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Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/02 - Legal Eagle - Bonnie Klapper

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/02 - Legal Eagle - Bonnie Klapper


2022/11/02 - Legal Eagle - Bonnie Klapper

[New Episode] Legal Eagle - Bonnie Klapper

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00:00:31.690 --> 00:01:01.680 Tommy DiMisa: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We have tiles, amphibians, all sorts of animals. We're just welcoming you back to the show. Professionals and animal lovers show. If you're watching on Facebook, here's a prototype, the first ever we're in the works little gear we're putting together some gear prototype, the first ever professional and animal lovers, The T-shirt, valet and bonnie. Are here, Do you remember? Like baseball? It was like baseball is the movie space walls. The rocket launcher like this is like pals the t-shirt right? Little throw.

00:01:01.690 --> 00:01:31.679 Tommy DiMisa: I'll go back to space balls. I love that movie. Actually, I got to go back when they were combing the desert with Joan Rivers, because my husband's last name is Schwartz, so I had no idea. Look at how that go either. Schwartz. What! You bonnie Clapper! How funny is that where I? Some things just happen like the universe has a joke. It's got its own sense of humor like, What's these ideas like into my head? And then they just come out on the air. So this is the professionals and I

00:01:31.690 --> 00:02:00.150 Tommy DiMisa: over show before we get into the festivities, which is, we are super excited about our guest today. Bonnie S. Clapper we have. I want to tell you this. We want to amplify the message. We believe we know this in our Dna that the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong. It's a strong. It really mirrors that relationship between pets and their pet parents. I used to say pets and their owners, I think, even says pets and their owners; but it's pets and their pet parents, and we know that people want to work together, collaborate together, advocate together,

00:02:00.330 --> 00:02:11.039 Tommy DiMisa: and we know that when we do this as a dare, I say, society, a professionals and animal lovers society. Dare I say it when we do this as a society

00:02:11.070 --> 00:02:13.040 Tommy DiMisa: everyone wins,

00:02:13.070 --> 00:02:42.530 Valerie Heffron: especially the animals. That is correct. That is right. So I just have to say this because um, before I forget, I usually try to do this, for at the end. But my husband's going to kill me if I don't do this, Tommy Demis. So you have been wanting to get some merch right, sell some stuff with our logo on it forever. I love that. You're kind of looking into it. I didn't even know. I think it looks great. My wife made it. She made this valve my wife. She made it. She made this valve my wife, she made it. She made this valve my wife, she made it. She made this valve my wife. She made it. She made this valve my wife, she made it. She made this valve my wife, she made it. She made this valve my wife, she made it. She made this valve. My wife. She made it. She made.

00:02:42.670 --> 00:02:49.199 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, she's amazing. So what I should also, since I have the opportunity, Say,

00:02:49.210 --> 00:03:19.139 Valerie Heffron: um is that if you like what we're doing? If you want to support us um, you can certainly uh sponsor us. Give us a guest Recommendation obviously share us like us, you know. Help get us um more into uh your circles, because I know this animal lovers really do love other animal lovers, and so we're trying to do so much good. And upcoming in a couple of weeks is, for example, our recommended holiday give

00:03:19.150 --> 00:03:38.139 Valerie Heffron: giving idea stuff, and we're highlighting businesses like. I still have this on my desk from last year. This we're highlighting businesses like this is dog on candles. They give back a percentage of sales to shelters and rescues. You have it, too. Yes, and, like you know, we are really

00:03:38.150 --> 00:04:07.860 Valerie Heffron: casting a spotlight on anyone who's doing great things for animals. They don't have to be in business. They can be retired. They can have a a regular, you know, nine to five job and be a teacher or whatever. But if you're doing good things for animals, we want you on the show. We want to, uh garner attention to your cause, your mission, and support you any way we can. So you want to support us. You can send an email to uh to me. Basically it's Valerie V. A. L. E. R. I. E. At

00:04:07.870 --> 00:04:16.790 Valerie Heffron: how dash show not underscore hyphen show dot com. Thank you.

00:04:16.890 --> 00:04:18.340 Tommy DiMisa: We're here to learn.

00:04:18.500 --> 00:04:20.079 Tommy DiMisa: We're here to educate,

00:04:20.089 --> 00:04:42.409 Tommy DiMisa: and once we get a bunch of the information. We don't always have all the answers. Before we do this we go out, and we advocate, and then you know what we might still not have the answer. So we come back, we learn, we educate, and then we go and advocate again. That's what this is all about. It's a constant circle of life, sort of like the circle of pals, right? The professionals and animal lovers show body, clapper, we're jazz to have you here. I mean, I have this background. I pulled up a couple of websites

00:04:42.420 --> 00:04:50.440 Tommy DiMisa: uh legal adviser. It works with does work, with the direct action everywhere. Group the Veterans International group, black sheep,

00:04:50.450 --> 00:05:06.880 Tommy DiMisa: sanctuary, and retreat, which is a Vegan farmed animal sanctuary in Mexico. That's how you say Mexico and Spanish everybody Mexico and also involved with humane Long Island our friends camp Happy tales, and we see certainly our friends at the humane Long Island shout out to John de Leonardo and Team and bonnie.

00:05:06.890 --> 00:05:15.799 Tommy DiMisa: I'm fired up because you're here, and I know Valerie is more fired up than I am. So it's getting hot in here. We're all fired up. What's going on, Bonnie Clapper. Good afternoon.

00:05:16.250 --> 00:05:33.730 BonnieSKlapper: Good afternoon, and it's a pleasure to be here, especially on the heels of you having my great friend uh John D. Leonardo from Humane, Long Island, and Pat, the executive director of the Southampton Animal shelter uh i'm. On both of their boards. I'm lucky to be on both of their boards.

00:05:33.740 --> 00:05:49.959 BonnieSKlapper: Uh, I guess i'll just get started. You know. I've always told myself I love animals. I have dogs, many dogs. It and I became a vegetarian. Actually, my journey was perhaps interesting to your viewers. First, I was a pesitarian,

00:05:49.970 --> 00:06:06.140 BonnieSKlapper: and uh, because I didn't want to eat animals, but to me fish fish were just fish. Were they really animals that we needed to protect and care for? I had a client who, before he ran drug boats uh out of Ecuador was a fisherman,

00:06:06.150 --> 00:06:22.850 BonnieSKlapper: uh, you know, and I was visiting him in jail once, and he's telling me you don't need cows. You don't need lamb, but to eat fish. Yes, I eat fish. Do you know how fish die? When we pull them out of the water? They suffocate. They gas for their last breath, and they suffocate to death.

00:06:22.860 --> 00:06:51.149 Tommy DiMisa: That was it no more fish. I became a vegetarian. Alright Thank you. So so hold on a second because I have to call like pause time out, because that's not just a regular conversation. When you say before my client smuggled drugs from Ecuador, he can we talk a little bit, because I i'm appreciative of him. Obviously an animal advocate. Right There's good in all of us, So he's obviously an animal advocate, because he didn't want you to to fish anymore. But can you just give us a little bit of that background, too, please?

