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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/28 - Service Dogs to the Rescue!

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/28 - Service Dogs to the Rescue!


2022/09/28 - Service Dogs to the Rescue!

[New Episode] Service Dogs to the Rescue!

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy shares this mission of P.A.L.S. and how they strive to amplify the voice of the animals and bring professionals together. Valerie talks about the upcoming Compassion Awards that is happening on October 11th at 5:30 PM. You can find tickets at PALS/ Valerie and Tommy welcome back their guest Charli Sorrentino. She is a certified canine behaviorist and trainer. Charli works with service and therapy dogs on a basic to advanced level. Valerie asks Charli what is considered an emotional support animal. Charli defines a service dog as a canine who provides tasks that will help its owner. A Therapy dog is a trained canine who provides affection for its struggling owner.

Segment 2

Valerie asks Charli how people know canine certifications are legit. Tommy and Valerie ask about the qualification and steps to training a canine. Charli breaks down the steps to training your canine to be a service dog. As a trainer, you are allowed to ask the owner what their disability is. Charli explains that basic training is like any other training when you teach your basic dog commands. It gets more advanced because you have to teach your canine how to act in public spaces while also teaching them more commands. Charli says a helpful training to follow is A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen.

Segment 3

Valerie points out the importance of a specialist and how it can only benefit you and inform you more on this issue. She also argues that dog training should be in person rather than virtual. Charli says it is more helpful for training to be in person. Valerie informs her listeners that service dogs are not considered pets; they are considered working animals. Charli says some resources you can look up to find more information on training your dog to be a service dog at American Disability or Attorney General's office. Clients can get in touch with Charli at her website or on social media platforms.

Segment 4

This is an open position at the Hempstead Animal Shelter for an animal behavior consultant. Charli explains to Tommy and Val the different reinforcements that are given to dogs when they complete a task. She breaks down what is considered positive reinforcement and why you should refrain from physical enforcement. Charli asks Valerie how professionals can find more information on the listing, which you can find on the Hempstead website.


00:00:32.140 --> 00:00:44.389 Tommy D: This is your professionals and animal love show, and it's funny. I was talking to a friend of mine. I'm, Tommy D. That's Valerie, Charlie Santino back back in the hot seat. Charlie Sorntino, You're back on the panel show,

00:00:44.400 --> 00:01:01.120 Tommy D: you know. Look, I was telling somebody the other day I was on like a we think of zoom, Call it. It's like I'm gonna walk around the neighborhood while i'm on my cell phone kind of meeting, because I needed that, and the person I was talking to was like It's funny. You walk around the neighborhood. I was watching myself on a zoom screen the other day, and I was the only person that was not still.

00:01:01.130 --> 00:01:07.299 Tommy D: So this person was saying that they were moving because I just watched myself in the zoom box, and i'm moving the whole time dancing to our music.

00:01:07.310 --> 00:01:37.069 Tommy D: It's it to the music. We're back. We're back. It's been a week. We are back, and we gotta send uh, you know, a shout out that we're gonna Bonnie Clapper. She's going to be here. She got held up on something not going to be here today, said it. Goodbyes. We appreciate you. We will get you back on the show as soon as that's possible. Charlie Sorntino back topical conversation. But I pulled something up on a Humane Society website. We'll tell you about Pal, before we get into it. But service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy dogs. We're gonna talk about all that. Charlie is a certified canine

00:01:37.080 --> 00:01:41.190 Tommy D: therapist canine trainer, Can I? Professional? We'll talk about all that. But before we talk about the

00:01:41.200 --> 00:01:42.310 Valerie Heffron: I don't hear it.

00:01:42.320 --> 00:01:43.390 Tommy D: Behaviorist: Yeah,

00:01:43.400 --> 00:01:44.690 Valerie Heffron: that's a big deal.

00:01:44.700 --> 00:01:53.990 Tommy D: It's probably a joke I made on the last show, and it's probably a joke. I'll make right now. We could use somebody to improve the behavior of the people who live in this house. I don't know if that's what you do, Charles.

00:01:54.000 --> 00:02:07.549 Tommy D: Maybe somebody different. I mean we'll get into that. But I will. I will say this. I'll just read you something, and then i'm sure. Valerie would like to say some words as well. But we want to amplify the message that the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong.

00:02:07.750 --> 00:02:22.450 Tommy D: We want to create this community. We want business professionals and community professionals to get together. We are, We are in the process of doing it now. We want to. We're developing this community so that everyone wins,

00:02:22.520 --> 00:02:45.579 Tommy D: especially the animals, especially the animals, especially in the important two weeks out from the first. Ever compassion of what we found here we'll tell you about. But we do this by this show, which is now over a year old. We're creating such community, and just so many more things that come so many partnerships relationships. Now, why don't you talk about the upcoming compassion awards, or whatever else is on your mind before we get Charlie into the conversation,

00:02:45.850 --> 00:02:55.210 Valerie Heffron: so before I do. The compassion works. So one of the things that we always talk about we have a mission that requires learning,

00:02:55.220 --> 00:03:22.740 Valerie Heffron: educating, and advocating, and I just want to say we always have so much to learn, and it's because of people like you, Charlie, who are highly credential, qualified experts that i'm on the show and help us decipher. Ah, a lot of what is out there, because there's so much to know. There's so much to understand. So really say thank you for being here, and I can't wait to get into this topic. But ah! So

00:03:23.010 --> 00:03:37.790 Valerie Heffron: a brief description of the Compassion words first Annual. I know people sometimes don't like what you'll say that inaugural you say whatever you want. I'm calling it the first annual, because the goal was to make this an annual event

00:03:37.800 --> 00:04:01.109 Valerie Heffron: where we acknowledge and honor local people who are doing great things for animals, and we have three honorees as the first time out of the game. It was really hard to pick just three. It was actually part eight. It was so hard to just limit it to three that said, Our Honorees are John D. Leonardo of you in Long Island.

00:04:01.120 --> 00:04:21.219 Valerie Heffron: Ah, Renee Kraft, who is literally like a queen of T. And R. And um Regina Mendoza, who was our first guest, and with camp happytails, N. Yc: So um, you know, get your tickets. You can get them at Haldash Show dot com. It's gonna be phenomenal to see

00:04:21.230 --> 00:04:50.799 Tommy D: networking when you're networking amongst our animal lovers we have.

