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Thursday, September 15, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/15 - Nightmare Success

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/15 - Nightmare Success


2022/09/15 - Nightmare Success

[NEW EPISODE] Nightmare Success


Join Brent and Sam as they discuss how even in the worst situations, we can find a way to thrive.


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Speaker and Author, Brent Cassity. 

Brent was an innovative CEO of Forever Enterprises, where he grew from a regional company to a national company operating in over 22 states. Brent was recognized by the national media; TIME, Fortune, and Wall Street Journal, to name a few. HBO even did a documentary that spawned the TV series "Six Feet Under." Just when he thought he had it all, he lost it all and found himself standing at the Gates of Leavenworth Prison to serve a 5-year sentence.

He has coined the phrase "Nightmare Success" as the title of his book, because everything you want in life is on the other side of fear.  So, what key will unlock the prison of your mind to set yourself free? Brent is an engaging storyteller who has a real-life transformational story. The 5 rules that helped him survive prison are tools you can use for life and business.


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Show Notes

Segment  1

Sam reads a section from his book, Everyday Awakening; entitled Communication is the Key to All Our Relationships. He tells his audience the inspiration behind this section and encourages us to communicate more effectively. Sam wrote this section because he wanted to emphasize the importance of communication. Sam shares a personal story of a time he and a friend struggled with miscommunication, and it wasn’t until it was acknowledged that they could see a different perspective. A tool that Sam suggests using is reflection. He says to reflect on what you heard from the communicator to ensure you interpreted the conversation correctly. Sam welcomes author and speaker Brent Cassity. Brent is the author of the book, Nightmare Success. He also hosts a popular podcast, Nightmare Success In and Out. Sam shares a little of Brent's background and talks about his career. Brent shares his experience as a CEO at Forever Enterprise. He tells Sam how he got the position and describes what kind of company to expect out of Forever Enterprise.

Segment 2

After the break, Brent continues to discuss how his father ended up in prison for six months when Brent was just fifteen. Brent spoke highly of his father and shared that when his father was released from jail, he was able to save one of his businesses and help it flourish. He tells Sam how he built multiple businesses with his father and brother, which led him to purchase cemeteries. There was a hiccup that occurred in the company that put Brent in an unfortunate situation, requiring him to serve a five-year sentence. Brent talks about the journey and how he was tired and worn out from the fight by the end that he decided to take the plea deal.

Segment 3

Brent shares his experience getting processed in prison and the shift in how guards and inmates treated him. His bunkmate took him under his wing and showed him the ropes. Sam asks Brent if there was a moment in prison he thought he wouldn’t make it. Many times, but Brent found a support system that helped him get through his sentence. There was a time where Brent offended an inmate and led to a fistfight. Brent realized he was in a different environment and had to change his way of communicating. The prison environment thrives off of respect, so you will have an easier time if there is mutual respect. Sam asks Brent what the most shocking thing about prison is. Brent was surprised to find out that some of the inmates were good guys.

Segment 4

Sam asks Brent what he felt when he was released from prison. Brent says he felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Brent discusses the contrast between coming into prison and feeling alone to being released and being greeted by his family. Sam and Brent discuss life in prison and how Brent survived his five-year sentence. Brent shares how he reintegrated into society and built a new life for himself. He wanted to use his story to help others going through similar situations. Brent talks about the origins of his podcast and how he was inspired to talk to other inmates and share their stories. If you would like to learn more about Brent you can find more information at


00:00:32.210 --> 00:01:02.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Wherever you're listening from today. Welcome to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. Um! Explain why I'm changing my opening a little bit later. Um! So welcome everybody to Today's show. I've got a wonderful guest in store for you. I'm really excited. We've got some some new developments here at talk radio at Nyc and Um, wherever you may be listening to us from.

00:01:02.030 --> 00:01:30.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And I just want to remind people that we are now live streaming our video to our Youtube Channel. So please go to Ah, Youtube, dot com slash. Ah, talking alternative. If you'd like to see the video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. That would be totally awesome, all right. So i'm really excited about my guest. So let me get to this little section of my book. Um before I introduce my guest.

00:01:30.290 --> 00:01:34.689 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I'm excited about, and so let me get through this so I can bring them on board real quick,

00:01:34.700 --> 00:01:48.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: all right. Ah! The section of my book Everyday Awakening again. You always get it at Everyday Awakening Book. Dot Com. This section of the book is called communication is the key to all of our relationships.

00:01:48.530 --> 00:02:03.830 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You've heard it before, but it bears repeating communication is key. It is the key to all of our relationships for a number of reasons, regardless of the situation, the relationship, or the business.

00:02:04.080 --> 00:02:13.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Most of the time we think we know what the other person has meant, and we think we know exactly what we meant when we had a conversation.

00:02:13.790 --> 00:02:27.919 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, if we check in with each other with each other, weeks, days, or even hours later, we may find that our understanding is not as clear or as accurate as we thought it was.

00:02:28.520 --> 00:02:46.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: More relationships have been broken, more partnerships have dissolved, more businesses have been lost, because communication was insufficient or not maintained. As time went on and things heard were not repeated for clarity

00:02:47.470 --> 00:02:50.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: then from any other cause,

00:02:51.070 --> 00:02:59.769 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: is helpful, when, having a breakdown of communication, to remember that miscommunication does not happen on purpose,

00:03:00.590 --> 00:03:05.849 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we do not intend to misunderstand someone nor they us.

00:03:06.240 --> 00:03:20.079 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What we hear is merely a reflection of where our consciousness is at a given time. We sometimes forget that things change over time, and with those changes come

00:03:20.770 --> 00:03:26.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: perceptions of what that meant to our original communication.

00:03:26.820 --> 00:03:45.249 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The solution is always the same. Communicate often communicate constantly, and revisit all communication over time. It may serve us more. It may save us more than a few headaches.

00:03:45.260 --> 00:03:49.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So where can you be communicating more in your life

00:03:49.550 --> 00:03:52.879 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: at home, at the office with a friend.

00:03:53.190 --> 00:03:57.369 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So I wrote this section of my book a while ago.

00:03:58.260 --> 00:04:17.519 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Um, because I was reflecting on there was something that happened. I can't remember exactly what it was at the time now, but something had happened, and somebody had gotten a completely different meaning of by by by by the situation that than I had met,

00:04:17.899 --> 00:04:34.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and it was probably a week or two later. We finally sat down, and we discussed it and talked about it, and it was like No, that's not what I meant. And and but you said this. No, that was what I meant, and and we we talked about it more, and it was like, Oh, my God! We both

00:04:34.080 --> 00:04:54.130 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: completely different perspectives of what was being said, and and not just what what the other person is, and they're like No, that's not what I meant, and i'm like no, that's not what I meant. It was just so amazing how cloudy the communication was when we thought we had been communicating so clearly

00:04:55.030 --> 00:05:09.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so that was a real lesson for me. And then I started to sort of check in a little bit, you know, mostly with my wife, because it's the closest relationship. But with other people too. And over time I find that it's so easy to

00:05:10.300 --> 00:05:19.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: have a different interpretation, or a different view of what was said and what was meant by what was said.

