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Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/24 - Communicating with your Furbaby

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/24 - Communicating with your Furbaby


2022/08/24 - Communicating with your Furbaby

[New Episode] Communicating with your Furbaby

EPISODE QUOTE:  "Animals choose us to teach us the lessons we need to learn." - Jill Lauri 


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy welcomes his guests, animal communicator and coach Jill Lauri and Ann Levy. Tommy tells his audience how he met Ann and connected her to Valerie at a charity event. Tommy, Jill, and Ann discuss the benefits of animal healing and Jill’s connection to the animals. Jill shares how she’s always loved animals and felt connected to them. She’s worked with animals throughout her career, but it wasn’t until hurricane Sandy that she realized she was a voice for the animals.

Segment 2

Jill tells Tommy and Ann that clients usually request service when they are distressed. The reasons could be because their animal has passed away or was recently diagnosed with an illness. Jill describes the different personalities she met when connecting with animals. She goes on to talk about the process of communicating with animals and how she is almost like a translator that relays the message to their owners. Tommy talks about the beauty of nature and how it can be a tool for healing.

Segment 3

Ann discusses how she used to work as a funeral director early in her career. She tells Tommy and Jill how the funeral home got a certified comfort dog named Koda. Koda would sit in on visitations as a way to comfort the clients who were going through a difficult time. Jill believes companion dogs are helpful for the grieving process.

Segment 4

The Compassion Awards are on October 11th on Long Island. Jill explains Animal Rock, which is a celebration of our relationship with animals. It is inspired and led by the animals. Jill shares what to expect at Animal Rock and the different events that they will offer. There will be pet adoption, raffle prizes, and animal blessings. If you run an animal organization, it is free of charge to join. Jill explains what an animal blessing is to Tommy and Ann. Jill and Tommy encourage the audience to bring their legally domesticated animal.


00:00:54.920 --> 00:01:16.189 Tommy D: And we are back for the week. All the professionals and animal lovers show. It's your boy, your body, your pal, Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector coming out to you as I do every Friday morning on philanthropy you focus, and every Wednesday afternoon on the professionals and animal lovers show where else?

00:01:16.200 --> 00:01:21.700 Tommy D: Two flights above above this above how Tommy? Two flights up from the kitchen

00:01:21.830 --> 00:01:24.589 Tommy D: just below the roof in my addicts now.

00:01:24.600 --> 00:01:33.589 Tommy D: Yes, granted this summer I haven't always been doing The shows live from the adequate. Today we are back in the attic, and a shirt and tie on which is killing me in the middle of summer,

00:01:33.600 --> 00:01:37.289 and I wanted to do it because I thought it was important to throw a shirt and tie on

00:01:37.300 --> 00:01:53.350 Tommy D: for old times sake, because i'm about to retire the tie. I'm about to retire the necktie. Not for the whole world, but for me. I think we're just gonna end that whole wearing a necktie thing I've evolved out of that. This show is the professionals. Now the lovers show. If you've never been here before.

00:01:53.370 --> 00:01:57.789 Ann Leavy: Welcome! We're glad to have you

00:01:57.800 --> 00:01:58.390 welcome.

00:01:58.400 --> 00:02:08.359 We're glad to have you and Levy's here. Jill Lori's here. What's going on? Hello, everyone! Let me say hello to my friends. Jill. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. How are you?

00:02:08.690 --> 00:02:11.790 Hi! It's great to be here. Thanks for having me.

00:02:11.800 --> 00:02:20.290 Tommy D: We're drilled to have you, and coming in to busy with us. Just saw you yesterday. I'll tell the story about how you and I met originally. But how are you today?

00:02:20.300 --> 00:02:23.489 Ann Leavy: I'm great. Thank you so much. How's everything with you?

00:02:23.500 --> 00:02:30.840 Ann Leavy: Everything is incredible. Thank you. Nothing like shirt and tied a pair of Adidas fans. Oh, I let the cat out of the bag.

00:02:31.890 --> 00:02:37.290 Tommy D: What is the trick now? Everybody knows. Oh, my God, it's two and a half years into this shin, adding into a

00:02:37.300 --> 00:02:39.789 Tommy D: nobody knows what kind of pants you have on them.

00:02:40.250 --> 00:02:50.680 Tommy D: Look every week on this Show my partner, Valerie, my my partner in all things animal advocacy, and my partner in this venture together.

00:02:50.690 --> 00:03:04.190 Tommy D: Ah, she's not with me right now. She's she's a bit under the weather, and that is okay, and it's good to have a team, because that's how it works. You have a team. We pick each other up, you know. Some people have this skill set. Some people have that skill set wherever the case may be,

00:03:04.200 --> 00:03:24.059 Tommy D: she says I help her with a lot of ways pushing her. I know she pushes me in a lot of ways of advocacy. So, Val, I love you, kid. Feel better. Get well sued. All right. So this show is. It's a mission that we're on. It's a mission to talk about advocacy. It's a mission to learn to educate,

00:03:24.070 --> 00:03:30.590 Tommy D: to advocate. It's a mission to create a community which we've created. I mean it was some some thirty people that

00:03:30.600 --> 00:03:43.899 Ann Leavy: in a room in plain view, Long Island yesterday. By the way, if you were at this thing, shout out to chocolate works! Shout out to Joanne, Kate. Wait, Joanne, wink, Carter, because I don't know about you, man, but like

00:03:44.510 --> 00:04:13.350 Tommy D: when you can take a pretzel with salt and cover it with chocolate, and you get salt and sweet together, Man, I don't know what it is. Not a whole lot better than that for me at least, I Those were delicious. So we got to meet friends. We got to make new friends. I wash. I actually stood in the back of the room after we broke into the bathroom. We had lunch and watched the people connect. We didn't know each other, and now you know each other. So what are we doing? We're creating an incredibly special community of folks bringing these people together.

00:04:13.360 --> 00:04:27.590 Tommy D: Why, so that through this everyone wins, and my co-host and partner usually says especially the animals. So together we'll say so. We're creating a community, so that everyone wins, especially the animals.

00:04:27.600 --> 00:04:42.079 Tommy D: So that's what it's all about, and we're excited to have Jillier as our friend, and we're going to talk to an interview, and and here has an incredible business that's coming out, and i'll tell you story how man and I met. Well, i'll just tell you right now, because i'm running the show.

00:04:42.630 --> 00:04:45.450 Ann Leavy: I was had an event with stupid Dion Isis, the

00:04:45.620 --> 00:05:05.419 Tommy D: for an organization called Operation best, which is an organization talking about veterans, and how we need to focus on veterans and educating each other about the challenge of veterans tragically taking their own lives. So best operation best stands for veterans ending suicide together. I was there, scoop and ices,

00:05:05.430 --> 00:05:09.999 Tommy D: and was there singing the National Anthem. We became friends.

