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Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/12 - Art Work For Animal Charities

Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/12 - Art Work For Animal Charities


2022/10/12 - Art Work For Animal Charities

[New Episode] Art Work For Animal Charities


I'm hoping that the audience will get a commissioned pet portrait for themselves or as a gift. Whenever anyone orders a commissioned artwork I will donate a portion of the proceeds to whatever charitable cause the buyer requests.


My name is Raquel Serafino, business professional and animal lover. For my bread and butter I sell health insurance for a great company called HealthPass New York. As a side hustle I am an artist, creating commissioned paintings and donating to charities.

 I was born in New York and live in New Jersey, where I recently entered into a sort of Brady Bunch situation with my boyfriend (except insteadof human children we are raising Pit Bulls and a Tabby cat). I've been a part of numerous art exhibitions, some of which I organized myself. 


Instagram: @raqstarart 

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Val and Tommy discuss the Compassion awards which took place Oct.12th. They welcome their guest Raquel Serafino who sells health insurance for the company HealthPass. Raquel also commissions her artwork and donates part of the proceeds to charities. Tommy informs the audience how he knows Raquel for a number of years. They discuss how Raquel uses her art to help support animals. Before break, Raquel shares how art became her passion.

Segment 2

Raquel talks about her living situation and how she and her boyfriend are raising a furry family like the Brady Bunch. She adds how she started painting by painting her animals. Val asks if fans ever reach out to Raquel and request paintings of their pets. Raquel says she got a commission from being featured on PALS. She explains how she takes a portion of the proceeds and donates to a charity of the customer’s choice.

Segment 3

Tommy and Val continue to discuss Raquel’s artwork and encourage their listeners to purchase a piece. Val asks Raquel who she would like to get in connection with that would help her business flourish. Val gives Raquel an idea that blends her careers together. She says to collect expired health insurance cards and make a collage out of them like Raquel did with the metro cards. Tommy and Valerie talk about the catering at the Compassion Awards and how it was a hit.

Segment 4

Raquel shares her art background and how she got into painting. She says she really got invested in her adult years starting back eight years ago. Valerie commends Raquel for her work and the charity she has done. Raquel discusses some of her accomplishments and how her insecurities can sometimes get the best of her. Raquel talks about comparing her work to others and admits that there’s always different styles and someone will always be better than you. She adds how she had to learn to develop a style and theme which took time. If you would like to commission some of Raquel's work you can find out more at her website


00:00:31.960 --> 00:00:41.520 Tommy DiMisa: Wow! I'm super excited. I'm coming in before the music ends. Wow! Wow! I'm just fired up, man. This is Pals professional zoom. I love to show on to me. D.

00:00:41.530 --> 00:00:59.369 Tommy DiMisa: And look, i'm just thrilled. Yet last night was an incredible night. My buddy, my pal Valerie, have from the visionary behind this whole mission that we're on this whole journey, that we're on. You had this vision about the compassion awards, and last night it it happened. It took place seventy-five eighty people in a room

00:00:59.380 --> 00:01:18.910 Tommy DiMisa: out Melville, Long Island, celebrating three very special animal advocates, I mean. Look, you know what if I didn't have something really long all day that I had to deal with, I would have slept in, but I had my kids school, so i'm scurrying up the stairs of the attic, just to be here in time. Val knows that i'm here to get it done,

00:01:18.920 --> 00:01:27.279 Tommy DiMisa: but I mean the energy in the room last night, Valerie. With these folks it we call it the Compassion awards. It's a bunch of folks who are really committed

00:01:27.600 --> 00:01:40.050 Tommy DiMisa: to advocating and educating us on behalf of the voiceless animals that cannot advocate on their own animals. They cannot protect themselves because of certain scenarios that they're up against

00:01:40.160 --> 00:01:51.730 Tommy DiMisa: what Valerie came to me with this idea for the show, you know I didn't know where it was going to go. It's happened a year ago. I mean we've been doing this for year, Val. Well like that, like the snap of a fingers

00:01:51.740 --> 00:02:07.619 Tommy DiMisa: or the walk up a flight of stairs like I just did which I was. Why, i'm winded. But I will tell you it would, Val. I mean, let's let's get. We didn't even really have a chance download, Because when I had what I was dealing with like on the other side of things today, So why don't we just do it in front of people. What What did you think of last night?

00:02:08.340 --> 00:02:20.379 Valerie Heffron: I'm so tired,

00:02:20.470 --> 00:02:21.700 Valerie Heffron: you know.

00:02:21.760 --> 00:02:37.269 Valerie Heffron: I was just running around and connecting with people that both I haven't met um outside of like Facebook, or zoom reconnecting with people I haven't seen in here as like before Covid,

00:02:37.450 --> 00:02:56.130 Valerie Heffron: and the best part about it is that they're all animal lovers, and they were all so excited and happy to be there. I'm getting text messages today and Pm's. Dms. Whatever they called all day. Oh, My God, this was the best event.

00:02:56.140 --> 00:02:59.939 Valerie Heffron: When are you doing this again? When's the next one?

00:03:00.130 --> 00:03:15.810 Valerie Heffron: What I was saying tomorrow? Yeah. And people have ideas for like, you know, thoughts of um, I guess nominating people who are worthy of recognition as well. Um! And I really want to. Just

00:03:16.040 --> 00:03:20.259 Valerie Heffron: I want to point out to uh two things that really

00:03:20.320 --> 00:03:24.680 Valerie Heffron: made the event also very special, which was actually the Refuge

00:03:24.700 --> 00:03:40.399 Valerie Heffron: compliments all day about the food, all day, every day, like last night. Everyone's like, Oh, my God, did you try this? Did you try the the advertising, the advertiser on Point, I mean like and plenty of it, and and the vegans were happy, which is

00:03:40.410 --> 00:03:56.400 Valerie Heffron: a a very important piece of this equation. A lot of animal lovers are vegetarian or vegan, coming up to be like. Do you try this Vegan beef, or whatever did you? Did you try the avocado toast like? Did you try the eggplant farm? I mean? Everyone was so happy

00:03:56.410 --> 00:04:08.060 Valerie Heffron: and and love. The vibe, like the vibe, was just cool. We got super lucky. It was perfect weather, so comfortable, and the other component that came together. I thought that was like

00:04:08.340 --> 00:04:13.999 Valerie Heffron: I had never worked with this particular person before, but the Dj. Ah

00:04:14.040 --> 00:04:33.729 Valerie Heffron: point I didn't plan on dancing. I couldn't stop dance. I was like, Oh, my God! He's playing because he had old school freestyle on for us, which I got a couple of videos of you dancing. So we're not going to put that on the Internet But I will say I share them with you. But, uh,

