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Monday, November 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/14 - mBody Your Edge with John Cottrell

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/14 - mBody Your Edge with John Cottrell


2022/11/14 - mBody Your Edge with John Cottrell

[NEW EPISODE]  mBody Your Edge with John Cottrell

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What is YogaTherapy?

How is yoga and body intelligence serving the work of practitioners in the Mental Health field? 

How can YogaTherapy help with Addiction? Relationships?

How do you access your own intuitive body intelligence? How has it been revealed to you?


What is YogaTherapy?

How is yoga and body intelligence serving the work of practitioners in the Mental Health field? 

How can YogaTherapy help with Addiction? Relationships?

How do you access your own intuitive body intelligence? How has it been revealed to you?

John is educated in clinical psychology having earned a Master of Science and Ph.D. from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California.

While still working as a psychotherapist, John taught fitness classes  and added yoga to his fitness routine in 2000. He has been able to use his education in psychology and devotion to fitness and yoga to understand and offer the benefits of a body and mind connection.

John also started his own business, “mbody,” in 2008 and offers Yoga Therapy as a Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, private and group yoga lessons, workshops, and retreats. 

He just authored his second book, “Some More Yoga, Please.”  It compliments his first book entitled, “Yoga With Intention: A Yogic Life Journey from Awareness to Honoring.”

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra welcomes her guest, John Cottrell. John currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the founder of “mBody,” offering Yoga Therapy as a Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, private and group yoga lessons, workshops, and retreats. Sandra and John met when she was interviewing him for a series of videos for a place they both work within; a wellness center run by a mutual friend called Perfect Fit Virtual Wellness. She expressed how his wisdom and insight jumped out to her and motivated her to also give yoga therapy a try. She also compliments his ability to teach both online and in person. Sandra asks John what identity he leads with. He says that it leans towards how he shows kindness and how he wants to show his love and appreciation for someone. One example he gives is showing this through his cooking and baking. At the end of this segment, Sandra reads an invocation.

Segment 2

John talks about how he discovered yoga. He says that finding yoga as part of his career and life was an accident. He moved to Salt Lake City to dfo his psychology internship but ended up staying in Utah. While still there, he found a gym that offered different aerobics classes. He eventually started teaching there. He taught music inspired weight lifting classes. At the time, he took a yoga class being offered there. It reminded him of dance and choreography. Having a background in theater as well, it “felt like home.” One of the instructors encouraged him to be one after seeing how god he was at this. John would work as a full time psychologist and on the weekends do yoga instructing. He says that while running a yoga studio within a fitness facility, he started doing individual classes. This was when he realized that psychology and yoga really merge. He would do a little bit of talk therapy and then yoga to help address things that they would talk about. John also talks about working with a shaman in Peru. Yoga, he says, is therapy. He also talks with Sandra about different components of yoga therapy. They also get into how he merges his psychology background when working with clients.

Segment 3

John talks more about yoga therapy and how it exceeded his expectations. Because of the more holistic or moving part of yoga, he said that he would see his clients maybe 5-6 times. He compared this to when he would see his clients very often, on a weekly basis, when he only focused on his work as a psychologist. John says he thinks it's because of the poses, breathing exercise and more which can be done at home as well. He hopes that he can help people see their path clearly and who they really are. With that perspective, they feel empowered. The obstacles are still there, but with the tools he gives, he hopes that his clients can move forward in their lives. He also mentions working a lot with clients to cope with addiction. He also talks about understanding what coping mechanisms work for him, even though he's never been through these kinds of addictions, to know what's serving him in a good way. Sandra and John talk about mBody. He also mentions his book Yoga With Intention: A Yogic Life Journey from Awareness to Honoring. He wanted to make yoga approachable and something that anyone can do no matter your experience. John’s new bok Some More Yoga, Please, is a compilation of articles and blog posts he has written on what yoga is and how to do different poses and practices. It also includes things that can be applied to your everyday life.

Segment 4

John talks about his clothing line, also called mBody. About 12 years ago, he was teaching at a studio where someone asked about men’s clothing for yoga. At the time, he realized that there weren't clothing sites that catered to men for yoga. His goal was to make clothing that could be worn casually as well as affordable. Sandra asks John about what edge he is navigating in his life currently. He says that part of his edge is keeping all of his interests contained so that it’s not scattered. Recently, he's been challenged by which direction to go since he has a ton of ideas and creative ventures. He mentions his writing, his yoga classes and clothing line. He's also been creating mandalas to sit and meditate. He has published a couple of mandala coloring books on Amazon. John also mentions baking. You can find John Cottrell at,, and on youtube at “mBody Yoga with John Cottrell.” If you're interested in yoga therapy, you can visit John leaves us with the advice of having a sense of humor and going in with a smile, don't take yourself too seriously, and enjoy life; make the best of it.


00:00:12.360 --> 00:00:15.319 welcome everyone. I'm Sandra Bardman.

00:00:15.430 --> 00:00:26.389 A few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the Edge of every day, which was an exploration of the rock edges and contradictions. We all face and grapple with

00:00:26.580 --> 00:00:34.590 the show hit a nerve, and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time more than I could have foreseen. So

00:00:34.600 --> 00:00:54.039 here we are, real talk with real people, sharing stories and perspectives that spark provocative invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everyone. We are live in the hive.

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00:02:03.470 --> 00:02:06.210 Sandra Bargman: This show this show.

00:02:06.230 --> 00:02:18.740 Sandra Bargman: It's about pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations, and shared stories with friends and colleagues. It's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:02:18.770 --> 00:02:38.189 Sandra Bargman: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful, those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings, both about ourselves and about the world around us.

00:02:38.700 --> 00:02:55.629 Sandra Bargman: Listen. We live in edgy, tumultuous times and people are complex, The more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world.

00:02:55.730 --> 00:02:58.389 So thanks again for tuning in,

00:02:59.460 --> 00:03:05.130 Sandra Bargman: and without further ado it is time to introduce our guest this week.

00:03:05.640 --> 00:03:13.689 Sandra Bargman: John Katrell is originally from Oakland, California, and now resides in Salt Lake City. Utah.

00:03:13.910 --> 00:03:27.249 Sandra Bargman: John is formally educated in clinical psychology, having earned a master of science and Phd. From Pacific graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California.

00:03:27.580 --> 00:03:45.300 Sandra Bargman: As a clinical psychologist, John has a broad range of experience, including child and adolescents, adolescent psychotherapy, drug and alcohol treatment, psychological and neuropsychological testing and group couples therapy.

