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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/06 - When Passion Meets Profession

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/06 - When Passion Meets Profession


2022/07/06 - When Passion Meets Profession

[New Episode] When Passion Meets Profession


Learn how this minority-owned business is taking the pet industry by storm! They just landed a huge deal with Buc-ee's in Texas, they're on Amazon and they're only a year and a half old! Of course, we want them to be MEGA-SUCCESSFUL as they support NY shelters and rescues with every sale. Let's go shopping!!! 


This week's guest brings so much to the table. Not only did Joshua Caban experience the ultimate pivot, but he also combined his love for animals with his retail expertise and WALLAH! American Pet Place was born. The creativity behind their product selection is second to none. They even offer an entire line of Pride products.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Valerie talks about the upcoming Compassion Awards, which is an event that will honor and recognize local heroes in the animal welfare space. It will take place on October 11 at The Refuge in Melville and information can be found at Tommy introduces Joshua Caban who created American Pet Place which is a direct to consumer and wholesale business for pet gear and accessories. Joshua tells the story of the starting the business when the pandemic hit and he needed to shift his career. He had also started volunteering at a rescue around that time and decided to create a business that would help animals. Valerie and Joshua talk about the importance of networking and relationships. Joshua talks about the steps involved in the growth of his business and mentions that a portion of the revenue made at American Pet Place gets donated to Roughhouse Rescue.

Segment 2

Joshua talks about shopping out the assortment of products that he sells based on what he would want to buy for his own dog. He also wanted a diverse assortment to test what would sell best. He also talks about the products they are developing for next year to keep up with trends. Valerie mentions some of her favorite products that American Pet Place sells and bring up the recent pride themed line they had. Joshua says that the business is minority owned. He then talks about the various places he gets products from, some being available to sell, some from a company that does drop shipping, and others being outsourced sellers on Etsy.

Segment 3

Joshua talks about working with marketplaces that get a lot of hits which is why he started selling on Amazon. In order to increase his margins he started doing an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) which is when business owners give up a percentage of their sale in exchange for Amazon warehousing, packaging, and shipping the sale. Joshua talks about the benefits of being a certified minority owned business which is part of what helped him get a deal with Buc-ee’s. Joshua expresses a desire to start doing pop-ups with American Pet Place and use them as a way to sponsor shelters and do adoption events. American Pet Place can be found at

Segment 4

Valerie talks about Buc-ee’s which is a large retail gas station chain which has many locations in the South. Joshua tells the story of learning that Buc-ee’s wanted to start selling more pet products to eventually becoming their pet vendor. Before Tommy closes out the show, Joshua talks about his husband’s daily routine of feeding birds in the morning while looking over his garden.


00:00:56.610 --> 00:00:59.130 Valerie Heffron: Okay, I am going to start the show.

00:01:00.660 --> 00:01:07.980 Valerie Heffron: Hope everyone can hear me talking to me say thank you semi frozen, so you give me a heart attack, but that's Okay, I can do it, I can do it.

00:01:09.300 --> 00:01:18.690 Valerie Heffron: Welcome to be professional and animal lovers show Ak pals you want to use the acronym and.

00:01:19.260 --> 00:01:34.530 Valerie Heffron: This show has been so amazing we are bringing together people business owners animal advocates pet professionals, people who love and care about animals and want to make the world a better place for them.

00:01:34.920 --> 00:01:45.900 Valerie Heffron: Tommy tommy's is still on mute So here we go um today's guest we're going to get to him momentarily his name is joshua Come on, did I say that right joshua.

00:01:45.990 --> 00:01:47.760 Valerie Heffron: Yes, yes ma'am okay.

00:01:48.150 --> 00:01:50.040 Valerie Heffron: And he is with American pet.

00:01:50.040 --> 00:01:56.160 Valerie Heffron: place he is a fascinating entrepreneur i've been stalking him for a while, so i'm really thrilled that he's here.

00:01:56.550 --> 00:02:09.120 Valerie Heffron: And he's going to talk to us about how he came about his idea how he made it such a quick success, whereas a lot of companies, you know have that five year uphill battle before they really get anywhere.

00:02:10.530 --> 00:02:14.610 Valerie Heffron: And what I need to do is also mentioned my brilliant amazing.

00:02:16.200 --> 00:02:26.880 Valerie Heffron: i'm trying to come up with the right word for someone who kind of pushes you out of your comfort zone i'm not sure what that word is but i'll just say it's time to me so because he.

00:02:28.230 --> 00:02:28.710 Tommy DiMisa: learned.

00:02:28.740 --> 00:02:44.310 Valerie Heffron: All about what we were looking to do, which is bring these brilliant animal lovers together so they can network and support each other in business in charity and in life, and he basically forced me to do this, show.

00:02:46.140 --> 00:02:48.840 Valerie Heffron: In a good way um so.

00:02:50.910 --> 00:02:52.920 Tommy DiMisa: Can you, you can hear me now right now.

00:02:53.160 --> 00:02:54.090 Valerie Heffron: I can hear you.

00:02:54.210 --> 00:03:06.090 Tommy DiMisa: Thank God, I actually I gotta be honest with you, I I did not set you up to start the show all by yourself, I would never do that you that's like throwing your kid in the water, when they don't know how to swim and I would never do that to my partner.

00:03:06.390 --> 00:03:06.870 Valerie Heffron: So I will.

00:03:07.680 --> 00:03:07.800 Be.

00:03:08.910 --> 00:03:18.000 Tommy DiMisa: doing a hell of a job i'm listening via video just went down, you know what sometimes when you're on location, you know things don't work out as well as you might have wanted them to so wow you did.

00:03:18.390 --> 00:03:27.210 Tommy DiMisa: My job I heard the whole thing you're crushing it you killing children i'm going to leave and let you take care of the rest and 55 minutes you know around around sales.

00:03:29.700 --> 00:03:37.200 Tommy DiMisa: As well tell us the power show your power Shell, especially around lovers out why don't we talk about the compassion towards when 95 days.

00:03:38.370 --> 00:03:39.270 Tommy DiMisa: What we'll talk about that.

00:03:40.080 --> 00:03:49.890 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so because of this show right um we have just been meeting and connecting with the most amazing selfless people.

00:03:50.160 --> 00:04:01.620 Valerie Heffron: many of whom are you know they they give to rescues they volunteer their boots on the ground, you know they've got 21 cats in their garage kittens that they're trying to get adopted they're.

00:04:02.130 --> 00:04:09.360 Valerie Heffron: they're the people that get called at midnight to save a turtle with a fractured Shell in the middle of a highway.

00:04:10.080 --> 00:04:18.090 Valerie Heffron: they're the people who foster 20 dogs in their own house, at a time and, anyway, so we decided, we have to do an event.

00:04:18.420 --> 00:04:34.350 Valerie Heffron: and bring all these people together and we are there's really no than out there, as far as my research shows that honors and recognizes these boots on the ground, local heroes, so the compassionate words has been born, so to speak.

00:04:34.710 --> 00:04:48.360 Valerie Heffron: it's October 11 of this year at the refuge in melville we are bringing in sponsors, we have several commitments ready, we are looking for more if you believe you have a business or a brand.

00:04:48.750 --> 00:05:00.510 Valerie Heffron: That can benefit from being in front of a room full of compassionate people who are pet parents and animal lovers we'd certainly love to hear from you and early bird tickets, I should mention.

00:05:01.200 --> 00:05:21.270 Valerie Heffron: Are right now on sale until August 11 and then the prices do go up so if you're like me and you want to get the best deal, you have till August 11 visit www dot Pal dash not underscore dash who.

00:05:23.880 --> 00:05:32.520 Tommy DiMisa: will be like bow and buy your tickets now don't be like Tommy D trying to get a ticket like after the thing sells out and then you're like dude how do I get in like a favor.