00:05:20.660 --> 00:05:30.910 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so, but and especially in in coaching all the people that I coach, and especially with with doing my classes around podcasting and other stuff.

00:05:31.030 --> 00:05:34.049 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I find it so often.

00:05:34.250 --> 00:05:40.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We believe that we are communicating clearly and in our own minds we are

00:05:48.390 --> 00:05:55.349 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so that there's a wonderful technique, and I and I try and you remember to use it as often as possible.

00:05:55.940 --> 00:06:06.639 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It's called reflection. Reflect back to the person you're communicating with what you just heard from them to make sure that it's really what they meant, and what they said.

00:06:07.510 --> 00:06:12.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So when someone says something when you're in an important discussion, and someone says something,

00:06:13.970 --> 00:06:19.699 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's so important to say, Okay, So if i'm hearing you properly. This is what you said,

00:06:19.840 --> 00:06:24.660 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and say back exactly what you believe they meant by what they said they,

00:06:24.960 --> 00:06:34.959 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and see what they say, because you might be surprised, they might say, Well, no, no, no, that's not it. But well, not exactly What I really mean is this,

00:06:36.280 --> 00:06:54.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and I tell you I've coached people over the years on different kinds of relationships, business relationships, personal relationships, partnerships, all kinds of things. And so often I cannot believe how many problems come up because the communication was either inconsistent, not clear or not enough.

00:06:54.970 --> 00:06:58.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So I really felt important, and and

00:06:58.600 --> 00:07:09.729 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: maybe I didn't do as good a job in this section as in other sections. But I really wanted to emphasize how important communication is, because it's something we take so for granted.

00:07:10.420 --> 00:07:17.209 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet it's something that is actually the thing we should take the least for granted that we

00:07:17.340 --> 00:07:36.769 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: really it will serve us and save us from so many problems and so many headaches. If we're just more clear and and and even over communicate, it's almost better to over communicate than under communicate. Um, I mean you might annoy the person a little bit, but at least you're making sure.

00:07:37.120 --> 00:07:40.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Let the two of you understand each other so

00:07:41.220 --> 00:07:52.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so that that's my my section of my book Everyday Awakening for this week. You can find it at Www. Dot everyday awakening Book Com. That will just

00:07:52.300 --> 00:07:57.879 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: take you straight to the link on Amazon, and and if you

00:07:57.890 --> 00:08:23.299 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like me and you like to support small independent bookstores, go in and ask them, do they have every day awakening from Sam Leewood's, and if they don't, they can order it because we're in major distributors. So any bookstore can get this book you just may have to ask them for it if you don't see it there. So um hope you enjoyed that section. Ah, a very important one, especially in in today's day and age. I feel

00:08:23.680 --> 00:08:28.439 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: all right now. It is my pleasure to welcome to the show

00:08:28.520 --> 00:08:46.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Author and Speaker Brent. Cassidy Brent is the author of the book. Nightmare success, loyalty, betrayal, life behind bars, adapting and finally breaking free a memoir. He's also the host of the growing popular podcast nightmare Success in and out

00:08:46.160 --> 00:09:15.739 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Brent was an innovative Ceo of forever enterprises, a national company which he grew from a regional company to operating in twenty two States. He was recognized by the national media places like time. Cnn. Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal. But she was on even a cover story on of entertainment tonight, just to name a few, and Hbo even did a documentary about him called the Young and the Dead, that end up sponing the popular Hbo series, six feet on really like next year's.

00:09:15.750 --> 00:09:24.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: When he thought he had it all, he lost it, and found himself standing at the gates of Leavenworth to serve a five-year sentence.

00:09:24.700 --> 00:09:35.449 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What happens when your worst fear becomes your reality. He has coined the phrase nightmare success, because everything you want is on the other side of fear.

00:09:35.500 --> 00:09:43.079 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How did that one thing happen that Brent feared most. The one thing he said would never happen to him Happen

00:09:43.750 --> 00:09:49.740 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Rent, welcome to the conscious consult. Now. I've been looking forward to this conversation for a while.

00:09:49.750 --> 00:09:58.689 Brent Casssity: Me, too, Sam. I'm really happy to be here and and now, after you've read that in, and then you did your Intro. We've got to do some good communication Right?

00:09:58.700 --> 00:10:05.589 Brent Casssity: Exactly. Exactly. So if i'm asking you a few extra questions, you know what? I exactly

00:10:05.770 --> 00:10:09.089 Brent Casssity: all right. So um

00:10:09.100 --> 00:10:14.459 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: always like to try and give the audience a little bit of a background. So

00:10:14.900 --> 00:10:24.410 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: how did you become first of all, Ceo of forever enterprises? What kind of company, was it? And and and what was that experience like like growing it to a national company?

00:10:24.420 --> 00:10:38.259 Brent Casssity: Well, it was. It was a family company, Sam So, interestingly enough, how I became the Ceo of my dad was actually the founder of this company, and

00:10:38.450 --> 00:11:06.249 Brent Casssity: as as it grew um, I I kind of had a fork in the road. I was going to be a trial attorney, and I was, you know, just you know. I figured it all out. Political science going to do the thing, and the one, and I had a pretty good grade point averaging in college at Three Point four, but I I registered on the dum dumpscale when I came to take a standardized test, and I just couldn't get past the Lh. T. So I took a pork in the road and said, Dad,

00:11:06.570 --> 00:11:08.020 Brent Casssity: here I am.

00:11:08.060 --> 00:11:10.720 Brent Casssity: What do you think about me coming into the business?

00:11:10.740 --> 00:11:18.320 Brent Casssity: I wanted to start at the ground floor, and I didn't want to be the founder's son and Salis. So I went down, and he said, Well,

00:11:18.360 --> 00:11:34.260 Brent Casssity: I said, like to go somewhere, dad, to pass, fail, and you know not. Just see if I can make this work. And he said, Well, we've got a new place in Texas in Austin. Sign a new place down there. That's yours if you want it, I said, i'll take it.

00:11:34.290 --> 00:11:38.000 Brent Casssity: That's how I got started, so our

00:11:38.240 --> 00:11:55.100 Brent Casssity: our company, if you take it back a little bit um. I I grew up with a dad that was somebody that I idolized. He was one of those guys that was bigger than life. He was, you know, he was Ev Victorian, his high school. He won the State championship and basketball.

00:11:55.110 --> 00:12:06.940 Brent Casssity: He went to play D one in Missouri State and basketball and track. He zoomed out of there, and when the law school graduated number one in his class, and then he won some big cases and got into business.

