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Monday, September 12, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/12 - BEE Brave and Edgy for Planet Earth

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/12 - BEE Brave and Edgy for Planet Earth


2022/09/12 - BEE Brave and Edgy for Planet Earth

[NEW EPISODE] BEE Brave and Edgy for Planet Earth


- Easy/beginner ways to get over the ick factor of composting - and get started - Spiritual Practice/ Empowerment of doing things like gardening, beekeeping, composting and of little actions to fight environmental/climate concerns. - What is Food Justice and how can you learn more about getting involved?


Rebecca Louie is a beekeeper, Master Composter, and Executive Director of The Bee Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through community-based education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. A lifelong storyteller, she has written for numerous news and lifestyle publications and authored the book Compost City: Practical Composting Know-How for Small-Space Living. A former brand strategist and creative director, she has worked with marketing, product, and technology teams to build global organizations. She splits her time between the mountains and New York City with her dog, Max. 

We talk about how Rebecca traded in the glitz and glamour of celebrities for tubs full of worms and hives with over one hundred and fifty thousand honeybees. As she likes to call it she, “choose green living over the red carpet.” We talk about all things BEES and COMPOSTING and FOOD JUSTICE - and how we can all push our boundaries in becoming better inhabitants of our Planet Earth, even in seemingly small and insignificant ways. Turn helplessness into HOPEFULNESS!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric opens up the show welcoming his guest, Vilma Brager, Co-Founder of Insight HR Consulting. Vilma offers her client partners over 20 years of human resource management and operations experience. She also provides insight to HR regulations, laws, and best practices. He also introduces tonight's topic which is about a possible recession. Vilma talks about her career leading up to where she is now. She describes leadership in the past to what HR does today, like employee investigations, training, etc. she enjoyed developing her team. The leadership opportunity to develop her own team led her to move into the HR field and work for a large organization. She transitioned from a recruiter and in the operational field into the HR field. During covid, Vilma partnered with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center). They needed guidance with the changes as well as a focus on human resources and relations with employees, employers and executives. Vilma really loves her work and to learn new things.

Segment 2

Eric asks vilma about when might an employer know when it's time to make large cuts to their workforce and what kind of data they should review. Vilma works more with small and mid size businesses. She says that overall she asks employers and businesses many questions when helping such as whether they are attaining all of their revenue, tracking everything they should be getting paid for, can they reduce their expenses, etc. She says it's important to exhaust every other question and opportunity before thinking about layoffs as it affects the company and also people's lives. This is also very important especially if this situation is in a large organization. Vilma also mentions to her clients that no matter what decision they make to take into consideration the employees, everyone is treated with respect and dignity. She also says that communication is key. She explains how this is a key mistake when employers are enforcing layoffs or going through this stage.

Segment 3

Vilma gives more tips for employers to take notice of before thinking about layoffs such as looking at salaries and making sure they are at a minimum if need be and make sure you are paying the legal minimum wage. She also mentions communication again and important it is to open up to your employees. Vilma mentions a federal warn act where in different states, they are required to provide a certain amount of days and timelines to communicate the layoffs. Eric also discusses with Vilma about techniques she uses when she is advising employers about layoffs. Ideally, she says it's better to have these conversations with your employees face to face. But of course, this approach can be different if it's a large company that may have to lay off 20 or more employees. But in any way you can, approaching them directly is better even though it is a difficult conversation to have.

Segment 4

Vilma talks about how her company differs from other HR consulting firms. She says that clients see them as trusted advisors. Vilma says that she and her company wants the best outcomes for her clients including employees, though she emphasizes that it is a lot of work. Their job is to let their clients know if their decision might have a negative affect on them and their company. Though, they won't stop their clients as at the end of the day it is up to the business owner and employer. Vilma and Insight HR Consulting bring solutions that employers can consider to avoid litigation and ensure that the company will go into the right direction. They bring many resources to help their clients and Vilma explains how they are more than HR Consultants with their other can reach Vilma Brager at, you can email her at, and she is also very active on Linkedin as well.


00:00:26.280 --> 00:00:29.500 Welcome everyone. I'm Sandra Bardman.

00:00:29.510 --> 00:00:40.359 A few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the Edge of every day, which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions we all face in grapple with

00:00:40.740 --> 00:00:47.959 the shows hit a nerve, and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time more than I could have foreseen.

00:00:47.970 --> 00:01:02.090 So here we are, real talk with real people, sharing stories and perspectives that spark evocative invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of

00:01:02.490 --> 00:01:03.700 Down on you.

00:01:03.710 --> 00:01:17.599 Sandra Bargman: Hello, everyone! We are live in the hive. Thank you for joining me on this. The fortieth episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio, Nyc.

00:01:17.610 --> 00:01:24.430 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, and for those of you who don't know me yet.

00:01:24.440 --> 00:01:38.420 Sandra Bargman: I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio, Nyc. Or of course, you can visit my website, Sandra Bargeman, com and please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:38.570 --> 00:02:06.729 Sandra Bargman: All of my loyal listeners know this show is about celebrating triumphs, pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues. It's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges, and what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful, those places where we are resistant to change

00:02:06.740 --> 00:02:19.970 Sandra Bargman: those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings both about ourselves and about the world around us. Those places where we don't want to look.

00:02:20.020 --> 00:02:43.760 Sandra Bargman: Listen! We live in turbulent times, and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't, black or white. It must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that, I fully believe, can help to change the world.

00:02:43.770 --> 00:02:46.420 Sandra Bargman: So thanks again for tuning in,

00:02:47.350 --> 00:02:53.930 Sandra Bargman: and without further ado it is time for me to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:54.630 --> 00:03:18.239 Sandra Bargman: Rebecca Louis is a beekeeper, Master composter, and executive director of the bee conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment and securing food justice through community based education, research, habitat creation and advocacy

00:03:18.390 --> 00:03:32.720 Sandra Bargman: a lifelong storyteller She has written for numerous news and lifestyle publications, including former features writer at the New York Daily News, an Arts editor at Vibe Magazine,

00:03:32.730 --> 00:03:51.599 Sandra Bargman: and she has authored the book, Compost City. Practical composting Know-how for small space living Compost City is a guide for the eco-curious on how to choose and care for a compost system that fits perfectly into any space,

00:03:51.640 --> 00:04:11.160 Sandra Bargman: any schedule and any lifestyle as seen in New York Magazine, L. Dot com organic life treehugger, dot com, and more compost City is packed with research, expert testimonies step by step, tutorials and a healthy dose of humor,

00:04:11.170 --> 00:04:15.070 Sandra Bargman: educate and convert the compost weary,

00:04:15.320 --> 00:04:33.549 Sandra Bargman: a former brand strategist and creative director. Rebecca has worked with marketing product and technology teams to build global organizations. She splits her time between the Catskill Mountains and New York city with her dog, Max.

00:04:33.560 --> 00:04:36.889 Sandra Bargman: Hello, and welcome, Rebecca.

00:04:37.030 --> 00:04:41.589 Rebecca Louie: I am so excited to be here. Thank you, and happy for you.

00:04:41.600 --> 00:04:50.989 Sandra Bargman: Ah, thank you. I am so excited to have you here. Oh, my goodness! And that very Max that you've spoken of is in the room, too.

