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Monday, December 12, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/12 - The Edge of Both Worlds with Peruquois

Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/12 - The Edge of Both Worlds with Peruquois


2022/12/12 - The Edge of Both Worlds with Peruquois

[NEW EPISODE]  The Edge of Both Worlds with Peruquois

Mondays 7:00pm - 8:00pm (EDT).


- How can you connect with your Voice, both somatically and as a truth teller, to heal?

- What is the Mother Wound and how do you embrace and transform it?

- What is the relationship of Ego and Surrender in connecting with your deepest nature?


International recording star, renowned wisdom teacher, accomplished female shaman, master of multicultural music from jazz to Indian Classic to a sound uniquely her own, Peruquois opens women to a part of themselves often long buried, or maybe never even discovered. She is committed to helping women experience a true deep love of themselves. 

Using an ultra-high/low overtone form of singing she developed, Peruquois can produce up to four voices at a time! A unique sound that has been scientifically-tested to heal in many concerts conducted with her.

But it’s her remarkable story of how this extraordinary voice unfolded that is so compelling! 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra welcomes us to the 50th episode of The Edge of Everyday! Tonight, Sandra is joined by International recording star, renowned wisdom teacher, accomplished female shaman, master of multicultural music from jazz to Indian Classic to a sound uniquely her own, Peruquois Frances. Peruquois has created various cds of her beautiful work and has performed in concerts and workshops around the world. Her first public performance using her unique ultra-high/low overtone singing happened in 2016 at a meditation concert Voice and Cosmos at the largest planetarium in Europe. Perquois has created deep practices that have become a part of the foundation of her workshops which you can learn more about at Sandra mentions how she felt an instant connection with her and how they have become good friends. She also asks Peruquois about what identity(s) she leads with today. Peruquois comes to us in this episode via Thailand! She talks about the various identities she leads with in her life or as she speaks about, in her earlier life as well. She mentions killing her past identities, subconsciously, for reasons like trying to fulfill a role her first husband put on her. She talks about the physical and mental challenge when changing instead of trying to be someone she wasn’t. Peruqiuois talks about having fluidity, where she is not locked into an identity anymore. Sandra reads an opening invocation in honoring their conversation.

Segment 2

Sandra mentions the theme of spiritual mother as she learned more about Peruquois. Peruquois talks with Sandra about the relationship that women have with their mothers. She mentions that her mother moved away from her when she was 15 and married a man who lived in another part of the state. Peruquois eventually moved in with someone she did not know. This person was a single mother, 21, and a musician. They became like sisters. This person recognized Peruquois’ amazing singing voice and fought for her to continue; she sent her to work with a music teacher. She mentions how her grandparents were the ones that bought music into her life. Although her mother never really supported her with her passion. At the age of 17 turning 18, she left home to go across the country to visit her aunt. Her aunt told her how she had a vision about her life and that she would be a jazz musician and singer. She talks about the year ahead which was of hard work and emotional clinging as well. Peruquois opens up with us about losing her virginity without her consent. This year, she recognized her calling and was healing. Letting go of the grief, pain, and shame, her journey was filled with activities like walking through the forest and releasing sounds with her voice. Peruquois talks about living the second step of her aunt’s vision in Sydney Australia where she met a Native American man at a festival. Going on the stage herself with this man, she released an energy that had come up from feeling lost, alone and unfulfilled.

Segment 3

Peruquois talks about her calling to work with women. She mentions that today a lot of our energy is brought up to the mind which is why we may see an uptick in psychosis in the world. Whether you are a man or woman, the feminine connection or connection in general is through the body. She talks about feeling an enormous flow of unconditional love from the planet around the time she met the Native American man. But this love she describes is more like a vibrational field of love. She says that when we cut this connection to her, believing moe in progress, the mind, logic and more, we lose something very important. Peruquois talks about the fundamental idea she sees in women is to “clear the life chanel” that flows from the head all the way through the feet. It's blocked up with so many emotions and trauma. She says that in the world, women’s sexuality has been deeply misunderstood, used , abused and objectified. Today, she says that women are sexualizing themselves and hurting themselves on social media. But Peruquois says that what they really want is to be seen for who they truly are, as loving and beautiful women. In her workshops, she helps women by guiding them through feminine mediations and helps clean out the distortions and painful experiences to find their feminine energy. Using an example of abortion, she says that when working with women, if she can't be in the room with them, she creates soundtracks using her voice to create a space for them to feel unconditional love and support like she's being “mothered” with her voice. Her soundtracks help them let go through voice and body movement their grief, guilt, and trauma, but they also address the positive movements in finding their feminine energy.

Segment 4

Peruquois talks about her music which consists of a blend of a mixture of the places she's lived and visited throughout her life like Indian classical, middle eastern, and tribal music. She says that the center of the theme of this blend is waking up and celebrating life as well as love and supporting the energy growing in us to make us open our hearts. She relates their conversation earlier about not being locked into a specific identity. Likewise, with her music, she is not locked into a style. Depending on where you go in the world there are many different musical expressions. She also talks about overtones in her voice when creating the soundtracks and how she uses her voice without lyrics to communicate with everyone, even those who don't speak english. She describes how she incorporates this as well as visual aspects into her concerts. If you go to, you can find these soundtracks and more based on the topics like grief or trauma through courses. Before closing the show, Peruquois tells us to put your hand over your heart, take a deep breath and tell your heart “I love you.” You can watch this episode and catch Sandra’s previous episodes with her amazing guests at on her channel called Sandra Bargman on The Edge of Everyday.


00:00:14.380 --> 00:00:17.130 welcome everyone. I'm Sandra Bardman.

00:00:17.450 --> 00:00:28.189 A few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the Edge of every day, which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions we all face and grapple with

00:00:28.600 --> 00:00:35.539 the shows hit a nerve, and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time more than I could have foreseen.

00:00:35.680 --> 00:00:36.410 So

00:00:36.430 --> 00:00:53.670 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: here we are. It's real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark provocative invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everything. Thanks for listening. Hello, everyone.

00:00:53.800 --> 00:01:07.929 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Thank you for joining me on the edge of every day. Here, Dot Nyc. Tonight we are live in the hive with international singer-songwriter and healer parquis

00:01:07.940 --> 00:01:16.339 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: for our fiftieth episode, entitled the Edge of both Worlds on this powerful date of 1,222

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00:02:04.760 --> 00:02:24.349 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: This is a show about pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations, and shared stories with friends and colleagues. It's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges. And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:02:24.460 --> 00:02:35.079 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: those places where we're resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings, both internally

00:02:35.150 --> 00:02:43.469 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: in the world around us. Listen. We live in edgy, tumultuous times and people are complex.

00:02:43.580 --> 00:02:57.039 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: The more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that, I fully believe can help to change the world. So thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:58.340 --> 00:03:04.690 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this week

00:03:05.820 --> 00:03:21.670 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: International recording Star composer, renowned wisdom, teacher, accomplished female Shaman, master of multicultural music, from jazz to Indian classic to a sound uniquely her own

00:03:21.680 --> 00:03:29.279 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Paracore opens women to the part of themselves, often long buried, or may be never even discovered.

00:03:29.580 --> 00:03:35.189 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: She is committed to helping women experience a true, deep love of themselves.

00:03:35.690 --> 00:03:52.390 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: bringing forth an extraordinary healing sound that is part singing in a range never heard before on the planet, and part multi-dimensional healing. Paracqua fills huge stadiums, arenas, and concert halls around the world.

00:03:52.490 --> 00:03:56.580 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Here, in North America she is still a mystery to be discovered

00:03:56.650 --> 00:03:58.669 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: but it's only a matter of time

00:03:59.390 --> 00:04:09.249 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: using an ultra-high low overtone form of singing that she developed paracqua can produce up to 4 voices at a time

00:04:09.550 --> 00:04:15.299 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: unique sound that has been scientifically tested during her concerts to heal the.

