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Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/14 - The Shabby Tabby

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/14 - The Shabby Tabby


2022/09/14 - The Shabby Tabby

[New Episode] The Shabby Tabby


Be ready to be amazed by the beautiful stories of rescue, the importance of socializing these wonderful sentient creatures and the sheer genius of combining coffee and cats! Networking meetup anyone?


This week we welcome Ryan Shea! Owner of the Shabby Tabby and Long Island, NY's first kitty cat cafe! Ryan and her team are responsible for placing over 1,000 felines (saved from kill shelters) and spreading compassion throughout all of LI.



Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

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00:00:30.100 --> 00:00:32.180 Tommy D: We are.

00:00:32.910 --> 00:00:51.089 Tommy D: We're back, we're back. The pows are in the house, professionals and animal of a show. I took extra bed and drilled for this episode, because i'm allergic to cats,

00:00:51.100 --> 00:01:10.270 Ryan Shea: all those. Well, no, we're not going to talk about them. We're going to talk about domestic cats. We're going to be talking with an organization called the shabby Tabby Cat Cafe. And what's cool about today? Ball? First of all. Hello, Valerie! Hello! Our friends Brian and Melanie Wright right in Melanie area.

00:01:10.280 --> 00:01:29.089 Tommy D: Hello, um! But what's cool about today? It's a bit of show and tell it's a bit of a story, and it's a bit of like we're gonna go. Did you sign your permission slip, Valerie? Because we're going on a trip going on a trip around. I already watched. I watched in the in the breakout here before the show started.

00:01:29.100 --> 00:01:39.409 Tommy D: I want to jump through the camera, just changing the world right

00:01:39.420 --> 00:01:53.389 Tommy D: and and really helping out advocating on animals. Learn educated in power and advocate. We'll be right back. Let's talk about cats. All right. Let's do about Who are these cats? What Ryan, Melanie, what are you doing there? Who are those cats?

00:01:53.400 --> 00:02:08.159 Tommy D: We'll try to evaluate time out by now. First of all, we have to just mention what the show is about. So this show is created because we believe that the bond between all animal lovers

00:02:08.169 --> 00:02:21.300 Valerie Heffron: is incredibly strong, and want to support each other in rescue in business and an animal advocacy, and the thing of animal advocacy. I just want to thank our dear friend Freddie Kraft,

00:02:21.350 --> 00:02:33.490 Valerie Heffron: who introduced us and connected us to the shabby tabby we's by them, and her word is bold in my world, and she's also one of our Honorees at our upcoming the national Board.

00:02:33.500 --> 00:02:37.489 Valerie Heffron: So without any further ado. Sorry, Tommy, I know you want to do that.

00:02:37.500 --> 00:02:44.900 Tommy D: I know I wanted to see to walk a straight line when There's tap and pittance in the camera. That's the problem, Valerie.

00:02:45.400 --> 00:02:50.109 Tommy D: I thought you were going to do this, so everyone wins. And then I would say, especially the animals, but we didn't do that,

00:02:50.120 --> 00:02:51.400 Tommy D: so say it.

00:02:51.880 --> 00:03:03.770 Tommy D: So Ryan and Melanie are here with us from the shabby Tabby back cafe, the first on Long Island, New York, and let's get into it first of all. Welcome to the show.

00:03:03.780 --> 00:03:05.970 Ryan Shea: Thank you. Thanks for having us.

00:03:06.130 --> 00:03:07.710 Valerie Heffron: Thank you.

00:03:07.720 --> 00:03:22.109 Ryan Shea: So I have to hear about this, Brian. I saw you were a nurse in Rn. By trade, and obviously you're a big cat lover, and so you saw a need for what? Let's talk about it.

00:03:22.120 --> 00:03:50.930 Ryan Shea: Um! I was volunteering with a few rescues, and in shelters and stuff, and I saw that there were so many more cats that I thought that need homes the show like like like super crowded, and the recipes have tons of cats and um. I visited cat cafes um around. There was a few in the city, and then ah, California, Colorado, and I just thought that it would be great to have one here, so I you know I I posted it in a few places that everyone seemed really

00:03:50.940 --> 00:03:54.000 Ryan Shea: welcoming and excited about it. So I

00:03:54.230 --> 00:03:55.250 Yes,

00:03:55.350 --> 00:04:15.819 Ryan Shea: I think it's amazing that you have like combined. So I went to a cat cafe, and I'm just thinking, like the room where the cats were was completely separate from, like the cafeteria area, if you will, that they sold like coffee and tea, and also, I think they sold some beer and wine. Um, but it was.

00:04:15.950 --> 00:04:28.680 Valerie Heffron: You know what I mean, and I think it's so cool. How you have it together, because then it's more of an interactive experience. And can you talk about how that helps the cat.

00:04:29.030 --> 00:04:31.349 Ryan Shea: Oh, you are having people visit.

00:04:31.400 --> 00:04:32.650 Ryan Shea: Yeah, I mean,

00:04:32.670 --> 00:04:37.950 Ryan Shea: cats come from like the streets or places where they don't have much

00:04:38.250 --> 00:04:49.089 Ryan Shea: socialization, I guess, and being able to be here with all the visitors and all of the staff and volunteers that we have here really helps them come out of their shell and feel more safe.

00:04:49.100 --> 00:04:59.489 Ryan Shea: So sometimes they're really scared at first. But after you know, being around humans for a few days, usually they'll come out of their shelves and feel more comfortable with humans.

00:04:59.500 --> 00:05:01.180 Ryan Shea: So that helps them find a home

00:05:01.380 --> 00:05:14.849 Valerie Heffron: right? Right? Yeah, Because, you know, most people like it. You know my cats are not feral a little. They came from the far backyard or whatever, and you know we got some fix. I just kept them. But um,

00:05:14.860 --> 00:05:28.189 Valerie Heffron: most people, I think, want the kind of cat that will walk up to you and start just crawling all of your purring on you, whatever, and you can pick them up and you can pet them, and that desirability is really important in getting them adopted.

00:05:28.200 --> 00:05:30.010 Ryan Shea: Yes, definitely,

00:05:30.020 --> 00:05:34.410 Ryan Shea: right. So i'm Sorry, Ryan, go ahead, and then i'll ask you, please.

00:05:34.910 --> 00:05:46.800 Ryan Shea: Um, no. Well, we we have some shy cats also, and we try to promote them a lot, too, because sometimes, if they're shy or scared here. They'll do a lot better in a home where it's more quiet. So we try to get them.

00:05:47.620 --> 00:06:00.660 Tommy D: Yeah, so let me have here for one quick a couple of things I want to say. First of all, you know, I notice here that during the pandemic you went back so you can help cats and humans. So you weren't

00:06:00.670 --> 00:06:29.580 Tommy D: practicing nursing. And then during the pandemic you went back. So first of all shout out to you, You have to learn nurses shout out to all our healthcare workers, shout out to my new friend, Dr. Sandra Lindsay, who I played golf with. We don't know Dr. Santa Minji. She has become a celebrity first person in the country to get the Covid vaccine, so I played golf with her on Monday, a little flower nonprofit. I do some work with, invited me to play. So that was very special. But first responders, nurses, especially on in a week of when you celebrate

00:06:29.780 --> 00:06:56.390 Tommy D: celebrates probably the wrong work. We recognize the anniversary of September eleven, so shout out to all those folks, So nurse is um, you know. Certainly important. It goes to The compassion now goes to what we're doing here. It goes to the kind of people we hang around with right. So I I want to ask you, so I don't understand, and I I I always, when we started the show I was always gonna wait. I don't get it, or I don't understand that part. So I I want to make. I want to go back if we could, and understand, like Valerie knows what a cat cafe is.

