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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/13 - Planning Pet Events & Fundraisers

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/13 - Planning Pet Events & Fundraisers


2022/07/13 - Planning Pet Events & Fundraisers

[New Episode] Planning Pet Events & Fundraisers

WHAT WILL THE AUDIENCE LEARN? Let's dive into all the nuances of what planning such an important event takes and educate our listeners about the great impact the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation continues to make in the world of Rescue. Be ready for some heartwarming stories, ways to get involved and even a few laughs. 

EPISODE SUMMARY: Do you love events (especially those involving pets and/or fundraisers)? We do too but the fact is the amount of planning and organizational skills required are tremendous. This episode features the experienced and professional event planner Dawn Strain. She has extensive knowledge regarding every detail required when it comes to pulling off successful, beautiful and seamless events. Dawn has curated some of the most memorable events including the 1st Doggy Wedding where, you guessed it, two dogs got married! She has been THE behind the scenes person for creating Long Island Elite's upscale gala's as well as countless special occasions that everyone raves about. She is also a big time animal lover and understands what it takes to make these events nothing short of spectacular. 

South Hampton Animal Shelter has their upcoming annual fundraiser which Dawn is meticulously managing this July 16th. Their Executive Director, Patricia Deshong also joins us to discuss what makes South Hampton Animal Rescue so special (they rescue and care for more than just cats & dogs) and what you can expect to find at their 13th annual "Unconditional Love Gala".



Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy explains the purpose of the show which is to amplify the message that the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong. Valerie introduced one of their guests, Dawn Strain, who is an event planner. Dawn then introduces the other guest, Patricia Deshong, who is the executive director of the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation. Dawn has helped to create an upcoming event for the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation. Tommy tells a story about a dog he used to have. Valerie talks about the power of networking and the benefits of having an event planner. Dawn can be found at

Segment 2

Dawn talks about transforming spaces for events to make them special. Patricia talks about the shelter which is no-kill and open admission. Valerie talks about wanting to adopt a special needs pet. The South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation is always looking for volunteers, fosters, and donations. Patricia talks about their companion dog program which is rescue dogs that they are training to help veterans with PTSD which leads into a discussion of how dogs can be helpful for people with mental health challenges.

Segment 3

Patricia talks about their upcoming gala and what attendees should expect. Dawn talks about how the tremendous following of the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation has allowed them to expect 300 guests at the event. Dawn and Valerie talk about the importance of younger people getting involved in philanthropy and animal advocacy.

Segment 4

Patricia talks about the South Hampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s animal hospital and mobile clinic which are less expensive than most animal clinics in the area. Dawn talks about her favorite events that she has done. Tommy shouts out the Compassion Awards which will be on October 11th. More information about the Compassion Awards can be found at Patricia can be found at


00:00:53.640 --> 00:00:59.400 Tommy D: We are here, it is the professionals and animal lovers show we're back baby, it is hot.

00:00:59.430 --> 00:01:01.110 Tommy D: It is summertime Now I know.

00:01:01.230 --> 00:01:02.550 Tommy D: I know you left long island.

00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:05.640 Tommy D: But I don't remember how hot it gets here on long island, so I.

00:01:05.640 --> 00:01:10.020 Tommy D: figured I would you know pretend like i'm in honolulu baby.

00:01:10.710 --> 00:01:13.260 Valerie Heffron: always take the heat over the blizzard.

00:01:13.770 --> 00:01:21.270 Tommy D: I hate snow, I really if I never saw another snowflake you know people would say to you, but you can't leave long island wouldn't you miss the seasons nope.

00:01:23.130 --> 00:01:27.720 Tommy D: springtime like all the time, like I San Diego is my kind of weather all year round.

00:01:28.410 --> 00:01:35.010 Tommy D: But they have their region, I don't know how much longer part of the country still going to be attached to the country but that's a whole nother that's geography 30 that's not.

00:01:35.850 --> 00:01:44.670 Tommy D: that's not animal advocacy this show is all about that it's about three things it's about learning it's about educating and then ultimately it's about advocating.

00:01:44.940 --> 00:01:45.840 Patricia Deshong: I want to read you something.

00:01:46.350 --> 00:01:47.940 Tommy D: From that I want to stay on point with today.

00:01:48.960 --> 00:01:54.570 Tommy D: you've heard me say this before we want to amplify the message that we believe the bond between the animal lovers is incredibly strong.

00:01:55.230 --> 00:02:08.790 Tommy D: I mean Val it's funny because when we wrote that it was like it was like a mission like where we were going to go right because it looks like we want to support each other in business by building a compassionate network together so that everyone wins.

00:02:09.600 --> 00:02:12.390 Valerie Heffron: Especially the animals.

00:02:12.420 --> 00:02:26.820 Tommy D: Especially we had you know that was like a like I said it was kinda like a mission statement like a vision, where we were going to go and we're and we're like creating this thing it's happening so it's like I we might have to change the tense in the verb there because.

00:02:26.910 --> 00:02:28.440 Valerie Heffron: it's clearly a mission.

00:02:28.530 --> 00:02:33.420 Valerie Heffron: Yes, and and I know I mentioned this to you the other week.

00:02:33.450 --> 00:02:33.870 Valerie Heffron: But i'll.

00:02:34.470 --> 00:02:46.470 Valerie Heffron: send this to anyone else, but when I talk to other animal lovers about what we're doing, and this concept, they get it like instantly so I was talking to our friend diane.

00:02:47.100 --> 00:02:54.270 Valerie Heffron: And she has a place in Jersey, like a vacation you know seaside whatever it's called I don't know where she is somewhere with the ocean right.

00:02:54.780 --> 00:03:07.560 Valerie Heffron: And then there's a cute little town they've been going to for years, and she said, you know what i've been doing that, without realizing it, she said, but all the stores that we go to her grandkids are kids.

00:03:08.610 --> 00:03:18.960 Valerie Heffron: She goes we look for the stores, with a bowl of water outside and sometimes a tree, you know, a tree dispenser or whatever they look to patronize.

00:03:19.410 --> 00:03:23.790 Valerie Heffron: Whether it's the shops, or the ice cream stores without are based on that.

00:03:24.300 --> 00:03:36.180 Valerie Heffron: And that is it's such a natural instinct so i'm super excited I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to have on our one of our guests joining who i've known for a long time, and of course Patricia but.

00:03:36.780 --> 00:03:47.190 Valerie Heffron: Imagine if every animal lover was supported in business and in charity by all the other animal lovers right.

00:03:47.220 --> 00:03:47.880 Valerie Heffron: Because.

00:03:48.150 --> 00:03:50.880 Valerie Heffron: The world would just be a better place automatically.

00:03:51.060 --> 00:03:58.890 Valerie Heffron: Because you're supporting compassionate people in business with empathy for animals so that's the mission we're going to change the world.

00:03:59.010 --> 00:03:59.970 Tommy D: Changing the world that's.

00:04:00.630 --> 00:04:01.080 Tommy D: No big.

00:04:01.110 --> 00:04:07.860 Tommy D: deal gang just changing the world, I really big but I mean is that is like tongue in cheek that's what we're doing here.

00:04:08.250 --> 00:04:09.210 Tommy D: I think you're better.

00:04:10.650 --> 00:04:20.400 Tommy D: Valerie and me doing it it's because there's people that are other than us that are all about this so i'm still learning and it's not self deprecating now i'm just learning.

00:04:20.670 --> 00:04:21.420 Valerie Heffron: i'm learning to.

00:04:21.570 --> 00:04:29.550 Tommy D: Try it it's not it's not hey come to our show, so we can teach a whole bunch of stuff no it's not we can come to our show to learn to just like everybody else does.

00:04:30.150 --> 00:04:32.820 Patricia Deshong: I can't wait to talk to you about a program that we're doing which.

00:04:32.820 --> 00:04:33.900 Patricia Deshong: is exactly that.

00:04:33.960 --> 00:04:35.520 Patricia Deshong: Teaching well.

00:04:35.550 --> 00:04:36.030 Valerie Heffron: You know, we.

00:04:36.420 --> 00:04:49.680 Patricia Deshong: We had a program back in Florida, I just wanted to very used to run a rescue there, but now I am in Southampton I just launched a program where we are training some about dogs become companion dogs of Tibet for veterans that have ptsd.

00:04:50.340 --> 00:04:52.500 Tommy D: Alright, so we're going to shout out that the veterans to.

00:04:52.620 --> 00:04:54.060 Patricia Deshong: Patricia I want I want you to Internet.

00:04:54.600 --> 00:04:56.400 Tommy D: and obviously want to introduce yourself to.

00:04:56.760 --> 00:05:04.140 Tommy D: I just got these two shows that we do the show Valerie I do in the show I do on Friday morning philanthropy and focus are really starting to complement each other and.

00:05:04.350 --> 00:05:18.030 Tommy D: My whole the whole month of July is all about veterans nonprofits so we're gonna have to find a way to get you on in August now because i'm all i'm all started off here, but I will say um it's last week.