00:04:51.000 --> 00:04:53.889 Rebecca Louie: Yes, he may join us at any moment i'm hoping so.

00:04:53.900 --> 00:04:56.840 Sandra Bargman: I hope he weighs in on all of it.

00:04:56.850 --> 00:05:13.809 Sandra Bargman: So, as I like to do with my listeners, I like to tell how I know my guests, and I love how you and I met um. Rebecca and I live in the same community in the Catskill Mountains, and we met through a mutual friend

00:05:13.820 --> 00:05:23.969 Rebecca Louie: who showed up for my birthday party my big fat six. Oh, on the wrong day with Rebecca.

00:05:23.980 --> 00:05:25.830 Rebecca Louie: Yes, we are a week early,

00:05:26.110 --> 00:05:28.789 Rebecca Louie: but we brought cheese and brownies.

00:05:28.800 --> 00:05:37.639 Rebecca Louie: Indeed you really did, and she didn't know me well enough for special companies, but you know we're getting there,

00:05:37.650 --> 00:05:44.140 Sandra Bargman: anyway. It was fantastic, and both my husband and I felt such a kinship with you.

00:05:44.250 --> 00:05:54.530 Sandra Bargman: And but Rebecca didn't share with me at that time what she did, and that she was the executive director of the B Conservancy, and when I heard that I was like,

00:05:54.860 --> 00:06:01.210 Rebecca Louie: or on the podcast pizza, my thing live in the hive, and so on that note the

00:06:01.280 --> 00:06:17.510 Sandra Bargman: Rebecca. Please indulge me because it's the fortieth. I I do want to quickly remind our listeners of why bees and live in the hive are so important to me, and of course, Why, obviously i'm so thrilled to have you on the show.

00:06:17.520 --> 00:06:43.109 Sandra Bargman: So the solo show the edge of every day upon which this podcast is based was the first solo show that I did through sacred stages, Llc. My company, and it was the merging of my ministry with my performance background, and where, the first time I was speaking out with spiritual understandings. If you will, is kind of my version of preaching.

00:06:43.120 --> 00:07:04.889 Sandra Bargman: As I like to say so. Of course I wove many different understandings, but one of them that is a part of my practice is native American wisdom and the understanding that animals walk through the world with medicine or wisdom to share if we pay attention. And there were three animals, and for the sake of our conversation. The bee

00:07:04.900 --> 00:07:24.880 Rebecca Louie: was one of them, and of course it was for obviously communication, and we did a really funny thing with the waggle dance to get people to know each other, but and for the sake of the podcast conversations and collaboration and connection and common unity

00:07:24.980 --> 00:07:26.360 Sandra Bargman: community.

00:07:27.100 --> 00:07:43.829 Sandra Bargman: So you know What I always say is whether you're connected to bees in a spiritual capacity in the way that I am, and and and I like to learn about the ancient traditions that have revered the bee, or, if you come to,

00:07:43.840 --> 00:08:00.120 Sandra Bargman: you know, a perspective of just appreciating it from a practical or metaphorical angle, or even through an environmental lens. The bees are just powerful. It's powerful powerful work, and of course we're going to get to your we work and your gardening and your composting, and all of that

00:08:00.810 --> 00:08:02.960 Sandra Bargman: before we dive in

00:08:02.970 --> 00:08:08.879 Sandra Bargman: you, you in particular. But so many of my guests

00:08:08.890 --> 00:08:30.109 Sandra Bargman: have so many different hats. They have so many different skills. They have had intriguing paths and career adventures, and have come to a place where they're synthesizing all of those skills and all of those hats, and all of those, all of that work, and all of those identities

00:08:30.120 --> 00:08:40.290 Sandra Bargman: which is a part of learning to understand our rough edges and understanding about pushing our boundaries, and I put myself in that category,

00:08:40.409 --> 00:08:43.750 Sandra Bargman: and I was recently asked a really fascinating question,

00:08:43.940 --> 00:08:51.219 Sandra Bargman: and i'm going to pose it to you because I think you're going to have a fabulous answer, and I will share my my answer afterwards.

00:08:51.310 --> 00:08:52.470 Sandra Bargman: So

00:08:52.540 --> 00:08:59.830 Sandra Bargman: what identity or identities do you, Rebecca, lead with

00:09:02.900 --> 00:09:04.030 Rebecca Louie: you.

00:09:04.440 --> 00:09:12.690 Rebecca Louie: Okay? Not completely sure. I understand the question. I'm just going to do right.

00:09:16.050 --> 00:09:19.550 Rebecca Louie: Well, you know you kind of set it in your introduction.

00:09:20.110 --> 00:09:22.290 Rebecca Louie: I lead as a storyteller,

00:09:22.300 --> 00:09:24.760 Rebecca Louie: because to me I think

00:09:24.960 --> 00:09:36.080 Rebecca Louie: stories are how we connect there. What make the abstract personal there? What make this scary maybe a little more. I don't know sensitive or

00:09:36.090 --> 00:09:55.649 Rebecca Louie: less scary um! And for me, and probably over the course of this conversation for better or worse, i'll probably talk about brands or stories like everything to me is just like an amazing narrative. So I think, like first and foremost, I process most things through the lens of narrative and story. Um, you know,

00:09:55.660 --> 00:10:10.190 Rebecca Louie: I think there's a world where, like leader and collaborator, like kind of intermingle right? Everyone takes turns like the front at the back, letting other people shut it. Blah blah blah um. So maybe that's what i'll start.

00:10:10.200 --> 00:10:15.079 Sandra Bargman: I love that and the synthesis of that, and that you have that as a deck of cards,

00:10:15.570 --> 00:10:19.600 Sandra Bargman: your at your disposal. So I I had a I.

00:10:19.880 --> 00:10:23.100 Sandra Bargman: I thought of you. It would have been storytelling.

00:10:23.550 --> 00:10:28.780 Sandra Bargman: I mean you're just. You are so dynamic in your narrative understanding.

00:10:29.180 --> 00:10:42.610 Rebecca Louie: So the ones that I said was I I almost said storytelling. But I said comedian, I said comedian, because I think I lead with humor, and I often when I don't know people, and and I said shaman

00:10:42.810 --> 00:10:43.860 it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's

00:10:45.070 --> 00:10:50.489 Rebecca Louie: into a superversiveness to comedian, too. You know. It's so is the fool you get away. With a lot of like,

00:10:50.500 --> 00:10:58.090 Rebecca Louie: Yeah, it can. It can bring a lot of truth, Big Bingo, And that's the you know. Part of the wisdom that was woven into the solo show was that, Yeah,

00:10:58.100 --> 00:11:00.879 Sandra Bargman: exactly disarming humor.

00:11:01.260 --> 00:11:04.850 Sandra Bargman: Make them make them think so. Um.

00:11:05.330 --> 00:11:11.189 Sandra Bargman: So you are not always a green girl. Who are you, Rebecca?

00:11:11.200 --> 00:11:12.119 At all

00:11:12.210 --> 00:11:23.790 Rebecca Louie: talk to us about that, sure. So I grew up in New York City. I'm a Queen's girl like i'm still there, and you know we had a yard. I used to always like hang out on the patio,

00:11:23.800 --> 00:11:35.290 Rebecca Louie: very like concrete forward mentality, and I did not for the led me think about the environment or parks or trees, and even places to recreate.