00:04:33.740 --> 00:04:59.160 Tommy DiMisa: I will tell you that's that's actually Dj: crazy. Eddie and I love them. We took a picture together. Check them out on. So I started following him on Instagram last night. We had a good time, like he. Even playing like one of our awards, is called the Bob Barker Reward. It was like he did from the from the prices right. I I couldn't believe it. He was so on point. But you know what all of these little things have to come together,

00:04:59.170 --> 00:05:12.749 Valerie Heffron: so that everyone's happy, and you know what in addition to that I mean. Of course we have. Thank our sponsors. Everybody was fantastic, but you could see everyone's appreciation

00:05:12.760 --> 00:05:28.980 Valerie Heffron: for the Honorees, and that's who was really all about. It was about recognizing those people that are, you know, saving dogs from kill shelters trying to impact. Put a dent in the over population of foul, that saving wounded animals that are

00:05:28.990 --> 00:05:38.770 Valerie Heffron: technically wildlife deer, swans, you know, hawks uh past some raccoon squirrels, whatever and also

00:05:38.780 --> 00:06:07.060 Tommy DiMisa: passing legislation, so that it becomes a better world for the animals in general. So I mean I i'm i'm in love Obsessed part of me is kind of happy. It's over because i'm so tired. The other part of me is like I can't wait another year to do it again, because because it's you, and we won't. But let's just put that in the universe. It will probably won't. Be an annual. It'll probably be by annual, which means we have we have two, one in six months, so you know, back to the trolling board back to the

00:06:07.070 --> 00:06:21.769 Tommy DiMisa: Here's a vision that Valerie and I had, and you know It's funny because I think we're in the vision. We're living it. It says we want to amplify the message that we believe the bond between animal letter lovers is incredibly strong. We want to support each other in business by building a compassionate network, so that everyone wins,

00:06:21.780 --> 00:06:50.930 Tommy DiMisa: especially the animals. We want to support each other. We're doing it, I mean. There was seventy-five eighty people in the room last night doing business, you know our friend uh uh, you know Rob Tucker, the canine shop. He had his whole crew there that was so cool. You know I was taking people and bringing them over. They one woman chemical. I really I want to be Rob, you know. I want to talk about the raw food. You know real dogs. You roll the whole thing. We're dragging people around to me, but I mean it was like now it was we're connectors, you and I. So that's our world right so like I

00:06:50.960 --> 00:07:11.559 Tommy DiMisa: like i'm good at like three things. One is growing hair, the other is walking around a room and connecting people. I'm, still trying to figure out what the third thing is, but it's certainly. I was just running the fun one at school, So that's where i'm running from right now, I know, and I I started making a list of all of these introductions that I I want to

00:07:11.570 --> 00:07:14.109 Valerie Heffron: put together like I mean,

00:07:14.600 --> 00:07:24.910 Valerie Heffron: I really believe. Uh, just imagine A. M. I like, Okay, let me just mention this one thing, and I'm: so sorry, Rebecca. I work out. We're gonna get Rebecca's on my head. But

00:07:24.960 --> 00:07:26.769 Valerie Heffron: let me just mention this one thing

00:07:27.510 --> 00:07:45.899 Valerie Heffron: Example: Um. So Titus vad Tito's handmade back that donated five hundred dollars to each charity last night contour mortgage was there. I didn't even know that they are um training uh a a a dog, a puppy

00:07:45.910 --> 00:07:54.900 Valerie Heffron: to be ready to be a I guess a therapy animal for a veteran. Yeah, Champ is the name of the dog, and this is my whole point.

00:07:54.930 --> 00:07:57.479 Valerie Heffron: They are also um.

00:07:57.520 --> 00:08:13.900 Valerie Heffron: They called me up one day their marketing manager shout out to Jenny. Nielsen calls me up and says, we want to as the company um pay for adoption fees for our clients, so if they use us. We go on a on house.

00:08:13.910 --> 00:08:23.230 Valerie Heffron: Um, we're gonna take care of these option fee for a cat or a dog um or a rabbit. I gave her the names of reputable rescues.

00:08:23.630 --> 00:08:41.240 Valerie Heffron: Imagine what a better place this world would be if every company, every person in business thought of a way, even if it's small, even if it's putting a coffee can out on your counter, saying, Please support this shelter or whatever. Imagine, if we all did that just

00:08:41.250 --> 00:08:44.450 Valerie Heffron: unbelievable, the the impact we would have is

00:08:44.530 --> 00:09:13.170 Tommy DiMisa: forget it. It's countless.

00:09:13.180 --> 00:09:35.570 Tommy DiMisa: I want to do that. So we're going to go right into that. So I want to say this. I know Rachel for a number of years for Kelsey, you know. Uh, our company has been doing business with her firm. I don't talk much about it on the show, but i'm one of the partners in the Vanguard Insurance Agency rebranded. So I got to give you our new name. We're finally out there rebranded as vanguard benefits. I'll tell you about what we're, you know. I rebrand and stuff like that, but bottom line is, we're an employee benefits firm,

00:09:35.620 --> 00:09:49.870 Tommy DiMisa: and we work with businesses and nonprofits to help them as they're making their benefits decisions to utilize benefits to attract and retain talent. What do you mean benefits, Tommy health, insurance, and ancillary benefits like Dental Envision, one of the solutions that we've been using, probably

00:09:49.880 --> 00:10:18.729 Tommy DiMisa: even before I'm. Part of the firm for about twenty years we've been connected to a company called Health past New York. Do a lot of work with Health Pass uh raquel surf, you know, is whether she's an account executive with help pass. She is our go-to. She is a perfect partner for us always there when we need her, and that we could talk. We wish she'll tell us a little bit about Health Pass, but you know everybody these days. It's not just about what you do from your nine to five. What your gig is what you get paid to do. You know some people have

00:10:18.740 --> 00:10:39.399 Tommy DiMisa: volunteerism. You know me. I'm always talking about days of service and things like that, you know other people have. Decide. Hustle the side, Ging, I mean. I will tell you with my Adhd. Trust me. I play around with a lot of side gigs inside hustles. Um, but you know, when it comes to people like Raquel, she's taking her passion for art

00:10:39.410 --> 00:10:53.619 Tommy DiMisa: and utilize it for what we're talking about, what we're talking about, supporting animal supporting rescues. I know Valerie's gonna be mad because we're about to go to a break Raquel. We need to conversation. I knew that was coming. I knew that sigh was coming. I knew it. I knew it. I know my ponder, I don't

00:10:53.660 --> 00:10:59.259 Tommy DiMisa: I'm. An artist. I got into painting as a way to break the monotony that usually comes with being a business professional. Totally. Get it,

00:10:59.270 --> 00:11:29.250 Raquel Serafino: Raquel. Say, hello! We're going to go to Commercial, anyway. But say, hello, Let's Hello! Howdy i'm Raikal, I after commercial. I guess we'll talk a lot more. But thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. I'm super excited to be here. We're super excited. But just tell me, how did you start the art? Tell me that. Let's get him. Let's get him excited when we come back. I I never was a professionally trained, you know. This was just like something that day to day you go to work. You come home, and i'm like, Oh, man, I I got to break this up somehow. So yeah, Youtube videos uh self,

00:11:29.260 --> 00:11:43.320 Raquel Serafino: and just those those little paintings classes believe it or not, really inspired me, so that I just started painting my own paintings at home, and

00:11:43.420 --> 00:11:53.600 Valerie Heffron: i'm jealous. I I have no like that ability to draw, or even, you know i'm the person that gets picked pick glass for pictionary.