00:05:32.910 --> 00:05:33.090 Valerie Heffron: Like.

00:05:33.210 --> 00:05:38.640 Tommy DiMisa: be proactive get out there, like and people we hang out with in this world of change in the world, so they are proactive people.

00:05:38.970 --> 00:05:48.060 Tommy DiMisa: So really special look if you're involved with animal advocacy if you want to learn more about it, you should be a part of the movement, this is a moving houses and move it happens to be a radio show that turns into a podcast.

00:05:48.330 --> 00:05:55.500 Tommy DiMisa: But there's a journey it's a movement now has been the pompoms going with celebrating baby alright, so this is this is really.

00:05:56.400 --> 00:06:12.120 Tommy DiMisa: Where all over the map physically today but also my mind, is all of them back because I got a lot of things on my on my mind i'm excited to have you on the show and thousand she's been stalking you I think she means that with affection and love not like you know, like you know criminal.

00:06:13.890 --> 00:06:14.310 Tommy DiMisa: Criminal.

00:06:18.960 --> 00:06:25.830 Tommy DiMisa: law school when you have a show, then you get to be a fan, and then you get to meet people, and then they become your friends i'm learning that and a lot of ways myself.

00:06:26.100 --> 00:06:32.040 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to Charlie and tanya dial always checking in always supporting the show Joe is for watching guys reach it.

00:06:32.610 --> 00:06:40.770 Tommy DiMisa: right on that they always tell us to wow that's so funny that you said, so I am in a cloud environment, so I will take a lot of the show today.

00:06:41.310 --> 00:06:47.430 Tommy DiMisa: Because again we're going to go into deep end we're going to get you're gonna get a little uncomfortable kids this whole show is about getting comfortable.

00:06:48.030 --> 00:06:50.250 Tommy DiMisa: But I will before before we do that.

00:06:50.730 --> 00:07:01.260 Tommy DiMisa: So I want to read to you what I have so joshua combined and I said it right, because I heard him say before, so we are a direct to consumer and wholesale business for your clothing accessories beds and toys.

00:07:01.650 --> 00:07:06.450 Tommy DiMisa: Were on Amazon COM just signed a big deal with bookies stores, which is down in Texas.

00:07:07.320 --> 00:07:13.530 Tommy DiMisa: American tech place will be in over 40 stores in the south that's incredible man, because this is something that's brand new right, I mean.

00:07:13.890 --> 00:07:17.880 Tommy DiMisa: we've only been doing this for a year and a half, and this is one of those, if I may say so.

00:07:18.390 --> 00:07:29.550 Tommy DiMisa: silver lining you know of what we're going through now going on three years now, as the world as a planet so joshua why don't you take it away and then i'm sure Valerie and I have a whole bunch of questions for you tell us your story man.

00:07:30.000 --> 00:07:38.400 joshua caban: Yes, sure, thank you for having me this is really cool i'm so excited to be on here um you know I.

00:07:39.930 --> 00:07:41.010 joshua caban: Like a lot of people.

00:07:42.060 --> 00:07:45.570 joshua caban: Were I had a situation where you know I.

00:07:46.590 --> 00:07:55.680 joshua caban: I was like go for my job during the pandemic, we lost budget I wasn't able to keep doing what I was doing so.

00:07:57.090 --> 00:08:01.650 joshua caban: At that time, my entire career has been based on retail and marketing.

00:08:02.820 --> 00:08:11.910 joshua caban: i've worked for the children's place the gap carter's in oshkosh little me and they were all baby brands and.

00:08:13.200 --> 00:08:14.040 joshua caban: I.

00:08:15.090 --> 00:08:25.560 joshua caban: With retail and marketing, as they were saying Oh, you know the pandemic hit, no one shopping, I really thought my career was over, so I needed to figure out how to reinvent myself.

00:08:26.820 --> 00:08:38.880 joshua caban: and use what are some of my core skills and kind of use that to build another another skill, which would be online digital marketing web development web retailing.

00:08:40.740 --> 00:08:48.120 joshua caban: I looked into a lot of different programs, you know and why you are now and I thought.

00:08:49.470 --> 00:08:56.760 joshua caban: My husband, he was like Why would you spend all this money on you know going to school again like.

00:08:57.210 --> 00:09:03.750 joshua caban: You, you have the experience, you have the contacts why don't you do something and just build the site let's see how it goes.

00:09:04.770 --> 00:09:17.430 joshua caban: And that was that was the start of the conversation in he had me thinking like okay well, let me just if it doesn't work out and I can't find any work then i'll just do consulting like most people do after we can't.

00:09:19.590 --> 00:09:20.130 joshua caban: But um.

00:09:20.550 --> 00:09:21.960 joshua caban: It really led to.

00:09:24.750 --> 00:09:27.390 joshua caban: Being able to develop a business that.

00:09:28.440 --> 00:09:30.240 joshua caban: I found fun.

00:09:31.650 --> 00:09:32.370 joshua caban: and rewarding.

00:09:33.420 --> 00:09:41.250 joshua caban: So during the pandemic, when we were all stuck at home, I had a friend my neighbor who foster kid kittens.

00:09:41.670 --> 00:09:47.460 joshua caban: And she would I would see her walking her dogs and we would talk for a while and she's like you know josh.

00:09:48.060 --> 00:09:57.840 joshua caban: We could really use some help or getting a lot of pets there's a lot of adoptions, people are looking for pets we just can't we can't attend to them as fast as we we should.

00:09:58.680 --> 00:10:14.790 joshua caban: So I went to oceanside this rough house rescue had a had a place where you can walk the dogs feed them wash them, so I would dedicate like four hours a week i'm anything it broke my heart.

00:10:16.080 --> 00:10:21.810 joshua caban: It is, I would actually lead crying I was more depressed about it than anything, because I know I.

00:10:21.810 --> 00:10:23.670 Valerie Heffron: want to bring them all, with you right.

00:10:23.730 --> 00:10:27.720 joshua caban: I know, but you know this, so this old man here.

00:10:28.890 --> 00:10:34.440 joshua caban: does not like to share his time so I wasn't gonna bring him any I wasn't gonna bring anyone our friends, but i'm.

00:10:35.520 --> 00:10:38.820 joshua caban: said I thought, why don't we do a business that.

00:10:39.990 --> 00:10:40.710 joshua caban: We can.

00:10:41.790 --> 00:11:01.440 joshua caban: Make build awareness to pets that need homes I kittens or dogs and we started doing strategizing looking I started looking into vendors that can supply me with product, and then I came up with the name American pet place.

00:11:03.450 --> 00:11:08.010 joshua caban: Thank you, thank you, it was it was a contest between my husband and I, and he won.

00:11:09.660 --> 00:11:16.140 joshua caban: Its trademark and you know the good thing is that in my career, I have a lot of.

00:11:17.340 --> 00:11:26.790 joshua caban: contacts and favors so I called a lot of them, and I know a lot of people that also they were affected by covert so.

00:11:28.470 --> 00:11:35.910 joshua caban: They were open to helping me develop the websites create the logos and do all that stuff.

00:11:36.420 --> 00:11:42.540 Valerie Heffron: Can I just interject real quick because I see damn vigorously shaking his head and I can almost guess what he's thinking, but.

00:11:43.320 --> 00:11:54.900 Valerie Heffron: We do talk a lot on the show also about the power of relationships and networking and you know it never ceases to amaze me this just happened to me yesterday.

00:11:55.650 --> 00:11:59.070 Valerie Heffron: Where I reached out to an old customer and friend.

00:11:59.580 --> 00:12:09.540 Valerie Heffron: And I just kind of was explained to him this concept of the compassionate words, and I said i'm just calling you to pick your brain, if you think of anyone who might be a good partner for us, you know, let me know.