00:11:35.300 --> 00:11:37.190 Sandra Bargman: Wow! And your family never went there.

00:11:37.200 --> 00:11:39.690 Rebecca Louie: No, I need my, you know I have immigrants,

00:11:39.700 --> 00:11:51.589 Rebecca Louie: so um! They are work physicians, and they work like a full time job, and you know It's that eighty latch key story on top of an event story. It's like the you know, the perfect Sunday

00:11:51.600 --> 00:12:05.290 Rebecca Louie: right? Um, it's shaping. And so we didn't really do a lot of things that maybe more American families did to recreate like we did not really that much. So we read a lot of books.

00:12:05.300 --> 00:12:13.389 Sandra Bargman: Well, I don't even think any New Yorkers did, really. And and and still, you know, with with with the parts they don't, they don't. Yeah. But anyway, continue

00:12:13.400 --> 00:12:26.290 Rebecca Louie: also, you know, so blah blah blah basically have a fast forward into my like late, right at that point. Um, there's been an entertaining corner. And then yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, before you get into that to us about that tell us about the red carpet a little bit.

00:12:26.300 --> 00:12:29.089 Rebecca Louie: Indulge us about your life on the red carpet first.

00:12:29.100 --> 00:12:31.520 Rebecca Louie: Yeah. So um, you know it

00:12:31.850 --> 00:12:42.989 Rebecca Louie: again, like this idea of storytelling I've always been interested in why, and so, you know, I studied a lot of critical and cultural theory in college, and it was like. What kind of job is this going to be?

00:12:43.000 --> 00:13:10.309 Rebecca Louie: But but actually, you know it, It worked out because I I enjoyed writing um my whole life, and I was like, Oh, let's get into the arts. Let's talk about why we're, you know, obsessed with this celebrity, or why there's a trend in this type of eating or tour, high or low, or whatever you know. Why, someone at Number One Why didn't freak out on this? I mean, It's kind of like

00:13:10.690 --> 00:13:14.389 Rebecca Louie: we are obsessed with. Whether or not we want to, you know

00:13:14.400 --> 00:13:29.489 Rebecca Louie: we are indeed addicted to our consumptive culture. Indeed, how can we? You know I I like sort of picking a part of what the State in terms of gender or power I mean. Of course, you know you kind of get one deep thought in the way

00:13:29.610 --> 00:13:37.360 Rebecca Louie: a language of just writing for a tabloid or a magazine. You have to know your audience and show up in a way that is comfortable,

00:13:37.370 --> 00:13:59.390 Rebecca Louie: anyway. So that's what I did. And then so I did work at the Daily News. I work for a bunch of magazines, and you know that fly around the world, and I was like a gossip columnist for a while, which was like brutal, really red par with so like my elbows in your face, my lord, waiting for people to show up to parties that they never come to and sailing in the dark right.

00:13:59.400 --> 00:14:06.279 Rebecca Louie: You know. There was early cell phone days. So it's not like you had much to do on this phone.

00:14:06.530 --> 00:14:08.889 Rebecca Louie: So a pre-addictive day.

00:14:08.900 --> 00:14:11.390 Rebecca Louie: Yeah, exactly. It's true. That's so. True.

00:14:11.400 --> 00:14:12.490 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, Yeah.

00:14:12.500 --> 00:14:35.250 Rebecca Louie: Yeah. So that was that was that was life for a while, And it's actually funny that it's related to like, My, my, my life shifted a lot, because one, you know, first all the the Us we please, and the kind of the um celebrity of them right like in the odds and so suddenly arts writing where there was room to be a little bit critical and interesting, or

00:14:35.260 --> 00:14:38.490 Rebecca Louie: turned into like like, Who's

00:14:38.500 --> 00:14:43.340 Rebecca Louie: you know, like like, who's wardrobe? Malfunction. This isn't that, you know, and it's like,

00:14:43.350 --> 00:14:54.889 Rebecca Louie: you know. Oh, the the hottest Nannies that guys broke up with! And and suddenly it shifted, and and they that was the competition. Um, So that was very heartbreaking. It's just speaking of the edges

00:14:54.900 --> 00:15:07.389 Rebecca Louie: like super depressing and really kind of hard to suddenly be talking about like boobs and things instead of like. Why, we're, you know, ashamed of or scared of breasts,

00:15:07.400 --> 00:15:10.089 Rebecca Louie: you don't, Really, I don't know the angle shifted.

00:15:10.100 --> 00:15:11.090 Sandra Bargman: Yeah,

00:15:11.100 --> 00:15:13.889 Rebecca Louie: and so ah! And then

00:15:13.900 --> 00:15:15.389 Rebecca Louie: oh, then print died,

00:15:15.400 --> 00:15:24.369 Rebecca Louie: and then print died, and then we've got to go to a break. So then, in your late twentys you. You started

00:15:24.380 --> 00:15:42.530 Sandra Bargman: when we come back after our commercial break. I can't wait to to hear how the transition into making a choice to going a little more green to going in composting when we come back on the edge of every day with Rebecca Louis. Stay tuned everyone.

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00:17:41.210 --> 00:17:42.760 chipping around.

00:17:43.050 --> 00:17:48.899 Kick my brain to the ground. These are the days of No,

00:17:53.170 --> 00:17:55.890 on the edge of everyday,

00:17:55.900 --> 00:18:09.700 Sandra Bargman: and we are back with Rebecca Louis of the B. Conservancy. So, Rebecca so tell us, how did you begin to make that transition from being a red carpet

00:18:10.170 --> 00:18:26.089 Rebecca Louie: walker to more of a green living person? Was it this big aha moment? Probably not. It was just a series of, you know, smaller insights and understandings and things being taken away from you. Yeah, basically

00:18:26.100 --> 00:18:37.849 Rebecca Louie: so. And I was like, Oh, that's some sort of revolution. You you find you slowly have dwindling freelance funds. You're cooking a lot more.

00:18:37.860 --> 00:18:55.590 Rebecca Louie: I was like. This has got to be good for something that's like piles of that. He's for apps. And yeah, Yeah. So um, I was on my Internet So much great information. Um, i'm like i'm gonna start

00:18:55.600 --> 00:19:12.790 Rebecca Louie: worms, and there's so I mean i'm sure we'll talk about worms, but i'll like great feed them this amount and the mid that killed like a thousand words very quickly, in a very like devastating way. Um, like you, said I like the feeling of

00:19:12.800 --> 00:19:18.489 Rebecca Louie: right exactly. Well, that's one of my questions. Tell us about a big fat failure in all of this.

00:19:18.500 --> 00:19:25.390 Rebecca Louie: It's the warmer side like there's a way to do it right

00:19:25.400 --> 00:19:37.290 Rebecca Louie: right? So because I had this free time. Um! Because I was sort of freelance. I could figure out how to just like what comes next. I don't want to go to digital um I to my master, Compost or certification. New York City.

00:19:37.300 --> 00:19:48.620 Sandra Bargman: Ah, this is okay, this Okay, Back up, we I want to. How did you discover this? I mean. This is just you, you know, I just took a master of composting it, you know, because I was So you know you.