00:05:10.010 --> 00:05:30.450 Tommy D: She comes over with Charlie. I'm super nice, and she says, and so what's your deal? She said. Why, I've worked in the funeral home for many years. I'm going to be launching this new business, and she told me what it was, and i'm gonna we We'll talk about it. We're gonna just kind of tease you all we'll talk about when we come back. I say, Oh, my God, you need to meet my friend Val, like I got to get Bell right now. I don't like that. And, Jill, I had like

00:05:30.460 --> 00:05:40.990 Ann Leavy: line of thirty five people, and i'm stupid. Is it like I got a cold val like at the same time, and I got to like, connect you guys, and right, and once you and Valerie connected right, I mean,

00:05:41.000 --> 00:05:42.289 Tommy D: it just made sense. So

00:05:42.300 --> 00:05:59.390 Ann Leavy: Yes, I saw that. So Anne's gonna play with us today, and and you know I know she's curious about what Jill's here to talk about. So, without further ado, I actually one little one more further ado. If this, if that's how you're saying is, I just want to shout out, October eleventh of this year is the first

00:05:59.400 --> 00:06:11.200 Tommy D: annual. When you say first annual. I like to say that because every year but the first annual compassion awards, we were talking about that yesterday i'll share some throughout the show. You know we have three

00:06:11.210 --> 00:06:25.599 Tommy D: Honorees that that will. We're that They're very special in the advocacy world, and we have a handful of sponsors that are parted up with it. But if you want to check it out, learn more about it. I'll share on Facebook. But pal, hyphen show,

00:06:25.720 --> 00:06:29.090 Tommy D: com pal, hyphen show com

00:06:29.100 --> 00:06:31.260 Tommy D: All right. Let's get into this. So gel

00:06:31.480 --> 00:06:40.910 Tommy D: there's so much to talk about, and I will tell you I got to just kind of preface this because coming into this conversation, I'm. Really excited to have this conversation with you,

00:06:41.090 --> 00:06:55.090 Tommy D: but at the same time as a guy who meditates, and a guy who is relatively spiritual, and feels this connection to a universal consciousness and of constantly searching

00:06:55.110 --> 00:07:12.890 Tommy D: what you're gonna tell me about. I'm going like this. This is a good one. This is fun, but i'm having some some like concerns like, Wow, how does this all work? So what does he talk about? All right. Let me just read from from Jill's bio. So Bill Lori's organization is healing with that,

00:07:12.900 --> 00:07:24.260 Tommy D: and her intention is to inspire and inspire others to create a world where non-human animals are treated with respect, love, and compassion, Welcome to our world. Right. On. So, inspired by

00:07:24.270 --> 00:07:38.970 Tommy D: the animal kingdom. She advocates for animals, and the passage of animal friendly laws, she bringing together this celebration, which we'll talk about on September the twenty first here in Rockwood Beach. Well, not where I am, but not too far. I know the rock was pretty well.

00:07:39.470 --> 00:07:54.329 Tommy D: Tell us about this animal communication and the coaching that you do, Jill? I mean. We talked in the break about the break, but before we got started that I sit on the board of horse ability, and I was just talking to a coach friend of mine yesterday, and I said, When I go to horse ability

00:07:54.340 --> 00:08:10.259 Tommy D: I feel my blood pressure. Go down when I see my four-legged horse friends. I feel better. They make me feel better. Tell me about your background, your connection to the animals. And how do you communicate, because i'd like to be a better communicator.

00:08:11.950 --> 00:08:19.689 Tommy D: Ah, absolutely thank you, and I just want to clarify that the Animal Rock event is September the twenty fourth

00:08:19.700 --> 00:08:20.590 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: a second.

00:08:20.600 --> 00:08:24.590 Tommy D: Did I say wrong? I thought I heard twenty one. So

00:08:24.600 --> 00:08:27.190 Tommy D: what I said. September The twenty fourth.

00:08:27.200 --> 00:08:27.890 Okay,

00:08:27.900 --> 00:08:28.860 Tommy D: All right.

00:08:28.870 --> 00:08:29.890 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Okay. Great.

00:08:29.900 --> 00:08:49.880 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: So that's the date. So yeah, So I came into the world just completely enamored with animals. I just connected with them. I understood them. They They were my people, right. Um! And I probably feel more connected to animals than I did in my life,

00:08:49.940 --> 00:08:59.090 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: You know. For many years I lived with animals. I did some unofficial rescue work.

00:08:59.110 --> 00:09:15.330 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: I coached people who had lost their animal companions, and it wasn't until after Hurricane Sandy, when that's one of those moments where you just get real with yourself.

00:09:15.340 --> 00:09:21.100 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: And you know you realize. And you question, Why am I really here?

00:09:21.110 --> 00:09:33.449 Tommy D: And it really hit me that I was truly here to be a voice for the animals, and that everything I had experienced for was preparing me to do just that.

00:09:33.460 --> 00:09:38.589 Tommy D: Were you in the rockaways during Sandy? I was. Yes, I was

00:09:38.600 --> 00:09:46.780 Tommy D: so let's give it a frame of reference. I mean, if you don't remember Hurricane Sandy, which now is it? Twelve years ago, is it more? Or is it? How many years ago?

00:09:46.790 --> 00:09:59.509 Ann Leavy: Two thousand and twelve yeah, ten years? So So how I mean, What did I remember it? I? You know I have a lot less kids then, but I I remember that

00:09:59.520 --> 00:10:16.989 Tommy D: that time Frame and the rockaways were just really south shore of, you know, Long Island. Obviously, Queens really really really beat up. So it certainly was a time of racketing, I guess, and in your own life a time to reflect on like you say, What's my calling? What should I be doing?

00:10:17.000 --> 00:10:43.520 Ann Leavy: Exactly. And it was also a time where it's almost like one of the worst things that could happen, you think happened. And so then it was like, Okay, what is there to be afraid of now? And so, stepping into an arena which was even less mainstream than I had done before, and opening up to this possibility of talking to animals.

00:10:43.530 --> 00:10:44.570 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Um!