00:05:19.080 --> 00:05:29.430 Tommy D: On my other show, excuse me plan three and focus, I had a friend of mine eileen shanahan on calverton here on long island runs the warrior ranch foundation where they're re.

00:05:29.850 --> 00:05:31.950 Tommy D: Retraining repurposing horses.

00:05:32.220 --> 00:05:41.100 Tommy D: Not just for the work that they do with veterans but also, so the horses get adopted eileen is coming on the show here gang I if you check out philanthropy and focus, you want to see that but.

00:05:41.280 --> 00:05:51.720 Tommy D: I think is coming on this particular program on the 13th of August and a couple weeks so Patricia here's what I want to do, but I want you to introduce yourself I want doing or Val do you want to do it lets you how do you want to set this up because you're.

00:05:53.760 --> 00:06:01.290 Valerie Heffron: done, because I know we're pretty well uh Patricia it's so great, to meet you, but maybe dawn wants to introduce Patricia.

00:06:01.320 --> 00:06:14.280 Tommy D: or however Valerie Valerie going and then don's gonna introduce Patricia and don't as a couple dogs wow This is my friend my buddy my Pal all things out of the lab exceed already have fun take it away valve.

00:06:14.520 --> 00:06:15.150 yay.

00:06:17.670 --> 00:06:26.010 Valerie Heffron: So Dun Dun Dun JESSICA strain owns a company called DJ as events and.

00:06:26.490 --> 00:06:36.330 Valerie Heffron: it's interesting to me because some people consider me an event planner because I used to run all these business networking events and to some degree, I guess that's true, although i'm not like.

00:06:36.810 --> 00:06:45.360 Valerie Heffron: Planning other people's events, but I can tell you that the stuff that i've done in the stuff that I I do is.

00:06:46.170 --> 00:06:53.520 Valerie Heffron: it's it's a much it's like elementary school versus you know getting your PhD you know in any like like the.

00:06:54.030 --> 00:07:08.520 Valerie Heffron: The COMP the complexities and the details and the organization behind the events that dawn pulls off for decades now is it's just incomparable and I remember when I first met her.

00:07:09.060 --> 00:07:21.870 Valerie Heffron: She had already she was in the news for doing the first doggy wedding I believe in New York and her own dog piper's weather today was one of was the was the female dog.

00:07:22.170 --> 00:07:22.860 Valerie Heffron: And and.

00:07:23.220 --> 00:07:30.750 Valerie Heffron: I, and I met fiber but she's also like her signature events have been she founded the led the long island elite.

00:07:31.530 --> 00:07:40.920 Valerie Heffron: They have those upscale incredible dollars at the oh he's a castle the themes have been you know, like circus and she'll get into it, but.

00:07:41.400 --> 00:07:56.940 Valerie Heffron: What i'm saying is if you're planning something like a wedding or you know you want a $350 price per ticket for an event and you want like booze in the eyes people going wow i've never been to an event like that.

00:07:57.420 --> 00:08:14.880 Valerie Heffron: That is what dawn does my favorite part about dawn is that she's a huge heart she's a big animal lover you know we were just talking about adopting not shopping, and so it is my sincere pleasure to introduce the incredible dawn stream.

00:08:19.650 --> 00:08:21.240 Dawn Jessica Strain: And this is paper and talia.

00:08:21.270 --> 00:08:25.110 Dawn Jessica Strain: My to rescues so i'm very proud to have them, thank you.

00:08:26.160 --> 00:08:37.020 Dawn Jessica Strain: and also with us, we have a petition to Sean, which is the Executive Director of the Southampton animal shelter foundation located in Hampton bays.

00:08:37.200 --> 00:08:45.420 Dawn Jessica Strain: And i'm so grateful to be on their host committee this year and helping them really build a spectacular event that will be happening this Saturday.

00:08:45.780 --> 00:08:56.250 Patricia Deshong: Oh God wait, let me just say we are overwhelmed grateful for dawn and Sarah who are volunteering I can't even go on and on what they've done in the.

00:08:56.580 --> 00:08:59.670 Patricia Deshong: Meantime to help I mean they're so talented in their business.

00:09:00.270 --> 00:09:06.900 Patricia Deshong: And then to volunteering, to help us hire them you won't be sorry I mean they're so amazing what they're doing Elvis.

00:09:07.650 --> 00:09:18.690 Valerie Heffron: I couldn't agree more, and you know look, I certainly also think that there's something to be said for and we talked about a lot on the show there's something to be said for relationships.

00:09:18.990 --> 00:09:31.830 Valerie Heffron: And the power of networking and let me just say like this Okay, you could, if you were going to go out and plan you know, an extravaganza or whatever for yourself, you could.

00:09:32.910 --> 00:09:33.480 Tommy D: go about.

00:09:33.990 --> 00:09:37.080 Valerie Heffron: Killing me what what who's that hold on.

00:09:37.410 --> 00:09:38.820 Dawn Jessica Strain: Obvious for adoption.

00:09:39.120 --> 00:09:47.940 Patricia Deshong: Oh yeah we just got a group of dogs in from Texas, and this is one of them it's a boy you're a little to our sweetest sweetest little baby.

00:09:48.120 --> 00:09:48.510 You know why.

00:09:49.560 --> 00:09:50.160 Tommy D: Did you know that.

00:09:50.220 --> 00:09:53.130 Tommy D: Patricia Patricia you don't even know me so i'm talking deep.

00:09:54.180 --> 00:09:56.100 Tommy D: dive into our His name was Michael of light.

00:09:56.640 --> 00:09:56.880 Tommy D: But we.

00:09:57.360 --> 00:10:01.680 Tommy D: used to call Mickey but that would just tell you the phase of my life he's look at what is this little dog's name.

00:10:01.920 --> 00:10:06.750 Patricia Deshong: Layla you can see, you should have Dr put on your desk carrier in your pocket.

00:10:07.920 --> 00:10:15.870 Tommy D: I mean I don't I know we have a lot to talk about, but I will say my wife and I so here's the story really quick, I went to roseville feel more values is before I knew you there's.

00:10:16.500 --> 00:10:18.330 Dawn Jessica Strain: Any of this stuff so asked me this.

00:10:20.190 --> 00:10:28.860 Tommy D: tanya and Regina and all of our friends in Reno this was before I knew any of this okay 21 years old, again, I mean the dog after a bottle of beer so just.

00:10:29.010 --> 00:10:29.790 Tommy D: Your frame of reference.

00:10:30.930 --> 00:10:42.480 Tommy D: I wanted the roseville feel ball, I was going to get even my fourth or fifth earring at the time, and they were selling a trial in there, and he was tiny and His name was button actually when we got him, but he was like a pound and a half.

00:10:44.160 --> 00:10:45.540 Tommy D: He winked at my wife.

00:10:45.600 --> 00:10:47.670 Valerie Heffron: Who was my girlfriend she's my wife.

00:10:47.760 --> 00:10:57.180 Tommy D: But what the story is she was to carry him around like her overalls and, like the top of the overall and you pop a little head out right and she would take the bus she's going to new paltz at the time.

00:10:57.390 --> 00:11:06.990 Tommy D: So, like hanging out me on the island and then heading up the new paltz and she put Mickey we ended up calling and I called him mikkel obey you know about how you change the name, we outsource like a meme about this is that.

00:11:07.350 --> 00:11:08.460 Valerie Heffron: Where they evolve.

00:11:08.940 --> 00:11:15.450 Tommy D: keep changing it I do that with people but anyhow, he would go up on the greyhound another dog, but what on the greyhound.

00:11:16.020 --> 00:11:24.750 Tommy D: Bus and she would hide him because you weren't supposed to have a dog that is a true and he was the white ones like the yolk era taco bell one remember that remember those commercials.

00:11:24.960 --> 00:11:25.380 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:11:25.440 --> 00:11:30.900 Tommy D: I think lelay is beautiful Patricia i'm not even gonna make any promises and say what else what i've said on the show.

00:11:33.210 --> 00:11:33.540 Tommy D: trouble.

00:11:33.840 --> 00:11:37.560 Valerie Heffron: Getting very close to an adoption Layla.

00:11:37.620 --> 00:11:38.730 Tommy D: Like perfect size.

00:11:38.940 --> 00:11:42.000 Tommy D: Yes, right, maybe, nobody would even know she's here.

00:11:44.370 --> 00:11:46.380 Patricia Deshong: for yourselves and it will slow sweetheart.

00:11:46.530 --> 00:11:50.040 Tommy D: Well we're glad she joined the show, but now we don't know where we were Valley, you know where we.

00:11:50.430 --> 00:11:58.260 Valerie Heffron: Are you know exactly where we were so the power of networking and relationships, so I want to employ people who you know I understand.

00:11:58.680 --> 00:12:04.260 Valerie Heffron: especially nowadays, people are always you know thinking like where can we cut costs or whatever.

00:12:05.190 --> 00:12:12.510 Valerie Heffron: I want to tell you that if you're planning some kind of really important event important to you, to your family to your cause.