00:04:50.830 --> 00:05:10.090 Tommy D: I went there last night. My son and I went to kind of just take me to the police. Yeah, I've been to the Refuge. I had a uproad hollow in Melville uh Great Place going to be outside, I mean, I I mean. And it was so beautiful last night, too, Val. You know this was Tuesday night. It was like a brisk autumn night, and this is right on like This is perfect. This is hard.

00:05:10.100 --> 00:05:16.489 Tommy D: It's gonna be so great. We're super excited. If you haven't got your tickets, Pal, they have show Com. That's October over eleven,

00:05:16.500 --> 00:05:34.990 Tommy D: five, thirty to eight, thirty Pm. And you don't want to miss a gift bag your way. You want to be one of the first one hundred people to buy a ticket, because those are the ones that are going to have all of the bitty item in there. So okay, And then one last thing before we dive into the topic. Um, I just want to say, like we all have

00:05:35.000 --> 00:05:38.940 Valerie Heffron: the people we know in Florida. We all have friends, family,

00:05:38.950 --> 00:06:05.109 Valerie Heffron: you know people that we ah, we love, and ah, my cousin is there. I have several cousins there actually, and his children. Um, you know I I used to live in St. August, in Florida. Um! And a lot of neighbors. And you know we're we're really praying and thinking of you guys. And ah, hopefully. Everyone's going to stay safe. I hope you evacuated. If you were told to bring in your pets, obviously with you.

00:06:05.120 --> 00:06:10.040 Valerie Heffron: But, uh, I I i'm just setting out, you know. Best wishes.

00:06:10.170 --> 00:06:11.590 Valerie Heffron: Let's get through the storm

00:06:11.600 --> 00:06:13.589 Tommy D: right on kid vibes for short.

00:06:13.600 --> 00:06:14.290 Valerie Heffron: Okay,

00:06:14.300 --> 00:06:18.440 Tommy D: we're compassionate people, not just for animals. Val. We care about people, too. That's

00:06:18.450 --> 00:06:45.609 Tommy D: It's kind of our thing here. So so then, you know, you told me, Valerie, that that Charlie was coming on the show a short time ago. I I grab some information, I I said, from the American main society service, though I I mean four paragraphs of service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy dogs. There are some key differentiators, and and you know I know you have a lot of questions for Charlie. So um, Charlie, you want to just jump in and introduce yourself. And then Valerie can kind of take it away with some questions for you. How's that sound?

00:06:45.620 --> 00:07:14.830 Charli Sorrentino: Sure Sounds good. Okay, I'm Charlie Sorrentino. I'm a certified canine behaviorist, certified trainer. I do. Basics advanced. I do service dogs, therapy dogs. So this was perfect, you know, for me a a part of of this today, and I have to tell you. You know this subject also like just it. It pisses me off. I have to be honest, because what I see and what what I understand to be happening

00:07:14.840 --> 00:07:44.829 Valerie Heffron: is that you know there are a lot of places There's a lot of websites out there where you can go, and you within a couple of minutes of filling out a few questions. You can like generate some kind of a piece of paper. Ah! That that people are paying hundreds of dollars for, And they have this expectation that now they're gonna be able to go anywhere with their dog and Flights hotel, you know, living apartments forever, and oftentimes that is not the case. Not that

00:07:44.840 --> 00:08:13.229 Valerie Heffron: if you think about it right, common sense shouldn't, be that easy to declare your your pet of therapy on it? Um! And you know. And then there's a bunch of confusion which is there's service animal. There's I just saw for the first time today. I've never heard of it before a psychiatric service dog, and then there's therapy dogs, And so we really want to get into this, because there's another factor, too, which is, I. I just saw this post literally earlier today

00:08:13.240 --> 00:08:17.100 Valerie Heffron: from an animal advocate that the town of Hempstead,

00:08:17.110 --> 00:08:40.200 Valerie Heffron: the director of the town of Hamstead, has been releasing pit bulls back to breeders without neutering as the town's law dictates, and that they have been accepting fake certificates that don't apply to pitbulls anyway. But the point is that you know, if you're able to just spend five dollars

00:08:40.210 --> 00:08:52.790 Valerie Heffron: to retrieve an animal, and as declared, you know, in this piece of paper to be a service animal, I mean, this is a joke. This is actually very damaging to legitimate service and therapy animals.

00:08:52.800 --> 00:09:09.909 Tommy D: What happens about if somebody. So I want to understand what happens there. And Charlie and and Val please school me on this workers again learn to educate, advocate. But what? What? Um! So I get that certificate. What now? Privileges and rights do I have like? Why, why are you pissed off that I can that not me, if that's only

00:09:09.920 --> 00:09:33.899 Tommy D: could so easily attain that, or obtain that that, like. Well, first of all, the reason why most people wanted is that they want their pets to be eligible for exception. Most of the time, I believe, is for travel, you know. They want to be able to take their dog to whatever hotel they want to say, and they want to be able to take their pet on a flight and not have to check it in a carbo, um and or housing.

00:09:33.910 --> 00:09:53.430 Valerie Heffron: But in this case, when you're talking about shelter animals being retrieved unaltered, meaning, they're not fixed. That is terrible because we have a major overpopulation problem with pitbulls. Every shelter in the country is lined with unwanted pistols, and it's sick

00:09:53.440 --> 00:09:57.800 Valerie Heffron: so to know that someone's breeding them,

00:09:58.010 --> 00:10:17.880 Valerie Heffron: and then they're able to retrieve their dough without them having them fade or neutered. It actually goes against town code. It's actually against their own lawn. So now these certificates are being used for that purpose. I mean, it's horrible. Anyway, I want to get so, Charlie. Maybe we can start off with just a basic right like.

00:10:17.890 --> 00:10:28.980 Valerie Heffron: So what is an emotional service animal which I believe is the lowest barrier to entry? Right? Ah, sorry support emotional support animal. What is that

00:10:30.300 --> 00:10:34.869 Charli Sorrentino: right? Actually, it's just a term.

