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Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/26 - Going Vegan

Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/26 - Going Vegan


2022/10/26 - Going Vegan

[New Episode] Going Vegan

Wednesdays 2:00pm - 3:00pm (EDT)


We are bringing on two gents who will discuss their journeys including how they successfully "went vegan", how they handle cravings, what to substitute for what and the overall benefits of veganism. I'm personally looking forward to some recipe ideas! It's a conversation us animal lovers all need to have and although we are not vegans, we certainly do love those who are.


Are you trying to "go vegan"? Are you "vegan curious"? Perhaps you've seen a movie or documentary such as "The Game Changers" or "Forks Over Knives" that has got you thinking that you would like to eliminate meats, dairy and/or processed foods? Or maybe you participate in "Meatless Mondays".

Regardless of where you are on your journey, one thing is certain - the world is consuming more plants and less meat. Some people are vegan due to health benefits, others have committed to a plant based diet as a commitment to not hurting animals and for others, it's both.


Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Valerie and Tommy welcome their vegan guests, Jesse and Matt. They discuss the food that was served at the Compassion Awards prepared by Matt’s restaurant, Green Street Eatery. Matt says his most popular dish is the vegan bacon ranch fries. Valerie introduces the topic for the episode, which focuses on shifting your diet to vegan. Jesse Langel gives insight into his career as a consumer protection lawyer in lower Manhattan, NY. Jesse is evolving his career to false advertising in the area of humane washing. Matt started his food truck journey four years ago and opened his first storefront last year. They are the first fully vegan and gluten-free restaurant on Long Island. Valerie and Tommy discuss with Matt and Jesse the ways in which vegan restaurants provide foods that are familiar to the common person.

Segment 2

Tommy and Matt discuss the myth that you need meat to have a healthy diet. Matt talks about his background as a physical educator and how he had the mentality that meat was a priority in a healthy diet. He made the shift to veganism cold turkey after reading Finding Ultra by Rick Rowell. Jesse also shares his journey with veganism and how he went cold turkey. It was a series of documentaries and books that converted Jesse to veganism. Valerie talks about her dilemma with meal-prepping plant-based foods. Matt agrees with Valerie and says he has struggled with meal prep as a father of three. Matt gives various recipes for black beans, like tacos, meatballs, and chili. He talks about other ingredients that are nutritious and tasty.

Segment 3

Tommy and Jesse discuss the ways in which veganism can help the planet. They mention different documentaries like The Game Changer and Forks Over Knives that provide information on the ways veganism is beneficial. Jesse says that meat agriculture is more responsible for environmental damage than transportation. He breaks down the different ways in which meat agriculture has damaged the environment and polluted the water supply. He praises the book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, And Wear Cows by Melanie Joy. Valerie talks about the workers at the slaughterhouse and how it is usually immigrants who are unhappy with the system. Jesse argues to beware of the chicken and meat companies that advertise humane methods because they oftentimes are false.

Segment 4

Tommy and Matt discuss the baked goods that are served at his restaurant and could be found on his website at Jesse and Valerie discuss the falsity in animal product advertisements. Jesse says it is possible that the meat companies can make up their own definition of what is considered ethical or humane methods. He explains what the certification Global Animal Partnership consists of and how it relates to meat distributors advertisements. If you would like to learn more about Jesse Langel you can find him at If you want to learn more about Jesse you can find him at Contact him if you would like any catering.


00:00:28.220 --> 00:00:36.089 Tommy D: oh, my goodness! There are so many faces on my screen! This is incredible. We're back. It's been a week, your friends, your pals.

00:00:36.290 --> 00:00:53.790 Tommy D: How about we're back to professionals? An animal lover Show who i'm going to take singing lessons, Val, I promise, because then, when I sing it won't. Be as painful for everybody who might just be. I love it. I like you just the way you are to me.

00:00:53.910 --> 00:01:06.420 Valerie Heffron: I just love it. When people think because it's usually like they're happy, you know anybody, or they have a really annoying. So i'm stuck in their head. So

00:01:06.490 --> 00:01:33.999 Tommy D: yes, hello, pleasure to be back. Guys love the intro. What's up, Jessie? What's up, Matt? We got guests in the attic in the in virtual attic. We got guests on the show today. Um, you know, Matt, we actually met in person. Jesse, I know you for a long time. This is your second time back on the show, if not you thirty, definitely a second. I know that I don't know. If you've been here three times yet. Let me set the stage real quick. I have to like. Kind of. This is one of those things like I have to cross out one of the parts of our mission

00:01:34.010 --> 00:01:53.240 Tommy D: because it starts off like this. We want to amplify the message that we believe the bond between animal lovers incredibly strong. We're all ready doing it. Hold on! I got a I got a gift from a friend of mine, and she said that over me, because this is something. I say it all the time. No big deal just change in the world, no big deal. So what do we do in your pals?

00:01:53.250 --> 00:02:12.300 Tommy D: No big deal just change in the world. We want to support each other in business. We're building, We're putting together a community. We're building a society of people who are focused on helping each other in business, helping each other in advocacy, and we do three things. We do a lot of things on the show. But three things specifically are we learn.

00:02:12.580 --> 00:02:13.920 Tommy D: We educate,

00:02:13.930 --> 00:02:34.129 Tommy D: and then we take that learning and that education, and then we use that to advocate. I was just texting my friend Val and I. I'm not going to just put things out there. But she just said I was going to fall in front of ours for three hours last night, and I said, Wow! And that's what our animal advocate friends baby comes up in conversation. Maybe I just blew her privacy. I don't know. That's how the show is the help. This is just real talk. So

00:02:34.140 --> 00:02:39.350 Tommy D: that's the video lines. Right? You are on the front lines with this stuff. Yeah, please,

00:02:39.460 --> 00:02:47.810 Valerie Heffron: these are real bonds. And the truth is that I I was reviewing something I wrote a while ago, and

00:02:48.240 --> 00:03:05.560 Valerie Heffron: it's really like all about imagining a world where every dollar that we spend and every decision we make. If it's, you know we want to support a specific rescue. If we want to buy lipstick, if we want to um

00:03:05.610 --> 00:03:25.170 Valerie Heffron: buy a house that we're Imagine a world where we sort out compassionate people who have a heart for the animals, you know, because, of course, we should want those people to flourish and be very successful as well. So that's the world that I believe we're building, and I am

00:03:25.180 --> 00:03:55.150 Tommy D: just ridiculously excited about it.

00:03:55.160 --> 00:04:06.020 Tommy D: He's a doctor. We loves animals. The digital marketing team again. Animals recommended to Cpa loves dogs to a small business owner who also loves dogs. What we think is, we believe that

00:04:06.030 --> 00:04:22.189 Tommy D: these folks have this bond, so i'll. I'll go back to their messaging The message that we believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong, and they want to support each other in business and in their personal endeavors as well. So we're building this compassionate network so that everyone wins two hundred,

00:04:22.200 --> 00:04:50.390 Tommy D: especially the animals. And listen, man, we're like a year into the second year of this show I mean sort of september first of two thousand and twenty-one. It is now late October of twenty-two, and we're just super fired of about what's going on. We've done a big compassion awards event we had a big luncheon with a bunch of folks Matt and his team, Matt Korsky and his team. I want to pull the name right Green Street eatery. Not that was your food We were reading that day, right?

