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Monday, August 29, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/29 - The Rough Edges of Surrender with Anita Adams

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/29 - The Rough Edges of Surrender with Anita Adams


2022/08/29 - The Rough Edges of Surrender with Anita Adams

[NEW EPISODE] The Rough Edges of Surrender with Anita Adams


Finding the courage to lean into your calling (how to listen to their inner wisdom) Learn about Anita's signature program in which she teaches the Three Guiding Principles to Inner Wisdom. Exploring the art of surrender


Anita Adams is an award-winning leader and the founder of Joyful Inspired Living, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to tap into inner wisdom to find clarity of purpose and how to activate that purpose. 

She runs retreats on Bowen Island in beautiful British Columbia, hosts the Joyful Journey Podcast, and offers Coaching Programs that further guides her clients along their spiritual journey to their highest self so they can step into their calling with confidence and create a life of purpose, passion, and great joy. 

We'll have a juicy conversation around courage - how to find it to truly lean into one's calling - and the rough edges of surrender. We'll talk about her curated retreats on Bowen Island and her reconnection to nature after a very high-powered work lifestyle. All this and so much more...


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra welcomes us to the 39th episode of the Edge of Everyday. She introduces our guest, Anita Adams, founder of Joyful Inspired Living, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to tap into inner wisdom to find clarity of purpose and how to activate that purpose. Anita is a coach, speaker, retreat facilitator, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Sandra says that she met Anita through Sam Liebowitz, Director and Executive Producer here at TalkRadioNYC. Anita and Sam are both members of the Evolutionary Business Council which was how they met. Sandra was also a part of one of Anita’s podcast episodes where they had a blast. They talk about covid and how for Anita, everything was falling apart. She also ran a business that started in 2018, promoting Canadian film and talent. She fell out of passion for it. Though she held onto this due to financial security and there was also comfort in what she was doing as well as recognition. With the pandemic hitting the world, Anita decided to let go. She discusses looking inward, listening to herself in what she wanted and spirituality.

Segment 2

Anita and Sandra talk about courage. Anita says that courage is about stepping out of your comfort zone. It doesn't have to be a big bold action, then again, taking the first step in getting up in the morning for instance, is already a big bold action. Anita says that for her clients, courage is moving in and leaning into their purpose and “knowing thyself.” Surrender and courage come together in these instances. Anita and Sandra also discuss if there is a difference between courage and willpower. Anita mentions 3 guiding principles to inner wisdom which are to look, listen, and learn. For look, it's about looking inward. Her way of looking inward was taking walks around nature when she would feel intense stress. Anita was challenged to do this everyday for a month. After a few weeks, she started to calm down, felt more gratitude and was more present. But she kept asking herself what she was supposed to do. Her inner response asked “what do you WANT to do?” She realized that she really wanted to close her business to move onto something else. Anita surrendered to her truth to be able to change.

Segment 3

Anita shares her story about finding courage. Anita and her husband decided to go on a 30 day kayaking trip. They were in two single kayaks. She describes it as being at peace and at one with the environment around her. In this moment, she had a message come to herself where she realized it's time to lean in and listen to her inner wisdom that is trying to take her to her higher self and help others do the same; moving through fear. A year prior, she told herself that she could never go on a kayaking trip in a single boat, yet there she was and found the courage to do it. Anita said that she took little steps like going out with the single boat for an hour or two. Taking baby steps and applying it elsewhere was something she found could be helpful. She mentions how things fell into place much easier sometimes without even trying. Anita also discusses her retreats with Sandra. Her first retreat was an invite only for people who can give her honest feedback. She was grateful that she just leaned in without any prior experience in running a retreat. Looking, listening, and learning to love deeply are what her retreats are about.

Segment 4

Sandra talks with Anita about purpose and how Anita phrases it; “clarity of purpose.” Anita says that she doesn't feel that we all just have one purpose because we are always evolving, growing and leaning into a new purpose or new part of one. Anita gives an example of her film business as something that was something that led her to where she is today. Through these different experiences in her career, she has been able to meet many great people and many who are spiritual. Anita also mentions one thing that might keep getting pushed back right now is writing a book. She plans on hiring a coach to help her with this process. Sandra also asks Anita about her nomadic life and how she started this journey. You can find more about Anita Adams by looking up her podcast at She is also on social media as well such as Linkedin.


00:00:04.990 --> 00:00:08.100 Welcome everyone. I'm Sandra Bardman.

00:00:08.109 --> 00:00:19.180 A few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the Edge of every day, which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions we all face at Rappel with

00:00:19.210 --> 00:00:26.529 the shows hit a nerve, and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time more than I could have seen.

00:00:26.980 --> 00:00:28.720 Here we are

00:00:28.730 --> 00:00:42.189 real talk with real people, sharing stories and perspectives that spark provocative invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of every day. Thanks for listening.

00:00:42.200 --> 00:00:54.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Hello, everyone. We are live in the hive. Thank you for joining me on this. The forty second episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio, Nyc.

00:00:54.320 --> 00:01:00.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, and for those of you who don't know me yet.

00:01:00.600 --> 00:01:14.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio and Nyc. Of course you can visit my website, Sandra bgeman, com, and please tune in to any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests

00:01:15.220 --> 00:01:17.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: as my loyal listeners. Now

00:01:17.100 --> 00:01:32.660 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: this show is about celebrating triumphs, pushing boundaries, and exploring rough edges through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues. It's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:32.670 --> 00:01:38.359 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: What I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful,

00:01:38.370 --> 00:01:55.539 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and our understandings both about ourselves and the world around us. Those places where we don't want to look.

00:01:55.830 --> 00:02:06.300 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Listen! We live in turbulent times, and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't, black or white, it must be an embrace of both,

00:02:06.310 --> 00:02:20.929 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that, I fully believe, can help to change the world. So thanks again for tuning in

00:02:21.970 --> 00:02:27.610 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: without further ado. It is time to introduce our guest this evening. The

00:02:28.080 --> 00:02:44.019 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lynn Sedgmo is a certified coach founder of the goddess luminary wheel teachings poet interfaith minister priestess, healer, non-executive thought leader, and aniogram teacher.