00:11:53.610 --> 00:12:22.419 Tommy DiMisa: I really am. No, you You'd be surprised those sip classes Actually, after going to a number of those I began teaching there. So someone like you like, I'll never be able to do this, and then, step by step, they say, you know, dip the brush in the blue paint, draw a line here, and someone's telling you step by step. What to do, I mean, you realize? Oh, I actually I actually can do this. My wife did this at a

00:12:22.430 --> 00:12:41.740 Tommy DiMisa: that's cool. She didn't think she had any talent like that, and I will tell you I draw one thing and one thing only. It's the picture on my I mean self portraits of the nonprofit sector. I drop but the point of the Youtube before we go to break, and I we gotta do that. But before we do that you know the point of of Youtube, Rakal.

00:12:41.750 --> 00:13:10.400 Tommy DiMisa: I totally dig that everything I don't know how to do. I go to Youtube, shout out to Youtube, man. You know it. It's just It's all there. But I again isn't that the level playing field we're fortunate is challenging. Life is might be this time in history. We're fortunate, man. You got access to everything. You can learn that thing. You don't know how to do. Like my wife built an entire paddy with my backyard, not knowing how to do it. And then early Covid gets like six hundred pavers

00:13:10.410 --> 00:13:28.319 Tommy DiMisa: and a whole bunch of sand, and built the patio. She probably didn't even use Youtube. She's she's something else with this, but it like if I gotta like, you know anything more than she. I'll have to show you the patio we'll talk about that. That's a whole. It's a whole other show about about building a patio in your backyard. Uh, look,

00:13:28.330 --> 00:13:39.429 Tommy DiMisa: Raquel, we're glad you're here. We're going to dive in this conversation. We got plenty of time, although we don't have plenty of time, so let's take a quick break. We'll be right back. Professionals and animal lovers show. I'm. Out of breath. We'll be right back.

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00:15:41.390 --> 00:15:42.270 you

00:15:45.880 --> 00:15:47.170 you

00:15:51.940 --> 00:16:20.809 Tommy DiMisa: and we're back. So listen So funny thing last night they played the full song to our show, and I was like hold out of the microphone. It's like, Wow! I didn't even know there was more of the song. I thought it was like thirty seconds that we play here before the show. That sure, you know, with Dj. Crazy Eddie. Yes, insane if you go back to Crazy Eddie back in the day like we did here in New York. But you know, ejac Crazy, the whole song ballet, you know you bought the whole song like I thought we only owned my thirty seconds of this. All right. It wasn't really a choice like you. Just you could buy this. It's not like you could buy, like,

00:16:20.820 --> 00:16:29.989 Valerie Heffron: you know, ten seconds of the song. But let me just say this: I love our song, and I decided I just said this very the uh like Two days ago I was like,

00:16:30.000 --> 00:16:47.330 Valerie Heffron: Why, don't I ever play this song like like in its entirety, and I feel like It's a really good song for um while you're typing or working, you know, like background music, because there's no words to kind of distract you. But anyway, yeah, I love to call out Alexa and all That's a spawn music.

00:16:47.340 --> 00:16:56.629 Tommy DiMisa: I'll actually do that. She always goes like she goes. Hey, Tommy, did I go? What's up, Alex? How you doing, kid? And then we she doesn't say that. But so here's the thing. Um,

00:16:56.640 --> 00:17:12.540 Tommy DiMisa: we have a rule on the show. Okay. And this is certainly for our Facebook viewers. We have a rule on the show. When somebody enters the screen they must be introduced you were while we repar. You were showing you a moving your camera around somebody in the room with me. This is Alaska, the puppy.

00:17:12.550 --> 00:17:29.650 Raquel Serafino: Oh, Valerie, Are you in love already? Oh, I want to people so badly. She's a good girl. The separation anxiety. So remember i'm working. She's got to be right right there next to me. Not like to be alone.

00:17:29.990 --> 00:17:35.549 Tommy DiMisa: There's a handful of animals, because, as i'm reading what you prepared for me in my notes, it says

00:17:35.860 --> 00:18:05.069 Tommy DiMisa: you recently entered a sort of Brady Bud Bunch. Excuse me, Brady Bunch, situation with your boyfriend, but instead of human children, you're raising pit bulls and a tabby cat. So this is A. This reminds me of somebody that I know very well who's in the zoom meeting with us right now, who has several animals. Um! We'll just go. We'll pretend we'll just say your name rides with Valerie, and how many animals!

00:18:05.400 --> 00:18:33.089 Raquel Serafino: So we have two pitbull uh mixes and a tabby cat. But you know, when you and I met Tommy we were at one of these. You know health insurance business lunches, and I remember you asking me, Why do you have a cat? I I somehow brought up my cat, and you said, Why do you have a cat? And I said, i'm a single girl in my thirties. I'm supposed to. I thought i'd I didn't know I had an option a lot of change since then. Okay, Cat just entered the room. Actually to this is like

00:18:33.100 --> 00:18:38.560 Raquel Serafino: I don't know he's he's rubbing my line now, so that's ash he's, my boy. He was my uh,

00:18:38.590 --> 00:19:08.559 Raquel Serafino: he's who I came with. I came with just as it was just us, and then Alaska and Juno. They they've been here, so everyone's coming along pretty well, you know you think pit bulls and cats. You get a little nervous. It was very nerve racking. At first you had to see us. It was actually hilarious. We laugh about it now, but they say to introduce the animals we are like, Have the dog on a leash, and just let them look at each other through like a crack in a door, and now they're like all over each other. It's just like a month or two ago it was like, Oh, my God! Cat's gonna die so

00:19:08.570 --> 00:19:33.229 Valerie Heffron: right. Everything they usually settle it, you know. There's usually like a lot of running around, and you know, maybe a little hiding under a sofa. My my pets have not settled it. They're they. They have declared absolute war and um i'm actually more concerned about my dog, who's smaller because um! My two cats were outside cats. Puppy was a feral allegedly, and

00:19:33.240 --> 00:20:03.230 Raquel Serafino: anyway um if she gets cornered one day he i'm more afraid for my dog, but you have to be, and and the pit bull mixes. Where are big dogs? But the cats are They're afraid of him. He runs the show around here one pipe, and they know, and it's really just Alaska. She's a puppy. She's one. She's adorable, but she's done, and she's curious. She just she wants to sniff his butt so bad i'm like he's got a dog. They don't like that. He doesn't get it. So yeah, one or two uh slack,

00:20:03.240 --> 00:20:16.930 Valerie Heffron: and she kind of knows Now i'll still hear him go around the house hissing, and i'm like all right. He yeah, they'll saddle it. They settle it out. But, um! I have. So I have to ask you. Did you start by painting your own pets?