00:04:50.400 --> 00:05:00.020 Matt: We had a a bunch of different options for you guys in the table and some tacos right. There was these French supposed to be like um

00:05:00.030 --> 00:05:20.429 Matt: mock like Bacon Ranch fries, I think right talking to me about those. Yeah, the bigger ranch fries are super popular. We started doing those on the food truck a couple of years ago, and um! They are definitely one of the most popular um side orders that we have on the menu so like a marinated Tempe bacon that's grilled.

00:05:20.440 --> 00:05:27.550 Matt: The house made ranch dressing tomatoes, green onion, and just our roasted potato trips uh

00:05:27.770 --> 00:05:39.659 Valerie Heffron: start this off by saying this. This episode is called going Vegan. Okay and full disclosure. I'm not begin. Um. I have tried

00:05:39.670 --> 00:05:57.119 Valerie Heffron: a couple of times like. There's a few different diets, if you will, that we've tried to incorporate. Uh, we went out with friends. They were Peskitarians, and I was like, Let's try that uh for thirty days. I I think I lasted maybe two weeks. Then we tried um Flexitarian. I

00:05:57.150 --> 00:05:59.699 Valerie Heffron: flexitarian.

00:06:00.220 --> 00:06:08.300 Valerie Heffron: It's uh it's it's kind of um just the It's a trendy way of saying like you're really limiting

00:06:08.310 --> 00:06:27.950 Valerie Heffron: your meat intake. But like, let's say um five out of seven days of the week you're eating plant based, and then your flexibility comes in. When you want that piece of grilled chicken, or like whatever it is primarily vegetarian, dive, but occasionally eat your fish, and then there is vegetarian.

00:06:27.960 --> 00:06:44.000 Valerie Heffron: We tried that, too. Not gonna lie. And uh, you know, unfortunately, we we have failed at this. But this is where I also want to encourage everyone who is watching this, and who is Vegan. So please be patient with people such as myself.

00:06:44.010 --> 00:07:03.410 Valerie Heffron: Um, because there's a lot of people out there who do a lot of great things for animals, I mean, like we know, a a certified animal. Wildlife rescuer was out there picking up injured deer, and and you know falcons and hawks and all of that, and she's not a vegan, but she's doing great things for animals. So please don't hate us because we're not exactly

00:07:03.420 --> 00:07:24.139 Valerie Heffron: where you are, you know, like you're more about than us. You're maybe more disciplined. You have more will power that doesn't mean that you know we are not amenable or open minded. So we need to work together. So let's educate. I'm. Ready to learn. Educate, advocate. That's what it is, man. Nobody is trying to change the world

00:07:24.150 --> 00:07:48.860 Tommy D: right away. But we're trying to make an impact. We're just trying to find out other options. So look where do we start, Valerie? I know this comes from your idea. You you know you set up our two guests today. Where did you want this conversation to go? Jesse was talking with us, Jessie. We do this. You know what i'm going to say where we're going to start, Jessie. Thirty seconds on you, your firm and the litigation you're doing. We'll jump over to map for thirty seconds, and then we'll go into kind of questions and stuff like that. Is that okay?

00:07:49.140 --> 00:08:07.170 Jesse Langel: Yes, Sir Tommy, D. You would be my pleasure. I'm. Jessie Langell. I'm a consumer protection lawyer in Lower Manhattan, New York. I've been doing a lot of consumer collection defense for about thirteen years, but i'm switching over, and i'm adding on to my law practice menu, if you will

00:08:07.570 --> 00:08:36.950 Jesse Langel: false advertising in the area of humane washing. Now this is relevant to your mission, because what I do is, I go after meat suppliers who make these representations in their packages about the animals having been humanely raised, ethically raised ethically sourced things of that nature which it's. My job as the lawyer on the plaintiff side. Now to build the case, that those representations are false and deceptive. It caused my clients injury.

00:08:36.960 --> 00:08:38.230 Jesse Langel: So pay

00:08:38.240 --> 00:09:06.000 Tommy D: oh, and change your labels. That's me. I think, if I need a badass litigator, I never curse in the show, but bad. Ask me if it's not a curse. You're my guy, Jesse lang out. I'm like fired up. I want to go to school. I'm like ready to go to law school right now. That's how fired up. I I know, Tommy, you said that last time you you you you already surpassed us. What you're doing on this end, and your Philip philanthropy and everything else done. You are on the right track, my friend. No, I mean

00:09:06.240 --> 00:09:18.910 Valerie Heffron: I was very exciting. And um, I hope that we can get you some clients, Jessie. Um, Matt: Yeah, that that had thirty seconds, whatever. We're pretty.

00:09:18.920 --> 00:09:38.410 Matt: Thank you. All right. Well, um. I started a vegan food truck along all in first Vegan food truck. Uh four years ago. I was a school teacher for thirteen years before that. Um, but we started Green Street food truck a little over four years ago um! And then we opened our first store front in Levittown last year,

00:09:38.420 --> 00:09:48.539 Matt: and uh again continuing to be the first ones we're the first fully Vegan, fully gluten-free uh restaurant along islands. Um, The last two years we've been voted

00:09:48.550 --> 00:10:13.090 Valerie Heffron: best food truck on Long Island. And there's restaurants, even though we're completely Vegan, Oh, you said you were voted best food truck. Not not best Vegan food truck. Wow! That's huge. Yes, a lot of food trucks on Long Island. Yeah, it's grown exponentially in the last few years. So it's

00:10:13.300 --> 00:10:29.929 Matt: Sophia uphill battle. A lot of people didn't think it was a, you know, maybe a wise idea to start a Vegan free truck on Long Island. But there's definitely a need, and there's a market kind of like where Jess is at where there's a litigation. There's a lot of need for that, and there's a going to be someone that needs to,

00:10:29.940 --> 00:10:48.679 Matt: so that spot. And uh, I think doing great. That sounds amazing. I'm excited to hear more about that. But as far as like the Vegan fruit and Long Island it's, it's grown, and people are open to trying new things, and like the Bacon range for eyes that you were talking about before perfect opportunity for people to step into

00:10:48.770 --> 00:10:50.789 Matt: trying something that they

00:10:50.810 --> 00:11:10.329 Matt: uh or to kind of feel comfortable with, You know they already probably like Bacon Ranch, all that good stuff, and then we just do their own little spin on it. Um! And it try to do everything as as much whole food plant based as possible to not have a taste good taste good, but also be good for for themselves as well.

00:11:10.340 --> 00:11:17.530 Tommy D: It was so isn't it just sort of on one second. I just want to make sure I have the right website Green Street uh Green Street eatery.

00:11:17.810 --> 00:11:25.370 Tommy D: Dot com is on how I I got to find that I just I I put it on Facebook for everybody. You know It's funny

00:11:25.620 --> 00:11:29.070 Tommy D: like when you think about people transitioning, and you know, from

00:11:29.960 --> 00:11:39.079 Tommy D: whatever their diet was prior to this, you know, I I think there's ways. And and, Jesse, please try me, because I know you're on this journey yourself. Um!

