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Monday, July 18, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/18 - The Edge of Radical Acceptance with herSTORIES with Jennifer Aks-Neuman

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/18 - The Edge of Radical Acceptance with herSTORIES with Jennifer Aks-Neuman


2022/07/18 - The Edge of Radical Acceptance with herSTORIES with Jennifer Aks-Neuman

[New Episode] The Edge of Radical Acceptance with herSTORIES with Jennifer Aks-Neuman


What is kinesthetic intelligence and how can it be used to understand a life story? And how can that understanding be curated to embody a new self-awareness and ultimately, tell a new story?


Jen Aks-Neuman, Story Producer and Embodiment Coach founded herStories in response to the 2020 pandemic as a way to help Womxn tell their stories of resilience. Jen has combined her 30+ years of movement training, teaching, photography, editing, speaking, and directing to design her embodiment practice, “The Power of Gesture”, which helps people process their emotions. 

Jen’s signature practice has helped Womxn unlock emotion which has provided breakthroughs and new perspectives about who they are and what is possible in their lives.

We will be talking about the personal edges she has navigated and the struggles she has overcome that led her to create her embodiment practice, The Power of Gesture and to boldly step into her mission to shift the mindset of humanity one story at a time. All this and so much more!



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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Jen Aks-Neuman, who is a Story Producer and Embodiment Coach that founded herStories as a way to help Womxn tell their stories of resilience. Sandra tells the story of meeting Jen through a mutual friend. Jen talks about how the journey of her life has led to where she is now and how she was able to pair her love of movement with her love of storytelling and empowerment. Sandra and Jen talk about the different sides to storytelling. Jen says that her mission is to shift the mindset of humanity one story at a time.

Segment 2

Jen talks about shifting her career at the beginning of the pandemic which led to the work she does today with herStories. She talks about empowering women through telling their stories of resilience and gives examples of how that can be beneficial. Sandra brings up the connection Jen’s work has to kinesthetic knowledge. Jen talks about being a kinesthetic learner which is why she values gesture as a form of communication. Jen then talks about the process of creating videos with women which starts with a conversation to define their emotional journey and eventually leads to them telling their story through movement.

Segment 3

Jen talks about the ceremonial aspect of her work and how it is able to be transformative. The videos Jen makes are used by the women in many ways such as being a legacy piece, branding, or something used for healing. Jen then talks about The Power of Gesture which is the core of all of the stories, coaching, and workshops that she does. She then talks about her workshops.

Segment 4

Jen talks about her virtual galeries where she shares the stories of the women she has worked with. She then expresses gratitude for the women she has worked with, saying that they have all taught her. She has started to offer complimentary sessions to allow more women to experience the type of work she does. Jen talks about wanting to travel and do in-person workshops in addition to the virtual work. Jen can be found at


00:00:27.810 --> 00:00:35.130 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bartman a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:35.640 --> 00:00:41.310 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face in grappling.

00:00:42.150 --> 00:00:58.470 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that pocket of invitations to leap out of what's.

00:00:59.550 --> 00:01:02.910 on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:01:06.660 --> 00:01:18.210 Sandra Bargman: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive, thank you for joining me on this, the 35th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:19.020 --> 00:01:29.070 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:29.580 --> 00:01:39.210 Sandra Bargman: Or, of course, you can visit my website Sandra bartman calm and please tune in to any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:40.230 --> 00:01:48.360 In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:48.900 --> 00:01:57.030 Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:57.600 --> 00:02:02.610 And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:02:03.270 --> 00:02:20.040 those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings both about ourselves, and about the world around us those places we don't want to look.

00:02:21.180 --> 00:02:29.400 Sandra Bargman: Listen, we live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white.

00:02:29.820 --> 00:02:46.590 Sandra Bargman: It must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:47.910 --> 00:02:52.950 And without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:54.060 --> 00:03:02.730 Sandra Bargman: Jennifer X Newman, is a movement coach story producer choreographer photographer and teaching artist.

00:03:03.240 --> 00:03:22.110 Sandra Bargman: Jennifer is also the founder of her stories, which was born in response to the 2020 coven 19 pandemic as a woman mother teaching artists and collaborator she wanted to find ways to remain connected creative and inspired.

00:03:23.130 --> 00:03:31.260 Sandra Bargman: Today jennifer's focus has become the feminine exploration of intuition trust and storytelling.

00:03:32.220 --> 00:03:42.960 Sandra Bargman: she believes that intuitive movement has the potential to create new pathways which can lead to personal and communal discovery and empowerment.

00:03:43.470 --> 00:03:55.410 Sandra Bargman: She founded her stories to help women tell their stories of resilience Jen has combined her 30 plus years of movement training teaching photography.

00:03:55.860 --> 00:04:05.340 Sandra Bargman: editing speaking and directing to design her embodiment practice, the power of gesture which helps people process their emotions.

00:04:05.910 --> 00:04:18.240 Sandra Bargman: Jen signature practice has helped women unlock emotion, which has provided breakthrough breakthroughs and new perspectives about who they are, and what is possible in their lives.

00:04:18.990 --> 00:04:33.090 Sandra Bargman: Jen has led workshop workshops with life coaches retreats her own community and has produced over 100 mini documentaries representing stories of resilience.

00:04:33.630 --> 00:04:51.660 Sandra Bargman: jen's body of work is meant to educate inspire empower and open our hearts and minds to what as possible jen's mission is to shift the mindset of humanity one story, at a time hello, and welcome Jennifer.

00:04:52.350 --> 00:04:53.700 wow.

00:04:57.300 --> 00:04:59.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That sounded so good.

00:04:59.910 --> 00:05:10.200 Sandra Bargman: Right that's me she's talking about me isn't it fun to hear that it's just so sad laboratory and I always tell my guests listen.

00:05:10.500 --> 00:05:22.710 Sandra Bargman: The more you can send to me the better I because we're not going to get into everything in an hour we just can't so I just like a really nice full juicy CV and you certainly have that my friend.