00:10:44.700 --> 00:10:48.319 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Of a sudden it didn't quite seem as if

00:10:48.620 --> 00:11:06.269 Tommy D: out of the realm of possibility. And, Jill, i'm sorry it's. It's interesting because I feel that way personally like in a time that we've just gone through the last two and a half years. It's another sort of like. Well, just that. My, this is my vernacular. I'm not putting words on. Anybody's powerful like

00:11:06.280 --> 00:11:14.869 Tommy D: just free can do it like, just do the thing like, who knows what comes next? I was on a meeting. I was on several meetings earlier today, but saying, like

00:11:15.140 --> 00:11:26.400 Tommy D: you know, I almost hold myself back from saying this. There's silver linings to the last couple of years, and there's obviously been such tragedy and loss of life and things and sickness. But

00:11:26.500 --> 00:11:28.390 Tommy D: we've we've taken that pause,

00:11:28.400 --> 00:11:43.280 Tommy D: and we've been able to reflect, as I believe, in society, as a raise as people, but also as individuals, to really say, Well, what am I doing, man? How am I making an impact? I will tell you. This particular show is a result of a conversation that happened

00:11:43.290 --> 00:12:08.659 Ann Leavy: during this this time in history. You know. Valerie and I started talking about this last summer. So our first episode was September first. So it's. Ah, you know we're coming up on that which which is weird to even say like that's next week. Ah, but it's interesting how those times that our lives will make us, or or or empower us to make different choices and see things different, right

00:12:09.550 --> 00:12:14.190 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: absolutely. And that's what I keep hearing from the animals

00:12:14.200 --> 00:12:20.479 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: is that this is a time of transformation and a time of opportunity,

00:12:20.490 --> 00:12:40.910 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: a time to change things not only for how we treat non-human animals, but how we treat human animals um and our planet so um as much as there are some darkness that we're experiencing. There's also the opportunity to bring that right into the light,

00:12:40.920 --> 00:12:58.979 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: and the animals have been inspiring me and talking about us, doing it with love and passion. And so I communicate with all species, also animals who passed over,

00:12:58.990 --> 00:13:08.989 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: you know, and it's interesting because, like in any relationship there are going to be challenges. But we usually reach out when there's some kind of issue in the relationship

00:13:09.000 --> 00:13:24.070 Tommy D: right there. There's some kind of behavioral something going on, or a health issue, or something that's a source of stress. So that tends to be the times when people will doubt it.

00:13:24.080 --> 00:13:26.269 Tommy D: Yeah, I I think so.

00:13:26.610 --> 00:13:32.670 Tommy D: How does this? I mean, I pulled up your website because I want to share it as we go to a break. But like

00:13:32.810 --> 00:13:59.990 Tommy D: what is he? You know i'm gonna set up. We'll do when we come back to break like. I'm. Curious like, What does this relationship feel like? What is it like when you know? And how do people find you. And and you say it happens there are times of challenges, or maybe strife or different things. You know where they're looking for some deeper connection with. Is it just their own animal, is it? You know that that's what I'm I mean, and like not to put you on the spot. But when you,

00:14:00.000 --> 00:14:18.789 Ann Leavy: you know I don't even I almost don't want to say. But i'm gonna say I mean you just lost your animal not too long ago. You're you're talking not too long ago. And yeah, and you know what you're before we go to break. Share your business. Tell us what you're about to launch, because I don't want to keep anybody in suspense anymore, because I love,

00:14:18.800 --> 00:14:35.639 Tommy D: I see it on my mind. I have the vision of what you're creating. Um, because you told me about it, but also because I got a pretty big imagination. So tell us real quick before we go to break what the future holds for the work you're going to do, and then how that'll relate to what Jill's talking about, too.

00:14:36.100 --> 00:14:52.200 So i'm i'm opening a luxury pet resort it's a daycare and spot as well. So what that means is it's overnight? Um for pups, and also for cats, and we have a daycare play for the daytime, and then the spot

00:14:52.230 --> 00:14:54.889 Ann Leavy: so we can clean the pups if if the

00:14:54.900 --> 00:14:59.289 Ann Leavy: uh parents would like before they're picked up after overnight or after their daycare.

00:14:59.300 --> 00:15:05.179 Ann Leavy: But what? And that may sound like. Oh, okay, It's probably like a kennel. But um,

00:15:05.190 --> 00:15:28.370 Ann Leavy: I even though by definition, we are a kennel because we are getting technically getting a to keep uh dogs overnight. Um, I don't like to categorize myself in with that word kennel because um, it's complete luxury. What we're doing. We are completely cage-free. No concrete pores, no chainman fences. We're completely indoors um

00:15:28.380 --> 00:15:33.789 Ann Leavy: we have sweets for all the pops. We We do not have any small type

00:15:34.020 --> 00:15:57.699 Ann Leavy: areas that the the pups will sleep in. The smallest room that we have is eight by seven, which is very large, and the the way we designed, which I guess we could get into later. But um the way we designed the resort is it's all about safety and comfort and the well-being for the pups, and of course, the cats that will stay with us as well. Okay, Cats will be in a separate area, of course. But um,

00:15:57.710 --> 00:16:03.660 Ann Leavy: my My poo that I've had! He! He was my life, and we never had

00:16:03.750 --> 00:16:14.180 Ann Leavy: an option like that for him. We would have never left him in a kennel, or any type of facility like that. But fortunately we were

00:16:14.190 --> 00:16:41.999 Ann Leavy: the last of a family that would take care of her. My mom was going to grandma's house right? Because yes, pretty great. They love each other so much. Um! But if we did not have her um, you know I have. My My parents, of course, would love to take care of my push for me, but they had up, and you know that as which got older, too stressful for him to be the

00:16:42.010 --> 00:16:48.789 Ann Leavy: so, because my mother-in-law, was our main caretaker, and we were very fortunate

00:16:48.800 --> 00:16:49.310 Tommy D: I

00:16:49.320 --> 00:17:11.989 Ann Leavy: we have that and when when I met you I said, You you and Valerie forget about it like I love hanging out with you. I love connecting with you, but I was like all the cow, and I didn't say cow instead of bad a word that rhymes with me, and I was like all the cow you know you and Valley are going to get along, because I know when it comes to my buddy Joby, like Valerie's dog and one of our mascots.

00:17:12.000 --> 00:17:18.969 Ann Leavy: But he'll be He's like would never be left in one of those kennel places, because it's not how they operate, and it's not.

00:17:18.980 --> 00:17:40.540 Tommy D: It's not how a lot of fur parents would even think about. We do have to take a break when we come back. I want to come back with Jill, and I want to. I want to understand the feel of this, because I think you know i'm feeling the good Bobs i'm feeling we're We're going to understand this better before we split today. So people are affected by us Last week we had

00:17:40.550 --> 00:17:56.959 Tommy D: a couple weeks ago. We had our friend Mitchell Castman on the show I met yesterday for it. What's up, Mitchell? Great to meet you, man. I you know I didn't get a hug before he left. I owe you all but um. When we had him on the show. I was talking about funerals for our animals when they when they passed, and

00:17:56.970 --> 00:18:05.930 Tommy D: and this is some of what i'm getting a vibes. Jill is some of the stuff that we're going to talk about. So this is the longest introduction to a break I've ever done,

00:18:05.940 --> 00:18:09.580 Tommy D: so let's take a quick break. We'll be right back. This is pals.

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00:20:22.260 --> 00:20:34.790 Tommy D: and we're back. This is thousands of professionals and animal lovers show. I'm gonna really cool right off of Jill's website. Initially, I was hesitant about whether animal communication was real or not. So as I

00:20:34.800 --> 00:20:47.600 Tommy D: I am, M. From New York, New York, Uh. Jill has spoken with my pets, both living, and crossed over many times. Each cat and dog revealed feelings, thoughts and ideas, fears that

00:20:47.610 --> 00:20:55.190 Tommy D: were unique to their personalities. I wasn't prepared for the truly unconditional way. They love their families

00:20:55.200 --> 00:21:00.640 Tommy D: more on that check out the website. You'll see the full quote from Pam, and but I will tell you.

