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Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/21 - Warrior Ranch

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/21 - Warrior Ranch


2022/09/21 - Warrior Ranch

[New Episode] Warrior Ranch

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy and Val welcome their guests, Eileen Shanahan and Gina Lam of Warrior Ranch. Tommy D shares a story of his experience at a charity event. Eileen informs Tommy and Val of the origins of Warrior Ranch. She talks about their humble beginnings and how they evolved into the organization they are now. Eileen describes Warrior Ranch as a recreational, therapeutic outlet for veterans and first responders. Warrior Ranch rescues, retrains, and repurposes horses.

Segment 2

Valerie asks Eileen and Gina where their horses come from and how they are rescued. Eileen shares the different places she’s gotten her horses. She talks about one of her horses, Sully, and how he became part of the team. Sully is a wounded horse with one eye who comforts veterans and first responders. Gina shares how they train their horses and get them accustomed to their new environment. Valerie tells the gang how she used to take horseback riding lessons as a child. Valerie asks Eileen and Gina how they got they start working with horses

Segment 3

Valerie asks Gina about her business, Iron Horse Field, which focuses on horse training. Gina explains what horse training entails and how she helps her clients communicate with the animals and learn their body language. Gina informs Val and Tommy why guests are not allowed to feed the horses. Tommy mentions the Harvest the East End Event happening the first week of October. You can find tickets available at the Warrior Ranch Foundation website.

Segment 4

Coming back from the break, Val gives a reminder for the Compassion Awards that is taking place in three weeks. Gina and Eileen talk about the well-being of one of their horses, Ranger. There they discuss the importance of maintaining your horse’s upkeep. Eileen gives a reminder about the Harvest the East End event on October 2. Valerie gives a reminder about the Compassion Awards that take place on October 11.


00:00:32.060 --> 00:00:36.189 Tommy DiMisa: We missed you, and we hope you missed us with your pals.

00:00:36.200 --> 00:00:45.290 Tommy DiMisa: Now. I mean Val. Welcome back professionals and animal over the show. It's been a week. It's been a week since we have all met here in this community, so i'm going to read you something

00:00:45.300 --> 00:01:00.260 Tommy DiMisa: two, something we prepared, and it's something we prepared like a year ago, and it says we want to amplify the message that we believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong. We want to support one another in business by building a compassionate network together, one

00:01:00.540 --> 00:01:03.039 Tommy DiMisa: so that everyone wins,

00:01:03.110 --> 00:01:06.489 Tommy DiMisa: especially the animals

00:01:06.500 --> 00:01:35.179 Tommy DiMisa: we were accomplishing. This mission is because by hosting this show, by creating from Valerie's vision and Valerie's mind the first ever annual compassion awards, which is coming up in just out of three weeks, which is a strange thing to say that three weeks away, when it was an idea like six months ago, and we were like, Oh, we don't have enough time to do this, and now we're three weeks. So that's how things happen that's like it just keeps on moving. Look, we do this for the show. We do this community where we're, I mean, i'm just like

00:01:35.190 --> 00:01:42.660 Tommy DiMisa: even just at a two phone calls that Valerie and I had before the show. It's just super exciting of some of the new stuff that's going on that like

00:01:42.700 --> 00:01:48.929 Tommy DiMisa: it only happens when you put yourself out there and take some chances and get involved with opportunities. Right, Val. What do you think about that?

00:01:48.940 --> 00:02:13.989 Tommy DiMisa: I think this is all your fault, and you're impossible to say no to, because this is kind of Tommy's best line. He's about to do it. We have to do it. We have to be like, Well, we're talking about an award show, right? And I'm like, Okay? Well, it's March. We want to do this in October. We have a lot to do. It's the first time of then we want to make it an annual event. He's like we have to do it like i'm like, Okay, you're right. You know what I mean.

00:02:14.000 --> 00:02:22.160 Tommy DiMisa: It's funny, because I thought I was like like super spontaneous and all that. And then, all of a sudden, you start hitting me with stuff. I'm like dude. You can't help Tommy.

00:02:22.550 --> 00:02:24.689 Tommy DiMisa: It's the play in that role

00:02:24.700 --> 00:02:37.690 Tommy DiMisa: like who's in charge anymore, like, you know, like when my wife and I might go to dinner and leave the kids home alone like who's in charge. If the kids are in charge. That's dangerous, you know. So that's why you don't leave young people running that one of the show. But I will tell you where I

00:02:37.700 --> 00:02:42.430 Tommy DiMisa: I want to update. I want to update our real mission statement, though, because

00:02:42.440 --> 00:02:59.319 Valerie Heffron: I know. I, I know it says we want to support each other in business, which is one hundred percent True, we want to patronize. Ah, you know, restaurants and stores and professionals who are empathetic to animals. Um. But also we also want to support,

00:02:59.330 --> 00:03:17.110 Tommy DiMisa: rescue, and animal.

00:03:17.120 --> 00:03:21.780 Tommy DiMisa: It's about. So we we do three things on this show. I talk about a lot. We learn,

00:03:21.790 --> 00:03:50.119 Tommy DiMisa: we educate, and then we advocate, and I mean, look, if you're kind of bad ass like me, you can have a kid before you learned or educated, which is, I sort of three things. But I I lean.

00:03:50.130 --> 00:04:08.700 Tommy DiMisa: Hello, Gina! Hello! We're going to get you in the conversation. I just want to say Hello! Welcome to our Eileen Shannon and and and Gina Lam, representing the Warrior ranch. Ah, the warrior ranch foundation. But then also genius, Company, Iron Horse fields. Good afternoon. How are you both before we even jump in? How are you doing? Great thanks for having us. I really appreciate it.

00:04:08.710 --> 00:04:11.920 Tommy DiMisa: Our pleasure, our pleasure. I'm. Still,

00:04:11.990 --> 00:04:30.419 Valerie Heffron: uh see, I I do like very little research before we get a guest on the show, because unless I know them already, But I just like to have, you know, unscripted questions and and thoughts, or whatever. But yeah, So we we have two things to talk about. Wow. Okay. So where do you want to start?

00:04:30.450 --> 00:04:33.890 Tommy DiMisa: I wanted to start. Let's do this before we get started. I just want to

00:04:33.900 --> 00:04:35.990 Tommy DiMisa: like. I just want to tell a quick story,

00:04:36.000 --> 00:04:53.689 Tommy DiMisa: and then that great But it'll be a story. So look one Friday afternoon. Here's how we go. One Friday afternoon i'm out of horse ability. Shut out my buddy, Katie Mcgowan. My horseability shirt right? I am a board member. It says to me, d you know your Tommy D when they literally get a shirt made up, and it doesn't say, Tommy, but it's this Tommy D. On the shirt. So

00:04:53.700 --> 00:05:03.920 Tommy DiMisa: I showed up at an event yesterday, and I go to grab my name Tag, and we're my friend Irique here for Girl Scouts of Salvador County, and she goes all they say your name's a by like last name. We go to find the Deissa name,

00:05:03.930 --> 00:05:14.890 Tommy DiMisa: and it's literally, says Tommy d on the name tab like I I probably did that, but I don't remember doing it when I filled it up. The point is For's ability. I'm not horse ability. On a Friday evening. This will be a quick one about I'm there on a Friday evening,

00:05:14.900 --> 00:05:15.820 Valerie Heffron: Hey,

00:05:16.220 --> 00:05:25.420 Tommy DiMisa: Robbie comes up to me. He goes, Tommy, I see what you're doing. You got to meet Eileen Shanahan at Warrior Ranch Foundation. He tells me that on a Friday afternoon,

00:05:25.430 --> 00:05:42.660 Tommy DiMisa: and then Saturday morning I'm. At the American Legion in my neighborhood because I well, Friday night I'm. At the American Legion, they told me. Tomorrow we're raising a flag for the suicide and remembrance flag which is now a Federal flag to remember those veterans We've lost those taking their own lives.