00:05:22.710 --> 00:05:34.200 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: wow that was that was incredible Thank you what a gift a complete well speaking of gifts, you are a gift and thank you for being on my show gifting us.

00:05:34.770 --> 00:05:44.550 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: With your wisdom and your incredible work and your great spirit so thanks, thank you on the edge of every day, thank you, I love being here already.

00:05:46.710 --> 00:05:48.420 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: we're celebrating here so.

00:05:48.600 --> 00:05:49.740 Sandra Bargman: I like to.

00:05:50.850 --> 00:06:04.080 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: tell our listeners all about how I know my guests, and so I met you through our mutual friend Nicole and sorry Cox, whom I had on the show.

00:06:04.800 --> 00:06:19.680 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Previously she's episode 23 Hello shout out to Nicole Hello Hello episode 23 on the edge of every day, which you can find on talk radio dot nyc website, or any of the podcasts platforms that you love.

00:06:21.210 --> 00:06:30.540 But she said Oh, I have somebody you're going to love her you two are just going to love each other, I and she introduced us and we had our fabulous opening conversation, and it was.

00:06:31.320 --> 00:06:51.540 Truly like long lost friends hmm I loved it oh totally well I just talking with you, it really was brought home to me just and and doing all the research that I love to do on my guests, and of course I did on you listening to things and reading things and.

00:06:52.980 --> 00:07:07.380 i'm amazed by the intersection of our work and the parallels in our work, using the arts in our desire to educate in our desire desire to empower and our service to humanity.

00:07:07.800 --> 00:07:23.520 And in particularly to women, and you have amassed some quite a tapestry of skills that you have combined and woven into this beautiful tapestry of your work.

00:07:23.970 --> 00:07:33.750 With the power of gesture, with her stories and it's just it's remarkable to see how you're utilizing that incredible set of skills hmm.

00:07:34.830 --> 00:07:52.020 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Thank you so much, I mean I, I feel it I feel very blessed it's quite incredible to have a 51 year journey and arrive in a place right just a couple of years ago with the.

00:07:52.650 --> 00:08:06.300 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: pandemic to realize that all of the skills and all of the stories that live inside of that journey for all of those years colony to this every single thing.

00:08:06.630 --> 00:08:20.460 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: led to this moment there's not a question in my mind and so it's really incredible that i've been able to pair my love of movement and creating this embodiment.

00:08:21.180 --> 00:08:27.750 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: process, the power of gesture and combine it with my love for storytelling.

00:08:28.050 --> 00:08:29.220 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: and empowerment.

00:08:29.400 --> 00:08:40.020 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And weave it all together, I mean it is quite remarkable and i'm so thrilled that i'm able to do that, and I do think there's a lot of alignment between the two of us, because our passions are very, very similar.

00:08:40.110 --> 00:08:49.620 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Truly, and at the heart storytelling and you know and, of course, what Nicole, and I spoke of, and so many of my guests really boils down to this this the power.

00:08:50.130 --> 00:09:02.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Of storytelling in getting people engaged and with the climate change, for instance, I had climate people on we talked about the power of storytelling for that issue just always.

00:09:02.730 --> 00:09:23.040 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: The incredible power, the ancient incredible power of storytelling and but what's interesting and something that I, that I had a woman on we talked about the edge of storytelling how and i'm really interested to hear your your take on this so there's two sides to storytelling to me.

00:09:24.060 --> 00:09:46.470 Sandra Bargman: And i'm sure you you you explore this in your work, so the power of storytelling as we understand it, the transformational power, the the the the bright light of storytelling and the wisdom that shared and the understanding and the communal effort with storytelling juxtaposed with.

00:09:47.610 --> 00:09:57.330 Sandra Bargman: The restrictive element of storytelling in that we create these stories about ourselves that aren't even true.

00:09:58.440 --> 00:10:08.940 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You know that is also a kind of storytelling that we humans do is you know this lifelong story that i've told myself that i'm not a.

00:10:10.020 --> 00:10:23.520 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: i'm not enough or i'm not a good communicator or i'm i'm not healthy or i'm needy or whatever, whatever the story is that one would tell one stealth simply isn't true.

00:10:25.650 --> 00:10:41.340 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Oh, I just find this so fascinating because it's so true I can speak from my own experience that the story that I told myself that I wasn't smart enough that I.

00:10:41.790 --> 00:10:47.940 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: didn't have the language to communicate or contribute to conversations around the table.

00:10:48.180 --> 00:10:56.010 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: This this was a big part of my narrative that held me back until I found movement, which is a whole other thing which i'm sure we'll talk about.

00:10:56.280 --> 00:11:09.240 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But this was a story that I created based on my life experience and the things that were said to me in certain environments, so that so in a way.

00:11:09.750 --> 00:11:12.960 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah it wasn't correct, but it was.

00:11:13.860 --> 00:11:25.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: What I experienced, yes, and what my experience led me to that narrative to that story, but then what's fascinating is then it turns out that that story.

00:11:26.070 --> 00:11:37.290 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Is the reason i'm doing what i'm doing right that story is the very reason why I found the power of gesture and i'm offering an alternative to language and communication and connection.

00:11:37.500 --> 00:11:51.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: As a result of my own insecurities so it was really it's so fascinating how it all ties together totally well, that is, the quintessential edge of every day, you know we talked about you know the the restrictive story is the dark portion and the the.

00:11:51.330 --> 00:12:08.580 Sandra Bargman: The light portion is the trance transformational storytelling and shining the light into that dark is in those that vulnerable place is often where the superpower lies and you just just nailed it with the it brought me to this work well.

00:12:08.610 --> 00:12:21.060 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: that's exactly right, and if we should all be so lucky to have that that's what that's what I want right that's my you said, my mission is to shift the mindset of humanity one story, at a time.

