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Thursday, February 3, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/03 - UNSTUCK: The Science of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/03 - UNSTUCK: The Science of Getting Out of Your Own Way


2022/02/03 - UNSTUCK: The Science of Getting Out of Your Own Way

[NEW EPISODE] UNSTUCK: The Science of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Top tips for moving from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to deeply fulfilled and abundant.

I often hear women at midlife saying: "I feel like I’m losing myself", or "I don’t know who I am anymore", or "I’m becoming invisible". It’s an indication of the deeper spiritual changes that go on at menopause alongside the physical and emotional symptoms.

My guest this week, Jennifer Hough, is the President of The Wide Awakening, and Founder of the Largest Integrative Nutrition Practice in Canada. She founded the first Mentorship program for Complementary Entrepreneurs over two decades ago. Her passion is to make physics practical after working with mystics, scientists, and shamans from 8 different countries, to free herself of her own struggle with chronic fatigue and self-sabotage. She will be sharing her approach to getting unstuck at midlife.

Join me for this essential conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat kicks off today’s show, sharing that it's her wedding anniversary; 44 years of marriage! She also gets into sharing books about menopause. One of them she recommends is her own book called Hot Women: Cool Solutions, about how to manage your symptoms of menopause. She has also written a second edition as well as another book that she worked with a nutritionist, called Cool Recipes for Hot Women which speaks about what foods to eat and which one to avoid during menopause. Another book she recommends is by Marilyn Glenville called Natural Solutions to Menopause. Also, there is another one by Nicki Williams called It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones! She’s another nutritionists that speaks about the nutritionist side to menopause and what one should know going through this, before and after. She speaks more about other books written by doctors or nutritionists and others advocating for a better journey through menopause from diet to even exercise. Pat introduces her guest for today, Jennifer Hough. Jennifer says that when she went through menopause, she turned to learning about foods. She says that she focused on certain foods that she should avoid that helped ease her symptoms. Jennifer said that things like chocolate, red meat, alcohol and caffeine are things to avoid.

Segment 2

Jennifer Hough is the President of The Wide Awakening, and Founder of the Largest Integrative Nutrition Practice in Canada. She founded the first Mentorship program for Complementary Entrepreneurs over two decades ago. Her new book Unstuck: The Physics of Getting out of Your Own Way is out now. She says she's excited for people to get the book to learn some valuable information about things like biology and neuroscience and living a better life. Jennifer says that she goes more into other topics other than nutrition. Jennifer also talks about the stress and depression in menopause, something that she also went through. She talks with Pat about the health issues she went through. At one point in her life, she learned from her doctors that she had a lot of toxic exposure that was supposed to kill her. But Jennifer says that she knew that she would be able to survive. From working with doctors, scientists and even spiritual leaders, she made a surprising recovery. She speaks about how physics plays an important role in people’s ability to flourish in many parts of their life.

Segment 3

Pat and Jennifer talk about how women at midlife might feel stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated going through a lot of change at this point in their life. Jennifer talks about how biology connects to the law of physics. At this phase of life, she says that women’s adrenals start to take over some of the function of their ovaries, which puts more of a load on their adrenals, which regulates our responses to stress. She explains that it’s a biological reason for why they’ll settle for nothing less than they deserve. In the aspect of physics, she says that women give off an energy, which she calls photons, that contain information about what they desire, what they ask for. This gets picked up by other people’s cells. She explains it as a reason why we have intuition and special ways of understanding others. To get unstuck, she says that you have to really become skilled at understanding your “photons” and communicating with them. In other words, in your brain, there’s something that lets you focus on things that you want in your life. Your brain is vigilant for these things and you become conscious about things you want. She explains her belief of the universe working with you. She also says that she has started to use a measurement chart when helping people, so that they can see the difference of how they are doing over time. Pat also says that people tend to forget how they felt in the past and sometimes are discouraged when they don’t see a difference. That is until Pat shows her clients the difference using a measurement chart, taking note of how they were.

Segment 4

Coming back from the final break, Pat asks Jennifer what three things women can do to successfully navigate life regardless of all of the changes and stress that goes on. Jennifer says that one can listen to all of the teachers and speakers out there but it’s up to you to logically understand things, the way people understand what it’s like for someone to float in the ocean for example. In order to make a shift in your life, she says that you have to change your focus from any area of you where you think that you need to be fixed or that you are broken. When you perceive yourself as broken, it messes with your mindset. Jennifer says that people tend to be marketed as if we are broken. She also says to keep an evidence journal. Write down things that you ate during the day. She also says to measure your stress on a scale of 1-10, as well as measuring other symptoms like sleep. Measure it for a month and take care of your body so that you can then understand what information you really need to know about. Jennifer says that another piece of advice is to understand how the mind affects your body. She recommends people to read her new book as it will help in this aspect, going into things like your “photons” and your perception and relationship to your past and present life. You can visit to learn more about Jennifer Hough and her new book!


00:00:31.200 --> 00:00:43.890 Pat Duckworth: Welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause good morning if you're in America good afternoon in the UK, good evening if you're in India and all the way over to Singapore.

00:00:44.340 --> 00:00:53.070 Pat Duckworth: lovely to have you here is February already how did that happen normally January really drags its feet, but here we are already in February.

00:00:53.460 --> 00:00:58.500 Pat Duckworth: And i'm going to share with you it's a special day for me today is my wedding anniversary.

00:00:59.190 --> 00:01:07.920 Pat Duckworth: I want you to guess how many years i've been married you're looking at me i'm thinking it can't be that low it's 44 years.

00:01:08.430 --> 00:01:17.880 Pat Duckworth: 44 years i'm not sure what kind of a prize you get 44 years, but the price is just that we've had 44 years together.

00:01:18.330 --> 00:01:27.990 Pat Duckworth: And today, rather than going through the media i'm going to be looking at books on menopause i'm going to be recommending to you some of my favorite books.

00:01:28.230 --> 00:01:41.520 Pat Duckworth: And I am absolutely shameless that the first book i'm going to recommend is my own book hot women call solutions now if you're watching us on Facebook i'm actually gonna hold of a copy.

00:01:41.880 --> 00:01:52.290 Pat Duckworth: So join us on Facebook, so you can see a copy of the book hot women cool solutions and it's all about how to manage your symptoms of menopause it was the first book that I wrote.

00:01:52.710 --> 00:02:04.710 Pat Duckworth: And it kind of grew as I was writing it because I wanted to give women all of the options for treatment to understand what the symptoms were to understand about hormone therapy.

00:02:05.220 --> 00:02:12.360 Pat Duckworth: And there are loads of bonus gifts that go with it as well, so unashamedly I am promoting hot women cool solutions.

00:02:12.690 --> 00:02:21.060 Pat Duckworth: And in fact I issued a second edition of it last year, so it when you go to Amazon look for hot women cool solutions second edition.

00:02:21.900 --> 00:02:33.300 Pat Duckworth: And then I wasn't satisfied after I wrote that book, I wanted to explain more about what we need to eat at menopause what we're eating and nutrition at menopause is really important.