00:19:48.670 --> 00:19:51.390 Rebecca Louie: That was one good thing with the Internet to tell me

00:19:51.400 --> 00:19:52.989 Rebecca Louie: that there was this class

00:19:53.000 --> 00:20:16.669 Rebecca Louie: now and where it? Where's it through? Is it through New York City and Nyc: Yeah. So that it was a department of sanitation program that I There's several host sites across. Let's see. Mine was at the place in Temple Garden. I will say, though, that master

00:20:16.680 --> 00:20:41.930 Rebecca Louie: numbers uh but uh, you know It's like being a master bar with that there's a kind of title, everyone. But I will say New York's for random and like. And there's a whole community component, or like a monster which actually was weirdly how my life changed. So I had to do a final project super fast.

00:20:41.940 --> 00:20:49.259 Rebecca Louie: But one of the things that I did to it was or created was this idea of the compost test right? I was like, Well, you

00:20:49.530 --> 00:20:52.790 Rebecca Louie: it was like this was a brand idea, right like

00:20:52.800 --> 00:21:17.289 Rebecca Louie: oh, totally the merging as we talked about the merging of your skills. Yeah, I was like. Well, you know, I've done a lot of about lifestyle, and I know It's just like you have to go to like place all these things everywhere, you know it was very. You went to the expertise, and it was like

00:21:17.300 --> 00:21:23.140 Rebecca Louie: scientific or academic. And yeah. But then there are people who are like

00:21:23.150 --> 00:21:51.720 Rebecca Louie: the the personal trainer that maybe might want. That's so. I I created this final project, this idea of compost. This I was like, We need to a cloud and make one bins with your kids friends like it. Just well, what was it like? I'll consult your waste screen uh, and somehow this website, Thank you. Search engine optimization.

00:21:51.730 --> 00:22:10.170 Rebecca Louie: I got a lot of press. I guess it was like one reporter like creating a story over other. This is so fantastic. It was super random, the compost s dot com everyone. Yeah, Mhm,

00:22:10.740 --> 00:22:30.439 Rebecca Louie: um. But so yeah. So then, like, you know. Then once I started getting pressed and started changing, and then someone reached out to me. And you guys were kind of like zoom, literally one of boom along the way over your career in a virtual world for teenage. Girls like weird stuff happened in this period,

00:22:30.450 --> 00:22:33.190 Rebecca Louie: and then I got the book, and I was like yay

00:22:33.200 --> 00:22:38.069 Sandra Bargman: right now. Now i'm in a more of a groove. So so that Okay,

00:22:38.080 --> 00:22:58.119 Sandra Bargman: so. And I can so see. I was thinking of you getting this idea. I'm thinking it's like, if sex in the city and the composting experts had a baby, it would be this book, you know this, this filled with wisdom, feel, as it says, filled with it. And this is where, where, Where do I have? But let's get to. I have a couple of

00:22:59.340 --> 00:23:23.690 Sandra Bargman: testimonials about the book that I want to read about you people. Rebecca Louis's small in handy book, debunks the myths about composting, including the most disabling myth, that you can't do it well in a suburb or a city. Louis makes the chemistry of compost, and the various methods open air fermaculture, trench, composting Makashi easy to understand.

00:23:23.700 --> 00:23:44.870 Sandra Bargman: Um This is my favorite one, though you've never seen a book on composting like this one, I rest assured it's wonderful. No excuses, no putting it off Compost City guys. Even the most squeamish sophisticate into delightful partnership with grounds, greens, and worms. Love that so that there's a perfect little seg into

00:23:45.260 --> 00:23:57.989 Rebecca Louie: composting. Tell us about first of all, what is compost, and what's the difference between dirt and soil?

00:23:58.000 --> 00:24:21.919 Rebecca Louie: So basically like dirt is like, you know how. J. You get it off your shore like that's dead. It's kind of lifeless. Nothing right soil, however, system, living things that like work with each other for each other. Um, right. And so compost is a soil, and then it's like special sauce

00:24:21.930 --> 00:24:35.190 Rebecca Louie: in the soil that does a whole bunch of things between, like slow release nutrients to like helping to water and like air, and ultimately feeds plants and the microorganisms.

00:24:35.200 --> 00:24:38.559 Rebecca Louie: So those are the three compost or soil.

00:24:38.570 --> 00:25:06.910 Rebecca Louie: Okay, and and okay, so. But it has to be in a certain sort of recipe, a certain kind of recipe, and it's that contingent, you know, and I love it. It's like a party. What did I hear I heard something. What you talking about. It's like a party You're creating a party Scene: you're bringing in these elements, and you're inviting the party to come in, and there's a certain certain recipe. So but it's the recipe is different, for

00:25:07.320 --> 00:25:22.259 Sandra Bargman: obviously for different ways of composting in different sizes. So if Ah, let's use me because I want to compost because I've talked about this with you, that it's obnoxious, that I don't do it, and I either in the city or upstate.

00:25:22.450 --> 00:25:28.240 Sandra Bargman: So I want to start in both places. How do I do that in a way that's not overwhelming

00:25:28.600 --> 00:25:30.989 Sandra Bargman: in my small space and my bigger space upstairs.

00:25:31.000 --> 00:25:32.090 Rebecca Louie: Yeah.

00:25:32.100 --> 00:25:36.519 Rebecca Louie: Well, I mean, I think start with you right, meaning

00:25:37.210 --> 00:25:40.360 Rebecca Louie: what's the bare minimum that you can do?

00:25:40.370 --> 00:25:41.590 Rebecca Louie: Anyone could do?

00:25:41.600 --> 00:25:57.559 Rebecca Louie: I mean, I could literally do something like I had a cup of tea. I'm taking my tea bag, and i'm bearing in the dirt, and that's all i'm doing this week for this month, you know one t bed which will disintegrate the outside.

00:25:58.090 --> 00:26:02.870 Rebecca Louie: Um. So some people might be like uh like one t back that doesn't do

00:26:02.960 --> 00:26:05.190 Rebecca Louie: like whatever it doesn't help.

00:26:05.200 --> 00:26:16.890 Rebecca Louie: But if you do like magic people, math and you're like there's that many million people here we all did one too bad. Um! So I like That's pretty good. That's some amount of like carbon, and we're going to use it right.

00:26:16.900 --> 00:26:33.189 Rebecca Louie: So I don't know to start with what's realistic like, What can you do? Um, What are you willing to do and set yourself up to see? I think one problem is that on the flip side of maybe what you're describing will get so mapped like me with my first one. Then they're like I'm going to,

00:26:36.000 --> 00:26:55.540 Rebecca Louie: and then, like you set yourself up for disaster, because getting back to that recipe, there is some science right There's like decomposing stuff. It's wet. It kind of emits certain orders of combined a certain way, or get some lucky. And so you want to have control over that, and understand how

00:26:55.550 --> 00:27:06.489 Rebecca Louie: the greens which are the nitrogen rich. That stuff. The ground, which is the carbony brown, dry stuff like forest fluid leaves, or like paper, is the equivalent.

00:27:06.500 --> 00:27:24.720 Rebecca Louie: But how do they mix up? And So you know, when you say a recipe what works for you. Some people like to think of it as a cocktail which gives you a bit of freedom like you. Add a little bit more in this and more of that, and that works for you, and, like meaning, works for you, your your space, your time, but also for the materials themselves.

