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Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/15 - Executive Leadership / Cultivating An Evolving Purpose.

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/15 - Executive Leadership / Cultivating An Evolving Purpose.


2022/11/15 - Executive Leadership / Cultivating An Evolving Purpose.

[NEW EPISODE] Executive Leadership / Cultivating An Evolving Purpose.

Tuesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


The audience will learn to define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages / benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients, when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.


Business owners / employers: Have you been focused only on the company’s mission or purpose? Are you nurturing and cultivating your employees’ quest to find their individual purpose - their evolving purpose, so that they may be happier, more productive, and successful?  How do these themes impact women executives / women in leadership roles?

On Tuesday, November 15, my guest, Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville (aka, "Ask Dr. Dorothy"), will share her beliefs / methods of cultivating a purpose-filled and joy-filled experience for both the employer and the individual employees. We will define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages / benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients, when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric welcomes a special surprise guest, fellow TalkRadioNYC host, Rev. Dr. TLC. Dr. TLC is the host of the podcast Dismantle Racism, and creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between oastoring and psychology. She also puts an emphasis on the journey towards sacred intelligence, the ability to tap into one's internal source in order to move towards intelligence choices. She is also author of DISMANTLING RACISM: HEALING SEPARATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Eric moves into tonight’s topic about cultivating one’s purpose in the workplace. When it comes to companies, the workplace and employees, TLC shares her thoughts on what purpose means. She invites us to think about what is meaningful to us, our values and goals as well as what is our personal mission. When we think about this, we can understand better whether they align with the company we work with for instance. She also encourages us to ask others what they see that you are good at. Dr. TLC also discusses people of color and women in the workplace and how they are affected when feeling unseen or unheard. Eric and Dr. TLC talk about companies needing to create a safe space for employees to feel heard, seen and valued.

Segment 2

Dr. TLC talks about the story in 2020 when a lot of people were “throwing money” to black institutions after George Floyd was murdered. She says that although it's valuable, we have to do more than just give money to these institutions. She mentions a trailer on youtube by Ralph Lauren called “A Portrait of the American Dream.” She tells the story of Ralph Lauren talking in a meeting with some of his employees about race and how he wanted to do more to make sure he was recognizing black and brown culture. He sat and listened to the employees who voiced their ideas and opinions. In the trailer, he goes to two historically black colleges and universities. What it showed was that he recognized their culture and also how they also support his industry. As a business owner, he helped his business. But he also listened to his employees who were coming up with creative designs as well. These employees were able to live their purpose and align it with their values in the workplace. Eric and TLC also discuss the importance of having these conversations and how it starts with the culture.

Segment 3

Dr. TLC talks about her book that came out earlier this year. She says that it's a call to action for everyone to be committed to the work of racial equity. In the book, she discusses three pillars. The first is “what is your ‘why’.” Why do you want to engage in this work? Our purpose can change over time as we grow and evolve. In the book, she also talks about the idea of a self-ish mindset. By this, she means by going inward, looking at your thoughts and beliefs whether you believe it's possible to dismantle racism. The third part that she talks about is a shared movement. This is to understand that we are not dismantling racism by ourselves. They discuss more examples of improving the workplace and finding your purpose in life and in your career.

Segment 4

Dr. TLC and Eric discuss the impact it would have for employers to focus on honoring or valuing the purpose of their employees and how they evolve. She says how she sees it impacting the individual first. She says we'd see a decrease in health issues. In terms of the workplace itself, if the workplace is where people feel safe, happy and feel secure in living their purpose, the company itself would be able to model themselves for others to follow, and then be able to then focus on being concerned about what's happening in the community. It's something Dr. TLC says it doesn't just benefit the company but also the world. She encourages people to listen to Dismantle Racism here on, Thursdays at 11am eastern time. Starting on January 11th, she says that there will be a 6 week program where she will teach people how to recognize and respond to racism. After it ends, she will be doing a retreat in February. In this retreat she will work with leaders and other individuals who are interested in learning about how we heal separation from the inside out and how we take a look deeper in what our purpose is. You can learn more about these events, register, and get in touch with Rev. Dr. TLC by visiting


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:12.829 Employment Law Today: Purpose. So with that I thought I would uh sort of open up, maybe with a question about purpose, if I may. Um, and of course, when I hear about your book and everything you're doing, but by my question for you

00:00:12.910 --> 00:00:24.020 Employment Law Today: um really comes down to how do you define like you know, purpose-driven or a personal mission, as it applies to say to you,

00:00:24.030 --> 00:00:34.430 Employment Law Today: The company's employees and workers like what do you think about the individual purpose of it. That's a great question. And and so I I really want to answer it

00:00:34.440 --> 00:01:03.510 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: before thinking about the company. I want to answer it with the individual to think about themselves. So, of course, my background is as a pastor, and it's also as a psychologist, so i'm always talking about purpose, and I believe that people can engage in employment that fees their soul, that these their spirit. And so you might say, Well, I don't know what my purpose is. I just wanted a job, and that's why I started working with this company.

00:01:03.570 --> 00:01:17.849 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I would invite those individuals folks to think about. What are the things that are meaningful to you. What are your values? What are your goals that you want in life? And what's your own personal mission? Because you have to

00:01:18.160 --> 00:01:26.970 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: figure out what the company that you're working for is an alignment with your goals and with your missions and with your values.

