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Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/01 - Creating Memorable Hiking and Outdoor Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/01 - Creating Memorable Hiking and Outdoor Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains


2022/03/01 - Creating Memorable Hiking and Outdoor Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains

[NEW EPISODE] Creating Memorable Hiking and Outdoor Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains is a beautiful and iconic way to experience the area, as well as a unique way to connect with nature and find tranquility. Today, our guest will discuss some of his amazing hiking adventures and the social media impact he has had on so many individuals.

Creating Memorable Hiking and Outdoor Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains Our host, Joseph Franklyn McElroy, is joined by our special guest, Johnny Osborne, an acclaimed long-distance hiker, adventurer, rock climber, and mountain biker, also renowned for his social media skills. With well over a million followers on various forms of social media platforms, Johnny is a master at creating memorable online hiking experiences in the Great Smoky Mountains –and throughout the United States –while documenting his accomplishments as a hiker. 

Johnny is especially passionate about promoting, protecting, and perpetuating the legacy of the Great Smokies Mountain National Park. When not enjoying various outdoor pursuits, Osborne resides in Alcoa Tennessee, where he manages his social media platforms and works with clients such as Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain Resort.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph starts off tonight’s show with of course his sponsor which is his own, the Meadowlark Motel! He mentions several upcoming events that you can find at Joseph also reads a poem by Lawrence Hall called “New Hiking Shoes for the Trail Ahead.” He transitions into introducing his guest, Johnny Osborne, an acclaimed long-distance hiker, adventurer, rock climber, and mountain biker, also renowned for his social media skills, with well over a million followers on various forms of social media platforms. He lives in Tennessee and is 20 minutes away from the Smokies National Park. He became passionate about outdoor lifestyles due to his fond memories with his family like going to the Smokies and bonding. Osborne became serious about hiking after being invited by his sister numerous times to go hiking with her. He used to run rather than hike while in college but once he went hiking with his sister again, it “ignited a fire” that made him fall in love with it again. He talks with Joseph about some intriguing memories hiking.

Segment 2

Joseph mentions Johnny’s social media channels and how he talks about the leave no trace principles of hiking in many of his videos. This topic is about cleaning our environment, educating, advocating, and more when it comes to recreating responsibly. Johnny also mentions a nonprofit organization, Save Our Smokies, who are having an event on the weekend of Earth Day to clean the entire Smokies National Park. He also talks about the positive impacts of being a part of the hiking community like being the voice of information to provide knowledge about being safe. Joseph talks with Johnny about his impressive social media skills and having a big following. He wants to grow and create more educational content for his youtube channel. Johnny talks about doing challenges and taking on the South Beyond 6,000 challenge which he read about in an article. This challenge encourages hikers to climb forty 6000 foot peaks in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Segment 3

Johnny speaks with Joseph about his experience hiking in the Black Mountain Crest Trail. He also did the Great Smoky Mountains National Park nine hundred mile hike which includes going through all of the trails in the area. Johnny also speaks about doing the Foothills Trail Hike in the Appalachian Mountains. He talks about a funny moment of how on his first day on this hike, a huge storm came along. When this happened, he found a spot to camp and the next morning he realized that he was about only 2 miles from where he wanted to be. Johnny has hiked in many states and countries. He reminisces about the beautiful atmosphere when he hiked in the Rocky Mountains. When it comes to his social media, he refers to himself as someone who is encouraging and not an influencer. He differentiates these two terms as someone who is selling something (influencer) and someone who is coaching (encouraging). He says that it's about supporting and motivating others when educating people about hiking. Johnny also gives some of his thoughts about how other people on social media can grow their platforms and build a community. He speaks about being consistent in delivering relatable content.

Segment 4

In the final segment, Johnny speaks about being involved with the Blackberry Farm and Mountain Resort in Tennessee. He has been with them for 7 years and is an information technology manager at Blackberry Mountain. He says that they are opening up a restaurant at the brewery they have in the location. Johnny speaks about his passion about the Great Smoky Mountains and advocating for being responsible while enjoying recreation and memorable experiences. Other things Johnny also enjoys besides hiking is to go mountain biking or even kayaking. He talks more with Joseph about places he enjoys visiting in Tennessee and the Smokies. His favorite rock climbing spot for example is Ijams in Knox County. You can reach out to Johnny on Instagram at johnny onthetrail, as well as Facebook and Youtube with the same username. Johnny also shares with us that he has merch and the proceeds will go to nonprofit organizations and park charities. Joseph thanks Johnny Osborne for being on the show and looks forward to hiking with him some time soon!


00:00:30.270 --> 00:00:35.220 Joseph McElroy: howdy thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateway to the smoke.

00:00:36.090 --> 00:00:47.370 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains National Park in the surrounding towns, this area is filled with ancient natural beauty.

00:00:48.030 --> 00:00:53.280 Joseph McElroy: A deep storied history of rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episode.

00:00:54.120 --> 00:01:02.550 Joseph McElroy: i'm Joseph frankel mcilroy man in the world, but also with deep roots in these mountains know families living the great smokies for over 200 years.

00:01:03.360 --> 00:01:17.640 Joseph McElroy: I fit businesses and travel, but my heart is in culture today's podcast we're talking about hiking and experiences in the smokies but first let's talk about sponsors has happened to be me.

00:01:20.160 --> 00:01:30.510 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place evocative of motors courts of the past in modern environment with a chic appalachian feel a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:01:31.110 --> 00:01:40.650 Joseph McElroy: And there isn't a place where you can fish in a mountain here it's trout stream grill does catch on fire eat a company by fine wines or craft beers.

00:01:41.010 --> 00:01:58.710 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place in the old time music, the World Cultural sounds imagine a place where we're mountain heritage food, and that was an under an underground speak PC there is no other place like the middle of motel Maggie valley your smoky mountain adventure starts, where you stay.

00:02:00.060 --> 00:02:07.050 Joseph McElroy: smokies smokies plural adventure singular information and listings about the smoke.

00:02:07.860 --> 00:02:15.030 Joseph McElroy: it's got information about hiking wedding menus and books is got resources like trail mind maps and guides.

00:02:15.510 --> 00:02:24.990 Joseph McElroy: and histories of the smokies the emphasis of smokies inventor is on outdoor recreation outdoor life events like weddings and adventures, along with.

00:02:25.320 --> 00:02:35.220 Joseph McElroy: Providing information on lodging family entertainment events conventions honeymoons and more the goal decided to become the leading information portal, the smoky mountains.

00:02:36.570 --> 00:02:38.970 Joseph McElroy: I have some upcoming events table.

00:02:40.410 --> 00:02:46.590 Joseph McElroy: We ever seen winters final hurrah but the first by sides of springs are starting to emerge in a wood county.

00:02:47.430 --> 00:02:55.080 Joseph McElroy: Witness the changing of the stream seasons firsthand by joining a guided height with the haywood county recreation.

00:02:55.800 --> 00:03:08.160 Joseph McElroy: The guided hike software a chance to connect with fellow hikers and explore new trails will experience local guide it's only $10 per hike and you can call 8284 or five to 6789.

00:03:08.940 --> 00:03:18.000 Joseph McElroy: To find out more information there's there's for high there's for hikes already I know for March there's more slides it's a 5.5 mile hike the.

00:03:18.810 --> 00:03:28.650 Joseph McElroy: trail and shiny rock march 16 is a 7.5 mile like in the Bourbon trail that can lucci value of the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:03:29.190 --> 00:03:37.140 Joseph McElroy: there's a march 19 and 9.4 mile hike have a little calendar to trail, and unless you have traveled area, the care lucci.

00:03:37.740 --> 00:04:00.690 Joseph McElroy: And march 30 there's a 5.6 mile moderate hike in the mountains to see trail to Scott creek overlook along the blue Ridge parkway, this is a part of the install isn't a storm in the mountains to see chaya hiking series hiking the mst from haywood county then by Kathy or body and Steve.