00:06:56.400 --> 00:06:58.989 Tommy D: You both of. You know what a cat cafe is.

00:06:59.000 --> 00:07:11.490 Tommy D: I got to be honest with you, I can guess, and I sort of could figure it out. But can you explain what a cat cafe actually is, because I've never gone to a restaurant where there's cash walking around,

00:07:11.500 --> 00:07:28.510 Tommy D: or anything like that, So can you set the scene for somebody who may not have been in a place like this, and and what like what it's all about, and the mission and all of that. And there's cats, everyone walking around behind you guys. So it's so fun to watch what's going on. So can you tell us that? Like What? What what actually goes on there.

00:07:29.180 --> 00:07:37.099 Ryan Shea: So there is a fee to come in to visit the cats, and that's fifteen dollars per person for the hour,

00:07:37.110 --> 00:07:52.699 Ryan Shea: and that helps us take care of the cats and be able to feed them, and keep the lights on, and take care of the cats and everything, and that gets you also unlimited drinks in the front of the cafe. Will you do a little walk through later?

00:07:52.710 --> 00:08:05.860 Ryan Shea: Oh, wow! We got coffee and tea. We have a little menu of drinks, and that's all unlimited and included with your entrance, and then you can bring your drinks in and hang out with the cats, and we have some seating areas, and

00:08:06.080 --> 00:08:11.490 Ryan Shea: usually about thirty to forty cats everywhere.

00:08:11.500 --> 00:08:29.230 Ryan Shea: Hitting season is now. So we have a lot on a lot of cats, usually closer to forty cats and kids, and they're all available for adoption. So if you're hanging out with them and you ah follow up, you can apply. There's an adoption application, and you can potentially adapt one.

00:08:29.240 --> 00:08:32.090 Tommy D: It's a beautiful place. I'm looking online. Val.

00:08:32.100 --> 00:08:42.090 Tommy D: Yeah, it's like incredible. It's like small like, you know. It says, Coffee, cats repeat, that's what it says on the

00:08:42.100 --> 00:08:57.990 Tommy D: So what I love about this, too, is like. The first thing that I thought of, of course, is, I would do. Well, I know, Tommy. Yeah, but I would do networking one on ones there. I would do networking business meetings. I would be like, Let's go grab a cup of coffee and help with that.

00:08:58.000 --> 00:09:04.190 Tommy D: What can I? What can I take to get to go like? What's the story like? Serious like I'm gonna be practically. I want to go.

00:09:04.200 --> 00:09:05.460 Tommy D: Do I need like,

00:09:05.470 --> 00:09:15.289 Tommy D: because I get this thing where I got to scratch the back of my head. I look like a cat or a dog when i'm doing it? What like can I take something? Can I take it to claritin? Can I take Vanadryl? What can I do? So I can come busy

00:09:15.300 --> 00:09:16.369 Valerie Heffron: their time

00:09:16.380 --> 00:09:18.790 Ryan Shea: as allergies to cats, too,

00:09:18.800 --> 00:09:25.389 Ryan Shea: after after work, and i'll just take the claritin. So maybe if you took a clarity, and then it'll or to use higher. Yeah,

00:09:25.400 --> 00:09:32.600 Ryan Shea: Yeah. And then, just if you want to pet them, just don't touch your face, wash your hands a lot,

00:09:32.910 --> 00:09:41.689 Tommy D: all right. I've heard good things about Zurich from a friend over at Little Shelters. He's the executive director of that shelter, and he's alerted.

00:09:41.700 --> 00:09:46.690 Tommy D: I'm like Oh, my God! The director of a shelter, a cat shelter, and he's allergic to cats.

00:09:46.700 --> 00:09:47.490 Valerie Heffron: Yes,

00:09:47.500 --> 00:09:49.690 Ryan Shea: Oh, he goes, I pop! Is there. It's like. No, we deal,

00:09:49.700 --> 00:09:55.789 Tommy D: but everyone's allergy levels are different. You have to be obviously. Nobody wants to see like an Afghan situation.

00:09:55.800 --> 00:10:08.640 Valerie Heffron: I have to tell you, Ryan, I mean. I don't want your your existing customers and everything to kill me. But I I will tell you that I visited a Kitty cat cafe in Ah, Florida,

00:10:08.940 --> 00:10:17.389 Valerie Heffron: I believe it was a comparable price point. I think it was like fifteen dollars to go into the cat room, which again was separate,

00:10:17.400 --> 00:10:18.710 Valerie Heffron: but

00:10:19.050 --> 00:10:44.060 Valerie Heffron: they charged for everything they had, you know, coffee, tea. They had wine, beer, and hard Celsius, or whatever analogy they charge, but it's definitely a premium. So let's say a normal glass of wine is like seven dollars. It was like ten or twelve. I don't remember, but you know it's kind of like when you're in that environment, and you want to do good for the animals. You don't mind paying like more extra.

00:10:44.670 --> 00:10:47.889 Ryan Shea: So So i'm saying, Raise your prices, but you don't have to listen to me.

00:10:50.100 --> 00:10:55.660 Ryan Shea: We figure it's nice to include a drink. And

00:10:55.670 --> 00:11:02.419 Ryan Shea: yeah, we charge something. If we could run this business and not charge anything that would be great, but it's very expensive

00:11:02.440 --> 00:11:07.189 Ryan Shea: to run a business. So then transfers fine. Maybe we'll raise it.

00:11:07.200 --> 00:11:15.160 Ryan Shea: Yeah, Well, or do you wonder I don't know. But anyway, it's like your customers are like Shut up, Valerie.

00:11:15.170 --> 00:11:44.009 Tommy D: They're probably not because they're all about it, so they're probably like No, we probably pay more because we would get like forty cats. And if that's your thing to be in a room full of cats, Yeah. Forty cash for fifteen bucks, I don't know, like the two thousand and eighteen, which is like the number i'm about to tell you is kind of crazy, like about a thousand

00:11:44.020 --> 00:11:46.920 Tommy D: home for a thousand cats

00:11:46.930 --> 00:12:11.819 Tommy D: in like four years like that, and that is, that is unbelievable, because to me so okay, I was involved with just my first real rescue mission like of my own, so to speak, like where I was the trapper or one of the Traffords, I mean. It's not a skill set. I really have it doesn't come naturally for me. But the point is, it was one mother cat and five kittens. Adorable little white club, you guys,

00:12:12.010 --> 00:12:28.759 Valerie Heffron: and we still don't have them all adopted. They're an foster, which is great, but you know it's hard to get people to commit to a lifetime of care for an animal. It's not easy, and especially now inflation. However,

00:12:28.770 --> 00:12:36.470 Valerie Heffron: it's even harder. So that is a huge number. That is a huge accomplishment, and I think you guys are amazing.

