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Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/06 - Helping Employers Prepare For Recession

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/06 - Helping Employers Prepare For Recession


2022/09/06 - Helping Employers Prepare For Recession

[NEW EPISODE] Helping Employers Prepare For Recession



There is evidence that a recession might be looming in the not-too-distant future. As employers / business owners, the specter of lost profits and reduced spending by clients or customers can create a need for layoffs, reductions-in-force, and restructuring of the workplace.  What are the HR issues, legal liabilities, and financial factors that go into the decision of whom to lay off, and when to do so? What are some best practices for preparing employees for looming layoffs, from an HR perspective? How should employers determine which workers will make the cut? Tune in tonight when my guest, Vilma Brager, co-founder and managing principal of Insight HR Consulting, and I discuss how you, the business owner, can best prepare for a possible recession. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric opens up the show welcoming his guest, Vilma Brager, Co-Founder of Insight HR Consulting. Vilma offers her client partners over 20 years of human resource management and operations experience. She also provides insight to HR regulations, laws, and best practices. He also introduces tonight's topic which is about a possible recession. Vilma talks about her career leading up to where she is now. She describes leadership in the past to what HR does today, like employee investigations, training, etc. she enjoyed developing her team. The leadership opportunity to develop her own team led her to move into the HR field and work for a large organization. She transitioned from a recruiter and in the operational field into the HR field. During covid, Vilma partnered with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center). They needed guidance with the changes as well as a focus on human resources and relations with employees, employers and executives. Vilma really loves her work and to learn new things.

Segment 2

Eric asks vilma about when might an employer know when it's time to make large cuts to their workforce and what kind of data they should review. Vilma works more with small and mid size businesses. She says that overall she asks employers and businesses many questions when helping such as whether they are attaining all of their revenue, tracking everything they should be getting paid for, can they reduce their expenses, etc. She says it's important to exhaust every other question and opportunity before thinking about layoffs as it affects the company and also people's lives. This is also very important especially if this situation is in a large organization. Vilma also mentions to her clients that no matter what decision they make to take into consideration the employees, everyone is treated with respect and dignity. She also says that communication is key. She explains how this is a key mistake when employers are enforcing layoffs or going through this stage.

Segment 3

Vilma gives more tips for employers to take notice of before thinking about layoffs such as looking at salaries and making sure they are at a minimum if need be and make sure you are paying the legal minimum wage. She also mentions communication again and important it is to open up to your employees. Vilma mentions a federal warn act where in different states, they are required to provide a certain amount of days and timelines to communicate the layoffs. Eric also discusses with Vilma about techniques she uses when she is advising employers about layoffs. Ideally, she says it's better to have these conversations with your employees face to face. But of course, this approach can be different if it's a large company that may have to lay off 20 or more employees. But in any way you can, approaching them directly is better even though it is a difficult conversation to have.

Segment 4

Vilma talks about how her company differs from other HR consulting firms. She says that clients see them as trusted advisors. Vilma says that she and her company wants the best outcomes for her clients including employees, though she emphasizes that it is a lot of work. Their job is to let their clients know if their decision might have a negative affect on them and their company. Though, they won't stop their clients as at the end of the day it is up to the business owner and employer. Vilma and Insight HR Consulting bring solutions that employers can consider to avoid litigation and ensure that the company will go into the right direction. They bring many resources to help their clients and Vilma explains how they are more than HR Consultants with their other can reach Vilma Brager at, you can email her at, and she is also very active on Linkedin as well.


00:00:30.690 --> 00:00:58.490 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Good evening. Welcome to employment law today. I'm your host, Aaron sober. I'm an employment law and business law, attorney and I host this live weekly talk, radio show and this live video broadcast every Tuesday night from five Pm. To six P. M. Eastern standards time, where I have guests who discuss some of the most novel and challenging complex issues that employers and business owners are facing today during these trying times

00:00:58.500 --> 00:01:14.590 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and in that spirit of our show and what we tend to discuss. I'd like to welcome to our show tonight, Ms. Vilmer Greg. She is the co-founder and managing partner of insight. Hr consulting Vilma. Welcome to the show.

00:01:14.600 --> 00:01:16.979 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Hello, Eric! Hello! Everybody!

00:01:16.990 --> 00:01:36.549 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Glad to be here. Thank you. Glad to have you on the show tonight. I think we have an interesting topic that it's important, and it might. People might feel a little stressed when they hear the R word it's that in the moment. But I think that part of our show can help people to prepare and and make sure they make decisions with regard to their employees that will

00:01:36.560 --> 00:01:41.950 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: serve them well. So it's good to have you on the show to share your insights and your valuable tips with us tonight.

00:01:42.100 --> 00:01:50.150 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Absolutely. I'm happy to be here, and I happy to share anything I have available best practices and recommendations absolutely

00:01:50.160 --> 00:02:09.589 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: wonderful about the Excellent. So in Mummy Library for our audience tonight, from the centers about the topic. Our topic is helping employers prepare for recession at the award. Now there's evidence that a recession might be looming in the not too distant future folks, and as employers and business owners,

00:02:09.600 --> 00:02:23.389 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I know it's top of the specter of the lost profits and reduce spending my clients or customers. It can really create a need for layoffs or reductions in force and for restructuring of the workplace.

00:02:23.400 --> 00:02:26.189 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: And so the questions I, though and I want to address are,

00:02:26.200 --> 00:02:29.440 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: what are the Hr issues and the legal liabilities

00:02:29.500 --> 00:02:41.900 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: that and the financial factors as well, that go into the decision of whom to lay off and when to do so, and what is the best practices for preparing employees for looming layoffs coming into our respect?

00:02:42.080 --> 00:02:45.870 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: And how should employers determine which workers will make the cut.

00:02:45.890 --> 00:02:48.540 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So on tonight's episode

00:02:48.590 --> 00:03:07.060 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: film, and I will be discussing how you and the business owner and the employer can best prepare for a possible recession, and before getting into our questions and conversation. I wanted to share with our audience tonight. A little bit more about Belmont. You can get a sense of who she is and what she does.

00:03:07.070 --> 00:03:14.149 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: She really has quite an interesting background. So our guest tonight unemployment law today is Bill Mcgregor,

00:03:14.330 --> 00:03:32.360 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: the call founder of insight, Hr. Consulting, who serves as managing principal. The Velma offers for clients, partners for client markers. Excuse me. Over twenty years of human resource management and operations. Experience, including Key Hri leadership goals with a variety of Industries and Company sizes.

