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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/31 - Paws For A Cause

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/31 - Paws For A Cause


2022/08/31 - Paws For A Cause

[New Episode] Paws For A Cause


How to recognize domestic violence, how to reach out for help, and the services that are available. Please add your headshot.


About Jennifer Capezza:

Jennifer has a diverse background beginning in live theatre production and special events. Transitioning from this to receiving her Master's of Public Administration from LIU Post to enter into the Non-Profit field to focus on special events in the fundraising departments. Along the way she founded and built All CAPZ Consulting. 

A social media marketing, management, and training firm dedicated to empowering you to take control of your digital footprint. At the beginning of 2022, she was appointed Associate Director of LIADV. In this role, she is able to work closely with esteemed Executive Director, Wendy Linsalata, and provide support to the amazing programming staff providing support for thousands of trauma survivors each year. 

About LIADV:

1 in 3 women in the US experiences some form of abuse. Of those instances, 60% of survivors state that they did not leave a violent situation because they would not leave their animal behind. This is because, in over 50% of cases, the animal is also the focus of the abuse. For over 15 years we worked with local shelters and foster organizations to ensure the safety of the family pet, however, our goal was to keep the entire family together. L.I. Against Domestic Violence provides a comprehensive, trauma-informed service plan, abest-practice, to survivors and their companion animals by providing for co-sheltering as opposed to the option of placing the animal in foster care which, interrupts the human/pet bond and exacerbates an already traumatic and stressful situation; therefore, increasing their safety and emotional well-being.




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Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy and Valerie welcome their guest Jennifer Capezza. Jennifer tells Tommy and Valerie about her new pet tortoise. They discuss what it takes to own a tortoise and how engaging they can be. Tommy, Valerie, and Jennifer dive into statistics of abused women and those who fear leaving due to their pets. Jennifer talks about the origins of LIADV and the progress we’ve seen in society over the years when pertaining to domestic abuse. She informs the audience of the resources that LIADV offers and the qualified workers that are a part of the team.

Segment 2

Jennifer tells the audience where to find their free, confidential 24-hour hotline. It’s a support system that offers guidance and assistance for those in hostile situations. If you make the call, you won’t be pressured to make a decision on the spot. They give you time to assess the situation. Valerie shares a personal story of someone she knows who is going through an abusive situation. Valerie asks what percentage of survivors return to their abuser. Jennifer says it takes, on average, seven times for someone to leave their abuser. She adds that her shelter accepts pets or assists you in helping them find a home.

Segment 3

Jenn talks about her fur friend Bailey who sadly passed away. Bailey is the PAWS for a Cause poster dog. LIADV trains police officers to look for the signs of an abusive home. Jenn informs the audience that pets can be included in an order of protection.You can access more information on LIADV’s hotline because every situation is different and will produce unique results. Jennifer commends law enforcement for their efforts before going to break.

Segment 4

Jennifer gives the audience signs to look incase of domestic abuse. LIADV is looking for donors and supporters. Jenn states that LIADV needs money to continue their services. She adds that pet services are not funded by the government. Look for PAWS for a cause event in October.


00:00:54.200 --> 00:01:18.189 Tommy DiMisa: What up! World! What up animals! It's your boy, Tommy D, the non-profit sector connector. This is the professionals an animal of the show. I want to give a shout out to all the Russian tortoises out there. Didn't know what a Russian tortoise was Yesterday a friend of mine you were talking told me something about a Russian tortoise. Oh, my God!

00:01:18.200 --> 00:01:20.690 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, yeah, that's your point. You're probably under the bus.

00:01:20.700 --> 00:01:33.659 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't realize I'm going in my head. I go. I got a shot at the Russian tortoises. This is Tommy D. That's Val that's Jenny Spouse, but I was like I got a shout out to Russian tortoises, and then I'm forgetting, as I stare, and I look up, there I go. Oh, man, that was you again.

00:01:33.670 --> 00:01:35.070 Valerie Heffron: I had one.

00:01:35.080 --> 00:01:41.589 Tommy DiMisa: You had a Russian tortoise. Uh-huh. We had one when we were in Florida. I named her Olga

00:01:41.600 --> 00:01:53.989 Tommy DiMisa: Olga Yeah, in the naming phase I definitely wanted to have I was like, you know, something Russian,

00:01:54.000 --> 00:01:55.089 Tommy DiMisa: but I agree

00:01:55.100 --> 00:02:00.489 Tommy DiMisa: so. What do you mean? So, Jen? What are you thinking? Name-wise? Look Well, this is this is:

00:02:00.500 --> 00:02:01.899 should we not talk about it?

00:02:02.160 --> 00:02:05.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: No, no, it's fine. My husband's actually listening. It was his birthday present.

00:02:06.000 --> 00:02:16.360 Tommy DiMisa: He had a turtle as a kid, and for fifteen years. I refused to accept the turtle into the house, because we already have enough of the Zoo with the rescue pups and the Fosters and things.

00:02:16.370 --> 00:02:37.789 Tommy DiMisa: Um! However, we Ah, my sister actually got one um and has one in the house, and it requires no word. Apparently it's super easy. It's super friendly. It actually interacts with you. Um. So I caved. And for his birthday we decide. If I told him he can have a Russian tortoise. Ah, not turtle mine, too.

00:02:37.800 --> 00:02:44.770 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, it's a tortoise which is a whole new world to me. I'm not really a reptile person. I am a furry and fuzzy person,

00:02:44.780 --> 00:02:49.880 Tommy DiMisa: preferably fat and fluffy. I just really want to know. My

00:02:49.890 --> 00:02:58.169 Tommy DiMisa: yeah. I love fat and plug with you actually my cats. I need one of my cats, but I just want to let you know they love Zucchini.

00:02:58.280 --> 00:03:20.540 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, this is what i'm learning.

00:03:20.550 --> 00:03:24.890 Tommy DiMisa: She, too, is probably listening and cursing me as we speak. But

00:03:25.170 --> 00:03:37.830 Tommy DiMisa: that. Did you remember? This was like a couple of three years ago, something that little lady, I believe she was a little Italian lady with Google with a little Google device. And she was Google Google.

00:03:38.020 --> 00:03:48.110 Tommy DiMisa: It was like the funniest thing. I think it was like early like tick-cock like when like every no. And it was like it's super addicting, And I remember laughing at that with my kids. So look

00:03:48.120 --> 00:03:59.790 Tommy DiMisa: a couple things we got to talk about. First of all. I had snapping turtles. My brother and I had snapping turtles when we were kids, and we had them in a big old fifty, five

00:03:59.800 --> 00:04:05.889 Tommy DiMisa: i'm in i'm in the middle of a story, and you're just

00:04:05.900 --> 00:04:12.789 Tommy DiMisa: all right. So I was only in the beginning of a story. You know how my stories go. All right. So let's tell you what pals is about.