00:04:04.140 --> 00:04:10.050 Joseph McElroy: I just looked at that David says a penske so i'm assuming hopefully I did justice to.

00:04:11.820 --> 00:04:18.330 Joseph McElroy: i'm coming in the middle Arc in today's world you might forget that, for all of history humankind has lived or journey.

00:04:18.750 --> 00:04:23.220 Joseph McElroy: into environments that require fundamental survival skills in order to flourish.

00:04:23.730 --> 00:04:33.810 Joseph McElroy: Wilderness survival, also known as bushcraft because the ability to utilize natural and limited materials of the traditional ways to stay alive and escape danger.

00:04:34.470 --> 00:04:37.680 Joseph McElroy: We might not think we need these skills, if we avoid it.

00:04:38.430 --> 00:04:47.970 Joseph McElroy: But there's still interested instances where we might need to call a pet that including natural disasters, getting lost in the woods extreme shifts and weather accidents.

00:04:48.300 --> 00:04:54.960 Joseph McElroy: causing some form of a contract incapacitation and many other unforeseen circumstances.

00:04:55.710 --> 00:05:02.880 Joseph McElroy: Therefore it is proven wise for every human to have at least a rudimentary capability in the basic skills of survival.

00:05:03.450 --> 00:05:17.790 Joseph McElroy: These include the ability to build a fire build a shelter tie knots navigate without a GPS apply first aid, evaluate and choose the right gears and supplies and master the essentials of hiking and camping.

00:05:18.600 --> 00:05:34.890 Joseph McElroy: The Middle Arc smoky mountain heritage Center is proud to announce the addition of acclaimed author outdoors outdoor survival expert record record setting high hiker elite wilderness search and rescue team Member Nancy East to a roster of expert artists for.

00:05:36.540 --> 00:05:50.640 Joseph McElroy: Remember, she was on the program here a couple of weeks ago and so we're having a first wilderness survival skills weekend with Nancy East on march 19 at 4pm through march 20 to all day 11pm.

00:05:51.990 --> 00:06:04.590 Joseph McElroy: it's $275 Nancy will launch the presentation Friday night describing her adventures as search and rescue Member and she's had some really exciting stories and.

00:06:05.010 --> 00:06:15.540 Joseph McElroy: And rescues to talk about and then on Saturday march 19 will default, the Internet, it will devote the entire day to a variety of those survival skills.

00:06:16.440 --> 00:06:30.900 Joseph McElroy: topics to ensure your safety comfort of enjoyment, as you create memorable experiences hiking in the great smokies space is limited to 10 students to their guarantee you get individual tension and Nancy provides all the materials needed for the event.

00:06:31.980 --> 00:06:42.030 Joseph McElroy: after the event, you will be able to have free Barbecue and listen to wonderful music like Mike by Mike ogletree was a former drummer simple minds on Saturday night.

00:06:42.750 --> 00:06:53.280 Joseph McElroy: So it makes for an enjoyable weekend your website maillard motel COM to purchase your tickets or just call eight to 89261717 to reserve.

00:06:54.210 --> 00:07:08.100 Joseph McElroy: And don't forget remember go a little details but there's a fishing camp coming up on April 15 and 16th at the meadowlark motel and there's gonna be able to two day event with lots of wonderful fishing.

00:07:09.120 --> 00:07:10.740 Joseph McElroy: instruction hands on.

00:07:11.820 --> 00:07:26.010 Joseph McElroy: You know, going actually out to the streams and fishing, you know be trout tales and entertainment and foods things like that so again, you can call eight to 8926177 to find out more and make reservations.

00:07:27.150 --> 00:07:29.580 Joseph McElroy: And a lot of you know I like to do a little poem sometimes.

00:07:30.960 --> 00:07:39.690 Joseph McElroy: Since we're talking about hiking a lot today, I found one by Lawrence hall it's called New hiking shoes for the trail ahead.

00:07:40.770 --> 00:07:52.890 Joseph McElroy: While I was looking for something else I found a pair of hiking shoes still in their box from a year ago into in anticipation of a summer vacation that never was.

00:07:53.460 --> 00:08:05.700 Joseph McElroy: And there was no holiday again that here it was all coronavirus and foreign wars i'd forgotten those shoes, but here they are already for some sunlit summer road.

00:08:06.750 --> 00:08:12.840 Joseph McElroy: While I was looking for something else I found a pair of hiking boots and a bit of hope.

00:08:14.550 --> 00:08:19.050 Joseph McElroy: So today we have a great guest his name is Johnny Osborne.

00:08:20.790 --> 00:08:31.050 Joseph McElroy: he's a Tennessee native and he's an acclaimed long distance hiker adventure rock climber, and mountain but also renowned for his social media skills.

00:08:31.590 --> 00:08:44.280 Joseph McElroy: With well over a million followers in various forms of social media platforms Johnny is a master of creating memorable online hiking experiences of the great smoky smoky mountains, for which he has a passion.

00:08:44.970 --> 00:08:54.360 Joseph McElroy: Johnny also uses his social media skills to help brands like Blackberry farm and Blackberry mountain resort Hello Johnny how you doing.

00:08:54.930 --> 00:08:57.060 Johnny Osborne: hey Joseph i'm doing well, how are you.

00:08:57.270 --> 00:09:03.360 Joseph McElroy: Fine, fine so we're talking about hiking hiking shoes, do you do boots or or sneakers.

00:09:04.980 --> 00:09:06.060 Johnny Osborne: I do both.

00:09:06.390 --> 00:09:08.490 Johnny Osborne: yeah yeah sometimes a trail run.

00:09:09.030 --> 00:09:10.290 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah that's true cool.

00:09:11.460 --> 00:09:12.180 Joseph McElroy: So you were.

00:09:13.020 --> 00:09:15.330 Joseph McElroy: You were born and raised in East Tennessee right.

00:09:15.630 --> 00:09:22.290 Johnny Osborne: yeah I was born and raised in East Tennessee my entire life I grew up here but county on a small country farm.

00:09:23.400 --> 00:09:26.490 Johnny Osborne: plan outside was just normal natural for me so.

00:09:27.750 --> 00:09:28.500 Johnny Osborne: Just where I am.

00:09:29.190 --> 00:09:40.320 Joseph McElroy: I grew up in I grew up in western North Carolina and grandfather had a small farm we lived up on top of the mountain and it just living outside it's basically what you do.

00:09:41.880 --> 00:09:42.270 Johnny Osborne: Right.

00:09:43.350 --> 00:09:46.110 Joseph McElroy: So you still live in our code Tennessee right.

00:09:46.890 --> 00:09:52.410 Johnny Osborne: I do they still live now cool i've been out for about 15 years but i've always been in La county.

00:09:53.520 --> 00:09:54.150 Joseph McElroy: You know, still.

00:09:54.780 --> 00:09:56.130 Johnny Osborne: To South Carolina.

00:09:56.850 --> 00:09:59.160 Joseph McElroy: yeah what keeps you in this focus.

00:10:00.060 --> 00:10:08.520 Johnny Osborne: You know focus are really, really close to, I mean there is a 20 minute drive from my home and from my work from my office just a few steps away.

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:24.570 Johnny Osborne: i'm making walk out of my office and being the national park and minutes, which is really nice so it's nice to you know, be able to get away and go for a quick hoc after work or picnic or overnight trip and.

00:10:25.980 --> 00:10:38.730 Johnny Osborne: I think the things that keep me going to the smokies it's just nice to go and unplug from society, you know, being in technology and it's nice to go in and plug and then one from the stress of the day.

00:10:40.170 --> 00:10:47.370 Joseph McElroy: Like if you guys are so passionate about the great outdoors I mean besides that relaxation, I mean there seems to be more of a also a deep passion for it.

00:10:48.540 --> 00:10:48.930 Johnny Osborne: yeah.

00:10:50.130 --> 00:11:03.210 Johnny Osborne: gosh my passion came from A to the smokies instead is from my parents, when my sister and I were little when we were younger and our parents took us to snow peas quite often.