00:12:07.090 --> 00:12:13.800 Brent Casssity: So, as a kid I was like man, you know. I remember just thinking I want to be just like him,

00:12:13.910 --> 00:12:31.789 Brent Casssity: and my dad had a hiccup. Pretty good seic up when I was fifteen years old, and and he had a bank one of his investments, and he told the Government that he'd run the bank, and they'd run. He mean they need to run the government, and they didn't end up. Well,

00:12:31.800 --> 00:12:33.099 Brent Casssity: they had in about

00:12:33.200 --> 00:12:40.030 Brent Casssity: sleep pleading, he ended up eventually had six months in prison,

00:12:40.060 --> 00:12:55.680 Brent Casssity: and as a as a fifteen year old kid. I said about this. This. We we moved from Sprinkle to St. Louis, and my whole world changed at that time, and it was an odd time to Sam, from the standpoint that

00:12:55.800 --> 00:13:10.859 Brent Casssity: you know you move into a new place, and your dad's going to prison. And then there's these questions of Where's the dad? Is the mama widow, is she? And you know, divorced. So you had all that going on. But I do remember when you talked about it in the Intro, when

00:13:11.560 --> 00:13:14.630 Brent Casssity: when I visited my dad in prison,

00:13:15.280 --> 00:13:32.080 Brent Casssity: you know I remember the visit, and it was so hard to see him in there. But I remember when we were leaving there was a couple of things I can't believe that we're that family now that we go on the weekends to visit my dad. Second thing was that'll never happen to me.

00:13:32.090 --> 00:13:50.549 Brent Casssity: Yeah, yeah, never happened to me all right. So so let's let's hold it there for a moment. Now you you really looked up to your dad didn't you like like your dad was really, you know, some a large figure in your life, and and this was something that you really shocked you, I imagine, as a kid.

00:13:51.130 --> 00:13:52.590 Brent Casssity: Oh, absolutely.

00:13:52.600 --> 00:14:04.520 Brent Casssity: I mean, how does the Golden child with the Golden Touch end up going to prison? I mean. It was. I just remember my dad telling me this, and I could even hear

00:14:04.530 --> 00:14:34.210 Brent Casssity: what he was saying. It was like a haze that he was. It didn't make any sense to me. Hmm, All right, All right cool. Let's hold it there. We're not finished with the story yet, but we gotta um take a quick break for a moment, and and when we come back. Let's talk about Okay, Dad ended up in prison. You know what happened next, And then you know what was your path and and and how did you end up uh standing in front of the gates of Leavenworth? The place that you said

00:14:34.220 --> 00:14:37.970 Brent Casssity: that you would never be Okay, friend, sounds good,

00:14:37.980 --> 00:15:07.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: awesome. So everybody, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant now awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday, twelve, new and Eastern time here in New York city and on Kmt. Radio in Southern California at ten A. M. Pacific time on Wednesday. Yes, we're being streamed uh on Kmt. And California. I'm really thrilled to have them as an affiliate. Uh. So that's why it's no longer Just good afternoon. Good morning.

00:15:07.300 --> 00:15:10.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Knows where you listening to from, so we will be right back

00:15:10.840 --> 00:15:12.630 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: after this quick break.

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00:17:28.960 --> 00:17:37.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back. We're speaking this hour with Brent Cassidy, author of the Book Nightmare Success. So, Brent,

00:17:37.600 --> 00:17:41.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when we last left off your dad is in prison because of

00:17:41.930 --> 00:17:51.189 Brent Casssity: I mean he probably could have avoided it had he communicated a little bit more. That's what I was thinking. Communication was bad.

00:17:51.200 --> 00:17:57.780 Brent Casssity: Yeah, but he eventually did get out of prison right? I mean right. It wasn't forever.

00:17:58.300 --> 00:18:18.200 Brent Casssity: And I was going to say any any again. He hit the ground running. There There was one company that was saved out of the whole nest, and it was called National Pre-range Services, and it was a very unsexy company, but with a very real idea of people taking care of their funeral arrangements ahead of time,

00:18:18.210 --> 00:18:22.220 Brent Casssity: then freezing the cost of that that would take the burden off their family.

00:18:22.810 --> 00:18:39.529 Brent Casssity: It was a newer concept, and but it survived because Dad had put that in a family trust of of my mom, my brother and me. And so when he came out he started building that, and ten years after, I actually came into that company,

00:18:39.750 --> 00:18:54.070 Brent Casssity: and I had done some sales in the past, and I kind of liked sales. It kind of felt like it. Felt like sports, you know. You keep score it didn't matter how old you were, and you're good, you're good, you you you know you, you you you your own way. Everybody keeps score.

00:18:54.080 --> 00:19:06.790 Brent Casssity: So um! I came into the company, and I happened to be really good at what I was doing, and at twenty-five years old I had grown a region. My dad wanted to

00:19:06.800 --> 00:19:24.809 Brent Casssity: move into our other company that we had gotten into with with insurance, because when we did a contract it would be funded by insurance. So that was his world. My brother came in a few years later, and he was more on the technology and and forever Enterprises

00:19:24.820 --> 00:19:36.670 Brent Casssity: was a company that was born out of a a family idea of doing life stories on people's lives, you know, presidents and movie stars,

00:19:36.680 --> 00:19:56.290 Brent Casssity: just as we're seeing right now with Queen Elizabeth. You see the highlights of their life. We said, Why, Don't, why is it somebody being a filmmaker for your mom, your dad, your grandparents? So we got into that business started buying cemeteries, and the idea was is to go to the people who own cemetery, probably because a lot of people bought cemetery property before they died,

00:19:56.300 --> 00:20:15.859 Brent Casssity: and we would do life stories, chapter by chapter, go through their scrapbook, get them talking about their their life. And it became a way to basically because There's an old Chinese priv versus when someone dies a library burn. So we wanted to become a library of lives from the community. It was a big idea.

00:20:15.870 --> 00:20:26.330 Brent Casssity: We got a lot of press with it. We one of the reasons why Hbo did a documentary on it. We bought the Hollywood Cemetery out in California and

00:20:26.440 --> 00:20:30.090 Brent Casssity: bringing breathing new life into that cemetery.

00:20:30.240 --> 00:20:38.630 Brent Casssity: But we loved what we were doing. It was a passion uh bringing these stories to people introducing generations to people.

00:20:38.640 --> 00:20:41.099 Brent Casssity: So everything seemed good, Right?

00:20:41.110 --> 00:20:46.489 Brent Casssity: Yeah, I mean a cemetery business. It doesn't seem like you could get into much trouble with that.

00:20:46.500 --> 00:20:48.090 Brent Casssity: You wouldn't think. Yeah.

00:20:48.100 --> 00:20:53.369 Brent Casssity: Well, they eventually, what happened, Sam, was the we. We continued to grow.

00:20:53.850 --> 00:21:09.800 Brent Casssity: Continue to go to the cemetery side, continue to grow the production company and the insurance company with our sales of Prenat continue to grow. The one thing that Guys sideways was is Dad.