00:02:44.070 --> 00:02:53.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lynn is chair of the Glastonbury town Deal, leading an investment of nearly twenty five million pounds for the town.

00:02:53.960 --> 00:03:11.340 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She is a certified coach and organizational community, consultant working freelance with Ceos chairs, senior leaders and teams from the education, faith, charity, health community, sport, and private sectors.

00:03:11.700 --> 00:03:24.280 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She held three chief executive roles within further education in the Uk for seventeen years, and has been a non-executive director on over twenty five boards.

00:03:24.290 --> 00:03:42.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Her previous roles include Ceo of the one hundred and fifty seven group national policy. Think tank of Fe colleges, Ceo of the Center for excellence in leadership cell Principal of Guildford College, and head of Croydon Business School.

00:03:42.240 --> 00:03:54.089 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She was a member of the two thousand and nine Prime Minister's Uk-wide National Review of public sector leadership. She has worked in ten different countries to develop leadership,

00:03:54.200 --> 00:04:18.939 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: then specializes in fostering high performing and self-aware leaders. She combines academic rigor and practical organizational experience as a Ceo alongside powerful insight, emotional intelligence, rapport, and the ability to be deeply present to the individual and organizational needs.

00:04:19.000 --> 00:04:29.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She has a masters in change agent skills and strategies, and a doctorate in leadership of high-spirited high-performing cultures

00:04:29.950 --> 00:04:40.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: her organizations have won numerous national and international awards including the international spirit at work award, and the British diversity award.

00:04:40.100 --> 00:05:03.819 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She was awarded the Cbe standing for Commander of the Order of the British Empire in two thousand and four, for services to further education, and was named one of the De Brett's, five hundred most influential people in the Uk. In two thousand and fifteen, and in two thousand and sixteen. She was named one of Uk's one hundred women of spirit.

00:05:03.830 --> 00:05:23.620 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She founded the goddess luminary leadership Wheel teachings, and authored the goddess Luminary leadership Wheel Book in twenty twenty one. She is a published poet, priestess of Avalon, and ordained interfaith Minister with one spirit. Uk.

00:05:23.630 --> 00:05:35.909 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lynn is a mother stepmother and grandmother, and loves exploring different cultures and spiritualities. Hello, and welcome, Lynn Sedgmo.

00:05:35.920 --> 00:05:53.230 Lynne Sedgmore: Hi! Delighted to be here. Thank you. Oh, thank you. It is a great pleasure to to have you on the show. Thank you for coming on, and you know, folks that's just the tip of the iceberg A. Cv. I could go on and on, and on and on,

00:05:53.360 --> 00:06:03.939 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: but we only have an hour. So we're going to dive in, as I like to do with all of my guests. I like to share how I know my guests.

00:06:03.950 --> 00:06:30.889 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I know Lynne through Ah Edgewalkers Dot Org, and I have hosted Judy Neal, who is the founder and the executive director of that organization. In fact, she's Podcast Number Twenty eight! Shout out to Judy, Neal, Go back to go look through my past episodes, and she's right there. Now, how do you know? Did you know Judy, prior to her starting Edge Walkers, or did you come in afterwards?

00:06:30.900 --> 00:06:47.879 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, Judy, in the nineties. Judy, to me was the absolute heroine of the woman who had developed spirit in work because I was exploring as Dean of the business school and in other roles how to foster spirituality.

00:06:48.420 --> 00:07:12.849 Lynne Sedgmore: So she was one of the Greats. I mean it. She was a role model for me. She inspired me, and then we put in for the international Spirit at work. Award, and one we were body shoppered, got it previously, and then in two thousand and seven. So I met Judy at the award ceremony in in Atlanta, and she just blew me away. And she

00:07:12.860 --> 00:07:24.020 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah. And then, when she published Edge Walkers, I think she just had. I immediately said, Please come to England. Come and work with my staff. Come and do workshop for us.

00:07:24.030 --> 00:07:50.829 Lynne Sedgmore: So she did, and then That was the beginning of a very beautiful relationship, and just really enjoying each other and learning from each other. So no, Judy to me, I still I mean. I'm a bit like a little girl who's looking at this awesome woman because she just was such an inspiration to me, and she was such a forerunner and an edge walker in the spirituality in the workplace.

00:07:50.840 --> 00:08:17.939 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yeah, modeling how we can synthesize and integrate spirituality, and in her workforce it's well and we're seeing that in so many different industries now the the integration of spirituality and marketing, and et cetera, et cetera. So I heard Lynn speak. This is literally how I was introduced to Lynn. Um. And Judy had invited me in to speak at one of the Edge Walker cafes, which is their online salon

00:08:17.950 --> 00:08:37.710 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: idea of bringing people into conversation and presentation and questioning, and and a little bit of ritual, and Lynn gave a presentation on her goddess, luminary leadership teachings, and book, and I was captivated by Yulin absolutely captivated. I loved

00:08:37.720 --> 00:08:42.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: you just your whole vibe, everything you spoke about. And

00:08:43.049 --> 00:08:51.540 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: so what happened in that event that I want because I have you as a guest. I want to honor that

00:08:51.990 --> 00:09:19.319 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: the same way that we open. I don't do a lot of ceremony which is interesting. I do a lot of ritual and ceremony in so many in my one-woman show I do it in the salon. We just had a beautiful event in the song of the Salon that you of all people, would have loved to talk about integration. It was conversation and exquisite music by these groups, and some ritual, and one of the groups was integrating three different styles of music.

00:09:19.330 --> 00:09:22.330 Lynne Sedgmore: It was positively mystical.

00:09:22.560 --> 00:09:36.989 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: It was absolutely glorious, but I wove into that. And what made me think of you was I? I gave ah an opening invocation prayer about the bee,

00:09:37.590 --> 00:09:53.210 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and I had mentioned that it was the understanding the native American wisdom of bee was woven into the edge of every day. Communication, connection, collaboration, and common unity.

00:09:53.220 --> 00:09:57.809 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I also know that it is a sacred symbol

00:09:57.840 --> 00:10:00.350 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: of the goddess tradition.