00:01:26.980 --> 00:01:52.109 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So you began to kind of think about. Well, why was I put here on this earth, for we're all here for a particular reason. There's something for us to accomplish. So we take a step back We evaluate whether this thing um that i'm doing. Is it something that I could do for hours on in and not um like time has elapsed because i'm enjoying it so much.

00:01:52.120 --> 00:02:14.610 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Right? That's the first sort of thing that I would ask people to think about, and then to ask people, What am I really good at? If you have? If you're having a hard time thinking about what your gifts your talents are, Ask other people, what am I good with, and then spending time spending time in that sort of sacred space of saying, what feeds me when you know that

00:02:14.820 --> 00:02:20.269 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: yeah, feed you. And Then, when you're able to define what your values are,

00:02:20.300 --> 00:02:22.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: then you can take them to the company.

00:02:23.310 --> 00:02:40.250 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Hmm. When you're able to do, and what I mean by that it's not like. You have to go and talk to the Ceo about what you you could talk to the next person like your supervisor, if you are engaged in that doesn't seem like It's an alignment with who you are

00:02:40.260 --> 00:02:46.570 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: now to answer your question, then, about how companies, then should

00:02:47.170 --> 00:02:49.860 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: actually support

00:02:50.010 --> 00:02:52.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: their their employees.

00:02:52.930 --> 00:02:56.349 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: If I have someone working for me in my company,

00:02:56.830 --> 00:03:08.439 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and they come, and they've talked to me about what their mission is with Their values are their purposes. It would be me to see the work that I am giving them

00:03:08.500 --> 00:03:27.909 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: is something that's going to lead to greater productivity in the company, because that's what you want to make sure of? And are they happy? Are they mostly well right, or are they feeling unseen unheard? And is it just another job for them.

00:03:28.380 --> 00:03:42.909 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: If an employer makes sure that their employees are happy, it really will be an advantage for the company itself. So I I It's very, very important.

00:03:42.920 --> 00:03:52.559 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Now, how does this relate to women? And how does it relate to people? There's a question. If you actually let you segregate it nicely. Yes, exactly so.

00:03:53.290 --> 00:03:59.319 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Oftentimes women don't feel like they are hurt. We get paid less

00:03:59.330 --> 00:04:16.189 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: most often, and in particular people of color. When we are in places where there are especially only a few of us represented represented at the table. We get over often for the position or our

00:04:16.200 --> 00:04:35.810 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: um ideas are not valued, we feel stifled. Our gifts are not being used adequately, so Ultimately, when people feel unseen and unheard, they began looking for jobs elsewhere. More,

00:04:35.820 --> 00:04:38.889 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: they don't put their all into

00:04:39.150 --> 00:04:40.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: the job

00:04:40.650 --> 00:04:49.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: which ultimately hurts the company. And this is the thing that I talk to um companies about. Often

00:04:49.810 --> 00:04:54.749 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: the amount of days that people take off because they're sick,

00:04:54.760 --> 00:05:10.890 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and I mean sometimes actually sick, not just psychologically like or or not, just emotionally making up stuff I physical, but the psychological and the emotional is just as important as well,

00:05:10.900 --> 00:05:22.899 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: because both things lead to people taking off work uh as well, and it creates problems. And then people have to go to the doctors, and you know health insurance goes up So it's gonna be a ripple effect.

00:05:23.670 --> 00:05:36.730 Employment Law Today: Yeah, you know, Trel. And Dr. Absolutely. I mean, I hear a couple of things there, right really good points you making, I hear about, you know, like the individual sort of the importance of, you know, focusing, examining, introspection, what is, what are ones

00:05:36.760 --> 00:06:03.869 Employment Law Today: values, what what you good at when you get some talents. And also I let you set about. If you're not sure you can ask on the people right? You know. What do you see right in me and listen for the common theme. Someone says, Well, you know you're very passionate, right, you very outspoken you very, you know it, create a very, very courageous um to hear that. So that if a person maybe isn't quite ready to take it in like they can like trust other people, you know. Borrow their opinion of you

00:06:03.880 --> 00:06:11.949 Employment Law Today: right. Have that, you know, Sit with that process. It kind of grow into it on it. But then I like to come the second part of this equation that the company

00:06:11.960 --> 00:06:24.540 Employment Law Today: you know. Especially, we're talking about purpose in the employee mid rounds, and some point a lot today, right? The company has to create, you know, a safe place for the person to express themselves and to other point, a company

00:06:24.550 --> 00:06:45.849 Employment Law Today: benefits. It was flexible right if it's rigid. No, sorry we hired, you, you know, as assistant accounts table, and that's where you are. This we'll stay um, you know, if the company has other positions open, and this and that I tell my client's lot. I have, you know, business owners, and you know companies that represent employment issues that often, you know. If you, we talk about the employment laws that apply, but also the business practices. Let me say,

00:06:45.860 --> 00:07:08.780 Employment Law Today: if you have an employee, that's feeling as you mentioned unseen on her, you know, stifled. I represented the table. They're going to develop some resentment. They're not. They perform as well. You're going to be clashes, and maybe there'll be some implicit bias, you know, underlying some of the tone of those clashes, and maybe you'll find yourself on the other end of discrimination complaint which is loses for everybody. So you know. I think you raise some really good

00:07:08.790 --> 00:07:27.380 Employment Law Today: points there about, you know, and then to make it bring it back to women. And then people of color, women of color grade the importance of a company. Um giving people that in that space, you know, to see what they want. And I think our society often tells women