00:12:09.900 --> 00:12:19.740 Valerie Heffron: Well yesterday he tells me that his law firm wants to sponsor our event, and I was like I did not see that coming at all, you know what I mean but.

00:12:20.370 --> 00:12:32.760 Valerie Heffron: to your point it's like when you call out to your natural network and people who know you and they know your heart, it leads to great things isn't it amazing I mean it's amazing it's an.

00:12:32.820 --> 00:12:46.440 joshua caban: eye it's amazing you know, some people call it a blessing, I do too, I feel that I surround myself with really I mean my family is one thing, but my contacts and my relationships are will help me.

00:12:47.820 --> 00:12:51.900 joshua caban: In this in this this road that we were now building.

00:12:53.910 --> 00:12:58.230 joshua caban: And if they cannot help me at least they can help me find someone that can.

00:12:58.500 --> 00:13:01.590 joshua caban: yeah now, which is, which is also important um.

00:13:02.880 --> 00:13:08.430 joshua caban: So yeah um we launched on September 15 of 2020 That was when we launched our.

00:13:08.430 --> 00:13:27.240 joshua caban: website wow we launched with about 100 different skews and spent a lot of time learning every day YouTube is like my favorite thing you know I taught me how to do digital marketing place my ads work with Google.

00:13:28.260 --> 00:13:29.850 joshua caban: launch on Facebook.

00:13:29.970 --> 00:13:32.430 Valerie Heffron: And you're self taught in this digital marketing.

00:13:32.460 --> 00:13:43.440 joshua caban: Space the lovely so fundamentally I get it, I get you know how to cook and bake and get them in but digitally it's it's unique.

00:13:43.740 --> 00:13:45.000 joshua caban: To brick and mortar.

00:13:45.630 --> 00:13:46.920 Valerie Heffron: um yeah.

00:13:47.100 --> 00:13:57.540 joshua caban: That was so that was my q3 into key, for it was easy it was a great started selling on Amazon, so we were actually.

00:13:59.070 --> 00:14:09.240 joshua caban: Once we registered our name and trademarked it they gave us a serial number, we were able to then work with Amazon to establish yourself ourselves as a brand so we did.

00:14:10.260 --> 00:14:15.060 joshua caban: Amazon has a fulfilled by Amazon we send them your product and they'll ship it out for you.

00:14:16.410 --> 00:14:16.740 joshua caban: All.

00:14:16.890 --> 00:14:32.910 joshua caban: Whatever wherever we sold from whether it's from Amazon on American police COM Facebook or instagram we started taking a percentage of that sale and bringing it over to roughhouse rescue.

00:14:34.650 --> 00:14:35.070 joshua caban: yeah.

00:14:35.550 --> 00:14:49.470 Valerie Heffron: So I know we have to go to break, but I just want to reiterate what you just said so step one was obviously the concept step two was the name and trademarking in i'm you trademarked it before you launched.

00:14:49.890 --> 00:14:54.510 Valerie Heffron: And then there was a few months of building a website, did you build a website yourself as well.

00:14:55.050 --> 00:14:55.860 joshua caban: A friend of mine.

00:14:56.250 --> 00:14:58.200 Valerie Heffron: A friend okay perfect, it was.

00:14:58.260 --> 00:15:01.350 joshua caban: dinner and wine and they did it for me I just had to apply the.

00:15:01.350 --> 00:15:04.140 joshua caban: Product, it was fantastic, which was good, because I learned.

00:15:04.500 --> 00:15:14.700 Valerie Heffron: Yes, and we have great friends, I so and I think we've all had some kind of a you know pro bono friend that you know just to lend their expertise.

00:15:15.090 --> 00:15:21.300 Valerie Heffron: But um that is amazing, and then, so I want to get into when we get come back from break if you don't mind.

00:15:21.690 --> 00:15:30.330 Valerie Heffron: Sure kind of like your products, I love your products i'm looking at them, I love the dog with the suit you know he looks like he's he's aware.

00:15:30.930 --> 00:15:43.680 Valerie Heffron: But um I mean, are you designing this are you are you drop shipping it, or are you picking out already designed stuff and then reselling it like this, is the stuff I just happen now, and I think.

00:15:43.740 --> 00:15:44.880 Other potential i'd.

00:15:46.260 --> 00:15:51.330 Tommy DiMisa: Like to when we come back come back right, one of the things that went on the show we do is we learn.

00:15:51.600 --> 00:16:00.450 Tommy DiMisa: We educate we advocate that's actually three things one is we learn from each other, and I want to just give a quick shout out to an old mentor of ours or zig zig zig says.

00:16:01.020 --> 00:16:14.130 Tommy DiMisa: You will get all you want in life, if you help enough people have enough other people get what they want big said that many, many years ago and joshua as you were speaking I was thinking a day, not that you know it's about relationships about the positive relationships.

00:16:14.370 --> 00:16:23.370 Tommy DiMisa: And then gives us that opportunity to take a look for all when we need one, so we are talking about taking things we're gonna take a quick break your professional anatomy 11 show will be right back.

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00:18:37.980 --> 00:18:46.320 Tommy DiMisa: And we are back this is powerful professionals, an animal lover show and i'm coming out you on location Valerie showing pictures on the phone we use an old school technology we're.

00:18:46.320 --> 00:18:54.330 Tommy DiMisa: Not sharing screens you're just showing showing photos now you got any you got like regular print out photos to maybe look at the negatives.

00:18:56.880 --> 00:18:57.750 Tommy DiMisa: hi mom.

00:18:58.020 --> 00:18:58.710 Valerie Heffron: These these.

00:18:59.460 --> 00:19:01.470 Tommy DiMisa: Is that from their company.

00:19:03.030 --> 00:19:06.630 Tommy DiMisa: To company I got I got these obligatory Hello is we got it we got to do.

00:19:07.290 --> 00:19:17.520 Tommy DiMisa: Some guy called Barry have fun is letting us know i'm watching the show with my buddy Michael Wagner, so the guy got to get his name on the show he's always looking for these plugs this guy Barry what's up Doc to be well.

00:19:18.240 --> 00:19:36.870 Tommy DiMisa: gotta send Michael cabbie come on it, saying love toby hi josh we're so proud of you and the APP and he shares the APP American tech plays COM, you can tell us who, that is, and also he jumps in and says in boonchu which means I am because we are, I am because we are so about Michael.

00:19:38.910 --> 00:19:41.550 Tommy DiMisa: joshua joshua who is this Michael gentlemen it's checking in.

00:19:41.970 --> 00:19:46.080 joshua caban: He is my nephew my heart, I love him so much.

00:19:46.530 --> 00:19:47.910 Tommy DiMisa: Oh yay.

00:19:48.600 --> 00:19:50.280 Tommy DiMisa: So, Michael thanks for checking in.

00:19:50.790 --> 00:20:06.060 joshua caban: So my nephew actually i'm i'm in my 40s and I won't say how he is but he's actually not in his 40s but not in his 30s so he's a little bit in between i'm i'm the youngest of seven so his dad is 18 years older than I am.

00:20:06.540 --> 00:20:11.880 joshua caban: wow and they were they kind of they're like my brothers yeah always together.

00:20:12.810 --> 00:20:13.710 Valerie Heffron: that's great.

00:20:13.830 --> 00:20:14.130 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:20:14.610 --> 00:20:17.670 Valerie Heffron: I love that i'm an only child i'm i'm so like.

00:20:18.030 --> 00:20:19.710 joshua caban: Oh God we're like a village here.

00:20:19.950 --> 00:20:20.880 Valerie Heffron: yeah I love that.

00:20:22.950 --> 00:20:31.260 Valerie Heffron: um so you know, I also want to ask you, I have so many questions so just you can just answer as you see fit, but.