00:21:00.650 --> 00:21:11.480 Tommy D: Here's what I know about human beings and life. We barely know anything. That's what I know. We don't know anything so

00:21:11.490 --> 00:21:39.549 Tommy D: even like to to assume that we can't connect with those who have passed over, whether human or animals, to assume that we can't connect with animals in some telepathic way, or some communicative way to me. That's arrogant. I used to go around saying, you know, like I don't believe that there's anything else. What the heck do I know i'm a guy in an attic, and that's not self-deprecating. That is really just about us as humans like. What do we know? Man, How much do we actually understand? And So

00:21:39.560 --> 00:21:46.069 Tommy D: let's come into this conversation open-minded, right! Talk to us jail. What does it look like when the client

00:21:46.130 --> 00:22:04.790 Tommy D: like our our friend Pam M. When they connect with you. What is that? Look? That's funny, because I'm Tommy d so like it would not be very like. Sometimes we try to protect people's like privacy when we put Pam m all no shout out to Pan by the way, but like if it said Tommy d everybody would still know it was me, so we'd have to figure out another

00:22:04.800 --> 00:22:12.809 Tommy D: another way to do that if I put something. But talk to us about this like when somebody reaches out to you for this type of support in this type of communication.

00:22:13.320 --> 00:22:38.699 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Yeah, very often people come to me when they are very distraught. Um! It could be that their animal has passed over it could be. Their animal has a diagnosis that's very stressing. It could be an animal that's gone missing, and people, I mean? These are our babies, right? So when something like that is going on, it really shakes,

00:22:38.710 --> 00:22:50.660 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: makes us to our poor. And so typically, what I do is, I check in first. I say hello to the animal, and animals love to talk to us,

00:22:50.670 --> 00:23:01.790 Tommy D: because if you think about it, they're not used to people listening in that way. So when somebody shows up and it really wants to hear them, it's like, Oh, great! I've been waiting,

00:23:01.800 --> 00:23:08.760 and i'll usually get a feel a sense for what the animal is like. Some animals feel very confident.

00:23:08.770 --> 00:23:22.999 Tommy D: Don't feel less pure, and it's funny because some animals have a great sense of humor. They're even sarcastic. Sometimes it's really a blast,

00:23:23.520 --> 00:23:32.630 and we we sort of the animals choose us, and the animals choose us to teach us the lessons that we need to learn. So

00:23:32.740 --> 00:24:02.639 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: um, yeah, And then the animals will sometimes share something right off of that, something a message for their person. And then ah! The person may have specific questions that they want me to ask their head, and you know It's sort of like being a translator, and we sort of go back and forth, sort of having a three or five way dialogue so depending on how many people there are in the family, or how many animals there are

00:24:02.650 --> 00:24:04.050 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: we're talking to,

00:24:04.060 --> 00:24:33.029 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: and it's really what I love most of it. But most about it is it's such an opportunity to clear up misunderstanding. You know very often, when there's an illness of the animal that's passed over. The pet parents feel skills, or worse or shame even, and to be able to fear straight from their beloved what their experience was, and how they look at it. It's like I can just hear

00:24:33.040 --> 00:24:36.749 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: we are the relief in in people's voices

00:24:36.760 --> 00:24:49.290 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: just to hear how much they're loved. And it's just to be in the presence of that kind of love, That kind of unconditional love is so amazing.

00:24:49.300 --> 00:24:51.490 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: It's it's really pretty incredible.

00:24:51.500 --> 00:25:07.840 Tommy D: It it sounds, too, to me like. And then jumping, if you have any questions, please, because it's kind of just conversational thing here. But um! It it sounds to me that it's almost a ah a closure, you know, even when I hear you know, like our one, and and I've never,

00:25:08.150 --> 00:25:24.959 Tommy D: and which is funny to me that I've never visited like a psychic, I mean. I think I've given like a a lady with a crystal ball like twenty bucks one time to see if she could tell me some stuff like I'm done like that, you know. But I I. I just think that there's this opportunity

00:25:24.970 --> 00:25:39.440 Tommy D: to to connect and to understand what might lie on the other side. But it sounds like this opportunity like you're talking about for the fact that you did everything right. You were, you know you were a good

00:25:39.450 --> 00:25:48.189 Tommy D: mom or dad Parent, you know, as far as that goes, and and it's all good like I'm getting emotional. And I see you.

00:25:48.200 --> 00:25:50.190 Tommy D: Oh, no. But this is kind of what it goes on.

00:25:50.200 --> 00:26:00.050 Tommy D: Yeah, real stuff. Um, when you when you first started to do this, Was it like, Did you know, Jill, like you had this sort of connection?

00:26:00.060 --> 00:26:14.119 That is it tuning in, is it? Where is that like? I think of Edgar Casey, who used to do these things back in the day with people and stuff like that. And if you don't know that that's all another show, I'll probably talk to you guys about some of the time. But like,

00:26:14.130 --> 00:26:24.919 Tommy D: talk to me about that like, Where did you find that you had this level of connection with the animals? You said, growing up. You felt more connected to the animals than the people. Animals. Right?

00:26:25.380 --> 00:26:32.889 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Yeah, You know, we all have the ability, right. We all communicate with our animals, and we don't frame it that way,

00:26:32.900 --> 00:26:49.990 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: right like you you, you may go to the cupboard, and you you choose turkey rather than tuna right for for your animal, and you don't realize that the reason you did. That is because they told you they wanted them right. We don't frame it that way.

00:26:50.000 --> 00:27:02.890 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: So we all have the ability to talk to Adam um. What I did was There's some of us, you know, just like we're all here to for different missions to serve different purposes,

00:27:02.900 --> 00:27:16.350 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: and for me, being a voice piano was part of my purpose. And so I, you know, I went on, and I got a sort of patient in animal communication, and I've done a lot of practice. So the more you back

00:27:16.360 --> 00:27:35.080 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: it's, the more you the more you home the skill, and the more you come to trust it right? Because, yeah, when you first hear something, and I know it's interesting because some of the times where I hear the things that sound craziest all the time,

00:27:35.090 --> 00:27:53.919 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: and they're like, Oh, yeah, I know what that means where you know. That was like a crazy name like Hercules or something, and i'll share it. And i'll say, Well, i'm not sure what this means. But i'm hearing the name Hercules and the person like,

00:27:53.930 --> 00:27:57.550 Tommy D: Yeah. And then they explain to me what it means. So

00:27:57.560 --> 00:28:06.499 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: yeah, So I've come to trust it and put it out there. Sometimes people will get it in the moment, and then after it it will hit them.