00:12:36.480 --> 00:12:37.590 Ryan Shea: Thank you.

00:12:37.600 --> 00:12:39.090 Valerie Heffron: Yeah, because it's like,

00:12:39.100 --> 00:12:45.529 Tommy D: Well, I've tried so many times to get Tommy Worcester or whatever i'm like. How about around it. You know what I mean. Like

00:12:45.790 --> 00:13:05.729 Tommy D: we just put it out there like that. I'm not like It's It's it's it's hard to get people to do. It's a very competitive world. And so again,

00:13:05.740 --> 00:13:30.829 Ryan Shea: Hey, when we come back we're gonna take a quick break while we're at break i'll share the website that the location is out in Sabell, on Long Island. I just shared it on Facebook. I will share it on the video while we're on Facebook, and You're just listening in right now. Ah, go to Facebook and go to professionals and Amerson Animal Lovers show, and you can watch what we're doing here. Uh, we will be right back when we come back.

00:13:30.840 --> 00:13:44.390 Tommy D: Um! The team from shabby Tabby Cafe. What a what a silly name! Which I love silly name! So that's perfect. I gotta get one of those T-shirts, by the way, and I will buy one. I don't i'm not asking you to give me a gift, but I heard this, Hoodie, so we'll talk about how this is about.

00:13:44.400 --> 00:13:49.589 Tommy D: We are taking a quick break. This is professionals and animal overshoot. I'll share the website. We'll be right back.

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00:16:02.340 --> 00:16:08.630 Tommy D: We are back. It's your pals, Tommy and Val,

00:16:08.640 --> 00:16:37.310 Tommy D: that's good. Let's do that on. Oh, my gosh! You got a hoodie on Hold on melody. You can't I? I gotta say a little. I got words to say, Hold on, don't you track me with a hoodie I got adhd. I just never go from residents. So let me stay on point. I want to shout out a couple of events that you're going on. I just shared. Of course, if you love cats, why would you not want to? Why wouldn't you want to go to cat yoga? So, yoga with cats right out there on Ah, on this Sunday Ah, ten A. M. Fifteen dollars a person, and of course, if you like cats, why wouldn't you want to visit

00:16:37.320 --> 00:16:40.690 Tommy D: for painting with drag Queens

00:16:40.700 --> 00:16:51.669 Tommy D: on September twenty fourth at the shabby Tabby cafe. I love this story. This is hope on Melanie. What do you got there? What is that? A new hoodie.

00:16:51.680 --> 00:16:55.789 Ryan Shea: Yeah, this is our ones that we just got today. So it has our logo on the front.

00:16:55.800 --> 00:17:02.189 Ryan Shea: I don't know if you're gonna like you what's on the back?

00:17:03.210 --> 00:17:04.700 Tommy D: Is it a guy skating?

00:17:05.000 --> 00:17:07.189 Ryan Shea: It says. Why, this

00:17:07.200 --> 00:17:16.560 Tommy D: have more cats Y'all I dig that and look like It's only my scene with like hippie flowers. And you guys are like a bunch of hippies out there. Is that stuff for real?

00:17:16.569 --> 00:17:36.539 Tommy D: I think that's what i'm picking off. So How do you go from? From like, hey? And you know I know this sort of came out on reading the background. Ryan, too, like Rody, passed. You lost your cap, Rody, and it was kind of like looking for. I want to be at a place where I can see cats. So how does that turn into a place where now you've helped

00:17:36.550 --> 00:17:51.879 Tommy D: a thousand sixty, seven, Because I look at the website. It's actually a thousand, sixty, seven on your little clicker. There thousand sixty seven caps that didn't have a home. How do you do that? How do you help them? I mean, I guess when somebody comes in and sees a cat, and they fall in love with cats.

00:17:51.890 --> 00:17:59.980 Tommy D: They work it out, they end up going over the cat, or a couple days later, or whatever. But tell us this story. What does it feel like to help house so many times?

00:18:00.110 --> 00:18:18.319 Ryan Shea: It's the best it's the best ever. It is a ton of work, and to keep everyone healthy and to keep the place clean. And a lot of people just think it's, you know, hanging out with cats all day, but it's the furthest thing from that. But they are here, and it's great to be, you know, with them all day and find them poems.

00:18:18.330 --> 00:18:26.740 Ryan Shea: See the updates after the fact, and how they're doing in their homes and where they came from, and it's great. It's the best. I wouldn't change anything.

00:18:26.750 --> 00:18:43.989 Ryan Shea: Do you have a place that you normally pull from, or places that you normally Well, I saw that you take a lot from like film shelters. Is that correct. Yeah. Well, we're partnered with one rescue called almost home, and they're in patch up. Okay, yeah, I've heard of them. Absolutely.

00:18:44.000 --> 00:18:53.399 Ryan Shea: Yes, rescuing. And they get cats from shelters or People's homes in the street. All different places

00:18:53.420 --> 00:18:58.939 Ryan Shea: get cats from shelter sometimes, and whoever would do well here will take them.

00:18:59.090 --> 00:19:11.239 Valerie Heffron: So let me ask you a question. Someone like Rene, who is a trapper, a certified trapper. You You work with them as well. Or are you kind of like at Max Capacity with who you need to partner with or

00:19:11.390 --> 00:19:23.920 Ryan Shea: with almost home, every goes through them. So Renee is like in contact with almost home all the time. Yeah. So through almost home. And then they come here.

00:19:23.930 --> 00:19:27.590 Ryan Shea: Okay, And then, specifically, of course,

00:19:27.600 --> 00:19:44.359 Valerie Heffron: I have to make this point, because I am an animal advocate, and I cannot even tell you how long. I'm sure you probably know, and can relate to how long and hard a fight is just to get some positive changes and everything. But

00:19:44.760 --> 00:19:53.090 Valerie Heffron: I've been fighting for a while to get an additional Cnr location within a specific township.

00:19:53.100 --> 00:20:09.750 Valerie Heffron: Let's talk about the need. If we could like, make pretend that I'm a decision-maker, or Tommy and I are, You know people with power. What do you feel? We need to help put a dent into this overpopulation crisis.

00:20:11.480 --> 00:20:30.559 Ryan Shea: I mean a lot There needs to be more trappers. I know a few people that do trapping personally on their own, and they're not funded by anywhere, so they definitely need more funding for that. If we would just be able to have more resources with trapping them and getting them fixed it would.

00:20:30.570 --> 00:20:36.329 Ryan Shea: It would help the overpopulation so much. It's just hard to keep up when you don't have enough people or enough.

00:20:36.920 --> 00:20:41.290 Ryan Shea: You know funds that everyone's paying for out of pocket.

00:20:41.300 --> 00:20:54.290 Ryan Shea: So that's really really like at least two hundred dollars a cat, just to get them their shots and get them fixed and and goes perfectly like no unexpected situations.