00:20:31.770 --> 00:20:49.350 Valerie Heffron: I know you are also minority owned business, and I would love for you to mention how you go about doing that because sometimes people don't even think about doing that and why they should do that and also getting back to the actual apparel in a courtroom on so I like to say.

00:20:49.650 --> 00:21:02.370 Valerie Heffron: For the pets I love your taste and I would love to know like I have you designed this stuff are you prototyping or are you choosing and then reselling like, how do you do it what's the secret sauce.

00:21:02.580 --> 00:21:16.500 joshua caban: yeah so thank you, I I love the assortment myself I shopped it out as if I was looking for product for toby I the minute I got toby he was wearing cool sweaters and.

00:21:17.430 --> 00:21:21.060 joshua caban: Although he will look at me like Why are you doing this to me Daddy but.

00:21:22.530 --> 00:21:26.100 joshua caban: You know, there were there were perfect instagram moments right yeah.

00:21:27.210 --> 00:21:34.830 joshua caban: So that's how it started um I have a lot of friends like I said in in in the apparel industry.

00:21:34.890 --> 00:21:45.030 joshua caban: and work with different factories I reached out to a friend of mine from my most recent place of employment and they forward me some contacts and I started just talking to them.

00:21:46.050 --> 00:21:49.410 joshua caban: Via whatsapp in in China in Bangladesh.

00:21:50.790 --> 00:22:01.980 joshua caban: And they were they were not able to help me then they would find me other places that could and the truth is, though, when you're working with a new business.

00:22:03.120 --> 00:22:07.440 joshua caban: there's really no way to forecast how what what the trends are going to be.

00:22:08.400 --> 00:22:08.940 joshua caban: So.

00:22:09.060 --> 00:22:19.920 joshua caban: What I wanted to do is create a really diverse assortment of bedding and accessories and apparel whether it's T shirts hoodies sweaters.

00:22:21.540 --> 00:22:28.620 joshua caban: And just see what is building traffic and in what what is my customer who's my customer.

00:22:29.940 --> 00:22:41.760 joshua caban: So I wanted to get in order to do that I didn't want to buy deep into an assortment so I tested everything out and because of that I can't make 20 T shirts.

00:22:42.060 --> 00:22:47.040 joshua caban: Because they won't stop a factory that makes 3000 units a day to make just 20 T shirts for me.

00:22:47.130 --> 00:22:49.980 joshua caban: So I had to buy things that were available.

00:22:50.820 --> 00:22:58.470 joshua caban: What they call available to sell so a lot of these factories, who make for other pet companies.

00:22:58.620 --> 00:23:15.780 joshua caban: yeah like the shoe ease or the pet pcos they had pre made styles and bodies, and I would just go and buy off of their line or if they're assortment whatever is available and add our logos and our hang tag and packaging.

00:23:16.500 --> 00:23:20.640 joshua caban: And it's not unique to American pet place at first.

00:23:22.260 --> 00:23:27.750 joshua caban: The so when we sell it as when we talk as a brand the brand is.

00:23:28.770 --> 00:23:44.040 joshua caban: A minority owned business that wants to benefit and we raise awareness, for other animals that need a loving home so by building that business that is our brand right now, now that we know what does well.

00:23:45.120 --> 00:23:49.170 joshua caban: The sweaters the hoodies we cannot keep a hoodie in stock.

00:23:49.440 --> 00:23:54.120 Valerie Heffron: It Tommy is the biggest fan of hoodies I can I feel him chomping at the bit.

00:23:54.420 --> 00:23:54.900 Valerie Heffron: For us.

00:23:54.930 --> 00:24:02.400 Valerie Heffron: Always wanting a muddy he's telling me because he wants to have emerged table at our events he's like we need to merge table we need purple hoodies.

00:24:03.240 --> 00:24:05.580 Valerie Heffron: hoodies all about the hoodie.

00:24:06.240 --> 00:24:08.340 Valerie Heffron: that's so cute I get it, I get it.

00:24:08.400 --> 00:24:12.750 Valerie Heffron: that's universally everyone wears hoodies right.

00:24:13.290 --> 00:24:15.690 joshua caban: So yeah no absolutely and.

00:24:17.280 --> 00:24:29.250 joshua caban: There are other trends that are coming up now like that that I didn't have on my website at the time of development trends of the mommy and me or the so it's a pet.

00:24:31.140 --> 00:24:44.310 joshua caban: could be a pet woven with a Bohemian prints on it and the Daddy has the same exact shirt so that's that those are the things that we're developing for 2023 so it's we're going to have a line of.

00:24:45.570 --> 00:24:50.730 joshua caban: pet mom hoodies and T shirts with the matching collars.

00:24:52.290 --> 00:24:54.480 joshua caban: bandanas and T shirts for the pet.

00:24:54.810 --> 00:24:57.930 Valerie Heffron: i'm so down with that matching pajamas.

00:24:58.020 --> 00:25:11.340 joshua caban: Matching pajamas we're also going to do a kid line a kid you know, since the factory work with our baby factories, they do that as well, I thought it'd be great to find a really great print where we can.

00:25:12.720 --> 00:25:19.500 joshua caban: Have a child or tween wearing the same type of outfit or pajama as a pet as a dog or a cat.

00:25:20.640 --> 00:25:21.120 joshua caban: By the way.

00:25:22.560 --> 00:25:28.470 joshua caban: cats, I had no idea that people would buy pajamas or anything for a cat right.

00:25:28.500 --> 00:25:30.600 Valerie Heffron: I always thought has pajamas.

00:25:30.750 --> 00:25:31.500 joshua caban: They are.

00:25:32.790 --> 00:25:41.640 joshua caban: They are, I mean it's brilliant because I asked one of my customers i'm like, why are you buying pajamas for your pet for.

00:25:41.640 --> 00:25:46.680 joshua caban: Your this is when he sheds he sheds in the pajamas I take it off wash it done.

00:25:48.990 --> 00:25:59.010 Valerie Heffron: Oh, I think my husband, I think he just made a sale, with my husband because we're constantly we have one cat in particular that sheds a time her name is puffy.

00:26:00.660 --> 00:26:09.990 Valerie Heffron: You know self manifesting there but her hair just gets everywhere, like will put a comforter over like the love seat, or whatever right and that's like her place.

00:26:10.260 --> 00:26:20.220 Valerie Heffron: And when you wash the comforter and you pull the dryer vent out it's like whoa that is loaded loaded that's such a smart idea I don't know if she'll want it, but.

00:26:20.820 --> 00:26:21.240 I.

00:26:22.860 --> 00:26:23.880 joshua caban: know she might like it.

00:26:24.270 --> 00:26:30.660 Valerie Heffron: And I also love you know you have, so this is the month of pride July is pride month.

00:26:30.870 --> 00:26:47.220 Valerie Heffron: don't have a whole line I know my friends fall in time I hope they're watching in Pennsylvania hi guys um they have a dog and the I heart my daddy's line up it's so it's brilliant it's.

00:26:47.790 --> 00:26:50.670 Valerie Heffron: Like a brilliant line and, of course, you have I love.

00:26:50.820 --> 00:26:59.700 Valerie Heffron: My mommy's I think sure yeah, but you have the pride sleeping hot, what do you call the one with like the tent over it.

00:26:59.850 --> 00:27:00.960 joshua caban: it's a teepee bed.

00:27:01.470 --> 00:27:08.040 Valerie Heffron: CP bed the Rainbow tp bread bed oh my God it's so stinking cute I want to sleep in it looks so.

00:27:08.040 --> 00:27:08.490 comfortable.

00:27:09.870 --> 00:27:14.490 joshua caban: they're great and that that was so that's The other thing is knowing how.

00:27:15.000 --> 00:27:32.700 joshua caban: You know, families want to be able to provide like thinking about the beds, they want to be able to provide a safe place for dogs i'm usually it's in the you know the CRATE train them, but their pets as they become seniors they don't want to be great they don't want to be in our CRATE.