00:10:35.110 --> 00:10:50.869 Charli Sorrentino: So we have people who have physical disabilities, but we also have people that have mental and emotional disabilities. So those dogs may not necessarily have to perform a physical task,

00:10:50.880 --> 00:11:07.449 Charli Sorrentino: but they benefit the handler in one way or another, most of the time just being. If the people can hold the dog that's good for them. Other people that I've worked with dogs can detect if an anxiety attack

00:11:07.460 --> 00:11:19.610 Charli Sorrentino: is coming on, so psychiatric emotional support. It really is all the same thing. It falls under the the non-physical Tasks

00:11:19.730 --> 00:11:23.289 Charli Sorrentino: Sometimes people do require that they may require

00:11:23.500 --> 00:11:35.180 Charli Sorrentino: the dog to tap on their leg to let them know, and if that is something that they they need, well, then, we have to hone those skills. Most dogs would do that anyway,

00:11:35.190 --> 00:11:58.140 Charli Sorrentino: and we just kind of develop it. So to me a service dog is a service dog. It's a dog who provides some type of um um task, or it's something just that will help that person. Now, if you're talking, you know people that are site or he, or hearing impaired. Now you're talking a lot more extensive

00:11:58.150 --> 00:11:59.960 training because these dogs

00:12:00.050 --> 00:12:15.690 Charli Sorrentino: they have to be offered. If you have, you know somebody with anxiety that is not sight or hearing impaired. Well, they're not. The dog is not going to have to do the same things. But to me

00:12:15.700 --> 00:12:35.339 Charli Sorrentino: nervous dog is a service dog, no matter what they're doing as long as it benefits and eggs. The handler. Now, a therapy dog is completely different if people confuse them quite often a therapy dog is a dog that is trained, and they go into

00:12:35.350 --> 00:12:43.769 Charli Sorrentino: either a assisted living places, nursing homes, schools, hospitals. They just provide

00:12:43.780 --> 00:12:58.510 Charli Sorrentino: what people love so much about dogs, you know, to be able to pet them or kiss them, or give them a treat, or they lay on the bed with them, or sit with the kid who's concerned about reading out loud. So they all

00:12:58.520 --> 00:13:23.810 Charli Sorrentino: very, very different things. The training is not all that different until you get to physical tasks like. Does a dog need to open the door or switch a light switch on or bark? Because the phone is ringing. Um! Why, the basics of it are really all this thing. I guess you know.

00:13:23.820 --> 00:13:27.010 Valerie Heffron: What aggravates me is that

00:13:27.420 --> 00:13:53.469 Valerie Heffron: if you Google, let's say, Ah, emotional support or or animal, you're going to get these ads. I just did it before, and they're gonna pop up, and his kicks is, you know, one hundred and seventy nine dollars, two hundred bucks forever, and they talk about how you know in just minutes you can qualify. And you know they're gonna get you like a vest, or like a badge or something like that.

00:13:53.540 --> 00:14:05.089 Valerie Heffron: And people are buying this stuff, thinking that this is now going to open up all these doors for an emotional support animal. But the truth is that

00:14:05.220 --> 00:14:17.989 Valerie Heffron: a lot of places don't honor that, and you're not going to get in, you know. So it's really. It's a little bit unnerving. It feels like somewhat of a big, you know. Money Grab

00:14:18.000 --> 00:14:18.880 Tommy D: there,

00:14:20.230 --> 00:14:36.690 Tommy D: and that's exactly what it is. You know. I get phone calls. I've had people say, i'll give you two thousand dollars if you write up a certification, and i'm like No, I can't do it. I I have a reputation plus I have the conscience.

00:14:36.700 --> 00:14:38.790 Charli Sorrentino: Yeah,

00:14:38.800 --> 00:14:56.790 Charli Sorrentino: totally are ethical, because there are so many people that truly do require. You know, the of a service dog, and you know I get it. I wouldn't want to put my dog, you know, in cargo on a plane to travel. I get it, but that's what this is about.

00:14:56.800 --> 00:15:14.550 Tommy D: Yeah, Let's let's pause for a second. You know What if you don't, and not you, Charlie? But listen, folks, if you don't want to put your dog in a cargo. Why don't you drive? And then you have to leave. Yeah, that's because I know my friend Val and I know the miles that can put on these cars, so Joe B. Is all good in the car, and

00:15:14.560 --> 00:15:36.210 Tommy D: he he's part of the family. But we we gotta leave it there. We're gonna take a quick break, but when we come back I know we have a lot of the questions about this, but I I want to go into a little bit about, so somebody comes to you, and it says i'll, i'll pay you to do this thing. Just write it up. Well, obviously you're not going to do that. But so what is the I? When we come back we'll do this. What is this service? What is the training? Because you know, I almost feel like that, seeing

00:15:36.220 --> 00:15:55.989 Tommy D: from from Tommy. Boy. You know you want to, you know you want to guarantee I can give you a guarantee. We will not do the whole scene right now.

00:15:56.000 --> 00:16:10.020 Tommy D: Yeah. So all right, so we'll be back when we come back. I want to know what it is, Charlie. So if I say I, I need my dog certified like what? All of all that happens? This is the professionals an animal loathers show.

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00:18:23.330 --> 00:18:25.490 Tommy D: Hello, everyone. We're back.

00:18:25.500 --> 00:18:39.560 Tommy D: It's great, I you know. I remember saying in the beginning episodes I was like, Yeah, man, it's kind of zen it makes me chill out. But no, it's got some pop. It's got some.

00:18:39.570 --> 00:18:53.789 Valerie Heffron: So we're back with Charlie Sarrentino, and one of the things that we're talking about is like when she trains a dog to become a therapy dog. And, Charlie, if you could, after you go into that

00:18:53.800 --> 00:19:04.690 Valerie Heffron: Um, I would also like to understand um if someone is presenting a certificate, whatever it is like. How do people check?

00:19:04.700 --> 00:19:08.879 Valerie Heffron: You know what I mean like? How How do people know? Is this legit or Not

00:19:09.360 --> 00:19:15.660 Valerie Heffron: so. Let's start with the training, though. So if let's say I have a dog, I go out, and I adopt

00:19:15.670 --> 00:19:41.290 Tommy D: beautiful a pitfall one or two years old without a love to do.