00:12:13.200 --> 00:12:23.190 Valerie Heffron: You really, really should unless you are super experienced at it, I feel, get a professional involved why well there's good and bad and all walks okay.

00:12:23.640 --> 00:12:28.350 Valerie Heffron: and trust me when I tell you something like done Oh, there is no one like doing I should have said that.

00:12:28.890 --> 00:12:42.420 Valerie Heffron: dawn has the relationships, she knows who's reliable she knows who's going to give a fair price she knows what venues will work for you and and your vision.

00:12:42.840 --> 00:12:56.520 Valerie Heffron: Okay, and unfortunately i've heard this i've heard many stories i've experienced some really, really horrific scenarios in in my 11 years of running events and pulling them together.

00:12:57.090 --> 00:13:04.020 Valerie Heffron: And you know, there are some people who are good to their word, there are some people who are not there are some people who.

00:13:04.380 --> 00:13:09.960 Valerie Heffron: You know, are truly professional and they show up and do exactly what they say they're going to do, and then there are some who are not.

00:13:10.590 --> 00:13:21.510 Valerie Heffron: So save yourself the time save yourself a heartache and like benefit from from decades of experience, by working with someone dawn has.

00:13:21.900 --> 00:13:37.830 Valerie Heffron: She has it all she has the rolodex, and that is what you really need if you're going to try to pull off, you know, like a Gala or or a wedding that you know you don't know what DJ to hire you don't know what venue is.

00:13:38.250 --> 00:13:45.300 Valerie Heffron: The food is really like what they say it's going to be you don't mean, so I can go on and on forever I think it's probably better than that it's.

00:13:46.320 --> 00:13:52.410 Tommy D: Just about like leveraging other people's expertise and stuff like that, I mean like I don't know I don't know how to Plumb.

00:13:52.620 --> 00:13:59.490 Tommy D: You know, like like when you drain get jammed up I don't know how to do that I don't have to run piping I don't know how to do, electricity, do you know what I do I don't do it.

00:13:59.760 --> 00:14:02.910 Tommy D: I don't really should I pay somebody who does it otherwise.

00:14:02.940 --> 00:14:10.740 Tommy D: I screw it up, and then we got to have it done again the website is DJ as events COM i'll share it as we do go to break right now.

00:14:10.950 --> 00:14:21.150 Tommy D: I just stepped away because I found I saw something across the a it wasn't a dog, but I saw something across the attic here and i'm going to show you all, when I come back because it's a photograph of a long time ago, so look.

00:14:21.210 --> 00:14:22.230 Tommy D: Stay tuned for that.

00:14:22.770 --> 00:14:37.200 Valerie Heffron: Before we go to break, though I just one One recent example okay we're planning the compassionate words, most of our listeners have heard us talk about it, this is for October, where we're creating an award ceremony for some people in rescue.

00:14:38.010 --> 00:14:41.100 Valerie Heffron: I cannot even tell you how frustrating, it was for me.

00:14:41.850 --> 00:14:51.510 Valerie Heffron: To call certain places and venues that we were considering, because in the beginning, we didn't know if we wanted it to be a luncheon or we wanted it to be like a dinner or whatever.

00:14:52.230 --> 00:15:04.590 Valerie Heffron: Some places that oh will email you a proposal and then like five days later, you don't have a proposal and now it's back on me going do I follow up with them again or do I start from scratch, you know what I mean so.

00:15:06.450 --> 00:15:06.930 Dawn Jessica Strain: Now.

00:15:07.770 --> 00:15:08.070 I.

00:15:10.410 --> 00:15:15.720 Tommy D: Like is that it like that, we talked about this about our own business here, which is a blossoming new venture right like.

00:15:15.720 --> 00:15:26.340 Tommy D: yeah follow up the I said I said to you before they say the it's cliche but at fortune is in the fall, and I mean so there's so many basic fundamentals of business that people just don't do.

00:15:26.580 --> 00:15:33.930 Tommy D: Like yeah I wanted to buy the thing, like all you had to do was like call me back, and I would have bought the thing, but you didn't and now I don't want to buy the thing like it.

00:15:34.110 --> 00:15:41.280 Tommy D: Like I work example we're having some work done in the basement and we will be I found this man's number in my phone from September last year, I called him last night.

00:15:41.460 --> 00:15:48.600 Tommy D: He called me back last night he called me twice today the man wants the business and he is now been granted the business to do this thing in my basement.

00:15:48.870 --> 00:15:50.970 Tommy D: Because because he followed up like.

00:15:51.000 --> 00:15:58.410 Tommy D: anywhere anyway that's I try to digress look we get you got to take a break dawn's i'm going to share it going to website we're going to come back.

00:15:58.860 --> 00:16:06.390 Tommy D: we're going to listen to dawn talk we're going to learn about Patricia and the organization i'm not going to admit that I want that dog Layla in my house.

00:16:06.390 --> 00:16:06.690 Because.

00:16:07.890 --> 00:16:10.590 Tommy D: trouble we're going to break down and let's go to break this is paths.

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00:18:23.580 --> 00:18:28.170 Tommy D: And we're back this is your professional ED animal lovers show, and I was showing some pictures of the circus.

00:18:28.380 --> 00:18:33.600 Tommy D: I don't know if you know this Val maybe you do I worry morning suit on my wedding day with a top hat if you didn't know that.

00:18:33.840 --> 00:18:42.480 Tommy D: But I wanted to share something with you about just come off mute because I know you're gonna laugh at this, so this is actually a photo of a giant photograph and that's a younger version of me.

00:18:42.750 --> 00:18:52.680 Tommy D: Ah, look at that he had like see how the one year was like flop down like literally flops down and then like one came up and then the owners still flop down.

00:18:53.760 --> 00:18:59.310 Tommy D: Because this is like the summer, like when we when we first got him before my wife was going back to college.

00:19:00.750 --> 00:19:14.310 Tommy D: He was like a peanut man, and we are hamptons that's a whole story about how my wife said, you want to be my boyfriend and I said well why don't we just kind of hang around together and then then she got a summer share in westhampton beach, and I said, you want to be my girlfriend.

00:19:16.320 --> 00:19:20.820 Tommy D: And all that I was 100% true and I hope she doesn't hear me just put that whole story out there to the world.

00:19:21.030 --> 00:19:29.220 Valerie Heffron: just say this getting back to you know so for those who are listening, I really urge you to play this back on YouTube because.

00:19:29.490 --> 00:19:37.950 Valerie Heffron: The pictures alone on john's website are just phenomenal and I have to tell you I wouldn't even know where to begin to get.

00:19:38.340 --> 00:19:47.550 Valerie Heffron: The furniture, the decor the talents, you know you saw someone with like doing hula hoop soccer whatever, that is, I don't know doing help me out I don't even know what it.

00:19:48.360 --> 00:19:50.940 Tommy D: is like fire breathing people like i'll share more.

00:19:51.000 --> 00:19:53.220 Valerie Heffron: I get stressed out when it's my turn.

00:19:53.880 --> 00:20:09.120 Valerie Heffron: I get stressed out when it's my turn to choose a restaurant, you know what I mean and now i'm on Google doing all this research, like Okay, I need good reviews, I need I need a good menu all that stuff, can you imagine trying to find this kind of talent and and.

00:20:09.480 --> 00:20:15.540 Valerie Heffron: The detail that goes in I said to Tommy the other key is this, you have an event going on and Patricia.

00:20:16.110 --> 00:20:27.840 Valerie Heffron: I know that you, you probably know what this feels like but, like you want to enjoy your own event, how many times do we hear people who got married they didn't even enjoy their own wedding they didn't even eat at their own wedding right.

00:20:28.350 --> 00:20:37.410 Valerie Heffron: I want to enjoy my event, so I don't want to be at the registration table, making sure that everybody who's walking in and actually paid or you know what I mean like.

00:20:37.740 --> 00:20:39.900 Tommy D: No, no, you want to have somebody else do that and there's a.

00:20:39.990 --> 00:20:42.390 Tommy D: get paid they don't because it's luxury.

00:20:42.450 --> 00:20:43.080 Tell us again.

00:20:44.430 --> 00:20:44.640 Dawn Jessica Strain: yeah.

00:20:45.210 --> 00:20:52.860 Dawn Jessica Strain: Nothing you're looking at are some from our gallas from past you lie gals one was the greatest showman the one that's showing now is Bollywood.

00:20:53.370 --> 00:20:53.640 Valerie Heffron: You know.

00:20:53.670 --> 00:21:05.520 Dawn Jessica Strain: For me it's transformation it's transforming a space and to to an experience for people and that could be a wedding you know, taking somebody's memories, or how they met or their.

00:21:05.910 --> 00:21:13.770 Dawn Jessica Strain: Family tree and incorporating it in their wedding to make it special because we all go to a lot of events and what makes something unique and special is really important.

00:21:14.160 --> 00:21:16.470 Dawn Jessica Strain: man, a lot of the touches that we're adding.