00:02:33.720 --> 00:02:42.660 Pat Duckworth: So I worked with a nutritionist and developed cool recipes for hot women, you can see a bit of a theme here coming with a hot women so.

00:02:44.010 --> 00:03:00.780 Pat Duckworth: cool recipes for hot women was about what you need to be eating what you could be avoiding at menopause and then my lovely co writer co author Jenny T she wrote some recipes and said what each recipe was good for so cool recipes for hot women.

00:03:01.830 --> 00:03:16.230 Pat Duckworth: What women rock were after which this show is named, you can see behind me, and that book was how to find your midlife entrepreneurial mojo that's what I did I got to menopause.

00:03:16.680 --> 00:03:23.190 Pat Duckworth: i'd achieved what I wanted to achieve in my career and then was walking to work and crying.

00:03:23.670 --> 00:03:30.510 Pat Duckworth: That is the point when it's like the universe, is giving you a little tap on the shoulder and said he is everybody okay.

00:03:30.780 --> 00:03:41.460 Pat Duckworth: And you can ignore it, if you want to, but sometimes the universe gets a little bit more feisty and might give you a bit more of a tap or a bit of a slap and so really is this where you want to be.

00:03:41.970 --> 00:03:50.700 Pat Duckworth: So I decided to listen to what the universe was saying, I came home and said to my husband i'm not gonna carry on doing that job anymore.

00:03:51.030 --> 00:04:07.860 Pat Duckworth: And I changed direction completely and retrained as a coach and a therapist, so in that book, I wanted to unpack like the mindset that you need in order to do that, but my guest today I think it's going to give us a much bigger tip so hang on in there.

00:04:09.120 --> 00:04:19.770 Pat Duckworth: The next book Oh, my goodness it's another one of mine, which I published last year, which is menopause mind like gap now, in this instance i'm talking about what happens.

00:04:20.400 --> 00:04:32.610 Pat Duckworth: When you're in the workplace at menopause because it can be an unfriendly place so really I wrote that book for employers HR Equality and Diversity.

00:04:32.940 --> 00:04:44.910 Pat Duckworth: To explain what needs to be done to support women at menopause and yeah given lots of great information in that book okay let's see in the my books now.

00:04:46.020 --> 00:04:53.940 Pat Duckworth: So another book that I love is by Marilyn Glenville who is based, here in the UK and she's a nutritionist.

00:04:54.330 --> 00:05:02.430 Pat Duckworth: So her take on, it is what you're eating the supplements and she's going through the hormonal changes that are happening.

00:05:02.850 --> 00:05:09.360 Pat Duckworth: I think I have yep i've got her book here, so if you're on Facebook, you will see a pairing.

00:05:09.810 --> 00:05:24.120 Pat Duckworth: And so she's written a number of books about menopause I love that one it's called natural solutions for men or pause when she's really explaining the whole nutritional part of it, and giving you lots of good tips in there.

00:05:25.620 --> 00:05:37.740 Pat Duckworth: Because I think nutrition is so important, another recommendation is it's not you it's your hormones by Nikki Williams and Nikki.

00:05:38.370 --> 00:05:55.620 Pat Duckworth: is another nutritionist I think she trained on the Marilyn Glenville, and this is not just about menopause is that whole period before menopause what's going on with your hormones, how you can be eating at that stage of life, so you can see the nutrition side I think it's really important.

00:05:57.750 --> 00:06:08.850 Pat Duckworth: The next one, I don't have a copy of to show you or that I can tell you is on my kindle and it's called me and my menopausal for China, yes, we talk about that.

00:06:09.510 --> 00:06:20.190 Pat Duckworth: It has a wonderful illustration on the cover is what we call in the UK of rocket lolly I slowly, which I think in America will be a popsicle.

00:06:20.640 --> 00:06:31.200 Pat Duckworth: But it's an ice popsicle and it's shaped like a rocket with all the different colors going down there and I think when you see it next to the title, you will understand why she picked that image.

00:06:31.590 --> 00:06:46.890 Pat Duckworth: But she's giving lots of great tips there for having a healthy vaginas so you can have a healthy sex life and feel good at menopause so I love that book grow your own hrt that's the thing so.

00:06:48.060 --> 00:07:00.390 Pat Duckworth: hormone replacement therapy, but there are plants and seeds, that you can eat that have a plan estrogen in them that's called fighter East region that begins with a pH and the left.

00:07:00.900 --> 00:07:08.940 Pat Duckworth: And fighter estrogens are found in certain foods and certain sprouting seeds so in grow your own hrt.

00:07:09.690 --> 00:07:21.840 Pat Duckworth: Sally Duffy who wrote it she's talking to fail sorry sandy fail she's talking about the seeds, that you can sprouts that you can put in your smoothies or you can put.

00:07:22.470 --> 00:07:27.240 Pat Duckworth: over your salads or wherever you want to put them and how you can get.

00:07:27.660 --> 00:07:36.180 Pat Duckworth: A fighter estrogens from that that will help to supplement your body's natural estrogen and now they're not as powerful as the body's estrogens.

00:07:36.540 --> 00:07:51.390 Pat Duckworth: But there are really good supplement and they can help you to manage your symptoms, so I love that and coincidentally, I bought that book and somebody gave me a seat sprouting kit and I spread some lovely seeds to put on my salads.

00:07:52.650 --> 00:08:02.940 Pat Duckworth: Another book that I like is by Dr mesh seibel so it's ma ch ye i'll put all these links on under the Facebook recording.

00:08:03.660 --> 00:08:16.200 Pat Duckworth: seibel se si P L and Dr mesh is an interesting character he's an Ob gyn based in Boston and he was a fertility specialist.

00:08:16.680 --> 00:08:25.530 Pat Duckworth: And then, as his wife was reaching her 40s it was the early 2000s, and she discovered she got the bracket gene.

00:08:26.370 --> 00:08:36.510 Pat Duckworth: which can mean that you makes you more susceptible to the risk of cancer and she decided to have a hysterectomy and because she was young, she hadn't been through menopause yet.

00:08:36.930 --> 00:08:41.730 Pat Duckworth: And she turned to him and said what should I do Should I be taking hormone therapy.

00:08:42.210 --> 00:08:53.310 Pat Duckworth: And it was just at the time when the World Health initiative report came out that was warning women against taking taking East Asian because of the risk of developing cancers.

00:08:54.150 --> 00:09:08.790 Pat Duckworth: And because of that, the effect on prescribing of hormone therapy was terrific nobody wanted to prescribe it Ob gyn doctors specialists, they got really frightened of the effects of it.

00:09:09.330 --> 00:09:18.540 Pat Duckworth: Now it's been 20 years since then and there's been lots more research, the original research has been looked into more deeply and.

00:09:19.050 --> 00:09:32.160 Pat Duckworth: Some of it has been discounted now and there's a lot more information about hormone therapy so doctor he had to look into all of this in order to support his wife and we love that because that's what he was doing.

00:09:32.700 --> 00:09:40.080 Pat Duckworth: And he has he now specializes in perimenopause and menopause and advising women about this stage of life.

00:09:40.560 --> 00:09:52.140 Pat Duckworth: And he's written several books, including the estrogen fix which explains what it is estrogen does in your body and when is a good time to be taking hormone therapy.

