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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/29 - Heather's Heroes

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/29 - Heather's Heroes


2022/06/29 - Heather's Heroes

[NEW EPISODE] Heather's Heroes

Learn all about the history and the making of Heather's Heroes and how they're saving lives. Can your dog benefit from having one? How do you know if your dog may need behavior modification? Let's find out! 

One of our favorite shows to watch in my household is The Profit with Marcus Lamonis. We are partial to entrepreneurship and so we watch that and Shark Tank...a lot! My favorite businesses are of course the ones that offer a pet product or service. So, when Heather's Heroes aired, I was especially locked in. 

As always, necessity is the mother of invention. As a pet professional and avid dog lover, Heather Beck knew all too well what happens to dogs who may have a tendency to be nervous, scared, reactive, and/or have a prey drive. It often does not do well for the dog and Heather wanted to help mitigate this problem so she invented a solution.

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy and Valerie start by sharing the message behind the Professionals & Animal Lovers Show. Valerie reminds pet owners to prepare for the 4th of July which is when a lot of dogs go missing. Heather suggests crating dogs and working with your vet to help dogs with anxiety surrounding fireworks. Tommy then introduces their guest, Heather Beck. Heather explains that you should not coddle pets when they’re anxious because it encourages anxiety. Tommy talks about the importance of compassion when it comes to teaching and learning.

Segment 2

Heather talks about the merchandise for Heather’s Heroes. Heather talks about her product, The Sidekick, which is a head collar. It is a training tool, not just a no-pull harness. She talks about the calming impact it has on dogs and on their relationships with their owners. She stresses the importance of teaching dogs how to be calm. A dog that knows how to be calm is more receptive to learning other behaviors. The problem of a dog being reactive or anxious does not go away on its own.

Segment 3

Heather talks about the process of making her product a reality from prototypes to patents and about the growth of the business. Valerie connects this to the Marshmallow Challenge which exemplifies the importance of creating something without overthinking it. Heather talks about how growth can cause a business to lose people such as when her business had to stop providing certain customizations. Heather then talks about how dogs communicate with humans. She then discusses her experience being on The Profit.

Segment 4

Heather gives an example of how her techniques and products were able to help working dogs stay calm. She then talks about the conditioning process for dogs when they start using the tool. She explains the differences between teaching a dog to be calm and a lot of other common training techniques. Valerie plugs the Compassion Awards and mentions that they are looking for sponsors. Information on this can be found at


00:00:55.320 --> 00:01:04.890 Tommy DiMisa: That tone that sound, that means we're here, this is your professionals and animal lover show i'm here on Tommy D that's Val we have a friend with us.

00:01:05.430 --> 00:01:12.540 Tommy DiMisa: In the virtual attic heather Beck is with us heather before even getting I have a lot to say, but I gotta get one of those purple hoodies i'm all about a hoodie.

00:01:12.960 --> 00:01:20.490 Tommy DiMisa: And that hoodie is just really, really cool and I do have a son will have two sons, but I do have one son, who will really need one of those so.

00:01:21.060 --> 00:01:28.080 Tommy DiMisa: I before I haven't even told you about the show everybody, but i'm just like taken by this purple hoodie you don't see enough purple hoodies in the world is how I feel right.

00:01:29.370 --> 00:01:29.640 Heather Beck: Right.

00:01:29.730 --> 00:01:44.100 Tommy DiMisa: right on and we are that's our color that's our brand is purple too so so we totally dig it not all men can rock the purple gang but this man certainly knows how to rock purple I love the color alright, so let me tell you something we want to amplify the message.

00:01:44.640 --> 00:01:44.910 Tommy DiMisa: That.

00:01:44.940 --> 00:01:53.970 Tommy DiMisa: We believe the bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong if you've been checking in for the last I don't know 47 weeks or something like that box in September last year.

00:01:54.570 --> 00:02:03.420 Tommy DiMisa: Then you know what we're here to do we're here to support each other and business we're going to build this compassion and network wink wink hint hint some more to come on just what we're going to tell you about that going forward.

00:02:03.930 --> 00:02:05.940 Tommy DiMisa: But we want to build this compassion and network.

00:02:05.940 --> 00:02:16.050 Tommy DiMisa: Because we believe that people who care about animals are compassionate want to hang around with do business with and support other people who care about animals, and we believe that everybody wins.

00:02:18.840 --> 00:02:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: that's right and we're talking about that we were talking about that earlier today, especially the animals and we achieve this.

00:02:24.720 --> 00:02:35.490 Tommy DiMisa: Through this weekly radio show which turns into a podcast I love it turns into it's not like it gets stirred up in a pot, and then becomes a podcast, but we do a live here on Wednesdays Eastern time 2pm.

00:02:35.790 --> 00:02:40.770 Tommy DiMisa: Live i'm coming from the attic and Valerie is from some undisclosed location in the United States of America.

00:02:41.910 --> 00:02:45.510 Tommy DiMisa: We do the show live and then you watch us on Facebook you check in.

00:02:46.230 --> 00:02:57.750 Tommy DiMisa: You can talk to us, you can text us an email a story or not email, you can comment on Facebook, while the show is going on that's a lot of information, I gave you up front now what address is not a dress or a shirt what it's.

00:02:58.290 --> 00:03:14.400 Valerie Heffron: it's part of this is my new shirt from a store, I just have to tell you the store is so dangerous it's next door to a restaurant that we love going to and the store has a champagne bar they're really smart women.

00:03:15.540 --> 00:03:18.180 Valerie Heffron: They they get you after dinner.

00:03:19.980 --> 00:03:28.650 Valerie Heffron: Where you maybe had a couple of drinks and then you walk in and you try on your little shirts and whatever and and they're like you want a glass of prosecco while you're shopping.

00:03:28.770 --> 00:03:31.890 Tommy DiMisa: Right now is that is that free or as we used to say on the on.

00:03:33.480 --> 00:03:35.430 Tommy DiMisa: The drinks are free, nothing or no.

00:03:35.610 --> 00:03:46.440 Tommy DiMisa: Oh wow alright, so I want to give a quick like historical shout out to a place now in my drinking days which are way past me but it might during the days we used to go on a golf outing down the ocean city Maryland every year.

00:03:47.010 --> 00:03:54.330 Tommy DiMisa: And there was a place that was a liquor store and in the middle of the liquor store they had a bar and the place was called liquid assets.

00:03:54.420 --> 00:03:59.670 Tommy DiMisa: which was a cute on we love playing words here on the show right so that was fun play on words I don't know if they're there anymore.

00:03:59.970 --> 00:04:03.870 Tommy DiMisa: But I remember going in there, and when we were on golf on this golf getaway.

00:04:04.440 --> 00:04:18.390 Tommy DiMisa: we'd end up there, like for a bottle of vodka and we'd end up sitting there for six hours at the bar, it was like one of those deals with me remind again I guess what the legal about tricking somebody to get drunk and buy a bunch of clothes i'm shorts shorts not.

00:04:18.780 --> 00:04:29.940 Valerie Heffron: A smart business plan, but speaking of liquor i'm going to tie this in really quickly before we get started with our guys, because one of the biggest liquor purchasing holidays is around the corner, which is the fourth of July.

00:04:30.510 --> 00:04:45.990 Valerie Heffron: And as a pet parents and an animal lover I want to remind you all to please make sure you're ready for the fourth of July because that's when a lot of pets, especially dogs go missing, so you really want to make sure that you know.

00:04:46.440 --> 00:05:00.300 Valerie Heffron: Their tags are on their microchips if you use calming medications or anything like that get in touch with your that we just bought a new thunder shirt you know for our dog and also some calming.

00:05:01.710 --> 00:05:05.850 Valerie Heffron: spray it's like a pheromone thing, and you put it on the thunder best but.

00:05:06.780 --> 00:05:11.730 Valerie Heffron: our guests from a couple of weeks ago, who do search and rescue to help people find their dogs.

00:05:11.970 --> 00:05:28.710 Valerie Heffron: they're all they're begging you please get get a GPS color this is when most dogs will will boats because they're afraid keep them inside don't don't let them loose in the yard just you know really protect them because it's it's a horrible time of year for them.

00:05:29.220 --> 00:05:35.610 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I gotta ask you two quick things first of all I can't help, and I know Mike Collins is gonna dig this, but every time you said thunder I already AC DC.

00:05:40.290 --> 00:05:47.520 Tommy DiMisa: But I had I had to pull it up like i'm staring at on another monitor what what two things you said there, though you you refer to.

00:05:48.150 --> 00:05:56.010 Tommy DiMisa: It being a holiday where people like to have alcohol, so I would say this, aside from a valid is talking about, for your animals don't get in the car don't be an idiot do not get.

00:05:56.400 --> 00:06:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: If you drive let's be Come on, in a world when it's so simple.