00:03:45.750 --> 00:03:59.080 Sandra Bargman: John has always been fascinated with fitness while still working as a psychotherapist John taught fitness, classes ranging from weightlifting to hip, hop, dance, aerobics,

00:03:59.090 --> 00:04:16.829 Sandra Bargman: adding yoga to his fitness routine in two thousand he's been able to use his education in psychology and his devotion to fitness and yoga to understand and offer the benefits of a mind, body, connection,

00:04:16.990 --> 00:04:36.810 Sandra Bargman: mit ctl. And as a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and sports nutritionist. John offers a variety of ways to create healthy living. John also started his own business M. Body in two thousand and eight, and offers yoga therapy as a certified yoga therapist, Two

00:04:36.820 --> 00:04:44.210 Sandra Bargman: nutrition coaching, personal training, private and group yoga lessons, workshops and retreats.

00:04:44.280 --> 00:04:53.820 Sandra Bargman: Embody also offers its own men's yoga clothing line designed by John, and marketed to studios on a national level.

00:04:54.070 --> 00:05:11.449 Sandra Bargman: John's latest venture has been in writing he just self-published his second book, some more Yoga, please. It complements his first book, entitled Yoga, with Intention A Yogic Life Journey from Awareness to Honoring.

00:05:11.900 --> 00:05:14.620 Sandra Bargman: Welcome, John Cattrell.

00:05:14.730 --> 00:05:33.320 Sandra Bargman: Thank you so much, Sandra. Oh, Wow! What's this wonderful? Thank you so much for having me on your show?

00:05:33.670 --> 00:05:43.640 Sandra Bargman: I so I like to share with my guests how I with my listeners, how I know my guests and John and I met.

00:05:43.760 --> 00:06:08.049 Sandra Bargman: I was interviewing him for a a staff, a series of videos that we were creating for a place that both John and I work within. It's a wellness center, perfect fit, virtual wellness. And it's run by a mutual friend of ours, actually a college friend of mine, David Quarter, so shout out to perfect fit, shout out to David Quarter!

00:06:08.060 --> 00:06:19.839 Sandra Bargman: But but as an introduction for me to come into the group, I came in as what we eventually call the life Anatomy leader more of the the spiritual Take on

00:06:20.090 --> 00:06:39.709 Sandra Bargman: on the mind, body, connection, and you came in as a virtual yoga instructor, and I interviewed as a means of getting to know me through the interviews as well as the staff. We, David and I set up interviewing any everyone, and I had a marvelous conversation with you, absolutely marvelous

00:06:39.720 --> 00:06:43.790 Sandra Bargman: that I revisited recently. I forget why,

00:06:43.960 --> 00:06:47.570 Sandra Bargman: and I thought, Oh, I have to invite John on the show.

00:06:48.720 --> 00:07:07.499 John Cottrell: And so here you are

00:07:07.510 --> 00:07:16.049 Sandra Bargman: indeed indeed indeed, indeed. And so David's place. Perfect fit is a membership

00:07:16.080 --> 00:07:23.250 Sandra Bargman: communities, and the the staff is primarily from that area, but also from outside that area.

00:07:23.390 --> 00:07:24.400 Sandra Bargman: And yeah,

00:07:24.500 --> 00:07:44.240 Sandra Bargman: we we had a marvelous connection, indeed, and I also had the great pleasure of getting a yoga therapy session with John, and his warmth and wisdom and insight was palpable. It jumped out of the screen. And I love how

00:07:44.250 --> 00:08:13.300 John Cottrell: cool you are with teaching online. I mean, you know, this is that silver lining we talked about in that interview about Covid and things going online, and you're back teaching in person, though. Yes, I am teaching in person. And but I'm: I continue to teach online because those students that were taking my classes online, you know they were, you know, as things were starting to shift. You know they were worried like John. Are you going away because these are students that were

00:08:13.310 --> 00:08:43.259 John Cottrell: not in my area. They're from, you know, different states and different areas of the country, and they didn't want to lose that connection. I said, Oh, Yes, i'll continue to be doing these online. And so I have all through through this. And just to make it clear to your listeners. You know, Sandra and I did this yoga a therapy session online. I typically do them in person. I do them in person, and I do them online. And ours just happen to be online. Yeah, till it was fantastic. And you inspired me as I've shared with you and i'm sure

00:08:43.270 --> 00:09:13.259 Sandra Bargman: many of our listeners. Well, some of them. Certainly that I, you would think, with my mystical musings and leanings, that yoga would just be a natural fit for me. But it has not, and I have not gravitated towards it, and and I i'm more of a throb to the Disco beat kind of gal, and which you and I also share. So it was really great to you, really ignited something in me in terms of wanting to. Uh pursue yoga. And again, it's your your warmth and insight,

00:09:13.270 --> 00:09:21.700 Sandra Bargman: and your the connection with the mind and the body, and all of the depth questions that you asked.

00:09:21.850 --> 00:09:41.619 Sandra Bargman: So i'm gonna dive in with this first question that i'm totally loving using. I I I was asked this question, and I actually also heard it on someone else's podcast, and I just thought it was fantastic. Particularly I'm. Attracting the guests that I'm bringing on. I have do a variety of things.

00:09:41.630 --> 00:09:48.549 Sandra Bargman: They merge a variety of things, and so I like to ask people this question out of the gate.

00:09:49.510 --> 00:09:53.740 Sandra Bargman: What identity do you lead? With

00:09:54.360 --> 00:09:56.560 Sandra Bargman: what identity

00:09:56.700 --> 00:09:58.389 do you lead with?

00:09:59.490 --> 00:10:10.900 Sandra Bargman: Oh, wow! Isn't that interesting? And there's so many directions. You can go with that. And yeah, and it's been fascinating to watch how people have

00:10:12.590 --> 00:10:19.399 Sandra Bargman: worked their answer out as they've given it. It's really a a cool question. It is a cool question.

00:10:20.640 --> 00:10:27.970 Sandra Bargman: What identity do I lead with

00:10:28.400 --> 00:10:34.170 Sandra Bargman: yoga instructors? A fitness person? Well, and it's funny because those are like

00:10:34.290 --> 00:10:37.509 John Cottrell: titles. Those are things that I do,

00:10:37.570 --> 00:10:43.430 Sandra Bargman: but i'm not sure that you leave with it. It's not what I necessarily lead with

00:10:43.660 --> 00:10:49.210 John Cottrell: It's. Gosh! This is a tough one,

00:10:49.500 --> 00:10:51.839 John Cottrell: but i'm leaning towards

00:10:53.180 --> 00:11:12.439 John Cottrell: I I don't know. It seems a little vague, but it it leads. It leans towards just how I show how I show kindness how I want to show my love and appreciation for someone. And I say that because I think I recently discovered I, you know a little bit more about

00:11:12.450 --> 00:11:22.590 John Cottrell: how what my love language is, and how I show my appreciation and love for people, and that's through cooking and baking.