00:27:24.730 --> 00:27:32.290 Rebecca Louie: And yeah, every system has its own kind of ratio that feeds the recipe, and it's up to you to mix it up and make it work in your space,

00:27:32.300 --> 00:27:40.649 Sandra Bargman: and it's. And what do you say to people who are okay? We've got two minutes to break. What do you say to people who

00:27:40.690 --> 00:27:59.690 Sandra Bargman: are? Ah, that don't understand the the messiness, and are afraid to get into this because of It's it's maybe a little more dirty than they're thinking or it's, you know it's just gross. What How do you handle that? And how do you? What do you say to them to inspire them to move past that.

00:27:59.700 --> 00:28:16.450 Rebecca Louie: No, I would just say that. Guess what? It only gets gnarly. It only gets messy. It's only Ikey, if you're not doing it right. So it's like if you're making lazy, and you're just like i'm going to throw this ground. Be in my face, and i'm fed like. That's not exactly how it works, you know.

00:28:16.460 --> 00:28:25.590 Rebecca Louie: But if people take the little bit of education they need to get started, and they follow some really simple worlds, really magic,

00:28:25.600 --> 00:28:40.739 Rebecca Louie: that's all. And it literally is that simple like I'm and I You know it. It's like anything. If you do it right, you'll do it Well, what do you suggest as a container for the for of the first timer? What is Ah, cause I bought this little metal thing,

00:28:40.750 --> 00:28:48.739 Sandra Bargman: and it totally didn't work. Of course I didn't set it up properly. But what do you suggest is of the first step into it.

00:28:48.750 --> 00:28:59.529 Rebecca Louie: I think if you have access to outdoor space. The first easiest thing to do is to dig a big hole, dump some bananas in there. Cover it up.

00:28:59.630 --> 00:29:03.769 Rebecca Louie: Oh, okay, never again you have fed the earth.

00:29:03.920 --> 00:29:05.310 Sandra Bargman: Hmm.

00:29:05.670 --> 00:29:15.689 Rebecca Louie: Now The only tip, I would say is that if you're doing that, you should always bury a grace like about eight inches or so. So soil above it, just to keep interpreters

00:29:15.700 --> 00:29:23.040 Sandra Bargman: and right. And you, you suggest just plant food waste. Of course not not necessarily

00:29:23.230 --> 00:29:27.289 Sandra Bargman: anything oily or chicken bony, or anything like that.

00:29:27.300 --> 00:29:29.590 Rebecca Louie: I mean, I will say there's a system for that called

00:29:29.600 --> 00:29:31.389 Rebecca Louie: Oh, there has to be, of course, but

00:29:31.400 --> 00:29:32.990 Rebecca Louie: but that's like a level two, you know.

00:29:33.000 --> 00:29:39.490 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, exactly. Not for the starter, Chumpy Barry, and You're a half-eaten chicken carcass

00:29:39.500 --> 00:29:41.450 Rebecca Louie: the dead bodies.

00:29:42.500 --> 00:29:44.089 Rebecca Louie: Jake. I I do not

00:29:44.100 --> 00:29:45.679 Sandra Bargman: I don't.

00:29:45.690 --> 00:29:46.500 Ok.

00:29:47.320 --> 00:29:52.839 Sandra Bargman: Well, we we've got to go to break, of course, is always the case, Rebecca. There's just

00:29:52.850 --> 00:30:22.690 Sandra Bargman: only an hour, and so many questions, and I want to move on composting. You have to get Compost City, and it goes into far greater detail, obviously, than we've touched upon, and we'll get back to that at the end of the show and give you all of those connections. But when we come back we're going to move on from composting, and we're going to move into your wonderful work at the Bee Conservancy. When we come back with Rebecca Louis on the edge of every day, it's day two.

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00:32:08.630 --> 00:32:10.130 you've been around.

00:32:10.440 --> 00:32:16.279 Keep my brain to the ground. These are the days of No.

00:32:20.540 --> 00:32:37.540 On the edge of every day, and we are back with Rebecca Louie. I. I neglected to let everyone know that we're taking questions with Rebecca. So toss your questions anything you want to ask her into the the chat,

00:32:37.550 --> 00:32:54.590 Sandra Bargman: and we will hopefully be able to take a few of those. But I also want to say I lied. I'm not going to jump right into the be Conservancy, because I realized I didn't ask you the one, I think that probably that that address is one of the biggest edges the question I'd be froged over it.

00:32:54.600 --> 00:33:04.139 Sandra Bargman: The benefits of composting. You talk about the three big benefits, and they're so full of edges that I want to make sure that we touch on those those three benefits.

00:33:04.150 --> 00:33:07.550 Rebecca Louie: Sure, I mean on the very like Macro level,

00:33:07.700 --> 00:33:10.719 Rebecca Louie: right? It's great for the environment. So you know,

00:33:10.930 --> 00:33:19.590 Rebecca Louie: like over a third of what goes to landfills today is compostable, and then the trucks that are driving all that around are assuming possible.

00:33:19.600 --> 00:33:40.799 Rebecca Louie: It's enormous, and it's connection to Food Justice, which we'll get into. Yeah. And there's a cart like, you know. There's a soil prices. Actually, we're using tons of the top soil every year, and that's where everything grows up from that we live on. Um. So that's the macro on a more immediate level, you know. Talk about a little bit, but it's really

00:33:40.810 --> 00:33:48.589 Rebecca Louie: good for the soil in that. It helps plants and the ecosystems there by the slow release nutrients by creating pockets,

00:33:48.600 --> 00:33:58.390 Rebecca Louie: water, and air. It really gives your plants a type of health that some of those more like red bull-style plants.

00:34:04.200 --> 00:34:05.140 Sandra Bargman: Yeah,

00:34:05.180 --> 00:34:15.230 Rebecca Louie: Yeah, you know, more powerful. But you know, I will say that in in recent years, like I've been most compelled by, especially actually, this is pandemic and sort of

00:34:15.239 --> 00:34:33.490 Rebecca Louie: state of the country, and the world has been in the last few years. There's something really powerful for the individual, I think of it as a yoga practice, meditation, practice the diet, the peloton, whatever is your

00:34:33.500 --> 00:34:35.260 Rebecca Louie: thing? Um,

00:34:35.449 --> 00:35:00.390 Rebecca Louie: that's how I think we're we're composting because I find that's me out of my head, but it's natural. It's higher than me, meaning like it has its own order. I'm not logic that has. Oh, my goodness, it's like it is ancient right, and it's very intentional. It's like all about, you know, feeding life and circling around It's it's spirit-filled.

00:35:00.400 --> 00:35:04.720 Rebecca Louie: Yes, absolutely connects us. No No screens

00:35:05.120 --> 00:35:08.689 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, truly no addiction to phones, as we mentioned.

00:35:10.030 --> 00:35:21.640 Sandra Bargman: Yeah, it is. Um: yeah. I very much want to connect to that, You know. I joke a lot about wanting to garden, and I I've had a country home for,

00:35:21.790 --> 00:35:25.620 Sandra Bargman: and have I even had a pot of

00:35:25.630 --> 00:35:26.700 Sandra Bargman: herbs?

00:35:26.900 --> 00:35:30.489 Sandra Bargman: No, i'm getting there. I'm going to graduate. We're going to ask Anne for that.

