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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/05 - Tigress - The Hofstra AdvoCat

Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/05 - Tigress - The Hofstra AdvoCat


2022/10/05 - Tigress - The Hofstra AdvoCat

[New Episode] Tigress - The Hofstra AdvoCat


How one Hofstra student has been caring for the Hofstra cats and found out the hard way how the government impacts animal welfare.  The silver lining is that an incredible “AdvoCat” has been born.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy and Valerie welcome their guest and law student, Claudia Cannam. They discuss Claudia’s advocacy for cats and how her voice has made an impact. Tommy shares Claudia’s video message that was presented at a town board meeting in 2021. Valerie asks Claudia how she learned about the program being shut down and how she got in contact with the Board. Claudia says it started on her first day of law school when she came across a stray cat. The cat brought her to over a dozen other stays on campus. Claudia was already a volunteer at Rescue Tender Loving Cats, which helped her organize a rescue for stray cats. She came in contact with a feeder who used the town of Hempstead TNR program until it shut down due to covid. It inspired Claudia to fight to bring the program back.

Segment 2

Tommy asks Claudia what her experience was like at her first board meeting. He wanted to know how the crowd received her. Claudia shared that she went into the meeting with an open mind. She received a phone call attempting to shut her down. Claudia called Valerie for advice on how to deal with the Board. Valerie commends her for her resilience and effort to continue to fight. Claudia named the kitten she found Harvey and found out he had been abandoned when his owner died from COVID-19. She talks about the positive feedback she received on campus for the Campus Cat Initiative.

Segment 3

Tender Loving Cats is a nonprofit organization that reduces feral cat population through humane methods. Claudia shares the vision and the different rescues they work with. Valerie points out a quote from Claudia’s video message where she stated you don’t have to be a resident of Hempstead to help the animals of Hempstead. Valerie was curious as to how Claudia knew that information. Claudia states that most of her knowledge came from her mother who is a lawyer. Her mother would educate her on her rights early on and inspire her to use her voice to advocate.

Segment 4

Valerie asks Claudia about her plans to run for office one day. Claudia admits she has plans to run for governor by the time she turns thirty. Valerie celebrates Claudia’s work and her efforts to encourage others to get out and advocate for feral cats. Claudia shares her thoughts on the younger generation and their will to get out and vote. She explains why our votes matter and how she’s seen efforts around campus to encourage students to vote. You can reach out to Claudia Cannam on facebook for more information on the TNR program.


00:00:32.080 --> 00:00:50.059 Tommy D: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, reptiles, amphibian felines, canines, and the whole rest of the world. Your boy, Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector, coming out you from, as I always do. Well, i'm always here in my attic top of the house the whole deal.

00:00:50.070 --> 00:01:19.980 Tommy D: My friend, my buddy, my pal, my comrade, Valerie Hefront, the visionary behind this particular professionals and animal lovely show is here, and we have a new friend, Cla Claudia Academ, who's visiting with us today? We're excited to get into the discussion. So what is this show? Just in case you just found this, and you never been here before. Well, it's no big deal. It's just a revolution. Just change in the world. No big deal, that's all. Why are we doing this? Well? Valerie called me up one day and was like, you know we should do a show, or I think, she said, I want to do a show again, I said, Okay, let's do it.

00:01:19.990 --> 00:01:26.819 Tommy D: That was back in like last summer, and that was September first was we did the first show the professionals and animal love of show which is now

00:01:26.930 --> 00:01:56.910 Tommy D: phenomenon with a big event coming up next week, the first ever compassion awards, and I love a little swag when you do the first of anything, and you call the first annual, because, like, then you're just committing to the universe that you can be doing it forever. Right, Val. I mean it's and ever and ever I mean there'll be people you'll be probably a Valerie and Tommy D award down the road. But we're not here anymore, and somebody else is compassionate at some point, you know. So we're here to build community. We're here to make a change. We're here to to impact change. We're here to bring really really cool and special people.

00:01:56.920 --> 00:02:10.199 Tommy D: I want to tell their stories about how they've impacted change, influence, change, and um, you know, i'm taken by something. I really want to see if I can get it uh really quickly for you all. Uh, if you're familiar with the Margaret, me quote,

00:02:10.539 --> 00:02:14.650 Tommy D: Never underestimate the uh,

00:02:14.910 --> 00:02:41.560 Tommy D: never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Nothing inspires me more than young people making that impact and making that change. And that's some of what we're going to talk about today on the program gonna do like a video presentation that we're gonna have an interview situation. It's going to be like multimedia today. Val. What do you want to say before we even get into the discussion? I want to say hello to you, Valerie. How are you?

00:02:41.890 --> 00:02:56.069 Valerie Heffron: Hello, I am okay. I'm a little bumped out. I'm actually gonna ask for you for some advice, because my cat puppy is mad at me, and she's in hiding. And uh, we'll get to that. But I um.

00:02:56.290 --> 00:03:13.599 Valerie Heffron: I want to just emphasize the fact that this community that we're building. I like to call it my tribe right community of animal lovers. Um, One of the premises is that yes, we actually want to make the world a better place for the animals,

00:03:13.610 --> 00:03:23.230 Valerie Heffron: but also there's so many wonderful people out there who love animals, and they do their best to help them, whether they're doing like

00:03:23.240 --> 00:03:36.579 Valerie Heffron: a little can a coffee can, or something on their counter. They're asking for donations, or whether they're out there boots on the ground, you know, saving animals fostering T and R. And whatever it is that they're doing

00:03:36.690 --> 00:03:50.369 Valerie Heffron: um, but also many of them have a business or their professional, and the whole premise of the show is that we want to cast a spotlight on those people. Um. So that

00:03:50.380 --> 00:04:03.930 Valerie Heffron: if you're looking for a service or a product, or a place to dine or shop um, we want you to be able to know who the compassionate people are out there.

00:04:03.940 --> 00:04:19.089 Valerie Heffron: And so whether you're going to a pizzeria for some pizza, or whether you're going to go and buy a pair of shoes. If you have that choice of knowing. You know who the compassionate people are. Um, why not use them? And to my point.

00:04:19.100 --> 00:04:38.229 Valerie Heffron: Claudia, who is a law student when she actually graduates and becomes a an official attorney and passes her bar. Whatever specific type of you know, professional service that she's going to offer within uh the legal spectrum, whether she be real estate, lawyer, or divorce, or whatever it is.