00:04:12.800 --> 00:04:14.249 Tommy DiMisa: We're today

00:04:14.360 --> 00:04:17.189 Tommy DiMisa: what the show is about in general. What do you want to talk about? Now

00:04:17.200 --> 00:04:18.589 Valerie Heffron: let's talk about what we're doing here

00:04:18.600 --> 00:04:19.590 Tommy DiMisa: all right.

00:04:20.399 --> 00:04:23.190 Tommy DiMisa: The way to go foul. Tommy's got a handler,

00:04:23.200 --> 00:04:42.139 Tommy DiMisa: I, you know. Add Yeah, we've been trying to get me a handler for a long time it's finally worked out. So look this show. Really, I'll tell you what today's episode is about. But this show really comes out of an idea that Valerie had ah meaning the professionals an animal lovers show. We've been talking about it we're actually Val, you know what tomorrow is.

00:04:42.460 --> 00:04:51.390 Tommy DiMisa: Our one-year anniversary on your anniversary of when we started the show, September the first of two thousand, and twenty one So, Jen, Happy anniversary! Thanks for joining us. This is

00:04:51.400 --> 00:05:07.279 Tommy DiMisa: the anniversary show. This is it who knew? All right. Now, what what's funny about the world is, is It's all about connections, and what we found in specifically in this community of of animal advocates and animal people and people.

00:05:07.290 --> 00:05:35.360 Tommy DiMisa: Our business people who care about animals is everybody wants to work together. Everyone wants to collaborate. Everyone wants to support each other, whether it be a business, whether it be in their philanthropic efforts or just life. Man, like showing up for people. I mean, we're building a community of function. It's not just business people. It's people who are community members, people who go to the community board meetings and advocate over have the animals and stand out in front of places with signs, and these might not be business people.

00:05:35.370 --> 00:05:53.019 Tommy DiMisa: But there's certainly people who are focused on serving these animals. So we believe that the bond between animal leverage is incredibly strong, and we know that when we all work together. I say, we have thrown me into that a year into this thing. But when we work as a community everyone wins,

00:05:53.430 --> 00:05:55.690 Valerie Heffron: especially the animals.

00:05:55.700 --> 00:05:56.490 Tommy DiMisa: Yes,

00:05:56.500 --> 00:06:03.670 Tommy DiMisa: yes, especially the animals. So I have notes from a conversation I had with my friend Jenka Tesla yesterday,

00:06:03.890 --> 00:06:18.600 Tommy DiMisa: and this is a a conversation we've been wanting to have here on the program for a while. I mean, we talk about it. Jen's been on my my show philanthropy and focus to talk about the incredible work, and and really the special work that her organization,

00:06:18.610 --> 00:06:26.110 Tommy DiMisa: Long Island against domestic violence does each and every day to support those in the need of services. And

00:06:26.550 --> 00:06:47.080 Tommy DiMisa: you know It's interesting, because, as critically important as having these discussions are, one might ask themselves: Well, that's great, and I understand why that's on philanthropy and focus. But how does this relate to a show? That's all about animals? And what would be the relationship? And we're just talking. I mean, Buffy was just here was that buffy or fluffy who's on with the tail now

00:06:47.090 --> 00:06:48.990 but Puppy Tail,

00:06:49.000 --> 00:06:51.250 Tommy DiMisa: the puppy There, that's Poppy.

00:06:51.260 --> 00:06:56.989 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, all right. Can we promise later on. I'll finish this snapping turtle story. I promise we'll get into it.

00:06:57.000 --> 00:07:03.689 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, if it would make you happy. Yes, thank you. We'll get it later. It's not. We'll do another show, and i'll just tell you that story i'll be thinking about,

00:07:03.700 --> 00:07:18.500 Tommy DiMisa: anyway. So why why would your organization focus on protecting and supporting those who have been victims and survivors of domestic violence. Come on the show called professionals and animal every show. Well, here i'm going to read you some statistics,

00:07:19.060 --> 00:07:34.059 Tommy DiMisa: one in three women in the Us. Experiences some form of the abuse of those instances. Sixty percent of the survivors state that they did not leave a violent situation because they would not leave their animal behind.

00:07:34.070 --> 00:07:44.800 Tommy DiMisa: I believe it right. So I know Val right, especially people who are. Look, it's a family member it. They them. They are family members, right? These These animals are friends.

00:07:44.810 --> 00:07:55.290 Tommy DiMisa: Now this goes on to say this: The reason they wouldn't leave their out of them behind is because in fifty percent of the cases the animal is also the focus of the abuse. Now

00:07:55.520 --> 00:08:04.579 Tommy DiMisa: about that somebody's got themselves in jet. I'm going to be quiet because this is definitely more your space than mine. But somebody's gotten themselves to a point where they

00:08:05.040 --> 00:08:14.840 Tommy DiMisa: built up the strength and the courage to get out of a really tragic and difficult situation. And then there's still this this thing that's holding them back,

00:08:14.850 --> 00:08:25.389 Tommy DiMisa: which is the animal. So we need to solve for that. So take it away if you could. Could you introduce yourself? Talk a little bit about Li A. Dv. And then let's dive into what the animals are all about to.

00:08:25.400 --> 00:08:36.860 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely so. And let me just clarify real quick, Tommy. So in in something like fifty percent of the cases the animals are also the focus of the abuse. That's what's reported.

00:08:36.870 --> 00:09:06.309 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: And also the stat is actually something higher, something closer to eighty five percent. Where the client or the survivor has some concern for the end. Right? So it's. Even if the animal's not necessarily the focus of the abuse. There is a concern about the animal safety. The animals well being and just general reflects right. So here to ally gives domestic violence. This is something that we recognized a real long time ago. An overview of the organization is,

00:09:06.320 --> 00:09:12.279 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: We were founded in the late seventys, and what I would like to remind people about that time is that

00:09:13.150 --> 00:09:19.449 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: when we started this work, when our for there was four women that founded this organization, and they did it, they

00:09:19.490 --> 00:09:21.360 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: with everyone

00:09:21.370 --> 00:09:51.310 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: turning their back on them, and with everyone laughing in their face. Now I currently have two God's orders, who are thirteen years old, and they will never know a time that the me, too, movement did not exist. They never will know a time where it's not. Okay to stand up right and say it's not okay for violence against against women, violence against people in general. That was not the case in the late seventies. Right So now I go to D. Say, I say, all the time. I've got a dinner party in the peer rollers, and what do you do when we talk about it? And I always say, either it's

00:09:51.870 --> 00:10:03.279 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: the room where it clears the room. One of two things happens, and when it packs the room they say, Well, that's so cool. Oh, your job is so cool. Yeah, my job is cool, but in one thousand nine hundred and seventy six

00:10:03.400 --> 00:10:14.080 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: it's not the cool thing to do. And they started this organization before. It was the cool thing to do right. And we've tried to honor that legacy by providing programs

00:10:14.230 --> 00:10:16.579 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: that is needed and fills

00:10:16.590 --> 00:10:34.550 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: survive our needs and eliminates barriers to escaping violence since that time. Um! A quick overview is our twenty four hour hotline When we started. It was the only hotline, the only resource online here on Long Island today, that hotline is twenty four hours a day, seven days a week

00:10:34.560 --> 00:10:43.480 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: is only answered by trained domestic violence. Counselors ads can be translated in up to one hundred and forty four languages, over one hundred and forty four languages.

