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Friday, September 9, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/09 - Websites and Words That SELL

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/09 - Websites and Words That SELL


2022/09/09 - Websites and Words That SELL

[NEW EPISODE] Websites and Words That SELL



Marketing is the lifeblood of every business that wants to grow, gain and retain customers and build a strong brand.  When the marketing strategy can be easily integrated with the sales and operations efforts, that is when many SMBs start to see some magic happen.

Most SMBs need guidance regarding the appropriate marketing strategy to suit their specific set of circumstances.

We are joined by Darren Jamieson, Co-Founder, Marketing & Communications Director at Engage Web.  Darren and his team specialize in teaching businesses all the basics needed to prospect, promote and market their offerings, to achieve a competitive advantage on the competition – regardless of company size.





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00:00:21.140 --> 00:00:25.080 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Well, hello out there, planet Earth and Happy Friday

00:00:25.090 --> 00:00:55.080 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and God, it's Friday we'll be here. It's Friday, and it's always Friday with me. Stephen fry your s and me, Guy, I see. Why am I, or in case you missed it? Smb. Stands for small and medium-sized business. For the last twenty years I've been a consultant, for Smb is a waste and a sounding for for business leaders advocating on their behalf. Employees, too, I believe, very strongly, everyone sharing stories, providing perspective and creating connection. So every single Friday you can find me right here on talk radio,

00:00:55.090 --> 00:01:14.639 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): I see doing just that lending what's left of my mind and my voice to this radio show where I interview Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. One thing that I've noticed consistently over the years is some of the best thought leadership for Smbs actually happens on Friday, right about the time we feel the freedom of the weekend.

00:01:14.650 --> 00:01:26.709 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): However, we're also anxious to start the weekend that these crucial pearls of wisdom, the clarity of execution they're often overlooked. They're forgotten in favor of our fun weekend activities and our freedom from work.

00:01:26.720 --> 00:01:56.459 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): You're on the show. We take advantage of that weekend freedom in clarity, and we discussed popular topics that are on the minds of business leaders and their trusted advisors. The name of the show, not just to play on words. My last name means free and German. So a little bit of deeper meaning for everybody out there Today's episode of always Friday brought to you by Sd. A Wealth strategies, a good chief financial services firm located in Hudson Valley, New York. Personal wealth, management, and comprehensive business solutions is what they do. Sda stands for simplifying financial lives, designing financial

00:01:56.470 --> 00:02:16.370 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): strategies and advocating to implement them their concierge. Experience is a winner for individuals and businesses. The firm's highest priority is always the client's best interest while empowering them to be proactive and to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond to learn more visit. Sda. Well, Strategies Com camp is over

00:02:16.380 --> 00:02:32.239 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): is just about over. School has begun. My daughters went back this week, and we're still trying to figure out our new schedule for the school year, which always takes a little bit of an adjustment. But it made me reminisce a little bit. I'm thinking back to when I was in second grade, and

00:02:32.250 --> 00:02:55.970 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): my my younger ones seven years old, just starting second grade. The program that I was in spent a lot of time on oral reports presentation, public speaking. So I was doing that from a young age. But today I feel It's more important now than ever to spend times with the kids, especially the ones that are the same age as my daughters on the idea of it's not what you say, but how you say it.

00:02:55.980 --> 00:03:24.359 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): This is something that my special guest concentrates on every day. Today we're going to talk about websites and words that sell most businesses, especially Smbs. They need strategies to suit their specific set of circumstances. Marketing is the lifeblood of every business that wants to grow, gain and retain customers while building a strong brand when the marketing strategy can be easily integrated with the sales and operational efforts. That's when many Sms start to see some magic out.

00:03:24.370 --> 00:03:43.540 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Our special guest specializes in teaching businesses all of the basics needed to prospect, promote, and market your business to achieve a competitive advantage on other folks in the same space. Whatever the size of your home talk is cheap. You know that, bron-talk radio that and Nyc. We don't want this to just be thought

00:03:43.550 --> 00:03:49.410 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): The goal here is, Let's use the insight on the business landscape and create more impact on Monday morning. That's what we're here for

00:03:49.420 --> 00:04:14.319 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): far too often Smds are focused on the product that's going to solve all their problems. The magic one, the shiny new Mouse trap, the new tech, whatever it is. One consistent thing I see out there. These products change every day with everything we do. There's no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first, and focusing on the process that's going to help you achieve your goal. You do that. The right products will present themselves, but when you need them. Everything begins and ends with the people.

00:04:14.330 --> 00:04:29.839 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): And you guys know I love to surround myself with the right people. We definitely have the right person around us today. Our special guest is Darren Jamieson, co-founder of marketing and communications director at engaged. Web So Darren started his web career in the last century before Google was even a thing one.

00:04:29.850 --> 00:04:41.730 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): His work on websites and affiliate networks in the Ninetys earned in the role of web designer at game, where he gained an important understanding of the needs of clients and the complexities of an Industry-leading e-commerce website

00:04:41.740 --> 00:04:51.059 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): After leaving game, Darren worked for various digital agencies around the Uk. For clients such as Sony, the Nhs, the Environment Agency and Manchester united.

00:04:52.020 --> 00:04:55.189 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): I'm. Not supposed to say that because you're Lfc. All the way, but

00:04:55.200 --> 00:05:14.080 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): in the words: Over the years Darren has worked with pretty much every type of content management system available, and has developed many of his own, including the writer's system used that engaged web. Darren's desire to be the center of attention has stayed with him over the years, and he's even won a Liverpool comedy festival award which I can't wait to hear more about

00:05:14.090 --> 00:05:42.070 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): for me stand-up comedy. So within the field of search online marketing and video where that's where really Darren found his passion. They all fall under the banner of digital marketing. Darren and his team formulate the training and workshops that engage web offers to help the business owners really understand how digital marketing is best done for them, and how they can best grow their business on an offline. Baron runs the business fit club which we are more about experienced mentors in all areas of business

00:05:42.080 --> 00:06:02.279 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): attends. He offers Key monthly keynotes, individual mentoring and a host of other benefits. Aaron is also the host of the engaging market here Podcast, which, debuted at Number One in Apple's, Uk. Marketing charts. Well done, Sir Darren is available to speak at conferences, dinner, seminars, and other podcasts which we greatly appreciate.