00:04:38.240 --> 00:04:48.890 Valerie Heffron: Why not? You know, work with someone who has an affinity for the animals, and is a compassionate person that's really the

00:04:48.900 --> 00:05:06.060 Tommy D: yeah great setup. And that is what we're doing. You're right on. Obviously, this is your vision, and we're kind of i'm just part of it. But I will tell you this. Talk about conversion. Talk about changing people. I will tell you something, gang that happened to me within the last two and a half hours. I went out to the driveway. Um!

00:05:06.470 --> 00:05:29.550 Tommy D: I thought I saw raccoon. It wasn't a raccoon. I would have worried me because it's the middle of the day right now, but it was not a raccoon, but it was a cat with a tail that looked like a raccoon's tail. So I don't know. If you guys, you two probably could tell me what. First of all, Claudia, let me say hello to you. Can you say hello to us? And then i'll tell this story?

00:05:29.560 --> 00:05:40.390 Tommy D: I took a video of this cat, and I was like, Hey, how you doing? What do you do? You're hungry, and i'm like no way in the world. A year ago Am I doing that it would have been something more like dude.

00:05:40.400 --> 00:06:10.359 Tommy D: Can you do me a favor? Can you get out of my driveway? It would have been that versus the and i'm like, and my wife happened to pull in the driveway. All this is all going on. She's like. What is he doing now? So I had to record me in the conversation with the cat, and I I I don't even want to say what's probably going to happen, but I I saw myself like as my grandfather, my papa putting like a bowl of milk and some food out there like behind the garage for this cat, and I like never in a million years, Val. All your full. Thank you for doing that. All your phone

00:06:10.370 --> 00:06:36.329 Valerie Heffron: do water, but also so important as I know, you know, and and Tommy to his credit, you know, a year ago he didn't really know about this stuff. But one of the first things that I asked him was. Did you see an ear tip? And a year ago he would have been like, What do you mean? What's in your attack? You know what I mean. And so we're really all learning from each other here. And um! I just want to welcome our guests, because so quoting a can of

00:06:36.340 --> 00:06:43.780 Valerie Heffron: is someone who I had never met before in my life. And then I met her quote virtually,

00:06:43.790 --> 00:07:03.710 Valerie Heffron: and she's another one of those people who I just made this connection with and like, by the time I actually got to meet in person it was like a giant hug. It was like, Oh, my God, yeah, I was like meeting a celebrity or something. And um for me, you know one of the most exciting parts of of what she's doing, and how we met

00:07:03.720 --> 00:07:09.869 Valerie Heffron: is because she started advocating on behalf of cats. Um!

00:07:09.910 --> 00:07:39.509 Valerie Heffron: And so it is so exciting to your point to me when it, When a younger person is getting involved early. I didn't start getting involved until I was forty something years old. Um, but to see, you know uh an intelligent, articulate person actually have the spine. And um, you know the the ability to go to a municipal meeting, you know, sign in and use their voice to speak up on behalf of the voiceless

00:07:39.520 --> 00:07:41.280 Valerie Heffron: it. I was like,

00:07:41.420 --> 00:07:57.050 Valerie Heffron: Wow! Who who is this? And let me tell you something. So we're all of the Board members who were at that meeting. They were like, uh, Oh, people are getting involved, I think I mean you and I talk about this. I don't know if it was texting, or if it was on a call earlier today. But they're probably a little shook,

00:07:57.060 --> 00:08:27.029 Tommy D: you know, because you know it's It's one thing for like some people to go out, but it's it for somebody in it. We have a video that uh that Claudia shot and put on Facebook, but it's another thing for somebody, a young person to be a little badass and say, Hey, here's a call out to the world. I'm going to do this thing. Go with me. Be a part of talk about, you know. Look all due respect if you know, to the card dashboard That's not really the influences i'm looking to hang with. I was, you know, but I want to say this, and I would love to play the video

00:08:27.040 --> 00:08:32.280 Valerie Heffron: it possible, because what I want to do is I I I want to find out like

00:08:32.289 --> 00:09:01.620 Valerie Heffron: how that even occurred, Like what? What was the starting point? How did you find out about You know who's in charge of these decisions that you were challenging um and asking for change. And you know, how did you really get started? And that's why Polar Tigris? Because she went in like like a tiger, and she was like me out, and everybody was like Whoa, student, law Student. Oh, my God, what are we going to do

00:09:01.630 --> 00:09:17.439 Tommy D: thing like they're going like, Oh, man, we're gonna have to do it for like fifty years. This isn't something. Let me. Let's do the video that's cool. We do do a little uh little um, and let's just push this, and you should be able about Claudia. Can you see

00:09:18.560 --> 00:09:22.550 this message is for all of the cat rescuers, lovers, and rehabilitators.

00:09:22.630 --> 00:09:27.159 We are all feeling the negative impact of the town of Hempstead shutting down their T in our program

00:09:27.710 --> 00:09:40.699 this Tuesday, February second, at seven Pm. There's going to be a Town Hall meeting, and i'm urging and pleading every single one of you to come down and advocate for this program and advocate for these animals. Because if we don't who will,

00:09:41.140 --> 00:10:09.230 we are approaching kitten season at a rapid pace, and it's going to be a huge wake up call. I know that there are safe ways to conduct contact with Tnr. The shelter has a five and a half million dollar budget for twenty twenty-one, and no plans to reopen their T. Andr. Program. You don't have to be a town of Hempstead, resident to come down and advocate for this program. Please advocate for these animals, because if they don't have us, they have nothing. So please come down this Tuesday,

00:10:09.240 --> 00:10:22.849 Tommy D: February second at seven Pm. And advocate for these animals and advocate for this program. Please come down to the Hempstead Town Hall at one Washington Street, Henson, New York. Thank you talk about a call to action?

00:10:23.070 --> 00:10:26.010 Tommy D: We, if we don't, we will.

00:10:27.890 --> 00:10:46.109 Valerie Heffron: Wow! That it's It's been a while since I've seen that, and it actually gave me chills, and I almost like all right. We don't curse, but we cry, baby, So that is so special and unique

00:10:46.120 --> 00:10:53.809 Valerie Heffron: and just. It gives me tears, because uh, for so many reasons. But you know what. Let me just shout for one second, Claudia.

00:10:54.040 --> 00:11:04.110 Valerie Heffron: How, uh, what? Let me just make this one point she was making that video for a town board meeting, February second two thousand and twenty-one, which means that

00:11:04.190 --> 00:11:09.199 Valerie Heffron: the program was shut down for Covid, which was march of two thousand and twenty,

00:11:09.210 --> 00:11:27.429 Valerie Heffron: and everything else Ha! Was reopened. You know. Gyms were open, restaurants were open, stores were reopened and had to wear a mask. Okay, fine. But the Tnr program was still, in fact, close, and there was a lot of frustration. So put it. Let me ask you, let's go backwards. How did you find out?