00:05:42.740 --> 00:05:47.089 Tommy DiMisa: I'm standing next to this woman, and it turns out it's Eileen, and from one of your

00:05:47.100 --> 00:05:57.820 Tommy DiMisa: an organization I'd never heard of like seventy years ago, and then my name has been on philanthropy and focus. We talked about the mission of the organization. But we've got to talk about the mission, but

00:05:57.950 --> 00:06:27.570 Tommy DiMisa: that that is Gina being an an acquiring professional at the organization. Really, today, what we want to talk about is yes, what the organization does for the people for the veterans. But also when I want to look at my notes, because I want to make sure I hit this right. The rescue, the retraining, and the repurposing of these horses as well. I was on a board meeting force ability. Last night there was a volunteer ah retirement party for two horses, so I learned about this, not not the parties last night, a couple of weeks ago, but I learned what happens when the horse is retired,

00:06:27.580 --> 00:06:47.290 Tommy DiMisa: and then they go to in my greener pastors wait, wait so like just fun stuff. So That's what we want to learn about today is the organization what you're doing for the horses and Val. I know you have a whole bunch of questions about it so can we? Can we start with the background of the organization, and then let's get five into just not doing Q. And A. Like. We're having a cup of coffee together right

00:06:47.300 --> 00:07:04.410 Eileen Shanahan: sure, sure, in a nutshell. Um warrior ranch we got incorporated in two thousand and sixteen. What we do We are a through horse interaction. We are a recreational therapeutic outlet for veterans and first responders. So we rescue, retrain, and repurpose forces.

00:07:04.420 --> 00:07:12.630 Eileen Shanahan: We have the veterans and first responders work with them during our retreat days, and so it

00:07:12.640 --> 00:07:29.479 Eileen Shanahan: it's twofold. So it's about the veterans and Brussels finders, and it's about the horses. But our veterans will be helping our horses. So it's America's heroes rescuing america's icon. It gives them a path and purpose. It makes them feel really great. And there's a dynamic that they can relate to with the horses. And

00:07:29.490 --> 00:07:57.009 Eileen Shanahan: what we do is we teach them about the nature of courses, and how horses communicate, and then they in turn, as humans communicate with the books, because, of course, communicates through body language, it's the only way they know how to communicate, and when they communicate, for example, uh, they'll they in the rears they pull, get you by, I mean at each other. They bite each other, or they turn, and they might raise their leg or kick out. That's how they talk to each other. That's how they move each other around the field.

00:07:57.020 --> 00:08:00.319 Eileen Shanahan: Now we, as humans, go into that herd.

00:08:00.680 --> 00:08:13.250 Eileen Shanahan: The most important thing we have to be is that leader, because that's how they communicate, and we have to communicate to them. So they don't communicate to us like that because we'll get hurt. It's about safety. So we communicate

00:08:13.260 --> 00:08:31.830 Eileen Shanahan: through our body language the same way. Horses communicate with each other. We use tools, we have lariats, we have sticks, we have ropes, and we use the same. We use those tools to help us because of unique distance between the and so it's just about safety. So we become the leader in that herd,

00:08:31.840 --> 00:08:42.970 Eileen Shanahan: and we teach our participants to be leaders in that herd, and it's quite natural, because our veterans and first responders are all natural leaders.

00:08:42.980 --> 00:09:03.870 Valerie Heffron: Um, I I just have to ask probably ridiculous question, but it opted. And So here we go. I don't know if you guys ever saw the movie. I think it was called twenty eight days with Sandra bullock in it. Okay, So there's A. C. And so part of their program, or whatever they they had a horse, and the whole goal was, Teach

00:09:03.880 --> 00:09:12.089 Eileen Shanahan: um the people that were in the twenty eighth facility is like a rehab facility, for I think alcohol, or whatever, or drives, or bold, and let's see them.

00:09:12.100 --> 00:09:14.390 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah. Oh, my God, Okay, So there is a worse.

00:09:14.400 --> 00:09:24.289 Eileen Shanahan: How would I not know that sense? Yeah. No. I'm going to describe it, because i'm sure a lot of people haven't seen this movie, but they were trying to train them in like confidence. And

00:09:24.300 --> 00:09:29.429 Eileen Shanahan: yeah. So each person that was in the rehab facility had to go to the horse,

00:09:29.440 --> 00:09:54.150 Eileen Shanahan: and like the hoof. Yes, now I yes, in a certain way, where it would Just natural reflexes would be to cooperate, and of course can't do it. She's like, Try and try and trying the horse. It's just standing there, you know, and if it doesn't want to, you don't have to win that battle. But then, towards the end of the movie spoiler, alert, the horse complied, and it was like a very magical emotional moment.

00:09:54.160 --> 00:10:07.600 Eileen Shanahan: But i'm just curious. Is that a real thing? It is a real thing what it is. The the horses mirror our energy. Okay. So horses by nature are prey animals. Humans are predators, so their senses are very heightened. Okay, and

00:10:07.660 --> 00:10:19.390 Eileen Shanahan: whatever energy we're giving off, they're going to mirror it. So if I come in, and you know, you say, Hey, I you doing? I say, I'm doing Great Val. I can be completely totally lying to you. Humans lie all the time.

00:10:19.400 --> 00:10:23.390 Eileen Shanahan: We always have our feelings. We do that you cannot lie to a horse,

00:10:23.400 --> 00:10:27.190 Eileen Shanahan: so I love that so you can.

00:10:27.200 --> 00:10:32.490 Eileen Shanahan: So that's fantastic. I love that so much. I'm so into body language naturally, anyway,

00:10:32.500 --> 00:10:33.680 Valerie Heffron: because I mean like,

00:10:33.690 --> 00:10:59.820 Valerie Heffron: I think, most animals. That's how they communicate, you know. I mean, that's the dog will brow, you know. You might get something audible, but at the same time, you know their tails are a big tell, you know. Same thing with cats. Their tails painted a lot, you know. But um, yeah, as Oh, okay. So so my only would you mind going into a little more body language with horses during the ten years. What does that mean? Are they bad?

00:10:59.830 --> 00:11:00.690 Surely?

00:11:00.700 --> 00:11:11.059 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah. I mean so in a herm of courses, or let's say you just went to go up to one of they could like, really pin their ears back and give it out. Look if it needs a bite.