00:10:43.490 --> 00:10:49.290 Tommy DiMisa: I mean that's and that's like in an in real-time situation like the

00:10:49.300 --> 00:10:49.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yes,

00:10:50.000 --> 00:11:08.140 Tommy DiMisa: wow, in real time we use the service, like, you know, when you go to the pharmacy, I always say when you go to the pharmacy, and it's this point to the language that you need. Um, that's ah the national Translation service, and that is something. Um, and that's not funded by government contracts. That is something that we home raised for to make sure that service is available to our clients,

00:11:08.150 --> 00:11:19.880 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: our safe Harvard shelter, which is actually a lot of the conversation that we're going to talk about in reference to the pet services was the first domestic violence shelter here on the island.

00:11:19.890 --> 00:11:36.959 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Um, and we can house up to sixteen individuals in a sacred location and provide all of the services i'm going to mention right here in the shelter, so that if you're unable to leave, or if you are fearful to leave, you do not have to leave that building.

00:11:37.330 --> 00:11:42.940 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Our counseling program serves adults and children group and individual.

00:11:43.170 --> 00:11:55.440 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: We also have a Spanish-speaking counselor, as well as spanish-speaking staff across the board. This was something that the agency recognized the need for a long, long time ago again, before it was

00:11:55.810 --> 00:11:57.290 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Myler.

00:11:57.300 --> 00:12:15.190 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, popular. The cool thing to do right. Our former executive director recruited Ah, Spanish-speaking individuals to serve the needs of that population. Ah, for I mean for over two I mean I've been involved with the organization for over fifteen years, and when I started there was Spanish-speaking staff well embedded in the organization

00:12:15.200 --> 00:12:19.139 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: we provide. We actually had the first

00:12:19.160 --> 00:12:36.849 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: precinct advocacy project in the country where we place an advocate, a domestic violence specialist, advocate directly in partnership with Suffolk County police in the police precincts and this allows for a comprehensive system-wide approach

00:12:36.860 --> 00:12:41.039 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: that creates a smoother, and less re-traumatizing

00:12:41.260 --> 00:12:44.689 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: that is so smart. Can I just ask you a quick question

00:12:44.700 --> 00:12:47.579 Valerie Heffron: for programs? Um.

00:12:47.820 --> 00:13:00.799 Valerie Heffron: Is there a possibility of perhaps doing the same for so Suffolk County recently created to their credit the first like animal abuse task force,

00:13:00.810 --> 00:13:03.789 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: in fact. Um,

00:13:03.800 --> 00:13:08.080 Valerie Heffron: yeah. And they recruited um a pretty good uh

00:13:08.130 --> 00:13:15.679 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Ada from Nasa County. His name is Jed Painter. Now he's a tougher county, anyway. The thought is like,

00:13:16.070 --> 00:13:34.310 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: I believe, very heavily, that you know where there's smoke there's fire, and if there's a a dog or an animal that gets to that level where it's reported to the da's walk, I will open time by something. Maybe they can have a comparable

00:13:34.890 --> 00:13:41.090 Valerie Heffron: advocate who's trained and can say, Okay, Well, this dog Let's say they're registered, or they find.

00:13:41.100 --> 00:13:42.389 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: So I'm: Actually,

00:13:42.400 --> 00:13:53.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, So i'm actually going to get into that with our work with assisting the pets as well. And before we go to break I do just want to point out the rest of our services so, and we'll get into that as soon as we get back from

00:13:54.000 --> 00:13:56.889 Tommy DiMisa: That's exactly what we're talking about today. Definitely.

00:13:56.900 --> 00:13:59.390 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. To see

00:14:00.890 --> 00:14:10.869 Tommy DiMisa: our Advocacy Department also serves. In the county court system. We have a vocational training and financial literacy program as a return to work,

00:14:10.880 --> 00:14:28.519 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and our legal services. We do have a staff attorney that can serve the ah clients when that is necessary. And of course, our educational and outreach prevention program that goes into schools and community centers and all those types of things. And that is just

00:14:28.530 --> 00:14:41.109 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: just, if I may, the foundation of programs that doesn't even get into all of the highlights, one of which we're going to discuss today in reference to our pet services. But that is just our foundational

00:14:41.120 --> 00:14:52.989 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: um programs that has been in place for approximately the last thirty years and growing, and that's in it in not even counting things like the head injury program, the safer bars and all of such things

00:14:53.000 --> 00:14:59.849 Valerie Heffron: was one of the women who found this organization, or more than one of the women, a victim and survivor of abuse,

00:14:59.860 --> 00:15:02.189 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: you know. I actually am not sure about that,

00:15:02.900 --> 00:15:04.590 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: I suspect. Probably.

00:15:04.600 --> 00:15:06.720 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Bye, this is nice.

00:15:06.730 --> 00:15:19.180 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, Three of them are no longer with us. Actually, none of them. All were with us, the last of which passed away about a year ago. She was the executive director for something like thirty five years that I had the privilege to work with, and she was in a

00:15:19.190 --> 00:15:22.820 Valerie Heffron: what a great one! What a great team of women!

00:15:22.830 --> 00:15:25.680 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, yeah. It was a privilege working under her.

00:15:26.290 --> 00:15:37.390 Tommy DiMisa: We do have to step away for a minute. I thought it was kind of funny, Jen, how you were like declaring we were going to a break. And as the guest and I was like, Oh, my God, it's like You're hosting the show. So why don't you take us to?

00:15:37.400 --> 00:15:40.290 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Because it's in because it's in the chat. See, I pay attention.

00:15:40.300 --> 00:15:41.490 Tommy DiMisa: I know you do. I don't

00:15:41.500 --> 00:15:54.799 Tommy DiMisa: so. One for three, alli against domestic violence. We'll be right back.

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00:18:07.790 --> 00:18:29.739 Tommy DiMisa: And we're back professionals, an animal of a show, Tommy D. Valerie and Jen Coppesa. So Jen has a background in in theatre, right in the yards, had her own business all caps which was focused on social media for small businesses. But really you were drawn back to this work in in the social sector into non-profit. And just this year

00:18:29.750 --> 00:18:53.760 Tommy DiMisa: you became the associate director of the organization. You just so congratulations on that, and I know you work very closely with your welcome with with Wendy Lynch, a lot of the executive director, and we're here just to discuss first of all, Jen and and you know I find it's it's appropriate at certain time to do this if somebody's listening to the show and they need help right now. The number of shout out that, how do they get? Let's do that.

00:18:54.010 --> 00:18:58.660 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Our twenty four-hour hotline that is available seven days a week.