00:21:09.810 --> 00:21:25.190 Brent Casssity: He had this thing that he he was, as he was a smart guy, and and being an attorney, he he always, I think, had a chip on his shoulder from being from a small town. But you're not going to. You're not going to push anything you past me. Well, we had a huge, the biggest reinsure in the world,

00:21:25.200 --> 00:21:39.400 Brent Casssity: and they wanted to come back and and renegotiate. A contract was called a reinsurance Contract re insurance, not getting into weeds is just you. You're the smaller company you write the business. They pay you commission for your business, and they take the liability.

00:21:39.410 --> 00:21:41.250 Brent Casssity: All that be you, said Sam.

00:21:41.430 --> 00:21:55.690 Brent Casssity: If it would have been, you know not the sharpest knife in the door. Brent Cassidy of them coming back and say, we need to renegotiate no problem. Let's do. It probably would have cost us a little bit of money, but we all all went on our way.

00:21:55.700 --> 00:22:13.070 Brent Casssity: Dad, on the other hand, said no, and not that, but hell no, so that that put us in a tailspin with a very big company that was about the size of a country. Once once that started happening, we went into arbitration, started leaking out into the other States.

00:22:13.080 --> 00:22:18.959 Brent Casssity: When regulatory bodies smell smoke, they assume a fire, and

00:22:19.220 --> 00:22:36.260 Brent Casssity: we couldn't catch up with the fire, and the narrative was written, The spin was in, and we went around the world. My dad came to me and said, Brett, I can't go talk to these Regulators because i'm an expelling.

00:22:36.520 --> 00:22:43.439 Brent Casssity: I need you to go out and tell the story, and I was Sam. I was one of those things where I had kind of ignored that

00:22:43.580 --> 00:23:01.860 Brent Casssity: part of our business, because that wasn't the business I was interested in right. My problem, my bad. But that had to be. Then the thing that I had to get really up to scale after needed to be tutored on basically to understand what in the world were we doing, and then be able to go out and talk about.

00:23:01.870 --> 00:23:10.490 Brent Casssity: But the thing about it was Sam is. I wanted to do that. I wanted to to save the company. I want to put the Cape on my back. I want to show off for my dad.

00:23:11.830 --> 00:23:19.380 Brent Casssity: It also put me in the direct line of fire, and being the face of the company going and talking to the Regulators the

00:23:19.650 --> 00:23:25.180 Brent Casssity: and we went through six years of an investigation,

00:23:25.280 --> 00:23:32.530 Brent Casssity: I mean. I was not wishing on anybody. It was just a nightmare that just continued to grow.

00:23:32.830 --> 00:23:39.940 Brent Casssity: But you know, in the end you have to figure out where you are. And

00:23:39.960 --> 00:23:41.310 Brent Casssity: um!

00:23:41.330 --> 00:23:42.620 Brent Casssity: There was

00:23:43.050 --> 00:23:48.729 Brent Casssity: they They wrapped around a conspiracy piece which wrapped in it about six people.

00:23:48.830 --> 00:23:50.309 Brent Casssity: Ah, please!

00:23:50.510 --> 00:23:54.500 Brent Casssity: So it was. It was a big case. Got a lot of attention.

00:23:54.510 --> 00:24:06.989 Brent Casssity: I have three daughters that had to live through that we, basically, you know, put a bubble around us and said, You know, let's get through this. We had a lot of support from from friends and family.

00:24:07.000 --> 00:24:10.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So what did they actually end up convicting you on?

00:24:10.170 --> 00:24:16.529 Brent Casssity: Well, my biggest thing was is that I allow the next fellow to work in the business of insurance, which carried a five-year S.

00:24:16.540 --> 00:24:35.380 Brent Casssity: Then the the once they deemed a business to be wrong. It was male fraud. Ah, wire, fraud and money laundering because anything you bought with those dollars which we bought, other things like cemeteries and another insurance company, all those things.

00:24:35.720 --> 00:24:45.129 Brent Casssity: So what they do on that is to to push you into a box. You know you're first working without any money, because you've lost that. But the

00:24:45.170 --> 00:24:58.590 Brent Casssity: ah! They stack those charges so it, you know a a male fraud charge of one male fraud. If you've been in business for thirty years. They can stack that twenty, five times as they want, and those carry twenty year sentences to them.

00:24:58.600 --> 00:25:08.399 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and and the and the felon was your dad, I mean basically the person who started the company. They're saying you shouldn't have led him back.

00:25:08.430 --> 00:25:22.039 Brent Casssity: Yes, and I mean, that was that was another thing, Sam, we should. I should have known the law. I was in a position to know the law in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four. The Congress created a law that said an ex-filant can work in the business of insurance.

00:25:22.160 --> 00:25:38.189 Brent Casssity: Our attorneys didn't talk about it know about it, but it was the law, and it was my job to know, and I take responsibility for all the different things that happen. I should have known more about what we were doing with the insurance company, and you know you know, trust can be,

00:25:38.200 --> 00:25:49.089 Brent Casssity: you know, a wonderful thing, or it can be a knife, and you've got to make sure that you do, and and regardless, if it's whoever it is, you've got to make sure that you know what's going on in your own company.

00:25:49.100 --> 00:25:55.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So when when you finally got sentenced when they finally came up with the verdict, Were you surprised, or were you expecting it?

00:25:56.470 --> 00:25:58.019 Brent Casssity: So I needed a

00:25:58.030 --> 00:26:17.390 Brent Casssity: In the end everybody took a plea, and it's interesting how that all works, I mean. When I had my daughters were old enough to to say, Dad, this has been A. You know, a tsunami of bad you. You can't go, because if if you go to a trial we could lose you forever.

00:26:17.400 --> 00:26:30.679 Brent Casssity: So I I was ready at the time, You know I was tired. I was worn out. I knew that we weren't probably going to be able to get to the the money. Part of it was a big deal,

00:26:31.120 --> 00:26:43.130 Brent Casssity: but I hit a rock bottom that night when I agreed to play, and it was, You know, my my Kit. We had a vacation house in n tuck it, and my they were up there, and I was going to come up there the next day, and

00:26:45.020 --> 00:27:01.089 Brent Casssity: when we got out the phone it was a family phone call. Um, I I really thought, you know, everything's getting my, you know. Tyler and my mom are going to help take care of Julie and and my girls, you know, and I started thinking, Can I live as an expellant?

00:27:01.120 --> 00:27:21.049 Brent Casssity: Um, The rest of my life will I be a stain on my family, my girls, and and maybe, Julie, my wife needs a fresh start, and I was drinking shouldn't have been um and by myself, and so I had another drink, and got out a piece of paper and wrote all this out than to all my friends and the family.

00:27:21.060 --> 00:27:28.480 Brent Casssity: I went, and another trick and went downstairs and turned on the car. And I didn't know if I was gonna go run into a tree. Or is this gonna let it run?

00:27:28.570 --> 00:27:44.800 Brent Casssity: And, Sam? Something hit me like a lightning bolt. It's like, Oh, my God, Brett, what are you doing that you're the guy, hat, glass, half full, guy. This would be the worst way for you to go out. Yeah, what was your kids think? And so at that moment it was like I.

