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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/10 - Saying Goodbye to Your Furbaby

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/10 - Saying Goodbye to Your Furbaby


2022/08/10 - Saying Goodbye to Your Furbaby

[New Episode] Saying Goodbye to Your Furbaby


The experience of letting go has evolved. In this episode we will discuss different ways of memorializing your beloved, when to start thinking about it/planning for it and also some beautiful heartfelt thoughts on what to do for a friend or loved one who is grieving right now. Don't miss this out on this important and heartwarming episode every pet parent can learn from.


Every fur mom and dad dread the day we will inevitably have to let go of our beloved fur baby. It is a thought we often force out of our minds because the thought is simply too hard to bear.

Living without our most beloved family member and picturing a life without their unconditional love, how they look when they sleep, how they strut, how they play, snore, eat, bark, how they make you laugh and how much they make your life worth is an image that can bring you to tears even before their time has arrived. 

But what if some good planning can help you through the process when their time comes to cross the rainbow bridge ? Mitchell Kassman who is a fierce dog lover will describe the amazing send off he provided for his best friend "Freckles" and what was important to him.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy D and Valerie start the show by discussing their love for the Mets. Tommy informs his listeners that the Compassion Awards is on October 11th. Valerie and Tommy are adjusting their prices for a cheaper rate until September 12th. You can purchase a ticket at Valerie mentions the Anti-Puppet Mill bill passed through the NY Senate and the NY Assembly, but Governor Hogel has not called for the bill to be signed. Valerie and Tommy are asking their listeners to reach out to Gov. Cathy Hogel to get the bill signed into law. Valerie also discusses their newest sponsors, Maloney Funeral Homes, Caring People, and Contour Mortgage. Tommy and Valerie welcome their guest Mitchell Kassman, who talks about his beloved dog, Freckles.

Segment 2

Mitchell tells the story of how he found out Freckles was sick with liver cancer. After he found out, he was given two days with freckles and decided to give her a last meal feast. While struggling to come to terms with Freckles’ fate, Mitchell found a place for the burial right before her death. He talks about Bideawee Pet Cemetery’s customer service and the resources they offer.

Segment 3

Tommy, Valerie, and Mitchell discuss Freckle’s Ceremony and how it was a successful turnout of fifty-five people. Mitchell shows Valerie and Tommy on Facebook live stream the different books he made with his wife over the years to commemorate Freckle’s memory. Valerie asks Mitchelle about the pricing of the service and what clients could expect. Mitchell says your highest cost is the headstone. Mitchell shares how he and his guest went to the diner after the funeral to celebrate Freckle’s memory.

Segment 4

Valerie shares different ways to memorialize your pet, like molding a paw print or putting their ashes in a jewel. Mitchell tells Valerie and Tommy his background in banking and how it relates to his love for animals. Mitchell went on to discuss how he adopted a new dog, Noodles, after the passing of Freckles. He encourages listeners to get a new friend when they lose a pet because they can shine a light on a dim moment.


00:00:56.730 --> 00:01:05.130 Tommy D: We are back it's been a week it's been a week since we've been here um you know look this show is called the professionals animal lovers show but i'd like to make a shout out to the team.

00:01:06.120 --> 00:01:10.860 Tommy D: Out of flushing New York we call them the metropolitan or up five nothing, as we sit here right now.

00:01:13.440 --> 00:01:29.280 Tommy D: it's right there next season on a tear, this is not a sports talk show, but we are big fans here in the attic and certainly on the professionals and animal lovers show I don't know if you saw this but there's these two Diaz brothers one place for the reds one place for the mets.

00:01:29.460 --> 00:01:35.040 Tommy D: So that's where these meds jerseys em with a mess logo like.

00:01:36.150 --> 00:01:37.650 Valerie Heffron: Yes, like it so.

00:01:39.510 --> 00:01:41.010 Tommy D: shout out to that family shut up.

00:01:41.040 --> 00:01:48.840 Valerie Heffron: I just tell you really quick because I can't help it, this is how my mind officially works i'm watching the game big mess man and.

00:01:49.560 --> 00:02:07.140 Valerie Heffron: i'm sitting there thinking about how there's a lot of men who have whether their current or past players great names for pets i'm thinking like a dorito I think alonzo is a pretty good name I think Carter we know someone with the dog Carter.

00:02:07.170 --> 00:02:09.120 Valerie Heffron: Carter and i'm like.

00:02:09.180 --> 00:02:14.910 Valerie Heffron: Thinking of all of these like you know I even like Keith I think he has a cute name for like a cat but.

00:02:16.590 --> 00:02:18.000 Valerie Heffron: my mind works i'm like ooh.

00:02:18.090 --> 00:02:19.740 Valerie Heffron: who's up next you know.

00:02:20.970 --> 00:02:23.550 Tommy D: I think that's great and and I, you know look.

00:02:24.600 --> 00:02:32.310 Tommy D: At this picture up again, but for some reason, maybe because the topic we're going to talk about today, I saw this in the attic talk about great names that's mikkel of light.

00:02:32.700 --> 00:02:40.800 Tommy D: Which is a dog, we got back in 1999 mickey's no longer with us, although, if you look out the guy in the picture it's similar.

00:02:40.980 --> 00:02:42.330 Tommy D: Right, I mean I was like.

00:02:42.360 --> 00:02:45.870 Tommy D: 2122 years old and i'm not that easy anymore.

00:02:47.940 --> 00:02:55.740 Tommy D: But that was the only dog I ever had my wife and I got me a whole long time ago, one last thing I want to say, and then I want to introduce the show really the.

00:02:56.280 --> 00:03:04.440 Tommy D: The mets are 72 and 39 just a heads up if you're listening and there's a team that plays up in the bronx for 71 and 40 i'll leave it there.

00:03:04.680 --> 00:03:05.460 Tommy D: Right now.

00:03:05.580 --> 00:03:11.040 Tommy D: poke the bear i've done it i've done it here live talk about poking the bear stop, we do not put bears.

00:03:11.400 --> 00:03:12.810 We love animals on this program.

00:03:14.160 --> 00:03:15.450 Valerie Heffron: Is that correct bit sure you.

00:03:16.470 --> 00:03:17.220 Mitchell Kassman: know I am.

00:03:18.240 --> 00:03:22.950 Mitchell Kassman: One of my pictures Yankee Yankee thing just came up in the picture for some odd reason.

00:03:23.070 --> 00:03:30.420 Valerie Heffron: Oh, I figured that was you like letting everyone know that you, you love your dog and you love the Yankees but all right well mets fan.

00:03:31.020 --> 00:03:32.010 Mitchell Kassman: I love New York.

00:03:32.460 --> 00:03:32.880 Tommy D: We love.

00:03:34.170 --> 00:03:43.860 Tommy D: I should tell you truth Mitchell, I was in Yankee stadium about five weeks ago in a luxury box right behind home plate shout out to I empathize nonprofit.

00:03:44.190 --> 00:03:51.510 Tommy D: working to battle against this human trafficking tragedy that goes on on this planet i'm actually meeting with them tomorrow, but they had hooked me up with these tickets.

00:03:51.840 --> 00:04:01.410 Tommy D: One of their donors had done such and was able to take some folks into the into the sweet shout out to the tasmanian devils okay shout out to the.

00:04:02.460 --> 00:04:08.940 Tommy D: Economic how you say that one value EC H a kid a kid nah I think that's one of sonic the hedgehog.

00:04:09.210 --> 00:04:16.350 Tommy D: shout out to the southern Castle berries, which looks like a Turkey shout out to the bill big shout out to the alligator gar what's he talking about.

00:04:16.500 --> 00:04:28.680 Tommy D: Look we're not just about dogs and cats and ferrets on the show there are many species, she put her hand in the hand guy i've done it i've jumped the shark, as they say, look at another animal thing there see that about.

00:04:29.610 --> 00:04:30.210 Valerie Heffron: Well then.

00:04:30.300 --> 00:04:47.670 Tommy D: We want to amplify the message that the bond between people who care about on most compassionate people is very strong with other compassionate people who care about animals we're building this compassionate network together so that everyone wins.

00:04:48.090 --> 00:04:50.400 Valerie Heffron: Especially the animals.

00:04:50.460 --> 00:04:51.600 Tommy D: that's what we're here to do we're here to.

00:04:51.600 --> 00:05:01.590 Tommy D: Learn advocate, on behalf of these animals I just learned nine animals that i'd never heard of before but barrows another one Val if you want vampire BAT all right we'll stop.

00:05:01.890 --> 00:05:13.980 Tommy D: What back, we do have some legislative stuff value wants to talk about, we do have some stuff going on with the compassionate words which is October 11, which is actually one to two months from tomorrow.

00:05:14.340 --> 00:05:15.810 Tommy D: Two months like 60 days from.

00:05:15.810 --> 00:05:17.850 Valerie Heffron: Tomorrow, so that's so let me start there.

00:05:17.880 --> 00:05:24.870 Valerie Heffron: Because Tommy and I decided since it's summertime and so many people are on vacation and and or mentally checked out.

00:05:25.200 --> 00:05:38.130 Valerie Heffron: i'm we're going to extend our best pricing for a month, so between now and September 12 if you want to come to the compassionate words which is going to be amazing um.