00:11:11.070 --> 00:11:33.990 Eileen Shanahan: You know people want to bite you if it's in a Then the next could be a bite or a kick. So you gotta kind of know those cutting on the signs of, you know, a way that you have to watch out,

00:11:34.000 --> 00:11:42.989 Tommy DiMisa: and the horses battle for the leadership every day. It doesn't matter, and in a herd of one hundred there's only one number one, one or two, one of the three

00:11:43.000 --> 00:12:11.060 Tommy DiMisa: that change it. That's stack ranking change it can it? Can it? Doesn't always, necessarily have to fight it every day, like we go to our horses every day, Cody and I uh ninety minutes wedding bolt, dripping sweat, or I had to wait, so we gave it up if I needed to be that leader. Wow did so. It took ninety minutes the first time, so half that time the second time. So the twenty minutes now. Today, fourteen years later, he may try. They'll say, I don't get mad. I'm so I I make him run.

00:12:11.070 --> 00:12:41.040 Eileen Shanahan: Make him move all right folks to the brain. I make a move. And now today, if I go, if he decides to be a little,

00:12:41.050 --> 00:12:50.840 Valerie Heffron: and we happen to be in a very rural area, and we see these two gorgeous voices. I don't know what they're called, but they were like white

00:12:50.850 --> 00:13:04.610 Eileen Shanahan: patches on them. They're so beautiful, and I said to my husband, I go pull over full of it right. I don't know if it was just like I was. I was needing this, or it was. It was like a magnet for me, right,

00:13:04.620 --> 00:13:15.469 Valerie Heffron: and I got out of the car, and as soon as I started walking over to the fence. The two of them just started walking over, and they were kind of far away. They just walked right over to me,

00:13:15.520 --> 00:13:26.430 Eileen Shanahan: and they let me pet them, and i'm telling you it brought me to tears. I felt like it was like a godly moment. You know what I mean. I was very connected,

00:13:26.440 --> 00:13:27.289 Eileen Shanahan: and if you like,

00:13:27.300 --> 00:13:43.870 Eileen Shanahan: very therapy, they're magnificent creatures. I can't explain some things, but they're just actual, magnificent. They They forget everything else. You know. If you're having a bad day, you know. The guy will roll the barn and kind of forget about it. You look at them now, man. It's like

00:13:43.880 --> 00:13:56.520 Eileen Shanahan: I want to hear some of the best stories I want. I want to hear. I know I have to go to a break shortly, but like I would love to hear some of these moving moments that you can't explain, because um, I I thought it was wild, and I I was.

00:13:56.530 --> 00:14:09.990 Eileen Shanahan: I was so elated after that, you know. No, they they are. They're beautiful creatures, I know. If you have to go to break, you know you,

00:14:10.000 --> 00:14:12.290 Eileen Shanahan: you don't have it all the time you like,

00:14:12.300 --> 00:14:14.189 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, you just see that,

00:14:14.200 --> 00:14:15.990 Eileen Shanahan: you know I could use a horse right now.

00:14:16.000 --> 00:14:17.689 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, i'm on A:

00:14:17.700 --> 00:14:19.090 Eileen Shanahan: I got a couple of right here.

00:14:19.100 --> 00:14:26.449 Tommy DiMisa: We are gonna slip away and take a quick break. But I will tell you this, Val. So I wanted. You know I have children. They wanted a horse, and

00:14:26.460 --> 00:14:42.690 Tommy DiMisa: I mean like when I talked to Katie. And this even came up last night at Porcelain. I was like Well, Katie, you know. Look, we're going to retire horses from time to time, you know, and you need them to live in somebody's backyard. I'm sure they can live in my backyard. My kids would love that, and she was Tommy. I've already told you you have all these horses. You don't need one at your house, and

00:14:42.700 --> 00:14:44.810 Tommy DiMisa: that now Horse's ability is about

00:14:44.820 --> 00:14:49.890 Tommy DiMisa: nine miles from the attic. So it ain't that far, really, to just get down there and see the horse.

00:14:49.900 --> 00:15:09.490 Tommy DiMisa: Well, when you come here we're going to go out to Calvin together. We're going to go to Warrior Ranch foundation. We're going to go see them, because I will tell you if i'm having a challenging day if I can sneak away, and I call it, get my fix, and I say that look at ironically Today it's twelve years since I've had a drink. So just to shout that out, because that's about

00:15:09.500 --> 00:15:15.190 Tommy DiMisa: without inspiring other folks. I'm on about twelve hours.

00:15:15.200 --> 00:15:24.690 Tommy DiMisa: So that's yeah, hey, small steps one day at a time, twelve hours a time. But I will tell you. You know I I joke about getting a fixed, but I feel great when I go to

00:15:24.700 --> 00:15:31.330 Tommy DiMisa: literally am calmer. Well, I mean i'm still Tommy D. But i'm calmer than normal,

00:15:31.340 --> 00:15:56.689 Tommy DiMisa: and it is a you. You feel your your state change and we'll talk, you know we'll talk about. I do want to talk about. When the veterans had an opportunity with Robbie to pick up one of these horses. The horse that they picked up with was blind and or missing an eye. We'll talk about that went to back because I just that story is very inspirational to me. This is professionals and animal lovers show. I'm going to share the Warrior ranch foundation's website while we're at. Break over right Now,

00:15:56.700 --> 00:15:57.950 Valerie Heffron: Okay,

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00:18:09.490 --> 00:18:22.789 Tommy DiMisa: and we're back, and I I don't know about you all, but I can't get enough for the Minnie's about her like That's who is this butter Scotch is one of these.

00:18:22.800 --> 00:18:30.090 Tommy DiMisa: Hey? How you doing, Schmidt?

00:18:30.100 --> 00:18:37.989 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, I just want to be there right now. I'm dying over here. I'm like I need a word

00:18:38.000 --> 00:18:51.870 Tommy DiMisa: one day, so I I told you how I end up meeting I league. But then, like one day i'm out of my cousins out of like South Holl and i'm driving home on a Sunday morning. It was like a baseline.

00:18:51.880 --> 00:19:04.269 Tommy DiMisa: I'm trying at home, and i'm like i'm cruising. I don't even really know where i'm going, and I don't care. It's super early. I'm just like, you know. I gotta. You know I gotta get home for like a soccer game or something, so I leave early, and I pay as far as sign and out of like, you know,

00:19:04.280 --> 00:19:29.859 Tommy DiMisa: It's like an oasis, and warrior ranch is like right in front of me. No intention going there like not consciously subconscious.