00:03:32.370 --> 00:03:51.130 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: As an S. As H. R. M. And H. R. C. I certified Hr. Professional Wilmer keeps her client partners in compliance, and provides key insights into Hr regulations, laws, and best practices. Now, prior to becoming the sharper national, Loma began her career in operations

00:03:51.140 --> 00:03:56.769 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: where she held leadership roles within large multinational companies.

00:03:56.830 --> 00:04:15.619 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: This operational business acumen has brought great value to known as client partners, especially when consulting and advising business owners on Hr. Matters such as compliance, employee relations, benefits, training, recruitment, talent, management,

00:04:15.630 --> 00:04:30.150 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: leadership, and of organizational development. And in addition to her role at insight. Hr. Consulting Filmma has served on the Board of Directors for the Inland Empire Society of Human Resource management, as sure

00:04:30.160 --> 00:04:42.819 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: currently Vilma is the President the Inland Empire, S. Hrm. Chapter in Southern California. She is also an ambassador for the National Latina Businesswoman Association in the Empire.

00:04:42.830 --> 00:05:00.040 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: She hold with a bachelor's degree in organizational development from the University of Liver, and she is a certified Hr. Professional Through S. Hrm. Vacation and Hrc. I. Goma enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and two hundred and thirty pups.

00:05:00.050 --> 00:05:10.990 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Our hobbies included reading books and learning to cook healthy recipes to share family and friends, while them. I really have an interesting and diverse background. There, I must say

00:05:11.000 --> 00:05:22.589 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: thank you so much. Yes, absolutely. Um. There is a lot of years, not only in Hr. But in the operational world, too. And if you add them all together, it's more than twenty years. But

00:05:22.600 --> 00:05:24.289 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: we'll take it with twenty.

00:05:24.300 --> 00:05:25.790 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Okay, I understand.

00:05:25.800 --> 00:05:32.700 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I know what you mean in those years tends to when I discussed my background in something like practicing law for twenty three plus years,

00:05:32.710 --> 00:05:50.949 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: It doesn't even sound real. So I understand that that time the time was by um, and you know, while you hear a little even more about yourself, one of my standard questions. My guess is Um! You can tell us. How did your career initially start out, and and what prompt you built? But to co-found insight, Hr.

00:05:50.960 --> 00:06:05.589 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Absolutely love to share information and definitely share a little bit of the background. So initially the operational positions that I held really, in fact, in the days and i'm going to age myself. So twenty years ago

00:06:05.600 --> 00:06:27.179 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Um! A lot of the leadership used to do. Put a lot of what Hrs does today, right? So they. They did a lot of the investigations, the training Leadership development, hiring separately. You name it, and and part of that what I truly enjoy was really developing my team and that leadership opportunity to develop

00:06:27.190 --> 00:06:44.669 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: a huge focus for me to move into the Hr. Field. I was very fortunate enough to work for a very large organization back in the day, where I did have the opportunity to transition from the operational world with a company to the Hr World. And So I started as a recruiter,

00:06:44.680 --> 00:07:01.939 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: which, when I was a leader, I had to recruit my you know my my staff, and so making that translation for me and dedicating that i'm sure for recruiting was, which was amazing for me. It kind of translated a little bit of what I was doing and writing the operational perspective in the Hr World,

00:07:01.950 --> 00:07:26.160 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: you know, when you go on recruiting. Wonderful, but what you you know, what makes a great fit between a candidate and a company. How is how can that two different roles marry and be be happy for a while? Right. So I, that my operational background brought that in the reality of what we do every day within that company, and be able to talk through all the candidates. What is the company all about?

00:07:26.170 --> 00:07:31.140 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: But this is, what do we do? And what do our staff members do for us? So needless to say,

00:07:31.260 --> 00:07:48.470 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: that's how I started my career in the human resources, Field and within the Hr. I've done just about every function within Hr. From a true generalist I have experiencing the Benefits Department in the Conversation Department, recruiting, telling acquisition, leadership, development

00:07:48.480 --> 00:08:02.389 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: employee relations do name it. I pretty much have experienced quite a lot of that. And so that brought me into human resources. So a career where I really didn't expect to be this long to be truly honest.

00:08:02.400 --> 00:08:20.470 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: But now it is something that I just I love. I really enjoy the aspect of human resources as a whole. Being a true journalist. Never! There's never been a dull moment in my career, and I've always been a learner. I love to learn new things all the time.

00:08:20.480 --> 00:08:40.130 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: I am not want to say. I know everything. As a matter of fact, I don't, but I am very resourceful, and so that has really opened up a lot of doors for me where I have been able to learn, and that learning and experience has been providing, you know, great recommendation and suggestions to many different types of companies.

00:08:40.140 --> 00:08:47.490 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Now, why did I start inside? Hr. Consulting? Well, the pandemic to be really honest.

00:08:47.500 --> 00:09:04.390 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So in the last two and a half years, the first year of Covid I was doing quite a lot of pro bono, an informational presentation primarily to business owners meat side two small companies.

00:09:04.400 --> 00:09:18.089 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: I was fortunate enough to partner with the A. Cdc. The small Business Development Center when Covid first started, and they really need a guidance not only on the Covid piece of it right keeping up with all the changes,

00:09:18.100 --> 00:09:27.960 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: but also the employee piece right? I think Covid brought forward human resources, being a major focus on how companies do business,

00:09:27.970 --> 00:09:52.889 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and so, not knowing how to talk to an employees, what to talk to them about, and obviously meeting the regulations with Covid. Um gave me the opportunity to introduce human resources to quite a lot of business, at least in the Southern California the first time we met virtually over five hundred attendees, and the focus was all about. What is Covid

00:09:52.900 --> 00:10:11.799 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: and what is human resources? And how do we it relate both of them in what we do every single day? So Covid really was the reason why I started thinking of doing this on my own, because they really want. You know, there are put a lot of companies that may offer some form of Hrp filting or Hs support.

00:10:11.810 --> 00:10:23.029 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Why, they needed more than just a phone call or a virtual meeting right? They needed somebody to be really there, understand their business and guide them and recommend what is applicable to their situation,

00:10:23.040 --> 00:10:37.190 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and so I will say, a year and a half or so. I will contact it quite often, and ask, why don't you do this. I only need human resources. I really showed me that type of guidance, and I was not ready at that time.

00:10:37.200 --> 00:10:51.890 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: And me, Let's just say that those kind of questions and inquiry came through for a long period of time, and I decided, why not? I'm already, not even financially. I was just helping me, because I really want to business to be successful.