00:05:38.550 --> 00:05:47.490 Valerie Heffron: You can have the best pricing on your ticket until September true wealth Okay, so the next thing I really, really, really need to talk about.

00:05:47.850 --> 00:05:50.490 Tommy D: How they get taken away miss, if I can interrupt one second.

00:05:51.900 --> 00:05:54.630 Tommy D: i'll share it on Facebook, for those who might just be only listening.

00:05:54.810 --> 00:06:03.270 Valerie Heffron: Can you tell a good point the best place to get a ticket is to go to our website, which is www pottery and I noodles.

00:06:03.960 --> 00:06:20.400 Valerie Heffron: www dot Pal that's P, as in Peter l dash that's not an underscore that is a dash like a hyphen and get your tickets i'm legislatively, we need to bring this up.

00:06:21.120 --> 00:06:32.790 Valerie Heffron: So as a lot of people are aware, this was years in the making, we finally got the anti puppy mill bill legislation passed through the New York Senate, as well as the New York assembly.

00:06:33.180 --> 00:06:37.650 Valerie Heffron: However, the governor governor mobile has yet to call for the bill.

00:06:38.370 --> 00:06:47.730 Valerie Heffron: To have it signed I just pulled her office yesterday and I found out is still not on her desk, so we need to make people call, we need to call governor cabbie hopeful.

00:06:48.210 --> 00:06:57.750 Valerie Heffron: i'll pull up the number on commercial break but it's like 518 for some for something I want to say at 390 i'm not sure I forget it, I didn't say that, so the point is.

00:06:58.140 --> 00:07:16.800 Valerie Heffron: Make one call if you live in the State of New York and just say i'm a resident and constituent of the State of New York and we're asking governor Cathy hopeful to please call up this build anti puppy mill bill it's 84283 and sign it into law okay that's all we need.

00:07:17.100 --> 00:07:29.070 Tommy D: to share that at the break Val will share how people can make that phone call phone call if you need to learn how to make a phone call I don't know what we can do for you there, but if you'd like to get the number from us, we can get you the information to do so, I.

00:07:29.430 --> 00:07:40.170 Valerie Heffron: Think Michelle is not just about highlighting animal lovers, although I love that and I can do that all day every day it's also about making the world a better place for the animals we love.

00:07:40.620 --> 00:07:42.030 Tommy D: that's all no big deal bow.

00:07:42.300 --> 00:07:42.720 Tommy D: just maybe.

00:07:43.170 --> 00:07:53.310 Tommy D: no big deal, making the world a better place that's all I just i'll share our website I just shared the HDTV thing if you're curious, where I was coming up with all those animals I didn't know them in my head I just looked them up.

00:07:53.550 --> 00:08:06.060 Tommy D: on our website right now on Facebook what it is Pal dash or hyphen not the underscore but the hyphen So whoever came up with that website me should have thought of that dash name becoming a problem but.

00:08:06.960 --> 00:08:08.610 Valerie Heffron: it's fine alright so.

00:08:09.300 --> 00:08:09.570 Tommy D: to it.

00:08:10.170 --> 00:08:24.000 Valerie Heffron: Really quickly, I need to mention our newest sponsors for the compassionate words so first of all, and don't make fun of me this is literally how I do business, I use index cards um and they work so.

00:08:24.030 --> 00:08:25.380 Valerie Heffron: Peter maloney of.

00:08:25.410 --> 00:08:33.810 Valerie Heffron: maloney funeral homes i'm wonderful wonderful man Oh, my goodness, I thank him levy for connecting us and they own.

00:08:34.230 --> 00:08:41.520 Valerie Heffron: maloney funeral homes it's like five locations in Suffolk county and what makes also them so special Besides the fact that they're really caring.

00:08:41.730 --> 00:08:50.280 Valerie Heffron: Is that he has a therapy dog named kota and kota will go and visit people, which I wish was around when my dad passed because.

00:08:50.760 --> 00:09:05.220 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God it's such a hard time but like if you have a dog in the room, with you, while you're making decisions about you know everything from the casket to those little plastic like laminated cards, and it would just be so much better.

00:09:05.700 --> 00:09:12.150 Valerie Heffron: And you know comforting so that's a wonderful service I wish all the funeral homes would do that and.

00:09:12.870 --> 00:09:21.510 Valerie Heffron: The other one that speaking of therapy animals that we have a commitment from is Jennifer divine of caring people caring people as an assist.

00:09:21.930 --> 00:09:32.100 Valerie Heffron: Sorry home health care agency, and they also offer therapy animals to go around and pay visits to people who are you know homebound lonely.

00:09:32.460 --> 00:09:39.270 Valerie Heffron: animal lovers I would want that I know that that's going to be my future i'm ghost.

00:09:40.020 --> 00:09:48.360 Valerie Heffron: ghost marketing and that's our website team, they did our Pal dare website and.

00:09:48.750 --> 00:09:59.760 Valerie Heffron: They just decided to help us and support us as well, so thank you, Britain and then, we have also contour mortgage who came in, there are they're offering.

00:10:00.090 --> 00:10:04.740 Valerie Heffron: their customers it's really cool I wish every mortgage company would do the soon and.

00:10:05.430 --> 00:10:20.730 Valerie Heffron: They are paying for people's adoption fees if they if they close on alone or rifai or whatever, and they use them and they want to adopt a lot of people who buy a home they want next step let's get a dog cat rabbit whenever so they're paying for the adoption fees.

00:10:22.290 --> 00:10:24.480 Valerie Heffron: And then the the other.

00:10:25.740 --> 00:10:41.250 Valerie Heffron: sponsors, which we had previously mentioned homeless by Mera Mera never read it, thank you man I love you a whistle men and Iranian that's a family law firm very important if you're going to get a divorce, to get a lawyer that's up on the laws.

00:10:42.360 --> 00:10:43.080 Valerie Heffron: holy moly.

00:10:44.880 --> 00:10:47.940 Tommy D: You laugh, but the things we learned about when we had them.

00:10:47.940 --> 00:10:48.780 Tommy D: On the show like.

00:10:48.870 --> 00:10:50.880 Tommy D: it's really incredible like how.

00:10:52.110 --> 00:10:56.070 Tommy D: will get all y'all get shut down on that episode go ahead, sorry I mean God.

00:10:56.850 --> 00:10:59.760 Valerie Heffron: OK OK so Donna Pirelli, who is a.

00:10:59.760 --> 00:11:02.070 Valerie Heffron: bankruptcy and foreclosure Defense.

00:11:02.400 --> 00:11:10.530 Valerie Heffron: lawyer she's fantastic i'm known for one time she was also very interested in doing more animal advocacy which is music to my ears.

00:11:11.820 --> 00:11:20.250 Valerie Heffron: And Paul a beauty of all of your insurance, they are personal injury law firm and they are so compassionate and caring people I actually have sent.

00:11:20.760 --> 00:11:36.960 Valerie Heffron: This firm and Paul my own relatives, so that tells you, you know how much I believe in them and also carolyn justice, who was our first sponsor and wanted to sponsor before she even knew what the sponsor levels were so that's pretty awesome and more to come, you all right.

00:11:37.980 --> 00:11:40.920 Tommy D: What a commerce website water can cause oh i'm sorry.

00:11:43.410 --> 00:11:43.920 Valerie Heffron: I guess.

00:11:44.190 --> 00:11:55.980 Tommy D: let's get to our guests, I mean I started to share the like the pages for each of these groups but i'll just we'll put them out there on Facebook, for all the sponsors yeah we're gonna ghost will help us get them on the website, etc, etc Mitchell.

00:11:56.490 --> 00:12:01.740 Tommy D: yeah well I had them go mama cast, so I say Cashman the right way.

00:12:01.830 --> 00:12:04.320 Tommy D: Yes, how are you, Sir, I will.

00:12:04.350 --> 00:12:04.920 Mitchell Kassman: you read it.

00:12:05.040 --> 00:12:10.350 Tommy D: We knew each other, I hope we do, I hope we will have to show is that a hawaiian what's this hoodie what.

00:12:10.830 --> 00:12:11.250 Tommy D: What is that.

00:12:11.700 --> 00:12:12.360 Mitchell Kassman: Tommy Tommy.

00:12:13.110 --> 00:12:23.130 Tommy D: Tommy bahama, of course, it is I love on a big Tommy bahama fan love it welcome to the show value, and you know each other let's just take it away man what's it what's the deal what's going on.

00:12:23.970 --> 00:12:28.230 Mitchell Kassman: i'm here to talk about like like dog freckles.

00:12:28.380 --> 00:12:29.160 Mitchell Kassman: yeah okay.

00:12:29.220 --> 00:12:38.760 Valerie Heffron: Well okay hold on before i'm sorry, let me just set the table really quick so Michelle and I met I don't know how many years ago i'm gonna go with seven roughly maybe eight maybe nine i'm not sure, but anyway.

00:12:39.180 --> 00:12:44.640 Valerie Heffron: um you know he struck me instantly as being an animal lover.

00:12:45.000 --> 00:12:53.610 Valerie Heffron: And I remember that I thought this was so cool after we met at a networking event, I received a card in the mail and the card was a picture of himself.