00:11:40.080 --> 00:11:54.390 Tommy D: Is it important, Matt? From your perspective, to make the food look and feel and taste like some of the stuff we have had. I mean, if you're making something called, you know, Bacon Ranch fries with not real bacon. Obviously. I mean, we're going in that direction, right? You're trying to help people and support them.

00:11:54.400 --> 00:12:08.120 Matt: Yeah, I think. Uh, for people at the beginning. It's really important to kind of uh choose those items that you're already familiar with, and to not step too far out of bounds uh into the, you know unknown, because,

00:12:09.220 --> 00:12:23.560 Matt: although a lot of the flavors are going to be very similar, they're going to be different, you know. People come to like. Oh, there's this cheese isn't just anything like, you know, real Max or other cheese like It's not because it's not the same ingredients. It's not the same. It's gonna to similar.

00:12:23.570 --> 00:12:38.270 Matt: But once you try it a little bit more, you're gonna like it. It's like anything on site there is. Sometimes there's some foods you have to, you know kind of get accustomed to um. But that's what I tell a lot of people like when you first go, vegan, or when you're stepping into that idea of moving that direction.

00:12:38.280 --> 00:12:53.080 Matt: Think about the food that you already enjoy, and if you're someone that likes to cook, find some recipes that are similar to what you're already enjoying, so that it's not a huge transition period. It's like if you're someone that's eating Mcdonald's, and you know

00:12:53.090 --> 00:12:58.430 Matt: Burger King every day of the week, and now you're going to go on a you know, just kale salads and like,

00:12:58.440 --> 00:13:28.429 Tommy D: but like that's not going to happen. You're going to set yourself up to fail right. And I want to say one quick thing to about said earlier about being compassionate for each other. I think it's really critical for people to be compassionate for themselves and give yourselves a pass. I mean you're making, you know. If you're making this transition, it's a big situation. You're changing a big habit, I mean, there's so much wrapped into the meal. You know this. The meal is not just, you know, sustain into putting food in my body, so I don't get a headache. It's it's the meal is us together. It's people. It's family.

00:13:28.440 --> 00:13:35.640 Tommy D: It's all that stuff. So yet you have to be compassionate anytime. In In my opinion you're making a change. You have to be compassionate on yourself.

00:13:35.650 --> 00:13:52.429 Valerie Heffron: I have a litany of questions, but I feel like i'm going to save them for the next segment, because I see we have to go to great suit, but they're already Now i'm mad about breakfast. I know. I know. I know they they kill me. They they kill my trade. I thought, however. Um, I just want to let you guys know that for me

00:13:52.440 --> 00:14:11.640 Valerie Heffron: um one of the most helpful things uh coming from our good friend Joanne over at hs us. Um, you know she she too, is not completely Vegan, she's, I would say maybe ninety percent there. But you know, she she says like even if the entire country

00:14:11.650 --> 00:14:17.370 Valerie Heffron: just did one meatless day, Meatless Monday is a program that they've been pushing for a while.

00:14:17.610 --> 00:14:31.709 Valerie Heffron: It would have a huge impact, you know. Um on on the amount of meet that would need to be produced to fulfill everyone's, you know, shopping, whatever. But the point is that little changes also. Add up

00:14:31.720 --> 00:14:45.970 Valerie Heffron: so if we can, you know, maybe take that, and in something like bite-size nuggets. No pun intended, you know. Um cold turkey also no

00:14:45.980 --> 00:15:15.459 Valerie Heffron: that sounds delicious. But i'm just saying like ripping off the band aid, and and you know, going all in one hundred may not be the right path for everyone, you know. I I know it didn't work out for us. So anyway. Um! I'll save. I'll reserve some of the questions after we come back. All right. We'll gonna go to a break. I'll share uh Green Street eatery dot com. I'm going to share it when you go to break, so you'll see if you're watching on Facebook. If you not check out Facebook. Pal,

00:15:15.470 --> 00:15:29.609 Tommy D: i'll show that when we go to when we go to break um what you know. I I don't know what I was going to say. This is professional. I'll be right back.

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00:17:20.420 --> 00:17:21.800 you,

00:17:22.089 --> 00:17:22.930 you,

00:17:23.040 --> 00:17:23.950 you,

00:17:24.040 --> 00:17:24.980 you,

00:17:26.970 --> 00:17:27.900 you,

00:17:31.670 --> 00:17:32.520 you,

00:17:36.080 --> 00:17:37.420 you

00:17:42.560 --> 00:18:10.620 Tommy D: and we're back, and I'm still sharing the page. Green Street eatery, dot Com. Here's the story. I love stories, you know. I love the mom and pop business all of that first generation, second generation, third-generation, story, you know. Uh, I just love those things because it's people getting out there finding something they're passionate about and getting out there and doing it, and that, Matt, I see you in coun of mine and see that's like what it is right like. That's some. Now go, I want. I want to go. I don't Val Scott questions. But this triathlon thing that I just read on the website.

00:18:10.630 --> 00:18:26.530 Tommy D: You know It's funny like, How can you run? You can't be an iron man on like like Kale alone, man like you can't do that like you need me, Don't you need protein right like you need red meat and like burgers and steaks. Right is not how you have to know.

00:18:26.540 --> 00:18:42.629 Matt: Yeah. Well, that was uh kind of my my thought. I I mean, I went to school. I was a physic teacher, you know, as a um health educator. I got a master degree in health, education, and my my whole I bring in was with the idea that you need meat, milk, eggs, you know,

00:18:42.640 --> 00:18:52.049 Matt: for the protein for to you know fuel any type of uh athletic endeavor that you're going on. But when I was um

00:18:52.400 --> 00:19:09.060 Matt: embarking on uh my triathlon join aid towards completely an iron man. I read a book called Finding Ultra by rich Role. Um, he's gotten a a really great podcast. That kind of inspired me to maybe move in a different direction,

00:19:09.070 --> 00:19:14.589 Matt: and it blew my mind that he had done these ultra even

00:19:14.640 --> 00:19:21.860 Matt: farther distance, and Iron man is like pretty much a double or triple iron man, all on a vegan diet which led me to kind of

00:19:22.650 --> 00:19:27.379 Matt: do a little bit deep. Dive into more about veganism. Um! And

00:19:27.400 --> 00:19:46.280 Matt: my iron man uh was done fully. Vegan, I went. Vegan cold. Turkey called Tofu. Yeah, um. So for me. It it's just kind of how I how I work. You know something where I have to be all in, or all that I can't dabble with something because i'm not gonna It's not going to work for me,

00:19:46.290 --> 00:19:48.969 Valerie Heffron: But, uh for me, Parsley, it had

00:19:49.140 --> 00:20:07.369 Matt: a huge um benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, because when you eating more whole foods and more plant-based items um, one is less acidic, so your body can recover faster as less inflammation. So again your body can recover faster.

00:20:07.380 --> 00:20:29.489 Valerie Heffron: And uh the food that you're eating is more uh available for your body to absorb and use right away. So yeah, I think the help. The The health benefits are certainly substantial, and we we've, I think most of us have seen some kind of a documentary about this stuff, but I am very curious about the journey, like Jessie. Did you go cold cold to food?