00:06:00.510 --> 00:06:00.870 Valerie Heffron: To get.

00:06:01.050 --> 00:06:05.820 Tommy DiMisa: An uber I really I know tragically we're gonna wake up Monday morning and see these terrible stories but.

00:06:06.090 --> 00:06:19.770 Tommy DiMisa: Do yourselves a favor take a friggin can take an uber walk it's beautiful weather out at least here in New York walk valet don't understand why you're saying animals tend to go missing on it, what is it just I thought you're going to really talk we'll talk more about the fireworks.

00:06:19.860 --> 00:06:21.150 Valerie Heffron: You say scared of.

00:06:21.240 --> 00:06:21.900 they're.

00:06:22.980 --> 00:06:35.310 Valerie Heffron: Not all of them, many of them are very afraid because they funder they're afraid of loud booming sounds and sometimes like if someone, even if they think they have a fenced in yard and they're having a Barbecue or something.

00:06:35.760 --> 00:06:40.590 Valerie Heffron: The dog will bolts because they're so afraid I mean to them it's like Armageddon.

00:06:40.680 --> 00:06:46.560 Tommy DiMisa: They just got to get so they don't really then their last is the idea right, so they get the hell out of where they are, and all of a sudden now they're lost.

00:06:46.620 --> 00:06:47.790 Valerie Heffron: yeah well yeah.

00:06:48.090 --> 00:06:54.690 Tommy DiMisa: Well, you know I listen just I actually happen to be talking to our friend Lynn finale not too long ago today on the separate matter and.

00:06:54.960 --> 00:07:02.340 Tommy DiMisa: She was on the show a couple weeks ago her and Teddy out here in long island go out and and save and rescue and find search and rescue I guess to.

00:07:02.580 --> 00:07:09.720 Tommy DiMisa: Learn these animals, they really they do really special work, but why don't you all take care of your pets like Valerie said and don't let them run away and.

00:07:10.200 --> 00:07:14.370 Valerie Heffron: inside it maybe heather has some tips about the fourth of July.

00:07:14.940 --> 00:07:20.670 Heather Beck: Oh yes, I have a lot of tips, first and foremost yeah don't have your dogs out and about in the fourth of July.

00:07:20.940 --> 00:07:29.580 Heather Beck: We also when we have clients here at our facility, we we always recommend for people to board them with us here because it's a column safe quiet place for them so.

00:07:30.060 --> 00:07:43.410 Heather Beck: And here i'm in utah we actually have two holidays that are based around fireworks so we have the fourth of July, and we also have the 24th of July, which is actually bigger than the fourth of July in utah.

00:07:43.710 --> 00:07:44.580 Heather Beck: I am here today.

00:07:45.270 --> 00:07:54.990 Heather Beck: For those of us that do not practice a local religion, we call it pie and beer day but it's we still have fireworks so the whole month of July we're inundated with fireworks.

00:07:55.860 --> 00:08:03.030 Heather Beck: So so yeah I give a lot of pointers I mean dogs will often I always suggest having them created maybe have a fan going music.

00:08:03.420 --> 00:08:14.730 Heather Beck: If you can create them in the bathroom for some reason the acoustics in the bathroom dog likes to be around that so that's always a good place and have some some noise going in the background calming stuff.

00:08:15.060 --> 00:08:30.180 Heather Beck: anything you can find work with your veterinarian tbd I you know I liked tbd but I, you know i'm not i'm not a vet so I don't I don't talk a lot about that, but you know work with your work with somebody that knows if your dog has anxiety, even if your dog doesn't have anxiety.

00:08:31.260 --> 00:08:41.790 Heather Beck: They can pick it up, this is a great time for them to start getting anxiety know a lot of people i've got a firework shows, and I see people there with their dogs and I literally just cringe because it's so.

00:08:42.420 --> 00:08:51.810 Heather Beck: it's just terrifying I mean it's just terrifying that the decibel levels for the dogs to their hearing is so much more in tune and our that that fountain really, really upset down so.

00:08:53.580 --> 00:09:02.400 Tommy DiMisa: that's I hadn't thought about that, but that's it's super loud, especially like you know the pretty stuff that you know the shoots up in the sky and things like that doesn't make as much noise, but the.

00:09:02.670 --> 00:09:03.660 Tommy DiMisa: The of noxious what.

00:09:03.690 --> 00:09:15.330 Tommy DiMisa: You know, when we kids Yemenis and I still hear them in my neighborhood sometimes i'm sure we'll start hearing tonight into the weekend it's obnoxious and loud for human so just if I hadn't thought of it that we're not being an owner I hadn't really.

00:09:15.900 --> 00:09:24.150 Valerie Heffron: sad when they're stressed out there, like my dog trembles alive he's just like shaking I find if I pick him up, but then again he's only my.

00:09:25.980 --> 00:09:28.710 Heather Beck: From a behavioral standpoint I.

00:09:29.190 --> 00:09:29.400 Heather Beck: know.

00:09:30.120 --> 00:09:32.340 Heather Beck: that's probably one of the first things you can do.

00:09:33.180 --> 00:09:37.200 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, so heather before you tell us why that's The worst thing let's tell these people.

00:09:37.440 --> 00:09:38.100 Tommy DiMisa: Who, you are.

00:09:38.310 --> 00:09:38.790 Tommy DiMisa: So, having.

00:09:39.090 --> 00:09:48.630 Tommy DiMisa: worked for over 26 years from rescue to animal control to running a excuse me i'm running a large breed and pitbull rescue.

00:09:49.020 --> 00:09:59.820 Tommy DiMisa: To starting her own training boarding daycare facility and developing training products for dogs which we're going to talk about today certainly heather's heroes love the logo gotta get the hoodie we already talked about that.

00:10:00.720 --> 00:10:06.120 Tommy DiMisa: So we'll get into that but I wanted to give people a frame of reference, who are speaking to you today Now you can.

00:10:06.330 --> 00:10:06.840 Valerie Heffron: Now you can.

00:10:07.290 --> 00:10:18.720 Tommy DiMisa: See here we're about three things here Valerie have from learning educating and advocating and heather's about to drop some knowledge on us about when you want, maybe you shouldn't pick up your dog go ahead heather takes you.

00:10:19.200 --> 00:10:24.270 Heather Beck: yeah yeah so Valerie and that's such a natural instinct for us to do is.

00:10:24.630 --> 00:10:42.840 Heather Beck: model when you're uncomfortable in the dog world and the way that i'm seeing that that is very the opposite of what they would do with each other, know when you call when they're in kind of a bad state of mind and they're very anxious you're actually encouraging the anxiety oh.

00:10:44.160 --> 00:10:44.700 Heather Beck: feel better.

00:10:45.030 --> 00:10:47.370 Tommy DiMisa: No, you can't forget it oh.

00:10:48.210 --> 00:10:48.510 Heather Beck: Sorry.

00:10:48.690 --> 00:10:50.280 Tommy DiMisa: Sorry, I didn't mean that, but you can.

00:10:50.280 --> 00:10:58.140 Heather Beck: nurture that anxiety, so a lot of people think they're doing their dog a huge favor by coddling under circumstances like that, but that's right talk about creating.

00:10:58.860 --> 00:11:06.180 Heather Beck: You know, letting them, you know kind of deal, even if Valerie I know this is going to heartbreak you, but even if just having the dog sitting next to you.

00:11:06.690 --> 00:11:20.460 Heather Beck: The tool we're going to talk about today, this is a calming tool that can help with that kind of anxiety where you're not nurturing but you're actually doing something to help calm the dog so it's a really it kind of leads right into that to the products and the things that I have.

00:11:20.460 --> 00:11:36.090 Valerie Heffron: developed to learn more I know i've learned other things that i've done wrong in the past, I feel like the worst dog mom ever but, for example, we found out the hard way that our dog was allergic to chicken and rice.

00:11:36.360 --> 00:11:46.350 Valerie Heffron: But prior to learning that through doing the actual test everyone that was telling us, who was a dog parent was like oh you don't stomach is upset boiled chicken.

00:11:47.790 --> 00:11:50.250 Valerie Heffron: And I found out, I mean you know i'm like the.

00:11:50.250 --> 00:11:52.080 Valerie Heffron: Worst parent ever but I.

00:11:53.700 --> 00:11:55.800 Tommy DiMisa: was a human parents grew up kids all the time.

00:11:57.690 --> 00:12:03.150 Heather Beck: My kids are giving him about it for like strep throat then come to find out they're allergic to the antibiotics.

00:12:06.960 --> 00:12:11.340 Heather Beck: So it's all but hey you know that's what we're here for right like we're here to educate.

00:12:12.360 --> 00:12:16.830 Heather Beck: You can't you, you know you can't blame yourself, for what you didn't know or what you didn't understand.