00:10:51.900 --> 00:10:53.029 I want a business owner.

00:10:53.290 --> 00:10:58.490 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: You have resources that are really there to understand what they go through,

00:10:58.500 --> 00:11:18.180 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: but also somebody or someone who a service provider that can really tell of. Hey, let's say, if you go this route you probably need to call Eric for and from the law. Or if you don't, this would be the best approach, which is what other things are happening within your industry or your area right? And so they needed that personalized service.

00:11:18.190 --> 00:11:26.889 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: And so there really is the reason why it was determined I determined I should do this. I really should. I am very passionate about businesses. I want them to be successful.

00:11:26.900 --> 00:11:33.189 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I really truly believe a partnership between employee and the company and their executive leadership

00:11:33.200 --> 00:11:35.589 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: in ha can be had.

00:11:35.600 --> 00:12:04.010 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I think it's a lot of work, but it can be done, and so you know, the approach to our services to businesses is, we'll come up with solutions for you. We're not a cookie cutter type of service provider. We want to hear. What are some of the pain? Some of the issues that you're you're seeing um, and for them wanting to, you know, do things differently. It's a big, positive step, right? So, having that solution driven, and you know, Focus, with all of our encyclopedia

00:12:04.020 --> 00:12:16.890 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: has been a very successful approach to many companies, and we are based in California, and, as you know, California can be a little bit um a little bit hard to understand some labor laws.

00:12:16.900 --> 00:12:33.229 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: And so during the East Coast we have, like seventeen different types of industry here in California, and we're very proud that we definitely have enough knowledge and background to be able to support all industries and all devices,

00:12:33.240 --> 00:13:03.200 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: you know. I must say it's California and New York also very much a lot of different new employment laws that people must follow. Ah Hr. Practices, especially in New York City in a subsequent New York. But, wow, real, my husband say, you know we can. You use a very passionate, passionate, and when you were speaking about your background, and we're watching here. I get thought of thinking, was we? We can clearly hear your knowledge for and and passionate knowledge of, and passion for it. Hr. Or consulting right, and your passionate for small businesses for business

00:13:03.210 --> 00:13:31.979 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: owners, you know, for the the the employer say to marry it with the candidate, as you describe the use of operations in there as well. How that background led you to your and then your company. Then, of course you know, hearing about your pandemic as sort of the the careless right to be your your bold adventure. Um! I like hearing those silver lining stories in a moment where something good came out of a rough situation, and and I want to hear more about that and more about what you do. But before we

00:13:31.990 --> 00:13:41.110 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: get into the next question. Believe it or not, We're actually at our first commercial break. The time flies you having fun. I'd rather take it a minute early now than the start of the question,

00:13:41.120 --> 00:13:54.690 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: you know. Cut it off so um until the break. So um i'll just let our audience know that you're listening to or watching employment law Today, as you can tell, we have a very passionate, knowledgeable guest tonight. Moment, Ryan, an insight hr consulting

00:13:54.700 --> 00:13:58.260 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: stick around folks on top of Nyc. We'll be right back.

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00:16:12.270 --> 00:16:21.249 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Welcome back to employment law today, and we host, Eric Saver i'm joined Tonight we have our show, our guest

00:16:21.260 --> 00:16:43.249 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: filmmaker of insight which are consulting. And as you've heard from the introduction, and the first question that no one has extends that excuse me, knowledge and passion for Hr and all, and also recruiting leadership and coordinations. So I think she's an excellent guest for a topic tonight, which is

00:16:43.260 --> 00:16:46.489 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: the topic of helping employers prepare for recession.

00:16:52.460 --> 00:17:05.879 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: When might an employer know that it's time to make large-scale cuts to their workforce and what kind of internal financial data should they be reviewing? And deciding if layoffs and rifts are necessary.

00:17:06.520 --> 00:17:19.120 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: That is a great question, Eric. Well, hopefully, it's not the first question that an employer should have right that should be the last question. Once you exhaust every other venue

00:17:19.130 --> 00:17:30.439 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: to ensure that that is the last resource that you have to move forward with a layout. So Generally I tend to ask for a lot of questions when somebody is asking us,

00:17:30.450 --> 00:17:49.839 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: hey? I think we're going to need to do a layoff. What do you recommend. Well, we definitely refer to Well, as a company. And again, I I help quite a lot of mid-sized employers whether they have an Hr. Presence, maybe that of experience or somewhat limitations within the department. But every time I get a question like this

00:17:50.050 --> 00:17:53.029 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: I do want to ask about operational

00:17:53.040 --> 00:18:14.610 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: situation, right like, you know, as a company. Are you ensuring You're you know you're attaining all your revenue you have. You're tracking every single penny that you should be getting paid for. How about where your expenses are right? Where are they going to? And they essential? Is there any opportunity to cut them down right a bit. Are there older opportunities where you can reduce

00:18:14.620 --> 00:18:33.669 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: um your expenses on labor? We know labor is a huge expense on your bottom line. We know that right. But before having a layout you've got to expose every other type of question and opportunity to ensure that that is the last you know thing to do. That is definitely the last approach that you want to pay

00:18:33.680 --> 00:18:44.249 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: fifty-five respects, not only in the company, but you affect people right and you know people, you know we all have feelings and emotions, and therefore it's a very tough position all around.

00:18:44.260 --> 00:18:59.960 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: So, needless to say, when we are asked about a layout, we want to know exactly. What have you done? Not judgment right? So sometimes you said, Oh, you know what I I didn't think of that fabulous! Why, don't you reach out, you know. Let's plan on that first, as we do. That purpose is what

00:18:59.970 --> 00:19:04.830 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: uh, what can we avoid if you cut that, or make it, you know, have a different approach.

00:19:04.840 --> 00:19:21.230 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: We also inquire about other things that are may not be too operational, such as benefits. What are you operating? Other opportunities to change those benefits. There's some that are voluntary. So we want to make sure. We ask all the questions.

00:19:21.240 --> 00:19:36.910 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: A lot of the time, you know we do bring some different ideas and approach what to look at before they automatically go to a layout. However, right finances are huge. So you definitely should be looking at your number,

00:19:36.920 --> 00:19:48.689 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: whether you know that also. Now week to week, type of basis, a monthly basis quarterly. That financial aspect of your company should be something that you can talk through

00:19:48.700 --> 00:20:08.320 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: right, what you're making, what your expenses are, and all of that understanding where how you're obtaining your revenue, what your product is, and your opportunities right within your financial approach to your business. You can see where there may be some opportunity. And obviously I hope that you also have budgets

00:20:08.330 --> 00:20:09.360 right away.