00:20:29.500 --> 00:20:38.379 Valerie Heffron: Co. Called Tofurky. Or or were you more inclined to cut things out slowly over time. Or what did you do? You know

00:20:38.630 --> 00:20:51.059 Jesse Langel: I would call Turkey? And the answer is because my understanding of Veganism a lot of people become vegans, because they usually experience what's called a conversion moment. Something hits them, and then they

00:20:51.170 --> 00:20:59.849 Jesse Langel: your stir to action. Now for me. It was a series of books and documentaries similar to what Matt had just said about the rich role book

00:20:59.930 --> 00:21:02.899 Jesse Langel: and his triathlon experience.

00:21:03.300 --> 00:21:21.169 Jesse Langel: There is a documentary called Game Changers, which that one Yeah, seeing that one. So it's athlete after athlete after athlete that are competitors, and they're high for me competitors on a fully plant-based die I adopt math position that not only is it okay? I adopt the position. It's imperative

00:21:21.180 --> 00:21:29.879 Jesse Langel: for you to avert disease and avert the number one cause of death in America and worldwide, which is related to diet.

00:21:30.390 --> 00:21:47.320 Jesse Langel: So I take a position. It's imperative. We switch to a play at these diet, and Matt would be seriously supported by our good friend Dr. Gregory. I don't know if man goes Dr. Greg or he's my current hero and author. He's a plant based on that. Do you know him?

00:21:47.330 --> 00:22:01.789 Valerie Heffron: A lot of his stuff and his um. His website is amazing and uh, really good, good, good information. Yeah. So So let me give you a real life challenge, right? I'm just gonna to speak from our experiences, because I know not the only one

00:22:01.810 --> 00:22:18.369 Valerie Heffron: but like I do cook a lot. I I actually enjoy cooking and kind of therapy um one of my goals. I meal plan every every week, usually twice a week, because I just found that if you go shopping once a week stuff goes bad anyway.

00:22:18.740 --> 00:22:21.330 Valerie Heffron: So we mail plan, and

00:22:21.710 --> 00:22:39.539 Valerie Heffron: I always have the goal of a couple of batches of food to be able to be frozen and utilize the leftovers at a later date. Right? So it's kind of like I'm stockpiling my own little Tv dinners, whether it's soup, or whether it's, you know, Chili, or whatever. So

00:22:39.670 --> 00:22:47.949 Valerie Heffron: one of the challenges that I found was creating these these plant-based dishes without like a typical protein, right?

00:22:48.230 --> 00:23:04.730 Valerie Heffron: And having that ability to stop pile stuff up. So when I didn't have my stuff pile that was like healthy and ready to go to. I found myself struggling, and I would eat like a bag of Doritos lunch, and I don't want to do that. I don't want to go super

00:23:04.740 --> 00:23:09.070 Valerie Heffron: bad for you. You know what I mean, because I I don't want to gain weight.

00:23:09.220 --> 00:23:22.469 Valerie Heffron: This is my str, this one of my personal struggles. You know what I mean, like I don't want to eat all I don't know. Go ahead. I'm sorry for that. I mean, I've I've got three kids. You know I wouldn't Vegan uh we had

00:23:22.480 --> 00:23:40.020 Matt: uh one daughter was one on the way, and now we've grown to three uh, and as a you know, busy, dad, you know, Married having three kids. It's definitely tricky to to meal prep and have everything ready, because I know exactly how you feel. If that if stuff isn't ready,

00:23:40.030 --> 00:23:55.239 Matt: he is going to go to the first thing that's open and ready. That's you know, Gonna Satisfy your taste, buzz and satisfied your you know your stomach. Uh, it's growling, but like with the meal prop something similar to like If you're making like a let's say black bean burgers.

00:23:55.320 --> 00:24:08.349 Matt: Those are really easy to to as a burger. You can also shape them as like a meatball, so that you can do like spaghetti meatballs. You could also just crumble them up and do it as like a like a bolognaise like a meat sauce.

00:24:08.360 --> 00:24:23.460 Matt: You could use that in a taco um, and then you can also just use those block beans, and let's say, like a burrito bowl, or you can have it again. We do a lot of Mexican food, but one like lock being burger,

00:24:23.470 --> 00:24:41.210 Matt: it could be five different things, using just a couple of different. And so if you don't like spaghetti, meatball is not all you have to do is, you know, borrow up some water and make some security. If you want to jazz it up, you can, you know, have some steam broccoli, some mushrooms you doing a burger. You can have it like that

00:24:41.220 --> 00:24:51.770 Matt: same thing with the tacos like It's not a really difficult to just chop up. Some tomatoes have some avocados, and then for that same thing, you could then have it as a as a portable if you have

00:24:51.780 --> 00:25:03.290 Valerie Heffron: some brown rice already pre-made, you can have it. But do you find that there is a lot of cards in these recipes in General like Oh, I I That's another problem I had, I found myself adding to

00:25:03.300 --> 00:25:12.370 Valerie Heffron: whatever I was making it would be. I was doing it with past. I was doing it with rice. I was doing it with Couscous. You know what I mean, like. Well, it just kind of depends on what you're

00:25:13.310 --> 00:25:19.130 Matt: choosing that kind of consume like carbs itself. You know, kind of bad out, but they're

00:25:19.200 --> 00:25:45.209 Matt: It's really beneficial. They're They're necessary for us. It's part of what fuels us. Um! I just longer lasting energy. So if you're choosing a lot of uh posses, you could choose one. That's a little bit healthier this some that are made out of like um beans and beans that are, you know, really beneficial, high in protein. So you're going to be getting. I've seen Chickpea. Possibly. Yeah, I would. I would like to try that, Justin. Let me ask you a question. Are you

00:25:45.220 --> 00:25:57.930 Valerie Heffron: one of those people who we? We try this, too. We try the I guess. Um imitation meets uh, whatever you want to call. Now I am a fan of the Beyond Burger. I will order that in a restaurant I think it's completely delicious.

00:25:58.050 --> 00:26:01.619 Valerie Heffron: Um. But I found myself when I was using like

00:26:01.630 --> 00:26:29.639 Valerie Heffron: just egg right to make breakfast like scrambled eggs whatever, and then we were using um a crumbled sausage, but it wasn't sausage. It's all you know. This is like process stuff, right? So again, in the hopes of trying to be healthy and all of that, like, I don't want to substitute too much with the with the fake stuff. You know the the impossible and the beyond me. But i'm just curious. What do you do like if

00:26:29.650 --> 00:26:33.299 Valerie Heffron: if you're cooking, or if you're going out, are you ordering a lot of that?

00:26:43.910 --> 00:26:46.020 Jesse Langel: And tofu

00:26:46.090 --> 00:26:53.790 Jesse Langel: guess which one had like twenty ingredients. It cost three times as much, which was simple and good for your help.