00:06:02.860 --> 00:06:17.449 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Darren is a marketing machine. He's the perfect person to chat with about this topic, as always we'll discuss my favorite couple of questions. Who's your favorite movie, your Tv show character? What's your favorite movie, your Tv show? And what's your favorite musical instrument? And who's the artist You like to hear? Play it

00:06:17.460 --> 00:06:35.260 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): joining me from the Liverpool area in the occasionally Sunny uk my old study abroad, stopping grounds, Darren, welcome to the show pleasure to see you in the virtual world. Love that you're joining me from overseas. Thank you very much for having me. Had it been two weeks earlier I could have been there in person. I was in New York

00:06:35.760 --> 00:07:03.999 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Best opportunity. I'll have to just have to do another one when I come to the Uk. Next, we share some very similar viewpoints down on the world of marketing There's also a piece of your history that I can relate to. Yet you mentioned along the way as a child he dealt with Scoliosis, which is condition that my mother has as well a fine condition that sometimes causes people to walk a little bit differently, and if you face some ah, a little bit of adversity because of that. But you you mentioned that your need to be light

00:07:04.010 --> 00:07:15.319 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and make people laugh grew significantly, and, you know, really started the idea of being the center of attention which you parlay it into a career. So talk to us a little bit about the founders journey. How you get where you are today.

00:07:15.410 --> 00:07:29.190 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, the the scoliosis. Actually, that that's I've only recently realized that was a big part of why i'm doing what i'm doing. Because during school I didn't know I had anything like that. I always walked with a bit of a bounce.

00:07:29.220 --> 00:07:39.000 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: There was a Tv advert in the Uk. For a tree bore soft mint with a character called Mr. Soft, and he would just bounce up and down as he was walking, and I would get that jingle just

00:07:39.010 --> 00:07:49.879 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: shouted at me constantly in school, and nobody knew why, until somebody pointed out there was a lump in my back, and he tried to very friendly punch it back in again during one science class.

00:07:49.890 --> 00:08:10.190 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So Eventually we went to the doctors. I went to the hospital, had an X Ray and I came out, and it was like a big communal sort of X-ray system at the hospital, and I saw this X ray up on the screen with this spine that was in the shape of a letter S. No exaggeration shape of a letter S. And I looked that on the board because it was quite a few people around, and I thought, whoever's got that X Ray.

00:08:10.200 --> 00:08:12.050 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They are in trouble,

00:08:12.100 --> 00:08:13.850 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and it was mine.

00:08:14.560 --> 00:08:44.549 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So yeah, don't know exactly. Yeah. So I ended up going into the hospital for the the whole rod in the spine thing to straighten my back out right in the middle of my Gcse. Mock exams. I ended up missing a load of schoolwork, missed half a year for the school ended up getting held back for various subjects, all because i'm a big bloody plaster cast. Just cut my neck right up by that, and I've because I was being forced back in maths. For example, I should have an a in that. But I don't because I didn't get to do the exact.

00:08:45.010 --> 00:08:52.890 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It was just infuriate, and it just made me want to push on and do better, and made me want to be better Made me want to do to prove basically prove people that

00:08:52.900 --> 00:09:02.460 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: i'm not an idiot, which it seemed to be as though I was because I didn't have these bloody grades, because all because my spine was twisted infuriating.

00:09:02.470 --> 00:09:12.800 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): I guess something I can relate to my My mom suffers from the same same issues. But it's It's It's amazing what that type of surgery can do for someone that has the question. Mar type was fine going on.

00:09:12.810 --> 00:09:30.550 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, yeah, it absolutely is. And and The worst thing about it is because it's titanium. It doesn't actually set off airport security. I thought the whole at least i'm going to be able to go through the airport, have the alarm go off and go. I don't know what that is. Maybe there's something in the pocket, but it doesn't even do that. So I don't even get that pleasure.

00:09:30.800 --> 00:09:38.319 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Well, my dad has two fake hips, and he sets off everything everywhere he goes. So consider yourself lucky. It's an extra band of what to deal with.

00:09:39.420 --> 00:09:56.800 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): But yeah, that's I mean, that's a very interesting. I'm not going to call it the Complete Origin story, but it's a very interesting Take on on looking back at how how your travels have been, and and really taking stock of where it's leading you. So talk to us a little bit about about starting engaged web, and you know how that process has evolved over time.

00:09:56.960 --> 00:10:18.059 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Well, what what what happened was I was working for a digital marketing agency in Manchester, which you probably heard of in the Us. In the Uk. It's known as one of the wettest cities in the Uk. It rains constantly in Manchester, and we were doing for basically small businesses helping small businesses with their online presence.

00:10:18.170 --> 00:10:33.680 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: But back in the mid two thousand S. There were a lot of digital marketing companies that were doing things that quite frankly, they shouldn't be doing. And Google has always said, Don't do this because this is against the rules. Things like

00:10:33.750 --> 00:10:48.489 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: getting loads hundreds and thousands of websites in the Far East and across India to link to clients websites on certain keywords like radio station and talk radio host and linking it to them. So they rank higher for that

00:10:48.500 --> 00:10:57.969 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: never was allowed. That's the kind of thing that was being done, and it always irked me. It really infuriated me that these websites, these clients, were paying a lot of money,

00:10:57.990 --> 00:11:11.430 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and they were ranking in Google. Yes, because it worked. But they weren't getting any increase in sales or leads because their websites weren't set to convert. In the first place, they were rubbish website. They had no business even ranking them. They weren't, engaging people who were going there.

00:11:11.490 --> 00:11:21.470 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So we wanted to do stuff properly, and Google has always been about content, put in the right information in front of the right. People who want it at the right time.

00:11:21.580 --> 00:11:36.880 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So we took the big leap and left, left our our employment and set out for ourselves doing it in. You know, basically in in a back bedroom, you know the holes we have no office. We have no staff. It's just the two of us. We're starting at

00:11:36.890 --> 00:11:53.569 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: seven. Eight o'clock in the morning. We're working at seven eight o'clock at night. We're working Saturdays. We're working Sundays, and we started writing content for other digital marketing companies, producing content for them. And we were doing one thousand, maybe two thousand actual articles, blogs per month. Doing this

00:11:53.660 --> 00:11:54.789 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: all these other companies.

00:11:54.800 --> 00:11:59.380 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, you you end up learning a lot of really useless stuff.

00:11:59.460 --> 00:12:02.030 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It means, i'm quite good at pub quizzes.

00:12:02.870 --> 00:12:10.759 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: If the pub quiz has questions you know about carpet fitting or about electrical engineering, or you know, bridges, you

00:12:11.120 --> 00:12:31.389 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: geography around different cities around the world. All this kind of stuff I'm coming up with these articles that we're producing for these clients. It's all useless information, really useless information for that kind of stuff we were doing, and it was eventually then we thought right. We need to do this properly. We can't do this ourselves. It's not sustainable. It's not scalable. We're just going to end up burning out if we carry on doing this.