00:09:52.830 --> 00:10:07.800 Pat Duckworth: He also takes a really holistic view of it in terms of explaining about diet and explaining about exercise and keeping yourself happy, so he provides a real range of solutions.

00:10:08.220 --> 00:10:20.040 Pat Duckworth: But I think for women who have really confused about should I take hormone therapy, should I, what are the risks, what are the benefits, is there a benefit to starting earlier or later.

00:10:21.060 --> 00:10:32.760 Pat Duckworth: The estrogen fix is a really helpful book so yeah if you're worried about it go and have a look at that I also have a video that I recorded with him on YouTube.

00:10:33.090 --> 00:10:40.920 Pat Duckworth: where you can see me asking all the questions that you would want to ask so that's a quick run through some of my favorites.

00:10:41.460 --> 00:10:48.960 Pat Duckworth: If you're interested in bioidentical hormone therapy, there are books on that to Suzanne somers has a book on that.

00:10:49.830 --> 00:11:01.740 Pat Duckworth: There are kind of jury's out on bio identical if you speak to an Ob gyn in America, I generally find they're not very keen because they think it sounds more natural than it is.

00:11:02.340 --> 00:11:11.850 Pat Duckworth: But everybody has to find their own way and do their own research that's why it's good to be looking through some books and deciding about the approach that you want to take.

00:11:13.590 --> 00:11:26.250 Pat Duckworth: So let's take a breath, because I hate getting close to the break and let me just quickly bring in my wonderful guests here Jennifer Hello Jennifer how are you today how's the year been going for you so far.

00:11:26.910 --> 00:11:29.850 Jennifer Hough: it's it's been fast it's been.

00:11:30.900 --> 00:11:33.330 Jennifer Hough: it's been moving quickly I gotta say.

00:11:33.450 --> 00:11:38.400 Jennifer Hough: Lots going on, so and i'm excited to be here, so thank you for having me.

00:11:38.790 --> 00:11:49.500 Pat Duckworth: it's wonderful to see you, and so, when did you buy any books, when you got some men or pause or how did you do your own research into what you wanted to do.

00:11:50.040 --> 00:12:00.750 Jennifer Hough: Well, I used to run the largest holistic nutrition practice in Canada, so the place that I started was definitely I love that you are reading all those wonderful.

00:12:01.170 --> 00:12:15.630 Jennifer Hough: names and books that gives support that way, so my first approach was always food and what was interesting is I found the three foods that, as I took them immediately out of my diet, all of the symptoms of.

00:12:16.560 --> 00:12:24.720 Jennifer Hough: All the symptoms associated with being perimenopausal went away I just had no more hot flashes no more night sweats they just went away completely.

00:12:25.290 --> 00:12:38.880 Jennifer Hough: And it was to my benefit that I didn't drink I don't and I didn't drink so so you know not wine not anything I hear that to well I hear from my clients that's a huge one as well.

00:12:39.660 --> 00:12:43.230 Pat Duckworth: yeah it's awful lot of popular message Jennifer you know that people.

00:12:44.610 --> 00:12:47.310 Pat Duckworth: Sometimes women resist me every inch.

00:12:48.360 --> 00:12:56.580 Pat Duckworth: When i'm working one to one with clients or speaking to a group of women, they go, oh no I love my glass of wine, and I say okay.

00:12:56.610 --> 00:12:57.990 Jennifer Hough: That yeah.

00:12:58.500 --> 00:13:10.860 Pat Duckworth: kind of notice what happens when you do it and you might find that there's a pattern that during the week you don't get many hot flushes or you sleep Okay, and then suddenly it gets to the weekend.

00:13:11.430 --> 00:13:18.030 Pat Duckworth: And you're not sleeping so well you're getting more hot flushes pressure more irritable and that's the time when you were having the alcohol.

00:13:18.510 --> 00:13:28.260 Jennifer Hough: Well, the personalities of funny thing, because it would I used to do with my clients to say take an entire week off and everyday chart these three symptoms.

00:13:28.800 --> 00:13:39.720 Jennifer Hough: Do an entire week your normal way you would and chart the same three symptoms, without fail, the week where they were having but, but you then you can't lie to yourself.

00:13:41.340 --> 00:13:49.440 Jennifer Hough: Then you get makeup that it wasn't that but I usually did it with there were there's a standard view things red meat.

00:13:51.000 --> 00:13:52.200 Jennifer Hough: cow cheese.

00:13:53.430 --> 00:14:04.770 Jennifer Hough: I find is a big one, and alcohol definitely and any kind of caffeine caffeinated anything, including chocolate so for a week, they took all of those things out.

00:14:05.490 --> 00:14:14.790 Jennifer Hough: Almost I would say it was 95% of women would say I can't believe that I had no symptoms are you sure it wasn't the moon cycle and.

00:14:16.560 --> 00:14:19.200 Jennifer Hough: it's just the food i'm sorry don't hate me.

00:14:20.400 --> 00:14:23.040 Pat Duckworth: Such common triggers I mean.

00:14:23.880 --> 00:14:28.860 Pat Duckworth: I don't drink a lot of alcohol, so it wasn't a problem for me, I do love a bit of chocolate.

00:14:29.370 --> 00:14:30.120 Jennifer Hough: You know yeah.

00:14:30.330 --> 00:14:34.590 Pat Duckworth: And sometimes i'm going to go to now i'm going to risk it i'm gonna have a bit of chocolate.

00:14:35.220 --> 00:14:35.550 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:14:35.880 --> 00:14:37.560 Jennifer Hough: Good stuff though right.

00:14:38.670 --> 00:14:47.460 Pat Duckworth: yeah the 70% cocoa solids and above those are the ones you want, and you need less of them as well, because you get a lot of satisfaction from.

00:14:48.090 --> 00:14:57.930 Pat Duckworth: already giving our audience such great tips join us after the break when i'll be talking to Jennifer about how we get unstuck see you after the break.

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00:17:11.970 --> 00:17:21.330 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause, and today I have a wonderful leader with me.

00:17:21.900 --> 00:17:37.200 Pat Duckworth: Jennifer half she's the president of the wide awakening and founder of the largest integrative nutrition practice in Canada, which you just mentioned a founded the first mentorship program for complimentary entrepreneurs over two decades ago.

00:17:37.830 --> 00:17:49.080 Pat Duckworth: she's an expert in practical applied physics she's been to doctors executives and thought leaders globally her passion is to make physics practical.

00:17:49.380 --> 00:17:54.270 Pat Duckworth: After working with mystics scientists and shamans from eight different countries.

00:17:54.840 --> 00:18:08.460 Pat Duckworth: To free herself of our own struggle with chronic fatigue and self sabotage she's been on international stages, radio, TV and podcasts and is the author co author of countless books and articles.

00:18:08.880 --> 00:18:21.870 Pat Duckworth: But today is a very special day because her new book unstuck the physics of getting out of your own way is published so not using my wedding anniversary Jennifer it's your birthday.

00:18:22.770 --> 00:18:26.190 Jennifer Hough: When is that I mean coincidence, I think not.