00:11:03.840 --> 00:11:15.300 Johnny Osborne: And we'd go up for a mixer to hack and Sam i'm most fondest memories are just as playing the strings we did more string playing, and I think we get hockey but.

00:11:16.410 --> 00:11:24.330 Johnny Osborne: This seven my parents always did with us going to the snow peas and and having family fun bonding time.

00:11:25.980 --> 00:11:31.230 Joseph McElroy: And you know you've become a real, serious hiker how did you become serious about hiking.

00:11:32.160 --> 00:11:32.730 Johnny Osborne: Oh gosh.

00:11:34.650 --> 00:11:35.250 Johnny Osborne: and

00:11:36.720 --> 00:11:39.090 Johnny Osborne: You know hacked early on in life and.

00:11:40.140 --> 00:11:42.090 Johnny Osborne: And, as I got into school and.

00:11:43.800 --> 00:11:49.650 Johnny Osborne: college and all that I stopped hacking as much and started running other runner.

00:11:50.880 --> 00:12:02.880 Johnny Osborne: And my sister Cape on and on and on about come with me come back with me and i'm like no I bet this run the day that that you know 10 miles 50 miles miles whatever I want to run.

00:12:03.930 --> 00:12:15.930 Johnny Osborne: And now i'm not going to go and i'll just wait and she was very persistent about it and so she kept on following I gave in and went but i'm really, really glad that she did because I mean that.

00:12:17.190 --> 00:12:23.910 Johnny Osborne: hurt invited me to come back with her in the snow peas was, I mean it just ignited a fresh start.

00:12:26.010 --> 00:12:35.130 Johnny Osborne: And I fell I fell in love with hacking and stuff he's all over in here, it was just i'd forgotten what it was like after all those times being away from it so.

00:12:36.330 --> 00:12:39.510 Johnny Osborne: fun fact about my sister as far as we know.

00:12:41.490 --> 00:12:47.100 Johnny Osborne: we're the only two siblings that have hot and all the trails in the smokies and our.

00:12:49.020 --> 00:12:49.590 Joseph McElroy: fabulous.

00:12:49.920 --> 00:12:52.170 Joseph McElroy: yeah How often do you like now.

00:12:54.060 --> 00:12:57.540 Johnny Osborne: And I try to hack at least oh my gosh.

00:12:58.710 --> 00:12:59.310 Johnny Osborne: At least.

00:13:02.280 --> 00:13:06.630 Johnny Osborne: I tried like at least three weekends and Sunday in a week.

00:13:09.330 --> 00:13:09.690 Johnny Osborne: hmm.

00:13:11.220 --> 00:13:11.640 Johnny Osborne: Very.

00:13:12.210 --> 00:13:14.400 Joseph McElroy: Good you gotta feed that social media profile to.

00:13:17.100 --> 00:13:19.860 Joseph McElroy: Internet is a gaping more than needs content.

00:13:20.100 --> 00:13:22.050 Johnny Osborne: yeah I gotta keep creating content.

00:13:23.010 --> 00:13:29.490 Joseph McElroy: So I have you had any exciting adventures, well, I think, like meeting a bear or boar or something like that.

00:13:30.030 --> 00:13:36.360 Johnny Osborne: um yeah bet both I was at what shelter was that it was.

00:13:38.250 --> 00:13:47.370 Johnny Osborne: Oh gosh I don't remember them the shelter, but I was getting water and fill it with water bladder for not Pack and I had just raised up my coffee cup and.

00:13:47.970 --> 00:14:01.500 Johnny Osborne: about water by the water source and i'm blaming them there and filling up a water bladder and this bear just walked up right behind me, I mean probably 10 feet from me, I didn't see it didn't hear it.

00:14:03.750 --> 00:14:20.160 Johnny Osborne: Well, if my stuff's they're backed away slowly facing the bear the entire time and it was just a curious Barry walked up to my water bladder my coffee cup and sniff around a little bit he took his Paul and he just you know to turn my water butter over to smell it and the.

00:14:21.240 --> 00:14:26.370 Johnny Osborne: shredding the water bladder and I know why, over the next couple of days, but.

00:14:28.380 --> 00:14:30.570 Johnny Osborne: Should we shoot the airway and he left.

00:14:32.100 --> 00:14:42.540 Johnny Osborne: And then I get my things and pack the rest of my beer from the shelter and lift so it's very eventful but still exciting.

00:14:42.960 --> 00:14:45.240 Joseph McElroy: Still, mostly yeah it's exciting right.

00:14:45.240 --> 00:14:51.450 Joseph McElroy: yeah you know I grew up in living in the mountains remember not too far from the appalachians.

00:14:52.470 --> 00:15:05.490 Joseph McElroy: I would sleep at night, I had an outdoor outdoor deck in cali sleep slept with me and I will I woke up one night in the middle of the night and I left my window open my dog my dog was screaming bloody head up and I looked up and there was a bearish thinking is.

00:15:08.490 --> 00:15:09.300 Joseph McElroy: Just a curious.

00:15:10.290 --> 00:15:10.890 curious.

00:15:12.120 --> 00:15:12.570 Johnny Osborne: curious.

00:15:13.470 --> 00:15:23.160 Joseph McElroy: Well, listen we gotta we gotta take a break, but i'm gonna come back are talking about some of the principles you employ a wall will hire you and then we'll maybe we'll get into social media or life.

00:15:23.670 --> 00:15:25.260 Johnny Osborne: sounds great mm hmm.

00:17:41.100 --> 00:17:46.890 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest.

00:17:48.390 --> 00:17:59.100 Joseph McElroy: So Johnny I looked at your to YouTube channel, as well as your tick tock, but most of your YouTube channels, the ones got like 1.5 million or 1.15 million.

00:17:59.790 --> 00:18:11.460 Joseph McElroy: Followers it's it's a pretty impressive following I looked at some of your videos and you often talk about the leave no trace principles of hiking in the wilderness, can you tell my audience about that.

00:18:12.120 --> 00:18:26.550 Johnny Osborne: Absolutely and i'll even take it a step further than leave no trace, which is responsible stewardship and those values are deeply rooted in that together we can foster ethics, to make all of our public lands cleaner and better place for everyone.

00:18:27.690 --> 00:18:39.390 Johnny Osborne: And we'll do that through education, education through action, whether it's digitally Facebook YouTube instagram or is physically go out and volunteering.

00:18:40.650 --> 00:18:52.020 Johnny Osborne: You want to be an advocate you want to raise awareness of the issues of our public land sorry we want to raise awareness of the issues of public lands face and use our reach, to become a part of the solution.

00:18:53.820 --> 00:18:54.540 Johnny Osborne: donate.

00:18:55.710 --> 00:19:02.910 Johnny Osborne: Give with a purpose either financially or physically and know your impact may prepared and know what to expect.

00:19:03.900 --> 00:19:19.200 Johnny Osborne: And the last of those ethics take action, which is to volunteer in the park or several so many volunteer programs that the park offers and that you can be part of they have to get back to the park and all that's.

00:19:20.250 --> 00:19:23.790 Johnny Osborne: All tied together to rick recreating responsibly.

00:19:25.590 --> 00:19:29.130 Joseph McElroy: cool and there's some fundamental principles of leave no trace right this.

00:19:29.130 --> 00:19:32.160 Johnny Osborne: year are there are seven principles to leave no trace.

00:19:34.500 --> 00:19:36.300 Johnny Osborne: concertos be like but.

00:19:36.780 --> 00:19:40.290 Joseph McElroy: I think it's good I mean think it's good to educate, if you do it quickly, though, that I think.

00:19:40.950 --> 00:19:42.210 Joseph McElroy: Sure yeah.

00:19:42.570 --> 00:19:43.170 yeah so.

00:19:46.350 --> 00:20:03.480 Johnny Osborne: plan ahead and prepare, so I was one of my favorites I always want to you know prepare for your hot for you though you're backpacking trip that you want to add to this travel and camp on durable surfaces three dispose of waste properly and that's really a huge issue in the smokies.