00:21:16.500 --> 00:21:26.370 Dawn Jessica Strain: To the the shelter Gala to as well, because you know, obviously it's all animal lovers, and you know, we want to touch your heart, the more your heart is touched the more you're going to open your wallet.

00:21:27.000 --> 00:21:28.380 Valerie Heffron: Oh hundred percent.

00:21:28.410 --> 00:21:29.790 Valerie Heffron: That is so true.

00:21:29.880 --> 00:21:34.320 Valerie Heffron: So let's can we can we talk about that or is that, like top top secret stuff like what are the.

00:21:34.560 --> 00:21:37.410 Dawn Jessica Strain: options on the body, you have pat talk a little bit about the shelter.

00:21:37.410 --> 00:21:39.570 Dawn Jessica Strain: And we can talk about the details.

00:21:39.660 --> 00:21:51.450 Patricia Deshong: Okay sure it's a we um I represent the Southampton animal shelter foundation, we are no kill open admission shelter, which is very different from most shelters in the area.

00:21:52.560 --> 00:21:55.710 Patricia Deshong: Meaning that we don't turn any animal way any breed.

00:21:55.740 --> 00:21:59.610 Patricia Deshong: We have more than dogs and cats, we have a lot of rabbits here right now.

00:22:00.870 --> 00:22:05.820 Patricia Deshong: You know, we get journals and we've had pigs here we've had chickens, you know.

00:22:06.810 --> 00:22:07.680 Tommy D: you've had paid.

00:22:08.100 --> 00:22:18.840 Patricia Deshong: We have, I mean if yes and then those we able to transfer out to another facility, we have a rescue up in the catskills that helps us with that, but.

00:22:19.410 --> 00:22:27.030 Patricia Deshong: Because that's not really our usual adopt out, but we are not open admission shelter and for the town of Southampton, which encompasses.

00:22:27.330 --> 00:22:35.910 Patricia Deshong: A lot of territory, so people need our help, we have to, we have to help them, whether that be honest surrenders or helping other kill shelters throughout long island.

00:22:36.630 --> 00:22:50.970 Patricia Deshong: we've taken adults in Puerto Rico recently, three months ago I got Nicole, that there was a drug cartel down in Mexico threatening animal rescue that we're going to start executing one dog at a time.

00:22:51.060 --> 00:22:51.690 Patricia Deshong: Because they were.

00:22:52.080 --> 00:22:52.680 Patricia Deshong: Not kidding.

00:22:52.950 --> 00:22:54.180 Patricia Deshong: We wound up stepping in.

00:22:54.210 --> 00:22:59.790 Patricia Deshong: And within five days to a week had all the dogs transferred out into the United States.

00:22:59.850 --> 00:23:00.600 Patricia Deshong: We got.

00:23:00.720 --> 00:23:09.540 Patricia Deshong: Probably eight of them there was 22 of them, but that story hit, you know that would pretty pretty nationwide it's a great story, but that's what we do here.

00:23:10.590 --> 00:23:10.860 Patricia Deshong: We.

00:23:11.760 --> 00:23:16.230 Patricia Deshong: Are we concentrate on the area year but but we'll go anywhere if the need is really there.

00:23:16.650 --> 00:23:23.910 Valerie Heffron: yeah that is amazing, I was on your website and I, I know, for me, like going forward.

00:23:25.170 --> 00:23:34.500 Valerie Heffron: Which is not to be right, this second because we're kind of full over here, but I next time I think I want to adapt like a special needs.

00:23:35.370 --> 00:23:46.140 Valerie Heffron: At and that's attributed a lot to time you dial a prior guest, who has several three either two legged dogs.

00:23:47.100 --> 00:23:56.220 Valerie Heffron: That lost their legs to abuse and everything, but I just see how it's so much more challenging to get either older animals or.

00:23:56.940 --> 00:24:11.730 Valerie Heffron: pets into loving home, so that really talks about pulling up your heartstrings that does it for me, but on your website, I also saw that I don't know it started with a w I forgot, it was like a wad you or some kind of it look like a journal.

00:24:12.270 --> 00:24:13.800 Patricia Deshong: Yes, yeah.

00:24:14.250 --> 00:24:16.170 Valerie Heffron: A weed you are watch I don't know what it is.

00:24:16.230 --> 00:24:16.710 Valerie Heffron: But yeah.

00:24:18.840 --> 00:24:23.490 Valerie Heffron: you're promoting animal that most people don't even think of when it comes to being.

00:24:23.610 --> 00:24:27.660 Valerie Heffron: back you know, and those are also kind of the underdogs.

00:24:27.750 --> 00:24:31.320 Patricia Deshong: We we get all kinds, we have we had some birds here some.

00:24:31.320 --> 00:24:36.450 Patricia Deshong: parakeets which we were able to get out somebody will give us their goldfish at one point we.

00:24:37.620 --> 00:24:38.700 Patricia Deshong: Get all kinds we don't.

00:24:38.730 --> 00:24:40.890 Patricia Deshong: Turn anybody away we don't want them to get.

00:24:42.150 --> 00:24:43.770 Patricia Deshong: yeah these are some of our guys.

00:24:44.580 --> 00:24:45.960 Tommy D: Just to share this while we're talking.

00:24:45.990 --> 00:24:47.460 Patricia Deshong: Good i'm glad you did.

00:24:47.700 --> 00:24:52.950 Tommy D: Because I was totally watch I was sort of looking at the website, while you were talking so I said, why should everybody else get a chance to see what i'm saying.

00:24:53.250 --> 00:24:54.660 Patricia Deshong: yeah i'm.

00:24:54.780 --> 00:24:56.850 Tommy D: There on these are available right now.

00:24:57.030 --> 00:24:57.750 Tommy D: Yes.

00:24:57.840 --> 00:24:58.410 They are.

00:24:59.700 --> 00:25:02.190 Patricia Deshong: You know in rabbits they're living with Eric.

00:25:02.580 --> 00:25:05.460 Valerie Heffron: what's that what's the fish did your rabbit no.

00:25:05.820 --> 00:25:11.280 Patricia Deshong: No, no it's like a it's like a cross between a journal or a mouse is really cute.

00:25:11.550 --> 00:25:12.660 Patricia Deshong: So cute in there.

00:25:13.050 --> 00:25:15.360 Valerie Heffron: I would take I would love to have.

00:25:15.720 --> 00:25:17.940 Valerie Heffron: This is this speaks to me.

00:25:18.270 --> 00:25:19.050 Patricia Deshong: date and he.

00:25:19.350 --> 00:25:20.610 Patricia Deshong: He can fit in your hand.

00:25:21.000 --> 00:25:22.410 Patricia Deshong: Oh he's really cute.

00:25:24.090 --> 00:25:30.030 Valerie Heffron: So I have to ask you i'm also are you looking for fosters and.

00:25:31.380 --> 00:25:37.620 Patricia Deshong: we're always looking for volunteers we're always looking for fosters and of course we're always looking for donations.

00:25:37.890 --> 00:25:38.820 Patricia Deshong: You know Ovid.

00:25:38.940 --> 00:25:43.680 Patricia Deshong: we're really grateful for this for a Gala that's upcoming we're almost 300 people.

00:25:43.920 --> 00:25:49.920 Patricia Deshong: So we just met sold out, which is great we haven't been able to have that kind of event in the last couple years because of broken.

00:25:50.520 --> 00:25:55.200 Patricia Deshong: So it's at a gorgeous home of one of our board members in Southampton.

00:25:56.520 --> 00:26:00.000 Patricia Deshong: You know, we had to get tense and that's why somebody like dawn.

00:26:00.300 --> 00:26:12.090 Patricia Deshong: And over talent to transform you know this gorgeous property, but to make it that you can see 300 people and have the atmosphere for a party and she's got that kind of talent, you know.

00:26:12.150 --> 00:26:13.620 Patricia Deshong: yeah so.

00:26:15.210 --> 00:26:18.000 Patricia Deshong: Anyway, that's coming up this the unconditional love Gala.

00:26:18.420 --> 00:26:35.430 Patricia Deshong: I would love to come back and talk to you sometime about our companion dog program rescue dogs that were training to help our veterans who have ptsd I mean i'm sure you've heard the statistics that I think you get 25 veterans or so that commit suicide a day.

00:26:35.970 --> 00:26:36.450 Patricia Deshong: You know.

00:26:36.750 --> 00:26:49.740 Patricia Deshong: They have mental issues and, believe it or not, when you talk about how animals can transform their lives yeah these companion dogs would they get a dog that doesn't leave their side you know and you'd be surprised, it opens up a whole new world for these veterans.

00:26:49.890 --> 00:26:51.270 Patricia Deshong: So we're proud to be watching them.

00:26:51.480 --> 00:26:53.550 Tommy D: yeah that's that's a new Program.

00:26:54.060 --> 00:26:55.620 Patricia Deshong: And if I did it in Florida.