00:19:41.300 --> 00:19:48.689 Tommy D: Yeah, no, no, no, that I listen. I was a big spudge, Mckenzie Fan, back in the day. That was Those are pit bulls right. I told you I dressed up with spokes, Mackenzie, when I was like twelve,

00:19:48.700 --> 00:19:55.509 Tommy D: so so so that's a hint, so that would be you and two dogs, and half driving around the country from that one

00:19:56.150 --> 00:19:58.390 Valerie Heffron: hopefully more. But that's another story.

00:19:58.400 --> 00:19:59.890 Valerie Heffron: So um

00:19:59.900 --> 00:20:15.350 Valerie Heffron: yeah. So anyway, if I wanted my dog to get training to become a therapy animal. What does that look like? How long does it be? How much is it cause? Does every dog pass or not really like. Let's give it to that.

00:20:15.730 --> 00:20:20.090 Charli Sorrentino: Well, first of all, Tommy Spuds, I think, was a bull terrier,

00:20:20.100 --> 00:20:25.949 Tommy D: you know. People say that's crazy, because Charlie my whole life. I thought he was a pitbull,

00:20:26.190 --> 00:20:55.559 Tommy D: but that was the same era I feel when a lot of these dogs are getting that bad reputation because of stupid things. That happened, because, you know, always one hundred percent of the time.

00:20:55.570 --> 00:20:56.420 That's all

00:20:56.430 --> 00:20:57.790 Tommy D: all right. So he's a bull terrier.

00:20:57.800 --> 00:20:58.700 Tommy D: Yes,

00:20:59.280 --> 00:21:04.999 Charli Sorrentino: okay. So, Valerie, back to you. Are you talking a therapy dog, or you're talking service dog

00:21:06.560 --> 00:21:23.059 Charli Sorrentino: either? Let's say I, I say, Charlie, I want to be able to bring my dog onto the plane with me to into whatever hotel I want. I want my dog to be trained to become a service dog. It'll be like that.

00:21:23.680 --> 00:21:46.630 Charli Sorrentino: So so the first thing I do is, ask the people um, and I do have the right to ask this: What is your disability? So let's say, somebody says, Um, I have mobility issues, Okay, with mobility issues. And then they'll tell me. And then I say, I require a note from their doctor.

00:21:46.740 --> 00:21:48.040 Charli Sorrentino: I want it

00:21:48.130 --> 00:22:16.619 Charli Sorrentino: that you know there's another professional out there that's saying Yes, this person is, and I will call them and have a conversation. And because i'm serious about this, this should not be willly nilly as it is now, this is something very important. So then they would come in. I would evaluate the dog. See what they know, because you have to start with the basics. Sit, stay down, come, you know, walk nicely on reach

00:22:16.630 --> 00:22:35.669 Charli Sorrentino: that you need. The next step is a little bit more advanced. Leave it, drop it going in and out of stores, restaurants. A good training thing to follow is the Aac canine, good citizen,

00:22:35.680 --> 00:22:50.309 Charli Sorrentino: where they and again it's just a little bit more advanced. But i'm a an instructor and a certified testing evaluator for the Akc canine. Good citizen

00:22:50.320 --> 00:22:50.990 pay nine goods.

00:22:51.000 --> 00:22:54.690 Tommy D: I'm: going to share it to. I found it. We'll share some of that information out. Okay,

00:22:54.700 --> 00:22:55.990 Charli Sorrentino: Yeah, right.

00:22:56.000 --> 00:23:10.390 Charli Sorrentino: They have. They have specific um training what they they want done in order for these dogs to pass the test. Now, if it's somebody with an an emotional or a mental

00:23:10.400 --> 00:23:30.239 Charli Sorrentino: disability. I need to know if they are on medication. I need to know, have any violent tendencies, because we don't want to put these dogs in a situation somebody may lash out, and now they're harming. So So there's a lot that really goes into this. It's not just,

00:23:30.250 --> 00:23:36.059 Charli Sorrentino: you know. I want to take, you know, Fluffy into the restaurant

00:23:36.140 --> 00:23:50.659 Charli Sorrentino: a lot more that goes on. I mean, I do get a lot of little dogs, and they tend more of the emotional aspect, because people can hold them

00:23:50.690 --> 00:24:08.539 Charli Sorrentino: right. So that is um. Then there's special training. So let's say someone doesn't have the ability to flip a light switch on and off we have to teach the dogs how to do that. Um! Open a door. I've had this open drawers,

00:24:08.550 --> 00:24:23.970 Charli Sorrentino: So that's where you really get into the you know the meat and potatoes of that type of training. More people now, I think, are a lot more. People, unfortunately, are experiencing emotional

00:24:24.370 --> 00:24:40.229 Charli Sorrentino: distress, anxiety, Ptsd. Or at least we're becoming aware that these and all the safety disability, but for lack of a better work, anybody with these type of disabilities. This is a real thing.

00:24:40.240 --> 00:24:54.889 Charli Sorrentino: Yeah, it's, you know. Oh, i'm getting nervous because I have to take a test. These are people that physically become. You know they shake, and they can't concentrate. So these dogs are are absolutely beneficial

00:24:54.900 --> 00:24:56.129 Charli Sorrentino: that you know you

00:24:56.190 --> 00:25:13.610 Charli Sorrentino: One of the things that blew my mind was Ah! So again, you know. I'm seeing more and more of these dogs with like a bright red vest on and it But then get up close. It'll say, like you know, support, support, animal, or and I think you're going.

00:25:13.810 --> 00:25:26.039 Valerie Heffron: Let's look at the Ada right? The Ada website. So I pull that out. And what blew my mind is that it basically, says i'm paraphrasing clearly, but that there's no like

00:25:26.050 --> 00:25:41.960 Valerie Heffron: edge requirement. There's no best that is, you know, provided for a service animal. In fact, if you go to check into a hotel and you say my service dog, they are not allowed to ask you

00:25:42.110 --> 00:25:54.890 Tommy D: specific questions. They, I think they can ask you what task right? What task does this do? I like what's wrong with you? Right? Right?

00:25:54.900 --> 00:26:05.969 Tommy D: So i'm sitting here going. All these people are walking around with these fancy best with their dogs, and they've got badges, and it looks legit, and it's not.