00:12:17.160 --> 00:12:23.790 Heather Beck: You know, and what you do from there, and you just take it as a burden of information and you do better, you know you do better so once you know what you know.

00:12:24.150 --> 00:12:31.170 Heather Beck: yeah I know it so, then you move forward and make those changes so that you're falling right in line with with what you know and and what you've learned.

00:12:31.260 --> 00:12:34.020 Tommy DiMisa: Either, thank you for being compassionate sorry, though, just a.

00:12:34.290 --> 00:12:39.180 Tommy DiMisa: compassionate in the way you said that because, like i'm giving my buddy a hard time here because that's what we do a little bit.

00:12:39.540 --> 00:12:47.370 Tommy DiMisa: But, like in all honesty, though it's like we don't have all the answers, none of us on this call has all the answers for everything anyway so as you come on as a.

00:12:47.640 --> 00:12:58.620 Tommy DiMisa: As a specialist in your area and a thought leader subject matter expert right you're bringing that to us so now give yourself a hug i'm going to give myself a hug even though it's super warm in the attic there's a new thing, where you virtual hugs.

00:12:58.710 --> 00:12:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: You made it up.

00:12:59.370 --> 00:13:04.530 Tommy DiMisa: Just made it up, but we're gonna you know you're gonna be compassionate and we're going to then learn and evolve right.

00:13:05.070 --> 00:13:08.640 Valerie Heffron: And I need to just say that I.

00:13:08.670 --> 00:13:12.420 Valerie Heffron: always feel like the more I learned the more I don't know.

00:13:13.260 --> 00:13:22.500 Valerie Heffron: You know what I mean I learned more I hear the more I realized there's a whole world of stuff out there, that you know I don't know so got it.

00:13:24.360 --> 00:13:28.200 Heather Beck: not make them better because the thing is you're open minded enough to learn.

00:13:28.470 --> 00:13:33.480 Heather Beck: Oh yeah somebody who is like nope i'm going to take my dog out from justin keeps turning my because it makes me feel good.

00:13:33.540 --> 00:13:38.970 Tommy DiMisa: doesn't make me feel that we're going to do a break heather, what do you want me to share at the break, so I should read the website for heather's heroes real quick.

00:13:39.780 --> 00:13:40.080 yeah.

00:13:41.250 --> 00:13:44.190 Tommy DiMisa: we'll be right back in 90 seconds, my friend dylan please take us to break.

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00:15:57.540 --> 00:16:03.600 Tommy DiMisa: we're back this is pals and, just in case you've ever listened to the show before you know I can sometimes get distracted easily.

00:16:03.930 --> 00:16:09.480 Tommy DiMisa: And I end up focusing on one particular thing and i'm going to do it again um so i'm sharing the pictures of the website.

00:16:09.900 --> 00:16:19.050 Tommy DiMisa: Now I have to understand heather before we get into the business and what you're solving and how you're protecting animals is there are two different versions of the hoodie like the one I see in that picture there.

00:16:19.140 --> 00:16:20.550 Tommy DiMisa: looks like it might be a zip up.

00:16:20.700 --> 00:16:29.700 Tommy DiMisa: Because the logo is on the back and the one you're wearing right now looks like it's obviously not as if i've been a little on the front tell me about the hoodies real quick because that's obviously i'm i'm addicted.

00:16:30.300 --> 00:16:36.420 Heather Beck: And so funny we were just talking with the hoodies because my my brick and mortar business with canine lifeline that's where we have all the animals.

00:16:36.690 --> 00:16:42.780 Heather Beck: or logo is very similar just doesn't have the key so he kind of made the connection between the product line which is hovers heroes.

00:16:43.140 --> 00:16:52.680 Heather Beck: And canine lifeline of just the dog wearing the key so most of the products that we carry us for our staff this hoodie, in particular, it is a pullover it's the only one we've ever had made.

00:16:53.310 --> 00:16:56.850 Heather Beck: For the trade shows that we do so, we started getting our products for the trade shows.

00:16:57.510 --> 00:17:06.780 Heather Beck: i'm sure we'll talk a little bit about the profit here in a minute, but like having to like get stuff together in two weeks we had all these made but they're only pullovers right now, I think that might be a little tricky.

00:17:08.250 --> 00:17:11.010 Tommy DiMisa: awesome stuff so that's what i'm seeing on my screen over here and see.

00:17:11.340 --> 00:17:19.200 Tommy DiMisa: What a great move so shout out to Fred staffer and Eric oh I don't friends at tombo I hope you're watching, because we need some purple hoodies with the pals logo, the whole thing.

00:17:19.500 --> 00:17:29.130 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't know you could do see I always thought you put one up here on the breast right, and then you put it like a tiny one here, and then the big one in the back, so you all wet with a big on the front big on the back.

00:17:29.490 --> 00:17:31.200 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I have noted this.

00:17:31.320 --> 00:17:34.110 Tommy DiMisa: We are recording this program and I will be able to take this back to our.

00:17:34.110 --> 00:17:38.160 Tommy DiMisa: Creative team all right now i'm sure you want to talk more than please so Valerie so.

00:17:39.870 --> 00:17:40.260 Tommy DiMisa: stuff.

00:17:40.680 --> 00:17:56.760 Valerie Heffron: heather I just want to let you know that I remember when I watched the episode my husband and I are fans of the Prophet in fact when we went to the rv place the camping world play away, I was like is Marcus here and they were like nobody does stop it, and I was like yeah.

00:17:56.760 --> 00:18:14.130 Valerie Heffron: But um you know I remember how difficult it was for you to come to the conclusion that you were going to listen and and change your logo and I just want to let you know as someone who has put you know their heart and soul into those types of choices to.

00:18:14.640 --> 00:18:20.640 Valerie Heffron: I was like ooh I don't know if I could do it, you know you get so attached to these things but um.

00:18:21.360 --> 00:18:27.660 Valerie Heffron: Obviously, ultimately, you did, and I want to commend you for that, because changes, it does not come easily.

00:18:28.620 --> 00:18:39.840 Valerie Heffron: And it also I want to get into the actual way what i'm friend of mine what hopefully she's listening right now she has a dog he's pretty young she rescued him.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:50.850 Valerie Heffron: he's probably two and then she loves to go on heights and unfortunately she has a hard time, sometimes with him because he sees another dog, especially smaller dog.

00:18:51.210 --> 00:19:08.730 Valerie Heffron: He goes nuts and I said Okay, do you think he wants to play, she was no I think he wants to eat them and I want to talk about how how because I said this to her, she was a house in a leash save a life, so I would really love to get into that and I mean I know the answer but i'll let you.

00:19:09.780 --> 00:19:10.170 Heather Beck: know.

00:19:10.500 --> 00:19:17.490 Heather Beck: that's a big question but I mean if if the question i've been answering since I started working with dogs and been able to kind of develop some of these products because.

00:19:18.240 --> 00:19:25.320 Heather Beck: it's you know it does change what I mean we've changed thousands of lives pens, a balance, I mean from the you know.

00:19:25.860 --> 00:19:33.240 Heather Beck: The wave affected all the ripple effect of being able to get people you know trainers buying our product and helping their clients and their clients and.

00:19:34.080 --> 00:19:39.570 Heather Beck: yeah I mean basically you know our tool, it does go over the bridge of the nose, so it is a head color.

00:19:40.080 --> 00:19:55.920 Heather Beck: I did develop this after working with a lot of other types of head collars you know i've worked with several over the years that that I really liked, but I knew they weren't fitting like the niche and also it was harder for my plans to work with, so the very cool thing about the sidekick.

00:19:57.060 --> 00:20:04.260 Heather Beck: used to be known as the transitional it's still hard for me that was the That was the name change was very difficult, as far as like the product goes but.

00:20:04.710 --> 00:20:05.550 Tommy DiMisa: Before that, either because.

00:20:06.180 --> 00:20:10.140 Heather Beck: It was called the transitional use the canine lifeline transitional leash and.

00:20:10.890 --> 00:20:18.750 Heather Beck: Because the whole concept is it can be used as as a slip lead as well, so it moves from being you know the head color to the actual slip lead.

00:20:19.050 --> 00:20:32.010 Heather Beck: And the thing is is not many people actually go from using it as a head color to using it as a slick lead unless they're like going out like from the car to you know here or there, or whatever, mostly they're going to be using it as a head color.

00:20:33.180 --> 00:20:45.720 Heather Beck: But, so the name change we ended up changing it to the side kick which is great because of heather's heroes, and you know the tagline is kind of went along with you know every hero needs the five just you know whether it's the hero is the dog or the hero is the owner.

00:20:46.560 --> 00:20:56.700 Heather Beck: You know, or the handler or the rescue worker, or you know the shelter staff, I mean it just kind of played in really nicely so i'm still kind of getting used to the to the name change it's only been a year now.