00:19:29.870 --> 00:19:59.660 Eileen Shanahan: Uh, but you know it. That is a unique vocation, for I think a Long Islander. Right? I don't know. But yeah, so where do you get the worst? For where do they come from? So we get the horse where we got some. They come from different places. Uh we got Sully from the Standard Bride Rescue Foundation. He is a standard red horse. He's sixteen now. Uh we got him a year ago. He was a racehorse uh wasn't. Very good, so he didn't raise very long, and then,

00:19:59.670 --> 00:20:16.789 Eileen Shanahan: like he was a trial. You know the ones that did for the cart. Yeah, um, And then right So then he ended up. Um! He ended up at the unfortunately end of the he worked, and then when they're done with them, Unfortunately, he ended up in the kelpen

00:20:16.800 --> 00:20:17.839 Tommy DiMisa: blah blah blah,

00:20:17.850 --> 00:20:47.839 Eileen Shanahan: and we're not sure what happened to his eye whether it happened before they let him go, or what happened to Tilton, but he lost his eye. And what happens is because he was a racehorse. He has a tattoo. So the Standard Red Rescue Foundation was able to treat him there, and uh, which was great. So they got him. And now we have uh Robbie Siegelman, Uh. Of Siegel and Stables. Great guy! He's a trainer for recording years. I'd recommend that we go there, and uh we went there and

00:20:47.850 --> 00:21:05.689 Eileen Shanahan: we got Sully, and he's very um folks in back the ranch. The veterans and everybody really love him and identify with him. He himself is wounded. He's got one eye.

00:21:05.700 --> 00:21:18.590 Tommy DiMisa: They had an opportunity. I mean, they were some of the vets we were with Robbie, if i'm not mistaken, and they surely, specifically, because

00:21:18.600 --> 00:21:33.640 Eileen Shanahan: yeah. So Bobby Robbie is a great guy. Robbie works with veterans a lot, and they took one look at Sully, and because again his beautiful horses that there was many to choose from, and Sully is the one that came on with us

00:21:33.650 --> 00:21:49.069 Eileen Shanahan: so far breaking, though, that that there are so many I I really wish so. But G: yeah, Gina is teaching him doing my teaching. My, I was teaching what we first got through groundwork, and then because it was kind ofbred, and then she's starting to right along. He's very

00:21:49.080 --> 00:21:57.720 Eileen Shanahan: every sense of a very emotional course, and he only knew how to drive. He didn't really know how to be anything else. You know you can be a horse.

00:21:57.730 --> 00:22:14.490 Eileen Shanahan: So when we get there we just try to like, desensitize them and kind of get into our world be around the veterans safely. So I spend a lot of time doing a lot of groundwork with them, lunging, being respectful, not pushy.

00:22:14.500 --> 00:22:29.290 Eileen Shanahan: Um, just picking up the hooks nicely that everyone could be around them safe, you know. That's That's the the main goal and to the program. So he was very nervous, high-headed, especially with one eyeg, which

00:22:29.300 --> 00:22:45.020 Eileen Shanahan: really did feel that happened fairly new. It wasn't something that he had because he was so like looking very guarded on the one side, so we had to make him feel safe on that. He would be so like Spooky,

00:22:45.060 --> 00:22:50.889 Eileen Shanahan: and then he gives a little, you know, but he's he's, he's he's a much nicer better horse like like

00:22:50.900 --> 00:23:01.389 Eileen Shanahan: he's. His head would be so high up in the air from his emotions. Now He's just like really children, Really, everyone loves him. He's such a nice meat horse, and we've actually got an

00:23:01.400 --> 00:23:02.389 Eileen Shanahan: yeah like you.

00:23:02.400 --> 00:23:13.789 Eileen Shanahan: So, Gina, for someone who's they're in love with horses. Actually, i'm sure. I think people probably answer this, but as a kid, I remember loving horses, too. I actually took a few

00:23:13.920 --> 00:23:23.349 Valerie Heffron: course back riding lessons. Um! My dad was really resourceful, and he always wanted me to be around animals. So he went to see the we post,

00:23:23.410 --> 00:23:26.060 Valerie Heffron: and as an alumni.

00:23:26.070 --> 00:23:50.789 Valerie Heffron: I went to that campus all the time my dad was playing their piano, so he didn't have a piano, and then he got me to be able to take, I guess, like discounted lessons, or something like that, because he didn't get alone night there. Anyway, they set me yours giant J. Enormous for us. I wasn't afraid or anything. But this course is not, I guess, ready for children or whatever, and the next thing you know, it's all going to find legs, and I'm holding on to my dear life

00:23:50.800 --> 00:24:05.790 Eileen Shanahan: like third grade, you know, and I just. But when you're that, you know, we have that really low center of gravity. So i'm holding up like like for dear life, right? And they finally were able to like rate them in um, and I got them,

00:24:05.800 --> 00:24:12.089 Valerie Heffron: and at the next lesson I got Milton, who was like this all just like, Yeah.

00:24:12.100 --> 00:24:33.189 Eileen Shanahan: So my question is like back then as a kid, and i'm all excited. I love the horses, you know. If I wanted to get into this career like, what's the career path for? Someone who wants to know this is not anything I ever picked, or what the date happened to my life. What happened

00:24:33.200 --> 00:24:45.689 Eileen Shanahan: like the other things in my life, and and then I don't know at one point end up with my own horse, and it was something I always wanted, and I had him now probably thirteen years, but

00:24:45.700 --> 00:24:54.390 Eileen Shanahan: I mean I knew how to ride. I used to take lesson and do all that stuff. Yeah, And when I got him it was a different ball game, and you owned your own horse,

00:24:54.400 --> 00:25:02.989 Eileen Shanahan: and he taught me a lot, and I met a great group of people which that is how I actually met. I mean, yeah, which is a natural horsemanship group.

00:25:03.000 --> 00:25:15.289 Eileen Shanahan: And I learned all that groundwork because I probably would be dead right now,

00:25:15.300 --> 00:25:20.489 Eileen Shanahan: and I was like a robin rocket and just held on. But I don't know what to do, you know.

00:25:20.500 --> 00:25:31.919 Eileen Shanahan: But now I thought I learned so and so, and and from having him and and being around other people and their horses. It just started helping other people that I ended up with a second horse,

00:25:31.930 --> 00:26:01.089 Eileen Shanahan: and they both took me something entirely different, and it just it. Just one thing led us to another.

00:26:01.170 --> 00:26:13.389 Eileen Shanahan: I look at them, and they see the transformation of what's in the first take a horse out of a stool, and they're like what might be a little up, and then, once they start working with them, they see how calm they get even the people. You see how they start to relax.

00:26:13.400 --> 00:26:18.589 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, what kind of feedback do you get from the veterans who are working with the horses.

00:26:18.600 --> 00:26:29.849 Eileen Shanahan: But what happens, too is, you know, Tommy, you were just talking about it before

00:26:30.220 --> 00:26:42.599 Eileen Shanahan: people pull down the driveway, and as soon as they pull in, they start to relax. They see the sign and the gravel.

00:26:42.610 --> 00:26:49.890 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, very calming. And they start to feel like a sense of, you know, peace.

00:26:49.900 --> 00:26:51.390 Tommy DiMisa: It's like an oasis for me.