00:28:06.510 --> 00:28:25.349 Tommy D: So it's. It's one of those things, you know. We have so much capacity beyond what we use right like where you know. I feel like as much as we could see. We're blinded at the same time, you know, like I feel

00:28:25.360 --> 00:28:35.510 Tommy D: I don't want to get into my whole world of things like this. But at the point is, I just think there's so much that is around us, whether it be different frequencies or whatever I like.

00:28:35.900 --> 00:28:55.649 Tommy D: I'm getting out there. Gang, so hold on to it. But it's this different like. There's things that are going on in the peripheral that we're not really tuned in on, and it's like different senses, or whatever the cases like. Why are we not connected to that? But I think you know, and and go to meditation, or or even just mindfulness. When When we sit

00:28:55.660 --> 00:29:12.289 Tommy D: ourselves, or or even in this case, our animals, we there's a different level, because we're blocking out a lot of that noise right? There's a lot of noise out there. There's a lot of distraction out there, and that's what it's coming up for me as you talk about this show is is really is that

00:29:12.300 --> 00:29:15.860 Tommy D: you know I I have found, and you know

00:29:16.910 --> 00:29:35.090 Tommy D: that nature is incredibly special when we talk about divorces, but I think I don't. Obviously it's special, but I mean it's special to us to feel better. You know a walk in nature. I I can't tell you we're gonna go to break in second, but I can't tell you how much In the last two years I have become the love squirrels like

00:29:35.100 --> 00:29:39.849 Tommy D: I love them. They're the cutest they like outside, but I mean it's funny, because, like

00:29:40.070 --> 00:29:50.890 Tommy D: you're living here on well, I don't. We see squirrels all the time right, but it's just see them, and they run. But like if you pay attention to what they're doing like they're little faces, and they're like even like a you know the non-milly front

00:29:50.900 --> 00:30:08.480 Tommy D: feel like really cute, and I don't even give me storyline chipmunk because chipmunk's drive me to get about it and like I love the Alvin in the trip monks. But I mean the chipmunk that I see, and you don't see a lot of them on me. But when I see a chipmunk forget it, but it eats that connection that brings out. But if you pause and you look

00:30:08.770 --> 00:30:13.930 Tommy D: engaged, I never knew I was a burger, but like now, and I think it's a part of

00:30:14.010 --> 00:30:25.619 Tommy D: pandemic Covid era of history that I look out the window that I pause that I pay attention Now I stop. I mean it's like

00:30:26.460 --> 00:30:55.180 Tommy D: I almost drove my car off the road not to hit a squirrel the other day, because, like I don't want to squirrel to be dead, of course, but like it was, it was just It's there's this full connection! Shout out to Val, because it's probably partially this whole thing we're doing here that makes me more aware of it. Although I have been watching squirrels more so we should get a squirrel about, we should get a squirrel out of our basket. All right. We We do have the tape of work break, and I want you to jump in. The conversation will come out because I,

00:30:55.190 --> 00:31:10.890 Tommy D: as somebody who is had animals. I want you to talk to you about what's going on in Maloney with the companion animal, because i'm sure, you know. We talked a little bit briefly yesterday about that on our lunch, but I want to talk about that because and I thought you could feel Gilling on that,

00:31:10.900 --> 00:31:17.690 Tommy D: because I think that connection with that animal and families who are coming into the funeral home,

00:31:17.730 --> 00:31:33.560 that level of connection you You could explain really where it went to. It's not, you know, incredibly special. We'll talk about it. We come out. This is the professionals out in the Lovers show. I'm a big mush already. I'm ready to go outside if they just want some squirrels We'll be right back.

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00:33:35.300 --> 00:33:52.000 and we're back. This is pals. I'm your palate. You're my pal, and I like squirrels. Okay, So it's the professionals and animal lovers Show, and Levy is here. We were just talking earlier about Ann's new business which I am. So so I'm going to be there at the ribbon funding,

00:33:52.010 --> 00:34:20.060 Ann Leavy: if it's like, in the winter time we won't, bring Italian ices unless you want me to um If it's the summertime we will, and if you don't want me to ring dinites at all we don't have. But we did meet over a rainbow ice, you and I. That's how our that is our history. That is our That is the origin story of of us connecting and knowing each other which turns into you. Meeting my friend Val, which turns into you and Peter. Now, Peter's Peter Lonely is supporting our upcoming passion awards. I want.

00:34:20.070 --> 00:34:30.989 Tommy D: I know this um, and it's funny. I always think like not always, but like when we talk a little bit, I think about the name Veda Sultan Puss, because that was the name of the little girl who

00:34:31.000 --> 00:34:31.589 Ann Leavy: Yes,

00:34:31.600 --> 00:34:32.489 Tommy D: the movie,

00:34:32.500 --> 00:34:45.700 Tommy D: my girl with Mccauley caucking when Mccullough Culkin gets. Ah, Thomas, J. But he gets attacked by all those bees, and then ah, that's be cool, and I think of that because of what you used to do, what your career was

00:34:45.710 --> 00:34:59.600 Tommy D: before your new business. Tell us what that was, and let's talk about the dog, because I think there's this cool connection between the dog at the Funeral Hall, or the Funeral Homes, and what Jills they're doing and speaking and connecting with Daniel's Talk to us about that.

00:35:00.110 --> 00:35:03.790 Ann Leavy: So? Well, hello, Joe, I'm sorry I didn't get to say that at all

00:35:03.800 --> 00:35:13.029 Ann Leavy: so nice to meet you. So I worked at Maloney Funeral Homes for twenty three years as a funeral director. I started working there when I was

00:35:13.040 --> 00:35:31.880 Ann Leavy: twenty years old, and they it's a family own funeral home. They're the premier funeral home in New York. They're amazing, very high standards, and that's what i'm all about. I need to make sure everything is just top shelf everything. So I worked as a funeral director and a few years back

00:35:31.950 --> 00:35:37.609 Ann Leavy: Peter Maloney's daughter, had rescued a pup when she was away at college, and she brought

00:35:37.790 --> 00:36:02.419 Ann Leavy: the Pop's name is Coda. She brought him home on the Thanksgiving. He's a he's a lab mixed with a lamp. Next with a weimar, and he's so beautiful, so he's all black, and he has these golden eyes. He's just the sweetest cute while so much. And of course I was always like a kid in the candy store whenever he was up to your home. That's that's a whole other story. But anyway, Peter Maloney had um. He

00:36:02.550 --> 00:36:05.590 Ann Leavy: got it qualified as a

00:36:05.600 --> 00:36:19.630 Ann Leavy: you know, of a comfort dog, you know, so he could be around people and made sure he went through all that training, so we would offer to the families when we were sitting with the family to make funeral names. We would. We would let them know about coda. We didn't bring him into every visitation, because

00:36:19.640 --> 00:36:33.010 Ann Leavy: not not everyone finds comfort, or it gets excited when they see dogs, which is, which is fine. I don't, I don't judge, but we would always ask families. You know we do have a comfort for up here as well. Would you like to meet him for the visitation