00:11:23.200 --> 00:11:38.470 John Cottrell: And so yeah, and so I find so much joy when i'm in the kitchen making up a batch of cookies or something, and and I get to share that with my closest friends and family, and I think

00:11:38.520 --> 00:11:52.390 John Cottrell: so. I I think that's what I lead with. Even if I don't have that plate of cookies, I I I think I would hope I still have that same kind of presence. Yes, that's exactly the word you lead with presence

00:11:52.770 --> 00:11:57.200 John Cottrell: with, you know, when i'm with people as if I had that plate of cookies.

00:11:57.210 --> 00:12:13.329 Sandra Bargman: Oh, I love it! Let's break bread, not break bread that's great cook is together. That's fantastic. Well, you know, and my answer I I I last week um I had somebody who asked that back to me. My answer shifted um

00:12:14.210 --> 00:12:30.420 Sandra Bargman: from the first time i'd said, Um, I I said, I probably lead with my comedy like the comedian first, and I probably then I I would lead with this more of the spiritual leader or uh wisdom keeper

00:12:30.590 --> 00:12:37.840 Sandra Bargman: portion of myself. But I really got to. I I really last week really got that.

00:12:38.420 --> 00:12:41.290 Sandra Bargman: I think really I lead as an edge. Walker:

00:12:41.550 --> 00:12:45.459 Sandra Bargman: Oh, yeah, somebody who who

00:12:45.480 --> 00:13:04.500 Sandra Bargman: it's not by accident that I've clued in on the edge of every day that I and I've really come to see how that's a deep platform for me, really, how I view the world and that liminal space between the shadow and the light and

00:13:04.510 --> 00:13:19.749 Sandra Bargman: and Liminal. That's. So So this this is the story. But in our Pre-chat, this is a story I wanted to share. So a friend of mine came over for brunch yesterday, and she's a new friend, and she said, You know you. You live in liminal spaces,

00:13:20.480 --> 00:13:36.209 Sandra Bargman: and she just I. I was shocked that she said that to me. And I said I, I actually said that in the chapter that I wrote for, uh, I contributed a a chapter to a book on the shoulders of mighty women, and that's an actual sentence in it.

00:13:36.220 --> 00:13:49.950 Sandra Bargman: And it dawned on me. I thought of this while she said that, and I was explaining to her that indeed I I do, and I relate very much to liminality, which is not it not? Who, not the way, who you were before,

00:13:49.960 --> 00:13:57.479 Sandra Bargman: and not who you are to be. It's this liminal space in between. And I view, and I thought of you.

00:13:57.550 --> 00:14:16.289 Sandra Bargman: I thought of your work as a psychotherapist and as a yoga instructor that in these conversations that we have, we want transformation. Ritual is that liminal space. But it's the same in all of the work that we do that liminality.

00:14:19.170 --> 00:14:26.859 Sandra Bargman: So we're gonna have to go to break our first break. And I because I've mentioned ritual, and I've been

00:14:27.310 --> 00:14:31.009 Sandra Bargman: recalibrating and wanting to add ritual into

00:14:31.780 --> 00:14:34.620 Sandra Bargman: each episode. I'm going to

00:14:34.660 --> 00:14:38.470 Sandra Bargman: finish up this particular section with a

00:14:39.660 --> 00:14:40.980 Sandra Bargman: a beautiful

00:14:41.160 --> 00:14:42.550 Sandra Bargman: invocation.

00:14:43.210 --> 00:14:46.129 Sandra Bargman: It's a riff on the one that I did last week.

00:14:46.340 --> 00:14:49.290 Sandra Bargman: But I've added some more on John's behalf.

00:14:52.550 --> 00:14:58.780 Sandra Bargman: You, who are as vast as the universe, and you who are as personal as a heartbeat.

00:14:59.130 --> 00:15:01.910 Sandra Bargman: Help me always to speak

00:15:02.100 --> 00:15:03.390 Sandra Bargman: the truth,

00:15:03.680 --> 00:15:07.760 Sandra Bargman: to listen with an open mind when others speak,

00:15:07.980 --> 00:15:12.679 Sandra Bargman: and to remember the peace that may be found in silence,

00:15:12.940 --> 00:15:20.219 Sandra Bargman: the wisdom of the universe is truth, and this wisdom and truth flows through me.

00:15:20.620 --> 00:15:26.920 Sandra Bargman: Help me to be a person of truth in all that I do, and in all that I say

00:15:27.870 --> 00:15:32.520 Sandra Bargman: today, tonight, in this conversation, and always

00:15:32.600 --> 00:15:38.229 Sandra Bargman: my heart and understanding, to the wisdom of both the light

00:15:38.920 --> 00:15:40.380 Sandra Bargman: and the shadow,

00:15:40.980 --> 00:15:43.970 Sandra Bargman: to honor the space of the Liminal,

00:15:44.270 --> 00:15:47.400 Sandra Bargman: to honor the edges of every day,

00:15:48.140 --> 00:15:58.999 Sandra Bargman: open the gate of consciousness through the beauty and power of our voices, and allow each of us to be seen and heard more fully.

00:16:00.270 --> 00:16:01.910 And so it is

00:16:04.710 --> 00:16:05.880 Sandra Bargman: so.

00:16:05.940 --> 00:16:12.510 Sandra Bargman: That is completely that completely speaks to the presence with which you walk in the world.

00:16:14.810 --> 00:16:31.810 Sandra Bargman: It's beautiful. So we're going to jump to break folks, and when we come back we're going to dive full on in into yoga therapy and all the incredible work that John Control is putting out into the world. When we come back on the edge of every day, stay tuned one hundred and fifty.

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00:18:20.180 --> 00:18:21.160 you,

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00:18:26.150 --> 00:18:27.100 You

00:18:32.340 --> 00:18:38.659 keep my brain to the ground. These are the days. It never

00:18:39.630 --> 00:18:41.500 but it

00:18:42.500 --> 00:18:49.399 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of every day, and we are back with yoga therapist, John Cattrell,

00:18:49.470 --> 00:19:10.660 Sandra Bargman: and we're gonna dive right into yoga therapy what it is. But before we do that I do want to hear how you discovered. Yoga, tell us that story and your desired to teach, and then move into that big Aha! Moment when you merged you'd be. You saw how to merge your psychotherapy work

00:19:10.670 --> 00:19:11.890 Sandra Bargman: with yoga.

00:19:12.200 --> 00:19:15.440 John Cottrell: Wonderful! You know. I think yoga was

00:19:16.150 --> 00:19:31.459 Sandra Bargman: an accident

00:19:31.470 --> 00:20:01.459 John Cottrell: from Oakland, as you said in my in the introduction, move to Salt Lake City to do my psychology internship with the intention of actually going back to California. But I end up staying here, and and really everything has really emerged and evolved wonderfully well, being here twenty some odd years. Part of that was, you know, working as a psychologist uh full time, and but, like like you, you know it was in theater way back when dancing, singing,

00:20:01.470 --> 00:20:10.710 John Cottrell: choreography the whole bit. And then there was, you know. Then there was dance aerobics, jazzer size and all of that fun stuff. And so I really got into that.