00:18:58.670 --> 00:19:22.029 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: It is free and confidential and can be anonymous if needed, and what we always say, is It's okay. If you have to call the hotline twenty times one hundred and forty, six thousand times, call the hotline, have the conversation. Know your options know your rights, and then you can think about it. You don't have to make a change that day.

00:19:22.040 --> 00:19:40.430 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: That phone number is six, three, one, six, six, six, eight, eight, three, three, and can be found all over our social media and website. All you have to do is like, put in like li, domestic violence, or Long Island something domestic violence, and we pop right up. You'll see our logo,

00:19:40.440 --> 00:19:50.930 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and if nothing else, if not, take away nothing else from this conversation. It's this: We are here for you. We believe you, and you are not alone,

00:19:53.220 --> 00:19:54.300 Valerie Heffron: so

00:19:54.520 --> 00:20:10.470 Valerie Heffron: I um. I do know someone who was um, you know, in a horrible situation. Uh at the time her husband, which she didn't know um. She discovered his drug problem. Prescription drugs.

00:20:10.480 --> 00:20:19.849 Valerie Heffron: Ah! When she got actually laid off from work. And so she went home. It was like a surprise to everybody, you know.

00:20:19.860 --> 00:20:23.889 Valerie Heffron: Yeah. And she found her husband there, who was in a suit.

00:20:24.320 --> 00:20:35.860 Valerie Heffron: He made pretend to go to work every day, but what he was really doing was um getting like oxycontin and opioid prescriptions from any doctor who would prescribe it to him

00:20:35.880 --> 00:20:38.589 Valerie Heffron: uh, anyway. So

00:20:38.870 --> 00:20:41.190 Valerie Heffron: she had at the time a cat,

00:20:41.520 --> 00:20:59.650 Valerie Heffron: and she do. She had to get away, and she was very like. What am I going to do? How you know? Where are we going to go? What we do and all that? So um! It ended well. She actually left. Cats are a little bit different than dogs. I feel not that I don't love my cats, but, like

00:21:00.090 --> 00:21:17.659 Valerie Heffron: a dog, is kind of easier to find they they require more, you know they have to go out several times a day. Catherine hidders like they're incredible, like no one believes I have a cat if they hide whenever there's a stream voice, and no one sees my cat um. So

00:21:17.680 --> 00:21:29.900 Valerie Heffron: she went back. She left and went back the next day and got her cat out, and she was. It was a great story, because she was able to go to her friends, and it all worked out. But

00:21:29.940 --> 00:21:47.870 Valerie Heffron: you know i'm curious about what kind of animals you accept. What if someone has multiple pets and um, you know I can only imagine how traumatizing that is but um. Another question I had, and I don't know if I if I want to rattle them off one year ago. So

00:21:47.880 --> 00:21:54.029 Valerie Heffron: what percentage, if any of people do. They go back after they've left?

00:21:54.210 --> 00:22:09.200 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah. Yeah. So okay. So let me unpack that a little bit. Yeah, The short answer is, it takes someone, on average seven times to leave before they leave for good. Oftentimes

00:22:09.320 --> 00:22:31.309 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: our advocacy department in particular sees folks that are going back and forth to court and in and out. I mean we've had to help our clients come in and leave and come back, and the truth of the matter is as long as they're safety um, or as long as um. That behavior doesn't put our staff at risk. We'll accept the map because it's just so

00:22:31.320 --> 00:22:48.489 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: complicated, Right? I could do an entire. I could do an entire week frankly on the reasons why it's challenging to leave. But what I always say to folks is When was the last time. Remember a time when you I don't know were miserable in a job and refused to leave that job.

00:22:48.500 --> 00:23:03.389 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, or how about um crazy Cousin Sally, who drives you bananas. But yet you still continue to put up with her at every Sunday dinner, or to generally mean, or or that friendship that's just frankly toxic. But you won't end it.

00:23:03.400 --> 00:23:04.890 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah. Now imagine

00:23:04.900 --> 00:23:08.289 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: yeah, that situation is your spouse

00:23:08.300 --> 00:23:29.279 Tommy DiMisa: who you have children in common with, and then don't even get me started on the finances and all of those things right? So the percentage of folks that actually go back to the relationship is quite high, and I will tell you that we don't even know how high it is, because all of the numbers that we're discussing today is what we know, is reported.

00:23:29.290 --> 00:23:45.919 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: We have no idea what goes on with individuals who don't report, and I will say those toxic people. I certainly was in a toxic relationship. And there is. There's two elements of There's an element of kind of like

00:23:45.930 --> 00:23:58.329 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: being ashamed that you tolerated that treatment. But also I will say that mine was not. I certainly had like a a verbal and emotional user person, but

00:23:58.850 --> 00:24:09.690 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: they are. And I've heard this from other people. They are the best apologizers of like master manipulator thing. Yeah,

00:24:09.700 --> 00:24:14.169 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Master Manipulators. So remember, Bernie me not. And how many people he tricked.

00:24:14.180 --> 00:24:30.900 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Same gene, if you will. So what we find is so to answer your question about um about what we accept. So domestic, so ally against domestic violence is the only shelter on Long Island that accepts the family pet.

00:24:31.110 --> 00:24:37.390 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: I'm going to say that again, for those who are listening or just want to make really clear, we accept the

00:24:37.400 --> 00:24:38.660 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: your pets.

00:24:39.070 --> 00:24:54.469 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: We have services for your pets. So if you are in an unsafe situation, and you are either coming into our shelter or going to stay with friends or family, and cannot leave your pets, and are concerned for their welfare, we will assist you with that.

00:24:54.480 --> 00:25:08.409 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: There is only one other Ah, shelter in the tri-state area. We are one of only twelve percent of domestic violence organizations in the country that accept the family pets. Now the good news is that number is growing

00:25:08.420 --> 00:25:26.189 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: grants from folks like the Mary Kay Foundation, which is part of where we got our funding Red Rover Thistle. All of these great organizations. Um! That I have to shout out because they're doing amazing work, and they did start it a long time ago. So now we accept dogs,

00:25:26.380 --> 00:25:37.390 Tommy DiMisa: cats, pocket pets, bunnies. I heard a rumor from like twenty years ago that there was a lizard.

00:25:37.400 --> 00:25:42.110 Tommy DiMisa: What's your talking about is like guinea pigs, hamsters, things like that.

00:25:42.120 --> 00:25:59.570 Tommy DiMisa: So now, in line with the with the conversation. I will tell you that how this started over, I mean twenty years ago probably is that our in our executive director, and at the time the associate Director Wendy was there I mean, we're all animal lovers here. So yes.

00:25:59.580 --> 00:26:12.609 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: But even if you're not an animal lover, you can appreciate the fact that this is a living, breathing thing that you wouldn't have in your home if you didn't care about it. And you know, even if you're not in on a little over, I say, listen. I'm not going to judge you if you're not Now

00:26:12.650 --> 00:26:19.689 Tommy DiMisa: I i'm totally going to judge you. I'm totally going to judge it. No,

00:26:19.700 --> 00:26:24.789 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: but you have to appreciate the fact that this is a living, breathing thing that is in your care.