00:26:51.400 --> 00:27:10.350 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, So I don't want to say strange, because i'm all keyed into this kind of stuff, but it's just like that. You can go to a place, and even if I couldn't see, I would know

00:27:10.360 --> 00:27:15.019 Eileen Shanahan: It's usually like the ocean, or whatever

00:27:15.030 --> 00:27:43.059 Eileen Shanahan: we're all looking to do a water thing, too, but the gravel. When we we were building the ranch in some of the research developed things that were calling and believe it out. I'm driving that over and over again, and I was just looking at my phone or looking down as part of the text came back. So it was like I just sent the pictures of the day, and they said, awesome. Thank you so much for today. I can't wait to come back. I can start talking about today's experience.

00:27:43.070 --> 00:27:49.390 Eileen Shanahan: I'd like to come whenever possible. How to meltdown recently in days like today, or just what the doctor ordered. So you

00:27:49.400 --> 00:28:04.489 Eileen Shanahan: some wonderful things. Yeah, here's another one. I enjoy the ranch so much. All the people I've met are so nice and pleasant. I love the fact that you start off saying the pledge of allegiance bringing around the horse as a gift. I enjoy doing the groundwork and learning

00:28:04.500 --> 00:28:33.499 Eileen Shanahan: techniques. I love being more branch. I I love this place. That's, you know. So we get texts like that. Yeah, all the time, and it's very. It makes us feel good. It makes it all worth it, you know. Right there's a lot that goes into one of the foundation. It's not easy, you know, really is. But then you have such wonderful people that step up and help, and and days like we have in the right.

00:28:33.510 --> 00:28:36.589 Eileen Shanahan: They want to go to the next retreat. They invite other people

00:28:36.600 --> 00:28:56.359 Eileen Shanahan: and someone else, so that I feel that it also is because you hear this a lot. You know there's so many wonderful veterans who I I adore, anyone who puts their life on the line for other people. Um. And first responders. And you know

00:28:56.370 --> 00:29:03.790 Valerie Heffron: these types of programs that allow them to be around animals, volunteer work with them. Whatever

00:29:03.800 --> 00:29:22.080 Eileen Shanahan: you hear a lot about loneliness, you hear a lot about loss of purpose. It's a wide range of ages to anybody from the twentys all we have. We've had

00:29:22.090 --> 00:29:45.960 Eileen Shanahan: Ah, partially. She just recently passed away. We had a ninety year old. Ah, marine! And she used to say, I love telling my kids. I'm going out training horses today now, but they we have all ages. It doesn't cause you to do as little or as much as you want. You just want to look. We've had someone come the other day came to the retreat, and one of who's been there often and thought they were gonna, you know, come in and help. But they were just like you know what

00:29:45.970 --> 00:29:52.890 Eileen Shanahan: I just kind of want to hang back and watch today. I was like fine, you know you can do it. I want to be the one that gets to feed the carrots. I'm gonna be,

00:29:52.900 --> 00:30:13.789 Tommy DiMisa: because they might think that it's a I don't know why you're gonna have to tell us that we're

00:30:13.800 --> 00:30:19.740 Tommy DiMisa: before we take a break and you're gonna tell us why we don't hand feed. I want you to just shout out Eileen October!

00:30:19.750 --> 00:30:40.390 Eileen Shanahan: Oh, October second uh our harvest East End event. It's our premier fundraising event for wearing ranch it's being held at the ranch. It's gonna be great event two, for the road is singing. We have a lot of military guests about our speakers. A lot of horse performances and demonstrations. So go to our website. It's a harvest season at Roy Ranch. It's two to five Pm.

00:30:40.400 --> 00:30:55.190 Tommy DiMisa: So if I go to warrior ranch. Can I find that there, Or, as we go to break when we come back we'll talk about Why, Valerie cannot feed Karen and other fun facts.

00:30:55.200 --> 00:30:56.840 Okay,

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00:32:23.770 --> 00:32:33.599 You're listening to talk radio and live seat at Www. Dot radio and live seat now broadcasting for twenty four hours a day,

00:32:57.000 --> 00:33:15.100 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy, we're back, and we're back so I can. You see my screen, Everybody having trouble finding, so it's actually go again for the event. Coming off October the second harvest, the East End two thousand and twenty two on the farm on the ranch October, the second

00:33:15.110 --> 00:33:44.230 Tommy DiMisa: calories in New York. You'll see right here. There's tickets to be sold. I'm sure there's sponsorships available. So if you're the kind of Ah, thoughtful Business Leader Business Organization Company. I was at an event yesterday. The Long Island Business news, corporate citizenship. Ah, event! And it just so many organizations out there who are building those strategic alliances. I am the nonprofit sector connector. I can't help myself. I must speak about these things when it comes up a conversation, but it's about those relationships.

00:33:44.240 --> 00:33:58.179 Tommy DiMisa: So that event is October Second, I will do my best to get there um with with kids in toe, because, like when you got horses, my kids like the horses, too. So back into it. Why can't couple of things? Why can't Valerie feed your horses, carrots? Let's start there.

00:33:58.610 --> 00:34:23.120 Eileen Shanahan: Okay. So number one safety reasons. Okay, we can off a bid. Who's a finger. So we don't want that. But because horses start getting to be pushy. They look, they start looking for the trees. They expected all the time, and it and they saw it like nudge in new getting a little nippy they might. I eat kind of loosing around. Just so we just don't do it. We put it in there, but they're feeding bucket. That's theirs. That's their space.

00:34:23.130 --> 00:34:26.589 Eileen Shanahan: Um, what we're when they're with us, we just we don't have the

00:34:26.600 --> 00:34:35.989 Tommy DiMisa: all right, all right. So I won't push the issue because I'm going to use this.

00:34:36.000 --> 00:34:43.590 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, I'll do the forget. We can do that. I'll do the brushing, and i'll have a couple apples.

00:34:51.699 --> 00:35:01.289 Tommy DiMisa: We were so incredible that there are senses I the eyesight smell urine, so they don't know

00:35:01.300 --> 00:35:03.490 Eileen Shanahan: I've got smelling it on you. They're like,

00:35:03.500 --> 00:35:05.090 Yeah.

00:35:05.100 --> 00:35:06.689 Tommy DiMisa: Tell you, where are you?

00:35:06.700 --> 00:35:24.990 Tommy DiMisa: One day, Val, let me tell you we're always to believe my wife and I, and like it was like March. So we had jackets on, or whatever, and all of a sudden I hear her laughing historically. What's the matter? So this one horse put its face its head over. It was like rustling in her pocket. Never been there. It's not like the horse recognized her, as you know the treat giver, but

00:35:25.910 --> 00:35:27.090 Tommy DiMisa: either

00:35:27.100 --> 00:35:36.539 Tommy DiMisa: something or smell something, I mean with me. There was probably a troubling bar in my pocket, because it usually but it wasn't me they were going after. So they're super smart, I mean. Let's just

00:35:36.590 --> 00:35:51.590 Eileen Shanahan: they love peppermints. Anything like that mince, I remember for the movie, the black stallion. I remember the kid who's feeding sugar cubes.

00:35:51.600 --> 00:35:53.590 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, we have to.

00:35:53.600 --> 00:36:06.590 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, that's wild. They have a sweet tooth. Um, I wanted to ask about. So you have another organization, iron Horse field. That's me that's just my business.