00:11:27.440 --> 00:11:37.580 Valerie Heffron: Um, about that program being shut down? And then how did you connect the dots that you had to get to account of the Board meeting.

00:11:38.580 --> 00:12:08.240 Claudia Cannam: So it actually started on my first day of law school, when um! This adorable little black and white cat came running up to me, and I was like, Oh, okay, who are you? Next thing I know this cat is introducing me to about two hundred feral cats and kittens on lost his campus Um and I had already been volunteering with um our rescue tender, loving cats who um I love and have enjoyed being a part of, and the head of the rescue side of this is something you want to pursue. If you want to fix all these cats, we one hundred percent support you

00:12:08.320 --> 00:12:36.569 Claudia Cannam: let's, you know, start putting the wheels in motion, and I reached out to a bunch of the feeders who were feeding in the area, and one of them who I've become great friends with um told me that he was using the town of Hemp to T and our program, but with Covid it being shut down, he hasn't been able to trap a nut or any of the cats. There's no program um in the area that is comparable. Uh they they're free, and they um recover the animals. So that was kind of like the first

00:12:36.580 --> 00:12:48.369 Claudia Cannam: moment that I had um, and then I ended up finding um a litter of kittens that were the product of inbreeding. One of them had pecked as exc about them, and the other one was missing her back two legs.

00:12:48.380 --> 00:13:17.200 Claudia Cannam: Uh, Fortunately I had to put down the pectus kitten when she was ten weeks old, and um! It kind of fueled me with this rage of like this could have been completely avoided if Supervisor Clavin had done the right thing, and T. And R. These animals when he was a hospital law student, because these cats have been here since he was a hostile law student. Um! So it was so angering for me that not only did I have to experience losing this baby, but that her most of her life was spent outside, and only four weeks is spent inside with me.

00:13:17.210 --> 00:13:37.819 Claudia Cannam: Um! So it kind of pushed me to start reaching out to um different Facebook groups, and I actually um was connected to Valerie through um a couple of different people. And um, you actually were the first person to um. Let me know that I could go to a town hall, and yes, you were.

00:13:37.950 --> 00:14:07.670 Claudia Cannam: That's the ripple effect man. Way to go. Valerie Hefront: Yeah. So um I was able to go to my first meeting and um the look on everyone's faces after I spoke kind of just told me that I was in the right place and doing the right thing. Um! I My parents are both older. Um! They're the generation that raised the parent of generation for my generation. If that makes sense, I don't want to get my parents age away because they can both kill me. Um! But, um!

00:14:07.680 --> 00:14:21.389 Claudia Cannam: They raised me to not be afraid of people in office, because these are our elected officials. They're working for us. It is not our place to be afraid of them. It's their time to listen to us and listen to our requests, and

00:14:21.400 --> 00:14:51.389 Claudia Cannam: that's why they're in these position. They're not there, because they're in charge of us. It's really us who's supposed to be in charge of them. Um! So i'm not afraid to speak up and use my first amendment. Right? Um. And I have no problem being the advocate for those who don't have an advocate in themselves. I mean, we don't have animals who can go up and say, this is not there. Please fix this, and I have always been an animal lover. I had chickens and ducks and snakes and dogs and cats my whole

00:14:51.400 --> 00:15:18.890 Claudia Cannam: um i'm also an only child. So that was like my, you know Oasis was with animals um, and so I wanted the town of Hemstead's help in tnring um All of these cats that were not adaptable. Supervisor Clayman told me no, and um. So we ended up the rescue, and I uh secured about ten thousand dollars in grants to be able to tn our all of them. We had to slip ninety-one cats from Hempstead.

00:15:18.900 --> 00:15:44.439 Tommy D: Two Dick's hills, fix them, recover them, and then select them all the way back to Hempstead, because Supervisor Clavin decided to just not want to help at all. Uh, let me let me interrupt you one because I got so wait a minute. Let me break it down for everybody, and not hearing what this young lady is telling us there is a center that could have taken care of this right near the Hofster campus. Okay, right there.

00:15:44.450 --> 00:15:47.170 Tommy D: It was not being utilized, and

00:15:47.180 --> 00:16:16.210 Tommy D: this young woman and this organization. Tender, loving cats. Right? That's who we're talking about had to, because it was in there. It It was just in their system. They had to get this done and raise ten thousand dollars in their own. When the county has a five and a half million dollars budget, we do personally, Claudia, you asked me before I might curse right now Because, Valerie, i'm hot. Now, here's the thing. This is ridiculous. Okay, so, Mr. Clay. But I'm, Tommy D. We should meet. But this is not a good situation. This doesn't work when we do silly things like this,

00:16:16.220 --> 00:16:19.040 Tommy D: and all all respect to everybody involved.

00:16:19.050 --> 00:16:48.830 Tommy D: The The politicians do work for us. So the fact that you had to go do this work. We love you for that right, Claudia. Of course we do, but it could have been easier, and maybe, instead of ninety-one cats, we could have hooked up more cats because it would have been. We didn't need to dough to do it, though meaning money gang. We didn't need that, and we could have done this right in Hempstead, so I i'm angry. I'm heated. I feel it in my system. This is all your fault again, Valerie hefront you, I I I said I probably won't Run for office valid, but maybe now I have to. We have to talk about something.

00:16:48.840 --> 00:17:18.640 Tommy D: No, I'm. Pissed off for greatness. Remember that. So I will say this because we do have to go to a break, but we want to hear the story when we come back, so I don't know why. But when you said i'm not afraid I don't. I don't know if it's Mick Collins checking in on Facebook. I don't know if it's just me and my hip hop background. But I'm not afraid to take a stand, Eminem not afraid. That's what hit me when you said i'm not afraid. I'm thinking of that should be like the anthem of what we're doing here. So we do have to take a quick break, because that's how the show works

00:17:18.650 --> 00:17:20.199 Tommy D: when we come back.

00:17:20.560 --> 00:17:22.489 Tommy D: I'm going to be more angry,

00:17:22.700 --> 00:17:28.149 Tommy D: and you continue to tell us the story. Your pals, Tommy Bow and Claudia will be right back.

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00:19:38.530 --> 00:19:49.159 Tommy D: We're not afraid here in the professional's animal of it. Show. Claudia is not afraid. Claudia is standing up.