00:04:15.580 --> 00:04:20.839 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: But it's her remarkable story of how this voice unfolded that is so compelling

00:04:21.180 --> 00:04:37.349 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: her influence, has spread through the success of globally explosive Cds. Along with concerts and workshops around the world. Pericos first public performance, using her unique ultra-high low overtone singing

00:04:37.440 --> 00:04:47.300 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: occurred in 2,016 at a meditation concert voice and cosmos at the largest planetarium in Europe.

00:04:47.450 --> 00:04:54.279 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: From 2,000 to 2,017 she has put out a total of 12 CD. Albums

00:04:54.680 --> 00:05:11.849 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: branded as the voice of the sacred feminine and the voice of Mother Earth. Paracqua expresses the very feminine soul of sound, and has created deep practices called vocal yoga, vocal tantra, and emotional cleansing

00:05:11.860 --> 00:05:19.780 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: that have become part of the foundation for her potent workshops. You can find her at

00:05:20.440 --> 00:05:22.810 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: welcome Paraguay.

00:05:25.420 --> 00:05:28.040 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: You need to unmute my friend.

00:05:29.450 --> 00:05:32.680 peruquois frances: Very, very happy to be with you.

00:05:33.330 --> 00:05:37.440 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: It it's good morning to you.

00:05:37.750 --> 00:05:39.910 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: And where are you tuning in from?

00:05:40.460 --> 00:05:43.640 peruquois frances: today? I'm tuning in from Thailand.

00:05:44.220 --> 00:05:45.960 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Oh, I love it!

00:05:46.260 --> 00:05:51.580 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: That's a beautiful background. We we're envying you your warmth.

00:05:51.720 --> 00:05:54.299 peruquois frances: Oh.

00:05:54.450 --> 00:06:09.730 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: so I've definitely gone up a few degrees. Well, it's, and it's not too cold here, although we did have a glorious, glorious snowfall here in the Catskill Mountains. It was light and fluffy and magic.

00:06:10.000 --> 00:06:11.379 peruquois frances: I love that

00:06:11.500 --> 00:06:12.680 peruquois frances: truly true.

00:06:12.880 --> 00:06:17.079 peruquois frances: But I mean the tropics is the snow.

00:06:17.190 --> 00:06:24.860 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Well, before we dive in, I like to tell my friends, my listeners and friends, how my guests have come to me.

00:06:24.900 --> 00:06:36.429 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and you came through Sam Leibowitz, our fearless leader at talk radio, Nyc but we had a lovely connection. Pre-chat Prior

00:06:36.450 --> 00:06:41.769 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and I feel through that conversation and through all of the wonderful

00:06:42.180 --> 00:06:53.300 peruquois frances: research that I did on you this week, that we are friends, and it's beautiful.

00:06:53.810 --> 00:07:11.439 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: So I think many of your audience feel that way with you. Well, I hope so. That's my goal. That's very kind of you. we're we're trying to have some real conversations here parallel, I mean, you know. What else are we going to have in these days, these tumultuous times.

00:07:11.520 --> 00:07:13.530 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: where people really need to get real.

00:07:13.810 --> 00:07:17.140 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and they need to get real about the things that are.

00:07:18.310 --> 00:07:22.309 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: It changes the quick changes that we're going through here on Mother Earth.

00:07:24.370 --> 00:07:36.809 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Oh, beautiful! She agreed. The bird behind you agreed so, anyway. My first question for you is one that I absolutely adore asking.

00:07:37.150 --> 00:07:40.250 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: because it elicits such

00:07:41.560 --> 00:07:48.289 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: a vast array of responses, and given the times that we're in, and given the identity

00:07:48.860 --> 00:07:51.890 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: fluidity that we are embracing

00:07:52.280 --> 00:07:54.660 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: in our times, and given

00:07:55.050 --> 00:07:58.310 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: the identities that I know that you have

00:07:59.290 --> 00:08:01.490 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: moved through in your life

00:08:03.120 --> 00:08:10.840 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: today in 2,022. What identity or identities do you lead with

00:08:11.330 --> 00:08:14.549 peruquois frances: Do I lead with you do you lead with

00:08:17.490 --> 00:08:23.049 peruquois frances: you know, identity for me has been one of those wonderful teachers

00:08:23.090 --> 00:08:42.600 peruquois frances: where I've built an identity, you know, and in my earlier life I've had a few. I was the jazz singer, and that identity got destroyed. The next I did do. The grew as I was very much the medicine woman when I was married to a native American shaman.

00:08:42.799 --> 00:08:53.899 peruquois frances: and after about maybe 12 years, I got so sick with that identity because everybody said, You are so strong you can help me to heal, etc.,

00:08:53.970 --> 00:08:57.700 peruquois frances: and it was a very, very heavy identity to carry up.

00:08:57.980 --> 00:08:59.330 peruquois frances: you know, to be

00:08:59.360 --> 00:09:06.389 peruquois frances: be somebody for a lot of people. So I actually had to kill that identity, and I nearly died whilst I was doing it.

00:09:06.480 --> 00:09:24.750 peruquois frances: And because when I was killing this identity, and it was a subconscious killing, because I mean, I just realized that I could not be this anymore. And it was not really, truly who I was. It was. It was me trying to fulfill a role that my first husband had put on me the medicine and shop

00:09:25.230 --> 00:09:26.580 and

00:09:27.020 --> 00:09:41.119 peruquois frances: and when I faced it it was like something inside was also dying with it. So I got terribly, terribly sick, which is often what happens when we're facing, and I have kind of a false identity that we've created, you know.

00:09:42.010 --> 00:09:55.049 peruquois frances: and my back collapsed. I got terrible fungus in my body. It was just it was really close to death, and eventually that identity died, and it was terrifying because it was like, Well, who am I if i'm not that, you know.

00:09:55.530 --> 00:10:01.340 peruquois frances: And then out of that grew a whole new woman, and for a long time

00:10:01.430 --> 00:10:12.059 peruquois frances: I was very much the woman of Tantra, and a woman of like a teacher for people. So I went from the medicine woman to having these very

00:10:12.090 --> 00:10:16.889 peruquois frances: hmm sensual teacher or feminine teacher to women.

00:10:16.980 --> 00:10:33.369 peruquois frances: And at the time I was also with a with a Tantrick realized man, and so I built a whole identity around being that to very Central Tantric teacher. Well, that the density, I realized, had to die as.

00:10:33.650 --> 00:10:37.350 peruquois frances: and that was yet another painful death, because

00:10:37.840 --> 00:10:41.840 peruquois frances: what that identity made me realize was that

00:10:41.950 --> 00:10:46.340 peruquois frances: I didn't need to be anything in terms of

00:10:46.600 --> 00:10:55.419 peruquois frances: as something eventually. What it led me to was this enormous, enormous, enormous love inside.

00:10:55.960 --> 00:10:57.399 peruquois frances: and I realized that

00:10:57.420 --> 00:11:09.109 peruquois frances: I was an identity. I was actually the expression of that love, and that love has so many different faces, you know. And you know, especially being in a woman's body.

00:11:09.120 --> 00:11:22.070 peruquois frances: It's like always changing like every minute. 1 min i'm like a girl next minute, like a wise woman. I'm like, you know, i'm the singer, and the before my next minute. I don't know i'm just being stupid with my daughter. It's like.

00:11:22.160 --> 00:11:32.430 peruquois frances: And now I what I feel like I have is fluidity. Mention this word earlier in the in your speech is fluidity where I'm. Not locked into an identity.