00:12:53.850 --> 00:13:07.830 Valerie Heffron: With his beloved dog freckles and it was a very professional like you know, it was very nice to meet you at wherever we met, and this is my dog freckles and, if I can help you in any way and I was like oh like it just really stood out so.

00:13:08.640 --> 00:13:16.440 Valerie Heffron: From that point on, I just always associated you know Mitchell with being an animal lover and therefore someone who I adore.

00:13:16.650 --> 00:13:28.350 Valerie Heffron: So let's talk about your beloved freckles, this is a tough one, this is a tough subject because this episode is about saying goodbye and different ways to say goodbye but let's honor her take it away.

00:13:29.310 --> 00:13:30.300 Mitchell Kassman: All right, circles.

00:13:33.270 --> 00:13:38.010 Mitchell Kassman: was a focus really wasn't really a dog, so to speak, she became a human.

00:13:38.820 --> 00:13:43.770 Mitchell Kassman: You know, every every dollar that you basically get you know my wife and I don't have children, so she became.

00:13:44.010 --> 00:13:49.200 Mitchell Kassman: she's I found she was our family she was not only my best friend, but she was every single thing to.

00:13:49.740 --> 00:14:02.820 Mitchell Kassman: You know she came to work with me, she was put up on the I worked for a bank and then originally I worked for gma see mortgage a bank, he was like every one of my cards, even before social media came out.

00:14:03.120 --> 00:14:04.710 Mitchell Kassman: And that was in the early 2000s.

00:14:05.400 --> 00:14:08.340 Mitchell Kassman: And she would go to all my closings and everything.

00:14:08.520 --> 00:14:15.390 Mitchell Kassman: I remember this, this this loan officer wells fargo I ran the Asia because it's your friend has been to more closings and any mortgage.

00:14:16.200 --> 00:14:16.620 Valerie Heffron: You know.

00:14:17.100 --> 00:14:19.140 Mitchell Kassman: And people would expect to.

00:14:19.740 --> 00:14:20.730 Mitchell Kassman: You when I would send out.

00:14:20.760 --> 00:14:27.870 Mitchell Kassman: A little recipe cards that picture freckles and myself on it and people would always say i'll look up good freckles lips, and I change the picture of you know them.

00:14:28.260 --> 00:14:43.320 Mitchell Kassman: As we age yeah I don't get my picture, when I was you know four years old anymore right and she was always she was always with me whenever you live with me, you know as one of my friends Nick said she was she wasn't really a dog she became a human.

00:14:45.990 --> 00:14:46.440 Mitchell Kassman: humans.

00:14:46.740 --> 00:14:53.130 Tommy D: because she was a like and not that you were using it this way, but that it builds instant rapport right doesn't it like.

00:14:53.160 --> 00:14:54.270 Mitchell Kassman: Yes, 100%.

00:14:54.330 --> 00:15:03.330 Tommy D: Unless the other individual human being doesn't like dogs and yeah what is that about, but like it like oh my God freckles is here how cute right yeah.

00:15:04.140 --> 00:15:12.720 Tommy D: I always wanted a dog or I used to have a dog or this and all of a sudden, these two people having a connection versus hey i'm a loan officer, can I do your mortgage can.

00:15:13.380 --> 00:15:16.890 Mitchell Kassman: become a closing nobody office because there's a dog there.

00:15:20.160 --> 00:15:21.180 Mitchell Kassman: guys is a dog that.

00:15:21.870 --> 00:15:24.690 Mitchell Kassman: They would sit down and they just signed the documents about home.

00:15:24.870 --> 00:15:25.740 Mitchell Kassman: They didn't even know it well.

00:15:27.420 --> 00:15:33.510 Mitchell Kassman: And freckles was a dog that sit in a chair and she's like a hind legs up and she just sit there.

00:15:33.930 --> 00:15:34.890 Mitchell Kassman: And she really.

00:15:35.010 --> 00:15:44.910 Mitchell Kassman: You know I think she really just enjoyed being with people and being around everybody, and you know most like underwriters that my bags that I worked for they all knew where.

00:15:45.300 --> 00:15:54.120 Mitchell Kassman: You know so everybody always do your prep course, and you know, a dog becomes everything to you when you come home, you know from from being out who's the first ones agree.

00:15:54.930 --> 00:15:56.400 Valerie Heffron: You know, oh hundred percent.

00:15:56.460 --> 00:15:58.770 Mitchell Kassman: yeah and and when you go to bed who suppress message.

00:16:00.060 --> 00:16:01.740 Mitchell Kassman: yeah my wife is that, like opposite.

00:16:05.520 --> 00:16:09.840 Tommy D: I just thought to play the video that I had of you singing um I was going to show it later on.

00:16:09.870 --> 00:16:11.040 Mitchell Kassman: My dog going.

00:16:11.280 --> 00:16:14.610 Tommy D: singing at the cemetery you and your wife against her singing too.

00:16:15.450 --> 00:16:15.750 Many.

00:16:18.240 --> 00:16:18.510 Tommy D: People.

00:16:19.920 --> 00:16:23.730 Valerie Heffron: So I want to get back to the story when we come back from commercial.

00:16:23.730 --> 00:16:29.070 Valerie Heffron: break because, unfortunately, you know you did have to say goodbye to your beloved freckles.

00:16:29.160 --> 00:16:29.730 Valerie Heffron: and

00:16:29.820 --> 00:16:42.660 Valerie Heffron: I think that you did it in such a spectacular way and I want to share it with everyone because i'm you know, anyone who has paths it's it's something that we're going to have to contend with more likely than not so.

00:16:43.170 --> 00:16:47.070 Tommy D: yeah for sure how do we run it through 15 minutes of the show already Valerie.

00:16:47.070 --> 00:16:49.170 Mitchell Kassman: And I just keep talking.

00:16:49.350 --> 00:16:50.550 Tommy D: I know well yeah.

00:16:50.670 --> 00:16:51.990 Tommy D: You know you're gonna fit.

00:16:52.710 --> 00:16:54.390 Tommy D: It might be the three of us going forward after this.

00:16:56.700 --> 00:16:57.300 Tommy D: I can tell.

00:17:00.630 --> 00:17:07.590 Tommy D: This is actually before we go to break there's something there's this poem I found Mitchell is that cool if I share that during the break like.

00:17:07.590 --> 00:17:09.090 Mitchell Kassman: On it yeah you got it.

00:17:09.330 --> 00:17:12.750 Tommy D: i'm just gonna find it, I just want to open it up i'll do a human's prayer to dog.

00:17:12.780 --> 00:17:14.610 Mitchell Kassman: To do I, I was gonna read that.

00:17:14.880 --> 00:17:17.670 Tommy D: What do you want to read it, you want to read it, as we go to break and then i'll put it up.

00:17:18.090 --> 00:17:18.390 You know.

00:17:19.440 --> 00:17:20.550 Tommy D: This is a Pal show humans.

00:17:20.550 --> 00:17:21.660 Mitchell Kassman: plan to a dog yes.

00:17:21.750 --> 00:17:25.500 Tommy D: we're about to go to break, we will be at a break after Mitchell reads this guy Mitchell.

00:17:27.240 --> 00:17:37.380 Mitchell Kassman: Thank you for your buck, thank you for welcoming me home with a smile and a way to thank you for kisses and was without asking, thank you for your silly and.

00:17:39.750 --> 00:17:46.980 Mitchell Kassman: Thank you for lying next to me thank you for a cold wet notes, thank you for accepting me thank you for adopting.

00:17:48.120 --> 00:17:54.660 Mitchell Kassman: Thank you for your patience and thank you for letting me be part of your life love forever human.

00:17:57.000 --> 00:17:57.540 Tommy D: What a break.

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00:19:36.840 --> 00:19:41.580 you're listening to talk radio nyc uplift educate empower.

00:20:10.860 --> 00:20:22.440 Tommy D: uplift educate and empower that's what they say here in the network but you're on the program we say learn educate and advocate that special Mitchell thanks for reading that poem I know.

00:20:22.500 --> 00:20:28.440 Tommy D: I got emotional and choked up while you're reading it, I don't like cole's got emotional truth, if she hasn't turned her camera back on.

00:20:28.890 --> 00:20:32.370 Tommy D: I don't know if she's coming back because you probably got all mushy from that.

00:20:33.750 --> 00:20:35.550 Valerie Heffron: i'm getting my therapy dog out.

00:20:38.820 --> 00:20:47.580 Tommy D: His job he is certified therapy dog wow do we have it does he have a certificate, or you just very emotional right now, from from that reading tell me about it.

00:20:48.360 --> 00:20:54.090 Valerie Heffron: he's not a certified whatever he been he is my therapy dog.

00:20:55.860 --> 00:20:58.890 Valerie Heffron: And I wanna I want to just make it a little lighter for just.

00:20:58.890 --> 00:21:02.100 Valerie Heffron: One second and berries going to kill me my husband's.

00:21:02.100 --> 00:21:02.760 Valerie Heffron: gonna kill me.

00:21:03.870 --> 00:21:08.670 Valerie Heffron: But I have to share this okay that you just ripped my heart, I mentioned, but I understand.

00:21:08.670 --> 00:21:08.850 What.

00:21:10.080 --> 00:21:18.960 Valerie Heffron: I yeah so we give cards to each other when it's like you know Christmas so father's day mother's day whatever my birthday his birthday.