00:07:27.450 --> 00:07:40.530 Employment Law Today: and people of cover right that they're not uh entitled to the phone sadly value right? That other people, you know, get that they should be somehow just fortunate, you know. Lucky that you know they're you know, in this Christian position, as if

00:07:40.540 --> 00:07:53.030 Employment Law Today: the implication being that you know a man taking that spot, you know, or a white man. So I think that's really I don't know if that's part of what you're saying, but that's what I hear. You know, put out there to to the universe as well, you know,

00:07:53.040 --> 00:08:10.579 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and and you know um, Eric and I would love to. I know you're gonna have to take break very shortly, but I would love to come back to really, uh, give a good example of an employer listening to one of his employees, and how it actually him really

00:08:10.640 --> 00:08:15.289 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: powerfully. So. Um! That sounds like a great

00:08:15.300 --> 00:08:43.690 Employment Law Today: segue and just commercial break. And then to come back with that, you know the Spenses story that people want to hear. So if you're listening uh here to talk to you about My, so you're listening to a watching employment law Today i'm your host sober, the point of attorney, my guest tonight, the the doctor?

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00:11:01.180 --> 00:11:14.870 Employment Law Today: welcome back to employment a lot today. I'm your host, Eric Sober, our guest tonight, the Reverend Dr. Trell and Koreavery, who has their own show this founding racism on this space station on Thursday at eleven. Am. That's that quickly.

00:11:15.080 --> 00:11:30.140 Employment Law Today: Yes, you did. That's right. Eastern time. I was mentioning that, too, because they listened all over the country, and even on this nation. So. Um! It was really great to have you on again, you know. Um

00:11:30.150 --> 00:11:36.799 Employment Law Today: Tlc, if I may. We've been on the show before, and I've been a guest in your show. You've been yes, to my show, and just great to talk about these issues.

00:11:36.810 --> 00:12:05.860 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So you let this off in a clip hanger before the commercial um of having a an employer, I think you said, or a business owner who Yes, yes, so um So remember in in well. How could we? How could you not remember? But in two thousand and twenty, when we had this search, people throwing money out there on uh to to black institutions, because after George Floyd was murdered, and we just had a lot of people saying,

00:12:05.870 --> 00:12:22.079 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: here's money, money, money, money, money, and my thing that's always been. You have to do more than throw money at the situation. Yes, the money is is, you know it's valuable. But what else do you need to do? How do we change the structure? How do we change the system?

00:12:22.090 --> 00:12:30.120 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And how do we begin to look and hear our black and brown employees?

00:12:30.130 --> 00:12:45.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So, my understanding. Now I don't know this part for a fact. But Ralph Lauren was talking to his employees in a meeting, and probably the high level ones. I'm guessing here about, and he was talking with them about Race,

00:12:45.680 --> 00:12:48.870 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and that he wanted to do more.

00:12:48.960 --> 00:12:56.480 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Make sure that he was recognizing the black and brown culture.

00:12:56.850 --> 00:13:14.129 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So your guests can actually go to Youtube. There is a trailer called a portrait of the American Dream, and what he did so in that in that particular meeting my understanding is,

00:13:14.140 --> 00:13:26.290 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: There were people of color who voiced their opinions about what was going on in the world, and what their bikes were like, and he really sat, and he really listened to it.

00:13:26.300 --> 00:13:42.770 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And then he took into consideration. I don't know which employee was who gave him all these good ideas about some things that he could do so in this trailer a portrait of an American dream. What Raf Lauren does

00:13:42.780 --> 00:13:55.069 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: is he goes to two historically black colleges and universities. He went to college and Spellman College, and he looked at the clothing.

00:13:55.080 --> 00:14:05.089 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: A lot of it, some of his stuff. But he did get the clothing that they wore from in the day, as we would say, time

00:14:05.100 --> 00:14:23.009 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: really good, brilliant, because what it did is it showed that he paid attention to us and our culture. Hmm. And he recognize that we also support his industry. So from the perspective as a business owner,

00:14:23.020 --> 00:14:49.539 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: he actually just increase the number of people who are going to go out and buy paraphernalia for their organizations for their colleges and universities. If Ralph Lauren is, could, you know his name is associated with some of this stuff. He just kept his business, but what he also did was he listened to his employees, and who were coming up with creative design

00:14:49.550 --> 00:14:59.240 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: as well for him. And these are people who are still able to live their purpose and their purposes in alignment with their values.

00:14:59.250 --> 00:15:20.119 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So maybe a person is into fashion, but they also want to ensure that there's racial equity in the world. So for each of us, when we're thinking about our passion and our purpose. We also, I keep taking it back to our values. Because, Eric, one of the things that I see

00:15:20.130 --> 00:15:40.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: is that, for instance, white people may saying that. Um i'm not a racist, or I believe that we're all equal blah blah blah great great to believe it. But now what it's doing, where your behavior in alignment with that,

00:15:40.070 --> 00:15:43.400 whatever our purpose is,

00:15:43.690 --> 00:16:03.939 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: we have to make sure, just like I do with any other uh issue that's going on out here right? So if I say that I uh i'm concerned about Women's Rights, or Lgbtq. I a right. What am I doing that to be in alignment, because my purpose

00:16:04.060 --> 00:16:12.740 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: is to create equity, right? So so racial equity in particular. But I want everybody for everyone. So what am I doing about it?

00:16:13.230 --> 00:16:30.299 Employment Law Today: Right? Yeah, it's interesting to. And you know, Ralph, around little known press uh business owner there. People may have heard of them. Perhaps they're in a company, but, like you know, I think absolutely. I think it is a great example. Great story there, um everything, and what I hear from that story to our a few things. Right? Number one.