00:12:21.390 --> 00:12:32.790 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I want not just women i'm just focused on women, right now, but the goal in my large vision is to have the world see their potential.

00:12:33.000 --> 00:12:44.160 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Based on their life it like everything leads and piggybacks and dominoes to to lead us to where our purpose, I believe that, and so, if we can face it.

00:12:44.460 --> 00:12:56.160 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Which is very hard to do because it takes a lot of strength and courage and requires a tremendous amount of vulnerability, but if we can get there one story, at a time, one woman, at a time when human at a time.

00:12:56.550 --> 00:13:13.650 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: We can help each other arrive to that purpose and, possibly, based on the journey that was before you know totally yeah totally for find that superpower which I love that term, I just wanted to.

00:13:14.820 --> 00:13:22.290 Sandra Bargman: Getting to and the superpower that surrounds all of that is radical acceptance.

00:13:22.320 --> 00:13:30.030 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Yes, which is a part of your work, which is a phrase that you use, which is a phrase that I use and that you know that I try to start.

00:13:30.630 --> 00:13:47.670 Sandra Bargman: All the work that I do and has to begin with self as you talk about with the work that you do with with your her story stories, it has to begin with self that has to begin with acceptance of what is an acceptance of self.

00:13:48.210 --> 00:14:00.150 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Absolutely absolutely you're making me think of a quick story when I feature these stories sometimes when I do these virtual galleries and I remember.

00:14:00.690 --> 00:14:07.710 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Being in one of the galleries and one of the women that was featured her story was around sexual assault when she was you know.

00:14:08.040 --> 00:14:25.200 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: 1314 years old and a woman, a guest who watched her story said Thank you so much for your story, because my daughter was sexually harassed last year and I honestly haven't been able to understand her, but now I do.

00:14:25.710 --> 00:14:31.920 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And I actually started bawling because I realized it starts with self.

00:14:32.430 --> 00:14:51.840 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Then it translates to others, and then it can even go a step further and that person can be affected and self accept, not just for themselves, but for their children or their siblings or so it's this this the power of story really comes back to.

00:14:52.230 --> 00:15:05.490 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: All can accept yourself you're much more accepting of others that's right and the more we can accept our edges, the more we're accepting of edges and others I think it's time for a break now on that note, so when we come.

00:15:05.490 --> 00:15:18.000 Sandra Bargman: back with the glorious Jennifer X Newman, we are going to dive into her stories how she created this what her vision is when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:16:57.360 --> 00:17:02.100 you're listening to talk radio nyc uplift educate our.

00:17:31.230 --> 00:17:35.430 Every day, then we are back with Jennifer X Newman.

00:17:36.420 --> 00:17:50.400 Sandra Bargman: Every woman deserves the opportunity to have her story told her voice shared and her journey celebrated so let's dive into her stories so.

00:17:52.740 --> 00:17:55.920 you're working look and let's begin with.

00:17:57.300 --> 00:17:58.830 Well i'll let you tell it, of course.

00:18:00.090 --> 00:18:17.520 Sandra Bargman: I know the story now because i've heard it and read it um but let's dive in this all started the pandemic hits and your world what you were doing at the time which you're going to share with our wonderful listeners was turned upside down and something was born.

00:18:18.210 --> 00:18:26.910 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: hmm yeah I have like chills going over and my head the whole thing yeah I was prior to the pandemic, I was working with.

00:18:28.050 --> 00:18:40.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: New York City public schools primarily inner city public schools teaching and empowering children through the arts and it was an incredible 17 year journey, I still dabble with it a little bit.

00:18:42.660 --> 00:18:48.930 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And when the pandemic had all of the schools were shut down I couldn't touch and feel and experience and educate.

00:18:50.070 --> 00:19:00.660 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: For these children in the way that I was get I was left with deep deep creative desire to create continually.

00:19:01.860 --> 00:19:13.770 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: desire to empower and and yeah and I just was like there's there's this burning desire now, I do have a background and editing and photography and all of that, and I love storytelling so.

00:19:14.190 --> 00:19:18.510 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I decided to shift my demographic to women and.

00:19:19.440 --> 00:19:30.300 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Work with women online virtually to listen to their stories and with the intention that I was going to do something artistically with these expressions.

00:19:30.540 --> 00:19:44.100 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So what came naturally was just I would have a conversation with a woman, and then I would take her through this embodiment experiences power of gesture that has just been always a part of my life I just named it.

00:19:44.550 --> 00:20:04.080 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Right just named it the power of gesture and this became the Center of all of my work and so these stories close to I think now it's about 100 of them were born and these stories are a combination of the spoken word music additional clips that we.

00:20:05.220 --> 00:20:13.590 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That are inspired by the work that we do together and these stories are short there three to five minutes, but what I realized was happening.

00:20:14.280 --> 00:20:22.050 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Was that these women were we were being given a chance to look at themselves like look in the mirror and say.

00:20:22.890 --> 00:20:40.650 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I mean I don't know that I can curse on this podcast but I was gonna say i'm fucking beautiful i'm fucking amazing like I am yes i've been through this or that but I have arrived and i'm telling my story and i'm stepping into my vulnerability and then with my.

00:20:42.210 --> 00:20:50.190 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: way in which I edit and the music that I bring in it creates this piece of art, and so what i've been so.

00:20:50.490 --> 00:20:53.670 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: drawn to about this work and so happy to be able to provide.

00:20:53.850 --> 00:21:05.970 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Is not only give a women not only give women a platform to share their stories, but to create a piece of art, out of it, which is the key word that I always say, which is celebrate let's celebrate because the stories when I really.

00:21:06.420 --> 00:21:19.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: did a deep dive and analyze them at the beginning of the year they're really all about resilience it's all about a woman and what she's overcome the lesson, she has learned and where she is now and.

00:21:20.490 --> 00:21:29.190 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: it's quite unbelievable because we can tend to live in the darkness live in the trauma live in the adversity of live in the pain.