00:21:20.730 --> 00:21:27.540 Valerie Heffron: And we also kind of like give him a silly voice right when we're talking like as if we're him, you know, like.

00:21:29.040 --> 00:21:34.920 Valerie Heffron: Right so we'll read these cards out to each other and they're so like vile.

00:21:36.600 --> 00:21:51.990 Valerie Heffron: they're just like you know off color but like i'll read the cards have it i'll be like from from your movie or dog Happy Birthday dad Thank you, thank you for farting around me all the time, did you know how much you love the smell of poo.

00:21:52.230 --> 00:21:54.480 Tommy D: And you're really, really bad.

00:21:57.930 --> 00:22:09.960 Valerie Heffron: stupid stuff like that, but um while you were doing all the Thank you that was like I have to make this just a little bit silly because we we have so much to be grateful to for our time.

00:22:12.330 --> 00:22:20.520 Valerie Heffron: So I thank you for sharing that and let's get back to so let's let's if we could talk about how freckles.

00:22:21.660 --> 00:22:23.970 Valerie Heffron: You found out that freckles was.

00:22:24.270 --> 00:22:25.200 Mitchell Kassman: i'll go over this time.

00:22:25.530 --> 00:22:26.880 Valerie Heffron: yeah okay.

00:22:27.270 --> 00:22:35.430 Mitchell Kassman: It was around thanksgiving time and we live by the beach in long beach and then all of a sudden i'm walking to the beach and meet my friend, Adam.

00:22:36.210 --> 00:22:41.160 Mitchell Kassman: And he goes what's wrong with freckles and i'm like What do you mean in practice was like laying on the ground shaking.

00:22:41.610 --> 00:22:50.160 Mitchell Kassman: So I picked up freckles and I bought a broader back home and I didn't know freckles just to let you know, to go over what type of dog she was she was never sit in our whole life.

00:22:51.150 --> 00:22:56.730 Mitchell Kassman: You know she went she never was said nothing ever we never spent a penny on she was always very, very hot.

00:22:57.480 --> 00:23:06.000 Mitchell Kassman: So I brought it back home, and she was about she was going to be about 14 years old, I mean overall their eyes get a little bit Gray, or like we do you know and they think.

00:23:06.930 --> 00:23:12.300 Mitchell Kassman: They get a little bit slower, you know when I was always in the call without go listen I gotta go first you can't go.

00:23:13.260 --> 00:23:14.490 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God, I say that all the time.

00:23:14.550 --> 00:23:22.830 Mitchell Kassman: And so I brought it back home back home, and she was like shaking I didn't know what it was, I think it maybe you have a little too much you kept on doing it.

00:23:23.340 --> 00:23:30.570 Mitchell Kassman: So I brought I brought it to my bed, and she said why don't you bring it to this skill that known animal hospital see what it is.

00:23:30.960 --> 00:23:43.860 Mitchell Kassman: So the hospital really nice, which is 14 years old, and I could do an MRI she might just have some sort of your tech and a brain or whatever that happens with dog she's a Jeff cross that out, so you know I brought it back home and.

00:23:45.330 --> 00:24:02.940 Mitchell Kassman: freckles took care of me I take care of a dog to me takes care of me and covers all of my needs so I was weather, day and night name day watching her and it brought it back to the vet once before, when she started check in was just relaxed, it will be okay, then.

00:24:04.110 --> 00:24:12.570 Mitchell Kassman: Every every night I would dress in my in my sweatpants like sweatshirt wintertime because I know faculty got off the bed she talked about for a while.

00:24:13.800 --> 00:24:25.890 Mitchell Kassman: So in in January, she got off the bed for a walk and instead of going she went to go poop but she threw up on all my baby, so the next day.

00:24:26.580 --> 00:24:43.290 Mitchell Kassman: I myself cry the next day I brought it to a I brought it to my dad and my that there's some pictures showing like you show pictures when she was in our last that is it stuff like that and forth, to the vet and says, you know this little bit of blood in there, in her stomach.

00:24:44.400 --> 00:24:47.610 Mitchell Kassman: And she was I can I can open it up see what it is, or you can go for a sauna.

00:24:48.960 --> 00:24:54.330 Mitchell Kassman: So I went for a second, and I will go for the sun adventure went to the to the to the hospital and frank view.

00:24:55.620 --> 00:25:05.940 Mitchell Kassman: And we went for the sonogram and the doctors take her in the back, and then the doctor comes out anybody knows enough to kill there was it was like the most handsome is about three and a matter of.

00:25:06.540 --> 00:25:08.220 Mitchell Kassman: You know, just like a real handsome good looking.

00:25:08.220 --> 00:25:16.440 Mitchell Kassman: Guy comes out with freckles and goes, you know what you have a wonderful dog here take her home and she has liver cancer.

00:25:17.550 --> 00:25:25.440 Mitchell Kassman: And she has two days to two weeks to live and my wife and I, the amount of crying you go through.

00:25:25.860 --> 00:25:26.700 Mitchell Kassman: And then we.

00:25:27.030 --> 00:25:32.400 Mitchell Kassman: Just we couldn't stop crying the whole way home and freckles is looking but but us what's wrong okay.

00:25:33.390 --> 00:25:48.810 Mitchell Kassman: And then i'm thinking about you know what what should I give him food, you know what I mean and and the doctor was so so nice yeah he would just like as such, it is you just take him home you don't have to do anything if she's not a liver cancer to adore there's no pain.

00:25:49.440 --> 00:25:57.240 Mitchell Kassman: it's just a little bit of a they're uncomfortable you know, and so I called the doctor, which I feel Vegas theater anything.

00:26:00.480 --> 00:26:00.960 Mitchell Kassman: So.

00:26:01.290 --> 00:26:09.600 Mitchell Kassman: I went to the I went to the Lido Delhi here in long beach and i'm sending that a client client client and.

00:26:10.620 --> 00:26:24.480 Mitchell Kassman: Mobile and he says what from existence of records, but everybody freckles and he made a beautiful beautiful kind of hot dogs, for her, which you know he kind of hot dogs, for her.

00:26:26.910 --> 00:26:30.540 Mitchell Kassman: He may he may put Turkey the other made a beautiful place like a less stuff.

00:26:31.470 --> 00:26:31.860 Mitchell Kassman: man.

00:26:32.010 --> 00:26:38.820 Mitchell Kassman: came on she was fine she was eating and everything she just was going through a little bit of a little bit of thing a little bit of a shake and stuff.

00:26:39.360 --> 00:26:46.020 Mitchell Kassman: So the next day, you know I took her out for a walk and she was having a hard time walking and stuff you know and.

00:26:46.980 --> 00:26:50.910 Mitchell Kassman: I started looking around like what am I going to do she's going to die, you know what am I going to do.

00:26:51.840 --> 00:27:03.360 Mitchell Kassman: And I went online that Google, because I didn't want to you know burner have a rashes something oh get rashes your international you know I didn't want to put in my backyard, I move on not going to go into.

00:27:04.440 --> 00:27:04.950 Mitchell Kassman: The backyard.

00:27:05.910 --> 00:27:06.300 Mitchell Kassman: So.

00:27:06.870 --> 00:27:17.220 Mitchell Kassman: I went online and I found this place in by the way, cemetery in want to adopt a pet cemetery and i'm googling through it to make sure this doesn't go out of business and.

00:27:17.760 --> 00:27:30.900 Mitchell Kassman: you'll have nixon's dog there look really, really beautiful and practices on the couch Maria my wife and she's getting sicker and sicker and I called up and I said, you can come in and look at the place and see, I have a dog that's going to dyson.

00:27:31.980 --> 00:27:32.370 Mitchell Kassman: and

00:27:33.570 --> 00:27:38.760 Mitchell Kassman: The lady goes okay find that Russia take a shower will stay alive still i'm still on.

00:27:41.640 --> 00:27:44.670 Mitchell Kassman: My show and getting ready freckles passes on knockout.

00:27:44.940 --> 00:27:51.480 Mitchell Kassman: Oh, it was the most beautiful thing in the world, because you gave us that gift of going with us.

00:27:51.690 --> 00:27:58.020 Mitchell Kassman: it's a given when you go it's with you and give you the last breath and you could give it a kiss and bring it out.

00:27:58.410 --> 00:28:01.020 Valerie Heffron: So, Maria and I in your home and you're not.

00:28:02.490 --> 00:28:02.880 Mitchell Kassman: Beautiful.

00:28:03.690 --> 00:28:03.990 Right.

00:28:05.400 --> 00:28:05.910 Valerie Heffron: yeah yeah.

00:28:06.240 --> 00:28:15.420 Mitchell Kassman: So, so we we both got ready and we drove to the subway didn't know what day was when I had never walked on my life.

00:28:15.600 --> 00:28:17.940 Mitchell Kassman: No, no, we went there and.

00:28:19.020 --> 00:28:29.010 Mitchell Kassman: You know, we I went in first as a young fellows in the car and then they had somebody come out and take her from us at the cemetery.

00:28:29.580 --> 00:28:43.980 Mitchell Kassman: And it's a come inside and both of us, you can imagine the amount of crying snotty coming out of it and just it just the worst it's like your life it's over you feel like you've lost a piece of your home.