00:20:04.680 --> 00:20:10.380 Johnny Osborne: For believe what you find number five minimize campfire impacts.

00:20:11.520 --> 00:20:16.530 Johnny Osborne: Six respect the wildlife and seven is to be considerate of others.

00:20:17.460 --> 00:20:19.320 Joseph McElroy: which we have a problem with sometimes too right.

00:20:19.380 --> 00:20:21.210 Johnny Osborne: And we did we did.

00:20:21.960 --> 00:20:27.000 Joseph McElroy: We I think we're I think that the clothes that are popular part because people were not being considered right.

00:20:27.030 --> 00:20:28.800 Johnny Osborne: Reason let's turn.

00:20:29.220 --> 00:20:35.970 Joseph McElroy: there's a real shame that yeah they were just abusing it so badly that was getting ruined, we had to close it down so yeah.

00:20:36.090 --> 00:20:37.710 Johnny Osborne: That was what Max types, I think.

00:20:37.770 --> 00:20:43.980 Joseph McElroy: Re Max patches a popular one not to fucking maybe so yeah I think they close it down for the whole year right so.

00:20:44.190 --> 00:20:48.450 Johnny Osborne: Now they close it down at sunset and it's open back up at sunrise.

00:20:50.190 --> 00:20:52.200 Joseph McElroy: camping That was a people would camp.

00:20:52.290 --> 00:20:52.680 Johnny Osborne: yeah.

00:20:52.770 --> 00:20:55.950 Joseph McElroy: And they were just abusing it badly champion runner.

00:20:56.040 --> 00:21:00.000 Johnny Osborne: Leaving Dreading that being a big college party scene.

00:21:00.060 --> 00:21:11.640 Johnny Osborne: area getting trashed every weekend and several friends of mine, would go up there and weekend after weekend every weekend and carry out loads and loads and loads of trash.

00:21:11.910 --> 00:21:14.370 Johnny Osborne: yeah so something had to be done.

00:21:15.120 --> 00:21:27.600 Joseph McElroy: It has to be a culture of is you know when I went to burning man, believe it or not right and they do that they had like when I went there I don't know what how many people now, but I did it like 2002 and I was young enough to walk around half naked.

00:21:30.930 --> 00:21:32.580 Joseph McElroy: Maybe a little bit more than half naked.

00:21:37.260 --> 00:21:39.120 Joseph McElroy: or another for another story.

00:21:40.590 --> 00:21:47.340 Joseph McElroy: But they would have 30,000 people in the desert bringing in campaign and everything else, but when they left.

00:21:48.060 --> 00:21:56.700 Joseph McElroy: They left it pristine and they actually went you know inch by inch over that whole property getting rid of anything that might have been left behind so.

00:21:57.240 --> 00:22:13.230 Joseph McElroy: If a culture of it yeah yeah so it's important to have be advocates, for you know, taking care of our resources, I appreciate you doing that so consistently and in your in your in your work so yeah.

00:22:13.410 --> 00:22:23.490 Johnny Osborne: And speaking of that I want to flood the save our smokies real quick, they are doing a huge event on April, the 23rd is Earth Day weekend that we can.

00:22:24.990 --> 00:22:29.880 Johnny Osborne: They are the plan is to clean the entire smoky mountains National Park.

00:22:30.270 --> 00:22:30.960 Joseph McElroy: Oh wow.

00:22:31.080 --> 00:22:40.650 Johnny Osborne: yeah so the registration for this opens starts today marks the first, and you can register for this that save our

00:22:41.520 --> 00:22:48.960 Johnny Osborne: And at the end of the day that day we're going to they're going to provide food and drinks and live music for all the volunteers.

00:22:49.500 --> 00:23:03.300 Johnny Osborne: And the goal that days to remove 5000 pounds of layer from the park and remain as much as possible, so it's gonna be a super fun day i'm definitely going, and I would encourage anybody else that loves the smokies come on out.

00:23:03.750 --> 00:23:07.590 Joseph McElroy: yeah Oh well, this is April 23 right.

00:23:08.700 --> 00:23:13.860 Joseph McElroy: i'll show you know that's that's around that that fishing event I think so maybe i'll try to.

00:23:14.340 --> 00:23:16.560 Joseph McElroy: Finish a little bit and then come down and go to that too.

00:23:18.150 --> 00:23:31.500 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah that'd be that'd be great so obviously you are very passionate about the hyphen Community so So what are the positive impacts, for you, you know that you find that.

00:23:32.790 --> 00:23:39.840 Joseph McElroy: Hiding Community like personally socially physically mentally what is being part of that community, what are the the positive impacts.

00:23:46.710 --> 00:23:51.900 Johnny Osborne: I guess the positive impacts that i'm seeing what I like to be a part of is you know getting back and.

00:23:53.880 --> 00:23:58.830 Johnny Osborne: Being that voice of information, you know given back in a sense that.

00:24:00.240 --> 00:24:06.270 Johnny Osborne: I can provide some knowledge, it may be beneficial to someone that hasn't been out and has a hockey as much.

00:24:09.300 --> 00:24:10.170 Johnny Osborne: I just like.

00:24:11.310 --> 00:24:12.330 Johnny Osborne: I can talk for.

00:24:13.470 --> 00:24:17.130 Johnny Osborne: hours about hockey tip to new people you know.

00:24:17.610 --> 00:24:21.210 Joseph McElroy: Oh, you know i'm look i'm gonna be i'm sort of doing more hiking.

00:24:21.270 --> 00:24:29.100 Joseph McElroy: You know, even in the even in the get go and starting to notice that yo legs are working, a little bit better from this.

00:24:29.880 --> 00:24:42.510 Joseph McElroy: i'm gonna do a lot more i've only been at and a neophyte of it but and there seems to be also it's also a Community hikers know each other, and you know and communicate right and there's clubs and things like that.

00:24:44.880 --> 00:24:47.280 Johnny Osborne: yeah there are in one of the things.

00:24:48.630 --> 00:24:59.730 Johnny Osborne: says here one of the things that i'm really super proud of is this Facebook group that created about four years ago, three, four years ago, five years ago, maybe hacking the smoothies.

00:25:00.600 --> 00:25:03.270 Johnny Osborne: And it's just a real fun.

00:25:04.290 --> 00:25:07.560 Johnny Osborne: group of people very knowledgeable of.

00:25:08.790 --> 00:25:12.210 Johnny Osborne: what's going on trail conditions things like that.

00:25:13.980 --> 00:25:13.980 Johnny Osborne: and

00:25:14.970 --> 00:25:18.450 Joseph McElroy: Now i've been a Member and I didn't know that was you so yeah.

00:25:18.840 --> 00:25:21.750 Johnny Osborne: yeah I mean I think there's like 85,000 members.

00:25:21.750 --> 00:25:23.370 Joseph McElroy: Now, if we have a.

00:25:23.640 --> 00:25:24.330 crazy.

00:25:25.620 --> 00:25:42.900 Joseph McElroy: So so um it was someone born and raised in the smoky mountains myself i'm always interested in how people acquire their their skills, especially in the computer things, how did you learn about your social media skill you just do it yourself, do you go to college went to do.

00:25:43.290 --> 00:25:46.740 Johnny Osborne: And you know it's i'm still learning social media.

00:25:47.250 --> 00:25:47.370 As.

00:25:48.990 --> 00:25:51.690 Joseph McElroy: Well, that they changed it every day you're never going to stop.

00:25:53.010 --> 00:25:54.630 Joseph McElroy: bandwagon for long yeah.

00:25:56.640 --> 00:26:03.870 Johnny Osborne: The algorithms change so frequent it's like so what's the end now and instagram reals is it photos is it.

00:26:05.130 --> 00:26:09.870 Johnny Osborne: works, I mean what's what's the thing, there was a new craze now yeah.