00:11:32.520 --> 00:11:38.260 peruquois frances: But what I do see in the world is people were to make identities out of you.

00:11:38.430 --> 00:11:45.019 peruquois frances: it out of you when they want to cling to them for themselves, and it's for themselves. And so, whenever anybody says.

00:11:45.050 --> 00:11:56.720 peruquois frances: oh, you are these. It's like, I know that i'm these like, for example them. I say, you are like my mother. You are my spiritual mother, or something like this, i'll say, Well.

00:11:56.830 --> 00:12:00.750 peruquois frances: I understand that they are learning to mother themselves inside right.

00:12:00.800 --> 00:12:19.919 peruquois frances: and i'm marrying that wise woman is inside of them, although, say to me You're like a goddess. You are so beautiful, etc., and said, yeah, this is the beauty that's opening inside of her. She's really starting to see it now. So that's why she can see me. So I've learned that any identities that

00:12:20.060 --> 00:12:25.739 peruquois frances: you know that people put on me is definitely because they're seeing things inside themselves.

00:12:26.230 --> 00:12:27.680 peruquois frances: And

00:12:27.880 --> 00:12:31.719 peruquois frances: that's really free, you know, because

00:12:31.800 --> 00:12:36.369 peruquois frances: and then I don't have to be in anything, and I can be very fluid between

00:12:36.430 --> 00:12:41.709 peruquois frances: whatever that moment of life inspires.

00:12:42.190 --> 00:12:59.820 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Yeah, yeah. So that's that's where i'm at in terms of I love it. I love it and your spiritual it. The spiritual mother is a a perfect seg. We're going to need to go on break. And but the idea of us spiritual mother is a perfect seg into what I want to focus on

00:13:00.850 --> 00:13:09.369 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: in our next section. We're going to go for a couple of minutes break, and you're going to get muted, and you're going to need to unmute when we come back in.

00:13:09.490 --> 00:13:11.389 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: But before we do that

00:13:11.580 --> 00:13:13.680 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: i'm going to quick, I in

00:13:15.230 --> 00:13:17.240 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: preparation. I've lit a candle

00:13:17.340 --> 00:13:20.520 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: for our time together, and said my

00:13:20.550 --> 00:13:28.700 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: my prayers, and I I and I want to read this opening invocation in honor of our conversation before we go to break

00:13:31.360 --> 00:13:38.009 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: you who are as vast as the universe, and you who are as personal as my heartbeat.

00:13:39.190 --> 00:13:42.560 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: help me always to speak the truth quietly.

00:13:42.870 --> 00:13:46.319 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: to listen with an open mind when others speak.

00:13:46.460 --> 00:13:50.440 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and to remember the piece that may be found in silence.

00:13:51.050 --> 00:13:54.529 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: The wisdom of the universe is truth.

00:13:54.670 --> 00:13:59.669 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and this wisdom, love, and truth flows through me.

00:14:00.410 --> 00:14:04.560 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Help me to be a person of truth in all that I say.

00:14:04.840 --> 00:14:06.780 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and in all that I do

00:14:07.510 --> 00:14:13.150 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: open the gate of consciousness through the beauty and the power of our voices

00:14:13.350 --> 00:14:15.519 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and of our love.

00:14:15.750 --> 00:14:19.170 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and allow each of us to be seen

00:14:19.200 --> 00:14:20.770 and to be heard

00:14:20.860 --> 00:14:21.950 more fully.

00:14:22.520 --> 00:14:23.959 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: And so it is.

00:14:25.030 --> 00:14:31.119 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: And when we come back with Paracqua we are going to dive into

00:14:31.270 --> 00:14:39.080 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: the theme of the mother, the spiritual mother. When we come back with Paracqua on the edge of every day. Stay tuned.

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00:16:32.800 --> 00:16:33.430 you

00:16:37.860 --> 00:16:39.570 chipping around!

00:16:39.900 --> 00:16:41.909 Keep my brain.

00:16:41.990 --> 00:16:43.210 He's on the day.

00:16:43.270 --> 00:16:46.040 is it?

00:16:47.000 --> 00:16:48.870 But oh.

00:16:50.050 --> 00:16:55.089 on the edge of every day, and we are back.

00:16:57.510 --> 00:17:02.450 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and we are back. We'll need you to unmute. There she is.

00:17:02.590 --> 00:17:06.170 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and we are back with a wonderful paragraph.

00:17:06.569 --> 00:17:11.560 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: although you go by paragraph which I love You're just Paracqua. I love that.

00:17:12.460 --> 00:17:13.339 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Okay.

00:17:13.400 --> 00:17:14.970 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: so.

00:17:16.140 --> 00:17:32.119 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: And listening to your story, I was so the word mother just kept coming up and coming up and coming up in all of the wonderful research and listenings that I've done with all of your online presence. And I thought, Wow, what a mother theme!

00:17:32.130 --> 00:17:38.450 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: You have, spiritual mother. You know your relationship, and I use the term mother wound, meaning

00:17:38.760 --> 00:17:49.239 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: the the relationship that we have with a a mother that can be a result of the patriarchal society that we live in.

00:17:49.430 --> 00:18:08.999 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and it doesn't necessarily mean to imply that you have a horrible relationship with your mother, although that can be the case. But you know you had a an interesting relationship. I won't, speak for you about with your mother, and then, you know, then you've moved, and it can be translated into your relationship with Mother Earth.

00:18:09.080 --> 00:18:10.190 peruquois frances: So

00:18:10.390 --> 00:18:13.059 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: at 15 you

00:18:13.180 --> 00:18:14.510 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: left home.

00:18:14.780 --> 00:18:19.750 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and then you connected with another mother figure at 17,

00:18:20.000 --> 00:18:29.060 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: who was to change your life? Can you tell us? Give us that story, that portion of your life that led into your discovery of all of this vocal

00:18:29.440 --> 00:18:30.530 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: prowess.

00:18:30.820 --> 00:18:43.190 peruquois frances: Yeah, definitely. you know. Sometimes when we have a very difficult relationship, and I've definitely spoken to a lot of different women about a similar story

00:18:43.510 --> 00:18:48.680 peruquois frances: we called often. The parting of the relationship is quite early in life, you know.

00:18:48.730 --> 00:18:56.039 peruquois frances: And it was for me, for sure. My mother actually moved away from me when I was 15 and married. A man

00:18:56.530 --> 00:18:59.679 peruquois frances: lived in another part of the state.

00:18:59.990 --> 00:19:03.959 peruquois frances: and it was my great blessing actually, in a way.

00:19:04.260 --> 00:19:22.199 peruquois frances: And when I was at 16 she said to me, My daughter, I need to sell this house because i'm too in debt. So you need to go and rent somewhere like this. Look in the newspaper. Go and rent an apartment with somebody, you know I can contribute a very small amount of money to your rent, but that's it, you know you can on your own.

00:19:22.390 --> 00:19:24.740 peruquois frances: and so that's what I did.

00:19:24.840 --> 00:19:28.649 peruquois frances: and I moved in with somebody I didn't know.

00:19:28.800 --> 00:19:48.360 peruquois frances: and which you know it's it's kind of fun the initiation, I think, especially in the West, where you you know you. You go out on your heroin's journey, and you meet someone in the woods absolutely well. Who I met in the woods was was another black sheep a bit like me, and she was about 21

00:19:48.370 --> 00:19:51.069 peruquois frances: single mother. She was a musician.

00:19:51.150 --> 00:20:07.619 peruquois frances: and a you a failed university student, because she'd become a single mother, and when I met her it was like her daughter, completely claimed me as a mother, and she herself. We became like sisters, and the first thing she recognized in me she said.

00:20:07.630 --> 00:20:13.429 peruquois frances: Oh, my God, you've got the most beautiful singing voice, you know. How are you trained? And I said.