00:18:28.290 --> 00:18:41.550 Pat Duckworth: Double celebration I love, I know that so many of your raving fans have been waiting for today to get their hands on that book is going to be such an enormous success.

00:18:42.510 --> 00:18:55.410 Jennifer Hough: Thank you, thank you, Pat i'm i'm i'm excited and i'm more excited i'm excited about the book but i'm even more excited for people to get the information so that you know life can change it all started.

00:18:56.190 --> 00:19:09.180 Jennifer Hough: You know this whole world of writing the book all started from nutrition, because I only got probably the two thirds of the way better from I almost died so I had my granddad depression.

00:19:10.320 --> 00:19:25.110 Jennifer Hough: I had toxic exposure they caused all Rita havoc with my body so God I just even when I mentioned that I think back to that time and I think to myself wow.

00:19:26.310 --> 00:19:28.800 Jennifer Hough: That time.

00:19:29.880 --> 00:19:41.220 Jennifer Hough: was so awful yeah and to think that i'm like I feel younger and have more energy now than I did in my early 30s when that was happening and.

00:19:43.110 --> 00:19:51.570 Jennifer Hough: that's why I get so passionate about it, because people say Oh, you know i'm just aging or Oh, you know just this way or I can't get better it's too late or.

00:19:51.930 --> 00:20:08.910 Jennifer Hough: You know this is just my genetics and then I think to myself, no, I know that not to be true, I I lived it to actually a few times I was I had meningitis about 10 years after that, and they told me I wouldn't recover from that either so apparently do.

00:20:10.710 --> 00:20:13.170 Pat Duckworth: Who, they are right.

00:20:13.200 --> 00:20:14.610 Pat Duckworth: Right that's right.

00:20:16.980 --> 00:20:18.450 Jennifer Hough: During those days.

00:20:18.480 --> 00:20:18.870 yeah.

00:20:21.600 --> 00:20:23.580 Pat Duckworth: I hope they read your book.

00:20:27.870 --> 00:20:28.710 Jennifer Hough: meet you.

00:20:29.610 --> 00:20:36.030 Pat Duckworth: Yes, shame that we kind of have to go through something to find that.

00:20:36.900 --> 00:20:45.420 Pat Duckworth: Right, we were listening to our bodies, all the time, it probably would have seen more obvious but often we just carry on.

00:20:45.750 --> 00:20:53.100 Pat Duckworth: Things that you know a little bit of an ego and worse and worse and then suddenly there is no option you've got to do something.

00:20:53.190 --> 00:20:55.410 Jennifer Hough: A benefit so true.

00:20:55.950 --> 00:21:01.890 Pat Duckworth: And if only we could get to people first and say, do something and i'm on a bit of a mission on that with menopause is to.

00:21:01.890 --> 00:21:14.100 Pat Duckworth: Say you're doing it learn about it, learn about it and you don't have to get miserable like other women ago oh it's one minute balls life's over and becoming invisible.

00:21:16.290 --> 00:21:16.800 Pat Duckworth: Sorry, I.

00:21:17.250 --> 00:21:17.880 Jennifer Hough: have to happen.

00:21:17.910 --> 00:21:38.490 Jennifer Hough: that's the beauty it just doesn't have to happen there the information is there that's what's so great, and it goes far beyond you know the nutritional aspect, which is what I used to talk about now I am just so all about the the what one might call EPI genetic aspect because.

00:21:39.600 --> 00:21:52.860 Jennifer Hough: Once one understands how miraculous that is there truly is no you you just you can't there's no more excuses you, you can get better anyone can get better so.

00:21:53.220 --> 00:22:12.120 Pat Duckworth: yeah I remember going to have a health screen, when I was at work, years ago, and you know they take like your parents history and but, so the nurse said to me did your mother, have any illnesses and I just started to laugh because she'd had everything.

00:22:14.370 --> 00:22:16.710 Pat Duckworth: started a and what forwards.

00:22:17.160 --> 00:22:27.930 Pat Duckworth: And she said Oh, my goodness, and she's looking at me like I don't know how you're still standing upright and I said but i'm not i'm not getting any of that you know that's not my story that was her.

00:22:27.930 --> 00:22:35.430 Pat Duckworth: story, and she was like oh Okay, and your dad I said oh Okay, he died at 55 inches I.

00:22:38.280 --> 00:22:42.480 Pat Duckworth: know that you know van lives with different to mine and I.

00:22:42.480 --> 00:22:44.820 Pat Duckworth: know my life and.

00:22:44.850 --> 00:22:46.020 Jennifer Hough: hundred percent.

00:22:46.170 --> 00:22:47.280 Jennifer Hough: i'm wondering, good for.

00:22:47.280 --> 00:22:54.960 Jennifer Hough: You, for you know it takes a little it takes quite a bit of courage to be the one that sort of stands up to what's going on and says.

00:22:55.560 --> 00:23:03.960 Jennifer Hough: hmm I don't think it has to be this way you know you're you're you're you and I are anomalous.

00:23:04.380 --> 00:23:13.260 Jennifer Hough: In one way, but in another way we're also it's it's almost like we were put I feel this way, sometimes, and we were put on this planet.

00:23:14.040 --> 00:23:21.300 Jennifer Hough: And we hear the call of all the people that are going through the same thing that we are and we already had our own calling to get better.

00:23:21.780 --> 00:23:36.870 Jennifer Hough: And then, what we did is we started pursuing things you know so when I was when I was in my early 30s after having all that depression and you know all this stuff coming out my skin and just feeling absolutely awful which by the way.

00:23:38.430 --> 00:23:42.780 Jennifer Hough: would have made menopause about a million times worse PS.

00:23:44.640 --> 00:23:55.320 Jennifer Hough: Oh that's another huge variable and menopause, of course, stress, so if your body has no there's something I used to talk about in nutrition, called the organ cushion.

00:23:55.800 --> 00:24:05.820 Jennifer Hough: and your Oregon cushion is how much your organs can take before you start having symptoms so it's it's if you're a concussion is this big.

00:24:06.150 --> 00:24:16.770 Jennifer Hough: You do one thing that takes you over the edge of the cliff and all of a sudden, you start getting symptoms, it could be aches pains headaches, whatever it is, but our body is not our bodies designed to be fluid.

00:24:17.250 --> 00:24:34.500 Jennifer Hough: So I knew that somehow at 3233 years old, that my body should feel really good and that I didn't need to give my power away to genetics and so, even though my body was probably filled with toxins that the doctors leader told me should kill me.

00:24:35.760 --> 00:24:50.160 Jennifer Hough: I still knew that somehow if this spirit is pouring through this body and i'm being called to do things in the world, then my body has the life force to be able to transcend the the symptoms.

00:24:50.220 --> 00:24:51.750 Jennifer Hough: And so, instead of.

00:24:51.750 --> 00:25:06.780 Jennifer Hough: feeling like a victim, I was like a ferret I was, I was just I was going to find the solutions, there was no option to not find the solutions and as a result, you know I.

00:25:07.680 --> 00:25:19.980 Jennifer Hough: I just noticed that that Oregon cushion started getting bigger, but I could take was more so, I could have that piece of chocolate without getting symptoms, I could have.