00:28:46.080 --> 00:28:47.790 Mitchell Kassman: And you hope to someday it'll grow back.

00:28:48.330 --> 00:28:52.380 Mitchell Kassman: You know there's the Rainbow bridge and everything, so you sit down with these two women.

00:28:53.730 --> 00:28:59.070 Mitchell Kassman: And you're sitting there crying and they're trying to you know that it's, it must be the hardest job for them to do.

00:28:59.400 --> 00:29:06.420 Mitchell Kassman: And they got what type of character, do you want to pick up so we're sitting there with picking out a casket and then they say, well, where do you want us to just get.

00:29:07.020 --> 00:29:14.130 Mitchell Kassman: My a nice tree would like to buy a nice tree, do you think you want perpetual can yeah i'll take care of my parents don't have perpetual cat.

00:29:17.430 --> 00:29:19.260 Mitchell Kassman: I don't want I don't want no, no, no visit.

00:29:19.620 --> 00:29:22.470 Tommy D: Mitchell, I don't know what that means perpetual carries out the grounds, what.

00:29:23.880 --> 00:29:27.270 Mitchell Kassman: means someone will take care of her grounds for ever and ever and ever.

00:29:27.750 --> 00:29:34.110 Mitchell Kassman: yeah I don't pay a fee every any year ever Okay, a big one up fancy and boom, it was done.

00:29:35.070 --> 00:29:37.590 Tommy D: By the we pet memorial park yes.

00:29:37.650 --> 00:29:40.680 Mitchell Kassman: Yes, and it's the most beautiful cemetery you've ever been to you.

00:29:40.680 --> 00:29:42.030 Valerie Heffron: Let me.

00:29:42.660 --> 00:29:43.710 Mitchell Kassman: know what.

00:29:43.890 --> 00:29:45.840 Valerie Heffron: yeah I can't believe I didn't know that was there.

00:29:45.840 --> 00:29:48.060 Valerie Heffron: i've been down that block was right next.

00:29:48.060 --> 00:29:49.410 Valerie Heffron: door is the henson animals.

00:29:49.410 --> 00:29:49.950 Mitchell Kassman: Yes, yes.

00:29:50.610 --> 00:29:55.980 Valerie Heffron: And I just beautiful I just end there's not much on the block like you have to it's a dead.

00:29:58.080 --> 00:29:58.800 Mitchell Kassman: End of the block.

00:29:59.190 --> 00:30:00.150 yeah hmm.

00:30:01.170 --> 00:30:05.280 Mitchell Kassman: So women that they're selling you everything and buying everything crime so.

00:30:06.120 --> 00:30:06.900 Mitchell Kassman: So then, after that.

00:30:07.920 --> 00:30:15.930 Valerie Heffron: They need so they took possession of freckles yeah and they have like do they do with it, what is.

00:30:16.590 --> 00:30:17.280 Valerie Heffron: There more I.

00:30:18.600 --> 00:30:18.840 Mitchell Kassman: guess.

00:30:19.710 --> 00:30:20.940 Valerie Heffron: They do that for go and.

00:30:23.370 --> 00:30:30.870 Mitchell Kassman: put it in a freezer until you have we have the we had about two days later, so everybody could come could come to the funeral.

00:30:31.710 --> 00:30:42.330 Mitchell Kassman: um and and then we went and then, then you go on the same day, because I just didn't want to go home, we went out and went to went to the place to get the monument and everything.

00:30:43.770 --> 00:30:47.400 Mitchell Kassman: But and stuff and you know you just you just take everything you don't care.

00:30:47.580 --> 00:30:53.460 Mitchell Kassman: that's what I want for you so much grieving is going on, so much hurt and then you go home and she's not.

00:30:53.850 --> 00:30:54.630 Valerie Heffron: And it's empty.

00:30:54.840 --> 00:30:57.480 Mitchell Kassman: And it's empty no stores now.

00:30:58.590 --> 00:31:01.230 Mitchell Kassman: Let me go to let me go to La what what happens.

00:31:02.010 --> 00:31:04.800 Valerie Heffron: Well, actually, I believe we have to take another break.

00:31:04.890 --> 00:31:06.150 Valerie Heffron: But I.

00:31:06.600 --> 00:31:07.500 don't have a.

00:31:09.060 --> 00:31:21.570 Valerie Heffron: I will say before we go to break that this is a it's a heartbreaking story, but it's also very moving story, because I don't know if there's a lot of people out there who have thought about planning a funeral for one of their for babies.

00:31:22.020 --> 00:31:28.500 Valerie Heffron: But it's an option and it's an option that we all need to know about, I mean I remember when Joe be once he was like one.

00:31:28.860 --> 00:31:34.740 Valerie Heffron: And he was limping I had no idea why he probably just tweaked his ankle and I threw him in the car and I.

00:31:35.040 --> 00:31:49.260 Valerie Heffron: ran to the back, I was hysterical crying on the way to the bed what is really wrong I was like freaking out, you know what I mean, and he was he was a puppy at that point in time, do you spend a lifetime, you know with an animal letting go is of course very difficult but.

00:31:51.450 --> 00:32:01.590 Valerie Heffron: Absolutely, and I don't want to get into also you know the fact, I mean you have 55 people at this funeral that's incredible I mean there there, I went to a funeral ones where.

00:32:02.100 --> 00:32:13.890 Valerie Heffron: There was under 10 people, and it was the saddest thing in the world, she was a customer at a bar and she had no friends, the only people that were there was for bliss and the staff from the restaurant.

00:32:14.370 --> 00:32:17.100 Mitchell Kassman: News had more people show up at a funeral and he.

00:32:17.640 --> 00:32:18.360 Mitchell Kassman: Could you want human.

00:32:20.700 --> 00:32:25.440 Tommy D: Well let's let's just go to a quick break we'll just say that will be bad yeah.

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00:34:28.560 --> 00:34:35.940 Tommy D: And we're back so I got to do a couple of shout outs, this is pals and professionals and animal lovers show, did you know, I was gonna sing.

00:34:36.150 --> 00:34:45.540 Tommy D: You know, watching Mitchell and I getting clowning while Valerie left the room, I was like I feel a little cloudy I want to, I want to sing gotta shout out to college right now mixing.

00:34:46.500 --> 00:34:55.530 Tommy D: You know, he he lost rocky his boy rocky so and he went through this and just you know that the challenge with losing for baby so shout out make me hear you.

00:34:56.760 --> 00:35:05.430 Tommy D: What I mean and I pulled this up, I put on Facebook, just now, since 1916 more than 65,000 animals have found a peaceful resting place.

00:35:05.850 --> 00:35:11.250 Tommy D: At pet memorial parks at vita we on long island in one song and westhampton.

00:35:11.640 --> 00:35:21.480 Tommy D: trusted by generations of pet lovers in the metropolitan New York area that pet memorials barks at by we have our sustained by an endowment which ensures their viability.

00:35:21.900 --> 00:35:31.770 Tommy D: into perpetuity so shout them out in fact by the we should all connect and you know, maybe we'll talk more about that in fact I don't know if you heard, but we have the compassion awards right here on long island.

00:35:32.460 --> 00:35:37.710 Tommy D: 11th of this year, might be good for you guys to hook up with us partner or maybe be out there with us because I.

00:35:37.710 --> 00:35:51.390 Valerie Heffron: feel like they need a lot more of these types of Memorial parks for people and their pets, I mean, I know that there was another one little shelter and Huntington has a small pet cemetery but they're.

00:35:52.050 --> 00:36:06.000 Valerie Heffron: There at full capacity, like that you know, and anyway so back to freckles unbelievable ceremony, I mean it also seems from the pictures Mitchell that it was a pretty raw kind of a day right so.

00:36:06.810 --> 00:36:16.470 Valerie Heffron: Tough weather freezing cold probably hard ground and yet 55 people showed up, I mean that's a great turnout.

00:36:16.710 --> 00:36:18.060 Mitchell Kassman: You want me to tell you how to shut up.

00:36:18.510 --> 00:36:27.690 Mitchell Kassman: yeah okay so Maria and I are sitting in this little room and freckles is in her it's her a coffin is like a little yet little pink little.

00:36:28.110 --> 00:36:37.290 Mitchell Kassman: Little cool about it, I mean beautiful little call and we're sending them were talking and it's rainy and it's miserable yeah it's it's January I wanted.

00:36:37.890 --> 00:36:43.950 Mitchell Kassman: It yeah um and honey and no one's going to come there's nobody coming.

00:36:44.580 --> 00:36:45.210 Mitchell Kassman: And then.

00:36:45.300 --> 00:36:50.490 Mitchell Kassman: Two by two people started to just show up you know, there was there was a beauty, the.

00:36:51.690 --> 00:36:54.180 Mitchell Kassman: There was a sign up front, if you could see this.

00:36:54.390 --> 00:36:54.930 Mitchell Kassman: You know where.

00:36:55.020 --> 00:37:04.470 Mitchell Kassman: Barry on the show he showed everybody where to go from the, by the way, and just pete they were like causal over the place, and people who just got walking through the door.

00:37:04.860 --> 00:37:08.100 Tommy D: That photo book is that something that that body we provided for you to.

00:37:08.400 --> 00:37:08.730 Mitchell Kassman: know.