00:20:09.370 --> 00:20:16.430 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: So I've worked with many large organizations that are international billion dollars in a company.

00:20:16.530 --> 00:20:31.540 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: And if you're that large, my goodness, you have a lot of data to look at, and we're going to need a team to help you find out. Where is there going to be a layoff right? Everything else has been exhausted. What are some of the opportunities?

00:20:31.550 --> 00:20:52.180 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: You see there's a big difference. If you're a nonprofit. If you're a prop for profit or a private right? Or if you have Ah, other folks within the board that are looking at your finances. But then let's just say you've got to take a look at that first understanding. The numbers are the numbers correct? Are the budget that you had in mind correct at the reasonable,

00:20:52.190 --> 00:21:00.789 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: not reasonable? Is there an opportunity to make some of those changes, or tweak it a little bit before you lay off again? Lay off? Should I be the first question.

00:21:00.800 --> 00:21:10.910 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: But definitely, if there's got to be that question, there's different ways to approach it that right? So numbers is huge.

00:21:11.080 --> 00:21:23.909 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Start there, and they inquire about Where, Where is my revenue coming from? Am I getting all of it? Where my expenses can I touch on my expenses, or any other fringe benefits before you move forward with a layoff approach.

00:21:23.920 --> 00:21:24.790 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah,

00:21:24.800 --> 00:21:25.830 yeah.

00:21:25.840 --> 00:21:33.190 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So I think what I hear you saying is that. And I think I agree with you. It's a good point that right before deciding, there's time for

00:21:33.200 --> 00:21:36.819 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: playoffs large-scale reduction and workforce. What have you

00:21:36.830 --> 00:22:05.109 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: see if you can exhaust right, as you mentioned all other uh perhaps ways to save money, whether it's, as you mentioned in Thelma Um, recouping some unpaid invoices or accounts are open or revenue. That's in Perhaps you to the company in that being uh not being received or collected. Um cutting other expenses from the fact. Maybe they're three offices that are leased or rented, and I have to forward forces gone remote, and last year to stay remote, and you can let go of that

00:22:05.120 --> 00:22:09.190 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: to that effect. So I definitely hear that. And I hear the reason it's. I think the

00:22:09.200 --> 00:22:34.519 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: yeah you've got not only the you know, more ethical, like emotional ah reasons of the workers, but also the fact that the company, let's say they lay people off, and in large amounts of people that say they lose people, and then the companies drives to do better things. Turn around now. You've got to look for and improve train hired, you know, like rehiring on the people pushing it very expensive, and of course, as I know as an appointment lawyer, the more people that you pay off

00:22:34.760 --> 00:23:03.020 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: the greater chance that you might encounter some. Either. Um, you know, disgruntled or upset employees who might try to sue you, and some might have no rounds of trying to sue, anyway, and some might actually have something that perhaps was dishled, that they'll now see to capitalize on. And so it's It's something, I think all you know good points and the type of data you mentioned to look at right? Absolutely the financials, you know, making sure you're clear the numbers. Um: Yeah, no, I think that's it. So

00:23:03.030 --> 00:23:18.379 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: i'm wondering. So suppose the employer right would say, looks to all those numbers, and they can't make sort of the ends be, or they're still struggling. Would that be when they know it's time to make certain cuts to their workforce is that when they say okay, it's time for their reduction of force

00:23:18.510 --> 00:23:30.390 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: generally, generally, after all, those um reviews have been done, and they're still not making it to me, or they know that it would continue this way. It's a for sure closure right company closure.

00:23:30.400 --> 00:23:44.960 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Then that discussion on the ask, or a document, of course, should be discussed right. And there's different ways to look at that. The main point that I usually try to invite to the clients is

00:23:44.970 --> 00:23:54.930 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: whatever decision you make, obviously taking consideration of the employees and make sure everybody is treated with respect and dignity through the whole process;

00:23:54.940 --> 00:24:12.149 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: and, secondly, communication is the key. It's really huge. If most employees a lot of employees know that really the company is being challenged. There's something going on with the company. There's some red flag here and there. Our employees are very, very smart,

00:24:12.160 --> 00:24:16.190 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: and, thanks to the Internet. They're very resourceful as well.

00:24:16.200 --> 00:24:35.219 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So I think communication is also key. We should not be a surprise if that is the process that is to be taking place right, you know there should be discussion how well we're doing and doing, and the opportunities to ensure. We continue going forward, you know, if the company is

00:24:35.230 --> 00:24:47.969 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: um focusing in the revenue and a new service, or making sure that expenses are being cut. I think that needs to be communicated. So there's reasons behind why companies do certain things, and I think that communication is essential.

00:24:48.040 --> 00:25:01.889 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So now you decide that this is the last resource for us to consider, and it's a reduction of workforce most of the time. The number one reason employees want to reduce. They want to take an opportunity

00:25:01.900 --> 00:25:06.190 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: to that girl or both. Individuals that are not performing really well.

00:25:06.200 --> 00:25:20.090 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: They have an attitude, a personality conflict within the company a lot of the times When I get that question they want to do that reasoning behind laying off.

00:25:20.100 --> 00:25:24.190 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: So my question is like, I'm. Sure you do this too. Documentation.

00:25:24.200 --> 00:25:43.889 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Please tell me you have plenty of documentation to make decisions based on performance based on behavior. Yeah, because to your point, you know, it's not. Only are you taking consideration, treating everybody within the near respect, but also i'm trying to look and ensure that the company mitigates a risk from any loss to

00:25:43.900 --> 00:25:47.520 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: because of this type of layoffs right. And so

00:25:47.570 --> 00:26:04.810 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: when the companies tell me. Well, we're not that good at that. Then I said. Then you don't use that message for the eight people, because the last one we want is to have a claim, and there's no supporting documentation or reasoning.

00:26:04.820 --> 00:26:22.790 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: When the employer made that decision so. But I get asked that question often. I think we want to let go of that attendance for about behavior. And when we ask about documentation, I say, eighty percent of the time we get

00:26:22.800 --> 00:26:23.990 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah,

00:26:24.000 --> 00:26:32.160 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I get that a lot, too. And you know we have to bring in alongside you because I do. As you know, litigation defenses work for companies. They're up to them in core

00:26:32.170 --> 00:27:00.210 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: mediations, arbitrations would have you against Ah, say, defending them for employees, lawsuits, and claims, and also formally or issues. But I also represent their compliance and and planning these situations, and I definitely see what you see, which is when there's a lack of documentation, Let's say, legitimate business reasons. Let for me go couple with a lack of respectful or termination or lack of communication. It's a recipe rate for

00:27:00.220 --> 00:27:22.750 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: disaster. The recipe for the company going from meeting me for their compliance that they're drafting these to leading me for the litigation events, and I guess, meeting you as well to say, gather documents for the attorney that might be stepped in Some of let's say, my equivalent in California based employment lawyer. But you know, I think you raised a good point straight, really worth unpacking, like Number One.