00:35:35.860 --> 00:35:47.889 Sandra Bargman: But and we mentioned the Food Justice, which is a great seg into the B conservancy. And and as part of the mission. So how how did you get connected

00:35:47.900 --> 00:36:02.140 Rebecca Louie: to? Uh the be, Conservancy? What was that? A trajectory? Yeah. So I mean, you've mentioned upstate uh our area is surrounded by a twenty-five thousand acres of state land. So I have this like a look at it.

00:36:02.150 --> 00:36:20.539 Rebecca Louie: Um. And I was like, okay. There's back. Then it's just over a decade ago there was the colony collapse. Disorder headline was very big, like, you know. I was like we've got this land. I'm just going to give it a shot and try to take these um,

00:36:20.550 --> 00:36:40.130 Rebecca Louie: which is the whole other story that is not in cps to become honey. That's actually a lot of education. But um getting back to uh free opportunities, at least for me in New York City. There was this amazing course. Um that I took the group that doesn't exist anymore, but it was several weeks.

00:36:40.140 --> 00:36:47.189 Rebecca Louie: Um, and you know, I will say to in terms of the edge and the benefit of these practices. You find community

00:36:47.200 --> 00:37:08.850 Rebecca Louie: community through composting. That's really common in cities and schools and community gardens that people doing it together. Similarly in beekeeping. Um. And so I met a bunch of these urban beekeepers, and um! The founder would be Conservancy, his name Gamma Fernandez, and he built the organization. Originally it was,

00:37:08.860 --> 00:37:27.250 Rebecca Louie: he grew up an immigrant kid in like a not great urban area, food, desert, meaning. There was not very little access to French food. Um! There were all these health issues in the area, and he, as he became a beekeeper in his adulthood, he was, like, you know, the the health of these bees,

00:37:27.330 --> 00:37:45.440 Rebecca Louie: which are, which point one and three bytes of food that we eat and say that again, please listen, people. So these are two good ones. Bees pollinate one in three bytes of every food that we eat, plus all these species, of which there are twenty thousand; on this third

00:37:45.450 --> 00:37:48.829 Rebecca Louie: upon it eighty percent of the world's flowering plants.

00:37:48.890 --> 00:38:07.990 Rebecca Louie: So you know, when we say, save the bees, we're not just being cute, like they're considered a keystone species. Indeed. And So you know, Gamma was like. This is a food justice issue. So that was sort of the heart of the organization, and a couple of years ago, you know. So we became friends, and then I was adviser for a couple of years, and then

00:38:08.000 --> 00:38:13.289 Rebecca Louie: ah, yeah, on the branded marketing side.

00:38:13.300 --> 00:38:29.720 Rebecca Louie: Yes, I love that. And then, uh, when I joined uh, you know the organization officially, I would transfer to the be Conservancy, because no honeybees are about like seven of that twenty thousand species worldwide, and people don't necessarily realize that to get a lot of the

00:38:29.730 --> 00:38:40.829 Rebecca Louie: um play, you know. Obviously they make honey and people love. But all these other native species right that don't live as I, with all of my research, Don't, they live

00:38:41.650 --> 00:38:58.700 Rebecca Louie: Compost: I mean, they live everywhere. So it's, of course. But yeah, right? No. But you, but they seventy percent of the world's bees live underground, which is bizarre. It's like a, but but also different than honeybees. They live

00:38:59.010 --> 00:39:13.789 Rebecca Louie: solitary lives like there are a handful of other species. Bumblebees are a little bit social, so we'll be like, you know. Maybe a couple of hundred bumblebees um in a colony, and then a honey bee colony will be, like, you know, fifty, sixty thousand at its best. But these other bees.

00:39:13.800 --> 00:39:18.190 Rebecca Louie: They're just like cute little, and you not to totally anthropomorphize it. But i'm going to

00:39:18.200 --> 00:39:27.269 Rebecca Louie: Yeah, but they are like little loners, or like solitary introverts just hanging out. So that's very different concept.

00:39:27.280 --> 00:39:28.890 Yeah,

00:39:28.900 --> 00:39:31.400 totally. So how long did you be? Keep the

00:39:31.560 --> 00:39:33.569 Rebecca Louie: um? I be?

00:39:33.680 --> 00:39:50.499 Rebecca Louie: Okay, uh, I would say actively for about four or five years. Um! And then most recently, maybe three years ago, upstate where I had my hives, the bear, the black bear drags. You know the electric fence that I built,

00:39:50.510 --> 00:40:04.090 Rebecca Louie: and then managed to get through the wretched straps. And you know that's it. It actually even larger than that than other things that that

00:40:04.100 --> 00:40:20.989 Rebecca Louie: there is have a limited food source that year. There was a lot out there. I get it. It's not protein and sugar, and there for them. Um! But then I just like I can't. So now i'm lucky because our organization has several sites around the city, and so I I did get to

00:40:21.000 --> 00:40:22.290 Sandra Bargman: and go and be with them.

00:40:22.300 --> 00:40:24.490 Rebecca Louie: And I saw that on B. Tv.

00:40:24.500 --> 00:40:30.110 Sandra Bargman: Indeed. So as when did you step in as the executive director?

00:40:30.120 --> 00:40:39.499 Rebecca Louie: Well, I was hired as a managing director, and it took about two years for the and then that the transition happened earlier this year,

00:40:39.510 --> 00:40:50.310 Rebecca Louie: and we're a really small organization. So I was actually the organization's first full-time hire because Kamal had been this visionary who had a full-time job and a big life.

00:40:50.320 --> 00:41:13.379 Rebecca Louie: So he had put together this gorgeous foundation and decision for the organization um sort of like sticks in blue and volunteers, and like sweat equity, you know. And so um. You know the last few years we've been kind of focusing growing tournaments like a startup mode for a better term. We're really scaling your organization. Now, we have a bunch of full time numbers, and like

00:41:13.390 --> 00:41:19.990 Rebecca Louie: a lot of like kind of programmatically rich approaches. Oh, completely. Your website is fantastic,

00:41:20.000 --> 00:41:32.790 Rebecca Louie: and it's filled with fantastic resources, like ten ways to help the bees. Tell us a few of those.

00:41:32.800 --> 00:41:37.219 Rebecca Louie: Oh, my lord, so that's an easy one. Don't use them,

00:41:37.230 --> 00:41:54.189 Rebecca Louie: don't use them, and you won't. Even get into the Bee and Bird Protection Act. Let's we'll save them for another time, but also plant native species. Again, if you garden, find out what just to grow there before people are bringing it, like all trees and like interesting things.

00:41:54.200 --> 00:41:59.189 Sandra Bargman: Oh, yes, of course the not the invasive. Species. Yeah, of course,

00:41:59.200 --> 00:42:06.690 Rebecca Louie: but also because those native plant, those native flowers, have co-evolved with all this native species over,

00:42:06.700 --> 00:42:21.130 Rebecca Louie: so that, like literally, that is a food source that they depend on. So as we start, not only just taking away green spaces, but also planting green spaces that

00:42:21.140 --> 00:42:27.060 Rebecca Louie: can't access. We're basically starving them out of like their own regions.