00:37:09.000 --> 00:37:16.620 Mitchell Kassman: My wife always you know this is this is this is shutterfly dates and all the believe all these all these books that goes goes.

00:37:17.640 --> 00:37:19.470 Mitchell Kassman: goes goes to Pennsylvania.

00:37:20.700 --> 00:37:21.180 Mitchell Kassman: says.

00:37:21.720 --> 00:37:25.770 Mitchell Kassman: mommy we we have all these we have all these books and memories.

00:37:27.300 --> 00:37:27.570 Mitchell Kassman: yeah.

00:37:28.950 --> 00:37:46.350 Mitchell Kassman: So, all of a sudden everybody starts to come in and my wife had music playing for, and this is cat Stevens song that was especially ever recorded and it's called I love my dog and all it's all the all he does is say I love my dog I love it more than you.

00:37:47.130 --> 00:37:47.550 Mitchell Kassman: I love.

00:37:47.610 --> 00:37:50.580 Mitchell Kassman: My dog and he thought I can do.

00:37:50.910 --> 00:37:52.080 Mitchell Kassman: And that's basically it also.

00:37:52.980 --> 00:37:54.210 Mitchell Kassman: was just for a song ever recorded.

00:37:55.020 --> 00:37:55.440 Mitchell Kassman: You know I.

00:37:57.660 --> 00:37:57.870 Valerie Heffron: Like.

00:37:59.340 --> 00:37:59.790 Tommy D: to play it.

00:37:59.820 --> 00:38:00.570 I was just gonna play.

00:38:02.760 --> 00:38:04.350 Tommy D: Mitchell Cashman is here to soon as.

00:38:07.140 --> 00:38:18.180 Mitchell Kassman: Well, all the people that came work remember freckles had a lot of babysitters all have a babysitter show them all the people that know people from a close to home for a decade.

00:38:18.900 --> 00:38:28.950 Mitchell Kassman: Mortgage people meant my wife's Oliver teacher friends came, you know all the contractors that I know that thought for a lot of house stuff with faculty they all came.

00:38:29.520 --> 00:38:41.100 Mitchell Kassman: And everybody there was this other bigger room and everybody basically said a little thing about how they knew, and it was the most it was just one of the greatest things that we've ever done for.

00:38:42.420 --> 00:38:51.180 Mitchell Kassman: And then you know the they come in, just like a regular general they come in, they check the coffin and they bring it out where the burial site is and.

00:38:52.770 --> 00:38:55.710 Mitchell Kassman: We got a bench tip for her by the burial site.

00:38:57.270 --> 00:39:05.190 Mitchell Kassman: yeah with our name on, and so we all went out, you know the coldest if you come out to the burial site, just like when you go to a cemetery the ball.

00:39:05.640 --> 00:39:14.850 Mitchell Kassman: And then, all of us we set a few little prayers and stuff and all said we love love freckles and then we all basically kept throwing dirt on the you know, on the.

00:39:15.900 --> 00:39:18.930 Mitchell Kassman: into the into the the whole.

00:39:19.530 --> 00:39:21.300 Valerie Heffron: team so freckles with Jewish.

00:39:21.840 --> 00:39:22.680 Mitchell Kassman: Of course.

00:39:23.400 --> 00:39:24.330 Mitchell Kassman: My wife is Colombian.

00:39:25.980 --> 00:39:26.400 Valerie Heffron: So this.

00:39:29.070 --> 00:39:32.430 Valerie Heffron: Jewish ceremony for yeah.

00:39:32.490 --> 00:39:33.030 Mitchell Kassman: it's funny.

00:39:33.060 --> 00:39:34.290 it's funny that you say that because.

00:39:37.260 --> 00:39:47.730 Mitchell Kassman: Afterwards, a year later, we have the unveiling of this beautiful stone a little baby will love you forever October 13 2002 January 20 2015.

00:39:48.180 --> 00:39:59.490 Mitchell Kassman: hmm you know, and if they answered that that's the bench at the cemetery all of those other little things are all older, this is from the 1800s third of arrogant.

00:40:00.060 --> 00:40:00.570 wow.

00:40:02.640 --> 00:40:03.330 Valerie Heffron: So.

00:40:04.350 --> 00:40:06.120 Valerie Heffron: I have to just ask you like.

00:40:08.250 --> 00:40:17.760 Valerie Heffron: I hope you don't, mind you don't have to share this if you don't want to, but for anyone out there who's contemplating like planning for this and and utilizing this.

00:40:18.150 --> 00:40:26.040 Valerie Heffron: type of sendoff and wanting like a headstone and all of that Would you mind kind of talking about pricing because.

00:40:27.030 --> 00:40:28.020 Valerie Heffron: that's yeah.

00:40:28.710 --> 00:40:31.350 Mitchell Kassman: Listen, we we went a little overboard.

00:40:31.770 --> 00:40:33.000 Valerie Heffron: So grieving I do.

00:40:36.630 --> 00:40:46.590 Mitchell Kassman: I always want I listen I I visit freckles probably now maybe 10 times a year now visitor more because because of this show and i'll talk to her about the show.

00:40:47.070 --> 00:40:47.250 Oh.

00:40:49.620 --> 00:40:51.270 Tommy D: Thanks sure she knows we said Hello.

00:40:51.510 --> 00:40:52.110 Valerie Heffron: Okay, you can.

00:40:52.500 --> 00:40:54.300 Mitchell Kassman: You can visit it to follow it.

00:40:55.680 --> 00:40:56.430 Mitchell Kassman: So um.

00:40:57.180 --> 00:41:07.350 Mitchell Kassman: You know I my friendly whose dog passed away a couple of years ago he got a potluck like next to right next to Ephesus Okay, and he didn't spend as much but.

00:41:07.890 --> 00:41:08.700 Mitchell Kassman: You know I went for.

00:41:08.910 --> 00:41:19.830 Mitchell Kassman: Actual care which 1200 dollars, so I know that i'm never going to have to give $20 20 or $25 a month 20 to $25 a year, or whatever they take a year for the dog for the rest of your life.

00:41:21.270 --> 00:41:35.250 Mitchell Kassman: you'll get to get a casket is basically between four and $600 you know that the burial site they don't really charge that much, for I think it's between you and me if you want one or two and we took a double lot.

00:41:36.450 --> 00:41:40.050 Mitchell Kassman: Just in case we want to go there to humans can be buried there with their pets now.

00:41:40.200 --> 00:41:41.070 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God, I was going to.

00:41:41.160 --> 00:41:43.050 Mitchell Kassman: Be I met you but you need to be cremated.

00:41:43.740 --> 00:41:46.890 Mitchell Kassman: Okay Okay, but you can be buried with your pets.

00:41:47.940 --> 00:41:55.590 Tommy D: opens up so much opportunity for you Valerie let's be honest, I mean I know barry's gonna feel about it but we've already talked about him farting on the show today, so what.

00:41:55.590 --> 00:41:57.480 Tommy D: Where does it get worse.

00:42:00.000 --> 00:42:01.650 Mitchell Kassman: yeah that'll be interesting.

00:42:01.950 --> 00:42:04.500 Mitchell Kassman: Your biggest your biggest cost is your headstone.

00:42:05.640 --> 00:42:07.380 Tommy D: looks like a proper size stone, though.

00:42:08.040 --> 00:42:10.830 Mitchell Kassman: it's listen, I spent more on that stone than a different my mother.

00:42:11.160 --> 00:42:11.490 yeah.

00:42:18.090 --> 00:42:18.720 Tommy D: There it is.

00:42:18.870 --> 00:42:20.190 Valerie Heffron: I understand.

00:42:21.540 --> 00:42:22.620 Mitchell Kassman: You know there's a.

00:42:23.670 --> 00:42:24.120 Tommy D: While.

00:42:24.390 --> 00:42:33.480 Mitchell Kassman: Every time, every time I go there, people there, they take care of it textual Kim saw ask them can you clean or a stone for because it gets lime lime on stuff.

00:42:33.540 --> 00:42:39.990 Mitchell Kassman: yeah it's just a beautiful way to always be with you, was it was my first step that I really love.

00:42:40.380 --> 00:42:41.910 Valerie Heffron: How much was the bench.

00:42:42.480 --> 00:42:44.460 Mitchell Kassman: The bench what I think was like $1,000.

00:42:44.670 --> 00:42:45.600 Tommy D: Exactly in the park.

00:42:45.660 --> 00:42:48.870 Mitchell Kassman: It was 600 or 600 600,000,600.

00:42:49.260 --> 00:42:53.790 Tommy D: maria's she's like that show like you want to be a millionaire like you want to call a friend, you will do a live.

00:42:53.910 --> 00:42:54.870 Valerie Heffron: venue oh yeah.

00:42:56.160 --> 00:42:59.700 Mitchell Kassman: And we want to get another bench that also in another area.

00:42:59.910 --> 00:43:01.320 Mitchell Kassman: That somebody mimicked us.

00:43:01.590 --> 00:43:03.270 Tommy D: Mitchell that's on the property there.

00:43:03.480 --> 00:43:06.510 Mitchell Kassman: it's right it's right it's right by her under the table, where she is.

00:43:06.600 --> 00:43:09.150 Mitchell Kassman: cool I wanted to have some nice shades never liked science.