00:27:44.820 --> 00:27:48.660 Brent Casssity: I knew that I had a lot of things in front of me that scared me to death,

00:27:48.790 --> 00:28:05.220 Brent Casssity: but I went from being feeling sorry for myself as a victim to a survivor, and it gave me strength to whatever I was going to step into. I was going to do it in a way that I could make my my, my, my

00:28:05.230 --> 00:28:18.989 Brent Casssity: my wife, my kids, proud of the way I was handling it. And it was really from that moment forward that rock bottom moment was kind of a new beginning for me, Sam, of what was I going to do? Because

00:28:19.000 --> 00:28:26.239 Brent Casssity: the next thing that happened was is, you know I had a plea bargain that went from progress to five years, and I got a five-year sentence.

00:28:26.580 --> 00:28:35.600 Brent Casssity: You wait for a while you find out, you know, in the mail it comes and it says where you're going. And there it was. I'm going to Leavenworth, and I was like, Oh,

00:28:35.920 --> 00:28:39.389 Brent Casssity: uh, Sam, I've heard of that one.

00:28:39.400 --> 00:28:48.189 Brent Casssity: But let me ask you a question. You know I find it fascinating, like most people would think that your rock bottom would have come when you were in prison

00:28:48.200 --> 00:28:51.289 Brent Casssity: actually came before you made it there.

00:28:51.300 --> 00:29:07.699 Brent Casssity: Yes, so that you could You're actually on your way up I was on my way up and in in the thing that I think that because I remember when we went we I went with my mom and my brother and and my wife. We went down the night before

00:29:08.010 --> 00:29:23.209 Brent Casssity: to to Leavenworth, and I remember looking because the lights the sun was going down, and you could kind of see the guys walking the the track around the bob wire fence, and you could kind of see guys walking around all I could think of is that

00:29:23.320 --> 00:29:34.409 Brent Casssity: that on none world I have no idea what that is, and i'm going to be in there tomorrow. It's going to be me that's going to be my life for years, and

00:29:34.660 --> 00:29:42.259 Brent Casssity: I The day that I was standing at that gate, Sam, I I knew that everything that was behind me

00:29:43.030 --> 00:29:59.490 Brent Casssity: was everything I loved, and everything I knew, and everything was that was standing. I was standing in front of that gate was all the unknown, and I had to figure out okay in that situation. What do you do?

00:29:59.500 --> 00:30:03.560 Brent Casssity: What when you, when you're dealing with your worst fear becomes your reality.

00:30:03.910 --> 00:30:05.240 Brent Casssity: What do you do?

00:30:05.250 --> 00:30:15.080 Brent Casssity: And I and I went back to things that I was familiar with. But my my biggest fear was losing me, whatever made me,

00:30:15.160 --> 00:30:26.729 Brent Casssity: and so I used when I Okay, hold it There, hold it there, but let's hold it because we've got to take a little of a short break. You're going to hold it there and then when we come back, let's talk about

00:30:27.060 --> 00:30:33.089 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How did you keep from losing yourself, and what was it like when you faced that unknown.

00:30:33.100 --> 00:30:34.870 Brent Casssity: Yeah, Okay.

00:30:35.210 --> 00:30:47.339 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: All right, everybody. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity, and we will be right back with our guest, Brent Cassidy. In just a moment.

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00:32:50.460 --> 00:33:01.589 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consulting our weakening humanity. So, Brent, you're standing there the gates of Leavenworth you're about to go in.

00:33:01.990 --> 00:33:13.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It must have been such a a emotional and an internal turmoil place for you to be at that time.

00:33:13.530 --> 00:33:21.389 Brent Casssity: Yeah, and you you um, It says if you imagine I mean it's it's It's scary, and you know anything

00:33:21.420 --> 00:33:24.500 Brent Casssity: Walking through something like that is is

00:33:25.280 --> 00:33:36.579 Brent Casssity: about the most humbling thing you can do in your life, and you go in, and they kind of have a way through your process, and to make sure that you understand

00:33:37.070 --> 00:33:55.849 Brent Casssity: how this is going to change, and and who has the power and it you can almost feel. It almost feels like you feel it coming off your scan, your freedom, and you you learn that you don't know what's going on. They're not going to tell you what's going on. You're going to be told when things happen as they happen, and

00:33:56.250 --> 00:33:58.109 Brent Casssity: it was uh,

00:33:58.720 --> 00:34:13.510 Brent Casssity: and you check it, You know. I went to ended up in a minimum camp. But you check into the big, ugly one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine prison in the bowels of the basement there, and they put you in a cell, and you don't know what that means. You don't know

00:34:13.520 --> 00:34:27.080 Brent Casssity: my, you know your first thing is they know i'm not really supposed to be here that I was supposed to be over here, or does it even matter anymore? They So you have all that. But once I got down to the to the prison camp.

00:34:27.150 --> 00:34:29.359 Brent Casssity: Ah, it was

00:34:29.850 --> 00:34:43.990 Brent Casssity: some things happen that I would have never expected. The first thing that happened was, I had a my bunk mate. Was this Hispanic guy that he, you know. Romo just immediately started helping me,

00:34:44.000 --> 00:35:03.170 Brent Casssity: you know. Hey, we got it. We got to clean out your locker. You can't put your stuff in there. You got to make your bed military style. I'm going to show you how to do that. Ah! And and immediately we he was just all hands on, and then he said, And I've got to introduce you to this guy. He's one of you, and I go over, and he introduces me to this guy

00:35:03.180 --> 00:35:12.410 Brent Casssity: that believe it or not, went to the same high school as me in St. Louis, and we both played basketball, and even for it was but within minutes

00:35:12.920 --> 00:35:26.499 Brent Casssity: I thought, Wow! I didn't expect this. I I have people that are. I'm like a you know, just crawling, and they're they're helping me.

00:35:26.510 --> 00:35:44.580 Brent Casssity: So that experience just within that time period, and I was able to make a phone call to Julie and and my girls after I went down to the counselor's office, and that was emotional, because, you know, I wanted to tell her I'm: Okay, i'm gonna be okay, don't worry about it. But the life

00:35:44.590 --> 00:35:50.529 Brent Casssity: in prison is one of those things where you really there's There's two kinds of people that make it in prison.

00:35:50.540 --> 00:35:56.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Just a quick question. Was there ever a moment when you thought when you were in there that you weren't going to be okay?

00:35:56.870 --> 00:35:57.899 Brent Casssity: Yeah,

00:35:58.350 --> 00:35:59.430 Brent Casssity: yeah.

00:35:59.600 --> 00:36:10.390 Brent Casssity: And there was a time period when I was joking around, and it was a guy that had been in prison for fifteen years, and we were at work at the food warehouse.