00:27:33.030 --> 00:27:33.360 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:27:33.450 --> 00:27:39.600 joshua caban: Oh, they they have these Dome beds that are amazing that's where they find their safe place.

00:27:39.660 --> 00:27:40.050 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:27:40.110 --> 00:27:43.530 joshua caban: it's almost like a little shelter they go in and cats love it too so.

00:27:43.800 --> 00:27:47.520 joshua caban: It was one of my biggest sellers the Rainbow don't pet bed.

00:27:47.700 --> 00:27:48.840 Valerie Heffron: Ah, I had.

00:27:49.470 --> 00:27:50.760 joshua caban: tried yeah I.

00:27:51.300 --> 00:28:05.040 joshua caban: Know we're we're um you know we are minority owned LGBT Q plus my husband and I have been together for 27 years married for seven.

00:28:05.370 --> 00:28:05.970 Valerie Heffron: This yeah.

00:28:06.420 --> 00:28:14.130 Valerie Heffron: Oh that's like us, my husband, I have been together for like oh boy Barry what he's 16 years and married for two.

00:28:14.190 --> 00:28:16.170 Tommy DiMisa: wow he did he's watching on Facebook.

00:28:16.170 --> 00:28:18.690 Tommy DiMisa: Keep watching you better get this right.

00:28:20.370 --> 00:28:21.420 Valerie Heffron: Mary Mary.

00:28:22.710 --> 00:28:24.180 Valerie Heffron: i'm rounding rounding.

00:28:25.800 --> 00:28:27.600 joshua caban: yeah no I hear you I get in trouble too.

00:28:29.910 --> 00:28:37.230 joshua caban: But it's um it is it's a great thing because we're part of a Community that is.

00:28:38.670 --> 00:28:40.710 joshua caban: We help each other, we look out for each other.

00:28:41.850 --> 00:28:57.150 joshua caban: And, by providing an assortment on the website with the with the pride pride flag on, it is amazing, and again that's that's like our biggest sellers, you know we don't even do a lot of online marketing with that it's just organic search.

00:28:57.450 --> 00:28:58.560 Valerie Heffron: yeah yeah.

00:28:59.940 --> 00:29:12.600 joshua caban: So you had asked me a question um it was regarding before the break you know is do I do drop ship do I design a lot of the product, so we actually.

00:29:12.930 --> 00:29:22.830 joshua caban: are working so it's kind of like a shuffle it's a mix of a lot of different things you know we bought a lot of things that were available to sell that we repackage as American pet plates.

00:29:23.310 --> 00:29:37.380 joshua caban: um I was able to work with a couple of local people that have etsy businesses on bandanas that I had placed an order with them to just help local businesses.

00:29:37.530 --> 00:29:38.310 Valerie Heffron: I love that.

00:29:38.610 --> 00:29:41.640 joshua caban: Which so we have that on our website as a.

00:29:42.900 --> 00:29:55.260 joshua caban: You know, basically personalized Jerome and danna or T shirts and I outsource that with a couple of people on etsy so we can kind of work together, and I could help other small businesses um.

00:29:55.440 --> 00:29:56.670 joshua caban: And then the other thing is.

00:29:56.700 --> 00:30:11.760 joshua caban: We do deal with a company that's based out of iowa that does drop shipping, which is excellent because so from a small business perspective, you have to think about all of the money that you have to put out to buy your inventory yeah and it's risky.

00:30:12.360 --> 00:30:12.870 joshua caban: You know, there was.

00:30:12.900 --> 00:30:18.060 joshua caban: A lot of things, there are things that didn't do well for me that I thought would do excellent right.

00:30:18.330 --> 00:30:28.560 joshua caban: And then there are things that I didn't buy enough of that blew out right so Those are the things that i'm saying that that's how we learned and that's what we'll start making unique for American pet place.

00:30:29.460 --> 00:30:35.460 joshua caban: But you you kind of exhausted all of your capital, so we started to do is research drop ship.

00:30:36.900 --> 00:30:40.170 joshua caban: And there's one company that does a lot of made in America.

00:30:41.490 --> 00:30:54.420 joshua caban: accessories I wanted to buy from them and warehousing myself, so I could just distribute from either an fba program or out of my were hot at my warehouse is basically my garage.

00:30:54.600 --> 00:30:55.290 Valerie Heffron: I knew it.

00:30:56.310 --> 00:31:00.000 joshua caban: Well, business so that's the truth i'm going to be on it, but it's it's.

00:31:00.720 --> 00:31:02.610 joshua caban: It looks like a mini Amazon place.

00:31:02.670 --> 00:31:04.500 Valerie Heffron: it's just how a lot of.

00:31:04.560 --> 00:31:06.150 Tommy DiMisa: Let me, let me throw up yeah.

00:31:07.200 --> 00:31:11.430 Tommy DiMisa: And jocelyn let me interrupt let's take a quick break because I got a bunch of questions or retail.

00:31:11.760 --> 00:31:22.380 Tommy DiMisa: When we come back, I want you to tell everybody who might not know what that acronym fba actually stands for, because I think it's a great opportunity for small businesses to leverage Amazon, and I have a question we come back about retail.

00:31:22.680 --> 00:31:28.080 Tommy DiMisa: No i'm not going to tell you what it is yet, because then you get things I want to hit it right on the spot, with this question about retail when we come back.

00:31:28.470 --> 00:31:33.300 Tommy DiMisa: So we're gonna take a quick break this in house, I had to get in and interrupt balawi be ending the show and.

00:31:35.550 --> 00:31:37.320 Tommy DiMisa: let's take a quick break take a break.

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00:33:42.030 --> 00:33:51.900 Tommy DiMisa: And we're back now I gotta I gotta tell you, so I wasn't sure if that was gonna be one of our commercials so I was waiting, I thought that was gonna be the commercial we do with it, without the real.

00:33:52.710 --> 00:33:58.230 Tommy DiMisa: Well, now we're coming back we're coming back and break for me to get it together, so this is our discussions with animal lover show.

00:33:59.370 --> 00:34:11.430 Tommy DiMisa: joshua cabanas here and I have a question about the retail thing i'm going to ask you in a second but tell us about fba because, as much as you know about it because of how like small business owners, this is certainly not a.

00:34:12.270 --> 00:34:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: an advertisement for Amazon unless Mr bass oh so you would like to advertise on the show, and then I can just give you my cell phone number didn't call me but tell us a little bit about how how that works and how you blend.

00:34:23.850 --> 00:34:38.040 joshua caban: yeah so just thinking about Amazon, in general, you know when you're when you're spending money on marketing on Google or any type of seo it can be very expensive so working with.

00:34:39.180 --> 00:34:40.920 joshua caban: marketplaces that have.

00:34:42.630 --> 00:34:54.750 joshua caban: Better hits so what I started doing is just simply punching in some of the keywords from my descriptions on my website and a lot of the product would pop up through Amazon.

00:34:55.650 --> 00:35:09.090 joshua caban: What if I punched in a dog T shirt Amazon, was the first hit than eBay so i'm thinking that is my way to go, if I wanted to use Amazon as a vehicle to drive sales.

00:35:09.690 --> 00:35:25.650 joshua caban: In put coupons in my boxes, to have them redirected into the website, which is i'm going to be honest, it was a hard, it was hard at first, but now there's at least a 5% return on any box that we ship out that they come back to our website with the coupon i'm.

00:35:26.700 --> 00:35:32.580 joshua caban: That was the first idea for me it's okay now now that we're brand, we have to launch on Amazon, and we did.

00:35:33.930 --> 00:35:43.200 joshua caban: Shortly after that I was seeing that a lot of my margins were not as great as they should be just because to do business on Amazon, even though.