00:12:31.400 --> 00:12:34.900 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So we took that big, small business step of hiring somebody.

00:12:35.080 --> 00:12:53.609 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Who do you hire for the first time, and we got someone in to do the editing of the content for us, so that we could then concentrate on growing the business, going out there and approaching clients and bringing more business in. Unfortunately, the person we hired First of all, didn't work, as is often the case when you meant your first time. It doesn't always work.

00:12:53.620 --> 00:12:58.529 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It was complete failure, luckily the second time massive success,

00:12:58.540 --> 00:13:13.259 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: huge, successful. Without going. He stayed with us for years. He only left us because he ended up moving to Canada because his wife got a really high paying fundraising job in Canada, and unfortunately, no how much we asked him he wouldn't divorce,

00:13:13.270 --> 00:13:14.690 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: so I I don't know

00:13:14.700 --> 00:13:21.190 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: He put his his marriage above editing content, and I I think that was a little bit selfish of him.

00:13:21.200 --> 00:13:46.729 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Yeah. Carried on working from. I know the nerve, the cheek, the cheek plenty new cheeky. So in so, but he's still in Canada. Now he worked for a few years afterwards remotely as well, because we had clients in Canada. We had clients in the United States. So it's eventually. Now we've moved to that building that we saw on your your image earlier, on which we purchased two years ago, now bought our own building, which is a huge step for us something we wish we'd done

00:13:46.770 --> 00:13:48.770 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: a long time sooner.

00:13:48.780 --> 00:14:08.290 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Einstein's always twenty, twenty, but also to you also to see you guys growing in this fashion into having your own facility and your own training rooms, and all of that which I know we're going to get into when we talk about some of your methods. But we're going to take a quick break. But we'll be right back with Darren Jamieson, co-founder and marketing and Communications director at engage with. Stay with us.

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00:16:24.070 --> 00:16:36.859 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday, and It's Me Stephen Fry, your favorite Smb guy we're chatting with Darren Jamison co-founder of marketing Communications Director at Gauge web

00:16:36.870 --> 00:16:51.539 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): before we get into the methods behind darren's madness. I want to just sit out by the fire pit real quick and give you guys a quick perspective. I love the word engage in marketing. I love that it's part of the company's name, Darren, and a couple of thoughts that just resonated with me.

00:16:51.550 --> 00:17:10.079 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): There's a lot of marketing these days that that enrages as opposed to engages not many folks out there like the marketing campaigns that are robotic and automated. It's like, How many people do you actually speak with who engage with those campaigns like, hey? Look like you'd be a good fit for my network, so I think we should talk.

00:17:10.089 --> 00:17:24.479 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Usually they just. They're just more pissed than anything else. It's just a waste of time. But also the idea of lead engagement over lead generation. When I, when I've talked to a lot of marketing folks out there these days in the digital and technological marketing space.

00:17:24.490 --> 00:17:40.959 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): They're all about the idea of promoting lead generation while Smb is. They like the idea of having more leads and opportunities. The substance that really tends to matter is the concept of engagement. What are the next steps of executing on these opportunities? So it doesn't feel like a fire drill every time.

00:17:41.460 --> 00:17:54.889 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): The idea here and it's it's said in some of the some of the content around engaged web is, you never want to be? A number? Numbers are another way of being product-focused first, just having a long list of leads.

00:17:54.900 --> 00:18:11.009 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): When everything begins and ends with the people, it behooves you to get to know your people, and that's what Darren and his team do at engage with. So, Darren, this is the method, part of the show, the science behind what you do, what you do, how you do it, and how you go to market for it. Give us a little lay of the land. Will Ya:

00:18:11.520 --> 00:18:37.839 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: absolutely. Yeah. The I think you touched on it there. The most important thing is that the the leads or the the clients you get into your business aren't just cold. They aren't a number. They aren't just a sort of a filter of huge numbers of people that come in. They want to work with you. They know who you are. They recognize You're You're worth what you bring to the party, and they want to work with you, and that does all stem from engagement.

00:18:37.850 --> 00:18:47.339 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It's all about positioning yourself, whatever your business may be, as the authority within your industry in an online and social media world,

00:18:47.350 --> 00:19:00.289 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: so that your potential audience, your potential customers, your potential clients. They see you talking about what you do. They know that you are good at what you do. They know that you are the expert. So they come to you.

00:19:00.300 --> 00:19:30.180 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They seek you out because they know that you can help them, so it's not about calling people up. It's not about using automated systems. It's not about those those horrible messaging things you get on linkedin where people make a connection request with you, and then five point. Six seconds later they send you a pitch for their services with a load of links. It's not about sending emails out in their hundreds of thousands to people you've never met before. It's not about those really nasty artificial intelligence writing

00:19:30.190 --> 00:19:42.989 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and platforms that have all crept up over the last year like I'm going to name one like Jarvis, for example. You see, advertising on Facebook, a robot wrote this Ad: Yeah, we can tell. It's rubbish.

00:19:43.000 --> 00:19:55.980 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Google has always said, and continues to say that artificial intelligence robot-written content is bad. It will not like it it's done this big update that's been coming out over the last two weeks, called the Helpful Content Update.

00:19:55.990 --> 00:20:14.669 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Where websites that are using this generated spam is is the phrase there's generated nonsense on their websites to produce, content to to get rankings within search to bring people in. It's going to be ranking them down because it's not useful. It's not helpful. Create the content that your target market wants to see

00:20:14.680 --> 00:20:27.329 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: that answers the questions that they have that gives them the information they want, and they will want to contact you, they will want to work with you. It makes the whole lead to sale process so much easier

00:20:27.340 --> 00:20:44.620 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: because you're not having to convince somebody that You're good at what you do. You're not having to convince somebody that you know their problems, that you understand what they need, that you can be the solution for it, because they already know that they've seen it online. They've had multiple touch points with you. They've come to you because they know you can do it for them.

00:20:45.200 --> 00:21:12.210 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So something I've seen some other marketable marketing folks try to overcome as an obstacle, and you tell me how this, how this shakes out in your world because a lot of times small, medium-sized business owner, if they have a particular specialty, if they they work you know if they're a plumbers or electricians, or financial services oriented. Sometimes I I get the impression that for folks who run a business they look at at the marketing folks and they go. Well,

00:21:12.240 --> 00:21:36.810 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): you don't really understand the ins and outs of my business. So how are you going to most effectively tell the story where I've always felt that the closer you are to a business or the venture that you're working on, the harder it is to explain it to other people because of the knowledge base you have with it. So a lot of times. It's actually very favorable to have someone in your position give like Ah, an impartial type of viewpoint on it. And to really interpret the story differently,

00:21:36.960 --> 00:21:38.089 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): what are your comments?

