via who just recently joined oh crow medicine show I write a lot with him.

00:43:27.690 --> 00:43:32.250 Charles Humphrey III: He is a young fireball of a musician can do it all right big dancing.

00:43:33.120 --> 00:43:40.800 Charles Humphrey III: Nick dolphin a place to Larry Stephenson he and I haven't written a whole lot recently he's just a talent, to the list goes on and on, Joe.

00:43:41.100 --> 00:43:48.690 Charles Humphrey III: So many great people to work with in western North Carolina and you know with the Internet to kind of opens up the boundaries, where you don't have to be in the same room.

00:43:49.890 --> 00:43:56.910 Joseph McElroy: But cool we're gonna take a break like you mentioned and we'll come back and talk a little bit about Western North Carolina and what's going on in there.

00:43:57.300 --> 00:43:57.960 Charles Humphrey III: let's do it.

00:45:59.310 --> 00:46:07.620 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest Charles i'm free the third so.

00:46:08.130 --> 00:46:21.570 Joseph McElroy: Charles you are in all the last things, I think that, besides being a natural artists, you are so seem to be a natural entrepreneur, so you actually able to record label called lux dumpy toads how's that going.

00:46:22.560 --> 00:46:27.930 Charles Humphrey III: it's going well, mostly use it to release the songs from the road band albums.

00:46:29.010 --> 00:46:46.470 Charles Humphrey III: But it's it's neat to look at the music industry that way where you're working with promoters who get music out to the radio DJ days and communicating with them and releasing stuff on to streaming platforms apple music and spotify and.

00:46:49.680 --> 00:47:01.320 Charles Humphrey III: CD baby is one of the things we used to release their music and then getting the records printed on vinyl and i'm wondering whether they're gonna we're gonna stop making cd's I feel like that day is coming I.

00:47:01.320 --> 00:47:04.230 Joseph McElroy: Think CDs are done but vinyls will stick around because you know.

00:47:04.350 --> 00:47:09.990 Charles Humphrey III: I was gonna stick around i'm just i'm just kind of waiting for that day, where we don't have to print up 1000 CDs.

00:47:10.710 --> 00:47:11.220 Charles Humphrey III: Okay.

00:47:11.280 --> 00:47:13.230 Joseph McElroy: I wouldn't be done with CDs and DVDs or.

00:47:13.230 --> 00:47:13.800 everybody's.

00:47:15.450 --> 00:47:18.060 Charles Humphrey III: People don't even know what CDs are anymore they're not.

00:47:18.660 --> 00:47:25.710 Charles Humphrey III: Ours anymore, but then you go to these festivals and people with like that style of music they've got cassette players.

00:47:25.710 --> 00:47:28.350 Charles Humphrey III: And it's an eight tracks and like.

00:47:28.590 --> 00:47:29.310 Joseph McElroy: I guess, we know that.

00:47:29.490 --> 00:47:35.280 Joseph McElroy: The speakeasy we put in a nice we put it in a nice record player so we're going to want to help.

00:47:36.180 --> 00:47:37.380 Charles Humphrey III: awesome yeah.

00:47:37.410 --> 00:47:37.770 yeah.

00:47:39.240 --> 00:47:40.620 Charles Humphrey III: it's got all that analog.

00:47:40.620 --> 00:47:41.790 Joseph McElroy: Sound you know.

00:47:42.210 --> 00:47:45.540 Joseph McElroy: I was, I was once working with somebody doing a deal with Sony.

00:47:45.930 --> 00:48:00.300 Joseph McElroy: That was trying to do a you know add this the audio you know there's a lot of that when you when they turn it to digital they lose a lot of sound I don't know if you know it, but it's amazing amount of sound that they lose when they turn it.

00:48:00.300 --> 00:48:03.060 Charles Humphrey III: down your your your absolute absolutely right everything gets.

00:48:03.510 --> 00:48:04.620 Joseph McElroy: compressed and you learn.

00:48:05.010 --> 00:48:14.610 Charles Humphrey III: stuff Neil young was was fighting for that for a long time he had created this other style of music player that kind of held on to some of that original sound, and I think it was.

00:48:15.570 --> 00:48:22.350 Charles Humphrey III: just going to be too much too expensive to get it to the everyday person or either the people that were doing music, the other way I didn't want him to release it.

00:48:23.820 --> 00:48:28.890 Joseph McElroy: Well, I made it I made, I made the deal Sony was all excited this is funny I made the deal with these guys that.

00:48:29.280 --> 00:48:36.060 Joseph McElroy: That Sony was going to redo all their their their we're going to start with offer and do all their offer with this new technology.