00:26:55.860 --> 00:27:01.410 Patricia Deshong: Okay, and I brought it here to this rescue and we just made the we had a purple heart recipient.

00:27:02.580 --> 00:27:17.580 Patricia Deshong: And he just put the dog in his name yesterday it's still in training it's a lab that we took in with two labs that came in from Louisiana gorgeous a point, though lab and I had the right temperament to be trained to be a companion dog no.

00:27:19.200 --> 00:27:20.490 Tommy D: Originally from Florida.

00:27:21.180 --> 00:27:24.780 Patricia Deshong: uh yeah I just moved here in December I think i'm the only floridian that came in this direction.

00:27:24.810 --> 00:27:25.050 well.

00:27:26.160 --> 00:27:35.040 Tommy D: it's kind of you know they people have told me it's the like Fort lauderdale area it's like the fifth borrow or the you know, like this the eighth county of long island in the five boroughs or.

00:27:35.040 --> 00:27:35.640 Patricia Deshong: Something like that.

00:27:36.180 --> 00:27:39.240 Tommy D: They told me it's um long island south, I think, is what somebody just.

00:27:39.240 --> 00:27:40.020 Patricia Deshong: Recently, big.

00:27:41.400 --> 00:27:52.950 Tommy D: If I want to talk about this because online other Sean philanthropy and focus on Friday frank them off autonomy who's the executive director CEO of united veterans beacon House will be on the show so let's get you connected with him, as I.

00:27:53.640 --> 00:27:54.210 Patricia Deshong: would love it.

00:27:54.690 --> 00:28:07.920 Tommy D: yeah we'll make that happen because it's important for all these veterans organizations to get together and you're right the number that they talk about is 22 a day take their own life, which is an absolute tragedy that we need to address but that's an we'll talk about that.

00:28:08.100 --> 00:28:18.900 Valerie Heffron: yeah but you know what's so important, too, is like i've spoken to a lot of veterans, especially over the last couple years we did live in Florida there's a lot of veterans and.

00:28:19.980 --> 00:28:31.980 Valerie Heffron: many of whom are you know they're young family people and one of the difficulties of transitioning when you're no longer in service is like they felt so needed.

00:28:32.490 --> 00:28:32.850 Patricia Deshong: Yes.

00:28:33.240 --> 00:28:39.030 Valerie Heffron: yeah their purpose they they knew exactly what their purpose was they woke up every day they had a job to do.

00:28:39.180 --> 00:28:39.660 Valerie Heffron: It was.

00:28:39.780 --> 00:28:57.000 Valerie Heffron: A greater cause and all sudden they're like who am I right to their purpose has in their minds is lost, and so having a dog or another companion animal give them also purpose it's like you know they're needed.

00:28:57.120 --> 00:29:04.920 Patricia Deshong: they're needed that's right and they're so used to being surrounded by other people and so now at least they have a constant companion you're right.

00:29:05.730 --> 00:29:21.360 Tommy D: You need to talk about that let's get that going Patricia I want to be part of it, how old is a veteran excuse me how old does the volunteer have to be to work with you at the Southampton animal shelter 16 1611 perfect that's what I needed to say.

00:29:24.570 --> 00:29:25.710 Patricia Deshong: But they got to bring their parents.

00:29:26.010 --> 00:29:32.970 Tommy D: Well, I got a guy downstairs who's probably going to knock on the attic door and go, can we go dad I love dogs I love your dog, can we go.

00:29:33.090 --> 00:29:33.540 Tommy D: So I.

00:29:33.600 --> 00:29:38.340 Tommy D: will have I will go will come out we'll do something fun together we'll do a day and service me and my.

00:29:38.340 --> 00:29:39.630 Patricia Deshong: son would love it.

00:29:41.940 --> 00:29:44.700 Tommy D: For another event, this weekend so i'll be i'll wave when i'm out that way.

00:29:45.960 --> 00:29:46.440 Tommy D: we're doing.

00:29:46.950 --> 00:30:01.200 Dawn Jessica Strain: yeah what a lot of people don't know is both my girls are service dogs and for ptsd for me, I had a lot of things go on in my childhood, and so I can relate to what they feel and how important they are to change your life.

00:30:01.560 --> 00:30:08.880 Tommy D: Well, I just say dawn you know, in an era when mental health is a conversation that we're all having your candor and for you to share that.

00:30:09.120 --> 00:30:21.510 Tommy D: You know I am you know, thank you just thank you for putting that out there, because I I argue this and I have absolutely no certification to say what i'm about to say, but I think 100% of us have mental health challenges.

00:30:22.470 --> 00:30:22.980 Dawn Jessica Strain: Just a.

00:30:23.040 --> 00:30:31.980 Tommy D: matter of when how and and who, and to me it's about support and whether it's the dogs or the support whether it's a program that's the support whether it's other people.

00:30:32.220 --> 00:30:38.880 Tommy D: You know, second episode of philanthropy and focus my friend, Dr Larry gubler was on the show who runs transitional services for New York.

00:30:39.090 --> 00:30:48.810 Tommy D: Which is a mental health agency in the borough's serves 4000 new Yorkers each year, he said, you know Tommy we all need support at different times, and you know don to your point if it comes in.

00:30:49.050 --> 00:30:57.630 Tommy D: In a cute little package with four legs and that's the support that's that helps then and maybe that's the reason we can get Leo over here, maybe that's the angle bow.

00:30:57.870 --> 00:30:59.010 yeah.

00:31:00.090 --> 00:31:00.960 Valerie Heffron: Any angle.

00:31:02.490 --> 00:31:10.950 Tommy D: All different angles, to get a dog in in Casa de de alright so let's take a quick break we come back let's just keep chopping it up, this is a lot of fun.

00:31:11.610 --> 00:31:19.830 Tommy D: I feel like we're just meeting and people are watching us, while we talk and have coffee together, you know that's what the show is this is pals Tommy bow be right back.

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00:33:23.010 --> 00:33:23.790 Tommy D: hey Valerie.

00:33:24.240 --> 00:33:24.780 Valerie Heffron: Yes.

00:33:24.960 --> 00:33:25.620 we're back.

00:33:26.940 --> 00:33:28.650 Valerie Heffron: Remember to unmute this time.

00:33:29.130 --> 00:33:31.590 Tommy D: So way to go, okay it's only episode like 40.

00:33:32.130 --> 00:33:33.900 Valerie Heffron: I know right I can't believe it and.

00:33:35.070 --> 00:33:43.350 Valerie Heffron: I really want to hear also more about this Gala sorry this this fundraiser first of all I love the name unconditional love.

00:33:43.470 --> 00:33:45.360 Valerie Heffron: Like who came up with it, but it's.

00:33:45.420 --> 00:33:52.770 Valerie Heffron: perfect and so each year well at barring you know the years with coded.

00:33:52.980 --> 00:33:54.270 Valerie Heffron: So this.

00:33:54.810 --> 00:34:06.210 Valerie Heffron: fundraiser started in the hamptons at someone's house or did it evolve into this and what people expect so let's say i'm coming I wish I was i'm coming to your event what's going to happen.

00:34:06.630 --> 00:34:07.680 Patricia Deshong: Well we're going to have.

00:34:08.700 --> 00:34:14.040 Patricia Deshong: A site and we'll have some of our animals there so you'll be able to get to exactly learn more about our mission.

00:34:14.880 --> 00:34:19.110 Patricia Deshong: You can ways to raise money we have auction I, and we have a really exciting auction items.

00:34:20.190 --> 00:34:29.520 Patricia Deshong: We have a video which we had film called the day in the life so people going to see what it's like in Southampton here in our shelter and in our clinic.

00:34:29.880 --> 00:34:42.990 Patricia Deshong: And the day of you know, one day, you know which was really we had a lot of things happening, I often say if we were on a reality TV show TV show people wouldn't even believe half the things that happen, you know and the animals that gets rendered to us and the excuses.

00:34:43.200 --> 00:34:43.380 and

00:34:45.270 --> 00:34:49.710 Patricia Deshong: So the Gala is going to be doing that it's going to be raising much needed funds, we have a great band.

00:34:50.820 --> 00:34:57.690 Patricia Deshong: Great food and there's going to be great camaraderie of just bringing people together that we haven't been able to do for so long.

00:34:57.900 --> 00:35:00.060 Tommy D: You know 300 people at this event.

00:35:00.180 --> 00:35:03.690 Patricia Deshong: yeah we're pretty close to that 300 right now it's awesome that's great.

00:35:03.900 --> 00:35:13.530 Tommy D: don't, how do you get 300 people were you involved with that part of it, I know you're volunteering, you know Patricia said what how to combine your efforts there ever tell you get 300 folks that come through that's great.

00:35:14.070 --> 00:35:25.050 Dawn Jessica Strain: Well, the shelter really does have incredible following people have really been involved for a very long time over the years, they have people that make tremendous donations that don't even want to be acknowledged just.