00:36:33.020 --> 00:37:01.569 Ann Leavy: If they said yes, we would bring him into the visitation, usually just after the family had already seen that I loved one for the first time, and they felt a little more at eats. So we didn't bring him in immediately, but they would probably probably probably had spent about a half hour forty-five minutes on all right, quota would come in to he to say Hello, and everybody would smile. Everybody would get excited that there was a adorable dog in the room with them, and it was just

00:37:01.580 --> 00:37:04.219 Ann Leavy: it was so heartwarming to see how

00:37:04.250 --> 00:37:34.109 Ann Leavy: people can be so sad and distraught. But when they see a dog it makes them smile, and it makes them happy, and and they they're on the floor playing with them, letting him let their face. And it was just it was just so wonderful. So, of course, me is moving more than anything in the whole world. I I would offer coded services to all the families that I sat with to make arrangements, so I would see quite a lot, and of course I had a special draw in my desk for his treats, and he knew to come directly

00:37:34.120 --> 00:37:39.940 Ann Leavy: me when, whenever he came to visit the funeral hall, but he was really just.

00:37:40.020 --> 00:37:56.969 Ann Leavy: He brightened. People's days as the worst, you know, the worst times in their lives, and it was just so nice to see how uh, how excited and happy he would make people feel and me as well. So I always got exciting things around this, but also. Um, but

00:37:57.130 --> 00:38:25.289 Ann Leavy: um! Should I elaborate a little more on that? Or, he said I I just he! Here's what's coming up for me and Jill. I want you to jump in on this, too. Here's what's coming up Me um A couple, maybe a month ago, about three weeks something like that. I'm out with my older son, and i'm picking him up for me, saying I was boys playing with a ball or something like that, and we're driving home. It's like nine o'clock at night on a Friday. So i'm done, you know, like the Tommy d you know, and love is left a while ago. It's like tired, cranky time for the ground, and it's like, uh,

00:38:25.480 --> 00:38:38.759 Tommy D: there's a dog walking on the street, and he goes. We got to go over there and help, and i'm like, Yeah, it's that dog lives there now. I didn't know the dog that I was. Guessing it was on like some. Some somebody's like the front walked away. His dad. We got to go

00:38:38.770 --> 00:38:52.990 Tommy D: now. I hear his voice, and I hear Valerie's voice. Valerie wasn't there, but she's going to Tommy d stop the car. So we stopped the car, and Thomas, my son, sees the dog, and we walk the door. We knock on somebody's door and sleep

00:38:53.000 --> 00:38:56.219 Tommy D: dark out. You know it's nine o'clock, and he says

00:38:56.480 --> 00:39:08.590 Tommy D: it's just your dog, and the man says, Thank you so much, and he was so appreciative. So you know It's more about the ripple effect Valerie affects me. My son now is affected by this, and Valerie gets him assured

00:39:08.600 --> 00:39:25.440 Tommy D: that, says I'm here to pet all the dogs like That's his t-shirt that kids got so, and that's the thing. And and that's what these animals have for us in this connection, And and you know It's It's about that. And what about You know what

00:39:25.460 --> 00:39:35.699 Tommy D: trajectory of the people that we connect with and talks and impact through this program and through other. You know all the different media that we're involved with are now better all for

00:39:35.710 --> 00:39:49.240 Tommy D: having been involved in nast and stuff. So, listening to your story. That's what I was thinking about. I love your dog. I'm here to pet all the dogs. It's like very special for Jill, from your perspective. With what endless sharing,

00:39:49.440 --> 00:40:14.469 Tommy D: what a he differentiated to, and shout out to Peter and the boiling family of what they're doing there, because just a key differentiator, look, you know. Ah, we all end up in the same place at some point. So if you need services, you know, from a place like Maloney. Well, Why wouldn't you use the one that that's all about the animals and cares, and it's compassionate right? So, Jill, what do you have? Kind of? From what Ann was talking about there something that a little bit about that.

00:40:14.730 --> 00:40:31.710 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Yeah. So what I was thinking about was, I know, before I started communicating with animals. I adored them, and I knew they were pure, unconditional love. But I didn't realize how wise they are, and they are here to teach us and guide us.

00:40:31.750 --> 00:40:51.130 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Animals have their own purposes, and it sounds like he had his purpose to be with people in their grief and their pain. And that's one of the reasons that when

00:40:51.140 --> 00:41:19.299 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: because they're bonds, I mean, they're a combination of partners. Parent, child, best friends, confidence, right? And then, when we lose that connection, although the connection continues just in a different form. Right? Um, it's it's devastating, or it can be. I mean, I can't tell you how many people have said to me, Jill. I'm. More devastated than when my mother's last father passed.

00:41:19.470 --> 00:41:42.959 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: And yeah, they're just such deep connections. And so I I communicate with people, and they are animals that passed over, and then I also get lost coaching for people who really can use extra support in kind of moving through the grief process in healthy ways, because it really can just

00:41:42.970 --> 00:41:57.789 Ann Leavy: tear us apart. Um, I've brought a picture like, so there's a very old picture, but that isn't me. That's That's Mickey we called.

00:41:57.800 --> 00:42:14.489 Tommy D: He was um, so you know how like his one year is down. It's like he was like young enough for like one year and perked up, and the other one was still flop over. Um. His name was was Myiccolo Light, and I didn't know I would share this picture today, but I just saw it over here in the attic because a lot of stuff in the

00:42:14.530 --> 00:42:16.120 Tommy D: and uh

00:42:16.640 --> 00:42:19.700 Tommy D: my wife and I were

00:42:20.910 --> 00:42:38.930 Tommy D: dating for like three weeks in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, and this is way. Before I knew anything about pet stores or anti-popy meal bills like shout out to Bell, and I doing the shadow of myself. I'm just shouting myself up, shout out to your pals for doing some of the call, nights and stuff like that

00:42:38.940 --> 00:42:50.620 Tommy D: for the anti-popy Mill Bill, so I didn't know. So I was at the Roosevelt field Mall at the time getting my ear pierced. I think I told this story on the show before I was getting my fourth and fifth hearing at the time and Um,

00:42:50.660 --> 00:42:55.950 Tommy D: my girlfriend and I were in the store, and then, and this guy name was originally

00:42:56.200 --> 00:43:01.559 Tommy D: before we named the Nickel of Light, which I used to call them make a lobe. But anyway, the whole thing is we?