00:26:53.800 --> 00:27:10.079 Jesse Langel: Uh yeah, it was the tofu. Yeah, I keep it simple. Let me just tell you in one second two Sec. What I eat. Generally i'm a simple guy. I'm a little bit of a disciplinary, but this is what I do. I ensure that I need two very big salads per day with a

00:27:10.090 --> 00:27:24.949 Jesse Langel: a bunch of different er it's a bunch of different vegetables, everything to get the antioxidants, the dark, leafy greens, everything they could be iron. I put in various nuts. Whether it be walnuts, pumpkin seeds, I put in spices. I put in turmeric, I put in

00:27:24.960 --> 00:27:45.319 Jesse Langel: nutritionally. Used to be twelve, because vegans have a concern, but not getting b twelve and vitamin D. So you just take those two supplements and don't worry about anything else. They won't so worried about not getting protein, not getting put. There's protein and all these natural pools as a complete amino acid chain profiles. Look, you gotta just dispel the with the protein it all. That is absolute nonsense.

00:27:45.330 --> 00:27:56.880 Jesse Langel: I personally believe, if you spend two minutes with a in a steam position of our time that have a keeps plant based nutrition. And with Matt you're going to learn it two seconds that It's actually very simple.

00:27:56.890 --> 00:28:12.589 Jesse Langel: You don't have to over complicate. We're trying to figure out ways to detach yourself from reality and figure out. Okay, what can I just go, simple Prince. Vegetables bring you. You're worried about cars. Bring on the cards. You want whole brains. We need to go with whole grains. Whether that be

00:28:12.600 --> 00:28:41.370 Jesse Langel: quinoa barley. Oh, anything that um provides you the fiber, because the real issue here is fiber people. Don't get in the fiber, and carbohydrates are good, like, Matt said, the fuel. Your brain, Our brain runs on glucose. Our energy goes in Google, not from plant protein from glucose. So you want to go with whole grain food that literally give you the energy. You need. Trap water, trap calories. By the way, which help you lose weight.

00:28:41.380 --> 00:28:51.139 Jesse Langel: Okay, in the process. So you could eat as much health healthy plant-based as you want, and still lose weight during the process which i've done over the course of the last year.

00:28:51.150 --> 00:29:19.859 Tommy D: I just want to tell you. You make me feel like I can do it like you guys make me actually believe I can do this.

00:29:19.870 --> 00:29:44.239 Tommy D: The man is very well read, so he knows how to pronounce that word. But I will tell you value. I take some keen I haven't done this in a while, because sometimes my own uh poor preparation, a lack of preparation creates that similar situation, where, like before, I found some old meal because I had to get something, but that could have easily been, you know, bag of chips if I saw the chips way before I saw the the oatmeal on the on the

00:29:44.250 --> 00:30:14.229 Tommy D: on the counter. But, chemo, I take some garlic, some onions. Put them in a pan fry mop. I threw it in. It's been cooked now, so I sort of keen on it, and I make it almost like um vegetable fried rice like you get from the Chinese restaurant, and you can be. You have a lot of fun with this stuff it's not like. See? I think it's a big thing about mindset, and then we'll go to a break. But the mindset and say, says, Oh, no, I can't eat anything anymore, right or holy cow. This is incredible. Look at this wide world. Look at all these colors. Look all these these greens, and Fred and wow, let me. And not to mention you

00:30:14.240 --> 00:30:42.179 Tommy D: that's what i'm telling is about. They feel better. They got it runs freaking triathlon. I'm not running it. It is in my time, and I do struggle with the thought of Thanksgiving. Go ahead. I'm sorry. Alright, so maybe we'll do that. Maybe we'll do it that Friday after Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know you give me. We're trying to. We're trying to the right mindset, Matt. This is but format makes me commit to missing Turkey.

00:30:42.190 --> 00:30:44.510 Tommy D: I'll be right back. This is back.

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00:32:32.810 --> 00:32:33.670 you

00:32:37.260 --> 00:32:38.560 you

00:32:43.570 --> 00:33:13.479 Tommy D: and we're back. The show was called Professionals and animal lovers Show. My partners called Valerie and I, Tommy D. What's up? We're all welcome back, all right. So we're back. So listen. You know what aside from. So while we were at break I shared Jesse's firm uh website belt Lingale firm dot com L. A. N. Ge. L. Firm dot com, and and let me tell you something. The The fact that you can be healthier by doing this is incredibly special, incredibly important. But then, how about do you know this? We don't have to go too much into it, unless matter, Jesse is knowledgeable in this

00:33:13.490 --> 00:33:32.770 Tommy D: matters. But the planet gets healthier when we do things this way, you know. I mean it's. It's kind of It's probably something nobody wants to talk about, but it was in one of those movies. I have game changes up on this, but there was another movie might even forks over knives. It was one of these Netflix ones. It's not a Netflix movie, but it was on Netflix, and it was like the I think it's North Carolina

00:33:32.780 --> 00:33:57.829 Jesse Langel: Um, all State of North Carolina stinks like burps and forts like of it's methane, and the methane is Jesse. Can you help me with that? Because I think you probably have some information on that. Oh, yeah, I mean, there's tons of documentaries now. The one I saw was what the help which I found to be transformative. And yeah, showing the destruction to the plan, particularly the loss of biodiversity, which is so staggering. It's not even comprehensible.

00:33:57.840 --> 00:34:00.049 Valerie Heffron: Hmm. And the facts show that

00:34:00.060 --> 00:34:25.630 Jesse Langel: meat agriculture is responsible for more environmental damage than transportation or their neck and neck or so it's, basically has climbed to be the worst offender of climate, destruction of any single industry on planet Earth. All those beef, all those cattle that are made into burgers which you know the tragic, What slaughterhouse? And That's another episode of the show, but all that is just again. They're human like they're not human. They're living beings that that

00:34:25.639 --> 00:34:29.539 Tommy D: release gases that actually affect the planet right

00:34:29.550 --> 00:34:59.389 Jesse Langel: and excrete waste into the waterways. So they're polluting the water which is giving these municipalities tons of problems. They're affecting people's right to enjoy their own property. Biggest case the last couple of years was the Megabyte case where Smith Fields, the world's largest pig producer with Zoom for creating a public nuisance in the communities in North Carolina, for the disgusting, putrid smell that invaded these people's homes that these pigs actually produce bacteria in their species that may

00:34:59.400 --> 00:35:05.580 Jesse Langel: it's through people's, windows indoors, and landed on their stones.

00:35:05.610 --> 00:35:08.580 Jesse Langel: It's gotten so out of hand,

00:35:08.590 --> 00:35:28.380 Jesse Langel: I mean. Look, I call these cases try effective disaster cases, because no matter which angle you look at this problem from it is indefensible whether you want to start with help, because everyone's interested in their own health. No problem. Go see Matt down the the Green through truck, Read the book by Dr. Greg or anyone in the trying to study any one of these plant based study,

00:35:28.390 --> 00:35:47.539 Jesse Langel: type, treatise books, and then, aside from hell, okay, which we know cause hard to these cancer stroke and all the other diseases of what's on. But, yes, ethics, ethics, a lot of Vegan become, because of the ethical philosophy ethics. You cannot turn a blind light. What's actually happening? It's the violence is hidden.