00:20:10.800 --> 00:20:15.070 John Cottrell: And while in Salt Lake City I found this little gym,

00:20:15.180 --> 00:20:27.470 John Cottrell: and they were offering some really fun kind of dance aerobic classes. And that's kind of my gym experience like That's what I would go to. The gym to do was go to these aerobics classes because they were dance classes and loved them

00:20:27.540 --> 00:20:38.499 John Cottrell: Well, this little gym that I was going to was offering these classes, and um, I actually eventually began teaching there and just teaching these um

00:20:38.510 --> 00:21:02.029 John Cottrell: uh music inspired weightlifting classes, and while I was there as an instructor, the owner started teaching Yoga on Saturday mornings, I thought, Hmm. That seems interesting. I knew kind of what yoga was about, and was very curious, and so I took a class, and I was instantly in love with it. Here's why captured

00:21:02.160 --> 00:21:23.689 John Cottrell: it? It was because it reminded me so much of dancing. It was a flowing, moving class. It felt like choreography to me, and it just felt like home to me, and so I was instantly in. So I just started practicing. I just went. I went and taught my class, and then I did this yoga class,

00:21:23.790 --> 00:21:25.220 John Cottrell: and

00:21:25.230 --> 00:21:53.750 John Cottrell: and I I did that for about a year, about a year and a half, and and one of the instructors said, John, you're You're really quite good at this. You should be. You should be a yoga instructor. And again, not knowing much about Yoga and how to become a yoga instructor. Not that I was really any. I was interested, but I thought, don't you have to go to India to become a yoga instructor. I really thought that, and they said, No, you can actually get trained right here in Utah, and so I did

00:21:53.820 --> 00:22:09.609 John Cottrell: um. So that began my journey of, you know, being a yoga instructor, and I just taught one class a week. I was still working as a psychologist full time. But then I had my little fun thing on the weekends where I taught my fitness class, and I started teaching a yoga class, too.

00:22:09.620 --> 00:22:19.199 Sandra Bargman: Oh, lovely, and then and then you had your big aha moment where the two merged, the two merged. It was interesting because the way that I visualize it,

00:22:19.210 --> 00:22:38.139 John Cottrell: because I was working as a psychologist. It was one path, and then I was teaching Yoga, and over time I was teaching more classes in various places, but they were these two roads that that ran alongside each other, but they did not merge. I just saw them as two very separate things

00:22:38.150 --> 00:22:56.689 John Cottrell: until I landed a job running a yoga studio within a fitness facility. And so it came with the um, you know, management and and leading other instructors, hiring instructors, teaching classes, and for the first time

00:22:56.700 --> 00:23:10.450 John Cottrell: I was doing individual lessons. I had always taught group classes, and so I had an opportunity because we got to do it in this space to do individual one on ones, and

00:23:10.760 --> 00:23:23.929 John Cottrell: that's when it clicked that Wait a minute. Psychology and yoga actually do merge because what I found that I did with these students is They came into the studio.

00:23:23.940 --> 00:23:35.249 John Cottrell: We sat down just like we would sit down in my psychology office. Yeah, we did a little bit of talk. Therapy got to learn who they were, what they were dealing with, what some of their issues were,

00:23:35.370 --> 00:23:48.909 John Cottrell: and and then we did, yoga, from what they were presenting in my head, I was imagining what you know, What yoga poses would we do? What kind of movements would we do to help address

00:23:48.920 --> 00:24:02.329 John Cottrell: what they were talking about, you know. And so that began the the dim light for me. At first the dim light of Wait a minute. Yoga is therapeutic.

00:24:02.480 --> 00:24:04.870 John Cottrell: This is therapy.

00:24:05.050 --> 00:24:10.959 John Cottrell: Hmm. And the more that I did that the the brighter that light got,

00:24:11.090 --> 00:24:19.799 John Cottrell: and and I really did have an I I I mean I had an ultimate aha moment, which was um I I had a

00:24:19.880 --> 00:24:24.910 John Cottrell: wonderful opportunity of taking a trip to Peru and working with a shaman,

00:24:25.110 --> 00:24:29.009 John Cottrell: and that's when I really have the Aha!

00:24:29.260 --> 00:24:30.580 John Cottrell: It was

00:24:31.640 --> 00:24:39.220 John Cottrell: sent to me. I like I was just this open vessel, and the answer came to me, and the answered

00:24:39.330 --> 00:24:52.759 John Cottrell: to my question of What am I going to do with this? What! What's my next step in this journey? And it became became so clear to me like you need to move away from that corporate

00:24:52.870 --> 00:25:07.110 John Cottrell: uh identity and move into what you are really meant to do and be and do yoga therapy. And at the time I called myself a yoga life coach, and that's that's when the light was so bright

00:25:07.120 --> 00:25:36.190 John Cottrell: and I shifted my career plan shifted away from the formalities of psychology and went towards Yoga life coaching. And eventually you get there. You're not. You're not doing any kind of psychology at all formal at all. No, no, no, that's all funneled. It's all funneled into this merging um system. So what are some of the ha just for for the people who who may not understand specifically how

00:25:36.200 --> 00:25:55.309 Sandra Bargman: psychotherapy works and what the the mission of psychotherapy is. I understand it. You, of course, will elaborate on this is is really the whole body, like the edge of every day, really the the whole body, the understanding of both the shadow and the light and and and the whole

00:25:55.790 --> 00:26:11.919 Sandra Bargman: overall. You know both the positive and the negative, if you will. And and how is the mission of how does it really align in in specific ways. And what did you bring to some of your sessions that that

00:26:11.930 --> 00:26:31.789 John Cottrell: make it? Not like normal? That's specific to you. It's not like a normal yoga session.

00:26:31.800 --> 00:26:50.860 John Cottrell: And in the components that you might find in kind of traditional or standard yoga, therapy would be breathwork. Okay, Prana Yama breathwork, learning how to breathe because it's a great tool for helping with anxiety, for example, teaching someone to breathe properly and take, you know, deep breaths so breathing

00:26:50.870 --> 00:26:57.500 John Cottrell: Asana, which is postures and movement. And that's a big piece, because you are using your body.

00:26:57.510 --> 00:27:16.769 John Cottrell: And I think that's one of the main things that's quite different from perhaps more the more Western way that we do therapy where you might be, you know, sitting in an office or a space, and you're just talking. It's talk therapy. There's not any. You lose no body movement typically

00:27:16.780 --> 00:27:31.400 John Cottrell: correct, correct. And so when there's this movement in this flowing aspect in yoga therapy. It opens up a whole new, you know, language and voice for the body to speak.