00:21:38.100 --> 00:21:59.109 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Hundred percent? One hundred, I mean, I've been building websites now, since, as as you mentioned in the Intro since the nineteen ninety S. Which is a ridiculous length of time, and every single website that I built over that period. The biggest problem with building. The website has always been getting the content out of the client for the website. There's no business owner wants to write the content for their website about what they do.

00:21:59.120 --> 00:22:18.310 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They run their business, they understand their business, they don't know how to write it down. They don't want to do it but the web, the web designers who do that and let them do that, and the business owners that say, Oh, you don't understand my business like I do, and they produce their own website materials, their own content, their own social media. What they're doing is they're writing about their business from their point of view

00:22:18.320 --> 00:22:23.489 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: from their perspective. What they're not doing is writing about it from their target clients perspective. The

00:22:23.500 --> 00:22:34.529 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and the most obvious example about this is with it information technology sector. They are constantly putting information out on their websites and on their social media about the tech,

00:22:34.540 --> 00:22:44.880 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: about the types of computers, the types of servers, the speed, the types of security. They use the software. They use none of their clients, the business owners

00:22:44.890 --> 00:23:04.099 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: care. They do not care what they want to know? Is Is it going to solve the problem for them? What are the issues they're thinking about? What are the problems they're thinking about? That's what you need to be talking about a lot about yourself and your services, and what you do. Talk about your clients, who they are, what they need,

00:23:04.110 --> 00:23:18.129 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: because it's not about you. It's about them, and that's what businesses need to understand. Nobody cares about you. They only care about themselves and what their problems are. Tell them, convince them you know what they are, and they will work with you,

00:23:18.260 --> 00:23:35.790 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and that's why I think so strongly about the idea of what you say versus how you say it. I'll go back to the plumbers example for a second, like if you line up ten plumbers all next to each other, and I've said this on previous shows, I think. But then you ask, what do you do, You'll You'll get a relatively similar response from all ten of that.

00:23:35.800 --> 00:23:48.230 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): But if you ask them, how do you do it? Why do you do it? Or they? They ask them to relay some stories they have from the field, especially stories. That's what people can latch on to the most, because you know me. I had. I had a crazy backup in my

00:23:48.240 --> 00:24:13.060 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): a couple of weeks ago, and it took three different tries with one of those crazy motorized snakes to get out Sludge. That was there from ten years before I moved into the house. But you know, telling that story and showing pictures of this of the snake. It's like a machine gun looking thing like with all the crap going everywhere. It's like That's what people can identify with. They don't know how to become plumbers in an advertisement.

00:24:13.070 --> 00:24:30.259 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Ah Plumbers is a really good example, actually, because one issue that we've encountered quite a lot with plumbers websites is that if you've got, say, a a gas boiler that needs fixing. You don't know whether you need to call a plumber or a gas engineer agree it Not all plumbers are gas engineers,

00:24:30.270 --> 00:24:45.450 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: so there's no point. The plumbers, talking about plumbing and stuff on their website and the services they have, they need to be talking about the problems the the consumer would have. So if you've got a particular model boiler with a particular issue. Talk about that, because that's what they're going to put into Google.

00:24:45.460 --> 00:24:57.519 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They're going to Google. The name of the boiler, and what's wrong with it? And if your website is talking about that, they'll find you. If your competitors talking about it, they'll find them, and that's who they're going to call.

00:24:58.550 --> 00:25:28.030 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): And you know the easy access to information. There's another piece of this where everybody feels like they could do everything nowadays, which is probably also not recommended, where, if they need to replace it hard on the boiler, they'll go. Here's the model number. Here's the brand it's like I'll just. I'll buy the part. I'll do it myself, and that's how people end up blowing off their eyebrows and things like that. But you know something like that as well just the easier access to information it's like. How How do you position certain clients that really want to get certain content out there that

00:25:28.180 --> 00:25:30.870 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): it might be really difficult to translate.

00:25:31.450 --> 00:25:41.090 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Um, but what it's about It's about profiling their target market, their target consumer. Who are they? What are they looking for? What problems do they have?

00:25:41.100 --> 00:25:55.440 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Because until you know exactly who it is, they're trying to identify. And you've you've worked out their customer avatar. You don't know what to actually create the content about, because there are too many businesses that just go out there and start putting content out that they think their customers want.

00:25:55.480 --> 00:26:02.820 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They haven't asked them. They haven't spoken to them so what we would do We would either look at their ideal customers they've got now

00:26:02.920 --> 00:26:18.119 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and profile them, or we would actually ask and survey their customers that they've got. If they have no idea we would go through their customers and survey them. What problems do you have? What are you looking to do right now? What issues did you have? Why did you work with this particular business,

00:26:18.260 --> 00:26:31.839 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and once you have that information, you're able to backwards work out what the content needs to be for the website, for the social media, for the content for all the different things that you're putting out there, because that's what their customers are looking for, That's the problems they've got,

00:26:32.310 --> 00:26:55.460 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and a lot of times the testimonials portion of business pages. Even Even your page has some great testimonials on it right that can help to tell the story. But I almost Look at it these days, where the testimonial is at the top of almost like a case Study it's like here's the quote from the client, and here's the quick sentences, Quick story on what precipitated us going out and servicing this client, and why they were so happy.

00:26:55.470 --> 00:27:01.039 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Absolutely It did stories that there's an old adage that facts tell stories sell,

00:27:01.100 --> 00:27:09.820 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and if you'd write a story about a particular client, particular case, study that you worked out another client that could be one of yours. We'll see that and identify with that.

00:27:09.940 --> 00:27:17.159 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): That's how it works. That's how adverts work on Tv. We see stories happening. We think that's me. I need that

00:27:17.630 --> 00:27:31.450 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): there's a so on on this side of the pond there's a native American proverb that I've I've laid on the audience a couple of different times. It says, Tell me a fact that i'll learn. Tell me a truth, and i'll believe, Tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever,

00:27:31.580 --> 00:27:36.189 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and that's what That's what people remember is the story. It's what everybody can identify with.

00:27:36.900 --> 00:27:46.890 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So love that you have that take on it, and it's not just about getting some type of automated Ai bought out there to increase a list, which is, I can't believe how often I still see it.

00:27:46.900 --> 00:27:56.149 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Yeah, but we're gonna take a quick break. We will be right back with Darren, Jamison co-founder marketing and Communications director at Engage Web. Stay with us.