00:35:25.770 --> 00:35:37.950 Dawn Jessica Strain: Huge supporters of the cause and that, following a stuck with them for a very long time, you know with any event, you have people that come and go, but when you have such a strong cause that really affects the whole.

00:35:38.580 --> 00:35:48.480 Dawn Jessica Strain: You know hamptons Community a lot of people just come out for that, and they really and it's you know you spread the word on social media you share it with your friends who.

00:35:49.980 --> 00:35:56.400 Dawn Jessica Strain: Are the people that can come to the event and you make sure that you let as many people as you can know so we've been doing a lot of that.

00:35:57.240 --> 00:35:59.430 Tommy D: Relationships relationships relationships.

00:35:59.430 --> 00:36:00.180 Dawn Jessica Strain: All about it's.

00:36:00.450 --> 00:36:02.490 Tommy D: All about your network right Valerie.

00:36:03.270 --> 00:36:14.340 Tommy D: We talked about all the time about the connection, and I know that because, like first I know it, because i'm the nonprofit sector connector but I know it, because I think in terms of I know a lot of nonprofit organizations and I.

00:36:15.030 --> 00:36:18.330 Tommy D: In my experience, the ones that are having a tough time getting going.

00:36:19.020 --> 00:36:28.620 Tommy D: or sustaining the matter of the people who are you're connected to who you know, maybe you need to recruit different people to get on your board maybe we need to get some influencers in the word, you know.

00:36:29.040 --> 00:36:34.050 Tommy D: The old, what are the word meant that doesn't just mean hey look at my sneakers i'm on tick tock but, like the influence.

00:36:34.410 --> 00:36:37.740 Tommy D: I know people I can get people to show up at an event I can get.

00:36:38.070 --> 00:36:40.680 Valerie Heffron: fanny didn't see it says, some people used to say.

00:36:40.980 --> 00:36:43.800 Tommy D: You know I sometimes do say that so guys, please.

00:36:44.010 --> 00:36:51.630 Dawn Jessica Strain: And it's not just that I mean I think what's happening with a lot of boards these days and that's another thing that i'm grateful i've tremendous experience and help my nonprofit.

00:36:52.050 --> 00:37:00.480 Dawn Jessica Strain: Is you know boards age out at some point, so you have a lot of people who've been on board for a long time they're certain way of thinking, they have certain way of doing things with time.

00:37:01.770 --> 00:37:08.910 Dawn Jessica Strain: And if they don't have the next generation coming in and and you know geared towards that in some of their events and.

00:37:09.750 --> 00:37:22.380 Dawn Jessica Strain: Bringing those younger people in 30s 40s you know even in their 20s you know it's hard to be a philanthropist in your 20s but it's not impossible, you know they could start by volunteering at the shelter, they could.

00:37:22.980 --> 00:37:36.450 Dawn Jessica Strain: volunteer at the day of the event, just to get to know the event and someday afford to be there, but you know it's really setting yourself up to have that succession plan of who's going to step into those shoes to make those whose donations in the future.

00:37:37.650 --> 00:37:44.640 Valerie Heffron: That is such a great point, and this woman, I as young woman, I have to mention POPs into my mind, because.

00:37:45.960 --> 00:37:56.790 Valerie Heffron: She is 22 I believe and she's she's headed into her final year of law school at hofstra she is already an incredible animal advocate.

00:37:57.270 --> 00:38:11.520 Valerie Heffron: And the way I stumbled onto her is because she started showing up at board meetings advocating for the reopening of the of the teen our program and Hempstead I was so impressed and and to your point, I mean.

00:38:12.000 --> 00:38:16.920 Valerie Heffron: I have no doubt she's going to be a successful lawyer i'm actually hoping that she's going to run for office.

00:38:16.980 --> 00:38:17.580 Valerie Heffron: If you can.

00:38:17.670 --> 00:38:18.210 Tommy D: get your law.

00:38:20.010 --> 00:38:24.360 Valerie Heffron: she's gone into her last year, and she spends like over the summer she'll see in our like.

00:38:24.390 --> 00:38:33.720 Valerie Heffron: 10 cats and get I mean 10 sorry 90 cats and kittens and you know my my point to support don't point what i'm saying is like.

00:38:35.040 --> 00:38:45.360 Valerie Heffron: Young people are so this before, too, I found the younger generations to be also more socially conscious, in general, then let's say my generation growing up in high school.

00:38:45.900 --> 00:38:54.240 Valerie Heffron: You know at that age, they are are so equipped and they can type with your toes because they grew up with all of this, you know equipment around them.

00:38:54.600 --> 00:39:08.520 Valerie Heffron: and their social media presence is unparalleled and it's smart to to look to the future and, and you know involve them at a young age, I I couldn't agree with you more and the more diverse, the better, you know, this is not.

00:39:09.090 --> 00:39:10.530 Valerie Heffron: It doesn't hold as diverse.

00:39:11.160 --> 00:39:15.810 Tommy D: doesn't have to be like to what you both are saying, I want to jump in here, so I talked a lot of nonprofits.

00:39:16.260 --> 00:39:31.020 Tommy D: You know, and I talked a lot about doing service, you know, we had our first ever show Regina and those who came on the show who is wink wink one of our honorees at the upcoming compassion works out which we have to tell everybody again, which is October 11 out of the refuge.

00:39:31.230 --> 00:39:32.130 Dawn Jessica Strain: Like birthday.

00:39:32.310 --> 00:39:33.390 Tommy D: it's your birthday.

00:39:33.540 --> 00:39:46.800 Tommy D: Oh, I mean I promise you will have a cake, if you can make it there, I know you probably have plans, but if you if you can be there and you're going to be on the islands we'll get we'll get a fuji the well cake and it's a real were hurting no animals have been injured it's just.

00:39:47.070 --> 00:39:49.500 Dawn Jessica Strain: Unfortunately i'm dairy free so that will work.

00:39:50.760 --> 00:39:51.450 Valerie Heffron: Well we'll get.

00:39:51.870 --> 00:39:54.180 Valerie Heffron: That you're gonna love well yeah I was.

00:39:54.300 --> 00:39:58.620 Tommy D: I ate half for the oil cake that was at my house or my kids party like two weeks anyway.

00:39:59.100 --> 00:40:13.020 Tommy D: um I was going to make a point Oh, you know i'm on this trip 60 days of service value, you know about that they 43 is upcoming but it's about you know Regina I went out there, and my son and I we walk the dogs I got to take any Milo who has.

00:40:13.590 --> 00:40:25.800 Tommy D: Problems with his hind legs and he's got wheels I got to take him for a walk we picked up a lot of dog poop that day we learn how to clean up, we learned Regina you run a talk shop, and I promise i'll be back, but you were like.

00:40:25.980 --> 00:40:26.460 Tommy D: carrie.

00:40:26.520 --> 00:40:29.970 Tommy D: you're supposed to be sweeping tommy's was be picking up that poop right and that's.

00:40:30.330 --> 00:40:38.130 Tommy D: But, but to do philanthropy doesn't necessarily mean being in the back of the room writing big checks or picking picking up the title for the for the.

00:40:38.430 --> 00:40:45.150 Tommy D: For the auction, it could be other things there's other ways to give back there's other ways to get involved certainly like your friend Valerie I don't know.

00:40:45.450 --> 00:40:57.240 Tommy D: If you're friends with this woman this young woman, you know who's obviously a change maker 22 years old 90 cats, not a lot of 22 year old kids or even messing around with anything like that productive to help out all those tasks.

00:40:57.510 --> 00:41:03.720 Valerie Heffron: she's incredible but my favorite part is that she had the spine and.

00:41:04.620 --> 00:41:13.500 Valerie Heffron: She recognized the need and went to a local municipality governmental meeting which a lot of people are intimidated by.

00:41:13.920 --> 00:41:30.720 Valerie Heffron: And she spoke and she went several times, and she so here's the thing right imagine if every animal lover was also advocating that is where real change long term change is going to occur, like we're.

00:41:30.900 --> 00:41:32.580 Tommy D: Not just talking about it right.

00:41:33.060 --> 00:41:33.810 Valerie Heffron: And we use.

00:41:34.050 --> 00:41:34.470 Tommy D: Something.

00:41:35.070 --> 00:41:44.070 Valerie Heffron: We use the puppy mill bill as an example, there are so many people who didn't understand the power of calling their legislators.

00:41:44.640 --> 00:41:58.170 Valerie Heffron: And that bill thankfully just passed both Houses by a landslide and we await the governor's signature, but the point is most people don't even know their local representatives are so imagine Patricia if all of those supporters in Southampton.

00:41:58.830 --> 00:42:11.580 Valerie Heffron: You know not only knew their legislators are but we're comfortable with calling and speaking out to them that's how we're going to get real training we're going to get stricter laws about animal abuse we're going to get better laws in terms of.

00:42:12.120 --> 00:42:22.470 Valerie Heffron: You know, minimal standards of care in farming and agriculture and everything else, so I could go on on this for a long time and I apologize, but my whole point is that.