00:27:31.410 --> 00:27:40.339 John Cottrell: Um, there's other components. So we've got um movement breathwork, ayurvedic medicine, and that might be um, just really, just

00:27:40.730 --> 00:27:48.019 John Cottrell: to make it simple. Just your diet what you eat, what you ingest, and because all of these components are very

00:27:48.030 --> 00:28:10.459 Sandra Bargman: uh, you know they're They're holistic. They work together in unison and putting into the right kind of recipes, so so to speak. You know people can make some wonderful progress. No, and in in psychotherapy is it? Do do they lean more towards drugs? So medicine, So food is the drug of choice with yoga therapy as opposed to um

00:28:10.570 --> 00:28:15.640 Sandra Bargman: More drugs that we would stereotypically think would be

00:28:15.650 --> 00:28:34.279 John Cottrell: uh prescribed. Exactly. I would even say yes, so if so, if diet is talked about, then what you ingest food. Yes, and I would. But even just the movement um the breathwork. I consider that medicine as well, because when I work with my students and clients

00:28:34.290 --> 00:28:49.979 John Cottrell: I prescribe it. Using air quotes Here I prescribe movement. I prescribe breathwork. That's third. That's the thing that they take home with them and practice and use at home. That's their medicine, and they do that daily.

00:28:51.460 --> 00:29:19.959 Sandra Bargman: So how is how? How is this yoga therapy? Really because your background in mental health. This is what what intrigues me so much about yoga therapy is that you are combining this mental health, intense mental health work with your yoga, which is probably every yoga, instructor or or fitness Instructor believes to a certain extent they're doing that, of course, but with your training. It just is extraordinary. So how are you dealing with specifically with

00:29:19.970 --> 00:29:21.880 Sandra Bargman: with clients with

00:29:28.920 --> 00:29:47.939 John Cottrell: right? Um! What I bring to the table, and I think and i'm quite fortunate because I do have this psychology background, and so I really use a lot of the Western. You know, parts of therapy in my in this Eastern tradition of yoga and using yoga therapy.

00:29:47.950 --> 00:29:57.210 John Cottrell: And so when i'm working with someone uh let's say it's trauma like early childhood trauma, for example, um one of the main questions that i'll

00:29:57.280 --> 00:30:15.759 John Cottrell: continue to ask, but also that's kind of floating around in my head is as they're speaking, and this you know, and describing what they're feeling. I I often ask, Where is Where does that show up in your body? Where does that show up in your body? What does it feel like?

00:30:16.000 --> 00:30:36.359 John Cottrell: And you know, and just really get into the nitty gritty of that, because that helps me helps us really to identify. You know um what the core issue is, we can really understand what that sensation is, and then we shift to the Yoga

00:30:36.370 --> 00:30:51.339 John Cottrell: with its breathwork, or Austin on the postures, because the postures they all have meaning, and and in the it's medicine. And so I can. We work with these the signal pieces, a yoga pose, a yoga movement, a breath

00:30:51.350 --> 00:30:57.290 John Cottrell: exercise to start to understand the issue. The core issue.

00:30:57.760 --> 00:31:02.469 Sandra Bargman: Wow! Well, and you know, I mean in terms of

00:31:02.630 --> 00:31:03.590 it's

00:31:04.000 --> 00:31:16.209 Sandra Bargman: that that that are sparked from depression, from trauma, from addiction, from all of the the mental health issues that we face, and to be able to

00:31:16.830 --> 00:31:29.180 Sandra Bargman: engage the body in a way that it also speaks. As you said, it also has a voice, and that that you can be stave off those things not only for the mind but for the body

00:31:29.390 --> 00:31:44.209 Sandra Bargman: this is absolutely fascinating. We've got to go on a break, but when we come back we will pick it up. We will hear all about embody and John's books, and continue to tease apart this mental health, combined with Yoga.

00:31:44.220 --> 00:31:49.679 Sandra Bargman: When we come back with our guests, John Katrell, on the edge of every day. Stay tuned.

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00:33:48.760 --> 00:33:49.759 of every day,

00:33:49.800 --> 00:33:52.949 and we are back with John Cattrell,

00:33:53.060 --> 00:34:09.759 Sandra Bargman: so I real quick plug. Um. I just hearing um uh in those commercials. Um dismantle racism podcast with Dr. Tlc. Um for those of you listening in you'll recall that I had her on my show. It.

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00:34:34.179 --> 00:34:41.419 Sandra Bargman: It's going to be a fantastic conversation. So. But now we're back with the glorious John Cottrell. So um,

00:34:42.210 --> 00:35:00.139 Sandra Bargman: you know, without overstepping confidentiality. Um, you know Is there a particular case in point that you can share with us that that where we yoga therapy exceeded your expectations, or really was a stunning

00:35:00.230 --> 00:35:03.570 Sandra Bargman: um session or group of sessions.

00:35:04.050 --> 00:35:33.659 John Cottrell: Yes, absolutely. When I think about it in general, comparing what I do now as a yoga therapist compared to just being a a psychotherapist in a more traditional sense. You know, I was working in substance abuse treatment, and the clients that I had. I was working with them literally for years. Years. They come week after week after week, and saw them, you know, every week for years, literally, and and they made progress. But it was very

00:35:33.670 --> 00:35:36.549 John Cottrell: slow progress, but it was progress

00:35:36.830 --> 00:35:53.550 John Cottrell: when I made the shift to Yoga therapy because of this more holistic component in the moving part of it. Even folks that were coming with pretty significant issues, relationship, jobs, substance, abuse, trauma.

00:35:53.560 --> 00:35:57.659 John Cottrell: I would see them, maybe five or six times,

00:35:58.470 --> 00:36:06.520 John Cottrell: and then we there'd be. There'd be a start, a middle, and an end. After those successions

00:36:06.720 --> 00:36:17.480 John Cottrell: they felt, and I felt that they had enough tools to take with them and and move forward, and I and I think it's because

00:36:17.510 --> 00:36:26.379 John Cottrell: of the prescription of Try this at home. Try these yoga poses at home. Try these breathing exercises at home.

00:36:26.830 --> 00:36:41.540 John Cottrell: The intention with all of this, and I want to make this clear as far as what I think I bring to the table as a yoga therapist is, my intention is to help someone, whatever the issue might be, to clear their path.

00:36:41.690 --> 00:36:49.049 John Cottrell: There's a type of meditation called Vipashina, and Vipashina means to see things clearly,

00:36:49.550 --> 00:37:00.939 John Cottrell: and that's, I think, my intention to help people see their lives clearly, to see the truth in who they really are.

00:37:00.950 --> 00:37:10.720 John Cottrell: But we're blinded by so many obstacles, and I always put my hands in front of my face to to visualize that. And but we walk in our world

00:37:10.890 --> 00:37:12.449 John Cottrell: as if that's normal.