00:36:06.600 --> 00:36:17.740 Eileen Shanahan: Oh, oh, okay. So what is your business? Let's talk about it and post-trading some people again. It just grew into this it wasn't something that Company's okay. Okay.

00:36:27.400 --> 00:36:29.060 Valerie Heffron: Um, yeah,

00:36:29.070 --> 00:36:32.479 Eileen Shanahan: you know, I mean with Laurie Ranch, and became part of that

00:36:32.490 --> 00:36:50.389 Eileen Shanahan: she's doing a hero offering the services to someone who let's say that they live out there a lot of people, more people that I think it's subject right, have courses for where they house them in Sub: I. Okay, they they're all this. I don't know what is the one? They're a lot natural. This is probably something that you know.

00:36:50.400 --> 00:36:51.989 Tommy DiMisa: It's a lot of words

00:36:52.000 --> 00:37:11.430 Eileen Shanahan: it has more wide-open fields, or whatever. But I don't know, anyway. Yeah, Um. But also so okay, let's say I move to Calverton and I get a horse, and I don't know what the heck i'm doing. So I call you. Help me train the horse. And what is that training in compass like? Besides, I guess

00:37:11.440 --> 00:37:13.790 Valerie Heffron: Well, I won't even guess.

00:37:13.800 --> 00:37:20.629 Eileen Shanahan: Well, I try to help you to understand how to relate to the horse, to to help mute all that groundwork.

00:37:20.640 --> 00:37:33.949 Eileen Shanahan: Well, you know the groundwork, help you bond with yours. It's It's It's It's pretty amazing to see that you know that connection. Getting on that backs and riding. I mean it. Listen. I. I learned that my whole life growing up,

00:37:33.960 --> 00:37:46.989 Eileen Shanahan: you know, but once I found out about you know the round of the National Horsemanship. It's a whole other world that i'm so glad. I'm very lucky I fell into that, because I don't think i'd be where I am right now.

00:37:47.000 --> 00:38:05.289 Eileen Shanahan: It's pretty amazing. It's about a partnership. It's really it really is, and and they like it. They don't like that work, you know they have on on the ground and and and stuff like that for you back and everything you do on the ground doesn't fly in the saddle. It makes a much nice. Of course

00:38:05.300 --> 00:38:10.090 Eileen Shanahan: it sounds familiar in the sense of uh, Caesar Milan right

00:38:10.100 --> 00:38:15.490 Eileen Shanahan: sure acting, and he always says he says, i'm here to train the people.

00:38:32.940 --> 00:38:44.390 Eileen Shanahan: It's it's it's easier to eat me like my like out of bars in about it. No, I did. It's so. Yeah, no, it's like they're already who they are. Yeah,

00:38:44.400 --> 00:38:51.789 Eileen Shanahan: that's that's what makes it so worthwhile? Yeah, no. My horse sees me he winning. He's like, you know It's it's really cool. They're fun.

00:38:51.800 --> 00:38:53.590 Tommy DiMisa: That's more than a two hour.

00:38:53.600 --> 00:38:58.290 Tommy DiMisa: That's how we That's actually how we got Mickey now. But we were at the Roosevelt Field ball, anyway,

00:38:58.300 --> 00:39:10.589 Tommy DiMisa: and it was a little true. I winked at us, and then I had at least, if I went I mean, I guess that's less of a challenge than if I went to like. You know, warrior angel force waked at me, and then, Now I have a

00:39:29.500 --> 00:39:30.889 Tommy DiMisa: we're trying to.

00:39:30.900 --> 00:39:32.189 Tommy DiMisa: You have to do it,

00:39:32.200 --> 00:39:37.029 Tommy DiMisa: and they drive, they drive parts. Would you imagine if i'm going like tough

00:39:37.070 --> 00:39:45.189 Tommy DiMisa: like the like, the stop and shop, and i'm like in my little cart, and they drive me there like in. I would need to, though, because I

00:39:45.200 --> 00:39:48.590 Tommy DiMisa: but I like a little big. I think that I mean

00:40:01.300 --> 00:40:02.180 Tommy DiMisa: i'm going to.

00:40:02.290 --> 00:40:03.589 Tommy DiMisa: And then

00:40:03.600 --> 00:40:15.389 Tommy DiMisa: and then what happens like I mean like if I go away for the weekend with my family like I could drop a morph all like old, and I don't West Berry, or I can drop My! It's like. Can you watch my horse for like forty eight hours? A.

00:40:21.400 --> 00:40:35.089 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, yes, and all serious news very. It's a big commitment. If you're going to keep them at your house. You need to have a support system that when you do go away on vacation or able to take care of them,

00:40:35.100 --> 00:40:58.700 Tommy DiMisa: you know, worth there. Yeah, cause it's not like It's not like we are. We are really joking. I don't know that much. But like if we were serious about it, I know, like I could be like Val I'm leaving to go somewhere in an hour, and she would like fly here.

00:40:58.880 --> 00:40:59.689 Tommy DiMisa: What

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:28.249 Tommy DiMisa: knocking people over, knocked out of the way, so she didn't watch my horse. I would fly There

00:41:28.260 --> 00:41:29.090 Eileen Shanahan: we're looking for both,

00:41:29.100 --> 00:41:41.150 Tommy DiMisa: so that's the repurposing, and I have a question about writing, but like that's the repurposing angle, right? Like It's not just yeah. They're coming to the ranch to to learn different things like you talked about with.

00:41:41.160 --> 00:41:49.890 Tommy DiMisa: Was it, Sully? I think it was Sally you were talking about gina like how you train him on certain things that he didn't didn't know, but now he's ready to go back out, so it's not always

00:41:49.900 --> 00:41:54.290 Tommy DiMisa: They're not always coming to stay at the ranch forever, or are they any coming to the branch to stay forever.

00:41:54.300 --> 00:42:14.290 Eileen Shanahan: No, no, not really. The purposes, is again to almost lack of better word. It's a revolving door, but not fast. They don't go out until they're fully ready. And um! That's why our veterans and first responders comment. They help, and now they help rescue that course, too. That you're like a long-term, Buster.

00:42:14.300 --> 00:42:24.690 Eileen Shanahan: Ah, it depends on the course like right Now, we've had these guys for a year. So yeah, So but that's okay. Now they're ready to go. We want to make sure that they were safe, and you know

00:42:24.700 --> 00:42:34.689 Eileen Shanahan: it takes a while it doesn't it doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen in a month, two months, three months. You have to really have time and to retrain and make them safer for people.

00:42:34.700 --> 00:42:35.589 Valerie Heffron: But there,

00:42:35.600 --> 00:42:41.689 Eileen Shanahan: yeah, and we want them to be with the family that's going to love them and hold on to them that's under.

00:42:41.700 --> 00:42:47.089 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, yeah, and we do keep in touch with them, because if it doesn't work out, we'll take them back.

00:42:47.100 --> 00:43:01.420 Tommy DiMisa: Ah, see, I love that. See, that is, I mean the the pillar, One of the fundamental differences in in any you know world of rescue, um, or even breeding. But you know, to stand by the animals and say,

00:43:01.430 --> 00:43:17.779 Eileen Shanahan: if if you, for whatever reason, financial hardship, or someone's sick, no longer able to care for the channels they're coming back to us. Um! That is, that's in my humble opinion, very important. You don't want them to end up where they are.