00:21:29.850 --> 00:21:46.200 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Right, but then, if we can uncover that through which I am doing the power of gesture we uncover we find the light and we move the emotions in a different way inside of ourselves because they're never go away.

00:21:46.530 --> 00:21:58.830 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But then rock you know lift it up with the arts in this artistic way it's just it's been an incredible incredible journey and the stories are.

00:21:59.520 --> 00:22:04.200 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: All obviously everyone has their own story to tell so it's whether it's cancer.

00:22:04.650 --> 00:22:15.480 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: survivors, you know actually i'm just going to say real quick that because it just reminds me this beautiful woman, I did a story, for she has cancer survivor and she said I don't want this story that's why i'm going back to.

00:22:15.810 --> 00:22:25.290 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: kind of say it again rephrase it, she said I don't want this story to be about surviving cancer, I want this story to be a survival story.

00:22:25.650 --> 00:22:39.600 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: triumph, we all have survived something, many of us have survived the pandemic there could be a story about that you know so anyhow i'm not sure if I went off on a tangent I just get so passionate about the work so.

00:22:39.660 --> 00:22:45.240 Sandra Bargman: it's a beautiful we have these conversations we don't have yeah we can go off on tangents oh.

00:22:46.860 --> 00:22:49.980 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah well there's a few things I want to touch on yeah yeah.

00:22:50.520 --> 00:23:00.390 Sandra Bargman: The power of the voice of finding you know and that's a theme that i'm finding everyone and their brother that i'm their sister that i'm talking with particularly women are.

00:23:00.840 --> 00:23:14.400 Sandra Bargman: The pandemic was this Global Call forward to finding a bigger voice I swear with all the women that i've spoken with particularly women, of a certain age.

00:23:14.850 --> 00:23:31.650 Sandra Bargman: There was a call forward to step more forward in sharing our voice aka our truth aka choosing to be seen and to help others to feel that they too are being seen.

00:23:32.760 --> 00:23:50.430 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: that's one one thing that I here and there, the other thing that I want to comment on, and ask about us that the kinesthetic knowledge with and we're going to get more into power of gesture, probably in the third section, but, but the storytelling quality and the innate understanding of.

00:23:51.450 --> 00:23:53.820 The wisdom of the body mm hmm.

00:23:55.110 --> 00:24:05.580 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That you're so in touch with in your you're utilizing in all of your you know the power of video the power of the spoken word, the power of storytelling qualities of the mm hmm.

00:24:06.270 --> 00:24:16.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah understanding, I think we all have that, in fact, I know that we all have that possibility it's just about coaching yeah exactly.

00:24:17.610 --> 00:24:24.270 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: it's just all about trusting ourselves to go to a place that might be slightly unfamiliar.

00:24:24.570 --> 00:24:37.380 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You know at the core of it, though it's just another tool it's another tool it's another way in which you can communicate and it's something that I desperately needed and I found it because I needed it and so.

00:24:38.280 --> 00:24:48.720 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: The the kinetic understanding came to me much later in life, because I would that all that doubt and shame and and that narrative we spoke about.

00:24:49.710 --> 00:25:02.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I had to understand why, why do I feel this way when I actually can remember every single step, so when teachers meeting choreography Why can I remember every single lyric to every single song that I love, why can I.

00:25:02.760 --> 00:25:08.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Learn my a B, C D E, F G, why can I learn that when I sing it, it was all because I was a.

00:25:08.790 --> 00:25:24.390 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: kinesthetic learner and I had kinesthetic intelligence, but no one really shared that with me when I was younger, no one shared that as an option, so I just continued to doubt and shame myself but later when I did the research and realized oh.

00:25:24.690 --> 00:25:32.070 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: there's multiple forms of intelligence, there are multiple ways in which we can learn and express ourselves so kinesthetic learning.

00:25:32.580 --> 00:25:46.260 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: It is that reason that this whole power of gesture was born from me, because I needed that I needed to find another way to really express myself and feel grounded and centered in the world that I lived in you know.

00:25:46.980 --> 00:25:53.160 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That you're able to provide that for young people and even for older people to you know because.

00:25:53.730 --> 00:26:03.750 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: growing up in in the school system, you know they have their rigid little way of doing things and there's not working outside of that there's no excuse me what's the best way that you learn.

00:26:04.290 --> 00:26:15.150 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: that's right, how do you learn, and you know and it's only now in the collective consciousness about this much you would think that it would be more in the school systems, but that's not.

00:26:15.690 --> 00:26:22.290 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: really the case so how incredible that you can provide the young people in the school system.

00:26:22.890 --> 00:26:42.450 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That understanding and that way, a feeling confident that you would have craved you were able to connect to it and give it to other people yeah thankful beautiful work okay so talk, talk us through this process, how do you work with the women that yeah to you to create.

00:26:42.660 --> 00:26:46.410 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: These incredible mini docu drama oh.

00:26:48.210 --> 00:27:02.310 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: love it um okay So how do I work with one well, the first thing is it just starts in a conversation and that's really the most important thing that the women know that it's a conversation and it's not an interview.

00:27:02.850 --> 00:27:25.260 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: at all, you know, and I, the because the way in which I edit I think it really resonates because they're the women are so raw it's so real it's not planned there's no questions in advance, we just move through whatever organically and authentically comes up for both of us.

00:27:26.610 --> 00:27:33.780 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But anyhow, so we arrive on zoom i've done a few stories in person, but the bulk of the work is on zoom.

00:27:34.290 --> 00:27:48.030 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And so we meet in the zoom space like this, and then we start talking and she really shares her story with me and i'll just ask questions, based on what she's saying I think you want to say something.

00:27:48.720 --> 00:28:06.030 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Oh no Oh, I thought you're gonna say something okay um Okay, so that calm that conversation just sort of unfolds and unravels and then what happens in the last bit of the conversation is I will reflect back certain.