00:36:10.520 --> 00:36:25.689 Brent Casssity: We were joking. He was joking about how I was driving the forklift, and I made a joke about, and he got angry and came at me and and started punching me, and I found off my ten a fight that was like a seventh or three. But I realized, Brent. Hey,

00:36:25.750 --> 00:36:39.199 Brent Casssity: you're in a different spot here. You're not at your buddies place, or whatever this is, this is different. You get them, and I walked home that day, walk home, walks back to the prison camp, thinking

00:36:39.340 --> 00:36:47.519 Brent Casssity: better. Better stay in check. I better, you know, be aware of what i'm my surroundings, what i'm doing, and for the most part,

00:36:47.870 --> 00:36:51.129 Brent Casssity: for the most part, people who got out of line did

00:36:51.220 --> 00:36:57.900 Brent Casssity: It's a primitive environment, you know, and it's If you get out of lines, people get beat up.

00:36:58.000 --> 00:37:11.430 Brent Casssity: Ah, but if you do it, and it's all about respect in the primitive environment, if you respect me and I respect you, there's a general respect, and that's how the prison environment works. And

00:37:11.440 --> 00:37:21.660 Brent Casssity: I I was lucky to get through that environment. I had, you know, one one of my big goals was is when I got in there. I wanted to get a job, so it didn't occupy my time,

00:37:21.730 --> 00:37:25.450 Brent Casssity: and I was lucky enough to

00:37:25.640 --> 00:37:34.150 Brent Casssity: second or third day there was a guy that had gotten fired at the food warehouse, and Jim Clark, who had just been introduced to. He used to work there, and so they put in a good word, and so

00:37:34.480 --> 00:37:54.229 Brent Casssity: the food warehouse is one of the better jobs, and we got to it's our own food up there, which you know, and and prison food is like brat cocaine. So it was. It was a big deal, but I was lucky with it. I got a pork left certified. I got to drive the big truck down to the camp and unloaded, so I kept busy and doing and learning things,

00:37:54.370 --> 00:37:55.930 Brent Casssity: and you know

00:37:56.040 --> 00:38:05.130 Brent Casssity: my thing was is to have certain things just like I had done in my life of goals and plans, so that I did that in prison,

00:38:05.240 --> 00:38:06.569 Brent Casssity: so by myself

00:38:06.580 --> 00:38:08.979 Brent Casssity: that felt familiar to me.

00:38:09.080 --> 00:38:14.680 Brent Casssity: I that was my biggest concern. Sam was Don't lose yourself in prison, because,

00:38:14.910 --> 00:38:19.139 Brent Casssity: you know, they said in Shawshank, you know, Get busy living or get busy dying you.

00:38:19.150 --> 00:38:37.120 Brent Casssity: There's either people that are have given up in prison, and they're they're more or less. You can see them. It's It's like, you know, their roadkill, and you've got other people that are just saying whatever this is, i'm going to hit this concrete floor this morning, and i'm going to do whatever I got to do to try to win this day.

00:38:37.130 --> 00:38:50.460 Brent Casssity: I'm not getting too far ahead. I just got to win this day by something that gets me through the day. And there was a lot of that, too. But it was a real division in a prison environment of people who had given up,

00:38:50.470 --> 00:39:09.619 Brent Casssity: and we're more or less just wasting a way. And there were people that were trying to stay themselves better themselves, you know, either. They were working out trying to lose weight, working, reading those type of things to try to improve themselves. So it was a really it was a dynamic environment of of extremes.

00:39:09.630 --> 00:39:27.559 Brent Casssity: But what was probably your your biggest surprise of your time, that that you were in in there like what what kind of hit you that that really like you never would have imagined before you'd gotten inside that there were good guys in there.

00:39:27.570 --> 00:39:30.409 Brent Casssity: I I wouldn't have ever thought.

00:39:30.880 --> 00:39:39.390 Brent Casssity: You know, I found some some good people in prison, and a lot of the people that were in the Federal environment

00:39:39.540 --> 00:39:43.639 Brent Casssity: at drug issues and and and they

00:39:43.780 --> 00:39:48.709 Brent Casssity: usually the low hanging fruit. But there were other guys in there that you know

00:39:49.090 --> 00:40:03.769 Brent Casssity: they had chosen A, you know, maybe the drug trade, but they were really good businessmen, you know. They had set up distribution commissions all the different things that you have to do to be successful. They were just on the wrong side of it;

00:40:03.780 --> 00:40:14.159 Brent Casssity: and if those people could turn and be given an opportunity on the outside to use all those things that they were good at that, built their business into another type of business that was legal.

00:40:14.270 --> 00:40:28.380 Brent Casssity: But that was my biggest surprise. I was scared that all those things you see on the movies that and those things can't happen. I saw people, you know, bloodied up and different things that happen. But for the most part

00:40:28.820 --> 00:40:34.989 Brent Casssity: I was surprised about how many good people were in there just trying to get a second chance.

00:40:35.000 --> 00:40:37.779 Brent Casssity: Wow, and smart. Some of them were smart guys.

00:40:37.790 --> 00:40:38.490 Brent Casssity: It's

00:40:38.500 --> 00:40:40.149 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, I I

00:40:40.460 --> 00:41:00.389 Brent Casssity: did. You find yourself counting the days like like, were you like I got four years to go. I got three years to go. I got two years to go. Well, here's what I did. One of the things that I did was my daughter, my youngest daughter made me a calendar every every year, and she had all of our family pictures in the calendar. And so

00:41:00.490 --> 00:41:10.240 Brent Casssity: one of my routines, when I would go to bed at night was to be right to ride into that square. And what happened that day? What was my win for the day?

00:41:10.250 --> 00:41:19.089 Brent Casssity: One of the things I learned in prison was is, you can't look too far ahead. You've got to get and be in the present, because if you get too far ahead it overwhelms you.

00:41:19.670 --> 00:41:30.770 Brent Casssity: I also learned that if I had a bad day, let myself have a bad day go all the way down. You know prison is a dark, ugly place, and if you're going to have a bad day just,

00:41:30.850 --> 00:41:50.749 Brent Casssity: but you got to bounce out so I wouldn't let myself write two bad days in my calendar. I had to figure out how to get back on track, because it's a slippery slope in prison. If you start going down and having these bad days, I also think it's a slippery slope on the outside. One of the things I was talking to you about, Sam. What we got on is that

00:41:51.230 --> 00:42:07.439 Brent Casssity: the worry in prison is to become institutionalized, to lead yourself to the environment, the habits, the routines, that you become scared to leave prison. So the walls become your comfort instead of the things that are holding you back.

00:42:07.720 --> 00:42:15.629 Brent Casssity: What I find seen as I've gotten out of prison is that people build up these prisons in their own mind to where

00:42:16.180 --> 00:42:25.730 Brent Casssity: they want to step out. But this ugly routine becomes a warden of their freedom. They won't step, because, even if it's a routine that they hate.