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00:29:58.340 --> 00:30:27.310 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry here smb guy we're chatting with Darren Jamison, co-founder marketing and Communications Director at engaged web great pearls of wisdom from Darren thus far. Hope you guys are listening. We're going to dive into the madness of Darren's world. So this is the artistic observational part of the show stories that you have from the field. No subject to taboo anything goes, and I want to start it out with a fun discussion, because I know there's plenty of madness around the world of digital marketing.

00:30:27.320 --> 00:30:35.159 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): But you attended Liverpool comedy festival and actually won a little while back, didn't you?

00:30:35.170 --> 00:31:03.339 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: I am officially a liver, a a Liverpool comedy festival winner there, there wasn't an overall festival winner. I won an event at the local comedy festival, which was a a comedy awards in aid of Ah Menca, which is a charity for adults with learning disabilities. So I was raising. I think it's over one thousand pounds for for a real bank at a time, doing a fifteen minute routine in stand-up comedy that I wrote and performed myself,

00:31:03.350 --> 00:31:07.690 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: which was very, very dark and very, very blue.

00:31:07.700 --> 00:31:32.790 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Well, thank you for illustrating my point of It's not what you say. It's how you say it. If you can make the audience be their bands, it's definitely a award winning. So that's that's a beautiful thing, you know. One thing I've I've seen out there, especially as it relates to to training, of leaders, and and even in the corporate setting, is the idea of having an improv comic Come in and talk to everybody about improv comedy and how to take action on that. How do you feel about that type of sediment?

00:31:33.030 --> 00:31:51.830 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: You know I absolutely love that it sounds a little bit weird. I am not a sort of a wounded kind of guy, and i'm not very spiritual at all, but the whole concept of comedians coming in and teaching her business leaders and and sales teams. It makes perfect sense to me, because there is a real parallel between comedy

00:31:51.840 --> 00:31:56.149 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: business and sales, because comedians have to listen.

00:31:56.160 --> 00:32:21.240 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They have to understand what other people are doing. They have to read their reactions, so they know which way to take it. When comedians get heckles from the audience, they have to be very, very quick at the way they turn that around and response with, So that's effectively handling an objection like you would in sale. And we had when I did this this comedy night we had six weeks worth of training with a standard comedian,

00:32:21.250 --> 00:32:29.020 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: which I would I would have paid for, I would have happily paid for that. But we got that for free, because we were raising money for world income,

00:32:29.030 --> 00:32:54.499 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and it was brilliant what we learned, because they were giving you so different ways of thinking different ways of communicating. You mentioned Improv. For example, I watched a Tedx talk from an improv comedian that i'm having on my podcast in a couple of weeks, as he talked about the way you have a conversation. Most people when they have a conversation they'll say something like, Oh, would you like a piece of cake? And they'll say yes but or no

00:32:54.510 --> 00:32:56.429 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: that stops the conversation dead.

00:32:56.440 --> 00:33:00.650 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): You can't work with that. So with improv It's always yes, and

00:33:00.660 --> 00:33:24.159 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: yes, and and it moves the conversation forward. And if you've got that particular knowledge to do that, and somebody's asking you a question whether it's in a sales presentation, a pitch, a meeting, a one to one, whatever it may be, and you know to say yes, and you're always moving it forward. And you're always taking the conversation to the next level, and That's just a really simple tip from improv comedy that works perfectly in translating into business,

00:33:24.170 --> 00:33:53.589 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and the the training that I had from an improv comic had the exact same thing. So I wonder if we heard from the same person, but never nevertheless a shared sentiment throughout the community, you know, thinking about whether it's an improv comment, or it's a rehearsal comedian talking about the idea of normal conversation, and how people, you know really relate to each other in the little universal moments that kind of unite everyone. I try to think of it from the other side of a business leader trying to do a stand-up comedy routine by doing death by Powerpoint, like

00:33:53.600 --> 00:34:05.239 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): cares about any of that, just doing a long Powerpoint thing where they are actually leaders. Read the content from the powerpoint stuff right to the audience like we learned how to read a long time ago.

00:34:05.250 --> 00:34:20.439 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, absolutely Powerpoint, is it? It's the devil's spawn quite frankly in a sales presentation. I do a lot of public speaking. I do a lot of talks at networking events, for example, and I try to do them every now and then without any slides whatsoever.

00:34:20.540 --> 00:34:25.129 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: No prompts whatsoever. Because if you put text up on the screen, people will read it.

00:34:25.469 --> 00:34:36.689 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They will read it, and there is no point you saying what is written on the screen. We can all see that as you said so. If you're going to use a Powerpoint presentation within your sales pitch within your talk.

00:34:36.699 --> 00:34:48.190 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Just have imagery. It's just a prompt. It's like you've got on the screen right now. It's a picture of me. It's just a prompt if you had everything I'm saying written on the screen, and I was just reading it out it'd be pointless, Me being here.

00:34:49.400 --> 00:34:49.889 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): The

00:34:49.900 --> 00:34:51.189 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: yeah, it's death By Powerpoint

00:34:51.199 --> 00:35:17.509 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): I completely agree, and it's, you know. Some people watch the content that we're producing here and a lot of people listen. But if for no other reason besides the fact that I like to have fun with the green screen, I just can't help myself. But you know, if a lot of times if i'm putting some pictures up for a guest like there, it actually most people are visually stimulated. Let's face it. So it actually scratches the noodle a little bit where something else comes out. It's like, Oh, yeah, you know that picture reminds me of this,

00:35:17.520 --> 00:35:21.869 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and a lot of times. That's the reason i'm doing it. Aside from you know, putting some goofy pictures up on the screen.

00:35:23.690 --> 00:35:33.829 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So in in the spirit of talking about podcast and how shows are done? Let's talk about the engaging market here. So how did How did all of this come about, and what's What's the deal with the podcast.

00:35:33.840 --> 00:35:49.579 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Ah, well! That that again stems from the whole Scoliosis thing wanting to be the center of attention and want to be liked by everybody. I wanted to have a podcast. I wanted to have a voice. I wanted to get out there, but again, what we talked about with the whole marketing concept it is about generating leads and engaging people.

00:35:49.600 --> 00:36:18.330 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So the podcast is there to be listened to by people who run businesses who want to help build their ran to help build their business to get more from marketing because we offer tips and advice on marketing. I interview business leaders, I interview marketing experts. I've interviewed Dr. Ivan Meiser, the founder of B. And I, who's from Texas in the Us. About how to get better at networking about how to grow your business through networking. So these are the kind of things that business owners want to listen to.