00:19:49.260 --> 00:20:16.819 Tommy D: Thank you, Claudia, for being here. Thank you for everything you've done so far he took those ninety-one animals who needed help, Really, you know. So they weren't out pro creating more and creating more of a challenge and more of a a challenge for the society of human beings. We really challenge for the cats as well. So you you go to the meetings, you you do the work, and and you you stand before the Community boards. And can you tell us about that experience? I mean you are You're a trailblazer. You're changing the world.

00:20:16.830 --> 00:20:31.480 Tommy D: Your probably look. The problem with the compassion awards is, we want to give out like one hundred and fifty compassion awards every year for the people who do this great work that you're doing. You're inspiring other people. I want to know about that meeting, you know. Tell us more about when you when you went down, and how how they received you.

00:20:31.490 --> 00:20:45.650 Claudia Cannam: Well, my first meeting I went into it with an open mind. I wanted to take everybody's, you know um experiences with a grain of salt, because we all have our own experiences interacting with people. And

00:20:45.660 --> 00:20:58.890 Claudia Cannam: i'd like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You know, Supervisor Cleveland had not had a great track history up to that point with animal advocates, But I am a different person. I interact differently, and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt to

00:20:58.900 --> 00:21:05.930 Claudia Cannam: kind of rehabilitate his overall image of not really being an animal advocate. Um, and he

00:21:05.940 --> 00:21:35.899 Claudia Cannam: disappointed me in continuing along with the path of just not wanting to help animals. So my first meeting I went in, just wanting to be open minded. Um! I knew the points that I felt were important to make, and I needed to advocate on behalf of the animals, and how it would benefit the town to do a project like this to do a project like, you know, fixing all of the cats at Hoster, because everyone who left the project untouched to left These cats there are responsible for the procreation responsible for the cats that I've had to put

00:21:35.910 --> 00:22:02.190 Claudia Cannam: down. Um. They're responsible for everything up to that point in time. Um. So after the first meeting, Supervisor Clavin wanted to have a phone call which Um, I first thought was a great idea, because it's like, Okay, Great, Let's let's figure out how to work together. And instead, this phone call is an an attempt to shut me down, just not publicly. Um. So I ended up that. Oh, we spoke after that phone call. Yeah, I I called Valerie and Tears.

00:22:02.460 --> 00:22:12.300 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, I I I remember that so vividly because you know with any new effort I always welcome new efforts, and

00:22:12.310 --> 00:22:31.460 Valerie Heffron: you know I know the hope that there, when you first get started, and everything you know, you send yourself. Look, i'm a reasonable person. I can make this a win win for everyone, you know. And why? What did we do this? And then you know it's soul crushing when you find out that

00:22:31.470 --> 00:22:49.589 Valerie Heffron: maybe we were a little bit naive. But the truth is that they're not so willing to just do the no brainer things sometimes, and it is so frustrating. It's heartbreaking, because you know the suffering that's going to take place, and it just makes no sense. So I remember we we had a a big heart to heart,

00:22:49.600 --> 00:22:54.180 Valerie Heffron: and I but my favorite part of that is that to give up?

00:22:54.320 --> 00:22:56.100 Valerie Heffron: Yeah,

00:22:56.370 --> 00:23:26.349 Tommy D: well, it's resilience right? Because, first of all, I wanted to to underscore this. I want you to continue the resilience pieces you could have given up, because plenty of people do, and you also give it up. See the thing that gets me? I want to go back to that little kitten walks up to you on your first day of law school, because plenty of people, and and maybe it's your upbringing, your background, the fact that you've connected with animals growing up and whatnot. But you saw an opportunity there with somebody else who just saw a kitten there. You saw something like, Well, I should again. You're gonna probably make an incredible attorney, and incredibly

00:23:26.360 --> 00:23:56.350 Tommy D: of your curiosity. What i'm getting from this conversation, your interest, right, and digging into this, so as a result of seeing that kitten you weren't like. Oh, there's a queue, kit, and maybe whatever. No, you were like. Well, what's the story here and that, and to the resilience and I. What I also want to point is your diplomacy, because you went in there with an open mind and not saying, Hey, look! This guy's got a bad track record. He doesn't help us out. He doesn't help the animals out. I I know i'm in for a confrontation. No, you went in there as a professional, as a mature person, and said, You know what.

00:23:56.360 --> 00:24:04.539 Tommy D: But let me try and see this a different way. It didn't work out that way, but it could have right who knows? It could have. So please continue.

00:24:04.550 --> 00:24:34.540 Claudia Cannam: Well, there there was a story behind that. That little Kitty that first approached me. Um. I ended up naming him. Harvey um. Harvey was actually dumped on campus during Covid summer because his owner died of Covid or family no longer wanted him and um Hofstra's public safety. Just let this happen and listen to the family story about Harvey. Um. And after hearing Harvey's story, I actually educated the public safety officers just on New York State, our agriculture and market laws about abandoning it,

00:24:34.550 --> 00:24:44.489 Claudia Cannam: animal, and how it is illegal, and in the future, if they see it. They need to like. Let me know right away, because i'm happy to advocate for um and

00:24:44.500 --> 00:25:07.280 Claudia Cannam: a prosecution of some sort. Does anybody say like let you know, like your student, Why, Don't, you just go to class? They actually call me the law student at at Austria, on the underground side of campus. That's how like all of the administrators refer to me. They call me the law student, and I think because I am a law student they take. So I have to say a little. Yeah, a little more seriously. Uh, you know,

00:25:07.730 --> 00:25:37.660 Claudia Cannam: when I was on when I was younger and into my undergrad um, I was also into a lot of advocacy, and and it was just a different time in my life. Um! And a lot of people didn't really take me seriously. So this project was like the first time, where not only did I take myself seriously, but everyone else around me took me seriously. Um. So in between classes. I would work with the theaters. We would work on tracking cats. Um! All of the ten to eleven cap volunteers teamed up for this um, and in addition to the ninety-one that we t and our we adopted it

00:25:37.670 --> 00:25:47.100 Claudia Cannam: about forty to fifty cats and kittens that first year, just from campus alone and top, and on top of that I know. Go ahead.