00:27:23.080 --> 00:27:36.879 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: What I hear in that is, I hear what the employers should do right. They should communicate. Well, I think they should give notice of what's happening. People are not shocked by the layoffs. They should document the

00:27:36.890 --> 00:27:46.350 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: the reasons for laying off somebody on. So to me. It sounds like the flip side of the question. I was going to ask you about some of the common mistakes that you see

00:27:46.360 --> 00:27:59.840 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: companies make when enforcing layoffs or like, Do you see? Is it a lack of communication? Is it a poor poor documentation? Any other mistakes you to think of that companies make when they're going through the layoff stages.

00:27:59.850 --> 00:28:01.090 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Communication

00:28:01.100 --> 00:28:02.190 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: communication. Yeah,

00:28:02.200 --> 00:28:13.190 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Yeah. And I think there's a fear of sharing so much information with your employees. But again Your employees are very smart, and the Internet makes them extremely resourceful.

00:28:13.200 --> 00:28:33.169 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So they may know things that already that you don't want to share. But they're already not on it, right? So I think that being ah transparent with your employee, how the company is doing or not doing so well, it's okay. That communication pay. That is very essential. And just to let them know we're working through it right? We want to stay in business.

00:28:33.180 --> 00:28:35.589 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: It's okay to ask for their help, too. I mean

00:28:35.600 --> 00:28:42.169 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: they're loyal to you. We need your help, and it's that part of the communication that I think most of the time is missing.

00:28:42.380 --> 00:29:00.390 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I think you're right. I think you know too often they come in and try to hide the fact that they're fear that people will either jump ship, which is ironic, because you know you let them go anyway. So I mean, if they jump a ship early, What's the difference? Right? If anything, you're maybe not paying unemployment insurance if they resign voluntarily, without any kind of obstructive

00:29:00.400 --> 00:29:28.710 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: determination. But you know, to your point, though. But yeah, I think definitely keeping people in the loop. They can also create a sense of trust that when the employer um let's say they do have to tell the employee. Listen. I'm so sorry, but we really can't keep. You would have to make cuts across the board. My! Your department got cut, and you were one of the last people hired that they believe you. But that's the reason as opposed to just sort of taking that, like everything's hungry, dorator. And all of a sudden they get. You know where that day, and

00:29:28.720 --> 00:29:56.600 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: if the other people are laid off, it's like what's going on here, and you know, and so I think they feel. I think communication is very key, and I think that it's an excellent point you're raised, and i'm thinking of communicating with each other. And um, I received a message from the station by Brewster. It's time for our next commercial break. When we can come back. I'll be speaking with Noma about some specific techniques and methods that you can use when we're advising employees, and like going to lay off. And when we'll talk more about

00:29:56.610 --> 00:30:04.889 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Hr. Consulting how they can help you so stay tuned to employment law today. Right here on talk radio. Nyc: We will be right back.

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00:32:04.690 --> 00:32:24.270 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Welcome back to employment law. Today i'm your host, Eric sovereign here tonight with our very insightful guest Gomer Gregor, that co-founder of manager, Prince's book, the insight which our consulting the name fit still my most site. And yeah, we're talking about this issue of those joining us late in the show

00:32:24.280 --> 00:32:38.849 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: them, and I discussing the topic of helping employers. Excuse me, prepare for recession a tongue poster there helping employers repair and recession. And we're talking about the legal liability of the financial factors and considerations

00:32:38.860 --> 00:32:58.029 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: that you, as a business owner, want to take in mind regarding layoffs, reductions and force that type. So in the first half of showing. I think Belmar really covered it nicely. Some great ideas about when layoffs might be appropriate, and what to try first talked about. Some of the common mistakes and missteps that companies make

00:32:58.360 --> 00:33:05.790 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: when implementing layoffs, perhaps failing to documents having to communicate, telling to give notice and be transparent.

00:33:05.800 --> 00:33:19.319 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: All really, you know, insightful stuff, and I have to say no one as an employment law attorney helping the business owners and companies here in New York. Um, I I definitely see how those issues tend to be like across the board, you know, from California to New York, and

00:33:19.330 --> 00:33:26.120 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Industry-wide, as well that people I think, need to hear the message of consistency, transparency and communication,

00:33:26.580 --> 00:33:27.840 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Absolutely

00:33:27.850 --> 00:33:52.090 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: one hundred percent agree. So yeah, I mean, lay off like I said we said earlier. She did a lot report right? So all the things that I wanted to mention, too, before you even move forward for that right? Because also maybe there could be a reduction of pay across the board. That might be helpful, Right just things to keep in mind, you know, of your salary. Make sure it's at a at a minimum level that you're required to have a salary employee.

00:33:52.100 --> 00:33:53.490 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Can I say that here? Yes,

00:33:53.500 --> 00:34:08.630 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and make sure that you're paying the minimum wage to whatever state or region you're in. But again, there's a lot of different ways. You can take a look at a look at to see if you have to do at risk or reduction and force

00:34:08.639 --> 00:34:18.269 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: because it's. Let me just tell you. I mean, I've experienced lay offs, meaning that I've been providing communication that it's coming, and, you know, communicate it with the employees.

00:34:18.280 --> 00:34:22.189 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: It's a really tough, tough situation to communicate,

00:34:22.199 --> 00:34:26.289 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and all parties right for the company to make that decision is harsh.

00:34:26.300 --> 00:34:33.059 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Those are a delivering that communication. It's very difficult, and those that are receiving it too.

00:34:33.070 --> 00:34:42.250 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So you know, when I said, treat everybody with dignity, with respect. It's everybody because it is a really rough and tough situation for a company to come across

00:34:42.260 --> 00:34:55.959 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: right. But once again, you say, Okay, we've done this now. Pay attention. Because if my, if you're a large organization laying people more than fifty employees at a time in an area and location. You've got to apply the Warner.