00:35:47.550 --> 00:35:55.819 Jesse Langel: It's hidden violence. So my recommendation for your authors is to um, you know, for for your audience, if I want to suggest one book on this whole issue,

00:35:55.850 --> 00:36:08.819 Jesse Langel: especially ethical philosophy. It's this book by renowned psychologists not only joy. The title of the book is why we love Dogs, e. Pigs, and wear cows. You read that you are likely to be. Come, Vegan, instantly.

00:36:08.930 --> 00:36:25.270 Valerie Heffron: I wanna say something about this issue, too. Um! It was brought to my attention by a a neighbor of mine from from my old uh neighborhood, and she's Vegan. She's really cool. She got a cool look, and she drives around in a Jeep and her entire. She is covered with like

00:36:25.280 --> 00:36:36.690 Valerie Heffron: cowspiracy and forks over, and I and like recommending all these movies for people to see. But anyway, you know, she said, to be something that a lot of people just don't talk about is um

00:36:36.700 --> 00:36:48.309 Valerie Heffron: the workers of of these places, the slaughterhouses and um the uh the factory farming, because, uh, a lot of times, unfortunately, they are

00:36:48.330 --> 00:37:04.359 Valerie Heffron: in the areas that are not very affluent, and the people that are working. There are often uh immigrants. They they're not even uh they're not documented. Um! And there is a ton of depression. Can you imagine, if you felt like you had no choice

00:37:04.370 --> 00:37:11.329 Valerie Heffron: in terms of putting food on your own table. Then to actually go to work and be the person who's who's killing animals

00:37:11.340 --> 00:37:36.480 Valerie Heffron: or hurting them, you know, to their death. That's me. Is I unimaginable? That's where that that also hits me, too, because I I really feel like that is a travesty that most people don't consider. But the mental health issues, the alcoholism, the the feeling of being trapped like, Where's an illegal immigrant going to go or What are they just gonna walk away from, wherever they're living, and Hitchhi to something they hope is better.

00:37:36.490 --> 00:37:55.120 Jesse Langel: You know what I mean, so we didn't take it, and yet it they're being exploited. Valerie, you have to understand. I I couldn't be you more, and i'm glad you doing your homework. Some of these poor immigrants, a lot of them undocumented, a lot of them forced to work in slaughterhouses. They're not even allowed that to be, except to wear diapers. Some of these report is unveil.

00:37:55.130 --> 00:38:09.939 Jesse Langel: They have to wear diapers. They're too scared to ask for a bathroom break. Let them only, or let alone. Better humane rates. What would you do if you work in a slaughterhouse, and all day, ten thousand times you have to stick a pig in the throw of the knife

00:38:09.950 --> 00:38:19.200 Jesse Langel: they're called stickers. Do you think you're going to be well adjusted? Individual. If you're killing ten thousand pigs day by sticking. Of course you're going to be screwed up. These are

00:38:19.220 --> 00:38:36.179 Jesse Langel: these are really really deprived. Human rights issues that I believe are no more tolerable and really circumstance. But what do we imagine what that sounds like, uh, You're killing something. You're kill. That's tragic. What have you, Jessie? Where like again? We can't solve it right this second. But

00:38:36.620 --> 00:38:44.380 Tommy D: yes, we got to read the books. Yes, we got to get involved. Yes, and if it's appropriate for somebody's lifestyle go vegan vegetarian, Whichever,

00:38:44.790 --> 00:38:56.120 Tommy D: how do we make a bigger change because I get I get very pissed off and frustrated about a lot of things Um and i'm not to fetus, but sometimes it's very. I don't know overwhelming,

00:38:57.180 --> 00:39:01.079 Jesse Langel: very simple, and my friends try to oppose me all the time on this issue

00:39:01.090 --> 00:39:27.719 Jesse Langel: they try to engage kind of in. What about is they say. Well, you can't solve the problem overnight. So don't you worry about it. Worry about different issues. We're over here. Worry about starving kids in Africa. Worry about child molestation and human trafficking. No, All you need to do is take personal responsibility and stop putting your dollars into the coffers of these companies that are doing this. You vote with your dollars. If enough of us stop giving them the money to finance these operations,

00:39:27.730 --> 00:39:56.740 Jesse Langel: they would change their practices. So it's a personal responsibility issue. It's always been that way. Those will be that way. The problem is worldwide. People are eating more and more and more and more in the Third World countries the following hour: we fifty years ago, when it comes to industrialization of these animals, and it's just such a disheartening sign because it's like progress. Where's the problem? Especially in country? We can't control It's a very, very bad situation. But if you do your part and not finance these operations.

00:39:56.880 --> 00:39:59.070 Jesse Langel: Not both with your dollars,

00:39:59.130 --> 00:40:18.779 Jesse Langel: Then that's what you can do for the moment. If you want to get involved. Put together a beautiful po uh podcast like this, or or have to be one of my clients. Let me go after these these institutions, and learn animals. I'm happy to do that. We all have our different skills town pursue whichever you think is most suitable for you, and how you can make an impact that's all I would say.

00:40:19.010 --> 00:40:32.399 Valerie Heffron: Can I just ask the question about you. By the way, i'm almost fine. Um, i'm feeling like guilty um. Don't feel guilty about it.

00:40:32.470 --> 00:40:43.029 Valerie Heffron: We need to address this I would say question, sorry, quick, quick! Maybe not this this. This could be good for you. Um,

00:40:43.900 --> 00:40:56.809 Valerie Heffron: you know I have been told, and I I kind of. I do understand it to a point that, like the egg industry, is one of the cruelest industries. From what I was told right from people, I definitely trust in this space.

00:40:57.100 --> 00:40:59.839 Valerie Heffron: However, my question is,

00:40:59.910 --> 00:41:11.749 Valerie Heffron: what about like if you are buying from like the like, a local guy Who's who's taking really good care of the chickens, you know. Um, and you're eating the X from there like

00:41:11.760 --> 00:41:27.889 Valerie Heffron: what is problematic about i'm just challenging anyone, because to me, if if the issue is with the care of the animals, and how poorly they're treated, if they're treated well, and they're producing eggs, anyway, because that's what hands do what is wrong with

00:41:27.920 --> 00:41:29.229 Valerie Heffron: eating that?

00:41:29.770 --> 00:41:49.660 Matt: Well, the eggs, if there, I mean, besides the own personal health aspect of it, you know, eggs obviously are really not good for us as far as the cholesterol saturated fat. But um! They're just really not meant for us. And again, if you are going to choose to be more flexitarian, or choose to have a little bit more

00:41:49.700 --> 00:42:09.340 Matt: animal products within your diet. You're right, like the best choice would be to go to find, like the local farmer, and meet them and know exactly what they're doing. Um! And when I worked for a nonprofit before, that's the advice that I would say, if you're going to choose to have eggs, and that's totally fine. It's, you know, personal choice.