00:16:30.310 --> 00:16:51.130 Employment Law Today: The idea of being asked questions, you know, hearing someone's experience, how that gives them a sense of value and purpose right there, because they feel that they're not just, you know. Um uh sort of like a cog in the wheel, and they're actually being valued and listen to, and seeing, but also um the idea that this is not like, you know, not a zero some game it's not as if one person

00:16:51.140 --> 00:17:10.279 Employment Law Today: wins, and the one loses it when you invest in. You know your employees purpose, and uh equity uh which is you know related topic Here it's it's a win-win right? I think a lot of companies think that, you know. Oh, these are just, you know. Quote unquote, you know um, you know progressive um folks who are trying to take,

00:17:15.310 --> 00:17:30.750 Employment Law Today: you know, having open dialogue with the communications and um talking to people getting their perspective, it doesn't cost anything. And even if there are ever some kind of say costs involved. If they was creating certain programs, you know a set up from the company for employees,

00:17:30.760 --> 00:17:41.640 Employment Law Today: it's the values and investments, what you get back in terms of work, a satisfaction, right work of productivity. And I tell my clients a lot when they ask me. Some of my clients really are great about

00:17:41.650 --> 00:17:59.659 Employment Law Today: the work as well, and others will ask you questions like, What's the minimum amount of time I have to have to give them off under the law. You know. I think a vacation is in the in the States I have to give, and i'll explain your State law, but also say, you know, you might be able, under the limits of the law, the the minimum to give, you know,

00:17:59.670 --> 00:18:18.930 Employment Law Today: five days in a year, Let's say a statistic pay. Um, basically. But but you are. You are losing a lot in terms of employee burnout in terms of frustration in terms of exhaustion, fatigue, illness. So you know Why not off for like three weeks or four weeks of of pay time off in the year, when I offer more

00:18:18.940 --> 00:18:23.090 Employment Law Today: and get more back, you know. So I think there's kind of a line Right? What you're saying. There,

00:18:23.100 --> 00:18:39.880 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I I just. I just want to chime in on that, because it's so great to that. You offer that to them. Because if i'm happy on the job I want to take off anyway, because i'm at work, you know, doing what I what it is that I love to do

00:18:39.890 --> 00:18:50.340 Employment Law Today: right like you and I what we do. I know I love, you know, practicing law being an attorney, packing and plumbing, It's like No, my wife and I and our son, we take vacations, but sometimes the time between vacations.

00:18:50.350 --> 00:19:17.829 Employment Law Today: Kind of goes quickly, because, you know, like Oh, we have that. I'm enjoying what I do each day. Now i'll be on there at times when life gets stressful and and work gets, you know, done, you know, cranked up to nine the volume for weeks, and there's all this stuff happening, and sometimes. Um invitation can't come soon enough, but not because it's not because of lack of fulfillment. Right? It's not because i'm, you know, clocking and clocking out looking at the clock. Can we get home? Um! And I know i'm sure for you, too, You know, when you see

00:19:17.840 --> 00:19:33.319 Employment Law Today: you know clients of yours, you know the jobs that I love their phase. Two pestologist, you know that pastor, psychologist, blend um. So that's you know. That's terrific. But yeah, it's It's interesting to it kind of take me to a question, you know, just in line with this, I think. Um

00:19:33.330 --> 00:19:48.630 Employment Law Today: um really about what we talk about this little bit the benefits, you know, to a company in investing in each employee's purpose, you know, like why it's worth their their time and money. Um, do you see a similar value of the same investment in

00:19:48.640 --> 00:20:00.009 Employment Law Today: a company's like diversity inclusion program. You know, Gei initiatives. You see like how that may increase um an environment where people can live their purpose.

00:20:00.260 --> 00:20:07.489 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I absolutely do. Because again, as we talked about, when you

00:20:07.620 --> 00:20:15.489 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: feel like you're not seen at some point, what happens is, if i'm working for a company,

00:20:15.500 --> 00:20:30.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and I know that my purpose is one thing. But you want to relegate me to this thing over here, because you can't see my brilliance because you're looking at my color or my gender

00:20:30.350 --> 00:20:47.089 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: at some point. I'm not going to give you my all, as we've been talking about, so what I will see is well, I don't need to come up with an idea, because they're going to overlook me, anyway. Why should I bother,

00:20:47.100 --> 00:21:03.629 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and there are plenty of people out there who stay in positions like that, and I want to tell your listeners if you're in a place like that where you're not heard, It's time for you to go somewhere else. But um, because I think we all should live our purpose. I believe that each of us

00:21:03.640 --> 00:21:18.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: has greatness inside of us, and we're meant to manifest our fullest potential while we're here. And if that is not happening, we need to move to something else, because think about. If you stifle your creativity

00:21:19.000 --> 00:21:25.380 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: without all the people in the world who are not benefiting from you, living your purpose,

00:21:25.390 --> 00:21:46.970 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Don't, get caught up in the money aspect. I know people need a job. Yes, but there are things that you can do. You absolutely can get another job, or you can become an entrepreneur like, and then um, you know, and have your own business. There are things that people can do. And so, when I think about

00:21:47.420 --> 00:22:03.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: um employers with people of color. Uh really having conversations with people about. Are you happy here? What would you do here if you had your choice. How can, even in your position,

00:22:03.990 --> 00:22:14.239 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: how can I, uh, ensure that you're doing something where you feel fed, where you feel?