00:28:06.690 --> 00:28:19.620 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: chapters certain moments that really stuck out and what would then we'll do together is define the emotional journey, you know what was that chapter if we could pull out one.

00:28:19.920 --> 00:28:36.570 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: emotion or two what was that okay that was shame okay that one was like you know darkness Oh, this one was empowerment, this one was freedom, whatever those are so those become the pillars of her story as a movement artist coach teacher.

00:28:37.500 --> 00:28:43.200 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And just as a woman, I think we all kind of intuitively know that when we have emotion.

00:28:43.560 --> 00:28:59.220 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Then we can create a movement, you know motion comes from emotion, so we create these emotional pillars to inspire the gesture that's created to represent that moment in her life and so.

00:28:59.880 --> 00:29:05.070 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Then i'll take her through those gestures that she created.

00:29:05.310 --> 00:29:15.210 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And we'll put music on and i'll really have her you know kind of guide her through them sometimes you know women remember and they don't they need the prompts you know so i'll kind of guide them through.

00:29:15.390 --> 00:29:24.900 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That stuff but it's their story they're just telling it without words so there's music involved and it's it's really like a moving meditation.

00:29:25.230 --> 00:29:36.840 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: around her story, and it is so so so beautiful and so much comes up because of it, that is really our first session together and that session.

00:29:37.500 --> 00:29:46.950 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I take and I add it down to about five minutes, so I take an hour hour and 15 minute conversation and I bring it down to about five minutes.

00:29:47.310 --> 00:30:00.150 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: In between, before we meet the next time she creates some additional video clips that that are inspired by those gestures and those emotions that were identified in our first conversation.

00:30:00.420 --> 00:30:12.000 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And so i'll get some additional clips from her i'll edit those in layer them in and then i'll meet with her a second time, so the second time we meet i'm sorry if you keep hearing that's my dog my dog, can I.

00:30:12.030 --> 00:30:18.540 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: want to like open the door, I know I want to open the door, but I don't want to leave the camera cuz you know but um.

00:30:19.080 --> 00:30:20.370 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Anyway, so.

00:30:20.760 --> 00:30:28.800 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: between the first and second she'll send me additional clips so we'll meet a second time and i'll share with her where i'm at in the editing process and that's when we just talked about.

00:30:28.950 --> 00:30:34.260 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And she gives me feedback what she likes which he doesn't like that kind of thing then I added more, and then we meet.

00:30:34.530 --> 00:30:45.390 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: A last time, where I share her story and we talk and we celebrate and Title it and do all of the beautiful things around the celebration of her story totally.

00:30:45.690 --> 00:30:56.130 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And I have to say we're going to need to go to break yeah gonna be able to open the door for your glorious doggy but what what strikes me about this work is it feels very ceremonial.

00:30:56.700 --> 00:31:10.110 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Very ritualistic and that's what I want to start off with at the top of the next section, when we come back after our commercial break with Jennifer X Newman stay tuned on the edge of every day.

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00:33:01.980 --> 00:33:02.670 My brain.

00:33:12.030 --> 00:33:36.180 On the edge every day, and we are back with Jennifer X Newman so before we jumped into commercial break I had said it feels like ritual it feels like ceremony you're creating the ceremony this great you set the intention you facilitate and hold sacred space and.

00:33:37.410 --> 00:33:54.150 Take people on this journey you take your clients on this journey you go on that journey with them, then you bring them out and there's this they're not the same after doing this process, there is a transformation and I suspect for both of you.

00:33:55.980 --> 00:34:03.060 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Absolutely you you, you really nailed it and I love that framing of.

00:34:05.250 --> 00:34:20.100 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You know ritual, and you know ceremonial I just I think that's that really honors the woman that's why I love it so much the ceremonial piece really because.

00:34:20.730 --> 00:34:42.540 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I just so deeply believe that we all deserve that we deserve to be heard in this way, like I I a friend of mine said to me, you care what did you say you hold everyone's story so close to your heart and that's why you're right, it is transformative for me, too, because.

00:34:43.890 --> 00:35:00.660 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I really am in there, like 1,000% and so and I I, that is my thing that is what I love to do, and I think that's, I think, women do feel that, and so, then they go there, they really go there and so.

00:35:01.500 --> 00:35:14.670 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: They do they do and i'm i'm so grateful because I feel like a student of them, the entire time I feel like i'm learning the entire time but back to just the ceremonial piece I just feel like.

00:35:15.000 --> 00:35:24.600 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: We all deserve that you know we all and it's it is so beautiful to watch the transformation, because a lot of times what happens is.

00:35:24.810 --> 00:35:33.900 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Women I work with women that have written books that have done podcasts that have spoken on stages, but they'll say to me i've never told my story this way.

00:35:34.140 --> 00:35:37.830 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I have heard that almost every day, you know I never told my story this way because.

00:35:38.130 --> 00:35:55.050 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: It isn't an embodiment version without words after they tell their story with words you do the bottom and peaceful, are you gonna say no, no, no i'm just getting the embodiment piece that's so quintessential to this work, and so yeah it's so profound because yeah it speak.

00:35:55.170 --> 00:35:58.440 Sandra Bargman: is so wise it tells the story beautifully.

00:35:58.710 --> 00:36:02.070 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Yes, exactly and then what happens is.

00:36:03.600 --> 00:36:10.410 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: When we embody the emotion, the obvious emotions let's just say oh I you know someone's that i've had so much trauma.

00:36:10.650 --> 00:36:17.340 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And they go through their trauma and they tell me their story and they think that's where it's going to begin an end.

00:36:17.730 --> 00:36:32.190 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But what really happens is when that trauma is embodied and really named when I take them through the process and then there's music, which is completely transformative always right, the power of music, we could have a whole conversation about that.

00:36:32.700 --> 00:36:43.770 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Then, something shifts and it's like it becomes lighter it becomes something different it's always going to be there we're never going to get rid of those things it's about.