00:20:57.330 --> 00:21:02.280 Heather Beck: yeah i'm still working on it, but it's I mean it's been so many years have been called the transitional.

00:21:02.280 --> 00:21:07.620 Heather Beck: So it was a big change but yeah I mean that that natural pressure point across the bridge of the nose is a.

00:21:08.160 --> 00:21:16.920 Heather Beck: Complete game changer for dogs, it really is one of those spots that helps you know a lot of the headquarters that are out there really push a lot of oh it's a nofollow is no.

00:21:17.550 --> 00:21:26.790 Heather Beck: No fault or my tool as a trainer it's not just something you slapped on this was the arguments that me and Marcus and Lisa and geo got into quite a bit was.

00:21:27.180 --> 00:21:36.870 Heather Beck: You know that it really was you know it's a training tool it's not just a no pole harness which is we talked about a lot of an opal harnesses and I said that's a management tool.

00:21:37.170 --> 00:21:53.880 Heather Beck: My tool takes training my tool take some you know some work to get the dog to understand what it is, but as you go through that process that is the change in the relationship so Valerie for your friend who has a problem with their dog walking on leash it's a relationship issue.

00:21:54.450 --> 00:22:08.490 Heather Beck: So when you take the time to to utilize this tool and mentally get the dog in a different state of mind using this tool, it makes a complete difference in the relationship so everything you know Tommy is your kind of scrolling through our.

00:22:08.880 --> 00:22:14.730 Heather Beck: Our website, there is that went into our canine lifeline learning portal where we've got a bunch of videos and how to condition.

00:22:15.060 --> 00:22:15.990 Valerie Heffron: How we translate.

00:22:16.170 --> 00:22:23.760 Heather Beck: using it for things off leash like in the home, like when you have it on who's nervous of fireworks I have a little exercise that I do called the Zen zone.

00:22:24.090 --> 00:22:30.960 Heather Beck: So It all starts to translate from utilizing just is very specific to you know process across the bridge of the nose.

00:22:31.260 --> 00:22:42.990 Heather Beck: But it's not forever, but I guarantee it will change the relationship it's not just about know pulling it is about calming the mind from reactivity excitement anxiety it all plays into it and it's it's magic.

00:22:43.050 --> 00:22:44.070 Heather Beck: I mean a very.

00:22:44.190 --> 00:22:46.770 Tommy DiMisa: Good question heather I gotta ask you this because I made a sale.

00:22:46.770 --> 00:22:47.880 Heather Beck: Up to.

00:22:48.960 --> 00:22:49.350 forget, though.

00:22:50.910 --> 00:22:53.760 Tommy DiMisa: know what it's really hot in my attic so i'm done with the hoodie stuff.

00:22:55.200 --> 00:23:08.010 Tommy DiMisa: But, but what but in the winter i'm going to ask you more about the hoodie but I mean, I made a silly like prayer like thank you gesture, when you said, like you know xin So let me ask you something I mean because it sounds and now i'm seeing myself do that gesture on Facebook with.

00:23:09.120 --> 00:23:21.810 Tommy DiMisa: So what What about um you know it can dogs meditate that you're aware of, or can we bring them to some sort of meditative state, as well as we do, I know I certainly do it every morning, or else i'd be an angry little Tommy.

00:23:22.200 --> 00:23:27.750 Heather Beck: yeah you know and Tommy you nailed it literally everything we teach is teaching dog how to become.

00:23:28.230 --> 00:23:38.340 Heather Beck: So that is one of the things that we as a society just met like we completely missed that for dogs like we always think that we have to be so active with them and always.

00:23:38.610 --> 00:23:49.320 Heather Beck: keeping them happy, which means like keeping them Piper running number doing this, all the physical stuff we never take the time to really teach them how to be calm and that's where what I teach.

00:23:49.710 --> 00:24:01.080 Heather Beck: them so life changing is because it is the difference between behavior and obedience and behavior you're more going along with the natural ingrained instincts and needs of the dog.

00:24:01.560 --> 00:24:10.890 Heather Beck: In obedience that's just teaching the dog and education, you know teaching them how to sit stay down calm, but it doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with the mental change of thing.

00:24:11.520 --> 00:24:13.140 Heather Beck: So this works very, very naturally.

00:24:13.140 --> 00:24:24.660 Heather Beck: For that, and so, when everything that we're teaching, we may have dogs coming in i'm bouncing off the wall and whether they were completely aggressive whether they're reactive whether they're just super excitable and jumping all over the place.

00:24:25.080 --> 00:24:31.470 Heather Beck: And just taking them back to that natural foundation, because if they're living in a wild pack of bowl of noodles that would get you.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:37.680 Heather Beck: If they were living in a wild card golden doodle those dogs would not allow the excitement.

00:24:38.160 --> 00:24:51.540 Heather Beck: Nor would they be nurturing anxiety fear reactivity you know what I mean so everything that we start teaching is to teach the dog in a very natural way how to go back to that natural state of calm.

00:24:51.870 --> 00:24:59.820 Heather Beck: That natural state of then and then everything else that we layer on top of it so let's say you want to layer obedience on top of it let's say you want to layer

00:25:00.990 --> 00:25:12.840 Heather Beck: search and rescue let's say you want to have a service dog, you know if you have this natural foundation, you can put anything on top of it, because the relationship is there the dog is open minded and ready to learn.

00:25:13.140 --> 00:25:13.770 Heather Beck: So it makes.

00:25:13.920 --> 00:25:27.900 Heather Beck: Such a huge difference when you just kind of embrace some of these concepts that are a lot more natural for the dog, to be able to move forward in so many other ways so it's not the end all be all the training, but I will tell you, when you start with a behavioral approach.

00:25:28.110 --> 00:25:33.180 Heather Beck: Right everything else you do a dog is going to be so much better and so much more impactful.

00:25:33.810 --> 00:25:47.370 Valerie Heffron: And i'm picturing this like these leashes that offer the calming factor and you saw it, by the way right away, one of the best things about that episode in my opinion was.

00:25:48.090 --> 00:25:58.860 Valerie Heffron: They brought in a dog that and, by the way, it's also partially the humans fault, because a lot of us will see a dog go running up to it and we're excited and then the.

00:25:58.860 --> 00:26:06.210 Valerie Heffron: next thing I know the dog is like you know, maybe they're not approachable maybe that's the wrong approach, but anyway um.

00:26:06.870 --> 00:26:18.270 Valerie Heffron: You know the the calming effect on the dog that you had exemplified with the lesion behavior was extremely pronounced the difference was very pronounced.

00:26:18.570 --> 00:26:29.430 Valerie Heffron: And so, for my friend who's hopefully watching right now, you know this is this is how I see it, saving a life or potentially more than one life, which is God forbid.

00:26:29.940 --> 00:26:41.850 Valerie Heffron: You know the dog breaks free when it sees another dog, and it has a prey drive it can attack another dog possibly kill it most likely you've heard it.

00:26:42.240 --> 00:26:51.720 Valerie Heffron: And then those dog owners may seek to have my friends dog euthanized and It happened once where she the dog didn't attack anyone, but she fell on.

00:26:51.750 --> 00:26:53.820 Valerie Heffron: ice because he pulled her so large.

00:26:54.060 --> 00:26:57.720 Valerie Heffron: That actually tore some ligaments and you know we're thumb and i'm like.

00:26:59.490 --> 00:27:00.810 Valerie Heffron: I know I know.

00:27:02.790 --> 00:27:11.760 Tommy DiMisa: Val I know you have a question, there will save it because I want to ask you, your friend fella nice she needs a good leash you know that there's a good leash that that heather selling and you didn't buy the least for your friend yet.

00:27:13.080 --> 00:27:14.730 Valerie Heffron: wow is that your question.

00:27:14.940 --> 00:27:15.420 Tommy DiMisa: I think so.

00:27:17.310 --> 00:27:20.100 Tommy DiMisa: i'm saying like you know hook your friend up with this leash that's all.

00:27:20.310 --> 00:27:20.940 Valerie Heffron: i'm.

00:27:21.060 --> 00:27:25.260 Valerie Heffron: i'm paying I believe she felt for what it's worth before your episode, but anyway.

00:27:27.120 --> 00:27:35.580 Valerie Heffron: picture, because I want people to really understand the potential impact, you know of of not addressing this.

00:27:35.610 --> 00:27:36.360 Valerie Heffron: issue now.

00:27:36.450 --> 00:27:43.800 Valerie Heffron: recognize this issue in your own club, you know it's it's imperative that you do something about it.

00:27:43.830 --> 00:27:53.160 Heather Beck: Well, and it doesn't get better that's the thing it doesn't just get better on its own, I mean maybe when you're done 14 or 15 and end up going on, Malaysia can't react anymore, because they're so old.

00:27:53.520 --> 00:27:59.520 Heather Beck: But don't age out and so many people just do not seek out help.