00:10:00.890 --> 00:10:02.560 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The miller say

00:10:02.650 --> 00:10:13.990 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: so. I wanted to give that prayer in honor of you, opening up the edge of everyday podcast to a little bit of ritual in honor of you, Lynn. Cent more

00:10:14.000 --> 00:10:14.790 Lynne Sedgmore: the

00:10:14.800 --> 00:10:26.420 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: so. And because I know the presence is such an important part of our work of your work and leadership and in your teachings. So I'm going to invite everyone who's listening in.

00:10:27.010 --> 00:10:32.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: We're going to start with just thirty minutes or thirty minutes. Just thirty seconds

00:10:33.670 --> 00:10:35.160 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: quietude

00:10:35.480 --> 00:10:36.919 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: of presence,

00:10:39.780 --> 00:10:43.399 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and we will take a nice deep breath together,

00:10:46.040 --> 00:10:49.510 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and I will settle in starting now,

00:11:18.860 --> 00:11:22.749 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and if your eyes are closed you can come back,

00:11:22.820 --> 00:11:26.540 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and I invite you all to notice how that felt,

00:11:27.320 --> 00:11:30.969 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: how, being inquietude and presence

00:11:31.010 --> 00:11:33.639 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in a zoom gathering.

00:11:33.790 --> 00:11:35.389 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: How was that,

00:11:35.400 --> 00:11:40.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lynn? Please speak to us about your work with presence, and then I will give the opening

00:11:41.120 --> 00:11:42.290 location

00:11:44.350 --> 00:11:51.280 Lynne Sedgmore: for me. Presence is at the heart of everything Whatever the question, the issue is

00:11:51.320 --> 00:12:11.809 Lynne Sedgmore: the answer is presence, because, being able to be present and to do that in the midst of action and daily life, as well as in time that we may put aside to sit on the cushion um, or separate from our everyday life. I think both are really important.

00:12:11.820 --> 00:12:39.920 Lynne Sedgmore: The presence enables the direct connection, channel manifestation of the Divine, and enables us to be, and to access wisdom and presence and appropriate responses beyond our ego reactivity.

00:12:39.930 --> 00:12:56.769 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You know, because we have had a moment of meditation and of quiet. That's not the only experience of presence, although it's powerful. You know that that teaching oneself with the inner quietude.

00:12:57.200 --> 00:13:03.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: What we bring to every conversation. Were you a good meditator out of the gate, did you, you know?

00:13:03.100 --> 00:13:06.490 Lynne Sedgmore: No, no, I wasn't.

00:13:06.500 --> 00:13:31.219 Lynne Sedgmore: No, I really wasn't. I remember I actually remember the first time I was in a body, Sanger, and I sat down to meditate, as I have been taught in the classes, and I remember sitting there on the cushion and and thinking that must be ages that must be half an hour. I've been ages as is nowhere to be like. I looked at my watch, and it was three minutes

00:13:31.780 --> 00:13:38.269 Lynne Sedgmore: everything. I'm at me thinking i'll call. I'm not gonna be able to do this

00:13:38.280 --> 00:13:52.819 Lynne Sedgmore: because i'm an action person as well. So I have had to really learn and allow the skill of presenting, meditating, being still

00:13:53.020 --> 00:13:59.989 Lynne Sedgmore: being this, I have had to learn it. It It didn't come easily or naturally to me.

00:14:00.840 --> 00:14:20.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: No, and also the thing that, and working with your students, i'm sure you you bump up against this. This notion of the proper way of meditating which drives me, makes my head explode. Um! That this notion of Yes, there are wonderful ways and wisdom to look into. But at the end of the day

00:14:20.430 --> 00:14:28.659 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's just you sitting down and being present to your own thoughts, and what and how you want to process them,

00:14:28.760 --> 00:14:38.730 Lynne Sedgmore: and for some people they're present in action people that dances when they become the dance, the runner who becomes them running.

00:14:38.740 --> 00:14:54.939 Lynne Sedgmore: That's another way of accessing presence. So I don't teach a particular way. Um! What I do is on my lumery program. We are constantly presenting and being conscious about presence.

00:14:54.950 --> 00:15:08.690 Lynne Sedgmore: But what my students find really liberating is i'm not saying there's a particular way, a right way. It's. How do you find your way of accessing presence.

00:15:08.700 --> 00:15:24.729 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, this is what which is so exciting. It's. It's constantly the Know thyself, and to have these spectrums of things from which to choose that support us in much the same way as you've chosen the goddess.

00:15:24.740 --> 00:15:28.780 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Someone else may feel, but want to be

00:15:28.900 --> 00:15:38.169 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in an organized religion, and may be wanting to reform it from within, but but finds expansion within that.

00:15:38.280 --> 00:15:51.049 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Okay, I see it is about one minute to break. So now I would like to end this first quarter before we go into break with this beautiful prayer

00:15:51.660 --> 00:16:03.290 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in honor of the goddess Tradition and Lynn Sedgemar. It's from it's called prayer to the bees, and it's from the Book of Shadows that I have adapted

00:16:05.350 --> 00:16:09.510 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: wisdom of sacred bees. We call on you,

00:16:09.680 --> 00:16:12.769 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: teach us the ways of transformation.

00:16:12.840 --> 00:16:17.370 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The path from pollen to healing honey.

00:16:17.860 --> 00:16:25.500 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Teach us to taste the essence of each place we alight, carrying that essence with us along our journey,

00:16:25.880 --> 00:16:34.249 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: teach us the ways of hope, reminding us that what seems impossible may yet be achieved

00:16:34.740 --> 00:16:54.549 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Give us flight and sunlight, passion and productivity, cooperation with those around us. May we ever spiral out from our heart, searching for what we need, and return there once again to turn those discoveries into nourishment.

00:16:54.870 --> 00:16:56.560 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Be spirit.

00:16:56.880 --> 00:16:58.290 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: We are grateful

00:16:58.300 --> 00:16:59.389 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: for you.

00:17:04.099 --> 00:17:19.530 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Ah! So now we shall go to our commercial break, and when we come back with Lynn sedge more, we are going to dive in to conscious leadership and her teachings and book on the edge of every day. Stay tuned.

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00:19:05.060 --> 00:19:06.130 You

00:19:18.600 --> 00:19:20.050 chip in a ride

00:19:30.510 --> 00:19:36.249 on the edge of every day, and we are back with Lynn Sedge more.