00:26:05.980 --> 00:26:16.659 Tommy D: Yeah. I don't want to say that it's like that like out all those people. But maybe that's a little fughazi, like. Maybe I said it. I wasn't going to say it, but I said it. But maybe

00:26:17.160 --> 00:26:19.589 Tommy D: Tony Frasco here

00:26:19.600 --> 00:26:43.740 Tommy D: we We've got a little break in the sack, but I want to just um. This is how the show works. You knew it. You knew it. It's only like fifty two weeks in a row. We've done this all right, so so I do want to read, I but i'll drag out our our way to the commercial break. I'll drag it out like this. So I went to the Akc. Uh American Kennel Club, and I just share this on Facebook, too. But it says the Canine good citizen test items are

00:26:43.750 --> 00:27:02.219 Tommy D: these: are: I'm not going to read the numbers by one accepting a friendly stranger. Next one is sitting politely for petting appearance and grooming out for a walk, and it says parentheses walking on a loose leash, walking through a crowd, sit and down on cue and stay in place,

00:27:02.230 --> 00:27:26.820 Tommy D: coming one call reaction to another dog reaction to distraction supervised separation. This is not a game folks. There are professionals like our friend Charlie Sorntino, who has trained and knows what to do, all kidding aside. It's not just about getting a vest off of Amazon, and then you know no disrespect to the Amazon. But it's not just getting it Amazon Vest, and putting this on your dog. It's a

00:27:26.830 --> 00:27:29.890 Tommy D: I have a support dog. It doesn't work that way.

00:27:29.900 --> 00:27:46.579 Tommy D: We do three things on this show. We're going to learn where to educate, and we're going to advocate, and that's what we do for you, and that's what we do for the animals for the cartino. I'm so far up. Maybe I've too much caffeine in this body today. I need a break. We'll take a break. We'll be right back. P.

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00:29:45.850 --> 00:30:08.189 Tommy D: You know, Charlie, we're so happy to have you here, and I just shared the ten staff folks. You could look at them on the Akc website. I'll share it. I did share it on Facebook, but I I mean, like you know, knowing is one thing, Charlie. It's a matter of having a professional like you that's actually going to be work right. You can't like, just because I see that doesn't mean I'm going to be able to train my door.

00:30:08.200 --> 00:30:19.189 Tommy D: Yeah, I mean, let me let me bring this up, too, because I was talking to Charlie a little bit about this before before we went live. But you know I saw a website also earlier today.

00:30:19.200 --> 00:30:34.280 Valerie Heffron: That's talking about how you can. You can train your own dogs to become a psychiatric service Dogs away. Psd: and I'm. Sitting here going these modules that they're talking about. They're all online. And

00:30:34.290 --> 00:30:46.640 Valerie Heffron: I remember a long time ago, when I was in the world of networking, that a very well-qualified Pr professional was saying, You know he believes greatly in specialists,

00:30:46.650 --> 00:30:58.899 Valerie Heffron: and you know, if you think about it. If you're going to go to a doctor, you're not going to go to the podiatrist if you need brain surgery, and you're not going to go to the cardiologist, if you need,

00:30:58.910 --> 00:31:14.310 Valerie Heffron: you know, fill in the blank of any other doctor. I can't think one right now oncology whatever, but like there's specialists for a reason, and I believe so greatly that no training needs to happen in person. Am I wrong? I mean

00:31:14.320 --> 00:31:23.850 Charli Sorrentino: it's better, because then I mean, there are people that come to me that they have their dogs have basic obi.

00:31:23.860 --> 00:31:53.580 Charli Sorrentino: It is so. What I would do is evaluate the dog. See how how um! How much do they have? Are they close to ninety-five, ninety-seven percent. If they are then we can move on to more advanced. So one thing about people training at home, if it's your family, don't, and you just want a nice, friendly, well behaved family dog, sure as long as you're using positive reinforcement,

00:31:53.590 --> 00:32:05.429 Charli Sorrentino: and you know nothing negative. No choke prongs or shock colors. Yeah, you can. But in something like this it is better, you know, to come to a professional, even to see

00:32:05.440 --> 00:32:35.069 Charli Sorrentino: how how well trained the dog is. But again I go back to this all the time. This is serious business. These are in your average every day family dogs. These are dogs that when they're working they're working. When they're home they depending on whatever the situation is with their their handler. Um, then they can be

00:32:35.080 --> 00:32:45.169 Valerie Heffron: these. A service animal is not a pet. A server animal is considered to be a working,

00:32:45.180 --> 00:32:57.380 Valerie Heffron: so they have a job to do, and that is a very important distinction as well. And that's why it's so aggregated when i'm hearing that people remind me quick certificates

00:32:57.580 --> 00:33:15.290 Valerie Heffron: a woman who I met ah, recently. She's a She used to be a vet tech, and now she has like a pet care business. She made an an excellent post just, I think, two days ago, talking about this very topic, saying, Please stop doing this because what you're doing is you're actually delegitimizing

00:33:15.300 --> 00:33:31.290 Valerie Heffron: the actual therapy animals, because if there's no distinction, then it's going to hurt the people who really need these therapy animals as well as you know, potentially. There's other things in the wall

00:33:31.300 --> 00:33:47.330 Valerie Heffron: like. Can you imagine if someone's walking around with an animal that they bought a certificate for, or vest, or whatever, and that dog attacks someone else's dog, I mean, if there's no qualifications, it's just a recipe for disaster.

00:33:47.340 --> 00:34:15.850 Charli Sorrentino: Absolutely, absolutely, you know. And that's that's the one thing that. And I think this probably started because the airlines have cracked down so much. I actually got a call from a company that I think maybe it was jet blue that they have now have this company who checks on all of the service dogs. So this company I can't remember the name of it.

00:34:15.860 --> 00:34:40.949 Charli Sorrentino: Um! They called me. They wanted to know what my potentials were when the dog came in for training what I did for training, and what I gave to the people. Because there's no in the United States There's no actual legal certification for a service door. It's completion of service dog training. So it's a little,

00:34:40.960 --> 00:35:03.250 Tommy D: you know. It's a little bit different, like the word, as it sort of like at the end you check the box. There was an exam, or whatever it's. Really, the actual work is what is, is, proves that they're ready Right? It's the work involved. But we now with the Akc. And I always do the canine good, citizen. They have it where to get their certificate from them.