00:42:23.040 --> 00:42:32.640 Valerie Heffron: we're doing is saying is 100% right in order for these causes to to succeed over the long term, you know you have to groom the successors.

00:42:33.510 --> 00:42:39.570 Dawn Jessica Strain: You know and and one thing you know piggyback off what you both were saying doing what's right is not always comfortable.

00:42:40.350 --> 00:42:42.090 Dawn Jessica Strain: Yes, and.

00:42:42.840 --> 00:42:43.860 Valerie Heffron: nail this one.

00:42:44.730 --> 00:42:57.090 Dawn Jessica Strain: And that's you know it's hard for a lot of people like sometimes you got to get out of our comfort zone, sometimes we got to step out of things that are not you know what we would normally do but that's only the way we can get make things change.

00:42:57.180 --> 00:42:58.950 Patricia Deshong: hmm good point yeah.

00:42:58.980 --> 00:43:09.060 Tommy D: I say that I teach my kids I go life begins at the end of your comfort zone and i'll be honest even between Val and I sometimes we got to push each other outside of our comfort zones in a lot of ways and and.

00:43:09.420 --> 00:43:15.450 Tommy D: And both and don't even say that it's me pushing you back because there's plenty of stuff i'm doing that I wouldn't have not done.

00:43:15.600 --> 00:43:19.830 Valerie Heffron: Because this show exists because you pushed me out of my comfort zone.

00:43:19.890 --> 00:43:21.150 Valerie Heffron: they're not here yet so.

00:43:21.990 --> 00:43:28.020 Tommy D: Then, then i'll take the responsibility for pushing you but you're here with me doing this thing every single week so we're pushing each other, I mean.

00:43:28.560 --> 00:43:36.390 Tommy D: there's things out there i'm learning about cold nights really i'm on vacation my kids I left the waterpark the dual call night for anti puppy mill but like I.

00:43:36.660 --> 00:43:38.250 Tommy D: didn't know what that was a year ago.

00:43:38.610 --> 00:43:39.960 Valerie Heffron: I just.

00:43:40.890 --> 00:43:47.520 Tommy D: want to kind of hit one more point about you know now, I want to ask you this, and you can we're going to go to a break in a second because.

00:43:47.880 --> 00:44:00.120 Tommy D: you're talking about getting people to do a thing you're talking about that, so I want you to consider how do we get them to do a thing, whatever the thing is, and I think that's you don't have to even answer it today, but the idea is that's what this Community really is.

00:44:00.150 --> 00:44:21.810 Valerie Heffron: we're going to track the answer me not to not to cut you off, but I believe very strongly that that's the answer, because if you have a go to place where people can seek answers find resources pick brains then that's what motivates people to come together, you know what i'm saying so.

00:44:21.840 --> 00:44:24.270 Valerie Heffron: That is it over time to do we want to.

00:44:24.960 --> 00:44:31.890 Tommy D: Community yeah yeah you guys have found it guys gals men, women, people you found that this is the place we're creating that.

00:44:32.130 --> 00:44:40.170 Tommy D: Not because it's awesome it ain't about us we're just here, we got the two big mouths and we got the show but it's about all of us, everybody teach us some stuff show us.

00:44:40.500 --> 00:44:42.570 Dawn Jessica Strain: Is if you don't make people aware they don't know.

00:44:43.080 --> 00:44:43.560 Valerie Heffron: yeah so.

00:44:43.860 --> 00:44:49.560 Dawn Jessica Strain: You know it's education and awareness and getting people to experience come, making them, you know go to the shelter.

00:44:49.830 --> 00:44:50.970 Dawn Jessica Strain: spend a day there.

00:44:51.090 --> 00:44:59.040 Dawn Jessica Strain: So what it's like see what animals, really, what kind of shape they really come into and how they rehabilitated and how that impacts.

00:44:59.220 --> 00:45:00.780 Dawn Jessica Strain: falls, you know trickles down.

00:45:00.810 --> 00:45:01.650 Valerie Heffron: All the way to the.

00:45:02.220 --> 00:45:02.970 Dawn Jessica Strain: adopted them.

00:45:03.360 --> 00:45:03.780 Dawn Jessica Strain: So.

00:45:04.140 --> 00:45:15.000 Dawn Jessica Strain: I end up on YouTube spending way too much time watching dog rescue videos and like how the don't start it and how it ended up with a forever home and to me every moment I cry every shrink that.

00:45:15.240 --> 00:45:20.430 Valerie Heffron: The dodo is responsible for like 18,000 tissues in my house.

00:45:21.060 --> 00:45:21.570 Dawn Jessica Strain: i'm trying.

00:45:21.840 --> 00:45:23.130 Valerie Heffron: To go no I know.

00:45:23.160 --> 00:45:24.090 I can't take it.

00:45:25.140 --> 00:45:34.440 Tommy D: We got to take it we gotta split for a second we'll come back to that final segment, but when I want to come out Patricia i'm coming out, you know I mean i'm asking permission i'm not just going to show up.

00:45:34.680 --> 00:45:36.930 Tommy D: i'd like to come out it's like really.

00:45:37.080 --> 00:45:39.810 Tommy D: You don't think bite me and as i've to be like a big formal thing but.

00:45:40.140 --> 00:45:40.740 Valerie Heffron: let's just do this.

00:45:40.830 --> 00:45:43.950 Tommy D: dawn can I come for a visit with my son, of course.

00:45:44.070 --> 00:45:45.120 Patricia Deshong: All right, sure.

00:45:45.210 --> 00:45:49.860 Tommy D: Sure dawn will both be out there will be out you show me the whole place we're good good we're coming out to visit.

00:45:49.950 --> 00:45:57.960 Tommy D: Great that now, when we come back wellness clinic mobile clinic pet dental online pharmacy I shared it before I want to talk about it when we get back to Patricia.

00:45:58.140 --> 00:46:05.010 Tommy D: Talking about the programs, we only got like nine minutes we get back we'll probably burn three of them because we haven't gone the break this professionals and I will have a show will be right back.

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00:48:03.390 --> 00:48:09.150 Tommy D: And we're back this is pastor D professional and animal lover show, and I am just surfing the Internet i'm curious but.

00:48:09.690 --> 00:48:12.030 Tommy D: let's talk about it, Patricia hello, and welcome back to the show.

00:48:12.240 --> 00:48:21.600 Tommy D: I was like saying Dora Dora can I come visit the shelter and I was supposed to be asking Patricia right before the break but either way they both said yeah so i'm coming for a visit let's unmute everybody let's get Baggins compensation.

00:48:22.020 --> 00:48:33.000 Tommy D: Patricia tell me about this, I mean it says here, why a mobile clinic and I see this website has so much information folks at Southampton animal

00:48:33.510 --> 00:48:42.840 Tommy D: check it out, because there's tons of information there's dates of when you can come out and get your pet spayed or neutered let's just jump in i'm going to show some things, while you're talking about future.

00:48:43.020 --> 00:48:55.020 Patricia Deshong: yeah we, besides being an animal rescue we have around animal hospital, but not only do we have our animal hospital that's here that's open up to the public, and we deliberately keep our prices down so people can afford.

00:48:55.410 --> 00:48:57.240 Patricia Deshong: To take care of their pets properly.

00:48:57.420 --> 00:49:06.000 Patricia Deshong: And we want to keep them in their home where the animals don't get sick and then they wind up surrendering to an animal shelter, you know, our goal is to.

00:49:06.420 --> 00:49:16.590 Patricia Deshong: make things as affordable as possible, so beyond having our own clinic that's open to the public, we also have a mobile clinic that goes out into the different areas of blown island.

00:49:17.040 --> 00:49:18.960 Patricia Deshong: smithtown Babylon riverhead.

00:49:19.530 --> 00:49:20.040 Patricia Deshong: uh.

00:49:20.100 --> 00:49:22.890 Patricia Deshong: Well, we provide low cost vaccinations.

00:49:22.950 --> 00:49:29.730 Tommy D: Are these places that like it's hard to get to for like there's not a lot of resources for these people living in these communities that.

00:49:31.020 --> 00:49:44.550 Patricia Deshong: Perhaps we just don't want any excuses, so we just want to, we want to go out into the Community to help as much as we possibly can, because we do keep our prices down much lower than the average you know clinic I guess you would say.

00:49:44.700 --> 00:49:45.660 Patricia Deshong: i've been there and clinic.

00:49:45.990 --> 00:49:48.930 Patricia Deshong: So we make a point to go out and offer whatever we can.

00:49:49.290 --> 00:50:10.290 Valerie Heffron: I just want to thank you for doing that because look one of one of my points of frustration is where I used to live they I know this to the T because I foiled the information they have a 220 $7,000 mobile spay neuter van that was delivered brand new state of the art in.

00:50:12.360 --> 00:50:19.380 Valerie Heffron: Fast forward to last year that vehicle has under 2000 miles on it.

00:50:19.470 --> 00:50:27.450 Valerie Heffron: Oh, and that, when it was delivered because it was driven from Michigan it was delivered with like 1500 miles on it.