00:06:51.370 --> 00:06:54.140 BonnieSKlapper: I don't think he really cared if I ate the fish.

00:06:54.150 --> 00:07:14.239 BonnieSKlapper: But he wanted me to know that the fish suffered just like land mammals suffer um so I was a Federal prosecutor for twenty-five years in Los Angeles and in the eastern district of New York, in Brooklyn my specialty at that time was Colombian, Guatemalan, and Mexican cartel cases

00:07:14.250 --> 00:07:29.410 BonnieSKlapper: so I did that for many years, and the last three years of my work with the Government. On two separate occasions I had to live with Marshalls protecting me because people I was prosecuting uh wanted to kill me and my partner.

00:07:29.500 --> 00:07:30.860 BonnieSKlapper: So

00:07:31.140 --> 00:07:39.339 BonnieSKlapper: after twenty five years of this, I said to myself, you know what I've given back to society for twenty five years. It's time to do something different.

00:07:39.630 --> 00:07:51.919 BonnieSKlapper: So I retired, and uh, much to my own surprise, I started doing defense work for some of the same types of people that I was prosecuting, and I've been doing that for about eleven years.

00:07:52.130 --> 00:08:03.029 BonnieSKlapper: But the for me, the most significant event in my life, I should say other than marrying my husband, because he's in the background, and he won't. Be happy if I don't say that. But what

00:08:03.220 --> 00:08:21.880 BonnieSKlapper: four years ago, uh, I was in my house, and I had been speaking to a friend of mine, a retired investment banker, and I told her. I don't want to do this work that i'm doing all that much. I I was happier when I was giving back. I want to work to help animals. You have any thoughts for me,

00:08:21.890 --> 00:08:36.650 BonnieSKlapper: and by coincidence she knew an incredible activist who one day, I hope you have on your show, called Donnie Moss um, and Donnie Moss is a nationally renowned vegan, activist and animal liberation activist,

00:08:36.700 --> 00:08:51.339 BonnieSKlapper: and we were sitting together, and I proudly said to him, Well, i'm a vegetarian, so I can help animals. And he said, and becoming a vegan. Well, I don't really know all that much about it. Uh what can you tell me,

00:08:51.350 --> 00:08:59.779 BonnieSKlapper: and Donnie said, I only need five minutes of your time. I I get chills. When I think about this. I want to show you two Facebook clips, one on milk

00:08:59.840 --> 00:09:01.509 BonnieSKlapper: and one on eggs,

00:09:01.580 --> 00:09:21.179 BonnieSKlapper: and five minutes later I was a Vegan and I've been a vegan. Now it's going on four years we call your Vegan anniversary. My vegan anniversary was in August. Uh. And since that time, starting with Donny's introductions, and then, following my own interest, I became affiliated with many, many

00:09:21.190 --> 00:09:40.320 BonnieSKlapper: uh Vegan outreach groups, animal liberation groups. That's on the more uh more activist side. And on the other side I put myself out there as someone who knew five o one, C three law, and would help any nonprofit with contract drafting five hundred and one c. Status things like that

00:09:40.330 --> 00:09:52.320 BonnieSKlapper: if I didn't know the area of the law, I actually went out, and I hired an attorney to teach me the areas a lot because I want to be able to help any animal cause with any legal need they might need.

00:09:52.330 --> 00:10:02.150 BonnieSKlapper: So that's my that's my background. Well, uh, may I ask you a a question. Um!

00:10:02.630 --> 00:10:22.179 Valerie Heffron: One of the things that's really exciting for me is uh throughout the course of the last year and change since we started this podcast. We've had several attorneys come on who are not, uh familiar necessarily with advocacy. It's not their, you know, area of of focus.

00:10:22.190 --> 00:10:35.140 Valerie Heffron: Um, However, they are animal lovers, and they want to get more involved, and they want to advocate on behalf of whether it's um improving um

00:10:35.190 --> 00:10:53.650 Valerie Heffron: the current legislation or writing new laws. So that's really exciting for me, because it's like a whole run. But so how do I direct them like? Can I introduce them to you? Maybe you guys can collaborate, or maybe you can guide them a little bit, or whatever your suggestion,

00:10:53.660 --> 00:11:12.279 BonnieSKlapper: I i'm more than happy to speak with anyone. I I do it all the time. Many time people will write me and say, I don't know what to do. I care. How do I help my my journey literally came about when Donny introduced me to the leadership of direct action everywhere. But I then went on Facebook and I searched

00:11:12.390 --> 00:11:23.360 BonnieSKlapper: rescuing dogs from China. Bingo. There's a group. He's help through rescuing dogs from China. I met the amazing candy You, Bell, owner of

00:11:23.630 --> 00:11:38.789 BonnieSKlapper: probably rescued twenty thousand dogs over the past fifteen years. She introduced me to Regina at camp. Happy tales, so I I and it. If you want to help animals it doesn't have to only be your area of the law.

00:11:38.800 --> 00:11:56.899 BonnieSKlapper: We learn right. I i'm not young. I'm not telling you how old I am, but i'm not young, but I I top myself all different areas of the law, so that I could find better ways to help the groups that help the animals.

00:11:56.910 --> 00:12:03.070 Valerie Heffron: One of the things I really also would love to ask you, uh is So

00:12:03.320 --> 00:12:07.609 Valerie Heffron: there's There's so many things right There's so many areas

00:12:07.660 --> 00:12:19.829 Valerie Heffron: that animals need help with. In general we need more voices. Um! What are some of your areas of focus today like? What are you really concentrating on? Because I know for me it's like,

00:12:19.860 --> 00:12:27.800 Valerie Heffron: you know, I was very involved with the hemp, that animal shelter. Uh, I've been involved with the anti- puppy mill bill and

00:12:27.900 --> 00:12:35.359 Valerie Heffron: I there's certainly other things with my radar, But there's only enough time in the day. Right? Right? So what are your priorities?

00:12:35.570 --> 00:12:52.610 BonnieSKlapper: Well, uh as a vegan and a an animal rights activist? My! I most of my work on much of my work is with direct action everywhere. Uh direct action. Everywhere is a grassroots group. Our mission is to reveal the truth about factory farming.

00:12:52.750 --> 00:13:00.120 BonnieSKlapper: Everyone knows the saying. If slaughterhouses had glass windows, no one would eat animals, so it's our mission to educate the public.