00:34:56.540 --> 00:35:04.180 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: So we have Federal warnings, and we also have some State knee worn at like in California. New York has some

00:35:04.190 --> 00:35:20.690 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: a different definition of what we're at, right where you are required to provide X amount of days and timelines to communicate over the layout. If you're close in the facility if you're reducing your workforce by more than fifty employees or a percentage of a large percentage of your your medication.

00:35:20.700 --> 00:35:22.899 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah. So again,

00:35:22.990 --> 00:35:40.989 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: that requires you to make regulation by contacting some some State agency. That is another company, and there's some timeline right that you are required to provide your employees. And so again, you've got to take that in consideration. Sometimes, you know, we may have a client that are going to lay off

00:35:41.000 --> 00:35:44.289 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: more than fifty or very close to fifty,

00:35:44.300 --> 00:35:46.580 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: and we're like, Okay, Hold on,

00:35:46.590 --> 00:35:55.179 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah. Have you communicated with the state agencies in regard to this happening? Have you? When do you want to do this in thirty days in two weeks. Well,

00:35:55.190 --> 00:36:13.320 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: that is not going to happen, so we we try to educate our and the that the approaching one in A is to some liabilities and red points on that process. So you gotta be aware of them right? And every day not every day have a different worn out. But I want to say six or so.

00:36:13.330 --> 00:36:14.649 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: No.

00:36:14.660 --> 00:36:21.449 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: So again, just pay attention to the to the warrant. If you're going to lay off anybody more than fifty employees at a time,

00:36:21.460 --> 00:36:50.569 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: right with the act again for those listening right, as as no one wisely state it. It requires that you give us your kind of notice to employees when you have a mass last of fifty or more in a certain initial bedroom is the size of the company make the industry of hand, but and then, if it's better to do so, it result in ah civil penalties and damages. Employees may see. Company may see Ah incur so very important. You know my excellent point about You know how important it is for a company not to rush into the house,

00:36:50.580 --> 00:36:57.789 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: but if they do have to do reductions in for us to make sure they're following all the rules, and you played a good point about.

00:36:57.800 --> 00:37:12.289 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Look at the Federal rules like the born act. But also look at this. You're a corresponding state. I think it's especially important. I tell my clients now you may be located in New York, and may have desire to go remote in two thousand and twenty, two thousand and twenty one, and you tell me you can't wear your rivers, you know, which is

00:37:12.300 --> 00:37:26.519 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: all right. That's great. So now you have employees in Texas. Ah, Connecticut, Vermont, North Dakota. What have you but make sure that you're in touch with, or you know those States laws around notification around the same

00:37:26.530 --> 00:37:47.110 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: enforcement or not, but not a compete that you might have with that employee, you know. So I think all very good points, and I think that Um, yeah, I think you know, reduction in pay is a great way to go also, and to your point also about you know the the the damage that can be done from an overly say Zealand, or a poorly planned reduction force.

00:37:47.120 --> 00:38:04.070 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: It not only harms the employees who are who are let go, but can really impact the morale and the sense of security of the employees left behind field right so often. Links Say, you know they're You're missing. You don't have their team people who they respected. So you may have cut fifteen percent of your departments,

00:38:04.080 --> 00:38:33.880 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and the eighty-five percent that stayed, Maybe half of those folks from there to this post are losing some of their mentors or some of their long-time colleagues and best friends, wondering if they're next down the line, you know, looking looking at other positions. Maybe so. I think it's also really important to know that you know, as as you, we kind of a deep, and I've been discussing on the show the importance of sort of making sure the layoffs are the last resource um, and sometimes the necessary right, I mean. Sometimes the company tries to go into the pay, and just need to do, lay off together.

00:38:38.300 --> 00:38:47.089 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: But you know these are the challenging buses. I think that companies make the challenging questions. The companies may be facing in two thousand and twenty, and

00:38:47.100 --> 00:38:52.050 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I hope i'm wrong. I hope we're all wrong about it. Recession. I hope it doesn't come, or maybe it's

00:38:52.160 --> 00:38:56.490 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: quickly, you know. Resolve it, you know. I think that's all. Yeah,

00:38:56.500 --> 00:39:01.689 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: i'm with you. And And another thing to keep in mind is, you have made that decision right?

00:39:01.700 --> 00:39:21.490 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: There are. There are some companies that have a Cba right, a collective bargaining agreement, a lot of the time that is describing your Cba. If there is a reduction in force. So make sure you read that thoroughly as well, because if you have that in place you have to adhere to it. But also, if you have a Cbi in place. That communication is critical.

00:39:21.500 --> 00:39:26.109 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: You're struggling as a company. Reach out to your representative.

00:39:26.120 --> 00:39:55.340 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Um, those discussions, but you never know. You know Nobody wants to lose employees, nobody wants to lose revenue, and if you have a true partner in business, you're going to visit unions. Um! They're there, too, right that will affect them as well. So is there something we can come, you know, across that we discuss and agreed upon to see if we can avoid that layout right? So, having that conversation, you don't lose anything. As a matter of fact, you might gain a very great partner

00:39:55.350 --> 00:40:00.320 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: in the decision making, because they may have other solutions that you might not be thinking about.

00:40:00.330 --> 00:40:10.969 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So again. If you do have a pba, keep that in mind, read it very carefully reach out to that agents, and see if you can have a conversation regarding the trouble,

00:40:11.730 --> 00:40:31.099 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and for those of might not know at A Cba also the short-run, as as Bill mentioned. Collective bargain agreement. Right? It's the agreement off between the take management and unions or to immunize workers and enforced absolutely and you have to make sure that you, as a company, must follow the sort of the read to provisions and conditions

00:40:31.110 --> 00:40:44.680 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: where they are, and that's due to the timing that notice which people which levels of physicians have seen. And you're already a security kind of candidate off. So it's actually a nice segue into mind by an expression which is

00:40:44.730 --> 00:40:52.639 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: what are some of the specific techniques? And you've alluded to some of these already. But the specific techniques and methods that you use

00:40:52.650 --> 00:41:07.689 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: when your company? Hr: uh, so you can say you're writing something when you are um advising employers, and like which people lay off, or like how to notify them. Are there any any tips you give in addition to what you've been talking about so far?

00:41:07.700 --> 00:41:10.750 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Right? Well, ideally face to face.

00:41:10.760 --> 00:41:29.689 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Right. That's part of that showing somebody respect and dignity having the conversation. There's Tas conversations, i'm going to wrong. Um. But you know your employees were loyal, however, logged over there with you that we're working for you Um, even as an and you know, In-person communication regard to the situation it it would be ideal.

00:41:29.700 --> 00:41:33.990 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Now it really depends right? So every company is a little bit different.