00:25:20.370 --> 00:25:29.190 Jennifer Hough: You know I could stay up a little later without getting symptom and my body what I found out later that my body always wants to build back yeah.

00:25:29.460 --> 00:25:41.130 Jennifer Hough: And I got that two thirds of the way better, but what happened was, and this is was life changing part What happened was once I got two thirds better i'm like, if I can get two thirds better where's the other third.

00:25:41.190 --> 00:25:44.850 Jennifer Hough: And I realized that the other third had very little to do with nutrition.

00:25:45.360 --> 00:25:50.790 Jennifer Hough: and had to do with the way that I was thinking and the paradigm, through which I saw life.

00:25:52.200 --> 00:26:04.080 Jennifer Hough: was a still a little bit slightly victim he still a little bit giving my power away to my symptoms and food, by the way, in my power to food and symptoms and doctors and all that kind of stuff.

00:26:04.770 --> 00:26:24.120 Jennifer Hough: And I realized that I did not dawn the perspective that life was happening for me, I still had it that what life was having happening to me and I had to manage it, and it wasn't until I started studying epigenetics that the other like I healed the other third of the way.

00:26:24.330 --> 00:26:25.800 Jennifer Hough: You get what i'm saying so.

00:26:26.040 --> 00:26:26.910 Jennifer Hough: Because i've decided.

00:26:26.970 --> 00:26:32.970 Jennifer Hough: I am history and you're a biochemistry is a direct result of the way that we think.

00:26:33.240 --> 00:26:43.350 Jennifer Hough: and nutrition has something to do with it, but a lot of the times, even what we're eating is a direct result of how we're feeling or how we're plugged into life right.

00:26:43.620 --> 00:26:53.070 Jennifer Hough: So if we can change to a different vibration and the way we think what happens is what we're attracted to even changes and everything starts to become easier.

00:26:53.850 --> 00:27:01.200 Pat Duckworth: I love it Jennifer because so many women get to this stage of LIFE they're surrounded by negative messaging.

00:27:01.230 --> 00:27:02.640 Pat Duckworth: about getting older.

00:27:03.090 --> 00:27:12.540 Pat Duckworth: They haven't done any of the research into how they could get through this stage of life or in fact file through it it's just another stage of life.

00:27:12.960 --> 00:27:24.210 Pat Duckworth: yeah and it all gets a bit frightening and then it's the whole thing of all, I feel like i'm getting invisible I don't know who I am anymore, my last myself.

00:27:24.570 --> 00:27:27.570 Pat Duckworth: These common phrases that I hear.

00:27:28.740 --> 00:27:30.930 Jennifer Hough: yeah it's so true and.

00:27:32.790 --> 00:27:34.500 Jennifer Hough: That idea of.

00:27:36.540 --> 00:27:48.450 Jennifer Hough: A imagine this I mean just put yourself in the mind of you know, say when you are eight and footloose and fancy free for most of us, you know somewhat.

00:27:48.960 --> 00:28:04.200 Jennifer Hough: You know and we're not carrying the weight of the world we don't have the responsibility of children we don't there's a there's a certain way we plug into life that's very curious on the adventure if we were blessed enough not to have a tremendously volatile household.

00:28:05.820 --> 00:28:16.050 Jennifer Hough: But that's the way a childhood was designed to be you know we think about getting back to that way of thinking, and we think of it like free and easier and simpler.

00:28:17.310 --> 00:28:25.200 Jennifer Hough: And if we can actually dawn that way of plugging into life curious on the adventure.

00:28:26.250 --> 00:28:39.510 Jennifer Hough: But plugging into it as a 50 year old or a 60 year old or 70 year olds and taking that curious on the adventure enos rather than trying to manage all the scary things that might hurt you.

00:28:40.800 --> 00:28:47.910 Jennifer Hough: All of a sudden, what happens is the adrenal can relax the nervous system starts to be much more happy.

00:28:48.690 --> 00:29:09.630 Jennifer Hough: And the when the nervous system and the adrenal relaxed less neck and shoulder tension less cortisol if there's less cortisol the cortisol doesn't get oxidized therefore fewer hot flashes therefore more mental clarity your memories starts improving and then it's just.

00:29:10.350 --> 00:29:10.920 Jennifer Hough: I mean it.

00:29:11.160 --> 00:29:12.450 Jennifer Hough: it's astounding really.

00:29:12.540 --> 00:29:24.480 Pat Duckworth: it's so different we're going to have to go to the break so after the break we'll be talking more about how you get unstuck so that you can move forward with grace and ease see you after the break.

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00:31:30.210 --> 00:31:34.620 Pat Duckworth: Alright, so busy dancing and enjoying myself I forgot to unmute so welcome.

00:31:34.620 --> 00:31:44.550 Pat Duckworth: back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause so Jennifer so many women tell me at this stage of life.

00:31:44.940 --> 00:31:58.860 Pat Duckworth: That they feel like they don't know their way forward, but they feel stuck but they don't know who they're becoming what's the kind of question they could be asking themselves to help them to move forward.

00:32:01.020 --> 00:32:01.500 Jennifer Hough: well.

00:32:03.420 --> 00:32:23.940 Jennifer Hough: This is where we get into even beyond what I like to call bio physics, so how our biology is connected to the laws of physics now as soon as I say that you know some of the audience goes oh my God she's going to talk about science, I can barely remember where my glasses are so.

00:32:25.140 --> 00:32:33.120 Jennifer Hough: I want you to know that how i'm going to describe this will actually make you excited rather than have you tune out.

00:32:34.350 --> 00:32:39.330 Jennifer Hough: So if we imagine a few things, especially at this phase of life.

00:32:41.310 --> 00:32:43.200 Jennifer Hough: What happens is.

00:32:44.370 --> 00:32:57.480 Jennifer Hough: Our adrenal start to take over some of the function of her ovaries right, and so it puts more of a load remember I talked about Oregon question puts more of a load on your adrenal.

00:32:58.620 --> 00:33:07.860 Jennifer Hough: And so, when you have more of a load on your adrenal one of the fun things that happens is that you're willing to put up with less baloney.

00:33:09.360 --> 00:33:22.230 Jennifer Hough: Because, so this is one of the reasons it's a biological reason for being a little less forgiving of ways that you get treated that are not okay with you.

00:33:23.490 --> 00:33:35.190 Jennifer Hough: it's a biological reason for why you'll settle for nothing less than you deserve so there's already a biological natural propensity towards honoring yourself more.

00:33:36.180 --> 00:33:43.830 Jennifer Hough: Because the dissonance between how you know you ought to be treated and how you are being treated at what you know you should be creating.

00:33:44.220 --> 00:33:52.740 Jennifer Hough: And what life isn't giving etc, etc, that dissonance is something that catalyze is a new way of thinking so already your biology.

00:33:53.280 --> 00:34:06.960 Jennifer Hough: Is lining up for you to be wiser literally because your body can't take it unless you treat yourself that way so it's it's kind of a fun thing but let's talk about the physics part that's the bio that's the bio part.

00:34:07.860 --> 00:34:09.900 Jennifer Hough: physics part is this.