00:35:03.260 --> 00:35:32.540 Charli Sorrentino: There is all the boxes that I have to check off to say the dog passed number one number two all the way up to to Number Ten. So if we stay on track with that, and and the flip side of that is, if somebody walks into a restaurant, and they say they have a service dog, and that dog is, let's say, getting up from underneath. The table knocks into the waitress. I mean not that these dogs. They they're not robots. They're animals and sometimes things happen

00:35:32.560 --> 00:35:39.870 Charli Sorrentino: but a well-trained dog is kind of going to give you notice if they have to go out or

00:35:39.880 --> 00:35:53.670 Tommy D: or something is not okay. So if you have an untrained dog, these organizations, the restaurants, the airlines, the grocery stores. They have the right, the legal right to ask these people to leave.

00:35:53.680 --> 00:36:07.059 Tommy D: You know I would have made coming here because i'll tell you I've never been on a flight where I saw a service dog. So this is curious to me, like I've never experienced that. But I have sometimes

00:36:07.380 --> 00:36:21.640 Tommy D: like, been in a restaurant and stuff like that. And again, I i'm very to say i'm very connected to the the intellectual developmental disability, nonprofit organizations that serve that community as well as um. Mental health is

00:36:21.650 --> 00:36:36.840 Tommy D: critically important to me as well. Um, So I understand the need for these things. But what kind of bugs me a little bit is if somebody's playing games. If somebody is being silly, I I use that word for gazing. But if somebody's being silly, and just puts a vest on the dog so they can get their dog into

00:36:36.850 --> 00:36:52.589 Tommy D: It's not exactly what. Why, why are we doing this? We don't. Maybe we don't probably need your dog like in here where i'm gonna have like a steak, you know, like I, that's Ah, but this is this is human nature. I guess people take advantage of different things, and they try to just to do things that that make them happy

00:36:52.600 --> 00:36:57.390 Tommy D: what they want, and they? They don't mind paying for a shortcut.

00:36:57.400 --> 00:37:13.750 Tommy D: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I can't Flip Valley. You remember I last year, a year and a half ago, when people were buying fake Covid vaccine cards on on the Internet I mean, one guy told me like in in a meeting like he was like proud of his kid. Yeah, my son got one of his fake cart like

00:37:35.900 --> 00:37:37.490 Tommy D: were you in talking?

00:37:37.500 --> 00:37:43.529 Tommy D: Was that your error? Where you could chalk? I don't think I did it. My memory serves. I had a friend.

00:37:43.540 --> 00:38:02.859 Tommy D: They were like It's two hundred bucks, and we all were like

00:38:03.370 --> 00:38:13.449 Valerie Heffron: the potential mishaps and the dangers of it like. I mean, if someone is just gonna you know five, or do whatever

00:38:13.460 --> 00:38:41.580 Valerie Heffron: you know what happens If your dog or something attacks a child, or you know, can really it? It could be so bad for also your dog and other people, too. But it's just um, you know. Also taking these animals out of shelters unspayed on neutered. This is bad. This is like this: to face the entire purpose of what we are trying to do, which is create a command environment and do so. A population.

00:38:43.940 --> 00:38:44.990 Valerie Heffron: Somebody help me?

00:38:45.000 --> 00:38:48.320 Tommy D: Yeah. Oh, no, you You're right. You're right.

00:38:48.870 --> 00:39:07.140 Valerie Heffron: So, Charlie, what would you say like? Aside from the site that you gave us, which is excellent. Thank you. What would you say to avoid, or where else can people be directed to, so that they can get the right information.

00:39:07.880 --> 00:39:37.100 Charli Sorrentino: Well, it's either the um, the American Disability Act, the Ada um the um Attorney General's office. They also have on their website for for for New York, anyway. I don't know any you know about the other States, but New York has that where they do a breakdown of the policies. What's required? Um! Things like that. So but it's important. I mean, I have to say, most people.

00:39:37.110 --> 00:39:48.680 Charli Sorrentino: The majority of the calls I get are legitimate. So I've done, you know, a thousand service dogs, I would say maybe

00:39:48.690 --> 00:40:09.399 Charli Sorrentino: three or four people, and asked so thankfully, it's not overrun. And I think now what really is going to push that back is that the airlines, which I think is the biggest thing housing somewhat, but the airlines that that's the biggest thing they're cracking down so much

00:40:09.410 --> 00:40:23.989 Charli Sorrentino: going to be able to. Now. They can sidetrack that, and i'm not even going to say how they can do it, because I don't want to put out on the air how people can get around that you and I and Tommy will have a private conversation about that.

00:40:24.000 --> 00:40:32.549 Tommy D: You are, Don't. Bring me into these private conversation. You guys can have this conversation with me. I got enough problems.

00:40:32.850 --> 00:40:48.299 Tommy D: I'm kidding. I'm. Here's my question about. I want to know, though, because you are obviously a resource. You're obviously an asset to your clients. Is there a website? How do new potential clients get to you right now. What do you have a website? Is it Facebook? How do people find it?

00:40:48.310 --> 00:40:57.780 Tommy D: Well, I have all the above. I have a website. I have an email address. Ah, Facebook and all of that. What's the website? Because I want to share it on Facebook. Now?

00:41:00.230 --> 00:41:01.790 Charli Sorrentino: Very, very simple.

00:41:07.200 --> 00:41:23.299 Charli Sorrentino: Yeah. You can get to my email from there. But that's very simple. Dog training. One, two, three at yahoo dot com. And even if somebody is just has a question. If they're inquiring, I would rather, you know they they got contacted

00:41:23.910 --> 00:41:43.020 Tommy D: me. Then somebody who was not a professional or got a bed looking online where you get so much Miss professionals that we have. These are friends of ours. This should be like a stamp of approval, but it's like a paw.

00:41:43.030 --> 00:41:44.320 Tommy D: What do you get? I think

00:41:44.330 --> 00:41:56.319 Tommy D: we have talked about it where you are now certified

00:41:56.330 --> 00:41:57.540 Valerie Heffron: Kind of like

00:41:57.550 --> 00:42:20.170 Valerie Heffron: you know that I've referred people to. I don't know if they have a polls or not. But I've referred several people over to her. Um, I pray to God people will listen, and you know, because i'm always worried about the animals. And so if I have a friend who's telling me that she has a hard time controlling her shepherd mix on a walk when the dog sees another dog

00:42:20.180 --> 00:42:38.289 Valerie Heffron: um, you know, because he's got this strong pre-drive, you know. It makes me very nervous, and I I want that pet to get the training that it really deserves. Um, so that God forbid if it gets loose, or whatever you know, nobody wants these things to happen.