00:41:34.000 --> 00:41:43.290 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: It shows, like every investigation, is a little different. They may have similarities, but they're not so. Are you laying off? You know, twenty employees versus two hundred,

00:41:43.300 --> 00:42:05.719 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: so the approach may be a little bit different. Right If you're having a sanctuary. What does that look like again? Keep in mind of all the items that we talk about. But, needless to say, you know, based on your situation, your particular, there's different ways to approach that, but ideally in person. And now you also mentioned something very new in your work, environment, remote employees.

00:42:05.730 --> 00:42:09.590 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Hmm. How do you communicate with your remote employees. Right?

00:42:09.600 --> 00:42:26.160 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So again, any way you can approach your employee directly will be the best way to have that communication, because it's a very tough communication to have an employees, you know. Give them some respect to take it in, to be a little bit emotional to this emotional situation, too,

00:42:26.170 --> 00:42:38.450 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and time for them to ask questions Right? Maybe follow up questions. Maybe a welfare follow-up call will be useful too.

00:42:38.460 --> 00:42:59.429 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So that again every situation is a little bit different, but at a minimum. Try to do it in person, you know one on one. If you're going to have, you know, twenty, perhaps twenty of them should be done the same day by one and one. Maybe you can't do it alone. Maybe you need to bring in all the leaders to communicate that. Give them training. You both leaders

00:42:59.440 --> 00:43:03.189 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: some training how to communicate this this news? Right?

00:43:03.200 --> 00:43:03.890 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah.

00:43:03.900 --> 00:43:28.610 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Yeah. One hundred percent, you know. If I can ask on them with something I see as a one-minute law attorney. Um, but one hundred percent with you, I think face-to-face is always ideal as opposed to a phone call or an email. It's very impersonal right? And like making sure that you clear um answering questions. I like what you said about sort of scheduling. I'm a paraphrase, but I write a follow-up with them, and I often also would tell me for you know

00:43:28.620 --> 00:43:30.600 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: what might you

00:43:30.610 --> 00:43:59.399 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: potentially be offering the person know in advance. But you want to know you have a room, Severance. If so, how much are you going to say? Are there conditions that's determined? Do you have a severance agreement which includes all these are claim names that you can give to them to sign. Has that agreement been looked at by an attorney in the parallel attorney in the last six months or a year, because the law is always changing about what you can and can't put in those community system, and there's about traditions or no arbitration laws. So um, I think that's an all excellent points. And you know

00:43:59.410 --> 00:44:11.330 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: I've had too many clients who weed it hard to say to handle a sense of termination and much like yourself. And you know I lay out the whole process, and and then something happens, and in the heat of the moment,

00:44:11.340 --> 00:44:26.689 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: you know, they say you know what you're fired to go home, and they stay in front of other employees, and and they don't give them a chance to respond. They don't have anything planned out, and it becomes very heated. They tell their you know their coworkers, their customers, and the person gets from rage, goes home and stews about it,

00:44:26.700 --> 00:44:37.020 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: trying to connect with something else to happen which was in the cause, and six months ago, and they hired an attorney. And so so I think you're really laying out some helpful advice that our listeners

00:44:37.030 --> 00:45:03.759 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: can can really take to hearts in order to reduce the chance of of litigation. Um, you know. Disgruntled employees of maybe just bad press, right? But every views of the company um all which is great stuff, and you know I I I think you have. I'm sure I definitely want to say this point where we have to take our next commercial breed. But when we come back we'll talk more of this moment, Reggae from insight, Hr. Consulting um, and clearly she knows her stuff. So if you're a company out there with Hr needs

00:45:03.770 --> 00:45:06.340 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: reach out to her. But stick around for now we'll be right back.

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00:47:05.300 --> 00:47:32.740 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Welcome back to one of the law. Today. I'm your host, Aaron sober. I'm. An employment law attorney here in New York State, representing companies, management, industry, agnostic here tonight with a so a very similar colleague. Well, Phil Brger is an hr professional Hr. Consultant, very knowledgeable in his field, and she is the co-founder and the managing agent principal. Excuse me of insight. Hr: Consultant located in California.

00:47:32.750 --> 00:48:01.809 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Um. So i'm a wow, you know, if your timefly has been fun, I must say, because you and I are talking about this. We can talk about this for hours if we had no time limit on the topic. But I want to ask you. You know you gave us so much good information about when risks might be appropriate, when not, and what kind of state companies make, and how they can correctly communicate um for the best outcome for Riffs of reduction in force or layoff. So I really appreciate that. I think it's all very helpful and information

00:48:01.860 --> 00:48:15.439 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: for companies as they approach potentially a recession. I guess my last question for you is, in what ways do you and your company and said it. You are a consulting. How do you differ from other

00:48:15.450 --> 00:48:26.959 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: H. Rock assault in France like? Maybe perhaps you might have an anecdot or two. But how you help decline. Company Names, of course, need not be stated for detection and confidentiality, but the floor i'm curious about that.

00:48:27.410 --> 00:48:29.689 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Yes, absolutely thank you for asking.

00:48:29.700 --> 00:48:43.159 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: You know the one common reason why we did put a lot of referrals, and that is a huge compliment. But I think we really are what the Abcs as a really structured adviser. We want the best outcome for them,

00:48:43.410 --> 00:48:51.109 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: the business owner, the company and employees there. It can't happen. It is a lot of work,

00:48:51.120 --> 00:49:20.049 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: a lot of discussions, but it can occur. And so I think, with our consultants, are really for tummy in notifying what are some of the best practices? And what are some of the approach they're considering, and we let them know. Hey, you know that is definitely going to get you in some mitigated situation, right. But we're not also there to be there for me. Right? We're not there to point the finger. We really want the bit out from for the

00:49:20.060 --> 00:49:26.399 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: company, the business owner and their employees. And so our focus and approach is always

00:49:26.490 --> 00:49:34.540 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: free solution. Solutions that an employer can consider to avoid litigation

00:49:34.550 --> 00:49:52.490 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: and to ensure the process of the company is going in the right direction. And so, I think, really, being a trusted advisor, set up apart from any consultant type of person. We have a handful of

00:49:52.500 --> 00:49:55.789 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: tech consultants who have been in the industry for more than twenty years.

00:49:55.800 --> 00:50:03.189 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: It's not very close to twenty years, and most of us have been that generalist age are professional through our career.

00:50:03.200 --> 00:50:07.710 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: So we know just about everything there is under the age our umbrella.