00:43:17.790 --> 00:43:25.690 Eileen Shanahan: That's real rescue. Um! I wanted to ask you the retreats that you do.

00:43:25.700 --> 00:43:39.170 Valerie Heffron: Let's talk about that to as if we're speaking to a veteran right now what i'm about. Well, i'm not about it. But if I were a veteran and I'm, you know, interested in a retreat and getting involved. What does that look like for me?

00:43:39.180 --> 00:43:54.290 Eileen Shanahan: Well, what you have to call the retreat application which is on the website, and that's just so. We have some background information on the uh participant. Um. So so we can tailor the program, you know. Sometimes we'll match people up with certain things. And just so we have a background.

00:43:54.300 --> 00:44:09.840 Eileen Shanahan: What kind of background? I'm. Just curious like, Is it like a credit track, or it's under for a check. But we need to know, because we are specifically for veterans And first responders. Okay, we need the proof that you are. You say you're out there right

00:44:09.850 --> 00:44:14.600 Eileen Shanahan: that number one. And if there's any type of

00:44:14.900 --> 00:44:43.890 Eileen Shanahan: ah substance, abuse, or some past history or something, we just kind of need to know about it. So we need a So we're prepared right? And so we do also have a mental health person that that ah will be there in case something happens, and we don't know how to handle it, because we're equine people. We're not mental health. Ah, professionals! So we are mental health, professional. Ah, stand by because the people come on their shoes. I mean they have pts. They They may be fine, but other people may have pts,

00:44:43.900 --> 00:45:00.090 Eileen Shanahan: you know. So there are certain issues that we need to be prepared for. Right. You know, someone's like really suicidal. We need to know that because that doesn't, and there's serious things that that do come up, and we have to be prepared for that. And if somebody has an injury or a handicap

00:45:00.100 --> 00:45:21.500 Eileen Shanahan: and pair the horse for that. If somebody's on purchase or in a wheelchair, the horse needs to prepare for that, because, of course, I've never seen a wheelchair that can scoop the horse, I mean. I've been on trail rides, and there's a some pushing a baby carriage. My horse was like, Oh, my God! Where is that? He started snorting it back now, and so we just

00:45:21.510 --> 00:45:30.189 Eileen Shanahan: then, we just, you know, slowly went by. But we have to introduce the horses to certain things. Somebody's got a prosthetic or a crotch, or something like that.

00:45:30.200 --> 00:45:45.649 Eileen Shanahan: This really great information I you know this is real preparation, and that's ah! I love what you said before about, you know, not not allowing there's no room for stolen valor. I appreciate that tremendously. Yeah, that's fantastic.

00:45:45.660 --> 00:45:53.189 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah. And a job guys, and that we have another horse. I don't know if we're going to break or not. But we have another horse. We'd love to talk about.

00:45:53.200 --> 00:45:57.289 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, yeah, who's that? Maybe I can't show pictures. Is the main Ranger.

00:45:57.300 --> 00:45:59.089 Eileen Shanahan: Um, he should

00:45:59.100 --> 00:46:01.789 Tommy DiMisa: top left. I'm gonna I'll show them

00:46:01.800 --> 00:46:03.290 Tommy DiMisa: you sell them. I'll show them

00:46:03.300 --> 00:46:06.390 Eileen Shanahan: Ranger's the best he's uh okay, Is he on the web?

00:46:06.400 --> 00:46:07.789 Eileen Shanahan: He should be?

00:46:07.800 --> 00:46:09.790 Tommy DiMisa: I got one that says

00:46:09.800 --> 00:46:11.290 Eileen Shanahan: he's our newest one.

00:46:11.300 --> 00:46:12.310 Tommy DiMisa: It's It's it.

00:46:12.320 --> 00:46:13.289 Tommy DiMisa: This is him right

00:46:13.300 --> 00:46:15.389 Eileen Shanahan: That's it. Oh,

00:46:15.400 --> 00:46:16.189 Eileen Shanahan: yeah,

00:46:16.200 --> 00:46:20.989 Eileen Shanahan: yeah, that might have been like the first day. Yeah, Adam: Wow. Yeah, That was when we very first got him

00:46:21.000 --> 00:46:22.890 Tommy DiMisa: There's only a couple of pictures of him on here.

00:46:22.900 --> 00:46:32.839 Eileen Shanahan: He's a beautiful quarter wars. When we got him there was some inaccurate information that we received, and so he's been.

00:46:33.240 --> 00:46:40.290 Eileen Shanahan: He's had some behavioral issues. A quarter horse corridor. Boris quarter horse. Yeah.

00:46:40.300 --> 00:46:43.390 Eileen Shanahan: They're like the labradors of the horse world.

00:46:43.400 --> 00:46:51.139 Eileen Shanahan: They're great. They're They're They're fantastic. They're like a little versus of college. But anyway, so we got them.

00:46:51.150 --> 00:47:20.680 Eileen Shanahan: He had some behavioral issues like he fucked, and things like that. Um! And Sheena again did a phenomenal job that you want to talk about. But so she did a great job with him. But there are still some issues, and we'll get to that well again. Um! Somebody approached us about this. We didn't go and get him from the rescue, although he was rescued from the rescue, and he was only killed that he was like, so they couldn't handle having this course. It wasn't a good thing for them,

00:47:20.690 --> 00:47:31.989 Eileen Shanahan: because he had these issues, but they really didn't understand it. Anyway, they contacted that lean, and he went to go up in him, and I was like, Yeah, it's up my ground, you know. It's like, I see the potential in the air.

00:47:32.000 --> 00:47:32.589 Yeah.

00:47:32.600 --> 00:47:52.359 Eileen Shanahan: And as time was again wrong information here and there, because people just don't know, you know, to maintain these animals, and again they said he was fucking, and he brought this person off that person off. They put a lot of groundwork into him, and I definitely

00:47:52.370 --> 00:48:12.889 Eileen Shanahan: see improvement. Then things started to go backwards. It was like seeing I I kept saying, I feel like this course. Has He's got pain like a lot of pain in him like It's just in his body somewhere in his face like he was just getting worse instead of getting that like he got better. And then,

00:48:12.900 --> 00:48:21.179 Eileen Shanahan: anyway, we just had this great vet, Kathy and Nick, that Puerto Rico, my the saddle and toler for that game. So not all horse. His mouth.

00:48:49.730 --> 00:48:56.989 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, he was bing on his door. He wasn't really eating properly because his job was yeah,

00:48:57.000 --> 00:48:58.690 Tommy DiMisa: he was. He was uncomfortable.