00:37:12.510 --> 00:37:29.299 John Cottrell: And so with the yoga therapy work and just yoga in general, i'm helping people to pull the curtain to the side to drop that veil, to break down those walls so that the light can shine in, and they can see their path clearly. One

00:37:29.310 --> 00:37:41.730 John Cottrell: they see who they are, for who they really are the truth of who they are, and and when they have that perspective, that new illuminated perspective

00:37:41.830 --> 00:37:47.189 John Cottrell: they they have, they are so empowered, and and and

00:37:47.450 --> 00:37:52.630 John Cottrell: not that the trauma goes away, or that the depression

00:37:52.720 --> 00:37:56.319 John Cottrell: completely goes away. They just now have

00:37:57.050 --> 00:38:07.570 John Cottrell: tools that help manage it. They're able to just put it aside, so it's not distracting. Yes, so they can move forward

00:38:08.330 --> 00:38:12.229 Sandra Bargman: beautifully said, beautifully shared. Thank you.

00:38:12.340 --> 00:38:15.600 Sandra Bargman: So how have you been changed by this work, John?

00:38:16.440 --> 00:38:32.669 John Cottrell: I've learned so much from the people that I work with, and it really did start with the substance, abuse, treatment, work that I did. It really taught me about the human condition, and how and what we do as humans to feel good, to feel better.

00:38:32.930 --> 00:38:35.769 John Cottrell: And although I was working with

00:38:35.980 --> 00:38:43.610 John Cottrell: heroin addiction, opioid addiction, and having never done that myself. But we were the same,

00:38:44.020 --> 00:38:57.139 John Cottrell: you know. It just made me think of. What do I do to cope? What do I do to feel better when i'm anxious. What do I do to feel better when i'm feeling sad and overwhelmed?

00:38:57.440 --> 00:39:08.060 John Cottrell: What do I do when I've experienced trauma? What are my coping skills? We're all the same. We all have coping mechanisms, and so it's really open my eyes

00:39:08.310 --> 00:39:25.890 John Cottrell: to, you know. Really, look at What do I do? How do I take care of myself and does it work? Because maybe some things that I did as a teenager, or you know a younger adult. Yeah, I probably worked back then. But if I try to use those same strategies today,

00:39:25.910 --> 00:39:38.259 John Cottrell: there's no way. And so it's helped me to. You know, see things more clearly. What's more appropriate and and healthy for me? Um each and every day.

00:39:38.420 --> 00:39:52.079 John Cottrell: And and I think what I do, I think, reflects that, you know I like healthy eating. I love playful eating, baking the baking cookies right? Um, and even indulging in the things that I love.

00:39:52.090 --> 00:40:09.129 John Cottrell: Um, but also paying attention to does that serving me? Is that serving me in a healthy way? It's keeping my path in vision clear, because if I can live this way. I know that I can pass that on to friends, colleagues, and the students and clients that I work with.

00:40:09.140 --> 00:40:14.160 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely, Indeed you do. You passed it along to me.

00:40:15.410 --> 00:40:21.399 Sandra Bargman: So let's let's talk about embody in your books. So um

00:40:23.290 --> 00:40:30.269 Sandra Bargman: let's dive into embody what what was, what was the impulse for that? And and and

00:40:30.730 --> 00:40:33.720 John Cottrell: and what's the story around that? Yeah,

00:40:33.820 --> 00:40:36.100 John Cottrell: well embody

00:40:36.110 --> 00:41:04.710 John Cottrell: in the my brand and the business he spells it m bottom. Yeah, it's the letter M. Bo. Dy embodies. So people say, what is that in body? I said. Just say the just say it, and that was part of the vision quest in um in. Wow, I love it. Yeah,

00:41:04.840 --> 00:41:13.679 John Cottrell: I I had the name, and I was using it for something else, and I kind of remember why, how I even thought of it and used it, but I was using for something else.

00:41:13.690 --> 00:41:26.529 John Cottrell: But when it, when all this was coming, you know, to fruition, I thought, What can I call this? And I just used embody, and just kind of snag the you know Snag the name um,

00:41:26.670 --> 00:41:27.950 John Cottrell: And

00:41:28.000 --> 00:41:38.999 John Cottrell: at first it was just it was Yoga yoga life coaching which turned into yoga therapy over classes, retreats, et cetera. And eventually I did. I did write a I wrote a book

00:41:39.500 --> 00:41:52.480 John Cottrell: mit ctl, and and the book is yoga with intention. A yogic life journey from awareness to honoring. I love that title,

00:41:52.720 --> 00:42:02.959 John Cottrell: you know, really stepping onto your mat with an intention. Why are you here? Why are you here?

00:42:03.060 --> 00:42:08.790 Sandra Bargman: Pardon me for interrupting a book like i'm intrigued. Why, you felt compelled to write a book

00:42:09.390 --> 00:42:18.209 Sandra Bargman: about the Yoga experience, and and but I would rest assured that it's because of your take with the mental health and the psychotherapy.

00:42:18.680 --> 00:42:21.900 John Cottrell: I really wanted yoga to be approachable.

00:42:22.120 --> 00:42:39.020 John Cottrell: I wanted it to be something that anyone could do, even if you thought you couldn't do it, even if you never stepped into a yoga studio. Um, that it was something that you could integrate into your life,

00:42:39.030 --> 00:42:53.629 John Cottrell: and that's what you'll go with intention, is It's really like It's A. It's a short, small, easy book. It's more like a handbook. It's one of these books where you can just kind of open up to any page, and it has kind of a a life lesson,

00:42:53.640 --> 00:43:13.069 John Cottrell: um, or circumstance, a life circumstance, a real life circumstance that someone might be dealing with like I'm stressed over a business meeting. I've got a lead, or whatever. What do I do? Right? So that's the life circumstance. And then I provide just a short little exercise,

00:43:13.080 --> 00:43:17.779 John Cottrell: you know, like a little little breathing exercise that I explain.

00:43:17.790 --> 00:43:34.089 John Cottrell: And um, you know, uh, and give the instructions on how to do it, or it might be a yoga pose, just one yoga pose, and I describe how to do it, and maybe some of the benefits, and it's it literally. Should only take you like three minutes to do the whole thing.

00:43:34.450 --> 00:43:46.069 John Cottrell: And so it's just for the busy lifestyle for the everyday person that you can just open up this book. Oh, here's a great little thing. Oh, I can integrate this into my life. Yeah.

00:43:46.430 --> 00:43:51.919 John Cottrell: So that's the intention,

00:43:52.260 --> 00:44:04.109 Sandra Bargman: because yoga does need that people do it does have a bit of a a a thing around it, a bit of a vibe around it. You're absolutely right. Um! And and the therapeutic

00:44:04.910 --> 00:44:12.229 Sandra Bargman: understanding that you bring to it. I'm sure shines through in the writing, and and then shines through in the next book that you

00:44:12.610 --> 00:44:15.980 Sandra Bargman: just completed. Correct. What's the name of that.