00:48:36.360 --> 00:48:48.330 Joseph McElroy: And they were all excited and we do the deal they're willing to do it, and then the guys Come on, so it's a great deal, but you know we forgot to tell you that it takes a half hour engineer time for each song, and I was like Jesus Christ.

00:48:52.680 --> 00:48:53.100 Charles Humphrey III: yeah.

00:48:53.460 --> 00:49:01.590 Joseph McElroy: we're talking about you know 10s of thousands of hours of songs and albums it's like you know there's no way.

00:49:03.660 --> 00:49:06.210 Joseph McElroy: boy is there, there is a way to add.

00:49:06.210 --> 00:49:14.460 Joseph McElroy: The the analog back, but still takes a lot of time at some point, it will come back in digital but right now.

00:49:16.440 --> 00:49:19.830 Charles Humphrey III: there's even a big difference between MP3 and wav file it's.

00:49:22.200 --> 00:49:29.820 Charles Humphrey III: For me it's hard to listen to the radio sometime it's just it's so shrill it sounds like it's just grinding in my ears and it's tough.

00:49:30.420 --> 00:49:45.510 Joseph McElroy: yeah so you know I mean, I think that you know that it's there's a world of what's going to happen and audio is still not even begun so i'm excited to see what you guys will see in the future, but.

00:49:47.130 --> 00:50:00.900 Joseph McElroy: You know, one of the things I want to do is is uh yeah we're gonna have we're having all this stuff happened in the middle, like, I want to do a metal lark sounds from the middle orgasm so maybe i'll talk to your lungs looks don't be towed records talking about doing that one.

00:50:01.110 --> 00:50:09.000 Charles Humphrey III: that's a great idea we love to do it man that'd be a heck of album just if you just got the people that have been there and be fantastic I love that idea.

00:50:09.660 --> 00:50:16.080 Joseph McElroy: cool so now the things you're doing what's your helmet and duryea during athletes what's happened in there.

00:50:16.800 --> 00:50:24.630 Charles Humphrey III: Not a lot we were hoping to do our 50 K over in Dupont forest this year, which raises money for the candidate foundation that's.

00:50:25.470 --> 00:50:35.370 Charles Humphrey III: The nonprofit wing of Oskar blues they do things like trail restoration and flood relief and we're tunes ambassadors, where we get instruments to kids that need them.

00:50:35.910 --> 00:50:45.600 Charles Humphrey III: And that race, the hullabaloo 50 K and really like benefits that nonprofit but they're doing a lot of trail renovation over there, near guy on farm by the rebrand we're usually to our event.

00:50:45.930 --> 00:50:48.510 Charles Humphrey III: We haven't been able to do it the past two years for permitting.

00:50:49.050 --> 00:50:56.160 Charles Humphrey III: Concerns due to the pandemic it doesn't look like it's going to happen this year so that's still on the back burner, but it may be something that will go back to.

00:50:56.880 --> 00:51:08.340 Charles Humphrey III: The the race director on on that event as far as running myself it's kind of taken a backseat to the fishing lately that's another thing to stay in shape for it, it really does take a lot of time, you know you need to.

00:51:08.670 --> 00:51:17.070 Charles Humphrey III: run at least a little bit every day, and if you're doing those long events, sometimes you have to do things like back to back runs and get in those multi hour.

00:51:17.550 --> 00:51:27.660 Charles Humphrey III: You know, double digit long runs to prepare for those big events and it's it's a lot of fun it's rewarding is a great way to stay in shape, you can eat whatever you want when you're training the people.

00:51:28.590 --> 00:51:33.960 Charles Humphrey III: are absolutely amazing they come from all walks of life, the only thing that ties you to gathers.

00:51:34.320 --> 00:51:45.630 Charles Humphrey III: Being crazy enough to go out there and run through the mountains and you get out there with these people you're just meeting in your suffering together for the first time you have this instant bond of like why in the world are we doing this to ourselves.

00:51:45.960 --> 00:51:47.610 Charles Humphrey III: This is horrible but I love it.

00:51:48.960 --> 00:51:55.950 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know i'm a i'm a competitive drinker and so those long distance distance drinking events I have I gotta deal with the same issues you know.

00:51:56.280 --> 00:51:57.180 Joseph McElroy: yeah I got.

00:51:57.840 --> 00:52:05.490 Charles Humphrey III: guitar the guitar player in our band said oh yeah man, I do marathons to netflix marathons what's your favorite show.

00:52:07.860 --> 00:52:11.430 Joseph McElroy: So you got any new recording projects coming out soon.