00:13:00.130 --> 00:13:18.729 BonnieSKlapper: Sometimes we educate the public in ways in which our activists get arrested. Um. So a part of my responsibility with direct action everywhere is to Council activists. Okay, you're planning an action. I first have to tell you not to break any laws, because i'm a lawyer. But if you're going to break laws

00:13:18.740 --> 00:13:37.220 BonnieSKlapper: here, here are the consequences. They do this, and it'll be a felony. Do this. It'll be a misdemeanor. Do this a different way, and it's less likely that you'll get arrested. So I I counsel the activists about their individual actions, and I also do a lot of animal cruelty uh reports.

00:13:37.230 --> 00:13:50.600 BonnieSKlapper: Our activists, with direct action everywhere put themselves at extraordinary risk. They go into factory farms where there's people with guns at night they plant cameras. They take video.

00:13:50.630 --> 00:14:07.399 BonnieSKlapper: Our phrase is direct action. When our activists do this, they then they don't, cover their face. They don't hide right on every social media platform. They're out there saying, this is what's happening in these places, even these humane places.

00:14:07.410 --> 00:14:16.119 BonnieSKlapper: So it's like show camps, you know, in the front you'll see the ducks swimming in the water, and in the back. The ducks are in crates, screaming, and being, uh, you know,

00:14:16.130 --> 00:14:33.559 BonnieSKlapper: tortured so. Um I would. If anyone is really passionate about animals, and is a Vegan, I would urge you to get involved with direct action everywhere. I definitely have to ask you. Do you know, Jesse Langell, who was on our

00:14:33.570 --> 00:14:43.170 Valerie Heffron: show a week ago. I believe he he's an attorney in Manhattan, and he is um going after uh

00:14:43.260 --> 00:14:51.900 Valerie Heffron: the food industry basically for false advertising and fraud fraudulent statements. I'm probably botching this. But um,

00:14:52.060 --> 00:15:11.780 BonnieSKlapper: yeah, I I do know him via email, because uh, I communicate with John from Humane, Long Island, and I that's a whole new angle. So that's a lawyer whose specialty is false advertising claims. Why would anybody think that helps animals? He took his skill, and he turned it to help animals so

00:15:11.790 --> 00:15:21.869 BonnieSKlapper: take with their So my skill originally was criminal defense. Well, so now I can counsel all these activists who are likely going to be arrested for their actions.

00:15:21.880 --> 00:15:51.849 Tommy DiMisa: It's good to, uh, you know, not to let's get like Michael Cole on It's good to have, like, you know, an attorney close by, you know, to just, I say I in jest, but i'm in in all seriousness it's look if we're going to put ourselves in harm's way, How do we mitigate? The risk? Is really what I what i'm hearing you say, what What Jesse is working on, too, is humane. Washing is the term which is the practice of making false or misleading claims about the treatment of form animals. You see these terms, like humanely raised, you mainly traded race,

00:15:51.860 --> 00:16:05.409 Tommy DiMisa: mainly ethically raised, raised ethically ethical, responsibly. It's all shenanigans, and, as I would say, in my vernacular. But it's all but yes, uh, so Jesse was on the show. Last week we talked about uh vegetarians, and he's been on the show uh

00:16:05.420 --> 00:16:17.149 Tommy DiMisa: couple of times now, so we are going to take a quick break. Uh, I have shared direct action everywhere on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, what if right now? If not, go to direct action everywhere, Dot com it says,

00:16:17.160 --> 00:16:34.899 Tommy DiMisa: until every animal is free. It's a global network of activists working to achieve revolutionary, social and political change for animals in one generation. Look, we do three things on the show gang We're here to learn. We're here to educate, and ultimately we're here to advocate. We're going to take a break right now. Professionals, and I don't want to show.

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00:18:22.580 --> 00:18:23.570 You,

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00:18:36.250 --> 00:18:37.090 you!

00:18:40.910 --> 00:18:41.960 You

00:18:46.970 --> 00:19:15.079 Tommy DiMisa: and we're back your pals, Tommy and Val, professionals and animal over. Show bonnie clappers here with us on the show, and you know, as I say, all the time gang no big deal just change in the world, you know, because it is. It is a big deal. I say that tongue in cheek because we're talking about what I just looked at. I shared during a break. We will achieve revolutionary and political. Excuse me, we will achieve revolutionary, social and political change for animals in one generation. That is the mission statement that is the objective of

00:19:15.090 --> 00:19:21.579 Tommy DiMisa: direct action everywhere, which is an organization that Bonnie is very involved with bonnie clappers here. Some of the stuff Bonnie does,

00:19:21.590 --> 00:19:51.440 Tommy DiMisa: advises and represents individual activists as we talked about in the first session. There. The first piece also helps set up five hundred and one, c. Three charity Specifically, dog rescue charities helps them with their uh contractor, independent contract agreements, employment agreements, really the advisor to these organizations, because, having, you know, my background, having grown up in in payroll sales and hr and benefits It's like. Take the things away that get in the way outsource those to somebody who knows what they're doing, so you can be on mission and stay on objective of what you're doing.

00:19:51.450 --> 00:19:57.459 Tommy DiMisa: So let's just get right back in the conversation. Bonnie and Val um, I do have a couple of questions, So

00:19:58.730 --> 00:20:15.669 Valerie Heffron: I have a couple of things written down from before we uh went live, and we can talk about um as much or as little uh as you prefer, or or as we have time for um. So i'm just gonna rattle them off, and then you can start where you'd like if if you don't mind but um

00:20:15.680 --> 00:20:32.739 Valerie Heffron: the first one was uh so I have written down the Mexico dogs, horse carriages, nyc um, or horse carriages in general, but um, and also the photograph thing which um for anyone who doesn't know vagra was actually uh banned um

00:20:32.750 --> 00:20:40.240 Valerie Heffron: um in in New York. Uh, I believe it was assembly woman Rosenfall, again, who initiated that piece of legislation.

00:20:40.290 --> 00:20:52.659 Valerie Heffron: What I saw a couple of nights ago when I saw you comment Bonnie, is that um there was a restaurant who had it on its menu, anyway. And so what concerns me greatly about this is that

00:20:52.670 --> 00:21:07.810 Valerie Heffron: you know it almost makes you question. Well, what is the point of legislation if there's not Enforcement right? So the those are just the three top things, I guess, going on in my mind that I know that you are familiar with, and by all means pick, pick, choose whichever ones you'd like to talk about.

00:21:08.060 --> 00:21:15.269 BonnieSKlapper: I i'll go in reverse order. Um! What what the Fog Rock producers in New York did is they took a page,

00:21:15.330 --> 00:21:23.469 BonnieSKlapper: and the pig producers in California. In California. Proposition was passed banning gestation crates.