00:42:25.960 --> 00:42:27.339 Brent Casssity: They will do it

00:42:27.350 --> 00:42:34.970 Brent Casssity: right. There was a guy that I was listening to Devon West. Who's who was a guy that went to prison. He was a football player, he

00:42:35.100 --> 00:42:47.979 Brent Casssity: down in Texas, and he said a a guy. An old black man, came up to him when he was in prison, and he said, Son, he said, you're having a hard time here, he said, you're not going to make it. And he said, You know, he said, This place is like a boiling water

00:42:48.150 --> 00:43:07.300 Brent Casssity: pot of boiling water, and he said, When you put an egg in the boiling water he says, what's it doing? And then it's It's it's hard, he said. You can't do that. You gotta still be yourself in here. You can't just get hard, Can't let your heart get hard. Put a piece of ice in here, he said. What happens to it? Melts

00:43:07.310 --> 00:43:14.200 Brent Casssity: can't have, can't melt yourself away. I can't be soft in here, he said. Now you should. I put the coffee being in here? What's that due to the water?

00:43:15.160 --> 00:43:17.380 Brent Casssity: There were always startings like that.

00:43:17.430 --> 00:43:18.549 Brent Casssity: Whoa

00:43:19.090 --> 00:43:21.350 Brent Casssity: that it changes the water to coffee.

00:43:23.720 --> 00:43:43.140 Brent Casssity: So he said, That is what you've got to be in prison, and what you got to be in life. You got to change the water, and my thought in prison was I. I was at the worst point in my life. You can't go any further than being behind a barbed wire fence and walking that track.

00:43:43.330 --> 00:43:47.320 Brent Casssity: My whole thing was Sam. What do I do with this?

00:43:47.370 --> 00:43:52.419 Brent Casssity: Yeah, I've always been somebody that wanted to make a difference. What do I do now?

00:43:52.670 --> 00:43:57.890 Brent Casssity: That was kind of the pieces, and I started putting together. Okay, nightmare success. Those two,

00:43:57.900 --> 00:44:01.890 Brent Casssity: All right. Don't get ahead of me. Now, that's where I want to go next.

00:44:01.900 --> 00:44:10.819 Brent Casssity: Okay, But we got to take our last break of the show. So we still got a few minutes left. We're gonna take a real short break. But when we come back let's talk about

00:44:11.720 --> 00:44:26.590 Brent Casssity: the decisions you made in prison, and then when you got out, you know what really once you had that taste of freedom again, and you stepped outside the gates. What that was like, and what you really dedicated your your life to since then. Okay,

00:44:26.600 --> 00:44:27.850 Brent Casssity: absolutely

00:44:27.860 --> 00:44:47.500 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: awesome. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday on talk radio and Nyc. Every Wednesday on Kmt. In Southern California, and we will be right back with our gas brain. Cassidy, author of Nightmare Success in just a

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00:46:50.190 --> 00:46:57.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So, Brent, i'm i'm sure you can remember the feeling. But what was that feeling the day you came at eleven worth

00:46:57.710 --> 00:47:15.219 Brent Casssity: There was just nothing like it. I mean, if you take Christmas morning as a kid and ramp that up times as a million. There's just nothing like it. The other thing that was interesting about the coming out that day, you know, knowing that your family is on the other side of that, and you're going to finally get

00:47:15.230 --> 00:47:31.469 Brent Casssity: to them. And and there's It's just going to be the most wonderful thing you know. You walk in alone, and you you do. I mean literally. You're processed and alone. But walking out, you know the high fives and the people saying good luck and

00:47:32.340 --> 00:47:51.589 Brent Casssity: all those things that happened. It was like what a difference from coming in that day being scareded down to going out and slapping the high fives to getting out there and then. My family was on the other side of that, and we couldn't have got off that property fast, though, thinking you kind of had this Ptsd deal sandwich. Yeah,

00:47:51.600 --> 00:47:54.689 Brent Casssity: don't make a mistake. They they make us. We got to get out of here.

00:47:54.700 --> 00:48:09.059 Brent Casssity: Yeah. Oh, good! Was there ever a moment. You didn't think you were going to make it out, or or were you always like? I don't matter what i'm going to make it out of here. Oh, I think it was. You know. You always know that you're good, but you had this uh

00:48:09.540 --> 00:48:27.710 Brent Casssity: uncertainty about the system that they're going to mess up something that they're going to there. Something's going to fail in the system, and they're going to mess up paper, because, you see, you know, people get shipped to the wrong places, and all these other things that you hear these awful stories. I think that I can't land on me. I just got to get out.

00:48:27.770 --> 00:48:35.589 Brent Casssity: But yeah, no getting now was just such a and it takes you a little while to get your feedback under, you, you know just you

00:48:35.600 --> 00:48:53.229 Brent Casssity: the and and I think that's one of the things that people you got to be so excited and so happy absolutely. But in the meantime You're like jumping in a moving car. You're trying to catch up what all changed, what I was in. How do I fit back in and your You know your mind races,

00:48:53.240 --> 00:49:03.180 Brent Casssity: but it eventually catches up, and you you find yourself again. You find your rhythm and your path, and you know eventually what I wanted to do. Sam was

00:49:03.760 --> 00:49:21.960 Brent Casssity: use my experience of of what I went through, and I felt like, you know, if if my story could be relatable to anyone that was struggling that they were. Either they either gone through a bad time and they got stuck, or they are stuck. And how do you take this step forward.

00:49:22.050 --> 00:49:33.790 Brent Casssity: I wanted to share that story, to be able to tell people. Hey, you can survive, and maybe hitting your rock bottom is your new beginning that you would have never have found for me.

00:49:33.800 --> 00:49:44.429 Brent Casssity: There was a lot of intrepidation for me to write a book because it was bringing all that back up, but I also wanted to pay it forward to

00:49:44.540 --> 00:49:56.549 Brent Casssity: be a story that people could use, and the other part of it was is that uh, I started, and at the same time I was bringing this book out,

00:49:56.590 --> 00:50:15.099 Brent Casssity: and it's been on the other podcast. But I I really want to do a podcast that kind of parallels where I was going with the book, and I was. I was walking with my wife when I say I want to do a podcast. What are you doing? I said. I think I want to talk to X inmates. I've got like fifty of them on my Facebook.

00:50:15.110 --> 00:50:27.070 Brent Casssity: I want to talk to him about their experience, and you know, like before prison life in prison life, out of prison as you get through it. How did you adapt. How did you change? How did you survive? And

00:50:27.080 --> 00:50:35.549 Brent Casssity: you know It's It's been in it. I have found my passion, Sam. It is something I love doing. These stories are incredible.

00:50:35.560 --> 00:50:47.989 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So let me ask you a question. Your book, Nightmare success. Who is it written for? Is it written for the person in prison who've gotten out of prison, or or is it written for people who you want never to get in prison?

00:50:48.000 --> 00:50:57.979 Brent Casssity: You know It's funny it is. It's for both. I've had people that it's made to round eleven words, because I've had people write me that have read the book, and that fills me up.