00:20:17.120 --> 00:20:20.450 Raquel Serafino: Yes, actually, I have one Here I have

00:20:20.460 --> 00:20:38.369 Valerie Heffron: I have ash? That's so good for myself, not for sale. Yeah. Oh, it's beautiful. I love the colors like the ears you really capture like

00:20:38.380 --> 00:20:43.930 Tommy DiMisa: for those of you listening. Alaska is trying to smell the picture, Everybody the painting,

00:20:44.210 --> 00:21:11.460 Raquel Serafino: did you? So you you really like. Did you have any art like when you were a kid. Were you artistic? Did you dig it, did you? I always love my coloring books, you know. My parents will tell you that I was big until any time I go to the doctor, or, you know, afterwards, at the pharmacy I always get like coloring book and some crayons, and hang out at the table, and I take my medicine, and i'd call her. But that was really it. I mean, I think everybody likes coloring books when they're little kids right? It's not like a unique trait, but

00:21:11.470 --> 00:21:41.400 Raquel Serafino: never really was interested. Didn't think I could, you know, if I can go back now, I would have done that all along like I would have went to school for that. I would've made a career out of that. I would have just been. If people do it. They do it all the time, especially now with Youtube and with um Instagram, everybody. It's you could succeed big time back when we were kids. It was like, Now you're an artist. You're poor. You're, you know, Appreciate you saying when we were kids we appreciate you bringing us into your your

00:21:41.410 --> 00:22:02.440 Valerie Heffron: that was the very, very sweet of you to do that. I I consider that we that was quite generous. I'll i'll have to agree with that. Um, Yeah, I kind of feel that way about cooking like I forgot who asked. But uh, somebody was saying, if you weren't doing what you do now, or or something like that, like what other career might you have chosen? And I was like,

00:22:02.450 --> 00:22:09.529 Valerie Heffron: I feel like culinary school would have been a great experience. But So here's Here's a few questions. I have.

00:22:10.700 --> 00:22:19.470 Valerie Heffron: Um. Now that you've been doing this, I guess, for some time. Um, do people like reach out to you and say, here's a picture of

00:22:19.480 --> 00:22:45.940 Raquel Serafino: my dog, or whatever you know. Can you? Can you draw my pad? And i'll pay you? I mean, Are they commissioning you, or do you have a website or evolved into That's exactly what's happening. Um, I do have a website, and I do have an instagram, and I do. Art shows now and then. So anytime I hear of something going on in the city or local, i'll try to set up my stuff and people

00:22:45.950 --> 00:23:03.610 Raquel Serafino: show up, and it's just a way to get my name out there. And this is also a way to get my name out there. So thank you, Tommy, the nonprofit sector connector, just from posting about this show. And now i'm going to be on your show on my Instagram. I already got a commission to.

00:23:03.780 --> 00:23:32.770 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know where my pompoms are today. I think I I found out one of them is at my house because we've given to my daughter. You told me this last night you might not remember, because it was so active. But you said somebody thought it was already favor, and your daughter and my wife this morning I go. Those are valves. Pom Pomps. I probably have to get that pompom back. Oh, no, no, i'm not taking a pompom away from a kid, another one, though, and anyway, so the whole point is, I'm doing my pomp

00:23:32.780 --> 00:23:48.879 Raquel Serafino: for you. Oh, thank you. I have to answer your question. Yes, people would reach out to me. Um at Rock Star. Art is my Instagram, or it's it's it's, it's it's, it's it's. It's, it's it's it's it's it's it's, it's it's it.

00:23:48.890 --> 00:24:07.889 Raquel Serafino: R. A. Q. S. T. A. R. T. Like Rock Star, but our A. Q. So it's Rock Star art. That's the Instagram and then the website is Rakel Sarafino dot com. That's kind of brand new uh, but that's a way to get in touch with me. If you do want to commission.

00:24:07.900 --> 00:24:37.879 Raquel Serafino: I will share that stuff out, I think you know, and this is obviously one of the reasons you're on the show. Aside from your my buddy. Uh! Is that a lot of what you do with with these commissions? Is you all, then? Well, why don't you tell us what we do? Recently I started taking a portion of the money that I make on these commissions, and Don't need it to a charity of the buyers choice. So if it's an animal portrait, and they don't really have a charity that they work with, or they're like, Yeah, whatever. Just keep the money I take a portion of it, and I don't need to a charity that

00:24:37.890 --> 00:24:50.300 Raquel Serafino: I like, which is best friends. Animal society, best friends, is great. I don't work for them, but i'll go around talking to people like I do work for them because they're awesome. They've been around for

00:24:50.310 --> 00:25:19.580 Raquel Serafino: I think since nineteen eighty-four, and I don't know what the direct correlation is. But in in in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four, about seventeen million animals were killed in shelters every year, and since then it's down to under a million, so I mean It's still a lot, but it's a lot less than it was when best friends started. So for those listening that Don't know about best friends. They have this animal sanctuary in Utah, and it's just this huge piece of property where they let all the animals live, and they take

00:25:19.590 --> 00:25:36.830 Valerie Heffron: care of them. And any you know a hospital. That surgery is just everything. They just care for these sick, injured animals and help them find them

00:25:36.840 --> 00:25:45.279 Valerie Heffron: dog fighting ring was exposed with that piece of shit. Sorry I can't help it. Uh Nfl. Player, Michael Vick,

00:25:45.500 --> 00:25:51.659 Valerie Heffron: best friend, when that was exposed. And those dogs were saved. Um!

00:25:51.990 --> 00:25:56.260 Valerie Heffron: They call them the Victory Dogs, because they were the survivors.

00:25:56.330 --> 00:26:06.379 Valerie Heffron: Uh, I believe if memory serves it was, it was forty or forty-one dogs, anyway. Best friends is is the one they took them.

00:26:06.390 --> 00:26:29.560 Valerie Heffron: They worked with them. They rehabilitated them. And every single one of those dogs, except for one got adopted, and that other one was able to live out their life at the sanctuary at the sanctuary. It's a beautiful place. It's also a vacation destination. You can go and rent a cottage there, and live in the sanctuary and volunteer. I have never been. I'd love to go, but it looks awesome.