00:26:24.800 --> 00:26:27.650 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Right? So. Um

00:26:27.660 --> 00:26:47.489 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: ah! Something like twenty years ago we were the first on the island to what we did back then was we worked with municipal shelters so um that we could have placement in this shelters, and then the little resources that were available for, like foster homes through partners friends, What have you? We would assist with them.

00:26:47.500 --> 00:27:05.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Now what? And that's great, because at least you know your fan, your your pet is physically safe, but at the same time it's not the same what we know today about how important pets are. So our mental health, um, and and what and that's the other thing, even if you're not an animal lover. You cannot dispute the science

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:25.190 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: right now. Imagine Mom and two kids are leaving. They're big, because if it's me, it's a big, fat, and fluffy situation right their their fluffy golden retriever? Or what have you behind? If even if that retriever, even if that dog or cats were

00:27:25.230 --> 00:27:30.769 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: tortoise, what have you, even if that, even if that pet is physically safe,

00:27:30.870 --> 00:27:47.070 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: consider the trauma associated with separating the family, because what we know now about keeping the family intact, and what that does for our well-being. Right? So we wanted to do better, and one of the things that we did was

00:27:47.080 --> 00:28:16.710 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: we as foster agencies became a thing. Um, we worked with local clusters. So at least, instead of an animal being in a shelter, you know, unless they shelters and the staff that run them. But you know um, it's not ideal right for a situation for a pet um, then at least it's on Foster mommy's couch and getting the love and attention on a daily basis, right? But we still wanted to do better and keep the family together, and a couple of years ago um the first day, too, but that doesn't include Covid. So it was like four years of focus.

00:28:16.720 --> 00:28:19.880 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Who remembers anything before Covid?

00:28:19.970 --> 00:28:49.570 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Um. We announced that we accept the animals inside our shelter in our shelter building. Now, here's something because I know Valerie. Next question is going to be what the shelter. So So The next question is, um. We work with. We still work with local partners, with foster organizations, um and other um resources that if we can't bring the pet into the shelter with you. We will do our best to find placement for that pet temporarily, so that you know you're going to get your

00:28:50.120 --> 00:29:17.259 Tommy DiMisa: um. We also provide services. We do have some money earmarked for things like veterinary care. Um! It's a dog or pet I he's saying dog, because i'm going over an account myself. But if the test is not up to date um with the veterinarian, we provide some veterinary care as well as even training and behavioral.

00:29:17.580 --> 00:29:25.630 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: The victim or victims have been found. Somehow they're located like. Has anyone shown up at your shoulder

00:29:25.640 --> 00:29:27.720 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: uh knock on wood? No,

00:29:27.800 --> 00:29:43.790 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: um. So there is. Yeah, you know, there's a lot of security protocol in place. There is um security at a shelter. There is alarms and cameras and all that kind of stuff. And we did have a challenge for a little bit there when Google started, like Google maps and stuff.

00:29:43.800 --> 00:29:58.010 Tommy DiMisa: But you know, we worked with them to, you know, remove it, and things like that. Um. But but now our our our shelter is very secure. We have, you know, connections to the to the local precincts and things like that. So

00:29:58.020 --> 00:30:16.660 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: um! I love it so much, and yes, I know that we all know we have to the great again. I hate race. But I do need to. Ah, before we go to break um kind of recruit you, or plan to see which I have a feeling i'm going to be able to do here. It's on my agenda. I'm. A big animal advocate,

00:30:16.670 --> 00:30:30.100 Tommy DiMisa: and one of the things I really want to push hard in law before is an animal abuse Registry. Ah, just like a sexual predator register a sexual abuse registry, whatever it falls.

00:30:30.120 --> 00:30:42.689 Valerie Heffron: I think that would be a vital tool um, which we can, you know, share, and it should be nationwide. I really feel that these people should be on some kind of a list so they can't

00:30:42.700 --> 00:31:02.389 Tommy DiMisa: adopt another pet from a shelter that's going to get abused, or they can't, um, you know, Buy an animal from somewhere, anyway, but also as a neighbor, I would want to know if that's my so what I will say. Um, we can talk more about what I will say with me if I get back from break. I do want to talk about our partnership with law enforcement,

00:31:02.400 --> 00:31:07.500 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and how suff The County police department is our partner in this as well.

00:31:07.510 --> 00:31:35.500 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Real quick, though. Do you? Are you strictly suffer county, or can someone in Nasa County get to? As well go along. The The short answer is, it depends. We work solely in some of the county courts and fully with suffer county police. However, we accept clients into our shelter and our counseling program and our vocational program and a few of the other things. Education, um, you know, from all over the is like depending as long as in the best interest of the client, you know. If I get a phone call

00:31:35.510 --> 00:31:48.510 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: uh, if we get a hotline call from someone who is a a neighbor to the to the the Nasa County Agency, and they need everything in Nasa, a county. We are going to refer back to it because that's in the best interest of the client.

00:31:48.520 --> 00:31:50.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Right? So it depends. Okay,

00:31:51.600 --> 00:32:00.389 Tommy DiMisa: let's take a little break. But I want to just shout out a couple things as we go to break, since you know we're up way over, anyway. So what's the difference? So

00:32:00.400 --> 00:32:01.890 Tommy DiMisa: like a rubble

00:32:01.900 --> 00:32:18.289 Tommy DiMisa: when we come back I want to talk about um. Aside from the connections with law enforcement, the signs, the signals, the things people should be out for, you know. I mean, I've I've had a other show of an organization that does a lot of work into human trafficking

00:32:18.300 --> 00:32:43.889 Tommy DiMisa: space, and they have some great yeah, some great resources. I should talk to you about offline just some videos to really educate people on things to look out for. Ah, so other than that I do. I see behind you, and I I see um. I was looking at earlier. The picture pause for a cause which honestly, we talked about having you on this show a while back, and what happened was. We didn't get it to happen. And then I got an email talking about What's that dog's name?

00:32:43.900 --> 00:32:44.950 Tommy DiMisa: Bailey?

00:32:44.960 --> 00:32:48.130 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, this guy Yeah, his name is Bailey.

00:32:48.140 --> 00:32:52.290 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, he's very famous. He's a very big deal. He is our spokes puppy.

00:32:52.300 --> 00:33:08.989 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, we're happy for for our event. The Td Bank is a crowd sponsor of so tidy Bank presents ally against domestic violence. Is Hawsburg cause family, fun, day and dog fashion show, and daily is our official focus.

00:33:09.000 --> 00:33:14.690 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. I love it, Val. I mean if we can get Jovi up here to the island, get Joby dressed up. I don't know we'll talk about it.

00:33:15.200 --> 00:33:20.590 Tommy DiMisa: I think about it. So, Jen, we come back signs law enforcement, and then we'll pitch the event again. We'll be right now

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00:35:20.990 --> 00:35:30.290 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome back in the show. Tommy Val's not here, so I'm just gonna keep singing a song. What's up, Jan, you

00:35:34.700 --> 00:35:35.990 Tommy DiMisa: While we were in here

00:35:36.000 --> 00:35:48.190 Tommy DiMisa: I share the the screen or the website for the event on li A. Dvd. Or Bailey. I know we.