00:34:11.970 --> 00:34:24.060 Jennifer Hough: That we give off we give and when I call it, energy, but for me it's very scientific it's not a it's not a woo concept.

00:34:24.540 --> 00:34:37.950 Jennifer Hough: it's actually the concept of the photons that we give off the photon package little packages of light that we give off that come from different areas of our body, more so from our hands in the bottom of our feet and the top of our heads.

00:34:39.090 --> 00:34:40.050 Jennifer Hough: it's measurable.

00:34:41.100 --> 00:34:47.640 Jennifer Hough: But it comes out of every cell of our body those photons those photons communicate to life.

00:34:49.380 --> 00:34:51.000 Jennifer Hough: And to people around us.

00:34:52.410 --> 00:35:10.560 Jennifer Hough: photons contain information about what you desire what you put up with what you'll settle for what you're asking for how you want to dance with life what you've been through so when in those photons get picked up by other people's cells.

00:35:11.850 --> 00:35:23.700 Jennifer Hough: So people are picking up on these little packages of light that you're emanating it's the reason why we have intuition it's the reason why we have an instinct about things it's the reason why we have.

00:35:24.120 --> 00:35:34.200 Jennifer Hough: Passing thoughts that how did I know that about that person or something i'll come out of your mouth and you'll them Why did I say that or something brilliant where did that come from and.

00:35:34.860 --> 00:35:40.230 Jennifer Hough: All of it is because you're also hearing with your 50 trillion cells, not just your two ears.

00:35:40.710 --> 00:35:48.840 Jennifer Hough: So there's a whole level of hearing that's going on, and if you've lived and you've had children, for instance, even if you haven't but if you've got children.

00:35:49.440 --> 00:35:57.210 Jennifer Hough: you're very attuned to those photons because it's part of the reason why we know when your kid is in trouble, or when they're doing something they shouldn't or.

00:35:57.660 --> 00:36:09.090 Jennifer Hough: When they're unhappy or when they're really super happy and we want to phone them up and they're like I don't know why i'm calling you So how could it transom space, because they might be in an entirely different country and you still know it.

00:36:10.170 --> 00:36:21.570 Jennifer Hough: So this is the the metaphysical reason for how we have intuition, but also how we communicate ourselves like you walked into a room.

00:36:21.990 --> 00:36:38.100 Jennifer Hough: And you don't know why you don't want to sit next to that person and why you really want to go over there and talk to that person there's absolutely no logical reason for it, you just know so and I set out to sort of study that so how you get unstuck.

00:36:39.150 --> 00:36:57.750 Jennifer Hough: In long and short like really shortening it is you start to get really adept at speaking the language of those photons of understanding that LIFE has had your back all the way along that you've been communing with life that way, then you know the whole time.

00:36:58.800 --> 00:37:09.990 Jennifer Hough: And you didn't know it, and as we get more fluid with that language that as we make it more important our.

00:37:11.370 --> 00:37:23.700 Jennifer Hough: Bodies become more attuned to listening to life that way now i'm going to put it in a more biological term right now, instead of physics, because some people hear what I just said and go oh come on.

00:37:24.420 --> 00:37:36.120 Jennifer Hough: What you don't understand is that in Russia and in Germany over 50 years ago they were studying these photon package of late of trees and plants talking to each other, this way.

00:37:36.570 --> 00:37:47.040 Jennifer Hough: So we're even more evolved than a tree or plant, so of course we have a more evolved system of being able to communicate it explains why we just know things we should know.

00:37:47.400 --> 00:37:54.660 Jennifer Hough: But imagine that we could live every day, as though that became more important aspect of the day, where you're actually listening.

00:37:55.140 --> 00:38:05.730 Jennifer Hough: To greater consciousness and having greater awareness of what's going on around you and life, all of a sudden does get scary because you start knowing things that you shouldn't know all the time.

00:38:06.240 --> 00:38:18.720 Jennifer Hough: However, here's the biology of that in the base of your brain is something called a ridiculous activating device, this is just so crazy the particular activating device filters out.

00:38:20.610 --> 00:38:36.390 Jennifer Hough: doesn't even filter out its vigilant, for what you said is important so not only do you have these photons coming and going and kind of have a sense of which direction ago which not to go, etc, etc, we have a whole part of your brain.

00:38:37.770 --> 00:38:38.610 Jennifer Hough: That that.

00:38:39.690 --> 00:38:42.480 Jennifer Hough: To give you an example in my life, it would be.

00:38:44.370 --> 00:38:54.510 Jennifer Hough: You know, is really looking for a partner after I divorced, my first husband, I was really looking for a certain kind of connection.

00:38:55.530 --> 00:38:58.200 Jennifer Hough: And I started checked my list out the window.

00:38:58.290 --> 00:39:00.750 Jennifer Hough: You know the list that you make when you want.

00:39:00.780 --> 00:39:13.200 Jennifer Hough: It, and so I chucked it out the window, because once I started to understand the laws of physics i'm like well the entire universe is conspiring on my behalf i'm probably looking for a package that makes me feel safe.

00:39:14.970 --> 00:39:21.900 Jennifer Hough: Safety be gone, because my life isn't about safety because i'm curious on the adventure I don't want to already know what i'm getting.

00:39:22.980 --> 00:39:31.260 Jennifer Hough: I literally want the best person for me and the resources of all of consciousness will probably need deliver me something better so.

00:39:31.710 --> 00:39:44.250 Jennifer Hough: i'm going to be vigilant for the highest and best person for me and i'm going to be curious on the adventure and kind of lose my filters well my ridiculous activating device made me vigilant for people, I never would have chosen.

00:39:44.430 --> 00:39:46.350 Jennifer Hough: yeah but I noticed, they were funny.

00:39:46.590 --> 00:39:47.820 Jennifer Hough: or they are hilarious.

00:39:48.090 --> 00:39:55.170 Jennifer Hough: or they were great cooks like my husband or they you know things that were never on my list.

00:39:55.320 --> 00:40:06.360 Jennifer Hough: hmm and all of a sudden, you know I found Adam and here he is or it's as simple as you know, I want to get a red Volkswagen beetle.

00:40:06.420 --> 00:40:12.360 Jennifer Hough: And as soon as you start shopping for it your regular academic activating device.

00:40:13.620 --> 00:40:23.160 Jennifer Hough: put you on the road and Everywhere you look someone is driving a red Volkswagen beetle and it's not because there's more red Volkswagen Beatles, although in physics that could be so.

00:40:23.910 --> 00:40:40.800 Jennifer Hough: But even just in your 3D biological life you're the base of your brain is now vigilant, for all the Volkswagen beetles, let alone red ones right so to get unstuck is to start to become conscious.

00:40:41.370 --> 00:40:49.380 Jennifer Hough: about what we've decided is important because not only biologically does it change your life because your brain changes what you're looking for.

00:40:50.880 --> 00:40:58.530 Jennifer Hough: But also metaphysical it changes your life because it tells life itself.

00:40:59.610 --> 00:41:02.730 Jennifer Hough: That you're more interested in.

00:41:04.170 --> 00:41:07.770 Jennifer Hough: You know I had to get over the my husband's filled with tattoos.