00:36:18.340 --> 00:36:26.189 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: And obviously, if they're listening to this podcast, and they're learning from this podcast. If at any point they decide. You know that guy kind of knows what he's talking about,

00:36:26.200 --> 00:36:55.930 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: he seems to know a little bit about marketing a little bit about websites. Maybe just maybe when I need something, i'll give you a Michelle, and that's how it works, whereas if I used Ai methods and linkedin spam messaging to reach people. I just get the get last. Make Leave me alone. There's no point in doing that. So the podcast as much. It is about getting out there, and it is about scratching my H. To be famous, and to go and and have lots of people listen to me. It is about business

00:36:55.940 --> 00:37:01.129 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: as well. Everything you do is about selling, and that's what the podcast is for you,

00:37:01.230 --> 00:37:19.129 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): you know, couldn't agree more, and you know you brought up the topic of networking, too, which a lot of folks don't realize how powerful a podcast, or putting out some type of content like this on a on a regular basis. It it can be one of the most powerful networking tools that you have in your utility, though

00:37:19.140 --> 00:37:30.409 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): you agree oh, absolutely absolutely, and the the more that you do podcasts and the more guests that you get on the podcast, the easier it is to climb that ladder to get other guests.

00:37:30.530 --> 00:37:36.589 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: I've spoken to so many people that have seen the podcast now and gone. Well, you had Ivan Meisner on there you!

00:37:36.600 --> 00:37:38.339 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: How did you get Ivan Meisner

00:37:38.350 --> 00:38:05.949 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: If he had Ivan, then it must be good, because Ivan doesn't do just anything, and he doesn't, you know he's quite choosing. But i'm a member of Idle's group called B. And I I'm, a former one hundred-point member of the United States I've. Done the most activity you can possibly do in a six month period. I've brought more visitors than anybody else in the chapter, so i'm quite good at V. And I because I follow what Ivan says, even though we did argue about the finer points about how it works. But yeah, contrast is all about

00:38:05.960 --> 00:38:17.290 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It's about credibility. It's about visibility. It's about credibility. Get yourself out there. Get people to see what you do. Get people to respect what you do. Believe that you know what you're talking about, and then they are going to want to work with you,

00:38:17.450 --> 00:38:42.229 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): so you know, bring up an interesting couple of points, but belonging to B and I, which I've been a member of for years. I've done with it as well of on national networking groups. I'm. I'm a serial network, so I love the idea of putting something out there where you can really show the best version of yourself. But you know, in the in the spirit of you know not just what you say, but how you say it? And the idea of interviewing business leaders as well as trusted advisors, which is what I do as well

00:38:42.240 --> 00:39:06.630 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): trusted Adviser doesn't just mean Cpa. Lawyer, insurance broker, financial Adviser, which all of those folks are are trusted advisors to small medium-sized businesses. What you do and even the it professionals right? You mentioned them before, you know folks at it trying to trying to lay all the technical knowledge on the audience where they don't. Nobody necessarily cares. They just want to know that when there is a problem it will be solved because we work with you again.

00:39:06.640 --> 00:39:10.680 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): People-centric type of approach that a lot of times folks will skip over.

00:39:10.910 --> 00:39:21.600 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, absolutely. They They just focused on the service they focused on the product, and they don't seem to understand that it is about the people, and that's one of the things that networking does give you. It's about the people.

00:39:21.610 --> 00:39:36.140 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So when you want to reach a particular type of business a particular. Maybe it's a specific person, if you can have a personal recommendation from somebody. Oh, you need to speak to this guy. He is brilliant at what he does. He will look after you.

00:39:36.150 --> 00:39:54.119 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: That's so much easier than trying to pick up the phone. Get past a gatekeeper, a really angry secretary or pa Say, no, you're not going to talk to him. I'm not gonna let you through with your first little slight on me. If I did that you've been actually had the door open recommended by somebody, and that's what networking gives you.

00:39:54.130 --> 00:40:12.129 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: A lot of people don't understand. They just see it as a as a stuffy thing where you go in and you you hand out business cards like you were in Vegas flicking cards, and that's not what it's about. It's about relationships. It's about getting to know someone going to trust someone and getting to respect them and appreciate them for what they do and want to help.

00:40:12.970 --> 00:40:25.060 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So a good friend of mine, who I've had on the show a couple of times, actually has has his own networking group as well a couple of books, and he's he's had. Ivan Meisner writes some forwards for his for his books as well, and

00:40:25.070 --> 00:40:33.090 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): the idea of he calls it the dirty words in networking, saying somebody, everybody, anybody. A lot of times when you go to a networking event, it'll be like

00:40:33.100 --> 00:40:36.659 like, Oh, anybody who pays taxes. Okay? Well, that's everybody.

00:40:37.180 --> 00:40:57.740 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So that's That's not really specific where it really is. It's incumbent upon the person who's trying to network effectively to get specific. Not necessarily because they're looking for a particular exact business, but just by saying, Hey, i'm looking for the owner of engage with as a digital marketing agency that helps businesses refine their story.

00:40:57.750 --> 00:41:06.070 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): The audience might not know you were engaged web, but they were. Oh, I don't know that one, but I do know this one That sounds like they do the same thing,

00:41:06.080 --> 00:41:35.710 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and a lot of times it seems like people who are trying to network and build their business are afraid to pigeonhole themselves into one type of client profile, one type of ass. That's why they end up saying somebody, everybody, anybody, and that fits into the idea also which we talked about of the Icp, the ideal client profile, which, when I was a kid, that's good for insane clown posse. But that's about for another day. But ah, you know, icp the ideal client profile. It's something that like you and I would talk about and be like, Yeah, you guys need to be very clear on this, because you need to see

00:41:35.720 --> 00:41:48.159 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): things from the buyer's perspective. But I feel like a lot of times. People are hesitant to put any time or energy into that, because they don't want to preclude themselves from an audience that might be a good fit for them. Is that something that you see as well?

00:41:48.170 --> 00:42:01.389 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Oh, absolutely. I mean, there is a fear in there that if I say i'm looking for a particular type of business. That means i'm not going to get the other types of business. But you are. You're going to get introductions to them as well. But you need to work out who is perfect for you?

00:42:01.400 --> 00:42:13.070 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Who is your ideal client? Who do you either enjoy working with, or who do you get the best results for, or who gives you the most amount of work. Those are the people you actually want to target.

00:42:13.080 --> 00:42:30.590 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: And you're right. There are some people who go to a networking event, or they go to some sort of event, and it's impossible for them to say a particular business. They can't say i'm. Looking for the owner of engaged web because they work with individuals homeowners. They can't do that, but they can still profile the company or the person's right. They're looking for

00:42:30.600 --> 00:42:44.609 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, I can still say, i'm looking for somebody who is male between forty and forty-five. He drives a bmw He has a really expensive house. He has three kids, and he has expensive holidays, you think? Oh, I know somebody like that.