00:42:09.350 --> 00:42:24.099 Matt: Know where they're actually coming from, because, as Jessie saying, You know they these companies love to put out a lot of false information about where the eggs are coming from, how the chickens are raised. All this stuff, but majority of it is fall, since it's

00:42:24.110 --> 00:42:35.390 Matt: completely misleading. But if the eggs are being used, then uh the chickens themselves would then eat them, or they would kind of be nourishment

00:42:35.400 --> 00:42:51.020 Valerie Heffron: um for the earth. And it come all the way back. Yeah, because that was a big struggle for me. That was part of my struggle, because eggs are in everything like they. They're They're in a lot of stuff, you know what I mean, like they're in salad dressing like

00:42:51.030 --> 00:42:55.889 Valerie Heffron: Caesar salad. Whatever they they're in baking. They're in, you know.

00:42:55.940 --> 00:43:09.219 Matt: Breakfast like that was a big component of of um. Our struggle. I feel

00:43:09.250 --> 00:43:28.199 Matt: choice of trying to become a better athlete. But after I read the trying to study, and then I started to learn a little bit more about the environmental and ethical implications of eating animals. That's what set it in stone that I would never go back to eating animals, especially with the chickens like

00:43:28.720 --> 00:43:43.989 Matt: when eggs are hatched. If it's found to be a male chicken, they can't be used so they're thrown away, you know, either in the garbage, can they? They're drowned or they're just ground up alive.

00:43:44.000 --> 00:43:52.350 Matt: And so when I learn this information um, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Know that this, you know,

00:43:52.420 --> 00:44:09.000 Matt: innocent little animals are being brutally killed just for no other reason, because people like to fry them up in the morning. Um, and it's not good for those people that you know, like health wise, and it's not good to the planet. Um,

00:44:09.010 --> 00:44:27.440 Matt: but for me. That's what helps me to kind of stay the course I've been vegan for almost ten years now. Um! And just thinking about any of this stuff that we were just kind of touching on is enough for me to like, Yeah, I wouldn't do that like I

00:44:27.450 --> 00:44:37.089 Matt: sitting here putting my dog out to news underneath the table that i'm sitting at. And uh, I remember sitting there like soon after one Vegan just looking at them, and like

00:44:37.210 --> 00:44:51.809 Matt: these, these dogs that we love to have in our houses are no different from the cows that are, you know, being raised for our milk or for meat, or you know the chickens. They all have emotions and feelings.

00:44:51.820 --> 00:45:00.470 Matt: Um! And for me. It's just It's became a deeper connection and a deeper reasoning for me why I choose to continue to do that. Um! But

00:45:00.530 --> 00:45:02.629 Matt: you know, like you said it's

00:45:02.760 --> 00:45:09.949 Matt: It's never. It's not going to be a perfect world, you know. Um making small choices every day can

00:45:10.080 --> 00:45:24.219 Matt: combined with every once have a huge impact. Um, and it's not about perfection, you know. Like for me personally, like I choose this way because it feels the best for me. It feels right for me, ethically, and being that I've kids, I could,

00:45:24.230 --> 00:45:30.729 Matt: if you was right to raise them this way. But my kids, aren't vegan uh they don't have any meet

00:45:30.760 --> 00:45:41.129 Matt: really my middle one. She likes turkey um, so she'll enjoy it on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately. Um, but she enjoys it, and you know, like I want to raise them

00:45:41.140 --> 00:45:56.990 Matt: in a way that they're gonna choose to. Hopefully go, Vegan, and if they don't, they don't uh it's your own personal choice. Um, but definitely not an easy task. Um living, Vegan in this world, and kind of doing this stuff. But I think for me personally,

00:45:57.000 --> 00:46:13.080 Valerie Heffron: it's the right way. But that's my own personal journey. So it's. Uh you have to kind of find your own course on. You know what i'm super interested in, and I I just heard about this recently. I think I heard about it on Shark Tank. I'm not sure. But

00:46:13.090 --> 00:46:20.789 Valerie Heffron: anyway, I believe it's Cuban. Mark Cuban is investing in a company that's researching ways to

00:46:21.480 --> 00:46:37.169 Valerie Heffron: um me, I mean without an actual animal, so like let's say you have a state you have the state, and Then there's let's say, pulling out. I don't know by up to you of it. I don't really know, but they're able to then replicate. That

00:46:37.240 --> 00:47:07.160 Jesse Langel: is that a good thing like, How do we feel about that? I think it's super interesting and and very original for sure. Cuban on the show. That's probably what we should do. Let me text Cuban. We'll see what they want. They're making progress with that, Valerie, but it's so overly, prohibitively expensive, and maybe in twenty years of work. But, I say, why played psychological games still to see to beans, to the natural food you were designed to eat,

00:47:07.170 --> 00:47:08.840 Jesse Langel: just go

00:47:08.850 --> 00:47:37.320 Tommy D: plant, based and call it a day. We gotta go to a break because we're way over, and we're gonna run out of time to even come back into a second. If we don't leave soon. But I will tell you this. I watched. I love Youtube. I learned so much on Youtube what it it's just a level playing field. We can learn so much. But I watched on Youtube. Maybe. No, it was definitely Youtube. I was going to say tik tok, but these guys made a steak which is not a steak, but they used it as like um, maybe nutritional yeast and spices, and like

00:47:37.330 --> 00:47:52.890 Tommy D: whatever, and they were able to make the texture of the steak, and then they cooked it. And if you need to feel like you're eating a stake that bad, Val, i'm not speaking to you, speaking everybody, if we're so. I like a steak. I really do. But you know what? Because of all the stuff we're talking about, I could certainly put it away. Um! But

00:47:52.900 --> 00:48:02.399 Tommy D: there's alternatives that can make us from our head. Think we might be eating the thing you remember. It reminds me of the matrix when the guy, when he's eat mistake.

00:48:02.410 --> 00:48:25.849 Tommy D: Um, You know the guy one of the matrix guys. He remembers movies eating mistake, and but it's he goes. I don't even know if they know how the computers know what it's like, really tastes like. So maybe there's a way we can trick ourselves, which I think is is a mindset thing is

00:48:25.860 --> 00:48:40.879 Jesse Langel: what we get back. I just want to give my two two second response the labeling issue that Valerie brought up with the cage free and past reason, all that stuff, and so I can give my two cents as an advertising lawyer with significant experience. Well, I would say worthy experience in that area

00:48:41.020 --> 00:48:59.279 Tommy D: when you come back, and it's all over Jessie's website. If you go to the Langel firm, dot com, and Then there was a section where I was showing you all on Facebook, hover over false advertising. Go down to what is humane watching? I'm going to go to what is we need to take a break professionals, and I don't love your show. We'll be right back,

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00:50:44.490 --> 00:50:45.339 you

00:50:48.930 --> 00:50:50.229 you!

00:50:55.550 --> 00:51:14.940 Valerie Heffron: We are back, and I really want that grilled Mac and cheese, and I want it like now how many he's got on this website, though, So we're not talking about carving out sugar, I think, because there's a lot of a lot of donuts on this website, or at least the ones I I saw some donuts, Matt, right. We like donuts out there

00:51:14.950 --> 00:51:30.769 Matt: doughnuts. My wife is the one that makes all the doughnuts. And uh, there's all the big goods for us. She um she's been hitting out of the park with all their bakers. And let me just say this: I saw that you guys got into subway

00:51:30.780 --> 00:51:40.909 Valerie Heffron: recently with the sweet treats right portion of your menu, and that is something. I again I want to just support it. Let's let's applaud it,

00:51:40.920 --> 00:51:56.799 Valerie Heffron: and celebrate that's a win. There are some people who would look at that and say, Oh, I can't believe a Vegan is gonna let subway sell their product when they sell thirty. And this and that we need to support all victories. Is that victory? What What happened there? Matt?