00:42:27.070 --> 00:42:55.899 Rebecca Louie: Um, I will say there are bees that are generalists, you know there are. Be that. Do that as well, but really planting native species in your area such a long way. And lastly, i'll say one month, just don't much like if you can avoid that, because I mentioned seventy percent of it. That means they're building little tunnels, and they're extra next year, and when you

00:42:55.910 --> 00:42:56.890 Sandra Bargman: carpet

00:42:56.900 --> 00:43:13.690 Rebecca Louie: the carpet on top of kind of like you are doomed. Um, so don't launch like, And then there are solutions like low grasses and other cover pros that suppress me, but also very pretty kind of thing. Um!

00:43:13.700 --> 00:43:22.920 Sandra Bargman: And the contemplation of as we talked about in the climate cabaret, the allowing portions of your yard, and I know that this is

00:43:23.900 --> 00:43:41.749 Sandra Bargman: potentially not a happening thing, of course, not necessarily in New York, where you don't even have a yard. But but i'm thinking more in Suburbia, where people like to just completely keep everything manicured, and allowing a portion of it, if not all of it, to turn into some sort of meadow. And

00:43:43.270 --> 00:43:51.979 Sandra Bargman: yes, indeed, and planting those pollinator seeds, and you'll be proud of me. I did make a little bee

00:43:53.870 --> 00:43:57.189 Rebecca Louie: water uh feeding. Yeah, but that,

00:43:57.200 --> 00:43:59.189 Rebecca Louie: or at least it' be watering hole. I guess

00:43:59.200 --> 00:44:06.689 Sandra Bargman: a watering hole that's exactly, and I put a big, huge crystal in it that they could crawl up on when it was really hot a couple of months ago

00:44:06.700 --> 00:44:07.189 here.

00:44:07.200 --> 00:44:08.490 Rebecca Louie: Ah, so sweet,

00:44:08.500 --> 00:44:12.980 Rebecca Louie: shallow dish, a little bit of water, some rocks for them to step on as they come out.

00:44:14.590 --> 00:44:32.149 Sandra Bargman: Well when we we've got to take a break. But when we come back I do want to talk about. You know the big edge of all of this is how how we move forward with moving ourselves out of overwhelm and out of hopelessness and into action. And

00:44:32.390 --> 00:44:45.980 Sandra Bargman: so, when we come back with Rebecca Louis. We will get her opinion on that what she does, and we will also find out what is her leading edge on the edge of every day with Rebecca Lily stay tuned

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00:46:42.250 --> 00:46:45.390 on the edge of every day,

00:46:45.400 --> 00:46:47.119 Sandra Bargman: and we are back

00:46:47.760 --> 00:46:55.159 Sandra Bargman: so yes, this big that you and I were talking about in our our pre-chat this big edge of

00:46:55.720 --> 00:47:09.390 Sandra Bargman: you know, How do we move people out of overwhelm into taking action, and move people out of hopelessness into taking action, and really at the heart of it,

00:47:09.450 --> 00:47:17.949 Sandra Bargman: in my opinion way bigger than those two things, is moving people out of their addiction to a consumptive consumer life.

00:47:18.390 --> 00:47:22.629 Sandra Bargman: And so and I know i'm guilty of it.

00:47:23.290 --> 00:47:27.269 Sandra Bargman: So so what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on that?

00:47:27.960 --> 00:47:32.569 Rebecca Louie: Let me just start with the last thing you said.

00:47:35.090 --> 00:47:52.090 Rebecca Louie: I don't approach things like through a lens of like I personally like I don't think of the guilt or the overwhelm, which I think is probably why, like enjoy this weird transition, my life mistaken and in terms of consuming. I love consuming food, you know. Clothes are

00:47:52.100 --> 00:48:02.390 Rebecca Louie: fun, like all of the riches that this earth in each other, you know, like given creativity is good enough, but I think it's in the how and what you consume right

00:48:02.400 --> 00:48:07.690 Rebecca Louie: so like, for example, like my entire outfit is drifted today.

00:48:07.700 --> 00:48:08.569 I'm, too.

00:48:08.710 --> 00:48:10.390 Rebecca Louie: Yes, but that's

00:48:10.400 --> 00:48:22.089 Rebecca Louie: you know. Then you have this joy of finding things and giving them not only new life, and then also inviting them with your spirit, but also like taking it. It feels more ritualistic, indeed.

00:48:22.100 --> 00:48:41.459 Rebecca Louie: Yeah. And it's better for the environment, and it it comes like to food you eat right now. So food, Obviously, between the composting of the bees like it starts with the bees. It ends with the compost thing for me. Where your who are your growers? Where are you getting your food from? Um. So so I think

00:48:41.470 --> 00:48:58.869 Rebecca Louie: you know It's not anti consume, but it's like, How consume like I get obviously that they're patterns that like I I read a lot of webcaming so like there's a tab, and there's serialized stories. And I can't get enough just the hours later, and I've paid the coins

00:48:58.880 --> 00:49:17.490 Rebecca Louie: well, and because it's my own release. But really, that's probably about other stuff right like you know it's it's it's it's. And I think once we start to identify the patterns that link consumptive behavior to self, soothing versus just consuming stay wrong. Let's live our life. That's beautiful.

00:49:17.500 --> 00:49:19.990 Sandra Bargman: Yeah. But again it's It's how do we consume?

00:49:20.000 --> 00:49:30.100 Sandra Bargman: And you know and and and and when we go out and we purchase what we need to purchase. What, what? What's the whole story around that? Exactly.

00:49:30.430 --> 00:49:34.069 Rebecca Louie: And frankly paying like, where you put your money

00:49:34.080 --> 00:49:48.389 Rebecca Louie: Also, it's how in a lot of ways some could argue, our consumer power is more powerful. No, because we're helping to like support the building of like different types of, you know, completely

00:49:48.400 --> 00:50:06.489 Rebecca Louie: so like, you know, the organic food thing like obviously it's been around for decades and decades, and then it started to creep in, and it was weird and crunchy Then it was inaccessible and expensive, and now, like target and all heart like There's all this organic stuff everywhere, which is a revolution through the dollar because it was economically available.

00:50:06.500 --> 00:50:07.129 Yeah,

00:50:07.140 --> 00:50:19.519 Sandra Bargman: although no, i'm not one hundred percent. Sure. It's always where they say it's organic. It's actually organic. But you know that's for another conversation. We'll go down that that rabbit hole another time. But

00:50:20.620 --> 00:50:46.630 Sandra Bargman: yeah, and the overwhelming and and and certainly that, you know. I've had other people on that moving. And the climbing cabaret was about moving people out of overwhelming into helpfulness and out of hopelessness and use the the gift of storytelling and the emotional connection to move people out of the emotional connection, to consumerism, into the emotional connection of doing something in a in a bigger way that it is, you know,

00:50:46.640 --> 00:51:01.109 Sandra Bargman: for the health of the planet, for the health of the bees, for the health of the soil, the ecosystems in which we are a huge, enormous part, and I think the interconnectedness is what I always come back to, that. I'm always

00:51:01.150 --> 00:51:07.669 Sandra Bargman: astounded that we have gotten so disconnected, and and you know, and I

00:51:07.900 --> 00:51:15.509 Sandra Bargman: a spiritual person, and as a spiritual leader, I put, you know, faith traditions in that. You know that that somehow I have

00:51:16.490 --> 00:51:27.109 Sandra Bargman: propagated the understanding, the understanding that we are somehow different from and above, and better than the rest of

00:51:27.120 --> 00:51:38.089 Sandra Bargman: all of the beings on the earth, and that you know. So it's a constant and there is no definitive answer right now that we're just musing. And how do we make that happen?