00:27:59.970 --> 00:28:00.360 Heather Beck: You know.

00:28:00.450 --> 00:28:15.330 Heather Beck: Training and you don't have to seek out help by the tool, you know watch the video That was the goal with this product was to just give it out, so that people didn't have to seek out professional training, so I recommend it of course I do, but can you do it on your own that's the bridge.

00:28:15.390 --> 00:28:15.840 Valerie Heffron: You don't need.

00:28:16.350 --> 00:28:17.310 Heather Beck: You know you don't need it.

00:28:17.340 --> 00:28:20.550 Heather Beck: You can do a lot on your own with this whole it'll make a huge difference.

00:28:21.630 --> 00:28:32.460 Valerie Heffron: I love that so much and i'm wondering, you know, are there, additional products or so, you have the sidekick yep and what else do you recommend or offer.

00:28:32.940 --> 00:28:37.950 Heather Beck: Well, for what God that friend and dealing with a sidekick would be what I would recommend.

00:28:38.670 --> 00:28:45.360 Heather Beck: You do have other products which i'm sure we can chit chat about but yeah that would be when it comes to reactivity aggression excitement.

00:28:45.810 --> 00:28:54.420 Heather Beck: Any of that stuff anxiety that tool is by far the best, and I can tell you why even comparatively to other tools.

00:28:55.200 --> 00:29:02.940 Heather Beck: You know that that I work with I work with all tools so it's not that i'm discriminatory at all for certain tools, but I will tell you why through my experience.

00:29:03.240 --> 00:29:11.400 Heather Beck: It makes such a big difference and maybe not only reach a couple more people that are working with all that just aren't effective and what they're dealing with but.

00:29:11.430 --> 00:29:12.600 Tommy DiMisa: let's do that we come back from a.

00:29:12.600 --> 00:29:15.720 Tommy DiMisa: break and just want just one takeaway that I really want to point out because he's.

00:29:15.840 --> 00:29:25.740 Tommy DiMisa: Standing out for me is this whole this whole baseline of what we're talking about I mean this is you call them a wild pack of golden doodles yeah that'd be that'd be fun the Raj.

00:29:26.370 --> 00:29:35.040 Tommy DiMisa: Like right, but then that their natural without us interfering would be you know different than what we hype them up.

00:29:35.430 --> 00:29:36.390 Tommy DiMisa: So it's.

00:29:36.450 --> 00:29:49.170 Tommy DiMisa: So it's a and who was it was it Dr Greg to Francis we had on God many, many moons ago Val here on the show, and it was about like that we, as the humans are the ones that are screwing them up, you know, like and obviously we've talked a little bit about that, but.

00:29:50.100 --> 00:29:57.270 Tommy DiMisa: Today, with that whole situation where it's like they're naturals to go one way and if we're we just want to and I wrote down baseline.

00:29:57.660 --> 00:30:08.790 Tommy DiMisa: Their natural foundation right so that's the stuff I want people to consider when we when we talk about these subjects, we will take a break we'll talk about different tools when come back heather who knows, maybe we'll talk about that hoodie again I don't know.

00:30:09.060 --> 00:30:09.630 we'll be right back.

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00:32:13.980 --> 00:32:15.090 Valerie Heffron: I almost forgot to unmute.

00:32:16.170 --> 00:32:20.730 Tommy DiMisa: I couldn't find out how to stop sharing so we're really today we're on a roll.

00:32:20.910 --> 00:32:23.580 Valerie Heffron: heather I have to ask you a couple of.

00:32:23.610 --> 00:32:26.790 Valerie Heffron: Questions going back to when you first had your idea.

00:32:27.870 --> 00:32:37.260 Valerie Heffron: Because obviously you know we're animal lovers and and pet parents and I know people who ever wants to while they come up with an idea, including myself, but i'm.

00:32:37.440 --> 00:32:49.320 Valerie Heffron: Like how did you go about getting your your leash and your vision, you know produce I mean did you did you have to like create molds I mean all that all that fun shark tank stuff right.

00:32:49.410 --> 00:32:57.180 Heather Beck: ya know and and and basically kind of started like a lot of those stories or it was just like okay here's some rope here's some plants, I got like.

00:32:57.510 --> 00:33:03.420 Heather Beck: These little prefer thing you know just kind of mess around like trying to find things that, like the hardware store that would work and.

00:33:04.350 --> 00:33:15.090 Heather Beck: Safety would go, so I mean I spent hours upon hours you know kind of making you know prototypes are trying to figure things out about how to how to make it the best possible so.

00:33:15.630 --> 00:33:18.420 Heather Beck: The version that it is right now is actually patented both.

00:33:18.420 --> 00:33:29.340 Heather Beck: design and utility patents, so when we when we film The show we have the design patents, but we haven't gotten the utility patent yet which is seven years, by the way.

00:33:30.450 --> 00:33:38.400 Heather Beck: And thousands upon thousands of dollars so for anyone going through like a patent process, it is not easy, but I am so grateful to have it, because.

00:33:38.880 --> 00:33:51.390 Heather Beck: You know, it is, I mean it took that time to kind of develop it but yeah I mean it it literally just started like that, then I started having my staff, when we were making them for other trainers I started having my staff kind of get paid piecework.

00:33:51.780 --> 00:34:05.280 Heather Beck: To be able to just like do extra work at home, so they would take apart home they would make the leashes and it just kind of started getting bigger and bigger and bigger where you know I had one lady that would make you know 500 leashes at a time at home, who was kind of hired out.

00:34:06.150 --> 00:34:09.960 Heather Beck: Then we started, you know, having people here at our facility, we got some.

00:34:11.070 --> 00:34:16.020 Heather Beck: Industrial sewing machines rope sewing machines that made a big difference because we were creeping on.

00:34:16.350 --> 00:34:27.630 Heather Beck: I know, and they just weren't always stayed away that we needed them, so it kind of a safety issue and and there's been a lot of ups and downs, I mean now you know, on the show you could kind of see that we started working with a bigger manufacturer.

00:34:27.930 --> 00:34:30.600 Heather Beck: yeah we just got our first order today.

00:34:31.050 --> 00:34:33.000 Heather Beck: Oh, a year.

00:34:33.360 --> 00:34:34.440 Tommy DiMisa: Where you pump pumps.

00:34:34.530 --> 00:34:34.860 Tommy DiMisa: That is.

00:34:35.430 --> 00:34:35.850 Come on.

00:34:38.040 --> 00:34:39.420 Heather Beck: There we go yeah.

00:34:44.370 --> 00:34:54.060 Heather Beck: Like we have 10 people that were making he shows, so I will tell you when the show aired we got slammed with about five months worth of orders.

00:34:54.360 --> 00:34:55.590 Valerie Heffron: Last week.

00:34:56.310 --> 00:35:05.910 Heather Beck: And people could understand because they thought that we're just like Amazon, and like we're just making it look like no we're literally making what you have, and so it was a it was a blessing definitely a blessing.

00:35:06.060 --> 00:35:12.030 Heather Beck: yeah but we've we got a lot of negative feedback, because people are waiting like eight weeks for a single use.

00:35:12.330 --> 00:35:19.290 Heather Beck: And we've never had that problem, so now we're with a bigger manufacturer the cool thing is a lot of this stuff is going to go out the same day.

00:35:20.280 --> 00:35:24.330 Heather Beck: You know, based on that the product, we made some changes to the product so it's a lot safer.

00:35:25.260 --> 00:35:35.520 Heather Beck: The design is a little different but it's it's amazing, like all the little changes that we need like that we did were amazing super happy we're getting out into a lot of bigger retailers and I.

00:35:35.520 --> 00:35:35.880 Valerie Heffron: love it.

00:35:36.750 --> 00:35:38.040 Heather Beck: domination of my goal.

00:35:38.340 --> 00:35:42.570 Valerie Heffron: I hear you I hear you, I have the same goal, but not always i'm not a competitor.

00:35:42.630 --> 00:35:56.520 Valerie Heffron: Obviously yeah but you know, I have to like just say i'm i'm so in love with people who like you know they'll they'll come up with an idea they'll come to sketch it out, or whatever they go to home depot or like.

00:35:56.820 --> 00:36:10.740 Valerie Heffron: Wherever they can pick stuff up and they just start going for it and it reminds me of a Ted talk that I saw once and there is this, I did this for prior customers.

00:36:11.430 --> 00:36:25.350 Valerie Heffron: it's called the marshmallow challenge, and when you hand out there's like teams that have like four or five people and you hit up the instructions, they have a certain amount of time and they basically have to build a structure, out of spaghetti and.

00:36:26.190 --> 00:36:34.830 Valerie Heffron: run a duct tape whatever and you have to put the marshmallow on the top and whoever builds the highest structure wins, as long as it doesn't topple over.