00:42:44.620 --> 00:42:45.390 This

00:42:45.400 --> 00:42:52.699 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: it's much easier to introduce you to someone if they know who you're looking for. But if you say anybody, you're gonna get nobody, you

00:42:53.050 --> 00:43:18.040 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): also the idea of again in the spirit of sharing stories, sharing some of the folks that you've met with earlier that week or the week before, and and if you felt some type of massive impact, or if the client felt sometimes massive impact. Again, the stories are what tends to resonate the most with everybody when when you make the relationship and you get to know each other, and maybe with a little bit of technical process and everything. That's one thing. But

00:43:18.050 --> 00:43:36.069 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): you got to engage them first. You absolutely do yeah stories about what you've done that week are brilliant because people so realize then the kind of businesses you work with, the kind of people you work with, and it just trips that off in their heads, because I would love to introduction to that person, and it just makes it so much easier to connect people if you tell stories.

00:43:36.170 --> 00:43:52.260 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): And speaking of connected people, we got to take a break in just a moment, but a lot of the pictures out there of you and the team. It just looks like you guys are a very cohesive unit like there's plenty of folks out there that do team building, you know, events and experiences. But you guys seem to have a lot of them.

00:43:52.600 --> 00:44:21.129 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: I've I've been accused of it. Looks like you guys don't do any work. Actually, Um, yeah, we. We do have regular events every year, and we we do big things for Christmas, and we do a lot of mucking about in the office. A lot of social media videos. We did a whole zombie video where we got a professional makeup artist in from Liverpool, and we decked out two of the the team as zombies, and we shot a sort of shaun of the dead night in bed style advert for the web design concept being that

00:44:21.140 --> 00:44:28.369 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: our web design. Our web design package is so so robust, but it would survive a zombie apocalypse

00:44:28.670 --> 00:44:43.590 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: which it will. Incidentally, if there is a zombie, a bucket, we can survive that your website will be fine. Don't worry about it. But yeah, we do a lot of stuff. It is about having a lot of fun while you work, because nobody wants to be stuck, sat in a cubicle, working long hours and just not enjoying themselves.

00:44:43.600 --> 00:44:56.100 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Hey, man, if i'm not having fun, i'm not making money. I'll say it over and over and over again. We're going to take a quick break we'll we'll be right back with Darren Jamison co-founder marketing and communications director at engage web. Stay with us, everybody,

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00:46:57.760 --> 00:47:27.739 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb Guy, we're Chatting with my buddy from across the pond. My mate, Eric Jameson, co-founder, marketing, and communications director, and engaged with, You know It's funny we were talking about in the last segment, where we were discussing some stories and madness that Darren and team have so many team-building events and experiences that a lot of times they might they might get accused of not working at all because it looks like they're having so much fun. Well, a lot of times that can really lead to some new client experiences

00:47:27.750 --> 00:47:35.179 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): first client in the us. There's pictures posted of them on a fishing trip together where it looks like they're not working, but that's working

00:47:35.190 --> 00:47:57.779 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): so a little bit of fun madness there. But this is the message part of the show. This is where we want to leave everybody with some sound bites for over the weekend, that they might actually remember during their cocktails and intro to American football picking off yesterday last night. But ah, yeah, I think of the idea. It's not to make it sound like a twelve-step program. But you know, businesses need to recognize that they have

00:47:57.790 --> 00:48:15.470 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): a need and an an issue if they're not presenting their story the right way, especially with marketing. And, like I said before, I always feel like closer you are to something the harder it can be to explain it to other people. So it's extremely extremely valuable to have somebody in your type of position

00:48:15.480 --> 00:48:45.460 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): to really help coach the people along. One of the testimonials. The many testimonials that you guys have says we're really enjoying working with the team. The results have spoken. We are seeing a great return on investment every month with a large increase in sales and revenue. It's really hard to argue with, folded, underlying statements like that, with thanks to the strategic planning experience and talent that this company has. We're highly recommend engaged web to any company wanting to better their brand and rank above the competitors and the three sales. So talk to us a little bit about some good sound, but

00:48:45.470 --> 00:49:03.139 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: it's for the weekend. What kind of weekend insight can we give the Smb owners out there that will help them make a Monday impact. I think probably the most important thing is something we've touched on, and that's not focused on your business, and who you are because your target client does not care.

00:49:03.390 --> 00:49:05.669 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: You should be focusing on them

00:49:05.680 --> 00:49:26.259 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: because it it is all about the you focus, and you being the target client, not you. The business focus on them. And the easiest way I think of doing that is, you've been running your business presumably for a long time. You know what you do. You get what you do. You understand it perfectly. Nobody knows your business better than you do.

00:49:26.520 --> 00:49:34.690 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So what questions have your target clients, your existing clients, people who come to you. What if they asked you?

00:49:35.080 --> 00:49:51.420 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: What problems have they had? What issues have they had? What conversations have you had over the years, because guaranteed absolutely cast iron guaranteed that anybody who's asked you those questions, and you've been able to answer them and help them. And solve it for them.

00:49:51.430 --> 00:50:04.130 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: There are one hundred or one thousand or ten thousand other people out there with the exact same problems and questions. They just Haven't had the fortune of being stood in front of you at a time.

00:50:04.140 --> 00:50:10.119 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: So what they're going to do is they're going to go on to Google and they're going to put those questions into Google. So

00:50:10.400 --> 00:50:22.450 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and if you've not got that information that you've already given to that client of yours online on your website on your social media answering that problem. They're not going to find you.

00:50:22.650 --> 00:50:24.989 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: They're going to find someone else Who does.

00:50:25.010 --> 00:50:29.770 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: You need to get the information out of your head. The conversations you've already had.

00:50:30.030 --> 00:50:33.729 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Turn it into content for your website, for your social media.

00:50:33.780 --> 00:50:40.790 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Put it in front of the people who are looking for it. And that is how you turn people online who you've never met you

00:50:40.990 --> 00:50:49.740 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: into trusted customers and clients who absolutely value what you do, and that's the biggest piece of advice I can get,

00:50:50.140 --> 00:51:02.250 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): and who will also refer you when you were talking about that all I could think of was. You know you've been to lots of networking groups as have I when you see somebody that says The greatest compliment you can give me is a Referral.