00:42:38.300 --> 00:42:42.489 Tommy D: So Whoever Valerie is talking to the website is the dog-check. Com:

00:42:42.500 --> 00:42:43.189 Yeah,

00:42:43.200 --> 00:42:55.789 Tommy D: we're not calling people out. But if your list go to the dog.

00:42:55.800 --> 00:43:13.410 Tommy D: I don't know Raleigh, let me answer this question. Do you offer um? Ah, I don't I I What do you call the bomb sipping dogs, and um k nine like um the canine cop trainings Also, Do you train these dogs? That's what i'm trying to ask.

00:43:13.420 --> 00:43:31.819 Charli Sorrentino: No. The police departments. They train their own dogs

00:43:31.830 --> 00:43:50.989 Tommy D: like microchips, because there was this uh guy who was very involved with um children, child, pornography, and you know they could never catch him. They they got a dog to sniff out where he was hiding these little electronic chips

00:43:52.390 --> 00:44:13.509 Charli Sorrentino: that I I don't, I mean, I've played around with, you know, dogs um sniffing things um done search and rescue games. I don't do it as a profession, and I gotta tell why my special is fear and reactivity, and that keeps me very busy,

00:44:13.520 --> 00:44:20.209 Charli Sorrentino: and then I do regular training. But though those are my main main things that fear and reactivity because

00:44:20.580 --> 00:44:34.389 Tommy D: yeah, my God, tell you, I just got to tell you i'm going to share your website. You're gonna break. But if you specialize in people you'd be super busy with fear and reactivity, because that is an issue for most of all the people. I know probably nobody that you know, but

00:44:34.400 --> 00:44:49.770 Tommy D: and the activities everywhere. I go. All right. I want to share your website. I know you have a lot more to say, but we want to leave some time when we come back for that final Valerie hates, breaks

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00:45:54.970 --> 00:45:57.830 Okay, Avengers Assembly

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00:46:48.850 --> 00:46:57.630 Tommy D: All right, We're back. This is pal. So let me ask you a question, everybody. I'm still sharing this. If you're watching on Facebook, and i'm gonna ask you these two questions before you make a decision to hire another professional.

00:46:57.640 --> 00:47:00.490 Tommy D: Charlie wants you to ask yourself these two questions:

00:47:00.500 --> 00:47:06.150 Tommy D: Would you send your child to a school where the teachers weren't formally educated and certified

00:47:06.160 --> 00:47:21.169 Tommy D: Mit. Ctl. And would you send your child to a school where the teachers are not formally educated and certified? Again, we're talking to pet parents right now. So it's basically the same thing. Would you send your child to a school where intimidation and physical punishment was implemented one hundred and fifty?

00:47:21.180 --> 00:47:37.830 Tommy D: Well, I wouldn't. Ah, and I know most parents of human children wouldn't, and I know most parents of cuts would not, either. So you know, Charlie, you're looking at it from a totally different perspective, right like there's an old school way of doing things. And then there's the right way to do it. Things right,

00:47:37.840 --> 00:47:59.140 Charli Sorrentino: right right the way. Science has thankfully taught us over the past twenty five years at least. Now you know. And again there are still these trainers out there. Unfortunately, this is an unregulated business, so you can call yourself a dog trainer. You can call yourself a behaviorist.

00:47:59.150 --> 00:48:27.720 Charli Sorrentino: You don't have to have any formal education, and you can use any type of equipment or methodology that you think works. So you know I come across this all the time. Somebody I spoke to in rescue yesterday, was telling me how this trainer was around for years, and he's pretty well known. I'm not going to say his name. How he uses shock colors, but they call them e collars or remote collars to get dogs,

00:48:27.730 --> 00:48:38.739 Charli Sorrentino: not to be afraid of something and to be non-reactive that is so completely against science, and the way the brain works.

00:48:38.750 --> 00:49:07.660 Charli Sorrentino: So if you use a kinder, more humane, gentle way now the dog isn't going to be so frightened. So this is why i'm such a big advocate, and people think positive. Ah, motivation is just. Oh, you just given dogs treats! That's not what it's about It's how you implement it when you implement it, and you're just rewarding them for doing what you would like them to do ultimately. And then there's no

00:49:07.670 --> 00:49:09.500 Charli Sorrentino: physical punishment.

00:49:09.510 --> 00:49:24.639 Charli Sorrentino: Hey, Charlie, You know you don't that yeah, you you started you First of all. I want to let everyone know that this young lady has decades of experience, and on top of all her diploma certifications. But

00:49:24.730 --> 00:49:26.149 Valerie Heffron: question,

00:49:26.420 --> 00:49:30.179 Valerie Heffron: can you actually request, can you?

00:49:30.530 --> 00:49:43.019 Valerie Heffron: What? Ah, your experience was? You told me? I think you were in some kind of a class, and they had everybody They had. The The men put on a shot collar or a shot collar right. And then

00:49:43.030 --> 00:49:52.590 Valerie Heffron: yeah, and and they put it they were testing. And you, I think the women did just their fingers, or something like that. I don't remember the exact scenario. Can you talk about that experience?

00:49:52.600 --> 00:50:10.599 Charli Sorrentino: Sure. Well, the school that I had attended the Academy of Ah Canine education? Um! Their thing was, you're never going to use the pieces of equipment like a shop collar that causes so much pain and fear you're never going to use this piece of equipment unless you actually know

00:50:10.610 --> 00:50:12.879 Charli Sorrentino: you experience it yourself.

00:50:12.890 --> 00:50:32.739 Charli Sorrentino: So Yes. So the girls we had our fingers on the prongs of the shop collar, and then there's a transmitter. So somebody is, you know, playing with the gyles, lowering the intensity, raising the intensity. So the guys all got coffee and said, Oh, yeah, that's nothing. The instructively

00:50:32.750 --> 00:50:46.890 Charli Sorrentino: put it right on their throat here, where nobody, you know, dogs, cats, people. There's no fat there, there's nothing. It's just skin. And whatever is behind it. Some of these guys actually had tears in the horizon,

00:50:46.900 --> 00:50:49.189 Tommy D: but they they weren't.