00:36:44.070 --> 00:36:52.380 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: How can we develop a new relationship with them, or how can we look at it differently central edge of every day yeah here we are always both of them.

00:36:53.010 --> 00:36:56.040 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Great and that's radical acceptance, by the way.

00:36:56.790 --> 00:37:09.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: that's radical acceptance that's when you can identify rename rediscover and redefine you know and reconnect in a new way, then you begin to accept it, oh.

00:37:09.270 --> 00:37:15.840 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: that's not so bad that's not so dark and i'm not minimizing because there are definitely things inside of us with.

00:37:16.170 --> 00:37:30.510 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: experiences that we've had that that will always remain a sense of forgiveness right it's definitely ignis and right, you know, this is where I was at the time and and writing and i'm okay yeah I can move beyond so i'll make.

00:37:31.470 --> 00:37:48.000 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You mentioned some of the women that come to you, who, what, how are these beautiful documentaries short documentaries there what three to six minutes yeah how do women use these, why are they motivated to come to see you, and to do this work.

00:37:49.320 --> 00:37:53.280 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So there's a lot of different ways in which women use them.

00:37:54.420 --> 00:38:04.530 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Some women use them as a legacy piece right for their life so i'm going to give a quick example I worked with a woman who was going through.

00:38:04.860 --> 00:38:12.390 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: A pretty traumatic divorce her daughter's three so there's no way her daughter would ever understand her experience.

00:38:12.750 --> 00:38:22.980 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And what she's going through so she wanted to capture it so that when her daughter is 15 2030 she can really look back and say wow okay.

00:38:23.610 --> 00:38:31.080 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I understand what my mother a looked like you know, because we all shifted and changed like to capture your beauty.

00:38:31.440 --> 00:38:42.360 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And internally externally in this expression so she was so grateful to have this piece, for her daughter, and for generations to come, like she said that to me, she said.

00:38:42.540 --> 00:38:51.960 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: This is a generational piece that not only my daughter, but her children and our children's children will always have unbelievable so.

00:38:53.070 --> 00:39:03.360 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah so there's that and then there's you know part of the process of just healing you know healing our stories to be able to create something like this.

00:39:03.540 --> 00:39:14.850 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And then look at it and say ah i've healed or i've come so far, you know, to have that transformative experience so it's all about the like the healing and the celebration.

00:39:15.420 --> 00:39:25.440 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So that's personal and you know, some people do that and then some women, I have found do the story for branding you know how I.

00:39:25.920 --> 00:39:34.050 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I like to position, it is that this isn't some you know marketing piece that you typically get this is more like.

00:39:34.290 --> 00:39:41.670 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Let me invite my community into my world so that they understand why i'm doing what i'm doing and what led me here, you know.

00:39:42.030 --> 00:39:58.800 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: To give their audience yeah more depth filled understanding of why that is exactly so there's that and then the other piece is I do a lot of workshops with multiple women and so sometimes.

00:39:59.520 --> 00:40:04.710 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Women come together i've done this a few times, where they're celebrating a friend.

00:40:05.070 --> 00:40:20.250 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: they're honoring a friend in some way, whether it's a you know, a birthday, or like a bride or something like that, and they want to, but capture her in a deep way like so the prompts and the story that I edit from the workshop, which has all the power of gesture, by the way.

00:40:21.600 --> 00:40:33.720 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: is all about this woman and celebrating her so that's what the story becomes so that's really beautiful true true I can't keep going because there's a few others, but I.

00:40:34.260 --> 00:40:37.260 Sandra Bargman: also want to get I know, an hour goes by that.

00:40:37.470 --> 00:40:52.050 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I know i'll just say this last one gesture okay oh yeah so i'll just say this last one, so, then I have life coaches hire me to come in to do a workshop for their community to really celebrate where they've arrived.

00:40:52.500 --> 00:41:04.140 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And these life coaches, have given it as a gift to these women to say you've done this six month nine month journey around grief or around love or around.

00:41:04.500 --> 00:41:18.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: next chapter of my life as a midlife woman or whatever it is, and so we do the workshop, with the power of gesture, and I take that and I edited it all and and then gift them that story or I was hired to give the gift, you know, to the.

00:41:18.390 --> 00:41:41.430 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So there's a lot of ways in which people use it it's really amazing I can imagine, this is for grief and our are woefully inadequate understanding of grief in our society in our culture and how to process it I can imagine that this work is absolutely unbelievable yeah.

00:41:42.690 --> 00:41:54.480 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: In particular huh yes agreed there, I was just reminded of a story I did with a family, and they were like 16 people we had cousins.

00:41:54.900 --> 00:42:05.250 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: The the siblings the husband, the nieces and nephews right and it was all around the the mother, the matriarch who passed away a year prior.

00:42:05.460 --> 00:42:20.760 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And they wanted to honor her and create a story about her life, so I took them all, men, women, children, adults, through the power of gesture, based on this woman's life story and create a story for them, it was unbelievable.

00:42:21.390 --> 00:42:30.870 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Unbelievable yeah Oh, my goodness, so talk to us the power of gesture it's what you do it's so much it's a part of all your work, about part of who you are.

00:42:31.500 --> 00:42:36.390 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Just expand a little bit of on that and the workshops that you've created yeah.

00:42:36.900 --> 00:42:44.490 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So the power of gesture like I had said really was born out of my own life experience and when I found movement.

00:42:44.820 --> 00:42:58.470 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I really found my language, and I found my Center and I just found my confidence and then, as I evolved more because I danced and then I taught and I was a movement coach and all these things, and then.

00:42:58.950 --> 00:43:12.450 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: When truly when the pandemic hit on zoom it was from my artistic brain I started seeing these beautiful hand gestures in this little Square.

00:43:13.080 --> 00:43:28.560 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And I was like oh my God that's gorgeous and so expressive, and so I really got into all of these hand taking up the frame so really was like my artist part of my brain at work.

00:43:29.280 --> 00:43:39.930 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And that was like these gestures are so communicative and so profound and I can really feel what's happening so it was just like immediate and so.