00:22:14.360 --> 00:22:15.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know, Eric, look

00:22:16.610 --> 00:22:19.639 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: it. It. It has to start with the culture

00:22:19.650 --> 00:22:40.500 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: right? Because if it's a if it's a big company, obviously the President Ceo, the old, they can't go to people, every individual person and say, Oh, you have. They can create a culture where they're making sure that people are seen and heard and valued,

00:22:40.770 --> 00:22:46.839 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and create a space where um they're listening to people

00:22:46.850 --> 00:23:00.839 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: with their ideas about things, even in their department. Both have sometimes folks don't even want to move out of their departments they love, they're doing. They're saying, there's an easier way to do this. Perhaps

00:23:00.850 --> 00:23:09.289 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: you know, creative way of doing this. So, just being able to listen, and then giving credit to the right.

00:23:09.550 --> 00:23:11.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We're coming up with the idea.

00:23:11.930 --> 00:23:17.459 Employment Law Today: I think that's very true. I think you know we talk about, and we hear about this phenomena of quiet quitting

00:23:17.470 --> 00:23:47.149 Employment Law Today: right? If you read about that, it's sort of the people, essentially, basically, just the old term of phoning it in right. They're doing the very minimum that they have to do not to get fired, and and you know, but people want to. Well, everyone has some some people. I've heard opine that you know it's a generational thing, and I don't agree with this at all. That is the lead generation of young folks who don't take things for anything for granted. Um, I don't think it's that. I think it's like people, you know, as you mentioned Aren't either living their purpose or i'm feeling fulfilled at work.

00:23:47.360 --> 00:24:14.680 Employment Law Today: Um! What that means, you know, for two roles, or making the most of their role they have right now, or finding a new work life balance in their schedule so they can do. Let's say, a passion in there is, you know, off the clock and the evenings of weekends and holidays and such. But I think that this quiet quitting happens because, you know, companies Aren't used to, as you mentioned, creating a coach where people feel safe enough to express what they need. And you know The truth is that you know, like the company suffers when

00:24:14.690 --> 00:24:27.629 Employment Law Today: for Ralph's you know the company benefits. So you know, we actually leave it up at our next commercial and break. But when we come back and talk more with uh the Reverend Dr. Tlc. About

00:24:27.640 --> 00:24:43.359 Employment Law Today: this idea of creating purpose for your employees and and and helping them evolve, and how women and people of color, and especially Um, are treated in the workplace around this issue. So stick around to employment law today. Our guest tonight, Reverend Dr. Carly and Karavery will be right back.

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00:26:22.840 --> 00:26:24.080 You

00:26:44.030 --> 00:26:58.180 Employment Law Today: welcome back to employment today. I'm. Your host, Eric Schmidt, and I guess my Reverend Dr. Kirlyn Kari as theologist, author, speaker, and host on the weekly talk radio show and video broadcast.

00:26:58.190 --> 00:27:25.819 Employment Law Today: So Um: yeah, I realize that we're talking about purpose and and you know um individuals finding their purpose. And so we're living it out as well. Talking about racism and equity, inclusion, and it kind of brings up to me the fact that when you're on my show if it's about a year ago November, October twenty, twenty, one um, maybe about around this time we we talked about your upcoming look,

00:27:40.440 --> 00:27:44.149 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: so my book is dismantling racism.

00:27:44.160 --> 00:28:04.049 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I'm feeling separation from the inside out, and it came out in April of this year twenty twenty-two. Um! You can get it on Amazon. You go to my website at Sacred Intelligence dot com uh which will loop you right back over to Amazon, anyway, and pick up a copy of it um as well.

00:28:04.610 --> 00:28:15.260 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Um, you know, Eric, what's really interesting about the book is It's a call to action for

00:28:15.440 --> 00:28:29.210 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: predominantly for white people, but for people of color as well, they in a different sort of way for people of color. But it's really about being committed to this work of racial equity. It doesn't matter what your job is

00:28:29.220 --> 00:28:47.509 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: is to be committed. So you're a lawyer. How do you apply these things To How do you apply racial equity to the work that you do is really what we're talking about in the book like, do more than just throw the money at this situation. But say, how does this align with who I am?

00:28:47.610 --> 00:28:50.399 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So I discussed in the book three pillars,

00:28:50.430 --> 00:28:52.799 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: one being What's your? Why,

00:28:53.220 --> 00:28:57.069 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: why do you want to engage in the work of

00:28:57.170 --> 00:29:16.629 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: uh racial equity. So I talk about it from the standpoint of what's your sacred motive? What are you called to do in this moment in time, because, understand that when we talk about purpose, our purpose could change over time,

00:29:16.640 --> 00:29:24.700 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: we grow and we evolve. And so at this period my purpose might be, for instance, to work on the wounds of religion.

00:29:24.710 --> 00:29:40.470 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Now it might be to look at dismantling racism, or it could be to do both, because, hey, i'm a pastor so honestly, I hope that i'm feeling some loans of religion as the but i'm also working on dismantling racism so as a leader

00:29:40.670 --> 00:29:45.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: as a transformational leader. One must ask a question

00:29:45.930 --> 00:30:01.690 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: about the the job that they're doing vocation. That they're doing is this something that feeds my soul. And now, as it's feeding my soul. How am I helping to manifest greatness in other people?