00:36:35.370 --> 00:36:37.830 Heather Beck: That would crush that challenge when.

00:36:37.860 --> 00:36:40.320 Heather Beck: I love stuff like I like Problem Solving is my.

00:36:40.320 --> 00:36:43.530 Heather Beck: gag like I I thrive on that so hard.

00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:44.250 Valerie Heffron: But.

00:36:44.280 --> 00:36:45.030 Heather Beck: I love that.

00:36:45.210 --> 00:36:51.810 Valerie Heffron: That doesn't surprise me because here's the thing you the takeaway from that challenge.

00:36:52.050 --> 00:36:52.920 Valerie Heffron: Is that.

00:36:53.670 --> 00:37:05.280 Valerie Heffron: The most successful group of people and they studied all different groups were like third graders because they didn't overthink it they didn't.

00:37:06.000 --> 00:37:08.370 Valerie Heffron: come up with a plan and draw on this that.

00:37:08.490 --> 00:37:13.230 Valerie Heffron: They went in they dove in and they just started working on it until they figured out what.

00:37:13.380 --> 00:37:22.740 Tommy DiMisa: No, you know the other thing about that too is at that age, they probably haven't been told, for years and years and years that stuff is difficult and you can't do that and.

00:37:23.430 --> 00:37:29.070 Tommy DiMisa: younger, you are your imagination is just there because nobody is stomped on on all your ideas when you.

00:37:29.070 --> 00:37:36.450 Tommy DiMisa: Get you know for people of our age, you know, is to sometimes people have been beat up and told them, no, no, no, that doesn't.

00:37:36.450 --> 00:37:40.440 Valerie Heffron: Work and arguments what happened, I think i'm trying to remember the timeframe let's say it's.

00:37:40.440 --> 00:37:45.420 Valerie Heffron: 15 minutes they'll waste, five, six minutes, just like who's in charge who's.

00:37:49.980 --> 00:38:02.280 Heather Beck: in charge of get this done like I got it lets you do this, you do that, like if I don't tell you like it's very similar to running a business, you know and trying to keep innovating like, especially through you know not just.

00:38:03.330 --> 00:38:09.600 Heather Beck: coven but I mean, I was in business, and you know 2008 when we went into the recession, like, I thought that was that.

00:38:09.960 --> 00:38:19.860 Heather Beck: You know, and then dealing with these last couple years and then the changes we're dealing with but i'm telling you for people like me in pushes more innovation like if I should be harder.

00:38:20.550 --> 00:38:27.750 Heather Beck: to figure out how to do this better how to make you know when I have these conversations i'm just getting ready to go into a manager's meeting after this and.

00:38:28.170 --> 00:38:35.460 Heather Beck: You know just talking about how do we innovate, you know for our animals that we have on site which at our facility here and we have about $150 a day here.

00:38:36.630 --> 00:38:40.830 Heather Beck: You know how do we deal with the animals here, how do we help our clients, how do we get more product out.

00:38:42.000 --> 00:38:51.360 Heather Beck: You know and we're making some big changes, which is always so interesting in business side like when you make changes, you lose people like it's unfortunate when you.

00:38:51.360 --> 00:38:57.900 Heather Beck: move apple because it's kind of like for the greater good, like, for us to move to the bigger manufacturer and to be able to get those leashes out.

00:38:58.350 --> 00:39:09.150 Heather Beck: for world domination, you know we've had we've had to consider stop doing things that are really loyal amazing trainers and clients have known for years.

00:39:09.600 --> 00:39:10.410 Tommy DiMisa: So let me.

00:39:10.440 --> 00:39:16.230 Tommy DiMisa: Let me ask heather do you mean by changing that you you've lost supporters you've lost employees.

00:39:16.260 --> 00:39:30.540 Heather Beck: What do you have, for I mean just not losing that but they're they're missing the intimacy kind of you know which we still provide you know, but you know when we're looking at the bigger picture of how many more dogs and people, we can help.

00:39:30.750 --> 00:39:33.000 Heather Beck: You know they kind of feel like they're being left behind.

00:39:35.370 --> 00:39:38.010 Heather Beck: we're just making changes for the better of the company.

00:39:38.250 --> 00:39:46.650 Heather Beck: You know, and the better of animal welfare, so that we can get up she's out there more, but you know they feel like well, I was here at the beginning, and you should be.

00:39:46.890 --> 00:39:52.350 Heather Beck: There, for you know, like we did i'll tell i'll give you an example of one change that we made so we do a ton of customization.

00:39:53.250 --> 00:39:58.500 Heather Beck: So we do, or have made I shouldn't say this because we had made an eight foot link.

00:39:59.100 --> 00:40:07.770 Heather Beck: Of the of the lesion we could actually make it any link we actually made four feet, we made a seat, but that was a customization that we were able to do here in house, not a problem.

00:40:08.070 --> 00:40:13.620 Heather Beck: But now that we've moved with a bigger manufacturer, I mean we've had several people like hey I want to eight feet long and i'm just like hey.

00:40:13.890 --> 00:40:24.240 Heather Beck: i'm sorry but 16 is the length, that we can get that done, and when you have kind of those one off you can't go to a bigger manufacturer and make makes you know money.

00:40:25.680 --> 00:40:28.290 Tommy DiMisa: That you need to have some standardization right you.

00:40:28.290 --> 00:40:28.680 Heather Beck: can't.

00:40:28.950 --> 00:40:35.130 Tommy DiMisa: You can't serve everybody, you know it's like no substitutions on the menu well yeah because we're because we're mcdonald's that's how it like.

00:40:35.970 --> 00:40:48.900 Tommy DiMisa: Right like it has to but, but if your ultimate aside from world domination and i'm reading into that world domination is you're helping you're going to help thousands 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of animals and their families.

00:40:49.140 --> 00:40:51.930 Tommy DiMisa: What I want to understand through all that, through the.

00:40:52.320 --> 00:40:56.100 Tommy DiMisa: i'm using the word my word not yours, but standardization and the growth and.

00:40:57.480 --> 00:41:03.960 Tommy DiMisa: I don't even know how you would know this and but you're you and Valerie you're going to know this certainly better than I would say, do not have a dog.

00:41:04.800 --> 00:41:21.330 Tommy DiMisa: But compared to other alternatives or tools, as you call it heather is this comfortable is this more comfortable for the animal, and I know they can't go heather right on this is the one like I know they can't say that to you like I just do unless it's like nickelodeon or.

00:41:21.360 --> 00:41:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: You know looney tunes.

00:41:22.530 --> 00:41:22.740 But.

00:41:24.150 --> 00:41:32.010 Heather Beck: I can tell you that, because they're comfortable in their own skin they're not reacting they're not excitable they're not being dumb you know so when.

00:41:32.790 --> 00:41:33.360 Heather Beck: You know, when you.

00:41:33.420 --> 00:41:36.450 Heather Beck: have a better relationship with your dog the dog is telling you that.

00:41:36.780 --> 00:41:38.400 Heather Beck: You know, so when I have a dog come in.

00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:47.010 Heather Beck: So the dog will be featured in the show that dog's name is Daniela, just in case you want to know, like all a self fulfilling prophecy right.

00:41:47.820 --> 00:42:04.770 Heather Beck: She is very dangerous, I mean she is very dangerous like she is no joke, and everything that you saw in the show how it happened was exactly how it happened for a dog like that her future is euthanasia, because he wants to kill people right, you know so with this.

00:42:04.800 --> 00:42:06.750 Valerie Heffron: With this she wanted to kill Marcus.

00:42:06.780 --> 00:42:07.590 Heather Beck: Yes, she wanted to.

00:42:09.000 --> 00:42:18.240 Heather Beck: You know he is there's an entire film crew there so you've got you know all the guys with the cameras there and write out her and she'd already been with us for a couple days so she was pretty chill but.

00:42:19.140 --> 00:42:25.560 Heather Beck: You know kind of working with this tool, you know my goal and a lot of the things that I did learn from Marcus is how to really.

00:42:26.460 --> 00:42:36.360 Heather Beck: kind of quell the people that are thinking so small minded and I have to lean towards the bigger picture and thousands upon thousands more dogs.

00:42:37.020 --> 00:42:49.440 Heather Beck: and humans, that we can help you know and that's where I you know and do I have to let go some little people that are giving me grief right now about not making an eight foot we it's like well yeah i'm sorry, you know, like i'm sorry but i've got to look at you know we're not.

00:42:49.770 --> 00:42:50.460 Valerie Heffron: Your picture.

00:42:50.490 --> 00:42:51.390 Valerie Heffron: Right you gotta bring.

00:42:51.480 --> 00:42:53.220 Heather Beck: up the man, if there was enough demand.

00:42:53.250 --> 00:42:55.380 Heather Beck: I would do it, but i'm telling you in the numbers.