00:20:54.300 --> 00:20:56.490 Ryan Shea: Right? Yeah, no, no. Um

00:20:56.500 --> 00:21:16.069 Ryan Shea: complications or anything right right? And so, you know, we had on a guest. I don't know if you know what she is. Her name is Lucy Yaker, and she's a certified wildlife track, but she also tracks about one hundred, two hundred and fifty cats and kittens every year, and she made a statement. It just stuck with me, and she said,

00:21:16.220 --> 00:21:31.179 Valerie Heffron: there's probably about one hundred or one hundred and fifty people doing what I do every year. So let's say one hundred and fifty that are trapping one hundred cats and kittens, she said, if we could get like a group effort

00:21:31.190 --> 00:21:39.789 Valerie Heffron: of all the municipalities to offer Spain either free or low cost for just six months, she's like we could fix the problem.

00:21:39.800 --> 00:21:49.410 Ryan Shea: Yeah, for sure, I am not like in the places that do have the low cost have like months of a weight. So it's like impossible to catch up.

00:21:49.420 --> 00:22:14.499 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. Ah, yeah, it's. This is hard. So this is really It's a big problem, and you know Um, I I also thank you guys for being part of the solution, because a lot of times people don't realize that, you know Kill Shoulder is still a very real thing, even in a state like New York, you know. Everybody thinks. Oh, New York, Long Island. Everyone's got money, you know what I mean, and like. It's just not true like we're We're losing a lot of beautiful animals because they're either

00:22:14.680 --> 00:22:33.379 Valerie Heffron: out there starving, getting hit by cars. There's predators, you know. Disease pleas everything. They're up against a lot and the elements, and it's just really something that we all really, I feel, should ship in and help with, whether you're volunteering or donating whatever,

00:22:33.390 --> 00:22:37.539 Valerie Heffron: because even if you're not an animal lover, I see this whole time.

00:22:37.750 --> 00:22:39.779 Valerie Heffron: If this can impact you,

00:22:39.790 --> 00:23:00.519 Valerie Heffron: you know what I mean like it's just a matter of time before you're going to have a problem. Maybe you're going to have a compassionate person on your block who ends up being a hoarder, and then you're a block because it's not like happy. And you're not going to know what to do, or maybe one day you've run over a cat because it's such an overpopulation, you know. It's like we should all really roll up our sleeves and see my

00:23:00.960 --> 00:23:09.039 Ryan Shea: right. We get tons of claws every day, asking, Can you take a stray? Can you take these kittens? I found, and they're

00:23:09.050 --> 00:23:21.620 Ryan Shea: no one wants to help out, so they're just looking for somewhere to bring them. But if everyone would just help out, and you could like Foster, the cat or the kitten for a little while, or eat a little bit, it would help.

00:23:21.900 --> 00:23:49.140 Tommy D: So what does that happen? So that phone call comes in? Because that's interesting. Right? Let's talk about that, because i'm, i'm sure. You know they Google, you know, cats in my neighborhood, and they saw their drove past their store, and they're like, maybe they can help. So what happens? Where do you send them? Is that is that a situation where, and and not to say that those people are trying to really be helpful? They just might not want that cat in their backyard, or whatever that is. So so do you call. Do you help you hook them up with somebody like almost home, or like, What's that?

00:23:49.210 --> 00:24:08.079 Ryan Shea: We help? We can direct them to different places to go. We also have a list. We can email them, but, like, we know that Most of those places are so overwhelmed right now with the amount of cats and kittens that they have that it's. I'll give them the information, but it's almost impossible to guarantee they can help.

00:24:08.430 --> 00:24:17.970 Ryan Shea: Yeah, there's just not enough group, because also a lot of the times the people that are calling for that want nothing to do with it.

00:24:17.980 --> 00:24:26.490 Ryan Shea: I just the kittens, and just drop them off if someone brings them there, and I just leave them and like that doesn't help anyone with anything

00:24:27.960 --> 00:24:29.110 Ryan Shea: That's a

00:24:29.120 --> 00:24:31.490 Ryan Shea: you know It's

00:24:31.500 --> 00:24:46.959 Tommy D: Go back to solving the problem, folks right Tnr: Trap, neuter return. We learn it on the show. The show is about learning, educating, and advocating so like. Here's the deal. If the cats i'm speaking to everybody out there.

00:24:46.970 --> 00:24:52.789 Tommy D: If the cats have less babies, there will be less cats on the street, and if those cats have less babies, and so on

00:24:52.800 --> 00:24:58.029 Tommy D: and so on, get it together, I mean, get it to the Nasa County get it together.

00:24:58.570 --> 00:25:17.290 Tommy D: I understand that, like they could pull this off out, they could do this thing they could get a, but I don't want to get into it. Maybe you do. You decide after I finish what I'm going to say. But there are, as I imagine, there are resources that probably vehicles that can be utilized for this type of work, and it is not being done, and then it becomes a problem,

00:25:17.300 --> 00:25:23.869 Tommy D: and it becomes a health problem, and etc. Etc. Right? And it's just not right. So, Val, your comment, Valerie,

00:25:23.960 --> 00:25:27.389 Valerie Heffron: I actually decided I was going to ask question before you were done.

00:25:27.400 --> 00:25:45.280 Tommy D: But yeah, so I um. I would love to see some more certification courses teaching people how to trap. I think that is, I think I really believe that more people would get involved

00:25:45.290 --> 00:26:06.179 Tommy D: if they knew about it, and if they knew how to help and have that certain age, or at least of course, because i'll tell you right now for me it's. I don't know why I can't get it like i'm really good with cooking. I'm really good with stuff like in the kitchen. It comes to traffic. I I just don't. I don't understand the mechanics of it. You know what I mean. So

00:26:06.420 --> 00:26:07.189 Tommy D: just one

00:26:07.200 --> 00:26:10.590 Tommy D: pillowcase and the cat jumps in. He's right over your shoulder. That's not how it works.

00:26:10.600 --> 00:26:25.329 Valerie Heffron: That's not enough of a barrier. No, not for a car. But but I was good with the drop trap. But then, when I pulled the board and the cat was actually dropped, I was like, oh, you know, like I was flipping because the cat was flipping out Big cat, too. I named it Sha,

00:26:25.340 --> 00:26:33.690 Valerie Heffron: and thank God, I had help because I didn't know I was like this is scary. You know what I mean. But like if people I really feel like someone like Renee.

00:26:33.700 --> 00:26:36.289 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. She started when she was in her twenties.

00:26:36.300 --> 00:26:55.260 Tommy D: I don't know she doesn't even know how many cash she's trapped. That's one

00:26:55.270 --> 00:27:10.759 Valerie Heffron: person, even if they love cats like the woman who is fostering the kittens that we we trapped, and everything, and and the mom which got adopted Halloween. But i'm just saying I was on a text with her, and I was a soothing which I shouldn't, but I was like

00:27:10.770 --> 00:27:17.490 Valerie Heffron: I was like. Do you have an appointment? Do you have appointments for the T. Andr. Whatever? And she was like, What's Tnr:

00:27:17.500 --> 00:27:20.290 Valerie Heffron: So i'm just. And that's someone who loves cats.