00:49:11.000 --> 00:49:11.689 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, yeah,

00:49:11.700 --> 00:49:18.939 Tommy DiMisa: where? And I want to find out to Valerie's point Where is his forever home in your mind like who is the fit? Because it sounds like he's in

00:49:19.410 --> 00:49:28.069 Tommy DiMisa: on the men and ready to roll. We do have to our fearless producer. Dylan is telling us you guys got to take a break, So, Dylan, we're taking a break. We'll be right back,

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00:51:26.760 --> 00:51:35.200 Tommy DiMisa: hey? We are back. Welcome back, Val. Shut out the compassion. What is real quick? I? You probably have some stuff you want to say about it, and then we will get back with our guests.

00:51:35.360 --> 00:51:50.520 Valerie Heffron: Um! The compassion awards is the inaugural event. We want to make this an annual event. I have no doubt at this point it will be where we are actually highlighting and recognizing three

00:51:50.530 --> 00:52:10.009 Valerie Heffron: local Long Island heroes who are groups on the ground involved with animal rescues, Cnr. Animal advocacy. And there's nothing like this. As far as I know, we have donations coming in from some corporations to support those rescues. We have incredible sponsors. We just picked up

00:52:10.130 --> 00:52:39.699 Valerie Heffron: today our most recent sponsor. Thank you, Rob Tucker, from the kena and shop relocation. Um! He offers all raw food for cats and dogs, and Um! He's just an incredible resource for health. In fact, I was asking him about what I should be feeding my cat, who, I to find out, has diabetes two days ago. That's another story, um, anyway. So the t nine shop will be there. They'll have a table along with our other

00:52:39.710 --> 00:52:55.059 Valerie Heffron: sponsors who we have been mentioning every week. But if you want to be in a room full of amazing animal lovers, pet parents, and some people who are in the pet industry. Um! This is the place to be October eleventh

00:52:55.070 --> 00:53:07.889 Valerie Heffron: at the Refuge in Melville. You can get your tickets at www dot com that's al python not underscore show Com.

00:53:07.900 --> 00:53:12.690 Tommy DiMisa: They'll be pet working, I understand. There'll be some pet working.

00:53:12.700 --> 00:53:16.600 Tommy DiMisa: Shout out to our friend Rob, Talk of Rob! We are so excited about entering this

00:53:16.780 --> 00:53:31.390 Tommy DiMisa: partnership with you. I don't. I just said it before on the call that I just see what cool things we're gonna do over the next couple of years. Yeah. Oh, there's a dog on the show. That's it.

00:53:31.630 --> 00:53:34.090 Eileen Shanahan: That's sunshine. She was. Okay,

00:53:34.100 --> 00:53:37.919 Eileen Shanahan: alright. Guys. No, that's okay. I love that. It's a great name.

00:53:38.370 --> 00:53:44.470 Tommy DiMisa: No? Okay. So how how is uh range you do now?

00:54:04.280 --> 00:54:24.109 Eileen Shanahan: Our death did acupuncture on on a ranger because his back was really very sore a lot of this flip stuff peak from like a hard riding. Some people just ride very hard. They don't warm up their horse. They just put them away. They don't really take care of the teeth. Their homes. They need to be done every six to eight weeks, just like I saw nails grow.

00:54:24.120 --> 00:54:33.240 Eileen Shanahan: But no, no, no, hosts, no horse right? No, we can't let this stuff go like when he even came to us. He had, like a a little bit of a hitch

00:54:33.320 --> 00:54:37.580 Eileen Shanahan: that's all gone. Just correct the chewing. That's Frank

00:54:37.590 --> 00:55:07.459 Tommy DiMisa: and he's he's healing. Now he's we're We're just doing a lot of love and grower, and eventually i'll. I'll just um saddle back his life right now. I want him to just feel right. He's the saddle. He still gets nervous. We see the saddle

00:55:07.470 --> 00:55:08.890 Eileen Shanahan: telling you, and

00:55:08.900 --> 00:55:14.189 Valerie Heffron: for the prior owners either they missed it or they just weren't paying attention,

00:55:14.200 --> 00:55:29.189 Eileen Shanahan: but it wasn't. Yeah, there. There's a few people like the people who we got from. She just ref sheeted us, rescue them. She didn't get so much, and for that, and you know who knows where it happened, but it's just It's just. We want to educate people to our here.

00:55:29.200 --> 00:55:38.059 Eileen Shanahan: You have to look in the horses now,

00:55:38.070 --> 00:55:53.889 Eileen Shanahan: but the teeth are more just like they are for us.

00:55:53.900 --> 00:56:12.790 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, so it But he's a good boy. He's sweet. He he's got the kindest eyes. He'll folly around like Bobby. Don't. D Gina does great groundwork with him. He circles around her like she'll stay there. He's out on line, and she'll tell him, and he just circles around and she'll

00:56:12.800 --> 00:56:24.589 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, but he um, you know. But she also starts strong in your job behind her follower.

00:56:24.600 --> 00:56:27.589 Eileen Shanahan: Yeah, Yeah, i'll go down

00:56:27.600 --> 00:56:32.690 Eileen Shanahan: again. Well, it's not just at all adorable. We leave Yeah, He needs to go to the

00:56:32.700 --> 00:56:50.290 Eileen Shanahan: He said something very important. I mean, he needs to be a horse. He needs to know. People use them like their machines, you know. I hate to say it, but it signed up. It's all about the ride. Let's get on a ride, and then they they ride hard and

00:56:50.300 --> 00:56:57.189 Tommy DiMisa: they're athletes, you know they're like us. I feel what we feel. We we get active function. We go to Chiropract, and we go to doctors right.

00:56:57.200 --> 00:57:13.510 Eileen Shanahan: My husband's gonna love you. It's the only sport where your equipment has emotions.

00:57:13.710 --> 00:57:15.790 Tommy DiMisa: He let all of them.

00:57:15.800 --> 00:57:22.589 Tommy DiMisa: That's That's a good thing for golf clubs, because

00:57:22.600 --> 00:57:26.389 Tommy DiMisa: you don't have any feelings, because that would

00:57:26.400 --> 00:57:32.390 Tommy DiMisa: believe it or not we That is an hour. We have to leave it there. That is how this show goes. Oh, my second

00:57:32.400 --> 00:57:45.490 Tommy DiMisa: October second at the Warrior Ranch Foundation in Calvert to get out there for the harvest East End. I i'm figuring out I will be there that day. I

00:57:45.500 --> 00:57:56.089 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, that's right. That until we got it we'll talk about the other thing. But Also, please go on. The website and don't need

00:57:56.100 --> 00:58:04.389 Tommy DiMisa: on the show of Holy Cow. Val. I have to get my quote next week on the show is Bonnie Claver. Why, don't you talk about that for ten seconds, so I can get my full. Valerie

00:58:04.400 --> 00:58:23.389 Valerie Heffron: Honey Clapper is an incredible animal act and attorney, animal Rights welfare attorney, and she's involved in a lot of successful fights, including um helping a small animal rescue when all animals were stranded in school. Anyway, she's amazing, and I can't wait to.

00:58:23.400 --> 00:58:39.890 Tommy DiMisa: We will have our own next week in his total commitment to non-violence I grab one of my business cards here, because it's on the back of the business card. Everybody is totally non-violence. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated. Bahama Gandhi make it a great day.

00:58:39.900 --> 00:58:43.640 Yay Gandhi.

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