00:21:23.570 --> 00:21:33.740 BonnieSKlapper: Gestation crates are one of the most cruel things on the planet. Pregnant pigs are put in these crates where they cannot move at all. They give birth,

00:21:33.760 --> 00:21:45.900 BonnieSKlapper: and they cannot touch their babies. They cannot see their babies. It's I could spend a whole show just on that, and within a week before the law of the proposition was

00:21:45.910 --> 00:21:58.440 BonnieSKlapper: come into effect. The pork producers filed suit. The producers have done the same thing. The flag Rob band was set to come into effect the farms and upstate New York that are still

00:21:58.550 --> 00:22:16.759 BonnieSKlapper: making this most cruel of all foods, waited until the law was about to come into effect and sued. And now there is

00:22:16.770 --> 00:22:44.599 BonnieSKlapper: no it depends on the judge. So a judge could say, no. The law is going into effect. I'm not. I'll consider your lawsuit will litigate it all the way up to the Supreme Court if you want. But i'm not in joining the law from going into effect. But If a judge feels that in this case the flog group producers have some case, maybe not a great case, but some case. The judge, he or she will typically issue an injunction, and the injunction says,

00:22:44.610 --> 00:22:52.799 BonnieSKlapper: Nope, can't prevent the sale of for a while in New York until this case is resolved. It's up to the judge

00:22:52.980 --> 00:23:00.959 BonnieSKlapper: it well. The the flog rep producers, the gestation, create people, they strategize, they wait until the very last minute,

00:23:01.060 --> 00:23:19.270 BonnieSKlapper: and then it's on the judge as to whether he or she's going to issue an injunction, so that for a rob producer that was in the live stream, and in fact, Donny Moss was in that livestream narrating that he made the movie um. He enjoyed the law from going into effect. So the restaurant tour

00:23:19.850 --> 00:23:29.800 BonnieSKlapper: he may be, in my opinion, engaging in criminal animal cruelty, but he can still serve that stuff until the law is either sustained by a judge or

00:23:29.810 --> 00:23:40.840 Valerie Heffron: or overturned, in which case for those of our listeners who may not know um why Vagra is considered to be one of the cruelest uh

00:23:41.120 --> 00:23:47.209 Valerie Heffron: foods. Um! Could would you want to maybe just describe what goes on behind the scenes.

00:23:47.470 --> 00:23:56.240 BonnieSKlapper: So what foie grab producers do is they take geese or they take ducks? Those are the two main foul used. They

00:23:56.620 --> 00:24:02.120 BonnieSKlapper: put pipes down their throat, and they force feed these birds

00:24:02.650 --> 00:24:19.499 BonnieSKlapper: as much as they can get into them, so that their livers become engorged and huge, so huge that if you go online and look up foie gras how it's made, you'll see these birds walking, barely walking, dragging their livers behind them.

00:24:19.630 --> 00:24:27.120 BonnieSKlapper: So the bird suffers incredible torture, so that some human being can eat the bird's liver.

00:24:27.140 --> 00:24:38.369 Tommy DiMisa: Can I stop for a second body in Valerie? Because Now this is when I get pissed off, because, like I don't even like I just found some pictures, and maybe i'll share them. But I I I can't even grasp

00:24:38.490 --> 00:24:55.750 Tommy DiMisa: the inhumanity where somebody came up with that as an idea like it's. Just look there! Aside from the animal world that we're talking about. There are incredible injustices, and people do really stupid shit. Excuse my language and every person to show, but it's happening so where people just do really dumb things

00:24:55.760 --> 00:25:25.740 Tommy DiMisa: like I I what bottles my mind is. It's a tragic situation that this goes on, but like who was the dummy that did not that you neither of you know that it's a rhetorical question. It was a dummy that was like i'm looking at this looks like a giant funnel with a tube coming out of the bottom of the funnel in them, because somebody are not watching You're only listening, and there's poor animal! Is just these guys holding by his neck. So this food, like what kind of S. And I behavior was that like in in the Seventeen Hundreds, thought this was a good thing to do, because

00:25:25.750 --> 00:25:28.979 BonnieSKlapper: from France originally,

00:25:29.380 --> 00:25:52.659 Tommy DiMisa: who would want to eat the product of such? That's the thing it sounds delivers is, if I know, if I understand the liver as somebody who no longer drinks it gets rid of all the poisons and toxins in our body. So why would I want that to be the thing that i'm going to put on my plate and pay a premium for it. Most animal protein that's consumed is not good for you. Milk, we know, is an inflammatory agent. So

00:25:52.670 --> 00:26:00.469 BonnieSKlapper: um! But that's for another story. But that that's what happened with the foie grab, and it's in the courts right now. Um

00:26:00.480 --> 00:26:15.420 Valerie Heffron: I'm. One of those people who kind of subscribes to the school thought like, If you're not going to get the little things right, and how can you get the big things right. And um, you know, for example, Um,

00:26:15.440 --> 00:26:33.990 Valerie Heffron: I had an animal uh advocate and rescue will reach out to me recently because um, It's a long story. But there was a household, and uh, the rescue was able to rescue their the dog um and find him a great home. And then these people ended up leaving

00:26:34.000 --> 00:26:49.549 Valerie Heffron: um. I think they got evicted to be honest with you, but they left, and then they sent the rescue or a text, saying, Uh, we moved. Please get my cat. So they dumps dumps. They abandoned their cat, which is illegal according to New York State agriculture and markets law.

00:26:49.560 --> 00:27:07.149 Valerie Heffron: But so now, what now? What do they do? Because the Enforcement is not there? So i'm sitting here saying, If we can't get this done, how are we going to enforce the other laws that involve cruelty and neglect? And you know, even worse cases? Right?

00:27:07.160 --> 00:27:22.660 BonnieSKlapper: Yeah. Last night, eleven o'clock, a rescuer wrote to me. There is a pit bull tied up in Ozone Park to a leash so tight he cannot lie down, and he's living on a pile of junk we called the police. We called the Precinct. We did a three One, one, the police responded.

00:27:22.670 --> 00:27:29.659 BonnieSKlapper: Well, we can't go on to the property without a search warrant, and, you know, looks like animal cruelty. But

00:27:30.020 --> 00:27:58.840 BonnieSKlapper: we're not interested. So what does the person do? Do you take the the law into your own hands. Well, some rescuers do. They'll go in dark, and they'll that pit bull out. They'll steal that pit, and we don't call it stealing and rescue. We call it rescuing. They'll rescue that, pip. I don't have a problem with that. I mean like i'm i'm one of those people who I probably should have told you, but I didn't know you back then. But five or so years ago, uh, there was a situation at the Landfill in Oceanside, New York,

00:27:58.960 --> 00:28:12.460 Valerie Heffron: uh, And basically, there was a gentleman who uh was able to feed these, a colony of cats that he cared for. Uh. And then one day they told them that he could no longer do it, and that he was trespassing, and they to rest them and all that stuff. So

00:28:12.710 --> 00:28:25.810 Valerie Heffron: the property uh was uh a Jason to waterway and um. I call up a friend of mine as a lawyer, and I said, can you please uh introduce me to a a criminal defense lawyer.