00:26:12.390 --> 00:26:22.080 Joseph McElroy: So just you know, one of the things I tell people is that you know teaching yourself, is the best way with, especially with computers in general, you know and.

00:26:22.800 --> 00:26:34.200 Joseph McElroy: You know, because it's really it's an amalgam of human mind thought and getting in there and understanding that at that level is much better for you than trying to learn rules.

00:26:34.440 --> 00:26:34.950 But now.

00:26:36.450 --> 00:26:47.340 Johnny Osborne: One of the things I want to do this year and I found my mom for quite a while, is, I want to create more education on YouTube content and, if anything, just for the betterment of the hacking community.

00:26:48.930 --> 00:26:51.870 Johnny Osborne: You know it's really so hard to compete.

00:26:54.570 --> 00:27:00.630 Johnny Osborne: With the larger YouTube channels and it's hard to it's hard to be seen, sometimes as a small youtuber.

00:27:01.980 --> 00:27:07.050 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah well, I mean you gotta put that in perspective, most of our bigger small.

00:27:07.110 --> 00:27:08.040 youtuber is.

00:27:09.180 --> 00:27:14.700 Joseph McElroy: A few hundred or a few thousand and they think of them, as well as a small YouTube here a big you do remote people but.

00:27:16.800 --> 00:27:34.650 Joseph McElroy: What do you think million 1 million mark you your your of interest in a way, so well cool and I wanted to talk about some of the accomplishments and so people know you know sort of a fun things that you can do, and so you are a South beyond 6000 finisher what's that.

00:27:37.500 --> 00:27:38.790 Johnny Osborne: The southern six or.

00:27:41.280 --> 00:27:51.480 Johnny Osborne: yeah I love that challenge that was one of my most favorite challenges and how I kind of got to this to doing this, the South be on 6000 was.

00:27:52.230 --> 00:28:05.640 Johnny Osborne: I was wrapping up my smokies 900 miler my APP and i'll think about what I wanted to do next, and the idea of the sat down 6000 came to me after reading an article online about this challenge and.

00:28:06.540 --> 00:28:14.370 Johnny Osborne: read about how hard it was and that's kind of up my alley I like to do hard hard challenges but.

00:28:15.930 --> 00:28:31.440 Johnny Osborne: I had one little issue, though it kind of worried me a little bit, and I know how to use a map, I know that he's accomplice, and all that good stuff but I wasn't Okay, with just you know mediocre right, I wanted to know more, I wanted to know.

00:28:32.670 --> 00:28:41.940 Johnny Osborne: Because I know a lot of those 6000 that Piques our Australia hawks and so really wanting to brush up on my knowledge is reading a map and compass and.

00:28:42.930 --> 00:29:02.190 Johnny Osborne: So I reached out to my friend lane, the cost is haywood county search rescue team Member and he was holding an off or he was about to hold it off and bounced off trail hiking sorry nostril navigation class, and so I reached out to him and signed up for that it was a wonderful.

00:29:03.480 --> 00:29:21.450 Johnny Osborne: Today overnight trip at Max match, and one of the biggest and most helpful takeaways from this class from him was that it gave me the confidence that I needed to go out and do these off trail hawks and climb these mountains, because there aren't for us to the summit's.

00:29:22.080 --> 00:29:30.480 Joseph McElroy: Like so how many how many how many mountains and you have to climb to achieve this finish there was like they're all 6000 or more per night right.

00:29:30.570 --> 00:29:41.250 Johnny Osborne: yeah they are if there's 40 well there's more than 40 but there's 40 that's designated by the Carolina mountain climb for this challenge, so there's 46,000 foot science.

00:29:41.790 --> 00:29:46.740 Joseph McElroy: So it's 40 heights you gotta go climb a mountain to finish well how long it is a few.

00:29:48.990 --> 00:29:51.360 Johnny Osborne: They got them and about a year, maybe listen to your.

00:29:51.600 --> 00:29:55.350 Joseph McElroy: cool well that's like one almost one every week every every week yeah.

00:29:55.620 --> 00:29:57.510 Joseph McElroy: Now yeah it was cool.

00:29:57.600 --> 00:29:59.100 Johnny Osborne: And a few of those I did you know.

00:30:00.630 --> 00:30:15.780 Johnny Osborne: The black mountain Chris try their luck as fat peaks on that trade offs I did those five that we can or well that day I didn't two more, the day before the day after I can't remember which so that'd be a few hours each weekend cool.

00:30:16.080 --> 00:30:25.230 Joseph McElroy: Well, we have to take another break and we'll come back and we'll talk about some of these other fun travel trips and then get into a little bit about more about your social media and stuff like.

00:32:31.830 --> 00:32:38.520 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and my guest john.

00:32:39.690 --> 00:32:46.650 Joseph McElroy: So john you've done some amazing different heights you mentioned the black mountain CREST trail had some peaks on what was that in it.

00:32:48.180 --> 00:32:54.600 Johnny Osborne: Oh, my gosh that was so fun and I love that true I love that hoc and.

00:32:55.680 --> 00:33:11.250 Johnny Osborne: I started out first off it's called the march of death right mapquest has more to do with is one of those crazy weekends, is a subtle hot, for me, I didn't really know what to expect and i've heard the trail was super brutal it kind of was.

00:33:12.720 --> 00:33:27.720 Johnny Osborne: So I packed my bag my backpack for an overnight trip, just in case I ran into any issues or couldn't finish it as a day hack but I didn't I fishes they hacked but started Bowling creek and a hocked it all the way through to mount Mitchell.

00:33:30.780 --> 00:33:34.920 Johnny Osborne: Like I said earlier, things five or six 6000 foot summits.

00:33:35.160 --> 00:33:35.580 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:33:35.730 --> 00:33:40.440 Johnny Osborne: there's some ropes on the on the training after i've kind of used to pull yourself up.

00:33:43.350 --> 00:33:44.100 Johnny Osborne: It was amazing.

00:33:44.790 --> 00:33:48.270 Johnny Osborne: The views up there, just like anywhere else so beautiful.

00:33:48.720 --> 00:33:52.260 Johnny Osborne: wow i'm hoping to go back and and maybe the next next month.

00:33:52.950 --> 00:33:57.090 Joseph McElroy: Well yeah that sounds that sounds like if that there's real clear to pull up i'm probably.

00:33:57.090 --> 00:33:57.570 Johnny Osborne: Not yeah.

00:33:58.800 --> 00:33:59.790 Johnny Osborne: yeah exactly.

00:34:00.870 --> 00:34:01.740 Johnny Osborne: So crazy.

00:34:02.130 --> 00:34:09.990 Joseph McElroy: And then you did the great smoky mountains National Park 900 model which is doing all the all the trails in the smoky mountain National Park right.

00:34:11.520 --> 00:34:11.790 Johnny Osborne: yeah.

00:34:11.820 --> 00:34:13.050 Joseph McElroy: Did you do a good time.

00:34:13.890 --> 00:34:17.070 Johnny Osborne: I did it in about a little over a year.

00:34:17.430 --> 00:34:20.940 Johnny Osborne: And I wasn't any hurry to do it, or anything but.

00:34:22.770 --> 00:34:30.540 Johnny Osborne: it's kind of fun and i'm doing a second one soda and not really said it's official but about halfway through with a second one, but.

00:34:30.930 --> 00:34:47.910 Johnny Osborne: wow it's just one of the things i'm just going out on a weekend or whatever and i'll make I may go out and do a backpacking trip or just a short day hoc and how about that trail and done cool thing about that too is I just checked the stats a.

00:34:49.260 --> 00:34:54.030 Johnny Osborne: couple weeks ago there's 733 members of the 900 our cloud.

00:34:54.810 --> 00:34:57.810 Johnny Osborne: Was super cool it's a it's a small crowd.

00:34:58.770 --> 00:35:02.550 Joseph McElroy: Now you've also done the foothills through trail thru hike what is that.