00:26:29.570 --> 00:26:59.560 Tommy DiMisa: Pal. First Pals i'm yelling field trip, and i'm on mute field trip. Get your permission slips in by the thirtieth. We're going to Utah, baby. I, one of the Mormons, one of the jazz for the sanctuary i'm going to share when we go to break. I'm going to share your uh your Instagram and it about It's part of the show. Okay, it's part of the show breaks it. Just part of life, you know. Why? Because i'm going to tell you about life. I'm going to drop some knowledge on you. You can't have this suite without the bidder, because the suite that nothing, if they're in

00:26:59.570 --> 00:27:24.939 Tommy DiMisa: a little bitter, and you can't have the show without the commercial break. Just how it goes. I'll tell me, d we're going to go to a break when I share this, i'm telling you, Recount on my other monitor. I have your Instagram and Ozzie's eyes are. Where did you see this, Mick Collins? Ozzie's eyes are like staring into my eyes, and he's telling me Sh! I I believe it sounds as you as borders if it's a picture of an old woman wouldn't be right back in your back.

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00:29:03.920 --> 00:29:05.120 You,

00:29:13.410 --> 00:29:14.260 you,

00:29:17.970 --> 00:29:19.120 you,

00:29:21.890 --> 00:29:23.100 you

00:29:23.730 --> 00:29:53.279 Tommy DiMisa: and we are back all right. So check it out. Since the pal show the professionals and animal lovers show. That is saying, Hey, Job, What's up? Dog? Saw you last night? You look handsome. He had double rocket. He had a double costing one last night like he was like. He's a little early for Halloween job he was. He's all he's all. Meanwhile I had no idea where that outfit came from, because we didn't bring it. And all of a sudden, like towards the end of the event I turn around, and I see my dog in a devil out. But i'm like

00:29:53.750 --> 00:30:14.550 Valerie Heffron: that just happens it, Barry Half did you just find like random clothes? I'm talking to Barry up fry? Did you find random clothes like in the restaurant somewhere, and just put it on the dog. That's not. I I hope that was a gift out that you don't want

00:30:14.560 --> 00:30:30.890 Valerie Heffron: uh. So she has. She has a dog. It was like a bunch of dog stuff, and she asked how many treats were in the bowl, or whatever. But um from Donna Fiorelli shout out to one of our, and she um had like

00:30:30.900 --> 00:30:47.300 Valerie Heffron: this she has uh, we bet her dog when we had her on the zoom. But um! Her dog is like two or three times the size of Jovi, and the outfit is definitely for like a smaller dog, so she gave it to us. So. Um roke, i'm looking at some of your artwork. I didn't um

00:30:47.370 --> 00:31:01.579 Valerie Heffron: realize that you do all kind like. So I saw like Freddie Mercury. I saw um a pair of heels as a separate piece of art. I saw another one that was like a Martini glass, so you really could do

00:31:01.590 --> 00:31:16.580 Raquel Serafino: pretty much everything. You're not just doing Pets right

00:31:16.590 --> 00:31:24.169 Raquel Serafino: altruistic direction, because it's cool to create things, but it's cooler to create things when you're actually helping

00:31:24.180 --> 00:31:46.250 Raquel Serafino: others with it. Right. So this was a little way to make it a win win for everybody. It's a win for me because I get to create something, and also I. I get a little money for it, but then it's a win for the person who's purchasing it, because you get to go home with an artwork, and you also get to know that your cause, your shelter, your charity, whatever it is that you advocate for, is also getting a little piece of the pie.

00:31:46.260 --> 00:32:01.090 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, cool that! Listen. I We talked about this, too, this Metro card thing that you do, and, as I understand, like it's if if i'm correct when we talked about last time. It's tough to get metro cards. It's like, cause I listen. Let's be real, because

00:32:01.100 --> 00:32:30.620 Tommy DiMisa: and this is not an ego thing. I know you guys are all going to be like. So you wanted one of yourself, Tommy. I know you wanted to. I'm commissioning you right now, Seraphino, to do this, Figure it out. Come up with a price. We'll donate money to some charity. We'll make a big deal about it. I will even find a way to source the Metro cards. This is a call to action. I need metro cards when your Metro cards are done. Please get them to me. Raquel is going to make Uh, what do we call it? Is it like a skull? It's not a sculpture, is it? It's a Metro card collage

00:32:30.890 --> 00:32:36.019 Tommy DiMisa: That's so cool. Now, what about a palace one You and me thumbs up like this?

00:32:36.110 --> 00:32:41.400 Valerie Heffron: I need to see. I i'm so like. So you do the art on the back of the Metro card.

00:32:41.410 --> 00:33:11.389 Raquel Serafino: No. So, Tommy, if you pull it back up, it's natural cards chopped up that I then assembled together, so the Metro cards are all all the Metro car pieces are iconic New York images. So that's breakfast at Tiffany's. It took place in New York. Oh, my God! That is so good, Charles Bronson. Uh that one. My God! Yeah. So that's the point. Tommy D. Is iconically

00:33:11.400 --> 00:33:15.820 Raquel Serafino: iconic. New York. You're right, really. It's the same

00:33:15.930 --> 00:33:44.839 Raquel Serafino: I had to like kind of, you know, backtrack it, because in my mind i'm like, is she going to paint the back of a Metro card with like Tommy D's cartoon character like I was like what I don't know. I don't know what we're talking about. But then we're going out of Charles Bronson's hand. I'm gonna make it like a microphone, and we'll give him a go tea. Oh, my God! And that's you, Tommy. Yeah, it pretty much. You're right on, actually. Yeah. But i'll be kind of cheating, but if I get one i'm happy either way. So do it. You know

00:33:44.850 --> 00:34:04.500 Raquel Serafino: how many metro cards does it take to do that? So many, too many to count, and it keeps forever. The hardest part is collecting the metro cards, and then assembling them, the tiny, tiny little pieces. I probably get myself carpal tunnel. These are people love these the most work.

00:34:04.510 --> 00:34:09.809 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God! I I I want I want to just say this like this is one of the things that I just

00:34:09.860 --> 00:34:20.470 Valerie Heffron: love, and a door about artists is that is like super creative to me. Um when I was in Florida. There's a store called Metal Arts in St. Augustine,

00:34:20.480 --> 00:34:33.250 Valerie Heffron: and they commission from artists such as yourself local artists who um they upcycle recycle, whichever it's called. But um! I just remember they had like a small area like an installation, I guess,

00:34:33.260 --> 00:35:03.249 Valerie Heffron: and they had this um all of these hanging they look like really bright colored, beautiful fish, and they were made out of um, recycled two liters soda bottles. It was so brilliant to me. But like this is right up there like I feel like It's totally um related, you know. You take some of the people grow out. It's garbage right? I, People are paying you for a garbage, basically. Yeah, but it's beautiful garbage. One man trash is another man's treasure. That's what I heard.