00:51:38.100 --> 00:51:56.780 Rebecca Louie: But you know what I like about that, or what, or maybe a different taking on that. Is that what I find so joyful about watching a worm poop on my totally, or like, you know, and I love the smell. It has nothing to do with me

00:51:56.820 --> 00:52:02.929 Rebecca Louie: again. Like it preceded me. It's going to be their Africa's whole lodge Exactly. Aliens,

00:52:03.170 --> 00:52:15.889 Rebecca Louie: and I do their thing, and that's humbling because I don't, I don't know, like when you watch like ten thousands of these making decisions together, you know, behind

00:52:15.900 --> 00:52:23.059 Rebecca Louie: as the hive mind, or like. I sported this blacks out of my glands. And now there's a perfect like hexagon

00:52:23.610 --> 00:52:43.470 Rebecca Louie: like, What does that mean? Right? And so we have access to a higher order. I just kind of surrendering to it. So if we're going to play with a bug for a while. That's pretty cool, because that bug has a school that has something to do with you, and it has nothing to do with that.

00:52:43.480 --> 00:52:45.089 Take me swipe on

00:52:45.100 --> 00:52:52.790 Rebecca Louie: whatever people. Yes, totally. And now it's perfect. The The zen of Rebecca Louie.

00:52:52.800 --> 00:52:53.910 Rebecca Louie: Okay,

00:52:53.940 --> 00:52:56.489 Rebecca Louie: I've got a perfect model of that All right

00:52:56.500 --> 00:52:59.989 Sandra Bargman: I am. I love it. That's your next book.

00:53:00.000 --> 00:53:06.119 Rebecca Louie: That is your next book. And speaking of your leading edge after you write the Zen.

00:53:06.130 --> 00:53:20.339 Sandra Bargman: So what is your leading? Ed? What? What edge? What's next for you? What's the next project for you? Is there something that you've been wanting to do that you've pushed. Keep pushing back. Is there a project that you know what's next for you?

00:53:20.350 --> 00:53:27.790 Rebecca Louie: Well, the immediate yeah, this is one of those therapy questions about like i'm going to like. I can't help myself. You know that.

00:53:27.800 --> 00:53:34.400 Rebecca Louie: Yeah. So Well, the for sure. This short, immediate answer is, i'm actually starting to focus on my personal health.

00:53:34.410 --> 00:53:50.189 Rebecca Louie: So I don't like exercising more and eating just a little bit better. Um for a bunch of reasons, and I've been lazy about that. But lucky that I didn't have to be as rigorous. And And now i'm starting to pay attention, So that's important. Is health as well

00:53:50.200 --> 00:54:06.419 Rebecca Louie: beautiful. Yeah, and the bigger dream. But it's not a dream. It will be that the third act i'm still just starting the second. But I like to say um. But you know, ultimately you get getting back to the storytelling right like um love to

00:54:06.430 --> 00:54:31.759 Rebecca Louie: no right. That novel, or or a weird webcam, or whatever um. That sort of takes the themes that i'm sort of most preoccupied by that are very, very human, like. Oh, we're lonely, or we're sad, or we feel some power right? And then kind of tell it through a lens of you know. I'm kind of interested in uh like speculative stuff,

00:54:31.770 --> 00:54:37.820 Rebecca Louie: futuristic or slightly left of, you know regular.

00:54:38.140 --> 00:54:40.390 That's it. It's not enough to regular.

00:54:40.430 --> 00:54:44.189 Rebecca Louie: I love this, but folks will have to wait around for a while.

00:54:44.200 --> 00:54:46.700 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my lord, Well,

00:54:47.300 --> 00:54:48.699 Sandra Bargman: I can't wait.

00:54:49.070 --> 00:54:51.690 Sandra Bargman: And by the way, I I ordered your book compost sitting.

00:54:51.700 --> 00:54:52.640 Rebecca Louie: Hello,

00:54:52.670 --> 00:54:56.289 Sandra Bargman: Yeah. So i'm expecting a big fat autograph. Thank you very much.

00:54:56.300 --> 00:54:59.349 Sandra Bargman: Um. Okay,

00:54:59.470 --> 00:55:01.180 Sandra Bargman: So

00:55:03.190 --> 00:55:06.889 Sandra Bargman: where do people find you that can find you at the

00:55:06.900 --> 00:55:13.510 Rebecca Louie: the Compostess Com, which I know You're you're more on Instagram. It's also the come at

00:55:13.520 --> 00:55:32.189 Sandra Bargman: the compound Postis. You're on Linkedin, and you're the bee conservancy dot org, which is an an amazing resource. You can find compost City. Um! Can you find that on your on compost,

00:55:32.200 --> 00:55:34.290 Rebecca Louie: everywhere

00:55:34.300 --> 00:55:39.029 Rebecca Louie: or everywhere books are sold? I know I don't. I don't want to say Amazon, but

00:55:39.560 --> 00:55:44.389 Sandra Bargman: but you can get it. Yes, call your local. Call your local store and order it.

00:55:44.400 --> 00:55:47.049 Sandra Bargman: Yes, um

00:55:48.480 --> 00:55:54.359 Sandra Bargman: Some resources. I came across some amazing resources. The honey trail, the

00:55:54.590 --> 00:55:59.119 Sandra Bargman: pursuit of liquid gold and vanishing bees,

00:55:59.850 --> 00:56:08.669 Sandra Bargman: and I was just gifted a book. That's kind of fun. Be time lessons from the Hive, by Mark Winston,

00:56:09.430 --> 00:56:14.929 Sandra Bargman: you know, for your for everyone's ever ongoing bee immersion

00:56:14.940 --> 00:56:24.309 Sandra Bargman: and and and book club, and and you're and of course, Rebecca's Compost City will be your first composting

00:56:24.360 --> 00:56:35.510 Sandra Bargman: book Club selection. Actually, it could also be about the bees, because they're very connected. As we said all things, bees, all things composting, and all things food justice.

00:56:36.100 --> 00:56:51.719 Sandra Bargman: So Ms. Louie, it has been a pleasure to have you on my show. I thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your knowledge, and your insight, and your humor and your beauty with us this evening,

00:56:51.850 --> 00:56:58.789 Rebecca Louie: Sandra. Thank you for having me and for always pushing everyone's edge and exploring the dance along it.

00:56:58.800 --> 00:57:02.419 Um. This has been a real treat and pleasure. So thank you.

00:57:02.530 --> 00:57:03.680 Thank you.

00:57:04.400 --> 00:57:06.390 Sandra Bargman: And all of you listening.

00:57:06.400 --> 00:57:19.720 Sandra Bargman: Thanks for being with us. Run, don't walk Compost city, and remember, you are always at the edge of the miraculous until I see you next week. Take good care

00:57:20.300 --> 00:57:21.399 you see

00:57:25.110 --> 00:57:26.209 It's A.

00:57:28.280 --> 00:57:30.649 This is our soon,

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00:57:36.060 --> 00:57:37.120 I I

00:57:39.500 --> 00:57:41.479 under pressure.

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