00:35:03.480 --> 00:35:20.520 Johnny Osborne: yeah and the thumbnails trail goes from table rock to county state park and took off a few days for more to settle hoc through at least through such a boozy trail loved it, it was the well maintained through and through.

00:35:21.690 --> 00:35:28.740 Johnny Osborne: gosh it was such a delight to Hawk and I would totally hypothetical anytime again and a funny story about that hoc.

00:35:30.210 --> 00:35:41.550 Johnny Osborne: My first day on the Hawk I was I had planned my campsite long before I went, but on the trail I was talking along and the storm came is huge storm.

00:35:42.240 --> 00:35:53.160 Johnny Osborne: And i'm like well i'm not where I want to be for camp, so I dove into this little spot and had my tarp and my hammock and cook dinner hi my feedback and.

00:35:53.640 --> 00:36:03.150 Johnny Osborne: Change clothes went to bed that makes more impact up and started hacking and come to find out, I was Point two miles from where one being first place I mean, even though.

00:36:14.340 --> 00:36:15.420 Joseph McElroy: That story right.

00:36:15.630 --> 00:36:16.770 Johnny Osborne: yeah yeah.

00:36:17.130 --> 00:36:21.390 Joseph McElroy: I was sleeping i'm sleeping on the one side of the mountain where we're supposed to be was just oh yeah.

00:36:26.100 --> 00:36:33.090 Joseph McElroy: Oh yeah so So if you I mean you've done a lot in the smokies I assume you've done the appalachian trail right.

00:36:33.360 --> 00:36:34.260 Johnny Osborne: I have not.

00:36:34.320 --> 00:36:38.880 Joseph McElroy: You have not okay yeah that's that's one on your bucket list right.

00:36:39.360 --> 00:36:41.100 Johnny Osborne: um gosh you know.

00:36:42.750 --> 00:36:49.380 Johnny Osborne: Maybe maybe not matter right, I really don't have a desire to hockey at but i've got so many sections of it.

00:36:51.720 --> 00:36:52.320 Johnny Osborne: One day.

00:36:52.710 --> 00:36:55.200 Joseph McElroy: you've hiked in other places across the United States right.

00:36:55.200 --> 00:37:01.380 Johnny Osborne: Now absolutely I thought oh my gosh i'm having so many states and so many countries.

00:37:02.250 --> 00:37:05.940 Joseph McElroy: Was it what's what's one highlight of those two you can recommend.

00:37:07.380 --> 00:37:08.340 Johnny Osborne: Of the.

00:37:08.430 --> 00:37:10.410 Joseph McElroy: Other hypothesizes smoke is yet.

00:37:11.130 --> 00:37:21.420 Johnny Osborne: yeah I went to the Rockies last year was my first time to the Rockies and that was really a neat experience out there, because when I went in the fall will say in those Aspen trees.

00:37:22.350 --> 00:37:40.290 Johnny Osborne: It was such a delight those things are so beautiful and those our panel aches for one they're beautiful but today it's no joke get into them because are over 10,000 feet right so you're climbing a lot to get to him so, but it was worth that ever been it was worth it.

00:37:41.940 --> 00:37:57.000 Johnny Osborne: And one of my last hawks in Colorado with a quandary peak, which is a 14,271 foot summit, and I was just I mean when I got to the summit, I was just really overjoyed with happiness.

00:37:58.080 --> 00:38:12.870 Johnny Osborne: mean it was I literally cried, in fact, if you watch my YouTube video of this i'm i'm bawling it's tonight, and the fact is all about Africa mark can't believe it it's just so humbling to be there was just so cool but.

00:38:12.900 --> 00:38:18.300 Joseph McElroy: Talking about YouTube you have you on social media you call yourself an encourage or.

00:38:18.330 --> 00:38:19.860 Joseph McElroy: Not an influencer, why do you.

00:38:19.860 --> 00:38:20.550 differentiate.

00:38:22.050 --> 00:38:24.450 Johnny Osborne: that's a really good question and.

00:38:25.740 --> 00:38:30.330 Johnny Osborne: To me, and in my opinion, to influence and persuade someone in something or.

00:38:31.830 --> 00:38:36.600 Johnny Osborne: And most influencers, in my opinion, are selling something or fishing something on you.

00:38:38.160 --> 00:38:42.570 Johnny Osborne: As an encourager is kinda like coaching you know i've had thousands of miles.

00:38:44.160 --> 00:38:51.330 Johnny Osborne: And in my mind, I believe that anyone can have any single trail, I thought I mean there's absolutely no reason they can't.

00:38:52.140 --> 00:39:05.670 Johnny Osborne: You know, all it is is one step at a time and it's at your own pace and that's, the key word at your own pace and so to me it's about supporting them or to motivate me motivated.

00:39:07.860 --> 00:39:11.160 Johnny Osborne: Whereas to influence is to control or manipulate something or someone.

00:39:12.180 --> 00:39:28.560 Johnny Osborne: So I try to be like a coach or be the good advice or you know i'm just today, you know commenting on a friend amounts post that's working on a 900 mater map and i'm like hey so proud of you keep going.

00:39:29.790 --> 00:39:31.080 Johnny Osborne: Now, and I think that's.

00:39:31.860 --> 00:39:40.830 Joseph McElroy: etc, do you feel do you feel like you make an impact in the Community, we seeing in the stories of how you've impacted by that sort of differentiation.

00:39:41.550 --> 00:39:44.910 Johnny Osborne: um you know from time to time, I might see.

00:39:46.020 --> 00:39:51.510 Johnny Osborne: Someone that i've you know encouraged along the way, reach that goal.

00:39:52.530 --> 00:39:55.560 Johnny Osborne: I mean it's really hard to it's hard to say if know.

00:39:56.820 --> 00:40:01.170 Johnny Osborne: How, you know what their what's in their mind, or what what they're doing what they're going through, but.

00:40:02.640 --> 00:40:09.660 Johnny Osborne: um you know I just think it's gratifying to coach others and give them encouragement keep motivating them but keep going.

00:40:11.730 --> 00:40:19.410 Johnny Osborne: Going after something that maybe they had doubts about that first hoc or that first overnight trip in the smokies or wherever it may be.

00:40:21.480 --> 00:40:24.690 Johnny Osborne: I did get some feedback, but not not not a whole lot.

00:40:25.110 --> 00:40:26.400 Johnny Osborne: yeah yeah.

00:40:27.090 --> 00:40:30.060 Joseph McElroy: Oh, you know you have you know.

00:40:31.170 --> 00:40:39.150 Joseph McElroy: You have a large following and you know, on yeah on Twitter, you have some Facebook and YouTube definitely got it.

00:40:40.350 --> 00:40:47.520 Joseph McElroy: Is there you know these platforms, you know there's a lot of businesses use them and, like you said influencers trying to sell something.

00:40:48.000 --> 00:40:58.110 Joseph McElroy: But for people that don't necessarily want the selling thing, but in to encourage people to build communities do you have any particular tips or secrets you like to share with them to help build their community.

00:41:02.280 --> 00:41:07.290 Johnny Osborne: guys, you know i'm always looking for somewhere to add value on the social media platforms.

00:41:08.490 --> 00:41:10.380 Johnny Osborne: You know whether it's instagram or Facebook.

00:41:11.430 --> 00:41:11.910 But.

00:41:14.100 --> 00:41:26.400 Johnny Osborne: I think the girl these platforms, you know to me once worked for me just be consistent with content, you know, create fresh, new and here's, the key word in my mom is relatable content.

00:41:26.940 --> 00:41:38.880 Johnny Osborne: If I can create content that's relatable to the person watching it or searching for it then they're most likely going to follow or subscribe, or whatever so i'm just trying to create content daily that's relatable.

00:41:39.690 --> 00:41:51.570 Joseph McElroy: mm hmm have you found any format, so the content that makes it more viral or more watchable we're getting more views than than than other types of formats.

00:41:53.340 --> 00:42:07.470 Johnny Osborne: Right now instagram reels is absolutely taken off, I mean they're not now instagram reels there's there aren't any advertisements on this grammar so it's kind of like a an open market that instagrams kind of opened up.