00:43:40.560 --> 00:43:51.660 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: The power of gesture sits at the core Center of all the stories of all of the one on one coaching that I do, and all of the workshops, and so the workshops.

00:43:52.320 --> 00:44:02.700 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: are quite beautiful I shared what I do with one on one and it with the stories right and some women don't do the stories and I just do one on one coaching weekly bi weekly with the power of gesture.

00:44:02.880 --> 00:44:10.770 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And they don't want the story that doesn't happen all the time, most people go to the story eventually but, but some don't which is completely fine as well.

00:44:11.610 --> 00:44:19.980 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But the workshops are so beautiful, because what happens is I love this work, because what happens is.

00:44:20.430 --> 00:44:28.740 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: we're enter in the zoom room together we're embodying whatever the prompt is that i'm shaping the conversation and the.

00:44:29.190 --> 00:44:38.010 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: story around right whether it's grief, or whether it's what's going to bring you forward into that next phase of your life or what holds you back, whatever the prompt is.

00:44:38.340 --> 00:44:44.160 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And we embody it with gesture and what happens is you're not only doing your own gesture.

00:44:44.460 --> 00:44:59.790 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Everyone creates a gesture and we learn all of we learn everybody is gesture and we create a movement story like a collective story with our gestures so we're like listening to others.

00:45:00.420 --> 00:45:07.320 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: With our bodies embodying their emotions and our emotions are being honored as well, so it's.

00:45:07.980 --> 00:45:25.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: it's an unbelievable an unbelievable opportunity to connect and community and a really extraordinary extraordinary absolutely building totally Well, this is a perfect place for us to take a break and a wonderful thing that thread that I want to pick up the the the.

00:45:26.010 --> 00:45:40.320 Sandra Bargman: Call to Community that we have also all heard more deeply during coven and as we come out of coven coming together and community in new organic ways, and this is an extraordinary way to do it.

00:45:40.830 --> 00:45:47.610 Sandra Bargman: So we'll pick up that thread when we come back with Jennifer X Newman on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:47:46.950 --> 00:47:59.040 And we are back with Jennifer X Newman so Community building and your virtual galleries tell us about those, then I have a poignant question for you.

00:47:59.910 --> 00:48:13.230 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: whoa hey i'm excited i'm virtual galleries Okay, so I started feeling like, with the permission of these women, I was just so deeply.

00:48:13.830 --> 00:48:31.410 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: moved and I felt almost like Okay, I need more people to see and feel the stories than just me, you know this, these are so inspiring and i'm being elated and transformed in every way, the world needs to see these two so.

00:48:31.800 --> 00:48:45.810 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I started creating these virtual galleries, where I would feature three women at a time so and again Their stories aren't long three to six minutes and I love music, so I always hire a live musician to play and.

00:48:46.650 --> 00:48:51.570 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And the event space is the zoom room and i'd have three gallery rooms, but everyone.

00:48:52.470 --> 00:48:59.850 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: would come into the same space initially I would tell them how the event was going to play out there would be live music welcoming them.

00:49:00.150 --> 00:49:07.620 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And then we move them into the different rooms so there'll be three rooms and the woman was that would be there with a facilitator, who plays her story.

00:49:07.950 --> 00:49:15.510 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And so it's a way to break up the crowd if there's 100 people, it makes it a lot smaller so that they can have an intimate conversation with the woman about.

00:49:15.720 --> 00:49:27.780 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: her story and what made her do this and how does she feel and the things she learned and, however, that would go then i'd bring everybody back and we'd have a little more music and a conversation as as a collective.

00:49:28.110 --> 00:49:36.000 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And they were beautiful and I still do them I just haven't done i've been doing them every three months, so the next one i'll probably do is in September.

00:49:37.830 --> 00:49:47.040 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Unbelievable way to share these women to give them yet another platform and vote an opportunity to share their voice and inspire other.

00:49:47.550 --> 00:49:52.710 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Like minded individuals, you know again shifting the mindset of humanity one story, at a time so.

00:49:53.040 --> 00:50:09.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Bringing others into their experience into witness them they became transformed and and more self accepting based on those women's stories yeah and and and and it's exponential you know, the more willing, you are to be seen, the more you, you will be seen.

00:50:09.630 --> 00:50:16.260 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah just keeps going out going out and you're inspiring other people to share their truth aka their voice.

00:50:18.090 --> 00:50:27.300 So I think it's a poignant question but, but you may not what is an unexpected.

00:50:28.740 --> 00:50:42.420 poignant learning that you've received and i'm doing this work, something that you didn't expect or surprised you that you learned about yourself learned about.

00:50:43.980 --> 00:50:44.250 Just.

00:50:46.080 --> 00:50:46.920 Doing this work.

00:50:48.090 --> 00:50:57.990 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah I think I I I don't think I know I mean I could cry let's just not cry i'm these women.

00:50:59.070 --> 00:51:04.470 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Really, held a mirror up to me they taught me about.

00:51:10.140 --> 00:51:10.890 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: My strength.

00:51:12.900 --> 00:51:19.320 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: and listening to my voice yeah they there's no doubt they were all teachers for me.

00:51:20.400 --> 00:51:27.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: For sure and have been and continue to be, and on my website, I actually put my story I did my story.

00:51:28.260 --> 00:51:37.950 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: My niece I taught her, she was beautifully intuitive and incredible woman and I taught her my process, the power of gesture and she did it for me.

00:51:38.640 --> 00:51:49.050 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And I pride the entire time because that's what happens when I talk about my story, and so, then I created mine but I said on my website, I want to thank all the women that.

00:51:50.340 --> 00:51:55.500 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: helped me step into my vulnerability and my strength and my voice.

00:51:56.640 --> 00:51:58.740 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: No doubt they've all taught me.

00:51:59.970 --> 00:52:02.910 A vulnerability is our biggest strength yeah.