00:19:36.260 --> 00:19:58.779 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Okay, before we dive into conscious leadership. I have to start with any of Grams because I Oh, ah! You know, I know of any of grams, but I didn't I've never taken the test, and I know It's a wonderful tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. But I personally have never taken the test, but I, in my research of you and and you talking about it. I was like, okay,

00:19:58.790 --> 00:20:09.889 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and I listened to your podcast because it was primarily on aniograms, and I said, i'm going to run and go do it, and so talk to us about any of grams, and then I have something fun to share with.

00:20:09.900 --> 00:20:35.159 Lynne Sedgmore: Oh, I discovered the enigram in the early nineteen nineties. It has changed my life. It's um I've tried almost every self awareness tool There is. My first husband was personnel managers, so I take all the ones that he did. The Enigram gave me this. And so what you know, and when we talk about shadow or things that we

00:20:35.170 --> 00:21:05.090 Lynne Sedgmore: we don't see about ourselves. I never understood understood why people were scared of me. I just thought I was this cuddly Teddy Bear, who spoke it as it was frank and honest, straight talking, and it was only when I read about the only time i'm a Danny Bay which is the boss, the leader, the in your face, and I just read it, and I just person it is. It's like Oh, I get it, I get it. It's my intensity.

00:21:05.100 --> 00:21:16.589 Lynne Sedgmore: It's my over the topness. It's my I think i'm giving love and passion, and they're just like hailed against the

00:21:16.600 --> 00:21:37.829 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: so. So that's the kind of that's what it did for me, and it's like. I couldn't get enough of it. I trained I did all my training in America all night. It's because it wasn't it wasn't the training I wanted to do with Rhys so, and Hudson, so I did all my training in America, initially trained with in at least five different traditions,

00:21:37.840 --> 00:21:56.680 Lynne Sedgmore: Riceo and Hudson. I'm: a complete anagram. Geek: I'm: An absolutely yeah, which I got in that podcast, which is why I was so excited to talk to you about it, and to learn about it quite frankly, your passion around it, and it wasn't just that, Lynn. Guess what I took to test. Guess what I am.

00:21:56.800 --> 00:22:00.970 Lynne Sedgmore: Go on, Are you nice? I'm an eight with a wing.

00:22:00.980 --> 00:22:09.490 Lynne Sedgmore: Yes, so am I I knew that I couldn't believe it, I screamed. I was like you. Just have a Fandro crush on that edge, Laurie.

00:22:09.500 --> 00:22:12.489 Lynne Sedgmore: You just want to be the same

00:22:12.500 --> 00:22:16.629 Lynne Sedgmore: because you are. That's what you know. Not

00:22:16.640 --> 00:22:45.050 Lynne Sedgmore: When eight, when healthy eights meet other healthy aids it's absolutely awesome and liberating, because we're not too much for each other, because often we're too. We're too

00:22:45.060 --> 00:22:50.290 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: like you had heard that before. It's really, you know It's not something.

00:22:51.010 --> 00:23:10.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: It's not debilitating, but it's just lovely to have that structure in place and to your work using that understanding. And and when other people are doing aniogram work, which is why you've woven it so beautifully into your work when they understand that about you,

00:23:10.470 --> 00:23:29.190 Lynne Sedgmore: so they can. And you and you understand how people receive you. Obviously, as you were saying, you can begin to do that work to look within the shadow side. That's another thing of your work. That is just so much about the edge of every day the understanding of both, and the embrace

00:23:29.200 --> 00:23:35.890 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, of both the light in the dark and the understanding of the wholeness, the quest for wholeness.

00:23:35.900 --> 00:23:44.259 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, integrating both of those. So how do you use shadow work in with the aniogram?

00:23:44.270 --> 00:24:13.970 Lynne Sedgmore: Well, for me, the on your ground is a portal into shadow work. Yeah, Because you can have light shadows, positive shadows, and as well as the if you like, the more dark. So we can not own the positive of ourselves, as well as not see the toxic behaviors, or the less um healthy behaviors that we have. So for me the anogram is a portal and a framework, and there are many others as well. This just happens to be my,

00:24:13.980 --> 00:24:28.409 and it enables us to bring into the light, as Young said, to bring into the light those parts of ourselves that we just don't get. That's the thing I honestly didn't know why people were scared of me,

00:24:28.420 --> 00:24:58.410 Lynne Sedgmore: and why they felt intimidated by me. So So that was the beginning of the journey for me, and then it was just so liberating, and I must have worked on the enigma. But thousands of people, you know, in my organizations. I've offered it uh to people who wanted it. I've seen teams turn themselves around and change their performance because they've understood each other. It's understanding your own perspective, your impact on others. And really seeing

00:24:58.420 --> 00:25:26.869 Lynne Sedgmore: these different perspectives on the world. And That's why somebody behaves like that, and it gives you an understanding and a framework to engage with each other, and to have the conversations about the stuff, the sticky bits, or the problems or the conflicts. I I just think it's extraordinary, and it's extraordinary to

00:25:26.880 --> 00:25:34.399 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: great discovery. So let's dive into conscious leadership what is conscious leadership to you, Lynn.

00:25:34.630 --> 00:25:51.459 Lynne Sedgmore: For me it has links to the any ground conversation it's it's being self-aware, and having a conscious and genuine intention to be the best leader I am capable of being

00:25:51.470 --> 00:26:02.420 Lynne Sedgmore: to undertake a conscious journey of. How can I, in whatever context i'm in I mean anybody,

00:26:02.500 --> 00:26:22.029 Lynne Sedgmore: be the best i'm capable of being, because I knew from a very early age that I could be a bit of a monster, and that is, in the enigram profile. My mom used to tell me that, and i'm grateful to her now, although I used to be furious with her for it, because I was so

00:26:22.040 --> 00:26:50.970 Lynne Sedgmore: able to do things and to take charge and to, you know. Make everybody do my bidding if you like. Um. So in that sense conscious leadership for me is working towards being, and I'm going to use the word a virtuous leader, and I mean it in the aristocratic Aristotle way of how do we and the enzyme has three enigrams, the only from a personality of the heart, virtues, and the holy ideas.