00:42:07.980 --> 00:42:19.980 Johnny Osborne: Their platform to go hey we need content creators to come on and create reels and if you'll create real express will promote your videos and.

00:42:21.510 --> 00:42:26.400 Johnny Osborne: You get tons of locks and tons of US it's crazy how it works.

00:42:27.420 --> 00:42:29.400 Johnny Osborne: same with YouTube shorts and.

00:42:30.630 --> 00:42:34.410 Johnny Osborne: Think there's another platform it over call everyone, we have a law that.

00:42:36.000 --> 00:42:42.840 Johnny Osborne: You just have kind of have to deal with what's trending right now it's not want to be like open forever is from reels isn't that.

00:42:42.900 --> 00:42:43.650 Johnny Osborne: Right now it's.

00:42:43.950 --> 00:42:45.060 Johnny Osborne: wide open for the.

00:42:45.180 --> 00:42:52.920 Joseph McElroy: For the taking my target I might check that out my wife loves he loves instagram so you have something called base camp chat what is that.

00:42:54.330 --> 00:43:09.930 Johnny Osborne: Okay yeah basically chat I was a guest on the hack podcast with lori pramod and also on the podcast just or section hacks host about Julie gay heart and we had so much fun chatting better ventures.

00:43:10.980 --> 00:43:22.470 Johnny Osborne: And, along with the beanie Braden we started base camp chat two years ago with a fourth episode season one and we talked about anything from our fears, while, on the trail.

00:43:23.250 --> 00:43:30.840 Johnny Osborne: To you know advance that we would give to the listener, that it may be their first time hockey or their first time backpacking.

00:43:32.250 --> 00:43:47.790 Johnny Osborne: And base camp chat was just the feedback was phenomenal so we brought it back for season two, we have already recorded season or episode one into episode one is out already.

00:43:48.870 --> 00:43:53.970 Johnny Osborne: And season two will be or episode two will be out later this week or next.

00:43:55.230 --> 00:44:01.770 Johnny Osborne: But our objective here was just to create a fun educational atmosphere about hacking or the outdoors.

00:44:02.790 --> 00:44:05.070 Johnny Osborne: For the listeners just to make the content relatable.

00:44:06.150 --> 00:44:14.550 Johnny Osborne: And one cool thing, though, our fourth and last show season two will be alive, so will be fielding questions and comments from our listeners.

00:44:15.210 --> 00:44:16.410 Joseph McElroy: Oh wow that's good.

00:44:16.950 --> 00:44:19.620 Joseph McElroy: yeah live interaction is always good yeah.

00:44:19.740 --> 00:44:20.700 Johnny Osborne: Sometimes ticket.

00:44:21.270 --> 00:44:23.250 Joseph McElroy: yeah well, you can go south, you have to get the.

00:44:23.250 --> 00:44:23.520 Right.

00:44:26.790 --> 00:44:27.330 Johnny Osborne: what's the answer.

00:44:29.670 --> 00:44:36.690 Joseph McElroy: will do you think social media is a good way one to learn about this, the great smoky mountains and to to promote it.

00:44:38.700 --> 00:44:46.020 Johnny Osborne: Then yeah I think if you want to you know go out and hack or spend time in the smokies it's good there's some homework or.

00:44:46.740 --> 00:44:57.960 Johnny Osborne: The number one principle ain't no traces plan and prepare so you know go online study the trail and one cool thing about the hack in the smokies Facebook group is.

00:44:59.250 --> 00:45:14.730 Johnny Osborne: If you're wanting to hockey and snow peas go and do a search and that group for that trail and say what feedback, you may get back you're going to see that out of 85,000 members somebody hot the trail you're looking for recently.

00:45:15.990 --> 00:45:30.090 Johnny Osborne: To get the most current up to date trail conditions that you wouldn't get from you know any other website was kind of almost start loud but it's you know days or weeks oh come, you know, information and it's always helpful.

00:45:30.630 --> 00:45:33.210 Joseph McElroy: cool yeah we got to take another break.

00:45:33.690 --> 00:45:40.980 Joseph McElroy: And then we'll come back we'll finish up with some of the other things that you're doing and and switch out to us.

00:47:43.440 --> 00:47:49.710 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to this movie's podcast and my guest Johnny.

00:47:51.150 --> 00:48:03.690 Joseph McElroy: Johnny you're involved with a place called Blackberry farm and mountain resort and East Tennessee now it's a big beautiful places also become fairly large enterprise didn't they just by wyndham resorts.

00:48:04.830 --> 00:48:07.020 Joseph McElroy: heard the rumor mill that they might have.

00:48:09.150 --> 00:48:24.150 Joseph McElroy: The resort winded had its own separate separate resort business and, though I we might my company excuse to do some content for them and I thought it wasn't a great buy that they had so I was pretty surprised, but can you tell us about the globe Blackberry farm a mountain resort.

00:48:24.630 --> 00:48:30.120 Johnny Osborne: Sure absolutely and, as far as that windham I don't I don't know if they have or not.

00:48:31.560 --> 00:48:41.700 Johnny Osborne: But we have my reform like very mountain and over in the cashiers we have Hampton inn and it's all a family tree resort hotel.

00:48:42.810 --> 00:48:46.230 Johnny Osborne: Every farm by very mountains, right at the foothills of the great smoky mountains.

00:48:47.340 --> 00:48:55.050 Johnny Osborne: In wall in Tennessee and i've been with the company for seven years i'm an information technology manager at library mountain.

00:48:56.130 --> 00:49:05.700 Johnny Osborne: And like I said earlier, the property butts up at instagram smoky mountain National Park, so he stepped away, I mean apart super super cool.

00:49:06.720 --> 00:49:08.370 Joseph McElroy: Like a brewery there and.

00:49:08.370 --> 00:49:10.620 Johnny Osborne: All that yeah we have brewery.

00:49:12.540 --> 00:49:19.770 Johnny Osborne: we're getting ready to open up food restaurant there to brewery so it's happening, I think, in April.

00:49:21.030 --> 00:49:21.540 Johnny Osborne: yeah.

00:49:23.910 --> 00:49:40.410 Joseph McElroy: cool well you know I am I heard, I read recently that where you said, your goal is to create memorable experiences and the great smoky mountain National Park, while also promoting and perpetuating the parks legacy legacy is that a fair depiction of your quote.

00:49:41.100 --> 00:49:48.900 Johnny Osborne: It is yeah I felt like that we cherish our memories and I want to encourage others to go out and create those new ones spring swan smokies.

00:49:49.530 --> 00:50:04.350 Johnny Osborne: Really anywhere but for me here in the snow peas, but to go a step further, but also preserving parks history back creating the generational sustainability and this goes back to responsible stewardship recreating responsibly.

00:50:05.670 --> 00:50:14.970 Johnny Osborne: And the objectives are just to go to a park at Dell business park and trade as law firm here with his friends and family but leave the park better than you found it.

00:50:15.570 --> 00:50:25.680 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah that's that's pretty cool you know the one of the intentions of the middle Arc and why we built a heritage Center and everything else is to create memorable experience.

00:50:25.830 --> 00:50:34.920 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely yeah one is you know it's my heritage and I, you know I want to have people have those flashbulb memories of something wonderful happening for them.

00:50:35.340 --> 00:50:43.530 Joseph McElroy: But to from a marketing standpoint, if you market where you creating memorable experiences you actually create.

00:50:44.130 --> 00:50:59.580 Joseph McElroy: Better brand loyalty and more better revisit intention so it's both practical and good for people for companies to turn to to try to create those memorable experiences and so that is our ethics, so I really appreciate what you're doing there.

00:50:59.730 --> 00:51:01.290 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely yeah.

00:51:02.820 --> 00:51:08.670 Joseph McElroy: So you're actually a wide variety in another outdoor things besides hiking right.