00:30:01.700 --> 00:30:16.249 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so in my book i'm talking about this idea of searching yourself to say, Why do I want to engage in this work? Because a lot of people came out in two thousand and twenty they were Rob Ro. I,

00:30:16.260 --> 00:30:31.259 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: you know the world as usual. So the book actually says, How can we heal this problem? How can we stand up to what's going on in the world do our jobs that we do,

00:30:31.270 --> 00:30:45.840 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: but also incorporate dismantling racism. The second thing I do in the book is, I discuss this idea of a selfish mindset, and what I mean by that is going inward.

00:30:45.880 --> 00:30:57.730 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Take a look at your thoughts and your beliefs about whether you think it's possible to dismantle racism. I can tell you that

00:30:57.740 --> 00:31:13.260 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: one of the things that happens to be in all the time for people who take my classes, or if they're doing coaching with me, they'll It's possible to dismantle racism, and you know how we do it. We do it one step at a time,

00:31:13.560 --> 00:31:26.419 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: thinking that might be the answer: Yeah. And that old saying, How do you eat a elephant which I don't know? Why, that's even the same fun bite at a time. So you know

00:31:26.430 --> 00:31:34.190 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: we have to just do our part. So the cell we get the mindset inward. It's saying,

00:31:34.200 --> 00:31:59.370 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know why i'm again. Why am I doing this? What are my thoughts about it? And of course I use psychological stuff in my book. Because why? Because almost like I was so. I talk about how we were conditioned. We're in a world where we're conditioned in a racist system, but we're also conditioned even to believe that we can't do something. So we have to recondition ourselves.

00:31:59.380 --> 00:32:02.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And then third piece is about this shared movement

00:32:03.020 --> 00:32:11.449 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to know and to understand, that we're not dismantling racism for ourselves. And that's why a company

00:32:11.680 --> 00:32:19.570 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: company who has his values as racial equity. Among other things,

00:32:19.890 --> 00:32:39.589 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: if you are treating everybody in your company uh as individuals who have a purpose, and everyone is valued. You will understand. Each of us in the company is responsible for dismantling racism, not just

00:32:39.600 --> 00:32:53.439 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: the diversity, equity, and inclusion officer. So So What often happens is you'll have a Dei officer, and that officer doesn't have any cloud to do anything.

00:32:53.450 --> 00:33:11.950 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So they're really they're not really living their purpose either they may feel like they are, so they get in the job, and they realize that their hands are tied. So So the really dismantling racism is about. How do we feel? How do we go inward and heal? And I will tell you, Eric, and

00:33:11.960 --> 00:33:29.920 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: that I do with people trainings that I do that are specifically healing separation from the inside out in two full days with the individuals that i'm working with, taking them back to who they are,

00:33:29.930 --> 00:33:36.810 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: helping them to remember. Who are they? Because, you know, Eric, you and I both know people who

00:33:37.190 --> 00:33:52.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: who just hate what they do. They hate their jobs. They make everybody else's life miserable in in healing this racial, you know. Uh, divide that we have people back to. Who are you?

00:33:52.940 --> 00:34:21.949 Employment Law Today: Hmm. Cool, Are you right? Yeah, it's It's that's some question. I mean so much good stuff there, you know. Really, It's rather just like you know that you said Wow. So. Why, right. This is. Feed your soul. You know this. What's your purpose? Right? What steps are you taking to align? Say your beliefs around me to them, with your actions, both in the company as an employee, as a manager and employer and in the world. And I think you can't separate those two right if you're, you know, out in the world doing this uh good work, and

00:34:21.960 --> 00:34:38.780 Employment Law Today: you could bring into your workplace Um! But definitely hear that, as well as the ideas to, not your but fasting stuff. You're talking about the idea of it. You know the the motive and the selfish motive, but selfish, not with the usual connotation that we have of that being wrong or bad. But

00:34:38.850 --> 00:35:07.640 Employment Law Today: more going in, we're looking towards the self like towards one's motives and values. And I love. This about purpose can change. And Eval I mean, you know, as an attorney, I represent companies, employers, business owners, small businesses here in New York State, with compliance and litigation and consulting and transactions. But you know, I started out representing individual employees, and it was all in literally litigation appeals of rights, work, um immigration law, and that was great and sort of the purpose for a while, but also the

00:35:07.650 --> 00:35:24.119 Employment Law Today: that kind of thing, because the train on the system of doing. Litigation appeals every day, and they are just every day, you know, with arguments that positions, motions, more arguments. Um! It was. It became exhausting, and What I found is that you know I can still

00:35:24.130 --> 00:35:41.259 Employment Law Today: have an impact in society by helping companies to follow the rules and align with the with the different, you know, Stat. And also when they run a file that you know, defending them so that they don't lose their whole business. Um, maybe in the it may be mediation that the healing process, where they do recognize their part,

00:35:41.270 --> 00:35:52.109 Employment Law Today: and it happens more often than people realize. You know it's not always just a better. You know the company writing a check. Sometimes they do actually see where they went, a foul of the law, or where they's misstep,

00:35:52.120 --> 00:36:06.549 Employment Law Today: and I see companies that generally want to change that, and I see ones that don't right. That just you know. Right? I'm a check to your point about throwing money in a problem. Okay, how much they want. Here's the check costs less than litigating. Now let's move on, and they to go back to business as usual,

00:36:06.560 --> 00:36:23.539 Employment Law Today: and you know I offer them the chance to um have a conversation with me about these issues so that we can, you know, maybe systemically change things, and the ones that take me up on that offer Often Don't come back to litigation defense for other issues, the ones that say No, everything's fine. I did nothing wrong