00:27:20.300 --> 00:27:34.069 Ryan Shea: So we need to to educate more. Get more programs out there. I really we have to collaborate. Maybe we could even team up, get something done outside of your cafe, or maybe inside, I don't know. But like

00:27:34.140 --> 00:27:38.189 Valerie Heffron: there has to be a larger, concentrated effort.

00:27:38.200 --> 00:27:47.800 Tommy D: Now, before we take a break, I need to know, Melanie. Who is that, please? I have a role on this program, and when Scatch goes up. We must find out who that is. Can you introduce that little cat?

00:27:48.990 --> 00:27:50.890 Ryan Shea: It's a so nice.

00:27:50.900 --> 00:27:51.889 Tommy D: What is that,

00:27:51.900 --> 00:27:57.189 Ryan Shea: Christian? Hello! I love the coloring.

00:27:57.200 --> 00:28:21.570 Ryan Shea: Just show your butt. Oh, what's up? Oh, my God, it's got like color. There's like a different color in his nose, or something there, right like a little grey well like there's special. I wish I wasn't allergic to that. We're going to figure this thing out, because I don't know that I'm going to adopt, or even Foster. But I think I want to come out and have a nice coffee out there, so you got.

00:28:21.580 --> 00:28:26.390 Tommy D: You can foster kittens because they they don't have the same

00:28:26.400 --> 00:28:29.389 Tommy D: that you know. I don't remember. I'll look it up.

00:28:29.740 --> 00:28:38.589 Tommy D: She was on the show. I don't know if it's true or not. But it was our friend that the attorney that does the trust the Petros down in Florida

00:28:38.600 --> 00:28:59.100 Tommy D: we were adopted like it, fostered like eighty cat story, and like we used to say during the pandemic, but like last year. So last year, like the first year, anyhow, she told us that so maybe there is a move. There you try and always trying to trick me. K. Fran. You always are. That's okay. So i'm always ready for it. So, really quick. I know one question, and then maybe we'll talk about it and come back to great. Did you all see?

00:28:59.190 --> 00:29:07.959 Tommy D: Think it's called Strong Island Rescue? They saved this raccoon that was in the um of the the storm drain. Did anybody see that?

00:29:07.970 --> 00:29:16.529 Ryan Shea: Yeah, You saw that? I'm not big on the Facebook, but I saw it on there, and like they pulled that thing, and they were like trying to help them get out and like

00:29:16.580 --> 00:29:37.479 Tommy D: That's the stuff, man, just like These are not like varmint or pests, or anything like the guy from like looney tunes. You farm it, but it's not like that. These are animals. They're just another species. We're supposed to help them out, and that's what we do on this show. We're going to take a quick break, but when we come back, we will continue our conversation about no big deal just changing the world.

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00:31:36.850 --> 00:31:57.290 Tommy D: and we're back. So i'm actually checking out this. So I don't know if you serve food there. But this is interaction because you have meatball with Parmesan. Okay, Amazon, with meatball. All right. You got now. These are names of cats, ladies and gentlemen. You have Brioche. Um. I look away, so I want to get our friends back on Video Shabbata.

00:31:57.300 --> 00:32:12.390 Ryan Shea: Ah! Like I mean what it's, what's what's what's silly names? And I love silly. It makes me think of our friend, you know, Joe Gato, Val, you know Joe and the family. They adopted all those um, all those dogs in the game of like uh Canoli and all the different.

00:32:12.400 --> 00:32:15.790 Tommy D: Oh, who's that? Al: Oh, my God, there goes my attention! What's up?

00:32:15.800 --> 00:32:22.690 Ryan Shea: This is a backyard, save I love her. She's so sweet.

00:32:22.700 --> 00:32:31.189 Tommy D: Yeah, I feel like naming animals is literally one of my favorite things to do. I was watching the met game last night,

00:32:31.200 --> 00:32:43.049 Valerie Heffron: and anyone who's a metskin knows that Theormo was away For a while he was hurt, and now he's back, and i'm watching the game. When I said to my husband, I go. The normal is a great name with a cat.

00:32:43.060 --> 00:32:44.690 Ryan Shea: I didn't. I didn't,

00:32:44.700 --> 00:32:46.600 Tommy D: so I may not help it. Yeah,

00:32:46.610 --> 00:32:54.589 Tommy D: We were in a meeting yesterday, and you said to me you were referencing one of your friends. I don't know if you want to shout out to their cat's name, but auto something or other can we talk about.

00:32:54.600 --> 00:33:12.759 Valerie Heffron: I thought it was a dog, Otto von Schizophren, she the best Tibetan territory, but, like I have names for future pets that I don't even have yet, like I love the name. Sh Mendrick for a dog. I just say it's a horrible and like. But here's a thing, Tommy, like. So what they did there a lot of times there will be like a scene

00:33:12.770 --> 00:33:31.499 Valerie Heffron: right? So it could be. It could be mess players, it could be, you know. Obviously they did food. Sometimes people do ice cream, you know. Sometimes people will do like um. Let's say i'm not familiar with it. But Harry Potter characters. You know what I mean, Like they'll take characters from like a movie.

00:33:31.590 --> 00:33:43.290 Tommy D: And because there's so many animals in me, you literally kind of like, run out and eat. You know what I mean. This is that book I was talking about. Remember about this book,

00:33:43.300 --> 00:33:49.390 Tommy D: you know. This is Joe Gaddo's book, The dogfather, and he's got like Biscotti.

00:33:49.400 --> 00:33:52.090 Tommy D: You guys got like,

00:33:52.100 --> 00:34:02.489 Tommy D: Yeah, I think I would name like like gobble ghoul like I think that was like my uncle rich. When I was a kid he always used to go to go

00:34:02.500 --> 00:34:13.590 Tommy D: another one like Salami like Roni like that was a cool fun. Names, too. Right? So that's that's

00:34:13.600 --> 00:34:22.689 Tommy D: that is the fun part again. We've we've shouted out my old dog, Mickey Mclub, like I called it Mikalobe again. Why would you call anybody the thing you named like. I realized that

00:34:22.699 --> 00:34:25.189 Valerie Heffron: mine's jovi after bon Jovi.

00:34:25.199 --> 00:34:30.879 Valerie Heffron: You know the naming is super fun, like whenever someone gets a new pet hopefully, a rescue,

00:34:30.889 --> 00:34:57.350 Ryan Shea: and they put on Facebook like Help me name them. I'm like Oh, I want to go back to your space actually, because I just kind of want to hopefully encourage other people, whether they're living in Pennsylvania or South Carolina, or whatever. If they have a passion for animals, they love cats and kids. They recognize the need to help them find homes like

00:34:57.360 --> 00:35:05.589 Valerie Heffron: How much like square footage would you recommend? And is it in an industrial area? Is it like a storefront. Where are you?

00:35:05.640 --> 00:35:21.960 Ryan Shea: Um! This is a stork front in a village I wanted somewhere there that there's like foot traffic, and like other cute things around ours is one thousand six hundred square feet, which works for us. Um, Everyone wants to do something different, though, so it depends how much food you want.