00:20:13.450 --> 00:20:25.110 peruquois frances: Oh, no, no, no! It was just kind of like a childhood dream, you know, When I was 5 years old I I thought i'd be a singer, and I. I grew up with musician grandparents, so i' a lot of your mother was not.

00:20:25.900 --> 00:20:32.809 peruquois frances: but my mother was totally anti music. She was just like, for her music meant poverty.

00:20:32.850 --> 00:20:34.930 peruquois frances: So she was terrified that

00:20:35.000 --> 00:20:49.489 peruquois frances: her daughter would become a you know, a singer or something. So she completely pressed the music down in me. So I would go to my grandparents and be like singing, and so happy, you know. And then I come back home to my a real life, and it was 101,

00:20:49.700 --> 00:20:51.619 peruquois frances: and that's how I live my life

00:20:51.910 --> 00:21:02.340 peruquois frances: theft, my wing, you know, at 15. And so by the time I was 16 something was brewing inside, and suddenly it got recognized by this flatmate who was a musician.

00:21:02.400 --> 00:21:09.200 peruquois frances: What's this voice you got? And I said by this stage I devalued it so much that

00:21:09.630 --> 00:21:22.050 peruquois frances: I wasn't even singing. I wasn't training and she said, No, i'm going to stand for you. I'm sending you to a music teacher, and you've got to go and do some lessons, which is what I did. And I remember my first lesson.

00:21:22.310 --> 00:21:39.230 peruquois frances: I just, she said what he would have seen, and I started singing something with her. It was an old jazz tune, because my grandparents were jazz musicians. I'm crying and crying, i'm so embarrassed. And this woman was quite a mature teacher, and she said, don't worry, dear. It's normal where every time I went to I

00:21:39.240 --> 00:21:46.070 peruquois frances: why my eyes out? Because all this emotion was coming out of me, you know, and my soul was really

00:21:46.620 --> 00:21:53.900 peruquois frances: and grief. It was grief and my soul like. Finally, Finally she, you know.

00:21:54.060 --> 00:21:56.340 peruquois frances: and well.

00:21:56.500 --> 00:22:01.250 peruquois frances: I told my mother just before my seventeenth birthday, I said, You know what mom

00:22:01.380 --> 00:22:10.609 peruquois frances: anything i'm going to be a psychologist, she said. What? And I said, No, I think I'm going to be like a singing actress. And she laughed. Me, she said

00:22:11.370 --> 00:22:18.319 peruquois frances: she said, you don't have that kind of gift, you cats. Oh, my goodness!

00:22:19.100 --> 00:22:29.680 peruquois frances: And and I said, yeah, and tomorrow i'm getting on a bus, and i'm going to the other side of the country, which was 40 h away, and I'm going to go to Neva, which was my mother's sister.

00:22:29.910 --> 00:22:38.550 peruquois frances: and she said, what! You're going to her. She's crazy. And I said, yeah, i'm gonna go and visit her. Well, I went to my aunt here. I got off the bus.

00:22:38.640 --> 00:22:44.360 peruquois frances: and she said, oh, I have a surprise for you. I'm taking you to the forest for a week with some horses.

00:22:44.680 --> 00:22:50.639 peruquois frances: Well, it was the day. It was basically. Just before my eighteenth birthday now.

00:22:50.840 --> 00:23:06.109 peruquois frances: And she said to me, I've had a vision. And she said, I've seen your life, and you're not going to be like a singing actress. You're gonna be jazz musician and the jazz singer, and you're gonna go to Conservatorium and you know you're going to

00:23:06.420 --> 00:23:12.530 peruquois frances: then go to the biggest Sydney city in Australia, which is in, and then to America, and then to the World State.

00:23:13.150 --> 00:23:20.399 peruquois frances: and I was like auntie, that is insane, because you know how much musical I have training like, you know, a few months of classes. But you did.

00:23:20.840 --> 00:23:23.819 peruquois frances: It's impossible, and I did so. It was

00:23:24.000 --> 00:23:26.479 peruquois frances: a year of really hard work.

00:23:26.640 --> 00:23:36.790 peruquois frances: a year, a lot of emotional cleaning actually at this stage, because in the same moment as I had this vision for my auntie.

00:23:37.050 --> 00:23:39.440 peruquois frances: her boyfriend in that forest

00:23:39.510 --> 00:23:40.569 peruquois frances: right to me.

00:23:41.240 --> 00:23:43.420 peruquois frances: and I lost my Virginia.

00:23:43.720 --> 00:23:44.900 peruquois frances: The man

00:23:44.940 --> 00:23:53.170 peruquois frances: who was my dearest, my aunt, was my dearest inspiration, and I lost my virginity to her partner in that forest.

00:23:53.250 --> 00:24:00.570 peruquois frances: and I was suddenly a mess, you know. But at the same time my vision had like my inspiration in switch to us. It was all happening at once.

00:24:00.630 --> 00:24:03.190 peruquois frances: And so basically I took a year

00:24:03.370 --> 00:24:05.750 peruquois frances: to recognize

00:24:06.120 --> 00:24:06.960 peruquois frances: that

00:24:07.290 --> 00:24:09.839 peruquois frances: this calling was

00:24:09.880 --> 00:24:14.029 peruquois frances: not just to sing for jazz, but to sing for healing, you know.

00:24:14.270 --> 00:24:18.689 peruquois frances: And she made me write that vision down, and I did.

00:24:18.890 --> 00:24:37.510 peruquois frances: and at the same time I realized I had to heal the pain inside of me that I was carrying from this rape that eventually I revealed to. I kept her a secret for the first couple of months. But then I reviewed, you know. Yes, he right me. And so that actually is what totally switched on my healing process, because

00:24:37.810 --> 00:24:43.919 peruquois frances: I realized that I couldn't carry the grief and the shame inside of me that I felt.

00:24:44.270 --> 00:24:49.390 peruquois frances: And what did I do to heal it. I went into the forest.

00:24:49.660 --> 00:24:52.980 peruquois frances: and I start to walk every day.

00:24:53.300 --> 00:25:11.300 peruquois frances: and I started to just let this pain come out of man out. First of all, I started using sounds just like oh, like grieving kind of sounds, you know, and those grieving sounds turned into like oh, and all these strange sounds that to come out of me was kind of like somewhere between singing and sounding.

00:25:11.520 --> 00:25:16.059 peruquois frances: and I actually started to let all of that grief and that shame

00:25:16.120 --> 00:25:17.899 peruquois frances: pain out of my body.

00:25:18.120 --> 00:25:34.849 peruquois frances: and that actually began my real connection between the voice and healing. So it's amazing how the most awful thing can also be the thing that opens us up to some new understanding.

00:25:35.230 --> 00:25:41.069 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Major Traumas on that heroin's journey that just kept going for you. So you then you

00:25:41.850 --> 00:25:43.170 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: So you did

00:25:44.200 --> 00:25:47.960 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: become a jazz singer, and you you were

00:25:48.960 --> 00:25:57.510 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: a part of of that world, and lived in the city, and really, you know, and and grew that identity, and then

00:25:57.880 --> 00:26:01.959 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: i'm. So we've got 2 min to break. So.

00:26:02.110 --> 00:26:07.870 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: But let's keep with this, and we can pick it up after the break. and then you met

00:26:08.240 --> 00:26:16.719 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: It's someone who was to change your life, and also contributed to all of this growth and connection with the healing and the voice.

00:26:16.880 --> 00:26:21.129 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: And and how did that happen? How did that occur? It was with your aunt. Yes.