00:52:04.830 --> 00:52:17.310 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: yeah so what's your leading edge Jennifer what's up next for you um Okay, so what i've started to do, which is really exciting for me is to.

00:52:17.940 --> 00:52:23.220 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: offer complimentary sessions 30 minutes every single week because I want.

00:52:23.430 --> 00:52:32.430 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: More women to experience the work, and then we can go from there if they like it, then we can do our one on ones, we could do our workshops, we could do our stories whatever it is that comes to them.

00:52:32.850 --> 00:52:41.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But I want as many women to experience this work, so I do complimentary each week tomorrow, is it tomorrow, no.

00:52:42.180 --> 00:52:53.550 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: it's Wednesday morning as my next one, and then i'm also doing my full workshop, which is 16 minutes and $25 it's not you know it's not like this outrageous amount either.

00:52:53.850 --> 00:53:05.370 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: But I do those weekly to So those are the standing weekly and it's beautiful to do by workshop in the evening with women that come together, I mean it's all they come from all over.

00:53:05.610 --> 00:53:17.670 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So, to bring Community together and what's been so exciting for me is that whenever I have whether it's the full 60 minute or the offering of 30 minutes and that one always takes place in the morning.

00:53:18.150 --> 00:53:33.090 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: These women come together and they're like oh my gosh by the end they love each other, because they've shared and connected in a very unique way so i'm building community in that way, which is really so extraordinarily beautiful, so I do those and.

00:53:34.440 --> 00:53:41.460 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Those are the two things that are consistent that my virtual gallery will come eventually in the fall i'm going to do one in the fall for sure.

00:53:41.790 --> 00:53:55.440 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And I always always have my story i'm always doing stories producing stories i'm always doing coaching so you know if ever anyone wants to reach out to me they just reach out to me and we go from there, but those are the two things I do each week.

00:53:56.160 --> 00:54:05.520 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: amazing amazing ultimately is there a vision that you have of this that you, you know you haven't alluded to a.

00:54:06.690 --> 00:54:11.130 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: hat, do you have a vision of this doing of growing into something else.

00:54:12.120 --> 00:54:16.080 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: um I don't know if it's something else I just think it's going to expand.

00:54:16.350 --> 00:54:25.170 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You know the vision, I have, I you know it's a big vision to shift the mindset of humanity one story, at a time that's What I want, but that's what I want to do so.

00:54:25.380 --> 00:54:34.260 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: I want to reach as many women as possible, so one of the things that I really want to start doing which i'm actually doing a bit of and i'm very excited is to travel.

00:54:34.500 --> 00:54:45.960 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: and go to the retreats and meet the women in person and hold these workshops in person live, so that we can really feel that energy down.

00:54:46.830 --> 00:55:03.840 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: That is phenomenal in and of itself, but the virtual piece is never going to go away because i'm doing like i'm doing a retreat for this woman and her community in Saudi Arabia i'm not traveling there but virtually you have 20 women glorious glorious, this is the silver.

00:55:03.840 --> 00:55:04.680 Sandra Bargman: lining one of the.

00:55:04.710 --> 00:55:13.410 Sandra Bargman: yeah the linings of it is our our reimagining what's possible with that's right online and virtual and zoom exactly.

00:55:13.710 --> 00:55:24.210 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So just expansion, yes, really, and I, and I know and I gosh I can just see women watching these on a big screen together you're beautiful beautiful.

00:55:25.140 --> 00:55:28.080 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: What did I call them docu drama drama yes.

00:55:28.560 --> 00:55:39.330 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: The mini docu drama zero saying and I yeah I love that too, I mean I you do have to say, part of my vision is that I do these virtual galleries in person.

00:55:39.600 --> 00:55:56.880 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: So I want to have a gallery space, and I want to have the women there and I want to bring I mean, I see the entire event, and if the women can be in the actual space that we have media screens, so that they can zoom in yeah glorious glorious glorious.

00:55:57.180 --> 00:55:59.940 Sandra Bargman: All right, how do people find you Jennifer X.

00:56:00.840 --> 00:56:17.820 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: They can go to my website her they can go to instagram her stories underscore told I would say, those are the best, I have a linkedin I have is Facebook, but I think those are the best ways to reach out to me for sure cool, so what what.

00:56:17.850 --> 00:56:24.180 Sandra Bargman: What last tidbit last nugget of wisdom, can you share with our audience.

00:56:25.140 --> 00:56:34.170 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: You know, you said something this isn't really my wisdom, but it's just something that I gravitate to and I don't know I think at the earlier in this conversation you had mentioned something about.

00:56:34.470 --> 00:56:47.400 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Someone that really made an impact on me, maybe this was prior to the recording but the wisdom that I pulled from a lot is Maya angelou and her quote when she says, people will forget what you said.

00:56:47.880 --> 00:57:02.490 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel and that I really love that quote because I just think, whatever we do in our life and I happen to be doing this.

00:57:03.630 --> 00:57:15.990 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Women feel how passionate I am about it, and I think that's why they trust me, and then we go on this journey together but it's it doesn't just apply to this, I think, whatever we do in our life.

00:57:17.310 --> 00:57:23.430 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: We need to just or we hope to love it, because then other people will feel that love.

00:57:23.760 --> 00:57:32.940 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: And then you will make impact because if we're happy right if our souls are happy and and speaking our truth, I think we make a greater impact to go out and yeah.

00:57:33.630 --> 00:57:47.370 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: Beautiful beautiful Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom your knowledge your talent and your beauty with us this evening on the edge of everyday Jennifer X Newman, I love it when you say that.

00:57:48.660 --> 00:57:49.800 Jennifer Aks - Neuman: it's been beautiful.

00:57:51.060 --> 00:58:03.780 Sandra Bargman: And I want to thank all of our listeners for spending this hour with us remember this, you are always on the edge of the miraculous till next week, be well.

00:58:13.980 --> 00:58:14.550 ours.

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