00:41:09.060 --> 00:41:15.900 Jennifer Hough: You know I had to get over that it isn't particularly like going for walks in nature, because he's had back operations.

00:41:15.960 --> 00:41:21.750 Jennifer Hough: yeah yeah I kept kind of had to get over a bunch of stuff that I thought should have been on my list.

00:41:21.960 --> 00:41:24.150 Pat Duckworth: I think and and I know.

00:41:24.540 --> 00:41:33.750 Pat Duckworth: My example of that would be after my day of work walk into work and crying and I came home and said to my husband i'm not going to do that anymore.

00:41:34.200 --> 00:41:44.730 Pat Duckworth: And then I started to notice these neuro linguistic programming courses and hypnotherapy and I thought i'd really love i'd love to.

00:41:45.330 --> 00:41:59.880 Pat Duckworth: You know, find out more about that, so I went low I signed up for course I didn't know how I was going to do it because you know, I was working full time I was commuting and Then along came an opportunity to take early retirement.

00:42:00.150 --> 00:42:15.750 Pat Duckworth: it's like the universe way okay here you go, I feel I am having that and I came out of that I was doing the course and then I set up in my business, and so it has rolled on with as soon as I start to really like.

00:42:16.680 --> 00:42:22.830 Pat Duckworth: get an inkling of something I want to be curious about it shows out oh yeah.

00:42:23.250 --> 00:42:24.120 Jennifer Hough: Great yeah and.

00:42:25.410 --> 00:42:35.880 Jennifer Hough: yeah well, I think one of the things where we get stuck with two is so one of my favorite things to do is suggest to people that they use an evidence journal.

00:42:36.690 --> 00:42:47.370 Jennifer Hough: You start collecting evidence for when you actually got out of the way that life sent you exactly what you're looking for.

00:42:47.880 --> 00:42:58.530 Jennifer Hough: Not having that evidence or you know I remember one of the major things I did as a nutritionist is I started using a measurement chart because I noticed that people wouldn't remember how bad they were.

00:42:58.950 --> 00:43:07.920 Jennifer Hough: And they had no idea how good they were getting so I started implementing this measurement chart that I could put it in front of their faces oh yeah.

00:43:08.250 --> 00:43:20.850 Jennifer Hough: yeah I forgot that I was getting headaches almost every day it's really funny and you know it's amazing, though, that when you feel better you forget you forget that's great because now you're not vigilant for the next headache.

00:43:21.810 --> 00:43:31.050 Jennifer Hough: However, it's really great when people get a little bit discouraged I go to my evidence I go to my of my big old evidence journal here.

00:43:31.830 --> 00:43:32.760 Jennifer Hough: all the time.

00:43:33.240 --> 00:43:40.260 Jennifer Hough: When i'm being a dingbat and i'm focused on things that aren't working for me I just look up a bunch of stuff and i'm just reminded.

00:43:41.040 --> 00:43:50.010 Pat Duckworth: it's great advice, and I do that with my clients who come to me for therapy and I get them to fill something out about how they feel at the moment.

00:43:50.520 --> 00:43:57.630 Pat Duckworth: And then I check in with them look, this is how you were feeling because, also as a hypnotherapist I sometimes say to them.

00:43:57.870 --> 00:44:06.570 Pat Duckworth: You might forget to remember how you felt before, and they do so it's really important to be able to remind them that you were not in a good place.

00:44:07.050 --> 00:44:21.210 Pat Duckworth: we're heading for the last break at can't believe time is just whizzing past of here join me after the break when will be getting just the best tips off of Jennifer for how to get unstuck see you after the break.

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00:46:20.130 --> 00:46:37.440 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause where my guest today is the amazing Jennifer half and her book launch days, so it feels like you're giving birth, when you actually publish your book hits that.

00:46:37.440 --> 00:46:51.990 Pat Duckworth: You know you're putting something really that you love and that you spent a lot of time working on and putting out there into the world, so I totally get what this kind of day feels like an opening the box and smelling your books, for the first time.

00:46:54.990 --> 00:47:00.210 Pat Duckworth: Anyway, I need to get all of your wisdom out in just a very short time so.

00:47:02.250 --> 00:47:10.320 Pat Duckworth: What three things can women do to successfully navigate life, despite all the craziness that's going on, give us your top.

00:47:12.540 --> 00:47:28.050 Jennifer Hough: Well, I would say that giving yourself and understanding of the smallest particles of you, and how your mind and your thinking affects the smallest particles of you.

00:47:29.070 --> 00:47:47.550 Jennifer Hough: If you could you could listen to all the teachers, you want, we could talk until we're blue in the face, but until your left logical brain actually has a new understanding of life there isn't an embodied shift and you'll just be trying things.

00:47:48.630 --> 00:47:51.570 Jennifer Hough: In order to make a permanent cellular shift.

00:47:53.130 --> 00:48:00.870 Jennifer Hough: The information has to be taken in kind of in the same way that one does when one finally gets what it's like to ride a bike.

00:48:01.530 --> 00:48:13.500 Jennifer Hough: Or what it when one finally gets what it's like to float in the ocean, or what what the same as you when you finally kind of get skiing or whatever it is for you.

00:48:15.120 --> 00:48:21.990 Jennifer Hough: And so there's a website called that in the process of embodiment make the aim embodiment.

00:48:23.100 --> 00:48:42.840 Jennifer Hough: The embodiment of living, an unstuck life so change your focus now, what are you changing it from any area where you perceive that you think you're broken and you need fixing, because if you approach your life and I talked.

00:48:44.040 --> 00:48:52.530 Jennifer Hough: quite a bit at the beginning of the book about this path, like a lot, because when we perceive ourselves as broken.

00:48:53.220 --> 00:49:09.210 Jennifer Hough: that's already something on your organ pushing it's already adding to your Oregon cushion if you perceive yourself as broken, what if you're not broken at all, what if there's just information that you don't have that's not broken that's just you know not informed.

00:49:09.630 --> 00:49:18.660 Jennifer Hough: yeah that's just thirsty for information that's an entirely different thing than broken and eating fixing, but the problem is, we get marketed to like there's something wrong with us.

00:49:19.200 --> 00:49:32.820 Jennifer Hough: Even you the things that you talk about on your show hot flashes night sweats you know, the lack of energy that meant all the symptoms that happened when we're in this phase of life when we are don't have all the information we need.

00:49:33.930 --> 00:49:35.910 Jennifer Hough: Even though they're not broken this.

00:49:37.110 --> 00:49:39.540 Jennifer Hough: it's just lack of information.

00:49:39.690 --> 00:49:47.220 Jennifer Hough: yeah and the embodiment of that information takes keeping so here's point to keep an evidence journal.

00:49:48.510 --> 00:49:58.080 Jennifer Hough: Do measure everything when I do this this this and this and includes if I was to say right now what to be measuring I would say one.

00:49:58.770 --> 00:50:07.890 Jennifer Hough: Take the top, you know, the effects of the major ones that i've seen for people are alcohol and sugar just put alcohol and sugar.

00:50:08.460 --> 00:50:20.160 Jennifer Hough: And whether you ate those things on the date on that day, then you're going to put stress level zero to 10 then you're going to put how you slept zero to 10 then you're going to put.