00:35:44.130 --> 00:35:53.850 joshua caban: They have better seo you still have to spend money on marketing it's not as much as spending money on Google um, but it is money right so.

00:35:54.450 --> 00:36:05.910 joshua caban: What I thought, is what I thought After talking to a specialist on Amazon they kept on saying you know you're you're providing free shipping for prime customers, or even for non prime customers.

00:36:07.110 --> 00:36:13.950 joshua caban: So why don't we why don't Have you considered an fba program which stands for for felt for film.

00:36:16.440 --> 00:36:18.540 joshua caban: Film it fulfillment by Amazon.

00:36:18.960 --> 00:36:26.550 Valerie Heffron: Okay, see I didn't know that that's I was about to ask you what that is because I, I did not know that but I love this keep going.

00:36:26.730 --> 00:36:41.040 joshua caban: yeah so you basically give up a portion of your of your percentage of your sale so face on Amazon can warehouse pick and Pack and ship out to a customer.

00:36:41.940 --> 00:36:54.210 joshua caban: You can do anything from 100 units per style which could be a mix of small, medium large extra large or extra extra large and they were how's it for you four feet, which comes out every time you make a sale.

00:36:55.980 --> 00:37:02.190 joshua caban: um the downside to that is they're not putting in any American pet place marketing pieces.

00:37:02.220 --> 00:37:13.740 joshua caban: No, no, no bounce back coupons nothing like that that if I fulfill it myself from my warehouse which is my garage I put in all those stuffers into the boxes.

00:37:14.160 --> 00:37:16.440 joshua caban: The other the other downside to.

00:37:16.500 --> 00:37:28.290 joshua caban: fba is that when I ship a box my box says American pet plates I have American pet police tape so it's all very branded and people see where it's coming from.

00:37:28.890 --> 00:37:41.160 joshua caban: And I also believe it or not, when you walk around and you see a chili's box out on the curb like oh chilis right yeah looking walking their dog they see American pet place on the curb i'll get more people that way.

00:37:41.580 --> 00:37:46.110 Valerie Heffron: So I like I agree yeah well it's good that you're doing both, though.

00:37:46.290 --> 00:37:52.080 joshua caban: yeah no absolutely i'm going to be honest, though with the fulfillment by Amazon it's wonderful.

00:37:53.130 --> 00:38:09.600 joshua caban: I can have 1000 pieces made in China and ship it directly to one of their warehouses, and they will sort it into its beds pick and pack it when it's when it's and they also helped me out with a lot of the marketing and they'll suggest how I can mark it.

00:38:09.810 --> 00:38:11.280 joshua caban: hmm um.

00:38:11.790 --> 00:38:28.680 Valerie Heffron: Which is very exciting, for me, because i've had some ideas like I mentioned before the show, and you know i've kind of pitched it to my own husband, but our garage is not willing to become our warehouse.

00:38:30.780 --> 00:38:32.760 Valerie Heffron: The garage is basically his I have.

00:38:33.540 --> 00:38:39.000 Valerie Heffron: A couple of things in there i'm not even sure what they are, but for the most part that's that's like his face.

00:38:39.150 --> 00:38:40.020 Valerie Heffron: But they okay.

00:38:40.170 --> 00:38:48.600 Valerie Heffron: But i'm learning so and i'm sure, a lot of other people are learning as well, and if you don't mind, because I do really believe it's so important.

00:38:49.500 --> 00:39:00.570 Valerie Heffron: i've had like the Small Business Association come in, in the past and do some talks first and groups of people and they one of the things they spoke to was you know people becoming.

00:39:01.740 --> 00:39:06.450 Valerie Heffron: Whether it's a wi fi or an m P or.

00:39:07.530 --> 00:39:20.580 Valerie Heffron: i'm forgetting I know a few designations, but if you could just speak to that process really quickly and why it's beneficial for you to be a minority business and MB you're you are correct.

00:39:20.880 --> 00:39:23.070 joshua caban: Yes, um so.

00:39:26.100 --> 00:39:27.000 joshua caban: my brother Joe.

00:39:28.050 --> 00:39:36.810 joshua caban: He is in the logistics and warehousing business he's helped me out a lot with the transportation with product coming in from China, he is certified minority own.

00:39:38.250 --> 00:39:42.210 joshua caban: Being Latino um I never really think about it.

00:39:42.630 --> 00:39:42.960 Valerie Heffron: As a.

00:39:43.200 --> 00:39:50.040 joshua caban: As something that I would want to exploit or make a benefit make it benefit me, but it makes sense when.

00:39:51.210 --> 00:39:55.650 joshua caban: For example, working with the whole bookies opportunity which we haven't talked about.

00:39:56.790 --> 00:39:57.180 Valerie Heffron: Yet.

00:39:57.450 --> 00:40:02.280 joshua caban: that the fact that we're certified minority owned is.

00:40:03.420 --> 00:40:07.110 joshua caban: What they look for they're looking to help out small businesses.

00:40:07.380 --> 00:40:18.660 joshua caban: That are trying to do something great and and even more so the story of helping homeless homeless dogs and cats find a home or some love and some care they love that even more.

00:40:19.710 --> 00:40:30.840 joshua caban: So that just add it to the story um, the truth is that we are certified as a as today's July six.

00:40:31.830 --> 00:40:44.130 joshua caban: It was like January the middle of January, because it is it takes some time, you have to fill out your paperwork, you can get a lot of information from your local Small Business Administration office or

00:40:44.550 --> 00:40:51.060 joshua caban: The highly recommend that because they help out so much, and they have so much information.

00:40:51.270 --> 00:40:52.860 joshua caban: yeah anything from.

00:40:54.240 --> 00:41:02.220 joshua caban: finances to workshops and their offices, when we first launched for an open so everything was online.

00:41:02.610 --> 00:41:03.300 Valerie Heffron: But it's great.

00:41:03.930 --> 00:41:04.500 joshua caban: Because a lot of.

00:41:04.650 --> 00:41:15.990 Valerie Heffron: What I wanted, I want to go back to what you just said before, because I understand what you're saying and it's funny I think of a friend of mine who is just she's beautiful on the inside and out and she's she's a real looker you know.

00:41:16.470 --> 00:41:28.080 Valerie Heffron: And she said to me once she said i'm not against using all of your assets to get business, but what what I love What you said is that you know.

00:41:28.890 --> 00:41:45.000 Valerie Heffron: it's about your why right, so I agree with you, I just become this like fearless you know i'm cold calling businesses that are like you know related to what we're trying to accomplish for the compassionate words and.

00:41:45.570 --> 00:41:56.190 Valerie Heffron: I was never really that person like co call was Lou, no, no, a you know, but now i'm like hey we have this incredible thing going on and i'm I became like.

00:41:56.670 --> 00:42:05.160 Valerie Heffron: I grew a spine, because I believe in our mission, so much so that's the key right it's like you're why.

00:42:05.370 --> 00:42:12.690 Valerie Heffron: we're very similar you want to make the world a better place for animals, we want to find you want to get animals adopted in off the streets and out of the kennels.

00:42:13.170 --> 00:42:14.850 Valerie Heffron: And because of that.

00:42:15.300 --> 00:42:31.080 Valerie Heffron: If you can swing the door open by having this fine art certified minority business owner to a huge you know ginormous company like bikinis and others who are looking for people like you, what are they looking for they're looking for compassion.

00:42:31.320 --> 00:42:43.710 Valerie Heffron: And they're looking to support kind of like you know, maybe an underserved Community that's fantastic all around so when your y drives you I it becomes easier right.

00:42:44.070 --> 00:42:57.150 joshua caban: yeah absolutely I agree and i'm when you're Why is your story, you know that is, that is where you know it is always a good story to tell.