00:42:55.590 --> 00:42:56.310 Heather Beck: From market.

00:42:56.400 --> 00:43:00.480 Heather Beck: In the numbers it's just not there, how is it working with him if he is.

00:43:01.170 --> 00:43:01.890 Valerie Heffron: A genius.

00:43:02.760 --> 00:43:03.570 Heather Beck: Love him he's.

00:43:04.170 --> 00:43:04.530 Great.

00:43:05.670 --> 00:43:12.270 Valerie Heffron: he's not just smart, though, what I love about him is that he seems to be very compassionate.

00:43:12.540 --> 00:43:21.660 Heather Beck: He is he loves so i'm not gonna lie, I mean he's tough I pretty much told the producers, I said, do not make this show about me crying.

00:43:21.720 --> 00:43:23.430 Valerie Heffron: Every five seconds because that's what.

00:43:23.460 --> 00:43:26.250 Heather Beck: that's what happened, every time I was around him, as I just started crying.

00:43:27.390 --> 00:43:28.950 Heather Beck: content, you know he's intense.

00:43:29.130 --> 00:43:34.860 Heather Beck: yeah and when you would see the time that he would get upset with me it's very real, I mean it's there's.

00:43:34.860 --> 00:43:44.340 Heather Beck: No i'll tell you kind of how it goes is there is no prescriptive to this at all like they might you off the camera crews shows up he shows up that's it.

00:43:45.090 --> 00:43:48.150 Tommy DiMisa: Everything that is just it's just real it's just this is.

00:43:48.300 --> 00:43:51.090 Heather Beck: 100% real entrepreneurial and I know people question.

00:43:51.150 --> 00:43:53.070 Heather Beck: A lot but no, it is 100% real.

00:43:53.520 --> 00:43:54.870 Valerie Heffron: I love that guy that.

00:43:54.900 --> 00:44:07.980 Valerie Heffron: yeah and and and I have to tell you also one of my favorite parts of the show was because i'm like you i'm i'm like you know i've got the ideas and the big picture person i'll go to work and do a prototype or whatever.

00:44:08.370 --> 00:44:20.910 Valerie Heffron: But where I saw him kind of like get you to be maybe a little uncomfortable or whatever was like you know the numbers, the plus pre how much does this cost how much does this cost and and but, but the the kids and you have this is that.

00:44:21.270 --> 00:44:27.600 Valerie Heffron: hired the right people, so you might not know it off the top of your head, but you had what was the lovely ladies name.

00:44:27.690 --> 00:44:28.080 Heather Beck: Alec.

00:44:28.290 --> 00:44:29.640 Heather Beck: Alec she's been holiday.

00:44:29.730 --> 00:44:34.290 Valerie Heffron: yeah and there's like 42 cents at I was like the prices right Dallas.

00:44:34.770 --> 00:44:34.920 and

00:44:36.150 --> 00:44:45.630 Heather Beck: managers, like the idea person and she the operation manager implement or not, which was perfect but and honestly we just didn't have it like memorize.

00:44:46.740 --> 00:44:48.150 Heather Beck: About you all the time and.

00:44:48.270 --> 00:44:51.330 Valerie Heffron: I would know that either I would not have known that.

00:44:51.480 --> 00:44:58.410 Tommy DiMisa: that's the thing oh yeah that's what a team is is all about, and like on this team i'm going to be the teammates that takes us to break right now.

00:44:58.440 --> 00:45:03.420 Tommy DiMisa: Because we have to be so so Charlie Tony diebold what's up.

00:45:03.480 --> 00:45:04.080 gang good.

00:45:05.760 --> 00:45:17.070 Tommy DiMisa: sharing it on Facebook tanya thanks for checking in, on the other, show philanthropy and focus MC Collins obviously here and a berry berry heffron is telling us help i'm in the dentist chair.

00:45:17.400 --> 00:45:20.400 Tommy DiMisa: And I were to in a radio show nothing we can do.

00:45:20.460 --> 00:45:22.440 Tommy DiMisa: You shouldn't have made the dental appointment I don't know what to tell you.

00:45:22.560 --> 00:45:26.460 Tommy DiMisa: we're gonna go to a quick break either Val Tommy will be back, thank you.

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00:47:25.980 --> 00:47:32.010 Valerie Heffron: Sorry, I was so excited I feel honestly I just feel such a connection together and I.

00:47:32.040 --> 00:47:43.710 Valerie Heffron: was going to ask you shamelessly but maybe in the future and over meeting after this to go to, but I would love to kind of bounce something on you, I have an idea Maybe you can manufacture it because I don't really think I have the.

00:47:43.710 --> 00:47:44.700 Valerie Heffron: Time.

00:47:45.600 --> 00:47:47.610 Heather Beck: But return time, who has.

00:47:47.640 --> 00:47:48.120 That.

00:47:50.100 --> 00:48:02.880 Valerie Heffron: I don't know and Oh, but anyway, and you know Tommy has a really good question for in the chat box and I really think this is so important for you to address, but like if I if I rescue a dog.

00:48:03.690 --> 00:48:18.930 Valerie Heffron: let's say I go to a rescue or a shelter whatever at what point in time, you know, would you say that's a signal you know or that's something you this needs to be addressed behaviorally like this is how you know you need one of my leashes can you.

00:48:20.430 --> 00:48:20.700 Valerie Heffron: Like.

00:48:20.760 --> 00:48:22.080 Heather Beck: The day before you adopt.

00:48:23.010 --> 00:48:24.630 Heather Beck: me before you die or.

00:48:25.380 --> 00:48:26.790 Heather Beck: Before you adopt the dog.

00:48:27.030 --> 00:48:35.130 Heather Beck: yeah there's no reason that the school has to be used on a bad dog like it's literally it's a relationship changing tool.

00:48:35.790 --> 00:48:43.200 Heather Beck: Let me give you a little example, so this we just had a really big workshop here, I do them once a year, called our teach calm and guide workshops.

00:48:43.710 --> 00:48:56.010 Heather Beck: And this particular workshop we had about eight working spot so eight dogs that are coming with their owners, many of them were actually working dogs, so we have to search and rescue dogs, we had one.

00:48:56.790 --> 00:49:06.330 Heather Beck: bug detection dog another Doc diving champion I think yeah there's just a lot of just a lot of really like intense dogs right.

00:49:07.110 --> 00:49:13.770 Heather Beck: And these owners, you know, although they do a lot with their dogs, they were still struggling with the relationship part.

00:49:14.310 --> 00:49:20.160 Heather Beck: And through working with those you know they started to realize like man this isn't just for you know.

00:49:20.580 --> 00:49:33.060 Heather Beck: Little ladies, with a you know hundred pounds a Bernard like this is really a game changer you know, like we got to see that you know I do work with some of the avalanche dogs here at snowbird in utah so the same.

00:49:33.240 --> 00:49:40.620 Heather Beck: Like the issue that they were struggling with is that the dogs would be too worked up before they would go to work.

00:49:41.100 --> 00:49:51.870 Heather Beck: So being able to utilize this tool to keep them calm before they have to go out on an avalanche or God on training, they actually kept their wits about them to be able to really fulfill.

00:49:52.170 --> 00:50:00.210 Heather Beck: what they were doing in that job, and in that career so and to save lives, like literally talk about saving lives in an avalanche, that is what those dogs do.

00:50:00.600 --> 00:50:01.080 Heather Beck: So.

00:50:01.140 --> 00:50:02.010 Heather Beck: that's part of.

00:50:02.070 --> 00:50:07.470 Heather Beck: them using or at a goal and our techniques was them getting the dogs to become I see people.

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:17.910 Heather Beck: A lot of hurting people are starting to you they're hurting like they do sheep herding they were like they have that i'm sitting on the sideline the dog is just sitting there barking and freaking out the whole time before their run.

00:50:18.360 --> 00:50:24.540 Heather Beck: And so I have another trainer that I work with Jason scotty who does sheep herding trials with his dog.

00:50:25.020 --> 00:50:31.110 Heather Beck: And he's a trainer that I do these workshops with and so people start asking him about those tools and how to keep their own calm.

00:50:31.470 --> 00:50:36.030 Heather Beck: And within you know, the next time they see him at a trial that dog is nice and calm before the trial.

00:50:36.360 --> 00:50:45.060 Heather Beck: Then the dog is to go out and do their jobs have full force without wasting their energy, you know, think about a kid you know if you have a kid where it let's say they're out.

00:50:45.690 --> 00:50:54.240 Heather Beck: You know, running around for three hours and then you wanted to sit down and focus really hard to do like math or something they can't their minds completely blown.

00:50:54.510 --> 00:51:02.460 Heather Beck: So, to be able to call them to be able to do their job properly, this isn't just a tool for that it's a tool for every dog is literally the tool for every dollar.