00:44:15.990 --> 00:44:44.849 John Cottrell: It's It's some more yoga, please. That's right. I like that. I have some more yoga, please. Yes, exactly. So. It's really it's a compilation actually of uh articles I was writing, and I still write yoga articles um blog posts things like that, and they range from you know, learning about Yoga history, Yoga philosophy. You know just what is yoga

00:44:44.860 --> 00:45:03.340 John Cottrell: to? You know how to do certain poses. How do you do downward facing dog? You know what's you know what's Cat cow, you know just these odd little things. And then and then the same kind of life applications. Um, for example, like I think one of the articles is Um

00:45:03.690 --> 00:45:09.649 John Cottrell: Yoga for a pregnant woman who has restless leg syndrome

00:45:10.580 --> 00:45:19.569 John Cottrell: like Whoa! Pretty specific, right? And And so I developed a a short practice on.

00:45:19.640 --> 00:45:40.689 John Cottrell: You know some yoga poses that a pregnant person could do with restless leg Syndrome. Wow! That's fabulous. I should have my you know I I have two people in my life. They're not pregnant, but they do have restless leg syndrome. Have them check it out. Yeah, So this is. It's just a compilation of articles. I I wrote over a period of two years, I think,

00:45:40.700 --> 00:45:53.800 Sandra Bargman: and and it just like I said It just ranges from all these things, so you can just kind of thumb through and and like. Oh, this seems interesting. What's this about? And it I love it. I love it sort of, and and allow that the what you need to hear to

00:45:54.100 --> 00:46:13.830 Sandra Bargman: emerge. Yes, and both of these books you can find on Amazon right now, but they're going to be put on your website. I read that. Yes, yes, absolutely. And your website is John Katrellcom. That's two T's, and and also embodycom.

00:46:13.840 --> 00:46:19.330 John Cottrell: Yes, yes, embody com is actually my men's yoga clothing line

00:46:19.610 --> 00:46:28.339 Sandra Bargman: which we're going to get to when we come back from our break your fabulous clothing line that I told you. I wanted to get a pair of those shorts.

00:46:28.350 --> 00:46:43.370 Sandra Bargman: Yes, we need to take a short break, folks, but when we come back we'll hear about John's beautiful clothing line, and we'll talk about what's on his leading edge, and where you can find him

00:46:43.460 --> 00:46:46.620 Sandra Bargman: The edge of every day. Stay tuned

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00:48:50.010 --> 00:48:50.970 of every day,

00:48:51.000 --> 00:49:08.679 Sandra Bargman: and we are back with John Cattrell talking about yoga therapy and embody clothing and body clothing. So tell us, tell us about this clothing line. What was the inspiration for it? And and what is the the

00:49:08.690 --> 00:49:31.500 John Cottrell: mission behind it? Right. Well embody dot com, and then embody the clothing line. It's Wow, I think I think we're in its twelfth year. And so about twelve years ago, Yeah, I I remember teaching at a studio and um. I remember someone coming up to me. A student came up to me and said, Hey, where can you get men's, yoga clothing,

00:49:31.510 --> 00:49:50.820 John Cottrell: and at the time I was like well, you know what there's not much out there. Um as far as I've I've seen. You know there's a few websites um that you can get men's clothing because everything was really geared towards women and and a friend of mine that was happened to be. He be listening in? And he heard this conversation,

00:49:50.830 --> 00:50:20.089 John Cottrell: and he came up to me and said, Hey, John, if you have any interest in actually creating a a clothing line. I have some connections. Uh I know someone who has um a company that manufactures and builds clothing, and so you might want to have a conversation with them. It's like sure. Why not? You know. What can I lose? And so I had the conversation. It really inspired me. I was like. Well, how do you? How do you even design clothing? And And she said, Um, well, just

00:50:20.100 --> 00:50:35.069 John Cottrell: show me. Tell me what inspires you. What do you like to wear? And I said, Well, I like comfortable shorts, and I like tank tops, and I like muscle shirts and like, Okay, Well, let's Let's create something together, and that's really how it all evolved, and so embody

00:50:35.080 --> 00:50:51.119 John Cottrell: It's a men's clothing line, but anyone can really wear it. Um! But I really wanted to target men, because at the time not many men were practicing yoga, and like I said, there wasn't many sites where you could buy men's yoga clothing specifically.

00:50:51.130 --> 00:50:57.209 John Cottrell: So I wanted to have something for guys. Yeah, And I wanted it to be

00:50:57.240 --> 00:51:02.220 John Cottrell: comfortable, functional, and affordable lot of yoga clothing is

00:51:02.230 --> 00:51:29.400 John Cottrell: expensive. I want it to be functional where you could wear it to the gym. You could wear it to a gym. You could wear it to a gym. You can wear it out on the town. It didn't doesn't look like yoga clothing right? So some cool shorts with some pockets, a nice tank top, and it's not with flashy designs. Anything Is there just solid colors? You can mix and match pretty easily, and that's the line, and it's just very gender neutral. Actually yeah.

00:51:29.410 --> 00:51:49.160 Sandra Bargman: Oh, they sound. It sounds great. Um! And all of this can be found at embody dot com correct, alright, And folks, this will all be in the show notes. So you don't need don't feel like you need to write it all down. That'd be all in our show notes. Okay, So I love. I I love your.

00:51:49.260 --> 00:52:00.469 Sandra Bargman: You are a walking edge of every day with your your melding of these Eastern and Western philosophies into a cohesive.

00:52:01.730 --> 00:52:08.359 Sandra Bargman: And yet You're dancing between the two, and you've You've created something that unifies them both,

00:52:09.100 --> 00:52:13.979 Sandra Bargman: as Young would say, the dance between polarities. I just love that.

00:52:14.010 --> 00:52:15.209 Sandra Bargman: So

00:52:15.880 --> 00:52:21.100 Sandra Bargman: What edge. Are you navigating in your life right now?

00:52:21.170 --> 00:52:22.410 Personally,

00:52:25.670 --> 00:52:27.229 John Cottrell: it's really

00:52:27.620 --> 00:52:30.219 John Cottrell: that integration of

00:52:31.890 --> 00:52:34.069 John Cottrell: all the things that I do,

00:52:34.450 --> 00:52:39.499 John Cottrell: because just out on on paper it looks. It looks pretty random.

00:52:39.560 --> 00:52:43.600 John Cottrell: All the things that I enjoy doing love to do,

00:52:43.720 --> 00:52:51.699 John Cottrell: and I get inspired by so many things. But how is it all related, and so I think part of my edge is

00:52:52.210 --> 00:53:04.280 John Cottrell: trying to keep it all contained. So I don't feel so scattered, right

00:53:04.950 --> 00:53:24.300 John Cottrell: so inspired. I. You know I talked about clearing. You know that pathway, and having clearer vision, I think I personally experienced that recently, and it just opened me up, and I've been flooded, literally flooded with ideas and creative ventures.