00:35:21.970 --> 00:35:30.010 Ryan Shea: How many cats you want, how much people can afford, you know, like the zoning there's all kinds of laws and rules and stuff.

00:35:30.020 --> 00:35:50.480 Ryan Shea: What about right like. What about the fact that I'm just thinking this like? And I got this down? I had this conversation just yesterday. I was talking about like somebody bringing their therapy dog somewhere, and I was like, Wow! That's I get it that that's that. You're allowed to do that. But was it difficult, I guess, for to health, I mean, I know you know my parents. I want a little Italian height shop,

00:35:50.490 --> 00:36:01.060 Tommy D: and you know I know in food service. I grew up in food service like, How does that work like we're going to have cats here, and we're going to serve like? Is that what are the rules around that if somebody wants to do it.

00:36:01.950 --> 00:36:04.689 Ryan Shea: Um! I don't really know what the food

00:36:04.700 --> 00:36:12.589 Ryan Shea: the drinks we don't do any food. We used to have some like pre-packaged snacks which is allowed if everything's made out of the building.

00:36:12.600 --> 00:36:24.390 Ryan Shea: Um, but people, it seems like they just mostly come just for the cat. So the snacks didn't do so. Well, we have like baked goods and stuff. Um. The drinks are complementary, so there's really no rules regarding that.

00:36:24.400 --> 00:36:30.639 Ryan Shea: If you wanted to sell food and sell drinks and stuff that's you need to all kinds of

00:36:30.680 --> 00:36:43.490 Ryan Shea: things that I really wanted to do it. So it's great. So you know what you go. Let's eliminate that, and let's not deal with it because we don't want to. I want it, since i'm here in my attic, and i'm not at your store.

00:36:43.500 --> 00:36:49.479 Tommy D: If I was at your store I'd be outside sneezing. Can we go on a tour together?

00:36:49.510 --> 00:36:50.700 Ryan Shea: Sure.

00:36:51.150 --> 00:37:00.390 Ryan Shea: Well, this is Yeah, let's be really time to fill the time. And you've got to describe what you're seeing really well for people who are just listening.

00:37:00.400 --> 00:37:02.299 Tommy D: Uh, do you want me to do it.

00:37:03.040 --> 00:37:07.290 Tommy D: I don't know. If are you going to know what all the accoutrements are and

00:37:11.390 --> 00:37:14.539 Ryan Shea: what are we going to do like a tour.

00:37:14.550 --> 00:37:18.340 Ryan Shea: Yeah, let's go for it if you sell in clients, if you will. Okay.

00:37:18.350 --> 00:37:20.790 Ryan Shea: But we got to go out in front.

00:37:20.800 --> 00:37:33.689 Ryan Shea: Oh, ladies and gentlemen, right now, our friend Ryan say, is walking to the front of the store. It's beautiful

00:37:33.700 --> 00:37:42.490 Ryan Shea: really. Come, It's probably a little bad, because we we got tons of um shipment of things today. We have lots of boxes every

00:37:42.500 --> 00:37:46.059 Tommy D: so it's a I'll wait till we go outside. And now

00:37:46.760 --> 00:37:49.690 Ryan Shea: where are we? What's the a drastic Guy Ryan.

00:37:49.700 --> 00:37:55.490 Ryan Shea: We're in Sieville, one hundred and ninety, Seven West Main Street. This is our sign. Nothing floppy.

00:37:55.500 --> 00:38:06.340 Tommy D: We're right on the West Main Street and sable Everybody big pink sign, Shabby Tabby cat, Cafe um and Big rainbow flag in the window.

00:38:06.570 --> 00:38:09.139 Ryan Shea: We're going. Oh, Melanie is here!

00:38:11.200 --> 00:38:17.890 Ryan Shea: We're we're watching this and we're lagging a bit. So we're working. We're in. We're in the store.

00:38:17.900 --> 00:38:20.689 Ryan Shea: So as we look around, we have some reason to hear us.

00:38:20.700 --> 00:38:22.590 Tommy D: Yeah, I I here. Okay, we're good.

00:38:22.600 --> 00:38:27.889 Ryan Shea: We retail. So we got all that. Look, Val, Look at that.

00:38:27.900 --> 00:38:29.290 Tommy D: There's some.

00:38:29.300 --> 00:38:35.410 Ryan Shea: There are some hoodies and some toys. Ryan. What are those toys.

00:38:36.000 --> 00:38:47.069 Ryan Shea: These are flushies. They're cats. If people can't adopt sometimes they'll get one of these instead. God! So this is consolation prize.

00:38:47.080 --> 00:39:06.419 Ryan Shea: But this is helpful to to understand, too, folks. So when you're in there, because this is a business right, this is not a not for profit. So, aside from having folks come in and they spend the fifteen dollars. If they do adopt an animal, what happens as we're still looking at some accessories, it looks like there's some straws like cat Logos kind of pictures on the

00:39:06.430 --> 00:39:10.540 Ryan Shea: so, Ryan, if I get it. Oh, big cat, sign!

00:39:11.600 --> 00:39:18.589 Ryan Shea: This is funny. Value the blow by blow of everything.

00:39:18.600 --> 00:39:19.889 Valerie Heffron: There's a water cooler.

00:39:19.900 --> 00:39:28.739 Tommy D: I don't think we need all the details, but I do like Valerie. Look at the little. All those sketches, or those like decals of the catch faces on the wall.

00:39:28.750 --> 00:39:29.809 Ryan Shea: Yeah,

00:39:29.820 --> 00:39:33.289 Tommy D: E: cows. Those are so cool. Yeah. Now, i'll get you some of those

00:39:33.300 --> 00:39:39.690 Ryan Shea: all over this picture. What it. You got to call the rules. We have a thing of rules up here.

00:39:39.700 --> 00:39:41.979 Tommy D: So what are those tell us about the rules?

00:39:42.140 --> 00:39:51.210 Ryan Shea: It's just pretty common sense stuff. It's mostly for kids. Don't pull a cat's tail, don't make them up If they're sleeping, don't pick them up

00:39:51.420 --> 00:40:01.890 Ryan Shea: um pictures, but no flash. Don't give them human food and Don't run and be loud.

00:40:01.900 --> 00:40:04.080 Ryan Shea: Okay.

00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:14.180 Ryan Shea: So I have to ask you, because it looks like there is a lot of detail that goes into this when it came down to like designing.

00:40:14.230 --> 00:40:29.890 Ryan Shea: I'm. Just curious. How did you know how many litter boxes you needed? How many like little cat huts you needed. How many stations You know what I mean Like for a cat? Yeah. Well, we're not hang out and isolate itself at the one with the joke.

00:40:29.990 --> 00:40:48.289 Ryan Shea: It's kind of trial and error At first, when when I planned it, we were going to have fifteen cats, but so, as as you know, we stayed in. We were in business for like a year we were able to increase everything, and when you increase the amount of cats we need to increase the litter boxes, and

00:40:48.300 --> 00:40:51.189 Ryan Shea: we finally just kind of figured it out. The

00:40:51.200 --> 00:40:53.559 Ryan Shea: add things as time goes on.