00:25:47.110 --> 00:26:09.750 Claudia Cannam: Um: yeah. We actually had a group of students. Um, A couple of fraternities involved. Um, when President Rabinowitz was still in charge of the campus, he actually was very um encouraging of the Campus Cat initiative. That's what we ended up calling our program. Um, even with Supervisor Clayton's um whispers in his ear. He was still supportive of this um initiative, and wanted to kind of see it

00:26:09.760 --> 00:26:39.660 Claudia Cannam: through which I very much appreciated um with our current president. Um, she has not answered any of my emails regarding the cats, And now there's seems to be some sort of a communication behind the scenes about asking the town of instead to remove the cats from campus, which is impossible, and it's it's whole other thing. Um. But President Rabino. It was very encouraging of my efforts, and I think he appreciated the fact that it benefits Hobster in the long run. And Um, the founder of Hostra. Everyone calls for Mrs. Hofstra,

00:26:39.670 --> 00:27:09.090 Claudia Cannam: she supposedly wrote in her will, and I say supposedly because no one's actually seen this uh that the cats are to be on campus, you know, and maintain by the campus. Um. But not only that if they were going to remove these cats, where would they put them, they would probably go in in a shelter or euthanize them, or ship them off elsewhere. Let me just if I could get to the stage a little bit, too, because for those of you who don't know Long Island who don't know the Garden City Union Dale Area, Hempstead Area, where Hobster University sits.

00:27:09.100 --> 00:27:38.729 Tommy D: How straight it it's Correct me if i'm wrong, but it from what I can tell it's in the middle of a residential area. This is not a campus separated, and like big walls that would keep. This is a community. I mean you're, you know, up and down. Have to turn bike right? I mean, it's right in the community. So round the ball those cats where they end up on the in somebody's backyard they're still going to come back on campus. Right? Yeah. Um. Cats are free roaming animals. Um, the way that New York State treats them. They're protected under the law as companion animals, so they're afforded the same rights and

00:27:38.740 --> 00:28:08.590 Claudia Cannam: um treatment as dogs. Um to a degree they are free roaming animals in the sense that if you call animal control and you say, Hey, I have a cat, my backyard. Nobody's going to come. They're not going to pick the cat up. They're just allowed to do their thing. Um! That's not the case in other States, but those are also states that have kill shelters and have a high rate of euthanasia. It's, you know it. It is what it is. But um part of the reason why it's a problem in New York is because now there's nobody really responsible for these free roaming animals.

00:28:08.610 --> 00:28:26.340 Valerie Heffron: Nobody quote owns them, but at the same time everybody owns them. Um, hold on, let me just go back. For one second You were talking about the Ag and Markets law referring to abandonment, which is spectacular that you know that. So how did you? Yeah.

00:28:26.350 --> 00:28:40.479 Valerie Heffron: So how did you? I mean what prompted you? Did you just one day say, Hey, I want to read up on all these laws, and and you read all of the animal related laws on active markets, or you know how How did you even know to look there?

00:28:40.540 --> 00:29:09.970 Claudia Cannam: So my mom's actually an attorney? Um! She went to toro and practice corporate law for most career. She is also, like my number one supporters. So anything anything I get myself into. Diane is right there supporting me. My Dad also is as well supportive. He's not a lawyer, but um. He is a big animal lover, so I I like to think that he inspired just my overall love of animals, I mean, I would I when I would find like a squirrel inside the road, and i'd say, Dad, can we take it home, he'd say, Yeah.

00:29:09.980 --> 00:29:27.940 Claudia Cannam: So you know the two of them, you know they made me what I am. But um, so my mom always taught me that you need to have all of the information before going into something. So before even going into, you know my first um municipality meeting, I wanted to know

00:29:27.950 --> 00:29:47.209 Claudia Cannam: everything I could know. I wanted to make sure I had. All my base is covered, and I think the law is a beautiful thing in the sense that it's written in a way where we can really make it work for almost every situation that we need it to um. So doing, the research for the cats really started with Simple, What are New York State laws on cats? And then we kind of have to

00:29:47.220 --> 00:30:11.090 Claudia Cannam: work through all the big paragraphs to find exactly what it is you're looking for. Um! It's definitely harder for what we refer to as lay people people who are not trained to read laws to understand what they mean. So that's what our jobs are. But for myself, it was really fun being able to apply what i'm learning in school actively to these kind of projects. Um! So that research

00:30:11.100 --> 00:30:26.430 Valerie Heffron: kind of gave me more um an ammunition innocence uh. But so it's great advice that your mom uh provided you and yes, I know we have to go to a break before before I forget

00:30:26.440 --> 00:30:33.760 Valerie Heffron: when we come back from break um. I want to address something that you also said in your video. One of my favorite things that you said

00:30:33.820 --> 00:31:03.810 Tommy D: is that you don't have to be a resident of this town to go and advocate for the animals, and then let's get into that. When we come back we will. But before we go to break, because I usually take a minute to get us to break. Anyway, there's a couple of things I got to shout out. I just shared the uh event right for the compassion awards. It's on Facebook. Now, if you haven't bought your ticket, hurry up and buy your ticket. You can use the code, Tommy D. Or the cold Jovi's mom, because we're having a little friendly competition. You are pals, Tommy and Val competition. So it's either Joby's Mom or Tommy,

00:31:03.820 --> 00:31:20.539 Tommy D: and you get a discount for the event, which is Tuesday at the refuge here on Long Island. Three animal advocates. We'll tell you about it when we come back. But I also, when we go to break. I'm going to share the website for tender, loving cats, Claudia, is there anybody you want to shout out real quick over there, and then maybe you could tell us more about them

00:31:20.550 --> 00:31:39.130 Claudia Cannam: from the organization real quick

00:31:39.430 --> 00:31:41.190 Tommy D: out of breath. We'll be right back.

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00:33:29.850 --> 00:33:30.710 You

00:33:34.460 --> 00:33:35.590 you,

00:33:40.630 --> 00:34:04.090 Tommy D: and we are back, and I'm still sharing. So if you're on Facebook, you're seeing i'm sorry i'm going so fast. Everybody tender, loving cash org is the website. Why, don't you tell us a little bit? You, said Rebecca. Out there, shout out what's going on with Tlc. And then um! And I love that I love acronyms. We know that right, Val. We love it almost, you know, like I love alliteration. But acronyms are great too. Alright, So um

00:34:04.100 --> 00:34:16.190 Tommy D: I know Valerie had something she set you up for right before break. But um tell us about Yeah, I know. And then I just took um. We'll do that just do that?