00:28:25.820 --> 00:28:39.910 Valerie Heffron: And he did. And I just said, Look, this is what i'm thinking of doing, You know i'm gonna kayak over there with some food in some water. I can't bear the thought of thirty cats starving to death, or, you know, being dehydrated, or whatever and um

00:28:39.920 --> 00:28:54.549 Valerie Heffron: what happens if I get caught right. So we looked it up together. And basically I saw that it was uh it was a two hundred and fifty dollar fine, and I was willing to risk that. So I trespass. I'm just confessing I totally did it. I kayak over

00:28:54.560 --> 00:29:08.150 Valerie Heffron: a couple of times. One time I had someone with me. I also jet skied over with my now husband and um Well, he didn't get off the jet ski, but I did, and each time I was bringing them like food and water, because I I couldn't bear it. I could not bear it

00:29:08.160 --> 00:29:22.630 Valerie Heffron: so. But this is the problem, because there's these organizations that claim like the Nasa County Spca. I'm sorry, but what they're really well known for is saying, we're not an Enforcement Agency, but other Spca's

00:29:22.800 --> 00:29:27.090 Valerie Heffron: are, and they they go after people, and they get them convicted.

00:29:27.100 --> 00:29:43.979 BonnieSKlapper: So there's really a big problem here. If if there's no enforcement, you know what we do, I mean, i'm sure you know that the Aspca in New York seeded its Enforcement authority to the precincts. Every precinct is supposed to have a humane Enforcement officer

00:29:44.040 --> 00:29:46.779 BonnieSKlapper: go into twenty precincts. Tomorrow

00:29:46.850 --> 00:30:15.920 Tommy DiMisa: three will have an office, or the other seventeen will say, We don't know what that is, all the Aspca, so there's a utter lack of enforcement. Um! Well, there sounds like this: fourteen job opportunities in New York City, if you want to. You know, in this level of Enforcement, in in these other fourteen precincts. I I We do have to take a quick break, and I want to just shout out my partner here for being a badass and getting on that kayak, and doing what she had to for the animals, but doing it

00:30:15.950 --> 00:30:45.939 Tommy DiMisa: proactively right. I like that that you did your research, and you said. You know What if I do get jammed up? How bad is the pain? Two hundred and fifty bucks! Well, that seems like that's reasonable for you to go out and and and and support those cash. I would. I just shared something on Facebook, you know. Keena Traster, a movie called Catnip Nation and the trailer to Catnip Nation was Valerie on a kayak

00:30:45.950 --> 00:30:50.700 Tommy DiMisa: ninety seconds. Because you're going to a quick break. This is palace professionals and animal lovers show right back.

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00:32:39.710 --> 00:32:40.550 You

00:32:44.100 --> 00:32:45.440 you

00:32:51.300 --> 00:33:20.849 Tommy DiMisa: legal advisor, attorney, and all around champion for the animals finding clappers here with us on professionals and animal lovers show. Bonnie, we're just jazz to have you here, and I see why my friend and partner here was so excited about having you on the show, because this is a conversation, and I will promise you this, like we set up from. Even before we start the show. We will run out of time before we run out of words to say It's part of the show. It's actually maybe that should be our theme. We do not have enough time, but we have plenty of words. No; but what's great about it? All kidding

00:33:20.860 --> 00:33:41.200 Tommy DiMisa: our side is that we want to have you be a part of this community. Part of the society that we're creating, because it's folks like you, or on the front lines. We're going to continue to educate us and help us and help us rather educate others. So I was sharing something with Veterans International. I don't know if you want to speak to that. But I know Valerie had some other questions about dogs in Mexico, and let's just jump right back in

00:33:41.210 --> 00:33:46.200 Valerie Heffron: the Mexico tools and the course carriages, whichever one you're up for.

00:33:46.250 --> 00:33:51.479 BonnieSKlapper: Yeah, Well, again. This is this is how, if you put yourself out there,

00:33:51.700 --> 00:34:20.769 BonnieSKlapper: believe me as a professional, someone will need your help. Um! So I through Dxe, through direct action. Everywhere I met an amazing woman named Mandy Washburn. Mandy was living, is living in Mexico, and had a small farmed animal sanctuary called Black Sheep retreat and sanctuary. She had gone to Mexico some years ago to get scuba certified as a as a teacher, a trainer, and someone said, Oh,

00:34:20.780 --> 00:34:32.939 BonnieSKlapper: here's this black sheep, not Ch, which means night, and Italian and uh his his the kid who raised him doesn't want him to be killed, but the father is going to kill him. Mandy took no ch.

00:34:32.949 --> 00:34:47.640 BonnieSKlapper: She hasn't been back except for visit since, because you cannot bring farmed animals from Mexico into the United States, so runs this wonderful sanctuary, and I noticed when I started working with her, that she wasn't a five hundred and one, C three,

00:34:47.650 --> 00:35:05.899 BonnieSKlapper: if you're not a five, one, one, c. Three. Facebook does not allow you access to its fundraising platforms, so I did my homework. I called the five hundred and one C three lawyer, I said, do me a favor. Review what i'm doing. That was the first time I did a five, one, C three. We made her a five o one, C three, and now

00:35:05.910 --> 00:35:24.010 BonnieSKlapper: we're rocking and rolling um to the cartel dogs. Mandy called me one day, maybe about six months ago, and said, Um, Bonnie, this is right. Up your alley down the road from me is a small dog sanctuary, and the founder of the sanctuary has twenty,

00:35:24.020 --> 00:35:41.079 BonnieSKlapper: and the cartel activity in our area is increasing. Cartel members and gang members have stopped by and said, Give us money, or we're gonna kill all the dogs. He has no money. He has barely enough money to feed the dogs, let alone himself. So Mandy said, Can you help?

00:35:41.540 --> 00:35:46.139 BonnieSKlapper: I called four different animal shelters in New York

00:35:46.300 --> 00:35:53.079 BonnieSKlapper: all for? Said, Sorry. Not interested. Don't. Have the bandwidth Nice nice to meet you,

00:35:53.200 --> 00:36:07.529 BonnieSKlapper: John. From? Yeah. Not interested. Which shocked me because dogs are dogs wherever they are around the world. Right? But I was introduced to Pat to Shong, who's the head of the Southampton Animal rescue, and Pat said,

00:36:07.790 --> 00:36:27.420 BonnieSKlapper: Twenty dogs will make it happen. Within a year of weeks. We had every single one of those dogs on a transport Um! The other two recipes that Mexico from Mexico Bonnie to to to to Long Island like It's not across the street.