00:40:53.790 --> 00:41:23.779 Ryan Shea: That's a great setup you have there. There's lots of little

00:41:23.790 --> 00:41:33.060 Valerie Heffron: like. Would you recommend a dollar amount for startup money like? How much do you think somebody should have before they did something like this?

00:41:33.400 --> 00:41:34.870 Ryan Shea: Um!

00:41:34.950 --> 00:41:39.899 Ryan Shea: It depends how uh what they want to do, but maybe a hundred thousand

00:41:40.280 --> 00:41:57.679 Ryan Shea: right? So that's going to cover invent, so it like, not the cats, but like the inventory of the all of the space, the the Yes insurance. Okay. Got it. And so here's a tough question. Not tough for you. I'm sure you know the answer, but kind of a tough topic, but part of reality

00:41:57.690 --> 00:42:06.990 Valerie Heffron: like what happens if someone gets sick or you know someone needs vet care like, Do you want to quarantine like? What do you do?

00:42:07.000 --> 00:42:22.010 Ryan Shea: It depends. If it's just a cold, they um kind of spread fast here because it's like a daycare. Yeah. So if a cat has a cold, usually, you know, within a day or two they'll shake it off. But we also have antibiotics here we know it's. If it's

00:42:22.050 --> 00:42:28.589 Ryan Shea: super serious where they need to get to the vet, or they need to go back to the rescue and be in a cage for quarantine.

00:42:28.600 --> 00:42:46.680 Ryan Shea: Um! It just all depends. Um! What else? What else would they get if they we can tell If they're really sick, They're really sick we'll, we'll get them to the bed. Um! But we also have cages here. We have two cages, one, two, and that if someone's really under the weather. Sometimes they can just hang out

00:42:46.690 --> 00:42:53.090 Ryan Shea: for a couple days in one of these and get their meds and just relax.

00:42:53.100 --> 00:43:07.089 Ryan Shea: Yeah, sorry cages is something I also want to touch on, because I I read on your website, and I couldn't agree more that you wanted to provide for the most part a page-free um environment, that's all. Yeah,

00:43:07.100 --> 00:43:20.090 Valerie Heffron: yeah. And that's also kind of one of my pet piece, because at a lot of shelters, you know, these cats and kittens are in small cages, and it really is not beneficial for them.

00:43:20.100 --> 00:43:26.690 Ryan Shea: It's so sad it is so so depressing. And sometimes they're lying, and they're really

00:43:26.700 --> 00:43:28.629 Tommy D: Michelle Valerie, Look at this.

00:43:28.640 --> 00:43:33.189 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. And sometimes these cats and kittens are lying in their own litter box.

00:43:33.200 --> 00:43:43.730 Ryan Shea: I know it's brutal. So can we just talk about how you know that's kind of antiquated, and what you're doing is so much more beneficial for the past.

00:43:46.070 --> 00:43:47.539 Ryan Shea: Did I lose her? Yeah.

00:43:47.550 --> 00:43:56.789 Ryan Shea: Well, you know, sometimes if a cat is very scared and we get them here, and this is too much for them. Sometimes it's very overwhelming.

00:43:56.800 --> 00:44:17.090 Ryan Shea: Yeah, um. We will start them in one of these two cages, but almost always they'll find a safe spot like in a cat tree, or you know she's in a box, or these little huts that we have. Yeah, um, and it's a lot. It's a lot better for them. They're able to come out more and explore on their own and the cages it just kind of

00:44:17.150 --> 00:44:22.919 Ryan Shea: I just. I really hate cages so much it just unless they're scared and they need it. But

00:44:23.040 --> 00:44:42.059 Ryan Shea: I i'm just not a fan of locking them up. I think they should be free and be able to explore and leave school and make friends. Have you ever Have you had a problem with them Getting a lot like like has anyone? That's one of my biggest fears, like my two cat, and like each other at first, but they never physically

00:44:42.340 --> 00:44:57.390 Ryan Shea: um here and there, but it's usually quick, and then they go in their own spot like there's enough room for them to hang out um on their own.

00:44:57.400 --> 00:45:08.089 Ryan Shea: Yeah, I mean they tragically. They're like in a crate or in a cage when they're a shelter here. It's like, you know it's like a resort, you know it.

00:45:08.100 --> 00:45:09.890 Tommy D: That reminds me, like, you know,

00:45:09.900 --> 00:45:27.490 Tommy D: not to assume. But you know and Levy, our friend, who is creating an incredible special business like this is just like on for that level, like a primo type of place where it's, and creating a string at that resort coming soon we'll share that information when it comes out. But

00:45:27.500 --> 00:45:43.189 Ryan Shea: so you guys have so much in common, because she also started her business after she lost her beloved pet pooch. And so you guys have that, you know that drive and comment definitely,

00:45:43.200 --> 00:45:45.390 Ryan Shea: Yeah, yeah,

00:45:45.400 --> 00:46:05.320 Tommy D: we do have to take one quick break. Um. But because because we were supposed to a while ago. But i'm. But that doesn't matter here because we haven't fun, so we'll take all quick break. We'll come out, we'll come back and tell us a little bit about maybe the future what's going on? And then i'm sure Valerie has to think she wants to share. This is the professionals an animal of her show,

00:46:05.330 --> 00:46:06.569 Ryan Shea: all right.

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00:48:03.710 --> 00:48:06.779 Ryan Shea: We are back at your pals. Here it is the

00:48:06.870 --> 00:48:19.590 Tommy D: i'd say, I mean Tommy. But I say cows to me about because of Raj: All right. So anyway, Melanie is back. Melly, what's going on? Tell us you're back on a camera. So what's going on? Tell us what you do at the store.

00:48:19.600 --> 00:48:38.590 Ryan Shea: Yeah, I'm: the manager. So I do the events and the website and all, like the majority of the posting. Ryan and I kind of do back and forth like the Facebook Tik, tok, Instagram. And then we restarted our Youtube

00:48:38.600 --> 00:48:47.410 Ryan Shea: like It's all right. I think it's great for you guys, especially like a tik tok Youtube games to like those are probably like, because people dig like what's the most

00:48:47.460 --> 00:48:55.870 Ryan Shea: like? One of the most popular things like on the Internet is like That's that a cat video? I like that. You guys are like the thing that people want to see right.

00:48:56.050 --> 00:49:00.989 Ryan Shea: It's fun because, like tik tok two, it's you don't have to put a lot into it.

00:49:01.000 --> 00:49:14.040 Ryan Shea: Yeah, because it like fast, a few second videos. And then people from all over watch it so like some random one that we take like two seconds. Filming has like millions of views, and we're like Ah,

00:49:14.050 --> 00:49:21.839 Ryan Shea: all right. I just think it's that I don't understand. I'll scroll through tik tok and find the stuff I like, but I don't think that's the

00:49:21.850 --> 00:49:43.830 Valerie Heffron: Let me ask you a question because i'm super cute. It's like I feel like this is such a cool job. You know what I mean, like you get to go to work and like, hang out with cats and play with cats, and I know there's real work associated with over the wrong. I have two cats, and i'm like Oh, my God, what a mess you just made! But like you know um! What did you do before this? If you don't mind me asking.