00:26:21.520 --> 00:26:33.970 peruquois frances: actually no. I'd already moved. But I I was in the second step of the vision she made himself in Sydney, Australia by this stage on the opposite side of the country, but she was definitely triggered. She said, there's a man coming, and you have to meet.

00:26:34.070 --> 00:26:46.709 peruquois frances: You know she You know she was a psychic because, she said, you have to go to the spiritual festival with a huge spiritual festival. Go to this, and you will meet a native American medicine, I to her advice.

00:26:46.760 --> 00:27:00.829 peruquois frances: And I went to this. this conference! And I heard this voice that was the first thing you and I hear this voice, and i'm like following it like I'm. In a daze almost.

00:27:01.010 --> 00:27:10.799 peruquois frances: And there was this big native American standing on stage, fully dressed in traditional regalia, with feathers and leathers and bones, and everything

00:27:11.510 --> 00:27:19.590 peruquois frances: central casting central, casting at the end his his session on stage. I went to him and I said.

00:27:19.710 --> 00:27:28.079 peruquois frances: Listen, I've had this realization about this power of healing, but I have no idea how to use my voice for it.

00:27:28.100 --> 00:27:29.290 peruquois frances: and he said.

00:27:29.510 --> 00:27:40.230 peruquois frances: So what you seeing? And I said yes, and I signed something for him, and he said, Tomorrow I want you to come as stage with me and sing with me. Okay.

00:27:40.430 --> 00:27:43.280 peruquois frances: And so the next day I went to this conference.

00:27:43.460 --> 00:27:54.419 peruquois frances: and he said, the little lady is going to get on stage, and this is just to show you that you don't need a voice to sing. If you have hot beats, you have rhythm right? And he called me on to the stage.

00:27:54.690 --> 00:28:14.570 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and something profound happened, and maybe we need to go to break this. We did something profound. Haven't. We just finished the statement, because when we come back from break I want to dive into to, to your work with women, and why your time is now in America, and the whole. And you, you know you've got to be.

00:28:14.580 --> 00:28:20.039 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: You've got to be doing your work here in America. But finish this story, and then we'll quick go to break.

00:28:20.200 --> 00:28:35.950 peruquois frances: Okay, so what had happened just 2 weeks before was that I had stood on the side of the most of of the ocean on a mountain, and i'd gone into a deep calling like, Why am I so lost? Why am I so alone.

00:28:36.160 --> 00:28:38.390 peruquois frances: so unfulfilled by the jazz?

00:28:38.700 --> 00:28:48.339 peruquois frances: And this answer came through me and took me very deeply, and it came from all the elements. I started to sing with the elements first time really in my life.

00:28:48.570 --> 00:29:08.439 peruquois frances: Now all that energy that had come up through me at that dark night of the soul. It rose on that stage 2 weeks later, when I'm. Suddenly with this native American, this power came through me, and I started to sing in a different way that I ever had as a jazz singer. It was totally intuitive, as if this energy was rising up from the earth.

00:29:08.450 --> 00:29:13.259 peruquois frances: and when I finished singing he was blown. He just grabbed me, and he said.

00:29:13.360 --> 00:29:20.100 peruquois frances: We've many past to to travel to. Many people to meet. This is our destiny.

00:29:20.170 --> 00:29:24.660 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Oh, My goodness, I have chicken skin, as we say. Goose bumps.

00:29:24.810 --> 00:29:42.639 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: we need must go to break and we will. We're gonna move on when we come back. I'm I i'm. I so want to hear about your workshops, and I want to hear about how you discovered this overtone singing, etc., and what your

00:29:42.940 --> 00:29:56.849 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: mit ctl, and how you're working with women, and how you're helping women to break open and connect with their sensuality, etc., etc. When we come back. Folks stay tuned. We'll be back with Paracqua after this. Break 150.

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00:31:42.240 --> 00:31:43.990 chipping around.

00:31:44.280 --> 00:31:46.290 Keep my brain

00:31:46.370 --> 00:31:47.610 These are the day

00:31:51.410 --> 00:31:53.260 but it

00:31:54.440 --> 00:32:01.180 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: on the edge of every day, and we are back with Parquis. So, Paracqua.

00:32:01.210 --> 00:32:02.740 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: i'll need you to unmute

00:32:05.140 --> 00:32:06.250 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: What?

00:32:07.400 --> 00:32:08.280 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: So.

00:32:09.660 --> 00:32:11.549 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: in working with

00:32:12.770 --> 00:32:16.770 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: primarily women. I understand that this is for

00:32:18.000 --> 00:32:22.850 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: both men and women, but it's primarily. Your call has been to work with

00:32:23.370 --> 00:32:25.859 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: feminine spiritual awakening.

00:32:26.050 --> 00:32:29.509 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Tell us in your description. What is that?

00:32:31.240 --> 00:32:33.859 peruquois frances: It's it's actually very, very simple.

00:32:34.210 --> 00:32:37.220 peruquois frances: it's a it's a restoration

00:32:37.470 --> 00:32:39.510 peruquois frances: of a true

00:32:39.640 --> 00:32:43.450 peruquois frances: woman's nature on the planet.

00:32:43.710 --> 00:32:51.220 peruquois frances: We. We are innately connected to the to the planet, whether we're men, whether we're women

00:32:51.660 --> 00:32:54.539 peruquois frances: and both of us have forgotten and

00:32:54.660 --> 00:33:01.480 peruquois frances: it's like the energy of the bodies, but more up and up and up and up into the mind.

00:33:01.530 --> 00:33:09.119 peruquois frances: Yeah, the thoughts, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, which is why we see such a psychosis on the planet. It's at difficult times.

00:33:09.700 --> 00:33:26.199 peruquois frances: because this connection is truly the feminine connection, whether a man or woman actually is through the body, and the body is made up of the same minerals. Weak as the earth, we carry this energetic flow from the earth or vibration

00:33:26.270 --> 00:33:34.720 peruquois frances: field of the earth. And of course we have our own soul, but it's very much. The body is intricately the health.

00:33:34.890 --> 00:33:37.679 peruquois frances: the both physical and spiritual.

00:33:37.720 --> 00:33:50.659 peruquois frances: the sense of joy and happiness is totally connected through the body and through our being in the body, not just in the mind, but down deep in all of the centers of the body.

00:33:50.760 --> 00:33:55.160 peruquois frances: and feminine energies built so beautifully in our body

00:33:55.300 --> 00:33:59.580 peruquois frances: that we are built in such a way that

00:33:59.790 --> 00:34:07.269 peruquois frances: our sexual centers, our vagina womb, a hot, our breasts, you know.

00:34:07.660 --> 00:34:10.549 peruquois frances: a built for connection.

00:34:10.730 --> 00:34:12.310 peruquois frances: for pleasure.

00:34:12.340 --> 00:34:14.910 peruquois frances: for love, for the flow of love.

00:34:15.150 --> 00:34:16.949 peruquois frances: It's something I realized

00:34:17.400 --> 00:34:22.320 peruquois frances: when I just before I met that native American management. Was

00:34:22.489 --> 00:34:34.659 peruquois frances: this enormous love flowing up? It's totally unconditional flow from the planet. It's not like a human love, because it's not like soft and cuddly. It's like

00:34:34.679 --> 00:34:41.800 peruquois frances: this vibrational field of love that gives life like a wholesome fabric of life.

00:34:41.949 --> 00:34:48.929 peruquois frances: A myriad of forms and shapes and vibrations and colors and sounds, and this is her.

00:34:48.949 --> 00:34:57.600 peruquois frances: And when we cut this connection to her through believing more in progress, mind.

00:34:59.240 --> 00:35:03.240 peruquois frances: logic, you know, future of capitalism.