00:36:27.430 --> 00:36:28.640 BonnieSKlapper: Well,

00:36:28.650 --> 00:36:57.850 BonnieSKlapper: it was. I gotta tell you it was. I don't remember when I've had that much stress, you know, getting phone calls at one in the morning. The export permits aren't in order uh, and this also tells you how you reach out to people, or we had a problem with our export permits. My husband had a business. He had a friend in the business who owns a business in Mexico. Pick up the phone. The guys a dog lover, Not a problem. Here is my customs broker, and we work through the night, and we got all the our relationships, though

00:36:57.860 --> 00:37:17.190 Tommy DiMisa: I love How just to remember folks when you're out there, and you realize how stressful this is. This is a woman who prosecuted cartel people and then defended cartel people. And this is the most stress she's ever been, so that she So when you're backed out and You're an animal advocate, Believe me, you're going to be stressed out. It's part of the gig, apparently. Bonnie Right

00:37:17.200 --> 00:37:35.210 BonnieSKlapper: it is. But we there are two other rescues. We're involved. Um, They've asked not to be mentioned because they're concerned about the cartel connection, but we got out all twenty dogs. They went to four or five rescues around the United States. Three came to Southampton, and they they almost all them at hardware.

00:37:35.220 --> 00:37:45.140 BonnieSKlapper: So here's another way. You can help. Heartworm Drugs at the time were in very short supply. I called the pharmacist, who makes my dogs um

00:37:45.150 --> 00:38:01.730 BonnieSKlapper: medicine. I have one of my dogs has a heart condition, and he said, Bonnie, it's called Cross River Pharmacy. I urge you, if you have animals to reach out to them. He started his own five hundred and one c. Three, so that he could provide low cost medicine to shelters.

00:38:01.740 --> 00:38:15.450 BonnieSKlapper: Now he provides self- and animal shelter with its medication. So let me just give them a shout out, is it? Are they up in Cross-river, New York? Is that the group? Um!

00:38:15.460 --> 00:38:24.559 Tommy DiMisa: That compounding it's got to be them? Let's give them a shout out, Is there somebody else by name you want to mention?

00:38:24.650 --> 00:38:37.600 BonnieSKlapper: Um, you know I don't want them without permission. Everyone there is amazing, and if you have a rescue, and the medicine costs. Medication costs, for the animals are high. Reach out to them.

00:38:37.610 --> 00:38:56.570 Valerie Heffron: They have a five hundred and one, C three. They're exceptional. They also do. I love these people. I love these people. It's just that. You know the ripples, Val. They just keep going further. But also your point, Tommy. It is about often time it It is about relationships. It is about networking, because

00:38:56.580 --> 00:38:59.370 Valerie Heffron: we may not have all the answers.

00:38:59.550 --> 00:39:29.500 Tommy DiMisa: You know. Um, in our own minds. But we probably have someone who has the answer in our Rolodex we definitely do, and that's not arrogant. We definitely do, because at the end of the day. We're all connected to each other. It might be, you know. They used to say six degrees of Kevin bacon really that whole thing, but it's. I think it's probably less even specifically. When you get niche down into a bunch of folks who care about animals, It's even less right, because there's a a a a cause affiliated with this. There's this niche. There's this

00:39:29.510 --> 00:39:55.480 Tommy DiMisa: reason why. And there's people who want to make a change. So Yeah, I I think we are. We are always all connected. It's a matter of asking the right questions. I just want to make a shout out because you talk about somebody who Just I think you just talked about two organizations that's just created a non-profit organization. So I'll just say I ran into my friend Bessie the other day, who just founded Ghatto Pops and friends as a nonprofit rescue. So my my neighborhood friend, Betsy Gal,

00:39:55.490 --> 00:40:10.480 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate, as he and then all they do. And she said she, uh, I think I know she agreed to come on the show just yet, but i'm what, Bessie. It'd be cool if he came on the show. But um! But it's, you know. It's just really special that people are realizing

00:40:10.490 --> 00:40:17.469 Tommy DiMisa: that these animals need to support. They need to help. And um in in order to do that, the nonprofit

00:40:17.720 --> 00:40:47.679 Tommy DiMisa: opportunity really creates That creates the opportunity for people to to bring in funds. You started to talk about Facebook, you know, buying so with I again. You. You might have heard the Commercial during a break. I'm the nonprofit sector connector here in Long Island pretty connected in the nonprofit sector. So can you talk a little bit about that strategy? Because it sounds like like you said earlier. You may not have known five hundred and one, C three law. You might have not known about board governance and what it might be. But you've got and done your homework, so can you speak a little bit to that? Because, in fact, that

00:40:47.690 --> 00:41:05.149 Tommy DiMisa: so one of our friends called me, who came to our lunch and came to our event the other day, and she said, You know i'm in the process. I got to go to action markets, and I don't, you know, and all this, and i'll be honest with you for what I know about nonprofit. I don't know anything specific to rescues and things, So can you speak to that a little bit about nonprofit for a separate two.

00:41:05.410 --> 00:41:10.640 BonnieSKlapper: What I like to say to the nonprofits that reach out to me is you are saving lives,

00:41:10.800 --> 00:41:29.770 BonnieSKlapper: i'll do the rest. Put Put put the burden on me, so find the five hundred and one, C three laws, i'll make you a five hundred and one C, three, i'll um. I have a wonderful account, and who's given me a discount for doing the five o one, C, three returns for the nonprofits that I work with one.

00:41:29.780 --> 00:41:30.819 BonnieSKlapper: So

00:41:30.830 --> 00:42:00.359 BonnieSKlapper: so all of you. You're right, Tommy. We don't even know who we know. I mean, How could I have dreamed when we're trying to get twenty dogs away from the cartel that my husband's friend, who has an import export business in Mexico. Would you know I love Hillary Clinton's. It takes a village. This was a village of three domestic rescues, an airport, an airline transport company, a Mexican customs broker, a Mexican business person who loves dogs and wanted to help,

00:42:00.750 --> 00:42:30.729 Tommy DiMisa: and and and a pharmacist who provided the medicine so that these twenty dogs could get well and find homes. And you. You're the king pin on that whole thing, not to use a a cartel thing. I just realized I wanted the words back, but you were sort of like the the the hub, and that spoke of the wheel right right, Val, if it's not for the person moving and shaking and making it happen, it doesn't happen. It is absolutely incredible. Again, we talk about the ripple effect,

00:42:30.740 --> 00:42:34.860 Valerie Heffron: but the other thing I just have to take this opportunity to to

00:42:34.870 --> 00:42:55.609 Valerie Heffron: hammer this point home is that animal welfare is political. It is one hundred percent political. Everything that we're talking about. You know there's there's laws involved. There's governing bodies and agencies involved, and that is why we need animal lovers to use their voice. So. Um! When I first

00:42:55.620 --> 00:43:06.770 Valerie Heffron: met by I didn't meet her, I saw her bonnie on um an impromptu livestream video Uh, when the United States was leaving Afghanistan,

00:43:06.780 --> 00:43:20.999 Valerie Heffron: and there was, or is, a rescue located in Kabul called small uh Kabul Small? Oh, my God! It small small animal rescue! Thank you, good Lord Kabul's small animal rescue.