00:52:12.480 --> 00:52:22.440 Charles Humphrey III: We are putting the finishing touches on the new songs in the road album band i've got to master four more songs and we're trying to get it out in the fall, which will be nice we've had.

00:52:23.070 --> 00:52:28.260 Charles Humphrey III: Three or four singles that have been released they've all gone up to number one or two on the charts.

00:52:28.800 --> 00:52:43.410 Charles Humphrey III: So we're hoping to get that out and it's going to be through candidate as well, we will have that on vinyl and then we'll go back into the studio and record the next project and start releasing singles as well, so it's it's time to get it out there, I need a.

00:52:43.500 --> 00:52:46.230 Joseph McElroy: So culture first vinyl okay all right.

00:52:46.260 --> 00:52:49.140 Charles Humphrey III: we'll do it we'll do it i'll go ahead and save it for you.

00:52:49.560 --> 00:52:50.190 All right.

00:52:51.900 --> 00:52:58.200 Joseph McElroy: Oh good so um so so people are looking for that What were they need to watch for to get that.

00:52:59.160 --> 00:53:02.910 Charles Humphrey III: They would need to watch songs on the road band calm.

00:53:04.350 --> 00:53:09.540 Charles Humphrey III: They could find us on instagram or Facebook songs from the road band as well.

00:53:10.680 --> 00:53:19.500 Charles Humphrey III: We are on all major musical outlets and we would love for people to come visit us and stay in touch and follow and.

00:53:19.770 --> 00:53:30.210 Charles Humphrey III: share the music ads to playlists all that good stuff you can find out information about our live shows we'd love for them to come out and and meet the band and hang out and have a good time with us as well.

00:53:30.720 --> 00:53:33.030 Joseph McElroy: And if a venue wants to book you how they do that.

00:53:34.110 --> 00:53:43.530 Charles Humphrey III: They would do that through the website as well songs from the road band calm and we have a wonderful wonderful agent his name is curtis Guerin he works at prater day.

00:53:44.040 --> 00:53:51.660 Charles Humphrey III: And he would gladly take your call and we could arrange something to come and play for you at your festival club or even private event.

00:53:52.440 --> 00:53:57.330 Joseph McElroy: cool and if somebody wants to book you for guides to the fishing guide, what do they do.

00:53:58.200 --> 00:54:08.430 Charles Humphrey III: If you would like to go out on a weight or float trip on public or private water with winning with one of our many talented guides just go to be east coast anglers calm.

00:54:08.880 --> 00:54:16.200 Charles Humphrey III: And all the information there all the information that you need is there to either give us a call or shoot us an email cool.

00:54:16.470 --> 00:54:22.080 Joseph McElroy: And if they want to follow what you're doing personally or in you know online what are they were worthy.

00:54:24.270 --> 00:54:33.300 Charles Humphrey III: To keep track with me personally, is just Charles Humphrey the third and I have public accounts on Facebook and instagram and.

00:54:33.600 --> 00:54:46.050 Charles Humphrey III: very active with the fishing company based coast anglers and with the band songs and the road band so i'm not too hard to find and I would love to chat with anybody and visit you know let's put a smile on someone's face and i'll have a great day.

00:54:46.440 --> 00:54:52.350 Joseph McElroy: Alright cool well, I will be down there starting Saturday for two weeks so let's get together when you come back, I want to come down alright.

00:54:52.770 --> 00:54:58.470 Charles Humphrey III: guys just give me a call I would love it, yet you have to promise to call me, I want to take you out fishing.

00:54:58.770 --> 00:55:03.690 Joseph McElroy: Alright sounds good, so thank you for being here this this this podcast has been great.

00:55:04.230 --> 00:55:07.230 Charles Humphrey III: It was a pleasure thanks for having me on the show really appreciate it was a lot of fun.

00:55:07.950 --> 00:55:15.630 Joseph McElroy: So you find out more about this podcast it's smokies adventure COM, the link to the all the podcast is on the top of the site.

00:55:15.990 --> 00:55:21.180 Joseph McElroy: You can also go to slash gateways to smoke these podcasts were in it.

00:55:21.570 --> 00:55:30.240 Joseph McElroy: and watch the live podcast and see the previous podcast we are part of the talk radio dot nyc network, where they have a lot of live podcasts.

00:55:30.570 --> 00:55:39.810 Joseph McElroy: That worthwhile for you to watch deal with travel and small business and New York and self help and health and things I advise you to take a chance to listen.

00:55:40.110 --> 00:55:52.890 Joseph McElroy: And I actually have another podcast every Friday about business called wise what content creates well from noon until one so hope you will take a look at that as well and it's been good to see you and i'll see you next week.

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