00:35:03.530 --> 00:35:14.069 peruquois frances: capitalism rather than being in the body of love, you know. Then we lost something very, very important. So to me

00:35:14.190 --> 00:35:32.450 peruquois frances: it's it's all inclusive spirituality. You could say in that it's just coming back to the body, getting the body open. The flow of love up through the body. You could say it's from the earth, but it's also all the way through the whole Body's field. You know

00:35:32.630 --> 00:35:36.769 peruquois frances: to get that flowing, and when that energy is flowing.

00:35:37.300 --> 00:35:43.370 peruquois frances: there's we come back into that original, healthy, earthly fabric.

00:35:43.620 --> 00:35:53.539 peruquois frances: and that fabric says, there's love here, you know. There's life here, there's death here, all of it's going on here, and it's going on inside of my body.

00:35:53.580 --> 00:36:10.370 peruquois frances: So what I found for women is fundamental is to clear the life Channel, because this live channel that flows from the soul from the crown down, you know, through the body, all the way down, through the sexual center, through the feet

00:36:10.520 --> 00:36:14.670 peruquois frances: it gets all blocked up with a lot of emotion.

00:36:14.700 --> 00:36:20.939 peruquois frances: a lot of these traumas. And if we understand that fundamentally in the world

00:36:21.140 --> 00:36:35.490 peruquois frances: our sexuality has been deeply distorted, deeply used, abused, misunderstood, projected, and even with women, our souls we also

00:36:35.560 --> 00:36:39.219 peruquois frances: we also perpetuating this

00:36:39.250 --> 00:36:48.480 peruquois frances: a distorted feminine sexual energy, and we don't even know that we're hurting ourselves, and you have personally done this work

00:36:48.560 --> 00:37:04.029 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: through through all of your work, through your jazz singing and then opening up to Mother Earth. I mean, this is something that the agonizing work that you personally the edge of that work that you had to do

00:37:04.450 --> 00:37:10.179 peruquois frances: absolutely because when I was that young jazz singing, and you know how you feel in your twentys. It's like

00:37:10.230 --> 00:37:22.900 peruquois frances: you want to be seen. You dress, I mean you do everything, so that when you go into the world you're adored, or you're desirable. You're sexy, you know you all of that.

00:37:22.940 --> 00:37:26.939 peruquois frances: and my whole identity was built around that. And

00:37:27.030 --> 00:37:31.279 peruquois frances: I guess perhaps because I realized my calling very young.

00:37:31.330 --> 00:37:32.480 peruquois frances: He didn't map

00:37:32.640 --> 00:37:39.810 peruquois frances: falling, and that calling was about true energy, true love, true, sound, true vibration.

00:37:39.870 --> 00:37:49.619 peruquois frances: So living from that overly sexualized woman and very masculine drive, but trying to be one of the guys trying to be cool like a museum. Very ambitious, yeah.

00:37:49.660 --> 00:37:57.030 peruquois frances: very ambitious. It to me to pieces very young. So I realized that was not the way for me. And

00:37:57.200 --> 00:38:01.959 peruquois frances: and as we see now with social media, it's such a

00:38:02.060 --> 00:38:07.410 peruquois frances: that women are actually the ones sexualizing themselves constantly

00:38:07.610 --> 00:38:08.770 peruquois frances: on camera.

00:38:08.960 --> 00:38:11.359 peruquois frances: and they hood themselves because

00:38:11.470 --> 00:38:12.819 peruquois frances: they have this.

00:38:12.890 --> 00:38:32.179 peruquois frances: what they really want when they like. you know in front of the camera. What they really want is to truly be seen for who they are to be seen as this loving beautiful woman, because that's what a woman is when her flow of love is

00:38:32.190 --> 00:38:37.209 peruquois frances: actually from from inside, not just projecting her.

00:38:37.230 --> 00:38:51.720 peruquois frances: her sexuality and a beauty from outside. It's a very fulfilled and deeply disturbing place, because what happens for her is, she puts herself into the world every day, whether it's in the streets, whether it's on social media.

00:38:51.730 --> 00:39:02.110 peruquois frances: Erez agmoni, she overly sexualizes herself, or pretends, or just to force a presence of beauty without doing the work inside.

00:39:02.160 --> 00:39:10.299 peruquois frances: Find this sweetness, this nectar, this elixir of feminine energy that naturally flows

00:39:10.390 --> 00:39:20.960 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: when she does feminine meditation. And is that what you do in your workshops?

00:39:21.140 --> 00:39:23.100 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Yeah, that's spectacular.

00:39:23.480 --> 00:39:37.100 peruquois frances: It's it's. You know. The music is a way to vibration. Like people. Women switch it on. They go, you know, like, oh, that's good. They want to dance. They want to move, they want to.

00:39:37.410 --> 00:39:41.189 peruquois frances: They feel this attunement of love, because that's what we

00:39:41.250 --> 00:39:42.080 peruquois frances: bye

00:39:42.200 --> 00:39:48.700 peruquois frances: and in the workshop space in the retreat space, or even on my online courses.

00:39:48.830 --> 00:39:51.669 peruquois frances: It's very much about cleaning out

00:39:52.050 --> 00:39:58.009 peruquois frances: all of those distortions and those really painful experiences that we've gone through

00:39:58.030 --> 00:40:16.019 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: as women in a world that doesn't truly understand feminine and its energy. indeed, as we are breaking through the Patriarchy, so let's specifically 0 in on your your emotional cleansing work, because I think that really that's a program. That is.

00:40:16.030 --> 00:40:20.429 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: that that from what I understand is complete, that i'm sure they all are this.

00:40:20.470 --> 00:40:29.899 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: But that is something that people around all of the listeners can access immediately to what you're talking about. So tell us about that the emotional cleansing

00:40:30.250 --> 00:40:31.160 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: program

00:40:31.780 --> 00:40:40.290 peruquois frances: absolutely well, I mean we carry so many deep emotions, and and I found in woman's body those emotions

00:40:40.310 --> 00:40:44.980 peruquois frances: they root when they like. Let me give you an example.

00:40:45.440 --> 00:40:53.879 peruquois frances: when you go through an abortion, for example, and a lot of women are being through an abortion, it's a hot topic in America. It's a very sad thing going on there.

00:40:54.110 --> 00:41:02.519 peruquois frances: But let's let's look into the subject. For example, you go through an abortion. You're not supported emotionally. There's a

00:41:02.620 --> 00:41:10.369 peruquois frances: that you feel about it that within yourself, maybe from your family, maybe from your partner, just from society itself.

00:41:10.580 --> 00:41:26.059 peruquois frances: And you carry this deep wound inside, not to mention the pain that a woman in nightly feels when she lets go of the spirit of a child. Right? So it's all kinds of levels, not to mention physical pain. You go through it

00:41:26.180 --> 00:41:26.939 peruquois frances: right?

00:41:27.070 --> 00:41:33.699 peruquois frances: So there's all of this thick, heavy energy that's inside her womb, because that's a life center, right?

00:41:33.790 --> 00:41:36.099 peruquois frances: And so when a woman

00:41:36.220 --> 00:41:53.780 peruquois frances: finally gets held by my work. When she comes into my space with his online offline, she said, Your room is your center of life, your creativity. It's it's what you relate to the world through, you know, and if it's full of pain.

00:41:53.960 --> 00:42:04.699 peruquois frances: then you literally shut down a big part of your feminine energy, your feminine power, and it has to be cleaned. So I found that sound

00:42:04.780 --> 00:42:06.979 peruquois frances: is the most of

00:42:07.210 --> 00:42:23.189 peruquois frances: mit ctl and instant way to actually clear that deep trauma, because what happens to women when they go through something traumatic? Mostly they carry it silently inside. Whether it's caution, rape, a painful birth, one

00:42:23.200 --> 00:42:40.019 peruquois frances: a difficult relationship. We carry it silently inside, and it goes into those feminine centers like the womb. If we're speaking about anything birth related, and it gets stuck there. And so when she uses her voice.