00:50:27.990 --> 00:50:30.660 Valerie Heffron: So they put about 500 mile I mean i'm.

00:50:30.810 --> 00:50:42.360 Valerie Heffron: i'm thanking you for not just walking the walk and having a press conference, but for doing it to get out there into the communities that's what it's supposed to be for right.

00:50:42.510 --> 00:50:50.490 Patricia Deshong: Absolutely absolutely no, it really is in fact we're looking to get another band, so we should send me their information, maybe we'll try and buy it.

00:50:50.850 --> 00:50:51.870 Valerie Heffron: I will.

00:50:52.410 --> 00:51:05.220 Valerie Heffron: If you're gonna use it that's exactly I had a trapper say that one too, and she was like how much you think I get it, for I was like I don't know I mean it's it's it's doing nothing but robbing and the band of that Delta.

00:51:05.310 --> 00:51:07.380 Tommy D: Like sitting there so need new tires that's for sure.

00:51:07.500 --> 00:51:08.460 Valerie Heffron: Well yeah.

00:51:09.210 --> 00:51:12.660 Patricia Deshong: But that's another big service that we do the trap release Program.

00:51:12.720 --> 00:51:13.650 Patricia Deshong: know all the.

00:51:15.570 --> 00:51:17.520 Patricia Deshong: The advocates the trap minute release.

00:51:17.610 --> 00:51:20.190 Tommy D: hold on we got to pause here because we love wordplay on the show.

00:51:20.310 --> 00:51:20.850 Valerie Heffron: I love it.

00:51:21.000 --> 00:51:22.620 Tommy D: Now, how about that agile cats.

00:51:23.190 --> 00:51:24.390 Valerie Heffron: That like.

00:51:25.620 --> 00:51:32.940 Patricia Deshong: We you know that's another thing that we do have Feral cats is a big problem out here in the room, but we're front and Center to help so brilliant.

00:51:33.210 --> 00:51:39.780 Valerie Heffron: brilliant, thank you, thank you that's all we want right, it is like we want people to help.

00:51:40.140 --> 00:51:40.620 Tommy D: Well, no one.

00:51:41.070 --> 00:51:52.950 Tommy D: such great support an organization this because you're doing incredible work, you know, and you have the support for those dollars are coming in and they'll be coming in Saturday night again at the unconditional love with it out in in Southampton.

00:51:54.630 --> 00:52:02.610 Valerie Heffron: You got if you're going to if you're going to consider this is my personal theory if you're going to consider donating or attending.

00:52:03.150 --> 00:52:17.040 Valerie Heffron: You know fundraiser and applause, please, please donate and and attend the ones for the entities and organizations that are doing great work you can see where the money is going it's going to the animals.

00:52:17.160 --> 00:52:18.510 Patricia Deshong: mm hmm very.

00:52:19.020 --> 00:52:23.160 Dawn Jessica Strain: Important yeah and and we have some fantastic honorees as well.

00:52:24.630 --> 00:52:31.170 Dawn Jessica Strain: we're honoring William bratton former New York City police Commissioner and Jonathan McCann the founding President of ssf.

00:52:31.650 --> 00:52:32.250 Dawn Jessica Strain: As well as.

00:52:33.000 --> 00:52:40.950 Dawn Jessica Strain: Our event chairs gene shamrock so we're so grateful that they have accepted the honor and that gene is also our chair.

00:52:41.310 --> 00:52:42.630 Patricia Deshong: Yes, absolutely.

00:52:43.320 --> 00:52:55.140 Tommy D: Because we all know, when you are not a real it's a lot to take, because you gotta you gotta really show up and bring it in your network and connect so that's really it's something to do when people do that, so thank you for doing that, thank you for being those honorees you know it's.

00:52:55.140 --> 00:52:57.750 Valerie Heffron: Not a quick fun questions and doing.

00:52:58.110 --> 00:53:13.500 Valerie Heffron: Your um i'm sure that you know you've done so many events and they're probably all kind of like you know almost like a family member like a child or something to you, but, but what it let's say your your favorite one or two events of all time that you've done.

00:53:14.400 --> 00:53:17.220 Dawn Jessica Strain: So far, and that will probably that's very.

00:53:17.340 --> 00:53:22.290 Dawn Jessica Strain: For me, my top three always was the the La gala's.

00:53:23.880 --> 00:53:26.070 Dawn Jessica Strain: The third would be Alice in Wonderland.

00:53:27.240 --> 00:53:40.020 Dawn Jessica Strain: The second would be moulin Rouge, which we did last year and the greatest showman was what we were showing was my favorite it was the most incredible night that I think not only for myself but anybody that was in the room.

00:53:40.620 --> 00:53:49.260 Valerie Heffron: awesome yeah yeah I bet I bet I mean i'm trying to remember like what's the what's the best event i've ever attended and.

00:53:49.500 --> 00:53:52.200 Tommy D: It started 11th 2020.

00:53:54.780 --> 00:53:55.770 Tommy D: fashion awards.

00:53:55.860 --> 00:54:01.530 Tommy D: And, and if you want to check it out your Pal hyphen show COM, or just reach out to talk to you about.

00:54:01.710 --> 00:54:09.720 Valerie Heffron: I just I just want to say the compassionate words is so exciting because I did a lot of homework on this and i'm you know, in terms of.

00:54:10.140 --> 00:54:19.650 Valerie Heffron: Recognizing like boots on the ground people that are they're the ones out there at 10 o'clock at night, you know picking up an injured animal in someone's backyard or.

00:54:20.580 --> 00:54:27.720 Valerie Heffron: You know tra an industrial park over the weekend, instead of being quote normal and hanging out with their friends.

00:54:28.500 --> 00:54:37.260 Valerie Heffron: You know they're the ones like Regina who have 20 dogs in her own personal home at any point in time, that she will only for us to our own house, I mean.

00:54:37.560 --> 00:54:51.060 Valerie Heffron: These people really deserve the recognition, so please join us on dawn's birthday October her life and and yeah go to our website get your tickets now because they are going to go up on August 11.

00:54:52.110 --> 00:54:55.200 Valerie Heffron: So yeah if you want that bargain now's the time.

00:54:55.290 --> 00:54:55.890 Tommy D: i'll show.

00:54:55.980 --> 00:54:58.560 Tommy D: How hyphen doing you were gonna say something good.

00:54:58.650 --> 00:55:11.400 Dawn Jessica Strain: Giving back is so important, you know I know all of us do it that are on this call and it's very important, but you will get so much more out of it that you will that you can ever imagine i'm actually also boxing and the fight for charity.

00:55:11.760 --> 00:55:12.810 Tommy D: Oh so.

00:55:15.240 --> 00:55:16.530 Tommy D: Monday, but thanksgiving week.

00:55:16.620 --> 00:55:23.220 Dawn Jessica Strain: Is I know they've moved in September 15 that's a Thursday night this year and D DAS event is producing the after party so.

00:55:23.880 --> 00:55:33.900 Dawn Jessica Strain: I will all come out support and watch me and somebody else get in the ring I don't I don't want to say too much, because I, my coaches afraid i'm going to knock somebody out with that.

00:55:34.230 --> 00:55:36.330 Dawn Jessica Strain: Oh it's all good stuff.

00:55:37.440 --> 00:55:39.330 Tommy D: I think it didn't happen one time right was it.

00:55:39.330 --> 00:55:40.410 Dawn Jessica Strain: did happen one time.

00:55:40.950 --> 00:55:43.020 Tommy D: I shouldn't be talking about right.

00:55:44.070 --> 00:55:46.020 Tommy D: yeah yeah I heard.

00:55:46.200 --> 00:55:48.240 Dawn Jessica Strain: It but just in general, giving back.

00:55:48.270 --> 00:55:56.820 Dawn Jessica Strain: You know if you don't do it pick a charity, we could cause it's important to you give your time and the shelter could use a lot of help, so we hope you would support the Southampton animal shelter.

00:55:56.820 --> 00:56:01.620 Tommy D: And we're out of time, so doing shout out your website then Patricia will shout out her website so shout out doing jumping.

00:56:03.510 --> 00:56:05.070 Dawn Jessica Strain: DJ s events COM.

00:56:05.940 --> 00:56:08.670 Patricia Deshong: Patricia I say

00:56:08.790 --> 00:56:13.920 Tommy D: Is a and our website since you're asking is Pal show.

00:56:15.090 --> 00:56:26.430 Tommy D: l dash or hyphen that's how you can find out what we're doing the cool stuff that's going on in the Community that we're building Val see something funny before I say something serious.

00:56:27.060 --> 00:56:27.870 Valerie Heffron: Something funny.

00:56:28.050 --> 00:56:42.060 Tommy D: Thank you Okay, so it is total commitment and non violence Gandhi always included the animals by stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated Gandhi.

00:56:42.150 --> 00:56:43.050 Patricia Deshong: amen amen.

00:56:43.530 --> 00:56:44.790 Valerie Heffron: Okay dandy.

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