00:43:21.270 --> 00:43:32.429 Valerie Heffron: Two hundred dogs were there, and and they were trying to figure out. How are they going to get out and not leave a single animal behind? So and again

00:43:32.440 --> 00:43:48.160 Valerie Heffron: we we can talk about this when we do come back and break it's really worth highlighting. The fact that this was all Cdc. The these were policies uh dictated by people here, and This is why we all need to team up. Because sometimes laws don't make sense.

00:43:48.420 --> 00:43:58.069 BonnieSKlapper: I'm sure you both know this, but the two most powerful three most powerful, well funded lobbies in the United States are

00:43:58.110 --> 00:44:02.520 BonnieSKlapper: guns, pharmacy and agriculture.

00:44:02.590 --> 00:44:21.890 BonnieSKlapper: The agricultures companies, I don't even call them farms, because really Don't have family farms the United States anymore. We have big factory farms. They have so much money, and they are supporting the politicians that are going to allow them to speed up the kill line that are going to allow them to use gas chambers to kill pigs.

00:44:21.900 --> 00:44:39.679 BonnieSKlapper: It's it's so it's money, and it's power. And we animal people. As you say, we must stick together on every front. It's from the person who's feeding the cats. So there's a phenomenal rescue called the story a cat rescue. I help them Sometimes that woman goes into the project.

00:44:39.690 --> 00:44:59.160 BonnieSKlapper: Yes, she you know her. She climbs over fences where she's been told not to go to feed and rescue the cats. We need those kind of people, and we need people like uh Marty Urb, of Animal Welfare Association. He's on the hill every day fighting for lost, to protect animals. So, and then we need everything in between.

00:44:59.500 --> 00:45:07.489 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, I realized this. I realized what we gave out some compassion awards bonnie a couple of weeks back. Um!

00:45:07.500 --> 00:45:36.960 Tommy DiMisa: We probably need to give out like a hundred compassion awards in two thousand and twenty-three. So you want to partner with us that anybody, if you want to be a sponsor of the compassion awards, so we can give and recognize all these organizations. I think a shout out to my friend, Ken Srini, you know, with the long I don't imagine awards in New York City. Imagine words i'm very involved, and I feel like. You know what they've accomplished with the imagine. What's Valerie is, where we need to eventually have the compassionate works, two, three four hundred people in the room, recognizing the great work that the animal advocates and the nonprofits are doing.

00:45:36.970 --> 00:45:53.589 BonnieSKlapper: I mean, I can't tell you how many I i'm not going to make the world. Vegan. I wish everyone was my own husband, Isn't. But when I go to an animal nonprofit event and I see them serving animals, I want to pull on my hair out one night a year.

00:45:53.600 --> 00:46:11.709 Valerie Heffron: Don't need animals. Yeah, we have taken options at our event, but then I take an option. Maybe i'll take on these onto something. Maybe, you know, we want to play in the big leagues. Maybe it's all that way. Maybe everything I will say, though, that there are, You know it. This is it to struggle for me personally, because there are like, I know, this wonderful

00:46:11.720 --> 00:46:30.079 Valerie Heffron: wildlife rescuer. We had her on the show, and you know she's she's similar to John de Leonardo. She'll save the foul. She'll save, dear. She'll say, you know, and then she does save a lot of lives. However, from a personal health perspective she is. She is not Vegan, but I

00:46:30.230 --> 00:46:59.959 Valerie Heffron: it's hard. It's impossible to really um, please all you know what I mean, but like I feel like having vegan options, it's recognizing, and it's respecting right for those we did that for the Southampton animal shelter as well at our unlimited uh love fuel gala. This August it was, I think it was August might have been July. Um, and we have. I will. I will certainly make this case for it. I think that if it was strictly Vegan

00:47:00.150 --> 00:47:29.969 Tommy DiMisa: we might actually turn off people who would be interested in trying some vegan options and getting gaining exposure to it. You know what I mean. You know what it's a good point, but but it is something. It's a transitional thing. We had two guys on the show last week, Jesse Langdell being one of those, you know, and and we were talking about that, You know. It is a transitional thing. Well, there's so much to unpack. We're never going to keep out. Well, here's the thing, Val. We you know the idea is, you and I need to stay healthy

00:47:29.980 --> 00:47:41.450 Tommy DiMisa: whether there's Vegan or not, because we got a lot of shows to do. We gotta do this for like another sixty years, kid. Let's get it together right now. We got to take a break. We'll be right back,

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00:49:32.940 --> 00:49:33.839 you

00:49:37.400 --> 00:49:38.729 you

00:49:43.690 --> 00:49:46.669 Tommy DiMisa: ballots, the lighting round. Take it away. We got like six minutes.

00:49:46.730 --> 00:50:01.199 Valerie Heffron: Let's talk about the uh horse carriage industry specifically to New York City. I will personally just say that De Blasio, when he was running for a election. He did vow to end the cruel industry, and he

00:50:01.490 --> 00:50:05.730 Valerie Heffron: failed and broke that promise. Um, Bonnie, take it away.

00:50:06.150 --> 00:50:15.299 BonnieSKlapper: So one of the people I met through Donnie Moss and and if you, if you want to learn anything about what's happening in the animal world. Follow hip

00:50:15.310 --> 00:50:33.680 BonnieSKlapper: Personally Donnie Moss and his nonprofit. Their turn uh, Donny introduced me to one of my heroes. Her name is Adita Bern Grant. She's a passionate animal rights activist, and she's the head of night class. My class is singular. Mission is to put an end to the horse carriage trade.

00:50:33.690 --> 00:50:46.160 BonnieSKlapper: I'm sure many of you have seen the horrific videos of rider uh Ryder. Look it up! The horse who was being beaten by his owner, and it later turned out that his

00:50:46.170 --> 00:50:58.270 BonnieSKlapper: Co. The Co. Owner, had lied about riders age. That was a horse that suffered as an Amish carriage horse, for who knows how many years, and then came to New York to work in the busy traffic.

00:50:58.360 --> 00:51:12.699 BonnieSKlapper: Uh, we we finally have a chance of banning the carriage trade. So Why isn't every single member of the City Council sponsoring this bill makes no sense. Why? Because the Catalan drivers

00:51:12.860 --> 00:51:14.940 BonnieSKlapper: Are they Union?

00:51:15.030 --> 00:51:30.189 BonnieSKlapper: Okay? And you don't want to be seen as being anti union. My grandfather was a labor organizer for the Amalgamated Ladies Garment Center. I know labor. The union that represents these drivers isn't.