00:26:50.980 --> 00:27:05.040 Lynne Sedgmore: So I want to be a good person. I i'm. I'm on ashamed about that, because any of them make to the bad boys and girls anywhere at the back of the year. So in that sense a conscious leader is saying,

00:27:05.050 --> 00:27:30.689 Lynne Sedgmore: And how do I do the best in a collective way alongside others to get the best results. The best collective working, the best outcomes everybody thriving, if you like to have a healthy, thriving, unconscious leadership enables the collective to be working to its optimal maximization and potential.

00:27:30.700 --> 00:27:34.989 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yes, Well, and I love you, saying i'm unashamed to use this word

00:27:35.000 --> 00:27:51.139 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: virtuous which people can receive. I would think more easily than the words spiritual. I mean you've combined your work in leadership. Were you ah always conscious about wanting to bridge spirituality and leadership?

00:27:51.150 --> 00:28:14.949 Lynne Sedgmore: Okay for me, from the age of six I was asking, Who's God? Where's God? How do I find God? Yeah. So spirituality is like breathing for me. It's, it's it. It started off as religion, and then it's expanded into spirituality, and i'm a mystic Really, what happened for me in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine I kept my world separate, as we often do, within organizational life.

00:28:14.960 --> 00:28:28.799 Lynne Sedgmore: But i'd begun to realize that actually the therapy work I was doing and the spiritual growth work I was doing was enabling my leadership to flow in, and in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. I made that connection,

00:28:28.810 --> 00:28:58.059 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and from then I consciously wanted to integrate my spirituality without pushing it to anybody um into my business life, and and I had a huge mystical experience in scare offs in Greece in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine, and i'd been appointed a business school uh Dean, so I needed to come back from this deep mystical experience, and be the dean of a business school. So it was a literal

00:28:58.070 --> 00:29:27.420 Lynne Sedgmore: visceral daily integration, because I couldn't keep them separate anymore. I couldn't keep those parts of myself separate, and that my doctorate is that journey. Actually. Um. So that for me is when the integration and how do you do it when you are a senior leader, without abusing your power, without without pushing people into anything that they don't want. So it's

00:29:27.430 --> 00:29:38.089 Lynne Sedgmore: a very inclusive open accepting fostering of spirituality, and people have come to me and say, Oh, when you talk about spirituality, I go like this.

00:29:38.100 --> 00:29:41.690 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, I'm: i'm like fine. Go with it here.

00:29:41.700 --> 00:29:44.690 Lynne Sedgmore: The story. But you don't.

00:29:44.700 --> 00:29:57.039 Yeah. You and people would feel liberated in the end, because they like Ooh! If they'd had a negative experience with religion, they would be saying, Oh, is she trying to convert me,

00:29:57.050 --> 00:30:08.589 Lynne Sedgmore: you know, fair enough so that inclusiveness, and because i'm an eight with intensity and passion, I had to learn how to offer it much more lightly.

00:30:08.600 --> 00:30:15.280 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, and it'd be a genuine invitation indeed, and I for me, I use humor with it.

00:30:15.330 --> 00:30:20.990 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I I try to lead with humor, not with the intensity which is what I had to learn to do.

00:30:21.000 --> 00:30:38.470 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah. Ah, fascinating, fascinating! Well, we have to go on break, and when we get back we are going to dive into Goddess luminary leadership, wheel teachings and her book. When we come back with Lynn sedge more on the edge of every day. So stay tuned.

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00:32:39.760 --> 00:32:42.690 on the edge of every day,

00:32:42.700 --> 00:32:45.889 and we are back with Lynn Sedgehore.

00:32:45.900 --> 00:32:52.479 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So, diving into your goddess luminary leadership wheel work.

00:32:52.490 --> 00:33:06.020 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So this is from Lynn's website. I offer a creative and powerful synthesis of the best of leadership development with an immersive experience of goddess spirituality

00:33:06.100 --> 00:33:16.070 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: before we dive into let's back up a bit. And how did you immerse into the goddess tradition. And then how did it involve into this course and book?

00:33:16.080 --> 00:33:24.279 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, as I said, I've been exploring spirituality since I was six, and that included being brought up as a Christian,

00:33:24.290 --> 00:33:46.680 then fifteen years as a practicing Buddhist, and then trained as an interface minister, and have explored a whole range of religion and i'm experiential learner. So I would go and get involved in a Sufi community and talk to Hindus, go to the synagogue. So I. I was doing that for a very long time,

00:33:46.690 --> 00:33:53.939 and new got a spirituality as a second wave feminist in the late seventys early Eightys.

00:33:54.250 --> 00:34:09.810 Lynne Sedgmore: But I felt quite okay in patriarchal religions. Actually, I knew the issues with them, but I I liked stories, exploring mystical spirituality. But ten years ago I decided I was going to immerse myself into God's spirituality, and I came

00:34:09.820 --> 00:34:33.489 Lynne Sedgmore: to Glastonbury, where I've been coming for the previous twenty years. And so for the past ten years I've been really involved and immersed in the priestess of Avalon. Tradition founded by Kathy Jones. It's an Avalonian tradition of the land in Glastonbury It's a Celtic um tradition. So I've immersed myself in that

00:34:33.500 --> 00:34:43.649 Lynne Sedgmore: and decided that I wanted to do my own leadership program. And so was there anything more? Edgy?

00:34:49.900 --> 00:34:50.689 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, Yeah,

00:34:50.699 --> 00:35:13.330 Lynne Sedgmore: I could have. And I ran a leadership center for four years where forty thousand leaders came through. So I experimented with every form of leadership, including presence and leadership. So I decided I would do it through God. A spirituality lens because it was really aggy thinking nobody would be interested. And it's a great political statement.

00:35:13.530 --> 00:35:39.490 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, And it's a radical defendant. It's a radical feminist act to encourage people if they want to have spiritual in their leadership, to imagine an image and relate to the divine as female. So, yeah, it's a female goddess in the center, not a transgender or a neutral um agenda neutral. It's a conscious radical act to do this at the moment.

00:35:39.500 --> 00:35:47.590 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah. So so what is feminism to you with all? And how does it? Obviously it's the biggest connection with the work that you're doing.

00:35:47.600 --> 00:35:59.769 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, I was in bridging that second wave. I became a feminist at seventeen. I'm sixty, six now. So we're right, you know, in the second wave.