00:36:23.550 --> 00:36:35.379 Employment Law Today: often will call me back into it. They runs about another employee and another employee another. So I just you know I echo everything you're saying, I just add that perspective to it, you know, in terms of like,

00:36:35.390 --> 00:36:54.009 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: you know, I want to go back to something to that. I said about it, the purpose changing. It's important for people to recognize. So whether we're talking about racism or anything else. When we think about our purpose, we're different people

00:36:54.210 --> 00:37:13.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: over as we progress through life. You're different than you were ten years ago or five years ago. Quite frankly. We're different even than we were last week, because we've met some people since last week that are probably changed our lives. We've had some interactions. Something has happened,

00:37:13.470 --> 00:37:43.180 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: you know that's different for us, and so we don't have to be so wet. It's just one thing we don't have to be wedded to what people thought we would. That's why people change careers, they'll say, Oh, my gosh! I was making so much money I was in corporate, or I was doing this, or I was doing that, and then I just found that I wasn't happy with them to be fulfilled, and I wanted to say the other thing, too, about

00:37:43.190 --> 00:37:45.199 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: finding your purpose.

00:37:45.210 --> 00:38:04.319 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Another thing that people can do. There are all sorts of assessment tools that are out here helping us to determine what it is we enjoy in life what it is, we're really really good at. Now I do want to say there's some things that we're good at that. We don't like doing

00:38:04.440 --> 00:38:23.700 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: so. Then stay away from those things, and I don't think we should do things out of compulsion as, or obligation as it relates to your purpose, that's all. Some things in life. We do um, and and there are ways,

00:38:23.710 --> 00:38:27.019 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: even though we are involved in things that

00:38:27.050 --> 00:38:42.059 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: are out of our control, so to speak, like things that you have to do, because there's downsizing in your company. You don't control for that, and you work Some work in a position that you don't want to work in. There are ways, and I um,

00:38:42.120 --> 00:39:01.459 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: you know I know we're gonna have to take a break. But there are ways of finding joy in the midst of doing the things that you don't want to do, and I would I would love for your listeners to hear, even if you're in a position who are not being hurt

00:39:01.470 --> 00:39:14.520 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and where you are not being valued. You can make a strategic plan to decide how you will be heard, or to decide whether you will leave. But if you know that you're in a position

00:39:14.530 --> 00:39:31.890 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: that you're working in, that you don't like until you can find the way of getting out of that position. There are some things to do to make sure that you're happy, and your attitude makes all the difference in the world

00:39:32.060 --> 00:39:38.030 Employment Law Today: That is such an important point, and it's It's so funny because I was gonna mention that

00:39:38.040 --> 00:40:07.380 Employment Law Today: in reference. And then you just, you know, launch into it. It's A. It's a very good way. People listening to whether you're the employee. You know things well, that's all great. No, i'm good. But you know I know I need this job to pay my rent and for my kids, and that's simple that you can make a plan. But you can actually find ways to be happy where you are now, and be purposeful, and for employers to. If you were in a company, you feel as if you know what you're doing anymore, but you can't just call them shop tomorrow. Um! Lots of times in life we have to, you know.

00:40:07.410 --> 00:40:18.099 Employment Law Today: Look at the long picture and say, I don't like this job, or this apartment, or this, whatever you know situation. But i'm going to change it but it takes time. But in the meantime you can be

00:40:18.110 --> 00:40:33.249 Employment Law Today: purposeful purpose-driven and happy, and we come back from our break. Um! We have to take it a rush of rake um Here I talk with my C. And i'm a lot today. I'm. Eric. So for my host, my host, i'm the host. My guest, is Dr. Bevin, uh

00:40:33.260 --> 00:40:49.689 Employment Law Today: Charlie and Kerry, Dr. Reverend. We're a doctor. Sorry it's been a long, long week. We're back to Tlc. Stay, too. We'll talk more about this whole idea of purpose, and and and bringing your life into harmony with what you're meant to do. So stick around. We'll be right back,

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00:42:54.150 --> 00:43:07.850 Employment Law Today: Welcome back to employment law today. I'm. Your host, Eric Sovereign. I'm an employment attorney here in here today. I'm here tonight with my guest, the Reverend Doctor I'm. Going to say correct this time. Caroline Curry, A. R. A. K. The Reverend Dr. Tlc.

00:43:07.860 --> 00:43:25.850 Employment Law Today: I'm. Talking about her book recently talking about um a purpose during life in the employment context for employers and employees, and you know But um turn Those want to ask you in that regard. But you foresee what changes might you foresee? Let's say, transit or patterns

00:43:25.860 --> 00:43:38.679 Employment Law Today: in the workplace. If employers shift towards focusing on their employees, you know, on on on their purpose, helping them to involve their purpose like, How do you see that impact in the workforce today?