00:51:30.300 --> 00:52:00.220 BonnieSKlapper: It is a union, but what it does for the drivers is nothing. They have no sick, leave no health insurance, no vacation time. They're independent contractors, or they're treated as such. The union does nothing for them. No one can quite figure out why they're even is a union. Why, the Transit Workers Union would want to be involved with a horse carrot trade because they don't do anything. So the Blasio failed. Mayor Adams, before he was elected didn't support the ban

00:52:00.290 --> 00:52:07.770 BonnieSKlapper: uh. If, if, if watching right or lying on the ground, convulsing and later learning that he died,

00:52:07.780 --> 00:52:26.729 BonnieSKlapper: doesn't appall you, or if it does appall you, contact your City Council Member. That's yes. Adams can't do it on his own, even if he wanted to. The City Council must stop this, and I see posts from tourists around the world saying, i'm not coming to New York anymore.

00:52:26.740 --> 00:52:36.019 BonnieSKlapper: I I I go to. I work frequently in car Thehena Columbia. They got rid of horse carriages, and they have electric carriages. It's cleaner.

00:52:36.030 --> 00:52:49.120 BonnieSKlapper: No animals are hurt, and seems to mind um um Guadalajara, which is a city in Mexico. Uh same thing got rid of. The horse. Carriages got electric carriages. So

00:52:49.300 --> 00:53:18.849 Tommy DiMisa: so I want to stop for sec by, because because again, so it's the the argument is going to be these these drivers. They they earn a good wage, and the Union protects them. But you know what. Look, I grow up in a union, family, my old man, we would on strike every three years when we work for the phone company, you know, and I remember one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine that' work for six months in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine. I grew up watching that I mean you know I know that. But if you're saying this Union Ain't doing anything for these men and women. Who are these drivers, anyway? Then what the hell are we even talking about?

00:53:18.860 --> 00:53:33.899 Tommy DiMisa: That's a bunk. Bs answer to what's going on right there. So listen, folks. Bonnie Clapper and I are saying, that is not the That's not a good objection to this right. Don't say that we're protecting these people

00:53:33.910 --> 00:53:48.919 BonnieSKlapper: first crack at having electric carriages, so instead of having to pay for the feed, pay for the shelter it. It's a win win for everybody except the carriage horse. Owners who are powerful wealthy

00:53:48.930 --> 00:54:03.359 BonnieSKlapper: have a strong lobby and hide behind this union that does nothing for its workers. So I mean, if the city council passes this, it's a win for the drivers. It's a win for the horses, the owners

00:54:03.370 --> 00:54:25.839 Tommy DiMisa: but they don't really give it to him about what happens to the horses, anyway. So you know what we know organizations. We'll get those horses out to Warrior ranch foundation and get them no refitted and and into lifestyle. You know where the maybe they're adopted into a family that cares about them. Right? They just go sanctuary, because now a retired carriage force goes to some farm.

00:54:25.850 --> 00:54:55.780 BonnieSKlapper: Nobody pays attention. A year later that carriage horse is sold from Me to Mexico, so there is. There's no humane way to do this, and I just want to say one thing, because I know we're ending quickly. I saw you around veterinarians international. I do their legal work scarlet. Their founder is a powerhouse, and if you're someone that cares about the intersection between human health, animal health and third world countries. I urge you to take a look at that organization. We can always use more volunteers.

00:54:55.790 --> 00:54:58.460 Valerie Heffron: I think we have her coming on the show. Um!

00:54:58.630 --> 00:55:09.039 Valerie Heffron: I would. It would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity because of the fact that election day midterm elections are coming up this coming Tuesday. Um Number one.

00:55:09.080 --> 00:55:10.299 Valerie Heffron: Please vote

00:55:10.310 --> 00:55:39.899 Valerie Heffron: uh number two, please, if you're not already familiar with your legislators and what they are doing uh or have done uh on behalf of the animals. Please find out, and um on a Federal Federal level, I I think a good resource is um. The Humane Society has a legislative arm, and they rate There is a report card system for the uh Us. Senators and um Con Congress people. Thank you. That's the other one, you know. I'm gonna.

00:55:39.910 --> 00:55:56.770 BonnieSKlapper: It's really easy for your viewers. There's a phenomenal five hundred and one, C four in New York called V. Far Voters for animal rights. They have a report card for any New York city. Now we're just talking the city, of course, but any New York City candidate, and they will tell you

00:55:56.830 --> 00:56:11.159 BonnieSKlapper: she supports the puppy Mill Van, He doesn't support the Pip puppy mill band, so make it easy. Just check out the far, and they'll tell you where every candidate stands on the animals and vote vote. Vote,

00:56:11.300 --> 00:56:28.500 Tommy DiMisa: you know. Uh, look, bonnie. Thank you. Just let's say very succinctly. But really we need you to help educate us and and stay friends with us and keep us in the loop. And how do people really follow what you have going on? Is there certain initiatives That, you know. Is it your social media, or anything like that?

00:56:28.980 --> 00:56:42.639 BonnieSKlapper: Well, I mean my social media mostly consist of reposting what all the nonprofits I work with to. But again, if you're more edgy and you want to be out there, support direct action everywhere. Uh, if your passion is dogs,

00:56:42.650 --> 00:56:54.820 BonnieSKlapper: Regina, who you know it can can always use the volunteers and always use the money uh, or we a cat rescue of cats or your thing. So those are all local organizations. If you want to be hands on

00:56:54.840 --> 00:57:09.679 BonnieSKlapper: you, I mean. I got my start in many years ago, walking dogs at a shelter. The little shelter in Huntington with my son. He needed community service credit. So we walk dogs. So any any professional can be

00:57:09.950 --> 00:57:11.459 BonnieSKlapper: the dog Walker,

00:57:11.470 --> 00:57:39.050 BonnieSKlapper: or can be an account and do pro bono accounting work for a nonprofit. I mean nonprofits need every penny for their animals free. Or, you know, social media offered to do free social media work for one of these organizations. So there's a million ways. You can take your skill set and give it back. So those people can be who are on the front lines can be on the front lines. A couple of things I want to shout out real quick, And then I actually going to close the show if I find the other quote potentially with two quotes: Um

00:57:39.360 --> 00:57:51.859 Tommy DiMisa: Regina has been texting me um last couple of weeks. Camp. Happy tales in Yc. Is having a holiday fundraiser on Long Island, November thirtieth. Two thousand and twenty-two reach out to me. Tell me ded in yc on Instagram or uh

00:57:51.870 --> 00:58:02.170 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know It's the other one uh to tik tok you'll do, or Tommy D at Palestin show dot com or just get to Regina camp. Happy Tails. Um! We always close with one quote,

00:58:02.180 --> 00:58:24.810 Tommy DiMisa: but something's hitting me right now, and it's about when Valerie started to talk about voting, and before we do a final quote. I just want to read this one. Everybody knows it, probably, but never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has get out there and make it impact. Be on the front lines, and, as you know, we always close the show with this one.

00:58:24.820 --> 00:58:37.959 Tommy DiMisa: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's. Animals are treated. Everybody, Thank you, Bonnie. Thank you.

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