00:35:59.780 --> 00:36:29.520 Lynne Sedgmore: Well, of course, at that time it was a woman in a particular biological perspective. You know feminism for me is fighting um, and wanting to liberate people from social injustice, oppressive systems based on gender. And in those days, you know, Helen Raddy, I am woman. Hear me. Oh, we had a particular solidarity of what being a woman was, and I teach feminism. Ah! In charities and other places. But the

00:36:29.530 --> 00:36:59.510 Lynne Sedgmore: and the fourth waves of feminisms have become more inclusive. Kimberly Craig's Crenshaws work on intersectionality, so that i'm totally an intersectional feminist. Now which is that really all oppressions need to be dealt with. You know there are feminisms. There are so many different types of feminism. So whether you see patriarchy as the core or capitalism is the cool, whatever the nature. But I think the difference in fourth way

00:36:59.520 --> 00:37:28.220 Lynne Sedgmore: and current feminism is all oppressions matter, and must have equal attention; and we still live within a system where patriarchy is very strong, and women, however, we define woman today is still um oppressed on the basis of gender and stereotypes. Some of the things related to women. Yeah,

00:37:28.230 --> 00:37:32.389 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: this just begs this question: power, the relationship of power

00:37:32.400 --> 00:37:43.119 Lynne Sedgmore: absolutely in your work. And what is feminine power? And how is how are you working on that in your teachings and getting that message through your book?

00:37:44.480 --> 00:37:45.910 Lynne Sedgmore: It's like

00:37:46.140 --> 00:37:51.079 Lynne Sedgmore: doing. And I write about this in the book is saying that

00:37:51.120 --> 00:38:04.389 Lynne Sedgmore: the God of spirituality is the sweetness and the softness and the gentleness. I'm. Not working from spinery stereo of male and female

00:38:04.400 --> 00:38:29.790 Lynne Sedgmore: God. Our spirituality has everything in it. There's the dark goddess, the fierce goddess, the general goddess. It's the whole spectrum. So for me my work is for men, women, and people. Of whatever gender identification it's. How do you access the whole spectrum of what it means to be a spiritually divine human being?

00:38:29.800 --> 00:38:39.049 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, And to enable all of those aspects to be expressed in this. So I've developed a power because

00:38:39.060 --> 00:39:07.229 Lynne Sedgmore: um power pathways is an important part, and to be honest, I find every course I do. I'm on the third, that the third cohort at the moment is the relationship with power is so liberating. I spent a lot of time and energy on that in the course. So in that sense this isn't a a binary or a stereotypical male female, it's beyond that it's. Everybody can express the

00:39:07.240 --> 00:39:29.969 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: parts of themselves that are underdeveloped and haven't been fostered or encouraged. This is the edge of every day. Again the light and the dark all together to lift up to the next level the invitation to lift to the next understanding of I just so love it so. So I have a copy of the book. Everyone I hate doing this.

00:39:30.030 --> 00:39:31.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Say

00:39:31.950 --> 00:39:37.389 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's fantastic. How did you structure this Lynn? Talk to us about this book?

00:39:37.900 --> 00:39:42.589 Lynne Sedgmore: Right? I think, without Covid I may not have written it actually. Oh, that's right. Yes,

00:39:42.600 --> 00:40:01.050 Lynne Sedgmore: yeah, Because I was so beautiful. We have this. I was already running the course I'd written it, Kathy Jones, and it asked me to to develop something for her, for the for her temple teachings. And I actually said, No, thank you, Kappy. I need to do anything else like a hole in the head.

00:40:01.060 --> 00:40:29.729 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: No. And then it started to flow through. So it's inspired by the own Babylonian wheel and and the same directions, but it's a distinctly different um wheel of its own. So I taught um two spirals, one's and a spiral two. Then we went into Covid had to go online. So really I had a framework which is the program.

00:40:29.740 --> 00:40:58.189 Lynne Sedgmore: Uh, it was seven weekends. Um, So this is spiral one. And so I pieced it together around the scenes of the up, because because what it has is, it's a moon, wheel it's a moon wheel. We have elements, architect and dotted nosis is at the center, and then I've taken the best of, if you like, more mainstream leadership, which is ways of knowing pads of power being leaderful.

00:40:58.200 --> 00:41:04.370 I've built on railings work and done quite a lot of work about being leaderful and states of being

00:41:04.380 --> 00:41:33.600 Lynne Sedgmore: so. It's a kind of shamanic. You could it needn't have goddess in it? Not that I I love doing bonus petrology, but it's a Shermanic. The ceremony it's on the earth it's on the land. We work with the elements. Ah! Labyrinths feature quite strongly. So So it's a real mix, and people were saying to me, Write the book right? The book students were saying we'd love to have it. So when we went online on code I started to write the work.

00:41:34.340 --> 00:41:59.700 Lynne Sedgmore: So it was. I was teaching it. Then I wrote the workbook, and then i'm thinking, Oh, I can see how I could turn this into a book. Um, Tim Ward change um makers that the John Hunt He loved it on site, and and wanted to publish it straight away, because he had written a book on on Man, his mail as a man's search for goddess.

00:41:59.710 --> 00:42:27.329 Lynne Sedgmore: So he and he's the chief exec of his own Publishing Company. So when he got my manuscript he just got it straight away. It was lovely, and I had no idea that I had sent this to the perfect person, and he loved it. Yeah, well, it's run to walk. I I must confess I haven't finished it, but i'm well into it. It is absolutely thoughtful

00:42:27.340 --> 00:42:28.790 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: of resources.

00:42:28.800 --> 00:42:56.659 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah. Exercises. And for people like you and I people who I like change and like you know it's broken up in a way that is so good. You you you're You're always switching gears which I loved, and you know, and and breaking it up and coming from this perspective, and then throwing in a resource and throwing in a conversation, and then in exercise. It's fantastic, and I don't know if your ears were burning. But Judy Neil and I were like,

00:42:57.010 --> 00:43:05.640 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I said. You know I had booked Lynn sedge more on on the podcast. She goes. Oh, I want to go and take her. Course, I said.

00:43:05.660 --> 00:43:14.860 Lynne Sedgmore: We have a lot of fun, I tell you. Rest assured, I rest assured. Oh, my goodness!