00:43:09.750 --> 00:43:11.370 Mitchell Kassman: But she was a good swimmer.

00:43:11.490 --> 00:43:12.630 Mitchell Kassman: So she's near the sprinkler system.

00:43:14.580 --> 00:43:17.520 Tommy D: copied you I cut you off on on that what were you gonna say what are they copied.

00:43:18.090 --> 00:43:19.620 Mitchell Kassman: How was it other people got benches.

00:43:21.120 --> 00:43:25.260 Mitchell Kassman: And that in loving memory of the dogs they went on adventures and stuff.

00:43:26.430 --> 00:43:27.420 Valerie Heffron: That I love that.

00:43:28.380 --> 00:43:33.150 Tommy D: That i'm sorry about that wasn't like a thing that they were offering to That was something that you came up with as an extra.

00:43:33.210 --> 00:43:43.980 Mitchell Kassman: Oh yeah yeah it's an extra data they don't they originally we asked if we could put a bench that's Okay, because they put the bench together and they put the ground, and I mean you don't really pay for that it.

00:43:45.060 --> 00:43:45.690 Tommy D: got it got it.

00:43:45.720 --> 00:43:46.260 Tommy D: Okay.

00:43:46.440 --> 00:43:53.580 Valerie Heffron: that's really I love memorial benches, I know, someone who lost their wife, unfortunately, and they have the memorial event for the part that they used to go to a.

00:43:53.580 --> 00:43:53.850 Mitchell Kassman: lot of.

00:43:54.180 --> 00:43:55.320 Valerie Heffron: blogs and stuff together.

00:43:56.400 --> 00:44:08.850 Valerie Heffron: But you know I also would want to just say this, I noticed from the pictures that you sent I was doing a little like and zooming in and whatever it looks like I don't know, it was the same day, but did you go to a diner afterwards.

00:44:09.240 --> 00:44:09.390 We.

00:44:10.500 --> 00:44:11.700 Mitchell Kassman: took everybody to the diner.

00:44:12.000 --> 00:44:13.320 Mitchell Kassman: I had.

00:44:13.380 --> 00:44:14.550 Mitchell Kassman: All taught to laugh.

00:44:16.320 --> 00:44:16.830 Tommy D: Is that not.

00:44:18.060 --> 00:44:20.070 Valerie Heffron: What i'm saying this is something I greatly.

00:44:20.070 --> 00:44:30.630 Valerie Heffron: Do miss and treasure our diners Okay, because I moved to Florida, and now we don't live there anymore, but the one is that diners are hard to come by outsiders, I guess, certain areas.

00:44:30.960 --> 00:44:37.980 Valerie Heffron: and use the weirdest part ready, I first of all I love diners I mean, like so many business networking things are diamonds, but also.

00:44:38.340 --> 00:44:50.700 Valerie Heffron: You can go there and the best part about it is it's open at three in the morning it's open at 10 in the morning it's open at five five o'clock at night, the diner that we went to in Florida all the sudden there was like we're closing a two i'm like why.

00:44:51.390 --> 00:44:55.650 Valerie Heffron: Like you close it till 2pm you know, I was joking.

00:44:56.910 --> 00:45:05.490 Valerie Heffron: Because I started I know it's not a designer and and they don't have the big venues with like hundreds of choices, now that I would ever get you know anything other than.

00:45:06.540 --> 00:45:12.600 Tommy D: The maiko they have often I would have been a diner and there's makeup like shark like on the men.

00:45:15.690 --> 00:45:20.220 Tommy D: get your engine fix like make all like the auto body place so whenever you know.

00:45:21.360 --> 00:45:28.950 Tommy D: Pictures share pictures Mitchell of folks well like his people his friends and have you're sitting at a doctor like um.

00:45:31.080 --> 00:45:32.460 Mitchell Kassman: No, it is not that there's a.

00:45:32.550 --> 00:45:41.580 Mitchell Kassman: You know well, we have psychosis Barry is a smash burger for her there's a diner that for the supermarket is a pet store perhaps wants to go to the pet store.

00:45:42.450 --> 00:45:43.800 Everything is right there.

00:45:44.880 --> 00:45:46.320 Mitchell Kassman: With the cherry hill shopping centers.

00:45:46.440 --> 00:46:02.400 Valerie Heffron: I love it I love it all right, well, I want to tell you that I think it's a great call to go to the diner for this type of it's very cathartic you know daddy's you're great, and I think what you did for freckles is just really special and I think more people might want to do it.

00:46:04.050 --> 00:46:04.290 Tommy D: When.

00:46:04.950 --> 00:46:17.130 Tommy D: We come back I do want to focus on something a little bit different when we come back because Mitchell we've established are compassionate you are and how important freckles was i've heard you say a couple of name a couple times, I want to hear about noodles because I.

00:46:17.130 --> 00:46:18.330 Mitchell Kassman: Think that's what I want to speak to.

00:46:18.750 --> 00:46:28.020 Tommy D: You about noodles but also from a perspective of this network that we're creating I want to hear how people can connect with you business wise because.

00:46:28.380 --> 00:46:38.070 Tommy D: If I was going to let's say purchase a home and I needed financing why wouldn't I go to the person who is so thoughtful and caring about their animal who passed right that's who I want to.

00:46:39.390 --> 00:46:42.240 Tommy D: connect with so shout out your business when we come back we'll talk noodle.

00:46:42.240 --> 00:46:42.780 Mitchell Kassman: And maybe.

00:46:43.830 --> 00:46:45.540 Tommy D: we'll talk dieters we'll be right back.

00:46:48.090 --> 00:46:48.750 Mitchell Kassman: Thanks baby.

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00:47:48.030 --> 00:47:49.530 morning all that lovers.

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00:48:44.760 --> 00:48:53.940 Tommy D: And we are back this is pastor professionals, an animal lover show, I was totally not going to share this all with everybody, because it was totally not organized right way, but guess what here's the body of an email.

00:48:54.390 --> 00:49:02.490 Tommy D: Just to show you some photos from from the funeral the Caspian funeral for freckles and you'll see the snow on the ground and.

00:49:02.700 --> 00:49:11.670 Tommy D: If you're not from strong island where we are you you don't know what those winters are like here but i'm just going to share the pictures from the diner and I see there's a little small picture there.

00:49:12.240 --> 00:49:13.710 Mitchell Kassman: You can see it on that coffin.

00:49:13.860 --> 00:49:14.970 Tommy D: that's the coffin the little pig.

00:49:14.970 --> 00:49:15.840 Mitchell Kassman: Yes, yeah yeah.

00:49:16.710 --> 00:49:17.550 Tommy D: And then.

00:49:18.660 --> 00:49:19.980 Tommy D: that's you and Maria right.

00:49:20.040 --> 00:49:24.660 Tommy D: yeah Okay, and then we'll go and just this is a diner for all you people.

00:49:24.660 --> 00:49:27.240 Mitchell Kassman: Is this to have those are two of our babysitters.

00:49:27.330 --> 00:49:29.550 Mitchell Kassman: The right one doesn't bother the babysitter.

00:49:30.150 --> 00:49:40.350 Tommy D: So for you folks who eat a denny's and you know, like maybe the waffle House you know you might not be aware of this you're and you're with us in Europe in the borrowers are long island, you know what's going on with diners and.

00:49:41.040 --> 00:49:43.140 Valerie Heffron: Things i'm gonna hit when we get to New York and.

00:49:46.350 --> 00:49:53.820 Valerie Heffron: I need to actually just circle back for one quick second because I did want to mention a couple cool things that I found when I was looking up.

00:49:54.360 --> 00:50:02.220 Valerie Heffron: Some content and stuff for the show, but something that really blew my mind was that there are companies now that offer.

00:50:02.940 --> 00:50:16.320 Valerie Heffron: plush toys that like you send them a picture of your pet who passed and they will create a plush toy that is almost identical to your dog like the pictures that I saw it was actually hard to delineate which one was.

00:50:16.380 --> 00:50:18.210 Mitchell Kassman: Was that day.

00:50:18.960 --> 00:50:19.380 and

00:50:20.550 --> 00:50:20.940 Valerie Heffron: And we're.

00:50:21.540 --> 00:50:23.220 Mitchell Kassman: In the doctor's office sitting in the corner.

00:50:24.090 --> 00:50:24.960 Valerie Heffron: The doctor's office.

00:50:24.990 --> 00:50:26.340 Mitchell Kassman: yeah yeah.

00:50:26.700 --> 00:50:28.260 Valerie Heffron: i'm sorry any so we.

00:50:29.610 --> 00:50:39.270 Valerie Heffron: have eventually the cremation factor, I have to talk about this company is I think they're amazing they do it for humans to, but you can actually send in like a couple of tablespoons of ashes.

00:50:39.690 --> 00:50:46.440 Valerie Heffron: And they will create a jewel at like a precious stone like a diamond out of.

00:50:46.950 --> 00:50:57.180 Valerie Heffron: The ashes, and then, of course, there are things like you can capture the footprint, you can turn that into like a mold or you can there's a lot of great things out there now.

00:50:57.540 --> 00:51:07.080 Valerie Heffron: and different ways to memorialize your your beloved for baby and just The very thought of it can have me make a meltdown over here so i'm not i'm not going to do it, but.