00:50:49.200 --> 00:50:50.200 Tommy D: We don't.

00:50:50.210 --> 00:50:51.890 Charli Sorrentino: Yeah. So

00:50:51.900 --> 00:51:08.890 Tommy D: I don't really care about these guys because they were being they were cocky. But I I just think I took that right to. What is it On and out like right come an innocent little armhole. Just try! Come on! This is dumb. This is dumb. I'm sorry I know now i'm pissed off Val. It took me fifty eight minutes, but Now i'm pissed

00:51:08.900 --> 00:51:14.389 Tommy D: because this is just dumb stuff. It's not the way to do things. We're trying to show you a better way. We're trying to.

00:51:14.400 --> 00:51:18.470 Tommy D: But The point is that these methods are still out there.

00:51:18.710 --> 00:51:23.480 Charli Sorrentino: So out there, and and I mean Long Island is in and

00:51:24.070 --> 00:51:36.590 Charli Sorrentino: dated with people who call themselves trainers and behavior specialists, you know, and like you said about not just education. You need to have education and experience,

00:51:36.600 --> 00:51:51.680 Charli Sorrentino: you know. Yeah, you have that cocktail and that somebody who knows what they're doing. I couldn't agree more. I mean, you know how I feel about this, and you know we're still fighting this battle. The good news I I will celebrate

00:51:52.180 --> 00:51:55.060 Valerie Heffron: the good news is that, um,

00:51:55.090 --> 00:52:07.460 Valerie Heffron: you know, Five years ago, at the Hampshire Animal shelter, they hired the least qualified candidate for the highest top dollar bid

00:52:07.510 --> 00:52:21.390 Valerie Heffron: and all. I'm going to say about that is that they finally just put out an Rfq. And they are looking for an animal behavior Consultant. So please qualify people.

00:52:21.400 --> 00:52:32.590 Tommy D: Then the new resume. I would I would like be being as you're accepting of nominations. I would like to nominate my friend Valerie Heffron over this year. Show the Professor's Adam all over, joke

00:52:32.600 --> 00:52:36.189 Tommy D: unqualified, and would never even apply.

00:52:36.200 --> 00:52:36.990 Tommy D: Okay, Well,

00:52:37.000 --> 00:52:38.190 Tommy D: let's not comedy.

00:52:38.200 --> 00:52:42.639 Tommy D: I've nominated other people for other things before they so no worries. It's all good,

00:52:42.870 --> 00:52:56.819 Charli Sorrentino: Novell. How how can these professionals apply about how to apply? Okay, great question. So you go to the website, which is Hem said,

00:53:04.530 --> 00:53:16.289 Tommy D: I believe it's Hempstead dot Gov, or Hempstead. And why do we do right now? We

00:53:16.300 --> 00:53:23.300 Valerie Heffron: Okay. Great. So you're going to go to the top Right? Tab: that says, business.

00:53:23.390 --> 00:53:30.499 Tommy D: Yeah, okay, Top: right, Tab: This is business. I promised to go on Facebook. Everybody. Where am I going out and active big postings?

00:53:32.870 --> 00:53:45.320 Tommy D: And our q is probably the six or seven something like that. You'll see. It says specifically, there is, I got it right here. Request for qualifications for animal behavior. Consultant.

00:53:45.330 --> 00:53:56.489 Tommy D: It is currently open, and it closes October, the twentieth of two thousand and twenty two at eleven A. M. So that gives you a short time for about three weeks. So if you

00:53:56.500 --> 00:53:57.790 Valerie Heffron: yeah, if you click it,

00:53:57.800 --> 00:54:06.180 Tommy D: i'm gonna give you at the bottom another red hyperlink, and you click that, and then the directions. There, you got an email. You got to request your package,

00:54:06.930 --> 00:54:12.690 Valerie Heffron: and then, after you get that via email, you can respond with your qualifications,

00:54:12.700 --> 00:54:16.390 Tommy D: Does it for specific qualifications?

00:54:16.400 --> 00:54:33.939 Charli Sorrentino: It does not. I don't know why, but maybe they're just looking to cast a white net right? It used to be. You had to be a Cpbt Dash K. A. A certified, a professional job trainer. Knowledge assessed by

00:54:33.950 --> 00:54:47.190 Charli Sorrentino: the Certification Council of Professional job trainers. The problem with that is, if you're asking for a behavior specialist, that is a training certification. It's not a behavior certification,

00:54:47.200 --> 00:54:57.819 Valerie Heffron: I think, because of based of of years of public outcry that they wanted to cast a wide net and then see, you know, and sit through.

00:54:57.830 --> 00:55:14.050 Tommy D: They're option, probably straw in. And Val we probably have in our community in the people we deal with. We probably have people that would. Oh, my God, we're out of talk that would excel in that position right? So you and and you know what

00:55:14.060 --> 00:55:28.079 Tommy D: Charlie may know. Some people. Valerie made it to some people. I might even know some people.

00:55:28.090 --> 00:55:31.840 Tommy D: Yes, yeah, Charlie, leave us with a couple words before we have to head out.

00:55:33.870 --> 00:55:37.190 Charli Sorrentino: Be kind to all animals.

00:55:37.200 --> 00:55:43.090 Tommy D: It's always about how you would feel if someone was treating you that way.

00:55:43.100 --> 00:55:44.190 Tommy D: Yeah, no kidding,

00:55:44.200 --> 00:56:01.589 Tommy D: You know the old Golden Rule, not the Golden Rule. He us. The goal makes all the rules, but the one is Treat others like you want to be freaking treaty. Get it together, let's, let's say, listen. The eleventh of October will be the first ever, which will probably happen fifty years in a row. We'll probably be doing this or that, but the first ever compassion awards

00:56:01.600 --> 00:56:04.289 Tommy D: i'm out of breath the great

00:56:04.300 --> 00:56:14.689 Tommy D: of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, and I read that off the back of my business card, because that's where we put it right there.

00:56:14.700 --> 00:56:18.889 Tommy D: Yay, Charlie gave out. Thank you,

00:56:18.900 --> 00:56:21.270 Kali. Thank you so much.

00:56:33.650 --> 00:56:35.119 I've got to see you.

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