00:43:14.960 --> 00:43:31.780 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, we are a minute to break, so i'm not going to ask you another question right at the moment. I'll wait till we come back after the break. When we do come back We're going to, of course. Get into your leading edge, Lynn, and find out how people can find you,

00:43:31.840 --> 00:43:39.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and then we will see what kind of time we have left. Then I have a few fun questions I may ask you. Hey,

00:43:39.890 --> 00:43:43.730 Lynne Sedgmore: Stay with us on the edge of every day, folks

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00:45:42.530 --> 00:45:43.290 every day,

00:45:43.300 --> 00:45:57.390 and we are back with Lynn Sedgemor. So before I dive into your leading edge, I do also want to to Let everyone know that you have. I mentioned in your Cv. That you are a published poet. You have three

00:45:57.420 --> 00:46:11.949 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: books of poetry and chance, and you're also a songwriter and enlightenment healing through the goddess and crone times. I love that in our pre-chat I was like

00:46:11.960 --> 00:46:19.489 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I've I've reached the big six Oh, I can i'm an hashtag crone full on crown, and you were like, Yes,

00:46:19.670 --> 00:46:22.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: embrace that crone.

00:46:22.500 --> 00:46:26.080 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, I love it. Um. So.

00:46:26.090 --> 00:46:47.519 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we're going to hear one of those homes when we close. But so leading what's your leading edge these days? I mean, the book is still pretty new, and you've got a lot. We're just emerging out of Covid. So maybe it's not something you've been doing a lot of thinking about. There's still newness with all of that. But is there some project

00:46:47.530 --> 00:46:59.530 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that you still are dreaming of doing, and that you've kind of pushed. Keep pushing back on a timeline that is calling to you Post Covid.

00:47:00.300 --> 00:47:30.070 Well, not sort of not really. I mean becoming the chair of the time. Deal. I'm loving it. I I bowed. I would never chair another board again, they would never go on another board, and this is the only one that I um. But basically this total regeneration of skills and buildings and capital in a small market town is absolutely fantastic, and you know what we had a civil servants. I've got to share this the other day. Civil servants always like

00:47:30.080 --> 00:47:39.900 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: took everything down, and he fed back, and she said, This is our Golden Child Project. The Glastonbury project is shimmering,

00:47:40.520 --> 00:47:48.690 Lynne Sedgmore: and we all just sat there and looked at each other. It's like I've worked for civil with civil servants for years, and we've just like, Did she just say that?

00:47:48.700 --> 00:48:02.590 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, I'm finding this really exciting Actually, the things that I really want to push myself into is being more crafty. You know It's

00:48:02.600 --> 00:48:16.530 Lynne Sedgmore: yeah, And I've just started making prayer beads. Actually. Um! I decided to do that. They don't know that yet. So they won't be listening for my students who dedicate this. We can my this this year's cohort one

00:48:16.540 --> 00:48:46.340 Lynne Sedgmore: and i'm making ah prayer beads for them, and you know i'm absolutely loving it. So at the moment in my head, my whole new way of being is to be a jewelry maker with with crab beads, totally feeling that so that the timing of your teachings, so people can find your book on your website and at Amazon, and they can make a call. I always say this if you want it at your look

00:48:46.350 --> 00:48:48.290 bookstore, go in and tell them the

00:48:48.300 --> 00:48:56.120 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, it's a lot of places. Yeah, it's in a lot of bookstores. Yeah, online. So

00:48:57.180 --> 00:49:10.189 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and and other reasons. So also on your website. I want to make sure people know this is that you have a lot of publications as well. The leaderful publication is exquisite. Tell us quickly about that.

00:49:10.200 --> 00:49:27.739 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, um, what I did. Having done my doctor at it in two thousand and thirteen, I I was writing very academically, so I wrote a document for my students, which was leaderful, which is a monograph. Really, it's a colorful monograph, and I can send that to people online. It's on the website,

00:49:27.750 --> 00:49:57.270 Lynne Sedgmore: and that enabled me to write in a more accessible way By the time I got to the goddess learning real book. But yes, I've written um I i'm published. I'm not. I don't call myself an academic. I'm a i'm a practitioner scholar, that's what I call myself. I'm a a good chief exec a good chair of things, but I do like writing creatively and academic. Yes, I've got quite a list of publications, and i'm quite a Lot's been written on my work.

00:49:57.550 --> 00:50:09.299 Lynne Sedgmore: But yeah, well, yet one more thing I love about you is is your your desire to integrate the very masculine

00:50:09.570 --> 00:50:18.329 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: rigor of academia with a more, a larger flow more into it, and creative writing.

00:50:18.340 --> 00:50:22.690 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: My, my, my snoop advisor didn't like that. I rest assured

00:50:22.700 --> 00:50:34.859 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: you're on the cutting edge, and no one everyone always wants to chop this into either or and when you, when Lynn and I are both interface ministers. When I went, was ordained,

00:50:34.870 --> 00:50:46.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I was building a website, and I had both my spirituality and my all my acting and creative life, and and coaching and counseling on there, and I lost a voiceover agent

00:50:46.710 --> 00:51:00.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: because he saw the word spiritual, and he jumped to, you know, like she's gone off the Demon, and now it's much more it people are understanding. There's a better integration, but still they still have work to do in that category.

00:51:00.600 --> 00:51:01.890 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, definitely.

00:51:01.900 --> 00:51:02.490 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah.

00:51:02.500 --> 00:51:08.830 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Ok, here's my fun question for you, And then we'll see, we'll ask Sam how much more time we have.

00:51:09.330 --> 00:51:19.500 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Ah, if you could spend an hour with I I was going to say, woman, but it can be anyone in history. Who would it be? And why?

00:51:19.510 --> 00:51:46.539 Lynne Sedgmore: Oh, wow, That's It's not a woman. It would be Gandhi. It would be Gandhi. He's my absolute total. What What that man achieved in terms of um decolonization, you know, from a spiritual perspective, and I know I've I've read things, people criticizing him, but it's like for me. Martin Luther King is would be the other one as well.