00:42:59.550 --> 00:43:06.690 joshua caban: I like when you when we were talking before, when I said Oh, you know I really didn't think about being a certified minority owned I.

00:43:09.810 --> 00:43:19.200 joshua caban: I feel that there are businesses out there that could use that extra oomph and I really I didn't know like I didn't feel like oh I don't want to take away from others, you know what i'm saying like.

00:43:19.440 --> 00:43:19.830 Valerie Heffron: I do.

00:43:20.040 --> 00:43:21.270 Valerie Heffron: I do, I totally.

00:43:21.300 --> 00:43:38.910 Valerie Heffron: But see that's the compassion in you, but the truth is it doesn't have to be a binary option right it's not like if i'm successful and I get this deal I stepped on someone else who's worth it more or deserves it more I, I do believe there's plenty out there for everyone.

00:43:39.300 --> 00:43:47.820 Valerie Heffron: And I think it's just smart to capitalize that most business people would say you want to capitalize on all opportunities that you can.

00:43:47.970 --> 00:43:56.400 Valerie Heffron: yeah, so I am a fan I wish more people would educate themselves on these certifications.

00:43:56.670 --> 00:43:58.590 Valerie Heffron: because it will help you grow.

00:43:58.890 --> 00:44:03.810 Valerie Heffron: Absolutely Tommy are you might already we got to get a designation, here we gotta get something.

00:44:03.900 --> 00:44:04.320 Tommy DiMisa: Am I.

00:44:04.680 --> 00:44:05.880 Tommy DiMisa: Am I am a minor.

00:44:08.580 --> 00:44:11.070 Tommy DiMisa: No, I think I think everything about me is not a month.

00:44:13.500 --> 00:44:14.640 Tommy DiMisa: I don't think I could hear.

00:44:15.990 --> 00:44:16.980 Tommy DiMisa: The categories, in fact.

00:44:18.420 --> 00:44:20.940 Tommy DiMisa: I don't get I don't get the US minority.

00:44:22.920 --> 00:44:29.640 Tommy DiMisa: But I think people should should leverage that status for sure, let me um let me my quick questions and i'm going to share Simon cynics.

00:44:29.880 --> 00:44:35.940 Tommy DiMisa: start with why i'll share that video if anybody hasn't seen it i'll share it on Facebook is definitely where we're going with this whole why conversation.

00:44:36.690 --> 00:44:45.180 Tommy DiMisa: But I will say, I want to hear about bulky when we come back, but here's my question for you, Mr bond, I want to understand, with a background in retail.

00:44:45.720 --> 00:44:55.920 Tommy DiMisa: When are we going to see a pop up store somewhere on long island, maybe in some boozy Community maybe on the answer something like that or in in Hatton somewhere like a pop up it doesn't have to be is that in your mind, yes or no.

00:44:56.580 --> 00:45:00.090 joshua caban: Absolutely, so you know, I think that.

00:45:01.230 --> 00:45:11.970 joshua caban: brick and mortar is important for, especially for small businesses, I think that after the pandemic we've seen an uptick in people frequenting small businesses.

00:45:12.180 --> 00:45:14.820 joshua caban: You can see that with small little fashion boutiques where.

00:45:14.820 --> 00:45:21.270 joshua caban: I am where they're not going to the gap, so there forever 20 ones they're going to the smaller businesses to help them out.

00:45:22.350 --> 00:45:29.190 joshua caban: And, which is fantastic because, at one point we kind of stopped seeing these pretty little boutiques popping up.

00:45:29.460 --> 00:45:36.390 joshua caban: yeah but now they're definitely on the uptick it is for me important to have an online presence.

00:45:36.690 --> 00:45:39.720 joshua caban: But the brick and mortar will also be used or.

00:45:39.810 --> 00:45:58.950 joshua caban: or pop up will also be used as kind of like a studio where we can have people come in and engage them with maybe a lesson on how to cut your dogs now I mean or like have like almost like a slippin slippin paint but it'll be.

00:45:59.940 --> 00:46:03.120 joshua caban: You know something for that's really that's an environment like.

00:46:03.120 --> 00:46:04.500 joshua caban: That also shot.

00:46:05.190 --> 00:46:08.100 Valerie Heffron: Oh, what a modeling competition like who works.

00:46:08.100 --> 00:46:09.630 joshua caban: Best but.

00:46:10.650 --> 00:46:12.030 joshua caban: But the other thing is that I would love.

00:46:12.030 --> 00:46:13.140 joshua caban: to sponsor.

00:46:14.190 --> 00:46:23.730 joshua caban: shelters and refuges refuge where they can bring some of the animals there and have it be an adoption event that is like my ultimate goal.

00:46:24.480 --> 00:46:28.410 Valerie Heffron: I love you, I just want to let you know I love you.

00:46:28.740 --> 00:46:29.790 Valerie Heffron: Thank you, I really do.

00:46:30.570 --> 00:46:31.410 joshua caban: appreciate that.

00:46:31.650 --> 00:46:32.280 Valerie Heffron: In like a.

00:46:33.300 --> 00:46:34.290 Valerie Heffron: Non romantic way.

00:46:35.070 --> 00:46:36.240 Valerie Heffron: I love your heart.

00:46:36.300 --> 00:46:38.880 Tommy DiMisa: You can just you can just want people it doesn't you don't have.

00:46:40.200 --> 00:46:41.490 Tommy DiMisa: To we.

00:46:42.900 --> 00:46:47.460 Tommy DiMisa: have to take a break, because dylan does love us right now, because we're holding up the break so.

00:46:49.140 --> 00:46:56.550 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to Michael cabbie he said yeah American pencils best American has police pop up like a lot of peace.

00:46:56.910 --> 00:46:58.140 Tommy DiMisa: Or the template father.

00:46:58.410 --> 00:47:01.920 Tommy DiMisa: I want you to shout out, we are so overdue on the break what a great.

00:47:02.340 --> 00:47:15.030 Tommy DiMisa: shout out shout out the instagram shadows and C sharp a website joshua then we go right to break till after that thanks I gimme gimme gimme to instagram Twitter Facebook and give me the website.

00:47:15.840 --> 00:47:17.610 joshua caban: Do you want me to type it out or yeah.

00:47:17.640 --> 00:47:20.010 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah no just no power it out, let them hear it.

00:47:20.760 --> 00:47:38.610 joshua caban: Oh it's um well it's American pet place on Facebook American pet please sorry it's forward slash American American pet place it's also forward slash American pet place and the website is American pet

00:47:39.900 --> 00:47:44.730 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, will make you do that again at the break with, thank you for doing it we're going to take a break we'll be right back alright.

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00:49:44.100 --> 00:49:44.550 Tommy DiMisa: we're back.

00:49:46.530 --> 00:49:56.700 Valerie Heffron: Okay, well, I just want to say, we have the best music but anyway um yeah let's talk about puppies because for anyone who doesn't know what buggies is or where they are.

00:49:57.450 --> 00:50:06.870 Valerie Heffron: I mean they're like this huge gas station slash retail chain that sells food, and you can go in there, if you need a housewarming President there's like all this.

00:50:07.800 --> 00:50:08.490 Valerie Heffron: yeah I mean.

00:50:08.670 --> 00:50:13.230 Valerie Heffron: they're known for like their candy nuts and they're like sandwiches.

00:50:14.790 --> 00:50:16.950 joshua caban: Oh there's their brisket sandwich.

00:50:17.070 --> 00:50:33.900 Valerie Heffron: Oh, that to write them a whole brisket counter I mean like they're unbelievable but I, you know their gas prices are also usually cheaper than everyone else, and I don't know how many locations, they have but they're like everywhere in the south, and so, how did you get in there.

00:50:35.100 --> 00:50:40.170 joshua caban: So, earlier we were talking about our friends and colleagues and our network.

00:50:40.530 --> 00:50:41.970 joshua caban: um when we.