00:34:16.199 --> 00:34:36.629 Claudia Cannam: So Tlc. Is a five hundred and one, C three, not for a profit. Um, whose primary goal is to reduce the feral cat population through humane methods, such as Tnr: we um focus mostly on T. Andr: even though we do actually handle a lot of adoptions and uh cats and kittens. Um! We

00:34:36.639 --> 00:34:59.879 Claudia Cannam: work with almost every reputable rescue that there is on Long Island, and we actually do have a link on our our website of other people rescues um. We handle situations like the hashtra caps to porting situations with over, you know, one hundred cats and kittens um, and we work with other rescues to place them. And tnr um. We also started a new program

00:34:59.890 --> 00:35:17.910 Claudia Cannam: on adoptable cats that we are now calling um our barn cat placement. So um cats are really great way to have a chemical free pest. Reduce a reduction in your barns or warehouses. Um as you can see on the screen. It's Um! We've really given a lot of thought to it. Um! And I

00:35:17.960 --> 00:35:35.989 Claudia Cannam: we'll be the first to tell you it's one of the best things ever um I've been begging my neighborhood feral cat to come live in my backyard for the last month. Now, because I have um an overwhelming cricket population which a lot of deer Park has been. Uh: Yeah. So yeah, my,

00:35:36.000 --> 00:36:05.949 Claudia Cannam: yeah, they get. They get rats. They get crickets. They get all of the pests. Um. So I actually saw him in my guard yesterday, and um, Gregory, my my thorough cat! So he was Gregory. Yes, I named him that yesterday man. I missed that on the naming process, the first thing that comes to mind I am. I'm notorious for my names um my my most recent litter of kittens that I name. They're not my foster kittens. They are being fostered by somebody else. But I name them all after fostered but

00:36:05.960 --> 00:36:27.389 Claudia Cannam: foster um office supplies, so we had post it. Stapler tape, um. We have clipboard and paper. Clip um, and that is your clip. Um! And then I actually just recently adopted one of my foster kittens. Um! His name is Stone right now, but when he was my foster kitten his name was Spatula.

00:36:27.400 --> 00:36:29.840 Tommy D: They were.

00:36:29.850 --> 00:36:56.059 Valerie Heffron: You got two things going on here that are really close to my heart. One is Staples is my favorite store and and cooking. I love cooking. So. Who's like cooking utensils? I'd be like all over I i'd be like whisk or whiskey we had a way. I think the thing is about. You can ask that question before the break again. And second, because I want to say this, I think the problem or the challenge is, you're running out of things to name these cats because it's so freakin many of them. Okay, Listen up,

00:36:56.170 --> 00:37:06.990 Tommy D: gang. Listen up. Natural county town of Hempstead. There's a lot of these cats We need to address the situation. See what I did, Val. It's like a call back. I'm put it right back all right. So go go Valley, please.

00:37:07.200 --> 00:37:09.310 Valerie Heffron: So two things.

00:37:09.420 --> 00:37:27.889 Valerie Heffron: One is in your video where you were. Um, you know, soliciting support. Uh. And by the way, I should mention that Claudia had a car full of uh cat lovers and animal lovers with her for that meeting uh the next meeting that she brought people down to

00:37:27.900 --> 00:37:50.349 Valerie Heffron: um. And let me tell you something else. The board took. Notice. Trust me, they were like Uh-oh there's more of them now. And uh, because the truth is, young people in general, it it's very rare. It's a rarity um that they're you know, signing in going to municipal board meetings and grabbing a microphone. It is the true it is beautiful.

00:37:50.370 --> 00:38:03.729 Valerie Heffron: We have to Clone. We have to call them Claudia. But anyway, one of my favorite things that you said in the video was, You do not have to be a resident of the town, Hempstead, to go to a town of Hempstead meeting and be a voice and an advocate for these animals and

00:38:03.970 --> 00:38:23.800 Valerie Heffron: she's, by the way one hundred percent accurate. I feel as if a lot of times people who are elected officials. They try to kind of Papu people who are not necessarily constituents within their districts when they're going to say something that maybe is not, you know, supportive of them.

00:38:23.970 --> 00:38:26.120 Valerie Heffron: Um! That said

00:38:26.150 --> 00:38:40.329 Valerie Heffron: open meetings law, one hundred states that you can be a resident of Timbuktu literally verbatim. What it says on opens meetings a lot. It It uses Timbuktu as an example it says that

00:38:40.340 --> 00:38:47.030 Valerie Heffron: as long as what you're talking about is germane to the topic, it doesn't matter where you live.

00:38:47.040 --> 00:39:11.970 Valerie Heffron: So I want to know a again. How did you know that were you researching open meetings, Law and and B. Let's get the word out there really, for that bullet point, because a lot of people get intimidated. They're like Oh, I I don't I don't live in Nasa County. I live in Suffolk, but you might be suffering the consequences of negative decision making from Nasa County. Right? So how did you know about that, Claudia?

00:39:11.980 --> 00:39:31.189 Claudia Cannam: Um, i'm gonna say it was one of those things that kind of I just have always known, being that a child of a of a lawyer, you know she, my mom's always been the type of person to educate me really early on on. You know what we're allowed to do like what you know is a first amendment, right? What you can do in the legal context of political officials and

00:39:31.200 --> 00:39:44.970 Claudia Cannam: all that fun stuff. So um it wasn't necessarily something I I needed to look up um for me. It. I was in a very special position that my mom raised me with. You know this kind of knowledge. Um. So

00:39:44.980 --> 00:40:13.579 Claudia Cannam: being able to encourage other people to to kind of stand up and and go to these meetings. Um made me feel good, because you know. Now i'm passing along this information. Um, the way I like to look at it is, you know we we're all affected by the decisions. Each municipality makes each different. Township makes um When the town of Hempstead shut down their team. Our program. It was a triple, trickle effect. Every cat that was pro-creating was still procreating and then moving their way out

00:40:13.590 --> 00:40:18.579 Claudia Cannam: further on to the island. Um, and in addition to to that,

00:40:19.080 --> 00:40:24.089 Claudia Cannam: the um governor at the time, Andrew Cuomo um, he

00:40:24.490 --> 00:40:31.860 Claudia Cannam: announced that it was considered essential to T. And our companion animals in march two thousand and twenty. So not only was it

00:40:32.000 --> 00:40:37.409 Claudia Cannam: a known thing and other areas for doing this, but the largest t in our program

00:40:37.420 --> 00:41:07.350 Claudia Cannam: on Long Island a program that before Covid I spoke so highly about because it was free. They recovered the animals. Anybody who lived in the town of Hempstead Um could bring an animal there. There was no limits like it was one of the leading Tnr programs, and it had so much potential um, and with it shutting down. Not only did we have all these cats explode all over Long Island, but we also had sixty-three bird species, go extinct in two thousand and twenty um coyotes are now moving in

00:41:07.360 --> 00:41:33.119 Claudia Cannam: from uh Canada to feed on the thorough cat population, because there are so many of them. Um in Deer Park alone. I finally saw a baby, Bunny for the first time in six years. I've lived in Deer Park for six years, and this is the first year I finally saw Baby Buddy Um. And there are other areas where the rodent population, and by road, and I mean squirrels, um, mice, natural mice, goals, All of these great little creatures.