00:51:07.170 --> 00:51:08.730 Tommy D: Do it don't do it, but we got to show.

00:51:09.330 --> 00:51:12.120 Mitchell Kassman: What I want to, I want to talk to you soon professional group.

00:51:12.630 --> 00:51:12.930 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:51:12.990 --> 00:51:14.070 Mitchell Kassman: As professionals and love and.

00:51:14.490 --> 00:51:17.640 Mitchell Kassman: Yes, let me tell you how animals go i'm in banking.

00:51:18.210 --> 00:51:20.760 Mitchell Kassman: yeah So when I first started in banking when I worked for.

00:51:20.760 --> 00:51:36.450 Mitchell Kassman: Jim he was they've loved animals what animals and everything, then when gma small groups went went basically out of out of business, I went to another company, and you know they promised me that my dog could be in the office, it was it was fun and i'm going to mention names.

00:51:36.870 --> 00:51:39.060 Mitchell Kassman: And then i'm working there for a couple of years.

00:51:39.390 --> 00:51:52.140 Mitchell Kassman: And manager at southern you know little bit of a human resource place it, you can you can have a dog and you put the call today profit in the name a lot.

00:51:52.410 --> 00:51:52.890 Valerie Heffron: A lot.

00:51:53.220 --> 00:51:56.880 Mitchell Kassman: A prop prop prop within five days I quit.

00:51:57.990 --> 00:52:01.920 Mitchell Kassman: And I went to another bank and they loved animals, they let it be all of my stuff.

00:52:02.400 --> 00:52:20.760 Mitchell Kassman: And all of my stuff and then of course during them during the meltdown in mortgages, I had to go to a different bank, so I went to this bank called a citizens, and they didn't want a picture of I had noodles that have noodles on it, but but secretively inside these banks this dog loves.

00:52:21.570 --> 00:52:30.840 Mitchell Kassman: know the lady sent me my cards and said Mitchell don't tell anyone because I might get in trouble, but she sent me my cards, with a picture of me and freckles on the back to the God.

00:52:35.340 --> 00:52:36.780 Mitchell Kassman: don't tell anybody or whatever.

00:52:36.990 --> 00:52:39.930 Mitchell Kassman: yeah now now to this day, I worked at Citibank.

00:52:40.380 --> 00:52:51.720 Mitchell Kassman: Okay Okay, and at Citibank you know we have these linkedin sites and on linkedin is noodles and I mm hmm so and you want to be able to advertise Citibank stuff on there and that very compliant or whatever.

00:52:52.200 --> 00:52:57.600 Mitchell Kassman: So the marketing girl tells me she does want Mitchell, I don't know you might have to change the purchase of i'm not changing my picture.

00:52:58.650 --> 00:53:02.190 Mitchell Kassman: of me my animal it's part of my motto, and everything and.

00:53:02.340 --> 00:53:03.180 Mitchell Kassman: Make sure, let me see what.

00:53:03.690 --> 00:53:08.400 Mitchell Kassman: I can do lady comes back it's not in compliance compliance.

00:53:10.740 --> 00:53:19.350 Mitchell Kassman: And then, all of a sudden within within 48 hours she gets it approved and Citibank to prove me and noodles on on on on my left hand side.

00:53:20.010 --> 00:53:24.030 Valerie Heffron: So if there's anyone from Citibank listening, I just want to say this really quickly.

00:53:24.450 --> 00:53:24.900 Tommy D: Like.

00:53:24.960 --> 00:53:30.780 Valerie Heffron: You and I had fallen out of touch for a few years, how many years it's been but you know what.

00:53:31.110 --> 00:53:44.550 Valerie Heffron: When I was racking my brain and go into my phone trying to think of people I could reach out to to find a foster further to your keys and needed to foster after three, four or five years of not really.

00:53:45.030 --> 00:53:47.370 Valerie Heffron: Have no contact and cove it and all of that.

00:53:47.700 --> 00:54:01.980 Valerie Heffron: I had no qualms about picking up the phone and saying to you because I know you're an animal lover do you know, anyone who might be interested in fostering can you foster what's going on and that is a great thing, because when i'm thinking of compassionate people I thought of you.

00:54:03.690 --> 00:54:07.980 Tommy D: So what you're saying, if I can be a bit of a capitalist right now, because I.

00:54:08.430 --> 00:54:19.050 Tommy D: knew that what you're saying Valerie is it's a good marketing tool to have Mitchell the person not just Mitchell the loan officer.

00:54:19.050 --> 00:54:19.500 Guy.

00:54:20.610 --> 00:54:21.840 Mitchell Kassman: I don't wanna I don't want to be alone.

00:54:22.200 --> 00:54:36.270 Tommy D: Oh no the human being who's a dog lover who can help you get financing if you need it right like let's let's do the hierarchy he's a person right he loves animals Oh, and he does business stuff right due respect Mitchell you know i'm trying to say.

00:54:36.450 --> 00:54:41.310 Tommy D: yeah you know, so the idea is that's what we're building here that's what this community is it's.

00:54:41.340 --> 00:54:57.750 Tommy D: Good for who are compassionate who can do business together and it all comes out of an event Valerie didn't know a number of years ago, where there was name tags and it said I like dogs I like surfing, it did not say i'm a certified public accountant right.

00:54:57.780 --> 00:54:58.590 Tommy D: We talked about.

00:54:58.770 --> 00:55:05.310 Tommy D: That boring stuff later, once you understand that I like dogs I like surfing and that's not being that's about a colleague and friend of ours.

00:55:05.610 --> 00:55:16.920 Tommy D: So you are Mitchell, we are running out of time, I know Valerie has more stuff to say, I have some something I have to say at the end of the show that we do so, do you want to leave anybody with anything did we see noodles I thought I saw noodles, no, no.

00:55:16.920 --> 00:55:17.550 Mitchell Kassman: Let me get notice.

00:55:18.660 --> 00:55:19.920 Tommy D: I want to see noodles first of all.

00:55:20.340 --> 00:55:20.640 Mitchell Kassman: This is.

00:55:21.600 --> 00:55:22.290 Tommy D: Oh, my God.

00:55:23.010 --> 00:55:24.810 Mitchell Kassman: I just want to say, I just want to say.

00:55:24.900 --> 00:55:37.020 Mitchell Kassman: One thing and one minute go, you know when when when he passed away, it was my heart was broken and everything was broken in me there was this religion i'm not going to mention his name Sean Elliott.

00:55:39.690 --> 00:55:47.100 Mitchell Kassman: Who Facebook me and said Mitchell go get a dog now and I like wow but you know what a month later.

00:55:47.700 --> 00:56:02.610 Mitchell Kassman: We picked up noodles she didn't fill my heart because it's such a long time for my heart to get filled, but I fell in love with her and she's she's my love and joy now you know and and that's all I could say it's if you're gonna lose it animal you don't have to wait it's okay.

00:56:03.090 --> 00:56:04.500 Mitchell Kassman: Nobody wants nobody wanted.

00:56:04.800 --> 00:56:09.750 Mitchell Kassman: Your dog or a pet whatever they don't want you to grieve they want you to always be happy.

00:56:10.530 --> 00:56:11.820 Valerie Heffron: To get a golden name it.

00:56:12.300 --> 00:56:13.260 Valerie Heffron: runs oni.

00:56:13.590 --> 00:56:14.370 Mitchell Kassman: Well, I named.

00:56:14.430 --> 00:56:16.110 Mitchell Kassman: My name freckles freckles.

00:56:16.320 --> 00:56:24.510 Mitchell Kassman: On Google second fractals because noodle I mean freckles mother name was noodles because that's why I named my next job noodles.

00:56:24.660 --> 00:56:27.150 Mitchell Kassman: Oh that's how she got the name noodles.

00:56:27.330 --> 00:56:32.520 Tommy D: look like on on her nose she had like these little black was at the little is that, where the freckles came from.

00:56:34.890 --> 00:56:36.750 Mitchell Kassman: All my other dog festival festival over.

00:56:37.440 --> 00:56:37.830 Tommy D: And over.

00:56:37.860 --> 00:56:40.080 Mitchell Kassman: Right, but they got the dog the time they had the name.

00:56:40.890 --> 00:56:41.850 Tommy D: Always already named after.

00:56:41.970 --> 00:56:45.360 Tommy D: me about this say Valerie anything.

00:56:46.230 --> 00:56:47.640 Valerie Heffron: Mitchell, I love you I.

00:56:47.640 --> 00:56:49.230 Mitchell Kassman: love you too, thank you for having me.

00:56:49.290 --> 00:56:52.050 Valerie Heffron: Oh, my God and everybody comes to the compassionate words that's all.

00:56:59.250 --> 00:57:00.900 Tommy D: I love my dog my cat Stevens.

00:57:00.930 --> 00:57:09.420 Tommy D: yeah breaking rules here the greatest of a nation and its role, progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated.

00:57:09.870 --> 00:57:22.020 Tommy D: that's from Gandhi, this is your friend Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connected, that is my Pal now have found Mitchell kasman my new friend appreciate everybody make it a great day and give somebody a hug.

00:57:22.710 --> 00:57:23.520 Valerie Heffron: love you guys.

00:57:25.320 --> 00:57:25.710 Mitchell Kassman: love you.

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