00:35:48.480 --> 00:35:49.709 Tommy DiMisa: Ah, we

00:35:49.790 --> 00:35:53.490 Tommy DiMisa: we lost Bailey right. Bailey's past. Is that right?

00:35:53.500 --> 00:35:57.189 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: So? Valley passed on, I think right before Covid.

00:35:57.200 --> 00:36:13.579 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Um, but we so Bailey is um the first baby of one of our volunteers. Um on the pause for a cost planning committee, and we decided that if um this I know why Tom's making me tell this because he gets a kick out of my my shit.

00:36:13.590 --> 00:36:23.089 Tommy DiMisa: But we decided that if the clerk's name can still be a New Year's Rocking age, then daily I can still be our voice.

00:36:23.100 --> 00:36:30.589 Tommy DiMisa: There'll be a program called the Tommy D show, and I will not be hosting it, but it'll be like somebody else hosting it. But it'll still be called the time

00:36:30.600 --> 00:36:32.290 exactly totally same thing,

00:36:32.300 --> 00:36:48.190 Tommy DiMisa: you know. I I actually saw It's funny because I saw Ah, we posted this a flyer about today's show on Facebook, and I saw someone say, Oh, my God! That's Bailey! And it was like I I don't know if it was the for mom or Bailey, or somebody's friend.

00:36:48.200 --> 00:36:51.090 Tommy DiMisa: So I it on the Facebook. So let's hope he's very famous.

00:36:51.100 --> 00:37:00.389 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, like you little hat he's got. He's got the flat capital the like, you know, extra extra. You read all about it, You know it's that's the thing.

00:37:00.400 --> 00:37:14.690 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Also fun facts for for a very long time. Ah, Bailey made many appearances on our Facebook page. There's pictures of him and his brothers for pride. There's pictures of him in a Halloween, but I mean there's just We have a little too much.

00:37:14.700 --> 00:37:22.419 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. Well, speaking of speaking to mascots and and dogs, and I haven't seen job yet today, Val just drove me around. We're gonna see Joby.

00:37:22.870 --> 00:37:28.190 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: He is around. He's taking a nap, so I don't like. So he's very busy,

00:37:28.200 --> 00:37:47.689 Tommy DiMisa: but i'd also like you to shout out some signs. Things we should look for. You know, when we're interacting with people just to become aware of something that we might.

00:37:47.700 --> 00:38:05.340 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: So part of the relationship with law enforcement is actually, that is, that many years ago. Um, in addition to our our partnership with the Advocacy department, so naturally the conversation um about for them is what to look for when they go into a home.

00:38:05.350 --> 00:38:14.399 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Um. So, for example, we train our staff here, train every class of the Safa County Police Academy

00:38:14.530 --> 00:38:42.709 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and part of that training, in addition to introducing ourselves to them, and how we work together, because, you know, we were talking about there before we started, about how it takes the village right like That's the whole point of Tommy's extraordinary mission right of the nonprofit sector connector, and this it takes a village and part of that village to support survivors is law enforcement. They are key right, but we are not law enforcement, right?

00:38:42.980 --> 00:38:55.819 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: They are law enforcement. They have their role. We have ours. So one of the things that we have trained them to look for is observing the conditions of the pets in the home. So if they go on a domestic, and let me remind you,

00:38:56.550 --> 00:39:06.439 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: domestics are still to this day, with the exception of, or maybe it goes back and forth to be even with your

00:39:06.450 --> 00:39:19.449 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: routine. Pull over on the traffic. Stop, right. Domestics are the most dangerous thing a police officer can do so. Part of our training is also how to keep themselves safe and what they need to look for right

00:39:19.460 --> 00:39:34.840 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and to keep themselves safe in the process, or to advise them as to what our experience with that client has been, and what our risk assessment has been. So we want them to look at the conditions that the pet is in. We want them to take notes

00:39:34.850 --> 00:39:50.779 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: of that. We want them to make sure that they tell the client that as they're talking with them about their options and resources. Um! That that ally against domestic violence can help them with their pet. Now, here's something else that's really really important is that pets

00:39:50.980 --> 00:39:54.449 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: can be included on an order of protection.

00:39:55.200 --> 00:39:58.950 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Once again I'm going to say that again the family pet

00:39:59.120 --> 00:40:02.429 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: can be included along with the humans

00:40:02.750 --> 00:40:26.670 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: on, and order, protection, all you access that information through our hotline. Every situation is different, and you speak with one of our advocates to confirm. If that qualifies in your home. However, I do want to put that out there.

00:40:26.680 --> 00:40:29.559 Valerie Heffron: This is super important, because

00:40:29.680 --> 00:40:49.050 Valerie Heffron: ah, legislatively, we have a couple of attorneys on recently, and one's a matrimonial lawyer, and she was talking about how recently Pet was changed for the better, where they no longer consider animals property, but rather a member of the family who applies to custody and everything. Okay,

00:40:49.060 --> 00:41:02.380 Valerie Heffron: the other lawyer ah deals in different courts, and she was saying, Unfortunately, in those courts they are considered property i'm following very closely right now. Um of a case

00:41:02.390 --> 00:41:09.269 Valerie Heffron: where the owner it's a family right. It's a couple, and then two adult children.

00:41:09.420 --> 00:41:16.999 Valerie Heffron: Now, unfortunately, it's a bad case where the dog attacked the mother. But the point is

00:41:17.320 --> 00:41:25.520 Valerie Heffron: part of the defense, which I think is ridiculous, but they're saying the sun is the one who adopted the dog.

00:41:26.420 --> 00:41:28.790 Valerie Heffron: Therefore he's the owner,

00:41:29.160 --> 00:41:39.399 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: and my father is therefore not entitled to damage. Now, regardless of whether or not that whole I can't imagine it will. But that said

00:41:39.440 --> 00:41:53.990 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: so. These restraining orders undergo that type of delineation where it's like, let's say it's a married couple. My husband is the one who adopted our dog because it was a surprise for me. Which right I see what you're getting at.

00:41:54.000 --> 00:42:08.999 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, i'll tell you is that once again I will say that every situation is different, and you need to call the hotline and talk to my advocate. That said arguably. It's not when when it comes to the Dv. Course. Right? The board's dedicated to domestic grounds. In this context,

00:42:09.010 --> 00:42:14.689 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: you know you could say the same like, Well, the children are shared, the dog is shared. What have you?

00:42:14.700 --> 00:42:31.489 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah, right? So, um. And if there is violence being perpetrated in the home, and it rises to the level of qualifying for an order of protection or a refrain from, or something. Our advocates will be able to tell you that, and they will assist in in that process.