00:53:24.310 --> 00:53:35.650 John Cottrell: And it's. And it's been this challenge for me to kind of hone it all in and which direction do I go, And how many of these things do I really do,

00:53:35.970 --> 00:53:53.210 John Cottrell: and and still have a life

00:53:53.260 --> 00:53:56.009 John Cottrell: Make it a nice container that felt

00:53:56.530 --> 00:54:11.089 John Cottrell: Um, I guess rational, and it really all fits under my embody brand When I think about embody it's like a wheel with spokes, and the spokes are all the different things that I do.

00:54:11.180 --> 00:54:20.539 John Cottrell: It's the yoga, therapy and classes, etc. All the very, you know, literal yoga things that I do, and there's this yoga clothing line,

00:54:20.920 --> 00:54:33.379 John Cottrell: you know, and that's about, you know, bringing perhaps more men to the table around Yoga and having more people experience yoga in having something fun to wear.

00:54:33.580 --> 00:54:49.440 John Cottrell: The Yoga, writing the articles that I write, the books that I've put out, so it's accessible to people. But I've got these other things too. Um, as far as the writing creating. I've been writing and creating Mundallas

00:54:49.710 --> 00:55:06.569 John Cottrell: and the Mandalas are just a way to sit and meditate. It's a wonderful way to meditate. So I've just published a couple of Mandala coloring books. They're on Amazon. I love that, and

00:55:06.600 --> 00:55:16.130 John Cottrell: and here's the little. The other thing I've mentioned. I love baking. I love baking, and I have a website. It's called one cake. Wonder

00:55:16.360 --> 00:55:31.790 John Cottrell: one cake Wonder, and it's inspired by an uncle of mine. Actually, my aunt and uncle. They were great cooks, Actually, a lot of my family. Members are great cooks, but they in particular were wonderful bakers and

00:55:31.800 --> 00:55:37.739 John Cottrell: and made pound cakes, and so I was inspired, and so I make pound cakes.

00:55:37.770 --> 00:55:41.259 John Cottrell: And so the website, one cake wonder,

00:55:41.520 --> 00:55:50.200 John Cottrell: are just pound cakes and different flavors and iterations of them. And I said, Well, how does this fit in the embody brand?

00:55:50.210 --> 00:56:05.000 John Cottrell: Well, of course it does. We want to indulge ourselves in sweetness, Right? Why not? I love it. That's part of that. That M. Is magic. Yeah.

00:56:05.550 --> 00:56:14.169 John Cottrell: So So yeah, I think that's kind of my edge, as of late is just how do I kind of bring all of these things together?

00:56:14.200 --> 00:56:20.750 John Cottrell: Um! So I don't feel so scattered. But it all makes sense, and it's all part of

00:56:20.780 --> 00:56:33.199 John Cottrell: the vision. The mission, and it seems like it directs me. It's like Yes, this is this is the path i'm supposed to be on this. I'm, i'm doing it right? I'm: I'm doing okay.

00:56:33.560 --> 00:56:37.359 Sandra Bargman: You are doing a lot, right, my friend and

00:56:37.860 --> 00:56:47.060 Sandra Bargman: I. This hour has flown by, and I have to get into my closing now. But i'm glad we got to touch on all of these things.

00:56:47.650 --> 00:56:49.679 Sandra Bargman: You just described.

00:56:51.840 --> 00:56:54.409 Sandra Bargman: One of my three life rules

00:56:55.590 --> 00:56:57.009 Sandra Bargman: Paradox.

00:56:58.070 --> 00:57:02.639 Sandra Bargman: One of my three life rules the other paradox. Life is a mystery.

00:57:02.850 --> 00:57:11.419 Sandra Bargman: Stay open and curious. If we hold the tension between two opposing forces,

00:57:11.900 --> 00:57:15.809 Sandra Bargman: a third way will emerge that will unite

00:57:15.980 --> 00:57:20.379 Sandra Bargman: the two original, and that's exactly what you're going through right now

00:57:20.700 --> 00:57:31.760 Sandra Bargman: with all of your in incredible creative ideas. The second uh rule is humor. Hello, humor! Keep a sense of humor because

00:57:31.820 --> 00:57:35.839 Sandra Bargman: we all need it particularly in today's I do times,

00:57:36.200 --> 00:57:38.629 Sandra Bargman: and last, but not least,

00:57:38.690 --> 00:57:40.009 Sandra Bargman: change.

00:57:41.640 --> 00:57:44.219 Sandra Bargman: The only constant in life is change,

00:57:44.370 --> 00:57:47.860 Sandra Bargman: so learn to accept it. Those are my three rules, John.

00:57:47.890 --> 00:58:00.869 Sandra Bargman: So how we've said it before. Let's say it again. Where do we find you, John Katrell, dot com antibody dot com. You also have a

00:58:00.880 --> 00:58:18.559 Sandra Bargman: hiccass. Youtube Channel. What is that? It's embody yoga with John Katrell? Is That That's exactly. It. That's exactly unbelievable people. Ron don't walk i'm going at since my session. Just a wonderful array of classes on his Youtube Channel.

00:58:18.570 --> 00:58:21.009 Sandra Bargman: Um, Do you have any

00:58:21.280 --> 00:58:40.990 John Cottrell: last words of nuggets of wisdom for our listeners.

00:58:41.000 --> 00:58:47.110 John Cottrell: And so that's a It's a scheduling system, so you can set up a session with me. Got it

00:58:47.200 --> 00:58:52.439 John Cottrell: nuggets of wisdom. I have to reiterate what you mentioned. It's just

00:58:53.190 --> 00:58:54.649 John Cottrell: sense of humor.

00:58:54.740 --> 00:58:56.720 John Cottrell: I have a sense of humor.

00:58:56.810 --> 00:59:10.059 John Cottrell: Go in it with a smile, don't take things too seriously. Your yourself first and foremost. Right. Oh, my gosh! And just laugh! Just

00:59:10.070 --> 00:59:28.870 John Cottrell: enjoy life! This is all we've got. Make the best of it. Enjoy it. Clear those paths so you can have that truthful uh experience in this realm that we're in and just enjoy it.

00:59:29.850 --> 00:59:31.310 Sandra Bargman: Well, folks,

00:59:31.940 --> 00:59:41.759 Sandra Bargman: this is it, John Cattrell? I thank you so much for being a guest on the show. Thank you for sharing your warmth and your wisdom with us this evening.

00:59:42.150 --> 00:59:53.159 Sandra Bargman: It's been wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you, Sandra, and thank you to all of my listeners. Remember, you are always at the edge of the miraculous.

00:59:53.410 --> 00:59:54.889 Sandra Bargman: See you next time,

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