00:50:20.940 --> 00:50:28.200 Jennifer Hough: Whether you had symptoms that day of you know you whatever symptoms, you get zero to 10 and you're going to make a list.

00:50:28.620 --> 00:50:40.170 Jennifer Hough: And you just measure it for a month be informed about yourself take your power back understand what's going on in your body, so that you know what to get informed about right.

00:50:40.620 --> 00:50:41.640 Pat Duckworth: Daddy important.

00:50:42.660 --> 00:50:46.350 Pat Duckworth: Often, when clients come to me so let's start with a journal.

00:50:47.430 --> 00:50:50.520 Pat Duckworth: let's start by seeing what happens when.

00:50:51.150 --> 00:50:53.130 Pat Duckworth: it's essential this what happens.

00:50:53.190 --> 00:50:56.220 Pat Duckworth: And really understanding the whole cause and effect.

00:50:56.220 --> 00:51:01.920 Jennifer Hough: yeah if you don't know what the beginning of the bridges, you get you literally can't build the bridge.

00:51:02.190 --> 00:51:04.170 Jennifer Hough: right if you don't know where the beginning is.

00:51:04.590 --> 00:51:17.070 Jennifer Hough: So the third piece is understand epigenetics start to start to understand epigenetic certainly unstuck will give you a really good start.

00:51:17.430 --> 00:51:27.360 Jennifer Hough: Around how the mind affects the body and how you're thinking and and it read the book, because what you'll find at the end of each chapter is an exercise.

00:51:27.930 --> 00:51:41.460 Jennifer Hough: That kind of makes both your particular active activating device vigilant, for what would serve you so that's one thing, it does, but those exercises also pat.

00:51:42.000 --> 00:51:54.360 Jennifer Hough: start to change the photons that you emanate out into existence about who you are and what you're about and what you'll get back from life will all of a sudden magically.

00:51:55.170 --> 00:51:57.360 Jennifer Hough: Change, who comes to you.

00:51:57.750 --> 00:51:59.910 Jennifer Hough: The ways that you're treated.

00:52:00.960 --> 00:52:09.210 Jennifer Hough: And, most certainly, and most importantly epigenetics says that when you change the way you think and the way you perceive life and up level it.

00:52:09.630 --> 00:52:29.520 Jennifer Hough: The genetics that express in your body instantaneously must change because your biochemistry is changing, based on the degree to which your organ cushion is stressed out or not so as you shift your relationship and your perceptions on.

00:52:30.810 --> 00:52:41.670 Jennifer Hough: Health and you know the in the book it covers health and finance and your relationship to the past and all the things that have happened with your family.

00:52:42.030 --> 00:52:53.610 Jennifer Hough: Your relationship to the overwhelm of what's going on in the world, right now, as you come to deeper truths about those your entire bio bio chemistry shifts and your reality as a results.

00:52:54.300 --> 00:53:04.770 Jennifer Hough: Even in a few weeks will change just from changing internals deliberately designed for that to the people don't have to live in overwhelming times of great change.

00:53:05.310 --> 00:53:06.180 Pat Duckworth: yeah because.

00:53:07.320 --> 00:53:18.870 Pat Duckworth: Sometimes you know menopause can feel like this massive change or in this liminal space you're between who you were and who you're becoming, although they were becoming so.

00:53:19.440 --> 00:53:27.240 Pat Duckworth: Anyway, but moving on and so sometimes we've been thing and they get worried because they saw their mother go through menopause.

00:53:27.300 --> 00:53:28.650 Pat Duckworth: And it didn't hate like a.

00:53:29.070 --> 00:53:39.030 Pat Duckworth: Particularly pretty picture and I got all you know all their mothers talk to them about it and said, you know, this is what happened to me and you're just like me, you know you hear that from.

00:53:39.270 --> 00:53:41.040 Jennifer Hough: God don't say that.

00:53:41.070 --> 00:53:42.180 Pat Duckworth: Just like me.

00:53:43.290 --> 00:53:55.290 Pat Duckworth: I always start when i'm talking about Simpsons i'm talking about the factors that can affect it, you might think that if your mother had one particular type of menopause that's what yours is going to be like.

00:53:55.530 --> 00:54:00.420 Pat Duckworth: Let me know now Firstly, your genes were only a part of all of this.

00:54:00.510 --> 00:54:20.310 Pat Duckworth: Yes, so much else going on, and even if you've got some genes that are related to this, they don't have to express I mean what you're saying about epigenetics you know this, you have to be your experience you can make that decision and that choice and so you're gonna have a great.

00:54:21.780 --> 00:54:30.870 Jennifer Hough: Right and and then go and do the things that actually give you that result because, again, it goes back to the education right.

00:54:31.200 --> 00:54:46.050 Jennifer Hough: be educated in yourself go and look up the things that you need to know in order to be empowered yeah for your own experience of menopause or, quite frankly, have any health issue.

00:54:46.290 --> 00:54:56.730 Pat Duckworth: yeah yeah it's it's all out I know we're running out of time, and so where should our listeners go to find out more about the book or more about you Jennifer.

00:54:57.990 --> 00:55:09.660 Jennifer Hough: Well, they can go to the wide awakening COM forward slash unstuck and what we're doing as a result of the book is first of all we're doing an amazing sort of celebration party.

00:55:10.440 --> 00:55:29.160 Jennifer Hough: Today, and then what we're also doing is on that page you'll find some of those resources about epigenetics once you register will email you that some amazing charts and tools, the workbook to follow, along with from the book.

00:55:30.420 --> 00:55:35.670 Jennifer Hough: And we're also doing a free class on how to decide how to actually live.

00:55:36.780 --> 00:55:49.050 Jennifer Hough: A life in your superpowers like really embody your superpowers and we're going to do a free workshop coming up, so you get the date and the details we usually charge like $300 for that workshop so it'll be.

00:55:49.380 --> 00:55:49.680 amazing.

00:55:51.450 --> 00:55:52.920 Jennifer Hough: Oh you're coming.

00:55:54.570 --> 00:55:55.140 Jennifer Hough: done.

00:55:55.260 --> 00:55:56.310 Pat Duckworth: On a very, very.

00:55:56.850 --> 00:55:58.350 Jennifer Hough: Wide

00:55:58.350 --> 00:56:01.590 Jennifer Hough: Forward slash unstuck pat you you're in.

00:56:01.770 --> 00:56:06.150 Pat Duckworth: We will put it underneath the recording so everybody can see that Thank you.

00:56:06.210 --> 00:56:16.590 Pat Duckworth: So much Jeff it's been such a celebrations be with you on your book baby's birthday and it's just going to be such a massive bestseller I can't wait.

00:56:17.040 --> 00:56:28.410 Pat Duckworth: And thank you to all our listeners, thank you to my wonderful producer today Sam leibovitz stay tuned for the wonderful Dr carolyn Curry avery that.

00:56:28.920 --> 00:56:43.350 Pat Duckworth: tlc talking about racism and, as always, such an amazing show see you next week when we'll have another show and another great guest, so thank you everybody for listening see you on the hot women rock radio show.

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