00:50:07.720 --> 00:50:31.090 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: And and again. We're very reversible. Our resources are their resources. Again, it's the same approach. We want them to be successful, and if we have resources that can make that happen, or opportunities where they can do a different different approach or different guidance. And you know our resources Are there so, attorney absolutely benefit brokers or brokers insurance brokers. You name it.

00:50:31.100 --> 00:50:59.649 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: We are happy to extend our family to yours right? So that's our approach. We have a business measurement as well. Many of us have partner with business owners for many years

00:50:59.660 --> 00:51:04.519 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: training, training and development which I definitely offer solutions for them.

00:51:05.040 --> 00:51:19.400 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Right? So here, basically a a broad array of services and your whole journalist background and multiple people with experience. I hear that I hear you talking about bringing a solution. I also love what you said about wanting what's best for the company,

00:51:19.410 --> 00:51:48.469 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: the employer and the employees, and I think that more and more i'm seeing a trend in Hr. And the industry, whereas like people, are seeing that it's not a zero-sum game, it's not it either, or right it's not um. Either the employer comes out on top, or the employee does it actually into both, that that you can actually have solutions that benefit the employer and the employee and the company wins. When the employee wins right unless there's a litigation employee suing a board, in which case it's not

00:51:48.480 --> 00:52:02.489 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: doesn't apply. But you know that's what I come in. But I actually um. I find that, like companies that you know, businesses that use good age for help, such as your company. There's a strong chance that they won't need me to litigate to them, and I

00:52:02.500 --> 00:52:14.899 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: i'd rather have that. I'd rather work with the company on following the laws and getting compliance and writing employment contracts for them and negotiating. So I I love what you do. I think it's great, and i'm always a big

00:52:14.910 --> 00:52:23.730 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: kind of Hr consultants that you have a broad vision, and it sounds like you're sharing that with us tonight. So I really want to thank you for that.

00:52:23.840 --> 00:52:34.790 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: Oh, you're very welcome. It's been a pleasure for being here today. I've always been a person that I love to share. If I am able to help, all you gotta do is ask. I've been trying to read mine for the last thirty years,

00:52:34.800 --> 00:52:53.819 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and I haven't been able to. So you know i'm i'm always somebody that is, you just gotta ask, and if I know something or research for you, or even give you a recommendation, I'm very open to that. So you know, I think, and that really pretty much. Our whole team feels that way again. We really want

00:52:53.830 --> 00:52:56.500 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: uh organizations as a whole.

00:52:56.510 --> 00:53:26.329 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: We, you know, be able to survive a recession provide the State regulations that you're in. We truly believe our in our economy. We wanted to have a very strong economy, and if we can partner and help out absolutely, Although i'm based out of California, I believe in that we do have clients in other States in the East Coast midwest. We're very well versed in different states. Most of the States have their own regulations, so being a certified professional kind of youth, that

00:53:26.340 --> 00:53:31.770 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: for sure to understand that, and so many of us are certified as well

00:53:31.780 --> 00:53:48.819 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: for bilingual as you can tell, I am a Spanish speaker. This is my second language, so I guess what, after, because of the Spanish language. Right? I do train in Spanish. We do put a lot of that information in Spanish as well, so that has been very helpful.

00:53:48.830 --> 00:53:49.919 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Well,

00:53:49.930 --> 00:54:19.790 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: you know a bilingual approach definitely. I mean, you know, another another asset that comes in handy, especially when companies may have. They have employees who speak Um, you know English is not their first language, or they need to communicate, and so good to have that in the knowledge as well. What you guys, Do you know at this point often I like to turn them over to you as my guest, and say, Hey, tell us like two. Has the floors. Yours about. How do people reach you? Your website? You know your our email any. So, any of

00:54:19.800 --> 00:54:25.090 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: any kind of upcoming books you have, or seminars floors right for two minutes for you.

00:54:25.100 --> 00:54:40.849 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Oh, you're awesome! Well, thank you so much. We do have our website, our website. It is teams at Hr. From false dot com uh. You are more than welcome to email me at Wilma at inside. Hr: confessing dot com look me up on Linkedin. I'm very active on Linkedin

00:54:40.860 --> 00:54:51.790 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: being part of the Board of Inland Empire. Sure, we have an upcoming October in Georgia Conference. If you're in California, you're more than welcome to attend we're going to have a lot of information.

00:54:51.800 --> 00:55:06.900 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: But inside as your consulting we really offer quite a lot of solutions for businesses. We're not a cookie-cutter type of consulting firm. We believe that we can come up with a solution for your concern or the reason why you're reaching out to us,

00:55:06.910 --> 00:55:21.490 Vilma-Insight HR Consulting: And So we put that into play with everything that we do from employee relations to leadership development. With this assessment we also do quite a lot of coaching for supervisory and mid-manager level rules.

00:55:21.500 --> 00:55:45.939 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: Was it insightful. If you need somebody to assess your platform benefits payroll, we're happy to do that for you. We again. We try to provide solutions to your Hr. Needs anything to do with the common capital of your world, right? And that please know that with our experience and education and certification. We can come up with that solution

00:55:46.720 --> 00:56:07.020 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: right? Well, I hear that you know interesting, you know. I gotta say that um. The people that I want to look you up on Linkedin and to Dilma v. I. L. M. A. Reader in case you're listening to us on apple podcast, or spotify, state, share, et cetera. Well, Booma, I have to say they want to thank you so much for your excellent

00:56:07.030 --> 00:56:19.629 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: just your input, tonight. You know this conversation you were listening to and formula today out there, folks, and you're made rapture watching the film and regular insight. Hr: Consulting and I are just discussing this

00:56:19.640 --> 00:56:49.610 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: and for recession. So if you like the show for like what you've seen in her tonight, you enjoy tuning in to talk video and Nyc. Tuesday night at five P. M. Tell your friends for your colleagues. Tell your clients or your family student to talk to you at Nyc. Or tune in to you, as I mentioned, apple podcasts, modify Stitcher, Google, and Amazon, to listen to you new episodes and deployment of today. One, three, I'm, your host, Eric Sovereign, stick around. We have some great shows coming up. I want to thank you sincerely, Wilma. Rigor for your insight and for insight into

00:56:49.620 --> 00:57:02.669 Eric Sarver, Esq - Employment Law Today: consulting. And with that I just want to wish you and our audience, our listeners, and everybody out there a great night and a great week, and once again, Bill, My, can we thank you.

00:57:02.680 --> 00:57:07.300 Thank you very much. Eric, and everybody have a great evening. Have a great evening.

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