00:42:31.500 --> 00:42:50.190 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Good, great kind of um I will for it, you know. I think so. The county in general has a pretty great program, and and their Uh officials are really tremendous. They were responsible last year for the largest job fighting ring bust in in the country as we are incredible.

00:42:50.200 --> 00:42:51.069 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah,

00:42:51.080 --> 00:43:03.229 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Yeah. And I want to give out. And here's the thing I really want. Um. We really like to give a huge chat to our partners in law enforcement. Sophie County Police Department suff the county show.

00:43:03.440 --> 00:43:06.589 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Sophie County Da and Sofa County probation

00:43:06.600 --> 00:43:10.020 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: are key key partners, and

00:43:10.070 --> 00:43:15.679 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: they, too, along with organizations like us. All they want is to see people safe.

00:43:17.370 --> 00:43:19.790 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, agree. Shout out to those deaths.

00:43:39.440 --> 00:43:40.330 Tommy DiMisa: It's

00:43:40.500 --> 00:44:10.000 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Oh, and then um, you know. And I just want to say, because a lot of folks um say. Oh, well, you know my second cousin's sister's brothers, you know. Wife had this situation, and and they didn't help them. That that is, that is, nine times out of ten it's not necessarily the case. It's just the case that That situation didn't, maybe rise to a level right? Or I hear these stories thirty years ago. Listen. This is not the law enforcement of thirty years ago, and even there I've been the girls and guys back. Then they just they didn't know what they were dealing with. They totally caught.

00:44:10.010 --> 00:44:11.489 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Did not know

00:44:11.500 --> 00:44:25.130 Tommy DiMisa: evolution where we're. Yeah, and I know I know we've got to go to Great also, but you know I need to also kind of throw this out there or ask the question like, so

00:44:26.270 --> 00:44:40.840 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: it takes a village to overcome these things. I think it also takes a village to to get more involved. I'm not really a proponent of like, you know. It's none of your business, mine your absolutely. And you have a friend. If you have a neighbor,

00:44:40.850 --> 00:44:52.289 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: give us some talking points or tips, or science, for you know, What are we looking for? How do we engage in this conversation? Because it's a tough conversation to have? But you know for sure. Yeah, that'll be.

00:44:52.300 --> 00:44:56.190 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: And the short. Yeah, i'll tell you what, Valerie. It's real simple. It's.

00:44:56.690 --> 00:44:58.020 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Do you need help?

00:44:58.050 --> 00:44:59.890 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Are you? Okay?

00:44:59.900 --> 00:45:08.490 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: It's really that simple. And and then get them to us, because you're not going to know what to do. We actually do a whole training

00:45:08.500 --> 00:45:24.490 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: just specifically for parents with teenagers, and how to do safe interventions, and how to, you know, work with them. And really it's just all. And we we do that for medical professionals. We do that. In general we have a whole training dedicated to safe interventions. But the truth of the matter is, it's a simple

00:45:25.040 --> 00:45:26.810 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Is someone hurting you.

00:45:26.820 --> 00:45:35.949 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Are you? Okay? I'm. Here I'll listen. Don't try to fix it. Don't try to give advice right, because if I said, oh, i'm having test pains, you're not going to say,

00:45:36.010 --> 00:45:39.590 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Oh, well, let me let me listen to your

00:45:39.600 --> 00:45:43.429 Tommy DiMisa: so instead, don't just get them to us. Get them to our hotline

00:45:43.450 --> 00:45:55.940 Tommy DiMisa: awesome, or you can call the hotline A bystander can call the hotline and say, Hey, I have a friend. We have to get those calls a lot. I have a friend. I have a sister. I have a colleague. I don't. I don't know what's going on, but I want to help,

00:45:55.950 --> 00:46:05.400 Tommy DiMisa: you know, resource on these and on also a national level, because not everyone since to the show is from long I let's let's jump into that, too, when we come back.

00:46:05.410 --> 00:46:29.390 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, yeah, before we go, give me that number again, Jen. I got it six, three, one, six, six, six, eight, eight, three, three, one hundred and forty, four languages, six, three, one, six, six, six, eight, eight, three, three, or the website is L. I. Ab dot org, but they're there twenty, four hours a day, and if you're just calling to get some understanding and advice. That's okay. Make the phone doesn't mean you have to, you know. Leave the city,

00:46:29.400 --> 00:46:34.230 Tommy DiMisa: Have to do anything right right on you. Don't have to do anything. Just get yourself aware.

00:46:34.290 --> 00:46:37.400 All right, Jen. Valerie and I will be right back pals

00:46:39.400 --> 00:46:40.419 in the

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00:47:39.400 --> 00:47:41.340 pulling all pet loggers.

00:47:41.560 --> 00:47:44.330 Okay, avengers a simple

00:47:44.360 --> 00:47:57.479 on the professionals and animal lovers show. We believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong. It mirrors that bond between pets and their owners. Through this program we come together to learn, educate, and advocate.

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00:48:13.700 --> 00:48:15.089 four hours a day,

00:48:35.980 --> 00:48:55.789 Tommy DiMisa: and we are Baptist's pals, professionals, and I love a show. I'm still sharing my screen, because I just want to show some things on the website. Jen Val has something she needs to close up the show with. So I want you to just kind of walk us through a couple of things another minute or two, and then just drive home. How people can get in touch with you one last time, Sure, and we're gonna talk about the event Right?

00:48:59.920 --> 00:49:17.959 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Great. So. Um, Generally speaking, what we say is, any time that you see or suspect that. Um, hey from you are saying, Oh, I I can't do that, because so and so well let me. Um it's also not just men and women. But this is an Lgbtq community as well.

00:49:17.970 --> 00:49:28.989 Tommy DiMisa: Um, anytime somebody withdraws any anytime. There's a change of behavior that's unexplained. If they have excuses right or things that don't make sense,

00:49:29.000 --> 00:49:47.460 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: or or or just um a lot of times when we tell this, when we train employers a lot of time, a survivor a victim of domestic violence. When it's when the abuse is active, it mimics the drug addiction because they're scatter brains. They're because they're in trauma right so they're in crisis

00:49:47.840 --> 00:50:12.410 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: all the time. Okay, so um, and it's sometimes it mimics that flakiness that i'm showing up things like that Um, always, always always call the highlight, but or a website. If you have a general question about our our services, or how you can help um. We called the main office. Um, Generally speaking, i'm going to be honest with you. We need don't. We need supporters. We need donors. Um.

00:50:12.420 --> 00:50:27.030 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: We don't need ah supplies. Um! We have a handful. We've been around a long time. We have a handful of organizations that help us with that um, and we need donors. We need money because The thing about

00:50:27.110 --> 00:50:38.359 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: our services and the innovative nature of our services is that we're we're in a central human service. So we do have governments of the county and the State and the feds and stuff like that. But that's like

00:50:38.370 --> 00:51:07.849 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: owning a home paying a mortgage, paying taxes, having to have a car on Long Island right? Um, and working minimum wage. So the innovative nature of our services means that it's not all funded by government, you know. None of the pet services are funded by the Government right, some of our counseling services, some of our education. They're not funded. We go through private grants and things like that. So if you go to our website, you can sign up to be a monthly donor. Just ten dollars a month works out to be a hundred and twenty dollars a year, which

00:51:07.860 --> 00:51:22.889 Tommy DiMisa: for counseling sessions, it can pay for transportation to court all kinds of stuff. Just ten dollars a month, and you get a handy dandy.