00:51:03.090 --> 00:51:05.670 Heather Beck: Calm them and bring them back to their natural state of being.

00:51:06.210 --> 00:51:12.990 Heather Beck: To build a better relationship with the human, that is, the hugest part of this whole you won't believe how quickly the relationship changes.

00:51:13.260 --> 00:51:26.010 Heather Beck: And with your friend its relationship issue, so you change that relationship it changes the world and it changes the dogs the dogs are so grateful I love watching dogs just change right in front of your eyes yeah it.

00:51:26.100 --> 00:51:28.560 Tommy DiMisa: was a quick heather it could be like like.

00:51:28.830 --> 00:51:36.840 Heather Beck: And for some time, yes, when I talk about the conditioning process like I in the learning portal, we have a ton of videos going through how to condition the tool.

00:51:37.230 --> 00:51:46.470 Heather Beck: Because usually, when the relationship is broken the dog is going to say no, because they're they're used to being able to kind of get away with what they want.

00:51:47.460 --> 00:51:51.210 Heather Beck: So when you first put this toll on them they're going to go through a bit of us where they're going to say.

00:51:52.050 --> 00:51:58.770 Heather Beck: No, because the second that that tool goes on that actually already kind of lowers their status.

00:51:59.190 --> 00:52:10.110 Heather Beck: And so they will fudge with it, where they're just going to go nope no way man, this is not a relationships, for being patient and consistent in the very beginning of the conditioning and just taking time for that conditioning.

00:52:10.290 --> 00:52:10.620 Valerie Heffron: makes a.

00:52:10.830 --> 00:52:18.240 Heather Beck: huge difference in the long run and that's a lot of those videos is exactly what we talked about it in our training programs here it's exactly what we do is we conditioned the dog.

00:52:18.660 --> 00:52:25.380 Heather Beck: Then we bring the client back in because it doesn't matter when I can do with the dog right doesn't matter all my staff can do with the dog what the picture.

00:52:25.710 --> 00:52:30.360 Heather Beck: The dog reverts right back to know if we're not going to do this, but one starts.

00:52:30.450 --> 00:52:46.440 Heather Beck: melting in and they're considered to be respectful and start understanding that the owner is going to be consistent with the gentle pressure of the tool it completely changes it, I mean it completely changes it and in comparison to other tools that's why this works so.

00:52:46.440 --> 00:52:46.860 well.

00:52:46.890 --> 00:52:54.630 Heather Beck: When it comes to reactivity is because it actually creates a call mind it doesn't just teach the dog to avoid looking at something.

00:52:55.110 --> 00:53:02.430 Heather Beck: Let me, let me give you a quick example and i'll give you an example in a couple different tools so let's use food so food reward right.

00:53:02.700 --> 00:53:18.330 Heather Beck: If I have a dog is reactive, a lot of times, people will teach the dog watch me or leave it and reward with food right by that never teach you the dog, to be able to look at the thing that makes them uncomfortable homely.

00:53:19.410 --> 00:53:19.860 Valerie Heffron: Right.

00:53:20.280 --> 00:53:29.700 Heather Beck: And it can usually be the gas pedal to excitement as well, can build trust kind of build engagement, of course, it can we use it all the time in our training, once we have that foundation.

00:53:30.120 --> 00:53:35.760 Valerie Heffron: I leaked all you confession I have to make another confessions cleanse my soul.

00:53:36.330 --> 00:53:38.400 Heather Beck: And I always say today i'm.

00:53:38.460 --> 00:53:39.270 Heather Beck: Breaking her.

00:53:39.960 --> 00:53:51.180 Valerie Heffron: They say they say I say they train us well right, so I thought I had this brilliant idea i'd like to work, sometimes downstairs in the dining room table, which is like change of scenery whatever and.

00:53:51.630 --> 00:54:00.000 Valerie Heffron: Sometimes when i'm working my double star party and me because i'm not playing with him or walking him so here I am thinking, I came up with this brilliant idea.

00:54:00.420 --> 00:54:10.410 Valerie Heffron: Where I take a treat and I throw it all the way up to the top of the stairs and he goes and he finds it and then he usually goes to his bed, and he hangs out so i'm thinking i'm a genius.

00:54:10.890 --> 00:54:20.730 Valerie Heffron: Until now, he barks advanced from the top of stairs and he's like where's my next tree what's going on, you know I know we're downstairs and start over.

00:54:20.970 --> 00:54:32.250 Heather Beck: And just kind of what I mentioned, there is that food can basically give a lot of they can build a lot of trash like that definitely can build charging build engagement, but not often can build respect so.

00:54:33.120 --> 00:54:38.280 Heather Beck: that's one thing, and if you look at other callers you know let's talk about a problem call real quick and comparison.

00:54:38.610 --> 00:54:49.710 Heather Beck: same thing is, if you have a dog, who is nice reactive and you're using that as a corrective measure hey I don't have a problem with phone calls, but if you're using as a corrective measure, the only thing you're teaching the dog is to avoid looking.

00:54:50.070 --> 00:55:04.830 Heather Beck: Or that looking at that thing is going to hurt me so now, the next time they see that thing that fight can be worse, so you got to kind of pick and choose, so this will actually help to create that Nice call mine, so that the side effect is not pulling.

00:55:05.910 --> 00:55:17.010 Heather Beck: The actual deeper impact and more meaningful impact is a better relationship a calmer dog a fighter dog and just a better relationship with your dog, I mean it's just it's just what it is.

00:55:17.070 --> 00:55:31.440 Tommy DiMisa: i'm analyzing relationships completely and listening to this conversation i'm analyzing a lot of my personal relationships just by so it's not ones with animals it's ones with people so now, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, when I meet with you know some some a therapist okay.

00:55:32.820 --> 00:55:39.570 Tommy DiMisa: But we're gonna we're gonna pause for one second because I gotta make a shout out in the valley we're out of time, and I know you want to say some things so i'm.

00:55:39.900 --> 00:55:47.820 Tommy DiMisa: tonya the Bible just texted me tanya double rhymes with Bible because it's not spelled that way at all, but she just texted me love today's show Thank you.

00:55:48.330 --> 00:55:51.120 Tommy DiMisa: I just joey's Paul is the name of their organization.

00:55:51.360 --> 00:55:54.540 Tommy DiMisa: They provide prosthetics and wheels Paul PA w.

00:55:54.990 --> 00:55:56.520 Heather Beck: I just gotta say i've got a two.

00:55:56.520 --> 00:55:58.500 Heather Beck: legged dog and the three legged dog.

00:55:58.860 --> 00:56:01.200 Tommy DiMisa: If you need wheels, we got wheels is what we're saying.

00:56:02.250 --> 00:56:03.150 Heather Beck: I love it and I haven't no.

00:56:03.690 --> 00:56:06.810 Heather Beck: I do carrier everywhere she's a little yorkie she has.

00:56:07.410 --> 00:56:13.440 Tommy DiMisa: Many hold on a second you start the show saying we shouldn't be carrying these animals and the next thing you end the show or carrying out and once again heather what's.

00:56:13.440 --> 00:56:13.770 Heather Beck: going on.

00:56:13.890 --> 00:56:15.060 Heather Beck: Not having it.

00:56:17.520 --> 00:56:19.650 Tommy DiMisa: All right, we've done that that means we had to bring it back.

00:56:19.740 --> 00:56:23.040 Tommy DiMisa: wow we got 60 seconds to say three minutes worth of stuff so.

00:56:23.130 --> 00:56:32.160 Valerie Heffron: I just want to say that we have the compassion awards coming up it's a very unique event, we decided to create an event of animal lovers and pet.

00:56:32.160 --> 00:56:41.310 Valerie Heffron: Parents and we are honoring three incredible honorees that do great things for animals rescue team and our and animal advocacy.

00:56:41.610 --> 00:56:53.820 Valerie Heffron: And so, if you're interested in sponsoring we are looking at responses were looking also for gas and attendees please check us out at Pal dash K l dash

00:56:54.150 --> 00:57:05.460 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you Valerie heather back thanks for being our friend, I look forward to meeting you again and I, you know i've not i've kind of been only in salt lake city like at the airport so i've never actually seen how beautiful.

00:57:05.460 --> 00:57:06.090 Heather Beck: out fine.

00:57:06.300 --> 00:57:11.370 Tommy DiMisa: So I will and I noticed, I had to go to this whole thing about snowbirds an avalanche rescue while you were talking so we'll talk about that.

00:57:11.700 --> 00:57:13.290 Tommy DiMisa: I pay attention to me the show's over.

00:57:13.710 --> 00:57:25.980 Tommy DiMisa: And it's total commitment and non violence Gandhi always include the animals by stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated make it a great day guys.

00:57:26.010 --> 00:57:28.080 Valerie Heffron: Thank you, man, thank you, everybody.

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