00:43:39.150 --> 00:43:54.509 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Well, it's interesting because I I see it, impacting the individual. First and foremost, because we talked about the health related issues, the medical, the physical, the psychological. I think that Um,

00:43:54.890 --> 00:43:59.769 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: we would see a decrease for one. And though in the

00:44:00.140 --> 00:44:07.580 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: the health disparities, the health issues that we're, seeing that's one thing. But I think just in terms of

00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:16.509 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: the company itself, you know, if people are happy again, if the culture is one in which

00:44:16.520 --> 00:44:45.829 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: uh people feel secure in living their purpose, I think that you're going to see a company that really is a a stellar company that's out shining. Many of the other companies that are out there, and they'll be able to say, this is our model, and then those companies would invariably be more concerned about what is happening in the community Right? So I think that there's A. There's a trickle down effect, so to speak, because if this company says these are my value,

00:44:46.000 --> 00:44:54.360 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I value my employees. The employees are going to come in, and they're going to be thinking about, hey? What's happening within my own world,

00:44:54.370 --> 00:45:09.860 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: what's happening in my community And they're going to take those issues to their company and say, Hey, do you want to partner with the community to do X, Y. And Z. And so ultimately, I think it's something that benefits not just the the,

00:45:09.870 --> 00:45:25.960 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: but it benefits the world. And so that's what I think the trend is. And so, if an employer really wants to practice what they preach and say, we're this company that cares about the world listening to their employees would be a start to there.

00:45:26.620 --> 00:45:44.709 Employment Law Today: Yeah, you know, I think so, too. That's really good point, you know, Charlie, I think, and looking towards the future, the workforce is just changing so much I mean evolving, changing. There's just new ways of working being. I look at the fact that No, I can run a law firm with law practice um,

00:45:44.720 --> 00:45:49.929 Employment Law Today: and spend in my in my office three days a week and two days a week working from home, you know. That would have been

00:45:49.940 --> 00:46:06.089 Employment Law Today: very rare to do just three to four years ago, but I still be worth two days, and you know, and and people are running all companies like remotely. They're running a hybrid. Um! They're hiring people in different fields. So my point is that they're all kinds of changes, and I think you know a lot of changes have also had to do with

00:46:06.100 --> 00:46:25.899 Employment Law Today: how companies look at the way that their their workers are satisfied and happy. I think there's more of a push towards, you know. Employees satisfaction employees being seen and heard. And I think the companies that get that are the ones that will be successful, and the ones that Don't are going to keep hearing phrases like great resignation, you know. Great. We shuffle, and you know, quiet quitting,

00:46:25.910 --> 00:46:44.260 Employment Law Today: and they'll be like Yep, that's my company. That's what's happening to me. Um. But I think it comes back to all the things that you and I have been speaking about tonight, and everything from the why, your purpose? Um, everything you said really is, I think, relevant. Here

00:46:44.270 --> 00:46:58.899 Employment Law Today: we have a probably down to that last couple of minutes, so like of the show, I know that to a second later start. But, um! What I like to do usually like to give my guest, you know a couple minutes Talk about

00:46:58.910 --> 00:47:27.519 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: what's going on for you in terms of any upcoming. Oh, there we go! Get the three minute. Mark um! What's happening for you with Charlie? Any upcoming shows new books, events happy will contact you. The floor is yours. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I do want to. Uh encourage people to listen. On Thursdays at eleven o'clock Am. To the dismantle racism show. You can always catch it uh afterwards as well on talk radio, Nyc. If for some reason you missed the live show.

00:47:27.530 --> 00:47:56.490 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But in January. I have a six week program that's coming up. It's January eleventh, and it's going to be for six weeks. The time is eleven o'clock to twelve, thirty, where I actually will be teaching people how to recognize and respond to racism. The course is called a blueprint to end racism. So I give really concrete steps in there. For how do you show up? How do you engage in this work of dismantling

00:47:56.500 --> 00:48:24.030 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: racism? But then, after that um in I am doing um after it is. Excuse me, i'm doing a two day retreat on February fourth, and twenty fifth. You Don't, have to attend one to attend the other. But on February twenty, fourth, and twenty, fifth, I'm. Going to actually be working with leaders and other individuals who are interested in learning. How do we heal separation from the inside out. How do we go back and take a look

00:48:24.040 --> 00:48:30.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: at our purpose and our Why for engaging in this work? And how do we incorporate it into

00:48:30.470 --> 00:48:45.400 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: our everyday life, so you can learn more about it by going to sacred intelligence. Dot com, and you can register there, and you can also reach out to me as well go into that website. Sacred intelligence, dot com

00:48:46.520 --> 00:48:59.259 Employment Law Today: interesting. Wow! The good stuff, you know for audience. Listen to tonight to think about. Yeah. Wow. Well, I mean Charlie. And first I want to thank you so much for for being a guest tonight and as

00:48:59.270 --> 00:49:18.569 Employment Law Today: audience name, and I know you actually filled in for some of that before she couldn't make it so. You were um right there on a fly. Oh, she did this all you know, when, like victim, is for the show started so really, uh grateful that we can ask conversation just from the hearts. My speaking really terrific and just, you know, in congratulations to you on success of your book,

00:49:18.580 --> 00:49:34.010 Employment Law Today: to get a copy and to go to um to go to website for more information about that. And you know also say that if you enjoy those shows like what you see like what you heard, tell your friends or your colleagues or your families

00:49:34.020 --> 00:49:52.699 Employment Law Today: uh members of tune in on Tuesday, even from five Pm. Six Pm. Eastern day of time to a target. Now I see, or you can catch us on uh spotify. Stitch your um Google Podcast, Amazon. And what's the other one is always want everything down uh spotify.

00:49:52.710 --> 00:50:08.470 Employment Law Today: Maybe it's Google play um. But um just want to thank you. But all for listening tonight and joining us at special thanks to you, Reverend Dr. Tlc. Wishing everyone a wonderful night, a good uh rest of the week

00:50:08.760 --> 00:50:22.659 Employment Law Today: and day two for work, day program, and right here on talk with Mit. So once again just want to thank so much being here. It's a pleasure. Thank you so much.

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