00:35:03.260 --> 00:35:07.069 Tommy DiMisa: But But look, did you sell all these pieces of these? Gone?

00:35:07.110 --> 00:35:09.390 Tommy DiMisa: The Metro card pieces,

00:35:09.620 --> 00:35:25.510 Tommy DiMisa: all except for uh, Kurt Russell and the subway. Those are mobile for purchase. So if somebody wanted these and they right on the website, can they? It's contact purchase so they would just uh all right. So the website is our a queue you what that was. A funny word

00:35:25.520 --> 00:35:30.200 Tommy DiMisa: R. A. Q. U. E. L. S. E.

00:35:30.210 --> 00:35:59.609 Tommy DiMisa: Or a Fi and Oc. I recognize that last name reminds me of the name of my world. But, Raquel Seraphino, dot com, and you can make an offer. They can reach out to you and connect with you on these. Or, again, folks, you can have something commissioned, and when Win win win, because you get something great, Raquel gets to create, and then a nonprofit, a charity rescue of your choice is also going to get well on this deal. I don't know what's better than that man we've been talking about getting you on the show for months, and it's just because things are so crazy.

00:35:59.620 --> 00:36:16.249 Tommy DiMisa: It It took longer than we wanted to, but i'm glad you're here. Are you having fun. I don't evenly ask, is this:

00:36:16.260 --> 00:36:30.389 Valerie Heffron: As far as I I? I have to ask this just as my business networking person, Tommy probably knows this answer. But, um, as far as your line of work, who are good connections for you like. Who do you look to meet

00:36:30.680 --> 00:36:46.349 Raquel Serafino: Tommy D. All right. I can make that happen. So. Um: yeah, people just like Tommy. Honestly, um health insurance brokers that know a lot of people. And Tommy is probably the number one.

00:36:46.490 --> 00:37:16.459 Tommy DiMisa: I'm not kidding. You are not kidding. Well, that's a shout out to our team, you know again, Edin Vinnie Vanguard insurance, you know, even before I was part of the team formally. You know we've been dealing with help Pass and Val, you know what it is. Health Pass is a solution for us to provide to our clients, so we we almost look at them as a carrier. So so another carrier, they're called the Private Exchange model. So if we want to bring in three different carriers on the health insurance side, with about forty different planned choices, dental vision, life insurance, all that in

00:37:16.470 --> 00:37:29.680 Tommy DiMisa: one solid menu of choice for our clients. We get to do that and help pass provides, and they actually themselves are a nonprofit organization. So we love working with them.

00:37:30.050 --> 00:37:31.100 Valerie Heffron: Um!

00:37:31.250 --> 00:37:36.799 Valerie Heffron: What about This is just an a an idea, and really none of my business. But what about um?

00:37:36.810 --> 00:38:05.849 Valerie Heffron: You know how like people get a a health insurance card like a physical card. What if you chop those up and make them in some of our world? Not a bad idea. I never, when they expire. Obviously, when they expire, we make sure, as license represents Rakel. We must make sure a hipaa that this is hipaa compliant. So I got the name, you know, but like some of them, some of them are like blue, blue and white. Whatever whatever you could,

00:38:05.860 --> 00:38:07.609 you know. Machete the month

00:38:07.620 --> 00:38:37.610 Raquel Serafino: I've seen some like conceptual pieces where people take a bunch of uh empty prescription bottles, and they just kind of like glue them all together on it with canvas, and it doesn't really look like anything. It's just a messy bunch of bottles, but the artist will then say, this is to represent the uh prescription drug problem in the country, and I mean it's not pretty. Wouldn't hang it on your wall, but it's more like all the concept means something to someone I could do that with French fries and talk about how I have a

00:38:37.620 --> 00:38:44.470 Tommy DiMisa: like a French try problem fries. Last night my wife and I talk about this morning, the truffle fries last night that they were passing around.

00:38:44.480 --> 00:39:01.770 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't eat anything, because that's what I always do at my. I have to switch up because myself out. I had to. I force myself at certain points of night, you know. But the past stuff was easy, you know. They these little rice balls they had. They had checked this out, shout out their refuge. They did something.

00:39:01.780 --> 00:39:31.759 Tommy DiMisa: They had grilled cheese like three little grilled cheese, with a little like shotglass halfway filled with tomato soup. I see that before I love that. So between you and the coloring books and my grilled cheese and my, I I felt like a little kid I was like, Oh, my God, this is so cool! And i'm trying to net you gonna like I got tomato soup on my face. But don't worry about it. I know that's my problem. I don't want to like I mean, you know how it is. It's the weirdest thing, because um let's let's say there was ninety people all to. I don't know whatever bully

00:39:32.280 --> 00:39:33.399 Valerie Heffron: you know

00:39:33.800 --> 00:39:35.679 Valerie Heffron: most of these people.

00:39:35.770 --> 00:39:56.699 Valerie Heffron: We've either known them virtually, or we've met them, or we've known them for years, or whatever, and like leading up to the event months, weeks, whatever you really don't hear for them the night of the event, everyone you getting pushed and pulled all over the place. Come, take a picture with me, you know, so it it's like all of a sudden. You have ninety children, but, like I don't want to.

00:39:56.710 --> 00:39:58.390 Valerie Heffron: I don't want to have like

00:39:58.400 --> 00:40:27.820 Tommy DiMisa: uh, uh, you know, pigs in the blanket, or whatever that i'm stopping my in your teeth while you're smiling and phot Yeah, And I guess it was selfie i'm like, Oh, my God, this is my worst night. And it's funny, too, because I hate having myself photographed where Valerie, on the other hand, loves to be. I like i'm sorry, strike that reverse it. It's the opposite. I can't get it enough. Freaking pictures I love like I even on the zoom call. I don't even know if you guys are there, because i'm so busy looking at me. But

00:40:27.830 --> 00:40:45.849 Tommy DiMisa: tell me the truth, though, like when you get like this doesn't happen anymore. But when we were kids, you know, Raquel, when the three of us were younger, all at the same time, when I would drop off mail, and then, like three days, I did not mail, but I would drop off film, and three days later the pictured would come back. You remember how that used to work.