00:51:22.900 --> 00:51:24.990 Tommy DiMisa: I'm. I'm in

00:51:30.200 --> 00:51:34.890 Tommy DiMisa: falls for a. So you got ninety thirty seconds for

00:51:34.900 --> 00:51:41.389 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: Td. Bank prevents it presents Lia Dv's pause for a cause as a family fund day on October The first

00:51:41.400 --> 00:51:51.589 Tommy DiMisa: don't show that. Don't you Your folder you have last year's date on that. So hold it down.

00:51:51.600 --> 00:52:06.319 Tommy DiMisa: Okay. Now I have an extra eight seconds to be introduced to me. I'm just saying right, Valerie. So so for cause Ella ah teeny bank for vet presents. Ah L. A. D. And e's cause for a cause. It's a family Monday. It is a doggy fashion. Show That's right. You heard me

00:52:06.330 --> 00:52:36.059 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: doggie fashion show we have trophies. We have Raffles. We have games and fun for the for the kids. The sheriff's office is coming. The Da's office is coming, so the county Pd will be represented um to interact with the community. We have vendors. We have awesome pet. Ah, friendly Ah, pet-friendly companies for pet supply companies coming to join us. We have lots of sponsors. Who's fire? Is one of our top Sponsors shout out to Christie, who is a woman, owned amazing company

00:52:36.130 --> 00:52:40.090 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: plumbing in the area, and it's just going to be a lot of fun

00:52:40.100 --> 00:52:41.690 Tommy DiMisa: I will be, and it's a good day

00:52:41.700 --> 00:52:50.890 Tommy DiMisa: when I got to talk later job, because Maybe if it's appropriate, I, my dad, give me some Italian Isis shout out to my dad, Ralph sices on anything. We got to leave it there.

00:52:50.900 --> 00:52:56.189 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, we'll talk about it, because maybe i'll donate some to Val. What's on your mind? Passion awards is also

00:52:56.200 --> 00:53:05.449 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. Well, i'll. I'll get to that in a second I mentioned that unfortunately we've lost a great guy and Adam lover

00:53:05.500 --> 00:53:14.589 Valerie Heffron: who I went to high school with. I just found out today rest of peace. John Schneider. You were just an incredible, beautiful soul who made everyone laugh.

00:53:14.600 --> 00:53:16.289 Tommy DiMisa: I did not know, John.

00:53:16.300 --> 00:53:18.379 Tommy DiMisa: I'm in the Lost Gallery, Mike in the old

00:53:18.840 --> 00:53:31.779 Tommy DiMisa: second; second. Secondly, but also extremely important. There was another bust on a Usda commercial for year this time in Nevada. Three hundred dogs were promised in the owners of this

00:53:31.890 --> 00:53:50.089 Tommy DiMisa: puppy mill, and that's exactly what it was. I are now facing animal cruelty and neglect charges. They found frozen puppies. One time it's so bad. It's disgusting. We are urging every single New Yorker to please call Governor Kathy.

00:53:50.100 --> 00:53:51.319 Tommy DiMisa: Let's go.

00:53:51.360 --> 00:53:54.419 Tommy DiMisa: I'm just calling out the governor. I'm saying, Let's get this done. Right.

00:53:54.480 --> 00:54:04.899 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, five, one, eight, four, seven, four, eight, three, nine zero. The anti-phobia mobile has been on her desk for about two months, and Tommy, I think it's time for a all night.

00:54:04.910 --> 00:54:14.469 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I got a call governor at Focal myself personally

00:54:14.910 --> 00:54:18.210 Valerie Heffron: four hundred and seventy-four, eighty-three, ninety,

00:54:18.240 --> 00:54:34.800 Valerie Heffron: and then last, but not least, of course, as the compassion awards looks like. October is a great long for animal. Um. October eleven is the first inaugural compassion awards brought to you by us, as well as our fantastic sponsors. We're going to have

00:54:34.810 --> 00:54:46.080 Valerie Heffron: great gift bed. Giveaways. You don't want to miss this. We're going to have great food by the refuge in Melville, including Vegan options, a champagne toast, and of course,

00:54:46.090 --> 00:55:04.419 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: three incredibly worthy, amazing Honorees who are doing. They spend their lives saving lives for the animals, and we want to make this bigger every year, and we want to pay recognition to these true heroes that are selfless,

00:55:04.430 --> 00:55:19.340 Tommy DiMisa: and boots on the ground. So let's get together. You can find ticket information um at www dot how? Not underscore dash show dot com, and I just want to say, Well, let me.

00:55:19.370 --> 00:55:31.239 Ah, early bird pricing best pricing on tickets ends September twelve. So you really want to be there. Surround yourself with animal lovers, and your world will be better.

00:55:31.250 --> 00:55:37.300 Tommy DiMisa: I think that's that's great. How did we end up going over time? The whole show with time left to spare at the end.

00:55:37.310 --> 00:55:47.789 Jenn Capezza, LIADV: I don't know. Can we talk about Bailey some more

00:55:47.800 --> 00:55:50.290 Tommy DiMisa: like i'm like Oh, it's seventy, seven, all right.

00:55:50.300 --> 00:55:53.489 Tommy DiMisa: Well, you have some there, too. You had some on vacation.

00:55:53.500 --> 00:56:09.890 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. Ah, I look. We're excited about it. The cow hypin show dot com. This is the first, ever first, ever compassion awards. Super excited. Um look anything like the lunch that we did. I mean it's going to be amazing.

00:56:09.900 --> 00:56:15.559 Tommy DiMisa: The lunch was so good. My My co-hosts couldn't show up to do to show me the next day. That's how good little much was.

00:56:15.790 --> 00:56:43.640 Tommy DiMisa: Ah, i'm kidding. We're just being silly. Um, look, Jen, you and your organization do such special work we're appreciative of. Have you as friends. I will certainly be there at the event. Um! I have. Ah, some of my ah, my children, I think, will be there out there with me. Um! It's important for us to get involved. As you've said in the community, it takes a village. It's important for us to ah be focused on learning and serving. Really, that's what it is. It's about helping, serving and learning.

00:56:43.650 --> 00:57:02.879 Tommy DiMisa: Um! That's what we do in the show. We're here to learn. We're here to educate, and ultimately we're here to advocate so I leave you with this and this total commitment to non-violence. Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

00:57:02.900 --> 00:57:05.590 Tommy DiMisa: where your pals make it a great day.

00:57:05.600 --> 00:57:07.689 Yay got it.

00:57:15.810 --> 00:57:17.740 Tommy DiMisa: Hi, Bailey! Hi, Jen!

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