00:50:57.990 --> 00:51:08.089 Brent Casssity: But it's also for the people who might have been a business, or might be in business, and are worried about what happens if I take a wrong step. How do I avoid minefields, or

00:51:08.420 --> 00:51:28.079 Brent Casssity: how do you just look at something and say i'm going to step through this, but i'm going to step through it with some principles that can get me through, and I and I I share those, and and that's one of the things I talk to people about when i'm on. Ah! Speaking is is these five principles. But the thing of it is,

00:51:28.220 --> 00:51:31.390 Brent Casssity: I know, that you can survive anything in your mind

00:51:31.670 --> 00:51:40.149 Brent Casssity: always makes it out worse than it's going to be always, and even prison. My mind had made it out worse than it was going to be.

00:51:40.200 --> 00:51:47.810 Brent Casssity: I think that's one of the things that people have to get and level themselves and study themselves with is, if you step, you have to take action,

00:51:47.860 --> 00:51:49.719 Brent Casssity: but at least take a step,

00:51:49.740 --> 00:52:01.400 Brent Casssity: you feel different. You take another step. You even feel more different. You take that third step Now you're on your way to something that even if it scared you. You you start and create progress for yourself.

00:52:01.410 --> 00:52:13.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Um, i'm curious. We don't have too much time left. But have you met any of your exit. Um. Inmates outside of prison. Have you met anyone who you felt they were still living as if they're inside of prison.

00:52:13.680 --> 00:52:23.539 Brent Casssity: Yeah, and it's the thing of it is, Sam is not easy to take those steps out of prison and succeed. You know that the numbers are horrible.

00:52:23.550 --> 00:52:37.499 Brent Casssity: Two of the people go back in three years, three, four, so that people go back in five years. There's a lot of reasons for that. It's hard to get a job to check the box and say that you're an excellent. You want to run an apartment. You've got to check the box, but for the people who have the support.

00:52:37.510 --> 00:52:46.919 Brent Casssity: They can take advantage of that opportunity and get to where they want to get on the next step. But yeah, I've seen people, and it's hard to see that they're stuck.

00:52:46.970 --> 00:53:00.420 Brent Casssity: Um, They're probably going to be back, and it's unfortunate, because some of these guys I know, have a good heart, but they can't find that window

00:53:00.800 --> 00:53:11.300 Brent Casssity: opportunity to get through to get where to the next seconds chance. And second chances is such a big deal in our society, because

00:53:11.680 --> 00:53:25.089 Brent Casssity: if you and that's one of the things about nightmare success in and out, I think we we move from prison creature to people that can be related to that hopefully. When they run across these people they say you know what maybe he gets a second chance with me.

00:53:25.110 --> 00:53:27.909 Brent Casssity: I I think I think I can relate to them.

00:53:27.920 --> 00:53:41.270 Brent Casssity: That's hopefully we're and i'm not saying that that everybody that's been to prison is a good person. That's not true. But There's a lot of people out there that have done their time that really are looking for hard. Second chances,

00:53:41.490 --> 00:53:43.190 Brent Casssity: real second chances

00:53:43.200 --> 00:53:48.490 Brent Casssity: that that they can make themselves who they want to be. Finally setting themselves for A.

00:53:48.500 --> 00:53:55.889 Brent Casssity: You know. I heard someone say one time that our prison system is not a rehabilitation system. It's a punishment.

00:53:55.900 --> 00:54:00.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah. And And like that fundamental

00:54:01.030 --> 00:54:10.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: attitude towards what we're doing. If it causes a whole bunch of decisions to be made that really it's It's really

00:54:10.950 --> 00:54:26.819 Brent Casssity: almost like you're throwing away human life, even if you're not killing them. You're throwing away a human life that could have some potential. So talk to me about what you're dedicated to. Now, what are you doing now? You got about two minutes

00:54:26.830 --> 00:54:41.700 Brent Casssity: up. Okay? Well, what I what I love about what i'm doing right now is this platform that's been created for nightmare success that are now. I I have a variety of different personalities, but the common theme is, they've dealt with their worst fear,

00:54:41.710 --> 00:54:47.279 Brent Casssity: and they can talk about it. Talk about strategies that got him through it, you

00:54:47.290 --> 00:55:03.849 Brent Casssity: and it's It's from all the different comments and different things that that I get back. It's it's such a it's it's two full. One is Is these people that are on it really love to be able to have the platform to share their story. And and some of these stories are just

00:55:03.860 --> 00:55:19.220 Brent Casssity: you got wrenching, and and some are funny, and some are sad, and but all in all. There's nuggets of wisdom in there that you can pull away from each one of these episodes, and the second part of it is that I think it's it's making or connecting a bridge to

00:55:19.230 --> 00:55:35.209 Brent Casssity: that unfamiliar world of That's the prisoner to the listener. Who is What are these people like? And hopefully, that helps overall? Because my overall hope is that second chances become more prevalent in our society.

00:55:35.220 --> 00:55:43.540 Brent Casssity: We We understand each other better when it's going back to what your original reading was. Communication.

00:55:43.550 --> 00:55:44.330 Yeah,

00:55:44.410 --> 00:56:10.760 Brent Casssity: yeah, yeah, That that when we communicate with people we find out that they're not so different from us that if we were in their position we would want a second chance, and and that, you know, anybody can make a mistake, and sometimes it's. It's not even really their mistake. It's not an overt. It's not an intentional malevolent mistake, sometimes not always, but sometimes it's a completely unintentional freely

00:56:10.770 --> 00:56:19.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: mishap of of a mistake real quickly. If people want to learn more about you and what you're doing today, or get a hold of you, where do they find you? And where do they find your podcast?

00:56:19.900 --> 00:56:36.540 Brent Casssity: I would love for people to go to Brentcasty. Dot com that that's where all my stuff is. You can also find my podcast there on my book there, and i'm our success. The podcast is to be found on spotify. We found an Apple Odyssey, Youtube,

00:56:36.840 --> 00:56:48.460 Brent Casssity: Google, where you listen to your podcast. But yeah, no, it's It's it's been. It's been great doing something. Find a passion and and

00:56:48.950 --> 00:56:56.380 Brent Casssity: just hope that, you know as it goes, Sam, more people know about what we're doing.

00:56:56.390 --> 00:57:11.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, I wonderful wonderful. Well, i'm so glad that you took the time out of your schedule to come on the show today, Brend. I really appreciate you. Brent Cassidy com That's B, r, e, n, T. C. A. Ss. I t y dot com.

00:57:11.610 --> 00:57:17.989 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: His book is called Nightmare Success. You find out in Amazon all the major book sell is Brent. Thank you so much.

00:57:18.000 --> 00:57:20.390 Brent Casssity: Thank you, Sam. Really appreciate it.

00:57:20.400 --> 00:57:39.469 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And thank you, my loyal listeners, for tuning in week after week. I so appreciate. You remember, if you're looking for the live stream, and You're not seeing it on Facebook. We're not on Facebook anymore. Go to Youtube, Youtube, dot com slash talking alternative and thank you for tuning in. We will be talking to you next.

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