00:50:42.060 --> 00:50:51.150 joshua caban: When we officially trademark or started to trade marketing process for American pet place I watch the American pet police page on linkedin.

00:50:51.930 --> 00:51:15.150 joshua caban: Is all of my colleagues and friends and links to follow us if they could friend of mine that had moved from New York to California, he was head of sales for a lot of major brands that we know and his relationships with different retailers is pretty large um.

00:51:16.410 --> 00:51:20.340 joshua caban: He messaged me he was like um what's going on.

00:51:21.480 --> 00:51:30.660 joshua caban: Well, this is what's happening was like we have to talk, I have a friend in Texas that was just approached by bikinis.

00:51:31.230 --> 00:51:42.360 joshua caban: And they're looking for a company that can do pet clothing because they're now looking to expand that category right during the pandemic, we saw that a lot of.

00:51:43.110 --> 00:52:02.340 joshua caban: Schools were not open a lot of people working from home, the only things that were selling was baby clothing sweat pants sandals and pet care so they said Well, now is the time to think about pets and that.

00:52:03.420 --> 00:52:06.060 joshua caban: That that conversation started.

00:52:07.140 --> 00:52:14.460 joshua caban: November, so we launched in September 15 of 2020 that November was the conversation with my friend Anthony.

00:52:15.600 --> 00:52:22.080 joshua caban: Anthony then it took a couple of months that January of 2021 we started talking to bikinis.

00:52:22.770 --> 00:52:33.990 joshua caban: and talking to their designers and i'm talking to the buyer all through a sales REP that is out of the Dallas smart, who has a relationship with bookies already.

00:52:34.320 --> 00:52:43.980 joshua caban: wow it took a while in different proposals and different packages of what we can do what we offer how we can make things for them specifically.

00:52:45.240 --> 00:52:51.090 Valerie Heffron: What really comes into play here to is your expertise, though in the retail because I would have like.

00:52:51.390 --> 00:53:02.610 Valerie Heffron: no idea how to price that stuff you know what I mean, even if I knew what it cost I wouldn't know how do you present a proposal to such an institution like bucky so that's that's a big edge that you had.

00:53:03.060 --> 00:53:20.640 joshua caban: Thank you yeah you know I mean it's definitely a skill that I learned throughout my career i'm presenting to you know when I was with carter's in oshkosh we present it to all the major big box retailers, so, as always, a deck on on who you are what's your story in what you can offer.

00:53:21.960 --> 00:53:32.550 joshua caban: and also to your point the pricing opportunity like, how do you how do you promise a certain margin to retailers to make you seem like you can be a good fit yeah.

00:53:33.030 --> 00:53:34.980 Valerie Heffron: So I attended a good fit.

00:53:35.220 --> 00:53:35.760 yeah.

00:53:37.560 --> 00:53:44.760 joshua caban: So I based it off of my top sellers on American please calm, so that was my first proposal.

00:53:45.240 --> 00:53:45.660 joshua caban: So that's.

00:53:45.750 --> 00:53:51.360 joshua caban: January of 2021 fast forward Jenny on November.

00:53:52.860 --> 00:53:58.380 joshua caban: yeah November 2021 you get the call that.

00:53:59.790 --> 00:54:06.180 joshua caban: They accepted our offer our bid and they want us what they want to make us their pet vendor.

00:54:08.430 --> 00:54:08.820 joshua caban: which was.

00:54:09.150 --> 00:54:23.010 joshua caban: Absolutely, I mean I I nailed it on the floor and i'm thinking you know this is this is so meant to be you know it's definitely something that I would have evolved into based off of my experience and my background.

00:54:23.430 --> 00:54:23.910 joshua caban: But I was.

00:54:23.970 --> 00:54:39.180 joshua caban: So focused on building the website and learning the business, but it really think that I had the wherewithal to start a wholesale channel and it's born, you know now we're able to say that we are a wholesale.

00:54:40.440 --> 00:54:54.510 joshua caban: business with great so you know when we circle ourselves with with the right people like I said, my brother know he's in the logistics and transportation business he knows all the warehouses he could help me get that product from China.

00:54:54.780 --> 00:55:04.500 Valerie Heffron: And you know what I realized I can't believe it's already we're coming close to the end, but I just want to encourage people that you know you know more people than you realize and.

00:55:04.740 --> 00:55:12.120 Valerie Heffron: A lot of times that person it's like one degree of separation so don't be intimidated, if you don't have someone in your family who's involved, logistics and everything.

00:55:12.510 --> 00:55:22.050 Valerie Heffron: We have to mention your fabulous husband's know why you couldn't join us today, but I really want you to tell me tell the world about his daily routine because.

00:55:23.160 --> 00:55:23.910 Valerie Heffron: We have to go.

00:55:24.450 --> 00:55:27.630 joshua caban: he'll wake up at least two and a half hours before he has to go to work.

00:55:28.020 --> 00:55:32.250 joshua caban: wow first thing you'll do is i'll make a pot of coffee he'll grab.

00:55:34.020 --> 00:55:41.520 joshua caban: bread seeds nuts in he is out there, with all of the most beautiful birds, we have in our backyard.

00:55:42.090 --> 00:55:52.170 joshua caban: he's a horticulture, so we have a gorgeous garden that he put in, with some great vegetables as he's walking around looking at his stuff and how they're growing he's feeding the animals.

00:55:52.290 --> 00:55:52.770 Valerie Heffron: I love.

00:55:53.130 --> 00:55:54.300 joshua caban: As a pet squirrel.

00:55:55.800 --> 00:56:02.610 joshua caban: he buys special NUTS for him, like he loves it, you know and he's taught me a lot about.

00:56:04.230 --> 00:56:05.370 joshua caban: smelling the roses.

00:56:05.670 --> 00:56:25.230 joshua caban: yeah you know because we we do get really busy with our lives and just to slow down and see how things around this are beautiful I see birds that I really never experience right, I like that bird has read I you know there, I mean it's just it's him and he is just so good, I love them.

00:56:25.590 --> 00:56:27.060 Valerie Heffron: I think it's both you.

00:56:27.210 --> 00:56:28.470 Valerie Heffron: Oh, thank you.

00:56:28.770 --> 00:56:34.170 Valerie Heffron: I know I can I can sense the chat box is going up it's like two minutes and one minute and.

00:56:35.280 --> 00:56:36.000 Valerie Heffron: You want to.

00:56:36.060 --> 00:56:40.020 Valerie Heffron: raise to the end, or is it too noisy over there, you want me to do it, I don't know.

00:56:40.470 --> 00:56:47.760 Tommy DiMisa: don't all do it i'll do it all, I just want to say joshua I can't where we're local each other well not where I am physically now, but when i'm on strong island, so I.

00:56:48.030 --> 00:56:56.310 Tommy DiMisa: look forward to meeting you in person, I think a great collaboration when when the POP pop happens and we're doing really cool stuff on occasion when you guys I think we'd have a lot of fun with that.

00:56:56.640 --> 00:57:06.330 Tommy DiMisa: I watch birds all the time, so I did I will see you gotta stop and watch the birds gotta stop and smell the roses i'm in i'm in the market, to adopt a chipmunk so we'll have a.

00:57:07.290 --> 00:57:14.910 Tommy DiMisa: brother so we'll have we'll have to talk about and I gotta leave I gotta leave everybody with this is the end of the show joshua appreciate you appreciate your friendship.

00:57:15.360 --> 00:57:30.240 Tommy DiMisa: And I will leave you all, with this and he's total commitment to non violence Gandhi always included the animals stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress be judged by the way, it's animals are treated treat everybody with compassion love you guys later.

00:57:31.410 --> 00:57:31.680 Valerie Heffron: Thank.

00:57:35.700 --> 00:57:36.180 You.

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