00:40:46.150 --> 00:41:16.119 Tommy DiMisa: Raquel probably never dealt with this recount because your pictures are instantly in the phone. But we used to have to wait. Did you have off the way for you? Go to Cvs pharmacy drop off the kodak roll that you get all right. So you know what i'm talking about, did you? Only I was telling you i'm not in that when i'm not in that when i'm not in that one. I was like always looking again, Val. It's It's probably a problem. I'll deal with it. It's so funny it's just so. Yeah, like I was. I knew I wasn't in any of them because I was the one taking them this before selfies ever exist,

00:41:16.130 --> 00:41:22.109 Valerie Heffron: and then I would go through them, and and I was always taking pictures that

00:41:22.230 --> 00:41:32.629 Valerie Heffron: I want it to like, capture certain moments, and then I would I would take a picture, and like frame it and give it to my friend. So, like my friend Vanessa, had a sweet sixteen surprise party at her house.

00:41:32.640 --> 00:41:58.669 Valerie Heffron: I had this killer picture of somebody through confetti, and the confetti was like in a stream in the air, and her jaw was like dropped to the floor like, So that was me. I was going through like what's the best picture I took my I took pictures at my friends weddings like for free, you know, and I would put together like a collage or frame it. It was. It was so much fun. But yeah, now i'm kinda I am the opposite. We're, but that's what makes us great. We're in.

00:41:58.680 --> 00:42:21.869 Valerie Heffron: Well, we were but last night I would tell you about. I mean we were like celebrities last night. Let's be real. I mean, that's why I don't need you to tell me that the guy who wants a commission of his own face is an egomaniac. I would. It's such a harsh word. I don't know i'm i'm an Niagar, but I don't know why you have to use it like that serfino

00:42:21.880 --> 00:42:29.589 Valerie Heffron: it's not like he's got it's not like he's got a self portrait of himself on his t-shirt or anything

00:42:29.780 --> 00:42:59.759 Tommy DiMisa: i'd be like I mean like the Scarecrow, is he there? Is it anyone pulled? What? Look here's the thing. I don't know what this means, Mick. Call. I just had a Google. I was just checking it on Facebook. He first of all, it's the bronze in It's a Charles Bronze in one sold, or is it still around? He's gone. Charles Bronze. Alright, so. So our friend Barry Hefront, he's saying he likes to Charles Bronze in one. Val sounds like a Christmas gift thing. Hanukkah give holiday gift Sounds like something you need to be, but her artwork is one of a kind, and that's another thing that makes it

00:42:59.770 --> 00:43:29.109 Valerie Heffron: it really special. It's not. It's not like you're going to get Well, we're Kelly. Are you doing prints? No, I actually yes. Now this is a new thing. I am doing prints. So if you wanted a less expensive uh print of the Metro Con collage, it's not going to be the actual Metro car collage. But you could have printed. Yeah, if I know Barry have fun, and I think I do, because we have the same last name for a reason i'm going to say he wants an original.

00:43:29.180 --> 00:43:30.259 Valerie Heffron: You know what

00:43:30.270 --> 00:44:00.039 Tommy DiMisa: one run like this, and one around like this. Thumbs up left thumbs up right, all right, but make. I don't know what this means? Can you do the imagine stone? Is that a band? What is that? A call out of? Do you know what that is, Raquel? I don't know what that is. Um, and i'm sorry I don't know what it is is that the imagined awards stone the award. I don't know. I don't think so. I think we were talking, and maybe it's something iconic. New York may hook us up on Facebook, so I can help you. I know what it is okay. Ready.

00:44:00.050 --> 00:44:09.809 Tommy DiMisa: Imagine a stone. You imagine I'm stolen. That's a whole, not the show. All right.

00:44:09.820 --> 00:44:25.210 Tommy DiMisa: Let's take a Oh, it's your favorite time of the show. Oh, it's big time, Yay See how you changed it. You totally changed your mindset around that. Yay, break time. What is that thing? That's my talent.

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00:46:17.940 --> 00:46:19.259 You?

00:46:24.390 --> 00:46:44.179 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God, we're all talking! Oh, my God! I I just want to do a really quick Thank you out to Barry. Have fun, my husband, because um, I don't know if I even really bothered last night. But um! The truth is, he's super supportive. He took care of a lot of stuff leading up to the event.

00:46:44.190 --> 00:46:56.939 Valerie Heffron: Um, and he, you know, was in charge of our beloved Jovi, our dog, the entire night. He was like a celebrity himself. Everybody wanted to take a picture with my dog, which is adorable. But anyway, thank you so much. Have

00:46:57.640 --> 00:47:22.850 Tommy DiMisa: really special. Well done. Thank you. Half and I can. My crew who's out there helping me out and supporting what we did for sure, I think, uh, especially the smaller people in my family work kind of select that that last night, too. So this actually thank you, Mick, for I I didn't. I just wasn't in the frame of mind, although I should have known when I was showing the Instagram, because it was pictures of John Lennon there. So if i'm not mistaken. You know the imagining Stone

00:47:22.860 --> 00:47:28.410 Tommy DiMisa: is not too far from the Dakota uh the Dakota Hotel, where, tragically John Lennon was murdered

00:47:28.420 --> 00:47:52.890 Tommy DiMisa: back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty. If i'm not mistaken, it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty December of eighty uh, which is a long time ago. But, Raquel, this is what Nick Kong. Yeah, that's uh. That's in Central Park. Right? I Yeah, that's actually I I mean, i'm hesitant to say that I can do a Metro card collage of that, and tell Tommy D that he's not going to get his face before Mick gets his imagined stuff.

00:47:52.900 --> 00:47:55.699 Raquel Serafino: But I think that a Metro card collage. Of that

00:47:55.710 --> 00:48:25.250 Tommy DiMisa: it can definitely happen. What is I mean, all kidding aside like what is more iconic New York than that John Lennon Central Park. I mean so poetic. Make thanks for the call out. I I actually am getting very emotional right now. Um! We have to work that one out. We'll figure that out. Recal because that's uh that is super super special, Mick. Thanks for bringing that up. That'll be great.

00:48:25.360 --> 00:48:28.669 Tommy DiMisa: Forty Is that one thousand nine hundred and eighty.

00:48:28.680 --> 00:48:57.590 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe it's a thirty, you know. It must have been the thirtieth anniversary of, and I went there, and everybody's, you know, singing everybody out there. The police uh smelled like there was a skunk that would it might have been in the area. I'll just say that, but it's not like a bunch of skunks. But I will say, uh, you know, people give piece a chance. People are out there singing and compete. There. Got their guitars out very emotional. I mean. Listen! There's such a such a tragic Uh, I would like like like like John Lennon, like you see, like

00:48:57.600 --> 00:49:12.280 Tommy DiMisa: you see, Mick, and you see these. Not not Mick Collins, but Mick Jagger. You see, Mick as well. But you see Mick, Jagger, and and and stones, and and see these other bands that are still going, which is like even um Arrow Smith still doing shows. I mean, these these guys are old, and

00:49:12.290 --> 00:49:30.290 Tommy DiMisa: um. I wonder what that would have been. Do you think we don't have to answer this now? But do you think the Beatles would have gotten back together? Do you think they would have done some sessions. You think it would have been out. What would he have done? How? What? Again we we talk about Gandhi. Towards the end of this show every time. But you know people who have changed the world, the change makers

00:49:30.300 --> 00:49:45.670 Valerie Heffron: Sometimes they're not here long and often. What could they have done had they stayed around longer.