00:41:33.130 --> 00:41:48.560 Claudia Cannam: We're being killed off because of the feral cat population. And then there's also the argument of Well, if you don't feed them, they'll go away. Well, if you don't feed them well, what do you think they're going to eat, or birds, or bunnies or squirrels? Um, all of these the little creatures who were here. In the first place,

00:41:48.570 --> 00:42:17.700 Tommy D: I I look. I was gonna say something before. First of all, what you have so much information. This is I told you, you know you'll have to come back once every six weeks, because it's so much like. Shout out to I got it. Say, your dad letting you bring the squirrel home. I need to talk to him because i'm trying to adopt a chipmunk, and I want to like that because I want to it. It can live outside. I want a feral. Shipmunk is really what I want. Like. It's outside, but every morning kind of come over on A Tibetan like, hey? Tell me how you doing it. My! Where's that?

00:42:17.710 --> 00:42:46.739 Tommy D: But I I want it. Sixty-three bird species The kyotes are coming out from Canada like who Val, who knew this? You know John D. Leonardo probably knew this right. You I don't know. If you know. John. Yeah, yeah, it makes sense that you're He helps me with everything that is not cat-related. I found a chicken on my street, and John was right there ready to help, so he's wonderful. You grow not to. Not that we need to like. Not that it's self serving because the whole compassion was not self serving, but John de Lenardo, if you main. Long Island is one of our Honorees

00:42:46.750 --> 00:43:03.700 Tommy D: on Tuesday night at the Refuge. Uh, how am I doing about like I sound like a sales guy. Um, but that's I I I so much information, and the bunnies, and it's well it's an eagle. This is what we try to communicate like.

00:43:03.710 --> 00:43:17.209 Valerie Heffron: We've said this so many times. I don't know if it's ever going to get through, but you don't have to be an animal lover to do the right thing for the animals which includes the people who care about them,

00:43:17.220 --> 00:43:33.579 Valerie Heffron: and it's just overall like, Of course, there's a domino effect. I remember when I was in Oregon, and a friend of mine from high school was the Ventnor on a on a vineyard, and she actually lived on a vineyard. She's all about nature and natural remedies, and nature has all the answers.

00:43:33.590 --> 00:43:45.820 Valerie Heffron: So we were walking through literally the vines of grapes, and she was explaining which ones and whatever, and we see, you know, like these um

00:43:46.150 --> 00:43:56.680 Valerie Heffron: for it to prey. She's like, Oh, yeah, um, that's our falconer, because we don't use pesticides. So i'm standing there. It took me a second, and i'm like,

00:43:56.720 --> 00:44:09.559 Valerie Heffron: So you need a fountain to watch the grapes, and i'm not up on this stuff, right? She's like. Yes, because other birds, like bluebirds, or whatever will take their

00:44:09.570 --> 00:44:38.360 Valerie Heffron: uh crops, and they'll eat them. But so they hire falconers, and all they have to do is hover, and no birds will eat their grapes. It's it, it's phenomenal information. But the point to your point is that of course, there's a domino effect you an explosion in the feral cat community and that animal they have to hunt for their food. Guess what they're eating. They're going to eat. You know the the turtle doves that hang out on your lawn. They're going to eat your little chip bump, friends. They're going to eat the mice and the other, you know

00:44:38.370 --> 00:44:55.240 Valerie Heffron: Vermin road, it's whatever. So we have to do something about this, not just for the sake of the feral cats, but for all of the other domino affected animals as well. Nobody wants coyotes coming down, because there's a lot of trial Cats

00:44:55.250 --> 00:45:13.259 Tommy D: no way. Wow! We're all connected. Huh! That's That's it's it's real. It's It's That's this true stuff that believe it, or It's one of your favorite times of the show we have to do. I just like taking a break, but I know you just like it more so. It's kind of entertaining when we have to do it.

00:45:13.270 --> 00:45:17.140 Valerie Heffron: I mean great

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00:47:09.410 --> 00:47:10.750 You

00:47:16.660 --> 00:47:20.830 Tommy D: what, hey? You did that I usually take it away.

00:47:21.530 --> 00:47:41.270 Valerie Heffron: I just had to do that to like mess you up because I know you. I totally can never be spontaneous. I don't know what to do. What do I? I guess i'm sorry. Yeah, uh one of the favorite thing. I wish we had the video. Um! I actually tried to find it before, but I didn't have enough time to scroll through the whole

00:47:41.280 --> 00:47:59.699 Valerie Heffron: like two hour board meeting. But, uh, we'll have to come back because there we have videos. You only hear her audibly, but you'll hear her speech at the microphones each time she went uh to the town of Hampshire board meetings to advocate for the animals, and it was fantastic.

00:47:59.710 --> 00:48:14.520 Valerie Heffron: One of my favorite thoughts, and I I don't know we haven't talked about this in a while, but we have touched on the possibility of maybe one day you running for office. Is that still a a seed

00:48:14.530 --> 00:48:30.210 Claudia Cannam: so um, I actually will uh the same year that our next governor election will be twenty-eight is the year. That I will also be turning thirty, and will be eligible to run for governor. Um

00:48:30.420 --> 00:48:31.390 Tommy D: wow!

00:48:31.400 --> 00:48:59.510 Claudia Cannam: Well, I don't know. You might have probably told a couple of other people if nobody if nobody. You! I heard it here first. Oh, yes, the the seed of running has not only been planted in my head, but has um very much grown, and it's something that I like the idea of. Um. I'll be able to kind of have my career um from now until then, and then be able to. Do you know, public service? I feel like having a law Degree is a superpower.

00:48:59.520 --> 00:49:05.729 Claudia Cannam: Um! And I should not just use that super power to benefit myself, but benefit everybody around me, and I feel like

00:49:05.740 --> 00:49:22.810 Claudia Cannam: I have the ability and the we'll have to make a difference for New York and um make a change for New Yorkers in general. Uh, you have no idea like how excited I am I I was just going to be so related if you just said, Yeah, i'm going to run problems one day. I'm not sure what offices,

00:49:22.820 --> 00:49:52.620 Valerie Heffron: whatever. You just blew. My mind blew my mind open. I feel like we're talking to the future Governor of New York State. This is unbelievable, and it's all because I brought her right. Now i'm only kidding. No, I know it. It is, I think your parents have done an incredible job, laying the fundamentals and and keeping you prized and encouraging you. And that is amazing. I love that so much.