00:51:46.550 --> 00:51:54.889 Lynne Sedgmore: But Gandhi did something, and I do love India. I spent a lot of time in India. I'm: So

00:51:54.900 --> 00:52:00.179 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah. So, Gandhi, I would love to be in his ashram

00:52:00.190 --> 00:52:27.610 Lynne Sedgmore: and spent time uh around that. And and the reason is because he had achieved so much with non a himsa non-violent. His mother was a Jane I love jainism. Um. So in that sense he was someone who achieved so much, but in such a nonviolent way, in such a spiritual, deep way. But he basically toppled an empire away from

00:52:27.620 --> 00:52:47.509 Lynne Sedgmore: um. Ah, India, I mean, I know partition followed in all sorts. But when you look at his intent and his purity, and the way that he was never enticed in any way by material things. Yeah, is rather

00:52:47.910 --> 00:52:53.999 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: um. If uh, if you had a theme song, what would it be?

00:52:57.980 --> 00:53:00.810 Lynne Sedgmore: There's nothing I cannot do

00:53:01.950 --> 00:53:05.889 Lynne Sedgmore: that's just coming from. But i'm never!

00:53:05.900 --> 00:53:25.279 Lynne Sedgmore: There's nothing I cannot, do, you know, be real raunchy kind of right. I feel a writing session coming on. Oh, my God!

00:53:25.950 --> 00:53:45.209 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I just had a whole bunch of people at my house for this event we did in the plum, and my girlfriend stayed and helped a little bit, and and she was good friends with one of the performers, and she said to me, You need to write a blue song set called up to speed. Same kind of Ah! Get up on speed.

00:53:45.220 --> 00:53:50.719 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Come on, everybody, let's all get up to speed. Same five. Oh, my God, I love it!

00:53:50.890 --> 00:53:52.819 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, so

00:53:53.370 --> 00:54:10.250 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: um! We've talked about where we can find your book, your publications, your all of the incredible resources on your website. If there is one bit of advice that you can give to young younger women. You've got

00:54:10.340 --> 00:54:18.170 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: daughters and granddaughters. What is your advice to women moving into leadership roles?

00:54:18.620 --> 00:54:21.169 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: What advice can you leave them with?

00:54:21.180 --> 00:54:26.339 Lynne Sedgmore: Right for me. It's really knowing who you are,

00:54:26.930 --> 00:54:30.040 Lynne Sedgmore: knowing what your passion is,

00:54:30.120 --> 00:54:36.890 Lynne Sedgmore: and also understanding that you do need a certain level of competence in the world.

00:54:36.900 --> 00:54:49.269 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, but that you need. So it's. And I take this: This is I didn't invent this. This is Gareth Jones. Be yourself with skill and and

00:54:49.280 --> 00:55:19.270 Lynne Sedgmore: and know what it is you want to contribute to the world. What I love about young people, particularly social, spiritual entrepreneurs these days, with my granddaughters of twenty and um sixteen is is how they want to change the world for the better as well as have a good life which is hard for youngsters today, because there's so many obstacles. So it's. Be yourself with skill. Know your passion, and really find mentors as well.

00:55:19.440 --> 00:55:48.590 Lynne Sedgmore: Who can help you to, who believe in you who support you, who encourage you. I've always had people encouraging me, and I give a lot back in that way, because I think paying it forward is really important to know who you are, know what your passion is. Get your skill base, really well, and find a support, a coach, a mentor, an infuser who will actually be there for you and help you support you

00:55:48.790 --> 00:55:56.950 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: spectacular, and and you know, a mentor and a support system, both male and female. But I believe that women are

00:55:56.970 --> 00:56:05.069 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: more eager to step into that mentorship role these days, which is glorious. So, Lynn Sedgmore, dot

00:56:05.310 --> 00:56:07.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: your website again,

00:56:13.200 --> 00:56:22.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Co. Dot Uk: All you have to do is is Google Lynn said. The more Yeah, this will all be in the notes. People.

00:56:22.100 --> 00:56:27.690 Lynne Sedgmore: All I have to do is Google in sedge more. But I believe it's dot co dot. Uk:

00:56:27.700 --> 00:56:43.960 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, Thank you, right. And And all of the things that we have discussed, you can find on that website she is on. You're also on Linkedin and Facebook, so you can find her on social media and connect with her there,

00:56:43.970 --> 00:56:50.889 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: or you can travel to Glastonbury and take her, which I'm. Considering, having

00:56:50.900 --> 00:56:55.009 Lynne Sedgmore: being a part of her wonderful teachings.

00:56:55.390 --> 00:57:12.149 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lynn sedge more. Thank you so much. I'm going to close us out. I'm going to thank you first, and then close us out with one of your prayers. Thank you so so much for coming on the show and sharing your wisdom and your talent and your leadership.

00:57:12.320 --> 00:57:18.389 Lynne Sedgmore: Thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to talk and it's terrific. I've loved it.

00:57:18.400 --> 00:57:20.520 Lynne Sedgmore: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah,

00:57:20.570 --> 00:57:23.499 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And this is a closing prayer

00:57:24.920 --> 00:57:26.790 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: by Lynn Sedge more

00:57:27.160 --> 00:57:30.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: prayer for my service in the world.

00:57:32.510 --> 00:57:36.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: My heart expands in your love,

00:57:36.460 --> 00:57:48.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: mother. My heart expands in your love, spreading service into the world, I pray for you to uphold me, protect me,

00:57:48.210 --> 00:57:51.009 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: nourish me, and unfold me,

00:57:51.480 --> 00:57:57.360 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: give me strength and clarity to work for the mother world

00:57:58.020 --> 00:58:05.079 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: to keep my vow before you. I bow in love and reverence,

00:58:06.030 --> 00:58:07.839 and so it is.

00:58:08.660 --> 00:58:10.180 Lynne Sedgmore: Blessed be

00:58:10.210 --> 00:58:12.210 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: absolutely beautiful.

00:58:12.240 --> 00:58:20.430 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Remember, folks, you are always at the edge of the miraculous until we speak again. Stay well

00:58:22.660 --> 00:58:23.719 this evening.

00:58:24.420 --> 00:58:25.719 Yeah, I said.

00:58:27.390 --> 00:58:28.509 He's a

00:58:30.510 --> 00:58:33.109 this is our

00:58:38.460 --> 00:58:39.490 i'm sure

00:58:42.390 --> 00:58:43.770 my should.

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