00:43:01.860 --> 00:43:14.939 Tommy D: He was there for, like the first um, especially in the song button, was what his name was because he was tiny. He was like a pound and a half. He's a true hour. So he was there for, like the entire

00:43:15.690 --> 00:43:19.469 Tommy D: relationship of my wife and I feel like the first

00:43:20.060 --> 00:43:27.019 Tommy D: don't know for sixteen years, or something like that, like he's stuck around for a long time, and by the time

00:43:27.040 --> 00:43:45.440 Tommy D: he we had a say goodbye. Ah! He was the only dog I ever had to this day, and by the time we had to say goodbye we had been married We had three kids already, and it was like it was like I ran the span of this whole thing. So

00:43:45.450 --> 00:44:05.990 Tommy D: um I miss that little dude, and I don't think about him like regularly with that picture, you know, like twenty one years old in that picture I was like a little big, but um! It's. There are certain things I remember I mean I used. I was a bartender at the time he used to come to the bar. He used to like, run around at the bar, and, like people, loved it like it was the coolest thing like he was.

00:44:06.000 --> 00:44:21.649 Tommy D: And again we named the half the beer that explains more of my youth, you know. You know, read my my story one day, but it's they are such a part of our life, and and you know It's taking these types of conversations to remind me of that.

00:44:21.660 --> 00:44:40.179 Tommy D: Um! And we've gotten pretty close to getting a dog now at this point, and we've not yet done it when I see it. Valley, I know you. Listen. I see it happening. It's going to happen, because you know it just makes sense, and it's so special. It's especially for the kids to have a dog right? I mean. I'm sure you all would

00:44:40.600 --> 00:44:42.870 on that. So Um,

00:44:43.020 --> 00:45:00.209 Tommy D: I think we're supposed to take another break. I I really am like just just cock totally by and in the emotions to something right now. So, um, Jill, before we take another break, What kind of animals do you have at home? So that big old cat that you had when when I was showing the website? And I sort of tell us what's at home.

00:45:00.220 --> 00:45:14.379 Tommy D: Yeah. So that iggle cat was my beloved Jesse past years ago, and he, he continues to help me and inspire me. Um! Right Now I live with a cat named Rock.

00:45:14.390 --> 00:45:22.790 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Yeah, he's a charcoal great beauty, and he's very sweet, and he's my co-partner so

00:45:22.800 --> 00:45:24.339 Tommy D: love it. I love it.

00:45:24.350 --> 00:45:40.180 Tommy D: That's also so special. We are going to take a quick break when we come back. I want to talk about. I want to talk about this festival. I'm going to call it a festival, Jill. I'm. An Animal rock. I want to talk about who you're looking to have come out there, you know,

00:45:40.190 --> 00:45:51.190 Tommy D: depending on schedules. I'm going to do my best to get out there for sure, you know. But tell us about that when we come back it's from ten to four on September twenty, Fourth Saturday

00:45:51.210 --> 00:46:00.530 Tommy D: down in the i'd say down in Rockaway Beach, which is such a cool part of the world. We'll be right back. Let's talk about that When we come back and levy she'll Lori and your boy,

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00:47:59.460 --> 00:48:12.599 Tommy D: Valerie Hafron. No big deal. We're just changing the world. That's all. Okay, don't big deal, you know. I'm trying to do anything. We are changing the world. Shout out to my friend Joe, who I hear you in my head, saying,

00:48:12.610 --> 00:48:25.569 Tommy D: What is this? Try thing? Tell me you we are doing, and we are making an impact that we're changing the world. So I shared with you on Facebook during the break. I shared the website. How show how Dash show

00:48:25.580 --> 00:48:38.960 Tommy D: Dot com, and and I shared the compassion award, so check it out on Facebook. Um, look! We are certainly looking for some more folks to get involved from the sponsorship level, if that's your thing, and you and you want to connect with this community of people. Who are.

00:48:39.420 --> 00:48:53.190 Tommy D: We're looking for business services that they can connect with people who care about out of place and are compassionate. So that's your deal, man, like if that's who you are, and and this is like,

00:48:53.470 --> 00:49:02.329 Tommy D: you know, if you work at the rescue on the weekends, or if you're just raising money for other nonprofits that support the animals,

00:49:02.340 --> 00:49:15.619 Tommy D: and you're compassion, and you're in this space, and you do business. Well, then, we have those kind of folks for you, so connect with us. Connect with Tummy. To that we, Val, and you know we can always talk to you about that and the event again. The compassion awards the first ever one

00:49:15.670 --> 00:49:20.189 Tommy D: house. Compassion awards, is the eleventh of October at the refuge

00:49:20.200 --> 00:49:36.179 Tommy D: here in Long Island, on Long Island album. All right. Joe. Laura is here and levy's here. Let's get back at it, because we got a few minutes together before we move on. Ah, Jill, tell me about this event, because you know, this could be right up the alley for for,

00:49:36.190 --> 00:49:43.009 Tommy D: like an and myself. It's certainly the twenty eight other people that were in this lunch yesterday. So what is Animal rock,

00:49:43.320 --> 00:49:48.320 Tommy D: Animal Rock is a celebration of our relationships with animals

00:49:48.330 --> 00:50:00.510 Tommy D: it's inspired by the animals, and they're in charge. And so the idea is to provide a lot of

00:50:00.550 --> 00:50:18.800 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: so we're going to have different animal-related groups there with kind of sharing how each of them helps animals and how people can get involved. What are the things people can do? We're going to have Ted adoptions. There we're going to have animal blessing

00:50:18.810 --> 00:50:27.009 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: raffle prizes which the raffle is going to go to a yet to the determined animal organization,

00:50:27.020 --> 00:50:55.910 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: and we still have enough crime between now and then that I'm. Accepting new groups to organizations who want to participate there's no fee to participate. So if you run an animal organization. You're a pet rescue. Um! I would love to have an animal friendly. Dj: there. Um also accepting raft prizes as well as a lot of donations for the event.

00:50:56.030 --> 00:51:12.360 Tommy D: So you know, depending on what your individual strengths are, what your interests are. We can definitely use your help because you know one of the things the animals really wanted to do with animal rock was to make this a community affair, and

00:51:12.370 --> 00:51:24.609 Tommy D: I love that. That's the animal way. I love this because you're totally coming out. This, from their point of view, Their perspective right? It's not a you said

00:51:24.640 --> 00:51:30.170 Tommy D: they want. They created. They did this. So they are working through you. Is that fair?

00:51:30.220 --> 00:51:34.030 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Absolutely. Because I can sort of be a lone wolf

00:51:34.040 --> 00:51:50.700 Tommy D: and try to do everything myself, and the animal's like. No, this is an opportunity. That's the way nature works right. That's how nature you know. Each different species works together, and that's the way ecosystems derive. And

00:51:50.710 --> 00:52:12.090 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: so ah! Animal rock is going to be models after that, and really be, I think, an incredible experience for anyone and everyone who participate. There's just going to be so much love, so much information, so much wisdom, because when the animals throw a party it's like nothing you've ever experienced.

00:52:12.100 --> 00:52:20.329 Ann Leavy: I love this. This is so fun! Oh, my God, we have to be there! We have to figure out how to get vowels out there on the

00:52:20.420 --> 00:52:34.990 Tommy D: It's been a while since I've been down in the rock ways. I used to spend some time down there. I actually might, You know, out a lot of family we used to down in the bungalows like, you know, down, you know, talking fifty sixty years ago like for sure, that was like a lot of family stuff down there.