00:49:52.660 --> 00:50:07.599 Valerie Heffron: That's what you're doing. I hear it in. Oh, my goodness! I'll do! Al. Go to trade stations with you. But I I really this is what it's all about. Right. We're trying to encourage people who are compassionate.

00:50:07.610 --> 00:50:20.239 Valerie Heffron: Um, not just to the animals, I think you know, if you're compassionate to the feral cats and and other animals. You certainly are going to be compassionate to people, and we want to encourage those people

00:50:20.250 --> 00:50:39.919 Valerie Heffron: to not only you know I mean, of course, running is is the the all end, all. But even just to advocate, to get involved, to use your voice. And, Claire, you've done a bang of job, of of getting other people involved. And oh, my goodness, I just adore you. How do we clone you? How

00:50:39.930 --> 00:51:09.880 Claudia Cannam: well thank you. That means a lot. Um, I I love encouraging people to be able to, you know, pursue their their avenues, and and be able to exercise their rights. Um, you know there's so many people who I've helped um register to vote because they didn't know how to register to vote um. Now there's Qr. Codes everywhere that people can scan, which is awesome. And a lot of campuses are having, you know, online or not online, but in person and online registration fares. Um, and I feel like It's the younger generation who really kind of need this push to um

00:51:09.890 --> 00:51:27.869 Claudia Cannam: to vote because they all have their opinions. Trust me, we? We are all very opinionated. It's just a matter of exercising it in the right way to be able to see our representatives, you know, follow through on our opinions. Um, you know there's a lot of young people who unfortunately, we're raised with this entitlement mindset of like

00:51:27.880 --> 00:51:41.580 Claudia Cannam: I don't have to do anything, and it's gonna get handed to me. Um! And those the minority of my generation are those children who were raised with this entitlement attitude. But the majority of us are people who are ready to, you know.

00:51:41.590 --> 00:51:59.380 Claudia Cannam: Do what we have to do to get what we want, instead of just waiting around for it to be handed to us. So I have a lot of fun meeting people um talking to them. Um! At a bunch of the uh town of Hempstead meetings I met a bunch of young people who were there to advocate for the different things that they wanted. I remember one um,

00:51:59.390 --> 00:52:19.240 Claudia Cannam: one person. He went up there to advocate for a stop sign on his street, and Supervisor Cleave and shut him down. Imagine going to your elected official and saying, This is why we need to stop sign for the safety of the kids in this neighborhood. There's been, um, you know, significant number of incidences that could have been avoided with this stop sign, Can we please have a stop sign? And being told No,

00:52:19.480 --> 00:52:28.469 Valerie Heffron: that it just I I can't imagine, because I've I've seen some mind blowing, you know, moments, and oh,

00:52:28.520 --> 00:52:45.610 Valerie Heffron: we have to do better, right. We have to at least get people to sit in these elected seats who will provide an open mind and respect to the people. Who are, you know, paying their salaries, I mean like it is what it is.

00:52:45.620 --> 00:52:54.190 Valerie Heffron: So it is something that. Um, i'm so glad I I I can't even thank you enough for not only coming on, but just everything that you've been doing,

00:52:54.200 --> 00:53:23.299 Valerie Heffron: and I know I'll see you again soon. Sorry I missed the last time, but i'll be I'll be up there for attendees uh starting Friday, and maybe we can uh grab some coffee. Well, hey, my birthday is actually next Friday, and we're doing something here at the house. You're more than welcome. Both of you are more than welcome to join and meet a bunch of cat lovers and family and the future Governor of New York. It's actually a campaign. Rally six, really what it is, you can make the donation check out too.

00:53:23.310 --> 00:53:53.239 Tommy D: Semantics, Claudia, you know. Birthday party campaign rally whatever I mean. Why, Why, wait? Why wait till I I do want to go to um to one of these. I've not been to these meetings that you you both are referring to, so I feel like it's necessary to do so. If people want to connect with you and really kind of follow what you're doing. But part of this movement Is it really through uh ten, eleven cats. Is it through? How do people contact you to become like? You know, part of your movement? I'm going to call it that because that's what I feel that it is.

00:53:53.300 --> 00:54:23.289 Claudia Cannam: Okay. So um, I am a big piece of tender, loving cats. Um. So ten to eleven cats a great way to kind of see projects that i'm a part of and involved in, um. People can also follow me along on social media Facebook. I'm constantly posting on um. If you don't want to hear about politics, I don't recommend following me on Facebook. Um! But if you want to keep up with like my cat related journeys. Um tik tok is my go to um i'm at Claudia account him on tik tok. We do weekly intake clinics um, and so I usually

00:54:23.300 --> 00:54:50.410 Claudia Cannam: host. Whoever we see at intake clinics on my tik tok um. I do silly videos with my cats, because they are little brats in their own way, and you know It's just a way to encourage people to click their cats nails. Um! And so those would be properly the two main places, Instagram, I would love to use more. I just law student, don't have the time. So how um i'm trying to just explain this on Facebook. But how many cats do you actually have right now?

00:54:50.420 --> 00:55:02.139 Claudia Cannam: So I myself, my my cats. I have three. Two of them are my own. One of them is my mom's um In the last two years I've had over sixty cats and kittens as my fosters.

00:55:02.150 --> 00:55:28.399 Claudia Cannam: Um, Yes, so that um that's been a lot. Um, I've seen a lot, and I've met a lot of babies and now doing intake clinics. I still meet a lot. So um yes, and i'm a full time law student um. In the month of September we had in we intake forty-three um kittens and two adults, and so that's kind of about the average So we take it, about fifty cats and kittens every month.

00:55:28.410 --> 00:55:29.410 Claudia Cannam: Um

00:55:29.420 --> 00:55:54.060 Valerie Heffron: average about the same in adoption. So I have a feeling We might have also encountered one of our future recipients for the compassion. I don't know I can't. I don't, especially when she's going to be running for Governor. She goes just so. You know everybody. I'm running for Governor, and I was a compassion awards winner. My dad's that'll probably we're probably helping you to be honest with you, Governor Kantam, to be honest. But there, look,

00:55:54.070 --> 00:56:21.460 Tommy D: connect with us. We have cool people that we hang out with where you know. Learn, educate, advocate no big deal, just change in the world. It's total commitment of non-violence. Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of a nation, and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated. We'll see you guys Tuesday night at the

00:56:21.470 --> 00:56:22.540 you,

00:56:22.620 --> 00:56:28.300 Governor.

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