00:49:45.720 --> 00:50:00.960 Valerie Heffron: Want to do good things Doesn't end well for them. But uh, hopefully, we can. We can all change that Um, anyway. Rico, let me ask you another question about your artwork. If you don't mind. So how long have you been doing this?

00:50:01.300 --> 00:50:09.140 Raquel Serafino: Um, maybe about? You know, maybe about my adult life, so i'd rather be the last like

00:50:09.230 --> 00:50:28.580 Valerie Heffron: that's so cute

00:50:28.860 --> 00:50:30.180 Valerie Heffron: the

00:50:31.040 --> 00:50:45.770 Valerie Heffron: the skill level that you are at, and and um the fact that you got this extra creative side to you, and and you took kind of like um a medium that most people wouldn't consider like an art supply.

00:50:45.790 --> 00:51:15.459 Raquel Serafino: I just think um like It's brilliant, and you really on a trajectory to to become like a famous artist. It's. I appreciate that. I mean. I still look at my stuff, and i'm like this is this is crap. I gotta get better because there are some really super talented, you know. I go to these art shows, and i'll put my work next to somebody that's just like super intricate oil portrait. I'm like, Wow! I want to be like that guy, and but you know what they all. I've learned this lesson the hard way, right? So first of all, they might think the same thing when

00:51:15.470 --> 00:51:31.849 Raquel Serafino: they look at your art and say, Wow! Look at what an incredible thing she designed and executed, And there's always going to be differences and nuances, and there's always going to be somebody better, and sometimes, but it's not better. I really feel It's not that I feel it's different.

00:51:31.860 --> 00:51:44.169 Valerie Heffron: I remember a long time ago I was watching. I don't know why I I was watching a documentary uh with Madonna. This is I'm going back twenty years or something like that. And um

00:51:44.410 --> 00:52:04.350 Valerie Heffron: I remember she was in a huddle with her team. She had, like her Glam squat. No, she I think there were her dancers and back of singers right, and they all had the huddle thing going, and she said, i'll never forget it. I wasn't expecting Madonna to resonate with me, but she did, and she goes. I don't have the best voice in the world. I'm not the best singer.

00:52:04.360 --> 00:52:23.570 Valerie Heffron: When I look around other people that are, you know, Grammys opera people, whatever she's like. I'm not the best she goes, but I give it my best, and we are going to put on like one hell of a show, and that's all. It is right. We all to bring our best. I did an art show a few years ago, and

00:52:23.590 --> 00:52:42.729 Raquel Serafino: you put your stuff up next to all these other people, and people walk around, and they either buy something or they don't. I just remember overhearing one guy walking by, and he was walking around, and he was looking at everyone's stuff, and he kind of looked at my stuff. And then people next to me, and I heard him say to the person he was with. It's just such amateur stuff,

00:52:42.740 --> 00:53:12.729 Raquel Serafino: and I never forgot that. And I Have you ever seen his art? No, he was. He was just a passer by. He's a plumber all the respect, but like it really hurt me, and I was like man. How do I? What? And I remember going on and Googling like you, said Tommy. Nowadays you can just look it up. How do you not seem like an amateur artist like I looked it up. Oh, my God! There is a professionalism to it where you kind of have a theme, and if you look at a Van Gogh, you know.

00:53:12.740 --> 00:53:42.620 Raquel Serafino: Oh, that's definitely a mango, because he has like a unique style, and that's something that, looking at my stuff I never really had. It was just like today. I feel like paying shoes. Tomorrow I'll make Friday. Mercury. You have to have like something that ties you together, So that's kind of where I was trying to gear my art work towards just a theme, a commonality between my work. So you go. It's great that you. It's great that you use that as kind of like fuel to energize. Uh, you know. How do I get better, or how do I master my craft? But the truth is that there's always,

00:53:42.630 --> 00:54:05.789 Valerie Heffron: and P. People out there like that, You know there were people who who Pooh! Poohed Freddie Mercury, and there's people who you know, fill in the blank like every every actor has been rejected. Every singer has been rejected every i'm sure that if it wasn't Tommy D. On this podcast before we did it, and I said it to someone else they would have been like, Are you nuts?

00:54:05.800 --> 00:54:14.799 Valerie Heffron: You think you? You think you're gonna have enough material to talk for an hour every week about animals and animal lovers. He was the opposite,

00:54:14.810 --> 00:54:40.880 Raquel Serafino: the service coming on. I was like man. What if I don't have enough stuff to talk about, but I don't know. Yeah, and we always run out of time uh which actually, Val, if you look in the notes. So if you look at the chat right now. That's exactly. I don't want to look at it. I'm not working with like Howard, Stern and Robin so awesome. Yes, we are like Howard and Howard like. I know there's no like Batman and Robin on the show. It's like Howard and Howard like it's, too.

00:54:41.150 --> 00:55:11.119 Tommy DiMisa: Um! Look, we actually are out of time. So, Raquel, give us the way that people can get in touch with you. I'm. So first of all, I sit on the board of an organization called the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. I want you to come out. We're going to do a show. We're going to do something. We it works with all young adults doing the special needs artwork. We read the Hamptons Aren't Fair. We did it, you know just I I i'm not an artist. I'm a board member. I know a couple of people. I have some cool stuff going, and I want you to be yeah. They They can find me at Rkal, Sarafino, dot Com, or Rock Star,

00:55:11.130 --> 00:55:40.799 Tommy DiMisa: our on Instagram, our A. Q. S. T. A. Rt. Thank you so much for having me. This has been so. Thank you for being here uh Mick Collins, but last thing he says is better. Take care of the Tommy D Commission before you do the imagine thing? Wow! Wait, wait, wait to create a controversy. Pull me up against John Lennon. Thanks, thanks. This is the pile. Show the professionals and animal lovers show. We leave you with this. I did last night for the first time. I've ever read this

00:55:40.810 --> 00:55:45.120 Tommy DiMisa: this out loud, or or said this out loud about it. People. Hello, Joey!

00:55:45.630 --> 00:56:02.110 Tommy DiMisa: It is not that I had said that before, Joby seriously. It's my turn in his total commitment to nonviolence. Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of a nation, and his moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated, make it a great day. Everybody

00:56:02.150 --> 00:56:05.040 be compassionate.

00:56:06.300 --> 00:56:08.870 Valerie Heffron: Amen. Thank you.

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