00:52:35.000 --> 00:52:47.230 Tommy D: I think we still have some people down that way. But yeah, that's cool, so we'll we'll work out how to get through and come on that, and then to find out more information about that. They would just go right to healing with

00:52:47.240 --> 00:52:58.100 Tommy D: dealing with animals. Dot com, slash home, slash Animal rock, but i'll share it on on Facebook. What I want to ask you is you said there'll be animal blessings. What does that mean, Joe?

00:52:58.250 --> 00:53:08.990 Tommy D: Well, where i'm actually going to A good friend of mine is a reverend, and she's going to come, and we're going to open up with a blessing to bless all animals

00:53:09.000 --> 00:53:26.190 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: right, and the people who are working to try to help and support them, and and even those who who are not as knowledgeable about how to help animals, and then we're also going to be doing animal lessons first day as well.

00:53:26.200 --> 00:53:29.490 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: There, I think it will probably be mostly dogs.

00:53:29.500 --> 00:53:30.790 Tommy D: You think so

00:53:31.440 --> 00:53:39.790 Tommy D: I would think so, because the most Why, cats really aren't it just to be coming out, and we can send them lessons.

00:53:39.800 --> 00:53:58.820 Tommy D: Hey? Look, man, you know in a world where we got Teledox services we could do tele blessings for animals. So if your cat's lazy and doesn't want to come out, no judgment. I'm not saying all cats are lazy, but if your cat doesn't want to come out to the party on the twenty fourth down in the rockways, we'll send some virtual blessing, maybe a zoom blessing,

00:53:58.830 --> 00:54:19.019 Tommy D: something like that, right? What do you think I want to make a challenge chill? I want to see what the most unique animal that would show up for Animal rock might be. So we don't know. I mean we might have ideas, but maybe somebody wants to bring. I always joke a Valerie. They have a bearded dragon,

00:54:19.030 --> 00:54:28.189 Tommy D: and I always say, like dude, you got like that Komodo Dragon, right? And like I, Google the Komodo. Now you don't have a Komodo dragon in their house. But

00:54:28.200 --> 00:54:37.290 Tommy D: bearded dragon is like this tiny little guy, and his name is Elliot, the one that half. And how But I wonder that i'm challenging. People bring

00:54:37.300 --> 00:54:43.360 Tommy D: legally bring unique animals right? I want somebody to come with a zebra that they shouldn't have it.

00:54:43.370 --> 00:54:44.909 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: No, I think that's

00:54:45.190 --> 00:55:01.340 Tommy D: because there are some animals that are meant to be in the water and not live in. But again, if you have a bearded dragon like he will. That would be okay to bring the dragon right?

00:55:01.980 --> 00:55:04.240 Tommy D: Not the Komodo dragon. Go right now.

00:55:04.570 --> 00:55:13.240 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: To tell you the truth, i'd have to really study up and see like what appropriate arenas are for different animals. So so let's

00:55:13.300 --> 00:55:21.789 Tommy D: let's leave it this way. Bring your dog to the event. Call me if you want to talk about beer to dragging for someone.

00:55:21.800 --> 00:55:24.379 Tommy D: Don't screw up Jill's event. That's what we're saying.

00:55:25.920 --> 00:55:33.389 Tommy D: So concerned about the event as I am about the animals and the animals having the appropriate care that they

00:55:33.400 --> 00:55:35.189 Tommy D: that is my priority.

00:55:35.200 --> 00:55:55.509 Tommy D: And folks understand that i'm being silly, a lot of the time, too. So don't take everything so serious. Not you, Joe, not you. And I mean other people. Listen! Um, listen. I can't get over the fact that I keep looking at myself on the screen I see, make make you right there but a little. But I've seen that video for very, very well and take us home. Take this to tell. Tell us something, you know. If you want to get

00:55:55.520 --> 00:56:03.160 Tommy D: an update on what's coming up down the real business. You don't if you can't share it too much, I get it. But what do you want to leave us with?

00:56:03.880 --> 00:56:19.660 Ann Leavy: Um? Well, we're We still have a a little bit of a road ahead, but we're. We're definitely trying to um build awareness. So people know that we're coming soon. So we still uh started an Instagram account that um it's for coaches. B. And the

00:56:19.690 --> 00:56:28.200 Ann Leavy: because the team of our company is pooches dead and barkfest luxury that resort daycare spot. They're more breakfast

00:56:28.210 --> 00:56:52.899 Ann Leavy: barkfest. Oh, barkfest bark fest! Yes, so we we have an Instagram. It's pitches B. And nba just to a shorten a little bit um. So we've been caring for at our home while we're reading for everything to happen which is awesome. I have Molly with me right now. She's such a good girl. Can we see her? Because that's one of the rules of a show? If there's somebody there, there, we have to see them.

00:56:53.840 --> 00:56:56.780 Ann Leavy: What's that, Molly, how you doing?

00:56:58.730 --> 00:57:02.760 Tommy D: Are you talking to the animal, Jill? Are you talking to Molly again?

00:57:04.200 --> 00:57:26.399 Ann Leavy: It's so cute I love her so much. Um! But so we've been caring for bucks at our home, and we I post pictures and videos of them on the Instagram for now and and you know, once the construction begins inside the building or the resort itself. Then I'll i'll, you know. Post updates on that as well, but you know we're just waiting it there. There's a lot involved with animal reporting. Um, it's not just. We can just

00:57:26.410 --> 00:57:40.590 Ann Leavy: have a building anywhere you want or on any road that you want, and have animals sleeping overnight, and there are some rules within the townships and the county, and all that. So we're getting through all that. Now, taking a little longer than I anticipated. But

00:57:40.600 --> 00:57:52.360 Tommy D: yeah, often in construction. We all know that that it does that, that it does take a long time and thanks for being here, Jill. Anything you want to leave us with for September, twenty, fourth or otherwise.

00:57:52.510 --> 00:58:07.989 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: Yeah, just to know that the full animal kingdom absolutely loves it being, and they're with us for us, and they're really leading the way. If we listen to creating a

00:58:08.000 --> 00:58:08.950 Jill Lauri, Animal Communicator & Coach: world,

00:58:09.070 --> 00:58:24.249 Tommy D: and i'm a stage of the animals, I see you. I see you in animals. I see you, Jill. I see you and I see you, Val Val. I love you. I miss you, kid. Don't worry. We're holding it down all right. So listen as I, As we leave this program every single week,

00:58:24.400 --> 00:58:33.590 Tommy D: we leave with a quote the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, Valerie would say,

00:58:33.600 --> 00:58:37.790 Tommy D: Yay, gandhi, so i'll say Yay Gandhi make it a great day. Everybody, thanks for being here.

00:58:37.800 --> 00:58:40.780 Have a great day. Thank you.

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