00:51:02.260 --> 00:51:19.519 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): That's almost like asking for somebody, anybody, Everybody type of thing. Yeah. You want to ask people for referrals, But the greatest folks who can give you the referral are the ideal clients that you're working with that have asked the ideal questions that you can solve problems for

00:51:19.530 --> 00:51:30.379 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: exactly. I mean that there's we always track where all of our business comes from, because, you know, we're we're a marketing company. You'd expect us to report and things and track stuff. A lot of businesses. Don't do that.

00:51:30.400 --> 00:51:38.980 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: But the majority of your business should be coming from referrals, from existing clients and existing customers, because, if they like what you do,

00:51:39.030 --> 00:51:52.189 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: and you're good at what you do. Then you expect them to be able to pass you on to others who also want you to to that solution for them. So you should be getting a lot of referrals from existing customers. And if you're not, you want to ask Why?

00:51:52.290 --> 00:52:01.120 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Maybe you not actually asking the existing customers for referrals, and sometimes people have. I mean in Britain, for example, it's impolite to us

00:52:01.250 --> 00:52:18.730 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: in America you're a lot more forward with these things. We're quite. We're quite. We're quite reserved. So we won't. Go to a clients, but it is worth doing that, because if they don't know that you're looking for more. They won't necessarily think about it.

00:52:18.900 --> 00:52:22.339 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: But you should also be getting a lot of business from Google,

00:52:22.950 --> 00:52:32.349 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: a lot of business from Google. And if you're not, I would argue It's probably because you do not have that content on your website that your potential target clients are looking for.

00:52:33.720 --> 00:53:03.710 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): And it's It's not just a a one, you know. Again a magic one type of thing. It's like If you're thinking about the highway and different lanes of traffic. You want to have a car in each one of these lanes, the Google side, the word of mouth side The This is how we talk about our services. Personally, if we walk into a cold, networking environment like you want to have all that stuff buttoned up so again, it's not a fire drill every time that you have a potential opportunity. So engage web, Co dot Uk: That's the website. A lot of great stuff on there and then

00:53:03.720 --> 00:53:10.489 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): is a let's talk button, which is i'm guessing how a lot of folks get engaged with you guys. No pun intended again.

00:53:10.540 --> 00:53:28.930 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: It sure is. Yep. You you can book a call with me whenever you want from one of those buttons, and it'll go straight into our calendar for us to have a video call with you. It doesn't matter where you are. As I say, we have clients in the Us. We have clients in Canada. We have plants in Australia anywhere where there is an English speaking world, we can do business with

00:53:29.090 --> 00:53:36.290 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): the the engaging market here drops every week. You said Thursday, Friday at midnight. Is that Uk: time or

00:53:36.300 --> 00:53:53.400 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: yeah, it's it's midnight. Um Greenwich mean time, so that will have dropped for you at five o'clock in the morning. I can never work out which way it is. But basically when you wake up on a Friday it will be.

00:53:53.410 --> 00:54:21.099 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): You guys definitely need to check that out if you also, if you if you Google Ah, Darren Jamison! Ah! From Liverpool comedy festival you might actually see some of the routine that he did so some interesting fun stuff there. But ah! Once you guys find it for yourselves, it's the age web is all over the place. You definitely connect these folks. If you can't find them. You're using the wrong Internet. You could always reach out to me. Smb: Guy, text it to twenty one thousand. You'll get my contact there, but I can hope you guys up before we end. I'm gonna

00:54:21.110 --> 00:54:36.019 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): let everybody know what your answers to my questions. Were a favorite movie, a Tv show character, a favorite movie, your Tv show and favorite musical instrument in the artist. You'd like to here play it. So rock out here. You gave me a couple of answers. You like Thor, my strong personality There

00:54:36.030 --> 00:55:01.540 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): you also like Jack's teller, which nice, strong personality there from sons of anarchy. And ah! You know, and when I felt like it was a little it was trying to like one of these things. It's not like the other. You also said Buffy. The vampires. What I thought about it. Another strong personality who's actually a cheerleader, aside from killing vampires. So, since you are a cheerleader on behalf of clients, that is kind of like that

00:55:01.640 --> 00:55:05.190 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): favorite movies, you you said Flash Gordon.

00:55:05.270 --> 00:55:16.899 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): So I I got to ask you when you come across these these Robo, you know types of marketing platforms, the Ai things and automated. Do you think of Ming? The merciless is like death to Ming.

00:55:18.160 --> 00:55:25.779 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: To be honest, I probably more think of ultraon from avengers, and that i'm for smashing them with a giant hammer, because that's what needs to be done with them.

00:55:25.790 --> 00:55:32.419 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Fair Enough on that note you also like transformers. So not necessarily of turning things into machines. But you

00:55:32.570 --> 00:55:47.269 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): really giving some humanity to all of these machines is probably for the better way of looking at it. And then you said ghostbusters, which is on my top favorites of all time really serving an audience in the movie of people who are

00:55:47.280 --> 00:55:58.679 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): frightened because of what's happening, and yet skeptical of all the results of what they're what they're calling the ghostbusters, for which in some ways is actually kind of relevant to the world of digital marketing that you play.

00:55:58.690 --> 00:55:59.790 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Hey, who are you going to call

00:55:59.800 --> 00:56:01.909 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): You're calling gauge web? That's what you're gonna call.

00:56:01.920 --> 00:56:19.250 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): But when I asked you about the music I was shocked to hear this that no musical instruments you wouldn't know how to play. One of you were hit with one. No real crazy passion about music from somebody who's in the Liverpool area. I feel like it's criminal. So I had. I had to just throw some some beetles.

00:56:19.650 --> 00:56:28.780 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: Yeah, it is a sore point with me. I have no musical ability whatsoever. It's the one thing I wish I could do, but unfortunately it's It's like a foreign language to me,

00:56:28.790 --> 00:56:29.949 Darren Jamieson / Engage Web: but one I don't know.

00:56:29.960 --> 00:56:32.519 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): It seems like you're really out. You know

00:56:32.530 --> 00:57:02.199 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): a depth at making beautiful music in the world of digital marketing and making sure that it's all about the people, and not so much about the products that are out there which people get hit with all day every day, whether it's their personal or business life. You need to surround yourself with the right people, the ones who are going to understand your story and help you go out and tell it so, Darren, thank you so much for joining me here today. Can't wait to hear more of the engaging markets here next week. We will see you guys once again. Friday. Eleven A. M. Eastern time, right here on talk radio, dot myc after

00:57:02.210 --> 00:57:08.479 Steven Frey (@alwaysfreyday @smbguy): Tommy D. On philanthropy and focus Darren. Thanks again for joining me from across the pond. Have a great weekend. I'll see you guys next week.

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