00:49:43.840 --> 00:49:57.870 Ryan Shea: I actually went to school for media and communications. So it's not like you were like a banker or something like that. You went from a cubicle to like this. But

00:49:58.170 --> 00:50:05.090 Valerie Heffron: right, I think you just. I think it's such a cool environment. I went on one date, and I told my husband

00:50:05.100 --> 00:50:09.600 Valerie Heffron: million years ago before I met him, but he worked at a zoo,

00:50:09.670 --> 00:50:20.360 Valerie Heffron: and that's the only thing I talked about the whole day that was like. So you get behind the scenes where the Boulevards aren't. That's all I cared about. I had to know.

00:50:20.370 --> 00:50:25.120 Ryan Shea: Oh, my God! Well, listen! So I want to

00:50:25.200 --> 00:50:27.909 Valerie Heffron: make sure that number one.

00:50:28.070 --> 00:50:48.049 Valerie Heffron: Everyone knows how to find the guy and number two. I want to encourage everybody to get involved, and if you haven't fostered, but you like cats and kittens, you know. Fostering really does save lives. I want people to recognize, especially with a cat or kitten. Don't need a lot of space.

00:50:48.060 --> 00:50:58.230 Valerie Heffron: Um, i'm hoping that we'll reach some ears, and people will want to help you guys on your mission. So tell everybody. How do they find you?

00:50:59.070 --> 00:51:11.810 Ryan Shea: You can if you Google the shabby tabby, it'll pop up, but we have a website. It's the Shabby tabby-l I we're also on Instagram, and Tik, tok

00:51:11.820 --> 00:51:22.149 Ryan Shea: and what else to say so on Youtube, just the shabby tabby. I mean. It should always pop up. We are in Sainville, on West Main Street, right outside of the village

00:51:22.900 --> 00:51:23.890 Valerie Heffron: so cool.

00:51:23.900 --> 00:51:29.899 Ryan Shea: Yeah, and if you can't, Foster go grab a cup of coffee, Go, grab a friend and helps

00:51:29.910 --> 00:51:32.890 Valerie Heffron: yeah everything. Buy some merch.

00:51:32.900 --> 00:51:42.689 Tommy D: I will get some merge for sure. I just want to share. I'm looking at this so it's not shabby tabby. All I that's Instagram I'm assuming it's probably the same on on tik Tok: Right? That kind of

00:51:42.700 --> 00:51:48.889 Ryan Shea: yeah. We we kept the name the same on everything. So it's easier to be like. Oh, that's them.

00:51:48.900 --> 00:51:53.989 Ryan Shea: We also have a Youtube channel with you. I've been the shabby tabby we have a Youtube Channel.

00:51:54.000 --> 00:52:02.789 Tommy D: I think that'll be fun, too like we were saying right. I think you said the way. But like any of that stuff that's just like super visual. And just like you guys got the thing right there. So yeah, I have for you.

00:52:02.800 --> 00:52:10.689 Tommy D: Now, when you're back on the island we should figure out something with a shabby tabby. I'll. Whenever i'll figure it out.

00:52:10.700 --> 00:52:25.230 Ryan Shea: I'll wear one of those like cosmet suits. You know what the other thing. Yeah, and you should. But the other thing too real quick that we didn't mention is that I saw also that you can actually have a party there. You can rent the space I have, like

00:52:25.240 --> 00:52:30.890 Ryan Shea: a birthday party or a girls night out, or whatever. There's so much that there.

00:52:30.900 --> 00:52:34.890 Ryan Shea: Yeah, actually in October, someone's having their wedding here. So

00:52:34.900 --> 00:52:53.089 Ryan Shea: this is the first weekend in October. We're having a wedding here. So I hope you guys are around October the eleventh, because that is our inaugural event. So the professionals and animal of our show we are producing first, ever passion awards,

00:52:53.200 --> 00:53:10.390 Valerie Heffron: and we're honoring, actually Renee craft, as well as two other phenomenal animal, um advocates and rescue people, And it is going to be an amazing of it just keeps getting more and more amazing like they could be a Dj. We have a gift bed like swag bag. Give away the first one hundred

00:53:10.400 --> 00:53:24.689 Valerie Heffron: registrants. We have amazing sponsors, all people, all animal lovers and pet parents. And then we're going to meet more people like you guys who are out there. They're in business, and they want to make the world a better place we have.

00:53:24.700 --> 00:53:30.590 Ryan Shea: Well, everybody can make it, and Tommy and I have a competition going on, which is

00:53:30.600 --> 00:53:32.080 Tommy D: what's the competition?

00:53:32.160 --> 00:53:51.119 Valerie Heffron: Ah, so the competition is who can sell more tickets, him or I. And so we have. If you want to support Tommy um when you go to buy your ticket, it's Tommy. D that's your cone. It's gonna get ten dollars off the ticket,

00:53:51.130 --> 00:54:08.590 Tommy D: and it gives him a point. Um, if you want to support Jobie's mom, that's me. My cute little doll name Jodie. I'm his mom joby's Mom J. B. I. S. M. O. M. You will also say it's ten dollars, but also what's really fun is we have

00:54:08.600 --> 00:54:25.050 Valerie Heffron: a rival prize. Thanks. Serena de Maria, who owns joins for me. Pizza, he's giving us a gift card, so that somebody's going to win a great time at his pizzeria, and I met him at an inside Puppy me.

00:54:25.060 --> 00:54:27.989 Ryan Shea: I think that's it, for now

00:54:28.000 --> 00:54:45.390 Tommy D: is it for now for the show? Because we are out of time we have. We always have more to do last time to do it, so we'll have to work on that in the future. I got a shout out to the shabby tab, because I think this here's what I think you should do. I think you should do a date night like one of those speed dating because I sort of

00:54:45.400 --> 00:54:49.890 Tommy D: I saw those cute little tables you had in the back, I see, like a cool date night like what it

00:54:49.900 --> 00:54:51.490 Ryan Shea: it was like. Cats

00:54:51.500 --> 00:54:52.959 Tommy D: right? Yeah, I don't know.

00:54:53.480 --> 00:54:56.089 Tommy D: Must love cat-speed networking.

00:54:56.100 --> 00:54:58.890 Ryan Shea: All right, so we'll do it. Well, if you want

00:54:58.900 --> 00:55:11.909 Tommy D: we know something about networking. So if you want to talk up. Maybe we can help you with that. I want to make sure that anybody wants. I heard It's gonna be a brisk night on October eleventh, and anybody who wants me to wear their hoodie for their business that night,

00:55:11.920 --> 00:55:27.879 Tommy D: you know. Let me know, and I will be happy to i'm not saying it has to be shabby, Tabby. It could be anybody that's ever been on this program. I leave you with this and it's total commitment to non-violence. Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of a nation, and its moral progress

00:55:27.890 --> 00:55:32.389 Tommy D: can be judged. The way it's at homes are treated, make it a great day, Red, that you

00:55:32.400 --> 00:55:40.970 www thank you.

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