00:42:40.150 --> 00:42:52.209 peruquois frances: then she's given full permission to let that paid out that she couldn't let out at the time. Nobody knew how to help it at at the time, you know. So then, what I thought, okay.

00:42:52.390 --> 00:42:58.340 peruquois frances: Sometimes I can't be in the room with the women right because they are only, I was rest assured, sure it's huge.

00:42:58.570 --> 00:43:07.490 peruquois frances: So I created soundtracks where i'm using my voice to create this holding mother's face for her.

00:43:07.640 --> 00:43:19.149 peruquois frances: so that she can feel totally, unconditionally, lovingly supported, like she's being mothered with my voice, and I will create that frequency

00:43:19.160 --> 00:43:36.090 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: for her to tune into. Now we're talking about abortion here, or anything warm related. It's grief, energy, right it's rage, my goodness, exactly. It's grief, and and and often it's rage rage is First Level. Grief is right underneath it.

00:43:36.720 --> 00:43:56.309 peruquois frances: And when she's given permission, and i'm starting to tune her into that. Oh, these kind of vibrations! I created a whole soundtrack around the grief for her to completely go inside, and i'll take her in through like a trans like meditation process, so she can enter her room 150,

00:43:56.390 --> 00:44:15.020 peruquois frances: and her body, and start to let go, and then let that room come into a voice like, let it have its voice and the sounds coming out of her, as sometimes phenomenal, because often phenomenal, and often in a workshop space. Sometimes I've got like 300 women in the room.

00:44:15.190 --> 00:44:19.969 peruquois frances: and that you would not believe the sound

00:44:20.130 --> 00:44:25.460 peruquois frances: of woman releasing her rage and her grief. It is something like

00:44:25.730 --> 00:44:29.399 peruquois frances: the most powerful sound I think I've ever heard

00:44:29.470 --> 00:44:32.489 peruquois frances: on the planet is when women come together

00:44:32.610 --> 00:44:38.180 peruquois frances: and release this grief and rage, you know, through their own voice. And

00:44:38.250 --> 00:44:41.930 peruquois frances: so then I created that practice so she could also do that home.

00:44:42.050 --> 00:44:47.459 peruquois frances: And then one of the most fundamental things for us women is to feel that

00:44:47.540 --> 00:44:55.649 peruquois frances: we are held, so I always invite into this kind of practice a girlfriend, somebody that she feels like a mother figure or a friend

00:44:55.730 --> 00:45:11.780 peruquois frances: that can hold her room, you know, so it says to her body, it's okay, my love. You can let go. You are held, you know. So I created a whole series of emotional cleansing practices. I've spoken about brief. That's one emotion, right anger

00:45:11.790 --> 00:45:17.869 peruquois frances: getting totally in tune with anger and letting it. And I created this wild soundtrack with my

00:45:18.290 --> 00:45:23.160 peruquois frances: music, so she can just totally let it come through her body, dance it through, sound. It's you.

00:45:23.340 --> 00:45:29.339 peruquois frances: or we look into the emotion of of guilt one of those in

00:45:31.030 --> 00:45:37.470 peruquois frances: things that we carry inside built and shame it's huge, and it

00:45:37.500 --> 00:45:43.280 peruquois frances: it creates a type knowing inside with secret. And she's not really

00:45:43.760 --> 00:45:51.060 peruquois frances: competitive, and she's not honest in her relationships when she's got guilt, because she's got a dirty secret inside, so she thinks, you know.

00:45:51.280 --> 00:46:11.269 peruquois frances: And there's so there's a whole practice that I give her through this emotional cons, to release it, to meet that guilt, to find the cause of it, and to completely forgive herself, to dissolve it, and to let her heart open again. So she starts to access this big, womanly flow of love again.

00:46:11.280 --> 00:46:12.310 peruquois frances: So this is a lot

00:46:12.350 --> 00:46:19.920 peruquois frances: I've just mentioned 3 emotions, but there's about 5 or 6 different courses on the site depending on what emotion you're trying to.

00:46:20.010 --> 00:46:24.130 peruquois frances: and meat and heal inside your body, and the voices

00:46:24.410 --> 00:46:39.030 peruquois frances: very important. Of course, breath sometimes movement with it, but always rooting in a lot of love, and being held by this motherly energy that I hold for a woman going through

00:46:39.070 --> 00:46:40.490 peruquois frances: that locked.

00:46:40.810 --> 00:46:42.330 peruquois frances: awful dark

00:46:42.350 --> 00:46:45.149 peruquois frances: energy that she's carried inside of herself.

00:46:46.370 --> 00:46:47.759 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: spectacular.

00:46:48.060 --> 00:46:51.090 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and so needed. My goodness.

00:46:51.170 --> 00:46:55.659 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: my goddess, so needed. We need to go to break

00:46:56.300 --> 00:47:03.409 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: There's so much to unpack there. But you know I I just. I have a 1 million questions for you, and only an hour.

00:47:03.470 --> 00:47:05.910 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: So there's only so

00:47:06.060 --> 00:47:11.790 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: so much I can get to with you. and perhaps i'll just have to get you on again.

00:47:11.820 --> 00:47:29.670 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: because I for our last section, when we No, I would love it truly. for our last. When we come back from Break, and it'll be a short last section, because we've gone over in our third one. But I do want to talk about quickly about overtown

00:47:29.680 --> 00:47:32.209 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and your concerts and your book

00:47:32.260 --> 00:47:41.479 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: quickly where people can find you, and when we come back I'm going to jump to it when we come back with Paracquel on the edge of every day. Stay tuned folks.

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00:49:31.850 --> 00:49:33.569 chipping around.

00:49:33.880 --> 00:49:35.890 Keep my!

00:49:35.980 --> 00:49:39.990 These are the days it never

00:49:40.990 --> 00:49:42.870 But oh.

00:49:44.070 --> 00:49:49.129 on the edge of every day, and we are back with.

00:49:49.150 --> 00:49:54.750 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: So I need to dive into. You need to unmute, please. We need to dive in.

00:49:55.700 --> 00:50:03.030 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: I want to make sure that we talk about your exquisite music, this incredible genre that you've created. That's part.

00:50:03.150 --> 00:50:08.360 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Sometimes jazz, sometimes part jazz. Talk to us about this genre.

00:50:08.700 --> 00:50:15.529 peruquois frances: okay, so what it is, is a super mixed because I've traveled so much.

00:50:15.670 --> 00:50:17.299 peruquois frances: and I

00:50:17.730 --> 00:50:23.700 peruquois frances: from a lot of cops, Indian classical, Middle Eastern chill out music

00:50:23.720 --> 00:50:28.580 peruquois frances: tribal music, you know. And so it's a Really.

00:50:28.720 --> 00:50:35.690 peruquois frances: it's a blend. but always at the center of the theme of that blend is

00:50:35.760 --> 00:50:37.849 peruquois frances: waking up is

00:50:38.030 --> 00:50:57.679 peruquois frances: celebrating life. Love supporting this energy growing in us, to make us bright, to make it shining, to open our heart so it could be in the style of R&D it could be in a style of Middle Eastern dance music. It could world be

00:50:57.690 --> 00:50:58.669 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: all of this.

00:50:59.140 --> 00:51:16.050 peruquois frances: all of it, because I mean, that's what I you know when you said about your identity, I think it reflects in the music as well. I'm not locked into that. And musically, i'm not locked into a style because my big question to the Mother Earth was, what's the source of sound, you know.