00:51:57.050 --> 00:51:58.500 Matt: Um.

00:51:58.810 --> 00:52:11.960 Matt: I'm not sure if you have the right information. If we there's that we took over with the subway. I know that. Uh, my good friend who actually started um uh a place called Plan. That is an ocean side.

00:52:11.970 --> 00:52:30.899 Matt: Okay, all right. Well, anyway. So we took over a subway which is amazing. And there's subway sign we converted to a vegan for the same kind of like uh logo branding. I got that one wrong. But my whole point is that if I cut out B

00:52:30.910 --> 00:52:46.530 Valerie Heffron: okay, hypothetically, if I said I, you know what i'm going to go. One thing at a time, right, which some people do by cut out beef. That is a huge victory, at least for my household. It was Yeah, every step matters.

00:52:46.540 --> 00:52:54.719 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. And, Jesse to your point about the labeling. I want to let you know. A few years ago we went to whole food for a turkey for Thanksgiving,

00:52:54.910 --> 00:52:59.329 Valerie Heffron: and they have like a rating system basically on

00:52:59.590 --> 00:53:19.329 Valerie Heffron: how the their turkeys were were raised. Right? So like I forgot, I think this four numbers, but, like, let's say four was like the most humane, well fed, you know. Cage free. Yadda yada, and the number one might be like, you know it's in a cage, but it's this big and what? So

00:53:19.340 --> 00:53:37.209 Valerie Heffron: the advertisements that you want to bring up? Are they also relative to turkeys? Are we talking just chickens right now. Everything all those self regulated assertions like you gotta keep in mind these people. They're making up their own claims. Okay, the area of labeling and animal welfare.

00:53:38.340 --> 00:53:42.799 Jesse Langel: If there is any regulation on which there probably is not,

00:53:43.290 --> 00:53:50.629 Jesse Langel: the companies make up their own definition unless they have a certifying, you can see they just try to pawn off

00:53:50.640 --> 00:54:04.250 Jesse Langel: the main claims and put the burn on the consumer to go. Look up, Gap, you reference gap of whole food, the five step process. And, by the way, I know the guy what I helping in and starting that, and you know what he says about that he said That nonsense.

00:54:04.260 --> 00:54:30.200 Jesse Langel: Okay, farm, for they just soon hold far forward, had a pivotable and creating Gap, and I know i'm saying this, and who knows they might try to come out for me. But this is my first amendment rights play here, and I know from a back, just because I got my research that they sued whole foods, and they put the public on notice that this whole gap Steve, is nonsense. Jessie. Tell us what gap is. We don't know. Yeah, Gap is global animal partnership.

00:54:30.210 --> 00:54:38.910 Jesse Langel: It's a certification where the certifying body says, Give me money for an application. I also probably want royalty is five cents a sole product,

00:54:38.920 --> 00:54:58.459 Jesse Langel: and we'll let you use our insignia of humane. Everything is hunky dory over here. If an inspection is done, maybe it's once a year. Maybe it's fifteen months, and you can go ahead and use our label to substantiate to the public that the animals that you are raising and intensely confined conditions and killing as infants

00:54:58.470 --> 00:55:07.129 Jesse Langel: is, in fact, you main one. We know it's not true. It defines common sense, but also you're paying more. You're paying more for that same

00:55:07.140 --> 00:55:25.349 Jesse Langel: product. Because you believe that it was raised. Of course it's it's It's fraud. It's fraud, and it's deception. And that's why more is like we gotta get in and use these statues is identified this issue as probably the biggest consumer fraud I've ever experienced in my entire life.

00:55:25.430 --> 00:55:51.729 Jesse Langel: By the way you don't, believe me, go do a foia request. I did a bunch of for your request. Go to the Federal Government. Okay, because the Federal government is supposed to pre-approve when it comes to meet and poultry. They're supposed to pre-approved special claims they're called, which we lead to animal welfare. So you want to say humanly raised. You want to see ethical ways. You want to see if you mean that they're supposed to pre-proof claim they're supposed to protect the companies from suit

00:55:51.740 --> 00:55:54.439 Jesse Langel: under this doctrine of preemption which I have, for

00:55:54.550 --> 00:56:07.720 Jesse Langel: I don't cases, and I feel like I um succeeded in that regard because I absolutely nonsense. But my point is, See what they substantiate to the government. Look what their proof, if you can say that that substantiate for me, and then I will

00:56:07.730 --> 00:56:26.880 Jesse Langel: stand correct that I get to see if properly, substantially, set of documents supporting the claim to mainly raise whatever that means in the context of factory farming, which by itself is not some warmer. How can you mainly raise an animal to grow a piece and dine six weeks? Can you do that? How is that he made,

00:56:26.960 --> 00:56:43.540 Tommy D: Jessie? I got to pause. You and I love your passion. I never ever want to stop you There's only one other thing I like. I hate to stop networking more than when somebody is really up on the pulpit. Really preaching the good word. Look, Jessie, how do they get in touch with. You.

00:56:44.330 --> 00:56:50.930 Jesse Langel: See me the Langdale from dot Com. They'll have a place on the website to get in touch with me the

00:56:50.940 --> 00:57:11.510 Matt: La and Geel for the Langdale firm Dot, Com Matt Korsky. How do we get in touch with you? I need some of those donuts. By the way, how do we get in touch with you. Uh, you can find this uh Green Street eaterycom, Green Street food, truck, dot com. If you have any private events, you need a food truck, for you can hire us for that, and we're pretty active on social media.

00:57:11.520 --> 00:57:21.580 Matt: Instagram is a kind of the main jam for us, and that's at Green Street eatery or at Green Street food track.

00:57:21.590 --> 00:57:49.159 Tommy D: Uh, we drive out of state, but we don't tip. You have the truck, Val. One day you might just see. Okay, I'll call you later. We'll work out the back and cheese day off street eatery at Green Street food truck on Facebook at Green Street eatery at Green Street food truck on the Instagram, which is really become my favorite social media, cause I don't know I like to do videos. Put my funny face up there now, anything from you? How do they get in touch with you before we got to go?

00:57:49.170 --> 00:58:04.579 Valerie Heffron: So if you're interested in supporting uh this podcast, and you'd like to sponsor. You can send us an email at Valerie V. A. L. E. R. I. E. At Pal Dash Show not underscore. Always have to say that that um

00:58:04.590 --> 00:58:23.289 Valerie Heffron: Jesus Valerie at Cal Hyphen showcom, or if you just really know a great guest, or you yourself feel you would love to come on the show and contribute. Please help us spread compassion.

00:58:23.900 --> 00:58:25.570 Tommy D: And now I breathe

00:58:26.060 --> 00:58:43.569 Tommy D: in his total commitment to nonviolence. Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of the nation, and his moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated. Love your animals, be passion, everybody make it a great day. Thank you, guests.

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