00:51:09.990 --> 00:51:17.250 Joseph McElroy: So what are some other good adventurous locations to do things besides taking that you enjoy the smoky mountains.

00:51:18.000 --> 00:51:26.100 Johnny Osborne: And I left a mountain bike rode cycle course i've been running earlier left to run i'm also a kayaker.

00:51:27.660 --> 00:51:28.020 Johnny Osborne: and

00:51:29.070 --> 00:51:30.810 Johnny Osborne: Nothing anything outside.

00:51:31.320 --> 00:51:33.570 Joseph McElroy: what's your what's your favorite mountain biking spot.

00:51:33.600 --> 00:51:51.840 Johnny Osborne: The most folks yeah we have a spot here in knoxville called items it's at the see as part of the legacy parks foundation part there and South knoxville and logo in there to ride, one of my other favorite places in obstacles makers creek and.

00:51:53.550 --> 00:51:55.230 Johnny Osborne: it's two types of writing so.

00:51:56.940 --> 00:52:04.740 Johnny Osborne: This is more like cross country writing where it's like makers creatures down he'll riding with big massive jumps.

00:52:05.280 --> 00:52:18.180 Johnny Osborne: And both are super fun, but we pick and choose how you feel that they and there's also a brand new mountain biking area that just recently opened later part of last year in towns and and it's called the hollow.

00:52:19.200 --> 00:52:25.290 Johnny Osborne: I haven't been yet, but as soon as the weather breaks stops raining dries out want to go check it out.

00:52:25.830 --> 00:52:28.440 Joseph McElroy: How about the north Carolina side any places you like to go.

00:52:29.040 --> 00:52:33.060 Johnny Osborne: I am there are gosh what's it called and.

00:52:35.910 --> 00:52:41.700 Johnny Osborne: there's a place over there, that I went a few years ago, spend some time writing Dupont.

00:52:42.150 --> 00:52:42.750 Joseph McElroy: Okay.

00:52:42.810 --> 00:52:43.860 Johnny Osborne: The de pon area.

00:52:45.180 --> 00:52:55.230 Johnny Osborne: Lots of really good writing over their loved it and I really can't wait to go back and do this more so much, of course, like here, this is your riding up a mountain to write down.

00:52:57.300 --> 00:52:59.970 Johnny Osborne: In an hour ride never run a ton of amount.

00:53:01.080 --> 00:53:04.500 Joseph McElroy: Of this, that you can work to get up and then you get to enjoy coming down.

00:53:06.900 --> 00:53:07.320 Johnny Osborne: Right.

00:53:07.650 --> 00:53:09.990 Joseph McElroy: So you rock climbing what's your favorite rockland spot.

00:53:10.860 --> 00:53:23.190 Johnny Osborne: At the rock and rock climb Stephen I used to do with my friends years and years ago and I kind of picked it back up about two or three years ago I don't even know why pick it back up but I enjoy it it's like.

00:53:24.330 --> 00:53:33.180 Johnny Osborne: To me it's kind of like solving a puzzle or working with puzzle, you know each hand hold and each foot move is like putting a piece of the puzzle together but.

00:53:35.520 --> 00:53:42.960 Johnny Osborne: This is a new challenge for me, but my favorite spot to climb is an outdated it's one of my favorite areas to go there, quite often.

00:53:44.430 --> 00:53:46.080 Johnny Osborne: there's a place in knoxville.

00:53:47.130 --> 00:54:00.810 Johnny Osborne: Also at items that are done climates and established plumbing destination Maggie legacy Ford foundation it's bolted, which is super cool and it's a lot crowded, and this every time.

00:54:01.230 --> 00:54:05.430 Johnny Osborne: They so i'm making cheese I go there, go to the gym.

00:54:06.540 --> 00:54:07.110 Joseph McElroy: cool.

00:54:07.590 --> 00:54:19.020 Joseph McElroy: yeah So what if somebody wants to you get so many things to shout out what you wanted to shout out your how people will follow you find out more about you things like that.

00:54:19.710 --> 00:54:24.810 Johnny Osborne: Sure yeah I mean you can reach out to me on instagram at Johnny on trail.

00:54:26.010 --> 00:54:36.750 Johnny Osborne: Facebook instagram and Facebook YouTube saying Johnny on the trail or you can search for Johnny Osborne on Facebook i'm on there as well, grabbed me that way too.

00:54:37.110 --> 00:54:38.190 Joseph McElroy: And you have a link tree right.

00:54:39.210 --> 00:54:42.600 Johnny Osborne: And I do yeah it's on it's on my instagram page.

00:54:43.830 --> 00:54:45.120 Joseph McElroy: So you're the instagram look for.

00:54:45.120 --> 00:54:47.460 Joseph McElroy: jazz weren't Johnny on the trail and then.

00:54:47.730 --> 00:54:49.170 Joseph McElroy: find your link tree cool.

00:54:50.190 --> 00:54:56.490 Joseph McElroy: And you're doing some interesting stuff in social media, they have you doing much more merchandise.

00:54:56.730 --> 00:54:57.390 Johnny Osborne: But you're actually.

00:54:57.420 --> 00:55:00.420 Joseph McElroy: donating it also the park charities all right.

00:55:00.690 --> 00:55:08.820 Johnny Osborne: yeah we sure are and we is an idea that I had thought of a while back into quite a bit of time to get some things together for it but.

00:55:09.930 --> 00:55:20.280 Johnny Osborne: After talking to some of my groups admins about creating some sort of fundraiser we decided to do some you know some marketing perhaps a merchant bass and.

00:55:20.970 --> 00:55:28.950 Johnny Osborne: Have all that profit that we raised on that bill to nonprofits and the idea really took off quickly.

00:55:29.700 --> 00:55:36.480 Johnny Osborne: And so we designed the logo and we came up with some clever wording and the wording is really cool it's together we are.

00:55:37.320 --> 00:55:54.510 Johnny Osborne: Together we are hacking the smokies and that's what's on our shirt together we are funny and that was meant to represent that the committee at this might represent the Community as a whole that together we are supporting the park and together we are supporting the nonprofits.

00:55:55.590 --> 00:55:58.770 Joseph McElroy: And together us in building a Community that's enjoying it so that's.

00:55:58.860 --> 00:55:59.970 Johnny Osborne: Absolutely yeah.

00:56:00.360 --> 00:56:02.670 Joseph McElroy: Well, thank you so much for being on the show this.

00:56:02.730 --> 00:56:06.240 Joseph McElroy: Absolutely, I look forward to maybe hiking with us and avoiding.

00:56:06.660 --> 00:56:07.320 Joseph McElroy: me great.

00:56:07.410 --> 00:56:13.980 Joseph McElroy: sounds good, this is the gateways to the smoky podcast and you find out more about this.

00:56:14.460 --> 00:56:25.860 Joseph McElroy: smokies adventure calm and there's a link to the gateways of the smokies podcast on the top of the menu bar, you also go to slash gateway to the smokies podcast.

00:56:26.220 --> 00:56:42.270 Joseph McElroy: Where we have these live broadcast as well as some of the old shows and post about things going on in the smoky mountains that were part of talk radio dot nyc network and network of live podcasts every day, seven days a week.

00:56:43.560 --> 00:56:53.970 Joseph McElroy: That has vast variety shows, ranging from self help to travel to small business and big business marketing.

00:56:55.410 --> 00:57:09.480 Joseph McElroy: dogs and cats health, so I recommend you look at the go to the talk radio dot nyc and look up the shows you listen live while you're there to whatever's going on and and it's really fulfilling effort.

00:57:11.310 --> 00:57:25.350 Joseph McElroy: This I actually have two podcasts of those network, I have another one about content and marketing called wise content creates wealth on Sundays on on Fridays from noon until till till one.

00:57:26.250 --> 00:57:36.240 Joseph McElroy: Hope you've come visit that and, of course, this podcast gateway the smokies runs on Tuesdays from six to seven, I look forward to seeing you next week, and thank you very much for listening.

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