00:51:16.130 --> 00:51:35.220 peruquois frances: and it has. She has many, many vibrations depending to where you go to in the world. We look at all the different musical expressions on the planet. And so I've been a drinker of all of these different cups, but that the center has always been. How can this music

00:51:35.230 --> 00:51:43.060 peruquois frances: not only heal people, but it's part of my own healing, you know so what I've gone through. Thing I've composed.

00:51:43.080 --> 00:51:49.989 peruquois frances: I go through an experience great love, I compose. Leaving my love, I compose.

00:51:50.190 --> 00:52:04.579 peruquois frances: and the baby I compose. You know it's like. And then it went a little bit deeper again beyond the lyrical world. Because I started to work a lot in countries that do not speak English right.

00:52:04.860 --> 00:52:09.860 peruquois frances: and I started to merge this world of practice where I'm. Giving women

00:52:09.880 --> 00:52:11.839 peruquois frances: feminine practice, as you know.

00:52:12.140 --> 00:52:25.070 peruquois frances: And then these soundtracks that are not with words, but are vibrational to tune to the body. So if I want to wake up the centers in the woman's body.

00:52:25.220 --> 00:52:30.639 peruquois frances: for example, I want to wake up a womb energy. I found the vibration of the warm.

00:52:30.680 --> 00:52:49.880 peruquois frances: and I found that it was. It had overtones to it. It's not just one lay. It's like a multi deep spinning cosmos, you know. And so I created a soundtrack to activate so literally through the voice. My voice start to split

00:52:49.890 --> 00:53:05.159 peruquois frances: into 2 or 3 different or 4, sometimes different overtones, even though this physically it looks like i'm singing one sound. But i'm layering the voice with those overtones, because I've tuned in to the depth

00:53:05.280 --> 00:53:24.679 peruquois frances: of the vibration of the womb, or, for example, the vibration of the heart which is so light. It's so bright. It's so beautiful, the heart in its magnetic field and the energy of the heart. So i'm tuning into the vibration of the heart, and I started to compose

00:53:24.810 --> 00:53:39.840 peruquois frances: soundtracks, using these overtones to open that heart to its magnificence, and bring it together with a practice to open the heart. Now this this approach. I then brought to the concert hall.

00:53:40.230 --> 00:53:54.929 peruquois frances: Up until that point i'd mostly been singing very feminine central opening music, and most people came to me then because they love the music. They love to dance to it. They love to cry to it. They had realizations and healings and things.

00:53:55.020 --> 00:54:07.150 peruquois frances: But then I realized that actually I could bring that music, that kind of singing, lyrical kind of music, half the concept, and then the other half take right down in

00:54:07.240 --> 00:54:26.460 peruquois frances: mit ctl, and yes, and so I take them into meditation, at the same time using my voice. So sometimes i'm speaking them in, i'm giving them an actual practice to open the heart. They're breathing with me, and then i'm tuning different centers in their body with my voice openings those centers, for example, 150

00:54:26.470 --> 00:54:33.449 peruquois frances: opening up the heart, you know, and you'll see like it Looks like this and everybody in the space. Sometimes 6,000 people

00:54:33.510 --> 00:54:42.560 peruquois frances: opening the heart together. It's a profound energy. I mean. People are unjustly crying sometimes of gas make, you know.

00:54:42.570 --> 00:54:53.779 peruquois frances: or i'll. Then, once they've come inside the body very deeply resting, starting to know that in a cosmos that in a beauty that in a stillness that's

00:54:53.800 --> 00:55:08.060 peruquois frances: that flow of love, then i'll start to tune with very high overtones, the opening of their pineal gland, their opening of their crown to the soul, until they are flowing very beautifully and at the same time

00:55:08.070 --> 00:55:23.260 peruquois frances: on screen. I have what? Which is new technology, an oric field projector. So there's a there's a special little box in front of me that is capturing my auric field as i'm singing, and it's projecting it on a massive screen.

00:55:23.270 --> 00:55:39.109 peruquois frances: So they're seeing a overlay of my body, my auric field, and the vibration of my voice as i'm singing, so it creates this awareness directly, as you're sitting in the audience that i'm not just the body, but I can see

00:55:39.740 --> 00:55:49.979 peruquois frances: I can see the vibration. This is me, you know. So that's very much. It's very unique. approach that I've i'm bringing into the world.

00:55:50.330 --> 00:55:54.540 peruquois frances: And so people can experience. They in a cosmos directly, so

00:55:54.550 --> 00:56:14.169 peruquois frances: often people don't even meditate, say it's the deepest experience that that they've had. And now we've also started to document it with scientists seeing what kind of changes are happening, and it's radical. What's happening in one? Absolutely. I unfortunately I have to interrupt you because we're at the end.

00:56:14.180 --> 00:56:16.440 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and this but I I it

00:56:16.450 --> 00:56:35.570 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: It pains me so to interrupt, because this is I could just go on and on and on with you. But I want people. We've got a minute left so people can know where to find you. And yes, they can. Google, this glorious woman. And if you hear more about this story, and I'm going to have her back on.

00:56:35.580 --> 00:56:39.889 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: if she will agree to come back on it, and we can dive into more of this work.

00:56:39.920 --> 00:56:52.589 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: but we can find you at Paracqua P. Eru. Q. You O, I It's going to be in the show notes. You have a wonderful, glorious Youtube Channel.

00:56:52.800 --> 00:56:55.270 peruquois frances: with all of your videos, etc.

00:56:55.300 --> 00:57:00.540 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: You've now got a book out which I just discovered. It's not yet on your website, but you know.

00:57:00.800 --> 00:57:02.959 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: but it will be soon. I'm sure.

00:57:03.390 --> 00:57:06.800 peruquois frances: Yes, that one's in Russian so far. So we will.

00:57:07.260 --> 00:57:10.189 peruquois frances: Yeah. But yes, if they go to per acquired com

00:57:10.260 --> 00:57:22.750 peruquois frances: mit

00:57:22.830 --> 00:57:31.449 peruquois frances: erez agmoni, and maybe I have 15 online courses. So go in there. Look at what you are feeling. You need to hope to heal in yourself 150,

00:57:31.470 --> 00:57:45.600 peruquois frances: and every course has 2 or 3 free classes. So you can see. Is this for me, you know, and to support you on your journey, of opening up your womanly energy, opening up that sensuality and healing a lot of that trauma.

00:57:46.730 --> 00:57:50.009 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you

00:57:50.070 --> 00:57:53.770 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: so much for coming on the edge of every day.

00:57:53.890 --> 00:58:00.020 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: and sharing your wisdom and your beauty and your insights and your talent.

00:58:00.520 --> 00:58:05.850 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Thank you any last words quickly for our audience before we say goodbye.

00:58:06.130 --> 00:58:14.639 peruquois frances: Yes, you just put your hand on your hot today, like many times today. Take a deep breath and tell your han. I love you. I had

00:58:15.370 --> 00:58:19.600 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: gorgeous, and to our listeners, with your hand on your heart

00:58:20.000 --> 00:58:23.789 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: we at talk radio. Nyc. Love you.

00:58:24.300 --> 00:58:33.349 Sandra Bargman | The Edge of Everyday: Thank you for spending this hour with us. Remember, you are always at the edge of the miraculous. See you next time

00:58:34.160 --> 00:58:35.699 you see me.

00:58:36.020 --> 00:58:36.720 Okay.

00:58:37.900 --> 00:58:38.470 yes.

00:58:38.910 --> 00:58:39.770 is a

00:58:41.110 --> 00:58:41.790 the Us.

00:58:42.030 --> 00:58:44.250 This is our

00:58:44.410 --> 00:58:45.040 you.

00:58:45.850 --> 00:58:46.649 she

00:58:49.300 --> 00:58:50.750 under pressure.

00:58:53.200 --> 00:58:55.000 under pressure.

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